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Ep. 227 - Yes, Leftists Are Completely Bats***

2016-12-14 | 🔗
George Stephanopoulos' wife reveals something crazy, the Obama administration laments its own policy, and is Kanye too white?
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Well appearing on a show that lowers the collective iq of the nation by at least one standard deviation, the view ass. They went who's the wife of the ABC News, Objective NEWS anchor George seven Topless explained what election it was like the F, Annapolis, Wentworth home. Here's. What I look like. I have an eleven year old daughter who doesn't really understand what ices, but she knows that she scared and she's now sleeping in bed with us every night. When someone you do alley, what are you? So? What do you do? You got lugers, you see what's happening, work ten. What can you say that the parents who have who are at their wits end with their children who are scared? And there also scares- and this is what I say- I say too thanks- I say to my kids: one is we help out everybody in this country that is really gonna need our help whenever, whatever in in order,
Zation in a way we give we volunteer, we help our values, my my fourteen year old, getting upset about the election and screaming no of warships really loudly or ten year old, and I was like you haven't just a boy- don't use that word so politically, but ok, let's just point something If you're wondering why the left have gone completely, insane, perhaps is because they are raised to be insane another reason, their kids, the exact same way why in the world would afford you're, old girl think that her world is ending because animals from has been elected president. More importantly, why would you think her world is ending because of possible restrictions on abortion, she's fourteen I left us and truly raising their daughters to believe that their right to freedom is dependent on their ability, to kill their own offspring in the womb, already MIKE hastily that certain rights are sacred, the rights religious practice, the right to freedom of speech, the right to defend ourselves. The notion teaching a little girl that abortion, the chief right women should expect from their government or that there I ve, somehow inevitably impacted by laws cracking down on abortion is patently crazy. The fact that some left us
currently teach their kids, that liberty can be boiled down, not individual choice and responsibility for that choice, but to the ability, it's a clinic too. The baby in the woman and take it out. That's pretty disgusting as the parents of a daughter, Here's what I plan to tell her about abortion legislation When you get married axing pregnant that will the greatest Roy. You can experience. I know that because it was the greatest joy they are moment. Ever experienced your birth was the highlight of our lives. Your existence is a timely reminder that God loves and he loves you and that he favours us with miracles every day, none greater than your creation, your beloved of God, children will be to children, are the greatest gift we can receive spurn that gift to destroy Human life is a great evil. No matter any countervailing concerns and fears of the Merla just, but even if we work done wouldn't change all that much children. The greatest thing in life and they are lives regardless of whether Europe register, secular and suggests the true freedom lies in the ability to kill children in the womb. It's just Scots Enemies grows command, propagandizing
fourteen year old with that suggestion that even more growth, but if you tell your kids that evil republicans are coming in the night, I read your room: it's no one, they get hysterical. When democrats lose elections, I'm bench where this is dimension for Russia. Already so much to get you today so much leftist craziness out there may have been focusing a lot and sort of this sucking has been happening in certain parts of the Republican Party, but there's some that's crazy! That's happening unloved, we're gonna, get to that in just a second. The first we say loader sponsors at helix, sleep, so you gotta, helix sleep dont, come slash. Ban is the place to go to get them comparable mattress in the world. We have one these. He looks sleet mattresses and they are just a fantastic. The way that works, you gotta helix sleep dot com and they ask you for a year or heightened way your body type and more democracy, like sleeping on you like it to absorb. How do you like it to be cool, dealing to be more firmer, more soft and make me? make mattresses, there are different for the different sides of the bed. So if you are
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he's Republicans, don't like babies being killed in the womb and again I think that children innately on stand. What kids are innately understand, there's a baby and mommy's Tommy. I know this because right now you have seven months old and we have an almost three or old and three or old knew all the way through the the can see that there is a baby and armies Tommy. I mean she's to walk around the house with it doll under her shirt, saying that you was pregnant. Just like mommy. My kids understand This, but adults, are trained. They train themselves not understand certain basic truths about life, so they can do what's convenient this is making our nation of crazy people. Really is dividing us along lines that don't need division, The questions we put out on Twitter must have been a few weeks ago where they said what thing we're in a hundred years. People look back on american politics and say I can't believe that was even to debate. This is the one this. The one exact science gets better as we see into the womb better as well. It is clear to people what exactly
is going on inside the womb. What happens in pregnancy as more people become aware of it, people going bust it for the evil that it is again the idea. Fourteen year old one runs running around screaming. She won't be able to get an abortion under Trump number. One Sancho number two, even if it were true cab, mommy, says to her sweetheart you're, never gonna work. An abortion. An abortion is bad and actually why you should be focused on is made the decisions in your life and not your ability to kill a baby The idea that your lifestyle is compromised because you have a baby is just it's. It's Stomach churning than the basic notion left promotes with regard to abortion, that your lifestyle must be preserved at the cost of another human life. Life is really really stomach. Turning, that's not the only stomach, turning thing that the left proclaims itself, a big fan of human rights and in the Big NEWS story of the days, what happening in Aleppo in Syria. Saw Aleppo as Gary Johnson, well knows now is a city in Syria is a lot, but that's what it is and Aleppo The sight of a raging battle has been taking place over the course of several months between rebel
against Bashar. Al Assad. Envious. Odd regime. The Russians back aside, the Russians, have been lending support to us to go on and slaughter his own people and the report's out of out of out of Aleppo are becoming increasingly insane. We were talking about there's report. Yesterday, the twenty women had it'd suicide in order to avoid being, by Assad's forces. Apparently there are hunt school children who were killed the when they were when they were suffocated under a building that was blown up by Assad's forces of the EU and in saying that there is scores and scores of people who are civilians were being killed in a laptop and the Obama administration is just devastated about this, since they sent out cement power, who's the union babysitter and who buy. I wrote a book about american inaction during genocide in this reclaimed. Defame. Her actual book is about this debate. Which is an incredible thing right I mean the fact is the issues appointed specifically because of her unwillingness to stand by blindly, supposedly when genocide was occurring, the book was how the problem from hell- big best seller back in I'd like
thousand too. I am explicitly talked about american inaction and goes through all of the various genocides that have happened around the planet during last for years, and it gets very upset with the United States for not stepping in the New York Times Book Review talked about her book at the time said this in Washington is a place of defeatism. Inertia selfishness and cowardice. Warnings pass up the chain, disappear, intelligence gathering and then ignored or denied. The will of the executive remain steadfastly opposed to intervention. Its guiding assumption is that the costs of stopping genocide is great, while the political class of ignoring it is next to no and the in basically, she makes the case that we ought to be more interested in genocide around the world, while the Obama administration obviously didn't care about the genocide, those happening in Syria and it is genocide. Maritime hundreds of thousands people dead, the latest estimate is four hundred. Seventy thousand people died, in Syria and several mill and have been exiled from Syria. The entire refugee crisis in Europe is largely. You two what's happening in Syria, Obama? As you recall, he said that he drew,
Red line, a facade had used chemical weapons against his own people than a sardine used chemical weapons against his own people, and about said that he was going to take military action. There is blow back to that. Then he said he was gonna. Do why what John Kerry called open perk struck, or I won't do you have a little bit on a little bit like a needle, and then comes along and says you know what I'll cut a deal on behalf of Bashar Shower Assad, we'll get rid of. Some of these w undies they didn't and we will, make sure that aside is kept under control. They didn't know about jumps on. That is a sure of lad. You led the way you eat the wave Latin Vladimir Putin's as excellent and then he proceeds to enshrine Assad work with around wish in trying to start right now luckily of the rebels, and on one side you have the iranian militias, we're going in there just water everybody. On the other side, you have a size. People are going in This latter everybody and the Obama administration, claiming all the way through that this is totally wild. How could this have possibly happen? Here? Is Samantha Power, where's? The lady who wrote this book literate about American Non intervention during genocide and
he's being seated by the media. The media think she is just wonderful for doing this mean talk about virtues. Going here. She is Russia, IRAN, and there belated militia are the ones responsible for what the? U N, called a complete meltdown of humanity And they are showing no mercy, no mercy, despite their territorial conquest, even now, no mercy. In the last twenty four hours alone, prophesied forces reportedly killed at least eighty two civilians, including eleven women and thirteen children, and it is to each and every one of us here to defend those rules. To the Assad regime. Russian! any wrong three member states behind the conquest of and carnage in Aleppo You bear responsibility for these atrocities by rejecting: U N, I see our sea evacuation efforts, you are signalling to those militia who are massacred
innocence to keep doing what they are doing, denying or advocating the facts. As you will do today, saying up is down black is white not absolve you too. Sod regime, Russia, any wrong. You're forces proxies are carrying out these crimes. Your barrel, bombs and mortars and air strikes have allowed the militia in Aleppo to encircle tens of thousands of civilians in your tightening noose. Ok, so she is obviously condemning Russia, IRAN, Syria only one problem. She sided with Russia, IRAN and Syria. Her administration sided with all three of those they left aside and power, the hills He couldn t remember: Hillary Clinton called a show us reform of the media used to treat aside with kid gloves these to pretend that he was a good guy in the region around has been empowered massively by the same administration that cut a nuclear deal with IRAN. Giving them the capacity to broad
in their economy a hundred fifty billion open their economy to the world, allows it to continue funding terrorism, including terrorism in Syria and in Iraq, as far as Russia. Obviously, the Obama administration has been super. Warm toward Putin have allowed Putin to do anything that you could possibly want to do naval output and to take over everything, and so too policy of left when it comes to criticising. Russia is really amazing. They their partner, that the left is now ripping on Russia What's going on in Syria they're the ones we handed over dependent and on something else out here too, and that is that there is this weird idea that has prevailed and inside the Obama administration, you can shame bad people in doing that things. If you shame them, the Nobel do the right thing right here: members, a Michelle Obama, with her bring back our girls hashtag after Bogart, the terrorist group in Nigeria kidnapped a bunch of school girls. She held up that hashtag, look around cares what you hashtag you remember that after Putin invaded Ukraine Jenny jack in the state department. She tweeted hashtag United for Ukraine did that get Putin.
Ukraine, of course, and I didn't do anything, but this is this all extends after the same mentality is Gandhi, said. Gondy was a big fan of non violent resistance back Nineteenth Yet he said this about Jews. You said if I were a Jew born in Germany this during the Nazis period, if our You born in Germany, in my livelihood, their claim, Germany is my home, even as the tallest gentile german might, and challenging to shoot me or cast me in the dungeon, the Jews Germany can offer such Agora ha that's the passive resistance under infant we better auspices than the Indians of South Africa. Of course that was inherently untrue, because the British were not vile. Parties and the Nazis work in nineteen, forty six after he found out about the holocaust. You continue to maintain this. He said Hitler killed five the five million Jews. It is the greatest crime of our time, but the Jew should have offered themselves to the butcher knife. It would have aroused the world and the people of Germany they sort of and have a choice and they were slaughtered by the millions, the idea the world would have aroused by knowledge of the Holocaust is nonsense. Everybody knew about Holocaust. Well, while is happening, the contemporaneous,
Documents show. That was the case in the United States even by the rail lines, so idea that that you can offer passive resistance to evil and then that somehow, suffices that's ridiculous, but that's been the Obama administration policy all the way through and yes, prudence. An evil. Man, Putin is AV, deeply evil human being. Who is not only expanded russian borders at the expense of free peoples he's all he's. Also murdered dissidents in prison, dissidents, imprison people, all who are oligarchical. He doesn't like an even handed and money to other oligarchs that he does like personally enriched himself to the tune of forty billion dollars. Supposedly he is his. Taken measures to to strong lives all throughout the world, men Vladimir Putin is one of the world's worst human beings. You really is one of the world's worst human beings and the fact the amendment ministration is now calling out after years of propping him up is truly hippocratic. Now, what's just as hypocritical, is the Republican take on pollutant, so there's Pull the came out today that is really quite disturbing disappear from the economist you go and talk to her
favourable Eddie of Lattimer Putin, among Republicans, so the net favorite We have let me among publicans in Two thousand sixteen into doubt in two thousand fourteen July, two thousand fourteen republican net favourably four Putin, meaning the number of people. Like him. Minus number of people who hate him was Sixty six percent since product percent like them six, seventy six percent thought they Putin was evil today. A December twenty sixteen that is a negative ten percent set- means that thirty five percent, probably like him in forty five percent- think that is bad. It s, not good. Folks, that's good! If we want these people has gotten warmed, Putin is eating the Putin was into Hilary in and the enemy of my enemy is, my friend understand he's not your friend Vladimir Putin. Now played to straight administrations, he played Bush Bush saying that he looked into Putin saw look into his old. Any sauce then good there, and it turns out that Mccain was actually write about ass. He looked into Putin, sullens our KGB and then Obama.
The minutes. I do not think that Bush used too hard on pollutant, give more reset button. Even more power, Everything'Ll be hunky, Dory Putin proceeded too through the United States once again and expand his our at our expense. From pursuing the exact same thing and you ve got one begins going right along for it. You got Republicans going right along with it dangerous stuff, that's dangerous! Putin is not it man, Putin is not your ally, Putin is not the guy. You can rely on me a bulwark against guys he is one of the bad guys, if you want to say, their alliances of convenience. They might be able to draw with Putin from time to time. That's one thing, but if you want to say Putin is an actual ally in the war on terror reinstated. Vladimir Putin is the guy. You gonna delegate foreign policy too who knows what he's doing here any knows which buttons to push, and I think it is only a matter of time before Putin makes a very good to move incense. Asia, you know talk Mount Cassock stand where it makes it makes a strong move against Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. He dares trunk to stop him and the chancellor from now do anything the chair.
A very strongly the trembling do anything. The proof is in the pudding from select. Rex tellers and CEO of Exxon tellers and, as I said yesterday, is about till her sentence about from the only thing trunk there's about from tellers and is presumably What tellers and things of Putin until us an important get along trumps that yesterday in Wisconsin, here's reside in all directions friendly with many of the leaders in the world We don't get along with, and some people don't like that. I don't wanna be friendly. That's why the deal with Rex, because I like what this is all about. And we're going to have somebody. That's gonna be very special occasion. The fact that tellers and has relation ships from the worst people on earth is Obama. Language is in a better that we should talk to. Cuba is in a better that we should hang out with the bad guys that we shouldn't be talking with the bad guys, wouldn't be better. If we We are talking to IRAN rather than not talking to around. This is not a positive development, it's not and for all the people complaining about, what's happening in Syria,
trunk has no intention of doing anything in Syria to help people now. Maybe you think that's good. Maybe you do, but the truth is that there are certain. Basic it about foreign policy, that very few people want to acknowledge that most fundamental truth is that when it comes to a choice between genocide in american intervention, most people will choose. Genocide has been true historically for the United States you'd rather from abroad. As genocide happened similar, then we would get involved and that's it. Should that we ought to be asking ourselves as to what extent is they involve unnecessary? Should that involvement include Air strikes or should also include boots on the ground, handling We care about this If we are honest with ourselves about this question, more people are gonna die while we did around but clearly terms. Care, particularly much years, Donald from spokesperson, Jason Miller he asked about. My pollutants, involvement in Syria do we have that now We don't have that. Ok, what he said earlier. He said that there are hundreds of thousands of people in Syria being killed. We are viewing that through the lower the wrong lens, that's what he said.
News a little bit earlier today. We should view that through a different lends, its again no, we shouldn't something is really bad happening in, and you can say that we don't have the. Are withal or we have the resources or we don't have the will to stop it, but you pretend that Obama's awful lawful about Syria and then pursue exactly the same policy and actually warm to trump. More than a little bit hypocritical. The same thing, having by russian hacking, of course, the deed, the real reason Republican shifted on Putin is not because the point was fighting ISIS real reason. The Republican shifted on ice is the same reason. They shifted Wikileaks when working which was targeting the american military? We hated Wikileaks, then sorry, targeting Hilary and the latter Republican said hey wickedly their great inhabited by the way they they went from forty seven percent net unfavourable rating The publicans and two thousand fourteen to twenty seven percent favourable rating among Republicans now Wikileaks and they still are releasing american military information, but we're cool that because their serving our purposes again, this This goes to show you that most
well down deep, don't really care about anything, remotely approaching intellectual honesty they care much more about. Does it serve my interests does not serve me interest in that's true also of the russian hacking so long as the russian hacking. We think help Trump, it's ok. If the russian I can help tellers we'd be over the moon. About her, be the end of the world would be. Would be losing our minds, but if you're Bob Corker right The Senate Foreign Relations Committee I, whose views becomes sort of now I've from here there's no reason we shall our hair on fire about russian hacking I'm assuming that plenty of people are attempting to listen to my phone calls. I mean that's the way until just as gathered so the hack peace, Packing peace is meant
I think we all have our hair on fire. About that. I'm sorry, I mean that's what people do it's, what you do with that and we need to guard against it. We need to do everything we can to make sure that it doesn't happen is certainly in our office. We're doing everything we can to make sure that our computer systems are not hacked, and this is obviously raising alarms for everyone, but but at the end of the day, trying to understand what Russia is doing not only here in the United States, but in elections around the world is an important thing for us to know. Right though she never herons, I hear about it. Rarely she was just sit down that means sure we'd like see Bob Corcoran hair on fire. Just for the thrill of the fun of it. I mean just the deputy dog of him running around this. Conveyors, still speaking with dislocations would be, would be amusing, but we have to sign I fear, but there's a lot more to come. We are going to let some good things. The Donald Trump has been doing. The men are we He has tremendous person?
magnetism and we'll talk about the evidence of that daily wire dot com to to view the rest of the show. I subscribe eight dollars a month. You if you subscribe now Daniel Subscription, get a free copy of my book. True allegiance signed by me. Would you have? ideally wire store coming in the very near future and you'll get discounts there with all sorts of goodies coming for members, daily wire dot com that or you can listen later at eight and sound cloud and and Youtube and check this out there we are the largest conservative, podcasting, United States. Ok, so now, it's time you we haven't done, it allows what's your little, but a good trump address. What see? Let's see if we can grab that do, can we know sorry, I gave my guys no notice, but that's why they get paid really terrible dollar. Because they're supposed enables Johnny Chuck, which will begin regards been a little while I just telling Brandon Snakes deserved a little bit of a shoutout, so let's start
We must start with some bad from theirs, actually more good trump than bad Trump today, not based on power. See, but based on sort of things that he's saying will start with we'll start with some bad from here? Is the bathroom face so Donald Trump? This is less bad Donald Trump and it is bad, Paul, Ryan, actually so Paul Ryan, a lotta republicans, have been doing me. What what I'll call the I hope strategy I hope strategy thing to say: you personally hope the down from turns out to be everything you wish. He would be. You personally hope the down from turns out to be the greatest person who ever lived. I personally hope Donald Trump is the second coming or my case, the first coming. I personally hope that Donald Trump is just though wondrous human who ever lived K. That's your feelings, care about your feelings. Nobody cares about your feelings. If you are a, if you are a republican member of Congress, is Paul Ryan and it is your job to act. Finally ensure that Donald Trump is not allowed to get away with the bad stuff. I is not a strategy, hope is for a strategy right away say this actually, when Barack Obama was saying hope and change, and we should say what hope isn't a strategy. Hope is not us
energy Paul Ryan has been kind of pooling all of the terrible things. The Donald Trump is doing with regard to corporatism. With regard his nominations with regard to business, conflict trump by the way pushed off his press conference on its business conflict next month. I hope that that I hope that that is that he is that he is going to be using that time to actually come up with a coherent plan, but will have analyze it as it comes it's funny when I have conversations about trumped. Now everything relies on this, I hope routine. So things like, I don't like what he did with Rex tellers and another well gotta. Given time, I hope, it'll be ok, you wouldn't know neuron. I sent your job. Your job is to analyze the evidence in front of you if the evidence changes. As I said yesterday, then opinion can change, but you don't get to just ignore the evidence in front of you, because I hope it doesn't work that way. It wouldn't work now, the bomb didn't work their way with Bush. It doesn't work that way the trump from us. Bad. Then, Job is not to say that I hope that bad thing will end up being good. It's your job is eight. That's a bad thing
register an intellectually honest human being. It is your job to say that's a bad thing now there are certain appointments where he can say he appointed somebody that doesn't look good. That doesn't look good, Maybe things will change later but you know, I don't know, or we don't have any, information that's possible tat. We don't have enough information about a particular nominee to know. Whether that now many you'll be bad or good in the end, because we don't persons a complete mystery very few of these nominees, our complete mystery, but I'm sure there will be some and there so, we just don't have enough evidence to know when I said this actually about the this off. Bank deal, so we don't have enough evidence to know whether this was some sort of cronyism pay off. So, based on information that we have in front of us is a good move, but we don't have it information. We don't know all the information with carrier. We knew enough information to say whether was bad Ok, so I hope, isn't a strategy, but it is Paul Ryan Strategy and the reason that a lot of republicans are doing this wish casting routine and that's what it is. They just forecast their wishes as they are well my it will eventually come true if I clap hard enough tinker about, will live the regional
people are doing that is because you're not going to friends and influence people number one who are really over the moon in their stone, the post, coil glow of this election cycle in there going to let up on that right now, criticising trumpet does not make you popular the if you want a good ratings, you do at what she had anymore Ingram. Do savage. For example, you just got you shall form full time, but if you, if you call it honestly It's not something, that's not necessarily credibility. So if you're, if you're in the media business, there's a real profit interest in- The I hope strategy, if you remember of Congress these strategy seems to be from all right. If I praise trump, if I'm nice to tramp tramp, will converge Sleepy nice to me right if I've I wish I'd butter trumped up. Basically, then be really nice me on the other. In this neglect a simple fact: restaurant from is only going to be nice to you. If you, if he likes you in the first place you You buttering him up. That's only
useful it from her sympathy for you in the first place, if he hates you and your butter him up, he sees user weakling, reticent, true love, Mitt Romney. If he, it's you if he thinks you're terrible and then you butter him up, then he's gonna try but your head, Chris Christie, right crisscross, you the butter em up and from his exiles? that New Jersey, where he has a twenty five percent approval rating, and Oh Paul Ryan. Doesn't understand truncates him from thinks he's awful. If Trump, during the during elections cycle. He would have back from Spain. Whereupon he would have back Ryan's primary opponent. Trumped despises Paul Ryan, Oh Paul Ryan is doings routine, where papoose all the bad things Trump is doing in the hope that that will mean crumple sign off on entitlement reformer, some it ain't gonna happen and from it a clear yesterday here is Donald Trump threatening Paul Ryan. Now what stage speaker Ryan, I really come our come to appreciate speaker, Paul, rye, where's speaker. Where is he has been here.
That's terrific, and you know honestly he's like you're, fine wine day goes by. I get to appreciate his genius, more and more than we ever goes against me, I'm not going to say that he's a great guy, and we have some amazing things in stir. He's a great It's amazing things in story. He crossed meal murdering and leave his head on his way to day step it'll be jest. Spic tat killer, he's a fine line except by decided just like him. In which case I would dismember him, William HIM cement and dump him in the nearest body of water layer that is what Paul Ryan is in for and then drums outlying, their eddies being honest, that's the charm of drunk when Trump says, my daddy means it lion. Raven. That's clearly, that's exactly repaid, so that is it that is banned from ok. Now time for at long last. Some Romania is I'm good from ok, so Trump
understands obviously got level what a lot of Americans are feeling about the culture. The one of the piece of evidence for this is something that he said that it shows the disconnect. I think in America on cultural matters. Tromp was talking, thou Christmas in here's. What you said about Christmas, that has the media mocking him. So when I started eighteen months ago I told my first. It was God that we're gonna come I hear some day, and we are going to say Mary this again a merry Christmas and a happy new year, but Merry Christmas, happy new year, but may figures with a lot of people a lot of people in a low it isn't easy, come on really is it a silly demagoguery. This merry Christmas, like one, was anybody ban from saying merry Christmas when was When was never the cases, anybody in the United States been prosecuted for saying merry Christmas visited disk,
I took to disconnect is very real because there are a lot of pressure You do feel that their under assault who do feel that there isn't it attempt to undermine the to undermine the the donation the country- is a Christian based country as Eugenio Christian Country, just just in time week, the you suit a small town in Indiana, because there is a christian cross atop, the spruce, in the town squared on Christmas day. Do let me be the first to say, put across back up on the tree and across be upon the treaty, my holidays, your holiday, the idea that they minutes, that's the equivalent of you saying well there that big manure. Are the public square gonna take down because you never know it might offend. The people were like Kwanzaa communication. Over a little but first of Christianity is the foundational religious belief. The founders of the country, the country is founded on these judeo christian notions. Things like human beings are in God's image, certain things like God, given rights that are expressed in the declaration of independence given to us by our creator? That's you need
so the judeo christian tradition, but this is a christian country. Against the idea is its christian country, knowing only Christians belong here, and I mean christian ideas are our promulgated. I do mean that the basis for our liberty is, in the christian World View, That was combined with IE the enlightenment ideas of of the sixteen seventeen centuries to create the founding and to get of Christianity. Alot of people feel like every time I say Christmas. I've got somebody from the left yelling at me because they because they good, I'm being intolerance, not being intolerant, hear people saying Happy holidays. Instead, a merry Christmas, you have a holiday party instead of a Christmas. Very first of all is that a holiday It can be said about this, we're just a second ok, again playing the Jew card. Here. Here's the thing college we celebrate this year and actually coincides of Christmas Veronica a major holiday in the jewish calendar. There are several major holidays in the jewish calendar. You'll know them when I take them off, because the major holidays in the jewish calendar are what we call home. Tell them
literally literally good days, right, tell them and those young tell them are our day. Is where I have to network rates. I'm talking bowed Sukkot, that's the one with the festival, boots or shove load the faster, the feast of tab apples, that's one we're! God gave the jewish people tore up or pass over nor take off today, beginning in today's the end or Russia, China or young people, or those are the big ones where I actually had to take time off work, because those are our big holidays comical a great. How are you don't get me wrong? I love Monica when, when we hit Hanukkah I'll, explain the story of chronic on what exactly it's about, but is it major holiday in the jewish counter, it's not on a par with the other ones, but the entire secular world treats Hanukkah as those on par with Russia, China and young people, or more than that, because it coincides with Christmas on the on the calendar and that's just silly. Ok it the Christmas season. It's not the holiday season, holiday season was back in September, go back and look at our podcast schedule our holiday season, remiss likes stays out of a month of broadcasts because of that sixty
having stated seven days out of a month abroad, gas, because of that, so that's that's! that's our holiday season! It the holiday season. Kwanzaa, isn't even a real holiday is made up by by some black studies, professor, the nineteen seventies, the only holiday of any real import during Christmas is Chris That's the one that that people should be focused on from says will go back saying merry Christmas. I think a lot of people thrilled to that even those that is threatened, of course is not the biggest threat. You can't say merry Christmas body really means by that is we're going to let you express your Christianity in public again and that thing that a lot of religious people thrilled to- and they should thrill do so- that is it that is good trump, its vertical the trunk. Is the media simply dont get it get me other good trump, so Trump obviously has a lot of personal magnetism to him and now is reaching out to a lot of people from various sides of the aisle now. In order for this to be good trump, you have to assume that these people aren't influencing tramp tramp is just influencing then when he meets with Easy Gula manually, melodies Eagle, Emmanuel the Father of Obamacare tonight, I'm not sure,
The goal of that was other than to maybe look moderate to the Democrats, which of course, is never gonna happen. They have an interest The great irony of this presidency is the Donald Trump in all likelihood of how to put money on it is gonna governed like us trust Democrat Helmsman for six weeks doing a bunch of stuff? I love he well and there this, and I hope I really think he will. I think, he's going to appoint a good conservative justice to the Supreme Court. Whether Mitch Mcconnell confirm them or not another story, but I think that you will try to do that. I think that he will attempt to repeal Obamacare, although I think he will do in the way that I particularly like you a lot of stuff. That's pretty good. Six weeks, and then I think he'll go. And like a moderate Democrat, but what's wrong like is that, even as he does this Democrats have, an interest portraying him. Is this right wing not job and several continued that out no matter what he does but I was trying to to boost his own image and he's got people giving him testimonials. You wouldn't thought would given testimonials safeguards Brown the former star of the of the Cleveland Browns, a saying that he loves Donald Trump. You, however, downtown to their work.
It is really about just got down from It's about him and the position he occupies that position is considered. The most important prison in the world. The most powerful in the world. Suppose we are President Wahid do what he wanted through to become the president. You got my admiration because no one gave him a chance. You know they call him names, people I call the names when he won you reach back in. Brought them along with him grudges. So. How am I to say that I play what about when they run in that I dont, know everything, and I will try to address everything but reception I got day from him, I'll always remember that, because he listened to us,
and he knows that we can bring something to him to help the people of those countries you by the way has been saying for weeks now that he He said that he thinks that the trump will actually be better for the car. Free then Hilary would have been so. Brown is sort of a quasi supporter of ferocious Lycaonia West. Obviously, is trying to do here just trying to carve into the black base of support for the Democratic Party he was trying to do that during the campaign to theirs. Why you speaking in so many black areas, I thought that was good. I think what the things that he's doing. That's not so good. Is that he's attempting to pit serve hispanic and blacks with a lot of the immigration stuff. I think that he's trying to limit legal immigration because he saying it's hundred the black working class that that is its dicey, economics and policy on the basis of politics, but the fact that trumpet is reaching out a lot of people trying to win new adherence to to his positions. Smart power. Tax and have to u have to prison for that. Bill Gates also show
up at from tower, and then he- and he met with the yeah guess he met with with Trump himself and in Bill gates, is praising tromp. You have to get my from for being able to get all these people to to praise him. And if you disagree with a lot of its policy, A lot of his messages has been about things where, he sees things not us, good and seed like, but in the same way that President Kennedy can I talk about this peace mission and got the country behind that. I think the weather education or stopping epidemic, Other health breakthroughs finishing polio. In this energy space there can be a very The message that his administration is going to organise things, get rid of rain Tori Barriers and have leadership through innovation. We want things that he here, that's behind and once again the fact that the bill gates praising him it smart politics
Trump is doing again. I see I foresee a future here. We're Trump actually magnified, on personal popularity, because he reacts how the american people react to headlines issues a headline. He react to it like the norm. Die. Normal Joe reacts to the headline I he doesn't try Did you ever think it? Obviously I am economic impact. Only popular does that mean we're gonna get the best policies, not necessarily, but you have to have to give the mantra words do and waited. He's running this this transition so far is something that I love personally noakes like celebrity politics, but apparently the american people all for it, and so, even though his transition has been less popular, then prior per didn't strands, that's Lester with how is handling it more to do with his own personal level of unpopularity. Both candidates were deeply unpopular. He's handling about as well as Donald Trump can handle it. I'll give you given that even Much as I dislike all of the these celebrity apprentice aspects of this. Meanwhile, the damage so just making asses in themselves consistently. They continue to double down on the identity, politics. They can't stop, it has fallen and Michael
Denzil Smith, who, whose ribbon Connie West for having the temerity to meet with to meet with Donald at from tower again. I think Donald, was was interested, as I said yesterday, in making clear where the secretary of doing Dope Leap, but I'm not sure what was going on at this meeting. It is pretty funny he actually gave him a signed copy of his time magazine person of the assigned to Kenya West, and they can you put it up, amazing troll by tromp, amazing, troll, but but Michael Denzil Psmith now he's economies just to white. Ten years has an obsession with celebrity likes thing and he likes famous people. He also finds validation through a lens of whiteness and a lot of ways, unlike Donald Trump, is the ultimate white men for what it. What do you mean by using two lines of whiteness? I? What do you mean? I think, the tiny ones to be accepted into the most successful spaces which our white spaces he want is for
the big fashion houses that are excluded black people to accept him because he's Congo West he wants to transcend race in so many different ways in and have his art valued in certain spaces that are, they aren't his millions of fans them. They happen to be young black people he's not to concern about that. Would he is concerned about the validation of white institutions in white people, and Donald Trump right now is poised to be the most powerful person in the planet. Ok so again in what you're starting to see has left us now declare any black person weedin meets with Europe is actually to why to. Kenya is now too I know that a lot of things about Congo, West has been a consistent criticism of kindness, but I wasn't. I wasn't sure that there is consistent criticism. Drumbeat economy is too wide. Meanwhile, Markleham on hill and he's doing the same routine is Professor Moorhouse College. Marco Mainhall has set black people are incapable of being racist because only powerful people can be racist, Marketman Hill,
He says that the administration is all right, click. Fourteen yeah, I bet that's always the argument for not bringing black scheme for things. It's always the arguing for not picking women, for things is that we expect the most qualified person. Typically, when you have cabinet picture any Opening there are multiple people who, in the mix, some people are not qualified. Some people are incredibly qualified and within that makes their often into a diverse range of people. Part of what you want to put forward in an administration or in a cooperation is a diverse front, so that you see value of having diversity. Diversity is not a hook up for black people. Diversity. Its own benefit and institutions have better when their diverse problems get solve. From according to scientific studies on the simple doubling inside, but studies also demonstrate the problem to more creative, we're dynamically when things are diverse and so on, but unfortunately that, finally, this is part of Donald Trump whole thing: we're gonna to make Amerika great again going back to eight old time when things were different. Now,
I can always administrations wore white that says endanger its naturally you, what you re saying is Donald Trump is a racist and anyone they. He picks up some african American, their vows, be by default. Some sort of let's go back to an old timer in that event, but I fear that some are saying earlier so that it knows that we're going back to an old time than what he says make Amerika great again. That is actually intellectual, maybe learns environmentally dangerous. Suddenly, no longer your ears, my thing he he's President Elect, he gets typically wants to pick he's picking qualified individuals and his cabinet is not for yet. We know that Donald Trump is talked a lot about diversity. We know these a lot about women being high up in his company. We know that they're gonna be people around him that are going to be qualified in different positions. Ok and into Markleham until AIDS funny Hitman until aunt and then the ankara they're both say no, no you're. What I think he's racist will, then why are you bringing up the fact that he only has why people in isn't ministrations Ivan true for the first of all right, you got Ben Cars, This can be a member of his administration. Betsy device is obviously female. Is gonna be a member of his administration. But these
Implication there still playing the same game. If we just keep saying that Donald Trump is secretly races because he hasn't appointed, not black people to his cabinet, then somehow that's gonna, change things magically it what's amazing about this. Of course, that when George W Bush should appoint black people to his cabinet, they immediately declared them like it's kind of hard to it's kind of hard to four four trumped to make it a versatile push whenever time. He me to the black person the media immediately declared lack person white, like did their milk Immediately converging white people admitted that their touched by trumpets, its truly amazing, We are also double down on the racial politics by pushing Keith Alison far ahead of the Dnc, this, of course, congressperson for Minnesota and that is relevant in so far as a he's been wildly anti Israel. I endorse anti semitic activities, behaviour and speech back in the ninety. Nine is many times here. Keep Alison,
TVS and again he was trying to just avoids questions about about his own passed by what are your responses to the scene and reporting and other people to bring up this past? I think there is a better reporting, because I have a ten year. Recording Congress are before you recorded in Minnesota State House, our practice law for sixteen years right did a lobby, and I just think that you know it's just they're kind of reporting that you know just the sort of is not quality and doesn't help people, and this is so just a clear clarified than based on again all these quotes and sort of the bus out there. What CNN and others were reporting on what you said before. Do you believe that Louis fair COM is an anti semite sure, but I mean what does he have to do with anything going on in this race or this country that this time sensitively? Nothing will soon see the night, as you ve said, some positive things about Minister Ferrok on a role model for black youth, but he's a thing Joe we're talking about something happening. Ninety ninety five, this what this was a year did the million men March took off riper were attacking the march at the time. The march was a very good thing. I was very proud to be part of it, but here I am having to
the questions about this- and I am not talking about what our It needs to look like and what the Democratic Party can do, because this smear campaign from almost twenty one years ago, right or something like that is this- is about distracting in taking people away from the issues that really are at hand. In this case, we do not hold up on a couple of things one. This is the same I who also said in two thousand seven nine eleven was Michael Reichstag fire RE, actually, paired nine eleven to the racks died fires that the Bush administration could take control. He said they met with an excuse to target Muslims. He voted against irons on funding the blood to protect Israel from rocket attack, while they were the fire from some ass. He pushed for Israel to relieve its blockade against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. He wrote in the law Clinton posed as I've talked to the ordinary Gazans? I have not encountered anyone representing Hamas, except for how the entire is part of Gaza this is entirely run by Hamas. I he's associated with very anti Israel group campaign to end the israeli occupation,
he's a radical is radical, and I love that he says what happened in eighteen, ninety five to no biggie yeah, except for the fact All you were, on top of the Donnelly Trump said something bad about Miss Universe, contestant and ninety nine, these, for whatever in the its it did, the hypocrisy he's pretty ran, but no wonder nobody's trust the Democrats, it put things together again. They they are there. There now and the democrats- don't you understand they have an opportunity here, because Donald Trump is gonna govern. On an ad hoc basis that will be conflict continuing inside their people can party in all likelihood he's gonna pursuit, policies that are probably not great he's, probably gonna season. The dump, please everybody but democratic so busy trying to double down on their identity politics. They refuse to acknowledge the mistakes that they have made here. Ok time, some things I like things, I hate and some Bible talk this Wednesday, so things I like last night. As white down into my two and a half year old, almost three oral. Now she won They watch a little bit tv whenever she watches tv and we don't let our kids, why
tv until there too but she's too, we let her watch tv occasionally and until we are, but as always old, musicals and she'd never seen the wizard of OZ, so we put on, sort of oz, and I we skipped all the scary parts with the withdrawal in which the last compatible intense for three Earl by machine, loved it and the reason she loved. It is because there is a solid case. We made the wizard of OZ, the greatest movie of all time. There really is of all movies ever made, there's a solid cases to be made that it is spear eighty to eat. It holds up two minutes and our forty minutes moves incredibly quickly. The music is great. We are so great has probably the single best song. Written in the american song buxom. Moreover, the Rainbow Judy Ireland is just spectacular in. It was amazing about Judy Garland Entities. Is this was made in nineteen? Thirty nine. I believe that garland wise. Let's issues seventeen years old when this, when this came out, sixteen when it was film and she to brilliant performance and she's, really tremendous in it one in most talented people ever to come out a Hollywood. Her life stories really tragic, but
She is a a. She is just wonderful in it. The entire cast, his wonderful and if you ve never seen, was adviser really missing out, because it is good nineteen. The under. So it's funny their certain years in movies that are better. Than other years. Nineteen. Thirty nine is widely considered, the best year in movies. Ever I mean a number of great movies that came out that you're just astonishing gone with the wind came out that year the wizard of OZ come out that year. Mr Smith goes Washington stage coach notch go bring hides dark victory. Goodbye Mr Chip Gunnar din dates, young Mister Lincoln of Mice and man, the original of mice and met with very good movie, so Any good movies cannot that year, but this is the best of them. Wizard of OZ is the one that holds up the best. It holds a better than gone with the wind, which is a tremendous movie, but this is a better movie. Here is for those who we haven't, seen it the five you haven't seen here's a little bit of the wizard.
Who might you we? If you please? I am Dorothy Peggy Sue. We have to watch all those in need, of course, they're doing need the candidates, the tribute trailer, essentially the original imagine a nineteen thirty nineteen ever seen a color movie, because colored movies, we came out in nineteen thirty nine red gone with the wind is in full pallid panoramic technical, the indian Wizard of OZ, the great reveal is ten minutes in the four. Fifty minutes and moves on CBS, all black and white, and then there's a point where she opens her front door and
he opens her front door. What's behind the door, is all in color raids like what Pleasantville does, but in reverse sort of it's just it's an astonishing, good movie, and yet, at the end, if you're not by the end of wizard of OZ, then you have no heart. No brain brokerage, so very ok, it's time for some things that I hate. So I'm not sure that I love this or hate this Keith aldermen sort, the Alex Jones of the left so Jones we will need to play more Alex Jones on the show. Just because Alex Jones is so highly a museum in the guys in total nutcase. But he's really really funny to watch today She growled like a panther on a show which I thought was wonderful. His shirt was on at the time, which is always positive, Marquis Overman, is sort of the Alex Jones and laughed and he is a complete, not Casey keep Oberman taking himself very seriously, while still dressed like he thinks at
our moral dressed in nineteen fifty four areas, as he loses credibility that that kind of red blue divide in the back ground. I wonder if that changes every show based on his mental state, which was more angry, more rapid and more com. It's more blue in eight years give Oberman. We are at war with Russia, or perhaps worker we have lost a war with Russia without a battle we are now under a sovereign nation. We are no longer a democracy, we are no longer a free people. We are the victims of a bloodless cool so far, a bloodless coup engineered by Russia with at best the traitorous indifference of the Republican Party and Donald John Trump, a man who to borrow a phrase from another December long ago. We live in infamy in five weeks time unless desk measures are taken. We will hand over the government to a man who lost the popular vote by more than one Wilson or Jimmy Carter. Wanted
man whom the Russians wanted to run our country for them, a man with the Russians got to run our country for them a man for whom the Russians interfered with our elections, which, if we to another country would be described as an act of war and this country, we have conceded defeat because permitting Donald Trump to assume the Office of president, reduces the chance that we will have any future elections, but nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to stub war beholden to scum, russian scum, as things are January twenty. It will not be an analog duration, but rather the the United States as an independent country. It will not be a peaceful change of power that will be a usurpation and the usurper has no validity well, you read no authority under the constitution. Silberman inflate go and modern after
Rowan, who is actually funny and sports enter, and now he does this kind of stuff it it's. The end of the country are all going to die. Dictatorship has arrived in the guise of the orange haired maniac. What are we gonna do about it? Nothing, I'm! In a sitting on the ranch you and tell you, how are a war with Russia sure I was totally vying with a bombing handing overpowered Russia in all of our foreign affairs sure I was fine with Hillary Clinton handing bra about my reset button. Sure I had nothing to say about Teddy Kennedy actually negotiating with the Soviet Union to try to undermine Ronald Reagan. Sure I have nothing to say about the fact that the Soviet Union actively attempted to undermine Richard Nixon in nineteen. Sixty Nordic achieve K elected, but this this is the act of war and by the way, if we had done this to any other nation, it would have been an act of war, except if Obama actually spend public taxpayer dollars in order to try and our Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel, then I would ignore that in pretending never happen. Also, I'm crazy at my heads about to explode is. That was a think that our guys actually cut the wrong path.
Of this of this clippings. If you continue, the clip further in his head actually does explode. It's like the end of of readers of loss, dark. Open, the Ark and his face meltdown and then, and then just explodes everywhere, maybe democratic overstating their case a little, but it's funny during during the Obama administration. The media were constantly accusing republicans of overreach. There be some sort of scandal, and then we too hey that's a scandal. You take your overreaching, stop it that's over each The Democrats actually are overreaching just a little bit right. It's the end of the country's democracy is dead, we're all If it's all over, what are we going to? Do it? Listen as Nor is the last few days I'm not a big fan of russian hacking. I'm not a big fan of from foreign policy. In fact, if you this entire campaign. I routinely inconsistently criticized Donald Trump Warmth toward Vladimir Putin, one of the worst people on planet earth. That's it! is this: the end of everything are we all going to die is fascism afoot.
Is this, last election will ever hold. Is this not a peaceful transfer power, this kind of not it s a really If you can't put things into any sort of historical political context, and then you end with this kind of naughtiness on a regular basis, other things I hate so I spoke a university last week. The week before was the week before now let s last week as a way of I lose track of all time and in twenty eight professors wrote a letter condemning me. The presence of university. Condemn me too. Why? Because I talked These! O iter incident on CNN Headline NEWS made some jokes about so iter. I feel I have a right to make jokes about people who grew up by the back of the neck on national television and threaten me. Violence call me great, but I think that my right, they also didn't like the fact. Said, the transgender is a mental disorder clearly as mental disorder. That, as well I did in the scientific community, it's impossible not to label at a mental illness or mental disorders. Dsm goes out of its way, not too, because the dsl
these politicized, the deism for called it. Gender identity disorder, a disorder they re ended, and it is for you and then claim. Transgender ism is fine. It's just that oppression associated with the transgender ism. That's not! There is no evidence whatsoever for this proposition. We don't say that same thing about schizophrenia. We don't schizophrenia, is fine. It's just that oppression associated with the schizophrenia. That's a problem right, you don't say and there is you don't say that is because that silly can. The fact is that what I say have said method in many speeches is that gender identity disorder is a disorder The solution is not. Society pretending to men can become women, and women can become men in fact, institutes. Extend to show the trends and pursue it surgery has very little and ACT whatsoever on suicide reality on suicide rates and be on that there is, the beyond that their actual, it'll cost to pretending that men can become women and women can become men, not just in terms of the detention repeat. We are looking to treatments that may not work, but also in terms of young people, who are being told that John,
is completely malleable and get sexually confused about gender and pretend that kid don't get confused about gender is and not to know a child. So that's that its silliness, but this apparently is out of bounds now to say any of this: their people on the left, who knows don't say it, No one other thing here, and this is actually a topic for a broader show at some point, there's a lot of as in the United States, put on bullying and I'm not a fan of allowing us it pretty, does pretty victims. By bullies. When I was in high school and Buddy Buddy the link, aged between suicide reality between suicide rate and bullying extraordinarily tenuous, just in the research. The idea that, if your bullshit you commit suicide as a very very tenuous. Finding it doesnt really there's a lot of evidence to that. In fact, there is just as much evidence that if you're a bully you're going to commit suicide, then that, if you bullied that you're gonna commit suicide, in fact some of those bully groups in human history have some the low suicide rates, the black, population in the United States, for example, has almost no suicide rate, the upper class white,
population. The United States has a very high suicide rate. They did did social science. Her is really really unclear and pretend that in this narrative, the media, pretends that is perfectly normal for me, I think that is a woman, actually is a woman on the inside and if we just pretended along with him, then the suicide, rate in the transgender community would drop dramatically is just a word to mean that's that there's no evidence to support this stuff. There really is a very, very little evidence to support any of the stuff, and there are some some contradictory there's some contradictory elements to it. Ok, time beyond that. Why? You also condemn me because they were very or the real reason why you can me is because it's very that a modern orthodox school matter, orthodox jewish school has the opportunity virtue signal without her the rural they are com, and I say things that are controversial: that's an opportunity for them, to do so. There's some of the West he's their rural were upset, because I said that that Judaism, traditional Judy's and doesn't support same sex, marriage, abortion and and socialism
All of that is pretty in arguable and I'd be more than happy to provide a list of sources in fact, M M, compiling list of sources for Jews who about the sort of thing again, I've never seen The Judaism ought to be the guide for public policy. All I've said is Judaism and there's a reason orthodox used and of our public and its because their values tend to match the values of the Republican Party better than they do. The democratic party, ok title with that in mind. Time for a little bit of Bible so this week's Partia every week the Jews really different portion of the Bible about two months ago, when we the the end of the Bible. We celebrate some caught. We started over so did please, partially by each lock. This from Genesis is almost cryptic almost two incidents in all of you, the old testament, probably the most cryptic internet there really to that that are super cryptic this. And then the one we're Moses Sissy gods facing gods has no one then chose him the back of his his showed him his back. That's really cryptic visit, although this is probably even more cryptic. This is for
Genesis. Thirty, two, twenty five or thirty Jacob was left alone. A man wrestled with him until the break of dawn. When he saw you couldn't prevail against him. He touched the socket of his hip and the socket of Jacob too became dislocated as you wrestled with him and then the man said? Let me go for donors breaking and upset. I will not let you go and must enter. Monsieur bless me so tell him. What is your name said Jacob any said. Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but is because you have commanding power really what it. What it means is because you have struggled with garden with man and you have prevailed. That's that's the actual language key sorry Tom key sorry tat aim elbow came the ownership of the far right. That's what it is sorry did mean said: demean struggle with God. Yes, Oh Israel literally means struggle with God and Jacob asked and said now tell me your name, and he said why do you back for my name in any bless them in any disappears. So the traditional ratings that Jacobs wrestling with an angel, if you notice the what year is pretty clear. That not wrestling with an angel actually write. It says that he's a rational wrestling with a dude Reddy's wrestling with guys is vital.
Echo of our delving vague, each ready to the east Means man doesn't mean angel of they monitor. Mile off, they could see my laptop Lenny, the angels that appear in that in the Torah wrestling with a man so who is sky, the hopeful. This incident is doesnt matter, for the guy is the whole point. Four Jacob is, is Jacob, spends virtually his entire. Running away from things he runs from Esau hurons from where from labour from love on he tries to you, doesn't run from He saw basically kowtowing to him again later. I hear actually running from a fight. He ends up trying to run for our earliest kowtow to shreds. After summer rapes, his daughter, Jacob is a model of stand up and fight. He hasn't. Then what he does here, in fact, is, is he's thing about running away. I mean, if you read the text. Read these recommendations I mean his family is about to go and meet with ease off and he goes back across, the river ready leaves amendments hundred goes back crossed the river by himself and he's alone raids, It was just that he was left alone. The actual
which suggested spare my about area Colorado it all. It actually means Jacob despaired alone. He will he despair because Jacob his thing new self? Why is it that no matter what I do? No matter how I serve God. I keep getting stuck in these dad situations where people are victimizing may read, he's asking the same question that you asked that every religious person asks that every sector a person asks and that question is Why is it? Why is it that bad things happen? If people do people constantly being victimized and the answer the God gives him the answer the God gives him is because your supposed to struggle. You not was to run from the struggle. Sometimes you run from physical confrontation. That's ok, sometimes response to avoid it? But the struggle itself is something you can run from as religious person. That's Trouble is the evidence we call these trials way is really exist. You just the struggle with God's justice, the struggle to do what you think, God, once you to do. Even when you know God isn't necessarily going reward you in this world. You and you don't understand dots logic, that's the struggle of all human beings and that
Why it's very interesting in the in the Torah after Abraham May Abraham is rename by an angel my god rather and he's called our home right. He goes from Abraham to Abraham, in the middle of the, in the middle of the Bible, happens with it with a couple of other characters, but where there actually renamed in the middle of the bible- and there are called four hum dress in time- you never hear referred to as Avram again knows, Abraham in this case Jacob. In writing So this is referred to as Jake up against me says: you're no longer than let me call Jacob, but you can be called Israel because you struck the gun with men, but he goes back to being called Jacob in the region. For that any he it's it's. These referred to as well. Actually, though, the rest of his time in the Torah. The reason for this is because all human beings are both were were Jacob, the and who wants to run away from the fight to survive and were used for the person who is willing to struggle with the interest of man and the seeming injustice of God in order to uphold God. Ultimate justice right at rest. That is the key to life. The minister
wrestling, then you action. You become godless so the EU. I helped to go straight in autobiography of a fellow, was holocaust survivor, Zella results, cousin amazing, amazing. I end and he survived the Ashworth with only resolve whose actually in the camp with Ellie was all he ye may its duration start with his own father. His father died right before to raising start was liberated and I hope, to write his is autobiography I asked him, do you believe in God, and he said I believe in God, monopoly God is intimately involved in the world, and I can't blame him in considering what he watched and what he witness. You can't blame anybody who suffers that much and then says I can see, adjust God being involved in a world like this, but he raised his care his daughter lives in Israel and its some modern orthodox and heat kids, I'm one of his kids move back to Israel, his daughter lives in Israel and its some and again: that's testament to the struggle. What made them and a great man is the fact that continue to struggle with the idea of God,
Thirdly, justice and leader happy life in accordance with what he thought was the tradition and with God's will, in spite of the fact that the world isn't a perfect place, it's easy to be in the list of on the left. Last secular people, not unless people are people arson look. It will get village field. Is it what idiot? You guys think that you're like Doktor Pangloss and in May in NAM Voltaire do you think that this is the best of all possible worlds. Religious people know we, don't we don't any religious person, things that this is the best of all possible worlds, that everything is hunky dory is is not truly religious. The purpose of the religious to struggle with that reality? that you don't understand everything that you're not truly in control of everything that all you Have to do is watch in front of you that has gone puts it all we have to do is decide what to do with the time has given us, that's all we can do and all we can to try to do the right thing in the face of a universe. That sometimes seems unjust, but we list, that justice does apply. Even if we can't see
that's the struggle between Jacob and Israel. That's the struggle between Jacob, an man and God and that's a struggle. We should each engaging if we hope to be better human beings. I've been Shapiro. Here's the bench of Hiroshima.
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