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Ep. 347 - Begun The Sessions War Has

2017-07-25 | 🔗
Trump talks about dumping Attorney General Jeff Sessions; he also meets kids who are always prepared, but is he prepared for the Trumpcare fight? Plus, Democrats aren’t prepared for 2018.
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Richard Dawkins is no friend of conservatives. The atheist author spent much of his life to writing to dismal Christianity. He wants at an atheist? Just go just somebody who feels about outweigh the way any decent Christian feels about Thor or ball, or the golden calf Doc It says that even moderate religious people who make the world safe for extremists he's far less in politics is pro abortion supporter of the Labour Party Liberal Democratic Party in Britain, but he is also. Smart enough to recognise that radical Islam is a greater threat to human life and Christianity or Judaism. Dawkins explains what I've got: size. The appalling misogyny and homophobia of Islam have criticised the murdering of apostates for no crime other than their disbelief. Muslims themselves are the prime victims of the oppressive cruelties of Islamism. Such language course make some of her. I am left us this week Hawkins was scheduled to speak at an event with K e F, a in Berkeley. California, all swimmingly until left is realised. Docketed said some untoward things about Islam. Then they cancel the speech citing his. What abusive speech the explained. What we'd book this event,
entirely on his excellent book on science, when we didn't He had offended and heart in his tweets another comments on this one. So many people keep your fate. Not endorse hurtful speech This is no shock. The same left the bar Dawkins from his Berkeley ensured this week, while palestinian Arabs ride over metal detectors and the Temple Mount. Those leftist proclaimed the true up nickel to peace in the Middle EAST? Is an palestinian air? Violence isn't housed anyone to stab Israeli Drew's police officers on the stamp on the Temple Mount or Palestinians who invade homes and swallow old men and women, or the Palestinians and government which your honor and financially support such behaviour? Not the problem is the Jews, the same left, the glens, metal detectors from rivers, salt and Richard Dawkins, preventing his lamp makes it uses for radical muslim and women's March organizer Linda's, our sore, whose called for apostate Muslims have their genitals removed, who says the Zionist cannot be feminist and who stands up for terrorist inter supporters. So why does the left seat support, radical Islam. So ardently well, because
I believe that the quickest way to destroy western civilization is no longer class warfare, but multicultural warfare, simply ally with groups that hate the prevailing system and work with them to take it down. Then what will build on the ashes of the old system. In this view, Dawkins is an opponent? How can look Muslims to fight the same system if darkens is busy alienating them visible. The palestinian terrorism, how a colonialist output outpost. Israel be defeated without a little blood. That's what's our sources and allies. That means must be backed alliance, with the fair these forces. Cultural morality into question. Keep your pay has whiteboard answer for than Dawkins with the left will never have to answer such questions so long. They focus on their common enemy. I suppose the conservative establishment that must be fought with any tool at their disposal- I mentioned earlier is the bench of irrational yeah Ok, so let's talk about it,
Phil tonight. So President Trump is obviously taking internal general sessions. Sessions is saying that he is not going to go without being pushed out. The door will talk about what that means. Plus these Republicans are finally going to vote. On some form of took care. We don't know exactly what that is happening. It appears to the vote to proceed on some form of Obamacare. Change is going to happen to talk about that as well democratic confusion plus from talks to eventually the boy scouts any goes weird I will. All. Those things will have worried at first. I was thinking our sponsors over a legacy boxer This is a business that I think is a must use for anybody who wants to preserve their memories. I'm very big in preserving memories. Gambling them raised very into ensuring that are our family photos stay ensuring that are ensuring that are there we photos are preserved and they are in an hour. Our tapes are preserved and are videos are preserved, so he can the widow will that sexual legacy box does monetarist dogma, digital stuff, we're talking about the stuff that you have, in your garage right now we are talking about.
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actions he has decided to make just sessions the focus of desire. Why, or maybe just sessions is doing a terrible job? In fact, by most account you doing a pretty good job, particularly on immigration If there is anything that can be said about just sessions that he's too ardent with regard to the civil forfeiture daily tempt you grab property after the rest, but before conviction right there robot. Everything else just sessions is between a pretty good job is eternal general, haven't seen any problems just sessions, but trumps he's one big problem and that it The attorney general sessions obviously has not done- to protect Donald Trump. Travis guns where he is starting to see everything in terms of how it affects impersonally. Not his presidency him personally so this morning you can leave a series of nasty too about just session. So he treated Co Uk in efforts to sabotage trunk campaign quietly working to boost cohesion. So where is the investigation Agee, and then he said, attorney General Jeff sessions has taken a very weak position on Hillary Clinton. Crimes were emails and DNS server and intel leaguers. Then he said problem is
the acting head of the FBI and the person in charge of the Hilary investigation and from a cave got seven hundred thousand dollars from Hilary for watching those attacking the deputy attorney general was restarted. The acting ahead of the F B. I shall just it put his own in perspective. In the first six months of the trunk administration is via makes Lynn supposedly for line to Myspace Intense! That's, not really. What had happened. He fired the IP address regions call me and said openly that it's because of colonies, handling of the russian stuff he's now threaten As for any general sessions, he is threatened, his deputy attorney general run rose unseen and then your times interview last week, he's attacked the acting head of the FBI and users have the special council. So what these people have in common. They are all involved in the in the Russia Investigation of people who these cats, or has or has said that he wants to cap, he's now put to decide. See that there are involved in Russia, investigation, which says one or two things, either the trial is a narcissist when it comes to Russia. Thing he's really bothered by it bothers him in a significant way, and he just two ended by getting rid of anyone who has failed,
shut it down or who continues to pursue it, or he has something to hide. Those are really the only choice, as there is no choice through so either. The pathological narcissism- or this is true, Something behind. I don't believe it. Pathological narcissism again? I said before my entire fury here is the temporary hasn't done anything wrong and he's tete than ever reason just stopping this nonsense already and who wants to fire everyone, but what he's right about your sessions here. Ok, just sessions is not responsible for this. Just such only refused himself because in his own testimony he said that he never had a meeting with Russia and it turned out at a meeting with ambassadors are ghastly access. Your accused himself that happened long after he was nominated and approved for position the actual refusal and there's no way friend know that this stuff was really gonna come up to a lot of sense, plus Jeff is the lifeline. He is the the the wiring into the national is popular movement the trumpet To talk so much about and from what she draws, his support sessions the fund had for the anti immigration movement that Trump supposedly represent. So
This doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Although there are few things that I want to say about for its part, scary movie, the evidence. Normal GB, new chief of staff- he's not just at the upper limit, may well be that ever of communications. Four Donald Trump. He was aren't you he would show this morning, and- as we said yes, Trump wants Jeff sessions to resign and here's what damage had to say I've been waiting is one area where less? Why not it? Why not just fired obsessions. Well, listen, I mean you know, I think the president has style. Certain skills. These. I frustrated I raided, I said yesterday, I our the Sarah Murray, maybe to it to get together and my guess is present, but doesn't want to do that. Mozilla is good. I think him in jail for this area of attorney general sessions into work. This thing out with unaware that does it want some God Norman. I have enormous manner, respect for the attorney general
I do know the present pretty well in this level of tension in the relationship that that's public probably right, but I don't want to be the present anatomy he's a cabinet official. I sort of thing that has to be between the present phase in a cab, inefficient, systemic he says I don't know what he's going to do about yaki sure he sort of should go. So there are a bunch of questions. Your number one is why Trump doesn't just fire him. There was a rumor today that Trump is doing this, because this is what time does call me most humiliating way. Anyway. He fired Molly's on the West Coast speaking to bunch of FBI cadets, and then he saw it on tv tonight is doing the same thing to just sessions again. Problem here is that sessions himself is pretty popular, the right wing of the Republican Party, especially because of immigration issues, and that reputation is well deserved. So let's talk about some of the problems or number one president I'm at ballsy over here he is he's gonna fires actions, you should just fireside, and so he made his entire career on I'm gonna fire people but
instead, he's giving sessions run run. Why? Because you want sessions to resign, he wants sessions to do it on his own. He has, fire sessions, because for some reason from things that, if he openly pressure sessions to quit and then sessions quit the blow, bat will come back but somehow sessions will be blamed for the unaware he's getting that idea, but its foolish of sessions quitted this point: no one's gonna blame him. Everybody's gonna, blame trunk. Second point This is a very dangerous. It's very good. Vice president, is being set by the Trump care about from White House, and that is If you're not obsequious enough to President Trump or if you don't then your entire career capital trying to support president trumpet every single way. Then you should throw yachts garbage said something else. In his you'd interview he said Eric holds her attitude Golly for President Obama. We need somebody's been act as gully for President Trump Guinness really the job of these for the general interest, because agriculture did the wrong thing- doesn't mean that just sessions should either scurrility of all people should be talking about this concern. Retweeted, just a few more you gotta use in favour of sessions refusing himself, but this decision
nasty teller that's come to the trunk White House, which is, if you don't even now before Trump obsequiously. Nothing is going to be had you, Jaffrey style really really unpleasant right. John Spacer wasn't just ass, if he was humiliated Trump, refused to take him on a tour. The Vatican, even though spacers lifelong catholic- very who catholicam ones need open trump left him behind yesterday, trumpet speaking boyscout. He brought Surely all the Eagle Scouts in his administration to this event he left just sessions at home? Third point here: we now supposed to be pushing healthcare, will talk about from pushing after just a minute, immediately after he treated all the stuff that your session, he fired off bunch of twenty tweeted big day for healthcare. After seven years of talking, we will soon see whether or not republicans are willing to step up to the plate. Above it. Torture and the american people, etc, etc. Well, I should be the entire must invitation and not in that way when, when it votes as it did. I believe too proceed on emotions proceed on some form of trunk care bill then include better. You can say, look at me right
Instead, all the headline stared and about our sessions- and that is trumps thought that is from his own fault and there's no. It was good that ok, another point here: and this is the big one, I think in the reason that you're seeing a split in among consumers about trumped doing is not like there wasn't a big split among consumers about from firing coming. I sent a truncated fired call me I was buying from firing coming. I just thought that excuse for doing so is was stupid and problematic, but firing com. It's all. I did see any problem with Byron sessions, a lot of people, including Breitbart, which has been a cheerleader for Trump all the way through Brit Hume who really likes Trump on Fox NEWS all the people on the right announcing sessions is a bridge too far. There's a reason for this: and the reason for that is, the just sessions is a easy, deeply concerned. When it comes to immigration, so stories I got a few years. Attitudes that three years ago there was a Horowitz Freedom Centre of that in this world. Freedom Centre of Ants essentially included a dinner and after the dinner
the dinner there was a drinking allay. My drinking session I use, is basically people hang around by the end of the night, the only people who are hanging around me and drug sessions and die and a bunch of eyes are me just session Stephen Miller, and die and an culture, two thousand this entire drinking session, the four of us we're sitting around the table It was discussed the entire evening with immigration and was very clear that this was the working Group for what would become the front demonstration that later you ve, been in my former boss of a bright bird, would apparently commission white Paper in two thousand fifteen from cold. And Miller in Miller that I was in a decision and sessions for if an immigration policy, and so a lot of the ideas that that made from President lobby immigration- I just made from president, came directly from just sessions. In fact, your session said to me at the time at the dinner he said, He was looking for candidates support in there we can raise. Would embraces immigration programme trouble
that man in fact sessions one of the first people on board. With this whole thing sessions, one the first people to endorse, trot break much earlier than anybody else and now trumpeter. The scrapping all over him because he doesn't like what he's doing on Russia. What's being what's happening, when I was basically everybody wants policy inside the Trump administration is being sidelined in favour of people who shall personal loyalty to trump. So Spacer, who was policy out lines, one does sidelined bad ones. Policy sideline sessions once policy sidelined people who actually want concerted policy currently are being sidelined in favour of jarred Nevada, personal well, due to Trump scary, movie, personal loyalty to trunk Gary Cone Personal World, you trump alot of people. Are really Democrats who on a personal loyalty to and trumpet surrounding himself with those people
getting rid of sessions, would be a disaster area because that basically means the only person he's going to appoint three general is somebody's in a vow to fire to him was gonna vow to fire the special council. If a special council is fired, you're going to see all help break loose in Washington DC, it does mean impeachment at least not right. Now it does, that you're going to see a lot of kick back from Senate Republicans. I end transgenic completely stalls final went on the sessions thing, and then I want to talk about some other topics. President Trump, in the the speech about sessions. Once again, he uses Hillary Clinton s excuse. I grow tired and weary of this report. They Hillary Clinton vanquished by president tromp. Thank you president. Thank you for that. We don't it political and as our president, and for that I am eternally rifle now. She's gonna. Stop it enough it's not important anymore Is that you're not angry just sessions because of Hillary Clinton, just like you, weren't angry ip address recalling over Hillary Clinton, is all just red meat for groups. Ok, people who believe that did it
president from the actually angry just sessions over Hillary Clinton. That's nonsense! Ok, it was president trouble instructed Jeff sessions and everybody was investigating to leave the Clinton family alone. Back in December, this is public Neither is it there's no secret about this, so this notion that he just throws out Hillary Clinton, name, suppose you just bow before his wishes is really silly. Ok, Hilary has nothing to do with this, however, may well be prosecuted antivirus getting political and other be very difficult. Now the trumps basely tainted the entire jury pool of United States, but you know I'm fine with that, but to pretend that's a possessions things about. That is just an excuse. Everybody knows. The real thing is happening here is tat. The sessions will act as a shield on Russia, and so you acting out again sessions. This easy start with Mr Falada can service? Are you going to stand with the president getting rid of an actual conservative on his key issue? Immigration inside his cabinet for no reason reason other than personal beak. There is. Another reason is just that. Ok, I got scanned with that because from from from from tat, or are you say, Mr President
You wanted the policy John we're too, using this rush investigation can come to a good clause. We, you too, you can the attorney general who helped get you there and it's been a stalwart on the key issue in your campaign. Again, It's not me saying this alone. Cases is even his greatest hours. Paper are saying the sort of thing This is not anything you but again. I think that it goes to a character. When the trunk has net is that you so ensconced in his own narcissism uses. Have largely narcissistic that is willing to fire. Even the people for his friends the only friends he has left or family this point, and it is really not a good run. The operation session, for his server for his own sake. He said I'm not leaving, he says it from wants to fire me he's gonna have to fire me which, by the way, is a good conservative, move, If Europe wants to illness, let trombone don't let him off the make from fire. Jeff session we need just sessions in place, nevertheless forfeiture, but we need just sessions in ways forward immigration! We need just sessions in place for the four effort
occasion of the war. We need him. Places strengthen the police there. A thousand reasons the Jeff sessions at age is a good thing for the conservative movement, but yeah him him being forced out. My trunk suggested here ok, so I was on my trumpet. The boys got is actually more hilarious than it was upsetting, was very upset about this Well, I was laughing at a perverse knows. Anything. Its responses over at MAC, Weldon sell me, Well, then, is better than whatever you are wearing right. Now they make undergarments them underwear, sought, shirts, undershirts, hoodie, sweat, pants are all covered where the you actually spend most of your life and when at the office, what are the office concerning underwear, his heart? That's what Maxwell and put you in, and it is just a high qualities that they would like silver underwear ensured that are naturally anti microbial, mean they eliminate odor and they want you'd be comfortable. If you don't like your first pair, you can keep it in a still refund. You no question ass. They look good. They perform well too, what am I Pepys about underwear than underwear wears out incredibly quickly, an independent momentum
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But that something is we don't know what exactly it was to be. We do know that the that the than theirs good shot that fifty one centres are going to are going to vote in favour of some sort of of thing right. We have some sort of thing, so the editors there's two things that happen. One fifty one centres have to vote on a motion to proceed, dwellings that they will take up the house version of Obamacare replacement and then he actually the possibility of the Kiva. Is this one, because once you get past that, then it is the question of half out the details. Now it could still fall apart. It could be the details up, we don't know The answer that by truck is, is bringing on the pressure, and this is where Trump is doing. Something gotta get this. What form should be focused on so yesterday tramples out there something about her, and he said, Obamacare is death. Ok, third, us here, President Trump, you
the power of his presidential bully pulpit against the backdrop of the blue room and the faces of what the White House calls the victims of all bomber care. It was a big fat Ugly lie with doom and gloom. Debt. Duration, the president railed against the law of the land, not surprisingly swiping. At Democrats they run out, they show the death. Well, Obamacare is death, Okay, so that's fair enough from President Trump who's. Pushing very hard is complimenting Senator Mccain, who has not always been more months. Tender Mccain just showed up on the Senate floor and give his speech that is being hailed by a lot of people with regard to President Trump with regard to the republican handling of alarming here in the house or in the Senate, and I'm sure hammer clips of that model for edicts serve big moment. Trump also is tending to push under says the centre. Is you don't vote for whatever this is gonna? This is about to vote for this all about errors. Push they want to forget about the countless Americans. They ve, hurt,
and the many that they are continuing to her every day by refusing help us replace Obamacare for the last seven years. Republicans have been united in standing up for a cares. Victims, remember, repeal and replace, repeal and replace they kept saying it over and over again, every republic in running for office promised immediately live from this disastrous law. We as a party, must fulfil that solemn promise to the voters of this country to repeal and replace what they ve been saying. For the last seven years, but so far Senate Republicans have not done their job in ending the Obamacare nightmare. Ok, your trunk pudding, putting the pressure on his on his fellow Republicans in the Senator Mccain, basically called for by partisanship ends,
and we will see if you vote in favour of the of the most into procedure will give you all the updates on that, as it comes in front, is doing the right thing in putting pressure on this and take this up. The question is, can be what's in that bill. What's annabel, it is not sufficient just to pass any bill, and I No you're gonna hear a lot from from republican partisans today saying what they have to go for something. Ok, we'll depends on what Something is do you want you own Obamacare and put the GNP stamp of approval on it. Now you're talking about is a miracle skinny. Repeal ok, which is again just their branding effort, is spectacular. Skinny reveal, would parity. Yet getting rid of the individual mandate. I don't think it gets everything if real reinforces the new version of the magic, but getting rid of individual mandate getting rid of them Taxes by getting the employer mandate to get rid of a funding mechanism problem occur, in other words, that would exacerbate debt spiral, and then the Republicans would have to come up with new legislation to deal with the fall out from that presently they would you in another bell after they have this one, so there That's not a terrible strategy is as far as it goes, but
Word will talk more about their plus from spoke. The boys gotten is pretty hilarious, we'll talk about than just a second, but for that genetic over the daily wired, our common subscribe for nine ninety nine a month you can submit to daily. Why? Yes, you you, the person right now we're a video. Shall you can watch the shows you? The clips see my face is of amusement and amazement deposit ends. Now that yet website at free, if he part of the male band, will only answer, questions its or part of male back, you can department play: Evans Podcast as well and Michael Knowles, God help us has a show coming out as well that you can be a part of this comes out next week. All of that, when you get your subscription gradually wire, if not the annual subscription, which is what I recommend you also get, magnificent unbelief, we'll tumblr it is so precious. I had to leave it in my studio at home. I could not bring it with me because it is your precious to carry with me. It must be left in a garden. We have three security guards said the Joker doesn't seal it. Lets has left his tears. Hydrogen
You get that for free when you become entangled subscriber forges nine nine dollars a year to govern check that on average. Every word I come you I was later, but I ginger sound club. I subscribe leave us, We always briefly that we are the largest conservative podcast cast in the nation. Ok, so yesterday, president from spoke at the boy scout and he's getting all sorts of lack from left for speaking in the boys, girls, because Trump went there. Pretty ridiculous. You treated the boys. Ghastly goes typical political rally, Chuck Times particularly sad? I tweeted up. Dear president from duties. Please, president dope, the boy scouts in this situation keep politics out of the January. What am ass one. These get ok. So before I begin with the with the critical crop Lenny This is, as I have grounds to stand on, increasing from with regard to the sacrosanct nature of the boys. Got that because I haven't said the boy scouts- should be mandatory, orally forced to open to grow, Ok, the entire left has said the boy
this girl she allow transgender boys and girls believe they are boys into the boys, got an entire left suggested that the boy scouts should be removed of their iris Bible once you three status, if they do not allow gay scout masters and gay scouts many people time other sexuality in the boys gas. Now then, let doesn't have any ground when they talk about the sacrosanct boyscout, who must protect? Ok, I'm not gonna. Take that crap for a bunch of people, who'd been trying to destroy the boy scouts for nigh on two decades: can it stuffing and wash anyway, so trunk does beacon for the boys got and Pretty wild, so, first of all, I did the boy scouts were chanting that they loved random people in the media can't understand as it may be. The reason for that is, a lot of people are in the boy scouts have evangelical parents come from conservative areas. And take the boy scouts chanting electron
by the way we use the question did present Obama ever come to a chamber in August. Compared with drummed being drugs doing israeli rally routine going There is in glitter seismic headrest, except the brazier upon President Obama The same time, then, is really funny. He says to Tom prices: Selden Humans, Ursus, agritourism from a bunch of children, as people were aged twelve dating there are tons. It doesn't get the vote on from care, then he'll fire him, Georgia is just grated Brenda by everyone. Your cabinet, the same way, good good processor. By the way you gotta get the votes we better get back again but otherwise I'll say time. You're fired I'll get somebody. I guess it threatens to fire him and then he said. Jeff session. So this is really kind of garbage yeah yeah.
Wait it out of its opponents. Remember President Santer shows up and just sessions and eagles got by the way, rightly not invited us right over there. He goes out of their not accession and key implies because he's sessions is disloyal to him because he's reading the boy scout oath? Ok, the boys got oath, is sort of the opposite of France, personal greed of duty, and so he starts reading at any breaks in the middle of August. Nine reference about just sessions, unbelievable bright boy scout, become great great Americans. As the scout law says, a scout is trustworthy, Why are we could use some more loyalty? I will tell you. Ok, I'm in the rest of the crowd continues on with the always because they know the up with a lovely. Ripping just sessions in the middle of that
pretty amazing so well well done just well done by the way breaking news from the Wall Street Journal Trump is now saying to the Wall Street Journal that sessions, who the only centre to endorsing the primaries did so because of big crowds, not wielding, which is insane. Ok, I know centre recessions, its absolute guarded- and here is really involved, but children. The best moment of this was our trump cool legitimately this place is starting to like in front of a bunch of kids. By working. This would sound like I dotterine grandfather your dream around the camp fire stunning so story about the old days. Here is Donald I'm telling you children leverage a kid. Story about life.
Developers in New York City what in the world- and he said yes, I would he so badly wanted. He got bored with this life of yachts and sailing in all of the things he did in the south of France and other places. You won't get bored right, you don't choke fully young workers, you'll get bored to. Believe me, of course, having a few good years like that is so bad. But what happened is he bought back his company and he brought back a lot of empty land and he worked hard and getting zoning any worked hard and starting to develop and in the end he fail that he failed badly lost all his money. He went personally bankrupt and he was now much older at. I saw him at a cocktail party and it was very sad because the hottest people in New York, where at this
party, was the Party of Steve Ross, Steve Ross, who was one of the great people? E came up and discovered really founded time Warner, and it was a great guy had a lot of successful people that the part where is he talking and I was doing well so I get invited to the party- was very young. What the world and all his alike, grandpa, your hearing aid. Why, I met him by the speeches when he said that we beheld. The Clinton thanks to people getting on voting. Like you most the people there are under eighteen of women investigate voter fraud in other boys got her boating. Its Bravo gives up there the media's going nuts over this. Of course, the media goes not a reverie things. They ve decided that this is the thing that has ever happened in history of american politics again and not willingly here that, from the same media has been ripping the boys got up and down in trying to destroy them. Is it a programme for fun. To do this, of course not are we used it from doing inappropriate things? Yes, this is the least of my concerns, its also so my charming and ridiculous that the President of the United States is getting up there? Like a man,
Grandpa on depends you're getting up there and telling stories irrelevant stories about his days in this matter, business like what in the world so with. Of his craziness going. Unfortunately, we have second party that intelligence in We then really cares about you now know we don't actually turns that's. The democratic parties has been a giant fail, so I want As the Democrats are still fighting for groundwater messages, they have no clue what their messages such humor became out yesterday. Any said, you know it things that people don't get our message. This them said a minority people look at adding the promise. People may get your message. Actually yours shimmer under the message week after week, I have two month we're going to roll out specific pieces here that are quite different than the Democratic Party you heard in the past. We were too cautious. We were too and be pamby, this a sharp, bold and will appeal to both the old Obama coalition. Say the young lady, whose just getting out of college and the Democrats,
voters who deserted us for trumped the blue collar workers may wider economics. George is our strength say we are very good at it. And just amazingly bathing. It really gardening control this time. We're going this time a really get a push, our message, but here's the problem. There is an inherent conflict, democratic message. We talked about their two separate wins: the Democratic Party fighting for sentenced, ran out window one the intersection away by the idea that the about showing you the party, or do you copy, together all these various identity groups and they will come together and then they have come together. They will form majority and ill push. Legislation read this Obama's theory, but we have four separate them out in the groups and in pandered each group as necessary, and call why people raises in order to provide a common point of opposition. That's good number one number two: is the punishment or ok, we're not to mention the intersection reality we just like. They govern we need better government solution, social more for everyone. Socialism wipes out all of the distinctions in colors ethnicities and religions more socialism for everybody. These are
open conflict, shimmer says we neither do we can do both now and after much. It's a false choice here doesn't have to be a division. In fact, there must not be division vision where laying out unites both coalitions and unifies the Democratic party. It will have a larger, stronger appeal to Americans of all economic levels and all political stripes will clear for the young woman who just graduated from college, in LOS Angeles, the factory worker in Akron, whose now only making eleven dollars an hour in the single mom in Buffalo, leaning, toilets on minimum wage. Ok,
No. Actually it's going to be very difficult to bridge that gap. Considering the one slash two of your party hates the other half of your party going to lose the blue collar voters so long as you insist on making white males the object of all of your IRS in order to unify the rest of your multi cultural day. So fortunately, we have two parties that are in one I again it looks like the Republicans, maybe on the path something to the Senate. Let's see what it is. I am optimistic that maybe it'll make some good changes Give you my evaluation of Adele once we see in it, because this process has been caught garbage, thus far dvd to spin out a bill without anyone having seen it because the mystery. Not if out of this idea of transparency? I'm old enough to remember when the Republicans ran on the promise that any piece of legislation, the upper threefold days or people could read it before there is any sort of vote on it. Now now by the wayside, because, hopefully people just don't know, what's in it bill with rapid through really fast, we'll find out. What's in it tomorrow, hopefully, and I will have some sort of synopsis for you on. Ok, I'm afraid it's things.
Like things I hate and some deconstruction of culture. I first want to thank you for sponsors over. My patriot supplies were right now, if you are concerned about the possibility some sort of natural disasters and some brown in a situation where you can get to the grocery store and theirs and there's problem getting access to food. I then you really need to talk to my friends over my patriots applied. That's why I depend on then to help prepare me my crew for survival with their incredible survival food, they have aids, survival, food supply for his nine nine dollars, which includes a hundred and two servings breakfas lunches and dinner for lesson A dollar preserving people at the office have tried it. They say that it tastes like home, cooking. The number eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and three one thousand four hundred and thirteen or prepare with Ben dot com prepare within Ninety nine, only ninety nine dollars, plus free shipping, eight eight, eight o three, thirteen, thirteen or check it out and prepare with
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Is it that used in movies that has not actually movie music, its actual just classical music using old movies up? This is mostly for being used these in budget movies, but its most famous for being used in platoon. In the scene, where I won't foes character is being shy. You hear this come oh worthy ye hear this come over. The soundtrack Samuel. Barbers Adagio restrains one of the one of the more beautiful and ages composed. It sounds like.
since this is composed in nineteen thirty, six by again Samuel Barber was laid on the announcement of radio and then after His daddy was played. Any one window was announced. The JFK was dead on television. It was played its appeal in just a ton of movies, the elephant man platoon, runs as well. I thought those immigrants as well it's been played comic effect, even inside, held the actual it in So the Simpsons in South Park it complaints, are often now dead. People, actually use it as a joke right, but it some it's easy. Rabies very effective and very affecting and Samuel Barbary is one of the great modern american composers dynamics in any one of these nineteen ten in eighteen, eighty one, He has worked to recognize it. Wasn't you I'll get other things. That I like, so everybody is focused it the kid recording for Senate in Michigan Nets, of course, because Caracas you prevent Cecil fourteen million records, I he is extraordinarily popular he's done is routine work
make sure that all the tickets that are sold for his concerts have to be twenty. Hours or less so to populist, and but there's somebody better qualified running? So that's insanity does NEWS John James, and here is an advertising James running for office in Michigan, I'm a republican because I'm concerned specifically the exceptionalism of our country and our constitution, and they must be defended. I'm programme, stand. The James Madison wrote. This document listed the number two thing behind religion speech and the right to assemble the right to keep him their arms. Is that important I believe that life begins at conception, oh God, given miracle mission deserves a leader who has lived in the real world who understands national security, who, stands how to provide economic opportunity because they ve actually created jobs. Michigan
deserves a leader to make sure that everyone has a fair shot. You do that by understanding economic opportunities and by us standing national security, because you don't do both in our future. Will not be as brief as a candy. I'm John James and I'm exploring around: U S. Ok, so SK. I would be a rock star in the Republican Party in the pre celebrity here. This guy is a former military guys use marine. I use Six years old, his black He is the sea off renaissance, global logistics which sell the logistics and warehousing from based in Detroit He is basically the perfect can write me. He he's articulates and ends as Joe Biden might say, bright article, but obviously is a smart guy with terrific record I answer and just a great and we're doing interview with him over a daily wage check it out. We need more candidates like that. We need more Congress. People like that understanding, the thrill us
every- and I understand why everybody's instance elaborates on, but I mean come on. Folks at some point, we need to actually dominate people who have a deeply conservative streak who know what policies they care about and who have a history of of running businesses and deal with Muniz celerity politics is not my bag and I'm getting tired of it. Ok, other things. Ok, what's you some one click thing I hate and then gets deconstructing culture. So the thing I hate this week is that every every day on Huffington House there is some insane thing where somebody does something crazy or inside and then having to impose says this person is crushing stereotype by doing a crazy thing. So here's what, Is this time Barcelona based simple guttural uses, paint and good to highlight parts and functions of the body? Women have been conditioned, feel ashamed up by stretch marks and menstruation so now If your stretch mark cheese painting it
she's a vibrant, rainbow colors to highlight stretch marks on the skin and to show the beauty of menstruation on underwear, sanitary, pads and tat bonds. This option would start with her own journey towards self love. They entered anyone to tell you about their journey towards self love there, a jerk, How about a warning about journey towards self love? It your business, not mine, not interested! gesture it. As I now feel comfortable with my period and stretch marks, she said she I gang will win this phrase to him. I glanced outside for of, like it, the steel ivory overall, I've not stop secure that body over the years. Never internal reflection. I saw it if I do not accept anything about my body. Hairs regiments, I could never love or sent me really. Why Why can't you love or accept you with your flaws? did you have to wonder? Why can't you love like certain things, valuable, but not other things. If we all love being overweight,
we'd all stay overweight, I'm not saying I should like to read a hatred virile body- God forbid, but I dont know why you taking pictures of white. The parts of yourself that nobody really wants to see is eyes is even official thing why that is a worthwhile thing to do she's, a painter, underwear and Japan Stretch marks and that is you'll. Never look at your body the same way again. They certainly in theirs picture of a sanitary pad with glitter on it and is so beautiful. It also what happens when my three year old daughter gets hold of sanitary paths and takes an incident and takes it into her craft room. So I'm not sure why disqualifies you to be some sort of artistic, guinea, but everything must be cheer now up to and including bodily functions. For the male response, which is painting your Pope anatomy, that'll be really find painting or bell movements painting it Your belly. I have never felt some fraud- mouth, ok, ok, but now I painted bit all the colors of the rainbow and to leave behind and move on.
At times deconstruct a little bit of culture. We need to leave behind and move on with her life and reconstruct the culture. So what things have been bugging me this week is that all of these actors are now suggesting that it is better. Very, very, very important that movies that are aimed at children and for him in pieces contain in all sorts of political messaging so yesterday the lead voice factor for the emerging movie insistence The movie is very, very important way of fighting president trumps administration, rather than just a film about talking, faces. The cooling Alex Griswold over the free beacon, You started, having imposed trash Coworkers on Silicon Valley, which is a shudder I think it's hilarious right before the election asked how much money do you? Don't you Hollywood elites? How much did you everyone's campaigned everybody in the castle, nothing they had given a dollar, maybe because she's, candidate in american history Miller. However, he is very much on board the emerging movies it. How rare that we get an opportunity to do an original property right, there's no You need to do something optimistic positive us,
as you know, very few weapons in the current administration, and one of them is targeted younger demographic and try and help them we stand and adopt progressive values, movies Sid women are women. Potential and one the characters literally breaks through a glass ceiling. This is a movie ever taken ordered see. I don't want to see your political message in general are not interested in what Hollywood things my child ought to see. I mention what I think my child. I see she's my child, your Nova, your care about her. I do said my job to determine, my child should see. A new messaging in the emerging movie is not going to forward the ball at all in american politics. You wanna know. What may trump is one of the things they may trump is the incessantly. Hence by the left to infuse every single, damn thing. Without it everything everything has It has to be in politics up to including a stupid movie with poop emerges. Glib I'd have Stewart You wonder why Hollywood is going to be going to dot this one. Joining the why people are seen supernumeraries right up because they don't
we hit with your stupid question. You know I don't hurt the great business besides being very good money. It's because there no political, mustering and anchor and about how hard left tried they couldn't find, was a political messaging and hunger people willing. Does it so this spiral. Or will thus he marble movies or those HE d similes we'll go see all these procurable these, because we're not expecting to be sucker punch, but we know that if it goes usurious drama is at least a thirty five percent chance. There's gonna be some backhanded slap at tramper. Conservatives Republicans in their as lodging a movie last night, play in New York from this movie. That was some wasn't able to stop. As there is huge ass to Amy. Add ends up Michael Shannon. And for some reason as I get older Africa needs moves. In any case, this. This. It was total animals, that's an imbecile, so nocturnal animals I inside the stone that opens with probably the one first opening I've ever seen. So pretty good movie, the resolutely is fine, but how wait for the movie. The scene, where the maker
to play by any Adam. She starts ripping on her mother and she says she's a terrible her the racist ex spigot whole and, of course, she's, a republican of horse she's, a Republican and its like ok, to read that sucker contractor and, moreover, that what was that necessary now turns It is not as much for supper punch the teams, but I did that sort of thing is what people attempt to avoid when they go to the movies it, however, can poisoning the popular culture to the point we can't even share movies and interact with each other. The new and resolved is going through more polarized culture, no less polarized culture. Ok, so you back your mouth! Aren't you talk? John Mccain's, apparently the speech that I'm just nothing on Twitter. I will also about what exactly trunk care is going to plus the latest on the gestation saga wondered. I'm bench of the bench for.
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