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Ep. 302 - Did Trump Just Wound Himself, Or Is This All Overblown?

2017-05-15 | 🔗
Trump takes to Twitter to start fires, the media rushes to throw gasoline on them -- but do Americans actually care?
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On mother's day, Ivanka Trump took the opportunity to tweet about the so called wage gap between men and women, but instead recognizing that it doesn't actually exist. She blamed it on Having children, which actually is true but doesn't speak to innate sexism in the free market, it speaks in add to the fact that those who spend less time in the workplace earn less money. She tweet art piece in the New York Times. That admitted as much quote today, uh mother's day, we must confront that motherhood is now a greater determinant of pay inequality than gender, the New York Times pieces I'll just quote. When men and and finish school and start working their paid pretty much equally, but a gender pay gaps sooner in a grow significantly over the next few decades. So what changes? The answer we found by looking at when the pay gap widens most sharply it's the late 20s. Mid 30s according to two new studies. In other words, when many women have children, unmarried women without children continue to earn closer to what men do, naturally, that I'm suggest that public policy must be changed. Or to force men to work less or push employers to cut back hours or use the government to push paid maternity leave, which is exactly Vanka Trump's been doing regularly and
President Trump suggested on mother's day to Trump's mother's day message stated quote: I am committed working with Congress to help mothers and father's have paid family please so that child care is accessible and affordable and to invest in the comprehensive care that women receive the community health centers through the order forms, and my two thousand and eighteen presidential budget we will enable access to the critical health care services. Women need here's the this part of all of this. If the real gap appears with marriage and children, why would we penalize single women in the marketplace by equalizing all pay, regardless of female choice? And why would we be? Why is the men in marriages who are helping to support their wives and kids by cutting their pay simply to say define the feelings of women who may end up with the same net household pay with or without regulation? Imagine for a second husband sixty Grand a year and his wife used to earn fifty gram. But now, after the first kid she works part time and makes thirty grand a year. Would it really bend at the family to push policies that would result in the husband being paid? Forty five grand in the White forty five grain, just as she spend more time at work
which makes left is feel good and Ivanka is a leftist. It's sort of disquieting that she had so much power over daddy and the Ben Shapiro Show is Ben Shapiro on Ben Shapiro. You know the deal. All rights is starting off. Didn't we got us vicious no, but before we get started with President Trump's weekend activities and all the fun that is to be had there and Democrats going completely over the top, which they are doing, they can't stop and shelves in the media declaring a class one natural disaster. We've must first say thank you, our sponsors over a texture, dot com. So, as I said before, I'm an information junkie and as an information junkie, I really appreciate texture dot. Com texture is that staying more in form for one low price. You end up with subscriptions to texture, dot com, two over two hundred plus magazines, full of in depth, interviews and stories. There's a huge list of these magazines that I've got right here before we were talking about everything from National Geographic and sports, illustrated to entertainment, weekly vanity, fair rolling stone and Cosmo, and it's all
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and the reason I say this is because if you actually want president Trump to succeed at this point, regardless of how anyone voted in the last election cycle. He's the president of the United States. I would like to see him do good things when he did. The things I celebrated those good things when he nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, I put on a mag. I had, for goodness sake, but it is important that he actually be good at his job, Ann Coulter, who has been as big a trump booster as it is possible to be. I mean she wrote a book called in Trump. We trust not in God, we trust in Trump. We trust she actually wrote that book and colts today came out and said that this presidency thus far is a disaster area, and it's hard argue with that after the last week, because here we're going to get done, will get to the Democrats overreaching because they are and how Trump can fix all of this, which he can and will get you. How republicans ought to treat trump and all of that? But it is important to note if you want Trump to do better. You need to. Trump the same way that you treat everyone else in your life, he needs to be He is not doing a good job so that he can improve if you keep telling him he's doing a wonderful job when he is not doing a wonderful job, he will keep
not doing a wonderful job and thinking he's doing a fantastic, fantastic job right now, he's blaming everyone around him, apparently, except for himself. All of the problems on his table. Are self inflicted they are self inflicted You know every he's worried about leaks inside his administration. You know one way to end leaks inside the administration and run it. Decently run business George, W Bush and have these kinds of leaks, but Barack Obama did not have these kinds of links and that's because they were well ACT in their own white house. They didn't treat their employees as they are disposable assets and beyond that, actually wrapped up their administration like today, the Congressional Budget this tweet it out something about the special best it about the about the independent counsel act about reinvigorating it. Independent counsel act, that's the congressional budget office. Why would they do that, because somebody who's an Obama holdover is trolling. You know why there are a bunch of Obama holdovers, because Trump hasn't fired all the Obama holdovers hasn't filled. These positions were more than three months into this administration, and President Trump has not actually build something like ninety percent of the vacant positions that have been created, you basic
having a lot of these departments, the head of the department, a deputy and no one else, okay, and that means that the people, and from the Obama administration are still there doing what they're doing Trump has to so the normal things that are president is able to do. Gentlemen- have made a very good point about this. There's this exc who's making that happens on the right now? Well, he won. Maybe you just don't understand his genius. Ok, winning election is not the same thing as being a good president. We should have learned that from Barack Obama, who is a fantastic campaign or in a really crappy president Trump's ahold. Open story he's not even doing like the normal things that a president should do and doing them well isn't even wrapping up now. These are basic basic things and it doesn't help when you go on twitter and mind vomit every every couple of days or so Friday morning, we spent the entire week the entire week. Talking about this Comi firing and, as I said last week, he's number one within his rights to fire coming two should have fired. Call me three fired. Call me in the stupidest possible way already fired. Call me without any sort of warning. He did
without any sort of transition in place. He did it apparently expecting that there wasn't going to be any blowback and then there is blowback and he expects the right to be able to defend him, and so we say: ok, well, you know what he is within his rights to do that You know he's not doing it all over Russia, and then he goes on national tv and links with call me fire into the rush investigation like a doofus, okay, it's so stupid. He doesn't have to do this and then get up on Friday, and he says you know what things aren't going. Well, I'm going to get a bunch of random stupid crap. So here we go here is random stoop. Crap number one hits this on Friday morning at five hundred and twenty six am So clearly the man is not sleeping. He tweets James COM. You better hope that there are no tapes, unquote tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. Why why God, why why just what why? Why would you do this? What does ask you to do this like do you want to good to be the president, or would you like to replicate? with Richard Nixon. Remember of Richard Nixon staff testified in front of Congress that there were tapes in the Oval office Congress subpoenaed the tapes, Nixon,
fuse the subpoena and special prosecutor subpoena the tapes he fired, the special prosecutor, the attorney general Resign, the deputy attorney general resigned and Nixon ends up being impeached. Does this sound or resigning? Does this sound like a good like? Is this what you want to do you really want to talk about tapes? Last time we talked about, tapes were talking about Nixon. Is this like the smart way to do this? First of all, do I think there actually tapes of the conversations No, I think that Trump says stupid crap, like this all the time just to intimidate people, and it would be nice honestly. I want to be one of the people we just as about his twitter feed. Let's ignore it ok, fine! I wrote an entire piece about it at National review about why we should just ignore his twitter feed because it really isn't all that important right 'cause who cares? Ok, sweet some stupid stuff, sometimes, except that then Trump selectively insists that we all actually pay attention to his twitter feed. If you don't pay it, Tweet from back in February then gets mad at you. And then he says why don't you paying attention? I'm going to put that. In fact he used resume as an excuse to fire to fire Comey because Commies in paying attention to my wiretapping tweet. So much
or not, I keep hearing. Take him. Seriously, but not literally, but then every time I take him seriously, but not literally he he gets angry and wants me to take him literally. Ok that wasn't the only stupid thing that we did. He also did It would be smart to tweet about press briefing, so he's angry at his own press shop. Why is he angry press shop because he gives them no learning whatsoever and Christy for Walton tainted operator was the press secretary for Bush. She says there is no communications team on earth that can handle that Trump has been doing. Trump is just going out there and doing stuff and then, like twenty minutes later, he expects the communications team to have some sort of grand plan on how to handle that and then, when they don't get mad at them. It is not their fault he's not allowing them to do their job, so he goes out there now the comedy firing with less than an hour notice to his communications team. They go out there and the craft this in, fairly implausible thing about. How is the deputy attorney general, who had recommended the firing It was just following that recommendation and then Trump of course goes on national tv and blows it up and then the secretary is the press secretary is go out there and they have to explain all this and there's no way for them to explain it. So you got Sean Spicer.
Literally hiding in the bushes White House, like between the Bush, is an Insta thing that they turn off the cameras and turn off the lights so that there's not tape of him talking just insanity. What is he tweets, he's mad at his own press. People tweets as a very active president with lots of things happening. It not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with perfect, perfect accuracy really, so they are they lying or they're, not giving us full information, and this idea that he super duper active. He has passed legislation legislation than any president in the first hundred days in modern history. He is not that active active on Twitter, he's golfing, but I'm not seeing tons of things getting done. He's got some executive orders that are pretty narrow in scope. Again, I want good things. Good things. Ok, any tweets may be the best thing to do would be to so all future press briefings and hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy. First of all, I just want to know someone needs to teach them. How to use scare quotes. You don't need scare quotes around tapes, you don't even care quotes around press briefings, but that's nitpicking
he says, handout, written responses for the sake of accuracy. This would be called propaganda. The purpose of Press briefing is so people can ask questions about your policies. Why is it that every president does this? Has press briefings? Ok even browse comma, considered, apparently ending press briefings in twenty thirteen and I'm old, just remember when Republicans thought that was a bad thing now Trump says and now we're going to get a week of questions about whether he actually wants to quash press freedoms and then into each about the witch Hunt of the Russia investigation. So it goes on national tv with Lester Holt, which we talked about last week, need an he says, that he wants the Russia Investigation to go forward in the honest and decent possible manner, and then he tweets out when James Clapper himself and virtually everyone else with knowledge of the witch Hunt says there is collusion. When does it end that doesn't Unlike someone who wants to pursue the investigation very hard, does it it sounds like someone wants you on the investigation. So do I actually thing
he's firing people to cover up the investigation? No, as I said last week, this is my working theory from day one. It has been true, then it is true. Now it is all true. Ok, my working invest in my working theory from the very first day is the reason that Trump fired call me is because he got mad and he acted like a toddler and he wanted him gone like there are. Great reasons to get rid of comedy. They were all true back in January. He should have fired him back done. He should have fired him. Two months So should fire him three months ago, he fired him in the. All of this thing and then what really happened is they call me was on tv and he won't go on tv and say the trump is, is innocent and so Trump fired him. That's basically what happened here and they made up of. Excuses to why that is true. Again, none of this is good for him. Okay, I can't name? The Democrats when you are shooting yourself in the face with a shotgun k, take the he's negotiating with himself like that, like Buy from blazing saddles got the gun to his own head and saying, if you don't, you know, if you don't stop me, I'm going to shoot is like no
the Democrats want you to do this. Okay, this he's he's doing what Democrats want him to do, and I know people want to in and they want to hear me defend Trump. I can't defend trump unless you provide me me line of defense that is credible, kredible decent. It is his job to provide a line of, friends that actually makes sense like this is just you don't have it I'm seeing comments now, maybe you should run for president 'cause. You know what a president should do now, I'm not saying I know everything a president should do, but I can certainly tell you the president should not do like this stuff. The president should not do it's just not smart, it's just not smart and again. I think that who did it was dumb over at National Review had a great piece on this and what he said was basically. My theory is correct: that Trump just egotistically file You call me because you didn't like him, and it has nothing with him trying to cover it up. The problem is the way that he did. It makes it look just like a cover up, which is really really dumb. It's really really really dumb. So Trump's response to all of this is, of course, to say that it's just the devil. People who are being critical of him, and he hasn't done anything wrong. Nothing is easier than being a critic. So here is trump. Talking
Now how easy it is to be a critic, nothing is easier or more pathetic than being a critic, because there people that can't get the job done, but the future belongs to the dreamers. Ok, so he's angry with all the critics- and this is always the easy out is to is to go after the critics and will go after the credits in just a second, because I think it's important to point out when people are exaggerating the case, but I also think that it's and to be honest about what Trump is doing right now and why it is insufficient if he wants to get the job of government done. I would like to see, in actual Obamacare repeal not the fake Obama CARE repeal like an actual one. I would like to see tax reform. I would like to see all sorts of good things from this president, but he can't do it if he's too busy trying to extricate his foot from a bear trap that he set and then jumped in with both feet. Don't do that just don't do it I mean explain the second, why Democrats are of reaching and why that actually provides an opportunity for Trump to get out of this in a second, because this isn't them the hardest thing to add.
Actually get out of Trump's created this because he has character, flaws that are deep and abiding They haven't changed since last year. Didn't have a perfect human being just because he wanted victory. But the Democrats have no Capac to simply be critical in. We have to go way over the top, and so we'll talk about that in just a second. But first I want to thank you to our fertilizers over at zeal, so fantastic service, massage on demand. So my wife has been. Having some trouble with her neck, and so we went to zele dot com and we ordered a massage. You can get it on demand at your place anytime that you want it's all like since massagetherapistszeal dot com and use promo code. Then you get twenty five dollars off your first massage and twenty percent, all massages, plus a free large table in sheet set. If you sign up for the zeal massage membership, it's fantastic we've shit from my mother in law. We've used it for my father refused from mother of Houston. For my sister, my whole family has used like I'm. I've used it myself and the sushi is that they bring are top notch and they are all licensed masseuse
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And he says that this is all about the cover up right, it's all about covering up for James Comey. Now before I get tomorrow morning. At one point, one thing out: even the Republican, they weren't willing to put anyone on tv to defend what Trump did last week. There are very few republicans on the Sunday shows talking about this. Even the ones who were like Lindsey, Graham, are not friends with President Trump. In fact Lindsey Graham's first line. He was only thing as ABC his first line was. I can't believe I agreed to come on this week. That's not a good sign but Democrats were all too eager to run to a camera which is really stupid, but the Democrats should do is they should pipe down by the Democrat should sit there and they should just say I don't know what Trump is doing, but it looks kind of suspicious. Don't you think I just under play? It understatement, it's a grand thing in politics, but nobody is capable of it because we now live in hysteria land. So here is Mark Warner from West Virginia talking about how this is really just an attempt to quash Comi talking but again,
the president in this administration who said there's no there there continues through their actions to indicate that they are afraid of where this investigation they had less again step back. For a brief moment. This week we saw it's testified that the acting and the general, the general who was fired, that the administration did not appropriately after her concerns about General Flynn. We solve the director of the FBI. I fired literally two days before he was supposed to testify before my committee. We then have the president changing his reasoning for why he fired him from saying this was a recommendation. The acting attorney general deputy attorney general to the fact that he was going to fire him anyway because of Comey's investigation into Russia, and then we see conspiracy call me was about to testify and now he's not going to accept the common going to testify. In fact, home was invited to testify on today he said he didn't want to cause. They invited him to testify in closed session. Bad news for Trump wants to testify publicly in open session. Of course, he does because one thing
is right about is coming is showboat, here's a grandstander, he does love. The cameras mean the dude is like he gets up in the mid when he opens his fridge. Light goes on, he starts talking and it's like just call me loves the cameras he loves being in front of the cameras, and so it's not good news for Trump, but the Democrats are saying this is to silence. Call me this was to avoid the Russia investigation. If that was the case, this is the worst conspiracy ever it's our horror, conspiracies terrible at conspirator. Now, here's the thing, that's totally plausible right, so two things are plausable, one that it's not a conspiracy because no one could be the stupid as to run a conspiracy. This way and to maybe someone is the stupid, run a conspiracy. This way, they're both totally plausible or at least partially plausible, but my take is that even Trump and as as cookies Trump has been over the last couple of weeks. Even Trump is not really trying to do this again. He's not shutting down the he's. Not writing this down honestly, the best way for Trump to stop. All of this talk is by making so
on the head of the FBI that everyone trusts. I mean somebody who may be democratic right. Somebody like a Merrick Garland, an Obama appointee to the Supreme Court, who wasn't actually given vote Mitch. Mcconnell was we should make Merrick Garland ahead of that? Maybe you leave Andrew Mccabe. Andrew Mccabe is a Democrat. You leave someone there who Democrats really can't whine about and Democrats are really overstepping their. Some democrats have been saying over the past little while that they're not going to eat approve an FBI director until the special investigator is given powers until special prosecutor is appointed. That's idiocy, that seems to be a wild over it. I mean what, if what, if Trump appoints Like Barack Obama, the head of the FBI, are they going to try and stop it? Obama from being head of the FBI, because they want a special prosecutor who they had. The FBI is going to determine where this goes from here with dad said, Democrats can new to overreaching operators, Chuck Schumer, saying that he now doesn't just want Trump investigated. He wants Jeff Sesh, and the attorney general investigated, because Jeff sessions had recused himself from Russia and then recommended the comedy be fired. I have asked the in
Spectre General, in the request. I've made is not only to look into any interference to what the investigation but Weth attorney. General sessions should have participated in the firing of Comey and should participate in FBI director. You know attorney. General sessions has a much higher obligation. He didn't tell the truth about meeting with the Russians, so we were most himself now. He seems to be violating that recusal. That would seem on face to be part of this, and look I called for him to up down when he didn't tell the truth about the Russians, because it's the highest law enforcement officer in the land, if the actions of the last week, make all the more reason that he should not be a burden to him. It's obviously that in colored Loretta Lynch to resign after she got on a plane with Bill Clinton in the middle of an investigation of Hillary Clinton. They never called on Eric holder resign after he was held in contempt of Congress. Is all of is a wild overage and if Trump solves the problem by appointing someone good at the head of the FBI. Democrats,
you still look stupid because they're actually out on a limb here and from can actually saw that branch off behind them and then all these people can say mega mega mega, 3d, underwater chess and all the rest of it, and they will actually be sort of right. Have the accidented himself into a good situation from can do it can still do that so who is FBI director is not an awful lot here? Well, we're going to. A little bit more about this. We want to talk about the republican response and what Republicans should do, and the media, and basically we're going to cover this from every angle. 'cause, that's what we do here, but for that are going to have to go to dailywire dot com and subscribe eight dollars a month you get to a subscription to dailywire dot com. If you get an annual subscription, then you also get to be part of the not only part of the mailbag that, but you also get a free copy of Jeremy when is the royal, is a fictional film set on the southern border action western set on the southern border in which drug cartels are attempting to use the ranchers land is a thoroughfare for drugs and human trafficking, good movie, dailywire dot com. If you want the subscription- or
or, if you just want to listen later, go to Itunes or Soundcloud, make sure that you subscribe and definitely leave a review. We always appreciate it. We are the largest conservative podcast in the nation, so just a complete to hysteria. James Clapper, who your recalled just a few minutes ago, President Trump tweeted, Remember that I just want to show that the juxtaposition here Trump tweeted about the witch hunt, and this is what he your call recall James Clapper himself and virtually everyone else with knowledge of the witch Hunt says there is no collusion. When does it end? Clapper said I never said there was no collusion and, like I know about that, because I'm not because I'm not the head of the f b- I I wouldn't know about that, and then he says that american institutions are under assault from President Trump this week, where the president firing the FBI director. While this investigation is going on and then saying that he was thinking about the Russia probe when he was making the decision have we cross the line here well, I will
just say that developments of the past week very Batasan very disturbing to Maine uh. I think in many ways our institutions are under assault both externally and that's. That's. The big news here is the russian interference in our election system. Now. It says our institutions are under assault again. One of the problems here is that all the democrats- people on the left there treating try. As though he is the battering ram against the institutions of the United States. James Clapper, though You see you're talking that institutions and result committed perjury in front of Congress when he was head of the TIA, that it did it with the defense intelligence agency when he was head of that, he committed perjury in front of the in front of Congress back in twenty thirteen October. Two thousand and thirteen who's specifically asked if the american cover it was monitoring communications of Americans and he denied the metadata program existed and then, of course,
Edward Snowden revealed the metadata program existed, he committed open perjury. He was never prosecuted for it because he was a mess The Obama administration. So when we talk about assault on american institutions, this sort of overreach is too far, and I think everyone can see that in the polls show that, while Americans aren't pleased with the comedy firing, they also don't care deeply but it's not like this top priority for them, so all trump to do to fix. This is to actually fix it. Now with that said, there are three strategies, have been attempted by p or associated on the right with Trump, because this is becoming hot potato. Now, the congressional ballot according Quinnipiac, which is basically a Democrat skewed poll. It says the Democrats have a sixteen point advantage going into the next election cycle on the on the on the on the generic ballot? If that's the case, that's a disaster for Republicans Republicans had it point advantage in two thousand and ten when they swept through six thousand three hundred and sixty three seat swing in the house. There's a ten point advantage.
Sixteen Democrats. Not only take the house they taken by a wide margin, so republicans have to be careful with Trump, because Trump is a relatively toxic political figure Is it like forty one percent in the Realclearpolitics poll average of approval ratings? That is not the person ever was, but it certainly ain't great and until Republicans have to be a little bit careful. So it's broken down into three basic branches of how Republicans deal with Trump. I think that two uh some are kind of stupid, and one of them it makes makes some sense. The stupid one is all the people who work for Trump. So one of the reasons that Trump is having leak problems is now because of anything urinary is because he has a leak problem within his own staff, because people do not feel loyal to him because he is not loyal to them. If you talk to anybody who served in the Bush administration, there's a great feeling of loyalty to Bush. Even if you talk, people in the Obama administration there's a great feeling of loyalty to Obama. If you listen to other podcasts, like there, John Lovett, who was uh, no Bama staffer way back when he is on it with a couple of other Obama staffers and they are deeply loyal. Obama, I mean even now, they're deeply loyal to Obama. There are people who are
well, do trump and they're working for him right now and that's because they feel, like there They could be fired at any second, and you can hear that consistent feeling from people working for Trump. That does not make comfortable work environment which people can tell trump the truth, especially when Trump is now saying. He might tape you and then use the tape against you right what he said about James Comi, so Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, he he's asked about you know after coming, do you feel secure and here's what it says, Chuck Todd that the firing of sex of of FBI director call me shaking your concern about whether how much independence, the president will give you. Not at all check, I have a great relationship with president. I understand his objectives are when I'm not clear on what his objectives are. We talk about it, but I am devoted to helping the president of achieve his objectives. Helping him be successful. I understand I have to earn his confidence everyday with how I go back there,
affairs and how I go about conducting the State Department's activities. Consist with the direction he wants to take the country. What's the line between service to the president in service to the country, Sir, for you well compromise my own values chuck, and so that's my only line is in my values, are those of the country? Ok, so this idea that he has to earn Trump's conference every day. That's not going to make for a very secure administration where people feel like they can tell the president the truth: Nikki Haley, whose I'm good job is the UN ambassador. She basically says the same thing, Appr
isn't is the ceo of the country he can hire and fire whoever he wants. That's his right, whether you agree with it or not. It's the truth and what he's trying to do is find his own team figure out. How he's going to do it where there are better ways he could have done that. That's for everybody else to decide, but we have to remember he can hire and fire anybody else that he wants. That is industry. We can hire and fire anybody else that he wants to the idea the ceo of the country is kind of silly. He ceo of the executive branch, are not of the entire country. The country doesn't have a ceo, we have elected representatives, but the idea that anyone this administration is going to say things to him that he doesn't want to hear it's not happening and that's a problem because people don't say him things that are true, like dude turn off the twitter for like five seconds. Please, it's going to be a serious problem. Again, there's story today from politico. An I don't like but in political, because sometimes there scoops are not correct, but this one is well sourced an I happen to know from another source that this is true based delete there. A lot of people inside Trump's administration who hand him a legitimately fake news. I mean news from web
it's that that pervade your stuff, that's not true at all, and that Trump then had that will an attempt to use it like. Apparently there is a staffer name, Katie Walsh, who is basically at odds with the true ministration, because there was an an article on a website that has some there said things has been or not true, to put it delicately and she ends up basically being ousted from the administration. Because of this fake news, article that was based on nothing apparently or at least allegedly based on nothing. So it's this kind of stuff is not and for the president, so approach number one is double down on Trump. Tell Trump that he's doing great job and everything will be fine. This approach is not working approach. Two is the Paul Ryan Approach, and that is just pray. Just pray really speaker of the House Ryan is doing is going around and they asked him about Trump's tweet. On Friday and said: well, I'm not going to respond to every Trump tweet. Also we're ready for tax reform and say: ok, well,
Good luck with that dude! You know. I understand that you're sort of tied to Trump that you can speak speaker of the house. You can't separate from the president of your own party. But I don't think that is going to bear grain fruit in any sense and then there's What I think makes most sense, and that is the response of Ben Sasse, the senator from Nebraska- and that is, you know you gotta, take it because when Trump says something dumb say, he said something dumb. Maybe it'll encourage him to say something smart when he said something smart lamented. This is our approach here on the show, and I think that, if trump listen to the show, then he might be doing a better job it it as opposed to listening to you, know, Alex Jones and Bill Mitchell, we're just going to tell him he's doing everything right all the time. I think that's a mistake. Here's Ben Sasse making that case. Why do you think James Comi was fired? I'm not sure how this president makes lots a decision, so I I honestly don't know, but I do know that we are in the midst of a civilization war, bring our crisis of public trust, and that is Billy Wright, Lindsey. Graham, I don't like virtually at all either,
from South Carolina he's correct when he says you can't be cute about tapes, for example, there any tapes they have to be turned over. You can a cute about tapes. If there any types of this conversation they need, we turned over at dad if they are, but we need to clear there, ok and uh in in a second I want to get to. This seems to me by the way, the right thing to do that if you're going to get trump to be better, you have to encourage him to be better by calling him out when he's not doing a very good job right now. The last week was a disaster. I greet him every week last week, the week before last, he got to be last week. He got an f and that's because there are no letters lower than F. He got. It was a very
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everyone on earth folks is not unique to President Trump. You do with your friends, you know with your family, you deal with other politicians just because from got a it doesn't mean he is now free to do whatever he wants. Okay, so reaction is also broken down into three lines line. One is the hysterical democrat line, which is the threat to american democracy. Marcus is three Zachariah plagiarist on CNN, making the case that Americans, this is threatened by president from firing, a guy who constitutionally he's able to fire, always been another aspect to this presidency lurking I need the surface sometimes erupting as it did this week, Donald in much of his rhetoric, and many of his actions poses a danger to american democracy. Okay, so No! No! No! This is not a threat to american democracy. You know how you know: it's not a threat to american democracy. 'cause you're democracy is not threatened. You've been, able vote in every election, you're still going to be able to vote in elections, no ones cracking down on your free speech. No one is taking. Any of your rights at this point. The idea that front
destroying american democracy by firing. Someone who he is constitutionally able to fire is just silly, it's just silly, and if Congress wants to do something about it, Congress can do something about it and I'll likely. He's now going to point, I am optimistic there. People are pessimistic, I'm optimistic that Trump will appoint, good at the head of the FBI and that will solve a lot of this okay. So my number one is the full democrat threat to american democracy, fascism, fascism, Hitler, Stalin, we're all gonna die. Okay law I two is the sort of Bly's why reasoning from some of people some people are wondering if Peggy Noonan, when the the Surprise. Last year, I like some of the ticket in right. So I really don't like a lot of like Peggy Noonan writes. I think that she sort of panders to whatever is the the feel of the moment, particular when it comes to a sort of populist line, she comes actions. Americans obsessed with this, I think it's a mistake to treat this story with Peggy noon. Treats the story you're taking in from Wall Street Journal The process in Washington, as we well know, is not necessarily what obsesses America, what we
talk about on this panel is not our views not necessarily reflect out. There was so struck yesterday we everybody. I know on conversations it was all about call the FBI who's, the next guy, then I put the tv- and I see the president wow them at Liberty University with a they're. My guy hats, on, I am struck by the distance between our conversation on the national conversation of find the distance between Democrats and Republicans as they approve or disapprove of the coming thing. Okay, so you know, I think, There is obviously a gap between how people who watch this show or listen to the show view this stuff news the day I mean it's a self selected group who care about the news of the day. Not everyone, but she's one. When she suggested doesn't bleed down. It does bleed down the news of the day bleeds down. I know this because I actually talked to some people who are not. You quote unquote in the belt.
A types so yeah I I sort of use it. It's funny. Everyone sort of has the barometer of what the normal diet, hey. Everyone has a friend and I got that's normal. That's probably things right, so my normal diet is is my personal trainers. My my personal trainer is not a political guy, he's not right wing, he left wing. He doesn't follow politics closely. He came in On Friday we are working out, he comes in, he goes so this is pretty weird huh I was like yeah yeah, that's that's fair and his basic was, it seems weird that Trump would fire coming again. Does that mean free at my generalizing from one dino? But the polls show that Americans don't approve the firing of Comey, it's not top of mind, they don't think the biggest issue in the world, but they're skeptical of Trump's excuse making they feel like Trump is unstable, and that is going to bleed down to it's mistakes. To just do what a lot of people have been doing I see this on the right all the time, which is well from supporters, still love him. You can't get those people, those people still. Yes, and Obama supporters love him all the way through and Bush supporters. Let all the way through this idea, but you can just keep saying the base the base the base the base you're going to need more than the base to win the next election cycle. I'm talking
congressionally and also in terms of the presidency, and then there is the view. The view is of the view that is expressed by Bob Woodward here, unlike Carl Bernstein he's gone completely off his nut. Carl Bernstein is saying it's it's Watergate all over again Bob Woodward, who still has some credibility. He says: there's not a crime yet like what is everyone that there's no crime here? What do you all freaking out about dot, not a clear crime on the russian issue is Senator Warner and others have said there were there were, you know, a thousand questions and they should be in, but there's no evidence that President Trump, if this point was somehow involved in collusion here and that's exactly right, so this is the response way to cover it. You cover it. Is the news comes if you're on the right. You cover trumps actions as they come if you're on the left. Maybe all wait a little bit before you jump out on that branch with both feet and then you go for I'm down the tree like Winnie the Pooh trying get the honey and just hitting every branch on the way down just just stupid time time for things I like and then some things that I hate so things that I like
book and I'm in the middle of reading. Right now is Jordan Peterson's maps of meaning. So we've asked Professor Peterson to come on the program. We keep it's it's our fault. We we we have to schedule with him all better, but this book is basically about why religious thinking matter reason why there's a biological component to religious thinking Peterson is not a deeply religious guy in says he's out of think religious question or anything about the whole basis of this book is why it is every culture in history, has come up with these myths, about creation and and gods. Why it is that we feel that there's something beyond. I is a fascinating book, it's in science in psychology, which is really interesting. So for believers, it's a really in same way to examine belief because it's not examined from sort of the point of view of a person of faith. Why do you have faith it's? Why is it that cross cultural e faith exists and why is it so many principles they're, held in common across cultures, really fascinating new,
not an easy. It's it's like five hundred pages of very, very small type, on very, very big pages, but it is, but it is if you can get through it. It's well worth reading in the middle of the right? Now it's taking me awhile, which IRA quickly, so that tells you kind of what the book is, but it's it's it's a very interesting but maps of meaning. The architecture of belief Jordan, Peterson, okay, other things that I like. I love it when let's expose itself not physically I like when they expose themselves philosophically Keith Olbermann, wonderful lens into what the left actually is so Keith over in has clearly law his mind in the last few years, Everson She was, I used to like him news on on Sportscenter and then he to MSNBC, and it is mind there, and then he went to current tv and losses might even more there and then went to Artie and lost his mind there, and so now he's broadcasting from the forbidden zone from planet, aids, I guess and he's just like Where is he? Is he inside a popsicle here? Is broadcasting from inside popsicle now with the Green screen that is red and blue.
And and he is and wearing his his Edward R, Murrow glasses and he's going to explain to you why it is everything is is hellish and- and I love what he's about to say- how to get rid of from he's been doing this whole routine about how you can get rid from house gonna get rid of Trump. Let him explain: we, the citizens of the United States of America are the victims of a crew. We need your leaks. Your information, your intelligence, your recordings, your videos, your conscience, the civilian government and the military of the United States are no longer in the hands of the people, nor the control, any responsible individuals on whom you can rely, and then he calls for or and that's what he's calling there in case you missed. It is for foreign, intelligence services should cool trump. So saying that, The government is no longer in the control of you. We need the russian government Trump, what trump? What? But I thought that was bad. That's why we're all arguing? Now I thought that the whole idea from the left is that the russian government could Hillary. I thought that was the whole thing here and now you say:
no russian government include Trump or like this. Bob Way government to cool trump, because the government isn't in our hands anymore, so Keith and cats, he's lost his mind and I love that he's lost his mind, because it just demonstrates once again that there is no principle on the hard left. It's all about just thing from no matter what Glen Green call I disagree with radically. A wide variety of issues, even he was like this- is insane I mean, could give Oberman, has lost it okay time for something I hate yesterday was legal guardian of unspecified gender Day mother's We are sensitive here to mention Ben Shapiro Show and we don't want to offend gay couples or non cisgender couples or mother for men or or I don't know other. Mowgli family on it. We don't want. We don't want to offend anyone, so his legal guardian unspecified gender name. Second legal documents specify gender they'll be happening in about a month here. I things
June. Eighteen in the second legal guardians, a legal guardian of unspecified gender deck is June 18th, but to celebrate mother's day, There is Cecile, Richards came out of the woodwork. Cecile Richards is, of course, the head. Planned parenthood and she's. Also a crazy pro abortion fanatic. So here is what she kid. With no sense of ironing quote nothing says I love you mom like standing up for the right of mothers everywhere to get the care they need to seal. Is the head of an abortion mill on mother's day sale. It might be a good time for Cecile Richards to shut up like don't remind people of the killing of the bay is on mother's day. Like this, just a bad luck, so I tweeted back at her now says I love you mom, like a child, you didn't abort right, The kid can actually say it is amazing. There are a couple of Yesterday that I I tweeted about this and a little bit yesterday, I said I happy mother's day to my wife, a victim of the patriarch in wonderful mothers are two children. There are women,
we're out yesterday. Mother's day is just terrible because it makes women into breeders makes them into maybe machines. This to you, ladies, but part of your ology is being a baby machine like and I'm sorry did as to break it to you, like their other wonderful things women do, but you have an amazing super power. Call being able to have another child come out of you, which is an unbelievable playing in this sort of a two by the left, to turn that into the least of the things that women do know. It's the most of the things that women do because humanity disappear. If you don't do it again, like of all the is that human beings do on the planet bearing and rearing children is the most important thing, and it's odd to me that this is even mildly controversial. Like my wife is a doctor, she hasn't most important jobs you can have, she helped save people's lives every day. His patients everyday. She talks to. She helps she tries to save their lives. She to make their lives better, and you ask her. It is the most important thing that she does and she says, have our kids and take care of them right and that's that's not because she's a victim of the patriarchy. It's because she actually cares about the next generation she cares of,
our children, the attempts to demean what motherhood is by the left is really one of the most disgusting things that the left dies. I and the fact that they've turned women into this attempt to say that we need what we really need is we need paid child care. Is the mother can spend more time at work? I don't want a mother who doesn't want to spend more time at work. Is the mom wants to spend time at work? That's one thing, but make arrangements with your husband, like my wife works, longer hours than I do at this point, I spend more time with our kids right now. Then then she does when she's done with her residency. Presumably she will work part time and then she will spend more time with the kids that I do, but that shifts overtime, but that's a different thing, because we have a great marriage and we worked out between ourselves. But the idea from the left is that you're, actually a bad person you're doing bad things. If you spend more time on your kids there, a tweet from from VOX yesterday that said something to the effect Your mom spends nine. Your mom spent wasted ninety minutes a day on you when you were growing up say. Thank you. Wasted wasted. Ninety minutes a day I would,
venture to say that most mothers feel they wasted much more time. It worked in the way sit at home with their kids. I mean the name, the name, the mother, you know not to get dark here, but name and then the person that the father or mother when their death bed things bags is got. I really that I'd had spent more time. Looking at those accounts, receivable they know does that, but every person says on their deathbed bed. I wish I'd had more time to spend with my kids. So this idea that we have to demean parenthood in order to establish quality is just stupidity. Okay, one final thing that I hate so rich Spencer is a despicable disgusting, human being an actual Nazi thinker, if you, if you read his writings, he's a white supremacist, it is not okay to punch Richard Spencer. But Spencer decided he would show in in the south. There is the statue of Robert E Lee. I guess that they are considering taking down and Richard Spencer who's, just a pig of a human being. He shows up at Lee Park Charlottesville Virginia. He leads a torch light rally. That's not creepy at all to watch white supremacist. Having
torchlight rally, I mean he's missing his hood, but, aside from that, it's not be at all. He posted a picture of himself in the middle of a torch bearing crowd of protesters assembled around Lee Park. Looking all creepy and and christian Bale in American Psycho ask AM and dumb there little mayor condemned the torch approaches shortly after he compares with KKK Rally, which is not unfair, consenting Richard Spencer was there here's the part, that's really stupid. First of all, you're going to have a protest in favor of the Lee Statue and there's a good case to be made in favor of the least. Actually the lead was such an important part of american history. Long before he was part of the Confederate Army is a high ranking officer in the union army. The civil war is a part of our history. It's important for us to not only for history books. Remember that history remember the good and the bad Condoleezza Rice this last week and she's totally right when we wipe away the history it takes away, obligation that we all have to teach history to our kids with that said, it might be better if the people leading the protest against the removal of the Lee statue. Work, actual confederate white to assists marching with George is in the middle of the night. Okay, if we give
make that not happen, that would probably be good. He he spoke to the guardian after the protested Richard Spencer, this genius and he said the torches were quite a way to communicate with the dead and we're not meant to be a to the clan okay. Well, that makes me feel better. I'm glad I feel so much better. Now that he's communicating with the dead. That's that's exciting it is the media's attention on Richard Spencer is super overblown Richard Spencer has about seven followers, but everybody is, is making a big deal out of all of this. Obviously they're doing the same thing with that they they did the same thing with my little. You know apple as he, I guess is on the today show talking about free speech on college campuses, yeah I'll be sleep Milo has role in talk about free speech on college campuses, given the amount of of writing that was at Uc. Quickly, so I don't begrudge him that, but people who Going to my little live in the public eye. Are people on the left, the people who are going to keep Richard Spencer alive or people on the left and the reason for that, because they would prefer that I will Richard Spencer right there for people like me were Richard Spencer that I were Alex Jones. They prefer the mainstream right was the Richard Spencer Right or the
let's Jones right with the Milo Yiannopoulos right. The reality is that the left has an interest in choosing which people makes the spa person for the right, and you shouldn't give into that. Okay, so tomorrow will be back president about President Trump meeting with the President of Turkey. Who's showing up the prime Minister of Turkey. Now will talk about all of that. I and latest on Trump world and why the Democrats are overreaching, Ben Shapiro Show and
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