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Ep. 287 - Is America On The Verge Of A Mental Breakdown?

2017-04-19 | 🔗
Democrats fail in Georgia's Sixth District, we talk to Lauren Southern about the riots at Berkeley, and we examine events in North Korea, Turkey, and Iran.
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One of the more irritating left. His troops to emerge in the last year has been the rise of fearless girl, a hedge fund. Sponsored bronze statue of a small girl standing defiantly in front of the Wall Street Journal, which would presumably Similar to that, of both figures were real. Now democratic, politician for democratic politician has come forward to pay homage to this bronze calf. First, it was New York mayor, build a you who criticized Wall Street, the same Austria. Erected, the annoyingly stupid icon. Now sender. Elizabeth Lauren, who took a break from writing shrimp recipes for native american cookbooks to demonstrate that she too cares about metal effigies erected by proportionately male investment firms and the picture pretty amazing. She protests in it. She did persist in years. Hitting the rest of us more and, of course, has been won. Lee democratic voices in favour of so called pay equality between men and women, ignoring Statistical evidence that the pay gap does not actually exist when all relevant factors are into account worth noting warrants. Email, staffers. Seventy one percent, less than her male staffers did last year only
of war- is top staffers earns more than a hundred thousand two hundred thousand dollars and was female, but this is over She signalling, of course the notion is that if you don't stand in solidarity with the little girl against giant ball, you must hate women and children. Somebody ought in for more another left us that the little girl was once an unborn little girl and more within Emily stand with about I've been Shapiro is the venture bureau already tons today lots of foreign policy news I feel like everyone Take off a couple of days. The world just reaches a new level of chaos, and so it and so it shall be plus in just a few minutes. We're going be having on more in southern who, of course, well known rattling commentator from Canada and she was at the Berkeley Riots again. Berkeley does not seem like a nice place. Friendly hippies are not that friendliness all talk about that, starting to look the Weimar Republic out there. But first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at helix sleep. So I
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lot of other for mattresses, Inga ones that really breathe so doesn't feel like area in a kill and dead. I really liked mattress lots of my wife, and I can't reckon it highly enough plus, is no risk to you if you hated than you can always send it back for four phrase: that's great! It's you sleep, dot, slash man, he looks tat comes lifespan. Fifty yards off your! I promise you won't hate you I should like in a lot, is fantastic product? Ok, so What's going on in the world among the things that are going on in the world the term, administration continues to kind of such around on foreign policy, and we'll talk about that. But first I want to talk about the fall out that happen from this. Election in Georgia, six district last night to Georgia. Six district is a district that by Think Trump one by relatively small margin, one by one point: five or two percent, because there has been some restricting their. There has been some significant movement in that district. Over time. Four years ago, Barack Obama lost at district by twenty three
presenting Mitt Romney, so this particular district last night there was a there's a run off, because Tom Price was the representative from that districts and now price. Is the Secretariat Health, inhuman services? So, as in John US off he's Democrat, he doesn't even live in the district and he ran and slew of Republicans living. There are eleven Republicans and the idea was that if he crossed fifty percent in this original watchin, then he wins. The seed out if he doesn't cross fifty percent, there's a run off. If there's a run off likely loses, because it's a heavier republican district, so Democrats port Ache rap load of money into this district. When eight point three million dollars into this little, special watch trying to demonstrate that they were going to fight them hence the Trump administration, and that was a giant they also became John ass off what about the same percentage in the district is Hillary Clinton one in the district he came up just short, one of the reasons he came up just short because he doesn't. I should live in the district in that came out a couple of days before the actual but you know that's not illegal, but obviously most people about
our congressperson like to know. The person actually lives where they were they represent. Here was ass off yesterday, trying to explain why doesn't leave home district where I grew up in this district. I grew up in this community. It's my home, my family, still there, I'm a mile and a half down the street to support Alisha. While she finishes medical school it something I've been very transparent about. In fact, I'm proud to be supporting her career, and ass. Soon ass. She finishes for medical training I'll be ten minutes back up the road. In the budget, for where I grew up. Ok, so that its nation did not really do a lot for him. He's not to win the general election in all likelihood, because, again now the republican votes are gonna consolidate. He wanted it. Forty six percent, forty seven percent of the vote last night. All of that all that we can. Support is gonna now rare raw, around round woman. Actually, nobody well Karen Handle, who used to be Secondly, the actor at common for the cure, the Anti Cancer Institute, she has been
the Georgia secretary of State before she went unsuccessfully for governor in the past, but really nice, lady, very, very Eddie politician she's, not somebody who gets enthusiasts a pie, but she will do the work. The chimney institutional, probably win. That's why? south yesterday after he did not win outright. He was out there shouting at his victory the ages. I e the entire democratic parties now trying to overstate how big a victory this was for them, because Eden, winds and other trying to say that he, blew it out of the water, and this is just what's to come under trumpet the democratically to win back the house here is us off overstating his gaze. There is no doubt that this is already a v to reform the ages victory for the age is nevertheless not overstate. The case dude you couldn't win. In which there were a combined, looks like less than two a thousand votes. I wanna go it. That's not a victory for the ages, especially if you don't end up with congressional seats most of the people
how about moral that Greece are losers, any talk about moral that it's because you didn't. When so, did there are troubling signs for Republicans here than the most troubling sign for Republicans in Georgia. Six to be accurate is that the democratic turn was down from the general election cycle, but it wasn't nearly as much as it was down among the public, and so, if you look at the Georgia sexting the Kansas Fourth Kansas Fourth district was another is where there was a their special Watchin Republicans, one that one too, but the democratic turnout was down twenty five percent from the Hilary election in this district in the special action, the Republican turn was down fifty one percent from the last action cycle in this election, so in other words, twice as many publicans as Democrats by percentage dropped out of this election cycle, and that's not gonna, bode well for mid terms, It is obviously Democrats are going to be more geared up for all of us. It's a little early to say that this just demonstrated that Trump is not hurting people down ballot. In fact, the number of and that its ran in this Georgia, sixth districts, the people who are more closely tied with Trump there is a heavy
relation between being closely tied with Trump and not doing equally, while in this election cycle, but it's not clear. What's gonna happen and twenty eighteen based on this Democrats to raise an enormous amount of money. As I said they they they put forward here the huge amount of cash in this election, and they still were unable to get this guy over the top good democratic here, but as you can be a good Enough Democratic Europe put them over the top. I don't know that's the case and The media, in search of some sort of victory are, of course, overstating Miss dramatically John Lennon, eight CNN, as the John Ass. If you just saw him John ass off, he looks like he looks like the guy from various boiler who's, not first pillar. The guy who drives his dad's poured out the window. Download says he sounds like Obama It was John ass off in a very tight race down in Atlanta he's projecting, there's gonna, be a Roth. I am I the only one he sounded like oh mamma! No, that's my fourth of
see there is universally used. Italian worked for him. Yes, we can John either everybody on CNN celebratory after not getting what they want here It is amazing that that he raised that much money and again he raised that much money and its southern help and that their looks a lot like what happened with Hillary Clinton, who raised an enormous amount of money that didn't help her against Trump. But there are some signs for Republicans and Republicans would be wise to pay attention to those when ensigns now, meanwhile, over the weekend the chance to discuss it, obviously because it was pass over. But over the weekend. There was this riot that that occurred in Berkeley. Basically, there's approach from rally in Berkeley Yeomanry, you have a program trump rally in Berkeley to stick to the left in Berkeley, obviously, and a bunch of anti Trump Antigua characters. These are the people who could concern cells, anti fascist, there's, nothing more ashes than showing up to an opposing rally, and then wailing on people and being living crap out of them is actually pretty remedies did the Weimar Republic, where the reds and the bridge
were beating, letting crap out of each other and that actually to the rise of more dictatorial, authoritarian government? That's usually what happens when there's chaos, people want our authority in order to attempt to Anna caskets? Nobody wants to see this in their state Apparently, the cops we're sitting by and doing thing is all of this: continued here's a limited the footage what was happening during this during this bloody bad?
basically things your meeting each other. What stinks? I concede that there really go into each other really hitting each other a hundred each other running in seeking out on their pictures of people who are super bloody, their people, just people who have been across the face, I wasn't trumpet restarted, wasn't from people went there looking if I know that even some of the bad guys, never stopping it's disgusting, getting people skateboards, really really more fine. You can also the bad guys are in the situation of people who were wearing the master, the bad guys, if you feel the need where mask because you're afraid that people are going Pay attention to you see who you are and arrest you, then you are part of the problem that part of the solution This was a free speech. Rallies people are doing this in order to demonstrate that would stand up against the anti for the anti group.
And in the Anti VA people showed up and they were beating people. Some want one of the people there pulled not only escape orbit then pull the knife. Currently, somebody was stabbed. We just egregious egregious tough, and where are the cops for all this wire? The cops allowing all this stuff to go ahead. Nobody why, where it where's the mayor, I mean this is now the second time that this happened in Berkeley and around to spend a month. If it's the third time, I remember correctly, there's a rally did that the broken vial here. There is one that broke into violence it in Sacramento to capital in California, and then there is of course, the right he broke out, one mile you novelist, went to speak over there joining us on the programme. Right now is lower in southern more in southern. Was there she, of course, well known on Twitter and on Youtube Canadian. Served a libertarian political commentator, provocateur she's, the author of the barbarians, how baby boomers immigrants and Islam screwed by generation can follow her on twitter at Lauren, there's more southern or Youtube, as in southern Laurent
it's much rejoining Michel appreciate it. I've been thanks for having me so Lord. Can you get me some details because I'm just seeing sort of the second hand cover jobs. You are there. So what exactly? One down for sure what we are supposed to. Every time there has been a pro trump pro free speech. Rightwing event in Berkeley has been shut down by militant leftists and the people there are just so sick and tired of it. So they said no more we're not going to live in a world in Berkeley where we cannot have in political idea without fear of being physically injured? So they haven't even figure rally this time and the police assured myself and the organizers that there would be a impressive presence there that the left wouldn't able to shut it down this time. But it was under one condition that the police would be there that everyone that one into this protected zone by the police, disarmed that we didn't have any sticks, any fair, Mason, pepper spray. So all the terms where's, one into this kind of
they put up a little mash orange fence around an area where we are going to have the free speech of anti and then antifraud showed up and started surrounding the place around a bunch of disarm people. But we really know it's gonna be fine. The cops are here, we're good, then antifraud starts throwing and eightys little explosives and fireworks and suddenly the cops were gone, cotton stand down orders and we are left in the center of this area, surrounded by anti, totally disarmed and think just turn into chaos. Mate was fists flying everywhere. Absolutely insane ended jargon, explanation from the police as to who actually ordered the standard. Right. Well. That one is thus the interesting, but I was really for us rated during it knows I can't leave the cops. Did that but another journalist, one after the cops and ask: why are you sitting down and one of the guys sitting in the front seat said: will that would be question. What an and he looked really mad. So
It wasn't me individual cops when someone from higher up for sure- and it's pretty typical- I mean even when I speak, a college campuses in the cottage it stands on order is never the cops. It's always the people who are in charge the cops telling them they need to stand down on this. You think so for you don't know what anti for ages. I was. You know how dealings with them, what our anti for, what are they think they're doing, and why are they doing it? There The anti fascists may actually come from a wing of the german communists. Party and therein, militant groups that believe by any means possible. Anything that can remotely be perceived as a right wing. Anything to the right of marks basically has to be shut down Early in the youth pact, it called black block where they cover their faces so that they can commit crimes. Because the cops can't know who did it and one of the big tat six they use during this one was. They would grab individuals from this crowd. They pull them to the back and start beating the crap out of them, so their tactics are always cover their face to commit crimes, and ten p
verses, one and its really kind of its really scary going against them, because they have zero morals, zero whatsoever, there hurtling bricks and giant rocks into the crowd. Literal attempted murder would have killed someone if it hit them in the face who were there any arrested? This thing, reed or literally just surrendered, notably went home At the beginning, there were a couple arrests of anti file that we're trying to go over the mesh, and I guess transporters that we're trying to fight back. So there are few at the beginning, and after that, when the police had just disappeared- and they looked at a few of the videos and made a couple arrests, I think there were eleven or twelve arrests and total. So women it's, I could be wrong on all this. Is that if you, if you look at the media coverage of it, they treated as though is just sort of spontaneous chaos that Iraq's between the two sides is, though nobody actually launch the chaos, in the same way that when my own speak Berkeley, and then the anti for people showed up and try to burn down health use, basically that that was those in it was in equal distribution of blame, that was half miles, has half the protesters fall, and here is half the Trump people's fault
from people, hadn't been there being so provocative, then it wouldn't of it would have been up to the anti for people to hit them. What do you make while the media coverage BBC actually uploaded one of those little short videos to Facebook, where they spliced together the tax protests and this Berkeley protest and wrote that Tromp supporters showed up to the tax protest and started attacking the anti Trump protestors That's exactly what they did after I called the moat on Twitter. They ve made a few at it, so the Facebook posts, but that was the country. After lies beyond fake news that deliberately la eyeing to people, and they knew what they were doing. So I can see it its horrifying, the state of media. I couldn't believe it cover job in a vacuum and we shall then, obviously, throughout the campaign we kept hearing, that it was Trump whose pushing violence it is rallies, but then it would be. It would be protestors Black lives matter, shutting down an actual Trump rally in Chicago or protesters from left, beating the crap out of turn
supporters in San Jose it. It is amazing how the media is able to develop this on its head. So are you planning any more of these events, and if you do plan these events in the future, how can you do that? Knowing that you know, if, if anybody from from the programme cited pro free speech, exit, Merrifield Trump or not. It's really more free speech issue from the pro free speech. If anybody shows up with weapon you're, probably me we be arrested, but if anybody from left shows up at the weapon than they probably get off Scot free or ankle There is much to be speaking on the twenty seventh. I can get too much into it, but I think there's some troubles already with that events with Berkeley China shut it down, and the thing we're at the point where we have to defend ourselves. I dont like to see that the stated political discourse in twenty seventeen is it's amazing set of signs and bull horns, but The reality is that we have to defend ourselves. I can't blame the charms of orders for punching back or the free speech activist punching back, because the cops are gone. So I think this is
to continue to ask the way until the police stop getting stand down, orders in Berkeley. Yes, what? What do you think? It's just a final question here. How much do you think are the students at Berkeley and how much is it this ass? I grew anti drugs. There's a lot of talk about that with Milo speaking there that it was really a bunch of the it wasn't really a bunch of lefties from Berkeley. Really this anti for group. Those coming from outside infiltrating then making trouble here, it looks like a bunch of anti for people, and I spoke at Berkeley two years ago. It was not a problem at all. Obviously I was speaking there is riot and culture is gonna speak there, though, probably will be a riot I think it's his aunt if it was not a presence when I was there a couple of years ago and it seems like a pre recent development, but how much of this you think is organic and how much of this is astroturf? Why well say I what website? walk around the area before the event and everywhere in Berkeley the whole damn city is covered in spray paint that says antifraud Zone that could be people that have come in. There were people that were brought in from different areas. Fight like the one girlhood up decked in the face she drove down from quite a while to be there, but it's
definitely been over the past two years. I would say that these kids, also in university, have been radically as more and more and more over the media saying all right. Wingers are nazis, and course they want to fight and stop Nazi as when they were in Vienna Jones Inglorious Bastards. They want to get their one hundred Nazi scalps right and a truly been convinced this last year that Trump supporters of freeze each activists are nazi, so it's a mixed between people coming down and between young people being radicalized over this past year alone. Southern thanks! So much for doing what you doing learn something can follow her aunt. Learn southern on twitter to unlearn, underscore southern or on Youtube is Lawrence. Anxious terrific work alone takes much adjoining shop. Reasoning. Traffic me ok, so before. We continue with the analysis of what Europe is doing on foreign policy and real mixed bag. There there's a but there's a bunch of stuff happening on foreign policy that demonstrate continued, divided mine among the members.
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Ok! So, meanwhile, on in policy when there a lot of hey going on all over the world who want to take a kind of area by area, because there's a lot of lack of clarity out there on everything from North Korea. Turkey to IRAN, so big story of the day is that the Trump Administration has now stated that Iran is abiding by its commitments under the under the Obama Nuclear deal. This is just a terrible move by them. Administration. It is asinine to suggest that everything is. Thank you to worry with regard to IRAN that IRAN is doing everything that it can to abide by the nuclear deal. They obviously are not. There ve been multiple reports that not only are they violating it with regard to attempting to by certain types of uranium on the open market, but also they have been violating the nuclear deal by test firing ballistic, Miss I ve been doing that repeatedly since November, and yet this is rex tellers, any says the: U S, department of State certified to? U S, house speak or power. Today the IRAN is compliant through April eighteenth, with its commitment under the joint comprehensive plan of action. However, this
which also raise concerns about IRAN's rules, state sponsored terrorism and alert Congress to enough effort directed by the president to evaluate whether contained to lift sanctions would be in: U S, NASH, security interests than trying to split the baby. Saying everything is hunky dory under the deal. The easiest thing to do would be to say there not complying with the deal. Therefore, the sanctions are back The table they immediately snapped back and we're done here. This deal is a crap d. There's no reason why we should be involved this way, but I think there is a split inside the administration, they don't want some sort of fire fight politically with IRAN. They are obviously divided on what to do about IRAN, because IRAN is sponsoring aside in their divided about what to do about Assad. They're nuts Northern that IRAN is is not a solidifying influence in Iraq. This is always my fear about, in foreign policy. Is that it's just so vague and so all over the place that it opens the door the continued growth of evil regimes like around, but that's it the only problem with from foreign policy that's cropped up this week I went on
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Ok, so now I want to talk about what's going on in Turkey, so the sorry over the weekend, not today, but the big story of the weekend was that there is this. This referendum in Turkey, in which fifty point eight percent fifty one percent of the turkish population supposedly voted to give receive type airline whose in Islam is dictator, full dictatorial powers. He can't be ousted for another fifteen years. You can be in there till, like I, twenty twenty nine or until he dies. Whichever comes first, he no longer has to deal with large Later he gets to rule by diktat from the top. The experiment that the greatest exe element in islamic democracy in the history of humanity has now come to an inglorious end. I really is terrible airline is a nefarious force in the world. He has been supporting. Brutality against the Kurds, he's been supporting brutality, against non islamic actors. Inside of inside of Turkey. He used the attempted coup a few months. As an excuse to arrest everyone who disagreed with him, and now he is consolidated power in himself turn. He was always a different sort of place since coming
Ataturk decided. There was going to be a secular democracy in islamic part of the world, an airline. A single handedly moved it from a second Microsoft toward and islamic dictatorship and the West is Essentially, nothing now adding the various legacy, is present trump. Apparently trunk call the airline and congratulating him on a referendum that essentially ended democracy in the oldest Islamic while Creasy in in Antwerp here's airline talking about it suggests was very pleasing to pay congratulated me for the outcome. When we talk about our relationship in the forthcoming period he shot with. May his views about that about Syria, then- and I had to say, the opportunity to share my views with him, and I said him, especially on the matter of seeing each other. I said
The election is over modern rather than having today it over the phone, it would be better to have a failure. This meeting and to take ahead, take forward our relationship and matters about three, and we agree that we will have that meeting in due course so now, transparently, hasn't, are meeting with airline congratulated him airline. Is he really nasty force in in Turkey? So Trump supposedly is morning, airline because he thinks they are no one- is going to fight ISIS. Airline has not been doing particularly lot to fight ISIS, because Turkey is is not in favour of Assad. Turkey doesn't like Assad. Turkey ceases It is a threat and they see ISIS in some ways is less of a threat. Then they see They see the syrian government its it's all a mess over there and airline adds to them. Ass is a bad move by the Trump administration. We have been much better. I mean it's really unfortunate. The coup fail
a few months back. I would much better for the country if there isn't a secular government in place. Now Turkey is member of NATO. What happened One islamic country, like Turkey, decides that they're going to go to war with it with a non aggressive, kurdish popular in or let's say that there is an attack on Turkey by some sort of rebel group that does. Like living under islamic dictatorship under them the charter. We are required to protect NATO members from foreign threat. So what a day, what its foreign government that sponsoring the threat it creates all sorts of horrible, scenarios in nine. I just bad news you're so bad on IRAN, bad on Turkey's that's dead on foreign policy? on that solve this and then on North Korea. We sort of thing mixed signals on North Korea. On the one hand, president trumps language about North Korea has been quite militant. Here's what Trump had to say about North Korea. Yesterday quit moment to ask the president what his message was for North Korea and that too many countries, dictator Kim's and here's what present headset
any message for North Korea, Sir Kim Jong own Mr President, you think we can be resolved peacefully. What are your thoughts? I can probably again President. There will say that this aid, to the fat boy can join needs to behave and, in my pants something similar issues relating to ensure security in the region. We're gonna, stop their development of nuclear and thermal clear and in the ballistic missile capacity are asked him that North Korea could have amiss already that could hit the count. That'll. U S, Seattle by twenty twenty, which is gonna, be on your watch. It is that weighing on you and is at a deadly that you all have in mind No, the president of the United States has no higher priority than the safety and security of the american people the presence of U S, forces
here in South Korea, our long standing commitment to the EU, and Pacific and ensuring the security of the continent, the United States will remain the priority of this administration a lot. We want to be clear: r, r hope, and, frankly, are prayer. Is that by marshalling the resources of nations across the Asian Pacific, not just South Korea and Japan, other allies and China. To bring renewed pressure to bear, will achieve our goal of a new your free korean peninsula, but the people in South Korea should should make no mistake: the states of America and our allies will see to the security of this region and stated the security of the people of our countries. Okay, so there is a mixed signal- those sent last week because from said that, we had sent the USS Carl Vincent, which has an aircraft carrier and see if Japan, in order to sort of threat. May the North Koreans that apparently never happen.
Instead, it went to do and exercise with the australian Navy had in the opposite direction. There are some people in South Korea who are very upset about that. North Korea is an intractable, problem and there is a danger the easy solution is to say: ok, let let China take care of that sort of what the Trump Administration is doing. Well pressure them they'll take care of it. China has no interest in getting rid of the king regime in north Korea normally have an interest in disarming became regime, because the only reason that can regime continues to be in place is because they have a nuclear weapon. Now this isn't on Trump. Ok, the fact is that this in an intractable situation, since two thousand and six when North Korea actually tested its first nuclear bomb. And it really more, is on Bill Clinton. I think one of the great ironies here is that their theirs is ridiculous. Tweet they came out from Ben. Roads is NASH security adviser under Obama, in which he said that the IRAN nuke Your deal is great. Is the north Situation is great evidence that the iranian Nuclear deal would have great in North Korea. Nino ignorant to be decided in North Korea?
clear deal, those cut by the Clinton administration in ninety. Ninety four was the direct corollary to the Iranian Nuclear deal that we currently caught. In fact here was Bill Clinton. Ninety ninety four talking specifically about how he had achieved the disarmament of North Korea for the foreseeable future before Take your questions, I want to say just a word about the framework with North Korea that ambition, the Lucy signed this morning. This is a good deal for the United States, Korea will freeze and then dismantle its nuclear programme. South Korea, and our other allies will be better protected the entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear war. France, Korea would support from Japan, and other nations will bear most the cost of providing North Korea with fuel to make up nuclear energy, it is losing and they will for an alternative power system for North Korea. That will allow them to produce electricity while making it much harder for them to produce. Nuclear weapons. The United
eight and then a national inspectors will carefully monitor North Korea to sure it keeps its commitments only as it does so well. North. Fully join the community A nation and then Bill Clinton sent Madeleine Albright to give a sign basketball by Michael Jordan to Kim Jong IL seriously. That actually happen. So is that sets an example. Like around deal. It is precisely with your Angela's. We will help you develop your nuclear capacity so long as its peaceful, we'll have weapons inspectors everything's and be hunky dory. We brought you into the family of nations. This is the stupidity of the day cresting neuron deals gonna go any different than the North Korea Deal and it Trump administration should take note, and they should get out of this around deal as soon as possible, because otherwise, there facilitating a significantly more dangerous situation in North Korea, North Korea, is still answerable to South Korea, which could the mathematics heartbeat there still answerable to China, which has no interest in actually starting a regional war. Iran is answerable to nobody there. A rogue state and once they have nuclear weapons,
work with terrorist groups. Outrageous demonstrates that the Trump administration should do something in the places where they can do something as far as what they can do. North Korea. Right now there is a danger in delegating this to the Chinese. We should be planned significantly more pressure to the Chinese than we currently are. If there is tool in our arsenal to apply pressure to the Chinese, to ask him regime and replace it with even a justice dictatorial full regime that that does not develop nuclear weapons, but is more rational, thou be stepped up, direction. The region its intractable is because there are two twenty thousand artillery He says that are now aimed at soul, South Korea. There are fifty million people living in around the area of soul. I, if the United States or South Korea, or to launch a pre emptive strike, on North Korea or a retaliatory strike. There is every possibility that Kim because you need to do this in order to maintain his regime- would immediately fire into soul, killing an enormous number of people, even if they, even if the western wiped north we're off the map and use The China, which wants to establish a buffer zone, would then get involved in
of world war? Three get started in this way. That is because that's a legacy of Bill Clinton and western world. It failed to act when had the opportunity to act. They should not make the same mistake with regard to around it seems like they're going to me, while President Trump is back on the stump This is where he likes to be used, begin Wisconsin, trying to shore up that base again and used Talking about economics and his stick. Uneconomic continues to be flawed, visited problem with with Trump again it's. Not a good and it's a lot of bad and they both wrapped up in one big package and I'm trying to call it like. I see it in turn what he's doing good and when he's doing bad at a time in Turkey is is threatening the integrity of NATO at a time when blood report and is threatening NATO from the outside trunks, Wisconsin and instil whining about NATO, just seems like not particularly smart move, but that's exactly what he's doing and you know where he is he's with NATO he's a good excuse. I should run make sure these countries start
paying their bills a little bit more. You know their way way behind grounds. We have data rumbled talk to you about that run, but Paul Europa, Now don't get him to pay their bills? I think that an run you have to work on that do and Scott here right here in Wisconsin you'd have to bother, will keep you right. Ok, so they ignore selling Paul Ryan and governs homemade Oda. Page bells doesn't want industry, we're talking, placing the Trump administration. It always was done. Talking point this idea that the in Nobody of NATO relies on on Latvia spending two percent of its gdp on NATO. The fact is that countries in NATO it's the mutual defence pact that matters, it's really not as much what they pay to spend on their military spending, because the fact is, the United States will always be the most powerful military there poses a sign of good faith matters, but in terms of the actual practical policy, it's not a big thing. If Trump wants to assert this kind of leverage he should be doing it openly. It harms the internal of NATO in the eyes of the Russians, but you should be doing, going behind the scenes angle guys you really need to pay up their fair share. You shouldn't be doing it publicly. Then
went on any threatening Canada over NAFTA. Again, I don't know. I guess that it here demonstrated faces is based as his ripping on after so much during the campaign and because he broken so many promises in the last couple of weeks, but this is the worst sort of getting the worst of Trump in terms of policy a little bit this week- were getting need the isolationist bent in policy a little bit more than we were in the last couple of weeks and we're getting the and we're getting the big government anti free trade stuff from Trump on domestic policies. None of it is particularly encouraging hairs from threatening Canada over NAFTA, we're, so going to stand up for our dear farmers in Wisconsin and I've been reading about it. I've been talking, for a long time. That demands really immediately fair trade with all our trading partners, and that includes Canada,
because in Canada, some very unfair things have happened to our dairy farmers and others. And we're going to start working on that withdrawn and with Scott. Yeah he's running he's right Canada. Now that they're they're running everything for the dairy farmers, this democratic politics, one one that if you want to pander to particular group, threatened somebody else, he. He introduces what he called the higher American by American Stick yesterday, and here is what I d say yesterday about higher american by American I'll, explain why it sounds good in theory, but is really dumb in practice. In short, this order declares that american projects should be made with American. Goods no longer are we going to allow foreign countries to cheat producers and workers out of federal contracts. Everyone in my administration will be expected to enforce every last by american, provision on behalf of the american worker and we are going
investigate every single trade deal that undermines these provisions. Second, we are going to enforce the higher american rules that are designed to protect jobs and wages of workers in the United States, We believe jobs must be offered to american workers. First. Does that make sense no actually doesn't make sense there a couple reasons. It doesn't make sense, so the first of all his by american Stick, Not with my time. You note locating get a cheaper products that is better from afar, producer to make a pipeline, for example, the Keystone Excel pipeline. Then why should I have to pay more nor to subsidize a particular industry in which I have no interest. Doing is you can have raised. My tat is arrays borrowing in order to spend any. Let's just that's foolishness. If U S, companies want to compete, let them compete as far. This idea that we are going to shut down each one be these. This is something the trumpet Jeff sessions have been hot on for a long time and culture too,
you can go back and look. I didn't you know our long interview with ankle to foresee span on her book. An immigration adios america- and this was a point differentiation. I agree with a lot of her book but her, but when it comes to the idea that we're supposed shut out high tech workers who are coming in with a job there are coming in to take advantage welfare, they're coming in to produce and taxes in the United States at the same rate as Americans, and are coming in to do that. Job already guaranteed and for a lower price. No, I I disagree with the general proposition that we have to force American come leads to higher Americans when they could get. Somebody cheaper working in America. If you do that, they're just going to outsource adjusting to locate a branch off shore and then they are going to hire everybody anyway there or they gonna. Let somebody work online in China and they are going to have a manager in the United States. This is really dumb policy, but its again policy That is pandering to a particular base and Trump is going back to the pandering. This goes to my theory from last week, which is that Trump is more responding to applause than he is as always felt that economics zero sum games. This is actually is closer to his worldview,
economics, zero sum games- this is actually is closer to his world view than its foreign policy, but the reason is out on the road bring out these some speech. Lines again is because he wants applause and he's having trouble getting it because he has actually done anything in his first hundred days legislatively doesn't mean he hasn't been successful and the executive order society has doesn't mean he hasn't been successful in in ways on the foreign policy side he has, it does mean that he doesn't have any signature legislative achievements to push his first legislative push further of above Obamacare was complete, fail into now he's out There are basically trying to rally the troops. Ok, and for some things I like and then some things that I hate so things that I like I've been reading of this book on game theory called the art of strategy by agnostics, it and very nail buff, and it is quite a good book. It's it's something where you're gonna want pet of paper and a pencil because they have actually games and stuff out, but it is cool because this the game. Theory is just a better way of making decisions itself that you sort of into it. Having dealt with other people buy it
mathematicians. It to a certain extent, makes more regular. So, than the obvious example in game theory that everybody always talked about the sword. Game theory wanna one is is the prince. Nor dilemma that there are situations in life. Where you and somebody else have to act in tandem at the same time, but you can be devised from one another by being told that the person is going to defend, so the reason I call it a prisoner dilemma. Is you have to people who are criminals, they are both in separate interrogation rooms and the capitalist wanted says your body just confessed. If you confess that I will make sure that you get a lower sentence, but if you dont confess that Can I get a higher sending your buddies? You off Scot Free, if neither of confess is your both gonna go to jail for for a certain amount of time? If you both confess, then you will then You know you will you only the first one to confess? In other words, the idea is that if you're the first one to confess, then you get off Scot Free, and so you end up with what they call. The prisoners dilemma the worst available situation. You both confess any both go to jail, whereas the that that is the second worst dilemma, though
worst thing that can happen, you don't confess your buddy confesses in your accomplices and then you go to jail. Super along here too tired, but it gets off Scot Free, the second or situations you both confess and you both get a slightly less her sentence, but you still got a really long sentence. The message, which is neither of you confesses and neither are we going to jail. That's the prisoners, dilemma and game theory suggests You will always end up in the box where you both confess You don't want it. You want to avoid the worst situation, Sienna going with the second or situation to both confess any both end up in jail. I must. Some sort of pre calculated agreement. Not to do that so games. There is a good way of looking at foreign policy. And you could. We have looking what's happening in North Korea right now. I have I have a off the wall, cookie theory about North Korea's launch. They try to launch a ballistic missile over the way. And and blew up on, the tarmac. Basically, the the mighty He is there, and this is admittedly off the wall. Evidence was theory is China. North Korea deliberately decided there going to essentially self sabotage. There's a lot of talk about the United States doing it, but it is quite possible that look at
in Kim's interest right now to dry actual military fire from the United States, because it undermines him. It's also not in his interest to back down and not fire anything. So it's possible that the best possible solution for him he's a diamond a willingness to fire something, but it fails to the United States as an after him and that that actually is possibility. Maybe there conspiratorial. Maybe it's not about its, but it's worth considering in any case that doesn't have damaged the book except it just goes to motivation, of how people act in political scenarios Linda. Is, is very readable so the art of strategy, a game theorist guide to success business in life, good book, ok, other things time forum, some things that I hated said so in the last couple of days there was a shooting in Fresno. Three people were killed, is a black eye did the shootings and he killed three white People- apparently his name was Corey Alan Corey Ali Mohammed, a member of the religion of peace. He targeted his sums they say solely because they were white, even though when he was arrested, he said
who are so Fresno policed Jerry Dire said. This was we based on race. It had nothing to do with terrorism. In spite of the statement you made. First of all, I would like to point out that of white person, shop lack people and it was solely based on race. They would call terrorism when there was a similar situation with Dylan Storm Roof, shooting up a bunch, black people and murdering them in a church that was terrorism. Racial terrorism is still terrorism, it doesn't become, not terrorism just because its racial, but second of all, when you say Allah who Oc Bar, that should demonstrate that you may have some other motives here so apparent Mohammed walked up utility frock and shot a pacific gas, and electric company employs sitting there. Passengers eat the worker Authority for Europe men died, he then shot another person and missed he aimed at a third killing. Thirty seven year old on the sidewalk. He walked to the bag of groceries. The final victim at fifty eight was Gandhi, in the parking lot of a charity. Building apparently spread the lives of a couple of women in the car with a child? The women were latina. So here
apparently, on several occasions in his fate and his facebook head included the phrase our who OC bar meaning, It is great in Arabic. What's amazing? Is the AP here's what the ape tweeted about this- and this is one of the one of the things I hate the eighty tweeted FR as no police, a suspect in triple slaying, told them. He hates white people. Shouted. God is great. Before killings due notice, a problem with this particular blurb, he didn't, shall, God is great, he shouted Allah who are far ok. There's a difference got his great. You might think that was some crazy per and who likes Jesus, you decide to shew people- God is greatest. The same thing is all who are our. First of all, there is significant doubt as to whether Allah is in fact the same judeo Christian God. That is a really questionable assertion based on religious practice, but for a media outlet to say that it's like translate. If someone is increased, his king then shot a bunch of people and then they had said nay, they translated that to God is great, that they wouldn't implicate Christians or translated it to our who off in the the arabic press.
They'll be asinine is just asinine here, AP retracted. It then reissued it later like a day later, as well. They should have ok, so we will be back here. Tomorrow, there'll be a lot more to talk about. We are also having on another person whose at this Berkeley at this Berkeley firefight. Basically, remind me Emily. What is it? What is this person's name? Kyle Chapman, baby. Stick man, ok, I've heard of him, so he so you're becoming on tomorrow, because the other day he was part of the actual fighting until and now that one, what has plans are for the future here? Also, limiting already am Ain just a couple of hours. You wanna had over read it at noon and will be a party if you have any specific questions, check it out, I'm bench of Euro. This is the bench appear, OSHA
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