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Ep. 426 - Lauer's No Longer

2017-11-29 | 🔗
Trump uses the power of trollery for good, North Korea fires a historic missile, and tax reform is on the brink of victory. Date: 11-29-2017
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Well, it is one hell of a Wednesday morning, a lot of news happening, Matt Lauer, fired for sexual misconduct, North Korea, fires a historic missile and president from fires of the Democrats. Adventure here this is eventually Ok, so we have a lot to get to today. As I say, hours firing. Obviously, at the top of the new president. Trump is trolling everyone this morning we'll talk about what good drollery looks like a bad drollery looks like and president from some, both over the past twenty four hours. Look at the new cycle, which should be an amazing new cycle for president trumpet mean here is the fact of the matter right now, you're. Looking at a historically good news, I call for president from explain all of that in just a second my person, one say thank you to responses over at blue apron, so blue apron is the best way to cook at home and everybody in the office use it in LOS Angeles. It become basically a way of life for a lot of votes, the way that it works. The yarn and register a blue
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butter with Evan Prize and Romanes AL at an age. This Gore may stuff guys roasted chicken and fall that shows a primary and ginger compost. I mean it sounds wishes and getting hungry. Just looking, Lou apron is reading my listeners right now to your forced into a three hour value right now. If you visit Bootblue aprons outcome, slash apparel blue aprons outcomes, Lasher off check out this week's menu, get thirty bucks offered free shipping at blue apron, dotcom, slash, appear again, Lou apron icons, lash appear up, please useless, I suppose so number one. They know who sent you a number. Do you get that thirty dollar off you get your first in a free with free shipping, blue apron, a better way to go ok, so what's happening in the news you wanted the frustrating things about doing a daily show. Is they can plan your shovel, before, and the new cycle is so fast by the next morning the entire show has been abandoned. Its we would happen yesterday, like we plan to show yesterday. Lastly, last makes us on a plane to DC good. We planned that job. I was all about north korea- knows all about tax cuts and then
morning that Lauer was fired. Format. Lauer, of course, is a is a long standing mainstay of mourning television always considered the nice guy of mourning, de the guy that women loved and trusted, and whose very friendly everybody liked him. Yet it turns out that he's a bit of age backs up here is The analysis on NBC were apparently told it. Lao was fired like five minutes before they went on air. I found the best suggestion today came from a crazy tagging who suggested that as an ocean to escape in which anchors start reading the news, and then the teleprompter comes up their resigning because they ve been accused of sexual harassment because it Gloria. Right now is no notice. People are being fired right and left here is the footage from NBC this morning, as now the manpower is now gone. They're calling On Monday night, we received a detailed complaint from colleagues about inappropriate sexual behaviour in the workplace by Matt Lauer represented after
serious review, a clear violation of our companies standards. As a result, we have decided to terminate has employment while it is the first complaint about his behavior over twenty years. He has been an embassy news. We were also present in Britain, since I believe this may not abandoned, isolated incidents, our high priority is to create a workplace environment where everyone feels safe and protected and to ensure Any actions that run counter to our core values are met with consequences, no matter who the offender. We are deeply saddened by this turn of events, but we will face. Together as a news organization and do it and as transparent a manner as we can, that is statement from our chairman Andy Lack, and we just learned this moments ago. Just this morning, I'm sure you can imagine, we aren't devastated and we are still processing all of this and I will tell you right now: we do not know more than what I just shared with you. We will covering this story, as Rapporteur says Journal.
I'm sure we will be learning more details in the hours and days to come and we Must we will share that with you? just amazing added. All of this is just breaking stop. It happens one after another, so we ve had Charlie were in the last week, Charlie rose Matt, Lauer, Glenn Thrush, indeed, the head of news organization and PR just a bunch of different people who have been accused of sexual. although our or harassment, apparently, the allegation accords and in your posts is that he is the man our letter, We sexually assaulted. A female NBC staffer during the real Olympics, apparently had been having affairs with bunch of a subordinate and NBC, but they are all consensual until now, but this one was not consensual, in the New York Times, were on the road to reporting. Apparently, a big story about sexual harassment, allegations against Matt Lauer at NBC,
there is a gun in your Charlie, whose rapporteur he has been very sore on top of all of the all of the allegations about various people for sexual harassment, sexual assault, and he says that he's talk too many women who have felt intimidated by Matt Lauer. So this is not a complete surprise, in fact very wiser than your times very good up a communist over there. She predicted a week ago. The mat Lauer would be the next guy to go does raise a couple of questions, matting number one you're raises the question of: why is it that the treatment of sexual harassers and assaulters in the media is so different than it is in politics right here? The people when the last few months have gone right, Harvey one in Billow Riley Roger Ales Kevin's basic Charlie rose, Michael arrests of NPR Mark Halprin and Leon, with a weasel tier among many others, Glenn Thrush, Louise Uk Brett Random. Last of all those people are going home by all of those people are in the media. In politics, the people who have so far been accused
Our president Trump Roy, more L, Frank in John Tyres, none of them are thought, so you can see that there is a vast gap between how we treat people were accused of this stuff in politics and how we treat people work, use of this stuff in the media there, A logic to it can logic is that in the media the weighted dislike reflects itself is in ratings. No to watch Matt Lauer over the morning coffee, knowing that he tried to use actually salt somebody by in politics, we vote once and that's a pretty much it bravely the ongoing approval ratings, don't matter for the presidency, both for a tory office. For a house member, all that matters is election result in popularity is not really a huge factor, believe it or not in a lot of these congressional raises Manufactures President Trump, when the presidency, in the MID Thirty's in terms of popularity, there's a lot of other priorities that impede Another priority is to come to bed right. The Roy Moore situation is. Is it obvious example? Why do people I think are are calculating and I don't mean completely irrelevant. Obviously I think it's a bra
late in the day after the foregoing more even if they find him disreputable, because Dog Jones is a prohibition fanatic and so that the politics is not the same game is me Not the same game is media media is just about your popularity. Politics is about what you think you're gonna get out of these guys, but it is striking the difference between how sexual harassment allegations are treated in the media versus how they are treated in politics. Ok, that's breaking piece of news number one! That means good news. I call for president front because again another member of the mainstream media well respected. Member of the mainstream media is added for sexual. Spent in a soft and for president front, that's good news because number one. It means that it very difficult for the media to suggest that really more is alone and number two is that all these people who were yelling at present interim for being a woman abuser back and twenty sixteen half of them- are doing this m stuff themselves. Apparently. So that's that's. A good piece of news for president from another piece of news for President Trump is that the GDP is out there. The GDP statistics are out in the third quarter. Apparently there are three point: three percent GDP growth- that is the best treaty, p growth that we have seen since twenty fourteen. That's a big,
when, for President Trump it doesnt matter, the president from hasn't really done all that much on economic policy. What matters that isn't! It is no that, under President Trumpeter Republican Congress, there are now can be a lot of moves to shut. Down, and so they are investing and they are creating new jobs, and all of that is due to the election of President Trump, even president from isn't taking sustained action to actually impact the economy in any serious way. That's piece of good news for President Trump number, two piece of good news for presidential number: three from political side is very bad news for the United States, but it's good news for members. The president, whenever there is an ever present foreign threat, that's good for the president in terms of popularity ratings from a pure political calculation. All right now we have an ever present threat. Yesterday, North Korea launched a ballistic missile the travelled ten times higher than the NASA International Space Station into space, they travelled apparently eleven thousand kilometers and that puts New York in range puts Washington DC in range. It puts why in range, basically the entire.
Is now under the threat of north korean nuclear missile thing get a nuke affixed to the head of the icy began, That is a major major ground shift in the nature of the technology. The north Koreans have demonstrated this far president trunk Emma S today, and he tried to kill the nation basically said, I'm it. Don't worry, I'm handling this a missile was launched, a little while ago from North Korea, which I will take care of it. We have general matters in the room with us, and we ve had a long discussion on it. it is a situation that we will handle it whenever there is an ever present right again, every down to the benefit of the president and president from is doing what it can here is not his fault. This was a system, those built over the past three decades by President's but Democrats and Republicans and now trumps there, and this fell into trumps lap, reminiscent deeds. Trunks gonna have to figure out do about it. But the fact of the matter is the trunk is not to blame for it, and the american people know that the best thing we can do right now,
build a permissive defence system and I think Trump is very much for that's. That's piece of news number: three: the cuts in the in favour of the president of the United States, piece of news number, four that cuts in favour of the president of the United States that yesterday we discussed at length the consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This is easier than this year, Phoebe by this Ridiculous organization that was set up by Elisabeth worn and the Democrats under Dodd Frank that was basically independence of Congress and independence of the president and was supposed to crack down on all sorts of anti consumer fraud by businesses as most crackdown on credit card companies and lending companies and all of us, and a very quickly turn into a shakedown unit where these young people, but basically approach particular business and instead of coming to some sort of agreed upon settlement that was fair and just they would try to shake down that business. Take that money and then directed towards democratic coffers. They would their renting space,
the bomb organisation they were. They were finally money too, in a bomb linked pr, firm, they'd, staffed up completely with Democrats, there's going round. Reuben is written about this extensively at national review. Well, president from comes in and says what, in a clean house, they must have ever richer. Cortright, richer, quarries term is up in two thousand, and ten, so courtrai steps down early and he appoints to replace him a woman, namely an English. The problem is he's not allowed to do that legally. So President Trump instead appoints Mc Mulvaney, his head of office of Management of budget as a temporary stop gap until he can appoint somebody with the approval of Congress so we in English shows up to work anyway. Radio she's not really supposed to be there and mobile. He shows up anyway and supposedly have a constitutional crisis and to tell you how this cut in favour from injustice. Second, first, I want to say thank you tore sponsors over
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Leon English shows up towards a here is Nancy Pelosi tweeting about Leon. English is a lousy close it. gently anyway. Incredibly thankful for determination of Leandro English, the rightful acting director of sea, F, P, B, hashtag defends Europeans, a picture of policy and Elizabeth born and truck shimmer and Leandro English can personal. I do on the edge of the right acting directorate, sounds like something out of game of thrones. I do. I really do enjoy that it's it's getting late. the Usurper Mulvaney will be brought low, he'll be maids and bend the knee before the rightful acting director. Thank the restoration of Charles the seconds and the sixteen hundred we're gonna bring. We back the royal family the glory this resolution is a boy did. All of this is just silly talk. A federal judge ruled against them
crash yesterday said that you are making us up. This. Has nothing to do with reality: richer, core drake not appoint his own successor, that's not how the system of government works. That would mean that these yet Phoebe would be the most powerful agency in american government. There is a judge in bright Cavanaugh on the Deasey Circuit Court of Appeals who actually rewrote the Dodd Frank ACT, because he said Blessing Nigel appointed a director position that is more powerful than the President of the United States inside his own purview. That is not constitutional, so Trump had the full power to replace Leandro English and so he did. Such a big went for president from a political point for present from so that, if these new than before these news number five is the tax reform seems to be going pretty well, it looks like Republicans are finally can be able to cram something through now. As I said, and then their problems with this tax reform detached from is basically structure to lower corporate tax rates. That's fine! I think it's important to lower corporate tax rates, but Republicans really have not made that case. Instead,
they keep discussing is individual tax rates and how those are going to be lowered? The problem is that this bill is really structure to lower individual tax rates in it, serious way it lowers the marginally, but it really is designed to do is make up tax revenue by getting rid of certain deductions by getting rid of your ability to direct your state income tax, so island, the state of California. I have like a ten to twelve percent state income tax in the state of California. I usually get a doctor for my income before him. A federal income tax. This new tax bill would get rid of that's. My taxes would go up by fully percent? That means that it be if, since I'm in the top tat bracket, that means that every dollar Ireland tax bracket I'm paying at least fifty percent? Basically, when you include other taxes, more than fifty percent of that will go to the state and federal government sets a real shock to the system. For folks, like me anymore, You're not like me in tax bracket, if you're in California or New York, then you are going to be smacked. If your messages that you're gonna be smacked always high tax nature can be smart. Now, I don't think that's bad policy actually rising
good policy. These, I don't think the federal government should be sponsoring the states to raise their own taxes. I think that silly, but it is true that the individual tax changes here are pet of wishy washy at best and that's because they are designed to make up for lost revenue. I hate using the term it that's the term. The revenue, the federal government revenue to the federal government of the federal government doesn't earn anything. It's your money did their sucking out of your pocket, but the amount of money The federal government does not taken is lower than it. Otherwise would be because of the lowered corporate tax rates, and so there time to increase the individual tax rates in certain ways in order to basically make up for that lost money so that they can pass with fifty one votes in the Senate instead of sixty. That's because they have to use a process called reconciliation. Reconciliation requires that the digital. The congressional budget office issue a ruling on any law that shows that it does not increase the deficit overtime. So that's what they're doing here all that side
publicans right there on the verge of passing this thing. Yesterday, Susan Collins Signal that she would support a tax reform bill, including the river, the repeal of the individual mandate now there's a problem with the repeal of the individual mandate, Kay the repeal of the individual mandate, which is basically forcing to date, the individual many forces you'd by health insurers are pipeline and the Supreme Court ruled that was not find. Those attacks, because the Supreme Court is a leftist institution in they were lying in justice. Roberts did real disservice to the american people and the constitution, that decision, but suffice it to say that individual mandate is bad. However, if you get rid of the individual and you leave all the other Obamacare regulations in place. The prices are going to skyrocket unless the federal government comes in and jack up the subsidies. So guess what happened yesterday. Basic tromp endorse the idea of getting rid of the individual mandate, but jacking up the subsidies through the Alps.
Answer by Marie Bell, I believe it to be this. This bill, that's being pushed by the Democrats and moderate Republicans for the federal government to common subsidize. All of these are these Obamacare regulations, even without the individual mandate, It's not good policy, it isn't good policy for me a bit of the individual mandate. You also need to get rid of the regulations that would be getting rid of a they're, just getting rid of the individual mandate and then having the government pick up. The slack actually is close to nationalize. Healthcare is actually close to nationalize healthcare in one way, I so that is not a grand and glorious thing, but with all these by offs with all these pay out, it looks like tax reform is pretty good shape, and the Democrats don't know what to do about it. Last night, on CNN there was a debate between TIM, Scott Intact, on the one hand and Maria Cantwell Senator from Washington and berries, the new leader of the Democratic Party that crazed old bat loon, he was there talking that taxes and Bernie Sanders is trying to make the case against the tax reform, but, having a tough time doing it, he basically had to argue that the GNP wants to cut social security, which of course,
there has been no indicated that they want to do. In my view. I have not the slightest doubt that if this bill, God forbid, is passed as soon as it is past, the republican leadership will come back, and so my god, we have to deal with the deficit and that's why we're gonna cut social security, Medicare Medicaid and education making the reality is that I wish the Republicans and say that the fact is. The deficit is nine going away. The debt is not going away and the main drivers of the debt are not tax cuts. The main drivers of the debt always and forever will be these massive entitlement programmes. They need to be restructured in a very significant way at the bed. The big drivers, the debt, are things like social security benefits to be restructured and privatized. I need to be able to take my own money and invested for myself. And I should not have it removed from me and placed into a Quarterboat Social Security law, but that does not exist. It basically a transfer wealth. It's me pay my grandmother. If I get my grandmother money, that's my business asian force me to take my money paid out to a bunch of old folks.
sixty years to earn an deprived, my children of it. The best thing that could be done right now is pay off the opposite. Those commitments have been made, so we keep saying the old people we keeping the retirees but for people who are not yet retired We give you the ability to take your money and put it into the stock market. We take dinner and give you the ability to take your money and invest it. How you will and then that's it. You're on your own, I mean, if you, if you want to make its validity, is an opt out that you automatically opt into some sort of just say, or some sort of savings accounts and Social Security savings account and you have to opt out of it. Fine. The idea that a mandate that you pay your money into into a pyramid scheme, is really morally egregious and by the time I have retirement age. China has he any this morning and this money is gone or they can dramatically raise taxes on my children, because they're gonna have no other choice but against the wind for tromp, because it looks like tat of one is on its way and final when for tromp, okay, so vital infrastructure is that it looks like there may be a government shutdown dormant shutdowns. The theory goes
always benefit the president and power, because the people who are not allowing the governments continue operating are seen as obstruction as this issue is the theory when the Republicans are you in addition, shut down the government and had cruises argument was, shut it down over Obamacare by the Republicans. Guessing we can't down can't shouted down, we can't shouted down. His little benefit. Obama. Ok, now trust the president standards. If there's government shut down, the reverse logic should apply, it would damage. The Democrats says means that Trump has a series: a series of good headlines, they're coming over in tat reform, North Korea, the sea of p b, the economic boom, the matter. Hours of all these things are good. I mean it's a gazing, a perfect storm of good headlines for president from any possibility The government shutdown, so how does president trumpet respond to all of that? Well with drollery, Some of that drollery is good. Some of that role He is bad and we'll explain the difference between good and bad trawler. I'm not coming at this vote from perspective of. I want president trumped to fail. If you want from to succeed, if you want to be a successful presidency,
Get done all the things you want him to get done. You need him to be disciplined. One ounce of discipline in this new cycle and tromp would get a five point bump in his approval ratings. He's capable of it, not not discipline I don't make, but he's capable of actually trolling in a good man or some showing how they trawled well in their military. I told really really poorly this morning, he told us yesterday is trawlers today not to go out Spain. All just a second first, I want to say thank you for sponsors over Enzo GINO, so you and you need to buy, as you have a big meaning coming up and Instead of going to a tailor for a well made to you just go by one off the rack and fits year. Oddly, really fit grade doesn't feel good I need a gourd Indochina, there's nothing that makes you look nicer than in nice tailored suit may just for you, that's what Indo China is for their making it easy to get us you major exact measurements and offend Hastigt price. You can choose from hundreds of top quality fabrics customize all the data
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Indochina, dot com and then use that promo code Shapiro any made measures for just three hundred and twenty nine dollars. Ok, so president from has the capacity to troll up the reason I say he has the capacity to troll well as because he did it yesterday. So yesterday, president trumpet let off by tweet That the Democrats, when they d, be able to come to no actual resolution with the Democrats. It look like a democratic right. Insist on some sort of amnesty agreement in order for them to move forward with funding the government, the reason Democrats or necessary? Here is because the Democrats can filibuster funding for the government and they can shut down the garment with the master, the same way, the tag crews basically did in two thousand and fourteen. I believe what you doesn't thirteen. Well, then autocratic in signalling that their perfectly willing to do a government shutdown here is how democratic chairman bedding, but his name is patent. Crowley and he says men will shut down the government over Dhaka. You never know Democrats are willing to work to secure the future of the eight hundred thousand plus individuals who are dreamers
when the Doktor programme Democrats are working to ensure the extension of the chip programme level provide health insurance for children throughout our country, almost ten million children throughout our country Democrats in a work towards keeping government open and we think the work in truth and with the same time, these are all legitimate and good. Issues that need to raise is the wrong shut down the government s Joe Crowley by the way from New York on end see that their willing to shut down the government, if need be, and then from tweets out Naturally, we come to agreement, Antonia, close interest, humor of our schedule to come to the White House to use that as an excuse to pull out and so trumped up, something that is quite a majestic leap: brilliant right trump! He set up a meeting by Paul Ryan is their image because there and you leave see on either side of him. One was tumors name in one with policies, name tag in front of them. Any leads the seats empty, like they're, waiting for Elijah the profit on the first night a pass over, and they he leaves the sea tempting and then he says, listen they're not here like I was going to negotiate they're. Not here, where are they
so they decided not to show up all tat they ve been no action, and now, even worse. Now it s not even so. The ninth showing up for the meeting. I will say this in light of the missile launch- probably they'll, be here fairly quickly or at least discussions will start taking place. There's lots of big differences, so we'll see what happens to shut down the sea, but now things have changed over the last two hours, because two hours ago missile was launched. I think that will have a huge effect on shore high level trolling high level trolling from from President Rembrandt they're, leaving the empty chairs very good imagery. Retrim is good at this stuff. He can be good at this time and you can see that the Democrats are sort of ETA. That's right, shut, you more is trying to say. Well, you know we want just gonna shop for a photo out. That's all trucks humor does for living. Nobody believes that secures trucks humor saying that trunk tweets from tweeting. That's what made it justified,
while the treaty that we would be happy to show up at the tweet came out, and then we weren't gonna show up Justino sit next to him for a photo up, yeah sure Jack on foot generally this morning. Instead of leading the present tweeted a blatantly inaccurate statements and then concluded. I don't see a deal. The President said. I don't see a deal three hours before our meeting before he heard anything we had to say, given that the president's dozens Deal between Democrats in the White House, leader pull see, and I believe the best path forward is to continue go shading with our republican counterparts in Congress. Instead. rather than and then went on- and he said, Tromp was a destructive force and tromp was the end of the world. Here is going on from this is not going to work. Ok, the earliest! This was the logic. Ok, if you, if you think this is going to we need to explain why it is for establishment republicans if you think that Trump is wrong and humorous
You need to explain why you oppose ten crews, doing the same thing to President Obama. I've even richer where's, making the right political, wasn't so bad for the Republicans to stand up for government shut down during the Obamacare debate, you need to explain now one think did you know. I think the logic here is pretty sound, that if Trump stands bonuses, listen you shutting down the government because you are building my walk. The american people want that Wall no you're, not you're, not willing to fund the government. You no one to fund the military, because you're so desperate to give citizenship to illegal immigrants. That's what's gonna shut down the government shuts down the government. Does the conventional wisdom. It's the blame welfare, the case during the Obama years than it certainly should be the case now and I'll show you that it was the case we Obama is right when TAT crews said that we're not gonna find Obamacare when TAT grew said. That here is how the Democrats responded Christmas. Zoran always he said, so tat grows. Gettin Maria prevented so familiar tackles. A guitar has got bombs. Dropped he's just blew a bomb structures just now
I believe its terrorism is the first time I've seen a political party or even a fraction of it. Their number one Ghali's a tissue. down the american government? It is the american government kill a bill, it's already been passed by Congress and refused to pay bills already run out by the Congress in an attempt to basically risk before it wasn't just Chris Mathies is also, White House, where the Obama White House called Republican, lawmakers terrorist Dan fight was on CNN, with J Tapir inside for cutting spending were for reforming our tactical room for reforming entitlement, but we're not for, negotiating with people on the bomb strapped to their chests. the same game. The Republicans can play if they choose to plan and Trump is happy plant to a case that is useful. Drollery read that useful trawler here as it is termed, could have twin about all these things. This morning, my an exclusively these names from tweets a lot right. What he should do, as you should be exclusively focused on the things that are of benefit to him so too, about the tax cuts to the higher trying to handle the situation
Korea tweet about the fact that the Democratic Frank shut down the government tweet, even even Jonah tweet about Matt Lauer, and ask if there's a systemic problem inside the media. Ask that here's what prompted this morning so that the good drollery. I showed you now, it's it's bad for every time I did. This is really good from power trumpet. Then there was a bachelor and is allowing the media to escape all of these headlines that be great for tromp instead misdirected the fact that Trump doesn't seem like you can control his twitter thumbs because of prompt starts off this morning. I retreating a bunch of videos from Guida France in who is France and you, France, and his deputy leader of Britain, First Britain, first as a white supremacist outfit in the UK I don't mean that in any soft fashion, Lee Britain first actually rallies with white supremacist like they're, so bad to Infowars was tried in Trump today, not to retweet videos from Britain, first civil wars and Paul. Just watching over it enforces telling Trump dude, that's not smart then it's we really not smart. Ok, that's really stupid, say tweeted
a bunch of videos of Muslims, doing bad things ready, but video Muslim destroys the stature of the Virgin Mary, a video muslim migrant beat up Dutch Blue, on crutches. There's only one problem with that video apparently wasn't as the migrant beaten up a dutch plan crutches at all apparently was darker dutch. Why beating up like her dutch boy did the he tweets? All these things from Britain, firstly became such an issue that over the house And there was, there is actually a movement censure Trump, I believe from the House of Commons floor, retweeting stuff from Britain first, so, Mr President, no just stop, and then it and stop there for people say what he can lock and you can chew gun at the same time, does about walking and chewing gum. At the same time, it's about walking and stepping in crap at the same time do not step in the crap game. I walk like amused the walking the walk and you're gonna break walking. His great chewing gum is great stepping in crap not so rate. Please don't do that. You're trump. It should understand by this point that his twitter account is basically like a laser point on the media are like cats, but the problem is that those cats are
follow the laser pointer where he pointed to a few points it in irrelevant places, poems those relevant places and they would prefer to stay there, because it's more fun it's more they're all left us there looking for an excuse to covered from saying stupid things as so all these headlines actually benefit president Trump right trunk tweeted. Three, these videos from Britain First Benny tweeted out, looks like another great day for the South market Consumer conference record high? I get someone like me and then, in parentheses, my policies, ok, is that self aggrandizing without tweeted better that lessons absolutely but that's an acceptable to eat, but that's gonna get lost in the Brittan first. Weight to me come on by then from decided that it was necessary not only to Troll Matt Lauer, but then to use that as an excuse to try Joe Scarborough and other heads of MSNBC and CBS, he treated their squat well may allow was just fired from NBC for enterprise sexual behaviour, the workplace, but when will it
executives, NBC Comcast be fired for putting out so much fake news check out Anti lacks passed. What does Matt LAO or sexually assaulting people are allegedly sexually assaulted? People have to do with fake news exactly ass, a stretch, ethical he's just saying I hate, CBS or ahead NBC, so smack embassy and then continues on to fill Griffin. So now the mayflowers go and what will the fake news? Practitioners NBC be terminating the contract to fill Griffin, and will they terminal oh ratings, Joe Scarborough, based on the UN's of mystery that took place in Florida years ago, investigate exclamation point What are you talking about when we Saki Man just second again? This is so asinine and it's so confused at it so worthless. There's no reason for the President of the United States to be doing this and there are so many good headlines from tonight and cities crew. Bad headlines just because he's board just sitting right as anything else to do it so irritating if you'd, like the country to be better. If you'd, like all the good headlines actually gets him play in its staff, stepping on your own wiener by just stop substance.
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The time when you're urging discipline for the President, North Korea fired a missile yesterday that can hit me York like now be the time to focus and chosen leadership in studies tweeting about terminating contract to fill Griffin. No one really knows why, because their fake news, practitioners like us and then he said, they terminate low ratings Joe Scarborough. What's he taught me Joe Scarborough this unsolved mystery that took place in forty years ago? What he's talking about specifically, is the Jos Scarborough when he was in Congress. There is a twenty eight year old in turn, I guess in one of his local offices was found dead in the office. The medical their full examination and what they found. The djinn undisclosed heart condition that your hard tat she had her hand she died. There is no sign of I'll play there is a full investigation. Joe Scarborough is now in any way. According to the police or the medical examiner, there is no sign. Any sort of force that was used against her sheep baseline hardtack indict. This does happen I know what happened. My boss, yonder bright by my friend Andrew Paper. Trump is now tweeting out conspiracy theories that require investigation from
White House in the middle of a series of good headlines, how's that smart and what the problem is that when you mix in Indiana Crap sandwich like trustworthy, where half of the sandwich is just high quality, roast beef and half of the sandwich is poop People are gonna, tend to focus more on the poop. It's in the sandwich than those be read his next, you tweets are just spoke to present invasion. Pang of China concerning the provocative actions of North Korea. Additional major sanctions will be imposed on North Korea. Today, this situation, we'll be handle good God. That's it! You, president! That's what you're supposed to do and then he treated about the economy is economy growing, excluding hurricane Effects CS. makes the real GDP growth would ve been three point: nine percent in Q, three stock market anew, unemployment, a new low, we're winning and tax cuts will shift our economy into hide year. All that stuff right. This is what you should be doing, because you can't guess, instead we're gonna get a day of headlines over him. Retweeting racist groups from the UK and him trying to bring up discredited conspiracy theories, Voucher Scarborough. How that's beneficial to his agenda is being
So don't blame underline people get angry at me when I criticise president tromp, I'm criticising president from because I want him to do better in the present. I want any presidency do This is not the way that you're going to make the GNP more popular or get your agenda passed into law or maintain any long, lasting grab the grip on power. There's a pull out today and people are asking: how do we get young people? Conservative? How exactly are we supposed to draw young people? This is a good question. When you look the pole tonight, what you find is that millennials, ok, millennials are actually nineteen percent. Nineteen percent in nineteen percent only say that they identify as G Opie good. That is as compared to thirty four percent, who identify as Democrats, twenty nine percent independent and seventeen percent. Something else and then, when you look at you think the Republican Party cares about people like you or not among all adults. The answer: seventy one percent, no, as among all college age, young people are millennials, enables seventy one percent. No, that is in bad statistic and the way the increase their past. It has
is by taking the wrong side of moral conflict, especially when you could be taking them side of moral conflict taking the wrong of moral conflict to put out on based conspiracy theories or white supremacist accounts from Britain adjusted for about the morality of four seconds, not smart, politically from utilitarian where'd. You know every time I say this sort of stuff: it's: u cock, you're, a cock, gray, used them understand the strength and power head and fight. Ok! Well, except that we put yourself in the balls, it turns out is not actually the political strategy and its kind of moral, also because nobles, who is really not smart, is just not bright. I really wish that we would stop all this ok, sober forget to things I like things. I hate and a little bit bible talk. First, go over daily wired, our common subscribe for nine ninety nine a month, you can get a subscription to daily Wire Doc That means you get the rest of the shore line on video means because be part of the mail bag on Friday. It means that, yes, we part of extra mailbags when we do to amaze me into the conversation you get to be part of the mechanism will show you get hurt
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it's not just because I'm a deviant and I like murmur. then there may well be true- I mean it may be for another deny. But what I will say is that in a comic book universe, where time. You imprison someone they escape presented immediately: murder, ten other people. The only moral solution is to kill criminals. Ok, that's the only Only moral solution is to actually till the criminals. Does my prime abandoned he keeps when people in arguments asylum want to keep escaping and then the Joker like ten thousand people. Many like I can't kill the Joker. If I kill the Joker, don't make me because he is saying no. If you kill it ok, you go back to place. You will escape five minutes later and murder. Ten thousand people just kill the stupid joke already. Unpunished has no such qualms. He's goes wrong. Killing people, the serious itself, is good. The guy who plays the punisher is and I who were with shame and walking daddy's, actually started quite rare from self he's good there. There is a supply here,
Anti NRA, which is just irritating, and it obviously stop to the left as you working that's. What about the series itself is is a better than average superhero series her to live with the preview. So I am not a marvel vat as you know, but I do want to punish her. I think punish her school
and the series is is quite good and very actual fact he's like that manage empty kills people basically so going check that out over at Netflix that's dated targeteers, ok, things that I hate I was jealous you some things that are ready. So where's, let it you can a guy named Lucien Winter Rich. Who is the White House correspondent for gateway pundit, any sort of made name from solving the passport? Tweeting means in such? He was speaking on. It's ok to be white, which is sort of the new slogan that used by some edgier members of the right shall we say also by the all right, a fair bit, a sort of, like you say, took every black. I say it's ok to be. Why was the problem lies? In any case, I went it goes in. He speaks and these students acts like idiot. You consummately, sir chanting that he's a naughty and shouting him down.
all the usual for forms of stupidity that you expect from snowflakes, had college campuses and then one of Eddie. It's no places young woman. She walked up to his podium and she grabbed his note. Ok, this bad! This is stupid. She should be prosecuted right, you're, not glad to see other people's property winfried instead of doing the smart thing and saying to the cops were standing right. There stop her and get my notes back here. mediately charges into the crowd and grabs the nodes by can of regional out her body and and and basically pulling her down to the ground. The video online so treated out, two things can be true at once. Right because I had spoken it many of these camps. Do things can be droll wants one. It is bad and criminal to see a lot of people property. Second, it's not to respond like this in public life and it's it's not like the judge, responding as we have a series of police. Particularly when, if they don't respond, you can then claim rightly, that the police failed to do their jobs at these universities, which is actually headline that a lot of votes are looking for the depletion,
doing their jobs in protecting freedom of speech and protecting conservative speakers from being victims of assault and from being victims of a petty fact right now that would be the thou be the way to treat us. It's not mark to do what winter, which did he got very angry me. No, I was defending my property and ass, my right to defend my property in any right to defend Europe. but it's not your right if, as I know, to pull a girls of ground over stealing to note, I think that's an excessive response in the log. Probably she had seen wife, but beyond that, it's not smart is not effectively smart in any till. Whatever is that ok other things that I hate. So I do love the media who are trying to fight the fake news charge, keep trotting out Dan. Rather, as though he's the is, though, he's the epitome of journalistic integrity- here's Dan rather yesterday, talking about from his moving us into an hour in space. Where truth does not matter preacher pressures, sometimes I have learned but none has relentlessly so consistently lied and I use the word measured.
aspersions none and here again is proof partially there's something within downward from that has convinced him. Now The election itself but he can get away with that. We moved into at least president from his time moving into an orwellian space were truth, doesn't matter and the option of truth is truth. So stupid so stupid. Why and why we may get trotting out the guy who's famous for losing his job over trotting out a fake letter that he still maintains was real. Why exactly? What they do that, because the dumb and financial, because there dumb and because they think they can get away with anything- and this is why Trump wins. This is why Trump went ok, so I dont have a lot of other time for four things. I hate to lose your quick Bible talk, so there's been a lot of talk lately about how God use bad people in order to achieve good and pay there is that there is a story in second kings about King Hezekiah, an autograph briefly. So king has a higher. Is the king of the Jews any basically caught in this conflict between the Assyrian,
and the Egyptians and looks like these uriens. Sometimes you live with these Arians sometimes outlined with Egypt has, and I say I keep saying to him. You need to stop siding with the Egyptians, do not side with the Egyptians, because if you do that, you will fall under their influence right. An essay a basically makes the case that you need to follow God, instead of following the Egyptians, because they d the Assyrians, invade Israel and marched for Jerusalem and has acquired sites to defend a capital. This is all true stopped by the way, one of things that schools. When you go to Jerusalem, you can actually both what has occurred. Water tunnels yeah. She built tunnels through the rock in order to survive the siege, and you can walk through the water. How such a very, very cool, experienced, municipalities of years old and a lot of Hezekiah
sisters were telling him. You need to go to the Egyptians for help, and I say it: ain't, no, don't go the Egyptians for help rely on God. He did rely on God and the assyrian army according to according to the profit and basically being destroyed outside the walls of Jerusalem. The point of the story is that sometimes it's always easy to do the same with sounds if you'd Heller, sometimes the danger of being so but dark side is grave enough. They have to rely on God and yourself, and I think that there are this is in you get used to decipher salt hangover adjourn Alabama bought out. I told you how I would vote. I would not go to the polls. Ro Bright and in the reason that I would you. That is because I think that sometimes siding with the bad guys dirty your soul, even siding with the bad guys you're trying to defeat people we perceive advantage worse to you is that it is story from from second kings. It's our battle, my point of view. Instead of doing maybe someday motoring, make the case to the Bible demands. These support run more. I think that that is a dicey case at best David French, by their own entire column, on this segment.
Second gangs that is quite good at national abuse, go check it out. Ok, so we'll be back here tomorrow tomorrow, I will be back in LOS Angeles. I might or might not have some stories it up. I don't know yet, but maybe I will mention here so the bench garage
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