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Ep. 118 - The Media Discover Trump Has A Penis

2016-05-16 | 🔗
The rise of alt-right panderers, Democrats lose their minds in Nevada, and Ben Carson says silly things.
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So last week gives MOTO reported that former Facebook employed ease finally admitted what we conservatives, always tacitly news of a company used leftist editorial procedures to tempt down all the trending conservative topics and disadvantage stories from conservative website. Here's gives moto quote several former Facebook news curators, as they were known internally, told gizmo, Oh, they were instructed to artificially inject selected stories into the turning these module, even if they won't popular enough to warrant inclusion or in some cases if they want trending at all. Among the deep, sixth or suppress topics on the list. Former Iris official Lois, Laura was accused by Republicans of inappropriate Lee. Scrutinising conservative groups was causing governor Skywalker Popular NEWS, aggregator the drugs, port Chris Kyle and former Fox NEWS contributor, Stephen crowded stories covered by conservative outlets, including bright Bart Washington examined, or a news met. There were trending enough to be picked up by the algorithm. They were excluded
unless mainstream sites like the New York Times and the BBC and CNN also covered the same story. So now, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, has invited bevy of conservatives to meet with him in Menlo Park. California chat about all of this, even though his tablet employees have denied the accusations. Look, conservatives have pretty good he's into a ten with a list of demands which demands like Facebook, committing to an objective algorithm for choosing trending topics, facebook seizing discrimination against conservatives and conservative outlets. Facebook redressing is past bias against prominent facebook. Conservatives, like Stephen crowded, and then a dollar spent by conservative on Facebook should be treated in exactly the the exact same way. Is it our spent by leftist on Facebook marketing? The meeting, in other words, is worthwhile so long as conservatives Golan with real agenda, but naturally pro trump websites like ripe, our news and the drugs report and Gateway We have chosen to lie about the nature of the conservatives. Go into the meeting instead all those outlets have a pretty good reason to be sceptical of facebooks motives.
Conservatives should be, and several of those outlets at least two of them were name there. But the meeting isn't about Donald Trump. Nonetheless, you're the headlines about the Facebook meeting from those programmes website gateway, pundit quote Facebook founders, Sucker Burg, to meet with conservatives this week, but only Anti Trump conservative prep, our news, Glenn Back antitrust conservatives to meet with facebooks Zuckerberg Drudge Report linked to bright Barton, who was there line Anti trump pouring court conservatives in Facebook meet up it's a conspiracy, unjustly all the other anti trump conspiracies, the elections being stolen in the media. They came from Two billion dollars and free media want to stop in promoting the nomination and it's the Jew who, just like all of those. The conservative, supposedly pro trump conspiracy theories is nonsense. The hill reported this morning quote: bury Bennet a senior advisor to the term campaign will rub sent Trump during the meeting on Wednesday. By the way. Those of us who had heard about meeting new but had been invited long before they reported it.
Ripe. Our news was invited to, but this almost have been some big antitrust conspiracy. So this is how the Trump move that worked. They take issues that are important to conservatives and then they pervert them into litmus test about the Orange God king in the process, to let the apparent bad guys in this case Facebook off the hook and they split conservatives into pro trumpet antitrust factions offer publicity. Offer political gain and then as a capper. Those like con man, Stephen K, banned in a bright by news of whom from says Quotas Steve is involved. They will be good. They say there Turning down the invite, because quote free speech is not for sale and neither our way I'm bench of euro- and this is the venture bureau- shall attend to humanize people care about you feeling alright those are busy weekend in there's lots of amusing Trump material to get to and lot of amusing stuff. On the democratic side to get to everybody's focused on the never trot movement, less people seem We focused on the never Hilary movement among folks on the left, Bernie
there's his crowd is not thrilled with Hillary Clinton, we'll get to all of that, but we start today, with his lay breaking news bright part Sunday night wrote a peace, they put up a peace that look like this and look like this. In the end, the headline which he carried it folks cause you're not subscribe. Fourthly, should subscribes, you can see everything were doing, it makes. The show twice is awesome and three times is wonderful and that's an exact calculation. De the headlines has built Crystal Republican, spoiler Renegade Jus prepares third party effort to block crumbs path to the White House. This was the big headline of rubber Barton COM, renegade drew, and we re the Jews were somewhat perturbed by. Thus the peace was written by a former boss David Horowitz. So this is too for employers in mind, getting together to do something, deeply terrible and stupid. So little
first go through the peace that they did Horwitz road. Then we'll get to why bright part does stuff like this now arisen, incipient a nascent, anti semitic movement inside the Trump camp. We ve been talking about it for months here, and this is just more evidence that that is being pander to buy folks bright bark. I'm kind surprised David, because the reality is that the David trying to call people out on their Judaism is a little bit we're. So here's the thing. I'm orthodox see this. This means. I'm orthodox the funny had on my head. That means have an orthodox. You live learning Comic, Every single waking hour, essentially, unless I'm showering or sleeping ever, then I went away, but every single waking hour I've been wearing this yamaka. Since I was about eleven, I was married in Israel. My wife is israeli American to become a citizen. About four years ago, on Saturday, we held the Brittany law Bris for my baby right and all the Trump supporter spammed me after they found out about the birth with with nasty and his material, because this is what a lot of trump supporters do
I've spent my career fighting boycott divestment, sanctions from Israel and the leading critic of the Obama administration on the first person in America to call them anti semitic and anti jewish. Been shy, calling out Jews, who, I think, our siding with the with the bad guys in the political scene. I wrote a column now spent five years, probably call Jews, in name only about Jews, don't care about Israel involve based on abortion in same sex marriage. I also back Donald, you been watching the show or listening to it. You know why don't back Donald Trump, but on a jewish basis back and because I feel no compulsion as a Jew tobacco man, set an open debate. He makes no moral distinction between the Israelis and the Palestinians, who finds ignorance of the coup, Klux Clan and David, Duke uses to wrap up the around deal he's one of only two candidates in the republican race who refuse to say that they would rip up the IRAN deal. You flirt with the anti semite Hitler loving people on Twitter, who refuses to denounce Anti semitic, death threats against journalists who refuses to stand by religious freedom, restoration ACT to protect Jews and Christians who treats willingly
garbage and lies nonstop shifts his positions of time and insult the disabled in Kyoto. Sorry as do this doesn't seem like its indicative that I must support that. Guy pillar is terrible for Israel, just terrible for the Jews is terrible for Israel he's also terrible for the Jews. What's worse is that Trump is carving the heart out of the only problem Israel Party, the Republican Party, is carving the heart out of it and replacing it with this heart of stone of Papua Cannon. There's this isolation is anti. Israel a jewish policy, but according to David horror, what you're running age you if you dont backdrop so the whole article is specious. It's really not good article at bright bar, but the last paragraph is the one that where he talked about wise talking about Bill Crystal being Renegade Jus for trying to start a third party. Here's what you It says I am a Jew who has never been to Israel and has never been zionist in the sense of believing that use can rid themselves of jus hatred by having their own nation state. Ok, first of all, if David horrible I truly believe that that's what sign is he doesn't understand Zionism, so right off the bat he's disqualified himself. Sign, as was never about the idea that once there is
we state everybody would leave the Jews alone Zionism, about the idea that no one would ever leave you alone, including when there was a jewish state. So you need a jewish state, so people have a place to go when they don't leave Jews alone. Right now, was about it, was founded by the our hearts and, on that basis, after the trial of Dreyfus in France, Zionism is about the idea that use will be persecuted everywhere. So they need a homeland somewhere. That's what Zionism is about is wrong on that right off the bat tore. What's contingencies half of world jury now lives in Israel, the enemies Obama and Hilary have empowered around the Muslim Brotherhood. Hezbollah, ISIS infamous have openly sworn to action, when at the Jews gag I'm with you, I am also an American and an american first, whose countries threatened with destruction by the same enemies to weaken the only party that stands between the Jews in their annihilation when between America the forces intends on destroying her is a political miscalculate. So great in a betrayal so profound, as do not be easily forgiven. So I agree with all of that. I just think that the people were carbon. We had our heart out of the Republican Party,
Donald Trump benefit. Those are the people who are weakening the only party that stands between us and the break beyond this, and I wanna get personal David baloney. As people renegade Jews sort of necessary David's enough agnostic. Raymond David doesn't believe in God, doesn't believe in the Torah. Dave doesn't believe in the punitive he doesn't, but that does not make him a bad person but it certainly makes it weird that he standing on the Moses Mountain holding the tablets. I m sorry, you don't get to do that. Really! make your renegade jus too, do not from it s, sort of make your renegade Judah reject every fundamental basis of Judaism and then say: well, as a Jew acts you can say as it is westerner? I don't like. I think the trumpet be better for Israel, then than anybody else, but did as a Jew thing. When you know believing Judaism, it's a little bit awkward. Ok, that's David's article! Then there's bright bark, so these are two different things: David right to peace and David sort of assumes, because I think David is not internet sophisticated. He assumes the bright part. Is what
part was bright. Part is not what it was bright. Part is now in all right, white, supremacist, pandering site, and that makes me super sad to say, because I was involved deeply in bright parts rise. I still have love for Andrew, Bright Barton, his family. Of course there are still people who are working there, who I once concern. Friends are the less of them now and then bright bar has become the a site that specifically pandering to the sorts of people who see a headline like renegade Jews and immediately start tweeting knotty means that's that's what bright part does they they openly pander to the outright milo. You know was one of the writers he's a guy who is openly embraced the all right. This is what he wrote, ways that there are many things that separate the alternative right from old school. Racist skinheads to me often idiotically compared, but one thing standards and out above all else, intelligence. Yes, that's varying urging their skinheads who are smart. Now I feel more comfortable, this all began and towards the common section of ripe dwell. I was and while I was there in those running antitrust stuff, every com
was about what o clock. I was in all this nonsense that plus the anti semitic step now it's filtered up its filtered all the way to the top of the editorial action. On it's gotten so bad that even Jack Hunter was a paleo conservative. A former Pappy cannon ran Paul, die right, he's written how the alright supported by break our quarters went to a racist, a whole, wrote that on right by what right does they play this game? The same game? The trump plays and it's a game. They should spot unimportant game. The game is this, They run these editorials that are against the rights they can say they gave both sides. Hearing I trumped does this to some sort of pandering to the all right in Paris. The anti Semites into the racist into the k, K, K and then he says: ok, I'm they're, not my people, I mean I don't have anything to do with them, really brain buddy anyone be intolerant. Bigotry shut down the debate there more than be brave parties to take their clicks from the outright the alright knows what they're doing and from his happy to take their support, because two premises know what Europe is doing what're you end up with renegade you running, enjoy
letters across a site to pander to the all right people who like making Nazi means revisit. This is what they do and No, I'm sorry, but did David Horwitz during our term renegade due to oppose trumped up to describe people who opposed trump Pro Israel, conservative grounds bad break are used. Language to drive the septic system. The segment of its base is, I think, significantly worse. I want to start with dad today, because I think that this is going to become a larger and larger issue, and it's it's really that this whole cycle is just heartbreaking for people. Like me, on spent fifteen years, you have my lifetime in this movement. People made friends all across the the conservative spectrum to watch as people I considered pander to some of the worst people on earth is really quite terrible. Ok, so, meanwhile, speaking of Donald Trump Donald Trump, an article in the New York Times today about Trump and in talking about from history, with women, having discussion before the show within clay then, and Andy and Jeremy boring his managing editor.
Daily. Why we're talking about this in your times article and It isn't it an interesting article for a couple of reasons. First of all, what they say is that Donald Trump has a history with women, but then they don't talk about like the really bad stuff he's they talk about basically how he was womanizer and acted like kind of a sexist like, for example, the apparently, open with this story of this woman, who was a who, I guess, was in one of his eye issues in one of his swimsuit routines and and so her name is Brewer Lane rosy, brewer land, I think romance Berlin. Rowan get real Andrew or answer apparently whose having a pool party at and there are fifty models and thirty men, so he apparently took one of them. Ran Berlin in the back room and he took He started showing her round the mansion. He asked if she had a swimsuit, she said no He took her into a room. He opened drawers and and asked her to put on a swimsuit she's, a twenty six robots fugitives from Ashton. I went into the bathroom and tried one on. It was a bikini I came out and he said well.
And then he decides show her off. He brought me out to the pool and said that as a stunning trump girl, isn't it Miss Berlin said and then the New York Times as Donald Trump and women, the words vocal, familiar cascade of casual insults, world from the safe distance of a twitter account a radio show or a campaign podium. Ok, a couple of things, their real things that Donald Trump says they're about about women. This one does not rise to the level of truly terrible personal she consented to putting on the beginning. I didn't want him to trigger like a piece of meat you could have said no also, hired to be a model in a pool party, so I mean assume that some of this goes along with the gig. If you're here, to be a model of the play by mansion, and somebody says you: if you have no girl, you can go up and if you hire You had to go to a Trump party, then your trunk girls. I did this is but the whole article is about stuff like this, and I just I don't buy it now I will say that there is a tendency for people to go too far in all of this. There is a tendency for people who say that stuff that actually is gross, that he does
is not actually grows because he's just being a man. So, for example, the article berries like this one to me as much worse and Lindsey. Lindsays, our official woman of the bench of Russia So Linsey, you tell me if this one's wars Temple Taggart The twenty one year old, Miss Utah was startled by how forty was young contestants lycra. Ninety ninety seven, as your calls it he introduced, himself in an unusually intimate matter. He kissed me manner. He kissed me directly on so I oh, my God grows. He was Marilla maples at the time. I think there are a few other girls that he kissed on the mouth. I was like wow, that's an approach, to me a lot worse as an actual unwanted physical touching? That seems to me a lot worse. Do me a lot worse then come on give you a tour of the mansion. Here's bikini put knowledge. Put in an oh, you look good in obtaining correct she's model therefore, that here she's model but you're not there'd, be made out with by the guy who's running the thing right so that is an apparently then told her tat. She should go to modeling agency is enlightened, better age. You should say to choose: seventeen, because that would make it easier for her to get modeling. Gigs
an end to their there's some stories about how he was not particularly nice with with women and their stories here about a preoccupation with bodies. This is one of the sub headings. Preoccupation with bodies possessed in almost compulsive need to talk about the bodies woman. He worked with. There's one woman. He was working with and she He apparently said to her one point: you like your candy, because she was overweight and apparently hee hee hee hee only wanted to feature it's beautiful employees and all the pictures in the sort of stuff. Ok. So this is not like wonderful stuff is not delightful staff but that the idea This is the worst stuff that ever happened. There's an actual, credible accusations, Donald Trump actually raped his first. Why? right I mean that was actually made in a court filing she later backed off of it, but that's more Evelyn and more damaging than any of this stuff, but the media are so interested in getting from their willing to trot. I mean if this is what they ve got. This is weak tee. If this is the best they can do this week to him in saw the time at his office in from towered from seemed eager for his colleagues to hear about his new companion, Miss Mabel.
For his colleagues to hear about his new companion, Miss maples when the new post feasted on her suppose it satisfaction with him in bed. Should the headline best sites. I've ever had MR trumpets unabashed. He absolutely love that he waved around the office. Did you see this erosion work. There was kind of war. If I'd we offer made him look bad, he didn't. Why would that make him look bad she's model and true saying it's the best actually ever had I'm not sure that their I can count on one hand the number of men who wouldn't be proud of that has looked at. It admits that just silliness up, here's the thing they're so interested it like this so stupid. They're, saying, for example, that he calls women HUN endear, really really like that. That's that's really where it is. That's that where does so vainly bury the rape accusation to the way down in the article. Ok, so here's the thing all of this is gonna backfire, because, most but look at this men and women and legal advice will be surprised. What does mean trumps image for ever? He was posing on the cover of play,
for years and years and years ago, this guy who's on Howard Stern show all the time are we supposed to look at him calling and hung endear and that he's done stop in business. In this campaign I mean he called it a reporter he's entries bleeding out of her wherever he tweeted out of it. Or of his opponents wife, so that she was ugly like mine, was to be shocked by any of this. That is with me you do and then it backfires on, so apparently that Rowan Lady, she apparently she was for small trump women do not age, while I'm just gonna say that this is the fervour, those against each other, although full trump here she's not age, particularly while, but she's on America's election headquarters, on Fox NEWS, she's that she's the after photo in the Trump wives, collection and Indeed, the anchor on the left is: isn't it the trump before photos of the Trump wives collection, as it here is Rowan, the format from girlfriend gosh you dated from talking about how the New York Times socratic context. What was your reaction when you read this article yesterday
Actually, it was very upsetting, while I would not have been rated at all well because the New York Times, told us several times that they would make sure that my story that I was telling came across, they promised several times They would do it accurately. They are told me several times and my manager several times that it would not be a hit peace, and that my story would come across the way that I the chilean and honestly added absolutely was not what did they get wrong? Well, they did take quotes from what said, and they put a negative connotations, responded to wear. It appeared negative did not have a negative experience with Donald Trump, and I don't appreciate them making it look like that. I was saying that it was a negative experience, but you know very well right. You dated em for several months. That's correct! Yes,
and he was never never made me feel like- I was being demeaning anyway- he never offended me in any way. He was very gracious ice. Him around all types of people, all types of women, he was, it was very kind, thoughtful generous. You know he was a gentleman. Ok, so whose gentlemen everything is great and the media is out to get him. Ok, so all the speeds into the perception that trump his victim is a victim of the media and all of this back fires on on the media, who are trying to get him and all of it ends up benefiting him in the end, even stories that are there clearly just ridiculous, all the sense of benefiting him, because people look at US nickel. Really. This is the best you ve got on the sky, so here's another example. So, apparently, twenty years ago, Donald Trump was asked about his sex life, basically by the New York Post and then you're, a post called him up word
are you people magazine? There's reporting ensue cars. What was ninety ninety one and she called the Trump office seeking an interview with Donald Trump she'd been assigned? cover the soap opera surrounding the end of his marriage to Evanna his budding relation. Marilla maples and is rumoured affairs with a bunch of slow parties who appeared on the gossip pages, so cars will not return call from from publicist okay. So this is the audio from Spain was, you may notice that towns suspiciously like someone else will you may have heard a good deal about. This is Donald Trump publicist. Miller is from ninety ninety one talking to sue cars. While people magazine trot Try, why
what's goin on he started I'll tell you one thing going: well, probably What everybody wants to use not only themselves who goes on for fifteen minutes later, the yes Nets, Donald Trump. Looking at the boys Donald. From Vienna. Actually so Trump does. What trump does, which is you just lie Eventually they ask him about this on air, and they say: is that you and is no? No, it's not me he had,
it'd openly and ninety ninety one that was him rises, but now he say wasn't him and he got Katrine appears and you ve saying you want TIM indefinitely? Definitely wasn't him he'll, everybody just drops words like frankly and totally and the very best and tremendous right The everybody's drops these words in normal conversation. This is the thing that they do apparently according to the Trump camp. So the medium big deal out of this? It is it's a ridiculous, stupid, unbelievable story and demonstrates just how egotistical and narcissistic he is as I tweeted over the weekend, the rest that Hilary is not able to how to him and he's not able to outdo hers. Cats who takes the high ground in a battle between lie, egotistical, narcissistic pain in the ass like who exactly gets to take it moral high ground there, the medium nuts over this over the weekend, most people look at this and they laughed like it's like yeah, it's crazy and yeah, it's ridiculous, but it's also get crazy and ridiculous? Who cares? Who cares and
and so what you're seeing here is the media's attempts to to get from an enclave and talked about a lower today media's attempts to get were actually back firing on the media now, because there so desperate to get him. They don't know. They're they're they're, like up like a small child. The minimum babies have a reflex now baby mode, examine Putin beat on by a thousand times between the last podcast in this one by the, but babies have a reflex, which is that if you and doctors test them on this, if you, if you hold them up by their hands- then drop in legal, and they kind of that kind of Spaz out dwell that sort of what the media's booby trapped there now lashing out in every possible direction to get this guy, and that includes not going after lowest hanging fruit. Like he's a corrupt charlatan like he's a wire like he's, not a conservative like he's a bad guy instead of that they go to well. You know His bikini models were not happy with how he treated them and he masqueraded. His own pr man and ninety. Ninety one
in Dublin was raping people a ninety. Ninety one Michael Kippers, its it's so silly, and this is why trumpet fitting Pollyanna Ford, who is trumps, Putin agents, Slash campaign director, Pollyanna Fort says that says the Trump has has Hilary has a bigger problem with men and from does with women who says that's. Jake Tapir This is it. This is one of these conventional wisdom. Factually correct! Yes, there's this: hi negative on the part of proper and I just come out of a very spirited contest couldn't get high negatives too, and when you look at the recent court of vehicles came out last week which show trunk winning and in the in the floor then, and even aura, slightly headed in Ohio in Pennsylvania. You look at the gender. Ass. The real gender gap is a male gender gap on the part of Clinton, where she's got a bigger disparity between her support for and with men than Trump has with women. So it's an issue. It'll be dealt with we cover coming through a healing process. This is when we're unifying our party, the National Poles, of all,
Joan closure were Trump now is either one or two points, behind, or one or two points ahead. So this is way early and still already were seen, convergence on the part of the electorate without shop, and they meetings with the hill with the leadership were very pleasant. Ok, so he sang it we're all coming together. Everything is moving in the right direction. Donald Trump can become more conciliatory. Hilary has a problem with me Ok, it is true by the way that Hilary has a problem with men and I point this out. I are little pamphlet about how to twenty sixteen election and actually sort of back that from strategy we have to win a few more white voters the win more men, because if the it's gonna be tough for you to close that gender gap with women, except on the safety issue, Hilary clan an alienates men. This is true both personally and politically. Hillary Clinton is now
somebody who's going to draw a lot of men to all of this is true. None of this makes up for the fact that Donald Trump is, in fact not a conservative. So it's it's it's hard to watch the selection unless you watch it accommodate rhyme and basically Walter Kerr is it has a cam. Stand Theatre a Walter said. Is it comedy? Is the notion that every comedy and tragedy is that caused the tragedy? Is man reach? as for the star but he's bound by his is his mortal being? Is we're all in the end, we all die right. That's that's tragedies that we do our best, we and we try to create, but in the end we will end up in the ground. Comedy is the idea that we try to do our best to try to reach for the stars, but we all start right that sort of the idea. So this is the You can see this election is common here you can see it is tragedy, I've been varying between the two German tried, the rest of the way to see more comedy because otherwise, just u depressing, you know, we'd, we try to reach for the little stars and we end up with the political cancer of of Trumpets Clinton, origin in order to political, fart or supply.
So far I mean the only good news about comedy. Is that at some point the far end so that That's one of the reasons why I prefer her prayers election cycle to move quite quickly it it's hard not to its hard, not to laugh when, when it's Donald Trump masquerading as zone his own pr guy now that the idea that that the party is coming around tromp, it's one of the more disturbing things that I've seen, because what I was always afraid of what I was always afraid of is that you remember. The old, the old Mary Poppins spoonful of sugar makes medicine go now. I was Fred, that this room full of Trump makes the absolute horrible crap that he believes go down among conservatives and so a lot of the terrible things the down from believes in and said those things will get pushed off to the side. You'll see people that you respect, stop pretending that conservatism is ok with a lot of things. The Donald Trump does simply because they don't like Hilary and they just want they did prefer to have from
Hilary you'll see the soft peddling. How bad trump is in order to help Heller. Look, I don't stop pedal Heller. I think Heller is a disaster area. Having Hilary is is a moral demon. I think the cheese awful in every way possible awful. I also think Trump is awful in pretty much every way possible to be awful. Many has a significantly more. Author, Terry and strict and Hilary does. Besides he's an authoritarian but she's not stupid enough to believe that you can actually get away with it. He's done enough to believe that in get away with it all of it, which is to say changing the definition of conservatism to fit Donald Trump is, is really a problem. Is one of the reasons I think there has to be a concern. Movement outside of from your you're about to see all these conservatives starting to swallow stuff, they never would have swallowed just in order to help Trump and that's the part, that's disturbing so on the left. The part, that's funny, Is the media trying to get him with all of this nonsensical stuff on the right? The parts disturbing is the right is trying to write off. All of the the flaws and Donald Trump, because they're trying to make him winter rains previous
as number one that it is. The head of the currency used now number one trump lackey he is, he said, Paul Ryan, will indeed the speaker of the house will indeed endorse Donald Trump german programme. How confident are you that speaker, Ryan in the end, will endorse Donald Trump? And you know it? talk about a process. How long is this process gonna take listened I speak for Paul Ryan, but a, but I can tell you is that I think both of these guys came into the meeting expecting a good meeting but I think they laughed and it was a great meeting think they met a lot of progress and I would be in I'd, be surprised if we didn't get there. You know not not too much longer in the distant future? So I think it was a good meeting and I take politics where he wouldn't go: do a press conference and say the things he said just the same, hey you! He believes it any sincere, but he wants a make sure it's real. He doesn't want to just put on a shall we want to understand and make sure
there's a real understanding of each other. We before he makes that endorse. So he says they did their old gonna get together and that's going to of writing off all of the foibles Donald Trump secures previous saying that all the stuff that transport- in a life in there's a lot there? That's a lot more disturbing, then in him ogling women in Bikinis Raymond. As I mentioned there is the rape allegation. There's him find the sex slave island with Jeffrey Epstein. There's, there's him what what he said about his daughters in the passees is he's gonna get the guy the reins previous, as we should ignore. All of that nobody's gonna care about any that words. As you know, we ve been. We ve been working on this primary for over a year Chris and I've got to tell you. I think that all these stories that come out and they come out every couple weeks- people just don't care, I think people look. Donald Trump and say, and Hillary Clinton and say who is going to bring an earthquake to Washington D C
I think the bigger issue and when we make these judgments about people are whether or not individuals are throwing stones in glass houses and when people are hypocrites. Obviously That's when these stories have an impact, but I don't think Donald Trump personal life is something that people looking at and saying warm surprise that his head, our friends in the past. I thought what people look at a diamond trouble our little, I think, forgive me set traditional clave look and analysis. Really don't apply, but but forget me it's not whether or not he had girlfriends the quest. Whether or not he mistreated women, whether we made out unwanted advances, whether he humility and women in the workplace. I don't understand why you say that people don't care about that, and are you going to look into the allegations? What look letting people don't care about it. I'm just saying I think the real, and he's where he's add is that he represents something much different than
the traditional analysis of individual candidates and, yes, everything bothers me Chris, but I dont know the truth but these things I don't know their reading. Everything bothers me, but everything bothers me, but how about I dont know the answer to that. I am sure that the term campaign will deal with that. I'd have out there but that's all I got we're gonna write it off because he's our boy not real, and that, as a general rule, we're seeing a lot of that happening right now. One of the things that one of the myths that I think it is really quite amazing that states that out there is that the period of the anti from people that never try The reason we're doing this is for the money. The reason we're doing this is because we've been paid off and then let's look at this for real okay. The reason that the Trump people are This is because they have been paid off. Ok, the reason that a lot of these from people are doing this is because they ve been paid off. Let's take, for example, been Carson so bent Our cities, you recall, was called pedophile by Donald Trump on the campaign trail Ben Carson, has openly stated, the Donald Trump was gonna, give him a slot in his administration, probably Secretary health and Human services if Donald Trump becomes president. And yet here you have bank
and lecturing people like me on a moral level. Why can't you Baxter, it's a moral, not backdrop? It just shows how corrupt you are not a backdrop areas, but never Some people have said from the beginning. Donald Trump is not concerned is not operational, concerns promising truth and that neither tellingly some the Mitt, Romney and Mark Cuban might make good Thorpe Third Party Canada's run against Trump. Are they more conservative in Davos is more cuban more conservative. Donald Trump, I'm getting confused. Well, in others, a level of arrogance there. That is almost incomprehensible. We have a system- place that allows the will of the people to be expressed. Now these people come along, so the people- I know what you're talking about kids get get them out of here, where the one who now HU, the nominee should be, and I hope people Taking note of that and who these people are on the table, he said that he doesn't want to do it. In fact, it seems like the never trump people are having a hard time finding somebody
who does want it and want to get your thoughts I mean. Is it? Is it too late in the first place and what ensure that Hillary Clinton gets? The White House of course it would the fracture the party and that's the goal of some of the people who were actually prefer to have Hilary and place because she's unknown quantity he's one of them. I think a lot of people have recognised that there is a political class. It consists of both Democrats and Republicans
an independent who believe that they are in control and they should maintain control really having right is new and cannot cases. Donald Trump is part of that political class, but I loved and Carson Right a guy who's basely bribed to join the Trump administration. Now going further than the arrogance of these people, even thinking that they can go out there in the stump against Trump. That's that's just it's almost incomprehensible, almost is almost as arrogance is running for president on the basis of no political knowledge or experience, and then continued run for weeks after my campaign ended. But it didn't end. I just wanted a nap in Florida in the middle of a campaign. Amazing, I may, as well as being of people having paid off Pappy Cannon, hasn't been paid off. Pappy cannon is seeing for the first time his voice. If he now ascendant in the Republican Party, Pappy Cannon was discredit, years and years and years ago, as a cook as an anti semite Pappy Cannon is, is really a nasty things
but he's back he's back in his back thanks to the Trump, and here is Pappy Cannon, saying the pole, Ryan is spoiling things there spoiling things for everybody it so terrible Reagan did grenade, they all came home and the economy jerk off, and they all went along with his army K. What Ryan is risking doing play the Nelson Rockerfeller Spoiler role show up at the convention. You ve gotta condemn extreme, as we can have this majority. You wind up a dead dog along with George Romney's Father Nixon, went all out for a guy who disagree with go. In nineteen. Sixty four and wound up
with two nomination for president and the new majority by a walk. All Ryan is now our what a charming bunch. Those are the twenty years ago. They did those it does a work, but but not nodded, not a great look for Papua Cannon and whose that Eleanor Cleft, I think, maybe, but in any case, there's Pappy cannon laughing it up, because Paul Ryan and company did they have to just stopping Nelson Rocket Our personal trump is not Goldwater. Ok, you're gonna compare Nelson Rockefeller Ryan. You have to make Trump Goldwater Goldwater was a small government guy, like a small government guy, so small that he opposed the Civil Rights ACT in nineteen sixty four on the grounds that it forced private businesses to desegregate read that are forced private businesses not to engage in two Crimination Red Ass, a small government golden I wasn't goldwire wasn't racist right, that's, but this is the way to Pappy Cannon operate. Swinging PETE. I again more people been paid off new Gingrich. I is
Clearly, lobbying for the GPS, Latin saying so openly, as you were, either with us or you're, with Hillary Clinton I'll see any way that either for every plant lawyer for Donald Trump, if you're not for Donald Trump, your functionally helping everyone just that straightforward anything. If I don't vote for Hillary, my functionally helping helping Donald Trump like how does this work exactly? If you give me a choice between a coke and a diet, pepsi- and I say I would prefer the water is- that helping coke or is that helping explain, but there there's a real reason: the Gingrich's doing this. He says he wants to be trumps. Bp, obviously very curious, Yes, I have a lot of speculation about your writing. While you were above the snow not about it, this is what I do for a living. I know you didn't think I was above it there's a lot of.
Becky elation that he is going to ask you to be as running make now. If he asked for you, you certainly get us a yes of Amsterdam, certainly going to say I want to surround talk about it. There is an automatic. Yes, you have to think through what Does he think the job involves? And if you indicates, as I'm sure that's what you're gonna play a bigger incomes close to me that its doable that is a serious and that we will in fact contribute. I think, we'd be very hard pressed not to see Of course you say yes, that's the whole reason you're doing any of this. You used to be a conservative and now you're following a nationalist populist down this line, because your discredited a couple of years a girl. You are somebody was irrelevant a couple of years ago, and now, your back and and that's what's happening. A lot of people you noticing a coalition of the dispossessed friends, not the conservative, dispossessed, it's a bunch of people feel like they were marginalized, another coming back and happy cannons and the new Gingrich's using a lot of people who are coming back. Who were so from the political graveyard, its neither the walking dead and republican land, and a lot of these people are coming back because from his revitalizing
and I was gonna trot around the inert body of of new Gingrich in order to try and gin up, conservatives support so again all of this is is mildly troubling, but it's, but we can laugh at it, because I mean this just how corrupt politics always is in the part. That's that's. That's actually kind of funny about this is that the term campaign claims they're, not corrupt. They claim that most on it, campaign ever in their trotting out campaigns, or it gets to whom they ve already made all sorts of promises. The Chris Christy's in the Bin Parsons transcends the king Adele We also cannot pay off. So the idea is that its people we oppose him or being paid off is really quite ridiculous and absurd that they're doing it for the pay off its. It's amazing anywhere on the democratic side of the our utter chaos is breaking lose, so the only thing that can make Donald Trump palatable candidate is the fact that Hillary Clinton it's a wildly unpalatable. Some looking at the latest poles and here's. What the latest polls show Rasmussen, which is always biased, Republicans a little bit has trump two unclear NOS forty, one thirty, nine thousand late April, and then there was
Vienna or see Poland and cleaned up thirteen. There is the PPP Paul. That's the the public policy needs democratic poor. They shall Clinton up six Then there is the gravest pull over the weekend. They chose Clinton up to forty eight to forty. Six is going to get closer before it starts to separate again. The reason it so close again is not because Trump is such an earth shattering candidate, although he does bring the heat as far as the media. It's also because Hilary just ignore she exudes there's I'm the word, for it just exudes and so look look at what happened over the Nevada Convention at the Nevada Democratic Convention. The democratic national convention was breaking down because Nevada Democrats, who did not back Hillary Clinton, Feel dispossessed disenfranchised and they are
ticked off hears. Look like Who, in other tax breaks loose back here and they are literally Lincoln, was basically what happened here? Is the deep sea right instead Debutantes Mitchell, she says she's, nothing! You do. This is the state convention there choosing they are choosing carcass members and burning. Their supporters, wanted. Sixty four rejected protesters delegates and is going to real, clear pilot
listen in a minority report prepared by their campaign. They wanted them to be able to participate. Selecting delegates from the national convention this lady, as you saw right, their declared a voice vote and then arbitrarily just declared what the result of the voice, but was anxious eyes, and Gunnar anything right. There is clearly a candle no more, nor is the need for sure she has declared over smacks the gavel down like oh, I didn't like builtin slapping models. Ass engage, takes the gavel, whack and then in his watch hovel pissed to watch out the wrecking bar in it's in. There there's hit us inside the Democratic National Convention inside the Democratic Party. Here's an affair the convention later and using look, you got disenfranchises Zander supporter. Minority report as chairs on the challenge of sixty four sanders. Delegates, contrary to the procedures, the precedent set by very nearly
Sixty four people were presented with the opportune to be heard by the committee or to demonstrate. They are registered Democrats, we the undersigned, duly credentials, I should say duly appointed credentials, committee members and submit a minority report, the challenges, the decision of the committee. Without an opportunity to be heard, no darling, it should strengthen the action financial services it besides. It's all sorts of chaos over on a democratic side of the I also what's making from competitive is the fact that Hilary so terrible. What Hilary competitive is the fact that Trump is so terrible and so will just laugh our way to the Armageddon to the apocalypse at both of these crazy care. There is an end: it is amusing, Barbara boxer, the sender from California legitimately dumbest woman in politics. She was at this Nevada Convention and in here. She is whining about being booed,
Romeo. Marty, it has now been dead and another barber boxes of gases in the Democratic Party do so, while the media's focused on the cast inside our party, which is worth focusing on them, when a party has Jones ETA chaos, the last one more election cycle, the last one more or less and cycle, and then this sucker breaks out into the open doesn't get very ugly for them in about four years, so right now, they're gonna that together, because this is their last wailing grip, but after this things are imagine if you permit actually been stopped at the convention. This would have just bubbles
another four years, an unbroken less so in the way, it's better that he he takes the nominations we can have this battle now better day better. To get this out of the way I'm somebody who believes that you get the bad about the waiting at the good stuff. The Democrats are hole it offer another four years, but things will get very ugly on their side of the iron. Ok time, for things. I like him in some things that I hate to things that I like I'm in the middle of Robert Chaplains Book, the revenge of geography, and it's very good. It is based Clearly it his argument about how we have all these highfalutin ideas about foreign policy going in human rights saving People- and we have to understand that strains of geography that that there are real policies on the ground are not just ideological, but that are actual physical geographies on the ground, making it difficult to control certain areas of the globe, and our machinery may not be comprehensive enough due to do all of this without a long term occupations we found out in Afghanistan and other things that I like Clarence Thomas Supreme Court Justice, the most concerned
sprinkle just as the best Supreme Court justice. I think he was a better thinker than just Scalia. School is about a writer, but here is just as Thomas talking about political correctness, graduation ceremony and- and this is the sort of clarity that we lack and into much our politics as you go through life, trying to be the person who factions teach others how to be better people embarrasses reach out to that shy person who's, not so popular stand up for others when their being treated unfairly and small things and large take the time to listen to that friend whose, having a difficult time, do not hide your faith and your beliefs under a bushel basket, especially in this world. That seems to have gone
add with political correctness, treat others the way you would like to be treated. If you stood in their shoes, El Capitan, stamina, any this is basic, smiling stuff, basic common sense that what is missing in both parties. Now I treat others decently. No threats of violence, no incentive, rising riots, no attempt to put the government gun to somebody's head. Does you disagree with them, and these are the basic truth in it, so what I fear being lost on both sides of the political. While I always thought it was their aside and what troubles me what's happening on this? Ok- quitting that I hate is MSNBC gas, trying to explain why it is that we should all be totally cool with men and women's bathrooms. Her name is Leah Ragoor she's, an assistant professor at Harvard Kennedy, school business and she's a he or she is acting to Obama's order that all public education facilities allow Stew
to use the bathroom that matches the gender they identify, what they have to change their sacks. There are now two changes on the birth certificate there and change their name. Nothing. They just get to say here's, how eyes and speeding and maybe a note from home or something and which will never be forged, cascades, never forged notes from home. It's never happened. I've never done that agenda an agenda, and here she is explaining why conservatives are gonna, have a problem with us at this is a hot backing issue amongst conservatives, this is not necessarily an issue that needs to be said that that shouldn't be kind of our I mean it shouldn't be a radical thing to find when and what conservatives really need to do right. What they need really need to figure out is. How is this different from this? rights, movement of say that nineteen sixty rate, many of them much of the language that is being used, is identical to language that is being used in the nineteen sixty Lasorda. Ok, just because you're using hijacking language of the nineteen sixty doesn't mean that the underlying factual the same it turns out that sex and race are two very different things. It turn
the race doesn't have a lot of connection to anybody's capacity doesn't have a connection to threat level doesn't have a connection to anything. But what does have a connection to how people behave? Is your sacks? It turns out that these things are relevant this is why it was explicitly stated in title mine of the civil rights at all. These people are now trying to pervert that there would be separate facilities for men and women ended, listen, if your play this game, especially women are no. I women are on board with this. This is this. Is it for women to go along with the idea that now everybody should hold by the same common standard? The understand There will never be a women's basketball team. Again I don't know women's baseball team. Again all the restrooms will look like garbage, because men will be paying on the floor. I hope that you enjoy. All of this, I am beyond all that it really is. Evil had left targets, children for for these sorts of for these sorts of moves, because what they do is they. The kids are easily confused, Kids need guidance and there's this idea on the left. The people are inherently its here's. The amazing thing
they assume that sexuality, gender identity. These things are unchanging in unimparted by the environment which people live, but your sex is totally molly. So I can change your man into a woman, but in my head every change it all based on my environment, so they figure. Ok. If we go into a public school- and we too Kids, that they can be either a boy or a girl depending on what they want to do. That's not gonna confused kids were eight. That's not going to confuse kids, who are seven, and by that I am confused kids at all. As aren't we take no authority away from parents, going to lead to human suffering, because these kids were always gonna, be transgender nonsense. Nonsense, but they do is they tie? the children by claiming that protecting a couple of kids, we have to protect these couple of kids. You have a mental illness, we have to protect them from other appeared, kids being cruel to them, which is again such silly nonsense. The fact is that nobody is in favour of DE and suggesting that a girl who is a girl go to the bathroom and the girls room. If a girl think she's a boy, she is much more significant wife issues. Really
then it'll significant mental issues and in health issues, then, where she peas, when she's at school the idea. Is that you're using the victimized children these couple a victim s, children order victimize, all the children are making them victims of this society, the secular society that never exists, except in the perverse heads of the people who put it's a battle against reality by the left, but they never stop battling against reality. What will be back with more tales from the crept tomorrow? answer, and I am sure that there will be a lot to talk about Donald from his apparently challenged the premier stir of great Britain to an iq test to an iq off, which is how IQ test work, but he would know that if you had a high won, the war will talk that tomorrow, always last. Talk about here in from America a bunch of euro. This is the bench of Hiroshima
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