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Ep. 31 - How to Talk To Your Leftist Relatives on Thanksgiving

2015-11-25 | 🔗
Ben tells you how to deal with your leftist relatives on Turkey Day, plus President Obama says the dumbest thing ever said by a human. And Ben does a brand new segment: Things I Hate!
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Here yards the day before Thanksgiving. I want to give all of you a little bit of Thanksgiving Day advice we'll get to that will also get to the latest in the Middle EAST plus a brand new segment that I'm ripping off man reclaiming I'll, tell you what that is, I'm Ben Shapiro! This is the bench of Hiroshima, Tennysons, humanised people come here you feeling ok, so tomorrow is Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving its day that we all get together with relatives that we despise, because we have blood relations with them and end.
Come over and they enjoy us and typically the people who come over for Thanksgiving who are annoying. It's never right, wingers, because right, wingers are perfectly happy to talk about movies and music and and sports. Their per and religion are perfectly happy to talk about the things that we serve culturally share. It's always the leftist in the room who needs to feel some sense of moral superiority who brings up politics. I have never yet been in a family situation with members. My extended family, who are on the left, where I'm gonna brings politics. I never do it, but I happen to be in a career. yield in which everybody thinks that their an expert. So most people want to talk politics with me. What about public? It's like being a musician where everybody thinks there musician and they want to talk music with you or your area, and after your in Hollywood, everybody has written a script that they buried in their soft roar and then wanted to wait tables over a coffee beans and that every that their certain, fashions where everybody wants to talk to the electorate engineer you never have to deal with. It is now. Happened to you where you locked into, dinner party in somebody's like buttonhole in you about engineering. It has never have.
In an ever, will happen, but if you're in politics it happens a lot and if you're right wing and your political at all, it will happen it your family dinner, so a couple, a piece of advice for Europe for your thanks, giving tomorrow first piece of advice: here's how to deal with leftist who comes over your house in and wants to talk power. x on Thanksgiving. Don't invite them like seriously. This is, I know everybody acts like you have to invite. Why why it's an accident of births and accidents? Genetics? Just because that person happens to be your nephew because all schmuck mean you don't want want, there message is just tell him, you don't want him there and tell him, tells parents that he's gonna come you just keep it on. There well, that's politics are happy to talk about. Anything else will talk football, but if he's gonna be a jerk ten, then don't in then you'll have a much better time, because it turns out they you're supposed to be with people you're thankful for not people we wish would suddenly be dropped into the middle of Syria. You really don't want to clutter your life with folks that you don't like one of the most liberating phrases in all of the english language is
three ward raise, I don't care, and it's true I mean they're they're, just too many people, like you didn't care about. This is, is one of the things I too am proud. I died taught my wife a few things. Saw me many things, but one of the things that I taught my wife when I think women tend to fall into this trap more than men, which is you have to be nice to everybody, NATO, you don't you do you have too polite to every Maybe you left me nice to everybody, because the truth is nice means I wanna go out of my way, for you may means that I'm going to invite you into my homes that you can be a jerk No. Actually that's that's not real. I remember that when my wife and I got engaged she, she had a friend who lived in the same color living facility in which he lived and they become sort of friendly cause. This girl is really needy and she had. No friends is my wife. Being a nice person decided that should be friends with this person in this person was really needy and really of noxious and right after we got engaged my wife's sent a mass tax to all her
yeah, I'm engaged and this girl rollback. How dare you and what you meant by? How dare you was? Why are you telling everybody wants waiting? You tell me specifically in my life was really upset about it and my fiance was really upset about, and I said to her you should just right back. I'm done with you really. enough, you don't need there, there's no time for you. My life is due for their data certain number of breath. You get to take on this planet and wasting breath on people. You don't like is just a complete waste of time and she did that. It made her life that much better and- and the truth is that when you have kids, Take it only true general rule. Once you have kids anybody whose means your children should not be part of your life. Anyone came flocking friends, I'm talking family once they they cross. Your kids once done done. If they treat your kids. Well, you don't need those people in your life. They try to manipulate your. Do you need them in Europe? Then the same is true of politics. If they insist on coming over your house and waxing philosophic over the writings of Howard's in just don't Thanksgiving is a nice day today should be enjoying is not time you should have to spend rebutting over
stupid, idiotic talking points they got from vocs dot, com or abroad, Obama, Now, as then, the number one question I always get from people, because I'm good and debate is how do you debate folks on the left in the First answer I always give is: why are you debating them in the first place? You need to figure out why You are involved in the conversation in the first place. If you can't answer that, you shouldn't be having the conversation that strong Facebook that's Toronto, it's true in your daily life. Now, if you, if you can't avoided if it's it's your mom rightly new, I've done by your mama ex otherwise she's gonna be lonely in the old age. Homer some anymore invite her over and she just starts being a jerk and, and it didn't, then, what you, what you should do, obviously, is trying swivel the conversation elsewhere,
and if it really does come down to a basic conversation about policy, you can have a basic conversation about policy, but the minute anybody says racist sexes, bigot homophobic uses you of Islamophobia. The conversation is over and you should either swivel the topic or they should get out or preferably again. My favorite solution don't come over at all. You're, not needed you're, not no one. No one asked you hear your toe fergie in your mom's basement, well, watching pornography online and crying to yourself about your lack of turkey, or I mean that's. That's that that can be there thanksgiving. It doesn't have to be yours, so those are my my brief thanksgiving day tips and that's particularly true on a day when the left really hates thanksgiving, I mean every year we have this routine about how the settlers the pilgrims were really terrible. People they came over and they exploit the native Americans? Does the same fourteen. We have on Colombia stay right. On these days, it is about your in colonialism coming to the western hemisphere. Let me tell you something folks people who are sitting around bitching about western.
western society and and western civilization coming to America, they can go live in a place where there is no western civilization there. Our time machines there, our time machines, they're called airplanes. All you have to do is why too primitive part. the planet and live there, and it turns out they suck. There's a reason you wanna live here with your Iphone with your computer, with your electricity What you're running water and with your toilet There's a reason that your lifespan is approved. Really? Eighty years here in the West were in some parts of the world, it's like thirty five years and it turns out wouldn't want to go back to living in a time where indigenous peoples of America, warrior rulers if you could have chosen to live now after several hundred years of development in the West, including colonialism colonialism in an colonization or you could live back in primitive, more innocent times, you'd be a fool to live. Primitive, more innocent times, because innocent times usually involve cannibalism and not knowing how to write and not having any sort of sanitary. sanitation of any type and not knowing
we always used? I mean it actually is true. Even greater has very funny video today about this in its true when they, when the pilgrims got here, Only was there no written language there wasn't. There is no written language for native Americans up until the up until the nineteenth century, and that was because one of the native Americans worked with westerners to develop the red languishing sequoias his name, that's why you, nuts equators, are named after Sequoia Sequoia is one who invented written language for many native american dialects did ok you're eighteen hundred eighty right in and there has been human writing for a lot longer now recommend the Bible was written, a thousand b c. So this is the We're were now eight hundred eighty in there still no riding over here. They they also didn't have the wheel. There was no we'll ok in fourteen hundred in sixteen hundred there was no real. The native Americans did not know how to use a wheel or what a wheel was for her, which is hard on the back. Let's, let's be frank, so You know the thanksgiving is. It is a great day integrating the untold part of thanksgiving the people generally dont know because
a little more well known because Russia Limbos talked about it on the part of Thanksgiving that people don't know is, of course that thanks It is an anti communist holiday to because the people act like when the settlers got here, then farm is there? No one in England ever farmed before relegated did the dutch and the end of the british? None of them knew her I'm right they they just they sat around the food, just descended from them in parcels like I'm lost. No, it turns out that they knew how to farm is just when they came to the United States. Then America, when they came to the new world they decided they weren't going to. I'm in the traditional manner where everybody had their own little field. Instead, there one to have a common right. Everybody was going to share the work in common. Everybody was going to share the product in common and just like every other communist system. Ever this thing fell apart with into years right, people to start being lazy and they wouldn't work, anyone do their job, that's why they were starving and a huge percentage of them. Are there wasn't any food is the native amiss. Kids came around, I said, ok! Well, I will give you some seed corn and it's not that they taught them how to farm. They just said here some food, all
you guys are idiots and they end the and the pilgrims at all. You know what this is kind of dump. They got rid of the communist system and they went back to private ownership of property and because they did there was not a need for another charitable thanksgiving at that point to actually were able to grow their own food and survive, and that's why I became a successful settlement self. There's your there's a little bit of thanksgiving background for you, ok, on to the politics of deck. The President Obama met with Francois Hollande yesterday, the President of France and President Obama, and talked a little bit about what was going on in the world. He said in in what is now become one of the most overused lines in american politics. We are all french. Now he was President Obama talking with Francois Hollande. Some two thousand: it was a show of solidarity, as President Obama declared we're all french embraced. French president, France, while land and then bowed to quash ISIS. It cannot be tolerated, it must be destroyed and we
Do it together again so that we were all french now? He also said beyond the that we're all french now comes from the other. Originally we're talking. It comes from J F K going to Berlin in the middle of the blockade of Berlin. During his presidency, in saying, if benign Berliner Ray, I am also Berliner, which oddly also mean she's a sausage, though those were the jokes at the time. that Ireland was a sausage, but people understood what he meant so now everybody does this thing we're a french and no bomber also said in the press conference. Something really bizarre. He also said that France they're doing a wonderful job of getting over the terror the tax, because they got their showing the world that they're not afraid there going out in places and in there and their shopping again and their having mass gatherings, and I thought to myself. This is such a bizarre notion like how have left things you actually defeat. Terror is so weird lay a bush. Did the same thing. By the way, are you sick? We can't let the terrorists win, go shopping. I thought to myself. Wait. Wait a second life,
I'll go shopping, the terrorist think than they one like they like did they do the terrorist really care? If I go out on black Friday, if I don't go to a ball game dignitaries Gotha these man, they have not gone to the daughter game is known So they want me to convert to Islam or die that's their basic goal. If I don't do one or two of these two things, they have not achieved the goal, It also means going to add your game is not actually that high on their list of priorities. First, we heard this from Bush. We heard from Obama now go out gather in public places. first of all, at the same time, that Obama is praising the French were going on gathering in public places. His state department yesterday issued a worldwide travel advisory, telling Americans not to go gather in public places in places like France or there's. That which is weird
but beyond that its. If only they, though, say things like. If we compromise our open values, then we will lose during world war. Two, we actually rationed things. Their actual rations you aren't allowed to buy things drew roads were to your rationed on your fabric, your rationed, under coffee, your ration on your chocolate rationally in turn, people of japanese descent. Did that mean that the Japanese ended up winning no, the Japanese got crushed written and so did in some of the Germans. So the idea that too, that the winning the war is living your life, normal is just it. It's a weird idea, and it's very it its moral preening is really what it is. President Obama went on to say, and this was the most for everyday President Obama says the stupidest thing that has ever been said. every new day brings a new stupid thing that is stupider than anything that has come before this is then there is an episode of family ties in which Michael J Fox pulling Alex Peak eaten. He says in every day I wake up and I think how could I possibly get any smarter and then I wake up the next more
think. How could I possibly been so stupid or President Obama is basically the same way, accept everything that he says he's dumber than it was dead, for he said the stupidest thing I've ever heard, I think, a human being say, which is saying I've lost the crap here, as president am I saying what would be a rebuke to ices terrorists and next week I will be joining president long and world leaders in Paris for the global climate God what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future fragile help. Is it worth it? that little or no words where this stupidities, so what a powerful rebuke it will be the Muslims who want to kill us when a bunch of global bureaucrats get together in a mahogany, paneled Roman stand around the thermostat,
a letter a beautiful day, this will really Kragans boots. Then I mean look at us: Nelson wow, those guys they're talking about crippling their own economies in order in order to spend the next hundred years, lowering the global climate by one degree Celsius wow. I can't believe we thought we could take these guys on me there. That's that's the idea that that's the terrible rebuked eyes is a powerful rebuke to. I can think of a better. Powerful rebuke, the powerful rebuke would be all these guys in a room. Saying: ok, Obama, smithereens out of them. They don't powerful review could be. help air missile hitting them between the eyes. That's a powerful rebuke, I'm pretty sure a powerful rebuke is not guys. We really need to sign the Kyoto Protocol. Retain you know like what we really Need to do is make sure that everybody on earth doesn't use their air conditioning. Do much, let's be real. Let's be real, that is going to Cosmo Hurricanes away manages its, though, is honest to God. It's as though the president of the United States is a child, and he thinks that
he, along with all of his friends, are gonna, get together and play barbies. Mrs rebuke to the terrorists are he's gonna there, the Barbie dollhouse they're, gonna and they're gonna bring out Barbie skipper with their little car DR rounding up see. We showed you, you show them what you show them. You can get together in the room and tat they knew that already and by the way you talking about climate change, they don't care, you think that they care about you. Talking about. You have got to be kidding me, but a bomb is just. He is now in total disconnect from reality. I mean we have now reached the point of complete total disconnect from reality and ended. Disconnect continued. President Obama says you know what we would really mean that we lost if we don't uphold our ideals what are those ideals will let the feckless idiotic, president of the United States, explained. there have been times in our history in moments of fear when we have failed to uphold our highest ideals.
And it has been to our lasting regret. We must uphold our ideals now. Each of us all of us must show that America is strengthened by people of every faith and every background once again pay. So we weaken our ideals unless we Unless we are strengthened by people of every faith in every back, every background have arises. Was everything he's you won't have a crisis we strengthened by more people with ISIS every day every background. Are we still by more people with a very simple question right at what point did does this nonsense? Finally, stop because if you truly believe that America is strengthened by people of every philosophy in it every ideology that means America's meaningless. It means America, totally meaningless and there's nothing worth serving may as well. Just welcome. I see what I mean: that's what
anyway. We just let them all one we'll just forget. Syrian muslim refugees will just give tickets to the United States to ices because after all, we are all strengthened by our common diversity. Were strengthened by the fact that we don't have a common ideology. The alleging that holds us together is that we have nothing in common, just uttered tripe and nonsense from President Obama, but all of this is cover for actual cowardice, because the truth is there. As I mentioned yesterday, there really is only one country on planet earth. There really is that that has an interest in wiping out ISIS and that's the United States. We have the power and the interests to wipe out ices. All of the regional. All of the various regional countries have no interest in wiping out ices. Turkey does
on wipeout ices, because ISIS Sunni, if they wipe out ISIS, then the than presumably the Shia will take over that area, because Assad is waiting. Bashar, Al Assad has no interest in wiping out ISIS because he's using ISIS as a cover to destroy the free syrian army for his real enemies. Iran has no interest in wiping out ISIS because they get to play good guys playing ISIS. Egypt in Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Earl Sunni they're afraid that if they wipe out ISIS that presumably the the this that she will take over plus they have I his presence in their own countries that the Russians have no interest in wiping out ISIS again. They're using ices has cover to bomb the free syrian army on behalf of Bashar, Al Assad and they're, using at his cover in order to provoke a conflagration with Turkey, which is what you saw yesterday. This conflagration with Turkey, which, as I mentioned yesterday, is designed by the Russians in order to peel Turkey off from NATO. Putin has for a very long time the dictator of Russia. For a long time, he's wanted to destroy the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, which was constructed in the aftermath of World WAR two in order to fight the Soviet Union. If he wants to take that apart figures, the
This way to take their part? Is you get? One of the countries is to attack one of the country, members of NATO and then have the rest of data are well. We can't do anything about that and then he's now set. The predicate, which is NATO, is not always going to respond to aggression against one member states. Do nobody has an interest in doing anything about ice, except us Obama?
don't do it because he thinks that the poles don't support the idea of a long term occupation. This is why it will what's what's always so interesting to me as when we hear that President Obama is a brave and decent leader we hear they did. He really is willing to stand up and in the face of what true leadership here would be like I'll tell you who is actually a leader at least when it came to this George W Bush did a very unpopular surgeon, Iraq. It was unpopular at the time that it happened. He knew it had to happen, so he did it. It pacified Iraq and lead to what would have been victory if Obama hadn't purposefully lost that war. That actual leader leadership encourage about. My has none of that instead he's innocent aside. Neither can I get a moan, so President Obama talked about what the Russians are doing and it is, though I mean I've, said before President Obama's
sickly. A comments are excellent outcome or haven't imposed and he's not even colonists he's not have that quality he's. Just two comments are who sits in the common sections and introduce a president. Obama talked about the ongoing problem with the russian operation and he's not wrong, but he's also the president of the United States it he may have some power to do some stuff about it, but that he wanted to hear President Obama. Turkey, like every country, has a right to defend its territorial waters, which I think is very important. Right now for us to make sure that both the Russians and the Turks are talking to each other find out exactly what happened and take measures to discourage any kind of escalating the ok. So he says they have to discourage all the escalation and get it will want to present and gloves dimension. There is the fact that Russia was bombing there in the first place is directive front to the United States, because the fact is the only reason they were bombing up near the turkish bore. There's no ices by the Turkish.
The only people by the turkish border of the free syrian army, the people we armed right the other day, but when the russian helicopter shut down, it was shot down with you as weapons. I was the: u DOT S weapon the hit a russian helicopter and he's sitting there, pretending that this has nothing to do with us that we were completely unrelated to any of this. It is kind of amazing Publicans. On the other side, there they're doing a slightly better job of responding to this Marco Rubia Senator from Flora. He says that the EU should respond to this assault on Turkey and we should defend Turkey, because otherwise NATO is done. He's basically writers, Marco Rubio important for us to be very clear that we will respond and defend They come under assault from the Russians, otherwise the entire NATO alliance comes into question in, and that is exactly right. I mean the problem, of course, is that President Obama: thanks you his his ridiculous terrible leadership: Turkey, which ones This should be an ally member of NATO. Turkey's now radical islamic com,
President airline over there is an actual as long as you like he funnels money to terrorists. He backs terrorists in the Gaza Strip, he's been covertly providing support to a number of terrorist groups all around the world, and in so we now have a no good options. This is what happens when you don't leave when you don't lead. You end up with no good options. No options you like you now, trapped Putin has out played Obama and it's pretty air on all scores that he is our played president's Obama. Ok, so I want to move now to a little bit of domestic politics. I saw a good idea today, but it demonstrates that the racial gap in the country. There is a good idea news proposed by a group of black. U S, lawmakers and other prominent figures on Tuesday there although on the feds, to declare a national holiday to mark what they call the abolition day, which is the official end, the nations use of slavery. It would happen on December sex. That's the hundred fiftieth anniversary of the ratification of the thirteenth amendment there slavery and involuntary servitude and judge seems win whose member of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals,
he said its most significant moment in black history. He said it is an often we can look to a specific date and say in evil institution ended that day. I totally agree with idea, I mean the idea of having a day celebrating end of slavery in the United States. I think would be a wonderful thing. I really do now. The problem comes in one. You realize what the what the actual drive the organizers for is the organizer say that it's in response to racial injustices and conflict still facing the country Rights, they don't want abolition data just be a celebration of the fact that western civilization and like every other civilization and planet earth, actually ended slavery. All right we didn't. We didn't imposing antislavery on ourselves on on any one else. We did ourselves right western civilization rooted out slavery, but at the time and again Slavery was not illegal in Saudi Arabia. Until nineteen sixty two righted
in living memory? There are still slavery in Saudi Arabia and there still is slavery in many islamic countries that that's not a civilization that is done away with slavery in in judeo christian culture. We did away with slavery a long time ago and we ve been moving toward doing away with slavery since really the constitution band importation of slaves. That is indeed the jet Jefferson who was a slave owner, signed in agony. Seven the ban on the importation of slave. So the idea of celebrating western civilization for doing such a moral and grand thing and hundreds of thousands of people die to achieve this, and this is also true for Britain, which ended the slave trade in Africa and police. The high seas trying shut down the slave trade in the name of Christendom you're. All of that would be something worth celebrating, but we can't do that, of course, without proclaiming that the injustices of slavery basically still live on in us and are still suffering from all of this. The latest adoration of all of this is what's happening over in Chicago there. There's this sum. There's this
terrible, shooting tape from that that happen in Chicago, there's, gonna be Lochlann. Mcdonald is, I guess, his name and the quantities seventeen year old and in the end, what have this happened? I think, both back in November of last year spent a year, and I M upon Mcdonald, there is a call by somebody in Mcdonald's, I believe- and he was he was though the police were called, because you waving round a knife. They knew he had knife in his acting crazy. It turns out that he was on p, p c p, which is angel dust, which is a drug that makes you essentially invulnerable the painted it does your pain receptors an end, so he was, they call the cops on him and what the cops said is that he approached them with a knife and for a year, A tape is released for a year may around. The manual basically blocks the tape from being released. He says it is inappropriate to release the tape at this time and there are calls for the tape to be released because their suspicion that, in fact the kid wish
not really for good reason, Rama Manual shut down the release of the tape. It was about a week before his what his re election campaign, so he shut down the release of the tape because he was in a very hot heavy battle with his political opponents, who, I believe, is another Democrat in the city of Chicago and if the tape had been released, he probably loses here's what the tape ended up, looking like when they released it, and this, of course, has been used as evidence that America is always always a vast racist infrastructure of terror. So here in the Middle EAST, where you can see what Kwan Mcdonald he's kind of jogging down the street- and there is already a cop car there he's getting kind of close to the cough car he's got something in his hand. You can see it glinting in his hand, and it could be a knife he's kind of walking away from the.
And then you see one of the cost shoot him, and then you see all the posts of smoke, because the captured him about sixteen times aunties equip into him an apparently one of the other cops who is there at the time was telling him to stop shooting in and he wanted to reload clip. It looks sort of like a panic, shoot rate of a sort of, like he's afraid, he's within distance. Rhyming he's been relatively close to the copper. It looks like maybe that cop got scared and decided that he was afraid the guy's gonna turn inch in in charge and with a knife or something and to put him down right now. The problem, of course, that he's walking away from the cops when this happened. So this tape comes out now and the police had had gone into Mcdonald and they confiscated Mcdonald's Mcdonald had some surveillance state, but the captain and the police apparently confiscated that as well, which was sort of suspicious and and that that police officer is now about to undergo, first degree, murder charges for this, which basin, what we're looking at looks at least justified. It may be an overcharge first. Agreement may be an overcharged, but at least looks like at the very least manslaughter ends and unjust.
I'd kill right, because the in this, in this particular case it doesn't look like the guy, is charging the police officer. So naturally everybody says this is racism right. Everybody says that this is it's all just absolute racism, Mayor Rama Manual now under fire. He says that he's just trying to keep Chicago from boiling over the mayor of Chicago. Who, of course, was President Obama's leading political lackey he'd get away with this sort of thing because he's a Democrat, here's run a manual, the guy who hid the tape, freer incident, the actions and the video will be debated and discussed in the days ahead appropriate. But we as a city of Chicago. All of us also have to make an important judgment about ourselves and our city as we go forward. Will we, in my view, rise to this moment that this incident demands of all of us in this city? In my view, is this episode can be a moment of undressed
Andy and learning who use it and the question the hall before all of us. Will we use this episode in this moment to build bridges that Thus together is a city or we allow it to become a way that erect barriers that terrorists apart is a sitting up there he sang it is going to take. We need to build a bridge or we can build,
all here, I have no idea how this one is going to go. Of course, this will not be used as a bridge, because the fact is that the bridge would have to be based on the idea that the first of all- maybe this wasn't racism that ever occur to people- that when cops, shoot people that it isn't always. Racism is possible that the guides perceived threat that wasn't there and its unjustified and he should go to jail. But it's not cause the color. The kid skin is because he had received a call. The kid was on pc, p impervious to paint a centrally and that the kids walking around caring and I've, not obeying cop orders, their yelling at him in that aim to get down on the ground he's not doing it is upon. That's not justify his activity, but is it possible that has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with just a bad cop? Doing a bad job or the same thing in with regard to Walter, Scott in South Carolina or
I was running away from the carbon capture item. Is it possible that, just as the copies jerk cops, a bad guy or caught made a bad decision? Is it always have to be racism? Here's Rama Manual and in which, in his incompetence, is part of what's leading to to all of the unrest, because after all, if he had released this tape immediately revision take a year. If this tape it come out immediately needs, and we need to get to the bottom of each and every case, then that would member what instead, what it looks like he's. It looks like a white infrastructure led by rom manual, is attempting to cover up a bad kill. Em blackened writer political corruption now looks like racism right cops, who do a cops do, which is basically to cover for fellow officers. That now looks like racism as opposed to typical sort of cop activity, which may or may not be good given circumstances. But everything is now construed as racism to say: should we build bridges? Are we gonna build walls? Well, last night we saw
on an Fox news, it's gonna be walls. Read this. This happened on Megan Kelly's, show last night when you listen, you're gonna have guys like those suit all they wanted instigate. They want. You want to create the infidels and various look. Look like you doing now wrong, move if they're having a violent protests with the police. Oppositely gives our first payment arrears him down near the format of this first amendment right mega I believe that this is first amendment right. I don't understand you think, that's fine! You have no problem with this. This is a first and then right the biggest problem here and what he's a constitutional rights as a question of what's appropriate and the icy nothing wrong with this. I think what is inappropriate, as this prosecuted took thirteen miles, the prosecutors individual when this police officer at a different complaints,
stem from citizens of Chicago anyone. Here I shall is defending that officer. The question is what way it speaks through. A greater narrative is some allege, and at this moment here left so these is there to questions your one is the shoe bad and everybody agrees that shoots bad idea to meet somebody who doesn't agree, the shrewd spirit and second, what's the reaction, all this and the reaction. All of this is more behaviour like this and you Richard fowlers there, and I have debated Richard Fellow before Richard followers they're saying that the kid is doing nothing wrong. It's is first member right, that's true, but let us be clear about something: a culture in which you disobey cops in which,
the cops are out to get. You is not a culture that is likely to end with less violence between you and the cops. So this kid is not inside this. Kid is an acting violently toward the carpet the fact, as you being incredibly confrontational toward the cop and there are people who are watching this sort of stuff in their thinking. Ok, we have to stand up to every whitecap. Every white cop now has to be stood up to, and it is now point of honour, especially among teenage for every teenage boys, black white green. We're all like this. Every teenage boy believes in the cool the quorum will point of honour right. There is an honor culture among teenage boys, and that is, if confronted I will. I will have to stand up to you because you're, not forty figure and if, instead of respecting authorised figures, because you because they're trying to keep you save you stand up to them because you think they're racist and that something that's being pushed by the entire infrastructure based on occasional, terrible situations like what just happened in Chicago. That's how you get people shutting down the causeway, which is what
But in Chicago yesterday that they get riots in Ferguson and none of that ends with less violence between white officers and and black folks. Ok, so I'm gonna decided amnesty ripping off Clayton. I, like I love Cravens shop. I really don't know here that, but I really enjoyed claimants job and I think that, I enjoy his. His is literate references at the end of this shows. What does his stuff? I like routine. I've bottle out of the bushes recommended. I've really enjoy them but it was really so. I thought I would you stop I like also, but Lindsey reminded me that I mean claimants craven so so I really should do what she suggests. I should do stuff. I hate stuff, I hate, so we will do stuff The Inverashiel we'll have a little segment where we talk about stuff that I personally despise and I can't stand. I think they should avoid at all costs. So a quick thanksgiving? Note number one on my list of things that I hate anything having to do with with Howard's in needs to immediately be be, can use it if reward, but I
my cursing so who needs it immediately needs to begin Howard's in rights, history of people's history of the United States, its recommended by the geniuses who wrote goodwill, hunting, Matt Damon had been ass, like it's just that they are constantly referencing Howard's in there's people, history of the United States on their shelf and are constantly talking about how America's terrible and that's what a people's history of the United States is. It's all about how how the United States is founded and racism in slavery, the people's history, part of it is supposed to be here's the perspective of american history from the victims. Ok, if we're gonna do that routine, then there has never been any progress in the history of humanity because it turns out that virtually all movements, good banning all movements, have some victims right. The civil rights movement had victims. These people may have deserved it, but the civil rights movement had victims ripple. Conor lost his job. Eventually George Wallace lost his campaign is, is presidential career right, but you don't,
from his perspective, because it's immoral thing, the civil rights movement well turns out western civilization. The United States is essentially a moral place and writing from the perspective of here. All the people were just possessed in there for all of american history is terrible and false and horrible. It's not a nuanced, to tend to say sure the cost and benefit acceptable when it is instead you're all the costs in none of the benefits, the towers, and in that way you end up with an entire generation of idiot children who think that America is terrible horrible place. Other things I hate Latin. They. Here's here's a second thing that I hated to heaping dose for for Thanksgiving. So we talk about a job on this programme. Before I don't hate it. I think that Skyful is a good song. I think hello is a mediocre song. but when I do hate, is when there is an artist who is ok and artist who is somewhat towel. And then all of a sudden, its Jesus re. Also,
everybody on planet earth has decided that this artist is just the greatest person who has ever lived. They descended from the clouds and they have come to bequeath us their talent, and this is what has happened with Adele right, and it's happened for two reasons. One is because she has some persons are tuneful on. The other reason is because she's overweight, Fidel look like all the other pop stars and people would not be so obsessed with Adele. It's the same thing that sort of happened too. Well. What was the name of that that that girl, who sang this? on all about how being being overweight, was ok, Megan, train area, Megan trainers as the symptom of Megan train right, she's cheek. She some talent, but Oliver songs on the same and she's really payments, because she sat right me if she were skinny now that there is a new thing on the left. Is we have to stop all body shaming body? Shaming is terrible. Ok, I agree we shouldn't make people feel. At about how they look, however, there is also a thing called reality. Men will be more attracted to you if you're in shape gay, let's just get real it
the men are attracted to attractive women and that's just the way it is, and women can fight against that standard and say it's sexist and say it's terrible and then we'll continue having sex with the most attractive women. That's just how Reality is in any case there is. There is something that, among the things that, eight along with Adele is Jimmy Fallon Jimmy found is in absolute Jude. He he's just he's an asset. I mean there's no other way to put a he's he's just he has what we, what what someone colloquially cop, a douche face, and what I mean by that is that there are certain people. Are you just look at their fascinate that you feel like? You need to be punished and an Jimmy Fabulous, I'm not calling for actual violence against women. Fallon! That's a joke!
and Jimmy Fallon is he's just one of these guys. You know how he ever got ahead, because every time he does a comedy bit Jimmy Fallon, he can't help break race acute. He does it for every single skit every city has ever done. He breaks rights like you'll, Johnny, Carson shows where Carol Burnett couldn't hold an interest are laughing, but Jimmy found things. Every thing on earth is so finding that he has the break in every single skit, while he, this is the combination of things that I hate together in one video, here's Adele and Jimmy Fallon and they're gonna. Do this?
this. This thing has gone millions of heads. It happen overnight and started out millions of head, it's Adele singing hello with with her band and Jimmy Fallon, and there are playing children's instruments K. This is so tweet it just stay here. Here will play a little bit of it and I will explain once and for all why this y, all tape of this should be taken to a desert Newt how it was after the shit. Let's go everything
I mean really him stop as are so Jimmy Fallon it for those who can see Jimmy found is literally sitting there with like the wooden blocky had when you're in third grade news instrument. Time and his end is hitting it not be by the way he's he's like trying so awkward. They hid it on the army. correct rhythm and then there's the whole band. There's the guy with the ukulele in the back, and you see the guy with the. Are you not? What is the instrument to correspond with the mouth piano? If he's got these is blowing into it? He's got that he's got the little keyboard there and you ve got the guy with their with it xylophone and always in acute, always in a charming. Ok, The reason that I despise this is because there is this tendency now that everything becomes cuter and more charming and more wonderful when you do it like a simple person,
When will you when you do a thing like that, these people presumably are all skilled musicians, their capable playing actual instruments right, but they're not into it's cute, they're, playing a little kid xylophone and it's cute and nice? For me, I preferred still live in Delaware did where did sing the song, this mediocre song, if you were singing with a full orchestra and get as many head, but this is cute and it's Tweety and it's a charming, because all of these people are our dumbing down for the audience of the day. Even you can play the xylophone. The even you can do. This to me is a bad of art. In fact it's the worst measure of art. If even that is what I say about modern art, if even I can do it, it's crap right. That's that's the way it works. I read a book and even I can do it, but not me exam actual professional writer like if even I could do it and I'm an elite Then it's not a good book right. Incensing holds true of this sort of this sort of stuff right. It's not cool just because you can play children. My two year old can do this right of my to Europe.
Can do it she's allowed into it and be ambiguity she's too and she's mine, but if you're doing does it mildly, annoying and dont do it. It's super annoying soap. here. They are in a rocking out these children's instruments and once again coming down of art. It's the idea that art is somehow better if it's more simple, if it's more simplistic- and it is not something that I particularly by so there you are stuff I hate, I'm Ben Shapiro have a wonderful thanksgiving misses. The venture bureau show
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