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Ep. 1312 - Biden Burns The Constitution, But YOLO!


Joe Biden admits that his eviction moratorium is unconstitutional, but hey, what the hell? Plus, Biden attacks Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who absolutely clocks him.

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Joe Biden admits that his eviction moratorium is unconstitutional, but hey what the Hell plus Biden, attacks Florida around the chances who absolutely clocks him. I'm bench services, the bench show today show his bonds or my expressive vps. I protect my data with bbn, so should you visit Express Vivian's hum slash and to all the news in just one moment. First, here is your reminder that the governor spending money that they do not have, and that means eventually they're gonna have to either raise taxes or raise the amount of money that they are printing, and when that and you are going to want to have your assets at least a little bit diversified away from stocks and bonds in India, something like verge gold in the rear budget proposal White, the White House Budget Office forecast inflation for twenty twenty one at two point, one percent in June, the actual inflation rate was five point: four percent inflation. Is already here and now you have people from. The reserve saying it is going to ask me more than they originally thought it would. That is not a shock if ever reached.
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and it turns out, there's this big scandal because he's been actually harassing the help, weather on his campaign or in his campaign offices or whether it in his gubernatorial offs, has been doing for years on end and at the time I'm that all of this was reported. There was talk of a well. Maybe we should do something about it will now there's been this report from Latisha James Britain Sixty pages and this hundreds Your page report adjust replete with an requirements, being able to keep his hands off the hired help. And it really is an incredible incredible thing. Port is very long. It talks about how he's groping people and how he's touching people in it, comparable way and how he is then threatening their job if they don't sort of reciprocal his feelings and all the rest of this and remember Andrew Cuomo response to these charges. F the tissue James, the attorney general of New York. He met with all this, his spawns you. All of this was well. You know I do touch a lotta people, I'm not kidding here. Just just so.
Recall here was Andrew Comas little slide show that he did the other day trying to excuse him grabbing women by the boobs in such indeed there are hundreds, if not Thousands of photos of me using the exact same gesture, I with everyone Can why young. An old straight didn't algae BT too powerful people. Friends strangers people who I meet on the street, and I do love that event, which is like look here's what pictures of me hey of Robert, too narrow and giving him the old doubled cheek grab and in here is me with with Al Gore, giving him a little peck on this. That is exactly the same as that time that stuff my hands of a woman's blouse and try to grabber boobs exact with
I always wrong with you what seriously. This is like Lenny. Of mice Mason men using as his defence too. strangling the woman's death, but he also extirpate bunnies. No, these are not related things that no, that is not a defence dude mean the fact that you're like grab Charlie Wrangle by the back of the neck out Patino status, godfather to like that, that that does not have anything to say about whether you are grabbing state troopers by the by the belly and unlike massaging them- and such is an incredible thing, but guy's gonna, get away with it understand, he's gonna get away with it, because the Democrats are not going to impeach him, and this does give the lie to the whole demo. at saying for years on end, while these republicans they have no standards. Let's be real about this No one has had its standards since Bill Clinton get a Democrat. the opportunity to get rid of Bill Clinton over this exact sort of stuff. In the late nineteenth, they decided that his agenda, which by the way women carried on by Albert, but his agenda was more important than standing up for the prince
and so they decided to let Bill Clinton, survive and now We politicians knows that we just wait it out long enough, it'll be fine and you can see it happening in real time. So yesterday, for example, Joe Biden called for Andrew Cuomo to resign. Of course, enormous is no, he has no actual repercussions in store. Here is Joe Biden calling for coal motors on the other day back in March, he said that if the investigation confirmed the allegations against covered then he should resign. So will you now call on him to resign? Given the investigator said, the eleven women were credible. calling on them to resign, doesn't resign jubilee. We should be impeached and removed from office Strickland. I love that responds right. There, we'll get. You only get to a guy's mean the actual serious question as you like. What will you do if he just doesn't leave he's like while Guenaud? Well, here's the thing we do know we do know because Ralph
nor them you recall, was also asked resign. My nearly all the Democrats when it turned out that thirty five years ago he dressed any medical school yearbook, it either black face or a K. K K of it, and you remember that everybody said he needs to go, and then there is talk about just and fair fax is lieutenant governor who'd been accused of? or misconduct and people maybe maybe he has to go both of them are still in office useless. It out, I M Ready, knows just leave it outrages. Saki pretty makes she makes this clear I do also of generosity sponsors issues as specifically you don't use there should be an independent commission to investigate the allegations Andrew Como. Yet you until I can, and indeed like an independent commission, for you know my terror, red and Joe Biden, you know the allegations against Joe Biden that he sexually harassed. Somebody back in as you nineties in and she's like now, not so much now we know we know. Ok, we all know.
Should there be an independent and allegations since the President, as there was into government, while first, I would say on the present has been clear and outspoken about the importance of women being. respected and having their voices heard and being allowed hell they're stories and people treating them with respect that has long been. His policy continues to be his policy that those rights I was heavily litigated during the campaign. I understand eager to come back to it, but I don't have anything for other than to repeat that he has called for. Madam president, here we're done here guys now, meanwhile the plaza is really out there. What one of my favorite things in politics is the absolute utter hatred between buildable ozone, Andrew Quabo, these too ridiculous narcissist despise one another de Palacio hates quantum more aids to Basel. Both have excellent reason to hate each other cause they're, both streaming hateful bill, the plaza does not pose any punches. He's like. Not only should Cuomo resign commotion, criminally charge and
when Andrew Como says that, as a rule thing, how you talk to people and how he touches people, building just like you know, he's sick, your hands up. Somebody should that's not really generation points to build a blog, that weird old communist, the whole thing has been so painful. When you read this report, eleven women dramatically wronged eleven women affronted by a powerful guy who could crush their career, the reputation and is a kind of guide. Everyone assumes would, if you cross, to putting your hand up a woman shirt and touching their breasts does not generational. I know you guys who are older, who would Never in a million years do that building Bosnia makes a good boy I know that that that is a sentence that has never left my lips before, nor will it ever and again in all likelihood, but his point is well taken final with regard to Andrew Cuomo. Before I move on, it is incredible that
foremost can retain his job agenda. It is just unbelievable he's than all of last year talking up his brothers response to covet, which again New York has the second World WAR, death per million ratio in the nation, it goes in Jersey and the New York and Chris spent every waking moment talking up how wonderful his brother was. Listen, I get he's your brother. I do really I do. But if you're gonna pretend to be an objective journalists, you don't get to do that, so he taught him his brothers covered response. he then was advising his brother he's running his brothers press releases and all the sexual harassment stuff. So last night he had quality to cover Andrew on air and, of course, what did he do? He just ignored the story completely was only biggest or in the country yesterday. He just ignore it. I'm Chris Cuomo welcome the prime time we're focused on covered here, especially until we get the Dell. Variant under control and for now, as you know, it's getting worse So what is all this really mean? In the end? It is
means that there are no norms when people say that norms are violated. The Republicans break norms, Democrats break norms. Here is the thing there are no more norm, get in have largely been discarded, and this is why people don't trust the institutions. This is why the institutions are falling apart and when you hear people, unless, claim that authoritarianism is round the corner because of president from violated all the norms, but few real about this once again, Tromp was the quarter. He was not the murderer norms were already dead from just declared them dead. from his came along. He said yes, you're right. This body is called. This corpse has been here for a while, The the norms in american politics have basically been discarded. They been gone for quite a while and ass, a matter of declaring them gone, and the Democrats, who are not being too shy about any of that today's case in point, is Joe Biden, so Joe Biden is engaging right now in some pretty authoritarian stuff. Now, if Donald Trump and come along and said, listen about Jews,
then I openly acknowledge is unconstitutional. Now watch me. People have lost their minds right, there's a dead, that's that's pretty insane! Is it not me and by the way, did say wild stuff, while he was president that was authoritarian, talk I think that when he was rejecting the results of elections, that is not the kind of talk you under the President of the United States, but Joe Biden supposed restorer of norms. He was supposed to be the return captain normalcy right? He was the moderate guy in the room. He was not gonna violate constitutional norms. Well, just like his prayers. or in the Democratic Party, Barack Obama He has now said that he is just going to job. Only the things were unconstitutional and then do them anyway. So Europe the Brok Obama said over and over and over again that he could not from the executive officers. blue declare amnesty for the so called dreamers. He said it dozens of times and then he was like well, maybe I'll just do it anyone will now Joe Biden is doing the exact same thing with regard to a
CDC moratorium on evictions, Otto Biden had been talking about the past, Billy of a brand new CDC eviction, moratorium, narrow call, the CDC has no statutory power to simply determine landlords all over. The United States have to forfeit the rents made that this this does not exist anywhere in american law is certainty on its face, The CDC has been pushing it for a year like over a year. At this point, the Supreme Court took this and they said is pretty obvious. The cdc doesn't have this authority and we would strike down, but it appears that this thing is going to be moved because in a couple of weeks it syrup just goes by the as I read it, expires on July thirty first and so at that point, Congress can take it up a new by if the CDC does it anew, then we are going to say certain constitutional right. There's a five for decision with justice. Cavanaugh wrote the decision. It will now Joe Biden saying openly. Without a doubt, he just saying it straight up the CDC does not have the power to declare
moratorium, but he's going to push them to do it anyway. He said: this yesterday it's insane statement. It is a dictatorial statement, its it. It is full authoritarian when the press, Do the United State openly says. I have no authority to act now, to try and do acts that the definition of somebody who does not give a damn about the constitution of the United States, a jet Joe Biden Motherwit. Does this kind of stuff routinely he's constantly saying I don't think I have the power to do that from the executive office and then is pushed by his left flank and suddenly he seems too. We consider so on Tuesday. By now but the CDC would push for a new moratorium on evictions before it that the order was cortical not likely to pass constitutional muster here is Biden. fully again admitting he doesn't have the author, You do this, while pushing the CDC to do it, whether that will pass constitutional
measure with this administration. I can't tell I dont know few Scotland's you say and others who say it's not likely and amended by the time, because litigate will probably give some additional top we're getting at forty five billion dollars out to people who are, in fact behind the written, don't have the money. That is what he's openly saying right now is I'm in a jeweler unconstitutional thing. I know it's going to court, but because it takes the takes time to litigate litigate that is going to give me additional time. Did you all these other things? I need to do that's about it. Openly cynical move as I've ever seen in american politics is not too much Pussy dying secretly zone democracy dying in darkness, that's democracy, danged right in front of you to the cheering media by the way. Wait you hear some of the headlines. Hemming Biden himself says quote the bulk of the cost
visual scholarships as is not likely to pass constitutional muster? But there are several key scholars. You think that it may who, by the way, actually talked you warrants tribe of Harvard LAW school. He became an absolute joke over the course of the Trump administration when you just now, sing, crazy things over and over and over again, by the way, this followed hard on Corey Bush, so Corey Bush is the car woman from Missouri a black lives matter activist you somehow joy at member of the squad so being on the steps of the capital to demonstrate what it's like to be homeless wow. What such such heroics such such imagery, and this apparently prompted by and to make his move here, the city statement here by the ways and say you know their actual finds that associate with this. The actual fines include, for example, a one hundred the up to a one hundred thousand dollar fine for evicting someone,
ok, I I don't understand where the CDC guess this authority. I really don't know how under under what auspices like punishing people with with a hundred thousand dollar find. How is it, but apparently those are the criminal penalties. I'm reading from the CDC order. Right now under eighteen. U S code, thirty, five, fifty nine a person violating this order may be subject to a fine of no more than a hundred thousand dollars or one year in jail, or both the violation does not result in a death. fine of no more than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, or one you're in jail or both if the violation results in a death, as otherwise per or as otherwise provided by law, organization violating this or maybe victor fine of no more than two hundred thousand dollars per event, if the violet does not result in death or a half million dollars prevents if the violation result the defendant Lord means for its results and adapt. So what happened? You have somebody and then they can't find a place that they want to rent, and then they just
I like. What is that actually mean is the match, grow airlines three. What are we talking about here, but bottom line here? Is it really doesn't matter? The bigger story here is that the CDC is just doing openly unconstitutional things at binds best and apparently nobody seems to give a hot damn for even a and then the norms crowd is gonna lecture us. Then we can get measures from the norms cried about Republicans and our people, and violate norms, and how republicans are the true? Authoritarian really gets more vision, just one second. First, let's talk about a simple fact: when you are at the office you're sitting on it off his share, much of the day that office share is likely giving back pain. Is he had paid? What you need is the greatest of all office chairs. I, of course I'm talking about the exchequer. Direct from God? The extra the extra can give you a massage while sitting your desk. It can warm warmer back and called more insecure will you up on hot days. Temperature regulation will take your eating comfort to a whole new bubble. pending Elam acts allows you to experience cooling, he'd, massaging, you're low back extra patented
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basically admits that she's like yeah, you know it might be unconstitutional, but here's the thing. No one cares What's the last is necessary America's. What happened yesterday heard what was said this podium on Monday? Ask where the two are not disappointed the president signalling the heat, it doesn't respect the rule of law and not share their Americans evaluating it. To that degree, maybe there are semi of talk to you. I don't know what president has were his message to the american people, especially those who are concerned about losing their homes being six out of their homes is that he's gonna. Do everything in his power to make sure They can stay in their homes that the whole thing that's the whole so long as he signals that he is willing to do something, even if the something he is doing his authoritarian violate all the rules. That all the matters in the end, because, as I've been discussing the past several weeks, Americans at this point had a biased towards action.
even if that means violating all the rules which they really scary, precondition to actual authoritarian dictatorship. Does what author? periods. Do authoritarian say I can't get it done using the using the comp system. I've been given with the checks and balances in the legislature in all this, so I'm just do what you? The people, want the people. Yes, that's my bain voice from dark night rises, because that's what is right there having power back to you, look people, that's all them so long as you are fine with him violating the constitution, the constitution. no violation. Booth. It just doesn't matter anymore at all Did you celebrate this kind of stuff demand he dies in darkness, the Washington Post. Yours their headline from the fixed as the Urn Blake binds level, evictions- defence- maybe it's illegal, but it's worth it yeah. We noticed we notice maybe it's illegal, but it's worth. It is a hell of a statement for president of the United States to be making and for the wash
in post, because you celebrating early last decade, then President Barack Obama in Congress, Werner, stand off, says Erin Blake, barely one and Congress to pass long failed, comprehensive immigration reform, but allies called from to do something himself. His repeated response. I can't I'm not a king, I'm not an emperor. The old constitutional law professor, wanted to forest Congress to do things, the old fashioned, more robust ways, but when Congress continued to stall. He did something himself anyway, twice the what since this apparently weren't, learn by his Vp Joe Biden, Environs new administration or if they weren't lesson was. Apparently, there was again but worth repeating is a heck of avoided. You, the country's business and Biden, argue We took it even further than Obama did the prince moratorium on evictions had lapsed a few days previously, the administration more in Congress to do something about it. They had good reason. It appeared. Congress had to do something because the Supreme Court has already ruled on all of this, but now because the CDC points to the delta variants. Now they get to say I want to extend the moratorium by the way. Again it is dictatorial. Stuff
the CDC was able to extend moratoria in the first place. That's not why exactly does the cities get to say in the middle of us blowing money out the door had not lost no time in human history. Choosing tell me what you understand last year, Americans. did the year on average. More savings than they had at the beginning of here in the middle of a pandemic? The wonder of people absolutely jack or the people The buildings nervous part of all this, of course, is to be the unintended consequence, because it turns out when you too, developers and landowners. They kick collect. Rent you naughty, stop doing, building homes so when there is a housing shortage and when the prices indeed arise where there's an apartment shortage and theirs The price of continued rise. You not the left will say Dublin Capitalism, they will have created the shortage and then they will blame capitalism. The beautiful thing about being Member of the west is being left. Us means never having to say you're, sorry incompletely wreck all of the incentives and still blame, the other guy it's really impressive
by the way CNN was doing the same thing as as the Washington Post, Stephen COM, in its CNN, has a headline. Does. Biden shows he's ready to make drastic moves in covert nineteen fight, even if you sure their legal. While I mean that is a very different have I feel I then would have been if, if, for example, Donald Trump had openly said it was unconstitutional and then done it feeling wouldn't a bit about how willing he was to help the american people have a feeling, you have been a lot more upset violation of norms, the dictatorial violation of norms, but again it only counts. Is it to dictatorial violation of norms and the press opposes your party. If the precedent of your party, then it just you're being so brave, so unbelievably brave. In the face of the evil constitution of the United it already in just one second: wouldn't get we're gonna talk about the latest emergency talk surrounding covert and the pitch battle that has broken out between it, Joe Biden and Governor Rhonda Santa's of my home state of Lord a first. Let's talk about simple fact: if you ever get in a credit card, that easy
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nineteen point. Ninety nine per cent api and includes Europe Point five: zero percent ought to pay discount lowest rate requires excellent credit terms and conditions apply officer, subjection change that noticed his light, streamed out com, Slash Shapiro for more information already. So meanwhile, the continued pushed for panic it just it never ends in ever ends from our from our public. Health aficionados, give Doktor Michael Austria, home, of course, a covert advisor to the by Illustration saying you know what we really have to be prepared for the next variants, so you seeing this tree pretty much every damn twitter, you ve already her delta plus, then there's lambda, I'm for two omega, I'm looking for dupe all of them zeta, but it. Wasn't let's just go through all of them. Now here's the thing there can be doubly variant arises. Also, there's no you're stopping it. Just pointing this out. The last delta, where the debt variant itself started in India it before that there is a lot of worry about the brazilian variant
You now have a disease and cover nineteen has infected hundreds of millions of people and is particularly active right now in tens of millions of people at a minimum. Nothing you do is going to do. the development of those variant. All you can hope is that, as in the past, variants get weaker and also but the vaccines continue to be durable, which so far they have been about how we have to worry about the next experience, and this requires masking endlessly is just an hour essentially for forever masking and forever social distancing So exactly Michael Astor Home is doing right here here. He goes well basically, the variants who are concerned about terms. Their increased risk to humans have one of three characteristics or all three one is there more infectious which we know delta is substantially more infectious even than Elsa, which that by itself was more infectious number two that they can cause more severe illness. Just related to the question you just ass about: does it
more severe illness from a number of people were infected and never three doesn't have a way of evading immune protection. Is it some get around the vaccines or get around the protection from national infection. And any one of those three characteristics could make another variant worse. if you add all together could be worse. We don't have any evidence right now. We have one this worse, but I agree with doktor found she surely as possible that one that could be more infectious than delta, which would be hard to imagine. That being the case could actually happen, and we have you for for that, ok, how exactly which recommended were prepared? For that really I mean, One is getting vaccinated is getting vaccinated, everybody who's, not is not. So what Actually is your remedy and the US There is no remedy issues, walk downs and masking all the way down any get praised by the media? Of course, if you do this sort of stuff, even if it's come Lee Ineffective better for you to ruin me
school years of millions of children, then to take rational public health measures directed based on the evidence, is why you have the Illinois governor, Jamie Pritzker, who has presided by the way over a not particularly successful, covered response talking about? the school mask mandate. Of the lower rates of vaccination among teens aged twenty two. Seven, sorry, twelve to seventeen, because the vaccine has not yet been approved for children under twelve, because Maxine, because our many people who are reluctant across some of the distance to adopt the cities he's guidance effective immediately, all p. Twelve. Schools and day carriage in Illinois must follow. CDC guidance of universal masking inside regardless of vat, status again the evidence to support these sorts of proposals, her skimpy, asked and nonexistent at worst Jamie Pritzker will be true.
And now by the media as a wonderful man who is standing up to the evils of covert. I'm just going to point out to you that Illinois has a death rate of right now, two hundred and four per one hundred thousand people, both the death rate from Verona viruses were August. Forty thousand twenty one Illinois tool for the Much maligned Florida is Coralie. at one. Eighty four meaning the Florida has output Illinois by leaps and bounds. End is a much older state to boot it, but That's not stopping Joe Biden from going after Rhonda Santa's. So here's the thing just like beyond the pandemic, everybody very angry. Unless it's sweetened, cuz Sweden could Sweden wasn't doing if we were supposed to with the giant lockdown the mask mandates and everybody going thousands date moorhouse until the government tells you what to do in says. Sweden was like ok, listen if you're vulnerable and if your old, then we should take precautions to help you and if not, you, gotta get back to work, because Sweden took that prospective dismayed
de the envy of the world. There are a lot of people out there hating on Sweden, either by the way the Swedes that's a democracy. They can do exactly what they want, or Florida is now the latest, example and then really has been since the beginning of a pandemic. If all saw was the media coverage of Florida? You would think Florida easily has the worst death million ratio in the United States regimen. Clearly, if you just stack All the headlines about Rhonda Sense, the evils of Florida next the headlines about, say, New York or New Jersey, where the governors have been treated as though they are amazing at this opportunity. Today by the way the governor of New Jersey, so Murphy, was an idiot was their yelling. It's a man, I've actors and people and left like well what an amazing governor, meanwhile round his answers, the terrible governor just gonna pointing Josie has the number one worst per million ratio in the United States. Rhonda senses death per death per million ratio of covered in Florida is approximately about fifty five percent, sixty percent of what Where's he says I knew you'd need jerseys at three hundred and run
and since four point, eighty four, so the media like to do. Is they like to pick up this answers? when there's a surgeon Florida. So it is all about. Sometimes they never given the overall death stats from Florida, because that, amongst the argument, instead, they point out Florida is having a surge a big deal, one Florida hazards, that's a huge deal, and so this prompted jobs yesterday to go after on. Dissent is now again there's another reason are going after the Sensus, and that is the job I is very much afraid that Rhonda sentences can be the republican nominee for president in twenty twenty four and good just include dismantlement debate. Frankly, only because Joe Biden has not sentient, but because this has actually fairly good. It does so here Joe Biden going after the governor, I around us answers yesterday. Just two states Florida in Texas Account for one third of all new covered nineteen cases in the entire country. Just two states look, we need leaders shift from everyone and some governors are willing, do the right thing to be this pandemic?
The nation allow businesses, universities who want to do the right thing to be able to do it. I say these governors please help but you're, going to help at least get out of the way the people are trying to do the right thing. Other trying to do the right thing, Joe Biden, what what stellar stellar example of a man trying to do Writing will run. His answer was not taking the sitting down. He went directly back abiding by the way is one of the reasons he so popular. Among Republicans, he went back at him. Just I mean just faced glance at him. He did a press conference yesterday in which he in which he said. Listen, Mr Press, you seem very intends on masking people up and locking them down and em. If you are interested renewed lockdown. I will stand in your way by the way. This is it Medical battlement is very bad for Joe Biden trouble right now is sinking his own political approval rating, because Americans are highly pessimistic about the future of the virus, their pessimistic about the but you government to stop at their pessimistic about job this presidency now and Rhonda TAT knows this
this now good battle for Joe Biden back here wrong guy, to pick on here was his handsome face glancing at yesterday, if you're coming after the rights of parents in Florida, I'm standing in your way I'll? Let you get away with it you're trying to deny kids a proper in person, education. stand in your way, and I'm going to stand up for the kids in Florida. If you're, trying to restrict people, impose mandate for trying to ruin their jobs and their livelihoods and their small business. If you are trying to lock people down, I am standing in your way and I'm standing for the people the floor. No the problem for the left is that they wish that dissenters with some sort of anti backs advocate dissenters, has been super. Vaccination the sensitive state trenched out the vaccinations based on age, while the CDC was telling people not to dissent, has been pushing vaccinations extremely hard, but his answers does recognise something that the rest of us should also recognize, which is that for public policy purposes, this,
pandemic- is no longer in the hands of the government. Everybody, to be vaccinated, has now been, accelerated if you give it Maybe tomorrow that can be your lucky day, everyday can be your lucky day. We all have the ability to get vaccine at this point, which means government blogger has a role here. Two senses knows this: his hands is doubled. What does he says? Listen we're not gonna be doktor factories, biomedical security state. That's not how we make decisions here instead of Laura, and so I think the question is, is we can either have a free society or we can have a biomedical security state, and I can tell you: Florida were free state people are going to be free to choose to make their own decisions about themselves, about their families, about their kids education and about putting food on the able to dispense, didn't stop there. He pointed out that it's kind of weird by not singling out Florida, because Florida ranks middle of the pack in terms of deaths per million and is the second the state in the union after the great stated
in which has approximately seven old people in a moose. Here is dancing, weird the job I would single out Florida. Joe Biden has taken to himself to try to single out Florida overcoat it. This is a guy who ran for President saying he was going to quote shut down the virus and what he done he's imported more virus from around the world by having a wide open southern border. You have hundreds of thousands of people pouring across every month and it's not just from Mexico. In fact, it's rarely from Mexico. You have over a hundred different kinds, is where people are pouring through knowledge, they letting them through. There then make them out all across our communities across this country gate and he is gone the right about that decisions is continued along. Those lines is listen. Why don't you? job you're, saying I'm not doing my job. Haven't you do your job like secure the southern border. Instead of shipping people with Cobain into community,
like Mcgowan Texas. Why don't you do your job? Why don't you get this border secure and until you do that, I don't wanna hear a blip about covered from you. Ok, correct, correct, ok, so there is a reason why, by running a little bit scared of Rhonda Santa's, this point, and there is another reason why the vitamins and is targeting one governor above all the other governors, and that is his dissent, as is the cover of a swing state he's pretty, popular down here and he's been doing a very very good job, and by the way that very and points citizen his first getting stronger stuff. There are other governors we're not like Asia, Hutchinson who's, the republican governor of Arkansas. He had signed into law a bill banning mandates and now He says I wish I hadn't sign that bill. He's wrangle battle bet he's trying to backtrack that and for the love of the media or something because here is the record unmask mandate. There is no evidence that mask mandates are successful anywhere
there's. No correlative evidence demonstrates it. Ask mandates cause people to mask up in vast numbers, as opposed to just virus spreading, in particular community, There is no evidence that mass mandate have any real and human behavior generally making because there's no way to enforce them now less Rosita Hutchinson trying to please the Democrats, which of course always fools errand. Well, I signed at the time, because our cases were at a very low point, knew that it would be overridden by the legislature if I didn't sign it and I was not a supportive of binary eliminated our stay white mask mandate, and so you know I signed up for those reasons that our cases red low point everything is changed now and yet In hindsight, I wish that had not become law, buddy, is the law and the only chance we It is easier to amended or for the court
to say that it has an unconstitutional foundation and gay, even scientists, Scott Labour, saying that masks themselves when it comes to out of areas are not going to be the key method of killing the virus spread the key method of killing the viruses bread is going to be vaccination. That's it by the way we ve. Hit the noun slope of are for Delta, states, including Arkansas, apparently as well as Missouri and soon in Florida. It'll be fun to watch how justice appears from the media's radar. How the media will have been look at this terrible surgeon. Where did so terrible it's the end of the world and then we'll have the downside of the surge and we'll move on and in the winter. There will be a surgeon New York, because a cold outside and people go indoors and the media will just kind of ignore it, and then the truth is that the? The lack of understanding of basic human behaviour by the media is is pretty astonishing and the willingness leave the myth that the only people not vaccinating at this point are Kooky Fox news. Watchers, that's also really weird.
we'll get to that in just one second, because there is one, it's the click of the day located a Boston mayor. Her name is Kim Janey issue the black interim mayor, because she took the place somebody who join D B Biden Administration and this black democratic mayor Boston is saying things about vaccine mandates. Literacy. Evidently wilder than anything. Republicans are saying, but I don't see Joe Biden attacking her reason for that and its own. We political against that in just one moment. First, even when the world is hi. There is one thing that is in your control, your beard and the proud. You used to ensure that you ve gotta beard rival the likes of Matt Walsh, Ensure boring and the rest of you very birdie crew at the daily work If you're, currently growing or maintaining a beard, you need beard, supply beard, supplies products, reduce any action. And keep your beard looking for. Not only will they take your beard, they're all natural and handcrafted here in the United States of America need your beard to be, as American is humanly possible, were limited time. Beard supplies offering it by one get one free on.
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yeah. I think it's a good tempered, Google copy. My book to be the authoritarian moment is number three and then your atomic Marcello US this week is for on the Amazon by socialist this week, tens of thousands the people of already bought it become one of them. It is time to learn how to say no its radical government, the authoritarian moment, is now available at Amazon, Barnes and noble or any other major bookseller go get your copy right now, the five star of you. Let others know that this book is worth their time. I always appreciate the you buy. It also you may have noticed that the world has gone mad American, politicians are acting increasingly authoritarian. Well, that's why it's never been more important that we get together and talk about it, especially over your favorite cigars and the whiskey at stage, and that is why we are giving away a trip for to become hang with us. Your favorite daily work was backstage shared our national studio. He can meet us all toward the studios offices in a great swag bag of March watches, based on the show, live, but you're gonna wanna because this is your last chance help if you member yet
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ideally where at editor in Chief John Beckley and caused Georgia. How morning, where will wake up at the latest developments in politics, sport, culture and education? All with a heavy emphasis on the fact in fifteen bite, sized minutes perfect for your daily commute again subscribed morning where, on apple pie, guest spy. If I had everywhere, you listen upon, Cassie, don't miss beat, and if you like what you hear leave a five star of you tell the podcast. As conservative news belongs at number, on on the charge, you are listening to the largest fastest growing conservative podcasting, Video show in the nation now you may notice. The Joe Biden is attacking Rhonda Santa's in Gregg Habit and only republican governors. But, what's weird is that there are some Democrats were pretty darn, hesitant about things like vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, what people is the current mayor Abbas in a woman in Climate J T, she of course took over four
the former Mayor Murray. While she left become secretary of Labour under Joe Biden. She is currently running for a full term and Kim Janey. She up pretty damn spicy about all of that. She got very very angry. I think rightly so, about some of the vaccine mandates up achieved using language. That is very, and when I say spicy, I'm talking about like she took out like the be full package of pepper, unjust, tossed it right on top of this here, Kim Janey the Mare Abbas. In a hard core democrat there's a long history in this country of people needing to show their papers during slavery, post slavery, as recent. As you know what immigrant population has to go through here, we heard charmed with the birth certificate nonsense here we want to make sure that we are not doing anything that would further. it a barrier for residents. Ok in dismay if she says anything that would
create a barrier for residents, Boston or disproportionately impact by Pock communities by poor communities? Are people of color gay, so she's? No, comparing vaccine passports to slavery, I met that. That's what she's doing and she's also saying that a disproportionately impact black people, that's kind of using statement. I dont see Joe Biden going after her right, Joe Biden, wizened teasing, you need to get out of the way either do the right thing or get out of the way we're he's not taking on the Democrat, whose aim is, I noticed also, he is I've noticed very little from the binding ministration about how do you convince a disproportionate number of black we're not gonna, vaccinated, get vaccinated and its good for I think I can be a lot of fun to build a blog you another doing this in LA way, by the way? What buildable audio try to ban some seventy percent of black people from being able to go to restaurant, because that's what the passport? Does? Seventy percent of black people
in New York City are not vaccinated by far the highest. of non vaccination among any demographic group in New York City. So what happens when suddenly black people can go to restaurant and can go to jail? and can go to endorse. Base Kangaroo Yankee Game has either that's gonna work out for him. The entire democratic party has forwarded the lie that disparate impact means that description. Has taken place. So I could easily say something like what you know what it is neutral rule. Then, whether it disproportionate the impact one group of people or not really makes no difference. It's a neutral rule right, but Democrats don't have that foot to stand on. They can't say that in its Democrats were to ignore knowledge that personal behaviour is responsible for its own consequences, then they couldn't make the case that they are constantly making that America's evil racism, which there which there always living for every disparity in american life, from wealth and income, inequality to single motherhood to drug abuse, their their constantly attempting,
he chalk up every disparity in american life. She systemic racism. So how did they run away from this one? Exactly that's what I find so amusing, when Kim Janey says that any policy that proportionally impacts. Bypath communities must, of course, be discriminatory in he's talking about vaccine passports, get ready gang because It is going to be the left line and it's gonna be fun to watch left eat. The left, of course, left, could just take multiple positions at the same time that their find of doing that, in fact, that's it We will also see the estimable irrepressible. Sulphur show face Elsie has been doing so. Yesterday's caught on tape, I doing a photo up with face Basque on and immediately after the cameras. Russia's again, this this mask is stupid, nominate wearing any moroz who's, gonna funny yeah there? She is she's. Mine is now where national demands it goes to the heart of one too.
No single. What's you do know, just just like she, She is consoling time. I didn't come in a quality, but then she parks her test light you legally outside the whole food. She is The rules never apply to the special people as well. over and over and over again I'll get? Why did want to bring you one piece of news that I personally found highly amusing, and I want to give you an update on so yesterday. actually has reported that police was it. Newsroom is now into unionized within that with the new skilled. Isn't this means that both go staff apparently are now joining like in your times in a bunch of every other, less when publications in attempting to unionized, which is usually really bad for business They usually it means that you are artificially increasing labour rights is that your artificially increasing the benefits? It means that your costing the company more money, which generally
tends to remove from the bottom line and crimp growth right. This is why so The private sector unions have basically dismantled at this point, but apparently the political staffers our apparently very, very into forming a union here is the part that I love the most care. This is pretty spectacular. According to access organised, are currently trying to gather signatures for statement present management in the coming weeks. Asking for recognition of the union the union drives cover. The union, DR covers employees, let it go and any news and energy Environment Trade publication political acquired last year, according to a political staffer go added about sixty five reporters and under its view that deal there about three hundred seventy five editorial staffers it both political and ii and iii total. So what drove all of this?
According to axe, Yos sources of several factors have pushed employees to seek union support when barroom with management, including the company's handling of internal push back against having daily, where editor Ben Shapiro Guesthouse Political flagship newsletter product playbook. Earlier this year. Member earlier this year, they asked me to write their playbook right. It's a gap, obscure. What insider Washington DC newsletter? I wrote it downloads written in the same week. They just have basically rotation of various political actors. Writing the political playbook. I wrote it. you, a hundred staffers got on the phone with the boss is apparently this provided the impetus for unionization a political moment. You say I can be happier I couldn't be happier last year, The national Labour Relations Board accused me of being too Anti Union and tried to file some sort, a lawsuit against me that ended up going away pretty quickly, but Let me just say: I'm very pro, this union, in fact I'm happy to be people to call employee Union rap and what the sand oh God, powers of political and I take my rightful man
here as the union leader over political, I'm amuse that that my presence in political allowed for Thee development. The possibility of the union over there man All I do is apparently just like accidentally left wing institutions profitable, breeze, executor, stuff, already will be back here later today, with an additional hour of content coming up soon, the Matt Walsh Show airs at one hundred and thirty p dot m Eastern, be sure to check it out over at dailywire dot com. Fear of his is the bench Barroso. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you wanna help spread. The word please give us five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to were available on Apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you listen to podcast, also be sure to check out the other daily, whereupon costs, including the Andrew Craven, show that Michael moles show.
That won't show thanks for listening, Dementia Bureau show is produced by Elliot, fell, executive producer, Jeremy boring our supervising producer is math is clever. Sure manager of a light asking associate producer, Bradford Carrington Post producer, just in barber show, is edited Adam silent Audio is mixed. I make a coral meta here and make up my fabulous, Christina Reduction Assistant, Jessica grants. The bench bureau show is a daily wire production, copyright, Ellie Wire twenty twenty one John quickly here Daily Wire, editor in chief, quick up every morning, With our new show morning wire on today's episode, we speak the doktor Mortimer carry about whether mass. In vaccine mandates are backed up by the evidence. Backlash builds against Andrew Promo in an olympic athlete Fleas, Bela roofs, Let us get the facts. First, on the news you need to know with our show morning, wife.
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