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Ep. 1125 - The Case Against Joe Biden


We go through everything you need to know about Joe Biden, from his personal history to his political history, from the Senate to the Vice Presidency, and from his corruption to his gaffes.

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Today we go through everything you need to know about Joe Biden from his personal history to his political history, from the Senator vice presidency, from his corruption to his gas. Everything I'm bench. Here. This is the bench Barroso. This show is sponsored by expressive: GPS, don't like the government's buying on you, then visit Express Bbn dotcom, Slash meant to stay anonymous, we'll get you everything in the news, plus a full breakdown of everything you need to know about Joe Biden today. Episode that you're going to send your friends who are thinking about voting for Joe Biden, just as they have the full information on exactly whom they are voting for not just to the voting against. I understand why do people voting against from but who they are voting for all get to that in just one moment. First, let's talk about the fact that if you look at that bill like every month, you look at your your bills. Every month, one of the biggest ticket items on your,
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the Senate race in Iowa? It now looks as though that is a margin of error rates between zoning Ernst and Greenfield who's. The Democrat over there in Georgia, it looks like the Republicans are probably gonna. Take George it looks as though South Carolina is starting to open up from dramatically with Lindsey, Graham jumping to nearly ten point led in the latest poles. So they, the Senate, is very much up for grabs the racing North Carolina between time. Tell us. How Cunningham is now within margin of error, with a couple of late breaking poles with showing tell us up a little bit by a couple of points, but certainly this thing is basically a dead. meanwhile, in the presidential race National average for Joe Biden has now dropped. It was close to ten points. Just a couple of weeks It is now seven point one point in their several polls show narrowing pretty dramatically. There's an Emerson poles from buying up just five in ivy deity, IP people shown by not just for an Erasmus and pull Joe Biden up, just two of which came out in the last two days, so this race is tightening dramatically because in the final
it's. A lot of republicans are coming home and maybe some Democrats are thinking themselves. I'm not sure. I love this Joe Biden character. If you look d battleground things are tightening dramatically in states across the board Florida in the real world politics pull average is now ten trending trump from his now up in the real quick politics pull average in Florida, as I predicted, I think Florida is gonna, go for Trump George Tromp is up North Carolina, is he dead heat mean literally that heat, the milk or politics pull average right now, but by forty eight point, seven trump at forty, eight Arizona Biden has just a two point lead in Pennsylvania. It is just a three point. Eight point led for Joe Biden there's an entire article in the New York Times today about why it feels like Donald Trump may. In fact, when Pennsylvania again, there's an entire article in the New York Times by Sean migration an editorial system for the opinion section called: can we trust Pennsylvania's pulls they showed Joe Biden clinching crucial counties, so why is it feels so different on the ground here?
an entire peace you're talking about how, if you drive around rural Pennsylvania, the fact is that this is Trump Landy I mean that's literally hundreds he described His polls show Mr Biden leading by five to thirteen point in Pennsylvania, but I grew up around here and I'm dubious this place land of hoagie. The or and Rocky Balboa Worship and Tina phase cousin Charan accent has trends magnified interim into Trump Landy. Yes, so much more support than in twenty sixteen, because it's been for years, movement said Serena Thomson, forty nine, a homemaker who's talking with a group of women outside a trump store. They were part of a caravan that it just encircled, Democrats, relics, Zyobite and then his supporters know they were outnumbered posters it. Suburban women are president fronts kryptonite they ve turned on him. Pennsylvania rally, the present implied suburban women. Will you please, like me, I feel like that's wrong with me. ready, said Jennifer Gerard forty one, a single mother working in consumer goods who was standing near a pink die challenger in blazing with women for Trump Gerard said. She was part of a group that raised enough money to erect women for from billboard over the stretch of I, ninety five across from the city into the suburbs,
A lot of these women are obviously big from funds, but the fact remains that there are a lot of from supporters in Pennsylvania things seem to be drawn up, clean narrowing in Pennsylvania, even Silver is pointing out that this is not a large Biden led nationally speaking you may have a very solidly but its wings states. He does not in Pennsylvania, things have really closed up in Arizona Florida, Georgia, Ohio, those are, states, they trump either will win or is on the verge of winning and remember Joe Biden. He can win the popular. but by a fairly significant margin you can still lose the election. In fact, according to a study from those headline over Newsweek last week, if Joe Biden carried the popular vote by four point, Donald Trump hasn't eighty eight percent shot of winning the electoral college. So this thing shrinks within four points. Although certain Donald Trump gets reelected,
This doesn't mean the Donald Trump is is definitely favoured at this point. Nothing like it. It does mean that its people look at the real possibility of Joe Biden being president, not just at Donald from not being president, but it Joe Biden. Being President They are there feeling a little more skittish Mcconnell? send a majority leader who releasing add yesterday pointing out why it is the Democrats relation be allowed to lead. The country forward is one of the best adds the campaign put out by the Senate Majority Pack here. Is that what it sounded like Blade nights early morning dawned upon them, but we have a duty and a stage you considered the most liberal United States every day now they're gonna want. I left the whole one go vote.
that really is gonna be the republican line here is that the threat of Democrats is so bad that they cannot be let in charge of power and when you watch what happens in Philadelphia, which is being basically blacked out by the media, I mean I'm looking at the front pages of a various major publications and there is very, very little cover of what's happening in Philadelphia. So overnight there were these massive riots in Philadelphia. One thousand people looted the local walmart. Why? Because the cops shot? A black man- who is charging at them with a knife, yet an ice it open to put down his then ten feet they try to back away. He refused to listen to their orders, they shot him. This is now created two straight knights of brutal rioting across at Philadelphia, and those riots resulted in some pretty shocking footage located in analysing the headlines in the media. I mean this is this is how you know that you Democrats are scared about Pennsylvania because they refused to cover this You refuse here's how CNN headlined this protest erupt for a second night after
Lackman fatally shot by Philadelphia police missing little bit of contacts, as we would say in the Vatican, business are in those areas that are blackmail, by the police, was that a black and was holding a nice and they told him put down that. I repeat it Lee and he approached them repeatedly and then they shot him, but apparently that no longer matters. I love it. Listen at the top headline at sea and in writing. Philadelphia, he's more protests over fatal police shooting here's. What one those protests look like in Philadelphia, This doesn't look like a protest. This looks like a full scale riot with people looting still in a pair of shoes to us. Protests systemic american racism because nothing says system american racism, quite like the cops allowing people to loot the Walmart. Does this look like a protest? You right here what you're watching then I'm going to protest to me. The prior night. Thirty police officers were injured, including a fifty six year old female police officer whose hit with a truck broker lead you, cars are literally pulling up to the Walmart. People are getting out of the cars that run
the warmer and urges absconding with tvs, and this is what Democrats are presiding over Democrats are ok with this. When did they make noise about how they're not super fond of it? What is that they are they doing to stop it? The mayor of Philadelphia is the Democrat said there were serious questions to be asked about the incident. They were not the police chief is it Democrat said the same thing, and this is the world. The Democrats are apparently ok what, because America systemically and institutionally racist thousands of people looting local stores. Why would you ever best in a business in Philadelphia again watching this happen, Sears what we the protesters, the protesters, you're some them look like their wearing masks. That's that's really important thing I noticed So what exactly is the case against from when it comes down to it? The case against Trump is just the trumpets, a big battle, man whose very bad orange at the Lincoln Project out. What I think is the single funny
tat? I have ever seen in my entire life yesterday busy add sums up all of liberal feeling, some Lincoln Project? First, not just kudos, I mean really just elsewhere too, prompts on being the greatest gift. I have ever seen its an incredible drift. These Lincoln Project, you will recall, was begun by a bunch of former republican strategists who couldn't make money in a publican politics anymore undecided, they were not just aunt had from their anti the entire republican party. That's how you know to drift is one thing to say you don't like Trump. Wanna see him in the White House. It is another thing to say that Susan Collins needs to lose for Senate raised because you don't like Donald Trump, but that's the Lincoln Project is done so the Lincoln Project has raised tens of millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars from Democrats because democratic all these are converts these. These are people who who have decided to weave trump behind and they're gonna lead the fight here. If I seconds, if Donald Trump is not not anymore, Lincoln, projects will be tossed on the side of the road like use. Condoms will be done right, no one's going to care about these people known
I am not going care about them. They'll go back to being tepid Republican, racists in five seconds, wet But that they are cutting some pretty amusing ads and paying themselves lots of money to use up. So here is an ad. They cut against Trump is they're, closing, add against a trump in the waning days of the election its mother, walking into her sleeping child
ask me awake you and tell you what happened the election tramp tramp one. I thought you could only be pursuing two times stop it more members voted out by God that add whoop Imponderably break their hoof swimming in projects. Page. Is that if you don't stop from now, he's got me Did it for ever more than just one point out
Only one president in american history, who served a more than two terms it was empty, are, is a Democrat. That's when they that's when they passed a constitutional amendment, saying that you can only serve to terms not sure exactly how the Lincoln Project thinks that Trump will continue deserve after two terms, but apparently that is the great fear there may even have to make a case. Hence Trump. There's that that's funny stuff right there. Well, it turns out that those scare tactics may in fact not be working because it turns out on the other side. This is something I am pointing out for a while when you vote against Donald Trump. Your voting in favour of Joe Biden don't mean if you vote for third party or so, Just about and saying that, if you vote for Joe Biden you up for Joe Biden and turns out that Joe Biden there are few themes to his career, I wouldn't go through all of them. The first thing is that you and switched every position has ever held on a major issue that only a couple of exceptions: that rule and they are in the far left direction. The man moves with the wind. He is not a principle person in any way shape or form, as
number one number two he's been engaged in low level, corruption and sometimes somewhat high level corruption, his entire career, not the kind of stuff that violates the law, but exactly the kind of swamp behaviour that you would expect from a forty seven year politician who's been in Congress since he was twenty nine years old and she was elected at twenty. Nine years old, the third is the human rights, every single foreign policy issue, he has ever set eyes upon every single one he's been wrong on all of them, and so, if there are themes to Joe Biden Career, it's that he moves are the wind, he's wrong everything, foreign policy related and that he is low level too high level, corrupt and there's a gas machine. If there is another thing by all these things are well known about Joe Biden but firm. To my mind, it is the very first thing with the wind. That's what makes your Biden scary, because he's been campaigning, is captain returned to normal thing. He's been here Caning, as I am a return to all that is good and steady and american life. Remember One of the reasons the Donald Trump was elected in the first place is because the old normal was not very good. It turns out.
the old normal, which was filled with corrupt politicians, like Joe Biden was filled with corrupt politicians like Joe Biden, and not only that was filled with politicians who are going to basically follow the diktat of the radical left in that's. What's gonna happen this. It is not a bulwark against the radical ass. He is not a return to normal, see, he's a gateway, drugs Wasn't we're gonna get you more of this. In just one thing, we run down everything you need to know about Joe Biden Soup to nuts in just one second. First, let us talk about the fact that if you are engaged in business of your business person, one of the things that you may notice is there. Volume has been going down and when the reasons are called, while you maybe going down, is because nobody likes to use the phone that way what people like to do is text. I have not actually put a call into a company for probably several years at this point. Instead, I like to text people because it takes less time and if the weight on the phone or anything like that or what
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We face the Joe Biden candidacy. Is he a couple things? They see Joe Biden and they see standing right behind him, grinning Kamel Harris, because they know that with Joe Biden, what you probably get as a camel Harris Administration that bind himself is bad enough. So, let's start with that Joe Biden Life story, so Joe Biden was born in nineteen forty two in spreading Pennsylvania as a long time ago, gang. Ok, then that is a very, very very long time ago. He is it. He is an elderly gentleman. His family moves Delaware when he was nine. Let's talk about who is from Scranton? Ok, from scratch in the same way that I'm from Burbank and I'm from Burbank. When I was eleven movements grand when it was nine years, Scott Self describe poor student in high school, but whose popular his his crappy academic record maintained throughout his academic rear, commencing University of Delaware. His ring five hundred sixty in a class of six hundred eighty eight months, Syracuse college lawyering, seventy six out of a class of eighty five. Again, you can
not a great student can still be good politician, that's quite possible. If we brilliance be good politician, promises will see. Joe Biden is typical politician. He received draft deferment for Vietnam, olives and school when it first racing, one thousand nine hundred and seventy two. At that time he was twenty nine years old and then the tragedy that has come to define his personal life happen that same year, his wife and daughter, Naomi were killed in an automobile accident. I and his were injured in that automobile accident as well, which obviously, under all circumstances, is just a horrific, horrific tragedy. Abiden would later claim that the person who is involved in the accident on the other side was drunk that turned out not to be true. They ask for an apology. Biden has not granted. It Biden subsequently married Biden in nineteen. Seventy seven, he began ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee in nineteen eighty one he ran for president in nineteen eighty seven, he flamed out
amidst the accusations of exaggeration and lying and plagiarism a so. What did he do while he was in Congress? Well, he did an awful number of things. First of all, he was the father of working, so barking is the practice that is basically destroyed. Our supreme Court nomination hearings right. That practice is where a is where a politician decides that well, qualified judicial nominee cannot sit on the core, because you want certain results: from them, and that person is unwilling to grant you the results. I didn't treat him as a serious judge. Instead, he suggests that he was a stooge of the Reagan, meets agenda. Reds George New Meyer for the hill, which is correct buttons, treatment of Borg was so bad at Washington, Post wrote while claiming the judge, work levy full and fair hearing senator buying this week has pledged to civil rights groups that you will lead the opposition's the confirmation, as the queen of heart, said, Alice sentence. First, verdict afterward,
we possibly get a fair hearing from Biden, was already cast himself as the roller prosecutor, instead of you're in the Judiciary Committee by suggested that Bork was bad. Why? Because Borg was regional is an original ism was bad. I bork say: Biden set to work. We retreat from a tradition of progress or will we move forward, continue to expand and enveloped the rights of individuals in a changing world, which is bound to have an impact upon those individual sense of who they are and what they can do. Biden suggested that he was a Puritan who wanted to break into the bedroom. Biden was was very happy about. This re ends up Apparently, he recalls testing his portrayal of Bork as an enemy of privacy to and tell her, you said people whom we would welcome, hey, hey Joe and I'd, ask them if they thought married couples had the right use contraception. It look at me like. I was crazy, of course, and when why none of them said the rights privacy. They all said the constitution and therefore that's the tactic that he used on board. Now he brags about that's right, being the father of the dust.
action of judicial nomination hearings, as one of his bragging points here is Joe Biden in democratic debate just last year. Bragging about this. I was part of the reason why Lady Kagan work can we be gotten the Supreme Court? I was part of the reason why Ruth Better Ginsburg resigned the court. I was part of the reason why so to my ears on the core issue before me, I presided and I'm the reason why this right wasn't taking away a long time ago, because I Bob single handedly major the robber Borg did not yet on the core, because he did not think there should be a right. Ok, I mean that is correct, mean the man at least, owns that his home in the Judiciary Committee was a disaster. Yes, who presided over the clearest we need to hold hearings in which he scurrilous girlishly accused without proper evidence, Clarence Thomas of engaging in a pattern of sexual harassment. Later Justice, Thomas wrote, that Biden told them he would begin with our questions instead through being ball straight at my head
said Senator Biden Smooth insincere promises. You treat me fairly or nothing but talk now. Ironically enough Biden has been forced to apologize to you to hill because he was not harsh enough with Clarence Thomas. The New York Times later reported that was April of this year that died. He had to call up Anita hell and apologise because he said he believed her, but at the same time here he didn't try to browbeat Thomas enough. hills, likings. Of course, this typical Biden. He then apologized for everything that he had done to Anita Hill, which is amazing, amazing. He, when he tried to do, was scurrilous Lee, Destroy Clarence, Thomas without proper but he went apologise to you to Hill afterward get all of that will be. The Borg hearings at least were led up to his nineteen eighty eight campaign. He ran for present impersonating area to this idea. That has been promoting the reason you ran for president this time round in two thousand twenty, which last I checked was three decades after you. First
for president. He says that was about two hours, but it wasn't demands want to be president, since he was in his late thirty's early forties right at the very latest. Here nineteen. Eighty eight inflamed out reason around out inflamed out is because his president, campaign was believed. Show it turns out that he was a liar turns out whose an exaggerated turns out that he was a purveyor of myth we'll get to that in just one. Second. First, let's talk about the fact that if you are in credit card at that, you need to get out of it right now. What you dont need is to rack up those additional credit card bills, because once you start racking up the interest rates, you are done. Your toast instead went to consolidate all those credit card built into a credit card consolidation loan from light stream rates, start at five point: nine five percent APL with european excellent credit
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times last year by his first run for president was calamity. Some missteps still resonate Joe Biden was ripping again in our of K. Anecdote a word about symbol, wrongs, meandering, joke about the baseball commissioner. An AIDS knew enough to worry little when I'm in the Civil Rights programme. I didn't march of the twelve Point Programme Biden, thundered testing his presidential message in February nineteen, eighty seven before New Hampshire audience and marched with tens of thousands of others to change attitudes, and we changed attitudes. More than once advisers had gently reminded Biden have a problem with this formulation is not actually marched during the civil rights movement more than once by an assured me understood and controlling the story anyway. I that's of timber has recklessness as a candidate had caught up with him. He was accused of plate rising in campaign speeches hit inflated, whose academic record reporters began, calling out his exaggerated youth activism. I've done some dumb things by
conceited and stop the bleeding news conference at the capital do some things again by the way he was the front runner nineteen. Eighty seven in the first quarter of eighty seven years more money than any other democratic candidate. He vowed that data fight on he quit that race within a week and one of the reasons that acquit the race is because he was accused of play rising, he played rises. Life story from Neil Kinnock was a british politician, and then they cover the fact that he had engaged in high drinks. Shall we say, while he was in college with regard to a using other people's material. You'd flirted with a presidential run in nineteen eighty four, and then he came back in nineteen eighty eight and he asked Ruggles verbal icy campaign, rationale that fell true to him words. They felt absolutely authentic, but didn't matter. The fact is that damn it just interesting work for him it didn't and of working, in February of nineteen. Eighty seven bind borrowed from Robert Kennedy speech without attribution he later so the remarks have been written for him in April. I would later
while a camera crew caught him by creating a new Hampshire man who asked about his academic history, I probably a much higher iq than you do. I suspect Biden shot back before exaggerating his record in school. It could do not if originally find wide circulation typical Biden rights of this. This is who Joe Biden was, whose ambitious, who is always ambitious, whose an exaggerated, whose lyre The typical politician, in other words, ok Joe Biden, has a long standing habit of putting its foot and mouth. The fact that now the media are declaring that Joe Biden has no problems of putting it, in his mouth, was just the media, making things up to put his foot and mouth all the time. All the time, leaned back in two thousand eight time magazine put together an entire list of binding gaffes recycle. top ten by gaps, and that is a very short list. Ok, Joe Biden, gas go back decades. If, for example, here is Joe Biden suggesting that the Barack Obama, was the first mainstream African American, whose articulate bright clean
Remember this one! I know we're supposed to ignore the these subtle racism here, but here is a giant being subtly racist. I wouldn't go anywhere and confine places now. It's not that is going to Mexico. Adjourn are confined aircraft when one person sneezes, it goes all the way through the crap? That's me. If we do everything right. we don't have absolute certainty. We stand up there and we may really tough decisions still thirty percent chance, you're gonna get it wrong. My memories does Goose Justice Robert
we why Hillary Clinton, MRS Qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president. It might about a better pick. The BBC's first rate, so brave states that job Chuck was horizontal wheelchair love? What am I talking about the first who is that right three voices that go to seven eleven unless you have a slight ended access, but this data is not a measure of how we can evaluate the condition of our society. Cannot measure the health of our children
quality of our education the joy our play loses what sounded when Robert Kennedy said those words in nineteen sixty eight problematic. Let us not allow the health of our children, the quality of their joy I gave up my mind here. Joe Biden, career long, dishonest politician, that is not a shock. Yes, I was very vicious politician, ranging from Borg to Clarence Thomas to Mitt. Romney all recall when he said in two thousand, while the Mitt Romney is going to reinstate black Americans as good times The big banks once again right throw rules western put your back in chains. He's gonna put you back and change, That's you! That's girl, jewel by nice, guy right, neatness, nice, good, good guy, now speaking of Joe Biden, corruption, so this has become a big issue in the campaign.
Theme number one is the Joe Biden is a typical lying politician has been doing it for years, we'll get to his positional shifts in just a second. His corruption has been a long along known story, There is nothing new about this. Take for example, August two thousand eight CBS News reports that MBA paid Joe Biden son as Biden back to Bill quote a son of democratic Vice presidential did Joe Biden was paid and undisclosed amount of money as a consultant by MBA, the largest employer in Delaware? Those bite in some states bring the years the senator supported legislation that is promoted by the credit card industry and imposed by consumer groups broke upon this presidential campaign, said Biden, helped where'd you bipartisan compromise on the issue, which is now lot and makes it harder for consumers to obtain bankruptcy protection in the courts dna, consulting payments. Two hundred Biden, first reported by the New York Times, followed his departure into that and one from the company where he had been an executive Obama, pose the bankruptcy law enacted in two thousand. Five Biden supported it at the time Hunter button was receiving. Consulting
it's from MBA. He was also a Washington lobbyists at a firm he had cofounded. He was not a lobbyist for ambient air. His work had absolutely nothing to do with the bankruptcy bill. Zero. Nothing said one of his partners David Way, the spokesmen for wash not one as partners, David, weighty spokesmen for the other. Campaign, consumer and civil rights groups and unions, as well as democratic opponents, had argued that the bankruptcy legislation was unfair to low income working people, single mothers, minorities in the elderly and would remove a safety net for those who have lost their jobs or face. mounting medical bills? The financial his industry made the case bankruptcy frequently is refuge for gamblers impulsive shoppers divorced or separated fathers voting. Child support multimillionaires by mentions in states with liberal exemptions to shelter assets from creditors. When the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill early in two thousand five Biden, Diane Fine scent of California and her call of Wisconsin we're the only democratic vote with the republican majority,
and dna employees import more than two hundred thousand dollars into Biden Senate campaigns over the past few decades, making donors working for the credit card company the senators largest source of campaign, money good times, good time so He is. He took bunch donations from ambient air. He then promoted a bill that was to their benefit. And I M Biennale Freedom real nice? If it is unreal, my support a bunch money into hundreds pocket is going badly back to two thousand eight when it was not considered verboten to report on Joe Biden, corruption, meanwhile time. As Michel Mark in one's reported for National Review, Joe Biden was in Ireland's and sweetheart real estate deals and folks over an mba according to Morgan Incertitude, in ten former senior sender from Delaware incurred, vice President Biden has accustomed built house in Delawares richest Chateau country neighbourhood. It is now worth at least two points, a million dollars in the binds most valuable asset Biden, tapped campaign funds too
for his compounds. Law needs he secured the newest state. With the help of a corporate executive, worked for guidance, top campaign, donor credit card giant and dna, in eighteen. Eighty six bought and sold his previous mansion to MBA nature. Vice chairman John Cochrane, the asking price with one point, two million dollars Cochrane forked over the full, some by then paid thriller. Fifty grand in cash real estate, developer, Keith stalls for four point: two equally for a lot still to pay the same amount. Five years earlier, for the undeveloped property stood still the woman to news journal, the residential real estate market was off at the time you Sutherland Biden, Soft, for whom Sultan need to solve the property. Reporter Byron York, looked a comparable properties and buttons neighbourhood and found three cases. Three cases where homes went for below asking price. However, somebody actually bothered to negotiate. It appears that MBA, nay, indirectly, help Cochrane by the Biden has, through six figure executive compensation funds listed as moving expenses and losses suffered on the sale of his previous home, you just all inside the beltway garbage corrupt politics
and, as we all know, for a long time now finds families having an honest career for decades, rang grim writing for the intercept, which is not a right wing source. He says the problem for Democrats is that a review of hundred buttons career clearly shows that he alone with your binds brother James has been trading. their family name for decades, cashing in on the application and sometimes the explicit argument that giving money to a member of Joe Biden, family wins, the favor of Joe Biden Democratic, been loads of any credibility to wild ransoms trump or will be Giuliani, leaving them to sidestep the question of hundred binds ethics or decision making and how much responsibility Joe Biden deserves. Today to reporters in Ethiopia. Operatives dive deep into the question of whether Joe Biden ever use his official power to do favors for special interests shovelling money to his family. They found no exact proof of this. doesn't mean that binds behaviour isn't illegitimate problem for Democrats. Indeed, Biden has been taken, political hits or the intersection of Emily financial dealings and its own political career for some for decades. It has done nothing publicly to occupied himself from the charge his career is corruptly, enriching his family.
That is a serious. Why ability two thousand sex Bobo? who died of cancer and two thousand fifty was roped into an investment meeting led by James. An hundred Biden at the from Paradise blue advisers, famine was considering acquiring the firm James Biden, told executives, he'd have no problem bringing people looking for an end with job. I was U Senator. At the time we ve got people over the world who want to invest in Joe Biden, James Bite, untold officials with the firm obeyed and torture and red in the face he told his uncle. This can never leave this room. If you ever say it again. I have nothing to do with this hunter and James denied the accounts of political. The magazine stood by it. We ve got investors lined up in it. We ve got investors lined up in a line of seven forty, seven filled with cash rate to invest in his company a paradigm executive recalls, James Biden, saying been two thousand fourteen. A step son of the former secretary of state to carry Chris Heinz, gave Hunter a similar warning that our partners and investment firm, Rosemont Seneca one hundred Biden and a third partner in seven archer or avoided. She were invited to join the board Breeze Ma Heinz, told the Washington Post.
strongly objected two hundred binding archer taken the board's eat a bomb at ministration officials were concerned as well in April. Two thousand fourteen, of course, Hunter went ahead and accepted the invitation to join the board, along with a fee of at least fifty thousand dollars a month, and then, when later asked about it, Hunter explicitly said. Oh yeah, by the way, mean, of course, that had to do with the by name Hunter was following in the footsteps of joy whose Biden says intercept, that's chose younger brother. It began small in nineteen. Seventy three one year after Joe was elected to the Senate, James by an open, a nightclub seasons. Change with what political reform then contemporaneous local reporting in Delaware called unusually generous bank loans when James run into trouble, Joe as senator later plain the banks of Loan James, the money, but I'd like to know Biden said, is how I'm in charge of one's got to get this far. The paper investigated was that the bank said the loan was made because James is Jos, brother,.
James in the nineties dotted line Hull group which lobbied for Mississippi travellers. Lawyers involved in tobacco litigation according to criticise milk is book. The fall of the house of Zeus. Travellers wanted James, and help pushing Joe Biden on tobacco legislation that same decade in nineteen? Eighty, four, hundred Biden got in the game. Is our working with em dna bite in the nineties don't have jokingly as the senator from MBA, though we didn't find. It, though, didn't find it funny. He was, however, MBA greatest champion in the Senate, as we have discussed. fact is that for a long time, members of the biden- family, even cashing in Unburdens name and mine, has done nothing about it, as we will see starting to bear some fruit in the story of Tony babylons you'll get to that in just one second. First, let us talk about the fact that you never one of his it. Not apart store, you really don't mess, just not something you're interested in doing. Why should you wait? Inline these days to get to the front of wine have as for bunch of very specific questions, you don't know the answers to the order you a generic part online, and then you have to putting yourself anyway. Why not just go to
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apparel in their. How did you hear about his box? So they know that we sent you already so all this has now culminated in all the talk about Joe Biden and these chinese emails, while than Europe Post now. Reports on Antoni Babylons keep my Goodwin reporting that hunters business partner has now told all With regard to Joe Biden, he says for tony babblings give the meetings with Joe Biden are unforgettable, not because they anything to do with politics is because that's Bob Linsky, fully understood Joe, is very much involved in the foreign businesses. It's an hunter and just by german cooked up. The final proof came during two conversations over two days and may twenty seventeen he first met the former VP. The lobby of the Beverly Hills and Hotel or Joe, was to speak the next day the Milken conference on the moon shot project defining a cure for cancer. Polanski toll good, when in a Tuesday interview hundred in Germany or their hundred, gets up and talk to his father when he comes in here then brings jaw, one introduces meeting, he's the one who is helping us with the business we're doing what the Chinese. If Joe Biden was,
as with the public when he said he never discussed hundreds business with him. The next words out of him it would have been what business with the Chinese. What are you talking about? But that's not what he said. According to Babylon, Ski Joe Biden did not look surprised or curious after it getting to know. You conversation Bielinski remembers just saying my son and my brother trust you in in phatic lie. So I trust you good luck and work hard to. Let him answer until later said with babbling speech as an official seal of approval, the next morning after the speech Bobby Linsky says, was ushered backstage greed, Joe Biden again, and walked him to his car. Your calls the former deeps of parting remark, as it keep an eye on my son of my brother and look out for my family. Bob Linsky appeared with Tucker Karlsson last AY said. Look Joe Biden. Why he knows all about his family businesses years Babylon Ski who is, in fact a credible witness. What summer seats to back it up the former vice president has said he had no, knowledge whatsoever of his son's business dealings and was not involved in them at all. But this sounds like direct involvement in them a blatant lie when he states that that is a blatant lie. Other seas. Well aware that I attended the debate last Thursday
and in that debate he made a specific statement around. questions around this from the president and be honest with you: I almost stood up in trained liar and walked out because I was shocked I'll get. What you know he's saying that the media reporting it obviously because the media must protect the precious who is Joe Biden, but there's a warm pattern: decades long pattern of people in July and family, taking advantage of Joe Biden name. Obviously Joe Biden had to know something about the sort of stuff. It's been dogging him, his entire career, whether use implicitly involved in making profit from. It is another question, but certainly he was looking the other way, which is deeply corrupt. Stuff. I mean he's member of government its Trump doing business with his get before he was a member of the government that just the family business, ok being in politics, the vice president of the United States, or a senator, and knowing your family's jet setting around raising money off your name and doing nothing to stop it? That is corruption. It may not be criminal, but it is definitely corruption. At one point: according Bob
linsky. He asked if the family was concerned that showed run for president twenty twenty. I said Jim Harry guys doing this. It seems crazy. He looks at me in kind of chuckles and says plausible deniability, so Their relying on their plausible deniability, meanwhile, the feds have obtained a fine words hundred buttons, chinese business associate according to documents truck Ross investigative Rapporteur for the daily collar since federal investigators obtain a foreign intelligence surveillance ACT warns against once of one of Hunter Biden. Chinese business associates suggesting the executive was suspected of acting as a covert agent of a foreign government prosecutors reveal the existence of at least one five warrant against typing Patrick CO, no Miss Patrick go in February. Eighty thousand eighteen court filing obtained by the Daily Colonies Foundation, who was charged on December eighteenth, two thousand seventeen with conspiracy to violate the foreign corrupt practices.
act and money laundering related to see if she, China Energy contracts in Uganda in Chad, who had been executive at sea. Fc Hunter Biden was part of a business consortium that sought a partnership with Sea FC in May of twenty seventeen etc were released. Last month's, an affiliate of Cfcs wired five million bucks to bind law firm. from August twenty. Seventeen three August, two thousand eighteen, apparently hundred by an also represented HO during his legal battle of course, inhalers five more because they thought that essentially he was a representative of the chinese government would not registered as such I agree to represent how and find out about the extent of the investigation. According to the new Yorker, in your new times reported into
we're twenty a teen whose first call following his arrest the year before was to trains Biden the brother of the former. Vice president, the Senate report also set a shell company affiliated with see. Yes, he called Hudson Western Hudson was three where two million bucks to binding law firm awash go on March. Twenty cited second, two thousand a teen. These centre, Republicans released. The report's had binds relationship at sea have supposed counter intelligence concerns because of yeast connections to the people's Liberation Army and the Chinese Communist Party, and the feds knew about all of this. Apparently so again, lots corruption inside the by family and the chance to bind knew nothing about it very, very, very, very, very low, bordering on the infinitesimal, and yet been maintains that bottle and ski has fully said that this is not true, but none of this even touches the real reason the binding should be present. There are lots of corrupt members of Congress. There are lots of corrupt senators. There are lots of crops
we use their power in order to benefit family members. There are lots of gaff machines out there in american politics. There are lots of people who have exaggerate untold lies on the campaign for the real reason the Japan should not be president- is twofold. One has been wrong on every major foreign policy issue of his entire career and too, when it comes to domestic policy, has shifted every single position he has ever held, except for a couple of core ones, namely hee hee, frickin, hates guns right. That is a big one. Is that he's bet he's back to anti gun measures, his entire career per any any likes higher taxes? Those are very much the only consistent in his entire career. He blows with wind belie the greatest lie, this campaign, the greatest lie. The campaign is the Joe Biden can be a bulwark against radicalism. He has not. Joe Biden follows where the wind blows, that is his entire career
That is what he is he's proton typical follow the follow the leader politician. He has never taken a leadership position, anything them portance. He has never been in a in a position where he is the guy who's ahead of the crowd. He is constantly putting his finger in the air and then following where that leads. Ok right now, the prevailing winds in the Democratic Party are to the far left, we'll get to more of this in just one second cause will prove this time and in time out wrong on foreign policy and has no principles on domestic policy. First, let us talk about protecting those. Eyeballs self is putting an awful lot of time in front of screens these days right, even if you normally work in office, we are not working and from a screens on April, working at home sent me the are working infinite screens or you're watching tv on your fault, you're on your cell phone. While you know that blue light can do it can wreck your sleep quality and get headaches into the ice train. This is why you need a Felix graze. Felix great blue, light glasses. These are excellent, excellent, like last their love like glass on the market.
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scared hell hell out of you for sure, when get get all all that in just one second, first, let's talk about the fact that this has been an insane year and that we are watching right now. The rights and streets in Philadelphia at root is about a philosophical conflict between people who believe that the country also be torn down to the route and people would not between unionists and disintegration. Us there's a philosophy uttered the believes that America's endemically evil that America was rooted in in racism and white supremacy. There's a philosophy that says that your basic american rights are in fact discriminatory and bad, and then there's a philosophy of Amerika freedom. I talk about all this member cowardice, re America in three easy steps. I've been asked many many times what is its single best book it in easy book that I can get for myself, my kids to really understand. What's going on in the country to understand the constitution to understand the declaration of independence to understand why these prints
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As twelve or live broadcasting, Show Library, the full three hours of the Ben Shapiro show exclusive readers past content available only to daily, where members, if you're, considering an Alexis membership yet to join us on all access, live every night for online and live stream. Discussions also get not one but two leftist years, tumblers with EU membership as well as early, sometimes exclusive access to new daily, where products so watch the election with us daily wired outcome at twenty five percent off your daily, where membership with code action when you sign up today, there are listening to the largest fastest growth into Pakistan. Radio shown the nation they so theme number one when it comes to Joe Biden actual passage. Whoever couple themes with Joe Biden, one is that he is a lifelong career politician, which means all the corruption of the gaps, all the exaggeration of lying. All that is endemic Joe Biden Square. Then we get her
policies, the biggest problem for him he's been wrong on every major foreign policy issues, entire life like intuitively wrong and not just according to wild eyed right wingers like me, not just according to hawkish people. Like me, oh bombers, defence secretary robber, gauge famously said, Joe Biden, has been wrong on every single foreign policy issue. Ever here is here's a robber gates explaining just that you said in your memoir, Joe Biden is impossible not to like he's a man of integrity, incapable of hiding what he really thanks on. One of those rare people- you know you can turn to for help and a personal crisis. Still he's been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades. Would he be ineffective commander in chief? I don't know, I don't know
thank you. I stand by that statement, and so there is a harsh burn from the former defence secretary for Brok Obama. But he served in a seminar, distractions, you're, buying a guy he's been wrong. I'm pretty much everything and that happens to be accurate. Here he has been wrong. I'm pretty much everything, so our story begins with the gun. Or of ninety. Ninety one Joe Biden voted against it. That was one of the most successful in prosecuting wars in american history. Joe Biden was against it fast for a decade now Joe Biden is very much in support of the war in Iraq, where he specifically says He says, there's a lot of us who voted for giving the president the authority to takes it. I'm Hussein down. If you didn't disarm there are those who believe, the end of the day, even though wasn't hand allow that, while we still have to take him down raises, we have ones- focus that is we're about to send, are women and men to the presidencies. The commander in chief, we voted to given the worried wage that war we should step back and be supportive. Accounting is wrong about that. The problem is he, then flip laughed and all that,
in two thousand three Biden then said the column Hell made compelling case for war right. He said whose s did Secretary of State Powell, too close the deal in your mind. Those who have an open mind about Iraq and binds had absolutely made a compelling case, the predominance of the evidence, the pew weight of the evidence. I think anyone, let me put it this way if our back practising law, cancer, agent. I could not convincing open minded jury of the fact that he presented as having been true that this is again revisionist. Just history of the democratic that they're all anti war. They they were not. There were all pro war at a time when George W Bush for war, there is no one who believe that Bush lied in order to get us into war now, of course, it is the entire democratic party line, and many in the republican Party line by two thousand five bind inflicts just like the rest of the Democratic party. And suddenly the war was real bad. Suddenly Biden was saying that you're war was mistake. As of two thousand five right. He said in two thousand five quote: it was a mistake. It was a mistake to assume the present would use the author
we gave him properly. I brought along the whole coordinated asked me. As I said, we know he continues to attempt to gain access to additional capability, including nuclear capability, theirs. Debate on how far off it is whether it's a matter of years or it's a matter of less than that. We don't know enough. Now there was there s my quote. I never argue there was an imminent threat. I gave the president forty two unite the world isolated on. We went to soon we without sufficient force without a plan or catch ready is called back to back. No, he was not resistance. It's a war in two thousand three is very much pro the war in two thousand three hundred thousand five, like the rest of the Democratic Party He had leaped again and fast forward to two thousand. Nineteen and Albania should openly lying about the stuff right. You vast, forded, fifteen years and I'll just lying is here that the moment that the bomb started dropping out against the Iraq war. Ok, that's just pull crap, it's not true. It's clearly not true. There is Joe Biden. did make a bad judgment. Trusting the president saying he was only doing this to get inspectors in get to you and agree to put inspectors and
the moment shock and all started from that moment. I was opposed to the effort and I was out spoken as much as anyone at all in the Congress and ministries, nope nope, no built nope, natural, false, ok, then, and two thousand sex Joe Biden opposed the Iraq war Surge Members is the only thing that brought the situation in Iraq under control during the insurgency, because, again Joe Biden has never been writing single foreign policy issue, so he opposed the Iraq war search that I hope oppose the surging of additional american troops into Baghdad is contrary to the woman body of informed opinion both inside and outside the administration, which has called for I don't like it, but I have no good excuse. So I will cite informed a penny Ok, then, in two thousand ten, when Barack Obama, precipitously pulled troops out of rock you'll, recall, leaning the right of ice in the rise of ISIS job. Declared it a major victory. He said Iraq would be a great Obama achievement, the rise of ISIS began immediately with the withdrawal of troops from Iraq under the Obama
and ministries, and here is Biden being wrong again about Iraq is wrong. Every way I could be wrong about Iraq. He's been wrong from every single angle. You could be wrong about. It he's been wrong. I am very optimistic about about Iraq, and these can be one of the great achievements of this administration. You're, going to see nine, Thousand american troops come March and home by the end of the summer, see a stable government in Iraq that is actually moving tour, nay, presenting government yeah long ago. go. It wasn't just Iraq and Afghanistan. I unopposed Obama's Afghanistan surge which was done half way. Of course he said that, rather than focusing nation building in population protection into had. You should do more to disrupt the Taliban, improve the quality of training of afghan forces and expand reconciliation efforts to peel off some Taliban fighters, and this is what drove robber gates to suggest. The bottom was wrong
every single thing. David betray us also opposed Joe Biden on this than in two thousand eleven Biden says he opposed to Bin Laden. Right right now admits that he opposed the Bin Laden rate and then it was. There was Brok Obama who, by the way, they make Biden like you only human being in planet, earth history, who has opposed a raid to kill Bin Laden like to me that is most obvious, is most obvious call in the history of american foreign policy in Joe Biden opposed it. I say we owe the man a direct answer To present, my suggestion is: don't go. We have to do to more things to see. If he's there I'll get yourself, he didn't want to get a cabinet such as Afghanistan, its Libya. So after the libyan invasion, Biden then suggested it was great, is much better than Iraq. Is NATO got it right? In this case, America and two billion dollars and didn't lose a single life. This is more the prescription for how to deal with the world as we go forward. Has been in the past. It was very much in favour of. NATO war in Libya, which of course ended with complete destruction of any sort of control in Libya, which culminated
the murder of an american ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi, and two thousand twelve Joe Biden marked the idea of Russia as an adversary is in the middle of the two thousand twelve election when, the when the Ronnie campaign was asked to runners ass during a debate who is America's greatest geopolitical threat and Rami said, rush and although member memory hold this time when it was, the Democrats were very, very poor, Russia. But here's what Joe Biden said at the time governor armies answer. I thought was incredibly revealing. Yes, like he thinks the who are still on Russia is our major adversary. I don't know where he's been, I mean we have disagreements with Russia, but their united with us on IRAN. You'll wear we're getting one of two. The only way we're getting one of only two ways: we're getting material into Afghanistan is to Russia. The working closely with us. They just to Europe. If there's an oil shot down in any way in the gulf of reconsidering, though rican, though can see increasing oil supplies Europe, this nineteen, fifty six. It is in the midst of it Joe Biden Unbreakable,
Having control of Syria over to the Russians allowing the Russians in the short months thereafter to invade Crimea is wrong on Russia. He then wrong in IRAN as well as you will see a capacity how's you wrong, MRS for Joe Biden Data. Just never You're wrong on Iraq, every which way you could be wrong first use for the war. Then he says it was against, the woman was really against the war and later he says that he was against the war from the beginning, basically, which is not true, then he opposed the Iraq war surge and then, who is in favour of precipitously pulling out the troops in Afghanistan we oppose the Obama Afghanistan Surge, and then he opposed the Bin Laden raid in Libya. He says there the right thing in Libya? He said that Russia was our adversary. There were our friend in two thousand twelve. Now, of course, Russia is the great bugaboo living under your bed, whose perverting election on behalf of Donald Trump, but I'm old enough to remember Joe Biden in Morocco, by we're offering flexibility to the Russians were present Crimea and Syria to the Russians on a platter job
it been wrong on IRAN and two thousand fifteen Joe Biden was one of the chief cheerleaders for the guy. the Europeans. Yoda gave around a path to a nuclear bomb as well as a bevy of cash. In return for literally nothing literally, nothing just run saying: oh, we won't develop anything. For a few years there was Joe Biden pushing the Iranian, which turns out to be a pile of garbage. I've where the conclusion that, in the context, I've just cited that this is a good deal. This is a good deal for the first and foremost for the United States. Its a good deal for world the region and is a good deal for Israel and the Gulf Cooperation States was not even close to that. and as soon as America pulled out of the Iranian, in fact, around economy started to implode and in life in the Middle EAST arose against IRAN directly as a result of the Obama Biden, willingness to or two rounds whose wrong on IRAN not wrong wrong. Just this year, you'll remember now Joe Biden took the bizarre step of appeal.
seeing the killing of customs alimony. Essentially, money was, of course, the head of the terror arm of the iranian government government he said no american war more sensibly, monies passing from kill them right, he's earth to be brought to justice for his crimes against american troops. He supported terror and so tat. None of this need the fact is a hugely escalade Tory move in an already dangerous region. Administration statements, as its goal, is to deter future attacks by IRAN. This action will almost certainly have the opposite effect present from just ass to stick of dynamite into a tinderbox hills. The american people limitation of the strategy and plan to keep safe our troops and, as you know, that blah blah blah blah blah blah blah IRAN will surely respond. We could be on the brink of a major conflict across the Middle EAST, where we on the brink of a major conflict across the Middle EAST, no course because Joe Biden set it, which means you is wrong, because been wrong on everything turbines, never been right on a thing on China, Joe Biden settled here. The China is not competition for the United States and its foolhardy to claim the chinese competition to us even same time that they are promoting intellectual property theft and all sorts of other goodies. Here's your minds.
That's two thousand nineteen in China is not competition for the United States China is going to eat lunch come on man figure out how to deal with the data that the fact that they have great division between the China Sea and the mountains in the east and the west. They can't figure how they're going to deal with the corruption that exists within the system that meet the you know: they're, not bad folk spoke, but guess what you're? Not a cop? That's not fair competition for us there, no competition for our skies. China's not happen, and for us, ok, she's wrong about Thou into, and also just wrong that Israel, seventeen thousand twenty after the after the Trump Administration correctly and morally finally, Fulfil congressional promised to move the US embassy in Israel from TEL Aviv to Jerusalem and then said well he's not going to move the embassy back. He would never have moved. U S embassy to Jerusalem, Gazelle part and parcel of the bull crap democratic argument in the foreign policy, a step
when argument that by treating Israel honestly indecently as opposed to uneven par terrorist, like a house in your authority Islamic Jihad that you have increased the new measures in the region. All that was untrue. Here is Joe Biden being wrong about moving embassy to Jerusalem. This is an administration that, as you know, advocated Moving the capital of Israel to Jerusalem from of aid. If you are elected president, would you reversed? I'm not I would reverse and what is done in the first place, you when you're done in the first place, guys what? What? What a genius, not nothing in it amazing, amazing, because you'd been wrong on that too, because it turns out moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Not only did not result higher risk in the region, after that happened after the recognition of the Golan Heights after the recognition that the settlements are not privation illegal.
There are peace deals between Israel and half the arab countries in the Middle EAST. I guess he's been wrong Annette. So Joe Biden, history on foreign policy is wrong. This from beginning to end soup to nazis neuron on every foreign policy issues entire life and Like you and me back, I president. Ok, now we get to his domestic policies in the field of of Joe Biden, domestic policy, as he says, whatever will move him forward at any point in time there only a couple of issues or has been consistent. There are few and far between, has shifted on virtually the major issue of his career. The most obvious is on crime and drugs. J. Nineteen. Eighty two, according to the Intercept Biden, actually told Ronald Reagan that he wanted to ramp drug enforcement, into the intercept. In September. Nineteen eighty to bind given nationally broadcast democratic responds to the president's weekly radio dress. He accused Reagan quote unnecessary: budget cuts to crime funding, violent crimes is real threat to our national security as any foreign threat. He said, we'll have a military budget of two hundred fifty three billion dollars: nineteen, eighty three
He had an agent in eighteen. Eighty three will spend less than three billion dollars a year to fight crime. You then called on the federal government to support state and local police agencies by training their people and giving them more money. Now that sounds that's like music to the ears for people on the right. Like me, and this was his theme right- he was in favour. The war on drugs is in favour of higher levels of anti crime enforcement. Here one by nineteen eighty to supporting the war on drugs. I think the president has to join us in making a significantly greater commitment to these six areas to stem the rising tide of violence in American. That's what it is. Violence. First, we have to join together to ensure that drug dealers are punished swiftly. Surely in severely in line with what the president is calling for. We have to hold Ray drug user accountable. if there were no no drug use There would be no appetite for drugs, maybe no market for them. Ok
one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine. Ninety one thousand nine hundred and ninety three by police reported the crime bill. it's a federal resources into ensuring that people got locked up for their crimes. Again is all stuff that conservative, unlike ok, all right, but here's the thing about Joe Biden whenever position he takes today will not be the position that he takes tomorrow. This guy is no bulwark against the radical left. Nothing like that. He is wherever he thinks the crowd is lifted. It is on his left. That is where he will run if he thinks that he requires the radical left in order when election, that is where he will run you didn't require them to be genders, there's still more moderates than radicals and the Democratic Party, but he needs the coalition moderate and radicals in the democratic party. In order to defeat the Republicans. So he asked be a bulwark for moderation. Ok here is Joe Biden, Circa, nineteen. Ninety three talking up the criminal we underline bill, which is now the fine that girl was divided bill. A guy named bite,
that girl and he wrote that bill by going down and sitting down with the president of the United States of America, must take back streets and you take back the streets by more cops, more presence, more physical protection for the people. How can sell that's where it was right that those whose entire peace? active then, in two thousand ten fine reiterated that he was in favour of criminalization of marijuana. He said, I still believe it's a gateway drug. I spent a lot of my life is of the judiciary. May dealing with this would be a mistake to legalise He said I think legalization is mistake as late as twenty two. Dean Martin was still defending his ninety ninety four crime, they'll say here is binding. Twenty sixteen defending the cradle another thing about how perspectives change over time
Bobby Rush member car were said the other day. I am ashamed that I voted for the money for problem. You ashamed about Bill Nominal Frank. I drafted. I know that. Ok, but then in twenty nineteen is beautiful thing. My Biden, the man's constantly evolving, is constantly evolving. You see she can trust that whenever positions he says he holds that are moderate, they'll be gone within a couple of years in twenty nineteen, I know really apologised for the crime now, but in twenty nineteen, he had this to say he said I haven't always been right. I know you have no he's got things right, but I've always tried. It was a big mistake when it was made, we thought we were told by experts that crack you never go back in the two or somehow fundamentally different. It's not different. It's trapped in entire generation hand. Twenty nineteen by inflict on the death penalty, amazing ass, his party move left you randomly shifted to the left, I mean who could have, but I thought he was a politician of principle will provide a damaged bulwark against the radicalism ASEAN Party. No, no you're telling me at this guy's a corrupt old bureaucrat whose
simply going to follow the prevailing winds and his, but no no here is Joe Biden. Suddenly flipping on the death penalty, which had been in favour of his entire career We should make sure that if, in fact, someone is put on trial for a crime that could end up with a major sentence or life imprisonment, because it was a capital offense, I'm by the way, congratulations to do all endings. Okay, then in twenty twenty came out against the enforcement of criminal penalties against marijuana man he's as nobody should be in jail for smoking. Marijuana asked by CNN if the form
as President supports legalizing marijuana, Andrew Bates, Abiden campaign spokesman, said, Bind believes the drugs should be to criminalize oh well, it is not a switch and as it were, I mean weird weird. Ok, that's all I'm crime, but he shifted its position from tough on crime. To loosen crime is an all of it, because that's where his party has moved you will do whatever is convenient to the moment. The most obvious example isn't even on crime, where he took his signal accomplishment in the United States Senate on crime and signal by partisan accomplishment and destructive directly out the window is, who does it became inconvenient on abortion? He's had his own version in eighteen. Seventy three, I naturally support to getting rid of rovers weighed in eighteen. Seventy four by instead of Rovers Wade, quote what went too far. He didn't quote think woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body. Ok, even late, as twenty nineteen mine was reiterating his support for the Height amendment behind amendment bands, federal funding for abortions, so Joe Biden said in a statement to ABC News, quote his campaigns. It has not, at this point changed its position on the hut
The high amendment does not prevent organizations in the. U S: to provide lifesaving health care services for women from receiving the the funding they need a given the current recovery and attempts to limit access to abortion if avenues for women's access to protected rights under Rovers Winter closed, he would be open to repeal next year, Joe Biden came out and then openly denounced behind amendment or an amazing. So just incredible He denounced the height amendment as of June. Twenty nineteen, as recently as a couple days before its any supported that women, and then you just turn it around and now the height amendments bed. I can't certify, leaving millions of women without access to the care they need and the ability to cause to exercise their constitutionally protected right If I believe Healthcare is right. As I do, I can no longer support an amendment that makes that right Dependent on somebody a well look at that he just let who could predict do such a thing, and then there was Joe Biden,
you're saying that he would codified Rowan Lawsy move from nineteen? Seventy four rose a bad decision to twenty twenty Rony should be codified in federal law I mean it's almost as though the man has no principles almost areas, during the new Supreme Court nomination of Aimee Pony Baron. Why are either particular plans to protect women reproductive rights in the. U S. number one. We don't know exactly what she will do. Our expectation is that she, very well moved over our view over row and Only thing only responsible response to that would be to pass legislation He wrote law the lamp, that's what I would do. Ok, there is an abortion moving from somewhat pro life to completely insanely all the way proportion, pretty amazing, pretty amazing, ok,
I'm guns there, only a couple areas where, where he's been consistent guns is one of them. So Joe Biden has been saying for years that here that he is pro gun he's not in programme of back in ninety ninety three, he supported an assault. Weapons ban that is not a shock, has continued to maintain support for this all weapons ban He says occasionally idiotic things like I own, a couple of shot guns and if ever somebody's at your door, bothering you should fire shot gun through the door, which is literally the stupidest most criminal thing that you can do also. He says that cop wounds Vinos less about guns then he knows about anything else, would you saying an awful lot, insisting on guns, given credit for that is bonanza guns, pretty much his entire. Career on civil liberties he's not really spoken out about the Patriot ACT, other than to say reply, Thirdly- and he was one of the original creators of the Patriot Act- actually says the most of the provisions of the Patriot ACT created in two thousand one, that most of those provisions were actually first brought about by Joe Biden in ninety. Ninety four here was Joe Biden, saying that he supports the Patriot ACT during his two thousand. Eight failed presidential run,
set are abiding abiden response, because you bought it for the patriot. Now, let's facts are funny thing they get in the way they want to make There is nothing in the Patriot ACT that allows profiling. Let's get this straight. Nothing in the Patriot ACT allows profiling. Ok, so now is him back the Patriot ACT up, we'll see where he has on numb surveillance way. If and when he becomes present account. Immigration music. I went from being somewhat in favour of having a vote. To completely not in favour of having a border in two thousand sex. Joe Biden supported the Security fence ACT, which was this and of course, you build venting a long way for waiver of the southern border. like most democratic life under forty stories on why change you'll like it is
American employers, who knowingly via Well, okay, so you sort of sounds like a Republican. The right I mean you want to build seven hundred miles of fence and get to punish employers who hire illegal immigrants by two thousand and twenty saying that he would make deck a permanent. On the very first day, the very first day they said during the debate, the other night he said and Intel immediately work to make permanent by sending a bill to Congress on day. One of my administration, as it now is totally in favour of open borders, pretty much so shift again. Joe Biden has no principles. None gay marriage is supposed to be the issue where he shifted the most the gay marriage is the one where, where Joe Biden was the real leader who was in the vanguard, ok, what really happened is the Obama administration decided circa? Twenty twelve is going shift on this particular issue. They sent out Joe Biden to show trial balloon. Do you really think that Joe Biden was sitting in the background thinking? You know what I'm leap out front here. Japan has never been out front on an issue in his entire life without the backing of his party. Without believing
the momentum was behind him in eighteen. Ninety three Joe Biden voted for bill, deeming homosexuality incompatible with military life. That was the don't ask, don't tell bill in ninety. Ninety six Joe Biden voted the defence of Marriage ACT right, which was designed to enshrine traditional marriage in two thousand twelve. Of course he shifted and he said that he was now pushing at same sex marriage interested understand why anybody would oppose same sex marriage because of course he was basically out there by the Obama administration is travel in the middle, the campaign you're comfortable in terms as marriage. Now I look I am vice president who stays where the president says, The policy. I am absolutely comfortable with the fact tat nine men, women married women, had just action in one man on are entitled the same exact rice, all the civil rights, all the civil liberties in question. Hey. I don't see much of a distinction beyond massive trial balloon right in
they throw them out there, and then he becomes obviously the great and good leader on same sex, marriage shore or, alternatively, the guy. If there ever position and follows the prevailing political winds and civil rights, in eighteen. Seventy Joe Biden opposed mandatory bussing, of course, re nineteen. Seventy four sent freshmen centred. Barton found himself undersea from white suburban nights at a meeting just south of Wilmington Delaware, that's going to political, the possibility Their children be bust into black schools in the city and black children. We would be best to their schools had since wave of consternation through the white community for two hours, Biden, paced the auditorium stage and absorb the heir of the jeweler. Fifty member, unable to offer them any assurance on the court ruling. He made a promise to oppose bussing when you return to Washington for the next legislative session, and he did of course became the basis for the famous Connell. I hear a suggestion that he would have prevented little girl like her from attending an integrated public school gay. So obviously he has tried to disown all that
and then, of course, in eighteen. Ninety six Joe Biden voted for welfare reform. Now he won't even answer where he is unwell for reform, but this is Joe Biden Sorkin eighty, if we really want welfare reform and not a political issue. We must do it in a bipartisan wade each of his compromise and do it in a form the president can sign. This amendment fits that bill. it's the only by partisan welfare reform bill to be introduced in Congress. It's a bill. The president said he would sign a bill. It's gotten wide Scott White Editorial endorsement and a bill that makes compromises by definition of being by part and on both sides. Now his campaign refuses to answer where he is and welfare form. These, of course, to answer that question means that he it actually be held accountable for his own policies, according to NBC News, nearly twenty five years after Biden voted.
in the center. His campaign decline say directly whether he stands by his vote. So yeah there there's a shocker there's a shocker, ok. So why does this matter? Because when you look at the actual radical agenda that is on Joe Biden website, when you actually look at what Joe Biden would like to do for the country, it is all radicalism he made an agreement with Bernie Sanders burning is out there. Dragging the button is gonna, be most progressive. Presidents and safety are because he allowed burning to fill in a lot of the policy details on his campaign website a lot of people out there. They will grow by needs. A typical politicians he's not going to do all that. Ok, but what of the pressure is coming from? His left, which is absolutely is Joe Biden, may think that he's gonna be able to find some sort of common ground middle. What the Republican Party, what happens when his own party rebelled against that, and he is forced into a coalition with the most extra elements whose base the fact the Joe Biden has no prince This is the reason you should fear that he is not going to be a bulwark against the radicals on Party Bill Clinton, had no principles either, and so, when his political fortunes started to shift beneath him, he started to cut deals with Republicans. Do you think the Joe Biden is gonna? Do that you think? Has the abyss
We need to do that. He has known of democratic his own party, who are willing to cut deals with Republicans in order to do that. He's gonna Can you shifting the way that he shifted under Barack Obama to the radical left? So here is what is in Joe Biden radical agenda? Here's! What syndrome binds radical agenda? Let's take a look, ok, so his tax plan, according to the tax Foundation, democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, would enact a number of policies that would raise taxes on individuals with income above warrant, a grand including raising individual income, capital gains and payroll taxes Bible, so racetracks and corporations by raising the corporate income tax rate and imposing a corporate minimum book tax burdens plan raise tax revenue by three point. Three brilliant dollars over the next decade, when problems will soon it to spending it has been way more than that. According to the tax foundations general equilibrium model, the Biden Tax plan would reduce GDP by one point: sixty percent over the long term on conventional basis. The Biden tax planned by twenty thirty would lead to about seven point: seven percent less after tax income for the top one percent about a one point: nine percent decline in after two
income for all taxpayers. On average, it will lead to a loss of over half a million jobs in the United States. According to the tax foundation, that is. His tax plan is massive, incredible tax plan. How about his agenda? How much it's gonna cost she supposed to raise three trillion dollars with this tax plan one problem, Manhattan Institutes, brain right, L, a former budget staffer used third party, cost estimates. It binds proposal to show that they cause than eleven trillion dollars over ten years. So he's votes to raise taxes by three point three we in dollars over the next ten years and re spending at least eleven trillion dollars over the next ten years. Removing the three trillion dollar cost of the House Democrats Heroes ACT, which is the new covered relief program that they are pushing they still have to increase federal spending more than eight trillion dollars over the next decade. There will always be an underestimate. There is never a time where they ve asked him:
government spending that it has come in low analysed from the pen Wharton Budget model, a project associated with Wharton School estimate it if that, even at the lower end of cost five point four trillion dollars over the next decade. This means that binds plans would make federal spending roughly twenty four percent of gross domestic product by twenty thirty has pushed for approval, option which are dramatically undermine your private health insurance plan. By essentially having is subsidized public taxpayer funded system that forces people into the public system. That's what happens through public option. Everyone understands its first step for getting rid of private insurance. Joe Biden on education is an import money into labor unions. He's gonna go out using a wreck charter schools. His position on charter schools is absolutely clear. According to divide and centres, unity, taskforce, recommendations, charter, schools should basically be done. Democrats believe education is a public good and should not be saddled with a private profit motive, which is why we will ban for profit private charter businesses from receiving any federal fun
also: Naples, private school vouchers and other policies that they weren't taxpayer funded resources away from the public school system's you're, going to see more money poured into the labor unions and our crappy public schools, no more charter, schools federally funded and we are going to remove the possibility of school vouchers. Joe Biden, is extraordinarily radical when it comes to labour he's been pandering to unions, public sector unions, particularly for a very very long time, to Steve, Deleon opinion contributor for the hill. His plan includes abolishing right to work. Laws are these? Are laws that states that you do not have to be a union member in order to work in the public sector, This plan return. Today's, where union members are not, employees will be forced to pay at least some portion of their union dues or be terminated. Tens of millions of workers will lose freedom from such a policy. Currently, no federal law addresses collective bargaining for state local government employees. The issues left each state Biden would eliminate that by making
collective bargaining mandatory for all state and local government employees. It would eliminate the secret ballot. Instead, there have carjack Carter forces employees to vote for a union by signing an authorization card, which means they can be bullied into joining unit by the Union higher ups, they destroy the economy. Biden support the nation wide adoption of the ABC test for independent contractors, making it nearly impossible for workers to be classified as independent contractor, sewed kill, brood kill left, would prefer you'd, kill the gig economy and of course he wants to radically increase the minimum wage. On guns, Biden he's gonna put beta or work in charge of guns. I he literally said that he said I want Something clear, I'm an ignorance This is not the last you Tina beta, you're gonna, take care of the gun problem with me, are going to be the one who leads this effort, so jobs he's gonna get radical and guns obviously did weapons of war place in our communities need to ban assault, weapons and high capacity magazines. Of course, assault weapons is an ill defined.
nondescript term, meaning whatever Democrats want it to be. Mine is also going to target religious freedom. His own website suggests that religious freedom is to be subsumed beneath the rubric of algae, beating you rights. According to the Biden website plan, religious freedom is a fundamental american value, but states have inappropriately used brought exemptions to allow businesses, medical provider, social service agencies, state and local government. Shells and others to discriminate against algae BT, Q plus people. So there should be no exemptions for religious people. Basically, if you, if you are personal operates business. All exemptions go away. You are now forced to do the bidding of the state and algae BT. Q issues so. I hope you enjoy freedom of religion. It is going to be wildly quashed under a binding administration and again well get more radical and, of course, by pushing pathway to citizenship for eleven million illegal immigrants, which I think will be his very very first step, There is Joe Biden in last debate with president from God made a very clear with
hundred days, I'm gonna send the United States Congress a pathway to citizenship for over. Eleven million, undocumented people and all of those so called dreamers. Those docket kids they're going to be in immediately ITALY certified again to be able to stay in this country and put on a path to citizenship. Okay, this is putting aside all of the various other institutional heresies that bind is gonna preside over. Will he packed, We don't know. Is he going to stand in favour of getting rid of a xenophobe buster? Maybe is in favour of adding states to the union? Who knows? Ok, Joe Joe Biden will go wherever the party leads. That is his record jobs not the leader, he's the flower when he says things like this are the Joe Biden Party sure shortness became very haven't slept in us. That is the job. I'm sorry! If that does not give you pause about voting for Joe Biden, then go and mode four, but just rig. It just recognise that if you are talking about Joe Biden voting against our trump, you tie my voting for that.
and I just described rung on every foreign policy issue, his entire career, a serial exaggerate or a career liar plagiarists, a low level, corrupt jute, maybe he's a nice guy, seems like a nice guy. That's pretty much the only quality! That's that seems at presidential in him is that he is an eye sky. So that's enough for you to make this this guy president, this nice guy president, who immediately we'll start implementing radical agenda of the Democrats from the green new deal and regulatory expansions to the prosecution of people on campus were accused of sexual assault without any rights to due process. If you're, if you're in favour of all that by all means, Joe Biden is your guy, if not think, twice. Ok! Well, today, Klute are extraordinarily long. Shall I had the opportunity to deal with our friends over at Bertold once in a while, we sit down with our friends over approach. Will give you a financial projections. What's gonna happen over the coming months, I had a conversation with one of their precious metal specialist. Here's what that's
Joyous on wine is Stella Patrick precious Metal, specialist for birch gold group. As you know, I've been a big fan of birds. Go for a long time. They've been long time, sponsors of the Ben Shapiro Show wanted to talk to Philip about what exactly is going to happen next, given the state of our really extraordinary politics, Philip thanks much Romeo appreciated, thanks for having me So why don't you start with the election? The election? I is to happen shortly. What effect you think the election is gonna have on stocks as well as the overall economy. I mean, as always, I think, fairly dramatic effect. Obviously it and on the outcome of. The election of the poles are correct, which obviously we ve grown too, that the doubt in recent years there suggesting abiden when, if that happens It has a dramatic effect on the market, but we, count on. As we understand taxes going up, three,
in dollars predicted in excise taxes over the next ten years, the concern is raises in capital gains. Taxes could lead investors to flee the markets in anticipation, Goldman Sachs recently came out, said Abiden when could result in a twelve percent caught in their corporate profits. in the Essen pay, largely on the back of of of the tax raises at the end of the day, I think we know what it amounts to, and that is large government, more spending and ultimately, a move away from a laissez faire and free market economy. It doesn't show Philip if, if trumpets reelected, if he bucks the poles- and he is reelected what about then with the outlook and better for stocks. I think, does it puts us on a better trajectory. Sadly feels that way. The one we can say is as good as he is in some respects. What he is not is a magician I, but he can
do is make debt disappear or change the sick. The call made sure of the markets. The markets have been sick little since inception, regardless of president good or bad republican or Democrats. The point being we ve got tough times to go through no matter who gets into office, but sadly I think it would be about a trajectory so we blew not the spending, since carbon mean to the tune of trillions in trillions of dollars. Obviously we can expect the that's gonna have some impact on the on the sea of the dollar going forward, either tax are going to have to radically rise, or we can have starred in played in the currency at some point in the future. What does that mean for precious metals investment the end of the day. It's clean, it's like bat that you speak of currency, devaluation, inflation, these things act as drivers for precious metals, so as bad as these things all for the nation for us, a gold and silver that that that quite good at the end of the day do climate for them.
On the other hand, obviously stocks is massive drop in late family. In early march. Is this enormous plunge and now they recovered to record highs, mean the stockings it has done well ever since then. It is claimed back. Obviously, people are optimistic. Why shouldn't people be too optimistic, going forward about the market. Look for me was the nature of the rebound that we so concerning right. As you point out, we had a doubt. All time lies in January. Come March we saw essentially of Forty percent slide here what happened to turn it around the GDP increase did on poison, drop significantly. Now it was driven.
the fat the FED stepped in six trillion dollars of stimulus out get at the start of the twenty two trillion it has taken a long time to amass it today were approaching twenty seven trillion. It looks to be a stimulus driven rebound. The craziest thing of all is what you men. Should people applauding the concept? Look at that the strength of the market, its concerning an and more of the same, When we look at precious metals going do twenty twenty one. What is the outlook for precious metals and twenty twenty one obvious, but a wild year financially. Ass in Baden, just in general. Quite frankly, lucky it suddenly bodes well any ties in tat again. Why what you mentioned previously when moving into a climate that looks very conducive right. If we were to ask you S It is and what are the major issues facing the economy today? I think most people would mention bubbles in the market that inflation currency,
population, as you mentioned a moment ago, these things are all drivers. The golden Sylvester decline, it looks conducive on top of that, I think, are, today are more limited than they ve been in the past. The stock market looks to have problems interest rates, are so low, creating issues for bonds or cash limited options. I think further support of precious metals market, and in reference to that look at Bank of America prediction they came out a couple of months ago. they fail by twenty twenty one goal will be a three thousand An answer seems to speak to her. What we're talking about so- buddy does want to diversify. At least a little bit move some of their money and precious metals. I won't be the best way for further. You go about doing now with Brcko. first thing to do is give us a cool it's what we do we can help us
MS rollover, if you have a real time account you want to put a portion of that into precious metals. We have a structure in place that allows you to roll over any portion and place physical, tangible metals, tax deferred within over time and account we can also assist with cash purchases as well, but I think the first step your listeners give us all our information should it makes sense where to facilitate is the volatile times breed uncertainty and uncertainty is a good time to diversify. Make sure that you are not a tomb in one area or another with finance, is make sure that you are invested at least a little bit and precious metals way with my friends over at birch galled aright felt I know that you are not in the predictions of business more than in general terms, but now we have already said the youth their precious metals? You can be a good bad for the for the near future. Where do you think the country is politically next year and ass? He did John jumping to minors. hahaha
it so hard to predict. I looked. I followed the poles eyes. Thinking binds gonna win until I went. my dry cleaner? The other day I live in LOS Angeles and the guy soda leaned, any I've been a lifelong Democrat and he leaned guys I'm fighting for Trump. I think there's a lot more of that than we now say. It's tough. The call I'm gonna stick with by non this, I'm hoping I'm wrong gacek out Birch called Irena, Philip Patrick precious metal specialist for Brcko group, really appreciate the time. Thank you Already so we are now six days out from the election that two additional hours of content coming up for you later today go check out. This is the benchmark If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe. Wanna help spread. The word please give us a five star: you and tell your friends to subscribe to were available on Apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you listened to pod gases, also be sure to check out
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