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Ep. 343 - So, Who Owns Obamacare Now?

2017-07-19 | 🔗
Trump gambles that he won’t own Obamacare; Democrats attack him as unfeeling; and the right makes some weird new friends.
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On Monday, accurate Chris hems worth better known. As Thor explained, the role of James Bond should be redone. This term is surely the playing the part three. The start of the soon really satanic blonde bond Jason Bourne Female knock off she embodies. Every ounce of strength and nobility and dignity and integrity, the character should have homes worth explained. She smartness hell, she's, physically able. You know or in those fighting in snow white, in the huntsmen doing in high heels by the well it in a foot. Long gown was even more Press it, and I just think why not it's time. This is, to put it mildly, the stupidest crap I have ever heard, but it is rare to hear Hollywood Hollywood's virtue signalling by talking about their ideal bond inmates hellenes years ago, he'd like a gay bond, but bond is Bonn. He has a carrot. He's an ultra straight womanizer, fulfilling teenage with fantasies. That is the entire point of the character it just doesn't work. The same way with a woman bond is about Why? Because he considers any woman, no matter how unavailable or beautiful, making bondwoman changes that
oculist utterly because virtually any mildly, attractive woman can do the same with virtually any man. It is a challenge for Charlize Theron to get a man in bed, as Amy Schumer has said, I'm one hundred and sixty lb and I can catch a bleep whenever I want. She is scientifically accurate, is David Schmidt hd. Righted. Psychology today quote over the last decades. Almost all research studies have found. The men are much more eager eager for casual next, and women are Oliver ninety ninety three Petersen and high twenty turn. This is essential. The true when it comes to design as for short term mating with many different sexual partners and is even more true for wanting to have sex with complete and total strangers in decline. Social experiment from the ninety navies, Clark and Hatfield put the idea of sex differences in consenting to sex with strangers to a real live test, they experiment. Confederates approach, college students around various campuses and ass quote: I've been noticing you around campus. I find it to be very attractive. Would you like to go to bed me with they would midnight around seven. Five percent of men agreed to have such a thing complete stranger, whereas zero women zero per
and agreed in terms. That size. This is one of the largest sex differences ever discovered. Its logical science gave us this. Sexism. It is science, Furthermore, there is always going to be a necessary suspension of disbelief or washing Charlie's thereon, who might be a hundred twenty pounds. Soaking wet, beat up guys twice or size watching Daniel Craig is probably a hundred. Seventy do the same, isn't quite the same thing. There are plenty of Female action parts thrown might well play one an atomic bomb, but hijacking classic characters and having them switch, genders and or sexuality destroys the characters there's a decent case for it, resell by his bond colours and change the man for bonds character. There is no case for foreign or any other woman to be James Bond. Just stop it you're being an idiot, I'm Ben If you are this, is the bench of here show
alrighty. So I mean it just when you think things can't get any stupider. They get stupid. A really like this. What what drives me up a wall, this sort of stuff drives me totally up a wall like yeah they're, just going to turn James Bond into a woman. Nothing changes because men and women are different, stupid people stupid stupid, These men and women are totally different. Before we get to all of the breakdown from from trunk care and the fall out and who is to blame and his trunk and a fair price Nor is Congress, can improve, lay price we'll talk about all of those things unpleasant want to get Jake CAP Artagnan Linda's, our sore, which is really quite wonderful, we'll get to all of those things and I'll give you the uptake by the way perspective in turn that we will be interviewing, hopefully in the next forty eight hours. But before we do any of that once you, I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at preclude with zip recruiter If you want to get interns, not by actual actively soliciting the children of crazy feminists, but actually by getting just the best employee whose available then at super could we can post your job to a hundred plus job sites of just one click
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in any case be, but in any case I mean it will give you the quick update on feminist son in turn now, because that was making some news last night. So, as you recall, last Friday I talked out this lady, named Jody Allergy, Jody Ehlert, wrote a piece in the Washington Post then she wrote a follow up peace at some known, website where she talked about how her sons were potential rapists because they had the penis and that means that if you, if you have such a thing, this means that Europe potential rapists. Accordingly, Jody alerts. I said that I would offer her son an internship to help him escape the clutches of evil mom and last night. An independent journal review of a friend of ours named party salaries to work over daily. Why should a story about the shattered contacted Jody alerts? and found out that he was interested in in natural internship with us end so he sent a arrests to her. She forded onto us last Jody Ehlert, obviously out of the loop tweeted, it means had its internship stunt just a stunt like we ve,
being from you to which I replied. Well, obviously, don't talk to your son, who you call perspective rapist all that much Because he sent us arrest resume- and I have a right here on my desktop- hopefully be talking to our two Jared, which is the name of her son sometime in the next twenty We're working hours were seen to work out that phone call right now, we'd love to work, something out with him. Obviously, skill set has to match, but if it even the remote match, will find some way to work with him because anything to to get some money so that he can escape that house because horrifying horrifying ok. So that is the answer it a third particular story? In other news, the trunk care bill went down yesterday. It went down because my glee and a jury Moran from Kansas and the ensuing collins. From in and ran Paul all said they were not going to vote for it, and that means that a bunch People on the right are now blaming these folks for the collapse, not veritable Susan Collins, because using counts has never been a vote for any sort of a bombing repeal she likes Obamacare. It is not fair to blame MIKE Lee or ran Paul ran. Paul did
been suggestion that ran Paul, never votes for things, because that's just stick. Even that is, is quasi fair, but is not fair. Who blame likely. The reason that it is not fair to blame likely is because there are bunch of people today who are saying that MIKE Lee preserved. Obamacare Brit Hume says this: U Hewett says this that the bombing has been preserved by MIKE Leah and ran Paul. This is a bunch of crap Obamacare was preserved by the bill itself. The bill itself, Captain all of the regulations under Obamacare. It added some subsidies and got rid of some of the taxes and restructure medicate. Now, if the Republicans had come on, I've been saying this legitimately four months, if the Republicans had come along to listen, we're just gonna fix Obama care for the time being, we're gonna, try and fix it and make some changes that move us in the right direction, but it's not full Obamacare repeal we are gradually going to get to full economic area. Then I would have signed on this bill in all likelihood, nothing probably so would likely, but by calling it Obamacare repeal and replace. The implication is that this was the last step. So when people say there are
I'm a care was going to be repealed, except for mightily. That's just nonsense. It is just not true. It is fully dishonest when people say that don't look to Michael, as the as the cause of the collapse here. There are many causes of the collapse of the first and foremost one is that Republicans rely on? Can it didn't actually want to get rid of Obamacare? They just didn't. Ok and its did that Did you incident president trumped? Didn't president tromp was one who insisted back in January by the way that we not do full scale repeal. Instead, we do repeal and replace trumped suggestion, and then you away from that when it turned out that people could agree on what the replacement would look like and actually didn't, wanna do full scale repeal tromp was out there trying to claim. This is a victory yesterday, even though it was lost as what trump does best he likes to spin and- and the fact is that he here here is President Trump yesterday talking about how it was really a victory like it. If you have, you wouldn't know any better than it was totally victory we're did you people, we had four knows
Now we might have had another one somewhere in there, but essentially the vote would have been pretty close to. If you look at it, forty eight, before that's a free. Impressive out finally standard and yet the vote of forty eight before four or something like that and we need more. It's pretty tough we're fifty two people. Ok, that is not impressive. By any stand, the standard is passing. Things is like I couldn't on the popular vote. Ok, you got forty eight out fifty two first of all native included. There are forty, eight and fifty. Who is just clear, therefore, would not vote for it. Not then forty eight would, but you can't spend this is a victory when it is not a victory. And, as I said yesterday, there was a vacuum of leadership from the top trump doesn't know. What's in this bill, he doesn't really care. What's in this bill, he didn't use the bully pulpit in anyway. He didn't moderates to get on board, hidden, threatened conservatives get on board. He thinks that his twitter basically leave each him of the necessity of learning things. We can just sweet things out in that will fix it. That is not correct. Today he supposed to have a budget, As to the White House, where he's gonna talk to them about these things will see them,
the ball at all, but unless he is actual actively going to use the power that he has to threaten senders who refuse to go along with him, then he's not doing anything he's not. As I said yesterday, the only How are the trump has over these senators? Kazoo approval ratings net high. Is that his approval rating among reply? weakens is still sky high, so eighty two percent, among Republicans, that means he has the capacity to threaten them with funding cuts, has the capacity to threaten them with primary challenge. He hasn't on any of those things. Yet he served sitting back and letting it happened, and the reason is sitting back and letting it happen is because he thinks that It's an interesting strategy. He thinks that if he just says that he's gonna let Obamacare fail, then will be well Obamacare, it will collapse and then he will be there to pick up the pieces. People blamed Democrats. Not Republicans this was his self state is tragic, and he said this openly yesterday Thank you also agreed I've been saying for a long time. Let Obamacare fail and then everybody's going to have to come together and fix it and come up
they knew plan in a planned. That's really good for the people with much lower premiums, look much lower costs and much better protection. I've been saying MIKE, I think, for a long time let Obamacare care fail, it'll be a lot easier and I think, we're probably that position where we'll just let Obamacare fail we're not going I'm not going to own it, I can tell you the Republicans are not going to own. It will let Obamacare fail and then the Democrats are going to come to us and they're going to say how do we fix it? How do we fix it or how do we come up with a new plan, this had been his original strategy, then it might have work. Tat is but it's kind of funny to watch my pension. These clubs, because he's awkward lean nodding, even though he's disagrees. I guess what I mean. Hence we still have to repeal so he's iii, obviously disagrees with president trumpet here. That's not his job right here, MR sort of being ass man for from, in any case Trump saying, let Obama careful there. This would be. Fine strategy, if he had come out of the gate, needs had listen, Obamacare is failing, we
a problem here, the only way this is getting solves with a bipartisan solution, so I want to call to the White House, trucks, humor and Mitch, Mcconnell and Nancy Policy and Paul Ryan. And I would have a series of meetings to set up a framework for a bipartisan fix on Obamacare and then, when his glass, you say over those Democrats, it wouldn't work with us. There is nothing we can do, but that's not what Trump actually get ready trump did ass. He went to his Republicans innocent we're gonna, repeal the whole thing that didn't happen, then its imminent are appealing to place the whole thing that isn't happening so now looks like he's just making excuses and blaming Democrats. That's actually what it looks like. Ok, Again, there is a way to do this, where you didn't actually put your handprints on Obamacare it sort of the current situation. The sort is in the stone right did I'm a care sorted into stone. That is the status quo disorders in the stone. The way too, There are two things we can do about that. You can either look Democrats and pointed them, and citizens orders in the stone age and being the stone you're, the one who put it there and I know, and you know that unless we cooperate, we can't get the sort out of the stone or he could do it.
Up in the Republicans didn't say: if you will let us we will move the sword from the stone and then they don't with the sword from the stone, and then they say one swords only in the stone because Democrats put it there anyway. Ok, that's they doesn't have the same appeal. It doesn't have the same peel and it's a bit of a mistake because Democrats are jumping on this to say: ok, well now he acknowledges that Obamacare failing. He acknowledges that the healthcare system problems and he's not gonna fix it. In fact, he's gonna make it worse, so they were Democrats in there. If you let us we'd fix the thing really wouldn't get rid of it. We fix the thing it is what Democrats are going to play it if you'd like to if you'd made us. If you made Hillary the President, you make put us in Congress, we would have fixed the thing we would have sword from the stone ourselves, but you like trump instead in so he just gonna bitch and complain about what exactly the why the cells sword is there in the first place, so Trump
continuing to make this cases. As you know, we need to look more republicans. That's the goal here, just select more Republicans or the way I look at it is in a team. We're gonna have to get some more people elected, we have to go out and we have to get more people elected that a Republican. We have two probably pull in those people, those few people voted against it. I don't know they're going to have to explain to you why they did, and I'm sure they'll have very fine reasons, but we have to get more Republicans elected because we have to get it done. We got to pass to the house, we would have gotten it very much and you can use his head as a stand right. We don't want that to happen. You measure with the wrong guy here so we want. We want, I think we're going to do very well actually in eighteen. I would be surprised if something were done long before that, but in any event, because the margin is so small, the majority margin is so small. We can have to go out and get more Republicans elected in eighteen and I'll, be
very hard for that to happen. Ok he's a this has been the consistent republican pitch for years. Right give us, the house will repeal Obamacare give us the Senate law appeal: Obama, caregivers, presidency will repeal Obamacare. I don't know how much longer can run this scam when you run the majority in both houses and you're, still not repealing Obamacare and have no intention of passing a full repeal Mitch. Mcconnell is supposedly gonna put the full repeal to a vote. On Monday now understand something even the full repeal bill. Rightly the plane, simple repeal bill doesn't actually repeal Obamacare The regulations are still included, gets rid of subsidies, it gets rid of the taxes, but it doesn't ash. Get rid of the Obamacare regulations which are going to require some actual legislation, separate legislation to get rid of the Obama. Regulations under the reconciliation rules do Republicans need more people in the Senate. Yes, and now would be a good time to put more Republicans in the Senate. Considering that you ve got, I think, ten democratic seats in red states that are up in this next election cycle. So, if Republicans word
up even four of those. Then they have a really solid majority. Going into the second half of trumps term, but he is going to need to do a better job. Making the case again. If you're gonna put blame on Democrats, you have to explain why Amazon Democrats yesterday, Sarah Huckabee Smith, as their hug me Sanders. Rather she came out and she said that that it was Democrats fault that it would appear that this had all happened. It's hard to make is this Democrats fault when you never reached out to Democrats in the first place? This is a botched basically from the beginning, and I'm Sure the trumpets gonna get out of it that easily now is gonna. Hurt Trump only hurt Trump. I think it'll. Her Congress If you look at the generic congressional ballot right now, generic congressional ballot has democratic, ten that is wiped out territory. For Republicans, if Democrats Repton and Republicans if they ve got a real right, democratic would win, probably back the majority in the house. We rode happening. Seneca centre races are different, but they ve been good shape to win back to already in the house. There's one pull statistic: that's great for Trump in this which says that the twenty four
and of Republicans where most enamoured of Trump are highly likely to be more likely to vote than twenty percent of Democrats who really hate tromp. The question is about the lukewarm Republicans the loop. Well, what do those lukewarm Republicans think about all this? I they feeling good right now feeling enthuse right now I think what you gonna see is present from go back to bashing the media, because if one relation is hard bashing. The media's easy he can do it unilaterally, kinda by himself the base loves it he's gonna, against the media in twenty eighteen? Even if there is nothing else for him to run on. Meanwhile, the devil rats are going to say. Listen Republicans refused even make basic fixes. There's talk. That Trump is going to remove some of the subsidies for the Obamacare exchanges and exacerbate the death spiral in to bring Democrats to the table? Democrats are saying: Does that mean in that's cruel, so their cases going listen. We all know the thing is flawed, but only one party here wants to actually fix it and it's not. The Republicans, won't even repeal and replace that's exactly, at Bernie Sanders. Singing trump wants millions of people to suffer rob. I replied. Lastly, I heard from was the price
the United States, the leader of our country, Republicans control the House and the Senate, It is beyond comprehension all I know it's, you know we can, saying this about Donald Trump, but it is beyond comprehension that you have a president basically wants millions of people to suffer. So he thinks but he can win some political points. Get a problem is but from passing runs directly into the teeth of this when, when trumped up let Obamacare fail and then Democrat, and then when he says little public failed what he means once millions of people to die revenues. Does that it has a little more Billy than a normally would because he's not offering any alternative right and then this is. This is a big problem here, your truck. Says. The same thing is, as the republican plan is: gonna kill the patient, obvious
Louis exaggerated language obviously he's wrong. Obviously, he's lying! It's it's amazing. If the Republicans had just repealed this thing, we'd go back to status quo ante, which was no Obamacare when ninety two percent of Americans had health insurance so the fact is that the vast majority of Americans always had health insurance is other Obamacare. Save millions of people are anything, but that's the case. Humor is trying to make in fact, past repeal and having it go into effect. Two years later, is in many ways worse than the Republic in health care bill. Was just rejected by my report. Lookin. Colleagues, it's like If our health care system was a patient who came in and needed some medicine, the Republicans propose surgery The operation was a failure now republican are proposing a second surgery that will surely kill the patient, medicine is needed by partisan medicine. Not second surgery again
This is why it was important to have a clear strategy going it not because humor is anything but a liar. He is an absolute liar as evidence touch him was la yesterday between the Anti Zionism is Anti Semitism. This is a guy who endorsed for the leadership of the Democratic National committee. Keith Ellison, a devoted Louis Farrakhan, who said multiple anti semitic things in the past and hung out with with anti semite Chuck. Humor is a pathological liar on politics, but here's a game and you have to not to play the game, and the Democrats right now are playing the Republicans even from a minority position. It is amazing to watch how incompetent republicans are about all of us well before we get to the the more news about Trump there's that there's some pulls out. That show how trumpets gonna run in twenty twenty and we'll talk about that in just a second before we get to that are more thank you to our sponsors over at stamps dot com. So, if you're, tired of waiting in line at the Post office, you just don't have time to go over there and wait for the stamps and get your mail way. You just want to do it
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democratic, claiming that Republicans are waiting in the wings to murder people. You would think that the that, not only would the Republicans be in trouble in Congress, they be in trouble in the presidential balls, and Indeed, if you look at the latest Paul from public policy pulling yes, it's a democratic pulling firm and yes, these posts don't mean a lot when their far out, but it's kind of interesting to look at it. The fact is that, right now, if Trump ran against most of the major, kind of candidates you would lose so they they talked to eight hundred thirty six registered voters. They said that that find a majority wish that Obama were President verses Trump and a minority wish that Hilary were present set of trump. Although she has worse approval ratings, then trumped us, but they were the ones. The matters that against Joe Biden in a hypothetical match up against Joe Biden, he would supposedly the stiffly four to thirty nine against Bernie Sanders, fifty two to thirty nine. So before everybody says Open, is just terrible polling, is always wrong. The polling at the National Poland can stay pulling was often the last election cycle. The national Poland was not off. The nation
pulling was on so before you do that before you me up. Holes are worthless. It is not good when the current president of the United, say to infer. You know it's only been in for six months. That should be the high point of his term, he's already losing too oh Biden in Bernie Sanders combined age, two thousand three hundred and nine by double digit, he's apparently losing in a hypothetical contest with Elizabeth WAR, now believe: Corey Booker forty five, forty Kemal Harris, forty one forty now this should be a tip the Democrats. This is what's truly fascinating about where the Democrats, our psyche, talking about the problems Republicans are having which makes sense and there's the governing party, and they are not good at it, but the problems. The Democrats are here are so much worse there so much worse than the problems Republicans we're having. Yes, Republicans are bad at everything, except for increasing military spending and tax cuts. Those are the only two things. The Republicans are good, as they have no consensus on anything else, but the Democrats have not figured out what exactly their party is about. Is their party about big government socialism,
that sort of cross cultural socialism of jobs or Bernie Sanders, or are they also in love with the memory of Brok, abounded they're going to pursue intersection reality down to its root. Look at those pull numbers again. This was fastened. Another trumps gonna lose all these people because it does mean anything we're we're too far out, but look at the contrast, Joe Biden. Fifty four Bernie Sanders, fifty two Warren forty nine book forty five Kemal Harris, forty one, which one of those names has been the hottest an undemocratic press lately come all here that's right, the senator from California the first from Centre from California. Why not? Because she's got her, jobs unbelievably crappy at her job. Just like choose unbelievably crappy being attorney general in my state. But why did they like her? Because she is a black woman and this means? she is checked too, of the intersection of boxes for people don't understand. We're intersection reality is basically intersection. Reality suggests that all the mayor, in society, was designed to privilege, white males and that there is
an intersection hierarchy of people have been victimized by american society, whose credibility not be challenged when they talk about how American is to change up at the very top. You have algae bt. Folks, nanny black women and many have black men, and then you have hispanic women in any, have men and then you the Asians, and then you have Jews and then finally way down at the bottom. You have white males right. There we d folk, so they did this at the intersection of hierarchy. The Democrats have decided that it is more important for them to cobble together a coalition. That it is more important for them to cobble together a coalition of the dispossessed strike. A cold of the angry then it is to actually come up with a message that appeals for broad swathes of Americans, which is why they I, with people like Linda's, our swords? It's why they push people like Keith Ellison, they double down on identity politics, because they believe that the demographics country and moving in their direction, and if they, continue to alienate white voters. It will make a difference. This failed lemons Sixteen because white voters, white blue collar voters for the first time
voted as he racial block in almost racial block. More white, blue collar voters voted for president from than Hispanics voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election cycle a white voters voted is an intersection of hierarchy group in reverse it, but Democrats are still doing this, and so, when you look at the actual, that should be a hint democratic there too stupid to take it. And when you look at the lead, the candidates likely to succeed against Trump. It is Canada's like Joe Biden, a white male Bernie Sanders, a white Male Elizabeth, worn, a white woman and then you go down the list and you get to black man, Corey bulgarian black woman, Kemal errors, so precisely the opposite of what the end sexual hierarchy would suggest would be a successful strategy is, is what would work and that's a Democrats are. Rejecting. Democrats are much more interested in focusing in full scale on which person can we pick who is going to please minority communities, even if they have no broad based appeal like come Harris pretty amazing, stop Democrats are not gonna. Take advice. I'm going to talk about that in just a second, but for that to happen
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Nine and then fled to Cuba. They paid tribute to her and they did this whole stick about how they don't believe in her violence, but they appreciate that she fought sexism within the black within the black Panther Party, which is like saying. I don't appreciate what is humble, and does with american buildings. But I do appreciate him fighting Islamophobia around the world. No, no! No, but the women's marched weeded out so jig tapir, who, as I said before, is one of the few people in the meat I think, actually tries to get it right, and I know there's a lot of disagreement about Jake Tapper in on the right now, but I think Jake is actually attempting to be, Actually, this is still a guy of the left. I think he has, but he's an intellectual the honest fellow or at least attempts to be, and so yesterday, We did this out, secures a cop killer fugitive in Cuba, this ugly sentiments from Linda's our sore and the dyke March in Chicago. You remember that storage worthy the lesbian March in Chicago Band Jews, because they were flying a flag that had a jewish on it and it made the intersection
Eric uncomfortable it any progressives out their condemning this, which is exactly and thence our call Jake Tapir member of the of the registered jig, tap depletion. Ugly sentiments. Unapologetically muslim upon unapologetically palestinian pro immigrant pro justice. Shame because, first of all, whenever people say. Shame they usually have no real reason to do so. That goes to. The throats while any in any case, Linda's our sore says what about me so badly. Tapir immediately slams reads as your comments about eye on her solely from one. So if you recall she said about eye on her sally whose in me who is in Muslim was no longer Muslim, Reggie she's, a heretic under muslim law. She was genitally mutilated by Islamists, and then they attempted to force them to a child marriage. She fledge ended up in in Denmark and and now she lives in the United States. I believe that you nerds anyhow Ferguson historian from Harvard End and renders our sore had said that you
she could remove eye on her sallies vagina. Subject: tapirs calling her out on that and there's a whole history, and we will talk about Linda's, our sewer before Linda's our sources, radical, She is somebody who has spoken highly of terrorists and terrorist groups before she's, really devastatingly bad human being an Jake Tapir took her to the woods add here when even Jake Tapir is take me to the woodshed, because you're so extreme. That should say something to the Democratic Party, but it doesn't is. The democratic party is so ensconced in its own belief that all the matters is building a coalition to take down western civilization that they don't care who they include in their coalition from Linda's our sought to establish a core. None of it matters cop killers, terrorist apologists, none of it, none of it. Matters, so the Democrats are still having this trouble, which means the only unity they have. Is again as always, being anti republican. So last night they went nuts because apparently President Trump
had an undisclosed meeting with land report. There is a big meeting over the G20 there's big dinner that was held by the by Angela Merkel over the G20 and only during the dinner President Trump, who is not seated next year, important Babylonia was he got up and he walked away from where he was sitting walked around to Vladimir Putin, pulled up a chair and proceeded to have a full our conversation with no other american official presence. I didn't bring Rex tellers and hidden bring a russian and later the only person who was there was put in France later, which is not great, because you never know what? If Putin Translators is telling Trump lies right me, it prudent could be saying I'll. Look at this Amira. Look at these Americans. Look and then translator says he says, you're, wonderful, guy, Romania. Could that that's exactly who could be happening plus prudent his old KGB. This is not yet. If you are, in France Cabinet. The last thing you want is a meeting where you don't have anyone in their whose able to at least monitor, what's being said, we had this problem before last time from pleasant room alone with Russians. He ended up spill
he's, really national security information that put in danger and israeli spy who was trying to spy on ice it. So you have this meeting and the media crazy, crazy that all this is obviously something the various going on now. Listen. Do I think that when you have a meeting that's an hour long at one of these things that we should know what's happening? Yes, I am for full scale, transparency from any president, and I don't think that's really appropriate. I do we know from the media- and I just don't know the answer to this- is it that Trump has lots of means? The Russians than doesn't disclose it or is it from? Has lots, means that everyone and doesn't disclose it? I mean I've seen reports that he had meetings with with various other governmental actors over the last six months and then it was reported. Four days later, but no one cares. It wasn't Russia, so it's hard to tell how much of this is real and Much of this is just the media thinking that every time from eat something russian dressing on it. He's spine with Lattimer potent inadequate couldn't continues to be from years of Lehne. Putin had to say about the level of lower from spiritual, the Lisbon process you met with Donald Trump. Recently, questioning
it would be interesting to hear your mentioning them is a person, a new look at you living through new unusual. I did not establish, and I believe it is very important from person was public profile on politicians. Wanna meet who should he has? ability to listen to the complete rumors. Maybe this is what our conversation was like a condemns, the rooms and because I do not know what he's like, notably talks, but during our conversation I listened with attention as well from enormously Tommy, baloney set out his ideas and proposals on development cooperation, and he didn't say you ve seen over something that does not happen through me. Categories from personal words enabled was involves technologies. I reiterate MRS vitally important ability Julia. The able to listen and to communicate promptly yesterday to know when we wouldn't have substantial experience, Emily no petition relation of equipment that you reject? There are some lonely here themselves what everyone tell them fundraising, amazing the background for them. What are the exquisite?
you're talking them here, noticing it ass one of them, but we must not let it go back, The two current US president is different. You responded. What does interlocutor says the argument you in response? Ok, so neither were another. Its Putin is trying to butter from that's the way that you do it. This way you dont want to have these meetings alone, trumped weeded out that media is making a big deal out of all of this, and I tend to believe the Trump is correct about this. He says fake news story of secret dinner with Putin is sick, implication marks. I mean he made you read about this, but he really needs didn't, learn. How do you scarecrow That's how it works is all g20 leaders in spouses were invited by the Chancellor of Germany. Press knew well to be fair. The press was insane being that the meeting itself the seek this dinner was secret. They were saying that he never does Did you talk with Putin for an hour? The White House the same thing as great a brief. Meetin greek people in the room say was an hour so that there still details to come out, but then the judge,
media is gonna, continue, jumping all over the Russia thing in playing up every little thing, which means that trumps should be careful here, because you know, if you want to win, then you might want to just be careful about how you hey conduct yourself. There's no reason to give the other side this much this much material on a day in day out basis, final conclusion here with regard to a bomb care and where it is going. I don't think that what happened with Mama care is going to damage from. It is very obvious that the report, can press, are not interested in going after trumpet anyway, because the constituency for Republicans is much more numbered from then, with Republican Congress people Republican Congress. People are still much more bill and then Trump so you're, seeing an and motivated attempt by the media on the right to guard trump from the blow bath. Tat means that Trump has the power to push something through here. In half. Do I think much more likely to happen is Trump is likely to continue shilly shallying around not really taken a solid position on Obamacare, nothing gets past, Republicans get blamed and the Congress Trump separates himself off and then he works at Democrats. I think that is the most like
thing, but you never know rates all unpredictable. I do not that his strategy of let it all fail and then Republicans won't pay for it is going to work. However, ok, we're gonna get some things I like and some things I hate. But first I want to say thank you: tore sponsors, overt upside dotcom, so I've you travel for business. Upside down com is the best travel site that you can find. They bundled together your flight and your hotel. They give you also two options if you fly into a different airport, if you go to a different hotel, if you come into different time and they get you the most inexpensive means available on the market. You will say my bundling those flights and hotel together for one price and they they also reward you with a gift cards places like Amazon every single time. You buy a trip, so you get the the benefit. Your company gets the benefit of the cheaper flight and tell and you get the benefit of the Amazon Gift card which comes directly back to you. It is the real deal. Try upside down come when you use promo code, Banion Guaranteed to get at least one hundred
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Things that I like I so Martin Lando died this week, which is really sad. More Landau is a really charming after for some reason, I always get mixed up with Leonard Nimois, but they are very different actors. Martin land out is a much more versatile actor than Leonard Nimois. Who was in a lot of stuff the thing that I grew up with him in was mission impossible. When I was growing up, my parents to rent for us old TV shows they didn't. Actually let us watch a lot of them and you ve, because it was to sexual eyes, so they go out and rental episodes are the ones we go down to any branch. Saturday matinee, which is the greatest video store in human history, recover there, and we'll get all they had like full seasons of the water Mary Tyler more and the demands how will we grub on all that? He they learned shows that I used to watch these also we runs up its haste to get up and and watch them was mission impossible. The original listen possible, which is much better than the movies. A lot of people like the movies, the most have nothing to do with mission impossible. Basically, they kept the name, and then they have nothing like that. The entire premise: a mission impossible as all these clever
bought and most mission impossible now is Tom Cruise, which is Jack richer, which is I've gone was easy and Tom Cruise being an action star and running around leaping off buildings. That was never the mission the whole thing. The mission impossible thing was: always you have a team that working and then very little of the jumping off buildings. Action sequences is much more driven by can they create a plot to prevent some dad from happening. I hears the original trailer music from mission impossible you'll see Mart Linda his his dick was that he was always dressing up somebody. So every episode heed but on a wig or put on a gothic knows, and then you just take it off the glue who were Leno dressed up as something is it's fantastic. So here is the original mission impossible.
There are great stars in Aberdeen more State AIDS integrators watching the old. It's really really good. He, yes, had a long career in Hollywood. He did a lot of pretty good movies. He made his first your phone territorial member north by North West, who was the hand Man of James Mason, who is the major criminal in that also in Cleopatra and the greatest story ever told and you'll,
but that he was also in rounders rates, have you said, you'd seen rounders he's great in rounders he's these the old law, professor, basically tells Matt Damon to pursue his dream of being a loser gambler. So that says me he's he's great in that and he he's the innocent later daisy. He got less productive he's late, but he does have a star and how it would work of aim very, very good actor and satisfy got ok, so other things that I like So this was just a, whereas yesterday Chris Christie, they wrote, governor of New Jersey who everyone hates display, went to amass game, and if your Chris Christie Polly the worse than you could you now he's going to a highly problematic and a ball is hit and you'll see Christmassy catch it and watch the crowd. Does and a souvenir for Chris Cresty or you kid me about that. You just noticed them
What are you guys doing? Gets less electricity receives reaches out to actually pretty good catch makers reaches, Annie catches at nice to see, doesn't matter still gets booed because his Christmas day, which is just accept, yellow of Erasmus crowd? I am not. Fan of New Yorkers as general manner, but that is pretty spectacular, so well done. New York, mats fans, kind of love. It ok time for a couple of things that The first thing that I laid on Monday, the trunk administration certified to Congress that IRAN has been meeting its necessary requirements under the joint comprehend it's been meeting its necessary requirements under the joint comprehensive plan of action that would be Obama's. Iran deal, as you recall, president, from promised a day. Will He was going to pull out of IRAN deal on the very first day, who's gonna pull out of it. It is still operative and he has now twice.
To find that IRAN is in compliance. The problem with that is that the IRAN deal specific Lee allows them to continue operating without sanctions. Continues to allow them to develop their sent of users and a certain rate it did. It requires them supposedly to read. Who's. The number of functional centrifuges used to enrich uranium and forfeit uranium stockpiles, but they they died. They they say that the that IRAN is is violated. Here too the agreement but they're not violating the text of the agreement and then Have the State Department saying that IRAN remains one of the most dangerous threats to US interests? Ok, that's the case then just reject the stupid deal just reject the stupid deal, and last April Obama we tumblr, slamming the Obama deal as disastrous he's in front of a pact that was catastrophic here, either kill the deal or don't kill but this routine way split? The baby is getting very irritating and repeatedly repeatedly you get this routine from the from the front from the trunk administration where they say that they are going
to stand by the within their to stand by some conservative position and they don't do it so that the tremendous I can just brought in fifteen. They just issued fifteen thousand new travel visas for people who are coming into work for foreigners. Are they have now announced that the up dead from administration has also announced, aside from keeping neurons your their couple, other things that are that are skipping, that there are their missing here. They ve done in the last couple of days. There are not good, a policy. For example. They said that they were going to reject Obama's Cuba policy that can most Obama's Cuba policy in place. Again, don't piano leg and tell us it's raining. Ok, if you do, actually want to do anything about something dull promise you're going to do it don't make promises you can fulfil, especially when your entire stick is. Patients are already politicians are liars, I'm not one of them, ok or other things that I had dinner or Bachar, whose congressmen out here and can find no other put this in things like things I hate just because it so absurd.
Dinner or backer. Who I know and Dana is a nice guy. I've spoken at one of his event. I asked them drinking beer, Saint Paddies, David, Andy and dinner or backer was questioning someone from NASA yesterday, and this is a thing that actually happened in America in the Congress. The most important thing was of Mars. I have permission or for one minute for over this question- that, as you have indicated, the Mars have, it was totally different thousands of years ago. Is it possible that there was a civilization on Mars thousands of years ago, so the evidence is that Mars was different billions of years ago.
I wonder yours, well, yes, land and there would be. There is no evidence that I'm aware of that, would you would you rule out that see? There's some people well anyway. I would add that I would say that is extremely unlikely that the thing that happened as sitting convicts person in the United dates suggested that there was a civilization on Mars thousands of years ago because they said that there is a on the surface of Mars billions of years ago, so good job dinner hour. Bachar is also known. Affectionately Putin's cut as Putin's congressperson is very, very warm for Vladimir Putin, but this is, I think, that you may want to think about qualification if you're worried about whether or not there is civilization on Mars.
If there is, can we send Congress there? Ok, so other things that I hate so yesterday, Tucker Karlsson, who I thought he had a debate with MAX boot, which I refrain from commenting on, because I can see the point. I thought it was quite an awful exchange. Next boot Ashraf are, the man who was largely corrective Tucker was was wildly disingenuous immunity. I think Tuckers really good at his job and he's really talented, but I think that these demagogic in his approach in many of these cases, he laughs off any legit criticism of him he uses insults. Is it that the person that he's talking to as a peremptory, as is a peremptory measure, and then he and then he starts, doing, need the hysterical laugh at the if we show, if he, if he doesn't want to talk about something again, he has such talent. I wish you'd put it to better use, then saying that Russia is not in the top five threats against the United States in an attempt to kind of mimic, Pappy Communism now moving further and further to the paleo con right
He had on mats, bloom and all the other night mass woman dollars legitimately, where the scum, your people in american politics, I'm just a pig somebody who's to tackle, break our regularly lie about an immense Blumenthal is in a self hating Jus he's an ethnic jubilee has absolutely nothing to do with due Judaism verbal called the lie at that's been widely pan, in which you repeatedly compares Israel to the Nazis, which is about most insulting thing that you can do to both Israel and Jews. Generally. He is a pig of the m. Just a disgusting. Gusting radical him being an Tucker has run the show wise, yeah mass movement on the show, because mass woman, I'll agrees. There's nothing to this trump. Russia stuffs. It's very important to give a platform for the worse people on planet earth. In order that they can talk about it. I thought the Democrats should have responded with a big narrative against permanent war and for economic equality. Instead, there pushing Russia's scandal mongering nonstop, subsumed all of the progressive grass root grassroots movements I believed in and its basically buried
left in a militaristic narrative. The ambitious figures like Jamie Ruskin are advancing Mark my words Tucker when Trump is gone. This narrative this Russia hysteria will be re purpose by the political establishment to attack the laughed and any one on the left. Bernie Sanders like politician, who steps out of line on the issues of permanent war or corporate free trade. Things like that will be painted as well. Your puppets of this, is very dangerous, and people who are progressive were falling into a need to know what the long term consequences of this Narrative are it sees virtually every one on the left in? Washington, with some exceptions, your one. I know a couple others, but I know people who I think has raised. I don't agree with them, but who seemed to really believe that Vladimir Putin was in control of the last elections? Do you think they believe it? I don't know. I think, there's I can't speak for other people are not a mind reader, but there is definitely a political act but political class. In Washington D C
Russia scandal mongering as a silver bullet to take out Trump, and then you have. The Democrats were basically Thus the democratic governments hungry so eager to get somebody who is purportedly, if left, to tighten up report leave of the hard left to talk about why the Russia, stuff, isn't a thing any brings on somebody like MATS Blumenthal. This is the same things when Sean has on Julian Assange to talk about how tromp Russia isn't a thing and then tell him as a hero. That right is making all sorts of new friends. If your allegiance to particular political figure is forcing you into alignment with people That's Blumenthal Julian Assange, and you are now welcoming them as friends and treating them with with anything but disdain. Let me recommend to you that you ve made some mistakes in your life. You shouldn't be part of a of a movement that is now Taking common cause with with people like Julian Assange was put american lives in danger or mass movement. All one of the scummy is people on earth. Amazing. I mean member Sidney Blumenthal was Hillary Clinton. Instruments were now at the point politics so topsy turvy circular that at this point, Sidney Blumenthal, who
that's Blumenthal, as an adviser on Israel to Hillary Clinton is appearing on Tucker Carlson's show to defend Donald Trump, because tuck across and wants to defend, trauma mean that's how crazy all of this has gotten I did the rules of change and there are no rules anymore. It's catches catch can, but if people have principles should think twice before they start making way for people like MAX Blumenthal, just saying some things you like really really quite Dusting. Ok we'll be back here to Morrow with all the latest adventure here. This is the benchmark Eroshka.
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