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Ep. 325 - Democrats Struggle For A Strategy

2017-06-22 | 🔗
Democrats are staking their future on Trump’s failure, but what if Trump doesn’t do anything? Plus, we discuss a crucial Supreme Court case that could put Democrats back in the ballgame.
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On Thursday, leftwing fact check or political fact, a site no more for its biases than its quality fact tracking stepped into a pile of du du. Once again, this time they blasted President Trump with a thick new. Back check the demonstrates just how dishonest they are here as their headline white hair. Sweet wrongly says, Obamacare lead to fewer insurance options and mostly false. So what did the White House It was a wrong trumps. End quote: Obamacare has lead to fewer health insurance options for millions of Americans is indisputable. Troop just yesterday, anthem, Blue Cross pulled out of the Obama character. Changes in Wisconsin in Indiana Health insurance have risen dramatically as CNBC What it last week quote as many as one thousand two hundred counties are projected to have just one. On such ensure next year, more counties could be left bare or with just one ensure income, weeks as insurers announced their intentions unquote, and this doesn't take into account the fact that many Obamacare plans of cut patients, often their doctors. If you like your doctor, you couldn't keep your doctor
Those who have been added to the insurance rules under Obamacare aren't actually buying health insurance for the most part there being forced under Medicaid by lack of options. So, instead of dealing with that claimed political fact made up an unrelated claim that the number of on that the number of insured had dropped. Overall. Nobody said that, though it became medicate coverage which does nationally improve health The numbers are up, but that's not what Trump claim here's political act admitting the truth, all the way at the bottom of their little factual, quoth. The software and of truth is with the insurance exchanges set up and while the number of carriers has dwindled, oh you mean the only claim here that truck made was true. And then you get up a series of alternative claims. You knocked down put effect is ridiculous. To drag check, fake news from left only makes them purveyors of that same fake news, adventure, This is the bench of Hiroshima, ok, so they finally just released the Senate healthcare version needy the
I'm a care cortical repeal it is not a repeal. It is even more of a trash sheep than the house version. That past I was very, Because of that version version one was really bad version. Was slightly less bad assented version When is really quite crappy, it's going to pass, probably in the reason that it will pass, I would think, is because of two things. One hundred and eighty funds planned parenthood and, to it basically How's Republicans got there and claim that they repealed Obamacare when they did no such thing, but we'll talk about that little while after I will discuss Trump in Iowa, but before we do any of those things. I first want to say thank you to respond. Over at my patriot supply. So if a smart person, you know that you ought to prepare for emergence Is there going to be situations in life? Where there's some?
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Ensures that you and your family are safe again to one time span endemic money. You should do it just to be the responsible person that you are okay, so I do want to talk. About the second version of trunk care, Slash, Obamacare, repeal of organs, and I think it important to talk about the Democrats in their aftermath of their reaction to the loss of John US off in Georgia. Six against current handle so Finally, all of the conflict that has been brewing under the surface of the resistance is broken open. The hatred for Trump covered up the fact that the Democrats really have nothing in common anymore. There are three branches of the Democratic Party and they are at war with one another. One is the Bernie Sanders Branch is the progressive, Socialist Michael, more branch of the party that says capitalism is evil and we need to redistribute the income and all the problems in the country are created by income inequality. These people are not her sectional politicians. They believe that social, the greatest profusion. Ism is the solution and that the Democratic Party has two universally move towards the left. That's branch number one branch number two.
Are the intersection of politicians would be like Barack Obama in Hillary Clinton, both of these politicians. Their principles are a little bit all over the place are often left, obviously, but they they tend to differ on certain basic functions of government, but they all agree that America's terrible place where Human beings are separated by raising saxon sexual orientations of the intersection of us who believe that they're gonna cobbled together this new coalition of people have been victimized by the or can system in order when election, so against Good number one. The standards, people as we move to left will win and they have group number two, and these are the the Obama people may say we need our intersections hierarchy, the Hilary people we need our intersection hierarchy and then Remember three and group number three: are these s mountains of the world, this Anti Democratic Congress person from NASA is it is making the rounds yesterday because he said what we need is broader, ten party, where we have some pro life Democrats, where we have some people or not. So anti business where we are not you. Firstly, Nancy Pelosi, Democrat and these three facts.
We are now at war with one another and that's Britain on the open, because Democrats for the first time, a realizing that is not enough just to scream at President Trump alone. It's gonna get them most of the way, but if they have no unity, if they can't figure out what they're doing, then they got a problem. Rama I acknowledge that they are in serious trouble. He says we are one thousand seats behinds, as the former chief of staff for President Obama We are a thousand seats shorter today then we weren't to all night or to oil. This is not about one election is about building a party building an apparatus. Ok, there. Finally, realising the bad news, but the problem is their response. To that was Trump is colluding with Russia when Hilary lost their immediate response was we have to resist what resisting. Well, we can't say what his agenda is, as we know it is gender is from has now she done anything major at this point so resist him. He's a potent stooge only one problem entire theory is falling apart, J Johnson, who is the former
homeland. Security secretary under President Obama helps contribute to the collapse of the Democrats. Key talking point that Trump is some sort of russian stooge not be, and what has been out there. Open source and beyond anything that This committee is already seen and heard before directly from the intelligence community so thing I'd have on that is derivative of what the intelligence community ass, the law enforcement committed. Ok, so you can see that did they would that narrative falling apart? They now have to come up with a new narrative, so on the one hand you have the people who are or more in favour of this broad tent democratically. That's the one! That's actually going to be better for Democrats ride. This would become the Joe Biden Wing of the party. We need to get the on international politics. The representative dingle, HU, I guess replaced, thinks you're placed her husband. Rabies is Debbie Dingle. She spoke with MSNBC yesterday and she talked about that. She said that basically we need to get beyond the intersect.
Obama. Europe needs move towards a more a more solid, we're all Americans, and this is what Democrats, if there were smart but they're, not yours, Debbie Dingle, for Michigan If we don't figure out how we become we again we're going to keep losing self. I think it important that we need to understand. Each of these groups has issues so she says we can't be African American, fervour Obama or for Hilary we can't be hispanic Americans for Obama or Heller. We have to just be we again and this is true right. This is the real reason that Trump one reason from one is because he wasn't insulting Americans by categorized them too small groups and then implying that there is this broad, vast white mass out. There goes out to get them That's the real reason. The trump when it wasn't about his populist politics wasn't melt. Tariffs was may add stuff. There wasn't about Ross, do tat in the and the tax credits the trumpet gives particular businesses in their aspects. It was about the fact that trumped did not patronized bunch of white voters by telling them they hated blackened hispanic people. That's what actually happened here. So you have this window
already debating the wing that is starting to figure it out. Unfortunately, for Debbie Dingle, that's being undercut by Bernie Sanders wins the Bernie Sanders Links has the Nancy close. You should continue to rule the party. Nancy policy is a wonder, full, far left politician, who is just on you. His work, even though it was Nancy policies named being dropped a couple of times in the Georgia, six that led to the democratic the public policies. We can't get written anti plus you we need Nancy policy. But when he does not replace puts universities are always event. There was about Rushmore four speakers. Nancy policy would be on it. She passed national health care. Roosevelt could not do that. And she is so important. We need to keep her when you run far left me to become the Bernie Sanders parts that wing number two and then finally there is the intersection all wing. So what here's? What Democrats need to unify ok so- and this is where it's kind of entry What's going on right now, accepting it plays into what Democrats need in order to unify what Democrats need in order to unify is not only for trumped to be unpopular, but for
to be some piece of legislation that they can all jump on and smack anyway so in nineteen. Eighty four bill Clinton was very unpopular, but it took Hilary care and the threat of Hilary care to lead to this vast republican wave that wiped out sixty see in the in the House for Democrats and led to the rise of the republican majority in the house. That is basically been steady, with the with the brief between six and and ten since one thousand nine hundred and ninety four the fact is that unity in its two things in order for the out of party the Out of Power Party to take over what they need, is an unpopular president number one and then that's DEC on the maximum need and enzymes catalyzed the resistance, and that is some piece of unpopular legislation, will so far from home. She's done anything right so far. The he's done its nominating Al Gore such an that's, not enough of a slapped Democrats, freedoms really cool eliza around it, for them to coagulated around that and then become. The quarter quote resistance in so trucks
More is interested in Obamacare appeal. He thinks that the Democrats are going to be able, to wit, the the base into a hurry over the repeal of the supposed repeal of Obamacare we're gonna work. Every single thing and find out the best way, but this is full scale warfare. This is the most important advancement since probably Medicare in terms of helping people and not going to be recent or go along or business as usual. In any way, so Democrats need something to oppose. They need trunk not just to be Trump. Any trumped actually push a big piece of legislation that is popular fortunately for them, it looks like the Senate is about to do that to the Senate, just drop their healthcare bill and the Senate Healthcare bill is just a disaster: the Senate Healthcare bill. It cuts some of the islamic or taxes, but the problem is doesn't pay for all the subsidies that it's getting its preserving virtually all of the Obama subsidies its increasing subsidies in
in areas it cuts medicate, but only does that down the road and those cuts are never go, to materialise and enshrined the Obamacare Central regulations in place will Republicans as I said, I think they probably well, because I think that Republicans are stupid and they just want the immediate headline that they repealed Obamacare. Even though That means they now own. What comes next? They also want to say that their constituency that they repealed all the funding for plan parenthood, although again, is that a big enough, the altar is that it is that a huge enough advance for the Republicans too, the Obama care for the foreseeable future, no sort of reminiscent of what President Trump did with illegal immigration. He said that he was going to get rid of data, which is the Protection for parents of illegal immigrants who came in when they are children. He got what he said is being eroded, Dapple, which wasn't even in places then he reentering Dachau, which was about Ms Executive Amnesty report.
Things are basically re Obamacare and then calling it Obamacare repeal, which is the worst of all available worlds? Even the creator, even the creator, Obamacare Jonathan Gruber remember he's the guy who was caught on tape. Saying yes, we like the american public about what I was gonna do. Even he is now out there saying that this Senate version doesn't actually repeal Obamacare in any significant way. Does is bill, have more heart, as the president said, Jonathan no I'm torn this morning. On the one hand, this is no longer Obamacare repeal bill. That's good and this is just a giant cut in Medicate- that's what this bill now amounts to an that's bad, ok and so he's he's upset about the medicate cuts, but he says that basically, tromp care is Obamacare, and this is essentially correct. There's a pull the just came out from NBC Wall Street Journal. They found only thirty four percent of Republicans, like the House GEO Pe Health. Her bill, and only sixteen percent of Americans overall say that that House GNP Healthcare bill is a good idea. The synergy Opie Healthcare but,
is in many ways even worse Peter Superman over reasons I com has a good run down on what exactly is in the bill, what he says: the centre plan looks even closer to the healthcare law that is already on the books. In other words, it is exactly what credits predicted a bill that allow in the year term, retains weaken versions. Nearly all the bomb cares core features, while fixing few, if any of the problems or public and say they want to fix, it- is about making light. The health, while Republicans claim to oppose but less of it, represents a total failure of republican the imagination and then he goes on issues to understand the tenet plan. It helps to recall Obamacare, underline framework. The centrepiece of the law was from the individual market intended to give those who do not get coverage through work or a federal program. Access to subsidize regulated average. The law created a new federal subsidy based on income. For lower and middle income, households to purchase health insurance. It also set a federal rule. Requiring insurers to cover pre existing conditions demanded a that all individuals obtain health coverage to pay for it, so basically
created what we know as Obamacare created these Obamacare markets and the idea was to force all the insurance to cover people pre existing health conditions. How do we pay for that? By forcing people who are healthy to by health insurance? That was the basic structure of Obamacare? So what does the Republican Senate building it keeps in place all the regulation? It removes the mandate it remove. Some of the tax itself, it keeps all the mandatory insurance companies, which means that the so called Obamacare deaths I will be accelerated all these insurance companies or can be forced to take on people they can't afford and nothing makes up the gap except for more government subsidies. Those government subsidies, of course, come from borrowing and Republicans are cutting the taxes so that come from taxes? The reason Republicans are cutting medicate in the future is they're playing and accounting and what their hoping to do is come across as revenue neutral, in fact their hoping that this quarter hold saves revenue to the federal government, even though it really will not in the long run, so they can pacts past tax reform. That's the goal here. If you understand that the Obama Herr repealed land from the Senate is designed to do two things, neither of which is revealing Obamacare you'll under
and all you need to know about this about the care of your programme. It is designed to number one tell Republicans that are appeal to Mama care without actually repealing it and number two. It is designed to make room for tax cut under under reconciliation under reconciliation, in order to pass two possibilities: the Senate with fifty one votes instead of- the necessary to shut down to filibuster Republicans have to get a score from the congressional Budget Office that says that any bill they pass is courting whole revenue, neutral pay. Tax cuts are not revenue neutral because in the short term at least they reduce the amount of money that comes into the federal government. So republicans are trying to do is pass a healthcare bill that cuts the amount of outlay by the federal them they can then take that amount and translated into a tax reform bill. So all the Republicans really want from Islamic her appeal is the headlines has their appeal that, even though they didn't and to the ability to pass a tax guy, that's it that's all. This is, and so the Senate bill accomplishes both those goals, but it does nationally repeal Obamacare Republic
and have criticized these marketplaces Superman, says for being expensive and unstable, set a majority that Mitch? Mcconnell says Obamacare is collapsing around us, yet even more the House Plan Senate plan retains the essential structure of Obama cares, visual market reforms, it would likely result in fewer people being covered and it would not stop the destabilization of the markets that doesn't actually help anybody. It creates a permanent subsidy in right now under Obamacare there are subsidies that go up to four hundred percent of the poverty line for a family of four So if you are trying to buy healthcare in the above care plan, you get some sort of subsidy up to forty percent of the poverty that about a hundred thousand dollars for family afore, starting in twenty twenty to send it bill ratchet that back to three hundred and fifty percent of the poverty line about eighty six thousand dollars for the same fan, well that hurts the middle class people who have been reliant on those subsidies and to can be subsidizing the stuff anyway. Ok, the idea that we should be subsidizing a family of four that makes
a thousand dollars a year to buy Obamacare. It doesnt actually help anything in the sense that it continues to drive up costs, because healthy people are still not getting ensure. Once you remove the mandate, So if you an unhealthy family affords even with the subsidy, they lose money if their healthy. Then shouldn't really need the subsidy. Should they show it's this bizarre situation, it's an entitlement programme. Basically the Republicans are signing off on and then their proposing to rise, certain payments called CS. Our payments are cautioning reduction subsidies to ensures so we are now to subsidize the insurance companies. Even the same way, that Obama was going to remember about my tried to subsidized, insurers and Republican, soon to stop him and now- publicans are going to backtrack on that organs are now going to provide the same subsidies. They suit Obama for providing under the Senate version. So the reports by the way indicate that the subsidies for families for their pegged to lower costs, plans which mean smaller subsidies for crap
health insurance. As Superman says, the scheme under cuts the GEO Peace complaints, Obamacare, hurts the middle class. In addition to hire deductibles, it creates a subsidy cliff for middle class families, purchasing health insurance on the individual market and, of course, it still spends in enormous amounts of money. So if you look at this and a bill and how it handles medicate. It's like the house built this. The wondered. Para parted slowly rose back medicate expansion over a period of years and converted into a per capita system rather than a need based system, but it stick you delays the start of that phase out until twenty twenty one, which It's not gonna happen, because a republican president in Republican Congress would have to be elected from here all the whale twenty twenty. In order to ensure that this kicks in. Otherwise the Democrats will come in and roll back into starting in when twenty five who places stricter cap on the growth Medicaid spending, then the house bill. You accept my twenty twenty five who thinks that the Republicans are gonna, be able to withhold the pressure all the way to twenty forty five. Anybody
buddy. If you, this is the way that legislation works, hopes which has in ten years we're going to do act, it's never happening because somebody from the other he will come in and destroy it before the ten years are up. This is all a tobacco babble. Its valuable servants, as this might be the notable failure to think beyond the set by Obamacare means the Senate Bill not only will be repeal. It may not even be Obamacare light instead of might be Obama. Light later and later could easily turn out to be, never because
as the individual insurance markets fail. Thank you. The lack of a mandate and thanks to the lack of taxes to pay for any of this stuff, then there's gonna be more more call for government involvement, not less and less call or more more call for free markets. Bottom line is the Republicans in the Senate and the House do not want to repeal of Amr care because they have all bought into the basic notion that the government ought to be involved in the health care system, which is a disaster for Republicans Democrats, one this debate and our publicans are surrendering to it. So the question becomes why, in the hell, do you elect Republicans in the first place? I'll get to that interest a second, but first I want to say thank you. Tore sponsors over equip so quip. Is this brand new toothbrush company, and it is just the nominal for two reasons- one I used to have an electric toothbrush, their heavy, it's hard to travel at them. Whenever I would travel out just bring a normal depression on electric toothbrush because they are so bulky and they just fill up. Your suitcase quit is this amazing Electra toothbrush brush the pact's vibration
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I wasn't gonna work because that's a pretty affluent district, not a lot of people are on Obamacare begin within that district and number do nothing actually passed. It is hard to run against these legislation that doesn't actually exist. Yet, if republicans pass very unpopular piece of legislation which this looks like it is, then they will bear the burden of that now. Imagine for second, the Republicans had come in and just fulfil debates. A promise were going to repeal Obamacare end of story, one sends Obamacare is repealed, but so just coming down there and then they negotiated around the edges, for what we're gonna do to fix the problems that Obamacare was to solve, then Republicans opium the shape, but now because they're, trying as omnibus fixed to Obamacare that doesn't actually fix it leaves it in place increases. Cities in certain areas decreases, subsidies and certain other areas gets rid of the underlying mechanism for funding the hold them
things were just borrow up the wise you for it and then pretend we're gonna cut later. If republicans do that, then Democrats will have something to coalesce around, which is silly because the fact is that if you get a past policies, they ought to be good policies if you're going to take political risk at all before a good potential pay off. There is an alternative strategy. The Republicans could they really don't want to do anything there's an altar. Strategy that they could pursue that. Unfortunately, I think on fourchan We would actually work with the republican crowd and would also prevent them. Sustaining massive losses in twenty eighties, because they would naturally pass anything deeply unpopular, but for that you're gonna have to go over to daily wire dot com and become a subscriber for just eight dollars a month you can become a subscriber over a daily wire. Dont come right now. That is the right. It's can go up July. First, you become a subscriber knighted compared the mail bag. You can write into me live on the mail bag on Fridays. You can also part of Andrew Clay his mailbags. You, the rest of the show, live if you're on the annual subscription right now, you're free, signed copy of say itself, but about baseball and my dad and me it's rising a really fun
agreed, say it so you get that for free sign when you get an annual subscription. Also, the annual subscription rates are gonna change. Lifers wanna get any annual subscription right now for thinking about it. Now is the time to do it, don't wait until July, first you're, right now of eurobonds grab open Itunes or sound glad. You can listen to the rest of the show later make sure these subscribe and leave review. We always appreciate it. We are the largest conservative podcasting Asian. So I want to talk about what makes trunk popular with his days. What drives Democrats not somewhat from actually ought to be doing, because, if they're not gonna pass, anything from can still be pretty successful, and that's because one of the things that I have limited,
were now going on two years. One of things that I have lamented is that it seems like a lot of people on the right are significantly more interested in passing off the less than they are actually doing anything, and it seems like the Republicans. The rubble can party, as a party is happy to benefit from that they don't do anything they just piss off the left. They obstruct the left and that's supposed to be enough so that I can add, the repeal Obamacare there's gonna stick on needle in the eye of the Democrat, so last night trumped speaks in Iowa any speed after a Karen Handle winds in Georgia. Any takes credit for it, which is like ok, you know we get credit for not losing it, I'm not really a credit for winning it. As I said yesterday, but trumpets begin Iowa on his victory, Tor and the and this is what comes at his best uneasy- you watch twitter and you can see all of the pundits who have been critical of him for not passing anything for not actually promoting for certain policies. We're just gushing over to an cultures. Perfect example last week and was was bashing Trump, because there is still no wall, not a foot of it has.
Really been built, because there is still no Obamacare repeal she's repeal she's really over immigration is basically saying that he didn't try and and build a wall. What the hell do we like this guy for, but then he spoke and I was back in his corner. This is the greatest thing there was. This is the guy we elected. Why can t be this guy all the time? So what trumpets best TAT is the same thing: was best and that is going on in talking to crowds, he's really good at it and he's really good at slapping left. Well, it does it and everybody on our side of the items to thrill to that, because it's fun and it s fun and its well deserved. A lot of the time it doesnt actually passed legislation, and maybe this is the unfortunate sweet spot for Republicans. Maybe this is what Mitch Mcconnell is actually doing. Maybe republicans don't have any intent to pass anything big. Maybe I don't care about establishing conservative principle. Maybe the Senate Healthcare bill is basically just to fraud and they're not actually pass anything or if they do past
thing it won't be any good for conservatives ill trim around the edges vomica without actually changing anything that Republicans can claim it so upon his fault, even though they had the opportunity to repeal of amateur. Maybe the goal for a Publicans is just this perverse set of circumstances. This is perverse incentive system in which Republicans pass nothing conservative, but still benefit from the fact that they are the anti left that the right is anti left and therefore, as lungs were passing Democrats were doing something right. That's what I got from the front rally last night so doesn't say trumpeting good at it he's terrific at it, but watch what trumps and then we can talk about you know what exactly is means for policy. So here is president from speaking and again, the left are so done that they walk right into the teeth of this or that the left aside, learning to shop in protest trump, which is just idiotic. This is why I said the one Republicans run on stage Shakespeare in the park. It's not doing Republicans any favour totally pointless, counterproductive Do you feel is republican more warm to our trump or less warm toward trump after this clap will ask
I'd like to also take this moment to send our thoughts and prayers through our courageous friend. Somebody that I've got to know very well Steve, Scully and everyone recovering from the assault. Now he then thanks the police in here protesters whistling in the middle of his tribute Steve's police. If you're warmer, for don't you because the people here processing him are going to do she, cracked methods, that is the real let me have it so I don't know- are the right ones She left considering that the let's do she nesses what prompted trumped to become president of the United States, so from goes on and on and Trumpet CNN well worth time to do so, and here he is ripping CNN built these studios CNN.
The camera just off again about discovered live the carriages were not. I can't imagine why ok various proclaiming it's an inter, not the camera and the minute they mention CNN, Europe's CNN enough, that's true or not, but it's funny. In any case, this is the kind of stuff that gets Republicans jazzed up. You can see the three age, girls in the background, chewing gum wearing Magda hats and they are overjoyed that he's laughing at CNN, because, yes, of course, this appeals to the republic if I find hilarious, also mean we made fun of CNN yesterday, for there are morning honour I mean it looks like we're doing the show from a funeral home, but the actual funeral home was happening on CNN. Yesterday, when you watch the reactions to the Georgia six district and then from in in what I think, it's just a masterful active trawler it. What does Michael moles, because the king of trolls? If this call,
This is like high class drollery Donald Trump in Iowa says that he wants to build the border wall and then he wants to make it into a border, well filled with solar panels We have to stop the drugs from blowing in people don't realize we're spending a lot of money and design, but I ll give you an idea that nobody is heard about yet and I'm not sure but I'm a builder, that's what I love to do. That's probably what do best, I'm a builder bob. We're thinking of something that unique we're talking about the southern border, son, lots of heat, we're thinking, by building the wall as a solar wall, so agree energy and pays for itself and this way make,
ago will have to pay much less money and that's good right again to the fact that people are like resin into this is all areas to me because, again his entire promises, we're gonna, build a wall. Analogies building castles is my dear. She said in this debate is really funny said: the hire you the law, the more solar energy. You get off that ok, let's Muriel Solar Walmart happening because for a variety of reasons, including technical feasibility, the fact it smugglers could simply what and break is extraordinarily expensive, solar panels, their environmental consequences to building solar panels, but it's really funny because, obviously calling me environmental left. Will you that's love solar energy, so much what another huge wall made of solar energy and General Break ETA very funny. Ladys at maybe we should the wall around the entire country and turn into the world's largest hadron collider. It's pretty he's pretty great already been like this stuff- is really funny linking Kinsey he's just trolling the Democrats and globally
There are going nuts and browsing while I don't you like solar energy. I mean come on guys, you love solar energy. What's it doing, she love solar energy. If you want, we can but windmills ended up. You know we can prevent the EMA illegal immigrant and generate wind it'll trap up into little bit if they climb upon the wall, if they burn their hands, climbing up the soda well and they get to the very very top of the seller and then their these magnificent, huge, unbelievable windmills and the windows just chat them up into lobbies. I mean ending illegal immigration and generating the kind of energy that no one has thought of, except me, because it's beautiful, an incredible and spectacular and fabulous don't like republic, you love this top right. They love it and then, finally, says that he wants to cut off wealth. Therefore, immigrants for five years. And the entire republican crowd goes insane Just don't do that economic agenda is a plan to restore America's crumbling infrastructure. We will rebuild
not only America but we will rebuild rural America in this great national rebuilding. We will follow two Simple rules. We by American, and we will higher America. We want to get our people off of welfare and back to work. We also want to preserve our safety net force. Modeling Americans, who truly need help. We want to help them people. Truly need help right. Chris, we want to help those people, but others don't treat us fairly. That's I believe the time has come for
immigration rules which that those seeking admission into our country must be able to support themselves financially and should not use well there for a period of at least five years? Ok so, and the crown losing out so Grena Campbell current law says that immigrants cannot use the vast majority of funds welfare for five years, so I'm sure exactly is changing, but it's great river yeah some guys, but so awesome and they get all this up his red meat for Base Mina in a joint the inspired by things that are tending yes, I do. I always thought the Trump was funny and entertaining He followed this up about what I thought was the funniest line in the night, and this is a quick fourteen. He would see he's talking about members of his cabinet and he suggests that he does not want them to be poor and here's. Why, when you
The president. This is the president of Goldman Sachs, smart having him represent us. You weren't from massive pay days. The pan out so little tiny I'm waiting for them to accuse him of warning that little amount of money they wanted that. But these people that our great but yet business minds, and that's what we need. That's what we have to have. So the world doesn't take advantages. We can't have the world taking advantage of us anymore and I level people rich or poor, but in those particular positions I just don't want a poor person doesn't make sense. That makes it if you insist I'll, do it, but I like better. This way right, buddy given me like, of course, that's true, of course,
idea that you're gonna have some homeless guy running this. The Treasury department is Riddick US, you have to acknowledge that they can This just shows you. The policy has nothing to do with what Trump is talking about. He spent the entire campaign. Taught me a terrible Goldman Sachs wasn't in its Goldman Sachs runs by administration in the autumn again. This is because the right has become as long as we poke fun of the left is loans are making funds will have to make ourselves feel good about making for less and obstructing their agenda right, because their agenda isn't supposedly moving forward as long as we're doing those things that everything is just nine, and this is how Trump, I think could still do. Ok, twenty eighteen is just like me, from so everybody on the left is convinced that trumps unpopular and therefore democratic, earnestly to victory. But Democrats do have an advantage because Trump is unpopular, but there that additional ingredient they require, and that is an unpopular piece of legislation that from signs large enough for them to campaign on the back of it. Trump care is not that for two reasons: one. It dates, Obamacare almost down to the letter and too I'm not even sure that it's going to pass
so Republicans are not even gonna, be able to pass that so it'll just be from out their stirring up the base in the Bin. The Democrats, if they're stupid, will keep saying from his evil trumpets evil trump his evil, which, just like in Georgia sexual drive, a lot of people who reluctantly voted for Trump out to the poles to vote in favour of the republican and Republicans could theoretically hold the house on the basis of from doing nothing, which doesn't say a lot for the state of our politics, but is indeed a strategy. I suppose ok are some things I liked and then some things I hate and then we'll do the big idea, because today is a Thursday, so things that will get to that one. Second, before I get two things I like first, I want to say: thank you to sponsors over at beach body on demand. So you don't know this but lurking beneath this nerdy exterior? Is a man of iron, I work out every single day. I am in pretty good shape, for the reasons that have been pretty good shape is because they use beach body on demand. These are from a big valiant. Man is a company that provides you with,
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in person, yet weightlifting, if you, if you're just somebody wants cross, but they have plenty of cross border programmes, it is designed to cater to you. It is fantastic. For me, the biggest obstacle to working out is getting bored beef audience. Man ensures that I have a different work out every time and I never get bored so its text Shapiro again Shapiro to thirty thirty thirty and he get full access to the entire platform for free beach body on demand. You're gettin shaped gonna lose weight this the way to do it beat audience man again text Shapiro to thirty thirty, thirty, ok time for some things I like and then some things I hated the big idea so things I like we have been doing which really things this week, and so we get to the book that is most famous. That has a witch in it and that would be the line which the wardrobe icy s list. So when I read this is kid grownups jewish? Could I didn't see it the christian imagery, because I wasn't predictably familiar with Christianity, but it is indeed a christian allegory. I outlined was lion, takes the role of Jesus. The books are much better than the films that those are fine, but did the books are significantly better than the films,
entire series is just great this is a wonderful rider. He I have recommended his nonfiction several times on the programme before his vision is also terrific. This is a better series. And his face series, the line which the wardrobe I is, of course a classic, and it ought to be because it is fun and it is in his adventurous and it's really first rate not basically as land. The lion is forced to I wanna get with plot for those them read it our cinema. Bye. As I say it is all a questionnaire going, the which, in this in this book, is basically to stand in for Satan, she doesn't fulfil all of the categories that would be best served to just peace but she is a sort of an emissary Satan in this book. Tempting the children to do the wrong thing. It's a good moral, but the line, the witch and the wardrobe icy S. Louis ok, other things that I like so Democrats, we're looking for some excuse for why They want the Georgia six, the last night and they came up with one Rachel. Mad cow says it's the fault of the rain. Oh yeah! Here we go.
If there was a turn out effect from the bad weather today in the district, is that have any partisan implications that you could foresee in terms of what was expected for same day election day voting in here, rather than merely about well invitation? It all depends. What is that this is an adult and will see when the results come in. There been anecdotal report, and I have even heard some republican saying this- that the turnout indicates. This is the democratic order. This is where is Europe? if you want to be getting sixty sixty one sixty two percent of your expecting that he got sixty percent in the cap in the earlier vote, their victim dollar report the turn out here in the cab less. Then expected. That would be the same day that even a tribute that anything will see if that turns out, but that something else, obviously, if you get do an election like this, where it's gonna be decided, probably by a pointer to it, could also blame anything whichever side you end up on occasion, I love this is now the rain is the favourite New York Times headline, of course, which is world world to end blacks and women hardest hit?
in rain, affects everybody. Equally. I guess that there is more rain into compounds of another they're, trying to claim that it was the rains. All that also lost good luck. With the gang I mean about, haven't you guys just socket, there's about you're, really terrible, doesn't running a bunch of crappy candidates. Ok time for some things that eight August others headline from skin and outcome. That is just absurd yesterday, A policeman was stabbed the Flint Michigan Airport and the US went shouted Allah who walk bar before the stabbing. Now that should give you a clue as to what sort of ideology practised and no he wasn't Mormon they are treating as an act of terrorism. Here was yet headline yesterday quote: preliminary indications are Michigan airports aspects had something in Arabic before stabbing officer official, say something in Arabic: in working order: kebab umbilical something in Arabic. We all know what he said, because it was widely reported what he said
he's ridiculous these at our lot, by which is the same thing. Everybody says when they stabbing up from the rabbit islamic world must stress dynamic news coming up with gold once again by the way CNN. Today's blaming global warming for bad coffee, so they're just doing yeoman work. Other media coverage. That has just amazing. I do love this guy. I love it needed since I'm great Matthew, say Kite Booker, New Jersey, a sandwich. You have got a book called buggies grace and then say was he has travelled labour court, but go. It's got dinner with Korea, Booker Malik to get a food stamped entity, but could use to even he's doing. I got a public relations outbreak Teddy but you know like a real dinner like mistaken one, and we can like do Joe back massage. Let me come back. I may say statement Harrowby. I must really great go
Remember you promised we're gonna dinner some night. We have had to sit down dinner. You and I talk about all these issues off camera and learn about this challenge we face in this country gives Europe calmer. You were talking about. You serve. They r d learn ahead about you, a lot of talk about Corey Booker by prerogatives, which it would weaken. What I'll have a stake in? You can have your rub, potatoes a vague every day is at its edge ass. Yet eight I love you. I never have dinner the Republican rightly tyrant, nor publication of data. You kind of opening up a sector that bird had really take these great levied. Curry Booker love you get laid, don't take offense then take offence, but I love this man and if I could have corpuscles babies, I probably would MSNBC goes Matthews as they are about out. Just Ok, ok, Mc Givney segment. We do on Thursdays called the big ideas in the big idea segment. We talk about some idea that is
making the rounds in the news and that you need to know more about you there's a big Supreme court case that is coming up over the issue of gerrymandering gerrymandering. Is this little known, but very controversial issue in american politics, whereby the state legislatures remake districts There are states in all. Or to make it safer for one party or another, so gerrymandering actually perceives the constitution, apparently Patrick Henry. In seventeen, eighty eight tried to keep James Madison out of Congress drawing a constitution because in Anti Federalist, by redrawing Virginia district lines, to keep now, obviously that failed now gerrymandering- is perfectly legal. Ok, the state have the ability to decide where the districts are drawn. In fact, states could decide under the cards. Nation. Sure states could decide that they want to have this strict at all. They could get rid of all districts and instead they could have a state white election where they have proposed No representation, for example, where let's run like a list system in Britain or in Israel, where you have the entire state vote it fifty percent democratic, forty, seven percent republican,
and so they appoint all of their representatives by that number instead of having conceit instead of having Congress people who represent a district. The case for that is that it's more representative of the overall vote in state the case against that, because it would be more presented because a sixty four a vote in one district be cancelled out by sixty forty forty one, another district, the case against that, that no single Congress person would be answerable to his or her constituents. Instead, they will just be more tools of the party, which is what happened in Britain or in Israel. So that's the case against that, but article one in four of the constitution, says that the times places and manner of holding elections for senders and representatives are prescribed in each state by the legislators? There's nothing wrong with this. It's always happened. It is called gerrymandering after Massachusetts cover Eldridge Gary Resident Atropos. Gary should Gary Mandarin, who signed a bill to restrict Massachusetts who worked for him because they did
for it was supposedly shaped like a salamander, it became a mash up of Gary and salamander gerrymandering right. That's view how became gerrymandering, actually the most most prominent case of gerrymandering, is in the run up to the civil war. Republicans use, gerrymandering in order to turn Dakota territory instead of just having Dakota state. They turned it into North Dakota and South Dakota, both of which had three electoral them. And had a role in the presidential election. So the question is Is it legal? Yes, it has always been legal. It took all nineteen. Eighty six for the court to say Partisan gerrymandering was illegal. That parties couldn't just draw the lines, or in order benefit their own party, but the problem is the court has no absolute gender. The court can actually till they did Do we know it when we see it retains the Cannes actually tell you. When gerrymandering is partisan. So when Democrats we're doing it, the court has found that it's ok, what Republicans do it? It's partisan? There have been proposals that we have a non partisan group of people who come up
some sort of solution to gerrymandering and get a Republican democratically agree on the district. Together. The problem is that any sort of non party, panel, that's ever been assembled, ends up partisan in one way or another, and then because they're not subject to scrutiny Banda being there for life, making things worse for one party or the other. The solutions gerrymandering is, if you don't like it to let people of a different party. If you don't like it, let people averted from Party- and that has typically happens gerrymandering- has not been enough to actually stop one party or the other from taking power. The american people are still clearly able vacillate party. The party. Back in two thousand. Nine Democrats ran the entire country. Now Republicans run the entire country, that's not because of redistricting, and even if republicans restrict its only to hold up so long if they don't do a very good job. So all the work gerrymandering tends to be overstated
It's also pretty ridiculous. The that there has been an attempt by the Supreme Court to say that districts have to be drawn with certain and with with an eye toward raise. So obviously what we don't want people drawing districts to keep all the black hole. One district in all the white folks, another district we don't segregate by raise, but it is also It was to suggest that you have to draw districts so that a certain percentage of blackmail turn a particular districts or not re should not come into account here. Partisanship typically does ok, so willing. After tomorrow, with fuller analysis of the Senate version of the healthcare bill, I only just had a chance. You browse two hundred twenty four pages. It came out at eight o clock starts at nine, so I only had a chance to browse. It proves but I'll have a more detailed take on it tomorrow, and I will give you the full breakdown adventure Piero. This is the bench of Hiroshima
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