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Ep. 251 - To Democrats, Everything Is Sexist and Racist

2017-02-09 | 🔗
Democrats spot the REAL reason behind shutting up Warren, we've now reached Peak Trust Trust, and the mailbag!
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His name is Willie J, Parker and he's in Obgyn he's also the author of a new book life's work, all about the joy of being an abortionist and now he's the subject have a phone in New York Times Interview Parker used to oppose abortion, but now he's for it. Why answer isn't really clear, but we're supposed to sympathize with him because he clearly wants to help women here is parkers explanation for his shift from pro life to pro washing quote. I had come to a crisis moment regarding religious understanding that left me unable to help women when I felt deeply for their situation, I needed to convert from a religious understanding that left me paralyzed to act on my deepest sense of connection to one that empowered me to do what I felt to be the right. Staying. In other words, leave God behind. I have a better system so go for. It is actually kind of disgusting to compare the ideological movement from not killing babies, to killing babies, to a religious conversion and the notion that this guy felt bad because he couldn't help women who want abortions, and thus abortion had to be correct. That's license to come in all sorts of moral atrocities. You feel bad for the woman whose husband's kind of a jerk, so you go and kill him, but here's the amazing thing park.
Or admits. This doctor admits that abortion is a life ending process. He says quote: if I thought I was killing a person, I wouldn't do abortions of fetuses, not a person. It is a human entity, so it's a quasi human, which means that it have quasi human rights, even by that logic. Now not according to park, he thinks so long as you're, not fully human. By his vague definition, you have no rights whatsoever and you can be killed for the sake of convenience. He says quote in the moral scheme of things. I don't hold fetal life and the life of a woman. Equally, I value them both, but in the presidents of things when a woman comes to me, I find myself unable to demote her aspiration's because of the aspiration's that someone else has for the fetus that she's carrying again this is pretty gross. He doesn't value them both if he did. He put some sort of conditions on. Termination of what he calls fetal life. Instead, he just says that a woman's desire for a promotion at work outranks some outsiders aspirations for her fetus, but what about the fetuses aspiration's is the value of a baby's future, truly just subjective What is the babies already born? The mother wants to kill it shouldn't
outsiders aspirations for the baby. Now from the mother's desire or no Parker talks about making abortion easy for women, using his rhetoric to in your women to any sort of emotional struggle. He calls this creepily enough verb Ikene seriously. He then says that elite white women are responsible for people worrying about abortion, and that's you guessed it racist. Here's! What he says quote when women acquiesced will a roll determined primarily by their biology of reproduction, even if it's unconsciously, they judge each other for rejecting that primary identity. Do you think that the most essential role for a woman is to procreate and humanity doesn't go on unless you do that, then anything to interrupt that process is to be counter intuitive or immoral. The biggest insult to the notion there is such a thing. Is there such a thing as black genocide, as if the people who care about abortion really care about black women in black babies? Well, people who don't want to kill black babies in the womb care more about black babies by definition, then Doctor Parker, but when you're talking with the New York Times, it's always convenient to pull the race card
It's also worth noting here, the women are not acquiescing to some sort of arbitrarily defined societal role when they talk about the value of motherhood. This is called biology. The perpetuation of the human race occurs because women get pregnant and how babies to see this is some sort of curse, rather than the greatest blessing on the planet makes you kind of a sick human being Parker finally compares pro lifers to slavery. Slavery says people often struggle with why I, as a man and deeply committed to feminism reproductive justice in gender equality. I come from a heritage of people who know what it's like to have your life controlled by somebody else. I threw it Parker really wanted to talk about a working analogy to slavery. You should probably start with what he does every day deny the personhood of another human being for convenience and profit and treat that person instead as property to be discarded. If Parker is truly worried about controlling the lives of others, perhaps you should stop and in them I mentioned here. This is the. Ben Shapiro Show
here we are. We have a lot to get to today. We have a chock full of mail bag and gets all that plus is from fighting with his own supreme court. Nominee is Trump trying to use the power of the White House to make people buy of Annika trumps stuff, we'll get to that in just one. Second, first, you have to pay thank to our advertisers over at wink. Its spell w I n C. This is the one company we've talking been talking to you about for a while. You go to their website over at tried wink at dot com. Try w I n c dot com, Slash Ben and what they do. Is they give you sort of survey? What kinds of tastes you like? What kind of case you don't, then they recommend one for you. So if you know nothing about one like me and you want to get a great line, then you go to try wink at dot com, Slash Ben and then you go through the survey and they provide you. A record
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Where he really hasn't done, anything there haven't been any major executive orders. This week there haven't been any major policy moves. This week is basically just been trump talking, and that's most weeks for the president, most weeks for the president are not replete with action. Most weeks for the president are not filled with executive orders, changing the nature of government most weeks for the President are the president going back and forth with Congress and the judiciary and making polisy behind the scenes and talking a lot and the talking part of the job is actually kind of important. Unfortunately, this is the part that Trump is not that good at
we start today with this hubbub that is broken out over Nordstrom, so Nordstrom has decided that are no longer going to carry Ivanka Trump's clothing line. I think this is a jerky move. I do, I think it's a gross move. I think companies that are dumping, Ivanka, Trump's clothing line are really kind of gross. I don't see why you wouldn't carry a clothing line, just because you don't like the politics of a person's father. Even if you don't like the politics of the person, I have kind of problems with the idea that you're not going to stop their clothing line in Nordstrom said that they made this decision based on performance. They said that the sales of Ivanka Trump products slid in the last half of the year. That's certainly possible. It's possible. A lot of people started not buying Ivanka Trump stuff because they didn't like trump himself Ivanka Trump's people say this is not true, and so they claim that this was just discrimination basically
So look. Private businesses have the right to do whatever they want to do with regard to their business. If the bank from products are great than other, businesses will stock them and they will sell and it will be fine. Do I think Nordstrom is is being stupid about this? Yes, I think Tj Max is being stupid. Tj Max's, taken all the about the Trump labels off of the racks in there now stocking. If I could from stuff kind of alongside all their other stuff, I think that's silly. Do I think it's ridiculous that worse at what was it there's another one, it some and remember that one of these companies, Usted Neiman Marcus, pulled the Ivanka Trump jewelry. So I think that's ridiculous and silly. Yes, I don't you are buying a necklace has to do with a bucket from maternity leave policy or anything else. That said, Trump's reaction is just brainless. It's just brainless. Donald Trump goes on twitter when he starts tweeting about Nordstrom's. Now it's not unprecedented for the president to get angry people, for
being mad at his daughter that people were passing around a Harry Truman Letter where he went after a critic is Margaret Truman was a performer and somebody didn't like one of her performances, and so you savage the critic. That's not quite the same thing is what Trump is doing here, because here it actually has an impact on the business. He says my daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by Nordstrom. She is a great person, always pushing me to do the right thing, terrible, exclamation point and then, which is the president of the United States. Twitter accounts actually retreated that so the feeling had been Trump's person, twitter account was going to be for trumpian nonsense and the President account was going to be for presidential stuff and not anymore. Now now he's retweeting that sort of stuff that was not great, then it got worse is Sean, Spicer comes out and Sean Spicer starts ranting about Nordstrom. So here is secretary spice I I think this was less of a family business in attack on his daughter. He ran for president. He won he's leading this country and I think, for people to take out
their concern about his actions or his executive orders, a members family has every right to stand up for his family family and applied their their their business activities their success. So look when it comes to his family. I think he's been very clear how proud he is of what they do and what they've accomplished, and for someone to take out their concern with his policy on a family member of her at his is just is not acceptable in the present has every right as a father to stand up for them. Ok. He has every right as a father to stand up for them. The question isn't as a father's father. What he's doing is fine as a president, the question is: do you have the right to go out there and start railing on companies because they're not doing business with your daughter anymore, and it's not just Kellyanne Conway then goes on national television this morning and she says openly I'm going to basically do an advertisement for a Wonka, Trump's product and she says, go buy Ivanka Trump's stuff is what I would tell you. I hate shopping, but I'm going to get some for myself today, hey look! There are plenty of us out here who would say that in
I was doing the wrong thing there plenty of us out here who would say, go buy about this stuff. I actually agree with that. Go by a month, or so that's not the point. The point is. This is not something that the White House ought to be doing, because this is a conflict of interest you're not supposed to be using the press secretary of the United States or Kellyanne Conway, the senior communications adviser you're not supposed to be using these people in order to propagate business. For your for your daughter, or for your siblings or for yourself. This is self dealing and it isn't good under federal law. She may have violated federal law under federal law. Federal employees are not supposed to public office for endorsement of any product service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends and relatives and none of this is any good if you want trump to be good. If you want Trump to have a successful presidency, this sort of nonsense has to stop, and this is not about railing on Trump is not about. I don't like Trump. This is about. No one should be doing this. Imagine for a second that Hillary Clinton elected and she says, and people said we're not sending donations to Chelsea anymore. First of all, the right would cheer. Second of all,
if she then came out- and she said, I want everyone in the- sorry to give money to my foundation to Chelsea's foundation. I think people would be a little upset and they have a right to be upset. In fact, we spent most of the last election cycle talking about conflicts of interests between the Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation, to pretend that this doesn't exist when you stick at by the name is just silly. So this is this is ridiculous and introduction of engage himself in this, but that wasn't the only silly thing that happened. Okay, the other silly thing that happened is the Neil Gorsuch, who is the the drums pick his excellent pick for the Supreme Court, which I praised up to us to at this point, I think, from multiple times for Gore said she was asked about Trump attacking the Seattle Judge, this this district court judge in Washington who put a stay on his on his executive order and gorsuch according to multiple sources, ranging for
Richard Blumenthal, Democrat of Connecticut to Senator Ben Sass of Nebraska, who is a Republican tore into Trump's attacks on the judiciary. So apparently Gorsuch said that he didn't like what Trump is doing. This is what's ass. Told morning Joe this morning said, judge Gorsuch and I actually talked about that and frankly he got pretty passionate about it. I asked him about the so called judges comment because we don't have so called judges or so called presidents, or so called senators This is a guy who kind of welled up with some enerji and he said any attack on any of I think his terms me was brothers or sisters of the robe is an attack on all judges. According to Blumenthal, Gorsuch called Trump's attacks, disheartening and demoralizing, and then Kelly Ayott. Who is the spokesperson for Neil Gorsuch? She said he said that he finds any criticism of the judges. Integrity independence disheartening into moralizing. Ok, so we now have three separate sources, including Gorsuch is spokesperson. Who said that Gorsuch said he didn't like Trump's attacks on the judiciary, and this is fully within character and fully in character for
Such Gorsuch is first call after his nomination was to me it was to the was to Merrick Garland, the guy that Obama picked to fill. Schooley is c because he has a lot of respect for other members of the judiciary, which, I think is probably a good thing. You want the judicial branch to defend itself, not the executive branch to defend itself. Conflict between the branches is totally fine, and yet there's this whole contingent of people who now say Gorsuch has to go terrible. What I don't even know what course she's doing so Laura Ingram, who just become a joke of a human anymore Ingram who, who is a very, very smart human being she clerked for Clarence Thomas? She knows better than this. Here's what she tweeted out, judge, Gorsuch, Gorsuch's comments about Donald Trump's, tweets are concerning judge, Pryor or Hardman knows better, doesn't bode well. Doesn't bode well. I missed the part where there's a provision in article three of the constitution that says you're not allowed to disagree with the president. In fact, it seems to me one of the chief qualifications for being on the Supreme Court is the capacity to disagree with the president when you think that he's wrong
for violating his duty. It's just this is silly stuff, it's silly stuff and then Trump, because he can't help himself. The problem is not the trump attacks. The problem is trump attacks like an idiot, so Trump Trump then goes on Twitter, and he starts tweeting Senator Richard Blumenthal, who never fought in Vietnam when he for years he had major life now represents what Judge Gorsuch told him Crisco moment. His interview with Senator Blumenthal never asked him about his long term lie about his brave service in Vietnam, all caps, fake news, so number one blooming thol. What Blumenthal said wasn't fake news who is confirmed by Sass, and I out, both of whom were in the room that has nothing to do with Trump Trump was not there. He doesn't know. Second of all, when Trump goes after, he went after Chris Cuomo now, listen, I'm normally fine. With going after Chris Cuomo. I think Chris Cuomo has the iq of a kumquat, but that doesn't change the fact that Chris Cuomo did actually ask Richard Blumenthal about the military service lie. In fact, it was the very first thing he asked him in the interview. So Trump is just making a fool of himself.
And there's no reason for this is very frustrating. If you want the policy to be good, and if you want the policy would be followed up by excellent rhetoric and verbiage, and if you don't want the policy undermined by stupidity, then you should be upset about this cake. Trump needs to do better He needs to do better and if he doesn't do better, is going to be undermining his own cause. We're going to talk little bit more about all of that plus the sort of trust me mentality going to the mail bag, and we have an epic mailbag today we're going to stick around for that. But first we have to say thank you to one of our advertisers over at gold, oh yeah. So if you are interested in purchasing precious metals, if you are interested in investing and diversifying into precious metals, birch gold is the place for you. They have a longstanding record of continued success. They have thousands of satisfied clients, they have bunch of five star ratings and an a plus rating, with the better Business Bureau and right now they have sixteen page kit, a freak,
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so Sean Spicer was basically confronted at the White House Press conference with the fact that Matt Drudge was saying what you guys did about a bombing here, because the Republicans haven't touched Obamacare yet, and here Sean Spicer is response. I I I I think it's hardly Stalin. I think it's a mammoth thing to repeal, replace, I think, the complete that there's no question the president's commitment to doing this. You've heard Speaker Ryan talk about how we're gonna, which should be I'll, have this wrapped up by the end of the year. It's a big deal I got jammed through and it and it was very sweeping I'll talk about one fifth of our economy. We can either do it quickly, as the Democrats did and end up with a monstrosity or premiums go up, access is limited or we can do it right and I think the president he wants to get this done as soon as possible and understand let's take, he wants to do it right. He understands how important health care is. Two am, can families and individuals and so his goal, let's get it done right and have an outcome, that achieves the goals that it sets out to do. Ok, so all of that sounds fun,
but it is really a lot of trust me. People are happy to trust trump if they feel like he's in control. If he's doing silly things like fighting with his own Supreme Court pick. If he's doing silly things like using the White House in order promote, promote Ivanka's business, it makes it harder to do the trust me routine. A little bit so we're going to need some more good policy in order to balance out a lot of bad rhetoric this week. This is not been a good week for President Trump. The last two were good. This one was not, but we'll get some more of that you'll have to cover the dailywire dot com. I want to talk about. The Democrats are doing because that's fully insane plus we have the mailbag coming up and you can be part of the mailbag if you to go to dailywire dot com right now and subscribe eight dollars a month makes you subscriber right now, if you want an annual subscription, you spend that same eight dollars a month and that will allow you to get a free copy of this terrific dvd of the Arroyo. The Arroyo is a fantastic movie about what's going on on our southern border and why the immigration problem is such a problem. The legal immigration problem, the drug cartels on our southern boy.
So go over to daily wired dot com right now get an annual subscription and again that gives you all sorts of extra benefits. I keep promising Shapiro store, I do promise, it is coming and there will be good stuff in it, but you have to go over and subscribe right now. You are otherwise just go over to Itunes Soundcloud. You can listen to the rest of this later into and give us a rating on I tunes. We know that you love us. We are the number one conservative podcast in the nation, uhhuh okay, so now back to the Democrats. So what's amazing about what the Democrats are doing, the Democrats really have no line here so Mitch Mcconnell. As we discussed yesterday, shut down Elizabeth Warren on the floor of the Senate. I thought this was foolish. I thought it was counter productive, but he did it and Democrats are looking for
it's you. So where do you think they go? Where do you think Democrats go? Do they say they were just trying to silence debate? No, that would actually be a reasonable criticism right. What are the where they go they go to. Where do that, yep, racist and sexist? Now, how is it racist exactly to shut down the whitest woman West of the Mississippi or the right, or, I guess, east of the Mississippi just from Massachusetts, she's, originally problem West of Mississippi? Sometimes in any case, why is it? Why is it? Why is it so terrible and racist to shut down a woman who is significantly wider? As I said yesterday, and then this particular piece of paper right here well, the answer is,
The answer is that it's not but Howard Dean says it is it sexist and racist for Mitch Mcconnell to shut down it was before here is Howard Dean, the former head of the Dnc. I think he probably might have tried a different tactic at that particular time, while she's reading a a letter from the window of one of the great icons of american politics in american history. That probably was not the right time to do that Elizabeth Set says a lot of inflammatory things. I have to say that I agree also agree TED Cruz as much worse than and he's never gotten called on it. So it does look sexist. It looks a little racist. I you know I I I don't want to be accusing Mcconnell of those things, but that's the way it looks, and that was not a smart way to do what he did. Okay, so he's not using him as being a sex in a racist he's, just saying a little again, I'm not sure how
racist to tell Liz with Warren the whitest woman in America to shut up. I I just don't understand it, but this is become the left line. It just demonstrates their entire politics boils down to this it identity politics and host on MSNBC said the same thing too, and asking asking worn if Mcconnell was a sexist. If that's what's going on here Do you think what Senator Mcconnell did last night was Texas? I think what he did was wrong. I think that it wasn't sexist. I think, really in the words of Caretta Scott King, on the floor of the United States Senate Honors, this sent ok, so Warren is too smart to fall into that trap is worn, actually is
a stupid woman. I will more Republicans. They keep saying all its Great Elizabeth Warren is the head of the Democratic Party. Don't try to pick your opponents? Sometimes it works, and sometimes it don't. I mean the Democrats learned that with Donald Trump, this time didn't day and Republicans learned that in two thousand, eight with Barack Obama, don't try to pick your opponents. Elizabeth Warren is not stupid. She's not stupid and her populist bent is very much toward the sort of voters. The Donald Trump is attempting to win in in states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin Do not make this mistake folks. This is not a smart thing to do. Meanwhile, I do like this Alvida king, who is the daughter of Martin Luther king. She came out and she said that it's just wrong to use the king name to play the race card. My mom Caretta Scott King wanted to bring bring altogether, here's Alvida king ripping Elizabeth Warren. She wrote a letter saying that immigration could hurt the black job market or the negroe job market as well, so she had very strong opinions and can siren for all Americans, and perhaps people out
over the world, and I believe certainly that if she could look at the record of Senator sessions today with integrity, she would say well, he has work to prosecute the Klu Klux Klan. He has worked to desegregate public schools, so it's almost like a bait and switch their up. The emotions use the name of king and my name is AL. The the king there of people's emotions play the race card, was a dividing antenna on or we're going to hear from the President sure, no, no, not the family at all. We have taken a look at many things that MRS Coretta Scott King, said Michael thinking you, my dear Evan ad king, but our family. We are peaceful,
we bring people together. So in any case, what she says there is is perfectly within bounds and again trying to hijack the legacy of of civil rights leaders in order to in order to shoot down Jeff sessions. Forty years after the fact seems a little bit over the top okay time for some things I like in some things, I hate no, the mail that said things I like, we are doing boxing movies of this. We got a lot of people are saying I should raging ball. I am not the biggest raging bull. The reason, I'm not a huge raging bull fan is because, like a lot of Scorsese films, no one in that film is remotely likable. I'm not saying that it's not a good film. It is a good film, but everyone in the movie. So you you finish that film and you sort of want to take a shower. It's really gonna grows.
And so you watch the movie. It's like how my supposed to root for my supposed to root for this guy, who is a piece of crap or this person, who's piece of crap, and the answer is none of them. So instead, I'm going to recommend a much older boxing film that most people haven't seen is called Requiem for a heavyweight. So there is a version of this on playhouse. Ninety that start that start with rod. Steiger was in that version, but the version that people know a little bit better is the version with Anthony Quinn. Here's one scene from Requiem for a heavyweight this late in the film again. The whole film is about a heavyweight boxer whose kind of on the ropes he's on his last legs and he's being kicked out of business by the mafia, really going Hiawatha
and my vehicles for basically what is going, what this listen free, this call don't show place. You don't get paid. That means about Nicole get big well, I did do a beat up two bombs. Thank God. I hope I got a whole regiment I'll. Let you information extra eight minutes. It is one that a yeah, I'm gonna, see like you, don't get a license to lock down. Well, there's a bank they should.
I take a good look at yourself in the mirror and then say goodbye to what you see what he wanted here are in the alley. Let them do it slower? Ok, so it's actually it's an intense film and it's and it's a good movie. I'm checking out requiem for a heavyweight. I think it's available on Youtube actually can just watch it for free, ok time for nothing. I hate that I want to get to the mailbag. So speaking of abortion issue is Nancy Poulos. He had an exchange with this girl who was adopted and the girl said. Why would it be ok for my mom to kill me and close? He said well, basically from want to kill. You should have been able to so here's Nancy Polacy being her charming self to an adopted girl. Don't you think that everyone has the option, needs the ability to thrive and succeed in life. I certainly do, and I love the word you used. You said my mother chose my mother chose and living other people to have have that to have that opportunity to choose as well, and we
then we do my whole thing. When people ask me what are the three most important issues facing the Congress, I always say the same thing: our children, our children, are children, their health or education, the economic security, their families, clean environment in which they can thrive, world peace in which they can succeed and reach their aspirations. But many of our friends who are so intent on when life begins in their view do not subscribe to that after the child is born to meet the needs of the children, so I hope you would change. She said. I'm glad that your mom had the ability to choose, You're saying it would be. Ok, if also that girl wasn't sitting there if she was a dead body right now, that's what you were saying to her and I love the coded language. All these people don't care about what happens after birth. This is the dumbest argument on abortion. People say: oh well, you don't care what happens to the child after it's, for no, I do but first the child has to be born and also this
it's such a nonsensical nonce Ecuador. Ok, it's the equivalent of me saying you don't care about. You know. I don't see why you should be in favor of murder laws. Why do you oppose murder, why do pose murder, I mean I don't see you taking in the person who is going to be murdered. Why do you bad murder, a homeless guy? I don't see taking in the homeless guy in your house, you feeding the homeless guy. Why do you think it's bad if that homeless, guy gets murdered and the answer is because there is an intrinsic value to life that exists, regardless of whether I take that person into my home and choose to make that person. My responsibility get. The intrinsic value of human life doesn't go away just because it's not my job to take care of that person and listen. I think we should help out people who have trouble taking care of their kids. In fact, if you can't take care of your kid, I think you should do exactly what happened to this. Girl. You should be put up for adoption, be adopted by a loving family that actually can take care of you. That would be a better solution than killing the baby, but this sort of covert language that sort of veiled language about choice it obscured what's actually happening here.
What's actually happening? Is a young woman is saying to Nancy Polo see? Would it have been ok with you? If my mom had killed me and Nancy Paloski is saying yes time for the mail, then we have a very special mailbag today. So let's jump right in first all Kyle says whenever it is said that the Democratic Party was the party of slavery left, it's always clean. There was a big switch or in the members of each party switched after slavery and hence the Republicans are actually responsible for slavery. What is the argument against this number? One? There was no big switch the Democratic S remained the democratic self. For the vast majority of the time up till like really the last decade and a half the first republican governor have a lot of these states are now being elected, and the fact is that when there wasn't in terms of presidential politics. It had a lot more to do with economic growth in the south and it had to do with the politics of race, because otherwise, as the national season has as what you, what you would expect is all the Democrats in the south would suddenly become Republicans if the party to switch places why
Democrats down south just become Republicans. In fact, the only one anyone can name is from Strom Thurman, but there are one thousand democratic elected officials. They all stayed Democrats and they all kept saying what they were saying. George Wallace was still a Democrat, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight when he ran for the presidency outside the Democratic Party and the idea that it was a bunch Asus, who suddenly seized on race to to go to make the Republican Party when it's just not for the movement toward republican voting in the south, had begun long before that actually start in the nineteen fifties, as industry started to move from north to south as industrial. Station started to take place in the S? There is a new burgeoning middle class that wanted to vote Republican. That's actually the case. There's a New York Times article on this a couple of years ago, there's a full study from University of Pennsylvania and I'm happy to dig that up. Chip says Heaven.
First of all, I'm a big fan. I appreciate all the work you do to give voice to conservative everywhere. I'm a government Nikon teacher private high school. I want to ask what, in your opinion, is the best way to get high school students to understand the importance of protecting the constitution as it was written and making sure they understand it's in our best interest to limit the power of the federal government. I mean, honestly, I think it with high school students. The best tack to take is eight. Do you are you busy body? Are you know see if get your business, what happens to somebody else in this class is in my business. What happens to you? Do you like when I get up in your grill? Do you enjoy right when I get into your personal business and if they say so you say: well, the government is in the business of doing that. So you We want the government getting up into your business and controlling every aspect of your life. 'cause. That's what we're talking about here and high school students may not understand the importance of the constitution, a document written two hundred
two years ago. Instead, it they may understand better the basic tenor of the constitution, which is you get to be left alone. Unless there is some attempt to harm this happening and that's it and- and I think that most young people actually agree with that. You also have to explain to them constantly that the government's attempts to help are usually counterproductive and and sale that if you actually want to help people, then it's your job to help. People don't suggest that the government is capable of doing things, it's not capable of doing Sean says and you've spoken out against tribalism in the context of ongoing societal victimization is nationalism and the desire to delineate and regulate borders, a type of tribalism, and if not, why not so Sean? I wrote an entire article about this at national review this week. This is the difference between sort blood and soil nationalism and ideological nationalism. So America is great not just because it has borders. Every country has to have borders, but because the reason that we have borders is because we're trying to preserve a certain value system within these borders and we're trying to promulgate it outwardly,
we are too weak inside we collapse and if we expand too far outside, we also collapsed. So the idea is that a nation has to be powerful in order to promulgate its ideas. Sometimes, those ideas are literally just blood and soil, and that is that is tribalism, but if we are talking instead about propagating ideals of freedom and individual liberty, then that's not tribalism at all. That's Nashin it that's Nashin. It is a rather nationalism in pursuit of the of of an idea and that's the kind of nationalism that is worth while upholding a problem. Getting Roberts says hey Ben long time listener. Recent subscriber my question concerns compelling private businesses to engage in transactions. They find morally offensive. Specifically, how do you reconcile the civil Rights ACT of 1964's mandate of private business do not discriminate on the basis of race, while, while private businesses can still discriminate on the basis of religious belief, and then he is it because the service, the bakers, provide, is also participation and act. They find morally problematic or is it because race is super?
Michelin doesn't for morality like religion does so Robert I'm actually fully libertarian. On this question, I think the Civil Rights ACT of nineteen sixty four went too far. Going to private businesses, which isn't to SAM in favor of discrimination, I'm not in favor of discrimination. I hate discrimination. The way to run discrimination out of business is to out. Read it the reason Jim Crow laws existed in the south, and it was those laws. The civil Rights ACT of sixty four was attempting to overturn the reason they existed. It's 'cause the government had to compel segregation, you understand it wasn't just a voluntary regime. The government compelled it. The government would punish you if you didn't segregate your restaurant properly and therefore they had to push you right. So the idea, but private business would automatically segregate the private business would automatically engage in discrimination. It's just not true. In fact, the Woolworths boycott in one thousand nine hundred and sixty is before the Civil Rights ACT, the boycott of Woolworths, the attempt to desegregate the counters at war's. Those were successful in nineteen sixty without any sort of government compulsion involved, because the market
he doesn't care about racism. The market doesn't like racism and said, and I think the same thing should hold true in religious fears if you're a religious person- and you don't want to service a same sex wedding, It is absolutely a private if it's also the Prague and somebody to open up a shop across the way that is going to serve those weddings and make money off of it. Yeah the the my market is going to decide on these sorts of issues, so I don't like, Did the government gets to come in and compel private businesses to do whatever they want, because next the government is going to compel private businesses to buy certain things and sell certain things going going to compel you to violate your religious religious beliefs. I do think there's a slippery slope from the private portions of the Civil Rights ACT, two two now
and that's why I think that the Civil Rights ACT was overbroad, maybe was necessary at the time to better to vote. For that time. They not have anything at all, which I think is true, but that doesn't mean that it was perfect. Ok, Dane says what would you say is the most immediate political or social problem we're facing today. That needs to be resolved. Morally, I feel like it's, abortion yeah. Clearly it's abortion. I mean when you're talking about the killing of a million unborn children a year. That is clearly the most immediate social problem that we face: hey Daniel, writes, dear Ben, as I'm learning about ethics. I'd like to get your input on where you stand, would you steal a piece of bread to feed your family, which is still a piece of bread to feed your family? Why or why not well Daniel? I can really only think of one way to answer this and it's in musical form, so I think we're going to have to do the. The hi
out in the darkness. A few would you to from Glove God from grace. God be my witness. I never shot he till we meet face to face till we meet face to face. He knows his way in the dark. Mine is the way of the Lord. Those follow the path of the righteous show now have their reward and if they they fall as Lucifer fell, the flames. The sword stars.
In your mother's, it's you, scanners to county. Did ITALY the dark Nis. With the and lights. You are the sentinels ten Hi Lynn, ten keeping one watch in the night keeping watch in the night. You know your place in the sky. You hold your of course, and you're a an each season returns and returns And is always the same and if you fall as Lucifer fell you So far, and so it must be, and so it is written on the.
So our to those default around those who fall MA, Hey AIDS, up wrong yay. Lord, let me find news that I may see her a safe behind bars, I will never rest this always swell this. All I swear. I love strong. Well, I hope that answers your question and, if not well, I guess records up good luck in your ethics class,
I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro Show.
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