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Ep. 1157 - The Media’s Next Big Lie


The covid vaccine rolls out, despite media predictions it wouldn’t happen by year’s end; the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden; and Attorney General William Barr steps down.

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The covert vaccine roles out despite media predictions, it wouldn't happen by years and the electoral college votes for Joe Biden and ITER general, William BAR steps down adventure here this is the bench a bureau show yes The bench bureau show is sponsored by expressing BP and your data. Is your business protected and express Vps outcome? I've been willing to all the news in just one. Second, first may have noticed: it's been pretty chaotic out there this year, it's gonna be chaotic into the future, because we are spending money that we simply do not have, which means that you can expect at some point, there'll be taxed increases or there'll be inflation. Here is the bottom line. You're gonna want to diversify at least a little bit into precious metals, and this is where my friends at Birch gold come in here putting some real silver in your loved ones stocking this year. That's right because right now, through December twenty first, every five thousand bucks you spend with Brcko group on fiscal, gold or silver, investing in your precious metals irate birch, Gould Wilson.
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that this peace was not meant to be a rip on CNN, but it is in fact a european and because it just goes to show how the sausage has made when it comes to the media. Media very often are not following the news. They are creating the news or they have decided to craft a narrative and they're going to fit the news into the narrative, and this becomes perfectly obvious in this peace from Republic editor of the Columbia Journalism Review, our Yonah Perry called CNN public editor. What comes her trump and called it. It seems like a good moment with the ends of the trunk administration, global pandemic insight to ponder what is next for CNN, four years of long chaotic days, news producers on the brink of burn out or well past? It are certain to welcome a time of relative calm, as long as they are able to retain their jobs media announced a new round of lay off this fall and a recent Town hall, its chief executive Jason Killer, was asked to see it and was at risk assessment speculated killer, didn't explicitly say, no report noted a deadline, but if you're bullish on that
lose network highlighting its recent ratings success inside the network. According to informal conversations with several staffers in the weeks since the election there is poor, I'd that seen an end of the month of November, on top in the coveted twenty five to fifty four year old demographic, both in prime time and in total day audiences there's a belief. The network may benefit from the fact that, news. Dancer depressed and MSNBC has not yet figured out how to position itself in a changed new cycle, but says the Columbia Journalism Review like every other news network. It may struggle in twenty twenty one, An end must figure out how to cover a binding administration that isn't defined by conflict. Having a president in Trump was well versed. In reality, tv and whose main aim was to out region troll. His political opponents has been a boom for ratings. Likewise from a broken, the grating curve think about potential controversy. If you're buying the first to nominate a recent general to lead the Pentagon, and so this, Colombia journalism review article is all about how CNN is now looking for an area. Then this is the dirty little secret about how the media do their business. It is about ratings. In the end, it is large
about ratings? They're, not following most important news there, not following the most vital news there not telling you the truth about the news. They are not providing a well balanced view of the news they are there to drive a narrative and if their narrative cells well So there are looking for and so right now CN and is looking for a new narrative net. We know that this is what mainstreaming establishment legacy media outlets. Do we know that then your time, for example, in the aftermath of the failed attempt by Robert Mothers team to go get Donald Trump, but the New York Times the cat held an editorial meeting with us and said we are going to shift resources into covering the racism narrative and in an magically voila within the next year. Every single story from into racism story, got the George Loi protest. We get the protests in the street. You get the sixteen nineteen project in all of this, but we know that the New York Times efficiently stated that, following a narrative, didna, usually newsrooms, are called newsrooms because they cover the news not because they are narrative rooms. But let's be real about this legacy me
establishing media are not there to cover the news there there to make the news, so what exactly will soon be looking to push over the next few years? According to the Columbia Journalism Review, the chatter within the network is that there is an appetite for dramatic new storyline, replace Trump most likely to be propagated. Internal discussions had suggested through penetrate and still more expensive and risky reporting, it could put the moderate Biden Administration in opposition to those on the extreme those party or depending on republican behaviour. The narrative made I set binds prediction that he was best suited to forge bi partisanship. The network will also seek Biden Whisperer, a journalist impeccably connected as the New York Times, Maggie Hibbert has been with Trump who can offer access and microscopes and the new administration. it may be well intentioned. Journalists had CNN says the Columbia Journalism. Review may still have to fight to do anything There, then conflict ridden segments that seek drama to juice ratings, and this is the point again CNN is gonna. Look for whatever is the juciest, and not only however, as the juciest, but whatever is most calibrated to please their leftist audience noticed the narratives that Colombia Journalism Review, suggesting one is job. I
to moderate and the other Israel by Mr Moderate relief to those who do narratives. They are suggesting one of their needs to moderate for the radical wing of his potter party and other issues to moderate compared to these terrible, awful evil. No good, very bad Republicans, and it is this drive from the media to create narrative that has driven the backlash against the media. It is this drive by the media to craft narrative. It means that we no longer trust the media and it's why there's so much doubt over institutions. I've been saying this for the past week to use that the metaphor again, if the media are the glasses through which we view the world and if it turns out the lenses cracked, it makes it very difficult to do so. what is beyond the lenses and as we see from our media, they are a cracked pair of glasses, where they are shooting the world in a particular direction. And so you don't know what to trust, and this is why the so much endemic mistrust in all of our institutions. Up to and including our elections will last night Electoral college did vote to elect Joe Biden. That was perfectly predictable and obviously the state votes have been certified in states ranging from Michigan to Pennsylvania.
Georgia there still is we'll get to an ongoing legal case in Georgia, but with the vote of the electoral college. That means that Joe Biden has officially the President elect at least until he is ratified January sex by the Congress of the United States. There is a procedure for that. Here is what that look like last night when the Electoral College, which again you have basically people meeting in every state, they voted to elect Joe Biden President, which again is in accordance with the votes, stage as currently certified by the state. I will now knife. It announces tally of the vote for the Office of President of the United States for Joseph ARM of Delaware a Democrat eyes. Fifty five knows Zero state of California that was announced in California put Biden over the top last night and the media were just beside himself there beside themselves at the magic of this moment, and it was very clear obviously who they were rooting for right. You.
sought people like Siemens, David Chileans, hang it's time to celebrate democracy, and I dont member the sort of talk after the two thousand sixteen election when Donald Trump One, then it was the electoral colleges very bad me to stop talking about the electoral college. Let's do popular vote chemistry, but now it's a celebration of democracy, because of course this is narrative, it is not factor oven. That's an opinion. Here's CNN worries, journalist, David Chilean, any sort of a day to step back and said, a break democracy, but it is also a day that has responsible He attached to it our responsibility to show all of yours to show the country in the world this process unfold Donald Trump and his allies want to suggest, falsely without any any realm of fact, that the
action was rigged or stolen or there's some way, not what it is. So much shorter Lisbon happening right there, too magical day for democracy, in a way that twenty six he was not a magical day for democracy. This was just use. It is a great day because CNN has a narrative to drive. Now the Republicans in many of these states have up what they call alternative slates of electors. Those electors have not been certified by the state legislatures. They don't actually really mean much. The only They would mean something is if there are legal challenge, though, be elevated to the Supreme Court, which would overturn the electoral slates that have been created in these various stay so that's a congress and then there is some way that Congress voted over although state electors, and then they would put in these replacement electorate that isn't going to happen, but that is what has been happening on the ground as far as what Republicans are doing now, all of this tied into the Joe Biden narrative said Joe Biden decided that he's going to a victory speech last my job, I didn't have to do a victory speech. Last night, you did victory speech the knight of the election,
and in fact, he's gonna get to do another victory speech, presumably on an operation day when he's inaugurated in January. So why exactly? Did you bother to do this victory speech again? The reason Let us fight write me. That's the only reason that he needs to do this. The process worked as the process is supposed to work. People brought their legal challenges. The states rejected the legal challenges. The Supreme Court rejected several legal challenges and then the Electoral College voted here, but he he felt the necessity to go out there. and to a speech about how he's gonna be a president for all Americans, well, basically, cramping on Trump and scrapping and from supporters, which is a strategy on these very good strategy. But again it tightens the broader democratic narrative which that Donald Trump as an enemy of democracy and Joe Biden is a friend to democracy. As you will see, there are some questions to be brought about just how much of a friend to Tibet
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city for the victory speech, naming he thinks that this thing was over Electra night. It's now officially been voted on in the electoral college, which means officially he's President Elect. Ok, and that means that he is going to be a will to do a big inauguration, but that's not what this is What this is about is again driving the narrative forward. The narrative is always and forever. The Joe Biden has a friend who democracy Democrats, our friends, democracy while Republicans who have outstanding questions or upset about the election. Those people are enemies of democracy, but don't worry, Joe Biden stands for all of you. All of you so here is Biden last night, member of the of the elect your college. Representing the certified winner cast. votes for presidential might present United States in an act, just as all was our nation itself once again the American America, the rule of law, a constitution and the will of the people prevail are Denmark. We pushed tested threatened. proved to be resilient. True
strong, ok, so again partly broader narrative, which is that Trump filing lawsuits in a variety of states, is somehow threat to democracy? No, actually, you know it's not a threat to democracy, working within the actual system, the democracy in order challenge election results You bring the evidence and you over her Ultimately, it open the evidence and yelled the process worked. It was supposed to work and the fact that trunk challenge the election. He had every right to do that I think some of the things he was saying or were not accurate. I think that many of us that he has made are not backed by sufficient evidence actually show the truth, but the idea that democracy was ever truly under threat here is pretty ridiculous on its face, and yet that is the narrative. It's gonna be dropped driven I got four Democrats at the rule is when they win democracy, war of when they lose democracy, to not work. So when Donald Trump won in twenty, sixteen democracy did not work. In fact, I have right in front of me for years ago a bunch of different famous people. I'm allowed to talk about how democracy had not work, because John would be because Donald Trump
December, twelve, two thousand sixteen John Podesta Bill Clinton campaign. He literally said the bipartisan electors letter raises very grave issues involving whether electors have a sound responsibility under the constant, asian tender questions addressing using the electors read about a partisan slave electors back in two thousand. Sixteen said Hillary Clinton Billy vote. Maybe we should vote for Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College and John protested. The Clinton campaign was like those those questions deserves, have answers, joy, red treated out, an opinion peace from the Washington Post titled at the constitution that lets the Electoral college choose the winner. They should choose Clinton Chris Haze over another Semi Sea captain. I love democracy over there. Now he treated out on December sixth, two thousand sixteen fun fact states decide how to apportion their electors. They could give them all to say which have recanted at one. Them
forty and counties. Jonathan Weissmann of the New York Times said the framers left electors free to choose. They should exercise choice by leaving the election as the people decided. It there's a whole push by the left and twenty succeeding to overturn the results of the electoral college and push against how the electoral college worked. But now we are being told, of course, that anybody Who challenge the result of election in legal processes inside courts across the nation that all of this was anti democratic? No, that is perfectly within the boundaries of how all this was supposed to work and affectionate. Who knows this is Joe Biden and the reason that we know that job. I knows this is because we go all the way back to twenty. Sixteen. There was an attempt Actually ungenerous, six twenty seventeen, rather, that was the date on which Congress had ratified the electoral College when Donald Trump was elected, and you know where to preside over the ratification was vice. President, then, vice President Joe Biden, democratic, lawmakers tried- overturn the results of the electoral college in early January, twenty seventeen,
the New York Times report in January, six, twenty seventeen one by one, the democratic lawmakers, stepped up to the microphone on Friday, holding onto their letters in an impossible dream, denying the presidency's Donald Trump two weeks before his inauguration and one by one. Vice president, Joseph our Biden, presiding over a joint session of Congress to validate the electoral college, results, turn back their challenges with a stoic message. counting his gavel without hesitation, it is over Biden, said a one point, as Republicans rose their feet to cheer Joe Biden. Does anybody else that there's a bunch of Democrats were perfectly willing to overturn the results of the twenty. Sixteen election representative, Barbara Lee, California, for example. She got up and said Mister President. I object because people are horrified. The members who spoke a voter suppression of russian interference bracing fear consuming many Americans repeatedly by nest of anyone. Could news, an objection was joined by Centre- is inaccurate, went where no one could he said in that case the objection cannot be entertained.
the exercise near to tend representative maxim waters. Democratic California said I do not wish to debate. I wish to ask: is there one you senator who will join me Biden reached for his gavel as binding? Read the final numbers? There were conspicuous demonstrations against trump erupt in among them. Or is it to the gallery? One woman shouted. I rise to defend our democracy. We reject this electoral vote. I rise advent free and fair elections. A man cried in a moment. Donald Trump, as commander achieves a threat to american democracy. Couple people arrested at the U S, capital, and by knows that right so was that a threat to democracy, not really the process worked as it was supposed to work. Was this threat to democracy that really the process worked as it was supposed to work and biting continued with the sort of quasi vindictive victory? Speech was mostly designed to again suggest the narrative, which is he's superpower. Democracy, dude, loves democracy, but people who oppose Joe Biden dont want democracy, even if they accept the results of the electoral College, because that's how the process works, because that in just one second first, let us talk about the fact that too busy
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ring dot com for its lash ban for special holiday offers, ring dot com forwards, lifespan for special holiday offers, and you get started already so Joe Biden continued with his victory speech and no necessity for this. He did this it's all about narrative driving to Harry rising. I won by the same margin the trumpet yes and I am sure that you will receive the exact same media backlash. The Donald Trump did in the aftermath of his one in twenty sustain her withdraw button. Vice president, like tiresome, I three hundred and six electoral votes. Well see that two hundred and seventy Lecter votes needed to secure victory three sexual Lecter votes is the same number of electoral votes. That Donald Trump investors fence receive when they one in twenty six tee. Excuse me at the time pressure job calls. A luxury electoral college tally a landslide. Why on standards, these numbers represented a clear,
victory. Then an irish The commission suggests they do so now hand inviting containing, by talking about the legal processes that were in place, declares throat a fair bit which had people speculating on his health somewhere in the background, Color Harris was getting very, very eager. In any case, there was Joe Biden talking about legal processes In America, when questions are raised about the legitimacy of any election Questions are resolved through the legal processes, and that's precisely what happened here. Can't brain board broad dozens and dozens and dozens of legal challenges attest the result they were again and again, for the time they were heard, to be without merit. So here's the thing you can have both ways. If the legal process works, then it wasn't a threat to democracy
was it very seriously. He sang illegal brought. We have a process the process work in an earlier. He was saying there was a tremendous threats to democracy from Trump and him from now again. This is all just part of the bull crap lie that you're going to be sold over the net several years, which is that if you oppose anything that Joe Biden dies, it's because unanimous you're, an enemy of majority or an enemy of democracy or a radical. That is that as part of the broader narrative push that is going to be made right here. How do you that that so much of this his narrative, because we ve been told, of course, that Joe Biden, for example, is great friends. Liberties of friend of democracy, from the prostrate Donald Trump is one of the narratives media drove for years is the done from as a threat to the press. The Washington Post put up a slogan on their front. Page democracy dies in darkness was just for trumpets. The only recently put it up there. They decided that democracy dies in darkness because the freedom of the press was it at dire threat, underdog shirt down front in jail journalists, trade Intervale them in the same way, that Obama did in fact didn't even try
the propaganda to them and even the same way that Obama did it mean Ben roads. Overtly said in an interview that he was lying to an echo chamber of Idiot foreign policy journalists about the Iranian and they just laughed it up, certainly from never received that sort of credulous media attention from the establishment media, but we were told that the trunk was a radical threats of the press has so far Joe Biden has not answered a single, difficult question. in the entire campaign in in post election period, has not answered the single difficult question. So yesterday he finishes his little victory speech and Peter Juicy from Fox NEWS, immediately pipes up and says question: when did you know that Hunter Biden was under
under prosecutor oriole threat. When did you know that whose under investigation that's a real question, it's a question that has been avoiding its question that Doctor Joe Biden have been reliably informed by lots and lots of people that Doctor Joe Biden is in fact the greatest should not just adapter she's the greatest doktor like it basically goes: Doktor Jonas Salk Doktor Joe Biden, Doktor Anthony's outreach. That's it that's. How goes and from the dynamic is doctor. Joe Biden basically slammed the front door on reporters were asking questions about hundred so Peter juicy whose job it is to be a reporter. Yes, they report or question and your mind about, because this is what your Biden does.
because it turns out the Joe Biden has the same sort of politician. Dictatorial tendencies, as most other politicians in Washington DC he's all in favour of freedom so long as that freedom expresses itself in support for him if it, because the other way then not so much so here was that here is the end. I mean honestly. He does this whole thing about. Democracy has been vindicated and how the process works, and then Peter doozy does journalist eating and Joe Biden thinks the journalist jobs are two cases. Ass is what he thinks so, exchange pretty incredible. May God protect our troops and all those who stand watch over democracy? Thank you, actually gone, but Congratulations Bridget thank
ok. So I'm here to see shouting: when did you know they are sent hundred Biden was being investigated. Mr President, Elect and Biden turns back to the press. Just act like using existing Orton walk off stage. He can't read institutions bags his thanks for the congratulations. It is not the job of the press to congratulate you. That is not the job of the media is not yet, but you could listen. Biden could forgiven for thinking that he could. I mean you spent his entire career in the warm caresses of the media. Ever since Barack Obama decided to pluck him from obscurity and make him his vice president, so why wouldn't you think that is the job of the processes? Ass meant that so far, that's what they ve been doing they did it the entire time during election cycle, and that is what that's the narrative you can prepare for from now on is Joe Biden just to good he's just to freedom, loving he just to democratic. He just to unifying that's the big problem. That's the reason you can't get anything. is because there are too many people who are or mean to Joe Biden, particularly on the right there's mean, did Joe Biden and if it weren't, for that Joe Biden would would be able to get things done. He be more popular
The way that is the way the media going to treat this everything is the narrative and the narrative is everything in just a second we'll get to the media's narrative bow called it because it turns out that was completely and then they wonder why people don't trust them when it comes to their covered coverage. Now it's because you ve been wrong and pretty much everything on that particular swear, we'll get to that in just one taken, first global endemic civil unrest, politicians infringing on your inalienable right to defend yourself now more ever. Emotions are running very high in our country, as sell more more law. Abiding Americans are making a rational choice in their purchasing firearms to protect themselves and their families. You may go We want the millions people recently purchased a gun for self defence. If you're gonna have to be aware of self defence laws where we live, it's really not responsible to own a firearm and not know the legal ramifications of using it. You need proper education. You need industry leading training to ensure your skills are sharp when faced with danger plus U S easier, has purchased an insurance policy that provides the association and its members with self defense liability insurance. You need, you has concealed
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she received the vaccine and she feels great. I feel great, but didn't see them different from receiving my annual influenza vaccine. I am very proud to be a healthcare worker and I'm also very proud to be in this position to promote public confidence in the safety of the last team and courage, everyone to take the band queen in those is apparently two point. Nine million doses went out the front door, just a little trip down memory lane when it comes to the crossing narrative. So you remember and over and over and over during campaign from set by the end of the year, we're gonna have vaccine and the media I just kept on cold water on it. It was impossible, was never going to happen to me. Shouts indoor trump ripped, unheard Whitehouse Press conference in the entire media infrastructure came to her to all my God, she's such a great journalist, incredible journalist, yours,
she treated me fifteen to twenty twenty president from just now the White House on a road of irish vaccine, we're looking to get it by the end of the year. If we can moving on record a record record note, experts, unofficial, say it is likely faster than what is possible: ok, then there is Jonathan, Stephen Greenhouse over the New York Times. What is August, twenty seven twenty? What three question marks from both inanely will produce a vaccine by the end of the year and maybe even sooner, is from suggesting he'll pressure, the FDA into approving covered vaccine and twenty nineteen and rapporteur for the New York Times. Political fact fact checked on April twenty three: twenty twenty ok, they fact because Trump said that the? U S history was vexed and the fact that it is the Eu S very close to a vaccine for the corona virus has presented from said during tonight's corona virus breathing public health experts say it could take a year and a half to roll out excellent backtracking, put a fact: you're, not biased. In any way, Charlotte Climber, the the eligibility activist put out a tweet
it from the rates in which trumps entering the maids we'll have a vaccine. By the end of your only- and I told her, I told twenty second, when it was becoming pretty clear that we are very close to a vaccine from tool that will have seen by the end of the year New Year's eve and then was a thing from from right, Guarana on STAR Trek from unsolved mysteries saying this distinction, this restriction. This was all made up, Aaron Rhubarb from Vocs dotcom. He treated at a clip of Donald Trump, saying that the vaccine would be available in a couple of weeks this November seconds. Twenty twenty and group are then tweeted. That's the surest indication, yet the we're not close excellent journalism in their by Arup, our objective journalist from boxed icon, very explaining over vocs dichotomy, get sometimes Jessica, whose meant tweeted go ahead and flag. The sweet, Trump treated and may fourteenth good
where's coming out of states that are opening America's getting his life back vaccine working looking very promising before end of year, Jessica, Human tweeted go ahead and flag sweet for we do not have the vaccine by the end of the year, but we flag your tweet TIM, o, Brien, limb, commentator Sidney and from certain government at least those leading operation. Warp speed whom I interviewed, believes they save properly tested rollover That will be ready by the end of the year. Amazingly irresponsible for terms be tardiness in the midst of this crisis is August, twenty seventh, twenty twenty and then of course, Kyle Griffin from MSNBC, whose twitter account as a low level producer overt MSNBC, for I believe Laurens O Donnell his twitter account. Can it because he keep airily, has like the emails everybody in the echo tramper, if you tweet something it becomes a national store, he treated out, may fifteen twenty twenty a fact check from NBC grown
I was thirteen, could come this year from says experts say he needs a miracle to be right. Oh look a miracle or, alternatively, you guys were lying the whole time, because bottom line is that you wanted it not to be true. Many of you were rooting for it not to be true you're willing to hold off on it. You are willing to just say: okay. Well, you know it's possible that this could be the case. Instead, you jumped to it in November, right the day before the election, people were treating, it's impossible. Vaccine will be available by into the air the very next week, the very next week, which, by the way, is not a coincidence. You start see. Drug companies come on one work, Inter Alia, by the way Oliver, he's been going really really well, if that music, two weeks earlier, maybe that affects the election. Doktor Mortimer carry from Johns Hopkins University. He had serious doubts, an item on the show had serious doubts as to whether that was not held up by the drug companies for electoral purposes. There are a couple of stories that were really held up before the election that could have made a difference in the world.
They really good others. While in people's AIDS rigged, there is rigged, as unlike people formerly changed votes or the voting machines were hat and then there's rig, as in the conditions of the election, will not free and fair on a broader level. In that all the information that you should have known was not made available to you. If we had known away Before the election of the american people and not a week before the election, the vaccine was can be ready and good to go by the end of the year and that in fact, companies like Pfizer had about ready and good to. We know for a fact, by the way that Pfizer already had the numbers in the FDA administrators I the FDA, made them go back to the drawing board and add a few more people on it, study, even though they already had enough results to announce We also know the hundred Biden story was out there and we know that that was not confirmed by the deal. Jay and the media not only refused report on it. They actively attempted to suppress the information on the Hunter Biden story where we know about
without a made. A difference in the election is certainly wouldn't hurt from that is for sure it certainly wouldn't hurt Trump. In any case, the vaccine is being ruled out. That is, a triumph by the Trump administration Anthony Fancy, the greatest of all doctors like the actual. Apparently it is not just a doctor he's like the best after All in all the land microalgae, he said that there will be heard immunity by the end of June, twenty twenty one which, by the way, also gives the lie to bill gates, is bizarre, I and that we will be getting back to normal until twenty twenty two areas to augment heard her immunity I have been saying by my calculation some time by the end of march. The beginning April that the normal, healthy man and woman in the street, who has no underlying conditions, would likely get it at the end of the day. The real bottom line is: when do you get the majority? The overwhelming majority of the population acts and aided. So you can get that umbrella of heard immunity and I believe, if we're fishing about it- and we convinced people to get vaccinated. We can occur
wish that, by the end of the second quarter of twenty twenty one, namely by the end of the late spring early summer. By one point of fact, and in the media, which is now shifted, its narrative, we have to convince all these unbelievers to get the vaccine that shifted immediately on the election. Like anodyne Andrew Como went from, we have to have our own state commission to determine whether vaccine save to give us an extreme right now and I'm gonna be out never to be telling only use, but you need to get the vaccine is like dude five seconds ago, you were saying that you couldn't get the vaccine because it was developed under the Trump administration. The good news is that majority American said it would receive the vaccine, forty percent said, we'll take it as soon as its available. Forty four percent say they would wait a bit before getting. It seems to be age striated, as by the way it should be if you're, elderly or your normal. You should be looking at a vaccine like Gimme that sucker right now and if you young in your healthy. You might be sent out to wait a little while because who cares? If I get it,
probably be fine. I abide by the actual statistics of I'm twenty and I get it. Then my chances of death are exceedingly well. If, however, I'm sixty five and I have a pre existing heart condition- gimme the vaccine right this very instant, only fifteen percent for men according to a new poor, say they would refuse the vaccine entirely. In the new survey conducted by excess in partnership with the ABC News, more than eight and ten Americans say, of course, they will receive it among those who have been most closely hit by the pandemic, forty Five percent said that they would receive a vaccine right now. Among Americans have not contracted the virus or don't know somebody who has only thirty percent said he would be willing to be not inoculated immediately. Only seven percent of Americans over the age of sixty five table they will be vaccinated, that number rises to twenty percent among those between eighteen to twenty nine. Ninety three percent of elderly Americans say they are willing to receive the vaccine. Morphing you'll, get it right away. Fifty seven percent, rather than further down the line. Thirty six percent, eighty percent of Eu Us adults under thirty are willing to get it, but they are more likely to say the death rate at the way, rather than getting it
when it's actually good news, because again we're gonna be trenching. This thing out if you are young, you are gonna, be waiting for its in fact willing to wait, for it is probably not a bad things. All that is very good news with regard to the vaccines. Meanwhile, New York is talking about doing a full shutdown aid, despite data suggesting that the shutdowns roblee are not gonna do anything. The reason I say probably is because there are contact tracing studies in New York right now that show that the vast majority covered spread is happening in household transmission. There was a mere build plaza, most garbage mayor enemy got a man. Is that a close battle between a bunch of democratic measures ranging from Eric our said, Edith had Wheeler in Portland Lorry Lightfoot in Chicago two crucial ants bottoms in Atlanta, and now you have danglars? You still has to tap that last year he was saying it may have to do a full city lockdown again whistle potential. of having to do a full pause of full shut down in the coming weeks, because we can't let this kind of went and got me think about it. For a moment, the city was
epicenter. We fought back. We became one of the safest places in the country. We opened our schools when most major cities didn't we ve kept our school safe, but now we are seeing the kind of level of infection with the corona Mars we haven't seen since May, and we have got to stop that momentum or else or hospital says we'll be threatened. Ok, so quick note here mention down all the restaurants like all them. Well, it turns out there restaurants and bars account. less than two percent of new cover cases in New York, two percent- that's when you governor and Como, said he's said. Private gatherings account for the vast majority of state, why case according to Newsweek, less than two percent, are coming from bars and restaurants. According to the data, seventy four percent of new cases have come from private we'll gatherings. He said in many ways you can understand what happened you close barge close restaurants, close theatres, close stadiums, you close math, gathered mass gatherings. Where do people go? They go home well know, that's actually not totally the case. What actually have this was always true
the virus continue spike in New York, even after most of the shutdown happen, the reason being went home and they stayed home with people from more than fifty minutes. Of course, an important factor of transmission is people being at home. but their time, shutting down everything into your my friend they Reuben headed. That's what you want everything to reopen! Tell everybody income was till all of your mayors, till all of your state legislatures. None of them get a salary until things are open, so they can be just like all the people they are shutting down, and then we can talk about what should stay open in what should not stay open, what's an essential service and what is not essential service already in just a second
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the slings and arrows amazing to see how the media continue to treat William BAR, despite the fact that, according to their light, he should be a hero today, when William BAR did not actually reveal news of the hunt. by an investigation. I think that that was a dicey move, considering that it was overtly known and people were actively reporting that, was under investigation hundred binding the GEO J refused to confirm or deny based on Justice Department Protocol that you don't do anything that affects an election it turns out that refusing to comment on it sadly, no matter is in fact affecting intellectual. I think they're open questions to be asked about that. I do wonder whether trumps requirement is sort of bizarre requirement to constantly go online and sound off about these things. Pushed bar into about position he getting over number. I want William BAR to prosecute hundred by. I want William BAR to open an investigation is www in two hundred Biden and by an bars like I'm, the head of the G o J, I'm supposed to be impartial here. How does it look if I just
announced I mean that I'm opening an investigation or its already open in Tundra Biden after he said to do that. But that is not exactly a great look, some wondering if that had some impact here. In any case, overall, William BAR was a very on attorney general as Lord Ingram, seven Herschel last night, people who are suggesting the bar is weak attorney general, either left off are being absolutely inaccurate. His treatment of smaller problem was exemplary. His his decisions, whether or not to prosecute and various cases have been near. We invariably good as it were, bar put in his resignation yesterday. He said would resign it next week. According to CNN, his departure was announced, president on twitter moments. After accounting in the electoral College, put Biden overjoyed seventy votes. He he tweeted out just had a very nice meeting with attorney general bill, Barth White House, our relationship has been a very good one, has done an outstanding job as four letter bill will be leaving just before Christmas to spend the holidays with his family.
Companies are in general, Jeff rose now, standing person will become acting attorney, general highly respected, Richard Donoghue will be taking over duties of deputy attorney general. Thank you to all Some people have been suggesting that aid is in a fire, William BAR, but it was. It was basically relevant at this point anyway, a White House officials had bar was not forced out or fired said he wasn't. Acts asked resign, was very amicable, amicable meeting and other per familiar, is matter described the meeting as a cordial. It's a bar put put out a letter talking about this. He said that any outstanding allegations voter fraud would be content would continue to be reviewed he had said earlier this month. There was no widespread evidence of voter father didn't brought to his attention. That doesn't mean no voter fraud and borrowed very complimentary letter for trumpeted. Your record is all the more historic because you accomplished in the face of relentless implacable resistance, no tactic, no matter how abusive or deceitful was out of bounds. The nature of this campaign was the effort to cripple, if not asked her administration. Frenzies and baseless accusations of collusion with Russia, so bar is, is moving,
the job. Of course. These are the last days anyway for the further bar g o J, no matter how you are going to slice, it me while, as all of this goes on the media, are finally Aren't you noticed that some maybe there's some conflict of interest with John hundred by not fair, to talk about all of this to make us Michael share, has peace over the Washington Post the last time Joe Biden in the White House, his son in LAW, Howard, crying mentioned executives from his health care started from, would be visiting Washington. The vice president promptly arrange a meeting between the group which included cry. brother, Stephen and President Barack Obama and the oval office. You know about start up. Health was a big fan of it. How crimes has been binds. Daughter actually told the Philadelphia Business Journal in twenty fifteen yes receives number and said I have to get him up here to talk with Brok. Now mine is preparing to step back into the oval office with radically different expectations: but how will he will handle the relationship between his official power and his family's private interests noticed how the Washington Post it suddenly reporting on this until five seconds ago. It was completely verboten to talk about the fact that Joe has been facilitating his family's business interests for years. Reds perfectly obvious. This has been happening, he's giving his son Hunter lifts,
on Airforce too, to China. He was looking the other way when Hunter was going. Cashing, traction Ukraine using his name. I mean it is. It is perfectly obvious what was going on for years, but we told you are not allowed report and is now the Washington Post has decided to report it, but how are they reported it not by suggesting that perhaps Joe Biden, history of familial corruption is bad, but I suggest you, I know now he's gonna change. It's brand new time. It's a newly turn it over. The narrative of all narrative narrative, liberality, my son, my family will not be involved in any business any enterprise in conflict with or appears to be in conflict. The president's like told CNN this month, according to the Washington Post, that pledge has now been handed over to lawyers presidential transition for drafting new rules for the fine White House that are likely to be more restrictive than the rules that the Obama administration, the potential family conflict, both with Biden stop White House advisors are more extensive than the Obama way has confronted Burdens on Hunter is facing a federal investigation over taxes paid on a business venture in China, which also included binds brother James,
situation. That is certain to test the president's, let's promised so let the deal J operate independently of his personal interests. Both men have worked for years at the intersection of movement in the private sector using the by names when work and sometimes partner, with Biden donors through his lawyer hunter his promise not to work for anymore foreign companies into cold, keep his father personally uninvolved in his business affairs, John outlines the husband, Abiden sisters, Valerie, and it We're college classmate of the President Elect owns a Delaware based Telemedicine Company, the markets itself as a solution amid pandemic restrictions with medical second opinion operation. In Europe and Asia. The President Elect spoke to a conference for the company met a guide international into
he's, having seen in the from boasted about it in its marketing materials by his wife, Joe, have also Doctor Jones, I mean come on. Eight, Hey Washington bosses, Doktor Joe Biden and his wife Jill have also given speeches during the Trump administration. At events produced by start up, health affirm that has investments overseas and continues to boast about its Biden, ties and a twenty eleven oval office meeting with a bomb up among investors is joke. Jani, a major Biden donor, who has also had been speak at a patient safety conference sponsored and twenty seventeen much is riding on exactly how Biden decides to create the bright light has promised existing ethics rules regulate the disclosure of non public government. Intromit information and financial conflict for spouses in minor children, but the business dealings of extended family proper, both elected officials and political appointees, traditionally fall into a legal and political grey zone. Why look at dead? That's it. That's amazing, but not as it is really. The question is how Joe Biden can be you know going forward is going to be about his history is longstanding history of corruption. It's gonna be about how things are going forward, while the meal excellent job by the media
it's safe to do announced December fifteenth, easier, loud report it now, so I am glad that you are on it also in the most complimentary fashion, which is that certainly Joe Biden will not be a fox guarding the Hen house. He will be just the greatest, the greatest guard against his own corruption, given his career of not guarding against his own corruption, for sure that this can be it well. William bar is in fact leaving number: they welcome for Joe Biden according to the daily wire that comrades inveterate reporting, special Council, John Germans, reportedly ramping up his criminal investigation into the origins of the FBI, countering allergens investigations and twenty sixteen campaign. Durham. U S attorney recently, tat by eighty Bartleby special Council is apparently adding more prosecutors to his team. The latest developments in the case comes after political. reported over the weekend, the Germans been zeroing in I'm Christopher Steel, political reported in the previously unreported move german
did a british law from over the summer to take steel to court in London aiming to compel him to turn over note you taken of his meetings with the FBI and twenty? Sixteen, according to people direct knowledge of the episode. The underline context for the request people said is the Durham believes seals notes could contain evidence that FBI improperly disclosed classified information about crossfire hurricane, as the bureau Dubbs its Russia probe in the course of steel about his own findings. Dna John Rackliff said last week. You think storm should release an interim report because some democratic tried to stop. The investigation term, however, is appointed special council. It means it is very difficult to get rid of him so that something the Biden would presumably have to contend with. Meanwhile, in other democratic NEWS, Nancy Policy is desperate to retain her speaker position. According to the daily wire Emily's, naughty reporting, speaker of the house, blows use just really whipping support to maintain or hold on the speakers position. She's urging her supporters in Congress, return to Washington DC in January to be present for the vote, even if their currently staying away.
Over covert. Nineteen worries according to cover Mccarthy, Nancy plus he's fine with House Democrats skipping work. If the votes are valid, Ben January January, she's, gonna men, every democratic show up in person above her for speaker. Her message is clear: her powers more important than anything else, and she has been in fact demanding that her supporters return for the vote. She's deeply worried that might there might be some sort of challenge: she's had help from atop deputies, house, majority leaders, tiny higher and Jim Kleiber and South Why not? According to political, she in her supporters have also deployed some former Obama administration, alarm and big donors. Help squeeze undecided Democrats according to Emily's naughty closely is currently leading the race only by a narrow margin. Her with her rift with progressive endemic Socialists in Congress, as grown wider Democrats had a number of unexpected losses in the November elections. That means that they now held just attends he'd margin over Republicans to twenty two to twelve there's one last race that is outstanding. It is likely that that will turn to the Republicans
as well so hilariously enough. The person who is coming into the crosshairs now is ABC the right. I'm sorry, not as the honourable senator of Alexandria, Abkhazia, Cortez deeds, which she's coming into the crosshairs. Now, because she has suggested that she's going to support Nancy Blowsy gender tweet out they are demanding. Anything is an assumption in a false one. These structural locations happen, they just our live tweeted these negation. And start months ago include house rules, Pagel Exemptions, committee, makeup, vote, commitments, investigations etc. Assure her answer is that he's holding Nancy policy better, if he's holding her feet to the fire, yeah sure sure your Alexander, I'm sure, that's exactly what is happening good stuff already in just a second we're going to be getting to more bizarre moves by the radical left up. The ongoing battle inside the Democratic Party between the radical left.
and the and the moderate left. It really is largely just a question of timing because, let's face it, Joe Biden is not significantly more moderate than the radical left us in his coalition. He just wants to get them more slowly and media are trying to cover for you, and you want to see an obvious ridiculous example of media. Biased Michel bursting has apiece over at the Washington Post, suggesting that Joe Biden is gonna change what it means to be catholic. Can I have a feeling that know that institution, couple thousand years old. I dont think the doddering octogenarian, who can barely get a sentence out of his face. Going to be changing the meaning of Catholicism for millions of people, you. Don't think that's going to happen here is the Washington Post over Biden could redefine what it means to be a catholic and good scanning. Catholics are divided on whether that is but that he is not going to be dividing people and what it means to be a Catholic in good standing. It's I'm going. You suddenly become catholic Church doctrine that same sex marriages, wonderful and abortion is fine, both of which
I think the job I an apparently believes according to the Washington Post, whoever denizen their religion, sexual sign up at Catholics view on binding, seem to serve as a proxy for what kinds of Catholicism they think most urgently needs to be advanced should be more focused on qualities like engagement and empathy or on purifying doctrine is. It is interested in catholic teachings and poverty refugees and in the environment as those on sexuality in reproduction, or should continue to place abortion law. Above all, so here's the thing you have to have those values in competition with one another. This is something the Catholics, no origin. People notice a religious worldview is holistic. It encompasses things ranging from use on poverty to things like abortion, as I'd have to pick one or choose the
other, but according to the washing post, you do you see, and Joe Biden stands with Catholicism on issues like poverty and the environment by you. So little wishy washy on the whole killing babies that are in the womb and also same sex marriage like the rest of you, we're not great uncover got from, but you know you're not to choose. Despite these divisions, as the Washington Post Biden is poised to make his mark on American Catholicism and the next four years, the country will see, as President go to mass every Sunday take out a rosary at times of kind, patient and quote his favorite childhood nuns and catholic poets. The watch and try to navigate polarizing issues of special interest to his church that John F Kennedy never had to take a position on abortion, algae beach, equal rights and climate change, among them. I've just a quick point here now, is my point by point is now I know many many many many believing Catholics are people who are deeply vertical mass on a regular basis. Not one of them looks to Joe Biden as a catholic leader, not one day. He is a political leader,
who happens to identify as Catholic, although he's been refused community at least a couple of churches because of his position on abortion, I am frankly in a state of bewilderment is how he has not been refused communion everywhere, given his position on abortion, same sex, marriage, and not only that, but because you type morality of same sex marriage, not just its legal status, but also his, is that a boy can become a girl in a girl can become a boy means are completely violated of catholic doctrine. you take whatever position you want, but I just find it weird that the Washington Post, trying to turn them into a catholic leader, But the Washington Post is really saying is the Catholicism would be great, except for all the Catholicism involves their religion his great, except when it comes to doctrine. Jade, Hendricks, former executive director of government relations. At U S, conference of Catholic Bishop set most people don't pay attention to bishops they do to the US president. president is almost diametrically opposed the most basic human right that creates problems across the board. How bishops addressed this is tricky, but if they don't, President Biden can redefine the perception of what it is
catholic and good standing, as I mean a- would be about time for religious Catholics to stand up and say no we are not going to be paying attention to Joe Biden, commitments on issues like abortion, speaking of which are just a couple of logical corollary to Joe Biden, political positions when it comes to sort of radicalism of the Democratic Party just want at one point this out, so Joe Biden literally, in a town hall, the nine year olds should be able to decide whether there a boy or a girl that not only does not job with the Catholic Doctrine he's not drive with human reason or biology, so there there's a tweet that came up last night, and I thought this was just a fascinating three, because it does show the logical conclusion like the logical and point the less, but the leftist position and by our biological saxon gender. So there is a. There is enormous.
no transit activist in science. Writer named Zinnia, Z, Jump TV and the sweet started a viral last night, even those about where we can have old- and here is what the tweets as if children cannot consent to puberty blockers, which pause any permanent changes, even with the relevant professional evaluation. How can they consent to the permanent and irreversible changes that come with their own puberty with no professional evaluation whatsoever? This is literally a position that permanent changes are fine as long as you're, not trans an inability to offer informed consent or understand. The long term consequences is actually an argument for putting every singer Sis and friends, person on puberty blockers until they acquire that ability and then because vessels wild you Hegel. If you follow. What does this person is saying this crazy person? This person is saying that, because sex is a sign of birth rate, the language that the left now uses on a routine basis, sexes
birth. When you have a baby you're, she can tell the gender is something Charles Blow said on Twitter the other day, and I laughed at him for it. He suggested that have a baby comes out of the moon, you ok, maybe the baby girl. You can actually say that baby is girl, because the baby made her now boy. You can have a gender of your party based on an ultra sound, because gender is chosen later is of his friends activist is saying: ok, if that's the case of gender chosen later than shouldn't. We put every kid puberty blockers, so they are not forced by their hormones into the uncomfortable position of being at odds with their chosen gender. Why not make his generalist widgets from the time that they are small, their hormones Forced them into the binary decision between being a boy and being a girl. That is what this trans activists to say now. That sounds crazy, because it is easy, but it is totally logical conclusion of the position that gender is chosen and that sex is assigned a birth. because if you see human beings as general is widgets and sex as a biological nuisance- and this is the logical position- is
the logical and point now nobody on whatever talks about logical employ because they don't want to talk about the logical and point the moment. You start talking about logical and points for these positions, the entire position completely false but this person happens to be hitting the nail on the head. If you believe the children choose their own, choose their own adventure and presumably should puts every seven year old in America. On puberty blockers today have the freedom to choose what they are boys or girls. This should be the position we another radical position that I noticed- and I think that is worthy of note. Noah burlesque is a personal rights for NBC News, meteorites think pieces for NBC News. He treated out the other day quote: parents are tyrants. Parents is an oppressive class like rich people or white people law to unpack right there so note nobler, latchkey I believe, a white writer for NBC News who apparently not earning a low salary errand of yes, kids. If he does what could he's fifty years old guys. I assume you like
at a certain point or parental issues are gonna have to be solved, but parents are tyrants. Parents is an oppressive classic rich people or white people. When, once you take the position that the government knows better than you do, how to raise your own trial at the American Federation of teacher should decide exactly what your child learns and that whatever is the prevailing leftist ideology. They ought to be cram down on parents. Parents really don't have autonomy to decide what their kids should and should not learn. In fact, parents You can have autonomy to decide what public schools and their kids do. While the idea there is that you are, you are, in fact, liberating children from their parents. This is a sort of marxist trope in becoming manifesto Is this idea that parents are in fact an oppressive class and that you need the state to liberate children from the bondage of their parents?
now in the real world. Here is how we see all of this. There is accepted tradition brought down over thousands of years of human history. Human nature is fundamentally unchanging. Parents are there to provide the established wisdom it to their children overtime. People can determine that perhaps an established piece of wisdom is false, but that requires careful consideration. Parents are not an oppressive class. Parents? Humble liberate you from the shackles of barbarity you ve ever met a child. You understand, the kids cannot be trusted to do anything. Parents need to be there not only to provide for them but to guide them in the confusing process of growing up. But if Europe, a believer in the idea that parents are oppressors, The children are innately, wonderful and not only innocent but good, and that is only the shackles of society to make them bad. These are the peasants positions you end up with the state. Should the brake children from their parents, the state should allow children to decide what their gender is. Now all the sounds crazy. It's because it is crazy. It is crazy.
But you watch anything that is crazy becomes mainstreamed within five years within five years. This all will be part of the mainstream. Discussion will be when it should puberty, in that the purity blocker conversation about whether kids should be should be having puberty blockers, whether or not their France. That stuff is basically already on the table. I mean when we are talking about judges mandating the parents be who dont want. There could have you revoirs, give their kids puberty blockers at the age of ten means. One parent disagrees with the other parents or when it declares themselves France, its wealth and judge, decides that if a parrot refuses to do that, then the can use to be taken out of the home is already happening in some areas of Canada, for example. That is the case that is being made now. How does any of that DR all, that gender ideology, all that belief about the evils of parenting and the good of the state of that is buried deep within the sort of moderate veneer of mine's philosophy- I just want to get added, or he doesn't want to think about it, because you might come to these sorts of conclusions. Eventually, the hard left welcome. Those can,
regions if they think about a long enough. So what I would like to know the UN is how any of that jobs with things like Catholic doctrine or history, or for that matter decency. How do these things become mainstream? They become mainstreamed when the media decide that assigned to silence you about these particular issues. Now it's him take a while on. This remains the leading edge of the radical left was pretend this is the main stream democratic party position. It is not mainstream democratic party position is the boys can become girls, and girls can become boys, not that we have demanded puberty blockers for children, but that children should be able to get puberty blockers if they declared themselves a member of the opposite sex. But it's not that far a move from one to the other, and it is not the position of the Democratic Party that parents are an oppressive class. It is just the position of the Democratic Party that, if chop protective services decides that you are raising your child, not in it not in accordance with the proper woke ideology that you're bad parents and they they should show up to train. We educate children read this again
all of this is the sort of exaggerated form of the moderate and argument, but it's important to recognise the exaggerated form. The moderate argument, because does shed light on what he moderated argument actually is in so many of these cases you're, seeing that near seeing exactly this relation captain radicalism in moderation inside the actual formal democratic party, these days you're. Seeing me I'll break out between the economies of the World and Joe Biden of the world had Omar, for example. She said yesterday that she's angry that that the radicals don't have a big enough seat at the table. Dory they'll get the big enough to eat. They will eventually may take a couple of years. you. Watch Senator Bernie Sanders says that he doesn't think the progressive movement as a big enough seat at the table with the binding team. Do you agree with him? I do, and this is you know what we have been saying and asking for we worth.
gently in trying to make sure that the people understood that it was important for us to get rid of trump, but to have someone who was going to be partner with us in governing for profit. In our country and we continue to be hopeful in having that partnership. Ok, so you watch, the radicals are the March had we know by way that the radicals around March, because ill humor and retreated to the ministers who are campaigning for Raphael or knock. You know who else is campaigning for Raphael were knocked down in Georgia, Joe Biden he's campaigning. a guy who's openly Anti semitic down, Georgia and who hangs out with the legs of Linda source or by the late rough outworn. A new piece of footage of yesterday, the Senate candidate in Georgia, he appraisals vera combination of Islam as important, which is interesting, because Louis Farrakhan has suggested that Jews need to be fitted to experience a little bit about genocide. Stuff here is here is rough. I Warnock in two thousand thirteen, because now, when you get when in two thousand are genes praising the nature of Islam, The nation of Islam is sick,
If we can, but its numbers don't come anywhere near The membership of churches. It's it's. Waste has been important and its voice has been important even further development black theology, because it was black Muslims who who chow black preachers of good stuff there from Raphael worn out. This is the person the Democrats are trying to put into the United States Senate other Democrats of again prominence during the this moderate Europe in Democrat Thinking, TED Wheeler to TED Wheeler that mayor of Portland, he actually apologized, I'm not kidding he apologized for mantling you autonomous Zone in Portland, they try to create a Chaz drop in parliament, had wheeler sent in the sense in the troops basically and said no you're, not doing that will now. Apparently he has apologised.
and in their negotiating with the occupiers. This hilarious is all according to read: I Mississippi. That is the EU. That is the protest group. The daily work, Last week the wheeler ordered members of the Red House Autonomous own to leave or face eviction by force after protesters. You ve been occupying the land around red House for several weeks, so that makes of barriers and declared in space. Indigenous land Wheeler announced that Poland, police would use all awful means to clear protesters from that home according to organ public broadcasting. At the time we were went so far as to say, as did that heat, that he would end the illegal occupation ever read house now says the mayor has apologised for the incident negotiations about the protesters and the homes owners and protestors reportedly agreed remove barriers surrounding the autonomous zone. We confirm the negotiation and a subsequent eel said. This agreement is an important step for the escalation and a long term residents
for the neighbourhood and can he family? I maintain the measured optimism. We can accomplish this step and move to the next steps to advance the safety and well being of the family and safety of the neighborhood, yet had wheeler standing strong for moderation over The Portland and the moderate in the Democratic Party in the question is when they will cave not if they will cave, because it would seem one thing among Democrats. They never move back to the central for very long. It is always a stopgap holding move until they move rather I should like to watch for that to happen in the near future. Cheered on, of course, by the members of the mainstream media Eddie join us later for two additional hours of the Ben Shapiro Show or while you wait check out the Michael moles show on daily, where I come right now, he'll be discussing president from final pathway to victory adventure here this is, and your garage if you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you wanna help spread. The word please give us
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