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Ep. 125 - Captain America Is Gay And A Nazi!

2016-05-26 | 🔗
The left decides to destroy Captain America, Donald Trump entertains, and why Ben hates "Frozen" but loves "Pinnochio."
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Well. The left is out to kill Captain America first, it was the internet campaign we talked about earlier this week to make Captain America gay it ridiculous, stupid, moronic hi I of a popular american icon who is we designed for children and teens in order to serve the left, but that now, the editors of Marvel themselves have announced that they're going to make clear that Captain America is a bad guy and he always was according time magazine. Captain America, Steve Rogers Number one will make clear the captain. America supports the founded Organization Hydra and that he was always a double agent. Marvel executive, editor Tom Brevoort, explain what it means on the most fundamental level, the most trusted hero. The Marvel universe is now secretly a deep cover. Hydra operative affect it's really own known to the readers and to him that makes every interaction he has with anyone take on a second later, a second meeting. So what drove all this? According to time, having caps talk openly about the threat of muslim immigration to Europe and illegal
immigration to America's borders? That makes him ripe for Hydra here's Brevard again, he says quote: we try to write comics in twenty, sixteen that about the world and is Zeit Geist of two thousand and sixteen particularly Captain America. Any peril I have seen the situation real or imagined, living or dead is probably intentional, but metaphorically not literally, river goes on to say the captain, America, the face of patriotism is turning. Because what we want to push that button, he says there should be a feeling of horror or unsettledness miss The idea that somebody like this can secretly be part of this organization that are perfectly normal people in the world, but you would interact with on a professional level or a personal level and they seem like the salt of the earth, but then it turns out they have some horrible secret, whether it's that they don't like a certain group of people or bodies buried the basement. So folks, this is what happens when the original values for which Captain America stood american pride and patriotism. Defense of constitutional liberty become unpopular with the left, do you want to do things they have to make Captain America elected leftist or gay,
make clear that he was a villain all along, because America must either be converted to left is, or we were, the villain all along. As Brevard says, quote: Captain America, because he's straight head to toe in the flag has the larger symbolic meaning than many other characters in and Gore fashion. You wanna make his event about where America is and where the world is so here's the problem. The last can't play this game indefinitely most. Americans, don't like the idea of a patriotic captain. America is a hydra, they don't think America. Historically evil. They don't think patriotism is evil or the pointing out threats of benighted islamic cultures. Make you not see and they're not going to keep patronizing movies or comics, where the bad guy is America or we're free, good guys become bad guys just because they stayed the same so watch for to twist the store, the back into place. It will make captain hero again, but not before he learns. Of course, it should be more of a leftist the traditional right wing there. He always was that's how they play the game and Ben Shapiro. This is the best
period, so there's a lot of things tend to demonize people who don't care about feelings all righty, so here we are Donald Trump is he's doing his his campaign. Charm offensive and it's working. Donald Trump is he's really good at a bet, several things that have to do with campaigning campaigning, since Basically is one year and a half two year long reality show benefits. People who know how to work. The camera trunk clearly knows how to do so he's on Jimmy Kimmel last night and he's very good at this he's very good at that. So here is Donald Trump, with Jimmy Kimmel, on ABC and and Jimmy Kimmel asked him about debating Bernie Sanders. Here's the question from burning. He asked Hillary Clinton backed out of good luck out of an agreement to debate me in California before the June Seventh primary right. Are you prepared to debate the major issues facing our largest state and the country before the California primary? Yes or no? I want to know if you will debate yes, I am. How much is he going to pay me?
you would do it for a price. What we have, because, if I baited him, we would have such high ratings, and I think I should give take that money and give it to some worthy charity of. So if it was done for Carol, you would agree to pay. If you paid- and I saw my report- a charity, I would love to do that. So what? If the network put up the money and then you guys can happen also, that could have been saying that should happen anyway. You know when we did the right public debates at the I twenty four million people, the largest in the history of cable television CNN two weeks later, had twenty three million people, the large just in the history of sea, and I think of it c, N N, with all the wars and all the things a cover for it's the large just audience. They've ever had the largest. Yes, everyone cable was Fox a couple of weeks before I I must say you know. I think I have a lot to do with that. Okay, but I said: why are we getting paid for this and give the money to charity? And I actually, as you know, I've been saying this for a long time get paid, give
I need a cherry, picker charities and give the money to check okay. So there he is it's just ridiculous and and and and he's you know what he's saying here, that he debate. Bernie Sanders they give the money to charity. First of all, Donald Trump just had to be shamed, giving money to charity from the event where he skipped the Fox news debate. But but this is good tv, it's good tv and he's very good at this now was funny is that he says he'll debate. Sanders Sanders immediately comes back and says: yes, I will for sure Debate Donald Trump, it's a win win. Both of them is the truth. It's a win for Donald Trump Debate, Bernie Sanders if he can even mildly hold his own, because Bernice is it going to be the nominee? So what exactly is the cost the elevator Bernie Sanders and Hillary's expense to makes Hillary look like a coward, and then you is out there and he invades against the seventy three year old socialist. It's wildly entertaining big ratings. He doesn't look terribly herbal teas on side. Bernie Sanders looks good to his own side, Trump, maybe even wins over some sanders. Voters like it's a good move for Donald Trump to do this naturally within
twenty four hours he's walking in this back and now his campaign says it was all a joke from the beginning, and so now we're here kind of conflicting rumors at this hour was at a joke. Was it not a joke? I mean it's pretty clear from the tape. It's not a joke, but it doesn't matter. This is Trump Charm offensive and it's working so, for example, is, is in the charm. Offensive means that he's no pandering to all the people who watch ABC, which means pandering to the left. So Donald Trump is good at this when it comes to tv he's also, somebody who conservatives should should know is not going to stand up for their values. So here's Donald Trump asked by Jimmy Kimmel about the transgender bathroom issue of very easy moral issue mention abusing women's restrooms. Women should not be using men's restrooms and here is Donald Trump shying away from the controversy. Together, but were you saying if you vote personally remember in New York state that you would vote for the that Well, the party generally believes that whatever you're born that's the bathroom years. Well, what about you and what may I say, let the states decide and use a letters. You personally support it. I think not what I said
for now, what I support is let the states decide and I think the states will do hopefully the right thing and what's the right thing, don't know yet I mean I don't know. Honestly. I don't know it's a very it's a very stupid thing to be focused on don't we have much bigger the world of slowing apart there are lots of bad things happening happening and it lot a lot of, but you know what it's something has to be discussed, but I say let the states decide right. Alright, alright, No I'll give you an na on network, and then he gets big applause for that right, he's very good at this, but notice there's a very clear answer. He won't give it because he knows the camel won't like it and Kimmel. There knows how he doesn't care if men are using ladies bathrooms, or vice versa.
It's also true media treat him with kid gloves, and you can see that from camel there see. I think you do, but I mean he's actually feeding him the lines kennels feeding lines. So Feeding the lines from left Sean Hannity is feeding trump aligns from the right makes Trump a very powerful personality here and Trump. Is we go to this again? Here's Donald Trump talking about Hillary Clinton, in two thousand and eight I want to get this right. You said you thought Hillary would make an excellent president and his recently as two thousand and twelve. You said you thought she was terrific. What did she do let me just explain to you yeah. I will. I will tell you when I'm a businessman had a beautiful beautiful recently recently, where they trump is a world class business been all over the world were doing jobs. I speak well of everybody if people about politicians I well so when they ask me about Hillary she's, wonderful, that everybody is wonderful and that's the way it is and including contributions asked me for contributions. I give countries you are full of and in a
goes right along with it, because he's good at this right and Kimmel hits him, but it's, but it's a soft it. So you're full this when you said in from yeah basically yeah. Basically this is the butte playing a role like Donald Trump does is beautiful, beautiful symmetry to playing Donald Trump's Drop Donald Trump. Does the clown nose on clown nose off routine that Stephen Cole Bear Jon Stewart did when there on comedy central when they say something It's lie or something that's untrue or something it's vicious. It's because they joking or they just want being serious and when they say something that serious, then you have to take it seriously, because the clown noses off so, but they get to decide post back. You whether they were being a clown or whether they weren't being clown here, is Donald. Now, I'm being this moment, I'm being serious four years ago, when I said all this about Hillary, then I was being clown right then I was just then I was just fitting because that's what you have to do as a business person who does it some more right here again. All of this is really good. Tv trump is great at this he's great at this. So what it comes down to is, do you trust trump? really because in the end, if he's elected on the basis of this of this sort of campaigning, you have to trust that deep in his heart he's a guy
is going to do stuff for you, as opposed to being he's, always been a guy who does stuff for Donald Trump here is from talking about. I use aliases in again notice how he's able to get away with all of this easily right any other we can to get smacked over. This trump is able to get away with it. But to me it's it just like. It really is yeah, and if it was you, I think it was a very funny thing to do to call the guy had take, the ringer you over the years I've used Alias and when I'm in real estate, and especially when I was out in Brooklyn with my father, and I want to buy something and honest. Nobody knew who Trump was at that time? No to me, so it wasn't so much so important, but I would never want to use my name because you had to pay more money for the land. If you're trying to buy land, you different names, what name for daily use? I would I actually use the name, Baron and I and using my son, because I made a very good deal using that name. I used an alias in terms of setting up a meeting with Mister Donald Trump and it was and many people in the real estate business do that you use alias and- and you have
from the otherwise they find out at you and they charge you more money and nobody wants to pay more money. Ok, this is the Trump Charm Offensive, no notice he base. Least admitted again that he lied when he used the the fake voice before right. Is it wasn't me, I didn't use the fake voice, he income of those. I think it was you- and I think, is really funny when you did and from basically yeah. I guess the kind of stuff, a lot and just website because Kim likes him, but he's able to get away with it, and all of this is good, for any republican candidate, I mean if Mitt Romney had been able to get away with. This might be president. Now Trump is quality at this there's just no doubt about it. He's really really good at this in a way, so many other people aren't he's funny he's amusing he's entertaining. All of this is true. All of this is true and it's you know. All of that said all of that said. You know you really have to trust that he's going to be the guy who he pretends to be during this campaign. Now what's interesting, is that Trump is Trump's benefiting from two things: one he's charm, and he's funny on tv and gets away with. All of that and, on the other hand, he's running against a left, so
out of their minds that everything that he does is is basically him just pushing buttons he's pushing ends on the left by being funny and entertaining and he's pushing buttons on the right just by pushing buttons so he's doing it. On the basis of contrast, President Obama is a broad right now is over in Japan as an Intel bomber started took the time to rip Donald Trump said. The Donald Trump was not interested in keeping America safe here, as President Obama, they are paying very close attention to this election. I think it's fair to say that they are surprised by the republican nominee They are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements, but they're rattled by and for good reason does a lot of the proposes that he's made display either ignorance, world affairs or
a cavalier attitude or bore an interest in getting tweets and headlines instead of actually thinking through what it is that is required keep America safe and secure and prosperous. What's required to keep the the world, I mean the keel okay. So what what's interesting about what trump? What what Obama says? A couple things one he's ripping all of from for being a reality. Star Obama is a reality star right, he's the guy who does interviews with people in bathtubs full of fruit loops. Like actually did that he's he's with the with the late the clothes out, Lady who Beijing fruit loops in an interview with her. He does this kind of stuff all the time he was just in Vietnam, but he didn't episode of Anthony Bordain eating six dollars noodles with Anthony Bordain. He is a reality tv star, so it just doesn't wash. But the second thing that's interesting: there is the way that Obama talks about foreign affairs. He sounds like he's put in the rest of the world before America. He
What about everybody else's reaction to the United States? And then he says Trump doesn't do what's necessary to keep America safe by the time he gets to. That is an afterthought right by the time he arrives at Trump is going to keep America safe. It's an afterthought. He start with all of these other people around the world, don't like Trump in their rattled by Trump and Trump. Come out today and he says. Well, maybe it's good that they're rattled by me. Maybe it's good so you have, on the one hand, President Obama and then, on the other hand, you have Trump was trying to create a sense of loyalty and trust in him. An Obama and his and his ilk make it easier because Obama is out there saying that all these other countries, don't like it don't like Donald Trump and Donald Trump, is out there saying. Well, I'm the ultimate patriot and that's really why they don't like me so watch how clever this is Donald Trump's rally last night, an at this rally last night he's told that there was no time for the national anthem watch how he responds. This is so clever. I got here and they all said. We have a great crowd. We don't have time for the NASH
The last time I said yes, we do. We have time for the NASA and we have a young lady that is going to sing, and I said what are you doing she said. Well, I was supposed to Sing, but they had time because of the television cameras they couldn't do it as it guess what we're going to do the national anthem? Ok, so Sherry Wilkins come up, Jerry come on chair, okay and then they sing the national anthem right. This is great campaigning. It smart campaigning and it's again drawing this natural distinction between people who believe America comes first and then people like Obama, who don't believe America comes first now. The problem is that Donald Trump's brand of national- is utterly unmoored from the constitution of the United States and we'll get to that in a second. But when he's running against a left at clear he doesn't care about America's future and he poses himself as the America First guy, it's very, very smart. This is all very smart campaigning.
By Donald Trump, and meanwhile Hillary Clinton continues to prove over and over again that she has no capacity to put America first. She puts herself first and she does it very clearly. I think Trump by the way puts himself first too, but he wraps himself in the flag, while he does it so Donald Trump's rally last night, he says crazy. Bernie is right. Hillary Clinton is in trouble because of this new inspector general report, which I'll go over in just a second, and we have a person running for office who is not equipped to be president, she doesn't have the temperament to be president she's got bad judgment, she's got horribly bad judgment and the It was stated by none other than crazy bro honey. I mean Bernie, Bernie said. Bernie said that Hillary Clinton has bad judgment now, if you look at the war of Iraq, if you look at what she did is Libya, which is a total catastrophe e and by the way, and by the way.
With Benghazi and with our ambassador remember, let me tell you something: if she wins Ann, I hope she doesn't, but if she wins you better get used to it, because you have nothing but turmoil and you'll have nothing four more years of Obama, and you can't take that Our system in our country can take our system in our country can take it America first, these people are not pro America now it's true. Hillary isn't right. Hillary is about Hillary first and foremost. So there's this new inspector general report, that's out from the state Department, and I went through it yesterday about eighty three pages long and I went through it and basically this report says that Hillary is a giant liar that she created her private email server for her own personal protection. Not for any other reason so, for example, the report says in November two thousand and ten Secretary Clinton and her deputy chief of staff for operations discussed the fact that so
Hillary Clinton's emails to department employees were not being received. The deputy chief of staff email, the secretary quote. We should talk about putting you on state email or releasing your email address to the department. In response, Hillary wrote quote: let's get separate address or device, but I don't want any any risk of the personal being excessive. Meaning she doesn't want anybody at the State Department to have access to emails that she doesn't want them to have email access to two. So she she wants to control her entire email output. By the way the ig also reports that all emails from Hillary Clinton- all emails from Hillary Clinton between January 21st, two thousand and nine. When she became secretary of State in April 12th, two thousand and nine have disappeared, all of the ones that she sent in that initial three month period, there gone right. There just go and she also claimed by the way that she's the blackberry for convenience. She was told that she couldn't she continued to do it anyway. She said she was cleared by the State Department to use this personal email server. She was not the office of Inspector General says openly the secretary never requested or obtain guidance or approval
to do any of this. There are legal penalties to all of this, so this is all hurting Hillary Clinton, even among people on the left, so Wolf Blitzer has on one of Hillary spokespeople. About her emails in here is Hillary spokesperson who's just trying to explain it away. It looks as if she's got something to died when she doesn't even want to answer questions from the inspector general of this data problem now look Well. If, if she had anything to hide she, volunteering since last August to go face questions from the Justice Department, where the stakes will be much higher than this state ig investigation and, as I said, the appropriateness of the State Department IG's office, conducting this review at the same, time when the Justice Department was already looking to the same issue is an open question. There were questions raised about this office during the course of its investigation. There were reports about individuals in this office coming forward and suggie testing that there were hints of an Anti Clinton bias and that's inside that office. All of that
it's interesting: are you accusing the inspector general of the State Department of having an Anti Clinton bias once again, this inspector general is named by President Obama actually well, if I think report today backs up much of what we were saying includes an appropriate amount of context about how widespread the use of personal email why this is nonsense. The report really really hurts her and it's clear. Even her allies are beginning to look at her and realized that she's corrupt charlatans in the here's. The thing about people like me who are not from fans at least we can say our principal folks on the left who backed Hillary they're, not principle again, they're, not did that all then when they look at people like me and they say well, you know your party selected Trump yeah, but I didn't and you people are going to get behind Hillary. Even Hillary's allies are beginning to look at Hillary scans now Andrea Mitchell, over on MSNBC is a huge Hillary fan. She says that this report is devastating it was not allowed to not return those records before she left.
The State Department, she violated the official records act according to her own state department, IG appointed by President Obama. What you have shown just now, Micah is completely undercuts the argument. He's been making for more than a year, just as she is trying to persuade voters that she's not uh That's where the I think that that was surprising and in some ways shocking thing is their reaction, claiming that this is the same as what former secretary did the comparison there making to Colin Powell? The facts are that Colin Powell was the first secretary of state to ever use email. He used it specifically. I try to launch the Be state Department into the new century and try to get people to communicate by email. He was using it as an example. He did use a personal email. He didn't always a separate them, but it was a completely above board. Everybody in the state of argon knew what he was doing. It was not in fact
violating a rule that was put in place under Clinton, not not after she left me. This was in place. Also, imagine an Andrea Mitchell is ripping Hillary up and down. This is a site. You never thought you would see right. Hillary is so corrupt that even Andrea Mitchell is ripping her up and down CNN's Dana bash. Doing the exact same thing saying scandal really really hurt Hillary Clinton. This feeds directly into the narrative that her opponents Bernie Sanders on the democratic side and, ultimately, Republicans led by Donald Trump. In a general election will be hammering her on an in politics, it is the existing narrative and the ability by opponents to feed into that that is the most damaging. Okay in this is totally correct. This is totally correct, so juxtapose these two things: Hillary Clinton, bad on tv, not personable, not interesting, not funny and totally self absorbed,
with Donald Trump who's going out there at the beginning of his giant, rallies and saying that he wants to sing the national anthem, even if there's no time and he's going out on national tv and he's saying that we should give money to charity. If you wanted to bait me, let's give money to the poor people, it's it's a bad drugs to position for Hillary Clinton and the bad juxtaposition keeps getting worse because protesters in favor of Hillary and Bernie Sanders keep doing things that make Trump look good, so mean, for example, here's a piece of tape you're about to see. Anti Trump protester dump water on a Trump fan, only one one, two issues once and one of us at two, this Trump fan happens to be in a wheelchair. Our cameras, not someone throwing water at a trump supporter passing by in a wheelchair man, shouted back asking officers to help him out well good. I these people have no clue what really goes on. I guess they're even going to lie to themselves about what they just did to a handicap person. Who has a
right to rally for the other side- and this is totally right- this is totally right. So this is why Trump is doing well. Now, all of that said it's important to recognize that Trump's brand of nationalism, his brand of patriotism is an empty vessel, is an empty vessel into which he can any policy. He wants so long as he wraps himself in the flag. Everybody as well at least he's wrapping himself in the least he likes the flag, as opposed to Hillary and her, and we've now got politics for third graders right. It's it's. It's two opposites two opposing parties and you have to buy into one of them. Otherwise you're a traitor. The cause there's only one problem. Ok, Donald Trump is again he's still unpalatable an I don't listen. I don't want to hammer this home, but but every day I'm going to call it like. I see it so we're going to get here I'm going to call it like. I see it. I was asked yesterday by somebody why don't you just tell him down the criticism of Trump now that it's a general election Don't you want Hillary to lose? You hate Hillary. I hate Hillary. I also think that Trump is a bad guy and I'm going to call it like. I see it, that's my
asian here, I actually will give you both sides. You get to decide if you think that that Trump is too bad to vote. For that your decision, that's my decision is that I don't want him becoming the leader of my ideological movement, which is his goal. Is we'll talk about right now, Donald Trump says by the way, He wants the GOP to look different now. So what do you want? The GOP to look like he says quote five hundred and ten years from now different party going to you're going to have a workers party, a party of p They haven't had a real wage increase in eighteen years that are angry The workers party, I mean not not to put too fine a point on it, but perhaps the workers of the world should, I don't know like you night and all that after loses their chains right I mean this is what I've heard whenever people, talk about a workers party. Typically, what they mean is the government coming in and taking money away. From some people and giving it to the workers right the workers, the idea being that, if you're a speculator on Wall Street, if you're a hedge fund manager, if you're a business person, if you're somebody who makes money and finance if you're a lawyer, if your doctor, if you're, not a worker right, then then you have to be punished
because you're, not the guy in the rust belt. That's what Donald Trump wants to build- and this is what Donald Trump is going to fill this sort of empty patriotism he's got within its M see because damn it because my patriotism is based on the idea of american exceptionalism in America is not exceptional 'cause we have different borders or because the land is so great. America is exceptional because of the ideals upon which it was founded. Basic conservative ideas about the nature. Sort of man and the nature of government? That's why I'm patriotic unpatriotic, because I believe in America's founding ideals, are the greatest found ideals ever created for any country in the history of mankind. And that's why I'm an american patriot Trump doesn't understand those ideals. Trump is just for America, because America is where he is and what's funny is that Barack Obama once said that he believed in american patriotism in the same way that a greek person probably leaves in in greek patriotism or british person, believes in british patriotism. I'm actually believes the same thing. He just actually believes that right Trump actually believes in the flag and motherhood apple pie, but he doesn't.
Understand why he doesn't understand why, and so what that means, that he's taking the content out of conservatism and replacing it with just the the image of the conservative he's the face of conservatism, bodies of facade so just some examples of that. Yesterday's rally, he speaking in Anaheim and after he does the national and thirteen, which is fine again. I like it. I think it's, I think it's a great piece of theater. I think it's also a good thing to do. You should start your should start big rallies with the national anthem. That's wonderful and, of course, draws the natural juxtaposition that fame picture of President Obama, supposedly not putting his hand to his heart during the national anthem, in the two thousand and eight race and President Obama statement, he doesn't wanna. Wear a flag pin because he thinks that that's devaluing he draws that contrast, but here's the real trump the Trump is the guy who says the Republican Party must be transformed into a workers party, not that we're going to use our ideas and appeal to working women who need jobs and can only be guaranteed those jobs by a free economy. Who is going to be the man who stands up for the working class he's going to make them?
This is the make your head swim, so, first, more more audio of Donald Trump. We we've done this before, but Donald Trump is the kind of guy who threatens protein. So he does that yesterday, but he does it in the way that he always does the half joking Donald Trump Way, one hundred percent. I get him outta here, get him out in amount get him out out out out out. Don't hurt them see you when I say: don't, hurt him ice, hey there for the television cameras. Do not hurt him, even though he's a bad person. Folks, bad person. Ok, that's your Donald Trump! That's the guy! That does that sound like basic.
Founding principles of free speech, to I mean the implication pretty clear: isn't it he's a bad you? If the cameras weren't there and I'd be saying something different, but since the cameras are there I'll sort of say, okay well, you know, you know, don't hurt him, I'm saying that just because you guys are watching but he's a bad person. Okay, the idea, don't hurt him. Even though he's a bad person like once, you drop the even though the rest of it doesn't really matter very much. So that's Donald Trump same rally here is Donald Trump, making promises that would Do you remember what the Obama phone Lady remember, the Obama phone lady from two thousand and eight right he's going to give me a car he's going to give me a house he's gonna give me a microwave is going to give me all sorts that he's gonna, be a phone he's going to give me everything, I'm not going to have to work again. Everything is going to be free. Donald Trump is about to make those exact same promises to the people at his Anaheim rally, s here. We go you're all here legally. You have houses, you have homes were going to. Keep your houses in your home, you're, going to have them forever and huge jobs aren't going to be taken away that by people that are just coming across
What are you don't know where they're coming from? And you don't know where? Okay and then He continues. Basically, he says there: your homes are going taking away your everything going to the same. Your job is going to be taken away. How can he guarantee that? The fact is that Jobs are not being lossed to illegal immigrants, there's not an it guy who's losing his job to an illegal immigrant. These manufacturers, Ohio not losing their jobs to illegal immigrants, they're losing their jobs to global competition, they are losing their jobs to the fact that you can buy the labor cheaper elsewhere and half the time that labor is cheaper in America down s right, not in Ohio, alot of the car manufacturer? gods, aren't in Detroit anymore there now in Mississippi and Alabama. That's where these factories are now being built, but there he is making promises. You can't possibly keep going to keep your house. When was the last time an illegal alien went to somebody's house through them out of their own house and then just sat there, guess not the way that the Well, that's not the way anything works, but he's making promises. He can't possibly keep because he's found in the new Trump Workers Party,
and then there's Donald Trump mocking Bill Kristol so Bill Kristol is the editor of the weekly standard bill. Kristol was famously a proponent. The Iraq war, by the way, Donald Trump originally backed the Iraq war bill Crist, has also said. We need to take a harder line with RON Donald Trump. Here is saying that anybody who is hawkish on foreign policy, all they really want to do, is just kill people and the reason that Bill Kristol doesn't like him is because Donald Trump doesn't want to kill people. So here's isolation is Donald Trump he's a real lightweight. His name is Bill Kristol from day one. This poor guy this poor guy. I watch him, but here's what I don't understand. Why do you keep pudding? Thai on television? That's been proven to be wrong for so many years. First of all, he want is the war in Iraq. He wants a wreck. All the I want to do is kill people and go to war and kill people. Even he knows it's not working, although he doesn't know because he's not smart enough, but it started, and I was against the war in Iraq. Let me tell you- and I am a tough cookie and we're going to have
the biggest strongest most powerful military and nobody's going to mess with us. Nobody, nobody is going to mess with us, but I I just happened to see this guy in one of the shows the other day bill. Chris, so he's got some magazine. I don't even know what the hell it is and and he's saying ha we're looking for another candidate. You're, looking well look at his sweating he's sweating, and these were looking for another can today Here's a guy that said Trump Is it gonna run if he runs he's not going to do well? He's gonna be out by September. Ah, no, he forgot one thing he forgot to ask. My friend said he forgot to ask the people that know me 'cause, those are the people that said we're going all the way. Ok, now ok, so that it's just this is from when I get it in his lies on top of lies here in terms of in terms of the Iraq war, he didn't oppose the Iraq war, Sir
do not in any loud fashion before the Iraq war. The idea, everybody who is in favor of the Iraq war just wants to see people killed, which is what he says about Crystal MAX. He says crystal just wants to see. People die, that's really all he wants. This is what you're signing up for your signing up for this wrapped in the flag So I guess it's. The idea is the wrapping yourself in the flag is a good thing and that the flag is a good thing. I agree, the flag is a good thing. It isn't. A good thing is bad ideas. Wrapping themselves in the flag and Donald Trump is a guy who is by middle of bad ideas, he's a bundle of bad ideas, wrapped up, Indiana veneer of patriotism, and that to me is actually more troubling than than even the the anti flag nonsense of Obama and Hillary Obama and Hillary. Don't like any of the any of this stuff right there, not America. First people, I don't think Trump is in America, first person in any real sense either. I think that he's an America first person in the sense that he thinks that what happen in the country matters more than what happens abroad. But I don't think that is an american first person in that he believes in american principles. I really don't think that's true, so you know that's the
twice the time people's hands- and I understand, as I said before, I understand I get it if you say every day I said this is now the official Ben Shapiro show disclaimer if you say that you're voting for Donald Trump, because he's not Hillary Clinton, but you see what a bad guy he is. I'm ok with that. I can deal with that. You and I can be friends. We can agree to disagree. If you start talking about Trump, is, though he somebody who's praiseworthy or trustworthy or Donald Trump is going to be. The Savior of the country or Donald Trump is going to come into office and he's now going to pervert conservatism in any way, and thousands of people who show up to his rallies buying into this mumbo jumbo that those people are not going to see, conservatism and something that it's not at least acknowledge the risks, at least acknowledge the risks of of what is happening here. But all of that said, Trump is very good at this, and, if you have to handicapped race right now you have to assume that if the race continues to go like this, then Hillary who a lot of problems. One of those problems by the way is Hillary herself. There is this meme, this, my bad that was going around and nobody
to be able to identify the source of this web app? But it's really it's this ad and if you can see this folks, this is why you need subscribe to daily wire. So this is actually two separate ads. Ok, the add on the left is a stock photo of a guy who I'd like to describe is beauty, make hipster and beauty mcchip store over here is going to smoldering into the camera, is going to big beard and he looks like a lumber. Sexual and he's got these sleeve tattoo and it says uh. With her. I am man enough to vote for a woman hash. Are you hashtag man enough for Hillary, right is what Hillary's campaign and then some people in Hillary's campaign apparently were were tweeting. This out, we're still trying to verify where this originally came from my end and couple of problems with the number one, this guys a stock photo and because stock photo. That means he's also appeared on a syphilis add in Portland, which is real awkward, so Hillary and syphilis the gift that keeps on giving, but second of all, Hillary, so bad at this she's alienating the very people that she's attempting to draw right
if you really want to draw men, the last thing you want to do is give them. The last thing you want to do make them feel emasculated, there's not a man alive, not a man alive. Who goes around saying. You know what I really want to want a woman to call me not enough of a man. If I don't do what she says, right. That really makes me feel like a real man down deep is when a woman orders me around and then, if I refuse to obey, she says well, that's probably because you're a big pansy yeah that that doesn't So Hillary is really bad at this some could very easily win this race, just because Hillary is so bad at this. Now that said, the polls in the swing states don't particularly show this. They don't show trump making inroads in Ohio. They don't show up making inroads in for exam, Wisconsin or Michigan or Pennsylvania all areas where he supposed to be doing well, but he's running a much better campaign. Then she has just on any objective level at this point, even if I think that his fundamental principles, are deeply flawed, ok time for some things I like well one thing I like one thing I hate and then the mailbag, so we've been doing children's movies that I like, and this way we go all the way back to nineteen. Forty seven is Pinocchio. Probably the greatest animated film ever made, and
Did the opening scene alone, the animation, the opening scene 'cause? This is frame by frame animation. This is when they were doing it frame by frame it's a beautifully animated film. Obviously it is an intel this film I mean this is not for really little kids there's a lot there. That's scary lamp like turning into a donkey is kind of scary. That's trombone! he is scary. The whale, the scary that it's it's not for kids, who are younger than seven, but the kids are older in seven, it's great It shows you the back. In the day this was considered. You know, good children's entertainment is a lot scarier than a lot of the stuff that kids would watch today. It also has principles moral. So there is this song. I've mentioned this: people in the office to Lindsays are denied, and she knows I'm going with us the song in in Pinocchio or Jiminy Cricket is singing to Pinocchio about you become the way you become a real boy. The whole the whole movie is about how you become a moral human being right. You wanna be a real boy. You have to be responsible for yourself and you have to make moral decisions, moral decisions, and so any cricket comes along and the blue fairy says he's going to be Pinocchio's, conscience and so
here's the song he sings about what you have to do. If you want, if you want to become a real boy, basically now. You see the world is full of temptations. Temptations yep temptations variant ruin things that seem right at the time, but even though right things may seem wrong, sometimes sometimes the wrong things, maybe right after wrong time are vice versa under lion, but I'm going you right, Attaboy pin Oak and I'm going to help you. And anytime, you need me, you know just whistle like this, like this, no, no try it again. I don't like this. No now listen
come on now, let's sing it and you get in trouble when you meet temptation, not just a little squeak pucker up and blow, and if your whistles, we yell Germany pick it, take the straight and narrow path and it you start to slide. You have a little person and always let your conscience be your God. That's the morality of the United States. When this movie comes out movie comes out. Morality of the United States is keep on straight and narrow path of a temptation. If temptation should strike and always later Con
beer guide, don't do what's up he's feeling good right, that's the! Why did the dirty uniques now now here's the most popular kids movie from today, the most popular kids movie from today is frozen and I hate frozen. I think frozen is bad first, I think it's just a bad movie. I mean the animations beautiful, but that's a given and the technology is good. Now I think it's a bad movie. I think the plot is bad. I think it doesn't make any sense, but beyond that, the morality that is promulgated in frozen the most popular song from this from this movie is let it go right. There's one everybody sings, Idina Menzel is singing this, or is John Travolta calls or Adam Acholi Faculty glue, and that and she she sings the part of Elsa. Now, of course, the gay left one to make Elsa a lesbian, because it was funny this movie came out. There are few commentators who said that this whole movie was basically supposed to be a gay metaphor. It was supposed to be and there's I don't think it's totally out of the realm of possibility, given the fact that the movie opens basically with this girl having issues right that are affecting her sister and the parents
literally lock in a closet for sixteen right literally, and she in the for sixteen years, and then she comes out and she let's it go right. So here is here's the morality forget about whether it's that till now left is it. It's always money left always has no! It's not about that hello. What do you think you? People are crazy now the thing the Wanamaker lesbian? Of course I so in any case the the but this. Song in particular drives me up a wall and the reason that drives me up a wall is because of this particular lyric and will play the lyric and you'll see the difference between Pinocchio and maybe argument in one thousand nine hundred and forty one Pinocchio between Pinocchio and and frozen
it's time to see what I can do to test the limits and make no right no wrong release gets right over it because it's just a lyric in a song right, no right, no wrong! No rules, I'm free. I know contract septic is one. Forty contrast that with Pinocchio, which
seventy six years ago, in in nineteen, forty kids in America are being taught temptation is not what you should be going for. You should be thinking about. What's right, you should be thinking about what your conscience would say. Now, it's I'm free, I'm a better person. I'm strong If I pay no attention to the rules, no right, no wrong, there's no such thing as right. There's no such thing is wrong. It's basic moral relativism right the end back in nineteen forty make sure that you do what's right right. Pinocchio says I want to do what's right and Jiminy Cricket says: that's the way Pinoke now it's there's! No such thing as right, right doesn't exist. Wrong doesn't exist. All that there's no rules. It's just whatever makes me feel good about me. This is why America's dying this right here is why America is dying, because these are both talk to kids. Is there both talk to kids? But if you talk the messages of Pinocchio to kids, that we can sell a considered, intolerant and nasty and close minded, because who knows maybe even oqo's idea of what's right is not your idea of what's right. Instead, we should. I'll, just follow. Our instinct will just follow temptation with whoever
and then we'll all be happier. We should never contain ourselves now there people who would say about frozen. Okay Elsa ends up being basically wrong chest yesterday. She has to learn to control her powers some point: none of these kids are going to be singing those songs. They only song. The kids saying is this one? Let it go is the most popular song for kids in America, and it has one of the it has the lady Gaga message right. I was born this way, I'm on the right track, because I was born this way is the new morality. The new morality is my biology says: do it temptation says, do it there's? No such thing is right or wrong. I feel free because I don't have to pay ten into the stodgy old rules that make sure so we can all operate with each other in a decent society. The stodgy old rules to make sure that we don't hurt each other or mistreat each other. So that's the thing I hate the thing I like to know the other thing I hate frozen okay time for some entries from the Mailbag bag, and we just chock full mailbag reminder if you subscribe through dailywire dot com to this podcast, as I from seeing this beautiful face. Also get to email me? Any. You get first priority in the mail back Austin right, hey then,
I was reading your article. It's textbook discrimination to force employers to violate their religious principles, hired mentally ill. I got to the part where you state it's downright fascistic. I use the MAC. Os X is dictionary to define fascistic it states having or relation to extreme right wing, authoritarian or intolerant views of practices. What do companies like apple have to game playing a war game being the most valuable brand in the world. Well I mean it's on anything the gains that apple is staffed entirely by leftist and the way that the input, the dictionary definition, is a left way right. The typical leftist thought has fascism is of the left, Jonah Goldberg a fabulous book, although real fascism, specifically about this fascism is, is not a is not a it's not an element that is restricted to the right Hitler was. It was social she's closer Bernie Sanders, then he was too then used. Donald Trump Trump is closer berries. By the way, the news to TED Cruz, so fascism,
to be an element of of the left, specifically because the right is defined. At least conservatives normal concert not reactionary right, I mean they're they're, a bunch of different they're, able When I see it right, what I mean is traditional conservatism, traditional concern, it is defined by a small state is defined by the idea that the state should not intervene in things unless there are externalities, unless some third party is being impacted, the state basically basically stay out of it, and social institutions should ensure that the social fabric remains h and it were tied together, Ben writes. I was wanting to things first, you do the show in one take and you Do it extemporaneously or do you write some of it out? First, ok, bend. Here's the deal! Yes, it's all one take, and I do it extemporaneously the only stuff. I have a right is the monologue at the very beginning, so that's that's written out, usually, but most the show is- is totally extemporaneous red tape. What's your stance on minimum wage is a minimum wage even necessary? I watched a majority of your speeches. Tv appearances on Youtube. I have yet to read any of your books, which one would you recommend first well, the first book I'd read:
and you read of mine is bullies, that's the one that is the most popular anyway, and it's sort of states might fundamental philosophy of politics which is bullies, need to be fought and police are the people who call the guns when they don't get their political way. Those are those the bullies. As far as my stance on minimum wage? No, you don't need a minimum wage. All minimum wage is its way for the government to prevent two consenting people from entering into a contract. Understand every job is me entering into a contract, somebody else and that person has to agree to enter into the contract with me. I don't think any third party has the moral right to intervene in that deal anymore than I think that a third party has a moral right to establish a maximum wage. I don't think the government should make a minimum wage or a maximum wage. I think the government should stay out of it. I get to sign a deal because I'm a free person, you're free person. We get to do that together and right. I feel a little clueless is. Can you explain what you mean specifically when you use the verb trolling, I'm a new subscriber love, the podcast. With a view, Okay, and when I use the word trolling and I used it a couple of days ago, trolling Ling, the is this phenomenon where you say
nothing deliberately provocative just to elicit a response from the other side you do something a little bit crazy, a little bit out there just to drive the other side, not that's trolling. So if you're real holding you spend all your time kind of insulting people on Twitter, because you're hoping they're going to respond in this makes, you feel good about yourself. The entire alt right is a bunch of trolls. So these are people who just throw out anti semitic, racist stupidity and then they and then, when you say God, that's pretty terrible. What you're saying haha I've got you now. This just proves that you think everybody is racist and anti semite. It just proves that you care about these things, and the answer is yes and you're in a hole. He is a drug trials are, are, are that's what what its role is? Okay, Eric right, hey, Ben I'm also thirty two, I agree with most everything you say is to see someone our age standing up for conservative principles. It doesn't happen much especially up here in Seattle. I read your article on why you wouldn't support a conservative third party run, but I'm a huge fan of Romney. Not only would he pull support from hell the end he could win states like Utah, Idaho and maybe a few
Do you see any scenario where conservatism is better off coalescing around Romney than waiting for years? Okay, Eric so I wrote a column, and I talked about on the show all the various reasons. Why don't think a third party run would be useful, most of those reasons are tied to the fact that wouldn't be successful. So from the word of we're run third party. I would vote for him. I vote for him over both Hillary and over Trump would be easy call. I would lose no sleep whatsoever over voting for Mitt Romney. If Mitt Romney is the margin of loss for Donald Trump, however, you can guarantee that all of the people in Republican Party are going to blame the conservatives for having thrown the election from Donald Trump to Mitt Romney and therefore you know they're going to insisted they come back around the next time around and and browbeat everybody. So again, if Romney word side jump in, I would oppose it for sure. Do I think from scratch? It's a great idea run a third party candidate. I don't because I think the opposition to Trump is is Opposition to Hillary is stronger than any one candidate and I think it's kind of difficult to cope us around anyone die- and this is certainly true of Romney.
I mean I listen. Any support run in the primaries. In twenty twelve right, so I back, against the other two. But, as I said before, in a contact are blaming. I would, I would back a flaming bag of of dog feces against either one of these two options. The call right my Easter is facing overwhelming pressure to be liberals and she's, a physics professor, which is it by the way that that, in of itself is hilarious, why physics professors should be facing pressure? the lefty is beyond me. I don't understand why the speed of objects falling and rising your wife friction. I don't understand why any of that has to do with politics, but the left What you really mean. Is your sister's, a professor, so she's getting pressure, so so so, despite being a moderate conservative, she's now voting for Bernie as much as I just I wanted to see reason I'm worried. I will beat her over the head with logic and facts instead of gently persuading her. Is there a nice undo, liberal brainwashing? Also, it's nice never remind me, I'm not crazy. It's everyone else that lost their mind. Okay, so I appreciate that the way to talk to fam
members have to talk to them on their own level. Some people are open to talk. Some people aren't if it's a waste of time to talk, don't bother, you know, did brow beating It doesn't help and on a one to one level when it comes to talking with her. If you can't use backs in reason, then there's not really much to talk. Now this person is so emotionally tied into the system that you're going to have a rough time of it. You know the real way to argue with Bernie Sanders. Crowd is to say what you are saying is fundamentally immoral. You don't get to steal money from other people just because they have more of it than you do it's fun Only moral Bernie Sanders view of life is immoral. It's cruel it's evil and it requires vast government centralization and the the government gun in order to take things that aren't yours, that's what Bernie Sanders is about. I mean that's the moral case that said it's very difficult to talk with family, numbers there, you sort of have to determine whether they're opened reason or whether they're, not if they're not open, to reason, don't waste your time just go see a movie. Instead, they are right. Do you watch game?
Thrones, no, I started watching game of thrones and then it turns out that the that the of it sort of alienated me, I read all the books on it's. It didn't the books. I, where are the first three? What what's in this one is good. One is very good. Two is week: three is is good again and then the rest of the series is just awful awful, so I'm I do follow the recaps of the shows online, mainly because I don't feel like waiting for the next. Eighty seven years for George Rr Martin to bring out his next eight hundred page monstrosity. So I read the recap maps the show, because it's ahead of the books now but I I find George R R Universe really nihilistic, and I understand people I I understand good people get killed. I understand I I totally get all this. I don't need it to the point of fiction is that I trust the creator of the section to bring me to a place. I want to go right. It is the same reason that that religious people are religious. We trust the God of eventually is going to bring us where we want to go, even if we can't see it right now. If you
he's going to tell me that life is empty and horrible, and all the people that I like die yeah. I know that already I don't need. I don't need to spend time with the people just so that you can kill them off all the time like I'm fine with you want to get what, when they killed off at it in the first book when they kill off NED, stark, okay, okay, that's that's creative and interesting because you never see a main character. Just get killed off like that when they killed I was out. I was like okay, I mean I read it but come on they killed, Rob, and then they killed Jon Snow, but they brought no back and it in whatever, whatever I I think that it it started off the great promise: and it I understand the premises, anyone can die at any time. Fun and games. Unless you kill everyone was rooting for, and I end up rooting for Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton in game of Thrones the lannisters against the against the The sand sisters is not a whole lot of a lot of fun and I'm not that interested in that particular battle. So I I'd much rather have a hero at some point:
story, Tyler right to what point of well, if at all sure the right in braced protectionist foreign policy with entities like China, our trade deficit, to bad thing. How can the free market remedy this? ok, trade deficits are not a bad thing. I have a trade deficit with my grocery store. That doesn't mean it's bad all the time If that means, when you talk about private parties, trade deficit, that means I'm buying stuff from people and they're selling me stuff. That's what a trade deficit is. It doesn't mean I'm poor doesn't mean they're, rich right. The fact is that you can have a trade surplus and be wildly poor. This happen, all the time, but most of Latin America had a trade surplus, but is that as well as a trade surplus last I checked because they don't produce it because they because they don't have the ability to buy anything some of the which times in american history we've had a trade deficit, some of our poorest times, we've had a trade surplus. As far as using Protech business foreign policy. This is actual argument like should we have tried to collapse the chinese state back in the nineteen seventies by jacking up the terracing crippling their economy, there's a case to be made on a moral level for that, but certainly not on an economic level. Okay, finally, Leon Right high, then what do you think I potential solutions for
the housing prices in la many of my left. Friends are advocating for removal of the Ellis ACT to solve it. I think that's an absurd idea, but what We thought. Ok, so I will admit I don't know much about the Ellis ACT. So I'll just answer the general question, which is potential solutions for the housing crisis number one now there's no housing crisis in LA all. That's happening is there's a shortage of supply and there's too much demand there aren't enough jobs. That's all that's happening right now, The answer is that if you want housing, I assume you're saying you want housing prices to go down. If you want housing prices to go down, you have to get. Rid of whatever rent control restrictions there are in the city of LOS Angeles. You have to lose. Zoning restrictions you have to allow people to other their garages, for example, so they can use that as as a guest house- and you also have you just get rid of building restrictions is general. You increase supply, in other words, make it easier for people to to supply housing and the prices. Well, Texas is not having a problem with massive real estate bubbles. 'cause everybody can just move to the middle of nowhere and build stuff. So New York has a problem. La has a prob
Chicago as a problem, get rid of the restrictions and you'll get rid of the housing crisis. You also get rid of some of the business regulations so that people can actually work and be hired and make money so all reach the end of another week. Hope you have a one the weekend, and we will be back here on Monday for more salad, well, actually, sorry, no no Monday is a holiday. Monday's house will be back here on. Tuesday, it's a long weekend. I know, don't worry, we'll be back on two day to make it up to you, because we love you and subscribe to dailywire dot com Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro Show
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