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Ep. 300 - Trump FIRES Comey, All Hell Breaks Loose

2017-05-10 | 🔗
It's the ultimate episode of "The Apprentice" -- but are the conspiracy theorists right, or was Trump right to dump Comey?
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This week, an odd tweet appeared in my mention four verified twitter user users. Prominent enough to be granted a blue checkmark by twitter itself. This one came courtesy of a rapid into led quelling, green I'll, admit it. I heard a green until he suddenly appeared in my mentions. Calling me a racist ass. It turns green is a rapport with well over one million twitter followers in a long history of cortical social activism, a quick search of greens, feed should a wide variety of instances of the wrapper calling people, white boy and Coon really wished. For He says that this does not make him racist. Of course, only the term black boy would be racist since green, contains the white people cannot truly be victimized by racism. When I pointed out that seeming in congruity green replied. What's the problem white boy, you think white boys, racist, well you're dumber than I thought he then led me to call him black boy, which of course I would never do since that would be racist. What's green natural argument, it seems to be that since the derogatory slur black boy was thrown run by Lynch MOB, any other derogatory slur can no longer be derogatory. This is the rhetorical
equivalent of the argument, your mommy to make backing grade school you're, not really hungry their children in China who are starving to death. The argument for the same reason. Yes, it turns out there gradations of racism, justice, gradations of hunger, but your hungry, when you were a kid, even if you're bowels one just ended and your racist, if you call someone white boy interrogatory fashion, even if you're, not something to luncheon. Thanks to the theory event, sexuality, however, such logical by the wayside intersection. Reality theory has now taken over the college campuses, leaving the broken corpses of decency and reason in its wake intersection, classifies social categories of race class, gender and sexual orientation Hierarchy of victimhood that decides how you should be treated if your black lesbian, for example, you wake up, rank black straight man, in your view, must be treated with more Karen weight and that of the black straight man. More importantly, since society somehow classifies you as lesser than the black straight man, you are incapable of ever doing anything to victimized that black straight man, social powerlessness, means that your individual victim status never changes. That's why I and others on the left believe
finally use white boys lure black people have historically seen discrimination in Amerika. Whites have not whites benefit from a more powerful status in society at large, and therefore black people cannot possibly be racist against white people. As Moorhouse College, professor Doktor Markleham ANT hills at last year. Black people don't have. It institutional power to be racist or to deploy racism. There's only one problem with this notion: its racist racism, stood by power is obviously more dangerous than racism without it, but races can be used to achieve our two generally. The polarisation of racial groups against one another tribalism is a powerful force resorting to victimhood mentality to explain tribalism away, doesn't make it any less toxic. The faster I can learn that the faster racism can actually be curbed rather exacerbated adventure bureau. This is the bench of Hiroshima. So If I seem a little frazzled today, it's because the news is utterly in the saying it's totally crazy will break it down, for you will provide you all the evidence and you will make your own decision today. Yes, we're going to play
a choose. Your own adventure version of the Ben Shapiro show today and which I presents you all of the evidence for the various theories as to why the President of the United States is fired, the FBI director and you will be able to choose- which one, you think is the most plausible. Their basically three theories operas. My own as well one of the three is mine and we'll talk about which one is the most plausible. But first I want to say thank you to our friends over at helix sleep. So if you're like me, You don't get a lot of silly generally, if you're like me in the news, took you late into the night, then you value your sleep, that much more! That's why you need a mattress from helix sleep, dot, com, slash, button right now, You gotta heedlessly dotcom, slash bending answer a few simple questions. There are three biome. Chemical mile of your body through their proprietary algorithms, and then they send you the most comfortable mantras. You have ever slipped down. They have mattresses that can differentiate two sides. I did so so you in your spouse, don't actually have to have the exact same type of mattress. You can choose a mattress. The breeds more can choose a mattress that absorbs the more he can choose, one, that's farmer or one. That is softer mattress
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we fired. Him is a little bit weird. So what we heard is that James call me was giving a lecture at some FBI branch. Out here, in LOS Angeles and in the middle of the speech, the tv behind James call me started showing the news that he had been fired. Com It is our Germany recovery. This word of salaried still Britain funny in an apparently the people that are funded, pretty funny joke and then, like five seconds later pulled off stage and brought into a back room where a letter front to him is read aloud to him by some buddy in Manila Envelope issue is delivered by trumps, personal bodyguard too. He's call me the director of the FBI, at which point the camera start following James Commies Car, through LOS Angeles four or five, and also, back in OJ days like White Bronco days, you being but there's a Rockets game on tv heating faster than the cores was Angela's by a camera and Xo Eaters was
we talk about her was the cameramen, the urgent cases daughter Katie's, are now covering it. The Clinton's our back trumpets back we're living in ninety ninety four again gang it's totally, while so pretty amiss stuff and then just to make. Even crazier this morning after from fires call me in the theory from left is the reason the fire commies to cover up his evil trump, sure collusion which, as I said yesterday, there's no evidence of to this point. The theory from left that's happening so it from meat with today today that after he fired combing, he met with Sergei Lover of the Foreign Minister of Russia and Turkey his lack who's that russian master. Who is controversial that makes Lynne was basically fired, forgetting on the phone with him from met and took pictures of both of them today and then the principle was told, come in and take pictures of them, they walk in whose sitting there? it. Kissinger Richard Nixon Secretary of state? So I mean this is Troll Master one align its pretty spectacular stuff. They don't actually think I don't know they think that Trump meant to do any of the stuff. So their basically three theories
as to why all of this is going down the way that it's going down. But first I want to give you the background as to what the Trump administration says was happening in all this. So yesterday, very late yesterday, there's a that is released from the White House by IRAN. Rosen Stain ROD rose and seen as the deputy attorney general member turn. General sessions has refused himself from the Trump Russia instigation and any investigation into the election, and so here deputy attorney General ROD, Rosen Steen he's the one actually rights this letter, erases long letter explaining. Why call me has to go- and he says the current FBI director is inarticulate and persuasive speaker about leadership and the immutable principles of the Department of Justice he deserves appreciation for his public service. As you have discussed. However, I cannot defend the directors handling of the conclusion of the investigation of Secretary cleanse emails and I do not understand his refusal to accept the nearly universal judgment that he was mistaken almost everyone agrees. The director made serious mistakes. It is one of the few issues that unites people of diverse perspectives and then the rest of the letter explains exactly what I explained last week, which is that James coming
Never should have done what he did in July, two thousand and sixteen when he basically read why Hillary was guilty, then change the lock and recommended that you not be prosecuted and then, in October he sent a letter that again exposed Hillary Clinton to all sorts of public scrutiny without a tremendous amount of and saying that Hillary Clinton emails had been discovered on Anthony winners, computer and then, a few days later. He exonerated her and rod rose unseen says all of this means that this is a mess and call me basically had to go. No, he never explicitly says in his letter. They call me a supposed to go which a sort of important for reason all explained in a second, but he says we should reject the departure from tradition. Though the president has the power to remove an FBI director. The decision should not be taken lightly. I agree with the nearly unanimous opinions of former department officials the way the director handled. The conclusion of the email investigation was wrong. As a result, the FBI's unlikely to regain public and congressional trust until it has a new director. Ok, so that the reason that is being put forth by the Trump Administration is that Trump was really mad at how at how
James call me handle the Hilary investigation now, yet get right, Austin right! Why, then that is exactly the right question. That is exactly the right question, because here is Donald Trump talking Tell them about how much he loves James call me for how we handle the Hilary investigation and it took guts for direct your comment to make the move that he may in light of the kind of opposition he had where they're trying to protect her from criminal prosecution. You know that Oh, I guess the story is that he's really pissed at how they heard killer it? Would they were so mean to help I remembered entire campaign of Trump chanting, locker up. So no on this not just now. Ok, that's a bunch of crap. That's, and here is the proof of the bunch of crap. The director from trunk to call me actually firing him says quote: well, I greatly appeal. Shit. You informing me on three separate occasions that I am not under investigation. I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you're not effectively able to lead the bureau. Ok
So what he's really saying there is that he's pissed economy, because he thinks call me hasn't closed up the Trump Russia Investigation Inexpedient fashion. So I want to talk about what exactly that means because there's two theories of how that comes down. But first I need to point out the hypocrisy of the Democrats. I've pointed out trumps hypocrisy, saying that this is all the that that he had to go because of how the current investigation was handled, even though he sort of was and of how the current investigation was handled in the end because it made him when, in part at least partially ok, here's the democratic hypocrisy. But let me should the republican hypocrisy, verse. Jeff sessions also said the coma had to go on the basis of his handling of the current investigation. Here is just sessions way back when saying call me did the right thing. There's some sir is allegations here that the American people need to know are fully investigated, and I I you know, the directive com you did the right thing. When you found new evidence, she had no charge but the report to them I can Congress where he,
on the test divide. The investigation was over. He had the correct there and say this investigation is ongoing now and I'm sure, but a lot about what ok stop Miss sessions and trot now say that call me has to go because the Clinton stuff- that's not what's happening. Meanwhile, the Democrats are also hypocrites, so Donald Trump is ripping trucks, humour because trucks humour was out there saying that this is the end of the world and he should never fired let me back in November, using the economy should have been fired and trump at says, crying trucks. Humor stated recently I loved the nicknames or back. You know the trumps on his game. When nicknames names are back and drop in the Jeez trying Shucks humor stated recently. I do not have confidence in him. James come any longer than act, so indignant hashtag drain the swamp. So now he saying he's draining the swamp of call me the guy who we reappointed five seconds ago and basically blew him, it s actually physically blew him a kiss while here saying that he was gonna reappoint and which has just amazing. Meanwhile,
across our indeed hypocrite. So Nancy Blowsy saying that this is just the worst thing in the world that from fired call me, I seem to remember Nancy Blowsy, saying something different. Here's one anti policy said just a few months ago in this town, if you're not in it. For a while, you can't take the heat, and I think he just couldn't take the heat from the republic so called me should have gone back in November, but now she's office, they call me, is leading here's an entire montage. Your democrats saying the same thing. President Trump called me and war me he was firing director call me. I told the president, Mr President, with all due respect, you're making a big Mistake Centre Harry Front about us is call me broke the law. One democratic lawmaker is calling on call me to resign. The FBI director, ok, violated these two protocols. A kind of an ambiguity bond this close to election was a terrible, apps and judgment. I agree with Eric holder, I think here direct call me made a great mistake. Was I call it an? I told the betrayal
Long standing, FBI, Protocol sitting FBI director has abused his power vacuum in cars. Coordination without Republicans in the story. I think call me, acted in an outrageous way, Jenny step down I think we should take a hard look at what he has done in its democratic from back in November. That has Bernie Sanders. That is, I think, that's Elijah, Cummings, that's a bunch of other centres, trucks humour that is, that was TIM Kane from Virginia. So basically, all the Democrats back in November, wanted and fired now. They don't wanna fire Jeff two men of CNN, whose legal analyse last night who's going crazy, overcoming being fired. Here's a small, montage, Jeffrey Tube and illegal analysed CNN. What he had to say about James call me up until the points fired the idea that they were obliged to do this. On top of quote commies. Statement about Hillary Clinton last week, just shows at least
They are oblivious an incompetent, if not actively partisan, and this in this presidential race Jefferson in this whole mark rage document from the FBI. Is it just a coincidence that had happened then? Well perhaps it certainly are someone who has made for your requests to the FBI. They are notoriously terrible about responding to them. They take years. They dont were really documents in any sort of worldly or consistent way. We did is conceivable that this was just a coincidence, but coming on top of the director commies you know very unusual uncontroversial released last week. It just makes the f b I look like a like a wing of the Republican Party. Why did James calm? We compare feel calm old to release the information that they were looking into. These emails right before the election
There was an illegal analysed Jeffrey to tube in spending the entire election cycle. Saint homely should be fired and then, of course, he turns around and says no way he shouldn't be fired. This is all crazy, ok. So this brings us to our three theories, which I will get to injustice. Second, are theories of why Trump did what Trump just did with James CALL Me- and this is the important parts- will gets a dangerous second, but first I want to say thank you to our new advertisers over into China. So into Chino is a suit company. They basically make made to measure suits fit in they fit fantastic ok, I went over to an Indochina store over on on Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills and it was a wonderful experience. They they fit it directly to you. They fit a suit directly. You you pick your fabric. They have got a thousand different variations on how you can actually have the suit done from lapel size? To than to the the weave of the fabric to the design the design of aligning the fabric to how lapel buttons
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Me over his incompetence over the Hillary Clinton investigation, but that theory number once a theory number one is that he fired and bring competence, multiple from the administration, say that trumpets rolled over and over and over. The call me needed to go there right reasons why he needed to go number one. He's July, twenty. Sixteen exoneration of Hillary Clinton number to the October twenty eight letter, informing Congress that the F b I headed, uncover new emails and number three that just a couple of days ago, he appeared before where's to explain himself made an act of himself and the FBI had to restate the evidence in order to prevent him from having committed perjury, he lost the trust of the administration, and so he had to be fired. That's the most clear and obvious explanation. It also does not explain the timing, it doesn't explain why exactly this happen, when it happened, explain why exactly trumpeted it now right, he should a fired call me immediately upon entering office or beforehand you should have, or if you will, fire analogy to go on him said: listen director. We want
confidence in you, but we want to make sure that their sins from institutional stability there's not big scandal. We want to have your help in transitioning, away from this being your department to somebody else's department, heres, a list of nominees. Let's work on this and let's try and figure out a way to transition is more smoothly. That's not what happened in their serious questions as to why that didn't happen. There's a lot of evidence to suggest that this had nothing to do with the current investigation. Number one, as I mentioned Trump, is obviously very very angry at James call me over Russia in that letter, as I mentioned, is a phrase that says why greatly appreciate you informing me I'm three separate occasions. I am not under investigation. I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the deal j you're not able to effectively led the bureau sees road test. It call me over Russia. Explain. This doesn't necessarily mean corruption, but physical me over Russia, political has reported something similar to day. He had grown enraged by the Russia investigations to adviser said frustrate
his inability to control the mushrooming narrative around Russia. You repeatedly asked AIDS why the rush investigation wouldn't disappear, demanded they speak out for him. He would sometimes scream at tv clips about the probe one adviser said trumpet grown. The russian resignation particularly call me admitting in front of the Senate and the F B, I was investigating his campaign, so he's pissed economy, not coming on saying there's nothing here, and so he fired him is the theory he's been used. Twitter to bash the Trump rush investigation the day before he fired commie. He treated Russia should collusion stories total hopes. When will this taxpayer on charade and the next day homey was gone. Third point instead member the guy, who wrote that long letter explaining why com you should go his letter was dated yesterday If this was a long time in coming, why was the what about when he should be fired, dated the day that he was fired. So here's the problem. Katy Trump Administration said that it took them eighteen days to fire Michael Flint after they were informed by the acting attorney general. The Michael Flynn was compromised by the Russians, but it took them apparently eighteen seconds to fire. The FBI director after that
deputy attorney general said, oh by the way he's added his job. So that's it. Billy Trump surrogates, don't know what's flying. This makes it look like it was spur of the moment not like this is a long time in coming and he clearly been fired come over the Clinton stuff, as we fired, come over the Clinton stuff, as we pointed out earlier so hearing number one has some holes in it. This theory that Trump fired him for simple incompetence. Now, that's you know that their people Who are you who are trying to maintain that so that there is there's ain't yesterday that this was coming. Sean spices asked at a press conference. Whether call me headphones confidence, and he said this does the president's confidence for confidence. Refugee, and I have no reason to believe I've asked him so I dont, I have not asked the president since last time we spoke about this last August He said he did our atmosphere, not sure say that again I don't live you're telling me I don't wanna start speaking on behalf of the present without speaking to him. First, was a hinted. This was coming spice, dissociated himself, so Collins, Senator from main she says that colonies refusal
night. Hilary is the reason why he's gone To me that this may have been the inevitable conclusion of director co me decision last July to go public with the reason bed. He had decided not to recommend an indictment of Alaric Cleanin. I think he is a very well intentioned individual but bad confession to bypass the normal rules of the Justice Department, which he could have gone to. The deputy attorney general she's she's backing the narrative from the administration, but the problem is, I pointed out years that Israel timing promised trials crowd. Henry said the same thing last night.
The fire aims summarily with no warning in the middle of May, because, as I mean you happen in July, is his almost inexplicably. Second, the reason ostensibly is, as you read in that letter, for doing something that you're not supposed to do to usurp the attorney general, but second, to release all that information which was damaging to health, reclaim Donald Trump opponent. Do we really believe that Donald Trump after all, these months, decided suddenly had to fire this guy because he damaged Hilary back in July? Another implausible conjecture can grant hammers exactly right of course, sentence agents Committee Chairman Richard Bird. He says he doesn't understand why this firing is happening now, even Senate. Republicans are puzzled by. Thus we don't. That's ok simply said that is only in other result. There there congressional Republicans website about this- a theory number one that this was
Thirdly, a straightforward firing of a guy who's incompetent. It doesn't really. Ok, theory number two is London. Democrats are pushing their number. Two is the aid. This was an incompetent cover up. The basically James call me was getting this close to uncovering the collusion between the trunk campaign and the Russians. Ok that his theory number two that is backed up by a peace today in the New York Times that suggests that, just days before he was fired, Commie asked for more money in the Russia investigation is according to the New York Times. They say Mr Commie asked for the resources during meeting last week with ROD Rosen seeing the deputy attorney general, who wrote the g OJ memo that was used to justify the firing of the FBI director coming in brief members of Congress on the meeting in recent days. Ok, there's a bunch programmes for pushing this narrative, that it was an incompetent cover up basically and here's Elizabeth Worn, pushing their narrative. Call me was not fired because of Hilary call me fired because of the Russians. Ok that is the idea that the Democrats are pushing and again that is backed up by a certain amount of evidence, number one
tweeting on an ending the investigation. As I mentioned a moment ago, the Russia from collusion stories, a total hoax. When will this tax are funded charade and its also backed up to a certain extent by the idea that on Spacer still doesn't have that the administration still has no real explanation for why exactly they didn't fire might Flynn the the National security adviser under Trump for eighteen days, so they were informed that he was in basically in the pay of Russians at a certain point in time. So all of this was was not looking good for the Trump administration in that trunk administration makes it look even worse by some of the worst pr. I have ever seen under any circumstances. Kelly unkind what goes on tv and says the words you never want to say. If people are accusing you of engaging in a cover up, she says this: a feminine in Burma has said it raises serious concerns. A Republican as head of the Senate Intelligence Committee invent education is concerned. The timing of all the same senators that gesture voted to confirm this man who's in
Agriculture, is not in doubt. Ninety forty six to short weeks ago, we're supposed to believe I think the derogatory descriptions you just made of him- that's not fair and with senator sure who said about Miss virgin seen on the Senate for April interfering? Blank quote quote as regards this is concerned. This singular centrally. This is a cover up today, while he's it's not a cover up. In fact, the president makes very clear in his letter the fact that Mr Comin on at least three occasions assured the president that he is not under investigation wage unless you, when you say that it's not a cover up, I just fired the guy who was leading the investigation again there they're just its next Ionian, its next ionian random. In flash back, I want to say this to the troll about Europe, I made my mistake, but in all my years of public life I have never profit, it never profited from public service. I
everything and in all my years, public life. I have never obstructed justice and I think too that I can say that in my ears of public life, I welcome this kind of examination because people are gonna know whether or not their presidents. The crop. Not a crook. Whenever somebody says this is not a cover up. I'm not a crooked, never looks good on tv and the from administration is doing itself no favours through all of this now. Do I buy this theory dry by this there when the second? Why don't buy this theory? But again I don't know this is the biggest problem with the Trump administration. Trump once things done and no one says to him now and then he trotted out surrogates, who kisses ass on national television instead of giving good rationales for him. Do he's doing so? Sierra Huckelby Sanders goes on national tv, I'm Talkin Karlsson last night, and what did she say the trunk brush investigation. Everybody's clam, that is a cover up because of the Trump Russia stuff. What did she say she's laws gilded from brush investigation, my gosh tucker-
when are they gonna? Let that go it's been going on for nearly a year. Frankly, it's kind of getting absurd, there's nothing there. We ve heard that time and time again we heard it in the testimonies earlier this week we ve heard it for them. Eleven months? There is there. There is time to move on and its frankly, it's time to focus on the things that the american people care about its timetable. From the front brush investigation, if you're trying to show that you didn't fire, call me to kill the tramp rush investigation. It is not smart. You send your surrogate on tv to say that you want the trumpet visit Trump Rush investigation to die and it's not smart to tweet the day before you fire, the guy. They wanted Brush investigation to die it's just it's just stupid. Ok, like If you want from to succeed, he needs You stupid now he's doing stupid things he's doing stupid things. Raymond means a stupid thing and its allowing the left to run wild over this entire thing. Chris Matthews going crazy over and MSNBC saying it's a little with fascism given the morning cover they showing tat stuff.
What we saw tonight is the rule of law does not matter. It's the rule of political power. You know we hear president from Say America. First tonight, prison from for himself first take a little whiff of fascism. Tonight I think it's fair. It is a little wish, a little we're fucked. I know here the law on the bus. Ok, this- is why the Democrats are going to take all the way through Chuck Schumer taking this line today. Also, why did it have because it's a cover up, we need a special investigator now now now this is their routine. Now, why did it happen today? We know houses investigating russian Interference in our elections that benefited the Trump campaign where these investigations getting too close to home for the president is troubling that attorney general sessions, who would require whose himself from the russian investigation played a role in firing. The man
eating it? Ok to visit the routine? The Democrats are going to play all the way down the line. You got theory number one and you make up your mind on this. There staring number one. The trump fired him for simple competence in the time it was all competing who can in their serial number two, which is the term fired me to stop the Trump brush investigation, even though there is no evidence from the trunk brush investigation that anything is going on, and then there, theory number three- and this is my theory- and you tell me You think this theory is correct or whether this theory is incorrect. But here is my theory, is too wide trump fired him, but for that you're gonna have to subscribe, but a daily wired outcome right now of re dollars a month you can become a subscriber. To the daily wire dot com or your annual subscription, which will buy you. Also a free copy of the Arroyo fixed Don't set on our southern border about a ranch or attempting to defend his land from the drug cartels, great action western by our own Jeremy boring, they're right now and govern daily word com. You can also watch the rest of the show live, be part of the mail bag tomorrow and there are lots of their goodies coming. I promise, plus, if you just want to listen later, Governor Itunes or sound, cloudy, can listen to us live. I subscribe
review? We always appreciate it. We are the largest concerned upon cast in the nation. Ok, I promise I'll get to. My theory is what was happening in justice and but first I want to say thank you to our advertisers over its stamp Stockholm. So when there's this much news, you don't have time to stand in line at the post office waiting for stamps. That's why you need stamp staff com for all of your business in personal correspondence stamps. Calm allows you to go online, can print the the mail EDD, mailing postage onto a piece of paper and tape it onto your postage. You can you can mail, you Prince Andrew Sticker, imprinted directly on the letter. Had you couldn't print out your stamps from your desk, you never have to go to the post office again and right now, if you enter Shapiro in the microphone search bar stamps dot, com for weak trial, complete with postage
Digital scale. Again, we use it here at the office is unimportant letters and packages that digital scale comes in hand. It examines you don't have to go down to the post office and weight in line. Save time and time is money, so save money as well, but a standstill com before we do anything else. Click on that radio icon microphone at the top and typing Shapiro it gets you your for. We trout with postage and digital scale, which is an awesome deal in get that postage whenever you needed it doesn't matter if the Post office is closing, get your business done at all hours of the day stamp star com used that promo code Shapiro in the microphone search bar, ok, so at long last, here is, my theory is to what happened here, and I think it fits the evidence case again. To recap: theory: one incompetence on incitement of Hillary Clinton, led to try to fire call me, and he fired him now, because ROD Rosen scene was just appointed japanese Ernie General and his very first act in office was to write a letter basically recommending the firing. There's only two problems with this
Geller theory, one. It doesn't make sense the trumpet firing over the Hilary stuff, because you liked him over the Hilary stuff and to ride Rosen Stiens letter was written yesterday and he was fired the same day. And lastly, there is a third piece of evidence which that nowhere in that letter is rod. Rosen Steen explicitly call for the firing of James Commie. It looks more like a letter that was written to order by IRAN, Rosen Steen on Behalf the attorney General Sessions and Donald Trump in order to make it's that trunk didn't have to take the blame for firing? Call me apparently from the White House, as they were all blown away, that this was even controversial since the entire left, hates call me unwanted, comic, gone there's theory number two hearing number two: is the trumpets covering something up: the democratic theory that James call me was on the verge of uncovering the great so looking gone that would make it clear that that Vladimir Putin was in using Donald Trump as as his personal vessel for Spiegel Access, even call there would put it and that if James called the
and that of James call me had been left in office than this. Investigation would have gone forward and everything we ve been crap for transit had to fire commie, it's basically the Saturday night Massacre in which Richard Nixon fight The special prosecutor, who is checking out Watergate? Ok here, is the third year there. So that theory to number one there's, no evidence that Trump Russia is actually a thing number two. Doesn't make a lot of sense. That trump would be this incompetence of fire call me this way should have fired at each one to kill the investigation. You could have fired him right off the top buddy. If I am right off the top instead, he allowed this thing to drag on for months, and here is the three number three- and this is my theory- trump- is not good at this. It's that simple trump is not good at this trumps in need. Jerk die. Who does stuff that he wants to do and no one says no to him and everyone around him pander to himself here's my theory that are weak and a half ago. We could go
James coming goes to the hell. Any testifies any talks about from Russia, and these are unwilling to say openly that there's no evidence of Trump Russia, he keeps saying things are classified trunk knows he didn't do anything wrong with Tromp Russia deepen the cockles at his heart. Trump actually thinks he's innocent trump things I didn't do. Anything here MIKE's, Lynn might be guilty, but Michael, and was just a guy who work of my campaign. What do I care for metaphor might be guilty of something but home for just a dude. I mean that. Wasn't me why? Why exactly am I getting targeted now? This James call me has told me personally three separate times that I'm not the target of this investigation, so why do I keep hearing from Russia this and from Russia that it's a bunch of crap? Why do people keep talking about this and Jane, can we won't put an end to its a fire that ass right mean that that's basically then that's basically the theory that he said: get rid of that guy, I'm sick of him. I'm tired of them get rid of him and nobody in his inner circle has any sort of idea of how to control trump? So nobody, said to him. You know, Mr President, if you do, That is going to look like a cover up. Why don't we if out of power, We have a nice enough for him and say James Comin,
given this country wonderful service and will give some sort of a worn and then leave quietly and who go away in or replacement somebody and then the end. Negation will be completed and more petitions fashion and will be done? You won't have to worry about anymore instead from set fire that guy fire that a whole The next thing you know that the people and his administration say yeah sounds awesome. What's doing and one of them France can us, after all they hate deck? I it'll be great, so from fires in and then there's blow back this theory trump. Isn't early guilty of collusion with Russia. These not knowingly he just wanted. Call me gone because annoyed. They call me won't say what he knows to be true, which is that there is no Trump Russia Collusion and he's sick of this thing, dragging on forever sick economy. Taken up spotlight me sick, a call me taking up times uses get rid of them now. Is that tone The illegitimate is not complete. The legitimate interest demonstrates a trump has no patients from has no strategic knowhow and that from basically just want something to happen and expensive to happen right, damn now in yellow people until it happens, and no one wants
well that's the other. Ok, Mr President, look will go ahead and do that for you next thing I know there's blow back because it turns out when you fire somebody for not completing investigation as fast as you want to be completed, it looks a lot like you firing somebody for not complete An investigation in the manner in which you wanted completed, with the How come you want that Is there an that's the problem? So that's my work, in theory of all of this is the trump used late taking action in the sort of Heaven. Overcome. His testimony last week is a pretext, in terms of our opinion in order to fire commie, but really just wanted them gone, and that does mean he's guilty, but it does mean that he's not good it does. That is pretty incompetent because, as I put an earlier essentially what the Trump White House prove today is that they are Their incompetent covering things are because everybody is now suspicious and it's going to draw more attention to the Trump rush investigation. That trunk doesn't want to talk about or they are so incompetent that their incompetent at covering things up and they make it look like a cover up so there
but it's either so bad that they make an innocent thing. Look like a cover up or so bad. They make a cover up. Look like a worse cover up right there. Actually obvious in their cover up. So basic role in Washington DC, never tribute email is what you can contribute to stupidity and incompetence. That holds particularly true with the Trump administration which has demonstrated incompetence on MIKE Flynn, which is now demonstrating competence on on down two on the Daphne I'd recommend it just easier to say that this incompetence than to say that this is anything else. There is a lot evidence to support this particular theory: trumps tweet, is most obvious he's not in control of his temper he's not in control of the situation. A just tweeting things wildly almost at random on twitter today. This is somebody who is who is thinking, from some start strategic long term plan? If I kept this guy in the back of the head- will never have to worry about it again. But this is this is really really say. So here is my recommendation: why don't we with whole judgment why would we withhold judgment on what is it
it's happening here until we actually replaced the FBI. Direct with somebody else now have Trump replaces the FBI direct with Chris Christie. Increase Christie immediately moves to question the investigation. Then I think suspicions should grow more warranted, but if the investigation continues as before- and you just annoyed with call me- and that's all it's going on here and he's incompetent in its timing, then I think that this makes a little bit more sense and will see who he replaced them with. Ok, that's that's might little incomplete breakdown. You pick which of those Gary's. You choose to believe, there's not enough evidence to support any of those theories conclusively. We cannot dismiss the theory that this was totally innocent. We can't dismissed the theory. This was totally guilty and we certainly can dismiss the theory that it somewhere in between there. Basically, it was tromp having a knee jerk reactions and get rid of call me. I hate the sky and his people say yet: let's do it and then they do it and then there's blow back ok time for some things. Like him in some things I hate and then we'll do a little bit of double talk so things I like we're doing things I like about things. I hate this week. Great biographies
ever there there's a biography of Huey long by T hurry Williams. That is just fantastic. I dont think have ev. I recommended this initial before I don't think I've. Recommend the it's. It's a fantastic, fantastic biography. T hurry Williams is a historian whose largely forgotten these days. Very good historian comes from the South and in his written some great books about reconstruction as well his book. And he belongs masterpiece. Huey long was demagogues of the highest order and it just diamond. Rates that the only difference between the book is is a very harsh look at how we long and how terrible. He was how dangerous he was his last week, after he was shy assassinated in a lot nobody's gonna, be the president of the United States that he was actually going to overthrow Sdr the book. The aid. It can happen here that that book by Sinclair Louis was actually written about who we long did win
at the senator. Windpipe is supposed to be based Buzz Winthrop, whose be demagoguery takes over the country is based on here. We long very clearly in that book here, along with shots at his last words, ass, he was dying, was dont. Let please God Let me die. I still have so much more work to do, which is kind of sad. Actually, the difference between the tragedy and serious tragedy in the form of a dictator. Who is really quite evil coming to power sometimes a bullet, and he is not a good thing when american politicians are saturated, obviously, but she was a very, very dangerous man and this by If he does him full justice here, we long by he hurried Williams really really fascinating, ok, other that I like so I thought them. The most serious thing surrounding this entire ring? James call happened last night and Stephen: there is show because everybody is flipping their positions back and forth. Nobody knows who stands wearing call me, so my position is very clear. I think when we had to go. I think the timing of this thing is real weird, and die and at least ought to raise some hackles. I think we have a right to be suspicious. I think
when Sarah Huckabee Sanders, or one Kelly and Conway comes out and says that no has any excuse to question the president's timing visitor, thing is Stephen Miller. Your baby, That when saying Trump will not be question, no help me question: does the president were allowed to question him, but but Finally, the entire right that loved James after the election flipped on coming now says he should be fired and the entire left that Haiti James call me has now flipped on James. Mean, says, he's wonderful. He never should have been fire and you can see it. Confusion with even called there's audience huckleberries, obviously upset economy was fired things that theory number two is an operation, is a giant cover up of the trunk Russia collusion, but when he announces the James Commies been fired by Trump. The crowd cheer listen to the crowd reaction is really funny story that broke the just minutes ago, like less than ten minutes ago. Fbi, director, James call me has just been fired by Donald Trump, huge down from fans here tonight. Ok,
he's really confused, because what we want is for people stunned and disturbed by the problem, you spend a year and a half seeing the James Komio Satan Spock we spent a year and a half saying the James Komio Satan. What do you think people are going to do that they're, not alive Donald Trump Fans and Stephen call. There's audience. I promise you that draw Hilary vans and their thinking call me that jerk, it's that guy's vote, that Hitler is not president right now and so there is all confuses like wait, a second way or the other. Eyes it's bad because, like it's a cover up, but the left has been somewhat, time, polarizing the electorate and telling them Jim's Komio Satan than now and call me his fired they're all excited about it, even though its trump, whose doing the firing is really really amusing, ok time for a couple of things, I hate so yesterday, in the New York Times there was a there is a peace by a writer named lorry is having its pronounced Charlotte who's the nest. He'll director of at human coalition, which is a pro life group and this Her columns suggested that abortion is not a solution to poverty, which is of course
she said, above all, it's a profoundly dehumanizing argument. It reduces mothers and their children to mere economic objects and amounts to saying we are justified in killing those who impede our economic progress, parenting press and undeniable challenges, but no one argues that those challenges give parents the right to kill their children, which, of course, is two percent rule random. If your poor and a three year old you dont get to toss you're three year old off a bridge because your poor, it would give you more economic opportunity. The personal data about this again and cheerful, upholding the job homophobic as it is a big feminist author and she, very upset she said portion is a wonderful thing, no matter what the circumstance, including poverty, my favorite line. She wrote this long. Twitter diatribe about all of this, my favorite line, is what she says near the end of this diatribe here is what she says she says even social and health policies, wouldn't bring the abortion rate zero. Many women- abortions, because they do not want a child. Now we need, to be honest, women don't have abortions only out of economic constraints straight at that's true. In fact, most abortions have nothing to do with economic. Strangers. Abortion means better economic
opportunity, for women means better and less fearful sex- that nothing. We usually don't want to say, and it's not taking us instability to force a woman's carry a pregnancy to term. For many ending, a pregnancy is taking responsibility. If you can't afford a child, don't want a traveller. Dont want to carry a pregnancy to term. For any reason, abortion is responsible. Ok, let me right that. Ok, if you can Two forty child dont want a child or We want to carry a child realm on your on your hip killing the child is responsible You see the inherent problem with this particular logic. I do love the idea that you should be able to kill us seven month old baby in the womb, because that we will have better endless fearful sacks, because Clearly that are most women's mind when they're having sex is oh, no, I might get pregnant and then I'll have to have an abortion. That is not really, what time most women's mine. In fact, I guarantee you that what is a woman's mine when she is having irresponsible Saxon getting pregnant is not getting pregnant because then she regrets it Rachel clearly clearly nothing about that. You think about that use contraception, they got a hell of a lot of sense. Note to Joe Philippa,
if you actually want women to have better and and more enjoyable, sacks initiative Mary by every available whole married women have better and more enjoyable sex, then single women, because there's more security in knowing that the guiding and take off in the morning. So that's again feminist just showing that abortion has to do more. With can be since then it has to do with morality. Ok, let's go little bit of viable talk. So this week in the jewish religion. We read the portion from invite you grow from from Leviticus called M, or and this is a section from this particular tore apportion from the book of Leviticus. Three, twenty two it is. When you read the harvest of your land, you shall not completely removed. Corner of your field during your harvesting? You shall not gather the gleanings your harvest right then we shall leave these for the poor person and for the stranger I am the Lord, your God. So most title in the Bible actually refers to bringing a bunch of your produce, your team. We send your protest to the light I try it did you two priestly case that you're supposed to give the charity too, but it's not actually giving the charity to the poor. This is
explicitly by giving charges the poor notice a couple of things here? It's not a welfare program right. It says you're supposed to leave corner of your feel unpicked unclean. Why? Why would you it gleaning handed to the poor. The answer is that God would like the poor to work even more. Charity that they receive and it's interesting, it doesn't actually specify in this precise particular section of the Torah and doesn't specify what measure of the field ought to be left unclean right, what what measures the feel you're supposed to leave unpacked? Is it one tenth? Is it one sixtieth, it doesn't really say the Tom and later establishes the rabbi say they shouldn't do any Stan One sixtieth, but it's kind of fascinating that the Torah is is pretty about the idea that, even if you're going to give charity that people who are receiving charity, have responsibility gotten work for it. You should have retraining. People to work is sort of the biblical message here. Another thing that's worth noting in this particular part of the Bible is from Leviticus twenty. Or if a man strikes out any human being, he shall be put to death. One place an animal shall pay for the value of life for the life he took a man
conflicts in injury upon his fellow man, just as he did so shall be done to him fracture for fracture. I, for I tooth for a tooth sissy infliction injury upon a person so shall be inflicted upon him and the one who injures an animal shall pay for and what strikes it. And shall be put to death. This is the part where a bunch people get wrong. Mule testing I think this is literal that this means that, if you hit somebody, then this means that you should either you should be hit in return that's not actually what it means. What it actually means that you're supposed to pay the value of the wound that you inflict and the reason it we know this from the torment. Is that occurs in the section of the Bible, specifically talking about payments right signify the actual payments, is. Why give the context I won? slays national, shall pay for the value of life for the life that he took. Right if you slain animal, you have to pay for the animal and then it talks about wounding, and then it goes back to. If you actually strike a person and you put to death is different than the Hammurabi code. The Hammurabi code means this very literally. In fact, Islam still takes this literally, but it's meant figuratively and it is
about the value of the injury. The issue is supposed to be repaid. I like to clarify that, because I think people should get the proper interpretation of all that has been historic jewish interpretation for thousands of years? Okay, so we'll bring you more from the fall out from the James Coming firing tomorrow and you think on it think about which of those Three theories applies in peels to you as far as wide from fired call me, I'm sure will have more information by this time. Tomorrow stated find out I'm bench a of this is the bench a parachute
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