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Ep. 189 - Yes, Comey's FBI Was Rigged For Hillary

2016-09-29 | 🔗
Andrew Klavan stops by, FBI Director James Comey falls apart under oath, Donald Trump can't get off of the Miss Universe Fatgate, and the vaunted mailbag!
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The media's. Wild blue obsession with fat, shaming and trumpery, and sexism has been elevator by Hillary Clinton to her very top campaign issue: Michel I join the Hilary campaign to explain quote if I can. It regularly and fluently, makes cruel and insulting comments about women. That's you that and it really is Hilary hers. Tweeted, quote a man bullies and James, a woman for her weight should never become president. Now it's true trumpet makes grows comments about women Keziah Jack asked, but the Democrats A horse attitude about sexism is a little galling. Let's take a brief down memory. Lane J, F, K You have used also a democratic Europe and was a discussion paid with women. According to me, me offered was nineteen years old when J F K, one after her could quote, could I have done anything to resist President Kennedy. I doubt it once we were alone in his wife's bedroom, he'd maneuvered me so swiftly and unexpectedly, and with such authority and strength that short of screaming. I don't think anything would have his intentions she then toil he by the way told Alfred afterwards perform oral sex on his specialists.
Since that date powers. He also told her to Pleasures brother Teddy, that's just the Tipp of J F K iceberg habit, the jail Hilary has praised arbitrary fulsome really in the past. Hu Jia was not merely a disgusting racist commonly used the onward. He was also a massive woman hater. According to Michael Sheldon Review of Robert Carols, massive Johnson Biography Quote women were for sex and servitude his Senate office. His female workers, were fondled ogled in overworked, though his own thing, was lobby. He was quick to operate any of his girls who put on weight. He wanted to make sure the view was good when they walked away from his ass quote. I dont want to Given that many, I want to look at a good trim back end. Unquote, he boasting sexual prowess, long affairs, with at least to women, as was casual flings with members of staff about bill and, like Hilary quit, Bill Clinton allegedly raped one woman in his wife, Hilary allegedly intimidated bill sexually. Ass, a body of other women and Hilary allegedly ran a war room to fight bimbo options. She referred Jennifer flowers as trailer trash. She called Monica Lewinsky narcissistic loony tune, but hey folks.
Body who makes cruel and insulting comments about women should not be president why the Obama Whitehouse hidden, rocked by charges of sexism to Christina Rome or the former head of Obama's Council of economic advisers? She said she called like a piece of meat while working about the White House. I need a done former White House Communications director. She said the Obama White House quote actually for all of the classical legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace to women abominable his presidency Galvin with men only as Katy PATH, which point out in your book, as I pointed out before, one things I hate about this election is the they did it to excuse is not a good excuse for Some are being a pig, but Hilary is really applying a standard if you ve ever done anything sexist tool, woman or anything nasty, little woman publicly, you can't be president, that's the standard that goes for every democratic president for the last fifty years outside of Jimmy Carter- and there Hillary Clinton, I'm going. Shapiro. This is the bench of Hiroshima.
Already somewhat she gets here on the bench Shapiro Show today will do me join in just a moment by end Clayton and it'll be a controversial segments, organ actually battle it out, I asked drew earlier on if I could, if I could gradually drape him in in jewish ceremony, gear as this interview and on. Unfortunately, he turn that onto his soul is lost us forever, but we'll talk about why he turned from Judaism or from secular Judy. I'm too to Christianity. Will get to that in just a second plus we're gonna talk about Hilary and fat people and all the things Democrats want us to talk about like Hilary and fat people, so we'll talk about a holiday fat, but first we have to say our friends over a birch gold. If you are concerned about the economy, if you're worried that the economy is in a slow growth mode, hint it today was another economic report less than two percent GDP growth at another, a quarter of bad road for Obama. If you're worried that stock markets inflated and you're looking for replace due to serve hot
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a very excited to welcome to the show Andrew Clavering he's in the gas company me yesterday, we atomic soul, and then we just went down about nine levels and weak ones. We found the person in close proximity. Basically I mean literally drew studios five feet away was real progress was the answer is very exciting, and so is a welcome to a real power cast an incisive drew has a new book. Our colleagues, good thing that I got tons of crap for posting. On my facebook page, you outta offshore, Is it because the great good thing which, by the way I love drew, he doesn't know how to title is books. The subtitle is more is more accurate if you wanted to get the seller list, as our starting point is that you can comes to bathe in Christ. The reason I get a lot of crap for this is because, obviously, is an orthodox. Do this to me The tragic story roaming. This is this is not as a Jew, I'm not big on people converting away from crazy from Judaism tour. Christianity, obviously, but the reason that I posted exert actually read the book, and so for me
It actually told rabbis that won the things they should do as a sign this book to parents, a sort of a cautionary tale from my angles and Orthodox Jew. Fascinating about the book is that it's called a secular comes faith in Christ, but I want to ask you what you mean by secular: do because the truth is that it sort of a contradiction in terms for religious jus, just like for a now your ear, Braxton Christian, the idea secular Christian doesn't make any sense. For me, a secular Jew is just somebody was born into a jewish family, but had no clue about. Kind of what authentic Judy as MS. So then, what you give kind of ground is today the jewish home that you grew up and right. Well, I mean it. I use it very purposely. I completely agree there's no such thing as a second. What you just this is an outrage, an oxymoron, but I grew up in the home where my father was very dedicated to teaching us the tradition we went to hubris school. I was born. Myths with the thing. My pension really believe in God my mother was my mother, was the most convicted atheist. I have ever met, he died not believed that it was all nonsense whenever he always kids. They would like
It was a little bit, but my mother, whenever you gotta, go into that's all nonsense, gardener My father's, I say in the book you you didn't wanna play games with a gigantic invisible Jew who could you, cancer, just haven't you, wouldn't you nobody here, he hid his best, but he didn't really believe the way you and I both right and so for me, who has had this lifelong insistence that things makes sense of the word coming out of my mouth have some correlation to reality as it is or even internal reality. I just found the entire. Her thin absolute hypocrisy nonsense. So, by the time I was born this would I was standing up in front of people have only done this once in my life, and this is standing up in front of you, the same words that I know for a fact more troops saying I believed in things like new for fighting who drew and I thought, but on the book in we got all this guilt the israeli lotta jewelry rose up and after six months I crept out in ruins sleep and throw it all away, which should have got me
of Judaism right there at the end, and I think that's it's. This is why I say the rabbis that did Jews should read this book. More to say: ok, if you're gonna Razor kid is it you have to someone like me. Who cares about raising it? Could do you actually have to explain why they're doing the things there doing, you can't just say the Judy there's culture, its about most of the Holocaust and then expect kids to actually take anything here seriously, because the mean that this is in about fans musical theatre when you watch when you watch fiddler on the roof and That's the end and one of the daughters marries out engineers zone he's not jewish. That's a natural consequence of the very first song in tradition where they say and we don't know why we do it, but it's the tradition. If you know what you're doing it, it's not gonna, be a big wonder if your kids move away from it would seem to me the link, God would become the baseline. We gotta be praying to something you gotta be doing it for some reason could otherwise I get the tradition. I get some kind of idea. This is what your Reese comes from. Especially in Amerika. Were you really don't feel can
strained by race at all, or you shouldn't in the old days you didn't at all. You know I dont know what what appeal that, as you just basically was like talking to strangers, so so I want to start with sort of asking you about your position to becoming a religious person and then we get into the Jew versus christian aspects of this or that because there is the part that just like Judy's members, Christianity. The first problem with the second part of nights when it comes to hear your transition to to religion, because you were an atheist for awhile. What was it the trigger? Do you? You talk about integrated thing, but what was it that triggered you to move from atheistic sex Laura Humanism, essentially to to NEO conservative conservative religious person born, I was coming up in college, is when the left that left this wave of relativism was first coming in and the idea that no such thing as good. It nothing good or bad, but thinking makes its own from Hamlet nor the stuff, and there was an multiculturalism one. Culture is just as good as another The evidence of mine eyes, you know is enough for me to think start thinking, that's not true, and there
things that I read and fought along the way like Dostoevsky Private pungent? I remember sitting reading Dost ethics, climate punishment, which is sadly one long argument against New J and relativism and just thinking like awake you know that you're really worked, and I can accept that as that went on I just started to realize that you cannot have him universe without a moral arbiter. You cannot have a moral universe without an ultimate good and the new you're that good you know, I won't go into the whole philosophical idea that the nature of that good struck me as a conscious good you're. With a will. It struck me he's got and so after a while that just started to become unavoidable, to mean remember, I'm writing all these books on living in the post, modern world, I'm living with postmodern people. That was why I subtitled focused. It will do. I want people to understand the eye living in New York, in Hollywood, in London. Those are the places I work, those of the rifle. I knew where to say anything about. God was to brand yourself as a rule out so so it was just very slowly that I start to realise that I was swimming in
water, but the land was over me. I had to go and really happened one night I was I was reading a book in which one of the characters- I admired said, a prayer, and so I said a prayer, and that transformed everything- and I realized that it has linked my rational mind to my heart. I thought like that's that really changes everything once I realise that the world is a much more joyous place when I was in contact with God that just any decided and that's why I'm things that that's really nice about your personal experiences that you you talked at length about, in the value for you of prayer and then you ve had some very spiritual experiences along the way and in so so they which, which backs second question. So I think that a lot people believe in God and then brings them to the second question, which is ok. Well, why the Bible? Why not you, okay, so there's God, whose moral in the universe and I can't we just be like these supposed Thirdly, deistic founders of ours there much more christian and then people and give them credit for, but the, but the idea that the Erika gosh giant Clock
eager and he's built into the system self evident truths. The way the Jefferson put it. Why do you need the Bible? Wiser bible, important? What will I came to the Bible and completely secular way? I wanted to be a writer. I started reading all these books that I loved and newest, I loved all the detective stories. I realise that the detective stories and Ernest Hemingway those guy writers that I really like growing up, that they all had connections to King Arthur Smith, so I started to ring wreaking offers myths, and I realise that Christianity was at the core of this So I started to read the Bible, the new testament and what we call me about what exactly may talking there, which put an affection sacks of interest rates, so I started to read: it is a purely literary exercise had gone by one? Could we didn't have one in the house? I got one with New Jesus. His words, red, and I was lying on my bed. Reading the gospel according to Saint Luke and my father walked in on me and he hit the roof. I mean he
Why not. I will always makes me laugh if you walk in on your teenage sundayed any reading a Bible. I don't mean budgetary absolute born, and at that point it was the sixties. We were run around with girls naked finest clarity for the fact that you got me a reading. The gospel corny Saint Luke drove him crazy, but it's completely secular, but what happened was. As I started to teach myself literatures, I saw to teach myself the culture. I realise that it was at the centre of the entire logic we think we are like nobody- and this is includes jewish people. I think to nobody in the West speaks anything that isn't in some way tinge and connected to Christianity. Now, if you're, jewish, I think it's also goes back through Christine already something older generations. What my mind at ease, ass, much like on Christianity, is that basically, Christianity were in my head and says about Islam, although to a lesser extent that these are these were a kind of PA. Almost
publicity wing Dignan. I like it. I like what does what popularized these ideas to the rest of the world that made them made them big and reach out and made them non tried to, which is important. So acts with the Bible was all. And I underline the funny thing was when I read the Bible. When I read a cover to cover, I got it: store purely as it makes sense to me? It makes sense to me that, like you have you have this relationship, you fall out of it. People has chosen as a doorway to let God back into the world at all made sense. I got the story, and so when I started to think about God, I think that was the God I was thinking up even before I knew it was. So what are you so many occasions? to the place where we disagree. We ve got another place where we agreed until we get screamed Africa disagreeing enough. So so, obviously my view is a Jew is that is that my personal view of Jesus is the Jesus. Was a normal Orthodox Jew who is trying to, and then this is sort of what I might call be writes in his books about the kind of ever any of his book sort about the historicity of Jesus is what he says:
it, is they that basically, he was an orthodox Jew who try to leader revolt against the Romans and was a kite and was crucify just like a thousand other people who are we had happened. There is religious moment. Those built up around him essentially end in a lot of foreign ideology grafted onto Judaism, including some gnostic ideas about virgin birth in the end in various kind of other things that are happening at the time. So why is number one? How Billy. Were you aware of of Judaism before you converted, Christianity and number two Why do you find the historicity of Christianity to be the fulfilment of Judaism, as opposed to just were right and Christianity is, is an offshoot? Ok, what the first! The first thing is that you are really I really think a little bit of umbrage. The attack I get most often foolish people is, you know you can't conversant lets. You become a Jew, firstly, to know your own religion and my problem with that, and I think
Actually, there was ugly room russian. My religion has it's like I don't know about zero history is new, is a mirage either, and I mean I swore the problems with just the. Jewish religion, inherently next ethnic Judaism to religious Judaism, because you have to be ethnically foolish of even for indeed Judaism, but if your ethnically jewish- and you know this obviously- is that according to meet your soul, jewish right even after you converge, Christianity, you're still a June, I know they are practising Christian and that's your prerogative obviously, but according to my religious belief, you're still a Jew. So that's it creates this. But I'm still religious do not know about you, but you are you're. A Jew is not fulfilling your jewish obligations. Wretches, like any other Jew who doesn't fulfil their obligations. So that's it. That's that sort of how it works so that that's where that's coming from, I think when you're getting that critique obvious
look as an independent human being, you can do whatever you want. You don't have to study Judaism and then and then rejected in favour of Christian, and then I think that an important point- that's that's not what the book is about the book isn't about. I deeply investigated Judaism decided it was false. Undecided. Christianity was true, and I hate plain competitive relieved ready ridiculous, but but I will say that just for my internal world, just speaking as it is a spiritual guy really cares about me. Stop. I never felt like a Jew, until I became a question that is, and that is absolutely true- I mean when I was baptized personal. The idea baptism came to meet me as a shock me. I was praying for about five years and had developed a very deep relationship with God, but no theology- I don't wanna theology- yeah and one day I really felt that my life had been transformed by prayer, and I said to God: what can I do for you? which it goes about. You know like your God, unlike some guy, in Russia and in it came back to me immediately and powerfully you should be baptized, and I remember
speaking of splitting the words on I'll, let you gotta be kidding me. I haven't gotten why on earth and it was going back then to the new. Testament and reading it in belief that that's what transformed me and then the idea, the idea, I've read a lot of historical stuff about Jesus I find a kind of empty in one of the things is: is that it is the natural inclination of historians to debunk. It is natural, it is natural to them in the rate, a story, of course, is the sort of Troy sister home. It's just a myth, and all of this one guy keep saying no, and I think this is true when I stories like going into the empty tomb in finding this cloth was rolled up this way in this cause. I'm a games read stories and studies We all know that sounds like an eyewitness accounts to me, but I wouldn't are you with it, because until you believe until you believe, there's no evidence and once you believe the evidence is all around, I mean I think that that's the way it works. It's like it's, it's not something you can argue with me
about, will convince people. I agree with this, but at a certain point it whatever religion. We believe there is an inherent leap of faith. It takes place mean to believe your jus, the belief that I came down on a mountain top and spoke to six hundred thousand people. That's only buffeted nobody's ever if that happened in the modern world, obviously, and the same thing is true in Christianity, it's it's as Jus its point of sadness whenever somebody who's ethnically jewish does not now had the opportunity to really look at their own religion before looking at Christianity, but I'm not gonna fault somebody fervor Christianity. In saying this, is the truth that I found here because, no you're, not you're thinking adult human being and so that this is why you know, I think it's important to have the conversation, not as a matter of comparative religion, because again we can. We can
We disagree and I can be sad about your decisions in you. Can we set about mine Redman s gets Christian. Prison bleed want me to come along with him. I'm somebody us your new red lines, but I think that the reason that the book is important for people who are wondering whether issued by the reason that is important, because it really is a lot less about about you, no specific christian faith. Maybe that'll be another one year bucks, but it's a lot more about like as a Jew. I read it now agreed with ninety five percent of it you just raw eavesdrop Jesus name, and I agree with a hundred percent with the basic later and and and I think that it is it's it's more of a fascinating rebuke of this of secular morality, then than anything that maybe anything I've ever read I mean it is it is it is. It is a ringing rebuke of the idea you can have a workable society founded on the basis of secularism before, even even
certainly sent on an individual level. You can live that way. I was really but believe that their ages, sin and agnostics, our great people who do wonderful things for the world and live a moral lifestyle by it, but did, but there is at root. Everybody is living in this world of morality that, whether you like it or not, it can pretend you're not, but you are living in this world. The morality and that's that's the whole thing. The only reason you took me it was it was ten years. If my baptism that I wrote a book because never really thinks my life stories is worth telling you know, but but its occurred to me that everybody is living in this world with the assumption is, you're an idiot, if you believe someone is not something is something off beat about you and I just wanted to. I just put it out their cause. I was there. I had no reason to convert. I had no reason to change of live in a good life. I was given a good life when I, when I said that prayer, let you in the depths of despair- and certainly I went on the question of what is the method that religious people they were all tells langers right. Then we find out. I know the book tell so I went into a period of despair, but wouldn't except God, and because I don't want to seem like a crutch
it was only when I came out of that. The sparrows enjoy that I went forward and that's just the point I want to make is that some people are or stuck in this world where the default mode is atheists, and you, if you start thinking for yourself can be freed from the book is really interesting. The great good things, the name of the booking Good Amazon's outcome, or it can subscribe daily wire and get a free copy address book No, we sign for you bite. And and also ye. Apparently you get your camp near your ticket stamped immediately to Heaven and the pro. Gates as soon as soon as you buy it? So that's it! That's that's good news. It is. Our aid is a really well written, but just like everything else, the drew right. It's easy. It's really good stuff is a tremendous writer, Time will have drawn and will actually make jokes and talk about politics as opposed to going into deep theology, Thou gotten secularism, but that next time you re too funny book. So there's hairpins bedroom thanks, so much for starving vital, absolutely ok. So why didn't I a little bit about politics and in just a moment first, I gotta say
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as well as it was Youtube. So, let's talk briefly about what we'll get you will get to Hilary and and fat people and all the rest of the stupidity that they want us to talk about a first. Let's talk about things that actually matter, President Obama, is it was on CNN last night and a goal. Star mom gets up and ask him a question and Brok Obama, because he has none of the knowledge about western civilization in judeo christian religion that that anyone with open eyes has yours Economic answer with regard to islamic terrorism, this I believe that acts of terrorism are done with itself. Clean as limit motives and if you do what are you still refuse to use the term racially? I'm sorry islamic terrorist? Well, first of all I want to thank your son, obviously for us recent, where we see territories.
Since I got caught her eye, so they have perverted and distorted and tried to claim the mantle of Islam an excuse for basically barbarism and death. Ok so he says they're playing the claimant for barbarism and that therefore he won't use those terms he just won't. Do it he continued on by saying that he said quote: if you're an organization now is going around killing and blowing people up, more on the Van Doren to Christianity. As crystal let them claim my religion and say you're coming for Christ. I would say: that's ridiculous. That's not what my religion stands or call these folks, what they are killers and terrorists, there are several problems with this. First of all, everyone,
He mentions islamic terrorism. He pretends that there's this giant wave of Jesus freaks were running around blowing people up and shooting them in malls, and it isn't happening. Ok, to make up a christian terrorist group in order not talk about islamic terrorist groups right there are I'm a terrorist groups, their state funded state back islamic terrorist groups. The ices has its own state. Iran is the number one funder of terrorism in in the entire world- and they are state There- is MC stayed there. These Lama Republic of IRAN, Saudi Arabia ass to bill yesterday, saying that people can sue members of the government of Saudi Arabia over terrorism because of the connections between members and is now to government and people like that. The terrorists in Al Qaeda and he pretending that Christianity is the same thing, wealth or christian terrorists, but I feel bad about that. I wouldn't power Muslim. I feel, but I accept that there is no such connection between Christians and so called christian terrorists there. Just isn't the numbers don't justify that they're they're a ton of suicide things last year. All of them are islamic, I think for one and that one
was still by somebody who was associated with Islam as far as I, as far as I know, so they were all basically islamic terrorism It's happening all around the world, it's happening only in the islamic community and in so you know that there are exceptions, but their rare that is to say that when, when Brok Obama tries to compare christian terrorism in an islamic terrorism is idiotic. It's just idiotic. The question: isn't I don't? I don't like to get into hold. It the Koran, push terrorism versus the Bible, push terrorism! I don't care about that. I care about the adherence the adherents, ok, the fact is, I did it Video is getting a lot of flat from the left where I broke down. The pole numbers and how many people in various muslim countries believe an honour killings and believe in the rule of Sharia law. Not just they want to go to Islamic courted deal with their finances, but like actual Sharia law and criminal law, hands chopped off penalties for blasphemy, that kind of stuff and your tongue hundreds of millions of people who believe these kinds of things and if those are connected tourism, which a lot of those ideas seem to be. Then, maybe you start connecting ideas to terrorism in order to fight them number two equating the globe.
Christian reaction to terrorism to global islamic reaction is ridiculous. He, as a Christian, I wouldn't be happy with that right. If there were an act of christian terrorism, every Christian in Amerika would be out front condemning it all of them there are some Muslims who condemn acts of terrorism. There also That's more Muslims who are openly rallying in the streets to lock up people who blaspheme the profit if they draw cartoon, read them is that there were the riots every time a woman exposes you noises in bikini in Islam. That country and that happening Nigeria about five years ago, so that business sort of this sort of equation just doesn't exist. Finally, now Obama's This is why Trump is rising on this particular issue: robust failure level terrorism, what it is: islamic terrorism, it trickles down to policy so trickled down in a few ways, one in me so when we see a red flag like oh, the guy visited Saudi Arabia and he came back with his wife from harsh and then he's on sites. Ices friendly way. Well, I don't see anything really suspicious derelict the ices friendly thing is weird, but I'm not gonna. Look at the trip
harsh to Saudi Arabia and picking up his wife there from Pakistan, I'm going to see that as a problem and that's how you end up but the killers in in San Bernardino. I we retreated No, it's not a red flag, of course, to red flag stream. Islam is a red flag, extremist Islam. Radical Islam is a red flag when, with other red flags. It's obviously problem and people in government have been punished for I too am in their whistleblowers of comments and the Department of Homeland Security is white databases. If those data they contain information, islamic terrorist groups that are there for broad more than that of men. Things are intimidated into failings report suspicious activities by Muslims ran is one of the ideas of the law: fair movement. There that's been happening over Islamic being sued, and I can talk about this for legal reasons too much. I'm supposed we're being sued? I am being sued by clock boy and his father over the fact that I say back in the last year that I thought that that the whole thing was a set up, and I thought that the entire routine was they went in there with a device that look like a bomb. I am full of our planet
at some point that I said when I said, as I thought that it was opinion, bright opinion which is protected by the first amendment, but the idea was that express an opinion that this was not. Case of Islamophobia is actually a case that was meant to generate headlines about Islamophobia, then its food, and the idea is what everyone shut everybody down and shut them up, and people simply stop talking about this kind of thing, often in games until somebody actually walked into a school with a device that looks like a bomb and it ain't o clock so didn't. Finally, if you actually work, to fight radical Islam. You have to reform the ideology if you refuse to acknowledge in it and the necessity to reform the ideology you're going to fail in general they'll fatalities, easy who's. The dictator of Egypt he's talked about reforming Islam. President Obama is completely ignoring and preventing its not relevant to that's why, when Trump says it's important mention radical islamic terror, that's true, from knows why it's true, but it so True and Americans are resonating too, that ok, so we have to cut off here. You got plenty extra today. She should be very grateful
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that he also says yesterday on CNN there they calling cap Nick it's wrong and others is weird cause. He actually things common cap, annex kind, aright. He thinks America is a deeply the country and and here is his explanation for why common capron is wrong being asked by soldier right he's. He has no other option, soldier asked him what about capper. Next, what you think he's gonna say you have the floor, then I'm sending you to fight and maybe die under I'd need for that too, begins ass. Yours answer as commander in chief, how do you feel about those a fellow players choosing this typically respected time to voice their opinions. Well, as I said before, I believe that us honouring our flag and our anthem is part of what binds us together as a nation, and I think that for me
For my family for those who work in the White House, we recognize what means to us, but also what it means to the men and women who are fighting on our behalf. But I'm also always try to remind folks that part of what makes this country's special is that we respect people's rights to have a different opinion and make different decisions about how they want to express their concerns, but here even see how you struggling for words, the reasoning struggling for words is the look. We all agree. Common cabinet has a right to be a more on its America, but that wasn't the question. The question was: how do you feel about doing it and about the struggling
because he doesn't want to take off his left to space. It actually agrees with common Capron polls, show a huge number of left disagree with calling cabinet and he is deathly, afraid, he's, very, very scared that he's going to end up in being penalized by his own base for not saying there So that's the left, that's the left and actual news that stuff that's going on its actual news. In other actual news. In other actual news, James call me the director of the F B. I goes before Congress yesterday and it is a disaster for him is clear that this whole thing was rigged. It's very obvious that the investigation was dignan Hilary behalf and James COM, has no answers for it and you can see it. I mean it's it's it pretty. Amazing here is James. Call me saying: yesterday you can't call us we It was really please don't call us weasels, but don't call us weasels are not weasels. We are honest people and we did this that way whether you disagree. I agree with the result. This was done. The way you would want it to be done, nope not even close they granted immunity to a bunch of people who are not in danger of prosecution. They then allowed those people to basically claimed the fifth.
Anyway, they allowed Cheryl Mills to walk out of an interview when she was ticked off. They allowed, Carol Mills clues granted immunity to Hilary lawyer in this case Hilary was not granted immunity in Digital there, so many holes and how this thing was handled. It's really crazy here is an example of kind of rigging of the system that went on Hillary Clinton, Catherine, T guy. He was on red it asking how you wipe a server. But he's these unread it asking. How do you wipe a server because we need to delete material and and James comes as no. No that's none of that that that doesn't show that it's a cover up. He grew by the way immunity to that idea. Guy he says it's, no, it wasn't,
Robin. Also, it's not a violation of his immunity deal, even though he was asking on Red it after he'd been granted immunity and taking further action to delete an archive and Hilary females all come better with Platte River networks posted to read it asking how to strip out a Vips very vip email address from a bunch of archived email quote: end quote: given this information evidence of obstruction of justice and a violation of MR combative immunity deal not necessarily know why not, it was, or what is intention was why he wanted to do it, and I think our team concluded that what he was trying to do was when they produced a males, not have the actual address but have some name or placeholder, instead of the actual dotcom address in the front line. Now what why any new year's comes into tortured conclusion, you just his trying to all
the data so that need it didn't happen. Didn't have an html. You just want to change the title, that's why he was already doing it, except for the fact that have emails, including pillars. I t people talking about Hilary cut up operation, Lui, Goma, Jose than friends Lulus Great Guy republican congressmen from Texas, here's legal grilling call me saying you gave him unity, people you'd, never in a loose judge me. Naturally, we actually knows about the stuff. If an FBI agent came men and recommended that we give immunity to a witness to get her laptop that we could do with a subpoena warrant, then I would ask the F B, I not to ever allowed this agent on a case. Can you explain succinctly why you chose to give immunity
without a proper of what was on the laptop, give immunity to Cheryl Mills. While she was an important witness and you could have gotten her laptop with a wanders being given whenever shut. The immunity were calling about here in the details really matter that retarget those act of production, immunity which says we want you to give us a thing. We won't use anything we ve and on that thing directly against you, it's a fairly fully- and I understand that and understood that from reading the immunity deal and that's what so shocking, because she was working directly with Hillary Clinton and therefore its expected. Since the evidence indicates she was pretty well copy. Don't so many of the emails that deal with clear was using that pretty much anything in there
I've been usable against her. So why would you grant immunity to her when all of its usual plus, you can just use a subpoena? Ok, there's, no fifth, amendment defence to subpoena, if she subpoena chair, to turn over all the document. You gave her immunity based on anything that turned over, which makes no sense. You'll have to do that's. Why did you do that? The only reason you did cause you wanted to grants for immunity. I tried out here as the chair mills, the person is talking about Hilary assistant, Cheryl Mills just walk, out of the FBI interviewing. You didn't like the questions, because she had immunity ass. The same show mills and storm damage of the FBI, interview correct and was never ass. Those questions they got her angry enough to leave right. Storm now, because her lawyer, who used to work for the Department of Justice by the way- and J lawyers had an agreement about what she would would not be asking. The FBI apparently was not part of the deal, so they go. Forbid ask a question into an area. She didn't want it to go. So that's why she left this whole thing. What
not happen to Cheryl smell or share, Jones what it finish Euro Cheryl Mills, and that is my focus. Why are you treating this case differently than you? Would anyone else's and he's occur? a prosecutor. So all his ramming literally it is a joke. They are weasels, they treated this differently because it was Hilary and her people they granted them in unity they granted them privileges they allowed them to walk out of interviews. They didn't subpoena people didn't subpoena documents. It's an amount, seeing botch and as we learn more, we learn that the body is just as much more amazing also lose. The g o j that allowed her to walk out who's. Jake and oh yeah, Loretta Radical inches, Dio J and, as you are cholera hanging out with with Bill Clinton on the tarmac. So this whole thing is This is why it's it's horrifying. When the deal J becomes politicized, the FBI becomes politicized combing, who entire career building, this sort of sterling character, reference for himself blows it all up. This case I said at the time it was a corrupt deal and and it was ok. Well that
Should we not be awesome? It would be really nice if we had a candidate like a republican candidate who would talk. These things who knew them understood the email scandal talked about them. Many deals granted by the FBI. Why Barack Obama's administration is covering up her? Hillary Clinton, fortunately, our nominees Donald Trump. So that's. Does this mean everything is as bad as you? Some good from bad from the time has come good from bad from Thursday addition tank to brand inside for the theme- which will begin so catchy all right. So we begin with good from Self Donald Trump after his debate, he's he's moved too bad trumpet a second after his debate. Even on the campaign trail and here is Donald Trump saying It is true that Hillary Clinton and the police, and- and this is this- is accurate I thought her answer having to do with the police was very, very disrespectful to the police. She was petrified to talk about them in a positive way, and I thought
likely that wasn't me. I know you will bring that very disrespectful. Well, thought it was a very jittery. Spousal answer to the police has no question about. How can see and he's right is disrespectful to the police. Ok, other good trump. He tax Hillary Clinton on Many trail everything you need to know about Hillary Clinton can be understood with this simple phrase. Follow. The money and believe me, that's what's happened, you can't President Hillary Clinton is received one hundred million dollars in contributions from war. Red and the hedge she received four point: one million dollars in speaking fees from France it's your firms I'd like to see what she said: where are the best? Where's Bernie Bernie was asking for the papers, but Bernie gave up the same groups.
Paying villain Hilary for their speeches were lobbying the federal government. Twenty two its name, Bill Clinton to speeches lobby, the state, the problem well, Hilary was simply took office is good. All this is good, and good trumpeting should be doing is about the emails. Gambling should be hammering her nothing, but hammering are unfortunately, this now brings us too bad trump, so bad, trompe l. We do have the face. Ok group backdrop so so Donald Trump can't help himself. He continues. His campaign continues to fuck around Resolution Machado story that we talked about yesterday is Miss Universe from ninety ninety seven game, like fifty pounds after she was named, Miss Universe and Trump, allegedly called her Miss Piggy and Miss housekeeping. First of all, put note understand why by Miss Piggy thing is significantly worse than the Miss housekeeping thing. It seems to me the reverse, calling latina woman, Miss Hale, keeping seems like a much worse to me. Then woman has one obligation in life not to get fat. She gains
he and then he calls from his peggy, like he's still a jack ass, but Trump says this kind of stuff to everybody. The missed them is housekeeping thing It is like an actual racial slower. So that's is that that I find this hour, but nonetheless, Trump came back off he's got all of his surrogates out there today talking about how leash Machado really deserved it and, of course, this place right into I'm a crap playbook. All the Democrats had to do was chum the waters a little bit and they knew that shark trump would come up and try and eat boat and and he's not big enough to swallowed about. I mean they. They trim the waters with with all the solution, Machado stuff and they can t It a hairs. Michelle Obama saying we can have somebody like trumpeting, adult in the White House, and it is the president and the president alone, who always has to make the final call?
We also need someone who is steady and measured because when making life or death war or peace decisions of president just can't pop off or lash out rationally know we need and adults and the White House ok, and then she continues along these lines by saying he's just to mean to be present. In these two mean to women that is good business when people lose their home- Waverly and flippin lyrics come on
Ok, so she's is obviously ripping into ripping Donald Trump over the women comments, as I mentioned at the top of the show. Hilary made comments about women for years, but again the Trump people have been it. Would they ve been. Turn into trumps, Troll Army Alot of the G8 he's been turned the Trump Troll Army, and so you ve got, for example, the Florida GEO He tweeting out actual stories suggesting that Hilary one that because she was wired for sound, should a wire running up her back and somebody was feeding her the answers you have the entire affair we right wing Radie and blogosphere. Talking about why online pulls the unscientific online poles why those are just as good as regular scientific Paul's, because we have to turn the Trump is winning, and so now we're gonna do the other thing that we like to do, which is Trump, wants to defend. Himself on a leash, Machado, so willing to pretend that it smart forget. True wooden pretended smart to continue talking about deletion, Machado stories, we got new Gingrich, a bowling ball of man going out, Alisha Machado, far away,
ok and he says you're not supposed to gain sixty pounds after you become Miss Universe? Ok, factually true! politically. Idiotic, politically idiotic Why would you do that? Like the whole things crash want, is more clips more clips of republicans talking about this girl being fat and you should a lost weight, and why didn't you just lose the weight they adopt by? make abrasions. You lost your mind over all of us. She she said that it just it's crazy that we're even talking about this there should even be beauty contests. First place. Do you have any idea audacity? I mean right. Mchugh can actually have any weight on your body for a beauty contest because I wouldn't be beautiful and others think it about bags of fairness. You shouldn't put on
Why are they still use? Bots angry said the NOME king reaches the pot. Syria yearly. Aren't you can't raise hauling like cattle largely by the way was? No? I don't have anything more to you, that's what I mean that people like Donald Trump and new king, rich and men can walk around. Just rotund is all get out, and it's not an issue. But women in order to be beautiful. You have to be a hundred and seventeen pounds what I'm sorry this Can someone tell me what year were in here is just want point out what she said. This is a politically effective attack that she's love. That she's levelling right now is that Donald Trump thinks that pounds, overweight, aren't beautiful, that's what he sang big. Ok, let me just point out something Donald Trump, a new Gingrich. Yes, there fat, yes, there over weight and are not in any mister yes they're, overweight and are not in any MR body building contests either. Can it would they're not
Any beauty contests there. Isn't there not. So it's not it's not equivalent just on a factual level trying to equate Donald Trump being a fat. So with a woman. Who's. In this universe, being overweight is silly and let them can we stop with is nonsense. We pretend that Megan trainer and Andrew Xl Bunch in are equally models like they're, not EL bunch into supermodel, Megan trainers, singer just sounded she does but just a bunch of a more attractive woman on any objective level that Megan trainer, which doesn't mean Megan, trainers and ugly woman. It just means that one is more attractive than another, ok liquid, but we don't have to front legal bottom eyes, our selves, two basic truths about human beauty. In order to do this, or is it the Donald Trump is being sexist, but the left once conflate everything and what their do. This is such great rollers because they know that people are going to say what I'm saying and then they're gonna say will let you show your sexist cause, you're defending Trump I'm not defending from. I think, from Jack, as I think that this is like the least of his sexism Donald
in the nineteen eighty said, women should be treated like Leap, Donald Trump set in the nineteen in nineteen early. Ninety nine, these, I think it was. He said that nothing that and life. His lungs got a young and beautiful piece of Ass Donald Trump in this election cycle, so that Heidi crews was ugly Donald Trump in this election cycle. So the maiden Kelly was on her period. Ok, look there's plenty to go after Trump for this story gin job and it to story by the media, but trumps people can't just let it go Can't say it happened twenty years ago he shouldn't set it we're sorry what the reasons by the way they can't do. That is because then they know the next step will be what they do with the burglar. Tori they'll, say ok? Well, if you really feels that bad. Bout it, and why was he still thinks excess things like five minutes ago and there's no good answer for the media? making hay out of this all the way CNN then, a panel about this. There is a trump supporter efforts used Hilary of exploiting wait issues and, in this united panel of course, gets all huffy and they go crazy. I'm a mother! I have three daughters. I have two granddaughters and weep and through the whole gamut on this issue that Hillary Clinton is
now featuring the weight issue gaining weight or, on the other hand, eating disorders. She brought it up at the debate when she mentioned Miss Machado and, of course, she's running. It add that shows young girls uncomfortably painfully uncomfortably looking in the mirror. This to me is very disturbing. I've actually sat at the bedside with the child very close to death and families like mine that have suffered so much on this issue. Paul that MRS Clinton is exploiting this into a political issue. Venture we long we're trying to read, but but none in China. But if you are by their about then use deals in energy or Paul by that, and you still support Donald Trump yeah, that's a little that you have now she's in that letter, Madam Lieutenant governor. I let you finish that she's
just running an at with women staring in a mirror, she's running and act with women staring in a mirror with the words of Donald Trump playing over I'm not going to ask me how I feel sorry for her and after this is all over she's gonna be the punchline in some joke. Just like so many women who have been scarred by the Clinton's from Monica Lewinsky use now form Torone androids bullying foundation. So I don't want to touch Missus Munt Messina Shadow. I hoped that she's not harmed We all know that it will start with. There's no there's no way to spend this thing in your favour. So the best thing that you can do is to move on from it say he maids and bad comments back in the He nineties and wise, like hell and then hit back with wanting to broad reckon it back with all the terrible things Hilary has said about. Monica Lewinsky agenda for flowers and of bills varies that's right, I mean that's, that's not based on a hard thing to do, but they can't like all that, because the camp pain, reflects the man and the Trump campaign reflected very. A very insecure man. Again, here's another
ample Megan Kelly's, I'm a Kelly and Conway earlier in this campaign, Kelly and Conway. When she was on the crews cited ticket. She was saying that the debt trouble saying sexist things? Now, here's Kelly and I'm trying to make a very awkward defence till woman that their Donald Trump legitimately, for being woman. Megan Kelly at the end of the debate after should try to run him up over a couple comments he made over twenty five years or so with respect to women. He said you know I'd. I will came prepared to say some rough stuff, but I won't do it because your family hearings, orders here by its not nice at your running, hundreds of millions of dollars and negative adds against nearly any as a boy come on. It's not knowing that they are running for president, of course, he's, gonna hit him. Look like I'm a true he's out there at a given clear up the ads that she's running about him when it comes to his comments on women use his words, Callin use his or her adds ok when they make and why she spending
this money and not talking about her vision for postal bomber care because their detailed hasn't someone can you know that better than anybody you hit your opponent, China didn't while, if I him or her, and then you sell your vision. You raised the question about either he made a couple comes over twenty five years. You know, that's not true! You know you know he has repeatedly made comments about women about their looks about their size, their weight, even in this campaign. Talking about Crawley fear in his face retraining, a negative picture by Heidi cruises, face criticising Hillary Clinton and her look and colleagues this is an issue for him is, Megan is that they camping issue that Hillary Clinton is running along. The answer seems to be yes. Do we deserve as voters for this woman to tell us whether she thinks Obamacare, you're, not whether shall take us a single pair, whether she things good I'm sorry goodnight of evil things like the license. You type metabolic, because this is effective. That's why she's not talking about Obamacare. It's going be effective until your candidate stops being a crap show when it comes to the common, but he's made about women but
it's impossible to run from its the best you can do. Is Switzerland had Hilary but she's not even doing that? They're dead Reno is on with Megan Kellynch, basically says the same thing. I just stopped just stop this stupid and even tonight, as the trunk campaign clothing was to move beyond this new king or two out there, bringing it again saying you can't gain a bunch of wait when you become Miss Universe start talking about. We wait already gather array. Stop. You know, if you want to increase your numbers with women, should you just stop telling us how far we are good, as it turns out that doesn't make us feel very might help, especially when you have been classified as overweight and we don't want to hear it in fact, even if you perfectly certain especially perfectly fit, we do want to hear it because there are already anymore Bigley here. That's all ok period under important decisions. In this case, it is right that it will look into both women and what they're saying about how women want to hear about way? Women don't want to hear about way too. Even if it's true, the deletion, Machado should not mean sixty pounds, even if it's unfair,
to compare new Gingrich. Who is not a beauty contest to woman in a beauty contest? It doesn't matter, even if you is that mean it's okay for Trump to call her Miss piggy and his housekeeping. Of course it doesn't, of course it doesn't, but again they did the Trump campaign. Every slight must be must be fought back against every gauntlet must be picked up, and so I can't just let it go. They can move and other issues or move under attack, and this is why, I think in the second debate, you're gonna see the same result as the first debate, because Turkey has a pathological inability to let these things go. So what is a matter that Some of this attack is unfair. There's politically do. But there is true- and sometimes you can say something true- that is also politically politically stupid. Also I mean it's amazing timidity. The trunk campaign is gonna, stand on truth when, when so much of the campaign has been based on just to utter nonsense, ok time for some things that I like and then some things I hidden in the mail bag, so things that things that I like so we'll start Actually it is wasn't in things I like Britain, but I think it's hilarious. Gary Johnson, I dont know how much
We'd. He is smoking on the campaign trail, but he was on with Chris matters. I have say taking up, who do world leaders. No, I wouldn't even smuggle in a pot. I ain't you maybe no, where countries are countries that have no whoever world leader go your favorite formally, who's, my favorite unable to stay many were to come to any one of the continent's any country. Name, one foreign later that you respect and look up to anybody Shimon Peres. I get out onto living good you're, gonna get us anywhere any kind. It can Mexico Europe over their gay Asia, South America, Africa name of foreign later that you respect, I guess having an Aleppo moment in the form of former president diving, I got home. I know I know anybody that world you like anybody pick any leader. The former president of Mexico, which wine
I'm having a brain name rightly said the ox say our favorite get him up. The name, if you like, is any foreign leader miracle If I say then are you anyway. Let's go get your personal couple, quick note here, things that I think are hilarious here. First of all, Bill well, looks like he wants to get a visa giant Mandela. She looks like it wants to backhand Gary Johnson and next week here they I sitting next to you. Johnson, his VP candidate. If we get it, image of the two of them here he looks like he's like. I can't believe this is lacking. I believe I am sitting over this moron and I'm the p nominee, how is this happening? and Gary Johnson, just looking like a dear and the headlights having an Aleppo moment, my goodness second Chris Matthew turned out. Basic and Emily from any continent cannon. Canada, Mexico, Canada, Mexico and our continent, adult against two lapses. But it s happening all the way around. Just my god, like the minute, you start
think, maybe there's a candidate who is not going to stink. They all throughout While there are ignorant there are stupid, I mean honest to God, like I most admitted that the promised vs tramp tramp also couldn't namely foreign leader that he admires separate Lattimer potent legged aid. I would have time maybe mention Netanyahu because he knows his name is just met with him like days ago. Ok, other things that I like so in since drew, was on and was talking about an earlier time out religion, novel about about religion is, is the novel the chosen by kind pataque from his politics best book this in the promise which seek it's really it's written by high protein- grew up very orthodox home. It's not a pro orthodox book, its customs very negative things to say about orthodoxy, but it's a fascinating book and it's a glimpse into sort of the debate between modern orthodoxy and and a system that is the kind of what people call ultra Orthodox bands Did it really it's a beautifully written book, I'm home,
don't don't remaining, as actual have, which is not one of his best boats, that the chosen is actually a really really good book. Ok, things that I like South Park, did its routine on the debate and it is highly area. Is he here as white? What South Park had to say about first presidential debate, everything prepare for the debates. Man just try and stay focused, no matter what your opponent says: don't let em rattle you he's gonna, do whatever we can to try and mess with your head, don't buy in doing whatever he says. Just respond with my approval. He's a liar and cannot be trusted got it. The wise decision. Twenty. Sixteen, the first presidential debate with moderator, less trouble. Ok, let's get right into it. Our first question is for you, Sir, how do you deal with gray? troops in Syria, everyone, I need to just speak from the hard here. I don't know what the countdown I've gotta complain. I I had no idea.
I would get this far, but the fact of the matter is I should not be president. Ok, I will this country up beyond repair. I must thank angry little man, please, if you care at all about the future of our country. Vote for her. Ok she's the one who at least has some experience. She she's not as bad as you think. Our promise- and, unlike me, she's, actually capable of running this country, my upon It is a liar. Any cannot be trusted. Oh my god, she's such a turn sandwich. What he is saying is simply not true. I do not believe it. I'm giving you there's, lady. I am giving you that's what the What are you doing? Ok, look, look just love for her. She she knows politics. She really wants to put This country for Honan is likely. Just please shot cannot be out of your own way cannot be trusted. Ok, ok, luck! She doesn't mean
she saying she. Doesn't know how to take this, because it's very weird, her advise with primary opponent is a liar and cannot be trusted why they didn't have to be her, I'm so far. That's brigades, Emory of first aid, ok time for a couple of things I hated it will do little bill mailbag. So, let's do it so animal rights activists are the dumbest people on earth, so the arrow elegant goes to eat. I also think that that animals- I also think animals are cute and cuddly, although I don't want any in my home so then so there is, the others now going around on Facebook of animal rights activists trying to show people what it's like to be a sight of beef which we make any sense. Ass humans are delicious so far as am aware, but here these animal rights activism watch what they do in order to demonstrate how terror, Paris, how terrible it is to be an animal. Yes, there is
real Brown she's the grand it's a woman being actively branded to demonstrate how terrible it is to be a piece of cake and then being shoved around and then imposing on the ground as other their piece of meat to show the pain animals go through. All the women are always and became is by the way we will be able to watch videos. You get a bunch of not me not fat, shame, but if these women were four hundred pounds doing, there's nobody wants me and then my kind of random numbers is almost always. Ok. Let me just point something out: We are not the same as human beings they're, not ok, a cow is not the same as human being in one of the great evils of our time is the fact that we treat human babies in the womb with less respect. Then we treat your dog or cat and it ain't Klaus, editing close, but it's just I mean like why
a person would brand themselves in an attempt to make me worry about a cow like I don't worry, or about the cow. I worry now about your mental health hearing brand round the rest, your life, because you don't want to eat a cow, how many cows, USA, being brand enemy just just again the equation of human beings channels, but I guess that's. They leave logical and effect of of Asia brand of left to stay. The isn't it says the human beings are not more worthy of care animals are animal, they did the same sort of people and Denis Prager has good moral test for people. He says if you see in a river just to rent a z to do things in a river one is person, and one is your dog which one do you save a lot of people what sort of leftist date these might say? I would save my dog and the market. The human being is outside the human being, because human beings are more valuable than animals. If you don't believe human beings are more valuable than animals, then there is no basis for human rights. There is no basis for four for human equality. There is no basis for the idea the humans are to be treated with care. It's near the logic works ways there trying to say human rights
animals are the same sea should treat animals like beings, but by the exact same lodge. There's no reason to suggest if animals and human beings are the same, should treat human beings like animals. Ok, let's do it male bangladeshis mail, that flat branded graphic there too magical. Okay, so I let loose from Ethan what sources would you recommend? Someone wants to learn more about the political landscape of the Middle EAST and the relations? between Israel and the other middle eastern com raise occurs. I say there's but commits in fact, by Michl BAR it's a very kind of easy read, it's got little snippets on what's true and false about the Middle EAST. That's that's it! That's a good place to start Brien's, as I believe it is, the government's responsibility to educate our child on religion. That is the right of parents. What are you some religion being tightened public schools, so I dont that religion ought to be taught in public schools as a general, but I agree, but I also don't think that secular would you not to be taught to their views and secular morality. The idea that all such behavior is created equal. The idea that the schools or even teach about me
Marrying man, the idea that all forms of family are the same, social issues are inherently religious issues, and just because the left says there has religion with God doesn't mean is not a religion. Communism is religion to the most dynamic role, the twentieth centuries Prager likes to say, has been secular leftism and until teaching religion of any side seems me wrong. If you aren't you facts and figures and Jonas, each about history or teach vetting, lids plenty to cover in school. Without getting the teachers political views, that's where parents come in these also. I think that most parents be able to choose the school their kid goes to and that way Stop with whatever the public school says. Our Taylor rights, nor you think on the controversial issue of mothers. Breast feeding their newborns in public, so my wife has to babies. She way we have the two and a half year old, who adorable on any to pick up anyway, and the Heath and the four month old who is? He was just too happy little man who ever lived and and when it comes to breast feeding in public? I think that women should be able to breastfeeding public. I dont think that it is
brain for women to pull out their boob and not have not have a cover, and the reason is that the breast has not ceased to be an object of sex just because it is being for a different purpose. Ok, at a time when men, without their genitals, they're doing it to pee. Ok, it's not me, in that, it's ok for them to do it in public, because it is a normal bodily functions are not equating peeing and breastfeeding. Obviously you Peter live, but your. Getting your child's that your trial lives. If you have no other choice, breastfeeding public, but did the idea that the rules of modesty go out the window, because its inconvenient for you to use of feeding cover is bizarre to maybe I'm not a big fan of the avert. Your eyes notion when it comes to the public space when it comes to the public space in nobody's sort of has an equal in equal right to the public space, and that does mean that I don't have the obligation to look at you your naked body end, and so I'm not a big fan of mothers breastfeeding like without a nursing covering that's, why they created nursing, covers
John Rights hidebound you think from- should commit to pursuing prosecution against Hilary He is elected. Well, I mean, I think, did I certainly think deejay a new geology should take a look at Hillary Clinton. I think they should commit criminal acts. I don't see why that should go about it, a side, so so sure yeah. I think that's. I think that the worthy goal Jeremy says, and I then too Austrians, you ever planet running for political laughs at some point in the future. If you're running for president I'd support you in a heartbeat who would ever consider leaving California for a free or states interests Texas. Yes, consider, leaving California for free or state such as Texas and if they indeed practical and religion in the ways that I fear they will. A lot of religious people will be looking at that, he's running for political office. At some point. In the future, as I said before, if nothing else, action demonstrates that literally anyone in America, including my small children, are qualified for four. Office, so sure why not Gregg rights? Why do you think people just accepted
dear Republicans, are responsible for racism when historically the Democratic Party sponsor Jim Crow laws, is it the stranglehold left has on the media. So, yes, it is definitely the stranglehold left has on the media is also the normal human notion that the government is some. Sort of tool to be used for the benefit of particular people, and if you say the government should be used for any one. This is perceived as racists of the left says, use the government to cram down benefits for particular group of people, say black folks, and then you say well affirmative action as it sets out an appropriate use of the government. The less I see a racist if you weren't racist, you be favour of using our communal power in order to help black folks. You don't want to do that, and therefore your racist anytime, you government that is doing an action that specifically helps one group of people, and somebody opposes action, they're gonna, say you're against a group of people, not that you're against that use of government. That's how it works. That's why Donald Trump right now he's saying I want to I'm starting to help launch people in ohio- and I say: look, that's not the job done men government doesn't get to determine which groups of people sink or swim in the economy and people
means the IRAN's high blue collar workers know it doesn't mean a man tat, blue collar workers means the government belongs to all of us and you don't get to use it as a vehicle for your predict. Our agenda, but because, if you believe the government should be very small, that means you're in this logic, against all the groups of people who other people think the government should be used for. Somebody asks about Shapiro. Hurrah me: a harem bay, twenty twenty, the campaign, take a shot for Shapiro, her omby Amby Turkish out for you ten or says what is your view on Snowden job Obama? Pardon him no Snowden should not be pardoned. Snowden is he. He there there two things at work here and they can both be for one Snowden some information that is useful for Americans to now to note and is a traitor that is probably in the pay of Russia, so that they both things material ones. No, he should not be part, Tyler rights. The term nationalism is being thrown around a lot this election, but ITALY negatively for some people seems to mean the same thing as patriotism for others they treated as a form of racism. What is the difference between journalism and patriotism. Dictionary definition decide. Ok, I think that
between nationalism and patriotism. Is that nationalism means you believe in Country, patriotism means you believe in the founding ideals of the country or the basic idea behind the country. So if you're, a nationalist of your german nationalist, you believe in the german people, if you're an american nationalist, you believe in the american people, if you're an american patriot, you believe in the family she'll documents and ideas of the United States, and you believe that those had eternal validity in truth. So I'm a patriot not a nationalist. I don't believe that being a pay I believe that Nobbing Nationals means your against America's national interests and very much in favour of America's national interests, but those national interests have to be good right? They have to be in line with the preservation of the ideals that stand behind the country. Hudson, I type in love your show, my question is: who is right, the Anti Federalist or the federalists in what system federal aggrandizement preventable. So the answer is both have right. The federalists were correct, that
you need a central government that stronger than the articles of the confederation, the Anti Federalist were correct that no, almost inevitably as soon as you grant a centralized power to any government that centralized powers going growing grouse above can be true and that's why the proper response- you should worry about what the Anti Federalist had to say. You can provide a check on the federalists without a central government, there's anarchy within powering central government. There tyranny and the only liberty is available, is when you're in between ok, folks brings us to the end of the week thanks. So much for citizens is to these subscribers who are sending male is enhanced questions and middle of that kind of cool thing. And we look forward to seeing actually now worn I'm going to be out for Russia, China, which I believe Russia, China, if I'm not mistaken, is next month Tuesday, so I'll be out of hanging with God, but I will be there, The I will be back. In the middle of next week as soon as the jewish holidays are over,
It's a long break, try not to run things, one global screw that you already ruined things are turnouts at try not to actually destroy the country well,
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