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Ep. 1151 - It’s All About Georgia


Two run-off Senate races heat up as President Trump arrives to campaign for Republicans in Georgia; covid continues to wash across America, with hypocrisy and heavy-handedness ruling the day; and Joe Biden demonstrates he’s no moderate.

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To run off Senate races. Heat up as President Trump arrives. Campaign for a publican in Georgia covered continues to wash across Amerika with hypocrisy and heavy handedness ruling that I and my name is rates once again. He has not. Right, I'm bench bear this is the wrench Barroso Dementia bureau show is sponsored by Express it GPS for peace of mind whenever go online visit, expressive, gps, dot com slashed by well. We'll get you all the news of the day and big news happening over the weekend. First, let's talk about the best gift that you can get this holiday season. I am talking about stake. Delicious tender juicy incredible stake now. I know the honest folks make incredible state because I'm a special personnel. She got me. A specialised kosher stake assented to me maybe a year ago, and they sent me to freeze who is, is rash frozen and it was. It was easy to put the Fraser take it out in Europe. It is just an unbelievable
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free, almost makes progress in a free? Did you meet the matter with my code? Shapiro Doma stakes, dot com, it's until you won't find anywhere else. Roma stakes, Congo, that search bar type in my name, Shapiro an up we'll come videos. Are just unbelievable check them. Irena, aha stakes, dotcom use, Shapiro in the search bar to get the best available deals. Ok, so over the weekend, president from headed down to Georgia to campaign for these Senate Georgia, Republicans now I've been saying for weeks on end anybody who is telling you that you should boycott a bunch of republican races that will decide the fate of the United States Senate and could place the United States Senate at the tender mercies of its trump does not become President Combo Harris or in any case, at the hands of structure. This is like the thing you could do and anyone who is telling you to do that is a drifter anybody whose telling you that you need to boycott races because you're mad about what happened to Trump in Georgia or you're mad about the national election or suspect voter fraud, jigging to stay here: and simply hand sentence each to John Off was a radical Bernie Sanders. Leftist living off him
trust one or Raphael Warnock a man so radical that he did a full speeches from the pulpit in his aggregation talking about the wonders of Jeremiah right? Putting those people on it as a solution to your upset about the Georgia presidential race is the dumb then you could do. You know agrees with me, president Tromp, because not me saying this is present from saying this. So President Trump went down to Georgia when you said: listen, we are here to make sure that Kelly Leffler and David Purdue, when it is important that they, when I agree with President Trump, listen to the guy here as President Trump down involved Asta George over the weak, I gathered here tonight to ensure a very important word ensure because these are too a great people that I know so well and respected by everybody, and why, ginger beer, that David Purdue and Kelly Leffler. When the most important congressional runoff. Probably an American is I really believe that I think it's an American there's never been
time like this, where you have to at one time at least you have two beauties: and you know what else have to beauties running against him, but beauty in a different way. Look at itself, President Trump, is endorsing the idea that should go out and vote in Georgia, and you should again no matter how pissed off you are about. Georgia has been handling it business down there, whether that is bad, or whether that is baseless, we'll get bottom line. Is you need to both for the Republicans against the Democrats in Georgia? I do not in the life of me. I will never understand. People who are saying that there are going to boycott Georgia Centre right hand descended to the Democrats in order to do what punished the Democrats for helping to cheat. If that's your opinion or for what helping the Democrats rig future elections through through all sorts of voting procedure, What exactly is the logic that there is no logic, the something from themselves out of your vote socialist, when.
There was a sort of an instinctive mine here, you're angry, because so many votes were stolen. It was taken away and you say well when I get to do what we can do, that we have to actually do just the opposite. We can't do We can't we just they love the socialists and communists when they, when he is correct about this, of course, and President Trump went on to describe some of the democratic send, it can it's in Georgia. He predicting whenever John US off. He said this guy's a left wing sell it, which of course, is true. John. Is IRAN go left where exactly who is very proud to be endorsed by Bernie. Just crazy burning up support to funding the police support for crazy, renewed deal? That's another, really, don't forget the green
India is really a hundred trillion dollars. Ok, it's a hundred trillion dollars it. There is no excuse for not voting against us and Kelly. Lessons. And die and Raphael Warnock in Georgia. How radical are these two candidates? Well, over the weekend, atop jewish group slammed craft Senate candidates, generosity and Raphael Warnock. In a statement made on Saturday night, they campaign with Represent Hank, Johnson, Democratic Georgia, whose refugee who has referred to Jews as termite and accused stealing the homes of Palestinians, echoing the reins of Edra over a daily wire. The trio reportedly campaign, together on Saturday during a drive and rally hosted by county level, democrat parties in their attempts to dry voter registration, us often works decisions. Campaign with Johnson was made. Anti semitic. Remarks in the past comes as well his face scrutiny on the campaign trail for controversial comments made a few years ago about Israel and which you suggested that Israel was Willy nilly killing Palestinians for no reason this drove the republican jewish coalition to put out-
a statement decrying the anti Semitism of campaigning alongside Johnson, that that the fact again remains that these are extraordinarily radical, can then you'll pointed that out last night there a couple of debates last night one was an actual debate. One was not one to be between Kelly Leffler and Raphael. Warnock Kelly Leffler is the sitting United States Senator in Georgia, has appointed to fill that seat. Raphael Warnock is running against her. Of course, they ran in this open primary jungle primary election in Georgia, in which Warnock one the plurality of the weapon. That's because leffler was splitting the vote would Doug Collins on their public inside of the ILO, so leffler. Whenever one up repeatedly, she said he's radical liberal the lessons going nuts about this yesterday. How could she she capting nobody's radical liberal here's, an idea, don't run a guy who was involved in a church praising Fidel Castro, don't run a guy who praised Jeremiah right don't run the guy who America is inherently racist. If you don't want to be called the radical liberal over and over and over in Georgia, that would be a your fault for that. That's a you problem
You guys created that, and so, when Kelly Leveller point out that, in fact, this Women is a radical liberal the UN's on you here is calling for doing that. Last night my opponent radical liberal, Raphia Warnock has called police officers, gangsters, thugs bullies and a threat to our children. When I gave him the chance to apologise and our first debate, he declined. He's also said that you can't serve God and the a terry he's use the by well to justify these types of attacks and make other device of statements. What we need is someone who can bring together that can help us get through this pandemic and rebuild our economy across his country and right here in Georgia, that's what I'm fighting to do and people are very angry at her. You could tell that the left was believing they lost their babies. Started talking mediately about whether a wire whichever side that is just a general rule, apposite Javert side accuses the other side of wearing a wire debate has lost the debate. Ok, Raphael Warnock lost this debate. The only thing
He had to say to leffler over and over, and over was you won't say whether from loss, Georgia there's only one problem with this particular strategy, a plurality of Georgians believe from smoothness Georgia if you'll get there's a ball, those done over the weekend and apparently actually a slight majority of people in Georgia actually believed There was some hanky panky in Georgia Saviours Raphael. What I'm trying to get leffler with an unpopular proposition in Georgia, as though this gonna win over the centuries. Here we are several weeks after the election and Kelly left vacant. and used to cast doubt on american democratic election is time to put this behind us. and get focused on the concerns of ordinary people, while she's playing Article games, China, represents somebody who didn't live in georgian Jordans, during one of they gotta get some covert. Nineteen relief, ok for a sentinel cover nineteen relief, which will get a little. I guess he's holding up covered. Nineteen really the Democrats, the Democrats, and it has nothing to do with Trump. It has nothing to do.
But the election or voter fraud that people who are holding up the colored relief are Democrats. This is a weak t response and he had no responses to anything. Leffler said about him. Last night's of anybody watch that debate in Georgia and then decide going to sit out after Leffler correctly points out how radical Warnock is you're, making a grave error that dude in the Senate, not that bad dude in the Senate. Bad bad idea. Meanwhile, John US after the debate with David Produce podium, so David produce, like you know, I'm not debating this guy because every time, I do debate with this guy I'll. He does the slander me so forget. It say the debate last night in which he just talk to an open podium and turns but John also can't, even when a debate against an open podium, I mean he lost It's against Karen Handle for Congress very hotly contested race in Georgia. Just a couple of years, back and now he's back debating poems so Harry, wasn't supposed to be a great winning moment for him yet not too much. Well, it's a strange situation too. Be asking a question of us
the United States Senator who is not here to debate, as he asks for the votes of the people to be re elected Senator Purdue, I suppose, doesn't feel that he can handle himself in debate or perhaps, is concerned that he may incriminate himself in debate. Both of which, in my opinion, our disqualify. Ok on that day, yeah who did good times when you can't win when they, when the opposite podium is actually more interesting than you are in a debate by everyone, Clint, Eastwood, the empty chair thing. It was actually kind of funny an interesting and creative. This guy wants to debate to an empty which, which is really really difficult to do. John okay, ok, injustice. Second, we're gonna get to the continuing controversy over the election because president trumped dangerous talk about. Why should
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Ok, so, president from in Georgia, continued to maintain a democratic rigged, the elections are yours, President Trump and avail Dasa now notice members, the media were very upset. The trump was propagating two messages at the same time, one is that he got jobs in Georgia. The other is the Republicans should in fact go out and vote for public and Senate candidates in Georgia. Now you can well those two thoughts in your mind at the exact same time, but see for the left. What they want is for, to completely ignore the centre right. What they would like it? This is the reason why there were celebrating from talking about of what they were saying. This is great trumps. You can go down. Georgia's, can talk voter fraud and he's been discourage people from voting this out from? Did he want? There is a lesson I got jobs. I feel like we're. Gonna move forward the process, but I feel like I got cheated and also you should go out and vote for the Senate. Candidates and Democrats were unduly angry at this
because of course, they were hoping that from go down there and basically do exactly what Linwood and and sending paladin doing until we will not support for the Senate candidates. Because Democrats, all they care about, is the Republicans loose power. Don't care how it happens that you scare, the Republicans lose our anyway here is trumped up think about the possibility of a voter, regularity and floor Edna in Georgia. You must go vote and voter early starting December fourteen to do it, they cheated and they re Gar presidential election, but we will still whether we are going to try and rigorously election. Ok. So again, that's actually not a horrible gadabout message, which is they're, gonna, try to wriggle
and so get out in both really early and make sure that they can do with the mail and what I'm saying they did Whitney melons from pushing that message is actually not a bad message. Now I'm getting a lot of mail from people who are asking like. Why do some? Your publicans believe that this election was wrecked? Why do so many Republicans seem to be clinging to the idea that tromp was treated in this election? Well, I mean listen. There's some puzzling questions about the election, like the fact that Trump seem too to perform the rest, are public and take it. I think they're plausible answers as to why that happened. If indeed it turns out the voter, regularity and voter fraud are not responsible for the current results. There people saying ok, he got he got kind of. He over performed on minorities he under performed in the suburbs, but why didn't that amount to a Trump victories? Why are so many right? Why are so many Republicans buying into trumps narrative that this whole thing was voter regularity? The answer is this:
hey. When people have been lied to for years and years and years and years, then the same people who lied to them for years and years and years turn around and say another thing: people are immediately going to swim at the y. It's really that simple. If you spent four years claiming that Donald Trump is not the legitimate president in twenty sixteen because he was manipulating, system with the Russians nobody's gonna, believe you when you say that he was booted from office, because enough we legitimate election. You literally could not Knowledge that was what you do, an election and twenty succeed, and now here, you're in twenty one single, suddenly intelligent middle actually get nobody's gonna. Believe you, when you blow Your own credibility, it makes it very difficult for anybody to trust you on issues like is this current election legit was only Vodafone Was there any voter regularity? It makes it very difficult for anybody and the right to believe anybody in the media who, less than three months ago, was claiming
Ireland from was rigged the election there were getting rid of male bout mailboxes where the down trump was going to engage in voter suppression, and then they flippin satellites have links the cleanest election, the world. No one is going to believe that now it may be that the election was not rigged, it may be that the election was queen or maybe the two things could be true at once? The election was not by voter fraud, voter border irregularity, but the process by which the election happened did intent or Democrats and they are not the way we should run elections in the future and the media helped to read this election via its refusal to focus on national stores, the damaged Joe Biden and a line narratives over and over and over again, ranging from Trump is responsible for Coba to Trump, is white supremacist. Who Trump is a russian plant right? All those things can be true at once but here is one thing. That is certainly true. If you look at a list of institutions, Americans trust right now. Media is the very very bottom on that list. Members. Let me keep shouting into the wind was clean election and then they wonder I people doubly. The answer is because you don't have any credibility. One of the reasons you have no credit
but he is because you are willing to go along with any democratic narrative you possibly can to. Over the weekend John Brennan was a Democrat radios in neat use. The head of the CIA under bra Obama. He was on with Chris Wallace and he was saying no spying on from campaign gate. John Brown is also one of the people whose out there saying today that was a super clean election. Why would We jump in the man actually lie to the Senate. He lied to Congress. He said that here, been spying on Senate that is not true, and now there's no spying on the trunk campaign in the same sentence using as a clean election seed. The source of matters when it comes to credibility, is not an argument again as to whether the election was clean or whether the election was dirty. It is in he meant that when all of the main sources you declare that they are telling you the truth had been lying to you for years. It makes a very, very difficult for people to buy into that It was John Brennan sing and untrue thing as we I have said previously, the steel does here was not used in any way too
under gird the judgments that came out of the intelligence community assessment about the russian actions in a twenty sixteen election. And so, Tonight, there's still dossiers is something that I never saw the old looked at from the standpoint of credibility, because it wasn't. I think that the CIA had acquired, and so I think you know people points still dossier. as this see no reason why the whole thing was a hoax. No, there was so much other evidence and intelligence to support those judgments. Ok, they're. There wasn't a lot of other evidence. There wasn't a lot of other judgment, end. Who maintained that there was no spying period on the term campaign, which of course, is just not true. There are members of the term campaign, like Carter, page and members of the entire community, who have now been informed as to tee. Evil of defies of warrant taken out against cholera. Patient fully admitted that the fine words never should have been taken out against Counterpane here's. Managers, denying there is any spying on the from campaigning. Knowledge of course, is not correct. Looking back at twenty six,
where there's some mistakes made in terms of the five applications are Latasha things. Yes, apparently they were, but that doesn't mean it. Was criminal intent and there was no spying on Donald Trump campaign and is very clear Robert Mullahs investigation that there are a lot of activities that I think we're very unprincipled unethical and up to individuals in the future to determine whether or not there was any criminal activity that took place during that time. I love to hear about unprincipled unethical criminal activity from a guy who openly lies in the United States and it was forced to back off that he's definitely a credible source. We should believe him, probably he seems credible, we'll get you more the credibility of members of the media and the claims that are being made about voter fraud vote irregularity in just one second, first, let's talk about the fact that the holidays are here and right now, most people have balance on their credit card with a higher interest rate than they would prefer it if you get amounts on a credit card and you have waited more money.
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Trump lost because a voter, frightened butter, regularity, narrative. That shift is too much for example Maria by Roma. She should asking John Rackliff was the director of National Tullidge Intelligent who got to build bar. Nobody gets Toolbar, the attorney general toolbars and excellence turn general. Isn't a lot of the things that transport weren't also, he happens to be a person whose abided by the law bill BAR has been an excellent straight were clear and convincing attorney general, but here's Maria by Roma, suggesting somebody got to build our ok. What once it is the way we are suggesting billboards bribes in order to go along with this, let that that's not correct, handlebar himself put out a statement last week saying he had taken his comments about voter brought. You are, he said I have seen no systemic evidence. A voter fraud is not evident doing mass investigations into systemic evidence. Voter fraud is ass. Any in any evidence is brought to light. We are going to investigate, but at no point did he say that absence of evidence equals evidence of absence right. He like that just because I haven't seen voter for others
and voter front didn't occur, but here's Maria by Roma going too far again. If you ve gone to the point where everybody on the right side of the Isle, whose sceptical about but fraud allegations in the absence of convincing evidence is now bought, offer something that's too far. That's again. Scepticism warranted every eye was the first person, I think to say. Every legal vote needs to be counting. Every illegal vote needs not to be counted. It has now become the talking point on the right of the Person put it out there. Ok, that is totally, was well and it is totally drew. Just because a media member who's been nom credible from the star begins to suggest over and over were that the election is over does not necessarily mean the election is over. The election is over when the electoral well it's on December, fourteenth end of story. Might states certifying the roads, means of those states and also provide the wrote, there's not much that can be done about that absence. A court order, but firm for people to start you're going after, bar? That is a bridge too far. Here's Maria by rumbling a bridge too far this phasing out threat send bullying who who got to bill bar I've, gotta,
ask your thoughts on where we are here with age you build bar and John Durham. It seems like instant various we were expecting real investigation into what took place in. Why crossfire hurricane, the investigation into Donald Trump, still has no accountability. Ok, so again, nobody got to bill bar. This idea that somebody got to bill bar is absurd and ridiculous and people should not be implying that sort of stuff, homer very good, Agee and meanwhile really Giuliani. He came. Said somebody in Washington directed Vodafone, but I don't know who ok. These kind of allegations are not particularly helpful again he's the president's, where bring evidence. I the same thing, the router Giuliani ones, that most of you want right. I would like to see Trump remain in office. I love that we'll be great I'll. Get I would also like is for a legal process to take lace or router Giuliani brings the evidence that he has been suggesting over and over. He is going to bring, and I don't mean that he brings affidavits there
backed by other supporting evidence, anybody can violent affidavit, especially one that is not found in court. I mean, if you want to change the outcome of the election you're going to need to prove your case in court. End of story, I didn't create the process, you didn't create the process. The process is the process. If you want the election outcome to change. That is the way it's going to change. It does not help when really just goes on tv and then says things like some vague concept, by power in Washington DC fix the election. We only know that means that's not evidenced. So how am I supposed to judge whether true or not? each one of them has In one degree or another, the same pattern of activity. One but more than others. This wasn't pattern that was set. By somebody in Washington because everybody else carry it out exactly in the same way and they did in the crooked cities. They didn't do it everywhere on a who is in charge of it continue as it looks like a very well plan very well. Secluded situation ended at those
A vague allegations are not gonna, be particularly useful. Pretty again, if you want a result and just won a bit about the election, their useful on actual result, you're gonna have to do the hard, of pinning all research- and I know that I burden- I understand it's a hybrid, that's Mean that things are gonna change, absent meeting the burden that not just the way it is ok like I don't mean to be the bearer of bad tidings here, but I would like to look like you. I would like to come to remain president of the United States. If you want him from president of the United States than putting out speculation about from definitely cannot have lost or putting out statistical anomalies. That's not gonna be enough. You're gonna have to actually prove it. You never actually prove it again. I'm time at the practical on the ground, messaging you're gonna have to actually show it in court. If you want the results to change otherwise I mean, I suppose, that we can. We can move along just believe that but he's done their job, but if the jobs gonna get someone's gonna have to do it and in person presume he's gonna. Have we trumps legal team game just
Second, when you get to Joe Biden in his awful plans we'll get to that in just one saying that will get to cover everything else. That's been happening over the weekend, cause there's a lot. First, it's doorbell sees in the busiest time of your at your front door. That is definitely true at my house. Right now, there's a ton of activity at my front or got lots of packages arriving for Hanukkah US. I mailing lots of packages, there's the lot happening at the front or- and this is why you need a ring. Ok room will help you keep an eye on everything happening at your house outside inside. It's just fantastic. I have three kids under the age of seven three of them there there's one of me. I cannot keep an eye on all three of them, but you know who can ring? Can somebody saps by or something is going on? We will let you know you can see and speak to. Whoever is there from anywhere. Is buddy season is not just the best time to have ring, but less time to give it as well Remix. The perfect quality gift this holiday season gives somebody the gift of peace of mind. Ring. Has security price for every corner of your home in best of all you can see at all in the ring. Answering has everything you need to keep an eye on your home, this holiday season end throughout the year C and speak to whoever is at your door from anywhere with video doorbells for limited time, but a ring dot com, slash ban for special how
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Sesar is gathered in front of her home she and her four year old son refinish in putting up Christmas, decorations, okay, so basic rule of thumb here, no matter how pissed off you are about the election have at this stage from people's houses, a stunt like we're gonna have to share this country after this is all over. I say this to the left and also to everybody stay away from other people's houses. It was bad when the left descended on Tucker House House. It is bad when restaurants throws How can we Sanders out, and it is bad when you to send on somebody's home where they are with their children, because like something that is happening in politics? Do not do it. It is a bad thing it. Meanwhile, speaking. things that are bad happening in american politics, so Joe Biden has been promoted as this magical sort of moderate who's gonna bring the country together, which of course, is joke. He's not a moderate nor magical magical man. Joe Biden says we're. Gonna need to take the vitriol out of politics here Biden over the weekend. We gotta take vitriol off our part, and others. A lot of people on both sides who want
continue to go after and punish the opposition. I get there it's a fact that an awful lot of Americans Appointed a thousand like suppression- Fortunately, there are seven million more than happy than disappointed, but I get there it was a lot of Democrats who are angry. Wanna strike back republicans but I said from the beginning, I think I've Conduct myself this way throughout. My career I learned at early less it's always open to question other men and women is judged. Never the motive, ok, yeah that you literally said that he wanted what put Mitt Romney Wanna put black people back in chains and Joe Biden whenever he created working in bragged about it. You know it's not a unifying figured. How do you know he's not a unifying figure, because he has now pecked, Xavier Bassorah, to lead the Department of Health and Human services. Should he be inaugurated president in January,
for those who knows that Europe was here at the man is a radical leftist he's a radical left as had been attorney general of the State of California, where I was a resident until very very recently, and he is just terrible is actually terrible. So not only has he spent his career trying to protect Obamacare, but also he has gone after proliferation extraordinary ways, so beyond the nautilus but out of statements and far from uniting the country, botanist Reuben, yet again, he's an extremist on abortion is going. Do SBA. Us president, Marjorie Dan and felt or monsieur is aggressively proportion, a full of free speech as attorney General California continued what his predecessor com, restarted my persecuting citizen journalists who exposed plan parenthood role in baby parts trafficking? Not only that you and all the way to the Supreme Court to try to force California's product pregnancy centres to advertise. It refer for abortion, a policy the court rejected as unconstitutional in Congress, even voted in favour of partial workable.
Miss pick, underscores the importance of winning in Georgia to prevent proportion, forces from taking control of the United States and its a bizarre that, what's being referred to. There is a case in which the Sarah went directly after David Laden, so David Elaine was a proactive activist and Pizarro announced charges against its laden and somebody else. with him a woman Sandra Merit, saying the state would not tolerate the criminal. Morning of confidential conversations? What were those confidential conversations delayed and did secret recording for reporting purposes of plan parenthood employees talking about selling fetal tissue Right and so what is it? You're Bassorah do, instead of California, did he turned on plan parenthood? Investigate plan parents, of course, not of course not. Instead, the state of California led by Savior, but Sarah went after the Laden so delayed and claimed video showed footage. A plan, paranoid selling the tissue from parents at the foot
misleadingly edited. Of course, now they were talking very openly about the cost of particular pieces of feudal tissue. There were selling plan paranoid and they did talk about that pretty openly. The tape. Then he claimed that it was the seemingly edited and all this so busy I didn't have to plan paranoid. Of course. Instead he initiated prosecutions against the laden and merit. so that this is who Joe Biden has decided should lead up h address, which is just ridiculous on its face, and one of the reasons that binds like an image because, of course, job. I need more Latinos in the cabinet, because Joe Biden has already vow that he's once let people based on this color of their skin rather than content of their character. There is worry that the who is actually to make an attorney general. So frankly, I'm I'm a little bit relieved that he's time apis era for age ass, as opposed to the Sarah over it agee. I can't even imagine he's gonna put over its aid agency a minute. That's just a disaster area, the age
just position is the third role at the helm of the bag and teams pandemic response be filled in the past few days by and is looking to Jeff sense. The culture of the transition is the White House Corona virus Accordant he led the way has national Economic Council under Barack obama- and of course he is looking at a vivid, the culture of the administrations covered advisory board. As the surgeon general he's, also giving Brussels lots to Anthony Voucher, quick note on Anthony Voucher by the way, so I was just at the local grocery store the other day and they had some of these magazines out and there looking at me, glowing from the cover of lichen in Touch magazine was Anthony, fetching, I thought to myself: isn't that guy, like just discovered relief, guys like I like to call the guy? Why is it that he is on the cover of in touch magazine Why are you being giving glossy treatment by the entire press for being
visor with regard to a corona virus pandemic, and the answer, of course is because he was perceived as Anti trump he's seen as a critic of from, and therefore he gets the rosy trim endeavour. Births never got that right, because Deborah works as much as she disappeared with from really kept it under wraps. It understood she had a job to do within the framework of an administration, but my respect for Anthony fancied drops fairly radically once you start posing for magazine covers like in touch with your stethoscope around your neck. At that point you just doing little, but a self promotion, hey speaking of self promotion covered policy continues to be extraordinarily bad across the country, so Caliph Kenya has now locked down tens of millions of citizens accordingly, CNN, Southern California, and send walking valley residents will be under a stay at home order. After the icy you capacity in the two regions fell below fifteen percent. triggering a mandate issued by the governor earlier this week that aims to bring down the soaring number of cuban nineteen hospitalizations happy fair. There is flex capacity at some of these hospitals, lotteries, hospitals always run and near capacity in terms the ice use, because you
always doing surgeries hospitals, the run a fifty percent capacity are not called hospitals. They are now called boarded up old hospitals that don't exist anymore, because the way the system works that the beds have to be filled in order for people to get paid Instead, we are talking about is telling people to stay home. They have optional surgeries, so we can fill those. I see you, but the people who have covered I mean that we have not seen as yours. We have indeed Siena's urge. It does mean that all of US Och, especially major areas with with pretty significant medical resources, like LOS Angeles, their time out telling people to stay home there, not talking to allay being completely overwhelmed by colleague cases, the California order went into effect last night, night for twenty seven million people in a hotel and San Diego. That follows a proactive order issued by six San Francisco Bay Area jurisdictions on Friday for some six million residents. It also, it also went into effect on Sunday. again it Newsome. On Thursday knows any region that fell below the fifteen percent ice. You capacity threshold would be placed under They at home orders Southern California report
its eyes. You available availability fell to twelve point five percent on Saturday in San Joaquin, Eight point six percent California has been searching now. Quick note, California, never stop this lockdown, so probably talk about Harsha lockdowns and stay at home earth. California never went back to business as usual. There is no point really it which the restaurant opened indoors. There's no point in which people started treating a normal everyday activities as normal everyday activities. Most of the This is in no way we're still boarded up in closed down. People are not going into regular. Jobs has been true since March, so the basic idea that government was going to be able to where's quarantine, and this was gonna magically quash everything. There is not out of evidence that that is the case. Schools that are he opened for in person. Learning can remain open along with critical infrastructure businesses. Retail business can stay open, but only a twenty percent capacity. Restaurants are limited to take out and delivery
alone in the order is in effect for at least three weeks now. Here is one of the problems. These orders scientifically do not make a hell of a lot of sense myself, for example, you're not allowed to do out towards evening anymore, like L a county. They ve decided you're, not the evidence on outward dining. There is none that outward signing a spreading. This thing there is evidence that indoors in writing. This thing, there's no evidence that outdoor dining is spreading. This thing, none of us, they shut down the outdoor dining in L, a county. However, under emergency mandates, the film industry is still allowed to have food outdoors under tents. Because the film industry has been deemed essential by the state of California, so these ass had hypocrite? There are saying that you open your restaurants outdoors, but so long as you're. What
four gave a nuisance favoured industry all of his friends in Hollywood, although glitterati well, then you can eat food tent directly off site. They can definitely make sure that all of the groups can have their food catered by some sort of food truck outside of a into food tent, which, whilst I checked, is called outdoor dining. In fact here is one California, restaurants, owner protesting this over the weekend. I'm living everything everything I own is being taken away from me and they set up a movie company right next to my outdoor patio, which is right over here and people, wonder why I protesting and why I have had enough. They have. Given us money and they have set, is sound. We cannot survive. My staff cannot survive. You hate she's off, hundred percent right when they're there. She has begun to video, pointing at attend that it set up a picnic tables said this film crew can make sure that they eat outside. So
with your member of the special favoured industry. Do you actually get to eat outdoors everybody else? If you and restaurant you're absolutely screwed you're done, but if you work for one of Eric our Citys favoured industries in LOS Angeles or if you want to have a nuisance, favorite industries in California. Well, then, you are totally fine, because so much of this is political. So much of this is about catering to particular voter base. So much of this is about keeping industries that you like open and clothing industries. They don't pretty grow like Broadway Eric our cities, responsiveness to respond directly to this lady, Erica Garcetti suggested that his heart goes out to her, but we have to stop the virus. You said my heart goes out to Miss Marston and the workers of the pine apple he'll saloon. We have to comply with state in county public health restrictions that close our dining. No one likes. These restrictions produce support them as our hospital. I see you beds, filter capacity in cases have increased by five hundred percent. We must stop this virus before it kills thousands of more actually knows, but about that ten. That's right there with the undermining no comments on that from Eric Darcy, all which has led the sheriff of one Californy County dynamic and enforce these rules.
If you think I'm I'm to drive up to a business that is serving outdoor, dining and shut them down you another thing: coming: here's a California sheriff saying this yesterday these closures and stay home. Orders are flat out ridiculous. The metro used for closures, are unbelievably faulty and are now representative of true numbers and are disastrous Oversight county, while the governors Office and the state has threatened act, against violators the rivers County Sheriff Department will not be blackmailed, bullied or use does muscle against riverside canny residents in the enforcement of the governors orders. That is exactly right. Good for that guy. Good. For that I am just a second we're gonna bring proof that full scale lockdown aren't all their cracked up to be again, I'm not saying you can't restrict indoor dining, two particular capacity if you are in a hard hit. I'm not saying asian worm ass when you close other people, you should, where Mass, when you're close other people, I'm saying the orders
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fast is going into republic has been reduced from the nation is already so all watch out or is there supposedly going to protect you write well Griff wit reporting for the Washington Post quote. the governor been telling you love more than one made by MID November was clear, Michel Lucian Gresham. She will need to take extreme measures, have the most serious emergencies Mexico's ever faced with covert nineteen cases. Rising financially in hospital beds, dwindling she dragged for say back to the darkest days of spring when rest, signing was banned. It not a central businesses. Were closed, residents were ordered to stay inside and was absolutely necessary. She said quote: New Mexico is crush this virus before twice we're going to do it again. Three weeks later, victory remains a distant past Instead, we ll, hang Gresham. Democrat is on the verge of acknowledging just how grim conditions become. She will she said in an interview soon allow hospitals to move to crisis standards, a move that freeze them too rash and care, depending on a patient's likelihood of
having given these severe strain and medical systems state widen the lack of available ice eubagis covered hospitalizations near one thousand statewide, according to Jason Mitchell, the chief medical officer presbyter, healthcare services. He said there is likely neither and we're headed there very quickly, there's no more room at the Inn, new Mexico is consistently one praise among public health experts for its aggressive approach to combating the virus. Will then Gresham to stay at home over in March, when there are fewer than a hundred you stay wide he's gone as far as locking down entire cities to stem the spread of study Oxford University found two stage approach was among most restrictive and also the most successful when the Mexico dodging the spring and summer surges that afflicted so many other states but of pandemic fatigue, growing and political resistance building Mexico has not escaped the outbreak raging nationwide. This fall, even though there is evidence to govern November shutdown orders are helping reduce case numbers, experts, say there's only so much. They can do with a virus. That zealously exploits any weakness, but guess what the bottom line, unless you walk people in bubbles in their homes than this, he is going to move through the community, because that is
through literally the entire time and locking down is not the answer. Treating people is rational. Human beings is the answer, and one of a bigger problems here is again. This goes right back to the argument we're making at the beginning about voter fraud. Ok, when you have sources who make themselves untrustworthy and then they ask you to do a thing, even if the thing happens to be correct or factual, you're not going to trust the sources when had your medical sources telling you first of all, you should go out and partied up in February, because the wound virus wasn't gonna, hurt you, which is literally, we had Democrats and Republicans. By the way doing, then people are not gonna pay engineer, and then, when you say, don't wear a mask. Mass are useless as Anthony Vouchers had in early March before going to bed. Jones you later, when you like, you need a worm, ask everywhere and then, when you say things like this, down for fifteen days and then will be good, and then you walk everybody down for the rest of their lives before and listen and when you say, here's a lockdown order, but its second reply to me. I'm glad to restaurant people are now going to listen to you when you blow
your own credibility instead of saying people. Listen here are the facts. The fact is this thing strike by age right, if you're very young, if you're a kid it ain't, gonna hurt you. If you are under the age of twenty likelihood that you're going to be dead from this disease is lower than likelihood you'll die. The flu if you are older now- and you don't have a significant preexisting condition, there's a ninety nine point: five percent chance that you're going to be fine right. If these are the actual steps, by the way, we have other whether ninety nine point five percent stats statistic- that is true for the entire population overall, including people with Briggs. in conditions, because right now the best information we have is that this thing has about eight point: zero five percent death rate overall for the population read this thing is is not is our eight point: five percent death rate for the entire population, ok, so so that means that nine hundred ninety five out of every one thousand human beings we get this, including people who are elderly, including people pre. Existing conditions will live so instead of talking to people as though they are reasonable and telling them
What they can do. That is reasonable. Instead, you said these outside standards, I get it. I do I understand if you weren't, protect people, you think you're gonna set what injured and you call a fence around the law. The problem is that when you set fences they nobody's gonna buy, they breach the fence and then proceed to ride roughshod over the rest of the recommendations. It also happens to be true that when you propagate misinformation routinely but you can't swim want a diamond how people who people trust so here's an example here is a great example of people propagating information. They just not true and then reversing themselves, Willy nilly. So for months we heard that if you open schools, it was a disaster mostly word that from a media that was convinced that from had be wrong about everything, because tromp was out there saying you need open the schools, this silly,
bad it. Turning kids and teachers unions were saying. We need to keep the schools closed and four months the media were like. You know what terms the worst man, let's keep those schools, because we don't know how dangerous is gonna, be it could kill little kids. We don't matter. The staff show that little kids are not die in this. It still could kill. Little kids right is deeply deeply dangerous, and then people take that's a heart and this. leads to forage like this footage. This is from Oregon a teacher stopping at Nancy Logjam protester to scream and shall a crazy person, because she is very upset that people are protesting against lockdown just talked about how her parents, family, kids, families are dying of covert now she's at risk. although that footage
that sort of hysteria and hysteria. There's no other way put it. That sort of history is utterly justified, but it's been pushed by teachers, unions and by the media, the Chicago's teachers union over the weekend, tweeted out, it's got twenty thousand twenty eight does members they tweedy. I quote, Push to reopen. Schools is rooted in sexism, races and misogyny so, racism and massaging right discipline. The narrative of the left in the narrative, the media. So why exactly would we trust the media when it comes to either shutting down or reopening, because here is now the editorial board. The Washington Post, coming along in December right in the middle of the worst outbreak. Do we ve seen us are an editorial bore. There was a guy. You know we're not sure about this whole school thing. When I, in the editor the border, the Washington Post. What could have changed in the last month? Could european election or something because here's the headline
didn't have already lost too much time. They need to be back in classrooms o weird, because those of us we're saying this months ago, we're castigated and are still being castigate about the teachers unions as people who don't care about the lives of teachers or bad uncaring, unfeeling evil. Now here's the Washington does propagating alot of panic porn for months on end and they let you know what it's Africans to go back to school, yeah, nobly, Sherlock reading, I'm interest you on that wrong. Go not going to trust you on that. We trust people who can fairly consistent throughout this whole thing, looking for reasonable measures, but here comes the Washington Post and why look at that? They think job
What did president and now they reverse themselves on schooling, since the outbreak of the cover nineteen pandemic teachers, principles, administrators and parents across the? U S have worked mightily to help students keep learning students, yelled new curricula, provide schools, develop new curricula, provided six children with portable computers, labour to get some someone's structures. Remote learning. Even with these efforts, promote learning, has failed to private anything approaching the quality of education that can be delivered by a teacher in a classroom. its clear that their pernicious effects of keeping children out of schools. We recently ass a top official in Washington Area jurisdiction who insisted on anonymity where there was more of a push to figure, always return children of the classroom. The answer was, there was no political pressure. Parents of means can their kids, the help and resources they need or switch them for private school parents of minority. disadvantaged for the most lose had the least clouds. Well, maybe it's because you in there it didn't do your damn jobs on the covert pandemic, all the way from the beginning and you're still not doing your job you're still not doing your job, Kate, you're. You continue to prevail. The panic porn that suggest that everybody is equally likely to die.
this virus you keep suggesting over and over that full scale. Locked down there completely hypocritical. In their actual application are totally fine when's the last time, by the way he saw a business owner who become Let me just right on CNN Aramis NBC. You only see an unfortunate you only hear about that from my show or shows like it. You won't hear it in them but is the media that asks you to trust them business immediately from for lack of covert relief will now Nancy Policy is completely flipped. Uncomfortably, and nobody. Nobody will even notice it. So Nancy Policy was held up a covert relief package for months on end for no apparent political reason other than to get beyond the election, because she thought of her trump now she's we're not leaving Washington DC without the relief and the media. Like all look at that, diplomacy, leader, it's incredible: here's Nancy policy being a giant hypocrite. They have Heaven and we're hoping that that will accelerate the discussions on the omnibus we avoided If governments open I'm going to have a continuing resolution, but we need to take the time to do that
As I said, we saw a framework there. Pudding are now to turn into text and then at so we'll take the time we need and we must get it done and we must get it done by this before I cannot leave at it. I mean and media what right, along with this meteors, like all look at that Nancy Policy, leader yeah, I trust you guys. I trust you guys uncovered interesting has uncovered relieved. I trust you goes on vote or fraud. Or I don't trust you and any other stuff it is. It is your lack of credibility that has led to a rise of radical, almost deconstruction of scepticism in the very notion that there is such a thing as a fact or truth. There are a lot of people in the EU that we live in a post, truth era. Yeah you created it. You created the post war era. If you want revision of that Europe, if you want to go backwards with three, how that how about you be the sceptics, and I mean that you need to actually check your own side, asked two questions of Nancy, blowsy or Joe Biden. Maybe maybe
point Somebody'Ll start from the right thinking. They are credible, source, otherwise shut up. Nobody trusts, you mean your ear ridiculous, you're, just ridiculous already. Meanwhile, there's a fascinating peace that I think demonstrates the blindness of the of the left when it comes to deep economic issues in the United States into peace in the New York Times today that I want to go through a little but a detail, because it really is indicative of where we are in the current political discourse, and it demonstrates that for so much of our current political discourse, a lot of it is about how members of left simply refuse to acknowledge that their policies have ever failed under any circumstances, It's pretty impressive case, there's a piece in the New York Times over the weekend. How the? Why did racial progress stall in America, it's written by Shillin, Rami Garret and Robert Putnam, so I've recommended Rob Putnams work on the programme before Rubber Putnam has done some real interesting work on isolation. In America he wrote
a bowling alone in which we discussed the fact that multiculturalism and diversity might not actually strengthen a community. What strengthens a community is a common sense of vision, and then you can have what kind of racial or ethnic diversity you once a ones? Everybody shares the same kind of common philosophy: regiments had a charge, you can have very ethnically diverse church and everything still works perfectly. But if you have a bunch people who can one fundamental ideas than diversity is not in fact a strength. Diversity could be very divisive, which is just common sense. He writes about this. In a bowling alone, you talked about the death of social institutions, so a lot of his work is actually quite good robber abundant, but this piece is really indicative of the tremendous blindness left has to the impact of its own preferred government policies. So, according to this peace, and in your I'm in the popular narrative of american history. Black Americans made essentially no measurable progress for equality with White Americans until the lightning bolt changes of the civil rights revolution. If their narrative,
along the course of the twentieth century will be a flat land for decades, followed by a sharp, dramatic upturn toward equality beginning in the sixtys. The shape of a hockey stick in many ways. This hockey stick image. Race Inequality is accurate until the banning of the jury, segregation and discrimination. Very little progress was made in many domains: representation in politics in mainstream media, job quality and job security, access to professional schools and careers or towards residential integration. However, on a number of other measures, the shape of the trend is surprisingly different, and this is something that I pointed out: Walter Williams, the weight economists like great whilst wounds pointed out, Thomas Soul, has, This out is that actually lack economic progress before the Civil Rights ACT was stronger year on year, then it was after the summit Jack you're on your own black community. There is a tremendous method.
were made by the media, which that everything socked until the civil Rights ACT for Black Americans and again this is correct and when it comes to actually by law allowing segregation, that's true, but you still segregation that was overtly practised in the south up to limit sixties, but the notion the black Americans were unable to economically progressed in the United States generally and critically outside the south was absolutely one hundred percent not true before the Civil Rights ACT register. Technically speaking, this is the point. These authors are gonna Megan in their going completely miss the point, so they say in our book the upswing, how America together a century ago, and how we can do it again. We examined three long data tracking outcomes by race in health, education, income often voting. We found surprised Us China, because there's been a woman for a long time in terms of material. Well, Black Americans were moving toward parity with white Americans well before the victories of the Civil Rights Europe, once more after the passage of civil rights legislation, those trends toward racial parity slowed stopped even
First understanding how and why not only reveals why America so fractured today, but illuminates the password towards more perfect union in measure after measure according to these authorise member? These are folks on the left. Positive change for black Americans was actually faster in the decades before the civil Rights revolution, then in the decades after now, by the way, this is none argument. Disintegration, pollution was bad amateur explained a second where everything went wrong in terms of racial and again body in the United States because it was moving toward parity. Then the civil Rights revolution happens, which is definitely a good thing and then think slow. So why did they slow? Their answer is wrong, but I notice is wrong, but there they their actual, but their actual description is correct. So they point out life expectancy, gabardine, black and white Americans narrowed most rapidly between nineteen o five nineteen, forty seven after The rate of improvement was much more modest. Ninety ninety five and life expectancy ratio was the same ass. It had been in nineteen sixty one. There has been some power
raising the ensuing two decades, but this is in part due to an increase in premature deaths among working class whites. In other words, the white Life expectancy went down, not the black life expectancy. went up they point out the black white ratio of high school completion improve dramatically between the nineteen forty in the early nineteenth seventys, after which it slowed never action. Parity college completion followed the same projector until nineteen, seventy and then sharply reversed, so black Americans, more more of them, are going to college. More more of them were graduate in high school, and then we had the nineteen seventies and started Rachel Integration and K through twelve education at the national level began much earlier than is often believed accelerate sharply in the wake of Brown versus board the trend levelled off in. Early seventies, followed by a modest trend towards Greece, aggregation also income by race converged at the greatest raised at the greatest rate between at nineteen. Forty in eighteen. Seventy, as of two thousand eighteen black white disparities, we're almost exactly the same as they were in nineteen sixty eight fifty years ago. Even take me, the count. The emergence of the black middle class, black Americans on the whole have experienced flat ordeal, we're mobility in recent decades
the racial Gavin, homeownership steadily narrowed between nineteen hundred nineteen, seventy and then stagnated and then reversed. The racial wealth gap is now growing, is black homeownership limits long run data a national trends in voting by racist patchy, south, so a dramatic increase in black voter registration, Nineteen, forty in eighteen, seventy followed by decline and stagnation. What do you do? We have a national, but voter turnout indicate nearly all the gains for equality with white. Voter turnout occurred between fifty two and sixty four before the Voting Rights ACT passed and then almost entirely halted for the rest of the century. These data reveal a too slow but unmistakable plan for racial parity throughout most of the century that begins to flat land around eighteen. Seventy a picture, quite unlike the hockey stick of historical shorthand, ok now here is, is where they go wrong read so they get the the description correct and then they get the diagnosis completely wrong, because the picture there painting is now much more accurate picture, which is black income growth. Why fix
I can see job occupancy. All these things are rising steadily up until he had been nineteen, seventy and then everything flatlands reverses. So what exactly happened here is their answer and is wrong. Okay, so here is the answer of have left us who cannot understand or liberals rather who I understand that their policy prescriptions avail. It we draw attention to the unexpected shape and timing of these trends, not as an attempt to argue that things are or were better for black Americans. They might appear quite the contrary. On the part of black Americans or do almost entirely to their fleeing this out by the millions during the rate, migration read. This part is true that if you leave the south, which a segregated any move to Chicago allay Detroit Philadelphia, this meant better access to health care, education, economic opportunities. It is so true that there is a persistent reality of exclusion, segregation, racial violence in a lot of these places in the last half century, however, collective progress has halted, then you have fought so hard for this. Progress have now lived to see it reversed. He says it is against that these off
say it is, against this backdrop of stillborn hopes and intergenerational reversals, a blacklist matter. Protesters have taken to the streets again, so the implication is that things are the same in nineteen sixty eight as they were for black Americans like today way, which is just not true, because not true, legally speaking, it is not true, certainly with regard policing? So what is their explanation for why the reversals they have to answer? The first is simple and familiar white backlash. Substantial progress for white support for black equality was made in the first half of the twentieth century push comes to shove, many white Americans reluctant to give but to live up to those principles. Although clear majority supported the nineteen, sixty four civil Rights ACT, a national pole conducted shortly after its passage, show that sixty percent of Americans wanted moderation into in its enforcement. In fact, many felt the Johnson administration was moving to fasten implementing integration. Johnson's rejection and sixty eight of the commission's recommendations of sweeping reforms to address racial equality suggested his fine tuned political sensitivity had detected. A sea
change in white attitudes, since he more than any other previous president, had led the project of racial redress. Ok and then the any tries to compare this to the heels of reconstruction. When there was this big backlash against reconstruction in the aftermath of the civil war, ok, then he he talks, bout. The the second idea locate. The second idea is what he says is the eye. We I curve this robber, Putnam, Anthem and Cheryl. So sorry she leaned Rami Garret is I've got the eye when they talk about the eye we I curve. This is their second explanation for something to happen. So first is why people got out like in sixty eight. Suddenly, they ve been getting better it has got bad and sixty eight men. They say there's something called the eye. We I carbon inverted you charting America's gradual crime from self centered next to a sense of shared values, followed by Ciba sent back into egoism over the next half century. Are the sole of Americans was, was completely corrupted, so, basically everything sucked at the beginning of the twentieth century. Then we got very community oriented thanks to F the arm.
I will be J and then be reversed and went into the greed years ago. This is just a full on liberal narrative that happens not to be true, but that these authors in a moment America took its off the gas in rectifying racial inequality? Largely coincides with the moment, Americans we decades gave way to the era of ETA of eye at the MID sixties, peak of the eye we I curve long delayed moves to racial inclusion had raised hopes for further improvements, but those hopes ones unrealized as the whole nation shifted journalist. deleterious ideal. A central feature of America's I decades has been a shift away from shared responsibility towards individual rights and a culture of narcissism. Economic inequality has skyrocketed, along with that of command of disparities in political influence, a growing concentration of political economic power in the hands of a few billion years. Now, here's why this is so ridiculous. On an economic level, the government is way bigger than it wasn't. These like away bigger regulations are significantly more restrictive in many areas american live now than they were back in the nineteen sixty, because we have literally hundreds of thousands of pages of regulations that room promulgated ever since
the government has never spent more money, then it is right. Now we have been informed trillion dollars ear. So this idea, that you are now freer than you ever were economically in the United States is just not true but say these authors, the law sins of America's. I we I century are thus twofold. First, the Americans have got ourselves out of a mess remarkably similar to the one we are in now. my rediscovering the spirit of community that has defined our nation from its inception. We turn the tide from. I do we once before, and we can do it again. But we can be defined and more inclusive or exclusive terms. We have to be more inclusive in the definition of we ok. So all of this ignores what actually happened in the nineteen sixty seventy, so it actually happen in the nineties, season. Seventys is already building momentum inside the United States in excellent great momentum towards racial equality and more weight. The base Idea was going to be that everyone was going to be given the same opportunities of the declaration of independence in the constitution of the United States. Everyone would be finally given the guarantees of the fourteenth amendment. Equal protection under law and racism would be officially abolished. There would be
Government programmes that were explicitly designed along the basis of race and those opportunities would be open, gave me the story of struggle Black Americans triumphantly moving toward racial progress and economic progress in the face of actual legal barriers is just a means, an unbelievable story of bravery and greatness over the beginning of the. The ended from civil and of the civil war to nineteen sixty five and then by ninety seven. Everything is reversing why it does not because Eric and souls suddenly, where were put on backdoor, because Americans Lincoln selfish again or something like that, and it is not because it is not because, of course, what white backlash wear white people would literally just said, ok about there's haven't we actually get rid of all discrimination in water, like you know it now that we did that wouldn't discriminate, there is another possibility, and
Stability is. There was a very change in the definition of what constitutes racial discrimination in the United States is when they shall be still has made its when Christopher call what has made in his book the age of entitlement completely changing definition was made by Albania himself. The changing definition was instead of racial equality being provided under law, in other words, walk not discriminate against you inside add racial equality would be enforced by law, racial equality and outcome right, linen veins Johnson suggested, but the girl was not to simply make the playing field level. The point was to push people would historically been behind up to the starting line of the race may serve as a very famous we should have. University was it's just unfair because their people were behind their people were ahead thanks to historical influences and the only way for us you making There again. History now discriminate against people who are ahead in favour of the people who are behind, and that's where you get a backlash right. That's when the government starts to actually impose policies that are not about enforcing equality of rights
but instead enforcing a government. A government idea of what equality of outcome would look like. So one example of this is forced, putting which, by the way, wildly impact we're in both white communities and black communities, as it turns out by opinion pulling from the nineteen seventies. So, instead of saying, ok, every kid has to have equal access to local school, in the neighborhood in which they live. Instead, they say you're, not we're. Looking for specific racial mix. In order to do that, we're gonna bust your kid to a particular school that is not in your community outside of it, the start in Boston by the way outside of your community and parents. When you not, I want my can be part of a social experiment. I want, I can t go to school. where I live, and if people live in my neighborhood there one go to school their great, but I'm not sending my kid all the way across the city to teachers. Hu. I don't know what kids I don't know and spending boss every morning, I'm moving out of the suburbs and he get white flight out of cities like Boston, is that racism, so I'd love to say, of course, that's races. The evils of the american saw, or is that just parents being parents and protecting their kid being used in social experimentation, I wouldn't limbo
parents were given that one plain white hairs for doing that. Would blame any parent for doing that, because your parent as apparent your goal, is to protect your child and get them the best available educational opportunity the best way to into. If you want to preserve integration in public schools, you let the schools be local and you let black kids go to local school Third is white, or black and white kids go to the local school, whether it is white or black. Soforth bussing is a good example of how the government tried to cram down unpopular policy when it ended up achieving exactly the reverse of what government wanted to do. The same thing is true: when it came to welfare programmes that were put in place by the NBA administration, the Johnson administration suddenly started suggesting that there were positive rights rights to housing, rights to a job right sister, loves of remuneration right there that there is going to be welfare. Payments were made on the basis of single, there had any suddenly the single mother rate, started skyrocket in nineteen. Sixty two mother had written a black community was twenty percent rates in excess of seventy percent is a reason for that. The reason for that is government policy. In fact, if you have all the way back to the early twentieth sent
Black Americans had a higher rate of marriage than White Americans did he's not a cultural thing. There's a government policy created thing, so the mistake that was made in the nineteen sixty two was not the pursuit of racial equality under law. It was the pursuit of racial equality as an outcome under the law, which meant beat direct application of inequality between citizens. That was the backlash equip. It did create a backlash in not only created a backlash. It also undermine the very sort of equal standard that promulgated good living because it turns out, if you pay people to do bad things decision wise, they will do bad things decision eyes, but the left believes the government is always the solution right so problems. They can never acknowledged that these government programmes or a failure they can have
now? The war on poverty has been an extraordinary failure? We ve spent tens of trillions of dollars in various war on poverty programmes and poverty rate is about the same now as it was that when therefore started the racial inequality rates are about the same now as they were back when government first try to get in the business of guaranteeing an equal outcome. Government should never have been in the business of trying to guaranteeing equal outcome. Governments only mandate is equal. Just this under law. That is the only mandate, ok and that mandate, which suggests that there is a regime of right in that. If you properly exercise those rights and you ought to be protected in those rights by the government that you have a fair shot at success, that's what government we have been doing.
So what these socio just are missing, of course, is the most basic point of all, which is that when you incentivize people differently, then you get too for now comes when take housing. For example, when you shift the nature of housing from you're not allowed to discriminate in public housing too, we are going to subsidize particular types of housing in particular types of community, regardless of the financial strain of those communities, you're, not in fact solving the underlying problems, but there's what happened? The subprime mortgage crisis in the indeed to that that was directly related to the community reinvestment ACT as directly related to the fact that the federal government with subsidizing subprime mortgage is the people who did not have good credit credit scores and turns out when the real estate market started to tank. Alot of those people could not pay their. That's. Where we're those people being done a favour, they were not being done a favor. Ok, they again. Remember, though stats ownership. Gaps between the blacks and whites were actually narrowing. Between nineteen hundred.
And he seventy and now black homeownership has been plummeting that, as a result of government policies are the result of selfishness or cruelty. That's result of government policy that is not directed at incentivize behaviour that leads to homo Shep, particularly free people, the same under law, and you will get or behaviour from people under law triple differently under law and you'll. Get people being treated differently under law that has been true throughout human history will continue to be true, and until the left recognizes, this gaps are going to continue to increase. They are not going to decrease, and all of these are all of these supposedly compassionate liberals believe that government can come in and solve all these problems and create equality of outcome, they're doing precisely the reverse of what they tried it to do and they're making the country worse in the process, because they're implying that, if you oppose those programs that you are not what I want anti racist made, their whole idea here is that, if you believe in equality of rights before the law This makes you a bad person whether the Abram candy thing is the Robin the Angelo thing. This is all the neurons, in the media, gipsying Antiracist willingly
actually mean. Is you oppose the complete destruction of equal justice before long. it can be openly says. The only answer to injustices of the past are injustices today. He overtly calls for the end of the individual rights in the name of collective outcomes, and that is what is being pushed right now and there should be a backlash against because done American, not always, and on American. It is utterly unproductive and it does not not only, Environmental, and it also creates more inequality in effect and that the fact that the liberals refused, recognise this and the fact that the evidence is staring them right now face right in the face they indeed they just refuse to recognize. It truly is an incredible incredible thanked already we'll be back her later today, with traditional hours of content. Otherwise, we'll see you
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