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Ep. 281 - Susan Rice Is Under Serious Fire -- And She Should Be

2017-04-05 | 🔗
Susan Rice says she's never done anything wrong, Trump backs down on Assad, and CNN's Jeff Zucker lets the cat out of the bag.
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On Tuesday morning, ESPN, which has been in a losing battle to keep it, subscribers issued a new set of guidelines wrecking connection, but sports and politics, ESPN public editor, Jim Brady, the oddity of releasing those guidelines after a presidential election, but he said but we are living in unique political times, which explains the revised guidelines for discussion of political and social issues according to can vice President Craig Benston, he said the Trump's election was the essential factor behind the new guidelines: the first the guideline is wrecked, love to objective journalism quote our audiences should be confident. Our original reporting of news is not influenced by political pressures or person. Agendas. Unquote, of course that's not going. That's much CNN believe the same thing and their reporting reporting is slanted heavily to the left. The left version objectivity says that a story once decided upon must not be overtly political, but this ignores selection bias, which decides which stories are important cover in the first place. Yes, I focus on Caitlin Jenner, for example, pushes a political through selection bias, as well as political bias. Esp
does make two more important changes to the policy. First, they say that hard news, reporters and editors at the company should not make any public statements in any form that would reveal their political biases. That's absurd it doesn't solve the problem of political bias in reporting itself, but the most important change is encouragement of more political talk from commentators quote out with hard news reporting commentary related to political or social issues. Candidates for office holders is appropriate on ESPN platforms. Consistent with these guidelines, the presentation should be thoughtful and respectful. We should offer balance or recognize. Opposing views is warranted. We should avoid personal attacks and inflammatory rhetoric in other. Talk politics so long as it's leftist MIKE Ditka lost his job for speaking in favor of Donald Trump against Barack Obama on NFL countdown Curt Schilling was ousted for the great sin of comparing radical Islam to Nazism. Chris Bruce, It was slammed by management for expressing his religious view of homosexuality. Brady him as stated in the past, quote internally, there's a feeling among many staffers, both liberal and conservative, that the companies for
moves leftward has had a stifling effect on discourse inside the company and has affected its public facing product consumers of sense that same love for movement alienating some ESPN's I left isn't certainly certainly alienated. Make I used to watch ESPN religiously. Now. Can't even bear to watch it more than fifteen minutes at a it's impossible to escape the leftist propagandizing. That's not Can change under the new rules? Let's see ESPN some conservatives and let them talk rather than testing the moment they disagree with the prevailing leftist orthodoxy. Then we can talk for your discourse until then, yes can shut up about politics altogether or risk watching its ratings continue to tank and subscribe. Continue to cut the cord period, this is the Ben Shapiro show how we have an exciting show lined up for you today in just a few minutes, we're going to be having an fh, Buckley Fh Buckley's, professor over at Joe George Mason University School of law, and he has a new column in which he says that Donald Trump should, pursue nationalized healthcare. So we'll be talking to him about that plus we
to get to all of the developments in Syria. We have get to the fact Steve Bannon is no longer on the National Security Council has been ousted and his security clearance has been revoked for the National Security Council and will talk about obviously the Susan Rice scandal, but first I want to thank you to our advertisers over at blinds dot com, so you have covering's that are older and crappy shape and you need something that's going to look nice and it going to cost you an arm and a leg. That's what blinds dot com is for so, instead of you having to hire a specialist to come into your house and measure everything and then he'll come back. Something you don't like and you replace it. It takes forever. Instead, you go to blinds dot com and you get a free online design consultation. You send the pictures of your house and they send back custom recommendations from a professional of what will work with your color scheme in your furniture and specific rooms and then they'll send you free samples to make sure Everything looks the same as it does online and every order gets free shipping. And then, if you miss measure or you pick, the wrong color then blinds hum, will remake your blinds for free. So if your screw up the matter, blinds dot com will eat the cost and then
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reasons so to repeat it back up what we found over the weekend and a little bit on Monday, those that basically Susan Rice, was the National Security Advisor under President Obama had been requesting They call on mast, intelligence reports it on mass raw intelligence from the intelligence community, in other words, there's a paragraph that would come in and it would say russian Ambassador, Sergei Kinsley ACT was talking to you first person, one and said blah blah blah blah blah blah, and so she would say: ok, who is US person one? I want to know the name of that person. Well, if there is no illegal nefarious activity at play, then it really shouldn't matter who us person one was, but she was specifically asking for any time there was a Trump Administration official Trump Campaign official rather and then at his election and Trump Transition official, she was. All those people be unmasked. Apparently she had a day a in Excel spreadsheet in which was keeping all the information about the very as members of the Trump transition team in from campaign who talked to foreign actors, even though there was no accusation, no evidence of wrongdoing, which is targeting it is targeting. Now it's not wired
tapping, because again, this is all the stuff that the intelligence community was picking up an incidental collection. So I want to be very careful about how we discussed this so that we are factual. It is Susan Rice, sort of spying on the Trump administration, in the sense that she is using a trunk filter to go through all of information is being gathered by the Intel community. But it's not the same thing as like in the lives of others where the government says. I want you to go spy on this person, yeah, it's not what's going on here. No point in Susan Rice say I want the intelligence community to go and tap Trump's phone. For example. She said if Trump's name comes up in the communications unmask him now. The reason, that's a problem, it's to. Do that. The reason it's a problem: abuse of power, if you're, just keeping tabs on your bill uncle opponents. You know their next move order, keeping tabs on your political opponent so that you Presumably we get out to the press, which is what happened with MIKE Flynn, the National Security advisor who followed Susan Rice. If that's your purpose, then is if there is a may not be illegal. Leaks are legal. The unmasking may not be legal, but if you on mask and then tons of p have access to all this information, and then it leaks, that's
partially, your fault, so it is clear, At this point, the Obama administration did target the Trump team, didn't target them with wire taps, but they did target them in review. The information they were looking at it through the lens of whatever are, people saying, and can we use that in any way as the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board said, Miss Rice, No need no obvious need to unmask trump campaign. Officials other than local curiosity, also worth noting? Slide to race was specifically asked about whether she, whether she knew about any of the any intelligence gather on Trump and she said, she didn't know anything about any of the intelligence gathered on Trump, like she actually said, was that she knew nothing about surveillance of the Trump team. This also does make theories about the relations between Trump and Russia. A lot more strained, because if she was seeing all of the raw Intel and until then telling her something really if there is that I've come out already what we know about that already
should be out there on the Sunday show saying: listen, we know a lot of bad stuff about Trump team and there's going to come out eventually, which is why we need an investigation, but she's got nothing and the and the Obama team has nothing and so got a problem on their hands because basically they're monitoring Trump and they came up with nothing. So Susan Rice was on television yesterday and she came and she denied that she unmasked the Trump team. You see the names of people involved in unmask, the names of people involved in the trump transition of the Trump campaign. People surrounding the President Elect in order to spy on them in absolutely supposed absolutely not absolutely not political purposes to spite expose anything, but you I mean the name of MIKE Flynn. I lead to nothing to nobody and never have been never would. But let me explain, first of all, Andrea talk about the content of a classified report. To talk
The individuals on the foreign side, who were the targets of the the report itself or any Americans who may have been collect, upon, incidentally, is to discuss, was classified information. I'm not going to do that. The allegation, the idea that it's Susan Rice, who never disclose classified information, this administration is the leak yes to ministration. Until now I was a Super League administration. The Obama administration continuously leads America. Can end israeli national security information. They, like national security, information and increasingly high rate as the year it went on to push a political agenda. The idea that they The Obama administration, the leak is silly. Also I like has Susan Rice- may be telling the truth here, but I like, when she says I didn't look at any of this for political purposes. Ok, how do you define a political purpose? So maybe she didn't like it. Maybe she's telling the truth. There's no way that it wasn't for a political purpose. I mean, obviously, if you come up with no evidence and you're, just keeping tabs on people who are coming up in the incidental surveillance and you're, just asking
every update on Trump. Why would you do that? It didn't have a political purpose, really unclear Rand Paul is right. He says that we need to call Susan Rice and she needs to testify under the facts I'm out with Susan Rice, but I think go to be under subpoena and she should be asked. Did you talk to the president about it? Did President Obama know about this and he's exactly right? Meanwhile, the media are downplaying this. So here's the question: why are it down playing this, you can see a selection bias on tv right, so selection bias exists on every now. So CNN is now being sued on diversity grounds I guess and they're not covering it. The Fox news, is in trouble with Bill O'Reilly because they're all these new allegations about sexual harassment by Bill O'Reilly they're not covering that basically a lot of the networks don't cover stuff, that they don't want to cover if it doesn't help them. So Fox NEWS, of course, is all up on the Susan Rice stuff, but they have not been particularly up on any of the pool, itself. Meanwhile, the folks on CNN are over the moon about the home stuff, former Trump campaign manager there all over the
that, but they have nothing to say whatsoever when it comes to the season right stuff note two things can be true simultaneously. It can be true that there were a bunch of people related to the Trump campaign were suspiciously close to Russia can also be true by the way that there's no proof of collusion, and it can so the drill that Susan Rice was inappropriately using the power of government in order to keep tabs on her political opponents. But look how to me- media treat they treat. This immediately dismissed the scan. Then they wonder why people think there's media bias down, and here is done lemon. Basically dismissing this out of hand clip four the Washington Posted today calls the latest claims about Susan Rice, anatomy of a fake, don't send up by right wing, media and trump. So let us be very clear about this. There is no evidence whatsoever that the two team, surveilled or spied on worse spied on illegally. There is no evidence that backs up the president's original claim and on this program tonight we will not insult your intelligence by pretending, otherwise, nor
we ate in a the people who are trying to misinform you, the american people, by creating a diversion not going to do. It diversion from what it's a new. Story diversion from what from Trump Russia I mean. I understand that CNN has to devote twenty seven hours out of every twenty four to Trump in Russia, at least when they're, not covering malaysian airliner, three hundred and sixty or whatever, that malaysian airliner was that woman thought was eaten by a black hole. But this is, It was Chris Cuomo on CNN, the block of wood masquerading as a human anchor hey. Here's you had to say wants you to believe he is the victim of a Krooked scheme. Those are his words and here are our words. There is no evidence of any wrong doing and in fact, if anything, the NSA asking for identities was election of exactly how much traffic there was involving trump people and foreign players the the blasting, the press for not reporting on another fake scandal being peddled by right wing media. That is
day. Seventy five of the Trump presidency- ok, just in ok. So he says that the reason that Susan Rice is keeping tabs because there was so much traffic, so he turns back against from that. It's nefarious, but again, no proof that anything. The this went on again, demonstrating that the media a particular agenda on all of this, and that agenda is to get it is not to tell the truth want to stop here for a second before we bring on F Fh Buckley, Professor Buckley, from the from the the George Mason School of LAW, the Scalia School of law. I two, I want to thank our new endorsers over at proflowers, so I've used for years whenever I out of town, I send my wife flowers from wherever I am, and the did I do that is I go to pro flowers, dot com. They are always fresh, they're, always great. They always last seven days to guaranteed fresh for seven days or your money. Back they were seven step, quality, check, the flowers are always beautiful. If something breaks they replace it. We've actually had that issue and proflowers has done that for me right now, pro flower there's a special offer just for our listeners, get ten dollars off your purchase of twenty
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position of single payer healthcare, and you try to justify that on certain conservative grounds, which is odd to single payer, is really concerned. You write that from said that he wanted a plan leave, no one uninsured. The simplest way to do this is universal health care on the canadian model. With a right of visuals to purchase a Cadillac plan on top of this pocket. I actually agree that that's what Trump was promising when he said that he wanted to sure that no one was uninsured, but he also promised hundreds of times on the camp trail to repeal Obamacare. Do you think that those you were in conflict. Was he fitting to his base or what I don't know if there product or not, but whether that's a matter verbiage, but let's just talk about whether or not something like the canadian single payer plan makes sense, and I think it does and think it does, because it, I think, would have two most american voters as well. All those head of us on measures of economic freedom, have something like single payer, so one's worried about you, Liberty in America is when should be it's not about. Single payer, it's about a whole bunch of other things. I tend to get a password, so I,
I agree to there a lot of other things that tend to get ignored, but to say that single health care is not an imposition on american freedom is just not true. It creates massive bureaucracies. It creates rash as it does Canada. I think that the best friend the thinking about this is that as Dan Mclaughlin sure, if you said you can have affordability, universality and quality you have two out of those three. You can't have all three and universal healthcare unless it's inordinately expensive. I is not going to be particularly great quality, but you know instead of arguing over the merits of universal health care. I want to ask you, because you are constructed, agree with everything you just said by the way, but go ahead. That's fine! If you want or if you want to argue with that, go for it. Well, uh one way of measuring quality is to ask whether or not people are satisfied with what they get. Americans are quite dissatisfied with what they get the country whose citizens are most satisfied with what they get is. In fact, Canada. I want
talk a little bit about what professor Buckley RD here he basically made the case. Then he was a conservative. Professor Buckley portrays himself as a conservative, so I want to ask him the question, but he in August two sixteen that Trump is actually more conservative than allow conservatives who didn't support him and well. I don't want to him well as the air here, but but the fact is that measures of satisfaction or not a particularly good measure of weather system is good or not. Americans are highly satisfied with Kate and there are no will health outcomes from Medicaid, but faster Oakley. I do want to you, while you're off the air there, but I I would just argue that the the measure of satisfaction is is not, in my view, a good one, because Americans are virtually. Everyone is satisfied with welfare systems. It's very rare that people are dissatisfied with stuff that they think they're getting for free. Well, another question to ask: is: is there any movement in any of these countries to get rid of what they turn to some of the most conservative politicians around the people in Stephen Harper's cabinet, for example, in Canada. They would want
touch it at all. What they would want to do is tweak it with respect things like wait times. You can make better there, a lot of things you can do to make it better, it's a very different kind of infield now than it was when these things were introduced in general. I think what I'm arguing again answers to certain libertarian view that entitlements are the problem and entitlements. You know what that is. I just ordinary Americans as regular American it services by the government and, in fact Americans would not satisfied with anything less than all people are covered, and I think that you know the you cast, can a libertarian streak as something that is that is out of line here, but again. You know, I think, that's more traditionally american be a traditionally conservative. You! So do you think it's conservative? Let me ask you this: do you care about the term conservative at all when it comes to President Trump 'cause? You wrote in August two thousand and sixteen that present it is more conservative than concerned He didn't support him and you you about title internet column, for the your post, and you said that America has
but a deeper kind of rot of departures from the rule of law, of corruption, of regulatory state on steroids have a constitutional structure that lacks a reverse gear, and that is given us wasteful laws that seem impossible to repeal. I totally with all of that. But if you're talking about wasteful laws that seem impossible to repeal adding new entitlement definition of that and if you're talking about a regulatory state on steroids, then a massive new entitlement that regulates how people obtain their health care is the definition of a regulatory state on steroids. Well, in fact, you got all of that with respect to resin system you have that great to not Medicaid air and so on. You also so have a really perverse incentive with respect to employers who are obliged to carry insurance that makes them non competitive with respect to companies in Say, Canada, which don't have the not a burden. So not only is it good for Americans to have something like this, but it's also a
ups creation. Planets really win win. So do you think that is all I have a question? Why? Why don't on what it's going to have to do restricted skill, and that's what I mean is that considering the is the vast majority of of the budget. Is these massive entitlement programs? It's it's very difficult to it's very to say that you, because, unfortunately I think we lost professor Buckley they're, not much, we could do connection, but my big question to professor he is basically I understand that people not Trump remain in power, but if they think the Democrats are going to work with Trump and they think that socialized healthcare is conservative, then why not just a comment? I mean if the point is just we're going to create a new economic nationalism that involves adopting every socialist position, then why not just do it out right, and that is the big question- I think that remains: okay, so in other news will get to it bunch of other news that I want to discuss here, but for that you're going to go over to dailywire dot com, we're going to be talking about this amazing Kendall, Jenner, Pepsi ad we're going to be talking about.
Going on in here to talk about bands ouster so has just been basically out. Posted from the National Security Council. I'll explain why that happened and what that means in life. It's a good thing and we'll talk about all of I have to go to dailywire dot com to do Dailywire dot com eight dollars a month will ensure that you can get a subscription dailywire dot com. You see the rest of the show live. That means you can be part of the mailbag in a couple of days. Right now. If you describe the annually, get a free copy of our very own Michael Knowles. Best selling book thing reasons the Democrats, comprehensive guide. It is a massive bestseller and a great gag gift, you can give your friends to go, go and check that out over at dailywire dot com or listen later to Itunes or Soundcloud for the rest of the show. We are a. Is concerned a podcast in the nation. So here's a brief news update. The brief news update is that White House chief strategist you down and has now been removed from the National Security Council. Your call there is a lot of
controversy over band being on it, because they'd actually booted off a couple of people like the Dni director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats and the train. The joint Chiefs Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford. They were off the the band. Was there ban whose great foreign policy expertise resides in in quasi edited Breitbart for a few years, making a bunch really happy documentaries and been in the Navy thirty years ago? So the putting people on who actually are in the business of I don't know. National security seems like a really. Good idea, then it apparently retained his security clearance according to NBC he's, given a full seat earlier, because Trump likes to surround himself as you notice with people. He quote unquote, truss, right. So he likes to surround himself with Jerrod. Jerrod is now in charge, find a policy has once been to China vodka, Ivanka, is now in charge of domestic policy because of uncle once made clothing like things. It has nothing to do policy expertise. It has to do with who trump trust. Well. Bannon, apparently I attended one meeting thanks.
She was no longer needed in that role after the selection of Hr Mcmaster, the National Security Advisor and still Mcmaster has now taken over the running the has now taken over the running of the of the National Security Council, a excuse for why he was ousted, makes no sense at all. He's basically saying right now that he, he was ousted because he needed to turn National Security Council around from a tool of Susan Rice. I have get to see any evidence that that has actually happened, but it's a good excuse. He just says Susan Rice in the right goes: yeah, we hate Susan Rice. That makes perfect sense. It doesn't make any sense at it makes no sense at all, but it is a good move. It is a good move, good for Trump yet Dan and should not in that position the first place. It is a positive move that we are no longer having Steve Bannon, giving his weight to the National Security Council, because that's just and they're going to need to make some changes on national security, because clearly they have no strategy. This is one of the big problems. Is that
Nikki Haley will say one thing on Russia. Rex Tillerson will see a second thing on Russia and Donald Trump, a third thing on Russia, and nobody knows what the hell going on so putting x in charge and then letting them do their jobs. This is what I said on Monday. If true would just shut up and let his experts do their job. He would much bye. Graph 'cause. He selected a lot of very good people case in point not on syrian policy. Trump has no plan his entire plan, is bash Obama, so over the last apple days, there is a sarin gas attack. Apparently I push our on rebel held stronghold and it killed dozen of children in sarin gas attacks. The pictures are just terrific, just awful there's a very simple truth here, and that is It is not strong in the world. Somebody bad tends to fill the gap. That doesn't mean that we should go and boots on the ground in this area. It doesn't even necessarily mean that we should be supplying heavy weaponry to the Right is against the side, but we certainly should have and established a no fly zone over Syria. The same way we had no fly zone over northern rock for many many years that would have prevented these sorts of sarin gas attacks on children show.
Spicer. It's important note here. Okay, I'm being completely intellectually honest about this, if Barack Obama had said the, cross out. The dictator of Syria can stay, and three days later there was a gas attack. We are, it would have said you can say: Beshara is going to stay and then there's a stack without connecting those two events. That's exactly what happened here. Sean Spicer just three days ago said Bashir. Assad was the dictator of Syria, a murderous dictator, a vicious vicious human being. He can stay. There's a chance I to say couple of days ago, with back to a I mean there is a political reality that we have to accept. In terms of where we are right now we lost a lot of opportunity, the last the last administration with respect to assad- and I think that are restatement- that both you and Ambassador Haley gave yesterday and Secretary of State Tillerson I reflects the reality that is now at the at the syrian people and we had an opportunity.
We need to focus on now defeating ISIS, but so you can yet Obama and then imitate his I'll see you just make it clearer so about my used to maintain the fiction that we're going to get rid of Assad and then got rid of the fiction that we're gonna, maintain of a side that that was that we would that we were. I can get rid of a side, that's that's what Spicer did and that's what Trump did. Okay. So then they say this: they say Assad is going to stay. We can't do anything about it. Three Slater later Assad gas is a hundred people and here Sean Spicer's response. These heinous actions by the bizarre Al Assad regime are a consequence of the past administrations, weakness and your President Obama said in twenty twelve that he would establish a quote: unquote: red line against the use of chemical weapons and then did nothing. Okay and now apparently moments ago Trump was asked about Syria. He said it's a terrible affront to humanity, what's new policy and he said he'll see
which means we have no new policy right every time he says you'll see, there's no new policy, so basically they don't know what the hell they're doing in Syria, except they're, going to rip Obama it tired, I am bored me when Barack Obama blames all of his own foreign policy failings on George W Bush and tires me and it bores me when the Trump team does the same thing with Obama. Yes, Obama deserves tons of blame here and it is absurd that Samantha Powers not there blaming Trump has been in office for all of three months, not e, three months here and she saying it's his fault when it was Obamas fault. John Kerry, just a couple of years ago, was bragging that they had disarmed Bashar Assad. He was no longer dangerous with regard to chemical weapons after he used Chem weapons on his own people. So, yes, Obama deserves a heaping helping of blame here, but now he, not the president. Now Trump is the president and they actually have to have a policy. Tom cotton is the senator from Arkansa in a real hawk. He says the side has to go. I know the Trump Administration right now is working through the national security decision making process to reach a ultimate policy. I would suggest the policy needs to be that Basher Al Assad must go.
That's been my position for many years and ultimately, that's the position. Millions of Syrians have been brutally oppressed by him, as well as our Arribe allies in the region. Yes, we can make the destroy of ISIS and rockear our most immediate priority because of the threat they pose to us, but ultimately we're not going to have any kind of peaceful resolution. In Syria, Bashar Al Assad remains in power, and that was the typical republican position until Trump took office at which point is sort of isolationism took over and so you've got yes. So here is the reality and it's a hard reality. Bad things like gas. Children are going to happen if the United States does not do more in places like Syria end of story, so you can live with that or you can't live with that, but that's the way that it's going to be my proposed solution. Is a notice, immediate establishment of a no fly zone, a freezing of the lines that are currently in place in terms of governance enforced by that no fly zone and establishment of Dg camps that we help pay for in terms of foreign aid, prevent the rise of terrorism. That seems to me the best policy, but again you know. I think that there are people
HR, Mcmaster, who would probably have policies to recommend going be better than whatever band was recommending or whatever is here done heretofore, because so far this just what I've said repeatedly that most of Trump's mistakes so far have been self inflicted, but every president is tested in his first term, every single press, and is tested either with a recession or with a foreign policy crisis, or both virtually all our test the foreign policy crisis trump going to get him hot and heavy now, and so you better have a play for dealing with them. Meanwhile, cats are still searching for how they fight Trump, because they they don't understand that the best thing that they could do right now is to just sit aside. Let trump implode him continue to futz around. They should work with where they can work with him and separate him off from his republican base, because that will hurt him, but instead it seems like they're incentivized to fight him quote unquote, tooth and nail. That means Konski saying that Donald Trump is going to stage a terror attack to maintain control is going to wreck stag fire. This thing, when you could you please expand on your comments and Alternet that show
administration could stage an attack. What historical parallel do you have in mind? Well, actually it the statement I made was pretty muted. It wasn't quite as strong as the lines indicated. What I pointed out and what everyone I think is aware of. Is that the sooner or later this con name is not going to work people we will understand, he's not bringing back jobs, he's not going to recreate the partly illusory it. Partly real live picture of what life was like in the past with the and then he and then he goes on to claim the Trump is gonna actually stage a terror attack in order to maintain power and less is losing his mind. Chelsea Clinton is now being ask daily about whether she's going to run for office. How desperate you have to be when Chelsea and who has all the charisma of a doorknob is being just to run for high office? She was asked, didn't you, she almost refused rule it out, but he
the Clinton household thinking about running and by anybody I mean you, you could you could take your book on the road while you're I'm painting with get informed, get inspired, get going? I feel like deja vu with your mom all over again and you running. Are you running or you're running for what? No? That's? That's a question, but I don't know I. I do think it's important that we be talking about all the different ways. It is possible to engage in the world and, I think, being a citizen isn't something that just happens in an election year. Think it's something that kind of is a call to action thing. Sorry, I missed it. Yeah is she she is just awful. So the Democrats are so desperate that they are now turning to anyway and with the last name Clinton like anyone that they can find, whose last name is Clinton, it doesn't matter who they are. It can be some random dude, with the last name, Clinton none of it matters. George Clinton would be okay from Funkadelic, that being that be totally fine, so it's
it in and then, when a okay, so Democrats have have no clue as to as to how to stop Trump, but Trump is doing a pretty good job stopping himself so and if it feels like everything, is a mess, that's only because it is ok time for things I like and then things I hate and will do a bit of deconstructing the culture so things I like I've been doing french literature. So I hate most french literature, so I really have to search but Camus. The stranger is actually a really good book. So everybody, who, who has ever been in high schools, had to read Camus's the stranger which is a nihilist book about how life has no meaning essentially, but is actually very well written book. So so the stranger is is a very well written book, very short, very readable. Basically, not a guy who commits a murder for no apparent reason and then pay. The price is sort of the opposite of crime and punishment, so it gets inside his head and it basically says didn't really do anything wrong. This is necessarily to commit a murder because hey Life has no meaning, which is why crime
It is a better book in a better world view, but the stranger was very influential in its time for its statement that there is no God which means that there really is no moral sense that that matters at all and that we are centrally atomistic into the. I was wondering through a desert of meaninglessness. If that sounds like uplifting message to you: go out and purchase Albert Camus, the stranger tonight and can read. It is a very quick read, okay time for some things that I hate so is fully insane a muslim teen who well uh revealed that on his application here, building on his application to Stanford, he was asked. What was that? I think what was the question? The question was: let me find the exact question, what matters to you and why? What matters to you and why? So? Normally you have like a high. You have you know a hundred words. Two hundred words and you're supposed to write what matters to you and why instead Just wrote, hashtag black lives matter, and then he pays
it one hundred times he got in. He got in and he showed his letter- you've been in did Stanford's class of twenty twenty one. Everyone who reviewed her application was inspired by or passion determination, accomplishments. In heart, we acknowledge celebrate all you have work forward. The good news this letter brings, you are quite simply a fantastic match. With Stanford you will bring something: original an extraordinary to our campus, a place where you can learn, grow and thrive at Stanford, even enjoy a diverse, joyful and welcoming campus community with a shared determination to make our world better. Indeed, Leeland and Jane Stanford founded the university to promote the public welfare by exercising influence on behalf of humanity and civilization, so in other and he just wrote a bunch of hashtag crap, on his application, and then he was allowed in. Despite that he's met this kid has met President Obama at the White House, news on MTV's list of top nineteen is changing. The word bottom line is he was famous already and so Stanford was going to let him in regardless, but it's convenient for
to just write a bunch of nonsense on his application. Any application, any person at the college who had any brains at all would say you don't get in because obviously you're going to be a pain in my ass right buddy, who writes that on their application, is going to be rather high maintenance but he'd already invited to the White House Intern and worked for Hillary Clinton, he gave a TED talk in Panama in the perils and impact of stereotypes. Is young muslim teen, of course, he's going to get let in on the basis of diversity. Clearly he wasn't let in on the basis, of his quality. Writing once and demonstrating that diversity matters more than quality in these applications. Okay, other things that I hate to Jeff Zucker was interviewed by the New York Times and he was asked his strategy over at CNN and one of the things that the he said was shortly before Trump was sworn in, Zucker heard that he was considering giving Fox news exclusive rights to televise the inauguration and a jerk Fisher was in the process of brokering a deal with Rupert Murdoch, whom Kushner discord is mentor. Zucker called Trump bottom line is that
said this is crazy, you're just going to give you inaugural coverage of your base of support, it makes no sense well number one trump didn't own the rights to the inauguration at all. It is a public event, but here is the it's really amazing. So as a curse, he's: a sucker is hired, Kayleigh, Mcenany and Jeffrey Lord. I met Jeffrey Lord over the weekend. Very nice guy, big truck fan. Obviously, and it said things with which we disagreed on this podcast's soccer sees it his pro trump analysts are not just spokespeople for a worldview they're called characters in a drama numbers of CNN's extended ensemble cast, he says quote everyone says: oh, I can't believe you have Jeffrey Lord or Kayleigh Mcenany, but you know what suckers with some satisfaction. They know who free Lorton Kelly MAC in any are. This is not how news is supposed to work. You wonder why news feels so stupid. You wonder why is just a bunch of people yelling at each other? Maybe it's because the heads of the networks are more interested in purveying daytime drama than they are in actually providing truth, and so they decided that and create a cast of characters and cast of characters are going to be
tv all the time and we're going to rate them as to how good looking they are and how interesting they are and listen. There's nothing wrong with good looking at interesting, but at least some content would be nice and if what's driving, you in your news coverage is that you want things to be quote unquote, interesting, then in the end- and you wanted to be a a drama you it to be like WB CW, then you're doing is wrong and of course, of course, is it any wonder by the way the media covered from the billions of dollars of coverage with that, with a view point like that, of course it is, and it makes perfect sense. Okay, that's, okay! So quick quickly, I have to say I want to say thank you to our advertisers over a birch cold. So if you are looking at the economy- and you are slightly unsure good economic report today, but you are slightly unsure as to where it's going to go. The world economy looks pretty shaky. You know one is what Trump is going to do on trade and taxes? If you are can turn at all or if you just want to versifier portfolio, you need to go to birchgold dot com, slash men and go over to virtual dot com, Slash Ben right now they will give you a sixteen page, comprehensive, free,
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the Kendall Jenner is the name of this person, so I don't know who this person is or why she's important, or why she's famous other than she has the last name Jenner. I don't even know who Kendall is, I mean I assume she's one of the girls, because her first name starts with K. Kendall Jenner, unlike Caitlyn or Kylie or Kim Kardashian. Can you my? I don't know all the all the generous as you can see, they they decide if they're going to make a new Pepsi ad, will show you the ad and then I will. I will comment upon it. People protesting and no one knows why and then there's Kendall Jenner modeling in the middle of a protest, and nobody knows why and she says yeah, I'm with it yo. She takes off her blonde wig and she jumps into the protest, but she brings a Pepsi with her everybody protesting. Nobody knows why and then she goes and she hands the cat Pepsi to a cop and everybody cheers then says: live Bolzer live louder, live live for now
and ok. So I have many problems with commercial number one. I don't understand why this person is famous. So this is your fault. It's your! she's famous, I don't know she was so it's not my fault. It's your fault, okay. So we'll start with that. Second of all, I hate the slogan live for now. I think it's absolute crap. I think that if you live for now we're going to be horrible person, I think people who live for now are typically the worst people on earth people who say, I'm not going to worry about responsibility in the future. I want what I want right now. There are people who are hedonists the people who don't build a system, that's going to work for later down the line. I hate the live for now ethic and I think that it's disgusting and I think that The idea, eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die leads people to eat, drink and be merry and leave nothing for the next generation for their kids. They leave a worse world, so I The slogan have lived for now and I don't I guess I guess the idea is live for. You're going to double down three hundred calories in this can of coke. You have diabetes within a couple of years, so you might as well so for now. I guess the best look you're going to come up with, but then there's the protest aspect of this, and that is that
he basically wanted to cash in. So it's funny they're getting hit from left and right then to cash in on the proto, culture so Katy Perry wanted to do the same thing. She has a new song out that we analyzed a few weeks ago in which you talks about why it's important to protest- and we should just dance, dance, dance right. We we actually protests. What are you protesting? No one cares but you're out in the streets because hey it's important because Pepsi or something I do love The fact that the ad inadvertently exposes the emptiness of the protest movements there's nothing going on and that I guess they were protesting. The do the cops wouldn't drink Pepsi. Is that what they were pros? sing there, because, as soon as the guy drinks, the Pepsi everybody starts cheering wildly like something magical happens, I'm just wildly confused as to why protesting testing in favor of lifting the soda tax where they live they protesting in favor of sugar. I don't know, but again, there's the idea that all protest movements are good and that the cops are bad and
you just make nice if nice, if the just make nice with the protest, the everything will be fine, it's not or the cops make nice with some of the protest movements like the ones that are throwing bottles and setting things on fire and being violent. That seems like a huge mistake so really, and really really stupid ads. So that is what it is, and I find it ridiculous in its essence and in Tesson. So thank you, Pepsi for another empty. I thought the best tweet on this by the way was, in the next add Rachel Dolas for Crystal Pepsi. I thought that that was. Good call by somebody on Twitter. Okay. So we have reached the end of today's show, but tomorrow we will be back and we will have some we'll will be talking more about Steve Bannon. His details come out and all the news of the day I am Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show
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