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Ep. 110 - Can The Trump Train Turn Hillary Into Roadkill?

2016-05-02 | 🔗
Trump is the presumptive nominee if he wins Indiana, so can he beat Hillary? Ben talks the White House Correspondents Dinner and rips into Amy Schumer.
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With the end of the republican primaries in sight and Donald Trump, the prohibitive favorite for the nomination of the never Trump movement have been out in force in their trying to browbeat those of us who don't support trump into embrace Seeing this demagogic loud mouth moron with tyrannical views of government and an incoherent quasi isolationist foreign policy, so last week I talked about never Trump and, I said, never means never, but here's more important question given the fact that the Trump train is now barreling down the twenty sixteen tracks. What comes next for the trumpeters? now that their whining mewing rage is brought about the nomination of most leftist candidate in the GEO peace history. Here's the question: what do they do? What they have to do? Three things. First thing:
wait: the myth of Trump trumpet the overwhelming favorite lose according to every betting market is currently at eighteen percent, but there is a twenty nine percent, above all, to predict wise gives him a twenty seven percent chance of winning the republican presidency of the last fifty head to head poles between Clinton, Trump Clinton's went Clinton, wins forty, two of them she ties therapy, so trimesters have claimed for months there. Man is the only one who can beat Hilary, so they have what a bind like the Joker in the dark night. They ve chased the car and they ve written the bumper. But now they don't know what to do with it, so they pretend for just a few months that trouble when today we are holding up a new rasmussen. Pull it shows trump ahead of it There are forty one to thirty: nine, they say shows Trump is competitive. Now, put aside the Rasmussen, Poles were while lay off. Last time round in twenty twelve, instead focus on the fact that Paul include fifteen percent of voters who say they want somebody else and another five percent or unjust,
I did know candidate in History- has won in election with forty one percent of the vote without a third party candidate and there's no third party candidate on the horizon. Beyond that, the poll shows that trouble is about forty eight percent of white voters. He needs sixty three percent to be competitive with Hillary Clinton, so in the absence of decent stats, showing the wood trumpet be competitive, Clinton they're starting to spend Michael Wall she's a big time, support over the new post, he says trunk and when he says quote you're downright can, does anyone think that in the debates held, we will be able to withstand the blunt force trauma? Braggadocio billion are deployed to not job and his other rivals out of the race first off he didn't not crews out of the race with that's him routine. You not Ruby out of the race with that's him routine. You look pretty bad. Those last debates. New debates will look much more like those late about. Then they have to move on to step, to wait for the consolidation. After pretend that the all the stab limit is the new anti establishment
but whose anti trump that used to be establishment is now the new anti establishment. So the Trump people made a bet. They bet that the establishment wing of the G opaque would get behind them if they could threaten them into conciliation. Historical, it's pretty good bet, Obama made the same bet. He got lucky constantly threatened and could you Republicans and it always paid off. Now Marco Rubio is making meticulously funny noises about her is coming around and has become more mature. John Vainer, former speaker of the house, says cruises: Satan incarnates need both for Trump over Hilary, but not crews. Trump. Overtly defending Senate Majority leader Mitch Mcconnell in Indiana former No Miss Daniels is kept quiet and current governor. My pants reluctantly endorsed crews, but then said nice things about Trump,
she'll leaders are getting behind Trump. For a few reasons, first, they dont want party split. Second, they want the cash, but every time there is an election, they get a lot of cash and third, they actually like trumps leftist, even if they, the electron personally, a third thing that the trumpeters are prepared to do, that preparing for the crash monsters are really worried that transitional lose and to their preparing their stab in the back myth early. There are lying on these first two steps. There clemming trumpets is super powerful, wonderfully brilliant cans and they're going to say behind them and then, if they lose their going to say that the evil nasty conservatives wreck the whole thing in Tuttle put it this way. This way at National Review, he said: if Trump is the nominee not going to matter what Anti trump conservatives do leading up to or if he wins, supporters will try out the guillotine. If you lose is they'll trot out the guillotine, they just want to see heads role. This is The animated impulse from the beginning at the heart of the Trump phenomenon is a blood first in one way or another, there will be blood now the trump people have to push this narrative or double
lame for nominating the most despised person in modern politics and thus losing the presidency to the most despised leftist in modern politics, that'll turned twenty twenty. For years. From now into a broad between the trumps supporters. The people who initiated this stupid pathetic beer, how putsch and those who oppose them. The burden is now on the trumpeters there about to find out that if you like the match for the burn it all down movement, that's not quite the same thing as sitting in the center of the house, while the walls are flaming, I'm Ben Shapiro- this is the bench there are things got hens, humanised people don't care about you feeling so we're back from pass over ends. This week's episode is sponsored by the post pass over laxative. Let my people go and its aim an eye is great vacation. I'm so glad that I had it and I'm so sad that I got to come back the day before Armageddon. It's just that it's bad vacation, scheduling, Laguna scheduling
Asian, preferably you do an army. Gettin is actually happening. You don't come back right before the sweet, meteor of death. It's earth obliterates all, if that's the time when you, to be on the vacation, not coming back the day before Indiana, who is Paul from the Wall Street Journal NBC shows that Trump is up four thousand and forty nine, two hundred and thirty five TED Cruz, which of course, has everybody who cares about the republic, everybody who thinks Trump after the republic, shredding their clothing in and ripping there and ripping their clothes and in gnashing their teeth and beat decking themselves with ash worth, though it's called the Glen backdrop, but in practice, but as a sort of what What a lot of us are beginning. In any case, it is very sad. Donald Trump is poised to twin Indiana. There are two different pulls the came out over the weekend. One shows crews way ahead and then, when shows that the Trump is where had the one that shows Trump way ahead is the embassy.
Your journal wonder when the turnscrews ahead, some nowhere pole from Indiana Sup take out for what it is worth. The establishment couldn't be happier about this by the way the establishment, which have been saying for months was going to swing behind Donald Trump, when the chips were actually down, when there's only one way to stop prompt, and I was gonna be them they would cave and that's what they're doing, and so what you're starting to see is this new call from the from the elite in the republican Party? That Trump is actually find secretly he's? Ok, it's all just been a big ruse. You know this whole thing is it'll, be ok, it'll be ok in, and crews really is desperate. Now, yes, Of course, cruises desperate, but one of the things making him desperate is that you guys keep saying that these desperate, like it turns out there, everybody in the establishment jumps on the sea saw and Donald Trump very heavy side. Then that's going to make crews a little bit more desperate, so here's Newt Gingrich rolling out the bowling ball that he is talking about how Indiana is life or death for for TED crews?
what do you think giving Indiana is the make or break situation? I mean if Trump went Indiana? Is it over oh sure Indiana, is make or break for whose energy bump on the road for Trump? Ah, if crews can't when Indiana by when I mean get virtually all the delegates new sudden, like closed what he did was concept, No possibility can stop dropped. His it'll just be over soon time Wednesday morning? On the other hand, if from doesn't every well in Indiana, is so much overall momentum and You'd lead still win by winning in New Jersey in California in June. Seventh. So for tramp, it is a signal and then for crews is life and death is become there, because people like The bridge over the past few weeks have been throwing their rather ample support behind Donald Trump, and he's not the only one David brought. You really doesn't like from very much
its crews, even more I mean David, Brooks despises crews because he thinks the TED crews is just the worry he said that he has now been called the deceit panic impulse toward darkness, something ridiculous like that David Brooks who actually left as these. These leftist masquerading as right, Winger David Brooks says, he's the in house conservative over a p the Essen and your times he says the cruises round and crews is collapsing in and all the rest of it, the second language, it is Donald Trump. A strong but crews looks a lot weaker, and flailing about, with Carl Leafy Arena and the alleged case a deal that looks like the access of drowning man, and so just in terms of the moral rigour, the motivation force. The morale cruises is collapsing and trumpets surgeons Graham and D United. Quite so happy about it. There, David Carl, of two seems a little ease coming round to using entire republican establishment jump on this man. Whenever there is objective analysis, crews is desperate
crews, hassling Indiana. If he doesn't want Indiana, it is over. Essentially but something unforeseen have in its Donald Trump spontaneously, combust from from dusting his face with the hot cheetahs instead of the regular cheetahs or something like that? But it is. It's true, Donald Trump is probably going to the nominee, but with a point there making is to the talk about crews. You can see there's a little bit of glee behind a lot of these folks talking about how cruises basically done and the reason that is made we ve done, is because these people have blown up in the last two weeks, trumps victories, which he was expected to win the EAST coast into while this is over. Now he wonder, York one Delaware clearly here sweep they, the media help craft a feeling of momentum. It's what they do for I was the media did not push the notion that TED crews had a lot of momentum going into too have said, he's gonna get killed the New Hampshire, and actually much better than expected in New Hampshire. The media helps craft the momentum conversation and there really behind the Trump train right now and which is why Trumbull probably went Indiana tomorrow and will probably when it ended
numbers than people think he walked. Carl Rove does the same thing: Rove has been making secret quiet overtures toward backing trump because he wants his american crew. Road superpower to be relevant in the general election. He doesn't want to make himself out of place, and so here is the the panel on Fox NEWS Sunday, Criswell Who is a trump backer? I answer it looks like I think, Kimberly Gulf, while his trunk Backards Carl Rove, who is a whose aim quite a quasi trump backer, one Williams, who is kind of a quasi trump backer and George well, the only person on the panel who doesn't like Donald Trump there's, there's Carl Rove in the center again, why this man is, can legitimate political figures beyond May after he ran up and down the halls of Fox NEWS during the last elections they call wake a character from Harry Potter, haunting the bathroom. Moaning, rural heresy Carl Rove, he said from one Indiana. It could all be, but over right, so look. This is not a strategic with this was attacking move at the ascent.
The primary was a knight of good night for Donald Trump and what better way? to stop people in Indiana, from focusing on at the name in your vice presidents. Runny made spending a lot of time in Indiana, and so they have it. It was a desperate move, but it it may have shut down. A certain amount of the coverage of trumps, the primary win then a little bit more time on others, asthma, vice presidential running back their eager, the media? and make it into into a cruise out Trump in routine e g on his left us he's trying to push the horse race. Narrative now is what the entire media are going to do is a real horse race trunk When this thing you starting to see that narrative out today, as I suggested earlier, is the first step in the narrative. The first step is Trump can win, then it's the establishment, sound the bandwagon cause they like the money and they they'll. I wanna keep the doors open and then finally, it'll be. Tromp loses any loses pretty bag and then turn around. They say what's because, while you conservatives, who wouldn't backing in the first place each area one is on the left is pushing the horse race, narrative areas, prayed tat
aid trade, Indians, ass realization and that's his whole card. If he could win those respite, States that are traditionally democratically will win the elections problem is, I unmatched point. The country may say we're on the wrong track, but Morocco bombers numbers have gone over fifty percent. As he said, night any firm. Barack Obama is doing that well in November. It can be very hard for trunk to advance that argument, and I think whatever picks up among voters concerned about, trade in those issues, he's all lose with those massive negative numbers he has among women. Side is path is very
a difficult, but if there is a path for him, a generous belt any its with young voters, not voting in the same in the numbers of european interest, because that really helps with he helps bring them out by looking. So the idea is that this will be a more competitive rates than everybody thinks. Now. I want to talk a little bit. How Trump can win a how trump can actually winter? I dont think that it's going to be as much of a cakewalk there's even I've been Hilary over Tromp. I do think that Hilary one of winning, I do think she'll want a lot of states the trumpets put into play, but if Trump wins it's really going to be just because the left is so terrible, which is what makes this whole thing really frustrating for me, because if trump winds, because the left is just so terrible, that means that crews could have just because the left is so terrible and then we could have a constitutional conservative as president of the United States, blow obviating big staple food right if the if the left is so terrible than anybody could have one, which is basically the premise because
the only other premises. Basically, the trump attacks a lot, but trumps attacks backfire as often as they strike, but if Trump winds it's going to be the people were on the other side are so terrible. So one of the big narratives that emerged over the last few days has been all of the protesters at Trump at Trump rallies that did their lot. Protests are showing up and harassing people and this is true and when I watch this stuff is somebody who ardently does not like Donald Trump somebody who ardently dislikes Donald Trump. I understand the sympathy for Donald Trump when you look at this stuff. So here are a bunch of hispanic kids protesting one of trumps, appearances in California and here's what it look like: the people driving past and from signs and what is his bunch of Bernie Sanders
holding latino kids their children and they are- and they are flipping the bird people driving past there's a rather large black woman and shaking her rump at the cars and slapping her, but all these kids, if you've, nothing twelve years old, maybe ten, twelve years old and they're flipping off all of the cars that are passing. I look at this and I think you're holding a mexican flag- who oppose you. Even if I don't like the people who oppose you- and this is what did the Trump movement is an anti movement at an ant. Movement is an anti everything movement and its an answer. These people movement, some more prominent. These folks, are the better off Trump is going to be another event over the weekend. There's a bunch of protesters who clash with the police
at a trumpet ventures. With that, look like protesters in California tried stopping the billions in his tracks, clashing with police breaking down barricades, even fighting with the trunks of horror and most violent opposition to a Trump appearance is a key instrument in Chicago last month. They forced the candidate to take up I been detour to a GEO, P Convention nor San Francisco. That was not the easiest entrance I've ever met. My wife cause. You said there are helicopters following you and we did and then we went under offence and through offence, and I felt like Us- crossing the border actually crossing the border, but got here, it's funny no gets funding, and this is what creates the feeling of popularity for Trump, because the people who face him are such dim. What's the people who face him are so terrible right it's sort of the same feeling, I'm sure they're people who, just like me and when I go and became a campus and people try to throw people want
lecturers around, are beating them up. People start to have sympathy. For me. Point of view, just because the people who are protesting me are so terrible. Here's an another trump supporter they shouldn't briefly there and It may Sean Hannity described disguise somebody walking through Hell. Ok, let's be real about this like this is an outrage and it's not Normandy getting quite hell and the guy is choosing fact to walk through a bunch of leftist protestors, but it does show that their bunch blood there on the left or violent, and there they are flying MAX, can flags and honestly trying to beat up a guy who's. In the make Amerika great again hat
where's, the videos are waging depressive media to a place where they make great pushed by. Here is finally here's a trump protester explaining why it is these protesters are doing what they're doing this was on MSNBC over the weekend. Can you tell let's just how this sk elated, how this kind of God not a control. I dont think it out of control. I think that what you think is people express righteous rage at the fact that we ve got this hateful bigot coming to speak in our state in their saying. No, absolutely not with this action plan was, is planned to be peaceful protest, or was it by
means necessary this. We respect the diversity of tactics right. We planned a tab. Demonstrate and keep him out and second, from speaking and by any diversity of tactics, you mean anything, go we mean that and brown and poor people have a right to rage and they have a right to express it in a way that they need to an end to prevent this for speaking, I state: why is the anger showed directed at this one person at Donald trouble? What is the rage about because he's been inciting violence against black people? Them brown people in muslim people and and giving a platform for basically hate speech and why The premise data permeate the country, you like rushing over the barriers in heading towards the entrance of a convention, is the right way to approach this. I think that we should be interrupted. The convention making sure that Donald Trump does not take states today give flanagins there that the bottom line is these people it's down from, becomes president's because of these people. It's because of these people and their handing talking point to the to the currencies. Aren't you communications directions by sir. He said that
He was on CNN. It is. Why is it that we never talk about the antitrust protesters, we're getting violent, but what will not respond to watch the violence outside of a doll, Tromp Valley? Last night, the throne. I wanted just brought some pictures up of what happened last night. These were antitrust protesters. They were turning oh or police cars, they were just now, there are all sorts of vandalism yeah. So what I mean how much of a concern dealing move. I were John about that these things that were thin. What I'll stay here, this interesting, when wit, when the issues have been at Chicago a few months ago, it was the republican national comedian member some on our side that called out and said, we agree, the sort of violence is an acceptable but you lasted a you heard. Absolute silence would folks on the left, went in cause this absolute despite the disrespectful nature cause violence this morning, public property silence from the Dnc silence. They are such hypocrites when it comes to vote
right shot out, the right signals have evaluated. I said nothing when it comes to violence, yet they say nothing. It's interesting! There always willing to call out everybody else. Yet when it's their side, ok disrupts get it creates violence that right here right now you're nice one, but I protest- should be peaceful absolutely, and I hope you join me too. In denouncing your local Republican Party chairman in Brower chinese Lord of last night said the most offensive misogynistic thing: that anyone has said on this campaign in its largely driven because the Aral Sea has stood by and not stood up. The donaldsons Uncharted started here, so this is so again. The contrast here is what's going to help Donald Trump, because on the one hand you have shown spacer, who saying you guys want instead of two people overturn cop cars on the left, you have their spokesperson and he's saying
yeah. Well, we don't like when they do that, but you should really condemned the comments of this person. There's a difference is I liked you say between action and words. Ok, somebody saying something can be something you don't like. It could be something offensive that can be Donald Trump, Saint, stupid things me lots of things. Violent action, of course, is the line that once you ass. If there is no return until equating the two things very dangerous stuff, the idea, the Donald Trump says something that's the equivalent of peoples around cars in overturning them. That's absurd, that's absurd and that is the road of fascism and that's, why trumpet seeing significant base of support, because the opposition to Trump- and this is a problem for folks like me- I oppose both Trump and the apple. Trump I, rather than the people who you're seeing these retaining their awful. I think their terrible. I also think the trumpets off terrible, but not in the same way to trumpets offline, terrible because peace a lot of things that I think are really terrible. I think a lot of bad positions having hangs out bad people. I think he incentivize is bad people. I think he's incoherence on policy I think, the people who face him are worse, because their actual
engaging in violent action, but the puts me in a small minority, because people tend to think in binary terms. People tend to think about. Mary terms, Germany Boring who's- the managing editor over a daily wire. He likes to give the example I have talked about before he likes. To give the example that people lie star wars, but Luke Skywalker is one most boring heroes in movies online Luke, Skywalker, the Euro, is that you open the movie with Darth Vader, you open the movie with. With a guy in some foot tall guy in a black death mask bursting, opened a door enforce choking somebody pick them up from the ground and choking him to death. For no reason rigid crushing is, she's lip rings for, nor is windpipe for no real in a minute and then cut Luke was whining teenager. Like all that, I must be the hero, again this scenario Darth Vader is these protesters, and Donald Trump is Luke Skywalker
but what of Luke Skywalker is actually just like. Not a great guy would have Luke Skywalker Neck is above a fat if they just cut above a fetnah above affairs. There is, then, is the good guy right, because the guy you cut two after the worst person must be the best person, and that's in that of how the mind operates in terms of Trump versus his opposition and so, for example, you see that sort of stuff, many sea trump getting all pugnacious and unease asked about in and they thought in the wall, and he says the way his usual line. The wall just got ten feet tall or re. You look it from doing this and you got ok. I get this a former president of Mexico refractory part. He said that area and I am quoting her. He said I'm not going to pay for that every wall. So if you don't get an actual, check when the mexican government for eight or ten or twelve billion dollars, whatever it will cost. How are you going to make them pay for the wall? I will in the world just got ten,
dollar allegiance is when you get the big yells written flashed back to the debate, that sort of veal from Donald Trump he's a counter puncture. This is routine, I'm account for buncher, ok, so that's how Trump can win. If the left is so terrible, but the person who counter punches against left becomes more popular and Hilary is so terrible Hilary irritating and annoying and awful Hillary Clinton. She said that, for example, here here's a good juxtaposition, so Hilary is so bad makes Trump looked funny and good, by contrast, so Hilary said over the weekend that just to deal with how we should deal with Donald Trump. While she knows a deal of men off the reservation is twenty years. Hillary Clinton talking about Donald Trump. I have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off reservation in the way they behave and how they speak. I am not going to deal with their temper tantrums or their boots
bullying were their efforts to try to provoke me. He can say whatever he wants to say about me. I could really care less, I'm going to stand up for what I think the american people need and want in the next president. That's why I it out very specific plans or something secret about what I want to do with the economy, with education with healthcare with foreign policy, I've laid it all out there and he can't or So she I can't tell their two things: one. She looks like death. Second, she sounds like a scald right. I've dealt with men who get off the reservation before of debt with men who get off the reservation before, except, of course, the reservation or her husband lived, in which case you just brought the hookers to him. I mean she basically was his Procureur, but in any case from says that, and so the contrast is going to benefit trust, a year's tromp. Responding to that too, that comment from helper its it is funny she has taken from others a lot of heat having to do what. I say that I think, is a very odd
safe in its basically alike, who I can handle men, don't worry about me. I can handle men if somebody said that if I may, that statement about women may be a front page headlines, basically dies about? I can handle men, you There isn't one day they now. I won't even bring up the fact that the Indians have gone wild on that but you know that ok, the Indians have said that that statements and disastrous statement- and they want to retract it- I'm not going to get into that You just do what I had not really I'm not bringing that up. I'm saying that Lisbon, you re very, I think it is very nasty statement, a man and if I may, that statement it would be a big big story: ok so so Trump fighting back on her level and because she's nasty inherited and he's also asked d and a horror show, though fight it out on that level with each other. So
in that way. In that way from could win now. Here's the problem here is where Trump goes wrong, and this is the problem we need Trump, though the benefit of trumpets you were just if you really were everything he says: yes, you're just a counterpart here, that's all he wore people attacking me hit some back really hard, if that's just to what his candidacy was he'd, be in good shape, but that's not all. He is Donald Trump is also a sideshow and because he's a sideshow, the media will turn on him in a New York minute. They will break so media made him and the media will break him in the media made him. That's when thirty years portraying M is the master of the financial universe. This whiz kid who comes from nowhere and makes himself into this mess. Massive brand and hold you in there but two billion dollars with media coverage in this primary alone to help push him and now they're going to destroy him, because all of the site nonsense interest in it, by Hitler- and he responds- That'S- not sideshow- he's good at that legitimately legitimately he's good at it. It is its best right. That's what he's good at it. Has to initiate action he's in serious trouble when he's
to his own devices. He's in Syria. I listen. I said that He doesn't eleven that if the man had any disciplinary be president work to find out whether he has any discipline it off so here is the side. Show you the part of a sideshow campaign so number. Two weeks ago, Donald Trump said he let Caitlin General use a women's restroom in his trunk tower, so Kalen Gunnar took him up on it and decided to truck on over from tower and then use the restroom over there, and Caitlyn Jenner, very beautiful woman- and here we I gotta transform it into your anyway. I love this weak dollar. From said, I could take it anywhere from facilities. I am gonna, go. Take the Ladys were not a man to remember in here
Caitlin Jenner into the lobby asking Ladies room, is, I tell him we're. The Ladys remains: is eighty tougher he's gonna go the men's room because he has really he's gonna go into the women's room and a network that aid cuts out now. Eight is funny to me that the tape cuts out their presumably because Europe, so what happens in the living room? It gets real occur when it turns out that he standing facing the toilet in order to go baby. They always stop right where that that cuts out, because the offensive part actually happens inside the debacle. When he takes out his very feminine penis and begins being in the women's rights but this is part of the term sideshow campaign, because now this is all over the news, Caitlin General being in from power Ubuntu and now all over the news, Donald from talking MIKE Tyson MIKE Tyson is, of course, the famous boxer, who is a convicted rate Three years in he was it, I guess, a resident in Indiana for three years, while he was in the state penitentiary, realization,
imprisoned in India and MIKE Tyson now endorse tromp, yet like Donald Trump items, Great Beth, Donald Trump. If such a tough guy a gimmick target year, it is children, so Donald Trump cards Donald, was asked about this get TED crews came out. He said down from out of this. First of all and TAT grew said how I don't go around touting endorsements rapists. Here's Donald Trump coming back at TED crews Visa crystal Was it just shows what a library is MIKE Tyson over the internet endorse the way he said. I endorse Mr Trompe said that I was it now. Delighted at what made you think I've been seeing MIKE in years, but he said he addressed me. So curse is now saying all he was a rape. Is this guy is a real lie. That's what we call a lion. Tat proves that the greatest lie that ever lived accepted gets gotta, except he gets kind of him he's a convicted rapist convicted cannot even accused like Bill Clinton, convicted went to jail. I know the prosecutor, great garrison, you talk to her,
was over Indiana convicted rapist but ten cruiser liar. So how do you think that in applying general when he sang the convict. Rapists are not actually rapists by the way. Donald Trump, going back twenty years, was defending MIKE Tyson from rape allegations, suggesting in fact that that MIKE Tyson had been sort of sucker into this whole thing and that in the desert, Washington, the woman who accused him of rape was actually just trying to get him. Trump, of course, is running his casinos at that time and want to Thyssen people the Box there. So here is tat. He says again. This is the Trump sideshow, so if Trump just the counter? Puncture he'd, be fine, he's the sideshow, also so download from says my it is not a rapist and anyone one calls MIKE Tyson rapists, despite the fact he was convicted of rape is a wire but is one kind of rape Donald Trump doesn't like, and that is economic groups who hears Donald Trump on China. Don't forget we're like the piggy back, this being rock. We have the we have a lot of power with China when China
they want to fix the problem in North Korea. We say sorry, folks, you gotta fix the problem, because we cannot continue to allow China to rape, our country and that's what they're doing it's the gray is theft in the history of the world looking used out of their personal TED rules, the greatest liar in the history of the world, China Minimal, waiting its currency is the greatest left in the history of the world not like let me, admittedly not quite not, it may be too late. That, worse than like our no killing six million Jews and taking all their money, but you know side from mad, it's it's it's it's like the greatest theft in history, or maybe you know that the various mass Wars of attrition across the Middle EAST and across the maybe maybe stealing of oil in the nationalism of british petroleum by IRAN about but not the greatest in History- is not actually. Theft is just trying to trading with us, but that's rape in cases like it is not a rapist, but China is an economic rapist
again. This is where the Trump sideshow begins to run off the rails, and this is the problem for, for the Trump train. Is that a prompt just stayed on track if you're, just fighting Hilary, if you just where the counter punter he'd be ok but he's not, but he's not, because you all these other negative things and here's how things are going. Well, here's how things are Now Harry reads as look we're: gonna win back the Senate. Democratically to win back the scented because Donald Trump we aren't, we need better port. Take majority with numbers. I'd give you it's gonna, be a fairly certain thing. We can do this. Ok, and this continues hears it years. Why The democratic send it take over is likely David. There now starting run adds about Trump, so this is the first time were now nearing the troll nomination to the point where Democrats feel comfortable spending their money on Anti Trump add. So There's an ad that's now running in Arkansas, and it's an add that is, that is run I'm trying member the name of the candidate was running this. Add I'm bringing it up right now. I can, but in many cases the guy who's running this particular add is some is running for some.
In Arkansas, consign he's running a guy against again and John Booze who's, whose the currants and Senate Senator in Arkansas Conor Eldridge, the guy's name, he's a Democrat, here is the add that he's no running against the republican senator in Arkansas. This is how the campaign going to go because again, Trump is a negative force, is not just an anti force, he's a negative forced to here's. The abbots running in Arkansas The zoo reverts see he ate like a pig, I'd. Look a right in that fat ugly face every day. One sent picture herself with the words the face of a d we're not somebody typing or voracity. Subject, some one to hostility, job is terrible ghetto. They look. I too, like pussy, coming out of a body like coming out of her wherever of a person who, just it is very hard to get tat, you ve got enough. I think I have a hard time while find her jack.
In those days to explain why parameters dropped clear, namely musically, rightly picture you drove the on us. Not. I should like you, wouldn't have your job you weren't beautiful black, what the government Visor Marla Donalds. However, what is that, when she is in bed with you structure with no place from the naval or circumcised centre. So the idea is to boost and support strong, whose main important again, regardless of whether they will be along running and then he goes to rail duration. There's dress the address again. Doesn't matter. So that's the point to Kate trumps negative are very real he's, not just that he's anti the he's an active negative force, so easy package deal you're getting the the guy who's gonna, throw the kitchen sink you're, getting the guy who's gonna hit people with a hammer, he's also
I was always a hammer and been hammering people badly negative ways and in nasty ways for legitimately years, Now it's out about all of this again is that Hilary so vulnerable. You're just answer Hilary have a good shot at when it. If your aunt, I Hilary Hilary such a shrewd she's, such a shrieking harpy of evil, that you just went out there and ran against her. You be in great shape, but Trump has so much baggage. There's so much that that that that is negative about trump. Hillary is just going to eat him up on all of those things and so when it and in the Trump support base. But again this is the disconnect right. With the point that I am making is is is a pretty objective. One from is good in some ways, but is really bad in some ways in the ways that is bad are really gonna hurt him. The Trump support base, though, is so passionate because their anti, because their anti and because Trump is anti things they now assume is from support base. Assumes that everything that true His anti is something worth being anti, so there's an exchange that happen to you, today earlier this morning, tat cruiser
campaigning Indiana, whose confronted by a trump supporter- and it looked just taken to give you sort of a hint is to as they will Lilith play a little bit of it. Here is yours crews meeting a trump supporting you're about to see why this election gone so badly, because the anti feeling feeling of resist has now been extent. To even people who are constitutional conservatives, not just the actual enemy people like Hillary Clinton, because for Trump effort from people, Hilary isn't necessarily the enemy. Everybody was not trump. Is the enemy We are happy with that delity, even if not everyone in this process. I tell you this election. Though? I appreciate your coming out appreciated come announced, I think anyone that wants to be present and owes it to the people of the state to come and running and ask for your support and I'm run into being everyone's president. Those results for me, even though we don't want you why you're here in time
They are the you, sir. I will respect in fact. I believe that I wouldn't think I'd drop out. It's your turn. Well, take your word. Curious survived, drop out when it doesn't get to twelve thirty. Seven political parties are definitely going to. Let you know you don't get more than. Let me ask you something. What what do you like about everything eagerly one you may want to take any law. Ok, that's the main thing aren't great sheds light on the wall. Do you know on the wall that Donald told the New York Times Editorial Board is not going to build a wall and he's not going to deport anyone. You're lying people, don't people, don't you screaming, not yet Now that were part of the New York Times reported the whole thing public backing we live in
ok- and this is in no case a basically. This is now become the scene from tombstone what Kurt Russell is dealing at the casino and ache righted I Clanton comes to him in visiting. This is seen as these acting here's. What it looks like right here, this now. Mr Kansas law. Doll loud on around here, savvy amateur good, that's real good, there that's real good law- dogmas largest, don't go around here for the first time when the king five hundred dollars it is that exchange rate mean he's, got same number teeth right? It is the other guy and he's got three d talking to TED Crews, Harvard law Gradual,
and constitutional lawyer about ally and tear. Where Harry our line. Did you definitely had those affairs? That's true, but when you say that New York times them city people with their with their crazy words and search whale Nelson, most southerners or not this guy, the zoom these in Indiana Society, even that southern raise midwestern, but does it, but but this is what a lot it from supporters have become because they're so anti things there antitrust protesters I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. I think a lot of the trunk people ardently support trump because they were pushed into the Trump card. By a lot of people who are anti Trump, originally the hard left in the media, and now they ve bought full into the dictatorial impulse. Nothing from says can be wrong. What you like about everything like everything with this house hands. He is a nice ass, everything all the things about, Donald from our wonderful until you, when he's he's got great appendages. I believe I believe I believe every word it is once you get to that point. Folks.
You move beyond the realm of rationality. I fully. Understood the reactionary love for Donald Trump candidacy, but you have to acknowledge on an objective level that there are problems with Donald Trump as a candidate, either acknowledged on an objective level. There are problems with my guide had risen, candidate comes off like a snake. Oil salesmen comes up with a baptist preacher and very difficult to feel that he's sincere Donald Trump is a bad man and comes off like a bad man. You can acknowledge that and still support your but this whole regime were everything he does his right, every single that he does his right I'll ever thing. They're, all great. All the things are wonderful about Donald Trump. You truly have to be foolish to believe this and, if you buy into this, if you buy into this all the way through the elections are gonna, be in for a bad surprise, because you're do think all the way up till the tiny gets beat by a thousand percent. All weapons over time it loses forty three state you're gonna, be thinking that he's gonna win because it that's all he does he just winds. It's only does Egypt Lion ten crooked,
hurry, and if you just keep saying these things over and over our love everything, it's just there's no way to convince those folks and those people will be the first people who are staying that that trumpet stab in the back when he loses, even though we told you a year in advance that he was gonna, get but get all right time for one thing that I like him in a couple of things that I hate are two things that I like the Hilary Mantell wrote a book called Wolf Hall. That's very good is now series on PBS Sri Lanka a little bit of the preview. The series series is okay. The book is much better by TED, but the acting on series is really good to hear ETA. It's about Henry, the eighth and the the break in the church and his marriage to Anne Boleyn eyes. It's all the way up to Anne Boleyn's beheading. The first book takes you to Sir Thomas Moors, beheading but data, but it's very good book in here's. What the series looks like at last. A man born in a more lowly state myself
Cromwell need about you that I didn't like. I didn't The true and faithful, comes through to the kings majesty is one of his highness is privy comes not find any talent I possess cannot be addressed in your discretion and your skill made a mistake. Threatening me. Now is the time to become the king. You should be afraid what those who have been made can be worse everything everything
did the acting in the series actually is really goddamn? You Louis, is a terrific actor. I first stars of really like him when I watch band of brothers, which is the best year, is ever on tv. Banda brothers. Spectacular will have to do things I like just on band brothers, because it's that good, but that's where says of the book itself will Paul is what Brad I haven't seen the full series star to watch it ends and series is ok. But of the book is much better, so will fall by Hilary. Mantell are things that I hate? issue has now put on new video andirons Amy Humor is there is the girl who recently was on the cover of chemicals, which magazine it was who is one of the women's magazines and was a picture of her setting her of a who who on fire, which civil, as will do to you by the way and in, and she also is a far leftist who pushes anti gun routines as she did. This Anti Gun routine. This is her routine of selling guns. This is what she thinks that the EU. This is washed things right when are seldom Bygones here: Eureka Amy Shimmer House,
baby imperfect gives unless they know where Rayner all right now. This is a guy. Just your regular run. The mill mean potatoes hand got now how Q is that love Would you like a toy, but it's extremely real? I now here is one great about that. Now pretty much anyone can purchase. That's ok. My god this is so lies. I lay Danny, I might get a cell phone and its on sale now call in are we gonna call car coins yea? It only Sheridan had EVA, that's, ok, you're, never get a guy. I have several Violet Shelly, Oh no, you by your tongue, you silly goose, you can absolutely get a gun if you have several felonies as long as you bite on the internet or
shall all our none of these things are trapped here every day, every out. What's it would so bad about this personal, bad Kommeni, because it's not funny in any way, but beyond that, every element of this is false. All of the things about this are false is Does she not that easy to bygone you have to be over certain age. They do a background check on you that every federally inspire arms dealer has to do a background check for felonies. If you buy a gun over the internet, it has to be shift to a thoroughly licence firearms dealer. You then have to go to that federally licence. Firearms. You learn for a background check. The gunshot loophole is not a real thing: ok, real firearms dealers at a gunshot, still do a background check on you this so called gun show loophole is by some of them to Lindsay. Okay, that's, that's! Not a gun show loophole. That's a private party purchase loophole, that's a different thing and there's been no evidence that private
purchases like that, are what are leading to any sort of spike and guns. In any case, you would expect intelligence from a woman who sets her vagina on fire to show the world what what how she sets the world on fire. Presumably then, but this is a comedy in the service of leftism- has now become the thing. So over the weekend was the White House Correspondence dinner and I hate eight, the White House Correspondence Dinner there to Washington spectacles. I absolutely despise in every way possible to despise them. The first Washington spectacle that I despise is the state of the union, its an imperial diktat that comes from a guy who's did official in front of other elected officials, but when he walked into the chamber and pictures the king of England easier and now we all have to worship, add is alter and it's gonna be great. So that's the number one thing. The second thing I hate is a White House correspondence dinner because it's the media, which is supposed to cover the president in all of the gory detail. And the poor and the president who is supposed to serve the media and public and they get together
many use drank and they were of taxes and feed each other and they talk about how their best friends I don't want the media to be friends with the president. The media coverage of George W Bush was significantly better than any of them, the coverage of Barack Obama because the media didn't like Bush and they like Obama, so that so I hate this thing, and I think that if I, if, if it You are somebody was out of a job watching present. Obama Bomb aware, tops inception pain. As you makes jokes with the celebrities you would think. Well, maybe our political class the little bit out of touch on voting for Donald Front, because of all that, even the Donald Trump is these people he's both Hollywood in Washington DC. So there are a couple of things that were particularly galling when you start with Obama's jokes Obama. Does this comedy routine and honestly? If, if I were the president of the United States, I think I would just tell them to stick- and I think I just I able probably skip the event approaches cancel the event altogether, because they they calling nerd problem, not in there
probably get all of these people are not nerds. Most of them are talking. Heads are incredibly stupid, but good, looking and so there there and there must be nerds and their joking with each other and interest in the whole thing just sticks in my kroner. Real way, there's President Obama, joking about Donald Trump, so this night is testament to all of you. What is your lives to that idea? Now? It's actually clip model, but he's not here tonight. We have so much for the last time and it is surprising you got a roomful of reporters celebrities, cameras and he says now: is this dinner to tacky for the double? What could he possibly be doing? Instead. Z eating a truck stake, tweeting out insults to Angela Merkel. What's he doing.
And there is one area where gunnels experience could be invaluable and that's closing Guantanamo, because tromp knows a thing or two about running waterfront properties into the ground. Looking into an ancient point, limping elbow, Momo, Clippa, there's no one point one thing out till here, as President Obama talking to her warm, he is with the press him what she loves, the press. I know that there are times that we ve had differences and that's inherent in our institutional roles is true of every president and his press corps, but we ve always shared the same goal to root or public discourse in the truth to open the doors of this demand
to do whatever we can to make our country and our world more free and more just scenario is present in the media. Is when I hate about President Obama's regime. Ok ended it a day. His his administration, President Obama, does this routine were now he's feeding the press. He spent his entire administration prosecuting members of the press who attempt to uncover things about anyone after the AP he bugged BP. He sends his reporters. He sent his deal J after reporters from the Washington Post, that the media have said only this belief, transparent white House in the history of white houses, and yet there is talk about how you this close relationship with the media there all their clapping for our yeah. That's what I hate about all of this and is not just the media. Obviously, it's also the folks in Hollywood, seesaw, Amy Humor, using comedy in the service of leftism, or rather taking a guns and the head of comedy and pulling the trigger splatter.
Its blade brains across the wall in service due to leftism, very Wilmore who, as I said before, is secondly funny human being on the planet after Trevor Noah Larry Wilmore was the guy who hosted this one and same deal same deal, so his jokes about Obama basically fell flat. There really quite terrible. His jokes about Trump were much more hard hitting and then how we finished up was, was the big story of the day. So here's Larry Wilmore finishing up America's the comedian he's the comedian right. He supposed to be the comic entertainment here is one more finishing up. If this doesn't tell you everything you need to know about the nexus between Hollywood and the media in the White House. This is it right here. K Larry will more got praise nothing, but praise for this from the media media thought this was brave and wonderful. The same media, the thoughts even Colbert, going on stage and calling George W Bush a liar in front of him. At the White House, Correspondence dinner ten years ago now they thought this was just the bravest thing. They ever salary, Walmart. Here's Lord Larry Wilmore talking about President Obama
Havana goods former president, but I'll just, let me just say, em how much a means for me to be here tonight. I've always showed that I voted for the present, because he's black and people say would you agree with this policy is not. I said, I agree with the policy that is black as long as we keep being back I'm busy. What about Iraq is still black, but behind their Joe is a humble appreciation for the historical implications for what your presidency means. When I was a kid I lived in a country where people couldn't except a black quarterback, now think about. Then a black man was stopped by huge, mere color, not good enough to lead a football
Team and now to live in your time. Mr President, when a black man can lead the entire free world words alone. Do me no justice. So, Mr President, I am going to keep it a hundred you'll berry
You did a month in a bomb is so pleased because, of course, he spent his entire life searching for his black identity equally drink. My father cobbler things worthwhile there pointing at one he's a comedian. He is not a political commentator. Second, even if Europe comedian, who does political comedy the idea that he's coming out in full scan this, isn't this is politician: worship its trump, like politician, worship on the right, and this is existed for about for a long time. This sort of stuff created Trump in every way. The worship fro bomber created a feeling of worship on the other side of the Isle, for the Anti bomber media's collusion with President Obama, created a hatred for the media that allows trumped to get away with unbelievable lies me. That's an amazing line, will very warm or says there where he says have you do agree with its policies as if he keeps being black eye group? Is Does it? Can you imagine a white person saying that? Can you imagine that end of the world, pure racism right and only drive the inward at the end of that everybody supposed to be ok with that cause. A black man talking another black men
in a black eye in joke in front of the entire country, right with the president is supposed to be. The president of all the people are really is appalling, but this entire dinner is appalling and demonstrates again that we become a politics of celebrity, become a politics, personal loyalty, which is the scariest thing. You combine those two personal loyalty and celebrity, and what you end up with is a joke. You end up with a circus, but it's a tyrannical circus. We used to be able to the with this kind of crap, when we had hero, worship for people in eighteen, forty with William Henry Harrison Revenues, a general but the president into anything that now its most powerful off some world in the world and we'll talk in the only question. Is whether or not to be controlled by Conway West or whether it ought to be controlled by Justin Bieber. It's basically that the conversation now and so we ve got our own Conway and Justin Bieber. We have our own President Obama in Donald Trump. Just because he's anti things doesn't make him the right things we'll talk tomorrow that tomorrow, for the for the last episode, the ultimate episode before the pocket
sir, I will see if, in the mould Pacific RIM, we are able to cancel the apocalypse somehow being a pessimist. Data but will still be here and craven I'll make you feel better. This afternoon I ll tell you some happy talk, or some men in others, just where they combine here, here the pressing on back and another note, I'm here yet it brought me back- I am bench of Europe- is the benchmark erosion,
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