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Ep. 423 - So Many Turkeys, So Little Time

2017-11-22 | 🔗
Trump defends Moore, a feminist makes the worst argument of all time, and we check the mailbag before Thanksgiving! Date: 11-22-2017
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So a feminist just made the worst arguments of all time. President Donald Trump is back at war with Laval and he finally has comments on Roy, more plus Thanksgiving is coming up and we'll go through the Thanksgiving Mailbag, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is debenture bureau yeah so because it is a short and week we will have. Opportunity. You do the male bad for you, that's why you need to be a subscriber right now, because that means you get to be part of the live mail bag today, but before we get to any of them myriad news items that are on the table on this the day before Thanksgiving, and we have a lot to be thankful forming Hillary Clinton. Isn't the President Judge Gore such Donald Trump continues to tweet like lots of things for us here. It's a bunch of euro show to be thankful for, but before we get to any of those things first, I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at dollar shave clubs. You have heard me talk before about how, the dollar shave club razors, which I use under my chin, each engine for jewish Le Ritual reasons- have why it is the way it is, their razors- are just fantastical. Now they have doktor carvers shape
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Mentioned here. I shall, of course, our forging none other than eloquent trump. Yes, eloquent Trump Sweden. We use them The trumpet bad from now we just have eloquent from because some things are beyond good and evil, as Nietzsche would say, and therefore, in them what of Nietzsche. We. We look at the rhetoric. Is it baloney is a giant asian president I am familiar with all these terms, of course, so today he treated Lamar Ball and leave our. As you know is a dummy cell of our balls, we have said is the father of the actual about was usually basketball player, whose arrest in China for shoplifting and leave our bodies that he will not say that get a president Trump, because you don't. President Trump feels that it is absolutely of necessity that he tweet back elevator ball. So we can have this clash with the intellectual tightened. So here is what he treated today. He's not gonna. Let this thing go. I gotta, I gotta tell you you know when, when I was a kid and I had my permits, but now lots of money got lots of scholar suppressed
and one of the things that my my mother said is that you have to write. Thank you notes to every person who gave you a present There is nothing I hated in life more than writing those. Thank you knows. I despise it. It was terrible because she system that I hand right every one of them. I couldn't just like a group email and then had to personalize it and say. Thank you. So much it's useless gift that I will never use sign, Ben And- and I can't wait to see you- it took me months to write those thank you know, so I have a particular place in my heart despises people who sit around their mail box and wait for the thanking, and there were those people. Ok, there are people who would gittin what we would call up. My grandmother and they be like you know, I gave the gift and they never received a thank you know how wrong with you. Who cares only received a thank you not, and I thought that the joy of giving was actually the giving not the receipt of the useless they You know that will end up in your garbage after I spend money on the posted president job, I have to say, he's got the feel of a guy who gives a gift and then sits around
three months waiting for the thank you know and then calls my grandmother, because here is what he just waited quote so eloquent it wasn't the White House: it wasn't the states parliament, it wasn't father of our so called people on the ground. In China they got his son out of long term prison sentence. It was me too bad The virus is too poor man's version of Don king, but without the hair of underlined just think, and then he continues along these lines. Laval, he could have spent the next I've. Ten years during Thanksgiving with your son in China, but no NBA contractors, Are you but remember love. Our shoplifting is not a little thing. It's really a big deal especially in China Ungrateful Fool a pretty the fool, so president really going full out this morning. It thirty three a M Pacific time so use early on the EAST coast and something about that not receiving the. Thank you note from love. Our ball has really bothered him and see things
major lines of our body can be down, came without the hair, and also the president of the United States probably has better things to do. I would think thence waiting about love our ball, but now I jumped to say, there's something really hilarious about faculty call him down can without here you know, campaign for Donald Trump right down, king now a gap in during the campaign, is a big deal before saying down. King is like a convicted murderers whisky is, there's a big deal during campaign now of our ball is dying. I got a lot of this is America. Now man is a reality. Tv show and the eloquence is just spectacular, so this has been eloquent trump. Thank you for that just speaking, our job. Mr Present, ok, so in other and other news,
Sometimes you have to start with the funds and other news president from his finally commented Roy more so after weeks of basically keeping silent on Roy more the Senate Republican Alabama candidate, who has been credibly accused of child molestation or of a fee bethulia. He was trying to hit on in and have sex with fourteen and sixteen year old girls when he was in his he's the here. The allegations are credible, you're getting mail from people saying how do you know the allegations are credible because they re simple rule of thumb. If these same allegations with supporting evidence were made about a Democrat, I would be very upset they are made about. A republican am similarly upset This is what it's like to have a simple standard. Ok, it's not that I would have let Bill Clinton off the hook with this stuff. I wouldn't have let him off the hook. That's the point now as to how you vote in the Alabama Centre raised race. As I have said, I stay home. I would not vote for an alleged incredibly alleged child molesters, but I would certainly not have over jug Joneses opponent has dug Joneses opponent is a disaster
I think that what president from does well is he crystallizes what the conflict is in the Republican Party and why it is that the Republican Party needs to look beyond this particular election if they, if they actually hoped it future elections. So President tromp was asked specifically about Roy more and he d Roy more and basically makes two points here. His two points I can tell you thing for sure we don't need a liberal parts of their a Democrat Jones. I've looked at it. Record is terrible and crime. It's terrible in the border is terrible in the military. I can tell you for a fact. We do not need somebody. That's going to be bad on crime, bad on borders, bad, where the military bad for the second amendment,
isn't that cute, but he denies this. I mean if you look at what what is really going on and you look at all the things that have happened in the last forty eight hours. He totally denies that he says it didn't happen, and you know you have to listen to him, also you're talkin about he said forty years ago. This did not happen, so, if you know there. The he's making two arguments here. Ok, argument, number one is an argument that, as we would say, school is an argument that proves too much. It's too broadly basically says they dug. Jones is a liberal democrats. We don't need a liberal Democrat in the Senate. I of course, completely agree. I do not want more liberal Democrats in the Senate. I don't want people like Doug Jones in the Senate. Here is dug Jones talking yesterday about his perspective on abortion. He is a radical on abortion to be, click three. If we grab that here is dug Jones being asked on national television about his perspective on abortion, not a particularly impressive candidate here he is. I am a firm believer
then, a woman should have the freedom to choose what happens to her own body stand up for that, and I'm going to make sure that that continues to happen. I want to make You're that, as we go forward, people have access to contraception, they have access to the abortion that they might need. If that's what they choose to do. I think that that is going to be an issue that we can work with. And talk to people about from both sides of the onest one of those you waiting legislate. So you would be in favour of legislation. It said Dan abortion after twenty weeks or something like that. I am not in favour of anything that is going to infringe on a woman's right. Her freedom to choose, that's just the position, I've had for many years, is position Can you too have, but when those people I want to make sure of people understand once and babies born. I want to be there for that child as that's where I become a right to life and ok. So this is the right way for after their born, but before their bore he's right to death, or so that's it s exciting, so it does
and is indeed very very radical policies way too radical for the state of Alabama. Now here is the problem president from makes an argument, and he says we don't need people like Doug Jones in the Senate. Therefore, we should vote for Roy more here's. My problem, this argument is an argument, as we say that proves too much, because you know you could presumably have an actual morbid, were running for Senate against against a Jones and trumpet then say so he's a genocidal murderer. Hitler is running against Dutch he's, but at least Hitler the right votes on tax cuts, point you draw the line. I would imagine- and that's why president from has actually hesitancy just say well make the full David Horwitz argument. I mentioned that the David Horwitz argument for David very extreme on this Any basically makes that the argument that I just stated its fine if it's
I once along a stolen votes. My way, you know this, the trunk shies away from trumps as well. He denies it united as a convenient way of escaping the this particular this particular debacle that he'd nice it I do have to say there is a bit of hypocrisy to how President Trump uses the hidden eyes at line Trump says the same thing about Lattimer potent you're being involved in it and hacking of the dancing he says he denies it. He denies it so honest upward from is credulous the stuff that he believes. It's always the stuff that he personally agrees. What so, Raphael crews shot J F K right that ten crews data. If the national enquire is a perfectly believable publication, they should computers. Lotta people are saying a lot of people that right, a lot of people are saying stuff and then all of a sudden responsive credence, a lot of people, I have been told they sources. The birth certificate is a fraud fraud rap on that stuff
an interim is incredibly credulous when it comes to the allegations against re more than its more denies it. So what are we supposed to do? I think that that is is trumpet attempting to avoid the horns of a dilemma. The reason that Trump is doing. This is number because I think that he has a got level response to the media piling on anybody on that, he proceeded on his side of the Isle, he thinks that those pylons are politically motivated, as they very much are he's not wrong about that. The other things that trump benefits politically from backing Roy more fewer than throw Roy, moreover, and people saints and active bravery from the stand by Roy more know it actually an act of political cowardice for a couple of reasons. Number one. The real benefit for Trump is if he and by more. Why? Because you already lost two Roy more in the primary feedback. Loops are strange and enjoy more one, and so its trump lose again if he, if he'd Dat's, if he does not back Roy or was it doesn't matter more and more and more wins then its trump? No impact on these races. Right trump is useless, and if he doesn't
more and more in where more loses, then a lot of his base led by people like see banner gonna blame compensated, he's been collected by Mcconnell so trumpet. In a play that game he's gonna back where I more, if re more loses than Trump is going to say, while he lost as you travel Esther and of Rome or wins trumpet going to say well, he one because we because I stood up for him against Jones politically speaking, that's why Trump is doing what he's doing as far as the pay off here, let's put aside, Moral argument against the moral arguments is relevant here, so that a lot of people who are saying ok, you back Roy more because dungeon, zone abortion fanatic right we're about policy, we don't another vote for abortion. We don't another vote against a goods. Four candidate see got back right more, no matter how bad Roy more is a moral argument that the end justifies the means here is the problem. I do
I think that in the long run the ends are going to justified means. I don't think you're gonna richer ends. Here is my evidence back in two thousand sex. The Republican Party was running well behind the Democrats in the congressional generic ballot, their running anywhere from eight to ten points behind the Democrats in the congressional generic ballot then come late September. There was September two thousand sex. There is a scandal that broke Mark Folly. Was a republican congressperson from Florida had been closeted, he was gay and he'd been having sex with one of the congressional pay is- and this congressional page revealed that information and it turned out that the republican leadership and the house had known about this for a couple of months and it basically kept quiet and when this, broke suddenly that d plus eight jumped up too deep lost twenty in go back and look at the polls. And the Republicans end up getting wiped out completely wiped out Republicans in the two thousand six congressional election law
not only the majority, they lost it by an enormous number of seats by they dig that the democratic to thirty three to two o to lead in the in the house was in a star fishing result, they they d, they house results were disastrous for the Republicans net on net. There are there the Democrats, one thirty one seats, the Republicans lost thirty feet and one for they would. The Republicans went from thirty tea house majority to thirty one seat minority in the house as a sixty one. Its wing in two thousand six. There was an entirely due to the remark fully scandal that mark fully scandal certainly did not help, certainly did not help. So here's the problem, if you are pursuing the party that green lights, charm molestation, because you're attempting to avoid a vote for abortion, then you are going to be labelled as the party. That is just what we can do, and this is the tat the media are taking they're not going to olive, the moral complexity of the means for sends discussion, they're going to
you're going to say you just can't overshot molester, which is something with which I basically and then they are also going to say that even the people, Furthermore, in order to stop DOW Jones, those people are basically letting chow. Molestation goes Katy turn over MSNBC is already making this case. Roy more Can it be an albatross around the neck of every Republican who doesn't go to expel him in the Senate and mean albatross around them, of every Republican. Doesn't answer questions about re more from now until the details and eighteen election, here's Katy tour making this case. It is a brutal question, but one that requires asking in this political environment under this president, which does this White House view as worse and accuse pedophile or a Democrat located there there a couple problems with with the way that she's putting this
number one you're assuming the guilt of Roy more a case I think he's guilty. But the other thing that you have to ask is you know that the world people will say? Is there a political dimension to this? Obviously we're not just voting for an accused Democrat verses, intellectual Ezra voting for the person and how he vote. Your voting for his vote basically again. The problem that I have is that the backlash against the Republicans is going. So strong that is national infrared about Alabama for a second national it get. A backlash is strong enough. They re more right. I was running neck and neck in an of Amazon Erase where he should be winning by twenty point. Instead, there is a possibility, I don't think it's high, but I think it is a possibility. He loses this race to Doug Jones. A hard core democrat in one of the red estates in Amerika had eaten that's gonna play across the country. Even the Democrats, are going to put every Republican on television who won't say that the dates back, who won't say the day, distance themselves from an alleged traveller, John Highwaymen is doing this routine through this is this is a drum the media is going to beat now I'm
by this minimum, explain why I think that the republican perspective on this, which is to come and get their backs up, maybe wrong here. So here areas. What's worse, a child predator neo, Nazi, I'm going to call another boat, pretty bad Donald Trump does not sit announcing to expand. The problem would be on the side of NEO Nazis and apparent. It is a problem and be on the side of the accused child predators. Either to this line and Democrats are going to use a lot of people and beyond that Republicans are saying: well, if we don't stand and fight. What are you going back to another time? There's navigation know you're gonna back down when there are credible allegations, you're gonna back down when there are credible allegations, because it is not moral to stand by these. Now there is a strong, a school of thought that says on the right. Well, the left. Does it too so will be able to fight them to address, sort of how there are allegations of sexual harassment against Trump during twenty sixteen as a trump wheeled and hit the Clinton and so at all,
an upcoming out. The wash, maybe we'll be able to do the same thing with the Democrats. There's a possibility here. If you look at how the Democrats are treating our frank in for it, ample their treating l, Frank it in many in disillusioned, where republicans are treating Roy more here's, a democratic sender, things Mary Verona from Hawaii she's talking about how we shouldn't be talking about L, Frank and stepping down? Do you think he should resign I think that that is a distraction to be talking about resignation, because, what's really at the bottom of the soul, whole issue of sexual harassment. Is that a pervasive in our? culture and I'll be going through the ethics probe. Here we go operating and that's appropriate, because people in a strange and rights are a lotta publicans are saying wasn't if the Democrats are going to play this officer distraction. Why can't Republicans did the same thing? Then publicans cancer, the same thing for for two reasons, one the media to the real reason is that the allegations against Frank,
our bad? The allegations against re more are a lot worse. Ok, there are a lot worse attempted attempted sexual manifestation of a fourteen year. Old girl is a lot worse than groping aid don't woman's press while she is living knows. I am sorry that there are two things can be bad and one could be much worse and the ramifications for the Roy more thing can be worse for the report. In particular, because the Republicans hold themselves out as having a higher moral standard. There's the benefit of being a Democrat when you you have no moral standards, no one expects you to have morals hundreds when you say as Republican, you have moral standards and that you stand for character and office. Then people expect you to do that. I do think that there is a reckoning, that's going to happen here and I think the Republicans don't really expected coming when it comes. It's gonna be very ugly and solar power Since just better be aware, this could happen before I go any further. I want to say a quick thank you to our friends over the years concealed carry association self. If you are a gun on you, can you say with a hundred percent conference that your family in your home are safe. What if you are forced to pull the trigger? Are you don't know it's going to happen next to please, you can assure your house,
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even though there would be very little risk to expelling more that point, because then he would be his sea would be filled by republican governor in Alabama just say? Listen, you guys want to spell Frank and we're not going to spend more and everybody gets to. I think that's most likely outcome here. Democrats. Our will to get rid of it. Did the hypocrisy is resentful? Display Democrats are fully willing to get rid of people. They no longer find valuables. John Conyers. We talk about yesterday, the representative from Michigan a Democrat. He has now been its now come out that their sexual harassment settlements that were put into place because he was sexually harassing the hell. Essentially be using the help Jeffrey tube in over on CNN is of less. He says, Conyers Why does he not because guilty? Because you old he's eighty
years old and anybody who has spent five minutes in Congress watching him an action knows he's out of it. He is not. He is too old to be in Congress. He is not up to the job, and you know he is a walking advertisement for term limits. I know that the Supreme Court has said they are unconstitutional, but it is absolutely outrageous that that man, in that condition, is getting a salary from the taxpayers. Do not to do this job because he's guilty easy is not because he is guilty. It is simply because he is old, rightly because he's useless us- and this is the reality. Unfortunately, the situation, if Remo, is less. The republican Party would dump him over in a heartbeat, if our frank and were useless, the democratic, dont Movin, the Heartbeat Conyers, is useless to their dumping him over in a heartbeat. Nobody actually has a moral standard with regard to these things, but in terms of who is going to pay, the Republicans always end up paying a larger price for this sort of misconduct and Democrats, do they always do that's just the way goes why? For the same reason, the Catholic Church pay a higher price
sexual misconduct and public school teachers. Do because, when you hold yourself to a higher standard, then you're going beheld you that standard. I don't like the that's the way the world works, but that is the way the world of politics works. Now the dumbest comment of yesterday was: or for women in Emily Linden. They talk about this. For a moment, Emily London is the founder of what's called the Unslung project, so Emily lindens Unslung project is a quote movement against slut, shaming and sexual bullying. Its international involves all genders all races all ages from all walks of life. So here's what you tweedy yesterday about all the sexual harassed and sexual abuse stuff coming out. One of the things that we ve been talking about on the show is how we can protect innocent men who are accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault, where we're going evidentiary standard we need here. Is that Emily Linen says, and I think this is sort of the opposite of the David Horwitz approach. And in some way similar to it so extreme that passes the bounds of rationality. Emily says: here's an unpopular opinion
I M actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault. Harassment, allegations really you're, not concerned at all. There's a reason. That's an unpopular opinion mean Jake. Tapir went after Emily Linden. He said he did you failure seventh grade book report on to kill a mocking bird I m actually not at all concerned, but innocent men losing their jobs over fall. Sexual assault, harass machinations and she went on to say that if a few innocent men get caught up in the proceedings, then I guess that's just the way that it's gonna go, this sort of insanity is going to become more and more common has become more and more polarized ass, a society If we don't have any rules, then whatever is beneficial to your site. What you gonna do. If your side is the side of your current court, anti sexual harassment, sexual assault, then there's gonna be a group of people who decide that it is important for even innocent people, to go away in order to fight that battle as soon as we startling ends justify means folks that the definition of morality is trying to balance the ends and means suggests
that the ends always just by the means lead you to logic of Emily Linden or David Horowitz illegal down. Some pretty dark paths with regard to what you are willing to do in order to get to an end point and here's the thing you rarely around but that in point you rarely arrive at that point anyway. So the idea, You can use any means to achieve your end aid. It usually doesn't work that way in real life. Ok, so I am going to do some things. I like things, I hate and then we're going to do the mail bag, but first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at birch gold. So right now you're. The economy and your thinking yourself. The stock market looks good, but it may be inflated and what have we don't ass, a tax cuts in the House and Senate what if there is no continuing economic boom, or maybe you just think that a lot of this is our official inflation in terms of real estate market, for example. Whatever you think the economy is going to do, you owe it to yourself to lease head your back a little bit with some precious metals. That's why I work with the folks. Or birch gold grew bright. Now, thanks to a little known iris, tax law, you can your IRA or eligible for one k into an Irish, backed by physical, gold and silver. It's perfect for people want to ensure their high
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Who does the guy could act, he's actually pretty good act, or so they there's movie, the town now called shot collar, and it's about a guy who is a stockbroker whose in a d, why and the deal I answered manslaughter scenes are getting somebody killed in a deal. I do. I manslaughter comes from hard time is basically about how this guy get sucked into the law of the prison culture and how prisons, especially in places like California, is in California how prisons are essentially run by the gangs, how we what but guards often says that they control the locks in the control of the doors, but the gangs control the actual present, and so it's about this guy's evolution from stockbroker into a hard core. Prison inmates essentially it'll just the sort of uplifting cheery thing that you want right before Thanksgiving and here's Lobo previewed is well made film. I honestly don't think that biggest ball constitutes a dna, the dugout clubs and no lights romantic and their free. Those four
tom, he broke away from it. I you're scared? But you need to know this will be with the big boys. You got to stand up for yourself, because once you marked in there
ever end serves the people may drive and night crawler, not looking from the fact is a place like this forces us to become warriors of victim s guys had a bunch of us could have been actors who are well known for other parts as the punishments in it. If the film is is well made its very creepy, it's pretty scary, and it does give you a good idea of what goes on in these prisons. It's pretty frightening stuff. Whenever the most culture collar and now exactly family friendly by you get, you can check it out on Netflix. I believe it's available, ok or Amazon, Prime on Amazon, prime ok, other things that I like this, is the single best. I have to say this is a single best political sideways in history. It is spent what has happened on Australian, is and there's a guy who's asked about same sex, marriage and he's anti same sex, marriage,
and so he says, is we have higher priorities? Watch this headway here. It is magnificent, though, observation on the same sex marriage divide from Bob Quetta Paypal, total sexual put one of its main. Let there be a thousand such burdens for acts of goods, but I'd spending any time warrant, because in the meantime, every three months I personally towards places by crocodile in North Korea, Sorry, we should put the holiday all voluntary short on additives in life and is spectacularly no matter where you stand on same sex, marriage there's nothing better than people. Let a flower a thousand flowers bloom, Do it, everyone knew in your bedroom, but I'm not gonna spend time on it because every three months, one person is more by a crocodile just spectacular stuff. Well done random guy from Austria. That's that's it! That's a strong argument, ok time for a thing that I hate,
so today's thing that I hate Alice with Lorn Easy, is going around making the round she wants run for president? She is one of the least likeable human beings on plan. I know this because I know this between my first experience with Elizabeth Orange is professor having lost what the time I met her at the top of the double you hotel for reception for Incoming Harvard law student there Our group people and an she immediately asked me and asked a question about Russia Lumber. That's that's who Elizabeth Warrant is so now she's very upset, because Donald Trump calls her Pocahontas the reasoning holler Pocahontas it, because apparently she got her job at Harvard LAW. We in part by claiming native american ancestry. There is no evidence whatsoever. She has any native american ancestry. When asked the evidence for this, she presented a cookbook that she'd written a recipe for called powwow chow. I'm not joking about this, and in there in that cookbook she gave a recipe for crab bisque witches.
Not a common. As far as I am aware, not a common recipe for the soup people in Opal Homer, which is where she's from an indication, as has the trumpet This is for calling her Pocahontas she's, not a racist for usurping native american culture and use. To get ahead trumpets races for calling her poor contest? I wish the trumpet user proper name its focal hunters rain up. Ok, just spoken is in any case here. It is. He treated this. He said poker hand is just stated that the Democrats led by the legendary Crooked Hillary Clinton rigged the primaries. Let's go FBI and Justice Department that must have felt good. The present you agreed on something because Jake Tap or did ask you in an interview. Do you think of the primary were rigged and just said yes, so let's do both hands. The first have Donald Trump thanks,
he's gonna start every one of these tweets to me with some kind of racist slur. Hairs are racist that he's gonna shut me up. It then work in the past is not going to work and she standing well bravery look at their bravery and we should bring where that jacket, but look at the bravery there, while the redcoats are coming. Man did at the level of bravery, required to say that somebody is that it that's a racist lore. It's not a racist slorc he's making fun of you for being erased. For saying that your native American, when you are not Elizabeth, worn so tiresome, ok, we're gonna do mailbag, but if you only part of the male back, then you need to subscribe right now like right. This very second, because if you want Your questions answered, you have to be subscriber daily, where nine angina month gets you a subscription to daily wire. It gets you and the rest of today's show
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Thanksgiving mailbox guys be alive questions, please no more questions about like putting or such like tried, ass, good questions that I can answer them. What ok, so here are some of the hour subscribers heiresses dear, been a lot of my friends in graduate school are complaining about the new geopolitics plan, supposedly in the new plan that wave tuition would be counted as personal income tax to such. What are your thoughts regarding this provision, so This is correct people in graduate school who are receiving wave tuition or who are receiving a salary that is now part of their income. That's taxes, taxable income. What am I thought regarding this provision, and my thoughts are basically that, if we're gonna get rid of all the tax loopholes would the so called deductions, then what we need to do is lower the income tax rates dramatically. The reason that the Republicans are doing this is because they are trying to pay for the corporate tax cuts that are happening. So here's the waste problem with Republicans
never make a strong case for what it is. They are doing their pretending that their Loring individual tax rates- they really are not there there. There are lowering them in very minor ways for that there is some some of the middle class, but not now politically much. The vast majority of the tax cuts are coming on the corporate site. That's good. We need corporate tax cuts, are corporate tax rates of the highest in the industrialized world, bring them down to twenty five twenty per cent. It's a good thing, it'll be good for business. It should happen immediately if its delay, the narrowness of the stock market, take a little bit of ahead. But with all that said, the Republicans are trying to make up ground with the individual tax rates. By getting rid of a lot of deductions, there should creating a new income tax bracket for the highest income earners. All of that designed to make sure that the Republicans can sneak in under the wire because remember their using a process called reconciliation in order only need fifty one votes in the Senate to pass something
this view has to score your bill. As revenue neutral right account, lose money to the court of court, can quote, will lose money, the federal government and so in some ways they climb back a bunch of money from individual tax tax returns in order to pay for the EU, the corporate tax returns. The Democrats, of course, our miss classifying this in suggesting that this is a tempting to hurt the middle class. The vast majority of people middle class will see their taxes go down the people. It hurts our people. Like me, people who are at the upper end of the bracket in places like our Fournier. Those are the people who really an absolutely screwed Emily hammered on taxes under the GNP tax plan. But that's what's happening here. If you're going get rid of deductions, I think the income taxes need to come down, but let's be real about this. What republic
really should be. Focusing on right now is reining in spending not even tax cuts. Tax cuts, I think, are really important, but I used to believe in the notion that you could sort of grow your way out of debt. I think that we are beyond that now. We need some significant cuts and that's not gonna happen and because it's too politically unpalatable Tyler's as Durban. If you could have three bans or films in history from having ever been created, who or what would they be there's a difficult one, because I don't want to censor, and so I am now not in favour of shutting down peoples are in saying that they can actually make it? But here are here here a few things that I wish I had never been made: let's put our earth of a nation that regional premonition, which is really well done very easily Griffith, but it is also a risk of racist, justifying the KKK and leading to an upswing of the cake, a gay in from basically nineteen. Sixteen all the way through the civil rights movement. That is that the recommendation is really
between thumb and as far as bans I normally and allow flax or the central care the Beatles. I think the Beatles a tremendous damage to the society. I think the Beatles brought in mainstream the drug culture- they mainstream the promiscuity culture they put out tripe, like imagine so I, or at least German, ended so diving for all the problems. Catchy music. The Beatles made than the messages that they helped promulgate are really really negative, and then I would have stayed there. A bunch of tv shows that I think did near real damage to sort of our perception of society. One of those who show my wife loves the show friends, I think real damage to the society. It is suggested that adults should live like teenagers without risk stability and they should all be in their thirty single without any children, and this is the the epitome of happiness, is a shallow lifestyle. The textures backwards- bellowing, ok, Amy, says Ban, has been our huge fans was our three months:
the Roman, your voice has been unto hushes, crying in mind too, in this dumpster fire of culture. By appreciate, I'm glad that its useful for something well, one piece of advice. Would you give to raise him to be an intelligent Charles will have to learn. Take all of this question seriously that that would be the answer take all of his question seriously and make sure that you actually have logic to support the rules that you are, that you're pushing, so that the difference between authoritative parenting and authoritarian parenting, is that our thoughts areas, parenting says I'm the boss aren't have to give you an excuse, authoritative parenting says I'm the boss. I don't have to give you a justification, but here is the justification and I think I tore authoritative parenting is better because again, I think that your child's gonna learn to reason and his wonder, respect your rules more if they know that there's a logic to them. Brittany says, haven't legal question here: how can someone with a life sentence or multiple life sentences so get out on parole? Shouldn't mean they stay in prison for the rest of your life, for there is a sentence called life without
we're all right and if you get life without brawl, then you don't get parole, but if you have a life sentence than they will, let you out for good behaviour. This does happen pretty frequently after twenty twenty five years now Brian's has. Is there a heaven ingredient? So, yes, there is no mention of the Heaven of Heaven in the old testament where in the old testament, meaning the Torah itself, there is no mention of the idea they Heaven or hell. Everything is very rough bound in in some of the profits. There is mention of the idea of sort of an after life where God is talking to people after they died, Judaism does believe in it. What we call him, I am did, did the Heavens and the idea of Heaven is that all these women, my monies puts it- is reserved for the people who have balanced and more good than evil in their lives. Judaism is, is not completely
a similar from from Christianity? With regard to what Heaven looks like, but it is very different: throw that with regard to what he looks like you're, using doesn't really believe in the notion of an everlasting hellward burden fiery torment. Italy's more is how the hell it sort of a cleansing process it sort of more like the Christian Purgatory year jury, I think Pronunciative or Asia Jerry Eyes, as have been enough. You have covered this initial before, but I'm unclear, and what exactly are the lawful power the additional branch lately it seems that every executive order or law is an activist judge, declares it illegal seems to mean that unelected judges are more powerful than other branches of government gets veto them. How does all this work? Well? This goes back to Morrow Rivers. Madison. Do courts have the power of judicial review meaning? Can they look at acts of the legislature and declare that they are out of that they are in breach of the higher law, the constant vision and then declared it. Those laws are no longer applicable, so the judiciary has the power to interpret. It does have the power to enforce this. What the federalist
say and in the federalist papers will get to it. I promise, but what they say about court and that the court's don't have a self created power of enforcement. The executive has to enforce their orders if from port Just say to the judicial branch: listen I'm ignoring you in doing what I want. There's not much the judiciary could do about it except told them in contempt, and nobody would be there really he'd be up to Congress to enforce the judiciary rulings by cutting the power. The purse strings. Adorns has happened where they start debating people when they speak against making several views. How can you tell if someone is wasting your time are actually interested in what you have to say? Well, I think you can really tell the first forty five seconds if the person is listening in responding to your point, then the conversations with while, if it appears the person is mainly sitting there thing about what they're going to say. Next, then you're wasting your time you sure, got a little bit on this. But how do you know of a conversation with your friend is purposeful or not? The only answer is we just now, and I think that unfortunately I don't have a better answer than that. Once has he been, I love the trouble. What is your issue with no,
invocation was forced to listen. We showed, I admit I liked it. Is you really as bad as you say? No he's not as bad as I say. He is much much worse. Much worse, as did the rip. My my issued knows is that knows: sold literally a hundred thousand copies of an empty book, with my blog on the cover and then, come up with my literary agent who that him another major advance for a blank book. Is there some people in life who are just blessed people- and I think Michaelmas is one of these people. You know people who don't necessarily put in the hardware people who don't necessarily slave away people who lose in short of Bob, like a court on the waves of life ends and Michael NOS one of those, and I really do resent it really resented the severe way. Michael knows it ends, do you think Chris Jansen will come out with new episodes of to catch a predator with a Congress edition first ball that be the greatest show on history, be amazing to catch a predator congressional dishin. If you like, Representative Conyers, what are you Roy Moore
Here. You thought you were talking to a fourteen year old girl, but really you are talking to me Chris Hansen. I would I wish you wouldn't have hunger games type. Reality shows the governmental level, or at least have something like that. That's awesome door says haven jewish Israeli, whose currently living in this data to young boys two and a half in four. I wonder how to balance Christmas celebration in jewish traditions. It bothers me my kids, one Santa and Christmas trees, but I'll understand their surroundings. Also, do you give your presence, your kids on Canada? I do given presence to make heads Connachar. I love Christmas. I think that Christmas season is just wonderful and I think that more Christians actually observing the Christmas season. Is better for the country. So what I tell my during a half year old and one half rose, look at all the pretty ledges nap uniform, because it is look at the seasons step that the seasonal stuff, it's really pretty. Now we have a holiday called Hanukkah. That's also really beautiful, legible hanukkah are really beautiful. I think that you can appreciate from
an aesthetic point of view. The beauty of Christmas, without necessarily having to imbibe all of the of the religious messaging inherent in Christmas. As a Jew, I don't believe in in the divinity of of Christ. So Christmas is not a celebratory time for me, but I can still appreciate the aesthetic joy and wonder- and I do appreciate that there are so many Christians who deepen their relationship with God during this period. Christina, says, Haven, T think the current lot of sexual assault scandals gives credence to the less claim that we live in a rape. Culture of sorts have cancer It's been two dismissive of this claim, so I dont know that weakness. You know I'd, send we don't even arrived culture. The reason I say we now live in a red cultures, because when a rape is actually when Europe is actually brought to light there very few people who are defending the right. But you see anybody going a big deal somebody. What what I will say is that nothing to me that's the definition of red culture. If you're asking do a lot of men sexually harass women, I have been a bit astonished by the level to which
There's been a thing you as a person who has never sexually assaulted or her ass, a woman I have. It has been astonishing to me to see just how many men here and I guess that I will admit that- has that has surprised me, but again we say red culture that the AIDS, the culture part that bothers me. The idea that rape is is ok by the culture. I dont see that, but the permissiveness of a society that has basically allowed this to go on for years earlier turned its eyes. The other way that that I do fine sort of astonishing born is brought to light. I'm nothing allowed people to funding it Brad's
Ben, whose you're all time favorite White Tax Office of player and picture, so my favorite offensive player of all time- I'm not the best, but my favorite player of all time was again. He was then the coach of the of the team. I use my favorite player going all the way back to the nineties. That's because it was a little kid. I've been looking for his picture everywhere. There we're at Us Ox game at Committee Park and the players used to do the same, whether it actually go into the they go into the stadium and actually take pictures with people and ass. He was was hidden pictures. I was way back in line. The game is about start and he came up to me he picked me up. I must mean three any brought me the front lines in the picture with me. Now is always a good thing, and I always liked how we played the game. So, as again was my favorite whites acts player- and this brings me back to my childhood as far as my favorite white shocks, pitcher myself, I really liked Mark be early when when burly was was pitching for white acts, he I love that he pitched quickly that he that he pitched spots. He was more
Greg Maddox? Then he was like a power. Pitcher are the most one picture that I that I saw in all my years watching the whites actually Bobby James, ravaging the closer for the team for like a year and a half, and he would be he came in, is a rookie year. They won the World Series and whose toying with a hundred and one that we just amazing to watch Bradley says have had a few friends say. Things like I'd, be willing to pay for the four percent in taxes, for healthcare for everybody. Does he laughably low estimate on what universal health care would cost? What does a realistic estimate of how much- so it actually need to fund the Fun universal national Healthcare. Well, you'd have to look at the at the tax rates in places like Denmark, where it is sixty percent, not just on the upper class, but on the middle class as well. When people say I'd, be willing to increase my taxes by four percent,
salute horse poppy. If you, in order in order paper for all of the things we ve been paying, for, they were twenty trillion dollars and that now, in order for us to pay for all the things that we have been, we ve been spending. We'd have to raise our taxes up to sixty sixty five percent across the board is pretty astonishing, Daniel says Haven. What do you think a south park? I think South Park is hilarious. I think South Park I didn't used to like it. I think that then I actually started watching it and it is just hysterically funny. It's hysterically funny. You dont have to love the innovation two thousand However, the writing is really really funny. Stuff, Conor, says Haven. I'm currently alone, public policy, student, Indiana University planning on pursuing a career police work in later in politics additionally have Asperger's, which has recently a part of the autism spectrum and strong believer in transparency, and that people are know what their voting for. At the same time, I believe that, as long as some was able to do the job she really matter, there is no so here's my question: should I tell the voters that I have such conditions? They know what their voting for sure I just keep it myself so long as I feel on impact my job performance or something and between nor in voting. I think that transparency is always the best tactic, because people are gonna find out anyway.
Use it against. You mentioned be something that used against you that you're either you have aspirators. That doesn't seem to be like that. I think that, honestly, there a lot of people who will vote for you fervour saying honestly what you are transparency in politics, authenticity and politics is the key quality that people are missing. It's the reason Trump One, because no matter what you think a term from has definitely authentic trump. I mean you're, not going. The bank with Heller Clinton, there's no such thing as authenticity, control down into Hillary Clinton and never had often take bedrock ever Justin's has haven. What is your opinion of the perilous made between the roman Empire and Modern America. Even want America collapses. You think it will be because repeated the same mistakes the Romans may well. Now. I think that some of the parallels are our true. The idea that the Roman Republic caved in made way for the roman empire that eventually gave way to
to basically weakening from within. I think they're parallels there. I don't think it's gonna happen quite over a long period in the roman empire was round for a very very long time, but, as you see the growth of executive government as you, the growth of these regular branch and serve withering of legislative branches and important branch of government, I think that a lot of the lot of the centralisation of power that eventually leads to decay, as is happening in the United States. I'd like to see a return to checks and balances is opposed to. If we just select the right person, president, everything will be better. I don't think that's correct. Ok. That brings us to the end of male back, so I hope that you ve enjoyed this entire year with us, because we enjoy this entire year with you, and I have to say that
all the things that I am thankful for this year. Aside from your gotta my family, the thing that most painful for is that there are so many people who engage with the show who really enjoy the show, who listen, who are thinking on a daily basis and sending challenging questions. People who disagree with me and who listen we're so grateful for your listener, sharp and on Thanksgiving. I think that we should we should thank you for that. Also grateful to the staff of put up with me everyday ungrateful myself for putting up with staff. So there's all of that. Ok. We'll be back here on Monday will see, then have a wonderful thanksgiving, Wigan Adventure here. This is the main Shapiro.
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