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Ep. 398 - Culture Wars Matter, Political Wars Don’t

2017-10-18 | 🔗
Trump talks culture at Heritage Foundation, the Left jumps on a Trump phone call to a soldier’s widow, and Trump moves against Obamacare. Date: 10-18-2017
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President Trump gets into hot water over a call with a soldier's widow plus we're gonna talk about him at the Heritage Foundation and some actual big news that people aren't talking about like the biggest news of the year that people are talking about. I'm bench appear: this is the adventure Bureau show so the theme of today's show is that the culture wars are obviously more important to Americans than actual news, because there are some actual huge news today. In fact, there are three pieces of action very very large news today to talk about all three of those in just a second. But first I want to say thank you to our sponsors. Overture tracker not come the tracker dotcom. So, as I have said before, I lose things all the time all the time. In fact, while we are and why for vacation, my wife lost her phone, we could not find it anywhere anywhere and that when she did the thing that she has been taught to do. She grabbed turkey train and honest. She had her trapper device and she hit the button on her
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wrapper dotcom, Slash then, and getting at twenty percent off your ok. So everybody wants to talk today about president from making this phone call to this widow, and why does the huge new story and whether President Tromp has no sympathy for widows of war heroes in all their and we'll get to that interest? A second but I'd like to suggest that one of the reasons the media are focusing on. That is because there are three very big stories that came out active back to back yesterday, all of them good for Trump, all them very bad for left. The first story is the story with regard to ices, so we now know at U S back forces have now taken Rocca. Ok, Rocca is ISIS his last urban stronghold. It is if it was the place that was the headquarters for ISIS in Syria
and Eurostat forces say they have now taken it and they have cleared the entire place, and basically, ices has been restricted to the small portion of area on the Euphrates River Valleys, one of the things that you should know about ices and we played their their propaganda videos in the past that one of the ways that they have drawn such attraction to to so many people is by claiming they have broad territorial holdings. Severe. She looked back at the ices propaganda videos, they would say things like. We have territory that is greater than all of the United Kingdom UK, pretty small country, but still they would claim that their territorial holdings or justification They they show that allow was on their side, while now their territory has basically been true. to the size of a dime, and that is thanks to the Avery of american troops and american allies. This is not all present from some verses press It's about a lot of these operations were started under President Obama, president from did free up the military to use different rules of engagement, which
certainly helped. You took the shackles off the military that existed. Isis was in retreat before a moment took office that has only accelerated under president Trump. According to the New York Times, it I'm sure, on page eight, for american Back forces and on Tuesday that they had seized the northern syrian city of rock from the islamic state a major blow to the militant group which had long used? The city has de facto capital of itself declared Caliphate celebrations. Erupt in Iraq or residence had lived under the repressive rule of militants who beheaded people for offences is minor, as smoking fighters could be seen, cheering and firing celebratory gunfire in the streets according to recent. reach by phone and text message you sent com, stop short of declaring victory, say more than ninety percent of rock. I was in essence of control that be the syrian democratic forces an american militia made up of Kurds and and Arabs, Colonel Ryan, Dylan Spokesmen for the US military in Baghdad said Tuesday, Iraq I was on the verge of being liberated, said there are still pockets of the city controlled by ices, but ice.
These are absolutely in retreat and now, basically, ices is a clean up operation at a tight in two thousand fourteen ices controlled both Mosul, Andromeda and now they control. Neither of them- and that is a testament again to the bravery of America America's armed forces as well as our allies and distribute to the Trump administration. I guarantee you that if Barack Obama had been in office when all of this happened, this would be front page news and every paper. in the United States, because it is a major thing. It is a major thing. Ok, it's it's pretty incredible what we were able to do in a pretty short period of time here, since ISIS really gain prominence in and credibility in two thousand thirteen thousand fourteen, so good for american troops. That is big story. Number one big story or to yesterday the F B. I posted a document revealing the James coming forward. Fbi director had drafted.
Letter in July twenty sixteen not recommending charges against Hillary Clinton. Ok, as you know, as you know, that was way before he was supposed to interview Hillary Clinton that was way before he had all the information, and so the stemmons Frazier fix was basically in here. The James call me knew that he wasn't going to indict Hillary Clinton and whose rafting documents that Arafat to that effect literally weeks and months before he bother to do all the rest of his research FBI official, is, according to the hill FBI, official James Becky in MID may requested an unclassified email that officials quote send comments on these statements, whom we may run into a master doc for discussion with the director at a future date. Two months later come you would make his announcement criticising Clinton, but that was two months after he had already written here. ruling in the case, demonstrating once again that something deeply corrupt was going on here. James call me has a lot of questions he's going to need to answer on that point.
What matters that historic number two and that one again does not help be. The left wing does not help the Democratic Party, and it does not the media, which are proclaimed from beginning that Hilary was innocent. Innocent innocent innocent, ok story number three. This one is the most stunning story. It really is quite amazing obeyed. The story is basically that your member there is this story that that trunk and bringing up on the campaign trailers ripped from Peter Schweitzer, guttural Clinton, cash. Very, very good researcher me he has his own nonprofit base down in Florida in which he investigate. Since it basically Thus, the journalism center, but Schweitzer had uncovered this story about how Ross Atomic Nuclear Agency had gain control of one fifth of Amerika. Uranium supply and they also, and massive donations to the Clinton foundation? And it was clear by the stage parliament, Hillary Clinton was Secretary of state and president from peace is talk about this on the campaign trail, all the time? thirdly, denied there's any wrongdoing. She said that the State Department that part of the State Department was not under her charge. She never
you about it and all the rest and there were claims The Russians never did anything illegal anyway. So who cares where nothing illegal being done, or at least it was being tat. Nobody had any knowledge. Well that turns out to be a lie. So, accordingly, in Europe, Most tonight the Obama Administration New Russia had used bribery, kickbacks and extortion to get a stake in the. U S atomic energy industry, cut deals, giving Moscow control of a large chunk of use uranium supply anyway, according to report on Tuesday, is from the hill. The F b I used to confidential yours, witness working inside the russian nuclear industry together records makes equal recordings, and intercept emails as early as two thousand and nine that showed the Kremlin had compromise american uranium Trucking company executives at the company transport Logistics international it back about two million dollars to the Russians in exchange for lucrative, no big contracts, a scheme that violated the foreign corrupt practices at the feds also learn their russian nuclear officials had got millions of dollars into the? U S designed to benefit the Clinton Foundation at this
same time then secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, government Committee, a government, that signed off on the deal sources told the hill. The racketeering operation was conducted. What with the consent higher level officials in Russia who shared the proceeds from the kickbacks. An agent later stated in an affidavit deal J under turning general recalled. Her did not bring charges in the case prior to the deals are being cut at the time, a bomb in the Clinton stage. Parliament we're trying to cortical recent relations between the two nuclear rivals. The first year was wrapped up in October, twenty ten when this Department and the committee on foreign investment agreed to sell part of uranium. One Toronto based mine giant with operations in Wyoming US Canada and South Africa and elsewhere to rosin time, which the russian Nuclear Company giving Russia control over about twenty percent of the american uranium supply. Her spokesman said that she was not involved. Hilary spokesman said she was not involved in this and, of course, the Obama administration said: there's no
wrong with the deal anyway, except of course, for how there was something wrong with the deal and the Obama administration knew it too. Now here's what we know about the Obama GEO J, we always new that era colder was corrupt. We always knew the Obama Geology was corrupt Now we know that Loretta lunch at the deal J had no intention of India. Hillary Clinton for Miss DE misuse of classified material that we know that now we know predecessor, Eric holder was basically signing off on deals. designed to benefit the Clinton Foundation at the same time that the deal Jane, knew that Russia was attempting to wield influence and corrupt manner, violating the law in the United States pretty amazing stuff and pretty devastating stuff of your Democrat, which is why Democrats today should be thankful that that's not the headline. One of the reasons that's not. The headline, of course, is because the media dont want these to be the headlines. They dont want ices defeat in rock, I d be the headline they dont want James Commies memory that one I don't want. FBI, knowing that the Russians were attempting to corruption being the headlines,
I want any of this to be the headline. What they want to be the headlines that Trump is a bad guy and fortunately, for them, president from has a bad habit of opening his mouth at the wrong time right. The new cycle for him is actually pretty good. This week, But he made the mistake on Monday of giving press conference in which, as I talked about yesterday, he has a tendency to go out over his gaze and the new president of the United States came out. He said that he likes to call all the soldiers and then he suggested not only that he liked to call the soldiers, but that prior president's, like President Obama, President Bush did not like to call the soldiers. I want to tell you about this controversy and where I think it stands and what actually is going on here, because I think it's overblown at least based on the evidence we have seen so far. But first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at my patriot supply. So when you were a kid, did your helmet before you started writing a bike, correct, walk when disaster strikes you
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because a he says he likes to call when is able to do it, but other presidents haven't always called, and this of course drove a huge firestorm, because the suggestions, To be the trembling, he is better at calling families have slain soldiers than other presidents have been, which is not true. There is no evidence to this effect. This created a huge controversy. As I said yesterday, the response of the media was not trompe saying evidence less things. The response the media was Trump, doesn't care about the soldiers himself there. The media can just restrict themselves to the narrative. The trump was speaking often off the top of his head again in saying tat. I things think again. Instead, they had to go to Trump is the one who really doesn't care about the troops and then conveniently conveniently from president trumpet reinforced I've met. This is because you asked about some soldiers were killed in Niger during one of these missions and he entreated in twelve days about it and had apparently not called these people yet, but he was going to call them.
so all this happens, and then he calls the family of one of the of one of the slain soldiers. This the slain soldier was sergeant Le David Tomlins LE de La David Johnson's, our ends. The data Johnson was killed in Niger two weeks ago and he leaves behind wife to children. His wife is pregnant with their third married for a long time. Obviously, a very handsome young hero of of the country clearly and and so trumpet then called up the widows who yesterday from calls up the widow and according to the not according to the widow, according to ache. this woman in front a regal Wilson Trump was very rude to her. He was just terrible to her ears, Frederick Wilson, talking about this very convenient. The narrative rights at the narrative was Trump said that other people didn't care enough about the troops the Mediaset trumped up. care about enough about the troops and within forty eight hours of national controversy over the trump was cruel to a widow kind of convenient. How are they
worked out to here is Here- is Frederico Wilson make neckline at the presidency? He knew what he was saying. Yes, he said that his arm to me. That is something that you can Santa com. station, but you say that you agreed and went out, and everyone knows when you go to war, you could possibly not come back alive. the grieving where sensitive sullen sense, they should not have said that this decision, the planet. Ok, so here, is the sole tromp respond to all of this by saying Democrat Congresswoman, totally fabricated way said to the wife of a soldier who died in, and I have proof sad, exclamation point So it is now some hours later he treated that about five hours ago. He has yet to provide the proof that he talked about. I hope that he will because here is the reality
If Trump called up this grieving widow and all he said was, I guess he knew what he signed up for. That's pretty terrible. Ok, we have to acknowledge that there is pretty simple there. Two ways to read however- and here is where the vagueness gets me either to history. That comment. If you call up the day the family of a slain police officer our fire soldier, any say to them. Well, you know they died. I guess you know they sign up for its pretty heartless. number one most soldiers don't go into battle. Thinking they're going to die, I gather the ratio is someone on Twitter was saying this, and I think this is correct. the ratio of american soldiers who served in Iraq for his american soldiers who died in Iraq is one to five thousand. So that means that most of the deaf as fast as the vast majority of soldiers who serve a service members, sir I'm not expecting to die in the line of fire. They know there's that possibility, but isn't there signing up to die,
there is certainly not tying up even to experience the tremendous risk of death. The same is true for cops. The same is true for firefighters. So, to suggest this is what they sign up for is is real pretty callous where they signed up for is to defend the country not to die if they have to die, they will. But that is not the idea right. The ideas there signing up to defend the country. They think that virtually all soldiers that I've spoken to agree with the basic general patent presumption, which is that the idea is not to die for your country to make the other fellows I for his so that would be pretty intense if that's, where we're eating at the other way of reading it. As you know, your husband was, it was a deeply brave man and he sacrificed himself in the line of duty and that that's what brave people do that's what he said. That's what he signed up for not because he was a brave guy right. That's it that's another way of reading to allow Louis over the daily basis suggested in that A plausible reason we dont know consumer there in the conversation now is it entirely possible that transcend something out of a something
bones and said something nasty or unconsciously, cruel sure, that's always a possibility, but we just don't know and we have to take into account the bases of the actors. So out of you, are saying? Will trump is incredible on these issues because Trump constantly says he doesn't do things wrong and is constantly thing about it there sure too, that it is Also for the friend a regal wasn't easy, radical left Democrats who has been saying for months. The Donald Trump is crazy and that he should be impeach. I mean she's literally been saying you should be impeach four months, so we're supposed to take her word at face value. This is the same woman who suggested a George Zimmermann, should have been locked up without evidence in the travel Martin case. She said that he should have gone to jail issued when imprison, and then she said he should be put in prison for his own safety I see a friend regal. Wilson is not exactly the most credible source now the follow up on this is that the mother of the of the widow may should Johnson's mother. Sorry, if I pronounced this correctly, I think maybe she has Johnson's mother. Her her mother came out and said that the conference
basically went down the same way that that Frederick Wilson said she told the Washington Post, issues in the car during the call from the White House and quote President from did disrespect sending my daughter and also me and my husband. She say who asked whether Wilson's account the conversation between Trump in the family was accurate. She replied yes now. I would like to hear from the I'd like to hear from the daughter from this is daughter, energy from the wife, the I'd house apparently has no interest in revealing the contents of the conversation. A White House official released statements in the president's conversation, with the families of american heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice our private well then, from publishing of tweeted about how he had proof of it. So here is the point. The point is that everyone likes to jump to conclusions based on lack of evidence if you're just gonna stack up the evidence at this point did from say something rude or not in a call to a widow. The Evans would have to be on the side of yes. Is it dispositive? No, of course
positive- we just don't know at this point, because we don't have recording of the quality of the text of the car. We haven't even heard from the herself. Infer from her mother- and we have heard from the end we have heard from the sorry and we have also heard from from Frederico wasn't so those are the source of that we have heard from at this point and that does not necessarily mean that sincerely mean that die Frederick was and is a good source. So we should always take the sort of stuff. The little bit of a grain of salt, and I think that we ought to wait for all of the evidence to come out. It also demonstrates the president from really needs to stop stepping on every land. Mine not. Every land mine is worth stepping on. I hate these sorts of item. You really did. This is the third time, second, third time that President Trump has gotten into with gold star family edged it it's just a waste of time. It's a waste of space. There's no reason to do this. It is completely fruitless,
Just we should elected behind and fortunately the culture wars are what Americans are interested in. However, with major policy issues on the table, we have a bomb care. We have tax reform, we have so many things that need to be done, and yet we are consumed with cultural issues every day, because it's easy to run to aside it's very easy to run to aside and declare your virtuous or the other guys, evil. That's what's happening on a consistent way. Mr President, from spoken Heritage Foundation yesterday and in speaking it heritage foundation. He spent an awful lot of time talking about these culturally because Trump knows better than anyone else that he was elected on the basis of culture, not ambitious policy. All the talk about from being a typical republican president's I'm policy does not actually why he was elected. He was not elected as republican on policy he was a what did because he likes fighting culture wars and there are a lot of people who are angry at the prevailing state of american culture. So over the heritage of our nation, he dropped him republican, conservative red meat. He started off by saying that freedom is a gift from God, not from government. The most
port ensures our founders. Understood was this. Freedom is not a gift from government. Freedom is a gift from okay. So I love that you don't see it's a great line, but that's not why people voted for Trump either. I'm going to show you why people voted for Trump in just a second, but first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over the US concealed Carry association, so you're in your house, overnight, fearsomely rattling the lock on the front door, and then you hear a crowbar being jammed interval off you go to your safe. You get your gun, you loaded up. You walk out. There's somebody Britain, through the door, ensuring that we have to treat him. That's the end of the story, right one that so much now the police are going to come there to talk to you, there they may arrest you. This is why you need the twenty seventeen concealed carrion family defence guide from the US concealed Carry association in it. You will learn how to detect attackers before they see how to survive mass, shooting the safest, most dangerous places to sit and arrest. our responsibly online store down, particularly if you have Little Kansas. I do a whole.
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go to say merry Christmas. You know you go to the stores and they have the red walls and they have the snow and they even have the sleigh. In the whole thing, they don't have merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, I want them to say Mary dismiss everybody happy new year? Happy holidays? But I will. Merry Christmas UK. So if they It is a major issue to you then. This is why I voted for tremble gaze. It the reason that this works for Trump is because kind of dumb yeah we're all seeing merry Christmas anyway. It's good that the president wants to say merry Christmas,
MRS inaction on holiday, or that is worthwhile. As an orthodox drew. I can say that I'll isay merry Christmas to Christians all the time on Christmas. The idea that you shouldn't is ridiculous. However, the idea this is but a thing that Trump he's going to accomplish for us that that saying merry Christmas is now going to be involved again because trumpets President, I think it's done, but it is one of the reasons why trump one is because people feel inundated by the culture of the left. They feel anything by the culture of left, on a consistent basis constantly, and I think for good reason and to trump like to focus on this right. This is the stuff the trouble of it. This is the great misnomer about from from was not elected to get republican policy done. He was elected because we wanted a talk. Show host as president of the United States was going to talk about these issues and ship these issues, which I see so many conservative or so excited about from talking about kneeling in the I fell and think from one some sort of great victory by taking down the ratings for the NFL, because the cultural matters
cultural or does matter. I just think the culture, what should be one in the culture as opposed to be more in the political sphere? Maybe that's a little bit too high minded of me, but I am more interested in the president of the United States, actually promulgating their policy. Then I am in him telling people they contain merry Christmas again. I think we can do both by the way. I don't think it's irrelevant down. President can't say this stuff, but this is the if I would suffer. Suffice it to say I think, for a lot of republican voters. If trumpet nothing to somebody says this kind of stuff is rather that they do not say this kind of stuff, but get a bunch of things done from continued along these lines. He says the people are trying to destroy Columbus statues. We believe we should preserve our history, not tear down now they are even trying to destroy statues of Christopher Columbus. What's next has to be stopped its heritage? Ok, so again the idea that they died in the Christopher
when gown I protested that too, I think it's Eddie Artic he's correct about this again. Zol culture, wartime, stuff, more culture, wartime studies as the american flag should be treated with respect again. I agree with all of these basic principles that use dating right now. The only point that I make me is this seems to be a tremendous focused for from for a reason, and that is that we're not getting Is that we're not getting anything done legislatively? We believe that our great american flag should be treated with reverence and respect, and Young American should be taught to love our country, honour our anthem and proudly recite the pledge of early Ok, so again agreed with all of this, but this is the real reason why Trump one- and this is why we're going to just keep devolving into culture wars and not paying attention to the news. Some of that on the media. To me, you don't want to pay attention to those. It's more fine talk about culture, wars, some of that is unprecedented who was elected to talk culture, wars and not really to engage with policies, and when the Trumpet
illustration says: why aren't you guys talking about Rocca there right, but it would help of president from didn't feel We need to engage in a culture where every five minutes obscuring his other accomplishments. Now Democrats have responded to all of this by suggesting, of course, that it's all Republicans fault that the reason we have these culture wars, it's all Republicans felt so Joe Biden came out yesterday, former vice president and set its demise. of rhetoric in America, began with New Gingrich. We saw the beginning demise of nature, the discourse when gingered Revolution started, occur on the floor of the United States Senate a senator when referred to a sitting president as Bubba when friend, when someone forget Democratic Republic, when suddenly, we yell David, the union wire, this actually these norms and is generating chaos really there the destruction of the norms. My Teddy Kennedy heading over to the Soviet Union in nineteen. Eighty four and talking with this
union about how he could help them undermine Ronald Reagan. It wasn't like Jimmy in nineteen. Eighty talking pretty openly about how much you despise Ronald Reagan, that's when the order went away. It wasn't like the nineteen sixty when people arriving in this It's been given new Gingrich, really Joe Biden doesn't really have a leg to stand on here when it comes to this ability in rhetoric. Routine here is Joe Biden Circuit twenty twelve. Talking about putting your back backing chains look at what they value. Look at their budget you're, proposing Romany wants to lead that he said the first hundred days. He's got the big thanks once again right throw rules on chain Walter. You put your backing, James Black audience when he said that the Joe Biden gets to stand around talking about how he is just the house here, of civility and anyone. Why republicans are so mad that they want to engage in this in this culture were because Democrats also want to engage in the culture worse instead of having used
policy, discussions will engage in culture, wars and nothing will get done speaking nothing getting done. I healthcare policy is stalled out again. So one of the big question is whether President trumpets gonna cut subsidies to all the apothecary exchanges. He should ok. Congress has not approved any of the subsidies for the Obama care exchanges and for the insurance companies We should use that as a lever to make Congress change the law and free up those insurance companies to open up the insurance markets. Then you will need to subsidies if you actually free it freedom up to sell plans at the prices that they ought to be so that only died today forty. Eight hours were basically a whirlwind and stupidity. First Lamar, gender and in petty Murray came up with a bargain. They trucks humor light where they would continue to fund the Obama care subsidies. Here's what dear structure praising Matt I wanted Luke, both Lamar Alexander and Patty Marie for working hard on about
partisan solution, we think it's a good solution and it got broad Lord, when Patty and I talked about it at the carcass at lunch today. First, it stabilizes the system to ear increase of two years. Of course, sharing provides real stability to the system. and we want to make sure that happens. We wanted in the long term to reduce premiums and increase coverage? Republican colleagues seem to be in the opposite place on the long term, but I think there's a growing consensus that in the short term, we need stability in the markets, so we have achieved stability if this agreement becomes we have also put in some very significant anti sabotage provisions. The president had been set, but charging this bill and the agreement, on. Do much of that sabotage So he's a super happy about this and then
goes out and he says that he likes the Alexander Meridian too. He says that there are no buy it for a couple of years. Here's him yesterday Lamar has been working very very hard with the democratic colleagues, on the other side in Panama, is one of them in particular, and they're coming up and fairly close to a short term solution. A solution will be for about a year or two years and we'll get us over this intermediate hump, because we have, as you probably know, we have to have the vote to a very close having Bulgaria tromp was ready to go said. It was ready to go the person we stop. There was that cocked Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan set we're not gonna passes through the house as well. We should a thing lives and dies inside of forty eight hours, we're not talking policy right or to their the way through the shall not talking policy, because the culture wars are more important than policy in the minds of most Americans. I want to stop and say thank you to our sponsors over at stamps dot com. So you don't need away in line at the post office. Ok,
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ensure Piero in the microphone at the top of the page and that will allow you to get the offer again: the stamps dot com, promo code, Shapiro stamps, dot com. You never have to go to the post office again, ok, so I am very eager to get things I like and things I hated it because I have some special things I like and things that I hate that I want to talk about. So let's start with some things that I like. So we begin today someone tweeted at me and what is the thing that the most popular opinion you hold an opinion that lots of other people hold that your most embarrassed of this opinion? Is they Chris Farley? Is he a high Larry's? I for some reason thing. Chris Farley is just the funniest thing that ever was and is that this tragedy, That is one of this movie. This movie, damn bout that about praise. When I showed this to my parents, they look at me like. I was crazy person, my
my sister, is also think this movie is really funny. My dad thinks I'm a moron for liking. This movie. The movie, of course, is Tommy boy. With David Spade and Chris Farley. I cannot stop laughing at this movie. I think it is just hysterically funny- and I think Chris Farley and David Spade play off each other beautifully. Here, of course, is the preview for that great comedic, classic Tommy boy, nineteen for me, No son. That's for me. You know a people go to college. For seven years now, there called doctors, there's always has been always will be. A family son
Today, my son, I am your happy time Do we really want to put the future of the company and dramas may look after me boy until he gets his feet were sure, and thanks for choosing me it is not a vacation for me. I'm here, against my wheels least you can do. Is pretending were actually here you getting. It sailed time to remember. We don't take no for an answer. Docking pass catcher thanks
absolutely I pray you does not do justice to the hilarity of this wealth there. There a couple scenes that currently there is one thing in particular, where he's doing assails job in explaining and using the metaphor of a car crash is pretty spectacular. So if your mood for dumb humor much better download Emma go, go, get Tony Blair, ok, other things that I like. I could not resist. So this was a series of tweets. They came out. There came out yesterday, which is just hysterical showing how dumb white supremacist are so we have to. We have to show the series of tweets there there really spectacular. Do we have those, so I've been thrown at dark? Try admitted this is called. Are this? Is the legacy and heritage of the west? This is what the men of the West fight sacrificing die for. This is Jerry Hashtag days, volt regains its statute can see it. It's a statue of a very smoking hot woman
blowing in the wind and address blown backwards clinging to her body, and this is what we fight for. Ok, and the next thing that happens is that somebody tweets Is there an example of a female sculptor who committed herself to the same level of detail that a mail does with a woman and Ivan been throwing to none that come to mind that sculptor, that sculptures inactive worship before Heaven and it shows- and then there formed by planting the other court. The sculptor is a chinese woman. You dork ass losers and there is a picture of the sculpture and these sculptor. So it was a chinese women who made attribute to the west again knowing that culture is significantly more important culture and art significantly more important than the color of your skin or the place of your birth. So all of the more on white supremacist, you think that great art can only be created by white men know now, as I just I loved it out, I thought it was so great. I could not resist
That's ok, so we're don't break here. On the other side, we I saw some epoch things. I hate, including sirs Overman, wanted to talk about that plus Anita Hill lots of stuff still to talk about, but for that you're gonna have to go over to daily words. Our comments scribe for nine ninety nine, a month you can subscribe over a daily wire dot. Com needs get my show live, somebody Elam indicate Clayton shall live on. Video and nosey shall live on. Video means must be part of our mailbags. You get to be part of conversations when we do our special our special culinary sessions. Craven did his yesterday, which went great. You can ask the questions when you join up. As a member and for ninety nine dollars a year. You get the annual subscription, including our fabulous left his tears, hot or cold tumblr world famous. You will enjoy it. It is the greatest of all beverage vessels so go and check that out or if just want to listen for free later. Please subscribe over Youtube and make sure you listen in Itunes or sound cloud as well, and leave us review. We always appreciate it. We are the largest fastest growing concern to Pakistan, the nation
ok time for some things that I hate. So let's do that. Shall we begin with? Are we begin guillotine it so Hashtag me too has been going around. I talked about it yesterday and what I was suggesting is that I am not against women telling their stories of sexual harassment or sexual assault. I think it's important that they do so, but I think definitely more useful if you are going to come out and give me evidence, I because hard for me to side with you without evidence of even we are accusing because there are cases we know public cases right, uv, Lena Dunham, needed on racial matters. Bennet Michael Bennet said Elsie Hawks defensive and whether there is there's all sorts of cases where people make accusations that turn out,
to be true, and this idea that we owe them our credibility at the beginning that we owe our credulous nets at the very beginning. I dont think is right. I don't think that's correct. I think that we owe people the respective hearing their stories, but the problem with vague stories. They don't actually name names. Is that is difficult for us to determine who the bad guys are and how to fight the bad guys. I mean beyond at a horrible thing that you just told me about I'm not sure what we're supposed to you about that. I have no intention of engaging in similar activity. So what would you like from me and that's always the question- why the question is: what can we do from here? I mean when we're talking about these, these, the Harvey wine seen scandal when we're talking about we're talking about it. There's a did this sum. What's the name of a gymnast there is that this famous gymnast you just came out a little while ago came Mikhail Moroni, sorry who just came out and then said the doktor on the: U S, women's team unmolested her for years right, that's the that's a case where we can see the person who did it and we can see that person belongs.
Jail is why suggested stars need to cut down the need to name names because they can afford the legal fees of somebody's use them for slander. They can go to court if you're not come on. You don't have any money there, their sexual harassment, their sexual harassment, statute of limitations, thing it's a year in many states where you have times had actually file a sexual harassment claim. If your beyond that, then you could get sued, presumably for slander, at least that's what I've been so My report over the Wall Street Journal that I understand all those concerns, but if you want us to fight individual bad guys, we have to know what the individual bad guys are, MRS Lord of it sort of like saying fight Nazi isn't like while I don't like Nazis, Nazis are evil and Nazi Nazis Miss Barry, as you will you fighting hard enough and so well? What do you want me to do? You actually have to like show me a Nazi, and then we can determine the best way to fight that Nazi. So here is the reason that this is a problem, so CNN, rent,
story today in which they they had on Anita Helstonleigh Harvey Wednesday. This is a bugaboo of mine. It drives me up while, when the media HBO adjusted many serious about Anita Hell, do this horrible. Like Anita Hill unquestionably, was telling the truth, Anita Hell was clearly telling the truth about being sexually harassed by Clarence Thomas. There are a number of facts that call into question her account of exactly what happened with Clarence, Thomas, ok. The fact is that Anita Hill was was, I mean she was not found credible by. huge percentage of the american population for a variety of reasons, including the fact that she insisted, on speaking the Senate Judiciary Committee in confidence not publicly right and not with her name attach well. If she made a specific accusation, wouldn't Thomas know who she was anyway. So they're really means that she's making active nations that were so vague. They presumably could have come from anybody right. Does what Tom assault? just think about it. The accusations referred to things that were supposed to happen when only two people were present. If the accusations were true Thomas would automatically noble originated them. I needed her
Hell request for anonymity made sense only if the charges were false hell admitted under oath that, although she previously deny being told something by democratic staffer, she actually was there. A dozen women who came out in support of Clarence Thomas contradicting, I need a hill homemade. Numerous phone calls to two Clarence Thomas long after she stopped working for him. She followed him from John the job, even though she worked for the federal government weathers tremendous job security, a witness who said that she was told details about the supposed sexual rights Meanwhile, that you were living in Washington, didn't even live in Washington at the time so that there are serious credibility problems. They need help none, sure CNN today quote: I need a hill on Harvey ones. We have to ask: how far have we come to quality in their using Anita Hill sort of the talking point? Does the Harvey Einstein, scandal suggest workplace conditions have not improved nearly enough for women in the twenty six years. Since then, we import Domini, Clarence Thomas was accused of workplace. Sexual harassment is accused, are needed, help told CNN Newton.
Wednesday to number one Anita hills. Credibility has been in question for years number, two, it's kind of weird: don't you. It's you never run story. Saying the Harvey, why The scandal suggest. Workplace conditions have not improved nearly enough for women since Kathleen Willie. he was the president of the United States of groping her in the oval office erika from carefully willing. Promoting a broader it. You never hear from about Polish Jones You never know from a variety of women. a variety of women who are sexually harassed or assaulted by President Clinton. All you hear about is the one who claims that she was by Clarence Thomas, but was never never proved in court, never been filed the case, so there's that ok other things that I hate, so Sarah Silverman has a new series is called. I love you, american Acerra, Silverman. Bugs me for variety of reasons: I'm not a fan of the cute see use of the sea word. You know she doesn't know little child voice and then she person like a sailor. I don't find that protection
early amusing she's, also a hard core left as to really looks down on red statement, and Republicans in any area of american life. Each campaign for Bernie Sanders. So of course she's. The perfect in the Hollywood and Netflix going to trot out to two things who actually can trot out to unite. Americans exercise, I can think of more unifying figure than Sarah Silverman secures heiress Overman's trail, For I love you, America. We ran, you know
places North Carol Why, continuing I'm listing kind people, I'm categorizing human beings and putting them into individual boxes whether I mean it or not. I'm part of the problem. I love you a married man. I love you but
beyond that. The idea that she's, the great unified was belied by the first episode of this awful show she went always Vienna and should basically found a family, a fat people to talk to and to mark. Try to make it seem like, oh and then, at the end of the day, we decided we love each other. So a couple of things about this particular family. This particular families pro same sex marriage. This is the litmus test in Hollywood. If your answer same sex marriage, you are Satan, you are Satan, so this family was convenient. They happen to be pro same: sex, marriage or least okay with it. That is the litmus test in Hollywood, but they did vote for Donald Trump, and you can see. I mean that the whole show is designed. It must be about how much he loves people a whole show is designed show how she's basically like Steve early. And in the wild interviewing a crocodile tears, a clip from it ever met. Juvy foolish person. That's a good question. It's like a religion, but I'm not an hour. I follow it.
drew before dollar than another Jews widow who had Song Yama good, bye, bye, bye, you What do I sound like to you? Well, you know I didn't know jewish people growing up because I'm from New Hampshire, but then I moved to you or can I was like, oh my god, tell me where she had never met a Jew bore yeah, except for like occasion there are many, Jean our manager big deal, I'm significantly more jewish than Sarah Silverman, like a lot more jewish than her skull vermin in terms of my practice and believe me it dealt with many more people. From always Vienna than Zeros Overman ever has been Tennessee. Today, rent a car go all around the country. I talk to people all across the spectrum all around the country and the idea that you know that everyone who doesn't
leaving her social value is kind of a heck and then but we're all the same. Underneath well known, some pretty different values, and I think that what's yours government needs to learn is not the world humans underneath, if you don't get that by now, you're done what you we need to learn is that if you are different political viewpoints with somebody get different religious viewpoints from somebody like that significantly differ that, maybe that's ok and I don't think that's her women- need Scots Louisiana and find people no teeth in order to do that right, I think the genius go into Hollywood and talk to the conservatives that she won't deal with and her ex husband. Jimmy Kimmel says he doesn't have a conversation with and maybe overcome, station with them- and maybe did you- have a discussion maybe she's wrong about some things. Has it ever occurred to her, or is this basically just gonna be I do you mean you do you and we all love each other, and what are we in common that were human Edison was blurring unity crap. It's so boring if we don't have a common vision for the. We know how many values in common many hours
human, and we have that in common, I suppose, but that doesn't really go very far and that sort of why the show is bound to fail plus it looks absolutely buoyant Harold ok. So I was gonna, do a lower the bible top, but I think that we have run out of time. So I may say that for tomorrow and Sweden, University of Tennessee Knoxville tonight, my speech is going to be somewhat different than this. Which is that I normally get. So I am looking forward to trotting out something new who interesting, fascinating or boring. Who knows it could be terrible any case I was you here to Morrow I mentioned here. This is the entropy Russia,
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