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Ep. 112 - There Are Things Worth Fighting For

2016-05-04 | 🔗
What comes next after the Trumpocalypse?
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You finally did it you find We did it you blow it up. Donald Trump is denominate. After all, the fighting, after all the wise, after all, that spirits theories and blow yielding position, shifting and leftism after all the insulting the races pandering in the economic illiteracy. After all, the cruelty in the full fledged idiocy Donald Trump is the guy you chose. So what does that mean? Well, it means that standing against from now means more. Than ever early in the race. I stated repeatedly. The only way to defeat Trump would be to point out two republican primary voters. He wasn't a conservative. After all, I thought conservative voters were outraged with the republican establishment. Then it caved over. And over and over again to President Obama. Humbly one denominate somebody who wouldn't cut deals with the wild leftists in the Democratic Party once I got it wrong, turns out that a huge bulk of trump supporters don't care that he's a leftist. They think he's a tough guys gonna
for them, they think of a the promise emblazoned on his ridiculously idiotic and stupid. Looking red make Amerika great again hats from nineteen eighty five family reunion they by his two bit promises His stripper glitter showmanship it by his foghorn bravado, and they do so because they don't give to good dams, about conservatism as men who calls from Daddy Milo YE a tweets quote the all right is western. Civilizations only hope you and your friends failed to protect Amerika from the left. The barbarians or at the gates, because conservatives failed, they failed horribly, it's time for something new. You are, if you don't vote for Trump choosing the progressive left over the grass roots right, your country will never forgive you the all right, these people that Milo Sesar, the future for those missed, that's a group of white supremacist will unite under the banner of resistance to both the constitution and the cultural left. These are the people, the Annapolis cheerily touts is the future, and
we moronic agglomeration of intelligent, skinheads, stupid white supremacist idiots who conflate everything vile with political correctness and the odd Hitler fan or to suggest the people you want. It. Dinner party. You novelists is right about one thing: the Trump movement does reject, conservatism, they don't care about the constitution, it to pass a document, There must be discarded that dear leader can lead America back to greatness again. They don't care about the declaration of independence. There an interest group, they want their pay off, they don't care about traditional concepts of negative rights or economic freedom or foreign policy strength. They don't care about conservatives, so conservatives have to stand against them. As I reply to Milo, the all right are also barbarians. If you fight against him
it is found in philosophy. You are the enemy from something new something new that unit was tat, is actually something quite old and quite on American. If conservatives want a future, they have to stand against Trump and his corrupt, bankrupt philosophy. Twenty sixteen could ve been a time to reap the harvest of conservatism. Instead Donald Trump burned down the field with the help of his supporters, it's time now to plant a new, we should do so now. With alacrity, rather than embracing the man holding the match, I've been Shapiro. This is the bench parents, the lungs contentions, humanised people care about your feelings. So last night was a terrible night for the country, not just because Donald Trump is the nominee, but because now we are guaranteed a choice between predator and alien. The next president of the United States is going to suck and suck hard, and it's going to be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Your choice is now but As I said before, the span of Satan in the Anti Christ hope he enjoyed it thanks for playing its rip. It is really quite terrible. We do
some some alive shots from last night from there from the campaign covered. This was conservatives last night after I'm after they receive the results from Indiana making down tromp denominate through about here, and then we had alive shouted the Trump voters. Here they were we have an election, from the Orange headquarters
yeah that those guerrilla ugly over there and finally alive shot from Hillary Clinton headquarters. News that she be facing off against the most unpopular candidate in the history of Europe what is it they do so. There is a wide variety of human emotion. Last night, when you had, Don't just added to it was by my theory of check off was correct. After all, the gun was over the mantel piece and the three year old had to lose. If they did, they, they had to use it. They couldn't help doing it. I have a two and a half year old daughter, and it's like if she's near this, of does matter how many times I told her, the stove his heart is going to wobble over toward the stove in the attempt to touch it and this time Adult went in the room to prevent it, and so it turned out that wasn't a stove. It was a nuclear. It was a nuclear button and and the trumpeters pushed it. Ok. So here's where we are attacked
Bruce and will examine all the ramifications of this today. We'll talk about whether it is time to build the coalition, whether this time, to consolidate behind Donald Trump, whether we have to get behind this terrible horrible man in order to stop this heritage of screeching shrieking Harpy anthem, we'll get all that it first. This is kind of sad TED crews gets up and he spends his campaign. Last night. Again, TED Cruz was a guy supported. Even when he's considering he's grading, I mean it's just that the speaking style is just awful. It was awful. The entire time don't leave the feeling of insincerity from TED Cruz, really doomed him in a pretty significant way in this campaign, because felt insincere and put up against trumps freewheeling style, everything seemed calculated. It's actually forecasting for two Hilary. It's a good example of how a very calculated politician could be heard by a
a politician who just waves his fists in random directions. At all times, like trumped up, here's TED crews conceding last night and- and it was not a good moment for the republic from the beginning- I said that I would continue on as well as there was a viable passed, a victory tonight, I'm sorry to say It appears that path has been foreclosed together. We left it all on the field in Indiana we gave it everything we ve got, but the voters chosen other path and so with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the law.
Long term, future of our nation. We are suspending our campaign but hear me now not suspending our fight for liberty. Okay and then he went on to talk about the fight for liberty and I'll talk in a little while about what we have to do next and what actually has to happen here. We have to build a movement outside of trumpism. We have to build a movement. It's a grassroots movement outside of the republican Party. It has to be a movement that is geared toward action in the cultural and media spear. It has to have the actual targets, because the truth is that, as Trump has shown, what happens and culture matters a lot more than what happens in the political sphere. We all play everyday you're in the political kitty pool. The truth is most people are out there in the broader ocean of culture. They don't pay attention to any of this when they hear Donald Trump, the bad guy he's a racist. He says stupid things. Most people- don't even compute this they just run
worthy. The master of the universe. From the Apprentice- and I think that's the real guy- isn't that's the guy who's being added in a back room somewhere by series of reality, tv producers, so that there is crews saying all of this and then, of course it wouldn't be a complete crews, press conference without an awkward moment until the very end he turns around to embrace ending of his father behind him. It has run embraces dad and private proceeds to elbows wife in the face says is perfect Synopsis of the crews campaign all the way through an agony. I only around terrible campaign. I just don't think he's very good candidate. I think you ran about as good a campaign as you can run if you're bad candidate, he I do think that he should not have embraced Donald Trump quite so hard at the beginning. He given not just a notch, Esta I'm not gonna mess with Donald him, a bare hug. I think Donalds terrific, I think, Donald wonderful. It was campaign strategy, I understand it, it wouldn't it helps crews to go after trumpet, wouldn't hurt trumpet. Rose to go after him, but it certainly contributed to this feeling of insincerity. This guy you're embracing five minutes ago now, you're turning
and saying is the worst thing that ever happened to the country. Ok, so that was ten. So much for the crews campaign. That's over an end. Let it be known that you voters who think Hilary is so weak and from his going to beat her, you just rejected the chance at having an actual constant, honest to God, constitutional conservative as president in favour of a blow obviating blowhard leftist who contributed money to Hillary Clinton and openly brags Vatican. Obvious. That's really, you decided on ok, so let's go to that guy, our new republican presidential nominee tunnel, J Trump and his real genius then Carson's Europeans in bed and in New Gingrich's. Just that the entire bevy of intellect here's Donald Trump saying he's now now that this campaign is over he's going to turn his fire Hillary Clinton, because we're going after Hillary Clinton,
she will not. She will not be a great president. You will not be a good president. You will be for President XI understand trade, her husband sign. Perhaps in the history of the world, the single worst trained Africa school, and I was witness to the carnage. Over the last six weeks, especially locate first of all, put let's put aside for a second, the complete and utter idiocy of his economic statements. That I mean this is nincompoop away on a very high level.
Worse trade deal ever done worse than smooth Holly that led to the great depression worse than that, one gay NAFTA is not to blame, for America's economic woes was passed in the nineties in the nineties, were balloon time for the United States so that this idea that free trade leads to back out. I love the his. Protective Hillary is the only thing she's right about literally of all the things in the world. Hilary is only right about one, and that is free trade, and that's the thing that issues data on it's amazing about did this was from speech. Dennis Prager this morning on a show and I loved Dennis but Dennis, was saying he was surprised and disappointed that Trump didn't give his vision for America, and I thought my have you not been watching him. Seen him why? Why would you possibly expect that this guy, the Orange God King and why Why that that the Kool aid man? Why would you expected he was gonna, give some sort of highfalutin speech about what America will be when he's president, like? That's not what he's done at any point The point is you ever said that he's just done what yeah he's good at, which has done?
ignoring the problem and then failing to come. Then he solution where he's doing same thing that everybody else can do you just saying it out loud and then his turns out, but from was trying to be more presidential last night, so Harry was saying the ten crews trying to be nice to TED crews. After spending months saying, his wife is ugly in saying that is, Other tried to assassinate John John F Kennedy and saying that our group, rate is liar in human history in history, not just not just in this election cycle, History is the greatest liar legacy and in the end, the reams of liars of human history. Its it day goes something like it goes, something like Judas TED crews. Rather the according to according Donald Trump, say your ears, Donald Trump, trying to make nice with TED crews, because now he's supposed to be presidential here we go and just so you understand TED crews. I don't know if he likes or, if he doesn't like me, but he is one hell of a competitor, he is
smart and he s got an amazing future got an amazing future. So I, congratulated how tough it is. It's tough. It's tough I've had some moments where it was not looking so good. And it's not a great feeling, and so I understand tat feels and Heidi and their whole beautiful family and I wanted to say, though, that one tough competitor, as you know, is being ices headquarters after basically saying that he's the one person who ever lived now, everybody was saying last night there a lot of optimistic Republicans, never thinking, ok, so he got nominated all right. We're gonna have to get behind him. Now we're gonna have to get behind we'll talk about these quisling in a second, we have to get behind em, it's important that we get behind Donald Trump to stop Hillary Clinton, although through all of these,
arguments in just a moment, because more moderate in a whole turn into the presidential guy he's promised that he will be he's promised us now that he locked up he's far this fight- and now he's gonna move on to other enemies. Then came the morning as I said yesterday, do Dorani twenty eight wake up in the next morning. Think boy wasn't a nice when it was last night and that's Donald Trump said this morning dawned Tromp was on good morning America and George seven not was asked him about his smear of Raphael. Crews yesterday asked him about his wrist Gillis claim the Raphael. Crews was involved in the assassination of John F Kennedy. This is the guy you morons nominated, and here was Donald Trump source. I remember he finished off to his group. Downright cries out of the race. It doesn't hurt him at all what you say you know I was citing a national inquiries, and maybe it is inaccurate of munitions, on it? It wouldn't hurt him and I owed to do that. It would help him pick up. Some of the crew support. Here's Donald Trump not doing that cause he's in these pathologically incapable of that
Do you always father an apology for saying use with Lee Harvey Oswald before JFK assassination. We should worry to a picture that was reported in a magazine and I think they didn't deny it. I don't think anybody denied it. I don't know It was exactly what it was: a major story and a major publication, and it was picked up by many the problem is that national enquire, and even though we are lacking where their site- and that is why I gave you John Edwards gave you OJ. Simpson. It gave you many many things I mean you can not. The national inquired says brought many many things delight, not all of them pleasant. Is that it was a cover story on the national inquiry was picked up by many other people in magazines. Gary articles that newspaper Asian It was referred to us an apology, I've just written,
owing to an article that appeared as it has nothing to do with me. So now he's going to double down on it has not do him. He just mentioned that he's the one promulgated, oh by the way, the other outlets dimension, this idiotic national inquirer story, those it those outlets debunked it repeatedly, but there is from that. That's that's trump and here's the a unified from breaking well what I'm hearing now examine the prominent, never trunk, I'm not gonna vote for him now. Never Trump is based on the notion that Donald Trump will not change magically strips off his face tomorrow. And underneath his Ronald Reagan have been hiding there. They do they resuscitated him and put him under Donald Trump skin and he's a completely, One guy, obviously evidence changes that the basis of of my statement if from remains its trump, as I will not vote for him, he's a disgrace to the Republican Party he's a disgrace to politics. Ok Trump was supposed to, though, bring everybody together.
Can reach out to all the people he alienated and now we're all going to come together, big group hug and then we're going to turn on Hillary and go well on her okay. So Donald Trump was interviewed by political yesterday and Donald Trump said that we don't need to come together. He says there's certain We want an escalation arrogant. Why should I do love self funding? And I will I don't want anything for myself as we do the money for the party the party will come together. I don't think it's a bird of that these tire party come together. I dont want everybody. I don't even want certain people that were extraordinarily there to let them go their own way, let their weight eight years or let them wait ten years or whatever, because I think we're gonna have a great success to give probably Hilary, because the system is totally Wrigley, gets birdie. I've been totally rigged against it snaking weighty years. The people
So so those conservatives- you don't like him. The conservatives who say he's both insufficiently conservative and he doesn't have presidential temperament that he's dangerous man whose narcissistic in the extreme, but he has authorised Harry and impulses those people he says. Well, we can live without it. We don't need them as part of our team. It's amazing how quickly He throws those people are literally within hours. Winning the nomination throws those people off yet seem to remember a time when he was asked about David, Duke in the k, K, K and he just couldn't bring himself on national television to condemn them, because it was two days before Louisiana Primary, which is to say that he's comfortable with some people supporting Yemenis perfectly fine with others, not supporting him and that's a little but time. Ok. So there's Donald Trump, your presidential nominee tarnishing astonishing. So here's what's gonna happen next, first, there's gonna, be the building of the mass media. Has an interest in this being a horse right, so the media have sort of a conflict here. They don't like Trump is They like they do like the clash raises the rating so Trump versus in
is clash of the clash of the awful awful titans end and its delivers Martha and they think the decision be good. For them? So now what you're gonna get from the media is a lot of o the going competitive race. Oh it's just can be so competitive. Now, I'm not saying it won't be competitive. I'm just saying that the narrative from here for the next few weeks is going to be how competitive this really is, how Hillary is going to start to fall apart in the face of trumps Macchiavelli in manipulations, even though, by the way latest pull out trump down. Thirteen point: two Heller Clinton, thirteen worth noting at this point in the election cycle with met Romney, he was up by almost double digits. Over Brok of Alma before losing an ethnic has AIDS, a Trump is losing my double digit, we'll see. If that gets better or worse, for him, and twenty twelve million votes in the republican primaries is not quite the same thing. Seventy million votes they need in order when the selection cycle, copper, due to the Washington Post is building up the myth that Hilary is
linked to experience in bad times in trouble? Come back areas on innocent b c, and I think there are going to be some leaks that are going to be very damaging. The Hillary Clinton look. What she did was an actor recklessness and entitlement that there is no excuse. Foreign she's gonna have to go to the FBI under oath and explain why she did this and will be the first time to show, have to give a really straight explanation and it's not going to be pretty. But it's all part of this distrust crooked Hilary as Tromp is gonna, play it okay, so this is the idea that the trumps gonna be competitive, and meanwhile you got the Republican Party saying we want consolidation. We want consolidation to which I I have two words only one of which is principle gave the second one. Is you Ok, you you're consolidation behind this guy that you allowed to gain control the party you want. You want consolidation behind this guy. You cannot just go. You know what
Ryan's previous is the head of the currency. He came out last night need tweeted, Real Donald Trump we'll be presumptive GNP nominee. We all need to unite and focus on the feeding. Hillary Clinton hashtag, never Clinton, Hashtag go screw yourself. Do I have no interest in backing you? I have no interest in backing your party. I have no interest in back in your boy, Donald Trump, whose a leftist he's a left. Through and through, and I have no interest in pretending that he's anything, but that I'm not going to make an pretend that he's a conservative or a conservative standard bearer, and the reason for that is, if he's bearing the conservative standard, he's burning it down, it doesn't exist. More. We have to stand aside from him and say: that's not us, that's not us! It is not our guy now There can be an open debate whether you can stand it. I think, there's a problem if you stand apart from from putting up a little bit Is that a guy in a we? Don't like him that much but he's older than that guy also vote for him, seems to me insufficient and its editor problem, because the fact is that, if you
The way. The reason you vote for him is because you want him to win yes or no. Yes, if the reason you vote for drum is because you want Trump to win, if you want from to win and he becomes the president of the United States, if you get your wish he's the president, as the republican presidency is definitely the head of the Republican Party as the head of the republican Party. He is the de facto head of them. Served of movement in the United States. If your voting for him, you are, actively saying you want him to be the de facto head of the conservative movement in the United States, there is no way around that logic. You can still criticized from the outside its can have very little effect just the way. The conservative critiques of George W Bush didn't have a lot of impact on the conservative. Movement, which move markedly left during the George W Bush administration and continued to move to the left through Mccain and Veronica. The Rhine says we should get together trumps, the presumptive nominee, New Gingrich, whose has been a de facto from surrogate. He was on Fox NEWS, of course, of course, and of course, on Hannity of course. Of course,
talking about how Trump was going to expand the reach and breadth of the of the Republican Party prism we buy alienating. Seventy percent of all people say here is ears New Gingrich in his infinite electoral genius, and I think there is a potential tromp to bring into a much larger tents and unless the key that this will be a much bigger republican Party three months from now on, will it oh will it how so he says that he'll be bigger republican Party. I assume that means that even a swivel left. So this is the conflict that you have now inside. That approach from camp is is he gonna consolidate the people he alienates. During the primaries, whereas you gonna move left to fight him reader in general, and you can't really have both ways, but they want it both ways. So that's how it will be here legitimately. After this, he just humorous he's got legitimately the worst surrogate on the planet, Ben Carson working for him and then Carson, is I dont know how to possibly have or surrogate among Garrison in honest to God, that I was good
The brain surgery and he's terrible with Us- and here is brain here- is Doctor Ben Carson talking about why you should vote for Donald Trump, He's moving in the direction of trying to unify the party, and I think that is an extremely positive finding I I know Donald Trump and I've had a chance to talk with him in private a number of occasions, and he is a very real. And well and accommodating person- and all you have to do- is talk to the people who know em who worked with him for a long period of time, and you see He is not a monster that many people try to portray him he's, not a monster he's. Just a man is a nice man and I have met with him. He's been nice to me personally, and I think that if I'll really truly to be nice to him, he would also be nice to me. Yes, he called me up had a file in public, but you know that's just things.
His job for the past. Eight months has been. We get to know him as presidential candidate you're telling us ignore everything you know about the man. I know him down. Dp likes his dog, I don't care as a bed, but the disease or gets all we're all gonna get together. World them gets hit Bobby gender.
This is very good cell. We're all gonna get together world and gets hit Bobby generalizing made the most compelling case for voting trump and you'll see. I don't think it's particularly compelling Bobby journalists is concerned, as somebody who I thought would have been much better candidate in this election cycle than a lot of the other folks again prominence governor of Louisiana. Here's what he had to say about this. Secondly, look: I think our trunks would have the hardest time beating Hilary of all the Republican Canada ran for present. Having said that, third, however, if he is nominally, I will be voting, for, I will be supporting him. You'll have quite simply because I think they're too many important issues I think at least have a chance. You would get rid of a bomb, a care- I think there's Euro percent chance that Hillary Clinton would do that. So, yes, if it comes down to a binary choice between Donald Trump of he's, a nominal omnibus parties nominee I'm not happy about it, I don't think he's the best qualified Canada earnings most one most likely to be successful, but but I would vote for him over Hillary Clinton so that this is just the tip of the line of her. This a lot of people in very friendly with the people who say
Kay so yeah he's a complete hurricane of human theses, but Hilary is a double hurricane of human visas and therefore I am still gonna vote for him again. I have said this before I'll say it again. If your time line is the next seven months, if you think the country is over and for years by all means, go and vote for prompt by all means gone vote for trouble. All you care about. Is it worthy speeding? Seventy miles an hour toward the cliff hilarious ninety miles an hour trample, take us at seventy five miles an hour toward the cliff by all means vote for them. Does recognise the when you do what you are actually doing is again making him your standard, bearer and burning out the reverse gear a car no longer has reverse. There's. No. Throw under reverse now he's Donald Trump Conversion entire generation into right, Milo! You novelists followers, guess what he's done he's an entire generation of people who could have been conservative and he's telling you get in the back of his trunk train and now we're gonna run down those conservatives to conserve resort of people were tide of the tracks. Those people have to be put out of the way. The concern resort trumps enemies they're, not his friends there, not his friends, people like Bobby.
You are not allies in from the convenient allies of Trump until such time as he no longer needs them, and then they become part of the of the fuel for the Trump train. That's how this works. And this is why I am quite frustrate with all these votes. Or immediately swiftly and adjust demonstrates again. This is why- Anybody he's doing this. You were the republican establishment that brought this about the anti establishment feeling those created inside the Republican Party was pretty, hated on the notion that Republicans kept caving, over and over and over two Brok Obama. They have caving Obama, they kept saying big things. We want to fight Obamacare Nuke, we're gonna fight, Amnesty Nope, we're gonna fight IRAN's. You know we're gonna fight his it increases nope and they kept making these big promises and then they compromising well. The alternative would be even worse. The alternate you'd be. We would lose elections to the Democrats and they would do
even more terrible things and Republicans after a number of these elections, we said you know what enough you guys are terrible. You keep putting bad deals on us, so what happens. The reactionary voters go full reactionary, but then to tat grows. They go to Donald Trump, whose whose leftist establishment area and then is, employment caters to Trump, because this is what they do always well let her go for Tom, because otherwise will get even worse deal, always get what there's always a worse. You guess what folks there's always a worse deal, there's always a worse deal as we're still been Hilary there's a worse Dylan Sanders, there's a worse still been Trump there's a worse deal, then everybody. The question is: where do you personally dry your moral line? Where do you personally draw your moral line. Where is it can you vote for somebody like tromp was gonna. Take the heart out of your ideology, just because there's somebody worse, there's always somebody worse in the room. There's always somebody who's gonna be more of a problem in the person you think is gonna be the good guy, but if you really think that
Donald Trump is gonna, be your savior. If your will to burn out the possibility, if you're willing to try to take the floor in the hand rather than gamble on it, when the Bush, knowing the bird in the hand, is poisonous it just going to poison you more slowly than snake that he's gonna kill me then you're, not thinking long term enough, you're, not thinking about movements, you're, not think, You you're elections are, as I put it in a column today. Elections are just the wave breaking on the shore, hey where politics really gets done is where that wave started miles off shore, the currents offshore K and what you do with beach has effects Curren, hey if you are going to, if you're, going to focus only overt over on that wave on the beach neglect Does that really matter and american politics that Bernie Sanders become successful and rise next wave of democratic movement? That's why the conservative movement has not done that and has been taken over by this outright nonsense. Charles
proud. Hammer was asked by Bill O Reilly last night. Could he backed Trump in the end and here's what he had to say to Bill orally programme register? For God, I've shown up until now heard from Trump and watch. Do I dont think I'd be capable of? Four Donald Trump question is: what do I do? I don't know yet he doesn't know yet. I think there are lots of people who feel that way. Lotta people who feel that way now again from could what he could. I'm not gonna pretended from, has no possibility of winning. Hillary Clinton is terrible at terrible and Donald Trump a street fighter, which was the only affirmative case for him. The first place hers Hillary Clinton yesterday talking about tunnel. From now mean he is What he was saying and going after my qualifications is very familiar to a lot of women and we're not gonna, be counted out anymore. We're gonna, stand up and express our opinion
we're going to claim what is rightfully ours in the workplace in our society, in our economy and our political system and I've been thrilled by the response to his negative comments, because most women see it not just as about me, they said about themselves, they said about their own situations and there's been an outpouring of support. We ve raised millions of dollars. We came up with the idea of a women's card, which unfortunately doesn't give you discount, even though we don't get equal pay for the work, we do, you can't show it when your checking out at the supermarket and say hey, you know I want to discount, but we're making a point, and you know he can continue to attack me. That's fine! I really don't mind at all, but I'm to stand up for the people of country, women and men, but as he goes out, for women? Has he goes after literally every group I'm going to be their voice and I'm going to say, wait a minute. You know we have a lot to contribute to our country and we're doing it. Ok, so
Hilary easy she's excited by the way she even see the cheese upbeat here, she's about to learn differently has this is so boring and so terrible, and if she thinks that she's gonna jump Bush her way through this thing, didn't work for job budgeting and work for Heller's either she's gonna have to come up with something slightly better than this. That's it to help her the media. By the way they might think that they can stop trumped. They may have created a Frankenstein monster here. This is Germany boring managing uttered. This is here that his theory is that that the media have now created a Frankenstein monster and trump they can't control that. Basically, the media have crafted this persona of Trump. That is immune to all of the charge of racism, sexism and bigotry and all the rest of it, I'm more sceptical men than he is, but is possible. It is possible So that's that's the story as far as pillory verses from now want to give a quick run down very quick one down of five arguments that are being made for why you should vote for Donald Trump and why I think these are insufficient. First, the but Heller is worse argument, as I say.
There's always somebody who's worse. That's not in that. That does not explain why you should hire a murderer to do here. To do your dirty work like this this idea that there is always someone worse out there right, but you have moral standards that doesn't exactly watch, but Trump will be better than Hilary, so this is now an affirmative case for trumpet. Better than Hilary. I see no evidence of this whatsoever. There. People here as well and work with the Republican Congress I think it means more likely cut deals with a democratic Congress than he is to work with a republican Congress, and the fact is that Donald Trump is enough or tyrian. I think that bully his own party, far more than he far more than he concedes to his own party. He's somebody who is subjected to the to vagaries of congressional population hell just keep going to the public health. Just keep ensconced himself in a bubble. Full pay but the love him and then assume that he can do whatever he wants the Supreme Court. Our
they did people who say well. You know Hillary Clinton shall definitely appoint someone bad to the Supreme Court Donald Trump. He might not appoint someone band of the Supreme Court. Donald Trump will definitely appoint someone bowed to the Supreme Court number one, the reason I say this is because Donald Trump does not want to appoint someone to to one to the Supreme Court, who vote to restrict its executive power to vote, to restrict any of his social leftism. Three votes restrict any of his actual feelings on gun rights is not a programme. Guy he's turn into an anti assault. This ban die in the last thirty five seconds. Reagan dotted half wrong and half right. George H, W got a half wrong in half right, George, W gotten, half wrong and half right with his Supreme Court picks. If you think the trumpet Did you as well as any of those guys? You have another thing. And he's not gonna pander, all the name is throwing out the right. Now, these old by the wayside as soon as he has a democratic Senate which is likely to happen, and if he has a democratic Senate he's just gonna, go along to get along, is gonna, throw up somebody who is not good, so this is If that's your sole reason for voting from, I don't
beyond that. I happen to think the Supreme Court is not as important as an institution is. Everybody else thinks it is it's an outrageous institution, but I don't think they're all that important. I think the olbers fell. Decision, for example, still requires the executive branch to enforce it. I think that there are states that have distance, successfully bad Supreme Court decisions and continue to do so on on issues it up to and including guns. I think that's that's what will happen, and so, if you are placing your hope for the future of conservatism on Donald Trump Supreme Court nominee, I would suggest that Europe, more hope should be placed in governors. Like Gregg, that abbot in the state of Texas in and other republican governors who actually predominated say level for argument, is that if you sit out that's moral cowardice, you have to make a choice. You have to make a choice, no voting, because you, because your pressured to do so. That seems to be the greatest moral cowardice of all, and I don't feel compunction devote between Democrats because that's not the way that life works. I feel the need
to vote between two Democrats, I dont endorse either of them. Voting is an act of endorsement. I will not endorse Donald Trump. Finally, the down ticket races, if you don't show up if you won't show for anybody else not be, should show up for everybody else. You shouldn't vote for Trump. That's my view. Those are the five most common arguments: ok, so now some things that I like and some things that I hate so. Today and I've been holding this in a bands for a long time, because I figured we might need to use it now, my favorite films of all time or that the Lord of the rings films, the three Lord of the rings, films combined they're, just phenomenal, and this seems in a Writ speech to play from Lord of the rings for Missus SAM lies Gambie at the end of the two towers, and it is If you're not feeling like this today, you don't care enough about the republic which put it that way. Here is yours, SAM Wise Ganges from Lord of the rings. What rights we shouldn't even be
We are it's like in the great stories Mister Fogg the ones that really matter full of darkness and danger. They were
Sometimes you didn't want to Novia because in reality the work backed away it was, but in the end, even dark day will come when the sun shines. It'll show we note the clearer stories that state with immense, even if you are too small, to understand why I think MR do understand no focus. Those stories had lots of chances of turning back when they did they kept going.
Because they were holding onto something. What are we to say good in this world and its worth fight. There it is in the in a nutshell: that's that's basically it, but there is no brighter tomorrow, if you embrace the darkness, if you just say: ok, the West, its ever gonna be his trump, isn't the best its ever gonna be his Donald Trump. If you think the best ever gonna be his Donald Trump, the best it ever gonna be. Is Hillary Clinton and brought? on the best its ever going to be for further conservative movement is the hope of a demagogic Donald Trump. Then there is no more tomorrow. If you want a better more, you have to stand for it. You have to stand for right now and you start building outside, took here's what we're going to do. Here's, what we're going to do! First of all, you should register at daily wire, so you can email me direct
I am: will read your emails in the bag, but but the fact is that we're going to build a consolidated movement were going to spend the next several years, building up a database of all the people who actually believe in conservatism work taking concerted action more and more accurate, the daily wire to to make chain. In the media, we're going to be looking at ways to make change in the culture. We will be targeting politicians We will be going after people who don't hold the conservatism, here's how Howard and cover the rest of the selection cycle. Ok, because There are people who say well, you know back one of Em Harrigan cover it. Here's how I'm going to cover it as a conservative going to cover this just like I always do, I started off as somebody who is open to Trump. I was willing to give him a chance and, as the layers of Donald Trump peeled off and revealed, the leftist wrought undertake that's my got off the bandwagon, and I said I will not vote for this man. I will hold both Hilary. Went in and Donald Trump standard of conservatism. This probably means that trouble. Actually do slightly better than Hilary in my coverage, because Donald Trump broken clock was right twice a day. Hillary Clinton is
Clark there was obliterated by nuclear explosion in nineteen. Fifty two in New Mexico, ok of fact is here, We'll never be right said maybe on trade and Donald Trump will likely be the lot, but he might be right occasionally will cover it. Just straight. Ok, you'll get the full story here you can make it your own mind, whether you, where you draw your line, whether this is a line you want to draw whether you think to hope for the republic lies and embrace Trump ISM, or whether you think we should hold out for a brighter day and a better tomorrow. It that's how we're going to proceed from here on in here on the a shop as well as the daily? Why wouldn't call like we see it principle, above God, kings principle above people principle above individuals whose never about ten cruisers Donald Trump? It was always about the constitution and constitutional concern. It is above all, and I am not going to allow anybody are internally in a fight to prevent people. Want to undermine that in the name of some all right garbage. Nasty nationalist progressed of ideology. Some nasty populist.
The world strength to overcome the greatest philosophy in the history of mankind. In one created this country I'm not going to stand still while that happens just in the name of victory for a powerful man. That's that's not what I'm going to do. I don't find my fulfillment in following around powerful men and I don't find my fulfillment holding their tray on it, holding the the train in the in the in the Roman Emperors battalion. That's that's not my thing. Okay, Couple of things that I hate, speaking of holding the train in the in the Donald Trump Italian, when I say the Donald Trump is going conservatism swung. Give you a couple of examples of how it is that the rest of this election cycles? We know from the left, because I think that a lotta trump supporters have been chortling it, how from tweets the media I ve been chortling. Ok, well, you know he's really not. You know that a handle the media has been doing right here. Things are actually going to go for trump supporters from now on, get ready folks, because you wanted this, you got it here comes the tsunami, and if he goes down it's going to be,
You say you don't get to make their decisions in England. Then blame me for your bad decisions. I warned you. I wasn't gonna go along with this, so don't get set of me when I don't go along with something I didn't want to go along with you made this call so Jenyns Jeffrey Lord, who used to be an intelligent guy or not happen. Jeffrey Jeffrey, is on CNN and he's a trump after he's, a Trump surrogate and he's asked about the Cruz conspiracy theories. Here's here's! What this election is going to look like in a nutshell we are. We all are talking about, say this national inquiring me. I have to tell you when we're talking about Indiana. Do you really think as anybody really think that somebody has lost the carrier is talking about this act or they're talking about their job, whilst some well well, but he says he has been talking about carry he has been telling you you. Aren't you admire your of course I do David David. You I mean. I do think this is a good standard for the present David. I think that we are taking this
far too seriously, far far or serious, when you, when you sit around and talk with regular folks, were not inside the pathway, they talk about the promised had cruiser thing: they laugh, they think it's hilarious, we'll get a thing, it's a, whereas this is what we're gonna be relegated to we'll be relegated to owe our guys just a joke. Nobody laughs at it and I hope the all enjoy that that's the direction. This is moving in an ancient Jeffrey Lore Bobby Night is that the former Indiana Basketball Coachman Doors, Donald Trump. He was on what is this a b C news, CNN aids it isn't on CNN and that he was asked also about Donald Trump. Foolishness in here is Bobby night flailing about for an answer. Among other things, he says he was a temporary ban. Muslims from coming into the United States does not concern you well our made. What does cause? I don't even know what controversial me smile,
under a lot of people say muslins flogging, think banning most circumvent the United States is controversial, was on American to prevent people from I mean that it stays we're. Ok, you you jack! That really does mean anything to me right now, because we're talking about a guy that I think I can handle things far better than anything that we had recently enough one thing about: Donald Trump: there will never be a Benghazi Donald Trump Administration, I'm not sure in my lifetime
Anything where our government failed to do something for people overseas that we're in trouble. That won't happen with Donald Trump. Those are the things I've been served with. Uk love. You know he may be concerned with that, but that's not what the rest of the public soon be concerned with a lot of this is going to hurt and it's gonna hurt a lot. It's gonna hurt a lot than your tonnes has let its oral. Today, the Republican Party is not a party of prompt. The Atlantic has an editorial today: the Publican parties, the Party of Trump keg- it's it's easy to do. And against leftist slander it harder to defend against left his sword, telling the truth, and the fact is that when left to say the Donald Trump represents a brand of republicanism, that is nasty, and that is- and that is cruel, and that is based on wise. It's hard to argue with that when it's true attired argued that when when its true, ok, so we need to build movement together. We will do that will be doing that every year, every day, right here on the bench, Shapiro shall tubes
I will read daily Wired come join the movement we will be talking with each other. We won't just be a lecture. It'll, be a conversation and as we move forward, we're gonna need a new conservative leadership. You wanna be part of that I won't be part of that. Let's do it together, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the venture bureau shop.
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