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Ep. 303 - Another Day, Another Russia Scandal

2017-05-16 | 🔗
A blockbuster report says Trump handed classified information to the Russians -- but is it true? Plus, we talk about whether the NBA is racist, and we deconstruct some culture.
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So it's apparently terrible to tell millennials to save their money or invest their money. These days on Monday news broke worldwide. There are now strolling real estate developer. Tim Gerner had explained. The secrets to financial success was saving investing rather than spending quote when I was buying. My first time I wasn't buying smashed avocado for nineteen bucks in four copies of four each corner explained or two point now where the expectations of younger people are very, very high. They want to eat out every day they want to travel to Europe every year. I think until this generation realises that the people that own homes today, what very very hard for it saved every dollar did everything they could to get up the proper ladder they won't get ahead. You might have to bite investment but first you might have to share with member dad you might have to buy with a friend, but you ve got it. Foot in the door and you ve got to slowly get up the ladder. This was apparently terrible thing to say. Never. Number two millennial and her avocado toast, but obvious. we gonna was talking about the choice by some young people to spend repeatedly on lifestyle rather than saving. He didn't restrict his comments to the rather silly example of avocado toast he talked about Europe. Invitations to which our little bit more expensive, naturally to have
the implications of gunners correct statement than your times backtracked and they wrote quote the truth- is even if millennials assume the eating habits. Baby members take around two hundred and thirteen years before they could afford a down payment on home, assuming a twenty four sent down payment on the median price for home. In the? U S, three hundred fifteen thousand dollars. In March twenty seventeen and a one percent yearly yield rate. The average price of us I have a kind of one March was one twenty five, according to the Hoss Avocado Board. What twitter user, Nora, be at Timmons calculated in a serving of avocado of toast cluster about one sixty five or one one. Four hundred and seventy seven eight hundred ninety six thousand that the average price of a home in Brooklyn, but does the New York Times have any decent advice from millennials other than snarking about Africa does, of course not here is the fact but he is spending more now, but millennials cannot afford to do so because they are younger and poorer. While the New Europe His acknowledges that all generations of Americans are eating out more, for example,
it fails to evaluate whether younger people can afford to do so in a way older people can, when we're younger. My wife and I didn't need our nearly as much as we do now. We also had a lot less money over our young people are wrapping up debt much after these days years, ABC News from several years ago, quote the percentages, holding at least one credit card in two thousand, and one rose twenty four percent since ninety. Ninety eight, according to the latest figures from soon learn provider, Nellie may the median there level among card carrying undergrad rose to seventeen hundred seventy dollars. Ninety thousand one from one, some two hundred thirty six dollars in two thousand, an indicator that more students are using their cards regularly and may not be paying off the balance. as each month here CNBC. two thousand fifteen more than here millennial, people, population, eighteen to thirty four reported a credit score below six. Seventy millennials are and turning to payday loans and pawnshops shops put cash in the bank millennium I'm getting married or buying homes thanks to class and are not putting money in the stock market, but there spending money on travel, some millennial money trouble comes from the global financial downturn, of course, but to neglect personal decision. Making in terms of investing is a mistake.
Why wouldn't investors tell kids to save up because it made her their feelings and suggest that they have agency in their own lives. When I told a group of students in downtrodden public school, only around try school, then a free country like Erica permanent poverty is a function of making poor financial decisions. The high school principle actually dismissed the students telling me that too many of their parents were impoverished and thus feel insulted. The problem here is loose talk about avocado test it people don't want, you're the truth there lives are in their hands if they dont like their financial situations. Perhaps they should start by examining their own decisions on Ben Shapiro since the bench of Hiroshima already another day. Another quasi scandal we'll talk about too big stories, one from the right and one from the left that everybody seems to buying into and what is true and what is not before we do. I want to say things: You two are sponsors over at bull and branch, so bowling brand
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it had been investigating it as in armed robbery, gone wrong. Nothing was stolen. Yet Legatee there is now a necklace autumn is what was left on him, and so there are a lot of accusations that this was actually an assassination. So last night Fox Dc Five reports that a private Stu Gator named rod. Wheeler had revealed that his instigation into the murder of Dnc, staffer Wretch quote shows there were some degree of email exchange between South Rich and Wikileaks. I do believe you answers to murdered, who murdered separate sits on his computer on a shelf in Dc. Police are happier headquarters of the accusation. Here. Is that the Wikileaks? scruples, actually getting the Dnc emails, not from the russian but from an insider at Dnc, the Dnc was basically they had a more and the mobile very upset about Bernie Sanders losing, and so he was sending all sorts of information. Thousands upon thousands of emails to women weeks, and then he was shot over it. Pretty only by somebody associated with the Dnc or the Hillary Clinton campaign is one of the right would have you believe WAR Lisa. Victoria right would have. You believe, good, also, debate glad of a story about how Russia was the one hat
the DMZ. It would turn out that it was an inside job from somebody who was presumably just a Bernie Sanders supporter, maybe more Edward Snowden situation, necessarily aspire situation which would change a lot of the Trump Russia Fox NEWS has now reported than anonymous. Federal investigator said forty four thousand fifty three emails and seventeen thousands hundred sixty one attachments between DNA. committee leader spanning January twenty fifteen through late. Twenty. Sixteen were transferred from rich to the director of working eggs. Gavin MC faded was also recently deceased days, anonymous federal investigator had said this. We have not of a sore saying something with a family, has denied these reports and slammed Wheeler for violating confidentiality. Basically, they really the statement. That As that there is no evidence and no email suggesting Wikileaks links there since, as we seen through the past year of unsubstantiated clans, she no facts. We see no evidence, we ve been approached with no emails and only learn about this when contacted by the press. Even if tomorrow, an email was founded is not high enough bar of evidence to prove any interactions as emu.
can be altered. Cohesion that those interested in pushing conspiracies will stop at nothing to do so. We are family whose committed facts, not fake evidence that services every few months to fill the void and distract law enforcement and the general public from finding sets murderers, the services The private investigator who spoke to press was offered to the rich family and paid for by a third party and contractually was barred from in the press or anyone outside of law enforcement or the family. I must explicitly authorized by the family, so here is the bottom on this particular story. We just don't know enough at this point. We don't know Emily, obviously saying NATO believe this the FBI Not really statement on any of this. The diesel least denies all of this. With all of that said, people our jumping onto the anonymous sourcing here- and they are jumping onto this- this p I'd private investigator, who has a bit of a sketchy history there jumping on, to basically suggest that this is the big scandal of the day is that South Wretch was murdered because he was ending Dnc emails to Wikileaks? So here is the bottom line
not enough evidence to say one where another, none of evidence to say one or another, we still know nobody, the murder. We know the details objective, as we know that the pie is shaky and the FBI has not release a statement when more info she comes out and we can make a judgement unfortunately People are waiting to make a judgment there, just jumping on it in this shows. I think that conference asian bias has absolutely seeped into every aspect of news coverage right now. People are seeing a story there deciding what they like the story or not and in their believing it based on whether they like it or not. There sinister its filled with anonymous source like as anonymous FBI guy and their deciding, whether they like the anonymous source based on what the anonymous source is saying. Looking at a story like doesn't they're, saying well sure them He says this was led in violation of confidentiality, but leaks are ok because we think it's an important story so now flip the script talk about the story from left, so the washing, post reports last night that president trumpet during that meeting with the Russians that we talked about last week in the day after he fires, F B. I director James Coming
The Washington Post reports that he has this meeting with certainly kiss was the ambassador from Russia Who is a spy master by pretty much every available piece of information as well as the Foreign Minister, Sergei labourer. If he has this meeting behind closed doors, are no american press people at this meat It's just the Russians who are there and russian press coverage, apparently, according to the law fines imposed, he revealed that quote highly classified Information to the russian Foreign Minister and ambassador in has meeting last week. According to current and former, U S, officials who said forms Disclosures jeopardize the critical source of intelligence on the islamic state in Asian, the president relayed had been provided by a: U S, partner, thrown into agents, sharing arrangement considered so sensitive. The details have been with from allies and tightly restricted? Even within the? U S, government and officials, the partner had not given United States permission to share the material with Russia and official said trumps decision to do so in dangerous cooperation from an ally that has asked to the inner workings of the islamic state. trumps meeting senior White House officials took steps to contain the damage. Placing call
so the CIA and the National Security Agency, this code information at a? U S, official, familiar with the matter using terminology that refers to one of the highest classification levels used by american spy agencies the Washington Post by way says that they have the information but they're not going to the information because you'd be unsafe to print the information the opposes withholding most plot details, including the name of the city that apparently true mentioned at the urging. officials who warned that revealing them would jeopardize important intelligence capabilities, so the story Basically there are a couple of anonymous sources inside the Trump White House who leaked that Trump had revealed highly classified information. The russian so couple things. I'm awake first and foremost, one even from that is our criminal, ok, the present gets you decide what's classified in. What's not classified article two of the constitution says nothing about classification standards have not being impacted by the present, the president can decide to declassify things as fast as the president once so trumped enjoying thing. that said if the devil.
That's decider. If the Republicans decide Congress can impeach for stuff, that's not criminal, so this is still not great stuff from India does the president did something legal doesn't mean something good point number two. Yes, Democrats are when it comes to lakes, the Democrats, let all the time they leave, That's right, information to our enemies on routine basis in two thousand Levin, for example. This did not get a lot of attention, even those big story, and she doesn't eleven Joe Biden and the vice president reveal that was team sex that had killed Osama Bin Laden and there are members of seal team, six families who felt that he put a target on there that by revealing information publicly? Let me briefly acknowledge tonight's thing distinguish arteries, admiral, Jim Stuff, Treatises Asia is A the real deal. He could tell you more about and understands the incredible phenomenology just was unbelievable capacity others Navy seals in what they did was last Sunday. Ok, so
there. He was your spilling classified information and it ended up dashi being quite tragic because seal teams were then targeted by Al Qaeda apparent, but that was not a big scandal on the left or among the media. Obviously the Obama administration also leat Infirmity, from our allies repeatedly, particularly from Israel, daily information over and over and over about israeli plans to strike Urania nuclear facilities in an attempt to stop Israel from doing all that's up those points out of the way want it's not criminal to the alarming Illustration did stuff like this all the time it is still bad. It's silly really bad thing. If the president of the United States cannot be trusted with class I'd information. If you just going out there and saying things to people openly because he's gotten eagle problem, which is supposedly what happened. You got a problem, so Apparently? What would happen is that when Trump described, measures the US has taken or is contemplating to counter the threat of ice including military operations in Iraq and Syria, as well as other steps to tighten security Trump cast countermeasures in wistful terms. It can you believe the world we live in today. Isn't
crazy, so use just supposedly showing off now. Here is the problem. Ok, so the the White House denies the story, but there are a couple of different types of I also Dena Power was the deputy national security adviser, she's nice, story wholesale. She says none of this ever happened. None of this ever happened and then a charming master, whose national security adviser, who has a high level of trust with conservatives as well. He should he comes out and he The statement is sixty seconds statement last night without taking any questions and here's what he said last night about this Washington Post, storing, there's nothin approach, Take more seriously than that. The story the american people decide we, the came out tonight as reported is false. The president and the foreign minister reviewed a range of common threats to our two countries, including threats to civil aviation at no time at no time. we're intelligence sources or methods discussed and the president did not disclose military operations that were not already publicly known
two other senior officials who are present, including this secretary of state a further meeting the same way and have said so far on the record cal should outweigh those of an anonymous sources. was in the room. It didn't happen. Thanks everybody else in the room it didn't happen now the question has become what does it mean, because the fact is that what a charming master is saying here is sought. Denial like I just want the exact about this. It sort of denial and sort of not a case of denial of things at the Washington never claims the Washington Post never claimed that Trump had revealed intelligent sources or methods. with Washington Post claimed, is that Trump had said something about a particular city where there is an ice operation taking place and the fact that we knew about it endangered one of our sources that basically the Washington Post claim mcmasters. Is denying something the Washington Post never claim there. This morning a charming master came out and he said something different which will get too in just one second, but first say thank you to our sponsors over legacy box. So, if you are, if you are worried about
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Two open to debate, because we don't know what the information is. How are we supposed to confirm or deny that what he said It's ok to say, if no way of knowing that. if it really was. Ok, then, presumably the White House could do something very easy. They just release the transcript. the conversation which they have my master came out this morning and he said yeah from said something, but none of us founded objectionable. It wasn't really big deal may masters. the president was not even aware of where the information came from, he wasn't briefed on the source and method feel the source and method. Ok. What but that wasn't! The claim I mean the claim It's not that he was briefed on the source and method or that he revealed the source and method. The claim was that you were yield confidential information classified information that actually put somebody in the line of fire that was centrally what he, what what the claim was and the master is now saying in Trump is now saying that it's not a big deal, what he revealed? Ok, there are problems with this one, that's objective, so it's possible that are allies could look at TAT, make it say: well, he meant nothing. it's from, but I think it's probably never giving from classified information again. There is a report from
earlier this year that the Israelis had stopped giving Trump classified information because they were afraid. probably just gonna spill it on the record somewhere. So there's that there's So the problem with ok. Well, is it really was not a big deal? I just declassify, it is really. The conversation again, why is any two big deal because it goes to character and president Trump is having a problem character inside his administration he's having a problem of character inside his duration and he's undermining people inside his administration, whose credibility he needs couple demeans to uphold mcmasters credibility, and it doesn't look good when master comes out last night says the story, Two and the next day comes back and as well. I really said that The story was false in other the of there, but it's kind of drought But it's no is this that happened last week, if you recall all the way back to last week, my God time just has stopped moving the last week. the president of the United States trotted out half as ministration, including vice president parents, to say that all of this
that was going out with deputy director Commie had been spur by the deputy attorney general, sending a letter, and then two days later he went on National news and he said noted I was gonna, do it anyway? It had nothing to do with that. For his entire press, team had got out and blamed on rod, Rosen steam. So the big problem here is The big problem here is trump, and the reason that this is a problem is because, if you dont have credibility with the american people, then you're gonna have hard time pushing legislation, you're gonna have a hard time wooing allies. You can have a hard time doing the things the president actually needs to do You're also going to be undercutting your case for how cloud how careful you are about classified information, so I mean that the left is having a field day with this. Of course, you know that wore it doesn't make them not to sound, as they are dishonest, but plus is having a field day. The point here is that the left is gonna be left, you knew they were gonna, be left Are you gonna be the one who decides to step on every rake in a hundred miles yes, it's just foolish from spent half of this campaign. Talking about how Hilary protected. Classified information is a montage from talking it over and over and over again Cosette.
Return of state was it, streamline careless negligence in handling are classified secrets. She lineup, passing on classified information. Right in, administration, I'm to enforce all laws concerning the protection of class. defied information, she's but she said nothing more classified total lie, we can have some one in the office who does understand the meaning of the word confidential. or classify ok again, the EU is spending terror campaign. Saying this, then you undercut your own case, because you can't staff twitter and because you can keep mouth shut, its problem of care and then does have ramifications, and I could see and make everybody happy about nationalist and it's very easy to do. But here is the problem the same people on the right or buying the south rich. a hook Lenin Sinker, which we don't have verified yet are saying the zone. Fake news now, even though Trump has already sort of confirmed it and Converse
People on the left word dismissing the south rich stuff Armenia buying everything about this story before anything has sort of been confirmed that confirmation by us in the news is extraordinarily strong. There's more information at the Washington Post or is true at this point, because trumpets Quasi confirmed in Salzburg master. Then there is the descent. Rich story is true, but I would just like to point out the consistency that everybody seems to be suffering from in evaluating these stories. Anonymous sources are anonymous sources until there's confirmation leaks are bad a really bad, but the week is now actually the story and you dont get to say that the league is the big story. If you spend the entire campaigning, seeing the Wikileaks was not the story is the content of the Wikileaks that actually mattered This is really not good step in our time, a little bit more about how we can fix it. Actually really easy to fix. If you would just listen and stop it's easier to fix, I will talk about democratic over each plus. We have two deconstruction culture, but for this listen guys I wish every day I can come on you're and talk about the great suffering is doing what he needs to do good things in order for me to talk about it. So again, I just hope
pray that he does for the rest of pocket governor daily wired dot com a month get you subscription to daily wire. If you want an annual, description that you can get a free copy of the royal fix comes out on our southern border, that a ranch or trying to defend his land from drug cartels using his land is thoroughfare really good movie. Its you get that annual subscription or eight dollars a month gets you the normal subscription daily, where it coming The mail bag in a couple of days will answer all your questions or, if you just want to listen later, had over two items, sound close and make trees. Scribe and and Download, and leave us review. We always appreciate it. We are the number one conservative podcast in America. Ok so again, now the conversation in this happening in real time recovering it ass. It happens, conversation now is? Was what from said actually dangerous did he say anything actually dangerous, and that begs another question. Even if you didn't say anything dangerous is their arrest that he's going to say dangerous stuff. Just because he's a big mouth and
that's a that's going to rage. We're not gonna, know the answer to all of this, and there is another question that has to be ass. The Charles Cook is asking today, which is that it's on clear exactly what Trump knew at any point here right. What what exactly happened at any point here, so it's this is really again into mass its mass and it's a mess because has wants to focus on leaks and not the content of leaks, precisely the opposite. We're doing during the campaign they want to folks. I wikileaks and not the content of the Wikileaks. Both are important. Leaks are bad. The contents of the leaks matters and it's it's hard to talk about how leaking is terrible and the President of the United States is Lundy, classifying information in secret meetings with the Russians again, it's he needs to be better at this. How does effect this, he figured this very easily. He shut up. He does his job. He nodded good FBI director to put this call me think about, and then he just left
master in general matters do their jobs. He doesn't hold meetings with. Worn ambassadors that he didn't have to hold again. This precarious state tellers and could have done it in Egypt, but that what we have to overall for this to happen. Is this weird perception that trumpet some sort of God, like genius, who knows every step along the way- and this is all teach us mad mad mad. Ok, it's not eighty chess Magda Magda its confusion, its Kay and it needs to stop in the region needs to stop. Is we are now what's the day to day guys, it's may sixteenth is may sixteenth. Ok, the It is that you know what a reconciliation ends in June: ok, budget reconciliation, which is the process for this year by which the by which Republicans can pass a bill. Basically, healing parts of Obamacare with fifty one votes that and in the middle of June, running out of time. Now we are now did they Appropriations Committee basically has to report on the step by the middle of June will run
out of time and nothing is moving forward. Remember it was just two weeks ago the trumpets triumphantly meeting on the White House lawn to talk about how the house is pushing through the American Healthcare ACT. Now it's completely stalled Mitch MECCA came out and did what Ms Mcdonald does today he came out and he said that we are not coming she: a tax reform bill until the end of the year, if at all, maybe it'll have wait till next year? It's it's all thing is being star, but at least from tweeting right maybe have trouble just get down business. All this. We need better, demonstrated, does demonstrate their character does matter character, does matter in the present it, and there was this bizarre notion during the during the campaign, by a lot of people on the right track. Here. are no longer matter. That of bill. Clinton could be a good precedent and have no character than Donald Trump could be a good precedent and have no character. There are different. However, in character shortcomings Bill Clinton had successfully These successfully run estate Arkansas billions care Shortcomings are not the same as Donald Trump Scarecrow shortcomings, for example, building is a policy which can actually cares about ideas, Donald Trump,
policy work. Bill Clinton is, is a nurse It s not our system leads to compromise on policy trump. Is Our societies and our sisters, Jews, humanely, gets back up and refused. Down on anything. These are different character, we have different ramifications. I think that a lot of people have covered for the fact that Trump may not fundamentally qualified to do this job well through a series of of waste convincing themselves that here is actually a God, like genius. Part of that, I think, is that here on the right leaving in meritocracy in american business. We believe you rice and is happening business world. Then you can't be Adam. Damn you have to be a smart guy have to be a capable guy, but that doesn't hold for in the end, came at world in the truth, is that tramples mostly successful in being to or not being real estate magnet. I know the debt, popular to say a lot of what I'm saying today's unpopular to say, but all of this just says that What we have here now is what they call in business school: the law of the lead in business school,
although it means that if you have somebody who runs accompanied with a sea level player, the company's never can be nay level company will always be a sea level company, but that's just as the dial better off putting his administration and hands people who know what they're doing so, we can avoid all of this or he's going have to get better at this and humoring him along the way is not going to make these things better. It's not gonna make these things better. Let me in Hannity who, I love as a human being, but China has become very sycophantic, obviously toward President Trump here's. What here was his take on this Washington Post store last night. So if you're in the White House, and you're doing this. If you They are to Serbia, country and all you doing is hurting the country. Well, then, you might one get out of the way you so a leak, obviously so on the right. It's all leaks this and leaks that, in its very important too leakage can we can leave again. What's important. Now is, if Trump glancing at the least under control, all he has to do is not be responsible for stupid things and then the leaks sort of go away because the fact is that stupidity can be overcome, but Rex
Incompetence cannot Charles crowd. Hammer said that the only implication here is really the trump doesn't nobody's doing. That is school. I agree with those in the main, but that's what it's tough does have ramifications:
clearly happened here, would seems to be. The implication of this story is at an hour I might have been sort of root revealed to have, let's assume some kind of asset inside of ices some magic years to plant at assets such as that in the operation I mentioned at the end of the year ago. It had taken ears and it was the end of a successful operation. I don't think anybody is talking about illegalities present. Has the right to be classified anything any time he wants not a question of dairy act illegally, as it was at unwisely and one of all the probabilities. The idea tat he was acting as a major candidate. Feeding information to his russian operative controllers is ridiculous. The only implication here is that he's on school. This is his first go around, who had sensitive information that you might have slipped up if he ditched it's not good. On the other hand, if it's not deliberate trotting Dr Weir High crime, a misdemeanor, but in all that's all that is true, but it does not speak well to the future of the presidency. Again, I wanted it
solve this issue. I want to leave all this in the rearview mirror, but he needs to stop doing silly things. Another example of this we think Sean's baser comes out yesterday and he's asked again about. Does Donald Trump have tapes of his conversations with James call me and again because wants to be taken literally spacer ducks. The question is So why has intended to raise those requests? That information must be clear last week that the president has nothing further on that under does that mean that the present world- and I think I said very clear- that the present would have nothing further on that last week to Asia. I guess we find the legislative branches reclassified electors and made it clear what the present position is on that issue. Why won't you just explain whether or not the reporting of presently to clear what his position is? Can I ask you to be issued by the way the one of the sources apparently for this Washington Post report,
he's coming courtesy of Eric Ericsson, whose rightwing guy right Eric Eriksson, who founded red state. He said that he knows one of the sources any says the source on this on this story about classified information being here over the Russians wise, It was and is supportive of president Trump. It s an amazing thing. I mean right hand. These portraying it is not just a bunch of people want to see Trump go down. Maybe it's a bunch of people want. Trumpeted better job, but it whatever. It is trump needs to do better than this, and I am sorry to keep repeating the message, but there is, potentially have a White House run by Republican. You have Senate it run by Republicans, Yellow House run by Republicans and nothing is happening at all. So that's a lot of bad trump. I do have some good trump coming But let's do will do some things I like in just one. Second. First, I want to say: Thank you, and I say to our friends over at real t share. So if you haven't used realty shares, yet you really ought to its a great wave invite sing in real estate for people who have the money to invest in real estate, but you don't really have the time to gladden by an apartment, building yourself. Basically, the way
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to retire early now is the time to do it. Realty shares can help that happen. Realty shares calm slash ban, it is not an offering of securities. Private investors are highly liquid risky and are not suitable for all investors. Past performance, not indian, the future results securities offered to accredit investors through north capital, private securities, member, thinner aside, Ipc. Ok, so let's do some. things that I like so play I like number one drink. Some religious books this week so Cs Lewis, has a great book called the problem of pain. All about why it is that people suffer when God is good and it's a it's a book on what elevates he has lost. His writing. Is that its deep without being complex? You can, you can read it and can understand it having to be real sophisticate. The problem of pain is great book all about what is you suffer pain and when the whole premise is not the pain is good or the pain is okay or the pain is something that you don't have to suffer with. It said a benevolent God could have a world with pain,
Here is why he explains it in detail. I wouldn't want spoil the argument for you, because it really is sort of beautifully laid out the problem of pain by Cs Louis, going check it out today. Ok, things that I like. I do want to say something good about. President Trump, I spend a lot of the programmes and Talk Metro, I'm not doing a particularly good job, but today, yes, day. He did something that was good, and this is the part that so irritating. He does good things guys if you stop doing stupid the bad things. Then we could actually just celebrate the stuff that he's doing so yesterday. He shine to a blue light on the White House, which has great he did it to honour The cops Obama had refused to your member. Do this. He also gave us each about policing and why policing is vital. Here's what to say, social justice. It is time for all Americans from all parties and beliefs to join together in a simple go to ensure that every child in America has the right to grow up in safety, security and peace through social justice means. If
you were every child in every neighbours can play outside without fear, can walk home safely from school and can live out the beautiful dreams that fill them. ok, this is exactly true and the fact that there are so many people on the on the left, who refuse to acknowledge that you need a safe environment nor to have good schools or to have investment year. Community is really ridiculous. Good turned from he's always been done on this issue whose good, in the campaign on this issue, we praised him during the campaign on this issue? Here's what had to say about saying, thank you to police officers to all Americans watching this event. Today. Next time you see a cap on the beat take a moment to say Two wonderful words which today so they deserve. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah one anything, that's right and I know that's become passe to say we're supposed to say today the cops f you instead of thank you, but the fact is there, the people keeping people safe now,
contrasts sharply with one of the things that I hate. It will do that some things that I the screaming the anti known his joy Bay, Harald round the view she says that Republicans clearly hate the poor. This is the line that the left has been using these days segment of the society, that's resentful of any poor child, getting something for free. Those people need to look in the mirror. There are that certain people in this country they know they are they allow- then voted for. Trying to my points. I leave that men involved and that point something. Ok, so there not resentment of the poor? The fact is that what Trump is talking about with, The cops is one example of how Republicans want to help the poor. If Democrats were so all fired graded, helping the poor, why is it that many The poorest inner cities in America will all of the poorest inner cities in America are run by Democrats and have been for the last fifty or sixty years. But this is self flat. imposed taken on by the less we care about the poor. You don't and the way we can
was because we don't like your policies, that absolute stupidity now other things that I hate This actually is something that that I hate about the end. so I know it's a random should this happen, but so what my shop, Karim, Abdul, Jabbar, famous baseball player, hollow famer, leading all time score: Kramer soldier bar one most underrated players in India history. He makes the case that kid should be able to go directly from high school to the NBA. And I think this is totally right. Actually, you don't think players cultures, can have that kind of relationship that you two had back then today are open, but that's possible. Now, because kids, I'm Goin, two columns now to get an education they going to play basketball and move on to the NBA when it so that that's recently, what's happening and rare to see some guys stay and Friday forget that it was a very impressive universal Wisconsin
the guy's. They made a commitment to each other into the school and therein the answer to a final two years and are all I really admire, what they achieve as students and as athletes. So he is saying that that all these kids are not capable of coaching, because they're they're going to college two to go direct me and make use of it. From the point of dreams making. But it's a point that I have made frequently. I do think that there is. something nefarious and union about the fact that they don't allow players to jump direct from high school. to the NBA anymore. They force everybody to go to college. for one in diner play overseas? I think it's really stupid in Batesville AR have this in baseball. If, if somebody is drafted and wrecked happens all the time, people won't play baseball, they should be play baseball. I think that it's ridiculous to have college kids. You know kids going to college to play basketball cookies- are Dingle play in the NBA. There, obviously not there for the other, Walter degree. I mean there clearly, to play basketball and is really stupid, that the NBA has prevented
it's from jumping straight to the NBA paternalistic and ridiculous. Case way that racist, that, in that, in the M l you're allowed to jump directly from the the school to the minor league known seems to get night. One comes to NBA players. People are all upset because people are jumping high school to the NBA, not going to college again. I think that really dumb. If you wanna jumps out of high school, the abates free countries should be allowed to do so. Ok, other things that I hate somebody has decided that it is a good idea to make a robber for men this. Is it is week that they'll Huffington posts have been pushing this is literally a ones he for deeds? I dont who would want to wear this, but the it's called the ramp him? Ok, to Kickstarter project and wants to sell robbers specifically designed to men. They look like regular robbers, but the have zippers in the front. Men want to go wearing robbers, without dealing with the special how the women go through whenever they wear them and how to get completely naked whenever they go to the bathroom there's a picture.
Of these guys wearing robbers, add the Kentucky Derby. I dont. Ok, my my one year old, child, where's robbers, ok, don't think grown men should be wearing these things, but I guess that we are now invested in reading grown men like children, just the same, but his thing ever and it definitely looks and comfort was whilst on, besides being really stupid. It also looks deeply uncomfortable. So there is that two. Ok, you know what let's take some time in deconstruct. The culture to thyself may looks like on the cultural front. We are, We are talking about done on the cultural front, We always deconstruct song. More very often we construct a song. We look at some the lyrics your kids are listening to you may be listening to and we deconstruct them to see what exactly the culture is promulgating, because it is two on the tunes yourself without acknowledging that there is certainly a content that you are also imbibing along with the fun? I also want to talk about Hollywood's desperation, to reboot every series in creation. Apparently they just Green lit a ring
mood of Roseanne. Ok, which- when off the air in the nineties. I'm Let us remember when Roseanne was on the originally, it hasn't been that long I assume there are some people in Hollywood who still want to write, shows, but the way that you're going to get people to watch us not to reboot and other show. The rebuilding now's willing, grace willing graces always want to most overrated chosen a history of tv and never ranked in the top ten on national television I rarely reigns in the top thirty on national television, and yet was triggered by the media with all sorts of love because it was about gated, and so that meant that a special and other bring it back. Even if there is not widespread man huge for it to be brought back, it will fail. It'll be off here my prediction: within an admin two seasons? They may hold it overseas and just because they have made an investment here, but it's not gonna be good here reboot trailer lack and get this one's afraid to show again what shop thinks my doing some kids Why would you think we're doing a shell?
I do know I knew my wing drunk whose by ITALY wound saw world to discuss sitcom size. We anonymously
all guys and with Shorty still need one blue, because now I'm in my forty four, why, in the world, they would do this It was not that great a show originally, and now it's a bunch of eighty year old people who are you, This also it's a different world. So back when the show is originally on the whole gave I, but the thing was really transgressor now. There is not a on television doesn't have a major gay character. Everybody assumes that issue is going to have major gay character, because they're all run by the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation before they are screened and ere it. So they had the idea that This is going to have ratings. Just say: ok, final, ok, we'll do one quick d instructing the culture, a Julia MIKE this has a so called issues that is searching up the charts. I want to do Instruct the lyrics a little bit here is a little bit of Julia Michael's issues,
hello the picture of abandoned in a music video, I've never seen before a gag only those of others when I'm down like a real down when on high and come down again angry Davy. Believe me, I can allow me just like TAT, and I can leave you despise, but you yeah I do. Doll, me You do
ok, so this is some issues comes from school of thought that systems emotive. When you saying it is more important than actually being able to predict when things are, very variants did the lyrics are basically from somebody issued challenges, bipolar right, I'm jealous I'm overzealous. When I'm down I get real down. When I'm high don't come down, I get it. Hey baby. Believe me, I could love you just like. I could lead you just as fast, but you don't judge makes it did baby. I would judge you do ok, so the idea here is that the few people are somehow going to iron out each other's each other's mental problems that you ve got a couple of people who have bipolar disorder or manic depression and that they are they're going to be compatible because of all of this. Maybe the issues that you have you should solve before you gonna relationship against basic life, advice for everybody and one of the reasons why he, although teenage honesty, crap these in these music videos to guide such issues as such
but you're going to solve all my issues. Gaiety, only issue that really get solved by marriage. Our relationship is loneliness and it's the only one that actually get solved, but all your other issues do not actually get solved by relationship is up to you to solve your own issues and if you dont, solve your own issues, you're going to end up with a bad relationship with someone else who has issues because, like tends to meet like, claimants has many silly things will wonder. He says that as smart as he says that If you are always worried, these are always worried about. Why can't find MR right. Maybe it's because you're not miss right yet you're, not MRS right yet in the same holds true. Vice versa picture own issues then worry about getting in a relationship, not the other way around, and then this is the bench of your
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