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Ep. 1083 - Can America Survive This?


Chaos continues in Kenosha and spreads to Minneapolis as a false rumor of another police shooting goes viral; the NBA closes down to protest supposed American systemic racism; and the RNC defends cops and the flag on its third night.

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Chaos continues in Canosa, was content and spreads to Minneapolis as a false rumour of another. Their police shooting goes viral. The NBA closes down to protest, suppose it systemic american racism and the aren't you defends, cops and the flag on its third. I mention services, the bench a bureau show the bench show sponsored by Express Bbn. Why haven't you got no bbn yet visit express gps dot com, Slash Manuel before we begin, I have your misguided it's very volatile out there, you may notice does mean we have a double barrelled hurricane that is now moving towards America's Constance already hitting we have massive riots in the streets of the United States. We have a big election coming up a lot of uncertainty out. There have been telling you to investigate the little bitten, precious metals since twenty. Sixteen, don't you should listen to me, That was way back when goal was thirteen hundred bucks announced and just look now gold? Is it a new all time high? Why well gold and silver thrive on uncertainty when you think about it covered pandemic with massive unemployment and a monument? watching around the corner and the Chinese
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happening in domestic american politics, including the burning of more major american cities, as we continue to back the narrative, their Mary systemically racist and evil and then watch as people burn down large american he's in small american Citys can oceans it how about a hundred thousand people, but here's your quick hurricane Laura update according to whether dot com at this hour, Hurricane Laura has now moved inland across Louisiana with damaging Linz flooding rain and we're NATO's after category four landfall. This is windows of up to one hundred to one hundred and thirty five miles per hour of being recorded in south Western Louisiana, according to whether Hurricane Lord may landfall early Thursday morning is now tracking northward acquire across Western Louisiana, with threats of destructive winds, flooded, rainfall, storm surges, and were NATO's Laura may landfall. Near common Louisiana, one a m central time as a strong category, four with one hundred and fifty miles per hour, wins the first category for land falling hurricane on record. According to the end a more is now tracking through Western Louisiana category two hurricane this morning, which is certainly better than a category four.
The hurricanes winds will slowly we can as it moves further inland towards Arkansas today, not yet how it more than six hundred thousand homes and businesses in Southeast Texas in Louisiana, there is extensive win damage in Charles Louisiana, including numerous shattered windows in downtown skyscrapers, a communication tower collapse, power, post, toppled and Ruth shredded. Similar footage is pretty astonishing. Trees. Power lines reported down all over the city and Shreveport. According to local law enforcement, multiple down lines in power lines also blocked roads through Caldwell perish Louisiana. There have also been reports of wind damage from Lafayette starts and Vincent Louisiana and Natchez Mississippi Hurricane
have been dropped at the immediate cause, they continue for inland parishes of Louisiana. Listened to your local authorities, if you're in the path of this thing, they're telling you to get out of the way then get out of the way, because you don't want to be in the way of this one. Meanwhile, the country continues to burn and continues to burn, because there is an error to an initiative must be pervade at all. Costs is a narrative pushed by the media, its nerve pushed by the Democratic Party. It is an area that America systemically racist and that every incident caught on film white police officer in altercation with the black citizen stems from America terrible history of racism. These are the sixteen nineteen right. They continue. This is all did in a certain ideology. Ten ideology talk about disintegration, isn't in my book out or destroy America in three easy steps which has no more relevant than ever. Unfortunately, the philosophy of disintegration ISM says that we don't actually share any values. All we are a series of competing interests, income series of competing travel interests who are unified because we are basically walked in this prison together and therefore, whoever has the power is the person who makes the rules and the only way to
rest. The power is to use whatever means are at your disposal, and we are seeing this take place on the streets of commotion, Wisconsin, we're seeing this take place in the streets of Minneapolis we're seeing this take place in the halls of power politically and in corporate Amerika and we're seeing the media egg it all on, because media, like the narrative, the media, believe the narrative that America systemically racist insist ugly evil, and so they are not going to be concerned with any of the facts of any given situation, not one they're not going to care that it now turns out that Jacob Blake had a knife, they're, not gonna care about that. It now turns out that they found the floorboards of the car where he was reaching in when he was shot Jacob like this, the twenty nine euro, black men who shot by the police in connection with content after the police were called because they domestic disturbance, does a man who had an open warrant for domestic violence and sexual assault. Here
to some house. Apparently the person in the house called the police because he was trying to grab fourteen was no place. He should not have been as according to the police scan of uncle. They pulled up his police record. They saw hidden, open warrant it resisted arrest before they arrived. He resisted arrest again at the apparently tried to taste They didn't work. He got up. You walked around the other side of the car. Well, they shouted at him to stop and they had their guns drawn. He reached down inside the car. They don't know. If he's got a gun There are no he's gotta night there turns out. There was a knife, apparently on floorboards of the car. This is what you call it justified shooting that is not prosecutable. Kid. There's no way this prosecutable in a court of law at all zero chance discussed prosecuted. This is it in. There is an open arrest warrant frames. With a history of violence with police, domestic violence and sexual assault. They actively attempt to arrest him peacefully. He resisted arrest throws them off. Disobeyed orders goes to the front of his car
reaches inside, and then they found a knife on the floorboards. What we wonder why he was shot, that's what he was shot: Mason. We constantly hear these stories from from lack parents, particularly the media time now, to have to give the talk to their kids. You know what oh Bay, the police, because you never know what the police are going. First of all, my understanding is that every single person who drives like when you get your driver's license, you have this particular talk like in drivers training, they literally tell you, put your hands attendant to obey the oars, the police don't reach for the club after I had the shop my parents and is not race based its dont upset the police situation, because you dont want to police to shoot you Cape evening not supposed to reach for the global, no matter what your race is. Unless you are telling the police, what exactly in the glove Botz you're supposed to be very careful about, You interact with police in all circumstances, but if you're going to name a situation in which the talk didn't work, you cannot name Jacob Blake. As such a situation demands
every single order he actively resisted arrest he reached into his car into a place. The cops apparently could Nazi and there's a knife in the car. So I am really warning to know here. What exactly expect the cops do? I saw people suggesting over the capture of taste and they tried to apparently he's so. This is a textbook example of a non prosecutable shooting a by a police officer According to the new reports from the Walkie Journal, Sentinel, that was content and shut departments. Justice Wednesday evening name, the officer who shot Jacob Blake and provided additional information about shooting Blake had a knife and the driver side floorboard on the drivers side, a floorboard that would be like where he was reaching dies. You can see it in the tape he's reaching to the driver side floorboard resisting arrest after resisting arrest? What do you think the cops are going to do in that situation instead,
around and we from the wheel on them with an ice hey. This is my favorite part. Here is the headline: here's the headline originally from the Wisconsin from the West, Journal Sentinel, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. This is the original headline: you're ready, listen, this Jacob Blake had knife in car, but was otherwise honor Wisconsin Geology, says, as it releases name of Canosa officer who shot him in the back with a knife in the carbon. Otherwise he was unarmed. Well, you know that that that night, at the theatre for Abraham Lincoln it was Any aside from the aside from the shooting it was otherwise a fairly decent night. What in the world? Does that mean it s irony that that seen in Terminator too, Arnold Schwarzenegger standing at the window, holding a mini going aside from the many gun whose otherwise one armed teams, but what in the world in what is a headline even mean the headline is so dedicated to the narrative. The Jacob leg was wrongfully shot and they are going to actively
downplay one of the key factors in him being shot, namely disobeying police and apparently going for a weapon on these riverside floorboard of the car. So one of Things are true: here's what we don't actually know whether he had the night before that issues already walking with a knife in reaching into the car, in which case still good shoot or whose reaching into the car for the knife, in which case Dodo Jude and by the way. Even if there are not enough there, when you disobeyed the cops and new duties specific thing, they tell you how to do in that hawk. Then. Why are we acting as though this is unjustified seriously legally, justified, but again, the narrative matters more than anything. That is all that matters, so naturally, the democratic governor of Wisconsin completely failed in his duty to protect the city of Canosa over the past. Seventy two hours, the city of commotion, burned again last night. And over the peasant me two hours. We saw this horrible situation where a seventeen year old man and your man by law, you can be tried his man by A seventeen year old man shot three people in Canosa, Wisconsin and the media jumped on this story,
not just because there was shooting is really not just for the record and because their been shootings at other black lives matter, protests and riots and looting. In fact, last count. I think over thirty people have been shot in these various riots and looting and with this one obvious international attention, because in this particular case, is a white seventeen year old, who shot apparently three other. Why people? By the way I mean that sort of worthwhile? Mentioning a so the idea that the three people he shower white itself- the media jumped on this particular incident, specifically because these were quantum what our Lisha members who had arrived in connection with content in order to defend a private property and the person who did the shootings again in Kyle Rittenhouse he's seventeen,
old and he travelled from Illinois in order to defend private property by so many things can be true here at once, one you, probably if you're, not an agent for a business in the state of Wisconsin, you cannot just go and defend somebody else's property s, not the way. It works. The way that, like, if your hired a security guard, you can find the property and you have all the rights of the owner with regard to the property you're, not an agent of the owner, that you don't have the same rights to protect the owners. Property to your elapsed, protect your own life. If somebody threatens your life, if somebody friends to Dubai, We are, of course, the rights of self defence still apply. Three a seventeen year old should not be out. There is not the place for an untrained. Seventeen year old is in the middle of a riot and there's not a place that a seventeen year old should be it for just because all of those things happen to be true does not mean that this guy's guilty of first agreement and go through the tape. We're gonna go through the timeline, and then we do have to ask the question here. Why is this happening in the answer as to why this is happening is because governor Tony heavers, whose a horrible
governor decided. He was not going to call on the National Guard sufficient to quash you riding, including in the violence, because in the view of so many democratic mayors and governors in cities. They have decided that it's worth while to give people space to let things burn in the famous words of the former, Baltimore mayor during the Baltimore rights in two thousand fifteen, two thousand fourteen thousand fifteen member, the mayor of Baltimore, said we need to give them space to burn it. As has been the perspective from Democrats in the city of LOS Angeles, where I live. Aircars Eddie shut down the entire city for a week running at seven p m to give people space to loot and burn. If you dont want this to happen, there's a very easy way to stop it
And that is you call on the National guard any stop at dead? You stop it call. When that doesn't happen, you know it happens. People start to defend other people's property, people start to move in and they start to confront people who are committing acts of violence and looting, and that you know the single best example of how violence in communities rises. When you remove law enforcement, that's what's been happening, these high crime areas. Why do people ask? Why is there this great differential in moderation, but between latin blacks and between rights and rights, for example? The murderers, black community got nine times higher seventeen seventy nine times higher than in the white community has been for generations at this point. Why is that? While the original reason, Thomas all points out is because white communities basically said to black communities you're on your own, we're not gonna, give you police resources, and thus what you ended up with is what you have
where, where there is no central, I saw thorny that ensures a law and order and support for property rights. Will you end up with its people gathering to defend themselves and defend their properties and property of the friends against other human beings or the mob rules? Chaos reigns, as I pointed out yesterday, or mob ruled in Wisconsin, and chaos reigned in Wisconsin, and so it is a a just. It is a perfectly predictable. It is perfectly predictable response that you're gonna get people who, in visual anti fashion, decided they're gonna, go out and protect the private property of other people. Now should they be doing that without training now sure Seventeenyearold be out there? Now
That does not mean that the person who committed the shooting was a quarter who white supremacist K. That was the rumour that started floating around yesterday. There's not one iota of evidence that Karl written houses, white supremacist at this point, not one not an iota, not a shred, doesn't matter centre, Chris Murphy, that disgusting human being in order to generate more of a narrative centre, Chris Murphy from Connecticut he treated up. I wonder why deranged white nationalist trump supporter, which were but a protest with the rifle and start shooting people that is one hundred percent, not what happened. That is one hundred percent. Now what happened doesn't matter? The narrative has to be promulgated. The lie has to be promulgated. That is not what happened as it means a seventeen year old children out there, but this kid that this person economy, years old. He is not going to this young man. He is not going to be prosecuted for first to remember because it's an unsustainable charge, nor was he out their willy nilly shooting people. That is not what happened and if you believe the media telling you this,
because their lines you and they think you're stupid, and you don't have eyes in your head or prefrontal cortex at its operational, we're doing get to the specific facts of the case. I know we're not supposed to talk specific facts of cases anymore, supposed to be bullied into believing who is the villain and who is the hero and who is the criminal and who is the non criminal unease? Particular situations we're supposed to just believe that, on the basis of no evidence whatsoever that the officers in the Brianna Taylor killing need to be rounded up and the need to be prosecuted, despite the fact that there is no criminal law law basis for the prosecution, we're supposed to believe that the officers in the Jacob Blake shooting need to be rounded up and prosecuting put in jail for life. Despite the fact that there is no sustainable prosecutors case against a hell. We're supposed to believe that the officer in the Michael Brown shooting is guilty. Even though there are two separate state prosecutor's end. Emma Jane vaccination that bound the shooting was justified, you're just supposed to believe the narrative, and if you look at the facts, this apparently makes racially insensitive, because then
the overall narrative must be supported, and if the facts are not sufficient to sustain the narrative, you just ignore the facts on the ground so because the media wish to ignore the riding in the looting, because the media a rooting in many ways for the riding in the looting. Many in the media are are info. In sustaining the rationale behind the writing. The looting because of his we're going to see this ok because of all of that, you end up with more riding Europe with more looting Europe, more violence. Anyone with false narrative that the violence began in connection with content when the armed militia arrived, which is the same thing basically saying that when the federal troops arrive in Portland, the violence began on a timeline basis to lie. It's always been a lie. The violence preceded the federal troops arriving in Portland. It is now
updating the federal troops, leaving in Portland the federal forces leading in Portland and guess what, if the armed militia goes way tomorrow, Canosa. The writing moving, will continue because the armed militia showed up his arm guys showing up to protect private property, allegedly they showed up after the writing, including you think they're just hang on Canosa and then black lives matter shut up. That's not how this happened, but the narrative has to be maintained at all costs. The real bad guys in this situation are anybody who shows up to protect private property, even even efficient, be there the writers and looters or not. It can be that there are two sets of people who did something wrong. It's gotta be there's one set of people did something wrong in one group of absolute heroes and we're going to twist the narrative in order to get there we'll get to how the media twisted his nerve, because it really is incredible. You have to ignore every fact: on the ground in organs narrative in and we get there in. Just one second, first, let us talk about fact. It you may have noticed now is a terrible time it little. Our apart, store like a really really bad time. Nap truth is it's never great time to go to an auto part start getting at overcharge. For the part, if you are a layman, get charge more than an expert
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was taken into custody in Illinois on suspicion of first degree intentional homicide in the attack Tuesday, there was largely captured on cellphone video, the shooting left, a third person wounded, killed somebody, the gunman carrying a semi automatic rifle could be heard saying at one point: ok, it takes until paragraph eighteen paragraph eighteen of this story to explain what exactly happened here. Apparently, what actually happened here is that he was attacked twice he's only I we and we have over Sunday there's plenty a cell phone video. So let's go through this happened to you by the way. This is not my account of what happened, and this is now the time the account of the New York Times a person named Christian. Keyboard is the visual investigations guy at the New York Times and he used to work for the used to work for them. I believe the Milwaukee Journal Central, but in any case he actually trace the movements of this person so be night began for Kyle Rittenhouse, explaining to various members of
certain media who are on the ground there during the actual coverage why he was there. So here is the seventeen year old guy explaining that not only is there to protect private profit he's also drinking M territories that are provide medical attention to people by the way. In the early hours of this particular right, he provided medical attention to the writers and hooks, and that is not a white supremacist out to shew writers and looters. There was Kyle Rittenhouse explaining projecting from the citizens. United got practical re. My person, the crowd non, we as you did. We don't have nonlethal therefore ready to defend the property, because we are asking you guys, setback medical much, my hair automatic in case it literally din of tape, uses I'm an empty, I'm happy to help right. Those are writers and those are the protesters right. I'm happy to help pay at one point: Rittenhouse watch actual police vehicle with the rifle slowly talks with the police officers and one tosses a water bottle to them. This has been used,
is evidence that the police officers are in league with these guys we get. These guys are not violating the law. At this point, if you're over the age of eighteen you're allowed to publicly carry in Wisconsin, virtually any reason I so bid. It only serves to become crime if you wrongfully use the gun. Here's what happens according Christian River is that Rittenhouse eventually leaves the car dealers ship that he is defending and he's barred by the police from returning at that point because he's cross line, and then there were six separate wide streams. So there are two separate shooting incidents, one about a minute have earlier than the other than the first. You can see Rittenhouse he's being chased into a parking lot it well. He is being pursued the supporting the New York Times while he is being pursued, an unknown gunman fires the first shot into the air, so he doesn't via the first shot somebody else's chasing him Fires the first shot. You can actually see it in in another angle of this particular type. But here is what is it then? What happens is he goes behind a car there's a man who is who is throwing things at him in tracing him
you hear some shouting and then he he fires right writ according to the New York Times, while he's pursued none on gunman buyers, the first shot into the AIR Rittenhouse turns toward the sound on fire as another pursuer lunges toward him. He then fires for times of this assault rifle and appears to shoot the man in the head. He so dissolve disturbing foot. I show you ve been worn. Here is the here's, the tape you can see, written House being pursued by this guy chasing Emmy prose something it's our molotov cocktails by the way. It's a it's a bad filled with something. Ok, then, slight delay, and then you see the shots, go on working on this point at this point is unclear why Britain House was being chased why he was in the area of this card dealerships about four blocks away from the one who's originally protecting Haiti. The initial shots were fired by three more shots in the parking lot. We don't know who fired them: written house then takes out his phone any makes a phone call. He calls nine one one to both turn himself in, because
Somebody has been shot right. You can see him there on the cell phone and is calling he's calling cops to come, and then people start chasing him again. So people, are chasing him again, which brings us to tape. Number two now he's running away from a mob. That is attempting to do him harm. How do we know their attempting to him harm because he falls down in one of them. Shouts get his ass, at which point of jumps on him with skateboard and tries to club him with the skateboard. At this point, Rittenhouse shoots the guy was trying to come with us, bored and there's another man whose approaching him with the pistol. Now we don't know if this guy with the pistol is one who originally fired the shots in the air at the at the incident. Didn't have earlier a gay, and here is what it looked like when you shot to other people. One of these guys died he's running toward the police by the way to turn In writing. This is what he is doing, because we can see this guy this guy. Hidden from behind your people chasing him. You can see he's put from behind any false involves down on the ground. He turns around and a guy tries to jump on him with escape orders
several people trying to jump on him issues, one of them and then another guy has a gun and issue too many arm. The guy was shot in the arm. Does have a pistol their pictures of him a bazaar was gone, is what happens when you get close range by bullet and then he's trying to surrender the cops, don't actually know. What's going on at this point, they drive passed him. Some people have been using this as why didn't they russian, because they don't know what's going on yet he's with his hands up? That's why they don't arrest him like. Why didn't they shoot him? They shot Jacob Blake because he wasn't going for a knife against the cops. That would be the reason guys trouble. Noah Idiot was like our Jacob Blake. I wouldn't they shoot this cause. You literally was not pointing it out to them. That would be the reason why the way lots of criminals don't get shot by the cops and that people pointed out that these shooter and Charles in Charleston, the horrible racist shooting of the terrorist attack on the black church in Charleston add sugar, was was captured alive by the cops rags introduced. Two cops, the Washington DC, snipers, were also capture live by the cops they were black because they were transferred to cop,
ok in any case means are being arrested and charged with first agreement. Based on this tape, it can be very difficult to sustain a first degree, more conviction like extremely difficult here. There's no other according to the Senator from Connecticut, causing grave what you premises. No evidence of that also. There is no evidence that he was out there to shoot me all right he's literally running away from people in both of these eight. The only way to get a first remember conviction is if he was threatening somebody with the gun before somebody tried to jump him or something, and we don't have evidence of that by the way who are the people who are killed? Who are the people who are shot we'll get to their backgrounds in just one? Second, because that is adsum. It does adsum contexts what exactly happened. We get more of this interest one second, first, it's coming chaotic out there right now, you may have noticed allowed people are asking in the middle of pandemic rise, bring our major cities and things sucking this much. Can I even get life insurance.
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Crime involving a minor. You can also see em on tape a little bit earlier in the night threatening people, and so it seems like em. Maybe the aggressor here in the original adoration may not have been killed. Rittenhouse here is the tape of this guy. What minutes before the actual shooting you can see there is in the red shirt and using the inward. Using the inward. At that point, it is within a in his in his adoration again that this is the person who ended up being shot. Apparently us about is that is one The second person who was shot is a person and Anthony Huber, shot and killed. You don't chasing down teen and hitting, and one who is on the ground with skateboard has a criminal history, including
I urge the battery and repeat domestic abuse and the third person who shot and survive is a person and gauge gross groups. Who is twenty? Six, a member of the people's revolution movement. He was filmed chasing after the team with a pistol shot at close range in the upper arm. And I guess a criminal record as well, including being intoxicated an armed with a gun, so there are all your fact of your facts, most of which you will not receive from mainstream media, except that one late breaking but good. Throw report from the New York Times story you ve been told is that this kid was a deranged white, supremacist militia member who went out looking for blood. There is little to no evidence. That is the case. It can be very difficult, sustained efforts to promote a charge against this person. Now, meanwhile, the the danger levels were rising in connection with content. There's tape of one of the people, who is one of the writers and looters encouraging the Vietnam crowd to head on off to people's homes and her I'm at their homes and businesses, which is always a great look.
like what where the police are. Where the man is. You know, then that's the that's new wine. Here, go over into peaceful. Civilian areas and and create chaos, so that that's always a great look, so how the media coverage the media having downplaying riding, including even saying that it's a myth. It did something imagination for a long time. Did the media change them when turns out that it is not only not omit. Americans are worried about it. Of course not, and this is an actual on the appearance here last night, it was so insane, I thought it had to be. Photoshop never saw last night so there's segments in an air they had reported on the ground is not reporters. Vaulting read the Cairo and in this segment you can see literally things burning it behind the rapporteur. So here is the reporter in connection with guns. It you're, you're home talk.
The Cairo underneath literally things, are burning the background you can sit. You can see cars, businesses burning the background, the Cairo from CNN, your most trusted name in news, your meeting, who are actively rooting for riding and looting and justifying riding and looting excusing it and proclaiming that anyone who opposes riding and looting is opposed to black lives. And all this bull crap cure is CNN, Skyrocket, Merida, you hey, ready fiery, but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting fiery, but mostly peaceful protest. So here's one got from the media. He had a knife, but otherwise unarmed and fiery, but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting they think you're a moron. They think you're an actual moron you're. Looking at tape of crap burning in the background and the Cairo, I don't know who wrote like who the hell wrote. It did the did the writers right that the Cairo and apparently
you're right, but most we peaceful protests. Yes in the titanic wage and my friend brooded prejudices as the titanic voyage was watery, but mostly mostly safe fiery, but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting there justifying the writing their justifying the looting they wanted? They like it. There is no other way to justify that IRAN, that's that's insane, that's insane and then, of course, yet the meat, the members of the CNN crew, trying to blame for the unrest is a single one of these areas, governed by by Republicans. The answer is no women governed by Democrats for decades Heroes, Anderson, Cooper, Franklin from for the unrest trump. Who has nothing to do with this? Ok here it was Anderson Cooper the vice president saying, and I quote, we will have low in order on the streets of America future tens? We will have it, but this is the transition
he has been now and powerful. It is if the vice president and the president are talking as if they urge as observers to what is going on. They are the and they are run to unseat the sitting president. Vice president. They are the present this the administration. This is their vision for America. There, vision for America is the writing the looting when Trump sent in federal forces. You try and stop this stuff in Chicago and in Portland Anderson, Cooper, unrest in ASEAN and Jack asses we're sitting around taught me. How is a fascist Jake? are we normally much better than this budget tapir. Yesterday's like look at these are see people their dehumanizing, the writers and looters it damn right. Ok like it is not humane human behavior is any human behavior to participate in rioting and looting. That is not the hammer that should be humanized. It is not good behavior that you should be treated with the stain if you are rioting and if you are gluten and no I'm not talking about protesters here, I mean
from little trick or have you specifically say that you think that writing and looting is inhumane behaviour and should not be humanised, but if you say that then you are somehow dehumanizing protesters, they're, not the same group, and if you keep treating them as the same group, then you are actually doing a disservice to the protesters, of course, but yours, Jake, Tapir, saying it's very bad. The Republicans keep using this unit, inflammatory language where people were burning crap and frankly, people Jake is bitterness and I'm I'm shocked at him. Frankly, we ve known that this was going to break throughout the night, and I wondered if that was going to temper at all some of the language we have heard from republican officials talking about the MA.
Talking about these protesters in very dehumanizing ways this individual. If he is guilty, he is responsible for his crimes, not any of the individuals he supports, including president Tromp, but the idea that a supporter of President Tromp is accused of killing protesters last night I'll get it. Why the first volume of what actually include the facts of the case there Jake it turns out that by video, the guy is probably defending himself seemed very difficult to sustain a first to be murdered, charge in that particular case and then to blame on from and then to suggest how dear people use dehumanizing language about a mob of people who are attempting to burn businesses and loot things and be the world's worst humans. It is this that I dont know how to read them. The treatment of this other than their rooting for the writers and looters? I dont know how to read that I'd love to write another way I mean, there's an aid in his report of last night was like well on from Theo Heaps doing red lines into law in order wisely leaning into law and order.
These leaning in alone or in the cities, are damned on fire, but what, in the actual hell is wrong with these people, The ABC News last night silence from the president on the shooting of Jacob Blake. He was briefed on days ago, but so far has not made any public comments. Instead, we are seeing from the president is in leaning into his law and order message saying that the governor of Wisconsin should call on the national to help with the racial unrest and the violence and his state, and that does serve as a sharp contrast to what his rival Joe Biden is saying. It rose in sharp contrast whose Biden is so simple candidate by loading gets Joe Biden interest a second who continues to grow fuel oil on the fire. I understand that yesterday he made a statement where he and in very measured term says that it unnecessary to engage in writing and looting.
Then proceeded to justify basically every element of the writing and looting, just don't be so pissed off owed. For me, I didn't see blackmail game that the democratic airplane broke upon the plate at last week. The protesters are the best among US rights and looters don't exist and by the way, the only way to heal. This me system works. If you vote for us use both for Us- and they don't have rightly because all your problems will be solved, Kate, american voters should not acquiesce to this. This game of extortion, where democratically visions, essentially pat on the head writers and looters for months on end in place like Portland in Seattle and Chicago in New York and Washington DC in LOS Angeles, and then they say. Well, yes, but if you elect us, don't worry, the system is still working is despicable, we're here to more or less in just one taken. First right now, you might be feeling a little bit unsafe little ones. That would not be surprised, but here's the thing you really have to know how to handle your. What and you have to know how to handle gun if you're a responsible gun owner, because you have to know what the law is. You do
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we defend sky from the? U S, use ie eight, two hundred sixty four pages. It comes with a bonus, audio versions. You can listen whenever you want it's important to own a firearm, it's important to know how and when to use it responsibly. If the need arises, just ex protect to eighty seven to teach you to get that free guide, you'll get instant access any chest when a thousand bucks, so you can buy a gun to protect. Your family text, protects to eighty seven to two two right now in remembrance of the USA, there doing excellent work text protect to eighty seven to two two right now and when we get more into the insane push by the media to ratchet operational tension, the inability of Joe Biden to ratchet down or the unwillingness of Joe Biden to ratchet down such central get into the and be a essentially posturing and ending it season. In order to accomplish some unspecified Moldavia tonight we'll get to that in a second first, because you haven't tuned in this week, the currency has had some really good stuff, forms of production value in terms of actual content. It completely outpaced. The DMZ Mania currency is
nothing really better than the DMZ we're gonna get some more of that. In a little while daily wires matching this enthusiasm with an even better lineup of all excess live to watch the aren't you with you over a daily wired icon tonight, it fifteen pm eastern five team can pacific the execrable Michaelmas will be live streaming. The final light of the aren't you speakers, including president Trump, who will be watching with you- are all access members taking your questions and comments live as well. Only Alexis members get to join these all excess live sessions where one of US hosts hops on every night to chat with you both in live stream and in the comments all access membership also features not one, but two left his shears tumblers with your membership as well as early, sometimes exclusive access to New Delhi where products or had on over the daily wired outcome. Slash if you're right now to get twenty percent off all access with coupon code access, its daily wire dotcom, Slash, appear with Cooper. Code access to get twenty percent off your membership in listening to the largest fastest growing controller Pakistan radio show in the nation s so the narrative that has been promulgated
The underlying narrative, America, systemically racist, every generation of a black person being shot is just another element. It's another brick in the wall for for the case against America, as an institution, and as a system like this by the way is the open again of people like it from Kennedy who suggest that literally everything that goes wrong in America is due to America. Systemic racism and therefore America's institutions must be pulled down from the top and from the route must be completely exploded. And if you don't do that, you're, not antiracist, which means your racist, because their only two categories- racist and anti racist and Abraham candies garbage view of the world- though this leads to some pretty predictable- affect people immediately jump on any incident with any evidence to immediately suggest that America systemically racism and the golden they Ryan elude its own Minneapolis. There is riding and looting again in many apple last night there, including in downtown Minneapolis people just breaking
stores in downtown Minneapolis. Why what happened in Minneapolis last night? Well, the answer is, there is a homicide suspect who shot himself became. So what does that have to do the cops? What's what what were the cops do? Well, the cops into anything people are losing the sacks off fifth location. No police dispersed the crowd with tear gas. Apparently people were throwing bottles setting off commercial great fireworks. There are reports of shots, fired, Hennepin, County sheriff, Dave Hutchinson said we got cops all over the twins. He's coming out here to maintain order, because the citizens are Minneapolis, Aunt Hannah been county deserve to feel safe. Apparently they stop the light rail service the blue and green lines, they stop frames and buses to downtown Minneapolis people gathered round the scene aftermath of the suicide, and then they ve started line so that you shot by the police. They they want. They ve eluded the target, which is a great way Protesting racial injustices by stealing is definitely the best way to do this. Governor teamwork.
Of course, union amazing job he said Minneapolis is turned to heal. We must rebuild and recover dangerous unlawful behaviour, woman be tolerated. The state patrols heads Minneapolis to help restore order. I remain in close contact with the city and every state resource stands ready to help bring peace. Oh good months later. What well done everybody? So what exactly happened in this case? There is a suspect whose followed by police and connections with deadly shooting that happened just hours before at a parking ramp downtown the guy shot himself. He killed himself. People showed up, they started line and suggesting that this person shot himself was murdered by the police, and then riots broke out and looting well done
because you know what honestly, what's that for the media? What's the difference, they won't cover the details of these shootings anyway, and when they do it's always this post hawk rationalization whereby, whatever the details, the case, the narrative has to be sustained by the way how bad do Minneapolis business owners have it right now how badly do Minneapolis business owners have Irena? There's a story from the Minneapolis Sorry Tribune in which they point out that business owners have been explicitly barred by the law from it, taking measures to protect their own business according to Jeffrey. Might right, at the start, Tribune quote: Minneapolis businesses fight ban on exterior shutters window, shutters owners wanting to protect their their windows after riots face obstacle, hey so, in other words, looters crashed through those people start putting up exterior shutters on the outside of the building, but the city a Minneapolis, his barred security shutters on business exteriors, since two thousand for why? Because they said that they, the external shutters clauses,
blight and they create the impression that an area is unsafe and troublesome well even want to create the impression in what let the business owner suffer. You don't want to create the impression that things are going badly in Minneapolis by allowing people to put up shutters and said what you create the impression that going badly in Minneapolis by long writers and leaders to shatter other windows. Good call everybody's well done all the way around. What shockingly Democrats were silent about this completely at the DMZ last week. They were completely silent about it, but not a word, not a word and four months, even putting out these extraordinarily tepid statements. Well know we don't really like the violence, PA bowed America systemically racist place, and you have to understand what these people are going through, etc, etc, etc. Will now it turns out that pulling suck Democrats on this, it turns out that Americans aren't real fond of watching writers and leaders in the street, including by the way many black Americans who live in the areas that are being rioted against alluded in. There is a public opinion poll that was done before the Jacob, like shooting and events in Kinshasa and what it should
Food is a dramatic drop, a dramatic decline in the approval of black lives matter protests in early June from June to from from June fourteen to eighteen, the there were sixty one percent of Americans had they approved of the alleged thirty six percent, as approved by the beginning of August. Those numbers were back to forty eight forty eight in the aftermath of what's happening in Canada and many apple s. I guarantee you this going to drop in a negative territory, which is where it should be since the deal and movement is accomplished, zero things I'm still waiting. What are they accomplished, but the one thing that that anybody try to accomplish the sender teams
pushing police reform, but which was immediately filibuster by the Democrats. What's the thing they ve accomplished, other than ratcheting up racial tensions across the country and making excuses for writers and looters and fiery things happening to burst out of protests all over the country, black or hispanic prove approval of Vietnam remains high, but wait approval has fallen and become net negative, which is not particularly shocking that the levels of Agnes Bannock Approval, have remained pretty study throughout. But what did this drive? While it means that Joe Biden and the Democrats are starting to feel the pressure is showing you feel. The pressure in places like Wisconsin, according to the New York Times, was in voters are looking at what is happening in their say may be needed. Trumps on that can get blackmailed into supporting. The very people are afraid of now my business. According to the New York Times, the politically calculated warnings of president
and the Republican Party about CAS enveloping America should Democrats Winter November are reverberating among some people and Canosa person. Like I love the New York Times, coverage is politically calculated. Isn't that it's an actual warning split it? It's always politically calculated Republicans, pounce Republican sees you know how they would not be able to policies if democratic governance and mayors would shut this stuff down but apparently their fears in the Democratic Party that rural areas of swing states like Pennsylvania, again in Wisconsin, aren't going to like all that much democratic penchant for making excuses for people who burn cities, and so Joe Biden Head releases statement yesterday. So finally, he releases and actual spoken statement is really some written statements before extraordinarily tepid. You really spoken statement, the first minute of which was dedicated to suggesting that the police in the Jacob Blake shooting or actual racist warmongering black people with
evidence by the way, so it so funny people. I saw some more conciliatory types on the right being like well at least Biden put out a statement, I'm so glad he finally condemned the violence or gave the first minute of what you're saying is that America so systemically racist in terrible the black People are being shot Willy nilly by the cops. And then you say you number. Islands is unnecessary, comply with the law. These are two conflicting messages. If you suggested America so inherently dangerous that black people are being systemically put under the knife put under the boot of the Jack booted racist in charge of the police and the institutions of America, then when you buy it back five seconds later in your life Well, yes, but if you will, let me if you can remember things better in the violence is unnecessary and- and it's not- it's not useful. Well, I have yet to see why, if you're a writer and eluder, you would think that, considering that you receive nothing but downplaying of your
islands and downplaying of your looting and warm coverage has protesters for the best of Amerika. From many of America's chief political voices. There is Joe Biden putting out a statement that is self defeating and will accomplish nothing those cheered by the media as well now he's taking it seriously. Oh really, or is this just part of a tacit extortion scheme whereby Democrats basically suggests that if you'll let them, though, make the riots go away, but if you dont, like them Benito, suffer stuff, major cities, that's just the predictable result of an evil evil. America. I saw that video makes me sick. Once again, a black man, Jacob Blank has been shocked by the police in broad daylight. With the whole world watching in our hearts with his family, especially children, terrible what they saw watching your Father get shot composite for one second, it that's the part that the people are going to watch first and foremost right. It makes me sick to your stomach. What you saw Annette ape once again, a black man being shot in broad daylight. At no point here does yes, you through the facts of the case. At no point, does he point
the Jacob leg was resisting arrest, had an open warrant for two separate charges, including a felony than when you went to his car. There is done knife on the floorboards and no point is the factual pattern enter anywhere into this calculation, for Joe Biden is just another example of any time. A bad thing happens to a black person is because, if the systemic american racism and then he goes for these like, but you know you probably should write and burn so because its uncouth, its uncouth gather, I'm sure. That's a message. That's going to resonate well! Well, yes, I'm sure that's going to stop all the violence by the way. You know it stops violence on the streets when you put protective forces on the streets to stop the violence. When you put the cops out there to stop the violence, when you suggest the police are systemically racist and then you say, don't commit acts of violence, but
the police are systemically racist and there the only people working to stop you from committing acts of writing and looting and violence. What do you think is going to happen? You're literally saying the only people who can stop the acts of violence are the racists. That's what you're Biden saying right here: hey that's the tacit message, but don't worry if you look at her heel and operational magically become great people again. Here's Joe Biden then. Secondly, condemning violence. Tore workers. Want you, your father shop. Won't you the floor for asking why why daddy protest, the brutality is a right and absolutely necessary, but burning down. Cues is not pro yes, it's needless violence. Its needless needless authority uses right if you are needed that maybe I took everything needless its needless is not evil is morally bereft. It's disgusting to burn down. Businesses is needless This enables because eventually you're gonna like mean I'm in here all the stuff turbine. There is time Adriano
by the way thou be the em. What the wife of George, what I guess, the daughter of George, what cyber that so just a quick correction there! Ok! So all of this is calculated to lead to more violence, because guess what be democratic, Gender has now become extraordinarily clear, which is we'll totally condemn violence from time to time, but we are not actually going to do anything to stop the violence in any real way. I mean believe it or not. I am not getting you. U Virginia legislature, which is now a democratic legislature. The Virginia legislature just passed a bill that would make it a non make it a misdemeanor, a misdemeanor, to assault police. Or if the police officer was not hurt, I'm not getting in real time what the Virginia legislature is doing. The Virginia Senate, according to WS, alas, passed a bill allowing assaulting police so to be considered a misdemeanor and removing a mandatory jail sentence? This is madness. Is madness? You're you're, getting rid of penalties for police officers, you're suggesting that America is raised,
stem to stone, and then you sit around or like all. Well, you know and if there's there's looting, inviolate, unnecessary guys, unnecessary frolicking. Just what Democrats by the democratic, running these cities for years, and I'm still seeing some looting and violence and pretty significant levels of of police interactions with the local population is so all this leads up to popular culture I know that this message is now infused all aspects of our society and you are not considered woke if your mirror, the narrative of the day in an hour of the day, is America's evil and systemically racist and all bad Decisions by individuals are attributable to that evil. American system to all this carries forward to the NBA, so the NBA is already having some pretty significant problems at the NBA didn't play for awhile because of a pandemic, and then they we did this bubble, which increase more idea where they play all of our games in one place. But in order for you to watch, the gains to swallow whole all these social justice crap that their pushing like America systemically racist and evil and listen all these athletes have a right to speak their Americans just like anybody else that doesn't mean they know what how they're talking about or that what they're saying is good for the country. So the
yea slathered its product in Vila messaging sweaters. It may have got black lives matter, huge emblazoned slogans to build a blog on Fifth avenue style on the sidelines of the games. They decide that the players get to where whatever social justice messaging some from free Hong Kong, they want to put on the back of their jersey. So you have say his name throwing up an alibi to equality, and then there's been a thing inside the bubble and Americans are not particularly interested the ratings drop. It dropped because number one if there's no crowd you're playing, signed a bubbles not as exciting but number two, because a lot of people like me who are sort of casual NBA fans like I enjoy basketball watch it if John, but I'm not gonna, let go out of my way it's inside the centre of my universe or anything, but a casual basketball sounds like you're, not gonna. Do it, in fact, for other sports were much more passionate I wouldn't do it right when I M will be started, doing started the season with the wording to kneel at the beginning and hold a black cloth. Morgan Freeman
the social justice message? Poetry as I cannot, I don't have to watch baseball I'll, find other things to do. I got kids, I gotta life. A lot of people felt that way about the NBA. You end up killing. I get when you decide that you're going to specifically alienate one aspect of the market, and yes, people have different political views in the United States and typically when they watched words, I don't expect to be hit with political views. There plenty of things on tv you can watch if you wanna be political and watch. This showed no watch positive America. You disagree plainest after you can watch mostly when people turn into sport there, not particularly interested in the sporting product itself being slathered in this sort of stuff. I mean this is perfectly
and has been obvious for a very long time ago does mean athletes can speak out again, but then also doesn't mean athletes no they're talking about or that it is smart business into slathered your products in this sort of stuff. Ok, so the NBA did all this they played in the bubble may create discovered bubble where, where presumably everybody did not have carbon, which has again ass marble via of silver and they slathered their product in a bunch vestry w crap and people like you know what not so into it, and ratings dropped. Something like fifty percent will now Lebron James and the Lakers and slippers, and the Milwaukee Box basically have decided that they're going to suspend the season completely. So, according to CBS Sports, the workers and the clippers push to end the season after the Jacob like shooting W Nba suspended all of its gains. Yesterday, the imo be suspended a few of its games. Yesterday, several of the leaders of the Lakers roster, along with some players, mother teams, state up into the early morning, our two hash out their issues inside the bubble. As result, there's optimism growing declares want to continue the play off supposedly, but
during a meeting Wednesday evening, the workers and clippers were among the minority of teams pushing to end the season entirely. Lebrun Instead, the meeting he wants the team owners to be more involved and take action, so the Milwaukee Box walked out of their game five your Lando MAGIC and any Orlando magic walked out of game, and then the Rockets and thunder decided not to play, and then the makers and trailblazers decided not to play. What of the background of this is a series of statements over the past seventy two hours after Jacob, like shooting, in which the as members of the NBA talked about how America was evil and terrible and black people live in abject fear of the police, which, statistically speaking, is not even close, rule. Eighty one percent of black american sitting want the same number of coupling workshops in their communities. If you're talking about threats to black lives in the United States, the cops dont rank in the top twenty on that list is that they are not the threat to black lives, at least not if those people are not committing crimes are innocent. People were not committing crimes.
These are not really on that list. The police are the people who stand between law. Abiding citizens and the criminals are putting their lives on the lines. Everyday does mean that racist cup there are some that racist people in all walks of life does mean there are bad cops. There are some. The overwhelming, overwhelming majority of cops are people doing hard work to protect law, abiding citizens of all races it, but the narrative went out and the narrative was the Jacob Black was just another. Just another incident of evil american racism say get this Lebron James, just because the man is very famous and very wealthy and very good to ask about doesn't mean you knows what in the hell. He's talking about here is Lebron James. This is in the last few days suggesting that sometimes cops wake up in the morning. They just want you black people, who literally says this, even always as it? This is crazy. This crazy thing to say the cops get up in the morning by the way in major cities across Amerika Majority, the police forces minority- away where he lives is a majority minority police force here, as he hears Lebron James
in the cops carbon Orange just like. I feel it in a black eye today and that's the real danger to black Americans says the billionaire athlete who gets to play a game driveling, a basketball for a living for entertainment. I mean what are at tears: Leubronn James. You have no idea how there that day left the house you're, not even because I had a baby, you know if you want a woman. Rose. I bid, you know that argument, at home was no other. You know then one of his Jesus, I'm crazy torment. He left the house Damon or maybe just a house in today's I'll be the. If one is back, that's what it feels like crap what it feels like to Lebron James. I care about the actual facts of the situation. Feelings, don't matter, here, the question is: are cups routinely, leaving the house being, like I'm shooting a black eye today that if such an abject disgusting of body it's such a disgusting live? no evidence to back that, the implication that police officers are weak
in the morning, like I'm shooting a black eye today is disgusting. It's disgusting and it turns out Americans into victims of the police, which is a lie. It's just that the removal of the police, the solution which is an even bigger lie, and it's just a black people, largely don't have agency in their own lives and the racist America that is which is the biggest live. All black Americans are the richest black people, ethnically speaking on Planet Earth lackey who live in the United States. Black people can be successful in the United States. They are successful in the United States. The vast majority of black people are not living abject poverty, the vast majority of black people make good decisions and get ahead in America Lebron James. Those people made those decisions in his personal life and yet the ideas that he's under the thumb of the white man in the United States seriously case. A dock river said the same thing: there's the coach of the lost angels coopers. His father was caught by the way Doc Rivers and he talks extensively stopped extensively in the past about his father and his father talked about respect for the police and his father said that certain contraband uncertain Copsewood
None of us, but here is aquiver suggesting worthy ones. Getting shot were the ones getting killed. The country doesn't love us really jock rivers you're under pressure, your contract, pretty dramatically hearing your being here about five million bucks a year and it seems like you, have a pretty good life and it seems, like vast majority of people in the United States, if they do not commit crimes. Dont come into conflict with the police generally here is here, is Doc rivers suggesting that black people are the ones getting shot and getting killed for no reason, because the country doesn't love black Americans eminent, like an iota of evidence that the country clinical doesn't love black Americans Harrods aquifers? Yes, this is two days ago, are you here, Donald Trump and all talking about fear whether one's didn't kill, Once didn't shot, once it will deny to live in certain communities we ve been home we ve been shot. All you do
keep hearing here. It's amazing why we keep loving this country and this country back what absolute nonsense we live in a country in the country does not his back. What what have we had a black precedent in not known in my life, I'm in the last few years. In the last five minutes, Barack Obama was overwhelmingly elected twice. Most popular figures in Amerika today are largely largely there. Many black Americans, over Winfrey, Michelle Obama, putting up a rock Obama resemble a branch, and these are all extremely beloved people in american public life, whereas you getting this, whereas you getting this kid, this is not just suggested and that there is no racism- are, of course, there's racism in America, but, as Nicky Hayley correctly said just because there is racism in America does not mean that America is racist. There's answer images. I'm in America. That does not mean that America is Anti semitic. I've been the victim.
Anti Semitism in America does not mean that America, broadly speaking, is Anti semitic and then I'm a victim of an anti semitic system is so anyway the basketball players, the sidewalk out, which, by the way, is attacked. It makes no sense at all. It was literally no sense, so people are comparing this summer. Dolly giving up boxing because you want to go and the army. So I have my quibbles with the fact that nation of Islam was using Mohammed Ali is a problem at the time and the name of Islam run by some pretty awful people, people who, by the way, murdered Malcolm X, in all likelihood banana case, putting aside the actual politics, what Mohammed Ali did at least Mohammed Ali was what boycotting the right people he said. I don't wanna go on the arm, exhilarating to fight to become okay. So was taking an action, those directly correlated with the result he was seeking by the question. What is actually to the media players? What were they boycotting? Whether boycotting the audience and the audience is already largely signed off? So there's that their boycotting the owners who pay their salaries, which makes no sense, because the owners have, by the way
Barkley, signed on to every man they have ever made in terms of messaging on social justice and getting donations to various leftist organizations and all the rest they're boycotting their own job was supposed to make a lot of time. Me. I'm hearing a lot today about how a branch aims is making a sacrifice. Now, Lebron James is critical using his voice. It's broken. If it lets me real about this, the sacrifice that Lebaron James is making is really the sacrifice of other players careers, because Lebaron James will be a first ball ballot. How a famer he's either the first worthy second best, ass, my Blair, who ever lived he is going to make more money in the long run for the social justice activism that he is pursuing right now, as we saw from calling cabinet, the people were actually damage it inside the NBA. It's not Lebron James Lebron, James and taken the heavier. The person who is actually taken they hit here is the seventh man for the for the Milwaukee Box like the guy is planned for the Orlando MAGIC Way down there on the bench he's playing on a one year contract and needs to prove himself before his knees two years from now to get my money anymore right, that's one who's paying the price will brawny paying the price for this. The brain is getting celebrated for this
does it mean that what he's doing his court in quite the wrong thing? Morally speaking egg it he has a right to do it every wants to do it's. It's America! I think it's. The wrong thing is, I think, that you give propagating a very bad in and a nasty message about the country about police officers, but the idea that he's under going some sort of message sacrificed by walking out by forcing by the way, all the other players to walk out. That's really what he does now now. The idea is that, if you don't want to Now, if you don't want any embassies and then you're some sort of trade or to the social justice cause, so you have to sacrifice your career so Lebron James can parodies Lebron James can push a message that he finds to be important that that's effectively what it means the people are gonna pay by the way, are the people in the NBA done wine, whose viewers, because a lot of casual MBA viewers are not coming back or not the Lakers issued a statement. Their statement was we stand with our players in the players in the NBA in their demand for justice and the end of racial violence? While you you mean you, you don't racial violence. Congratulations, like you mean just like other sentient human being in the United States, do not want racial violence by the way have they have called for a single policy. The only thing that
I've heard from Lebron James. You want the officers arrested and Jacob legs case anyone's the authors. Rest in Brianna Tailors case when you know, what's away that dumb justice doesnt work in the United States Lebron James demand, someone arrested, arrested or over Winfrey puts a billboards and therefore offers get arrested, and if that's the way, just as works in America that injustice that mob justice and it's disgusting- you dont arrest people based on people screaming that they should be arrested. But by the way. What what Lebron James been saying? It is many of these public
I've been saying you we need these officers arrested. Roland Yorke shoving charged with thirty. Remember then: keep Ellison elevated its second agreement, the charging unshaven, which, by the way it can be very difficult, sustaining court by the autopsy airports and the reasonable doubt standard people cheered there. Like oh look d, look Keith Ellison, he's increasing the charge that so great that sober legal experts know you. It's can be extraordinarily difficult to convict direction of second degree or even a little bit easier to cover third degree. The actually gave a crap about the law, but you know I care about is the virtue signalling so wiggers said. Eighty percent of NBA players are black men by the way. If we're gonna go by the diverse that population is supposed to be represented by percentage of demographic, and we should ask some questions about affirmative action in the NBA. Four people were not black, presumably bit that's the diversities standard. Is it not the links that we cannot love them for the joint entertainment they brings the world set in silence and fail to use our platforms and resources to amplify their voices when they do
the justice inequality that America has promised us all but denied black people for too long in twenty twenty alone, we have been made to bear witness to the killings of numerous unarmed, black men and women at the hands of police, as well as private vigilantes, Brianna Taylor George after our very now Jacob, like these cases, are not all the same yachtsman, arbour cases, legit murder case. The Brianna Taylor case is a case where the police had a jet, no not warrant, they used to know not warrant, they were shot out and they return fire. It's a tragic situation. It is not a criminal one. The George Floyd case is can be very difficult to prosecute. Considering the man had enough sentinel and system to kill the horse and the fact that you say you couldn't breathe before who's on the ground. You may be able to get that officer for assaults can be very difficult convicted of murder on just two basic causation standard and Jacob Blake looks like a justified shooting He just about every police officer. He he wrestled away from them. He apparently was taste and walked away and he bent in your car and two hundred knife on the floorboards, but according to the Lakers. Continue to say their names, but now is also the time for us to say enough: ok, Walter
what's gonna happen, a lot of people say enough to the NBA lotta people say you know what you you're entitled geopolitics and we're in title not to watch this of course led to the pandering of brok about so barometer weeded out quote. I commend the play. On a box for standing up for what they believe in coaches, like doc, rivers in the NBA and W Nba. For setting an example, it's gonna take all our institutions to stand up for our values. What changes ineffectually here, none! What policy has been trained zero? What exactly is having her? Nothing! All that matters is the narrative, because the nerves, a political weapon for particular points in the United States. Not a single thing has been accomplished other than the increasing nastiness of our political discourse and polarization around race. Joe Biden also put out a statement commending the NBA players, so Joe Biden statement was
Similarly milked us at this moment a man's moral leadership and these players answer by standing up speaking out using their platform for good now is not the time for silence. Now is the time to discuss you know, facts and solutions. Can you do that? it just goes to scream at the wind and then, when somebody else grins at the wind and walked away from their job and middle pandemic and by the way, I'm glad for the NBA players that they have the ability to work way from their jobs and income in the middle of a pandemic, People are literally not allowed to work, that's that's exciting, for them, I'm glad and again then, every right to make their voices heard. And we have every right to say that their voices are making very little difference in actually obtain
solutions and a lot of difference in terms of propagating narratives. There are simply untrue about the United States on a broad level, so I guess why people to watch the NBA? That's that's! The wage gap has everything has to be politicized everything again. No one saying that these baseball players can speak up, no insane shut up and rebel there for you speak out if they decide not to dribble, we'll have to watch and they say something like. We also have to watch- and that's America too, especially if you're preventing the the. Lie that America is a deeply evil and systemically races, place and at every police incident is in is a sin is symptomatic of a deeper american evil that must be rooted out at the core to it, to which I think a lot of people say. Well, teams like
pretty well in this evil, terrible America Lebron James you're worth a billion dollars. I'm glad you have the temerity to speak up against systemic american racism in awful evil, unfair system in which are worth a billion dollars, but you don't have the temerity to stand up to the evil chinese government that is actually that is subjecting people to brutality, violence, cruelty and tyranny in Hong Kong and domestically one takes a lot of courage takes a lot of courage already well we'll be back later today to additional hours of content. We didn't get to the hour and see today. Suffice it to It's pretty good freeware one. That, though the real aren't you what's happening in these major american Citys, where Democrats refuse to actually stop the violence and propagate american values instead of undermining them. We'll get some more of this later today, too, to show our so content, otherwise will see here tomorrow.
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