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Ep. 140 - The Left Loses Its Damn Mind

2016-06-27 | 🔗
The Supreme Court rules on abortion, gay marchers blame the GOP for Orlando, and Trump goes Trump in Turnberry
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On Sunday, horrible white nationalists rallied of California, capital over in Sacramento in a show of poor. They said for Donald Trump. There there confronted by hundreds of leftist counter protestors, who proceeded to attack the White Nationalist with rocks and sticks and bottles. The units the rapporteur to get things started. The battle ended with and people injured, including seven people, stabbed the media did. All of this is an even handed clashes. The Sacramento bees headline, for example, quote a rally by a small group of NEO Nazi demonstrators at the state capitol on Sunday erupt into violent clashes with protests who initiated the violence? How did it arrived? You can't tell here's the allay time what violence began almost immediately authorities and witnesses that again who started it? Who knows the press? Do They just want one report a properly here's. What this I commend Toby itself reported buried. Paragraphs down quote first sign of violence came just before eleven a M when Casey
Rapporteur might lorry and his cameramen were caught in altercation with anti fascist protesters, shouting no cameras and demanding their levels posit for just a second: that's hilarious, they were, but they are confronted by anti fascist protesters. Shouting cameras in demanding ill eve. Therefore continue got one causing the problem. You're belligerent people are causing the problem. Lorry told the crowd before someone not his might from his hand and others tragic grabbed the camera. These are the anti fascist protestors. The power, eventually shutdown of the crowd and cross. The street Waiving the protesters Damien I was born in Sacramento community activist, who came out to join the Anti Nazi protest or Sunday said. More trouble erupted about one thousand one hundred and twenty a dot m when a NEO Nazi, with a stick, a sign and a shirt with a swastika in the words White Power approach, the crowd quote he dodge a bottle, and then Iraq and its own broke Iraq over his back said Osborne, twenty six, the organised then stop. Let him speak then. Some folks up to take his sign away. I would let go so girl for me as a racist. I punched it as soon as he was getting be down because
gaming grabbed even started. Shooting rubber pellets. Unquote is often Sacramento Bake. It made cover anti trump violence, a Trump rallies the exact same way when and how. I'm protesters show up. Violently assaulting from supporters. The press. Him We call it a scrub unworthy of further differentiation. Maven cover stop. The same way when somebody like me and anti Trump Anti white nationalist means conservatives speaks in college campuses. There's a reason for this. According to the left, now This violence is in violence. Now much disputed I'm leftist rhetoric is right, is violence, sorry and according to the left, left his once isn't violence at up. Take, for example, the sweet for Montel Williams in the aftermath of the second violence quote violence is never the answer. That said, we shut down some NEO Nazi Sacramento new. That's with less things over the weekend. The New York City Gate my braid featured banner and the banner said republican hate kills Republican. Hey kills: that's what it said. Not jihadism kills now before
actual since jihadist just actually murdered forty nine gay people in Orlando Report. Again you dont support same sex. Marriage are just like. Actual people who kill people believes this. Is it any wonder that they sanction violence against everyone from mainstream conservative speech? Goers trump backers NEO Nazis is groups not remotely similar, except in one critical aspect, but doesn't like them, and one small together and then their worthy of violence. This is the and of political speech in America. If certain speeches, violence, certain speech can be banned, violence speech. Certain violence, But it is morally hideous, unfortunately, the modern the his created I'm created bear. This is since the bench Bureau shall attend to humanize people, don't care about you feeling. Already two tonnes together is a very, very busy Newsday here on Monday, you survive the weekend and the weekend. When pretty well breaks, it happened, then we come back and things just go straight to the crap herself. Let's start off with this,
briefly, I want to show you the footage. What I'm talking about in Sacramento here, security, look like in Sacramento issue, NEO, Nazis, God, the capital of terrible people they go to about two to yell, about white supremacy, always ironic to me, by the way, when white two premises: yellow light supremacy because invariably, their incredibly stupid, so yelling about how superior they are well being incredibly stupid but All these people gotta have stupid views, people on I've show up. They also have stupid views not to the same extent, presumably, but they do something significantly worse, which they start assaulting and beating up the people from the union He growled the NEO Nazi, proud fight back, and so you get something that looks like this:
Oh, my God knows, the doubts about the world really taken by some other way was stabbed the balloon critical condition. So who started that lead in this People started out where they were the anti fascist switches. Just typical she's lovely, so I say that posted that I did. I was talking about me. Gay pride parade reply, we can hey. Council is gay people standing behind a giant rainbow flag? This has republican, hey, kills Democrat Muslim just killed forty nine people in Orlando, so me, no warning to cater a same sex wedding. That's what killed four
and People Orlando, not the jihadist. You killed forty nine people in Ireland as it is, is this have left things It's really wide left are, so arable and they are in there just awful in every way. The theme of today's show is basically that the left is is making it almost impossible, motorboat for Trump seriously like a day there met, they are so awful as human beings, they they spouse such horrible things stand for such horrible things that the IMF, it makes the argument vote from to stop them more common when it does, because there are two ways that argument could become more compelling one is from, could stop sucking he's not doing that as will get to who is left could become even worse than you thought they were an left continues to show their justice, terrible, as you always thought that they were there today, had a decision that you know before even gets that I won't go through for a second. There is breaking news here. Is that the Democratic National Committee has now released updates to its platform, although we can, there will be stopped it. We can. They really started to its platform. So here are some of the things from its updated platform. It can either be Democrats
fully extreme they're pulling insane their nutcases. They are nuts, ok here suddenly to the view of things, not all the things that the view that they update from in their new Democratic National Committee platform? First off they say that they want the Department of Justice to invest. The alleged corporate fraud on the part of fossil fuel companies. Poorly misled shareholders in the public on the scientific reality of climate change became visible. So to try like that, what that means is they want Culture Laurette allege that the Department of Justice they want them to be we have just to prosecute oil companies, give money to institutions like the Harlan Institute that says that it isn't climate change being caused by oil. That's the big problem, don't prosecute them for free speech. Prosecute them can that's. In their platform now, by unanimous consent, noticed there is in the democratic side on this one. They also want their fifteen dollar minimum wage Evans, fifteen dollar minimum wage- and I did a show in Seattle.
And when I was doing shown, Seattle is proposed by socialist in open social is not a democratic calls. Herself, a socialist and actual socialist name shall miss our she's, the one who started the fifteen dollar minimum wage push, and I I didn't debate with her and I said vividly asked one or two thousand dollar minimum wage. Why fifteen bucks and she had no clue when those national policies they want a fifteen dollar minimum wage across the country and that minimum wage, also by the way, includes the idea that they would and some minimum wage for tipped workers, so in other words, if your waiter or waitress and you four nine dollars an hour, but you tend to earn another twin bucks an hour in terms which is not rare they don't want you to be able to be paid that they want you'd, be paid. Fifteen dollar minimum wage restaurants typically end up taking the Tipps right. That's that's what It happening so well done for further for the people who are working restaurants, I want to abolish the death penalty full out this new meaning. We always knew Democrats wanted to do this, but now they actually acknowledged it. Also they want you to pay for every abortion on planet earth,
not really an exaggeration, and it's a little bit of an exaggeration, but not much. Here's what they actually say in their new platform quote the play One also vows to oppose and seek to overturn all federal, state laws that impede a women's access to abortion, including by repealing the height amendment ah federal and state laws, all of them. Ok, they want you to be able to get an abortion literally one second, before the baby exits, your body, and maybe even after that, not only there they want to get rid of a height amendment. The height amendment is a federal law says: federal taxpayer dollars cannot be used to sponsor abortion, don't get rid of it, so they want you to pay for other people's abortions or abortion up to the point of birth. Maybe beyond, and they won't you, pay. For that's, that's very exciting. They also support the repeal of harmful restrictions that obstruct women. Access to healthcare around the world, including the global gag rule in their homes, amendment which bar you s, assistance to other countries that provide safe legal abortion, so in other words they want
to fund abortion overseas. Two's has not just enough to kill babies. Here we have to go out places in Kehl babies to that's exciting. They also want expand social security. They want expanded, starting up grab, doesn't want to increase the amount we spend on social security. Illegal immigration. They want to call families together, end family detention, so family comes across, We must also have a bigger, let everybody go clothes, pray detention centres in nine of the top ten detention centres in the United States for us for illegal immigrants are private, going to close them open the detention centers they just want to close them, so they release all of the illegal immigrants they want to release all of them, and then they want to guarantee legal counsel for all accompany minors in immigration proceedings. So now you want to deport people We have dire attorneys for you, a non american citizen, so you can be deported This means everybody gets to stay, they also come in favour of nationalized ice healthcare by they say openly. Want access to public coverage through Medicare Republic option. That means that is
protection of all insurance companies in the United States ones have a public option. What that means is that they can. Drive the private companies out of business, because, no matter how bad the public option is, they can only just come and take more of my money to fund it. I have an insurance company goes bankrupt. They can't take money from me to fund it if the government, bankrupt. They just ignore my money. Finally, They want to surrender to black lives matter. They say their current draft calls for ending the era of mass incarceration. There's no Europe mass incarceration vote for not taking some people in throwing them in prison by the score, because the fact is people in prison commit crimes. That's why they're There isn't Soviet Union there, no gulags people are being imprisoned for political views, except democratic, actually want to do that in this platform, wherever they say, mass incarceration must end shutting down private presence again, no building of new public presence, presumably letting everybody out of prison which, by the way, has worked out awesome in California, the crime rate? up double digits last couple years, because Jerry Brown releasing people from prison, and reform the grand jury process right. That's why they don't like.
Yeah, because in Ferguson it ended up with a proper, acquittal of the officer in Ferguson and get rid of that. Don't ruin in RE entry programmes, which is where we do jobbery training for people who end up in prison after three years anyway, and then, ban, the box abandoned means is they want to illegal for you, employing people to ask them if they have a prior felony on their record Democrats are out of their damn minds. They are out of their their minds, are getting just to prove our minds. They are today the Supreme or issues a decision on abortion is full. Crazy, so that the decision on abortion, those like myself in taxes there are two laws on about one. Is a law and says that This must have admitting privileges it hospitals in order to perform abortions and what that means is if you are right now what are you get sick and go to the e r? U have to fill out of reach of paper work in order to be admitted to the hospital doctors of admitting privileges they just take their pain, no need to fill up paperwork. We just bring you to the hospital and we leave you there and already been filled out admitting privileges at the hospital. I said it
doctor should have admitting privileges at the hospital if you want perform an abortion cause. If something goes wrong, you're gonna sit there filling out the paperwork and what it says, clinics must run of eight to be concerned ambulatory surgery centres, meaning that they always have to be big enough, that we need the girl needs the the hallway. Then we should be able to going down the hallway. That's what namby oratory surgery Centre means right heard the office, that's not the there always here there are two skinny, but hospitals. Obviously the hallways are really why so the reason the left doesn't like this, because a lot of the abortion clinics don't have these things they think bullshit monies will be closed. The supreme port today said that this was impermissible restrictions on a woman's right to an abortion. So, let's dart number one with the fact that there is no right to abortion in the constitution of the United States and others end of story none nowhere, not a zilch zippo none! There is no right to an abortion in the constitution of the United States that from a whole line of cases from Griswold, Connecticut, Roby Wade. That creates is vague right to privacy,
that, for some reason, doesn't apply to my right to go to ownership, but does apply to your ability to go publicly to a doctor who's, not you and get an abortion on a third party, a baby. I somehow its privacy issue. The right approach he does not exist in the constitution of the United States, but they were, but it does, then they figured that there are health restrictions on lots of doctors and nurses and medical facilities all over the place. Right. That's true! So well I say that these ones are no good, including by where they struck on fire restrictions, destruction. Restriction that says the day that the abortion clinic has to be able to Take somebody who's unconscious out of the out of the clinic. If there's a fire they struck out, Maybe that's too. That's too harsh it prevents a woman's right to choose represents a woman's right to choose. Here is what a stupid about all this. We all presumably have a right, according to the laughed out assume to eat in restaurants. I never right across it, but their health frictions on restaurants, Arthur by everyone
you go to its health restrictions on it from the state. What do you mean it's good? What do you think it's bad as unconstitutional have health restrictions on your restaurant anything stupid, but that doesn't mean that it's not on constant did that doesn't mean that some constitutional right would be the equivalent of the government said if the Supreme Court said how restrictions on the restaurants you eat at prevent restaurants from opening. Therefore, the health restrictions are unconstitutional and there can be no health restrictions right. That's that's quickly. What their arguing right now and this is based on false law, is very irritating as a constitutional, as you can additionally aware guy like ape lost from Harvard LAW, constitutional law, the the fact that the Supreme Court basically pulls these decisions directly from its own colon. And then makes up a legal framework for it is really highly irritating so they just I mean the truth is the day they decided this case back in the fifth circuit side of this case, back in two thousand thirteen people who
unloosing side didn't bother to appeal to the Supreme Court. They feel the exact him case now that violates what's called Reggie Dakota is the idea rendered cotton, which is the idea that the case is already been decided that there is nothing about this decision that it that is legal in any way. It's all a politically motivated decision, very clearly engine this time, as we have always said, was the best justice on the core, even when school he was alive. He has this one point: I think, is really telling you says. Eighty years on, the court has come full circle. The core simultaneously transformed judicially created rights like the right to an abortion into preferred institutional right well favouring many of the rights actually enumerated in the constitution, constitution renounces the notion that some constant social rights are more equal than others. A plaintive the possesses the constitutional he's asserting or not, and if not the judiciary has no business, creating ad hoc exceptions. Others can assert rights. The team especially important to vindicate what happened in this case is that It's a right to an abortion that those being sued over, but the boy
Doktor does never actual abortion rate at noon. Doctors don't have a right to an abortion towards doing over anything that impacts them. The court me section and allowed the dockers to do on behalf of the patients which never happens over. So basically, the court had situation in mind. They decided to push that decision forward. The rest of it. Just didn't matter, though, at the rest, Adjusted Marin is what the left eyes left takes. Control of the court, which they already have a mean. What not pretend Justice Kennedy is left us. It Justice Kennedy, the only case in which he didn't vote left in the last five years really was the was the immigration case and there it was a close thing. He answered and vote robotic, Hamper Roberts did so did matter. We ve had a left court for a little while here we have left court Little wild Kennedys the swing both and you're in trouble, because Justice Kennedy attends to fall to the left, particularly on social issues. So all that said You ve got the Supreme Court rulings and they come out and here's what Hillary Clinton tweet it is wiser left is making it very difficult
Aren't you just try and stop them with any means at our disposal, even an absolute crapshoot like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Sweetwater. This fight isn't over. The next president has to protect women's health. Women will be punished for exercising their basic right, we'll get hooting, putting for exercising a basic. I personally in realising the basic right to kill a baby. I realized I was a thing. In fact, should that baby there in the womb and left always does this right. They'll say that right they'll say they. On tv as a woman's pay as hell has the baby doing and the meantime. The my wants the Navy how it's beautiful night, I feel like I'm, glowing same woman pregnancy, I don't want it, it's terawatt discovered that thing when is it just ghoulish tabs lily ghoulish Women will be punished for exercising their basic rights Babies are not a punishment. Babies are a gift. This is vital. While stuff she didn't. We Scottish decision Supreme Court of the United States. That Scottish says is a VIC.
For women in taxes and across Amerika. Safe abortion should be a right not just on paper, but in reality will it isn't right? What declared to be a right doesn't make it right. Ministers all crazy towns, he's crazy town stop and she wants you to pay for abortions and she wants you to pay for abortions abroad. The left is radically in every way their violent men there. These anti left these anti fascist protesters and anti fascist protein stars in Sacramento, be people up because they disagree. Those are fascist protests there's a few people up, because they disagree by definition, your fascist and then this is this, six stuff meta. Hilary campaigning with Elizabeth, worn and Elizabeth Worn is kind of nerdy Hilary, and you see that here there are wearing the same color know if they they decided between these this morning in there all in addressing the same color blue, they are went to an hijacked to violet route, closet and hijacked, couple of whose legitimately, it was with one whose legitimately the only maybe the only woman in America more irritating than Hillary Clinton I mean I know I was with Lawrence. I can say that with with full verve,
with law and is now something for Hillary Clinton after spending last three years, seeing her as corporate insider has, Elizabeth Worn wants power, and Pocahontas over here to lady who claims that she's native American, which is not an got her Harvard LAW based on her minority status, even though she's wider key issues whiter than Sean King. I am more native American than than Elizabeth Morn is a list with more stumping for Hillary Clinton. Report and believes that racism, hatred, injustice and bigotry have no
why yes and our contrary region remains our next move another with these very near me, Mister Waite. Here regarding the warm, I wonder, I don't know how Hilary could possibly have townsmen is more robotic and more irritating than herself, but a new. What in salute horror, shall what an apple The horror shout and they continue to lie. They continue to be terrible. They continue be far left. With more by wasting energy much more Hillary Clinton. Yes, she doesn't need a short the Bernie about the Bernie votes can come to her, because their socialists means weakened by debated yesterday political issues, Bernie supporter she and said to me backstage that she would they
then an agenda that when it came down to Bernie versus Hilary for really that close my abode for Hilary, she says that Jude four Hilary everybody on the left is going to everybody and left is going to help free Buttons campaign manager. Meanwhile, over the weekend, she was on tv and she says that Hilary is the most transparent. The most spectacular person who ever lived How about plebiscite like such a good answer about that?
Well hell. It is actually the most transparent secretary said in our history: she's she's released Oliver emails, she's. Really, Sir schedules Ito. I think I think the record speaks for itself really getting all did you know there's a lot of fish that are not well yet it we're talking about transparency and ethics. It is, it has been given for decades. The presidential candidates really Sir Taxes Donald Trump refuses tease out here for even refuses to release the documents related to from university. I think this is a deflection technique. You know me I referred is gonna get you know, teleprompter in front of him and and change the subjects. It's just not working and just really quickly on that subject, you know what about Hillary Clinton transcripts, so the Goldman Sachs Nations why we zabels from has given dozens of hate speeches and self nobody's asking him. Surely some again, Hillary Clinton has released or taxes for decades now, down from hasn't released a single line. We have to assume he's hiding something I think I'm from has a lot of work to do before. I start asking questions about other candidates: upward, Kinspeople, awkward gaze with Hillary Clinton,
hey manager, they're trying to claim the cheese transparent. Of course she isn't and Hitler Is is struggling Emmy she is struggling because Not only does she represents a far left extreme ideology, but she's really bad at this. She's really bad at this year's Hillary Clinton talking about breaks it. We know just talk about that in a minute, I'm in a sum up my thoughts umbrella, but here is ears, Hillary Clinton. Talking about the british exit from the from the EU alone, of Americans woke up on Friday to alarming headlines from across the Atlantic. And they are wondering what This decision Britain means for us. Now we are resilient, and we will bounced back from this and from all of the other shore centre in the system, but it a reminder that what happens around the world has consequences? we need leaders like yourselves set the local
state and federal level. Understand how to work with other leaders too. Manage risks who, Stand that bombastic comments in turbulent times can actually cause more turbulence, No one should was you about America's commitment she she's so terrible, it doesn't mean so so: big thing happens with the UK, leaving the EU in her basic commented. We need weeders thanks. Captain obvious really enjoyed that one. We need leaders- ok, that's that's really exciting, so to move from the left to the right now. So, as I've said, the left is making it almost impossible, almost impossible, not to jump on to any bandwagon that his answer the laughed and I'm I hear it books. I hear I hear you screaming at me. I get it again.
Doesn't alleviate any of my problems with handing over the future of the conservative moment to a charlatan like Donald Trump. At this point, stop him at the convention. If you have- To do anything to get some exactly by legal gets long by lorries can get killed by Heller it all over the weekend. Johns Alternatively, five and twelve point: two Hillary Clinton in any talk about how reg was losing TAT Carteret this point. Naturally, there is one point on which he was losing all either poles, who is already one and by this point medicate Donald Trump was too membership, but will let me give you make some up abreks itself, the british in the Eu and it really is- the British should really Isn t the Scottish or the folks from Wales, Northern Ireland, they they were actually in favour of staying in the Eu Scotland. There investing in the EU in England there very much in favour of leaving the EU. The reason for this because they re really a couple of reasons. One is their pretty. People who still believe there's a civilization worth preserving. That is unique to the british character, and they feel its being ripped away by a bureau
Eric Elite in Brussels, I'm with them. I agree. Second point: they don't like this, that immigration across country lines is absolute? We free in the EU and that countries like Germany, taking in hundreds of thousands of unwedded Muslim, syrian refugees in libyan refugees, so I'm. Finally, some with them, I'm on board with them And finally, some of this is just an anti leaders thing like I don't want people abroad making rules for me without my vote as that stand? I led us to the anti anti democratic and again, through the moment, favour breaks, and I think this is a good thing Hilary has. A clue how to deal with it Trump really doesn't either trump really doesn't either so here is, is Trump responding he would he was just happened to be in Scotland during opening his new golf course yeah. I guess that he was campaigning in Scotland because that all important fifty four state he really needs. Do you really needs to gain their support by the last two weeks. Donald Trump has travelled to the vital swing state of Texas, in Scotland and today, Donald Trump is in Maine
I'm sure he's it'll when the presidency in Maine in any case? In any case, Donald Trump was talking and here's look like in turn, very Scotland at his golf course have taken the lighthouse. Would you say very, very important, building in flight I mean in Scotland and wave wave. Can that building and made it something really special inside the lighthouse right now is in. Annabelle sweets and its goal. Therefore has resisted the knife tee and it's called halfway house and the bottom. You have dining and golfers wills. Up in the old go and get something leaving them to go into the tent? All ten t right next door the lighter analysing disrepair and all of the people of landmark Scotland and all of the people that we had to go through a world where I just thank you, because there was a it, was a longer go process getting that improve, but they really wanted to see it
at the highest level, and now it's really at a higher level than it ever was. And when you see I don't know if you get the chance, but if you do, you should try and get to see the sweets because they are the most beauty switch you'll ever see- and you know when the waters rough today is very compact. I've I've never seen it like this, but sometimes you have waves that are literally crashing onto this. Piece of land that were standing on its one of the most beautiful sight. You'll ever see this. Didn't exist. The royal an ancient has been incredible: they worked with us on design. They wanted to do these changes for probably clause fifty years because they were so obvious in and we ve made certain changes to the course In addition to that, we fully renovated the course brand new sprinkler system, the highest level. Many of had have been. Jiggered made even longer and in new green do everything and yet, at the same time very you would all.
This is a power for and you'd hate, there is a margin. Everything now he goes on. Loneliness operates is what my favorite part of this is the is the is the breaking news Cairo from Vienna from speaking from his golf course in Scotland, revelling half an hour about the golf course and he's being in people are turning into find out what he thinks of the It is leading the EU, which is one of those significant moments in modern european history, is the following: a part of this massive European Union Organization that really had lost its way after the fall of the Soviet Union. The EU has created a least in part as an economic, whoppers sphere, the European Economic cooperation in the opposition, basically the Soviet Union and then the Soviet Union, fell the sort of lost their way and forgot what they are all about. It he's not talk, about that, though, we do get his take on sprinkler systems, it turn varies. That's that is absolutely vital, and I have to tell you it's really fun he's out there. Tweeting today, I said Brooks it was going to happen. I said it was gonna happen two weeks ago. Early two weeks ago. Somebody Donald Trump about breaks. It
and Donald Trump said. Who is that Ellie ok here is that I have for you. This quote, because this is legitimate. This may be my favorite Donald Trump Card of all time. It's spectacular, it's so good. A reporter, asked Donald Trump inside you know now it's time I have to use it natural, ok, so here is the voice. Folks, Kant can't subscribe, you don't see the good Trump ADD trumpet Lindsey made in its, and it's quite wonderful. So then Report asks Trump. Our travelling with foreign policy advisers who knew this was going to happen today in terms as well have been in touch with them but there's nothing to talk about. You know I've been seeing growled prefer what happened. I thought is being good thing? I think it will turn out to be good. They may be sure to not, but ultimately I think it will be a good thing, and I actually been in touch with them and some bad way. Like it in some, do like it. You know their advisers to like everybody else it probably knew this everyone, these advisers, somebody gee. You should use advisers that have been really hard for the last five years. I said really
I think I want to use ones that haven't been involved. Take a look at what happened in the world Remember. The original question was, travel in the foreign policy advisers. Who is going to happen today. That is some words out. I mean you can lose calories on that word, salad, that's pretty s pretty impressive, my favorite, my favorite little quote there is some by the way to awaken in some do like it. A thank you for that. Doctor Zeus like that some are fast and some are slow he also the diamonds from is also walking back by the way his is emigre. Policy. He said tat these a couple of days ago. President Obama has departed, vast numbers, people most people ever and its net, reported, I think people are and I find that I had not not only the best policies, but biggest heart of anybody and then use asked about. Does this mean mass deportations and no we'll call it mass deportations. I call magical. From Unicorn blue?
He says you, he won't do mass deportations anymore, so you're also, It's random means everybody got suckered by all of this, so as a czech town confronts Donald Trump of NBC confronts Donald Trump. Campaign, manager, Paul Fort or is, or is there pronounce it in the in the original format of thought, Intelligence tat confronts paramount afford, over speaking at turn very fairly Half an hour on golf courses, abounded, there's Hillary Clinton, add about this and here's pollyanna forts response, to turn back in a volatile world. The last thing we need is a volatile president. It obviously picks up on what was ahead scratching event earlier this week. Mr metaphor, which is: the day of the biggest news event in the world. He is in the country at the heart of this and is promoting a golf course. This example again at the tone, deafness of the Clinton,
a big? First of all when you, when you look at what was happening in in the Clinton campaign over the last month, they expense sixty million dollars against I'll drop on ads, like this talking about things are totally distracting a destructive and re unconnected to what's going on political system of the american people care about what is going to happen to their lies about change and the issues of bricks it this kind of funny Yet a doesn't address. Those things in Hillary Clinton is ignoring the reality, because she's part of the established which she can't get away from the fact that she is part of the problem, let's be rejected, so when she tries to distract commercials like this she's once again, showing that she is absolutely afraid of the consequences of
what Rex are represented and what the the Trump phenomenon and that in the primary reserve, which is a story numbers of people voting for change against the established with. But why was it appropriate? For MR talk to be promoting a golf course on the day of a frankly, what could be the most impact full decision that a country has made That impacts it out of the global community in a way that we do not fully comprehending it and is promoting a golf course in the middle of his campaign. First of all, the troubles in international businessmen. His success is an international businessmen and a person who gets things done is one the attractions of his candidacy, so that when he says he's gonna bring real change for the country, voters believe him, unlike MRS Clinton, who has been saying that for twenty five years- and it was twenty five years- the only change
that have happened in many people's lives were so much was amazing about all of this. Is you watch manifold on the one hand, and you watch Hillary Clinton spokesperson on the other and they cannot defend their own people? Read it impossible, supplemented Ford is out there saying my man's at International Business man of mystery He has a he and gold things are going out and any have. On the other hand, you have Hillary Clinton person, sanctions the most transparent person ever the funny thing about this campaign. Whenever killers people people it's completely and while you're at it. So that's it. That's pretty that's pretty Larry. So what what this does raise is, as the left becomes more more it's pretty, that's pretty hilarious. So what what does raise is, as the left becomes more more extreme as they become more more terrible, should there be a revolt at the hour and say because, let's put aside personal distaste for Trump for justice, I can then be practical for justice. Second, no, maybe calculus changes after after the convention is possible. The calculus changes after the convention and threatened It is so bad that you just have to go tromp because Trump
is at least not Hilary, at least not Hilary, I'm not the under its tempting indefinitely, as in its a battle that I fight with my If every I mean it's really something that I consider every single day is this the day when the left puts me over the top? Is this Is this the day when, when Trump starts, to fix himself, and the answers of ours now, because Trump is one of them from a member of the laughed at. If I'm gonna sign off on my principles, I really liked him victory. I don't think that a bad. You think, if you sacrifice your principles for victory, you dont end up victory, and you don't end up with principles. It makes very difficult that position when the left continues to be increased. We terrible so This means that there has been increasing movement inside the Republican Party to create a revolt the Republican National Convention there looking at the polls better, looking in fact it down. It is utterly and wildly incompetent there. Looking at the fact, Donald Trump Is- likely to get absolutely creams by Hillary Clinton in his watch and cycle again latest ABC newspaper has Hilary a fifty one and trumpet thirty nine. It has now
two months since Donald Trump, his broken forty, two percent in a national Paul you're, not gonna, win this kind of numbers- it's just not going to happen now without a third party candidate, sucking up eighteen percent of the vote. We Ross Perot did so There's a journalist in your time says he thinks that there's pretty. Probability of some sort of revolt at the currency. Try and they are in sea are relevant quite nervous about the fact that the convention could git messy and what you have here is this interesting marriage of convenience between the two, where Trump people who
definitely not party people and party people who are definitely not trump. People have a common goal in preventing the convention's from turning into utter chaos, Donald Trump. These are protectors nomination and the Republican Party under rights previous needs to protect the integrity of its nominating process, and if the convention turns into a fight that threatens to deny Donald Trump, the winner of forty million votes and thirty seven states the nomination, that's a real threat to the integrity of the republic and parties, prostitutes, there's the high probability of some kind of revolt. I don't know what it looks like I do know if they walk off the floor, I dont know if they try to stage some type of coup in a rules committee meeting the week before the convention, but you're pretty much guaranteed some kind of fight. I mean there are hundreds of delegates who are openly hostile to Donald Trump and they will be in Cleveland. It then I think of that I think that's right, I mean I'm. I've been fielding phone calls from people who are actively attempting to do,
something is convention to start from from getting the nomination, not only because think he's unpalatable Canada, but because they think that if you really believe this election is that important, you can't give it away by handing the nomination to a guy who's going to get apps foolish long who's going to get destroyed in this campaign and again that's the It is going right now, I'm in a way that this is going is that it to be a disaster area, trumpets, gonna, lose and he's going to lose bigs. That has to be a serious consideration for all the practical people. And this is really an argument for all the practical people have been saying- a vote against. A vote not for tromp is a vote for Hilary. I don't buy that argument, but isn't a vote for trumpet. Point of vote for Hilary it he's losing by ten fifteen points, are in the polls and there's no prospect of him coming He has no campaign organization. The currencies risen less money now than they have ever raised in the history of the party. Basically, for this point in the election cycle, at a certain point you start looking going. Ok, we gotta do something about this. There's no easy rules. Member who told the Atlantic Journal constitution that people are gearing up for a fight it convention
I will take basically is one vote at the convention to open up the doll, gets and say that elegance can vote for whoever they want for four utter chaos to break and you're, seeing how awkward this is making it trumps. Continued candidacy makes very awkward. It makes very hard to fight the left. A trump is the candidate Mr Mcmahon, who's, the Senate Majority leader he's asked about. Donald Trump on ABC and watch him just struggle like a like an awkward turtle for for two minutes here, Well, I got out there is no question that has made a number of mistakes over the last few weeks, I think there are beginning to write the ship is a long time until November. And burden obviously will be unable to convince people that he can handle this job, and I thank you, a good step in the right direction, with changes to aid and the campaign eyes. To use a preparatory work more often at which I think is absolutely appropriate for any candidate, whether you're a long time politician I gallery glutton or whether you are new to their game like Donald Trump,
I didn't hear you say whether you thought you qualify I'm about to the american people aside. We want the republican nomination Ferencz, where you got more votes than anybody else against a whole lot of a well qualified. It is our primary voters have made their decision as to who they want to be denominated. The american people will be able to make their decision involve wows. The Senate Majority leader saying he doesn't think the trumpets pile by George Well, who I think he's to moderate, adding George was to moderate the George well who's been leading voicing conservatism for forty years, George will came out over the can he said, I'm not even in the Republican Party anymore trumpets cause me to leave talk, bout. You announce this week that you have left the republican Party. Why I left it. For the same reason, I joined a nineteen sixty four when I voted for very Goldwater joint
because I was a conservative. Finally, for the same reason that I'm a conservative give you a timeline shortly after Trump became the presumptive nominee had a summit with Paul Ryan, where they stress their common principles in their vast shared ground, which is much more important than the differences that was puzzling doubly so because Paul Ryan still didn't Anderson after trample on after the mexican judge from Northern Indiana? There Paul Ryan, endorse them, and I decided that in fact this is not my party anymore. I change my registration to affiliated twenty three days ago. I hardly made an announcement- and just mentioned this in a meeting with the Federalist society, so the long and short of it is, as Ronald Reagan said, when he changed his registration. I did not leave the democratic party. The democratic party left me now and not surprisingly, Donald Trump has tweeted his reaction to this news today. Let's put it up
the screen. He says that you are overrated do you lost your way, a long time ago. Would you like to respond? Almost? He has an advantage on me because he can say everything he knows about any subject, and one hundred and forty characters of I can't, that's a good line. It's a good line and it's his house. It also happens to be true, but when one of the things that that's so frustrating about, this election cycle is being stuck defending a trumpet notify Hillary Clinton is just a worse situation. Anybody can be an it's. What makes it a struggle, because otherwise this is the easiest election in human history. Otherwise this is so easy, but the fact that Trump is both income, the tent and also vile. The fact that he has no principles raymie, he just walk back mass deportations, which means really any deportations. His new policies essentially all support the bad ones, which is exactly President Obama's policy in what's up elsie. He hasn't walk back at this point. It makes it did you say: I'm not sacrifice my principles to vote for a guy who's going to do
anyway and who is also going to drag conservative through the mud. That's pills log and no matter how bad the left gets. I'm not sure that you end up in a situation where they can It was changes now. If you're the deciding vote here. It comes down to it, We really close lashing you're the deciding vote, maybe the privacy, the voting booth! You decide for years are more important. Then the next forty and you think, okay, well, maybe Trumbull be better. Hilary ins I'll do that, and we know Hilary Obi Terrible, and I get that logic. If right now. What am I right now? We are talking about November eighth, we're talking out now today, if you're, looking the poles right now. Insane yourself, I gotta support from through the convention, because He won. I gotta be say I dont see logic, and I think that you're you're giving credit. An impetus to a guy who is Gonna get absolutely destroyed by the worst person in America, Hillary Clinton,
okay time for things I like and things I hate so weren't. You movies that are then are pre the haze code, so I'm a big movie above and There is something called the haze code. They came into existence. Nineteen, three nineteen sixty it was in Hollywood is worded. How do we make what of it now? Is this the other rules where If you had a man and a woman in a room together, the man had they had man had to have, but one for on the floor. At all times, as one for on the floor rule is why you watch the old movies? The men and women have separate beds right. Why would they cut every time there's got be a sexy. It's. Why that hi guys always pay. At the end, the haze code was a voluntarily imposed code. In Hollywood. Those brought about by Catholic Legion of decent decency in the early nineteenth worries watch the films from the twenties in the thirties, this is the films. Look a lot like today's films actually look, there's their sex in nudity. There's homosexuality in their. If there's anything you can imagine There's a the island of Doktor Moreau wearing Their beast. Reality was thing whether there is it. The issue is very controversial at the time and the in Catholic said we can.
Have our kids watching the several than a boycott Hollywood, where we're not going to take part to Hollywood had a voluntarily imposed code in the Hague, This is how the motion Picture Association of America become so powerful. Why they still our ratings agencies and they and they say, okay, well, from now on, here's a set of rules to propagate and those rules, include bad guys have to lose the movie. They include the the no sex in the movies, no excessive violence in the movies, and people and unless hate this thing is the worst in the world except that problem. Great movies in Hollywood, history are produced between one thousand nine hundred and thirty three and one thousand nine hundred and sixty If you look at the best movies in Hollywood, history even costs one, could citizen Kane on the waterfront to to Best years of our lives and with the wind right. All these moves are produced during this period, pre ins, like there's a very famous, very famous Example. The haze code and with wind, very end right right butler
earns, do cellular, o Hara, no spoiler necessary, came at nineteen. Thirty nine at the very end of the fellow me turn scarlet, o Hara and she says rat. Where are you going? You take me. With you. What were you doing and any says? Frankly, my dear I don't give a damn right. So the hay. This code came by them hazels these old. Can you use not Nicky, not use damn. I said no No, we can't we have to use that is in the book, like I'm sorry, and today's go to locate until they wanna go, but there lie to cases where the haze called basically overruled things and cut scenes outlaws, so we're gonna do for this week is we're gonna, take films or produce before the haze exert a lot of films that are that there have been largely been forgotten: masterpieces before the haze code came about in their very greedy and very hard core. One of those films is what my favorite films to foreign film called. And you're gonna recognise the star the storm Peter LAW because he became big playing bit, parts in in the United States, a foreign film from Germany, the guy directed Fritz Lang came to the United States. We can pretty big director to lorry
was an honest to Goodness Movie STAR back in the old country. Back in Germany is right, nazis arising rising and pm me was joyously flood like half of Hollywood did from from Germany and what this film is about is Peter Lorry who you see in Casablanca is the very beginning of Casablanca, Peter Lorry everybody does the periodic stuff ready. Even do it it's in Latin spyware we're Robin Winds breaks into Peter Lorry Voice, while he's doing the well doing the young the genie, but when he does the he says we're going to raise from the dead his Peter Laurie. Voice repeater lorry is famous he's a nice he's in Maltese, Falcon he's just punishment, creepy guys hanging around the fringes and is correct in saying this in this movie, Laurie legacy is gritty stuff. Pure lorry plays a pedophile his age Kidnaps and rapes children and kills them, and he is in the movies called em, and what else happening is that the police crackdown
down. In order catch the sky, they can have no idea who he is in order. This guy, they crackdown on the entire criminal underground The criminal underground decides that, if they want to this cracked and they have to start looking for Peter lorries and on everybody's looking for Peter lorries for years. Here's, one of the scenes from from em. So will you seeing Ass Peter lorry looking through a glass window and his child, of course,. In four people can see you're missing here. How did the acting as but he's better mean. Basically, he turned on by the kid. It's so well shining in the car wash out. This is right that the shot over the collar of him looking down the street what's iconic from this goal is
time he's Edmund. That was in the sound production right under said. What iconic about that is that every times about kidnap and rape, a kid you to whistle in Greece in the hall, the mounting right with you, you know from the rich crackers commercials. Don't turn out that that that that that that that the deadline so did very creepy movie. The final scene of this movie is one of them final scenes of any movie ever alone spoil it, for you should go gone rent. It is not very long movie, but its very Hence movie diminishing and it is good please stop right here. When a little game. Here, let's get you can't see it is when you subscribe out, tell your mother to buy stuff.
Super creepy, the homo these really greatly. Ok, we'll stop it, thereby the the final scene I should do what is the best final scenes in movies? The final scene of this movie, maybe maybe the best final scene of any, will be ever. Nominal saying it's a phenomenal scene. I don't spoil every on television in math is after that, after the show what happens, but I dont as well for you to really gray. Ok, he's that I hate so yesterday debated telecom and telecoms, something that was highly irritating to me. She want everybody in with tromp now for people like me who don't back Donald Trump, It makes me not when people trail on my idea, algae and with the guy was totally ideology, framing trumpets who trump is, and he believes what Trump leaves, and I don't believe any of those things, and so I ve been very critical of trump. More critical than Sally Cone has been probably Michael. Eric Dyson did the same thing and Emerson BC. Trumps nationalism is a white races, supremacist routine. I don't know why I beseech this week bothers to have mom, but they do so. Here's what it sounded like and went out for peace.
Building a wall what he would people we ought to have a real nation for all of us in this translation doesn't lives, and all of us, when he can see, was banned, muslins laws that he wants to keep immigrants out. He was to build a wall and look at his railways, one black people are pushed around. He then says that will fit illegal feasible from revise the worst is things and his nationalism is really a white racist, supremacy nationalism that require I gotta get insulting. Half of the american people were supporting down from many Americans. You had no, no. You have to believe that his supporters are. I'm saying he was your theory, David meals, you and me he Bungay. So they were what the trunk I there is saying is basically right that a lot of people who support trump or not this, but one of the problems of trumpets and is the trump. Some reflects: nationalism that is not rooted in founding ideology, so nationalism without founding ideology, really is no different from the nationalism of Britain or the nationalism of grace
I think that in this way, trumpet and Hilary are basically very similar, don't look down from his democratic lifelong Democrat. He may be a more moderate Democrat and Helen Clinton, but he's also running in my party, so we're going have to see how this place out. I mean I'm, not I can guarantee for the future. If I'm never trump, you know were weak from now from never from two weeks from now, I'm never from as it currently stands, I've said, and thus he changes. I can't see myself loading for Donald Trump if he changes and if the left continues to do at the left is continuing to do. Things may change because the left is is making it nearly impossible to look at them take them seriously as a governing force in the United States and that's democratic party, particularly so that's that see that's the way this will bring more tomorrow will be more to talk about. I'm sure we'll see you then I mention here. This is the entropy. Russia
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