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Ep. 301 - Comey's Gone, And The Russians Are Coming! Or Are They?

2017-05-11 | 🔗
Democrats think Trump's dead to rites thanks to the Comey firing, but we still don't know the whole story. Meanwhile, the right blames the media and the Democrats, and we open up the mailbag!
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According to ABC News, president, tramples on an executive order today to investigate voter fraud. The executive order would rate of commission staff by vice president might pens in Kansas Secretary of State Chris Callback to investigate Election Integrity ABC News reports. The commission, which will include Republicans and Democrats, this will be tasked with studying vulnerabilities, any less voting systems and potential effects and improper voting fragile. Voter registration and fraudulent voting according to one official with knowledge of the announcement. This is a fine notion, but Fraud is indeed a serious problem in threatens election integrity despite democratic claims. To the contrary, more specifically, the possibility of widespread voter fraud remains a problem, even though evidence of actual fraudulent balance being cast is relatively scanty, as the daily, where has reported in Thousands, while the Pew Research Centre found the following there. Almost twenty four million active voter registration in the United States either invalidate inaccurate. Almost tumor
in debt, Americans were still in the act of voting lists. Twelve million voter records riddled with incorrect addresses or other errors. Almost two point: seven five million voters were registered in over one state and it does not take widespread voter frog shift and election. The pay, Youtube Obamacare, which relied on the replacement of republican tender norm common of Minnesota without Frank and rested on a three hundred. Twelve or retail margin in favour, frank and accordingly sort of majority. A conservative watchdog group quote at least three hundred and forty one convicted felons voted in Minneapolis Hennepin County to States largest another fifty g voted illegally in Saint Paul Ramsay County to state second largest demographic, had of Minnesota Majority says the only conclusive matches were included in the groups totals number five voting in those two county alone, exceeds mister, Frank and victory margin. The same helped you in two thousand for Washington State gubernatorial election with democratic, Christine Greg our defeating republican Dino Rossi, by a hundred and twenty nine votes. Some one thousand four hundred felons voted illegally in an election at least fifty five thousand ballots were enhance and the Secretary of State
certified election results in at least five counties or more votes work, ass in the voters, according to babble into the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, a single cast legally mean someone else's vote has been cancelled out since about time we looked voter fraught with that said the media will now attempt to clash any real investigation into voter fraud based on president trumps. Wild overstatement of voter fraud during the twenty seen election cycle Trump announced after his electoral victory in twenty. Sixteen he'd actually won the popular vote to accept for three million votes cast illegally for Hilary said. Well, you can never find you know there are going to be no matter what numbers we come up with a lot of people that did things we're not going to find out about that's a trumpet but we'll find out because we need a better system. When I can happen. That means that Trump, Edward learns against mere that cause and allow them yet reopening idiotic conversation with Trump about what He believes you on the popular road and because trumpets pathologically incapable of avoiding a perceived slight he'll, take debate
for two more weeks of talk about how tramples actual jobs in the popular vote. Even though we should be focusing on the real necessity of voter idea and cleansing voter rules. In order to draw Democrats, trumpets apparently include language my voters suppression too, even though there is no proof of voter suppression across the country whatsoever, they'll get Democrats on board and allow them to propaganda eyes about how voter idea actually prevents people from voting so bottom line. It's good. The Trump is looking a voter fraud it suited. Donald Trump is one is actually doing it. I've been Shapiro. This is the dimension for Russia.
You're in town USA, because the leaks are everywhere there every. Wherever that everything is opened up, the skies of open the leaks are pouring down, and now we have many theories as to why FBI director, James Homey, was actually fired, but most of the evident seems to support you guessed it my theory from yesterday as to why it is that James call me was viable talk about all of that in just one second, but first I want to say thank you for sponsors over at policy genius dot com. So if you are somebody who is in need of life insurance and let's face it if you're alive- and you have debt or of your life- and you don't have that in your further- your family will have that. If you die any policy genius dot com, you can save over forty percent on other life insurance policies. When you go to policy genius, tat come if placed over five billion dollars and life insurance for people like you, I myself have life insurance. Having my company has life insurance on me as well Did I get along with my company, so they can't kill me, but in any case policy, Mr Campbell, make sure you have life insurance. You should, as responsible human being, who should have life insurance so that whether your spouse
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Paisley, the news of the day, continues to be the fall out from the firing of FBI represents call me, and now we have leaks aplenty there really too, stories that came out. Maybe three have come out full of leaks about Trump firing coming and one thing is, is absolutely clear. The original explanation for why the administration fired coming just doesn't have any waters. The original explanation was: you know this debt the attorney General Run, Rosen's Dini shut up fourteen days ago, and many decided you're coming undergoes who wrote us a memo unprompted in which he said that we had to go and we took his advice and we fired James call me that's horse me or Anyone who is horse nor from the first day the problem with Not a bad story is now make people believe the worst. When you say something that is untrue. That makes people immediately jumped to the worst possible conclusion, as opposed to the more realistic, but not so great inclusion, which is probably what actually happened. So it clear now that run Rosen steam was not the guy find the firing, thereby multiple reports that trumpet simply had desired, decided to fire call me last week and then Calderon rose and seen an attorney general just sessions and resolves and said, come up with something.
Of letter. That's a pretext for firing him and rose unseen, did what a good soldier supposed to do. He wrote this letter, apparently there's report yesterday that the deal J is no denying that Rosen seen actually threatened to resign yesterday because he was so ticked off. The Trump White House to be blaming him for Commies ouster bottom line was handled about as badly as you can handle. Any issue like this is listening to Data Reno Increase Tyrol, podcast, which is worth listening to, and data knows a hell of a lot about White House indications. She was saying that people she feels bad for all of us. Are the members White House Communication staff were given about half an hour notice that this was happening, maybe and then we're force the scramble and then from get pissed off when they don't have a good cover story, which is his voice, because he was the one who forced them to scramble, but the real question remains: why exactly was he fired so story from the White House continues to be. He was fired because he did a bad job, so here Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is supposed to be good at right. She supposed me better than John Spice, whereas the rumours yesterday that from pay tax on Spacer is handled. This reasoning, backfiring spacer to everybody, is
simply on the hook with Trump. If you do something he doesn't like a fire you all. He demands, loyalty, which is one of the stores. We'll talk about. There's a story. The James call me was fired because you refuse to guarantee trumpets personal loyalty, in any case her Sarah. How can be sanders make insane cases too, I James home, it was fired. I think also having a letter like the one, he, received an having that conversation that outlined the basically just a trial, cities in circumventing the chain of command in the Department of Justice. Any person of legal mind an authority knows what a big deal that is particularly in the Department of Justice, particularly for somebody like the deputy attorney general, who has been part of the Justice Department for thirty years, and none of it makes any sense personal. You don't use the word. Atrocities about legal errors, okay atrocity is like fur atrocity is, for, like cost or my lie or Syria gassing people atrocity is not. He went out in public
said something about job out. Hillary Clinton learnt a lens like that. I'm sorry that has arisen level atrocity, there's just simply the case that she's making coming out of his job. Yes, call me was that it is job. Guess he's been saying that for year, that's right, it was so I've been saying for your genes call me is absolutely crappy this job at the question, isn't why he was fired. The question is why he was fired now, and the answer clearly is not something that happened last July, so that story has no veracity whatsoever. Jake Tap represents another story. So now you got bunch of anonymous sources leaking and here's the thing no about anonymous sources. There are not enough, we don't know who they are and we don't know what that are. Gender is, and we don't know whether they have any specialised knowledge as to why call me was fired. We don't know whether there are speaking from personal knowledge what actually going on in the investigation or whether they are speaking based on speculation at the FBI. Anonymous or so useful, and you have to use them in journalism, because a lot of people are afraid of speaking with their name on the record, because they're afraid that there are going to get fired for it. So anonymous sources, our common use, but the problem is,
we have a thousand anonymous sources coming forward. You sort of have to take everything with the grain of salt until further information is confirmed, the media is not doing that takes opera yesterday reported what an anonymous source it said about. Why call me was fired now. If this is true, then trouble we impeach ok, but it's not true, then where's, even coming from there two reasons why President Trump, I'd, call me one colonies. Refusal to provide the president's with any sort of his assurance of personal loyalty and to the fact but the FBI's investigation into possible Trump collusion with Russia in the two thousand. Sixteen election. That, still not only an active investigation, it's actually accelerating. So basically the theory. Here is that call me wouldn't provides with his assurance of personal loyalty, you can see some of that in France Letter read the idea. That call me had told and that he was off the hook three times, but that he wouldn't go out publicly say the trumpets off the hook three times or even one time, so that actually there some brassy. That second claim is the one. The matters national and Democrats are hopping on today. Is the Democrats
in saying that the decision to fire call me is really about obstructing the rush investigation now here's the part- that's crazy about this, there's an end higher FBI out there that still doing the investigation. There's no evidence whatsoever that the investigation will actually be quash. In fact, what trouble now done. Is he brought more focus in the investigation? Not less focused investigation, either. Throne competence or stupidity, or because you didn't care, but whatever the boy there's more people they care about the Trump Russian the term brush investigation and cared about a two days ago. So the idea that he killed investigation is just silly towns, there's a lot of call for special prosecutor. Special prosecutor, I think, is idea the region, a special prosecutors about ideas, because once you put a special prosecutor on a case, the special prosecutor will stay there and dig in digging dig until they find something. Whether or not it is really related to the key components of the story. So can it star will continue to do Clinton until he comes up of Lewinsky and Patrick Fitzgerald continue to dig
thou, replaying scandal until he comes up with scooter levy using, I have been involved in the valley, reclaimed, scandal it, but a special prosecutor on this thing and their personal digging dig into can dig until they come up with something that is not even related and just cast a cloud of suspicion over everything that the best possible I'll come here is for trumped. You appoint somebody, the FBI, whose considered sort of bipartisan who isn't going to be the trunk black. If your point crisscrossing originally on and people are gonna scream bloody murder as well, they ought, if your point somebody like we suggest Merrick Garland, who is your call, was, was Brok Obama's last Supreme Court nomination? If you're points him He who has credibility Democrats. It can be very hard for Democrats to make the claim that this was all giant cover up a crazy attempt by Trump due to kill the Russia Investigation, but Democrats are out over their skis today there trying to push from peach. It meant without any sort of evidence here is richer Blumenthal, a guy that that Trump is now calling yeah. I guess he's saying that he said the accused. Of lying about, as was war service, which is true,
you're blumenthal- has become so that no effort for trump- and here he is senator from Connecticut talking to Anderson Cooper It is a looming constitutional crisis because it involves a potential confrontation as dig Watergate between the president and other branch of government, and it may well produce another United States versus Nixon on a subpoena that went to the United States Supreme Court. It may well produce impeachment proceedings, although we are very far from that positive right now. The president has not been charged and there is a sagacious under way, which should be given the kind of integrity and independence there, deserve because his way out over his skeezer talking about Nixon talking about impeachment does not like Watergate. Ok in Watergate Richard Nixon fired these special problem Peter had been set up in origin state Watergate and then the attorney general. He basically suddenly turned general you fire. This guy
and the attorney general said nothing to fire. This guy then went to the deputy turning generous. You fire this guy and sit on that and if this guy's a trumpet the social next and fired all three of them, and the bottom line. Is that it sits at the bottom line, is that this is not like that right, many attorney general and the deputy attorney general both recommended they can only be fired again. This is not obstructing the investigation by any evidence that I can tell that the Democrats are still going nuts over this Cory. Booker, who has presidential ambitions, he's on crazier than anybody else, I've seen Senator from Jersey, grid, great screenshot, because he's saying, is saying that the Russians are coming Donald Trump. Clearly, taken seriously in what should be a pull over your moment for our country where people are talking about the russian are coming their intended, not only to attack tat. This past election was intending to continue this behavior. What will our response v and right now? It's been wholly unsatisfactory, set from this administration. Ok, so this still leaves out the question again. He has no answers as to what exactly you suspect is going on, or what evidence has that any of this is happening. Basically, the Democrats,
you're making hey while the sun shines. They see that this is an opportunity to bash trumpets. They're gonna go ahead and do it. I will say that their their basically a few different story today as to why it is that from fired, call me and all of them we with my theory, yesterday's my theory yesterday to restate was that from fired coming because he's pissed economy that simple he was angry. Call me because call me wasn't coming out in just saying that troubles innocent in Russia Investigation, even if other people were saunter investigation like an essay Michael Flynn and former campaign manager, Pollyanna four seas. Technical me for not doing that. It now appears that you also take to call me because call me was not taking his wiretapping crap seriously, any wasn't investigating leagues or another, and so on that was a misuse of resources and he wants an FBI director who's going to who's, going to try and track down all of his conspiracy theories about the Obama administration again. Should the FBI voting time on finding out who leaked the name, Flynn to the press. Absolutely they should, and I don't think, that's completely unfair, but for trying to get angry com because commie was not paying attention is stupid, wiretapping allegations that's absurd, because it
stupid, wiretapping allegations, but that's exactly the Washington Post report in court Trump had long question colonies, loyalty and judgment that was infuriated by what he viewed as a directors lack of action in recent weeks on leaks from within the federal government by last week and he made up his mind? Can we had to go? The president had already decided to fire call me according to this person, but in the meeting several Whitehouse official said Trump gave sessions and Rosen Stena directed to explain The case against call me the president and our desire to fire calling economy according to this person, and bottom line is that they decided that they were going to come up with this pretext for for firing comic, but what action just after one, color was on tv, do much to call me refused to say the trumpets innocent Three coming provide his personal loyalty guarantee to President Trump, which is just insane. The FBI director should never be forced, provide a personal level to guarantee to any president. That is not his job again, all of reflects badly on Trump. None of it suggests that Trump is actually in the pay of the Russians or in collusion with the Russians. Now, with that said,
there is a media report from the Wall Street Journal. It really is kind of a bombshell and says in the weeks If our trump fired at the director. James call me Earl Investigation into potential collusion between Trump Associates and the russian government was heating up. As MR call me increasingly occupied with the probe miracle. Started receiving daily instead of weekly updates on the investigation beginning at least three weeks ago, according to people with knowledge of the matter and progress of the fair Bureau of Investigation Probe Mr Column concern by information on possible evidence of collusion according to these people. So this would be the biggest bomb shall, of course, is the idea that there is actually something dirty going on intra covered it up. All we have is synonymous or saying that call me was concerned about that, but we don't have any evidence that that was actually happening there. Also report from a class you today that the F b I led programmes, whether russian influence operations, help put Trump and the White House done an ice edge and could easily veer into either of two distinct directions. One Stability is investigators will feel galvanise by trumps, abrupt firing of FBI director coming and borough even deeper into the prob, or, with the F b I tell
very rudder temporarily rudderless from oil, as in the Justice Department, could put the brakes on the investigation in multiple ways. So all of this disease speak well of the way that this was done again. None of it provides evidence that all this is done. There is a bigger problem here by the way and the bigger picture. Who comes in that same Washington, Post peace, this deep long piece about white fired, call me and it was buried down in the peace the actual big story. To quote many employees. The FBI said they were furious about the firing saying the circumstances of colonies, dismissal did more damage to the FBI's independence than anything. Call me didn't is three plus years and the job one in agents, official who works on spent russian espionage matters said they were more terms than ever to pursue such cases. Another said commies firing and the subsequent comments from the White House. Our tax. There will soon be forgotten from headquarters declared war on a lot of people at the F B, I want official said. I think there will be a concerted effort, wrist and over time in kind. This is dangerous when Belgians community trumps, been saying this for a long time and is actually write about it when the end
agents community decide that it is their job to take down trump because they don't like what Europe is doing. That is dangerous, and that is a problem, and the fact is that two things can be truly wants one from handled the becoming firing absolutely badly. It looks really a lot worse than probably as and to the entire, genes community doesn't have the wherewithal to begins. We're not going out strong because we don't like we do to Komio cats, dangerous. That is a branch, and that is a coup that is it that is attempts inside government to get rid of these sitting. President of the United States, and that is unacceptable. Under all of these circumstances. Wanna talk more about the sort of talk about the Father and why this actually matters for the Republicans, why shouldn't Republicans just blow it off? So this is we're blondes facilities, Democrat shocking, too much. Why republicans take this seriously over ideally wire, dotcom, so eight dollars month gets you a subscription to daily word com. You can watch the rest of the shell. If you sign up right now, you can hardly mailbag will be taking live questions in the mail bag today, plus, if you get any annual subscription
free copy of the Arroyo. Jeremy borings fascinating film set on the southern border, its modern action western about around you're trying to protect his property from drug cartels using his ranches thoroughfare fur, drugs and human trafficking in check it out over daily wire dot com or, if you just want to listen upon, cast later governance tunes or sound cloud and give us listen and rating. We always appreciated make sure these subscribe. We are the largest conservative podcast in the nation. So bottom line as this is a massive trumps on making and it was is this a mess of trumps on making and it was made because Trump is impetuous, because Trump is volatile because Trump does I have a great personality for president of the United States and because being in the sector does not always translate overwhelming to being government. Trump is apparently said to become a pause. As to why there's so much blow back. Given that the democratic call me the answer, is because when you in the private sector- and I don't like someone- then he use terms raise raged, go you're fired and that it they're not and there's no, Well, back you run the company. That's
the way the government works. When you fire the FBI director, who has to have a certain level of independence to do his job, there will be Oh backdrop doesn't get that from still doesn't get that and that's gonna be a problem. For him and then Trump exacerbates the problem, because Trump, yesterday, you just such stupid optics in every way, and it doesn't matter people who are another trap and think that everything from does it just heartbreaking act of wonderful genius of the people, think these playing eight d, underwater backgammon in all of this routine is is is silly to me. There's a whole group of people who just The headline in the headline is Trump: under investigation by FBI over Russia, from fires had of FBI, a very easy to sum it up from the left and a lot of people. That's that when we take away and it doesn't help when then has in his office the Russian? Foreign Minister, Sergey lab robbing the oval office on Wednesday just hours after firing call me, and then he also has russian ambassador to the surrogate Kisyak who, as you recall, is known to be a russian intelligence asset and that's why to problem that he was talking with
and as a former Emma S, eight Michael Flynn, why did from here these people in presumably because Putin specifically asked him to a White House spokesman said of trumps labourer, meaning quote: he chose to receive because Putin asked him to put It specifically ask the call when they last talk, but this was even stupider than that. Ok, so when from had lab, rob and kisyak into the Oval office, this: according the Washington Post, a photographer for Russia, state O news agency was allowed into the oval office on Wednesday during from meeting with russian diplomats a level that Yes, that was criticised by former: U S: intelligence officials as a potential security breach. They can't actually, no other. They were bugging the office, no american we were allowed in their white house. Photographers no press was allowed in the Russian. So we want our official photographers, but their official photographers are actually the russian press agency, the official site did the danger listening device or other surveillance equipment could have been brought the oval office, well, hidden cameras or other electronics. Former yours intel officials raise questions after photos of trumps meeting with thirty aloud.
Were posted online by the Task news agency. He was told they work, because it online they wore posted online. The white has played down the danger. They said that the photographer his equipment were subjected to security screening before it entered white, grounds, but apparently, given duration also said that from was really pissed, that all of this went down the way that it went down the administration officials and what we are not informed by the Russians that their official photographer was dual headed and would be releasing the photographs on the State news agency. So in other words, the Russians were allowed ends photograph, but the american this, was not allowed in to photograph of meeting between Trump and the top level officials in the United States from the Russians on the day after he fired the FBI director who was in the middle of investigating a programme. Russia do I think that Trump had these people in and said a guy's, pretty great right fire the F B or now we're cool. So I think that's what happened now. Of course, I don't think that's it. That's haven't. I think that silly, but I do think that Trump I, who understands tv, a guy stands narrative at the very root level he should stand the optics and the optics, your stink, Katy Optics, terribly It's not great. When you have video of Sergei Lazarev, trolling
media, about the coma firing, which is exactly what happened yesterday. Breaking new Secretary of State Rex, tellers and meeting with Russia's top diplomats survey lab for all that the State Department right now, let's listening what Foreign minister lever off the state Department fresh Fgm might give wash continue our dialogue, our dialogue and our change that began in Moscow The dialogue be hosted, a very broad range of topics, This is absurd. Elaborate, the poor, Mister Russia, trolling, the american press, your kid you're kidding and then they go into the meeting with Trump and then amazingly Trump does this
the Kurds and the pictures are released by the Russians, not even by the White House, the released by the Russians from the king, it up with the Russians. Does this look good note? Doesn't look good, ok, look ridiculous! Imagine for a second if the exact same situation had happened. Oh bomber promises, flexibility to the Russians. It turns out there suspicion that Obama was coordinated with the Russians and the twenty Twond election, and then he has Sergei Lazarev and certainly kiss like into the oval. Often only lets the Russians photograph them. You think Republicans it be happy. I understand why Democrats or mad I also understand the Democrats need to wait for evidence before leveraging. Allegations like this is clearly evidence of collusion in a cover up, because there's no evidence. Any of that. Yet a lot of this is going on what time like Flynn is supposed to testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee next week. James call me supposed to testify in the Senate Intelligence Committee next week, we don't get a lot, information over time, but everybody is jumping to conclusions way too Afghan Dan rather in The media are leading the charge, of course, because they want trump gone. It's obvious
set. The media are invested in this being the end of little trump, and so here is Dan rather who, for some reason, is still being trotted out as legitimate new source, despite the fact that he was responsive he's the godfather of Big news. This is the guy who trotted out there memo, saying the George W Bush gone a while when he was a member of the AIR National Guard here. The end here is the end. They're, saying that the call me firing is obviously a cover up workers, Secret about what's going on here, as several people have already pointed out going on here is an effort to cover up the facts. Why there are so desperate to cover up the facts. We do not know and tat you can in response, and I mean hey began letting tat began internet. I saw my but here's that began in saying the exactly great year which the media are trying to bring ground from without proper evidence, theirs cultural left and a political left and a media you will a conglomerate. It's not a conspiracy, but it is clear
collusion and there were determined to break and bring down Nixon from the day, was nominated. They determine tried to. It can bring and they succeeded, try to break and bring down Reagan Overrun Contra in the wider region. Enforcing similar forces are trying. Break and bring down trumpeted transparent, a trait in front of us when you can't began to saying here is true and that brought the Republicans are right to say that the Democrats are trying to bring down trump here in their right to say there is a need to be a special prosecutor. Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Bird, who is not exactly a full and drunken richer, Bert as there is no need for a special prosecutor here, a future of that investigation Does that imply an obstruction of justice, the possibility of obstruction of justice here? We're done it certainly button, but I don't think that I think that the timing and the reasoning incites people to believe that there's something that's being covered up,
I am not in favour of a special prosecutor, because I think that the committee can carry out its responsibility can come to a conclusion in this. Basically right the problem of the special I ask you to an independent council, as people have said, is that it creates serious problems within the executive branch, Justice Scalia written opinion back in the eighties in which he suggested that Independent Council act was unconstitutional because all People in the executive branch work for the President of the United States. We have somebody who doesn't work for the President of the United States out on his own mission. Then you end up with possibility of conflict. The president has the right to fire people under the constitutional structure. If Congress once Oversight Congress condemn well take oversight, and so richer bird is basically crack now. That said, I think that is a mistake for us begins to tie themselves to closely to this. One. Paul Ryan is saying that from made the right move. Ryan is Measly, stating the future of his speakership on Donald,
I'm being ineffective leader and president, and that seems to me to be a mistake given what we know well, I think the president lost patience and I think people in the Justice Department lost confidence in direct call me himself and I think the present was looking at a situation where you had seen or Justice Department officials losing confidence. He does not want to see the FBI in disarray, monitor, see the FBI up and running in moving well, and I think the director comic kind of became an issue himself, and so it's obviously within the president's authority and role to do this. I think he made an important common decision. That's the decision that is in his right to do it. Now, let's go forward, let's get a capable personally to replace him and let us make sure that the men and women are there. The f b I keep doing their job. That's why I see so. Ok, so Ryan is basically igniting along because he thinks that if he treats trump nicely, doesn't points out the trumpets this this firing that it's the hill somehow get in good with Trump the problem with that only within our I say: if we look only the but if we have the right look on those that are about to say how do people on the right perceive as people in there I perceived. This is blown out of proportion. Of course, commission
gone. Who cares one from fire and we needed to be fired? What's the big deal here, people on the left on perceive it that way, more importantly, people in the Middle middle don't perceive it that way. So before any of this broke, couldn't university has pulled out the queue pull the Chiquita back inverse people has been biased against. Russia in the past. But that said, this pole is being a d plus sixteen on the agenda. Congressional balance means that fifty four percent of respondents say they want to see the Democratic Party take control the house rubber It is after the twenty Eightth MID term elections compared to thirty eight percent. Wanting Republicans to maintain the house. People hate the house, Republicans, they think they're doing a crappy job Indeed, the Senate Republicans aren't doing a much better job. Fifty percent of political independence pulled what see, Democrats when the house compared to thirty seven percent. Wanting Republicans actually percent of Republican say they want to see. Democrats take over the house while only two percent, Democrats want to see Republicans maintain the house if Republicans get anything past and right now, trumps batch of this makes it very difficult for anything to pass. Their
juries problem on their hands and if they keep tying themselves trump and Trump ends up being taught they will lose. The house in front will be impeached in the house, because that will be the first thing. Democrats. Do they moved to impeach President Trump immediately based on call me based on the emoluments clause? They will move on him as fast as Trump setting, ordinary, limiting they will move fast on him and it will not be it will not day. One though move to impeach him if they take back the house, Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the house looking to impeach the sitting republican president, is not a good luck. Trump better get his crap in order and remember now we can spend this entire week having debates in the Senate over how to make the agencies. The american Health CARE Act trump care better ocean. The entire week doing that and then talk my tax reform instead, nothing problem. Is this another week lost the centre has no incentive now to give Trump what he wants on american health care at their lot of Congress. People who have no incentive to give trump anything remotely looking like a right wing agenda, because, a lot of them who are vulnerable. The more of trumps credit
but he blows on stupidities like to call me firing the more it can be difficult to get things done into things. Don't get done Then republicans will lose the Congress it it's not. Gonna matter Republicans called Democrats, hypocrites, trumped, weeded out a video of Democrats, tweeting trashing call me yesterday, here's a doubt that you will look like, call me acted in an outrageous way by the EU. Take a hard look at what he has done. Think it would not be a bad thing for the american people if he did stopped and, finally, that Jim call me should resign century of Did you want to seem gone so it is absolutely true. Democrats have been very critical of James call me, and many of us did call for his resignation hard to be director of sex. Important in this is supposed to show that there are hypocrites and answer. Huckabee Sanders comes out and she says the demo. It would have been dancing of Hilary had fired, comin there's a she had to say yesterday,
I think I do know is that that is here. I was ass if this was something he came to on his own. That's my understanding. This is something that coming in to this new position and being the person that would oversee the deputy are the director of the FBI. That would be part of this process to do a review and to make a recommendation based on that review and that's exactly what he did look. I think one of the biggest things that is it being talked about in its being ignored is that Democrats would be dancing in the streets if Hillary Clinton had one she would have immediately far. James call me and the very people that our sister, but it doesnt matter, would I oughta, because the situation is a little bit different. Now the situation is: trumps under investigation by whoever is the FBI B doesn't matter the democratic eightam firing, the guy the FBI director well Trump, This team trump are. Russian investigation investigation by Russia is not a good look at it.
Really really stupid, so Republicans should take this seriously. Republicans should obviously look at us with care and then they should act accordingly, because they could get themselves in a lot of hot water here, ok time for some things like things ain't then we'll just email back. So things like this I've things I like about things I hate, which is basically this entire week of news. I've been amused by the Vietnam WAR that, after the Vietnam WAR after the United States, Poland, Democrats like to forget about the Vietnam WAR is that after the Vietnam WAR, after the United States pulled out of them in a more any Vietcong overran Vietnam POL pot in name in Cambodia also took over the country, proceeded slaughter million people in the camp. The genocide. In an aging seventies, there's movie made called the killing fields with SAM Waterfront It is an excellent film about a reporter who decides that you going to actually go to investigate, what's happening in Cambodia. It's a very conservative film
again what's amazing about this, is that at the time people understood what was happening in Cambodia was not only terrible, but that the United States is pulling out of. Vietnam was directly responsible, at least in part, for what happened there. Yet, today have people like Michael, more cheering on America pulling Vietnam. What still sees their protests against Vietnam is morally superior. This film, just how awful pulling out from Vietnam actually was, particularly for the people in the neighbouring country of Cambodia, Cambodia Many westerners, it seemed a paradise another world, a secret world, but the war in neighbouring Vietnam burst its borders and fighting soon spread to neutral Cambodia in nineteen. Seventy three I went to cover this side show struggle, is foreign correspondent of the New York Times. Is there in the war torn countryside, amidst the fighting between government troops and the Khmer Rouge guerrillas that I met my guided interpreter death brand who was to change my life in a country. That I grew to love and pity
This is a big story. A major story understand that we have got to get down there. If the wool keeps going, it is, the future could be ready. I have arranged for the evacuation of viewing you so now it's up to you wouldn't want to do in a country shattered by war, respond to shorten many may not and torn by resolution. After what the committee arose have been through, I don't think that's going to be exactly affectionate taught westerners, two men would learn the price of survival. They save him. Please place goes up its internal, people are gonna to get killed. Freedom change, my first for a photograph of Brown and he's a pretty subject and friendship.
For engine is going to leave. Cambodia live. I tried to escape talent right now. The film tries it's best to try and cast. It is, though, the United States involvement in Vietnam was also partially responsible for this. The bottom line is that when the? U S pulled out of Vietnam, it also pulled whatever resources. It was providing to the people and the government of Cambodia and million cambodian citizens were killed. This phenomenon from aspect best director washing, was nominated for best actor. The guy you see there I think his name is pronounced, hang ethnic. Or he ended up winning the these best supporting actor award at the Academy awards to forgotten film, but it actually is quite a good fellow and worth watching. It's good reminder of what happened: when the United States pulls out a places around the world where we are proven strength to the regimes. The needs It's ok it's time for anything, I hate them against the mailbag. So yesterday the secretarial education, Betsy Divisive for some reason, has become this. This fight this kind of lightning rod for laugh. They hate Betsy Divorce because she's and in favour of school choice. She was speaking
at a graduation. I a bunch of graduates, turn their back and started pulling her. This is it Bethune Cook men, University Rusty's. Thank you so very, very much for this great honour and privilege. I am honoured to become a wild pat and it's a real privilege to be with you as we celebrate the main university. Thousands. Seventeen, the same time really just got. The Medina interrupted the education secretary Speech and he said that if the behavior continue, the degrees will be mailed to them and they don't look like people who actually degrees that white people who have never heard a word which they disagree in their entire life. When I grow
from you see all the speakers. Antonia Vieira goes a person I consider be mentally deficient again and Antonia Vieira goes to the former mayor of LOS Angeles is going failed, the bar for times Antonia Vieira, goes easy Dumdum in every student every available aspect. I did not do him. I don't hurt my back on him because hearing ideas from people with whom you disagree, is ok, but not at these universities, Tarling Betsy Devices for good saying this anymore than more controversial members administration. But each like a lady just once people they have money, so they can send their kids to private schools if they want to just insane, but damn it. Breaks, level of intolerance on american college campuses, ok time for some mailbox So, let's jump right it and if you have questions we'll, take them live over a daily wire as well so high. Then, who do you think under any. U S present in the most overrated, why most overrated is easy after I was clearly the most overrated president after was actually a horrible president's on the economy. He ended up prolonging great depression by eight years. His war leadership was was late, but good up
the point where he signed the Yalta agreement, which essentially divided western Europe in western and Eastern Europe so aptly are clear them over the president of all time. Easily. Second, most will probably end up being Obama in time most underrated you as president? I probably have to go with thy Calvin College on the right he's, not underrated, but Calvin Coolidge was a person who was not interested in making a big slash. He was known asylum cow because he didn't like talking the press. He basically saw him job as ever to come here and do my job limit believe and here presiding of one of great economic booms in american history He was also a somebody who who understood the constitution. The United States and declaration independence read his speeches. Supertanker like I there's a reason that rules Reagan was a big fan of Calvin colleges. Ok, Thyssen says from a fourth: I have the most important question can alight Taber cut through wool, Ring clause wire. Why not? May the fourth be with you and your crew at the daily wire, I think pretty clearly alight Taber can cut through over in clause I am, I know that they exist.
Separate universes, but I I b, I be shocked. Couldn't I mean it's it's sort of hard to explain why, considering that your comparing apples, oranges in a certain sense, but would weird, if Wolverine could actually just fight off a light right of rain was just like her and then the light Sabre sort of stop. They edged, I don't buy it, ok, try this has happened. Where do you draw the line and second member? How do we distinguish between arms and artillery thanks? Well, first of all, you have to go to bear at right. It is you have to bear. Arms even have a right to an attack helicopter. As far as the drawing a line and second amendment. As many Second measures jurisprudential list have said from the fact is that every man since the US constitution, including free speech, has limits to it. The idea that Half do that. That free speech is unlimited. Obviously, free speech does not cover me saying to Mathis. Math is let's make up. Boston tomorrow, which is why we keep this conversation between us case did the same thing is true of the second amendment. You don't have a right to a nuclear weapon
it's really less about the type of arm. Then it is about the type of restriction. So that means that you know the right to in a cave, forty, seven, but that right goes away the minute that you are convicted of crimes, because now you cannot buy that any more than that reasonable to me. So, yes, there. Allegations here, but to say that the gradations does not extend to hunting rifles is It seems to me very slowly now these details, love yourself. Do you think the government shouting which close all non essential departments would be a good idea because of those departments are considered non essential. Why should they be cut from the budget if they are not important enough running during the government shutdown they should be cut from the budget I have always been in favour of Republicans, embracing a government shot down by saying. Listen here are spending priorities oh Christ, don't like it, they can shut down the government. The american people might actually get used to the notion that they need the government, so much Raymond lessen the governments are downward, was there a zombie apocalypse and straight no, there was not much happen. Everybody it was actually such non event. The Brok Obama had to manufacture controversy by shutting down public parks in order to make people feel the feel the pain Patrick.
As if the worst is revealed that front in Russia will that means from his destroyed their Publican party even turn than from actually colluded with Russia, that door or of metaphor colluded with Russia or Flynn colluded with Russia, and it is traced all the way up to the top about. As far as it goes serious trouble republicans lose thousand twenty eighteen. There was the Senate, the presidency and twenty twenty eight or looking Kampala Harris as President, but the House Lebanon, to close the innocent it led by trucks. Humor good luck gang all of that was worth gorse its ruler. So we can only hope and pray that that's not the case, and I dont think did any evidence of that. Yet anyway, at all, ok, Hilary says hey, but I'm a huge fan, amateur vote member of the church of Jesus Christ, a latter day saints moment, we have a commandment called the law. Tie them or we only ten percent of earnings to the church which will fund our church buildings. This book of Mormons etc. He's they don't lose. Your membership even appeared hiding, but it's one of the many qualifiers to go to the Temple, which we believe is most sacred place on earth. As a fiscal conservative, but critical of me to dislike socialism in communism, even though the churches tiding tithing process, allows those ideologies, no because there is a difference
between the government mandating. That is going to take your staff, and you voluntarily opting into a religious belief in the you wanna go to the temple. In other words, I am naturally want to sign your cheque to the IRS so I mean we have typing in Judaism as well, and not socialism, and it is not communism because not government mandated there is a difference, obviously, between a religion which you choose, dissipate and government, cramming down things on you and what you don't try to participate in. As I know, flag desecration really a hot topic, but with the new found interest in doing so as a reaction from becoming president, I wanted to do you think it's illegal to do so if it should be tolerated under the first amendment, so I dont. Actually leave the Johnson versus taxes, which is the case. Two said flag burning is protected. The constitution is rightly decided. I don't think that flag burning is protected by the. U S constitute Now, though, I think there should be laws against lag burning. No, I don't Should we laws against lad burning? I think that they're kind of selling and counterproductive. And all they end up doing- is granting a certain of moral superiority to people who are pieces of crap auburn flat, but that said, is it? Would
the founders, thinking that they definitely have to protect flag burners when they wrote the first amendment. No, because, Still certain symbols of the United States that are considered sacred and it is not out there on the possible We suggest that you have moved beyond that. If, for example, there, the first amendment does not cover people who seek to actively over while the United States of America is he to actively overthrow the US constitution that is not protected by the US constitution, a Josh's had been My question has to do with health care of your present a load. Your solution be to the current healthcare crisis. When you take the idea of healthcare completely out of government or to use the governments, make health care better. Overall, I would take the government completely out of healthcare out transition it out. So I would try the promised somebody has to fill the gap for the people with pre existing conditions who can't cover themselves or the people too poor to cover themselves but what we actually using a health care and health insurance are not the same thing can fly. The two ends up being a problem. What you actually need is a higher supply of healthcare providers need more doctors, anymore, surgeons need more nurse practitioners, you need more people or providing competitive Healthcare Services
Only way to do that is the same as it is in every other, good or service in the market. You need higher and sent it to. You need people competing to spend their dollars on these things. I need people competing to take those dollars and that generates better product at lower prices that is going to solve the so called healthcare crisis. The vast majority of healthcare inflation has been created by lack of competition in the market place through guaranteed? happily by the government in heavy restrictions on in number and type of people who can go into the healthcare industry as far as the who picks up the people here between the cracks Theoretically, that's a charity and religious community are for if they can't do that You talk about local government, picking up the slack, but that's up to local government, not the federal government Zeuxis Haven. You response to someone who argue that killing animals for food is immoral? believe. The killing animals for food is immoral, because I think that human beings, I have a right to survive I think that human beings me the animal protein in order to survive. As generally. No I'm I'm. I have to admit that This is one area where I myself.
Art exempt like to see animals mistreated, I am not in favour of animal cruelty. Some of the farming techniques that are used well, it's great in terms of preserving means and in preserving human lives, more important in preserving animal life. Some other farming techniques that I've seen are disturbing to me. I don't think the killing most for food is immoral. That said There is an alternative source of protein. That's available, I don't think that's the worst being in the world and I'm sort of divide us be honest with you. It's one of those issues where assorted go back and forth, because I also enjoy eating meat Chris, as should the executive branch of the spend certain constitutional rights in times of crisis, for example, Abraham Lincoln. Bending habeas corpus at the start of the civil war, on the grounds that protected the girl, more than the innocent if it should. Where we draw the line, No, I dont think that the executive branch has the authority to suspend certain constitutional rights. In times of crisis. As a general matter. I think the constitution applies during times of war. I think that if the framers thought that you could violate,
rights during a time of war than they would have written into the constitution of the United States. They don't they say you have these rights and therefore the rights are sacrosanct. What that said, I think that people broadly construe the right then have to. Para back during times of war? That, I think, is a mistake, but every time somebody does this during a time of war, you end up with a problem whether you end up with four men and problems under the Patriot ACT or whether you end up with first amendment and in basic freedom problem under japanese intervention, world war, two or habeas corpus, all of it- is is problem. If the society cannot exist without locking people up without telling them about charge, then society has bigger problems than that. Ok, final question: and this has been one of my best friends- is born and raised in Jakarta. Indonesia has been four months with their travelling around Southeast Asia. I personally feel, as though I witnessed many events that made me feel negatively toward Islam, especially the harsh treatment for women. However, despite the fact, my friend is a Christian, she defends these chronic religion, devoutly how's it possible for people immersed in culture be blinds the evils of Islam in the necessity of reform when you live in
system, any system, it is very difficult to say the system needs reform. Is true for all systems, people have an inherent interest in serving. The systems with which they grew up systems they believe, and so they are always to whitewash those systems. It is the obligation every moral person to determine what are the moral precepts in which they believe and whether those moral precepts are indeed more valuable than the systems to which they profess allegiance. And, if you're not will to stand up against those systems. When those systems come into conflict with your principles, then you have become a lackey system, and that is a key problem for anyone in ending system, just nonreligious governmental political. It just made that's the truth. Across the board. Ok that brings us to the end of the week. Or breaking news than we can share with the everyday, but we'll be there here on Monday, to tell you about all the latest developments I mentioned here. This is the bench of Hiroshima
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