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Ep. 438 - Is It The End Of The Internet?

2017-12-15 | 🔗
Net neutrality comes to an end, and armageddon ensues; President Trump moves forward with regulatory cuts; and we check the mailbag! Date: 12-15-2017
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In this episode, I will spoil star wars. Just for math is my producer. I'm not actually gonna do that, but net neutrality has come to an end which mean Armageddon is upon us all. The children will die, the seals will wither in the sun. All of the terrible things will happen or maybe not. I will explain. I'm Bench Bureau this adventure, parachute It's a Friday so we're all in a good mood here around the office and hence the the last July reference I have not seen it. I can't spoil anything about last shot. I accept. I do know that Luke's mechanical hand from return of the general has now been replaced with a flipper like a dolphin flipper. That's that's what I know about them of escape. If that this point or alert as flipper for a hand. Ok, but another news. Net neutrality has come to an ignominious end and everyone is losing their mind. We're all going to die. Cats and dogs will live together. The world will burst into flame you'll have to choose between you. Two first born children,
as to which one will be sacrificed to AOL and which will not be sacrificed to Verizon. You will have to make these decisions at least is what we have learned in the last twenty four hours after a set of regulations that really didn't end up doing much was just abolished by the FCC. We'll get you all of that. But first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at birch gold, so right now doesn't seem like there's a lot of uncertainty in the world. Well, it and one of the reasons it should feel like there's a lot of uncertainty in the world, because we no one knows what the heck is going on any of the weather or dropping policy, whether a dragoon natural disasters or whether we're just talking the markets where it seems like Bitcoin is riding the roller coaster. If you want an actual asset that you know is going to have value no matter. What happens right you get hacked gold, then you ought to be looking at precious metals is one of the things they ought to have part of your portfolio in Burma who makes sure that can happen for you. They will longstanding track record of continued success. Thousands of satisfied clients was by a using plus rating with the better Business Bureau. Contact Brcko right now, and you get a sixteen page free kit Review
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Netflix, buys data from Verizon, so that networks can actually be on the internet. You pay that you have access to networks and common sense. This is how the internet works. Well, Verizon, isn't as an eye s p or or sprints his eyes. He spends nicely Comcast and I speak as someone some of these- I espies they compete with one another and one of the things that they want Do is they want the ability to privileged certain content above other content when it comes to charging them? The reason for this is that, basically right I'll Netflix, for example, takes up an enormous amount of bandwidth forever. I s p, it is. It is working with and that drives up the price for bandwidth for smaller providers, so this quite possible. Then I m p may launch that wants to charge Netflix more pert bite of data and therefore drive the price down. For the other people who are using the internet right oars possible that I M p say the Netflix was in your load faster than other site. You can pass a premium. All of this is fine.
I'll. Take you from with any of this. The only problem with any of this is if there is a monopoly or an oligopoly, and here is the argument in favour of net neutrality. So let's say They only have one internet service provider in your area. The reason they probably only have one internet service provider in your area is because a lot of local government regulations make it difficult to build an eye pay in order lay down broadband, you actually have to have government rights of way A lot of local governments will put conditions on the various companies that want to come in so great a sort of oligopoly situation the idea here is, let's in there's Comcast in Comcast owns Netflix just any bottlenecks and they want to help Netflix, but they want to hurt who lucid they slow down artificially the speed on Hulu, encouraging people to subscribe to Netflix instead of subscribing to who read. This is the great fear they Comcast is based, in a strangle in the crab competition to its vertically integrated companies and this is not an idle worry in a monopoly situation. You theoretically could do this. So the answer neutrality, people say: listen. We already have anti competition regulations in place right. You can actually prosecute monopoly.
That are acting as monopolies. The empty see the federal frayed commission can crack down the FCC can crack down on this. You don't need to basically mandate that all traffic be treated the same or be charged the same, because again, maybe want to charge Netflix more because has taken up more bandwidth. Maybe what a charge, the porno gruffly company, that taking up an enormous amount of bandwidth on your computer. More maybe one of you all of those things, so everybody who is in favour net neutrality says well, the I s peace shouldn't be allowed to do that you buy an internet uplink, then you should base we get all the pages at the same rate and for a given price, but the truth is that you're actually redistribute costs rate lets it of my grandmother doesn't use Netflix her internet price, the price they Comcast is charging for her. Actually going to be higher than normally would be. If, for example, they could divide out Netflix and have you pay subscription fee for faster internet service, the guidance Netflix there but she's actually subsidizing me because I'm using, folks and she isn't she doesn't have to use very much did I have to use more data and there is a sort of redistributive mechanism that happens. So these are the two armies
one is that old gobbling means the government has to come in and regulate the I s, peace, they dont strangle, Netflix or Youtube or any other any other outlet that they want to strangle and people against net morality, say well, if you actually want to foster competition in the I s p space. If we want a proper distribution of costs, then you actually need to let competition take over now. In order for companies, the take over it's not enough for the federal government just to get rid of net neutrality. The federal government also needs to encourage all of these companies to start investing in local areas, and local governments need to start encouraging all the highest peace to invest in building you I've been networks Those are the arguments, the region, I come down against net neutrality and I dont think that the answer to all gobbling is, moreover, gobbling once you enshrine the idea and create barriers to entry that every piece of data has to be treated the same. Then. What is that parity of advantage of a small start up. Companies opposed Comcast. The answer is not can be very difficult for them to compete, get. That is why you see all of these small eyes. Peace actually in favour.
I'm getting rid of net neutrality. The companies you see in favour of keeping that neutrality, our companies like Netflix. They don't want to pay more for that fast, totalling on the internet, highway. Ok, now, here's the truth, the matter. What, and with net neutrality, the internet was not going to be radically different. It was not going to radically change because of Comcast waters. Strangling Hulu in its grip. There would be compared they ramifications for that in the marketplace. People would start out the start, opting for Verizon in that of Comcast there would be an effort by smaller eyes, peace. Yet the market competition would become a thing and its, interesting to me that a lot of the same people are deeply concerned with big corporations like Comcast strangling various companies. They don't like our seeming. Unconcerned about Facebook or Youtube or twitter strangling political. Missions. They don't like right. Routinely not people off line for things that twitter doesn't like Youtube, we'll demon. The ties, videos they, like our friends, the place like louder with crowd or India
and they ve been demonetized, praying university bins monetize by Youtube. I don't see the same people who are complaining about net neutrality, complaining that Youtube is not treating all content the same it there, All in favour of all content be treating the same being treated the same when it comes to their favorite outlets. Bona comes to their favorite. Critical views. They have nothing to say, I'm pretty consistent. Having Youtube, has the right to crack down on videos. It doesn't like to the right to do it, wrong to do it, but they have the right to do it, and I think I am please have the right to do at. Similarly, I think competition. The marketplace keeps a lot of these companies. Honest, ok, so, with all of that said, there's this weird idea that was going. Round at the end of the internet was gonna happen. Yesterday, CNN actually headline end of the internet, and yet strangely their article appeared on the internet. After this, after all this had been, and rapid, but the level of outrage and insanity was so high up ownership. Somebody's tweets in summer totally creating this one is from God the gay lesbian alliance against defamation. They literally treated the repeal of net and fry
it is an attack on the algae beating you, community so number, one anytime glad mine's anything you could just get rid of the first forwards and support rob and put any other forwards in their republican tax cuts are an attack on the eligibility community. Community catchers are an attack on the algae BT, Q community. It, if you think the net neutrality specifically tat on gay people? I tell you, though, not stray people here there are no game. That seems like a bit of a stretch to make banks he whose most well known for basically grow feeding other people's property. He treated this nonsense, one thousand four hundred and ninety nine a month, snapchat nine hundred and ninety nine Youtube one thousand nine hundred and ninety. In a month, Netflix In April movie, Google one ninety nine percent. If you or pay extra for your favorite site, you need to be supporting net neutrality. This is incoherent occasion coherent. You know, Networks can charge fourteen ninety nine a month has no one will pay fifteen bucks for twitter. Ok, you know my twitter account sounds like a pay that money for what are no one on earth. You know I Netflix can't charges.
Ninety, nine, a moving because nine one's gonna, pay, nine, ninety nine, a movie for the stuff. It's on Netflix. It is not going to happen because there's a thing called idea: Amazon that is going to charge one ninety Google is to charge one ninety nine per search if they want to being the biggest thing on planet earth. They could do that. I suppose, but this makes it makes no sense at all is absolute utter horse crap. But this sort of alarm is in that you on in the internet yesterday, we're all gonna die. You're gonna have to sacrifice your dog to the gods of Twitter. If your maintain your twitter account trimmer twitted out of networks, please women in the internet may start to resemble toll road with the highest bidders cruising along private fast lane, while the rest of Us Intro on the single traffic to a public line? Number one Chuck Schumer, the Senator from New York New York is a lot of toll road. They work really well. Where's your African, a great on the reasons towards exists, is because number one they actually clear out a lane. Ok, toll roads are actually relieve traffic on the rest of white. Usually a tall road is added to it is not some trap and from usually don't just take one.
When's the highway code at all road usually build an extra lane, and that's it all road, and so that money goes towards upkeep on the highway and if you want to pay for RO the negative vaseline. If that were true than Tal rode on the internet, will refined Netflix would pay a little bit more for their internet speed. You might pay a little bit more at ease, Netflix a lot and you pay a little bit less guilders, Netflix Alot, which seems very me frankly. If you don't understand how this works think about bundled cable. Basically, net neutrality is bundled cable. You have to pay one price for everything and if you get ready A even though, according to the worst case scenario, people, but the idea here would be they get to pick and choose which I, as people use based on the services that it provides number one. I don't think that's actually gonna happen, but even if it did happen, I'm not sure that it's the end of the world, like the incident then in the end the alarms me didn't stop their Bernie Sanders did the same thing he said. Net neutrality is, can be the end of the war. Personal bless him Bernie Sanders use the inter WEBS was nineteen. Seventy use dial up a well modem, berries,
I'm not sure nobody. Computer is given Bernie Sanders, the socially talking about why net neutrality matters, despite the fact that the internet is the greatest the greatest in freest and most open market in the history of mankind. He opposes open market areas, various Anders disastrous social impact. Every american huge advantageth declarations on the small businesses media companies of the smaller media outlets. We got everything The deepest thing what's legislatively. Ok, so that another time I'm going to the court first, more democratic can't go to the court's. Ok, administrative decisions like this are not appealable if Bernie Sanders Net neutrality condemn well polished Fort in Congress, which, by the way, is where it should have been pushed for. In the first place, this is not a regulatory, decision regulating the internet like a like the deeds, W p under idle to regulating it like a telephone company under under the title, It makes no sense legally. If you want to do this through Congress,
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it was provider in your area? Then shouldn't net neutrality be a thing region. We force that oligopoly to treat all internet traffic the same so can't strangle off, Hulu or Netflix or Youtube, or whichever app it wants to in favour of its own kind. And here was I atropine, explaining to different points number one. I agree that we need more competition in this way or the last eleven months it I've been in office as the chairman of the sea weed taken a number of initiatives to promote a lot more competition. Getting more. Why was the spectrum, therefore, wireless carriers to use making it easier for smaller fibre providers enter the market place next generation a satellite companies into the marketplace to provide an alternative to the terrestrial folks to work more competition. That way ever to I wanna equally is heavy handed internet regulations imposed by the US. He seen twenty fifteen take us in the opposite direction they make it harder at already hard, as it is for lovely, smaller internet service providers, to build a business case for deploying internet infrastructure, especially in rural and low income. Urban areas. These regular
make it even harder. Last week alone, I spoke in a small internet service providers and nobody has ever heard of a Minnesota Montana, who said that these regulations make it harder to raise capital to build a business case for deployment and actually spend the money in the time a building of these networks and the statistic that atropine really sites here and the Linux nonsense. Instead What what what makes more sense he's talks about this? He says that among our nations, twelve largest internet service providers, domestic broadband capital expenditure- is decreased by five point: six percent or three point: six billion dollars between twenty fourteen and twenty. Sixteen, the first two years of the title to era The point being that is seen as net neutrality had all of the eye is peace basin assume that all the competition was wiped out. The major I espies assume that there is no real for them to spend any more because new regulations are becoming the pike forcing them to spend as they stop spending on broadband. They stopped doing upkeep on their broadband and making it faster and making it better. A free market makes competition better explained yesterday, as this then was repealed. Three two. He explains his
neutrality decision- and it got everyone might not to me- he's been hit with an enormous number of death right over this whole thing. Returning to the legal framework that govern the internet from President Clinton's pronounce one thousand nine hundred and ninety six until two thousand and fifteen is not going to just The internet is not going to end the internet. As we know it is not going to kill democracy. It is not going to stifle free expression online If stating these propositions alone doesn't demonstrate, their absurdity are internet experienced before twenty fifteen. And our experience tomorrow, once disorder passes, will prove them so simply put by returning to the light touch title one framework. We are helping consumers and promoting competition. Broadband providers will have stronger incentives to build networks, especially in unsolved areas, and to great networks to give at speeds and five g this means there will be more competition among broadband providers.
Also means more ways. Start ups, intact giants alike, can deliver applications and content to more users, in short, is a freer and more open internet. Ok. So this is the case that he's making people make opposite case. But one thing that is clear is that it's not going to destroy the internet and so CNN crazed headlines about this and the Democrats craze talk about this. It's a why exaggeration how regulatory issues that had very little impact on how the internet actually worked between two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and seventeen. How that became a life or death scenario just demonstrates the level of hysteria for people. You don't understand what the issue is even the most basic level. I am not an expert on net neutrality and pretend to be an expert on net neutrality, but the basic issue is not about the destruction of the internet. As we know, it has patently insane, but Jimmy Kimmel went off on it, and here area Jimmy Camel fertilizers, every time we can most bees politics now. He should be morally obligated to bring out his baby to trot out his trial, since he obviously makes emotional appeal
on every occasion? What he relationship is that bring out his own kid? That's a talk, health care! What you really should just you a poor, homeless, Urchin freed origin, who will know longer be able to access the internet at the public library for purposes of pornography. They should just break his arm around him, and then he should say this poor child will no longer have internet because of net neutrality. It basically did that last night, just without the poorest reader to dig it. I dont know what qualifies Jimmy Camel to talk about these things, and I am happy for Jimmy Kimmel too,
have a debate with somebody who knows about it, but Jimmy Cable doesn't want to do any of those things. He just wants to read trucks humor agitprop. So here is actually she did something absolutely despicable today, this being voted to put an end to net neutrality, and this is the rule that says everyone just equal access to the internet, a big company or somebody sewing crocheted owls from their house in the MID west. Now, as long as they tell us they're doing it now, internet service providers will be allowed to slow down or block web traffic to any website or streaming service they like, which benefits the big telecom companies and does the opposite for all of us, but I just want to say thank you, president from thanks. The EU and this jack. All your pointed to run the actually. She sees in Jack racial, it's funny about to take full control of the internet citizens. They comedy as they like he's its he's. Jackals, that's colony, now essential political. They cause. He said Jack I'll, get it. I love Jimmy camels
We have an ABC Disney, the biggest corporation in on planet earth. Right, I mean he's on ABC Disney, just bought Box Fox twenty first century right. They just bought it. Ok outright Disney is an enormous corporation, and here is We can all talking on ABC airwaves on what is basically an oligopoly right. Abc was allowed to jump the Airways, because it is one of three networks for most of its history here. He is talking about all those corporations. They're gonna be controlling everything. Those big corporations cause. You know who doesn't know anything, but big corporations. Jimmy Kimmel I love when he says that my grandma her crochet website, that's the one. That's gonna pay the price for it. Neutrality being being done away with that point that Netflix Google, Youtube oppose it not grapple with crochet website no hair. Programmers crochet website. You think that you think, verizon sitting rumbling. Now we got ground when the crosshairs. We're then make her pay up monsieur four crochet website up their double her Bryce. What absolute you're, not as I what he sang, doesn't make any sense in the
the fact that their big corporations on both sides of this, like we're gonna, have a drive idea. Berge, I will have had a great tweet on this. It basically said I know thought that the end of the world is gonna, come over the people who actually provide the count. To social media arguing over who should benefit from their content provision the I s, peace for the or their companies like Facebook, that's really what it is. Like the cows arguing over who should benefit more The provision of the mill, the grocery store, the farmer, then that's really. What's happening here, but as it is Lebanon and the level of aid is totally crazy. Mp again people who know about it like Jimmy chemicals unnoticed talking about here again that's my right Jimmy Camel most NBC Anchor trying to do the same thing to a former s.
He chairman they former FCC chairman, basically just stamped on him, without what one of the arguments for people in favour of removing net neutrality is that consumers are get more choice in the plans that they can buy. Why would they get more choice in plans if someone's not either subsidizing or able to be excluded from a particular plant? Why would I be able to draw up what I pay on a monthly basis for internet? If, if, if I'm not gonna lose something for it will have three? Why why we want to take a little bit, which is ok, see you're talking about consumers, not for issuers and discrimination in favour of your own products like a Comcast pronoun? That's not what I'm talking about. I think we need to bring wine and have this conversation again at some point, because you're making an argument that I'm not making. I'm saying that if someone has an advantage in streaming, their content over the internet and establish player has an advantage because they ve got the money to be able to buy better, faster, quicker access or prevent somebody else from getting it that the the incumbent,
is is favoured over the start up. That's the only point I wanted to make. That's the only and not to be illegal. That's the point I'm making what you just said is already illegal. It has been for a long time and will be going forward. I've got news yards. Naturally, when I interpreted the same, I know he's going to click bay to say the internets being destroyed, but is not what it must go, but I didn't say that that's I dont know why. You're coming on tv, it s argument that I'm not having I didn't say that has been neither said preferred denies any theory in IRAN is. Peat is preferred if you're favouring one over another. That's a violation of the principle of this would have a much better compensation if it were just actually having issues under teach you about the state of the law What's going on sugar that thanks very much robber Mcdowell, stammered. Essentially, commissioner, from two thousand, I love the elements that the anger has no idea. What you're talking about the the informer ecstasy chairman, keep saying, I'm it's illegal. What you're talking about a ready, but none of that matter, to anybody, the facts, don't matter and all the measures that you make him all is linked. Here on television every night with a different victim we can try to. Meat, but I think a great segment by waiting for the victim of the night bright and needs
It is your brain for every policy. He just bring somebody out, so everyone everytime talks, tax cuts, Jimmy Commotion show up with some poor crippled grandmother and every We talked about gun policy should bring out some. Some cases been shot in the leg. The great adding it and then he cried over Adele it'll be it'll, be the weeping of the of the evening ever every single time. Ok, so before I go any further. I may talk about russian investigation fall out. President from me combat this morning that was rather ill advised definitely goes into bad company from banned from category we'll talk about all that plus a little bit of good trump. But first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at upside dotcom. So if you travel for work, you owe it to you up to go to upside dotcom, you go there right now. I will give you two of the best gifts. Anyone will give you this holiday season. The first is, I will give you the gift. They better business, travel experience and edges comes very and then the second is a free pair of both sounding wireless headphones. She can have some peace and quiet on your business trip, and
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six hundred dollar minimum purchase is required, which is basically any normal round for flight, see the site for complete details. That's code, Bennett upside Dotcom use that code and you get those free. Those sound link. Wireless headphones are pretty awesome deal. Ok, so there is more fall out from the russian Investigation today that fall out comes in the form of president Trump and other Republicans. Now, looking to basically carbon, Our investigation on the back of revelations. The people involved in the in the mother investigation have a political one, as all their own, which honestly we sort of new and they, what you're saying Trumps allies are now coming out of the woodwork in saying that mellow needs to pause the probe, the stop the provides at all long, that's actually counterproductive. More needs to go forward with the problem and then when it comes up with nothing or even if he comes up something minor, we can ok. I can say, was in you, you came up with something mine after a year of investigation, and your team is corrupt,
It was able to do this very aptly politically speaking, with can star who did not want to corrupt investigation and who did come up with actual perjury right. So I don't see the point in cutting off the investigation, short and yet you're. Seeing advocates for from basically say this, and it comes off his fear to people who are in the middle and comes off his fear that the mullahs gonna find something, even if it really isn't. Even if it's just that this investigation is fatally flawed. If something is fatally flawed. Right, if you ve already have already got shot the investigation, there's no need to give the headshot. In this particular case, we Mahler his base we use these rights. Is investigations wounded, animal? You don't need to put it out of its misery. And it's gonna die on its own
Here's Lord Ingram saying that Mahler needs to pause the prob now, I'm not collar from other Mahler to be fired, tempting, but I'm not, but at the very least he needs to put the brakes on this investigation at least pause it for a bed. I agree with what Alan Dershowitz set on my radio show this morning, it's time for a respected, independent expert to come in and thoroughly examined the individual's conducting this probe info, anyone inside who evinces even a hint of an appearance of a conflict? Is this last colleges making? Is the correct one? The last thing that Ingram is saying here is absolute correction: Jordan, friendly with representative Jordan. Embracing Mihail. He would have run roses. The devil,
he turned generally said. Listen is a time for a second special council to look into how Mahler is doing this investigation because they. What we're learning now is that half of his team was compromised you're, the guy in charge. You could just spend the mowers special prosecutor and you can do what we ve all call for a point of second special council to look into this to look into Peter struck, Bruce or everything else learn the last several weeks meet. This is what a lot of Americans are believe in right now, and I certainly do that. The code Fbi and your justice Department work with one campaign to go after the other campaign. That's what everything points to, think about what we learned the last several weeks. We first learn their paper. The dossier that we learn about Peter struck and last week we learned about Broussard his wife now, and this is unbelievable. So what's it going to take to get a second special council to answer these questions and find out was Peter struck really up to what I think he was, but that doesn't dismiss the fact that the country thinks we need a second special council, twenty,
This committee, the judiciary, Katy with primary jurisdiction over the Justice Department, thinks we need a second special counsel, kinds of senators. Think we need special council. What fact tat do you have to have what kind of text message you have to see if we say it's time for a second special counsel, So this is, I think, a valuable call, that's happening. I think it is worthwhile, and I think that there are What are doing the right thing when I dont think is worthwhile as President Trump intervening incomes. So he was asked today about whether who's gonna, Pardon Michael Flint, Michael, but of course the former national security adviser who is now plead guilty to lying to the FBI as I said before, adopting the Michael Flint apparently lied to the FBI about anything substantive from what we know it sounds like you lied about having called the russian gas while he was already in the transition team about in upcoming you vote on Israel and settlements, my islands, anything there that that is particularly note or the, and I'm not sure why Flynn lied to the up in the first place. Trumpet
very well on a pardon Flynn, but it's not smartphone say so, because it looks right now. Excellent is working with the FBI and so trumps statement here then you might pardon Flynn makes it look like he's trying to bribe Flynn not to talk to the FBI with a pardon offer. Would you consider a party for myself when I do want to Georgia about parties for micro? Forget will do what I say. I can say this. Would you look you what's going on with their free? I unworthy justice, the forfeit people are very angry. Thank you very much everybody. I guess that is not particularly smart by the President, because now he's open that can of worms. The White House tried to close that can of worms again today when Ty Cobb, not the great baseball player with three hundred and sixty seven lifetime average. Take off the White House lawyer with the crazy mustache that I came out and he said that the Trump really has no intention of pardoning flint for the moment, that's the wine that Trump needs to stick to that doesn't look like he's obstructing, particularly when Lattimer Putin is doing his best to undermine credit terms.
Ability is one area where I think Trump really needs to be more careful. Vladimir Putin is playing this game with trompe knows trumps mentality. Is that Trump loves praise from perspire to praise? But can you trust tromp Scooby, Scooby snack. Then you all, you will go investigate crime for you and wonder. Who knows that so he's acting in that way. So yesterday he can only said the people in the United States should support President Trump, because deals. Utilizing trump undermines the nation like business stuff. That put that thing this, because he cares about America he's doing because he wants trumped to do what he wants from to do. Well, that's been sure the bereaved brought in by the nose you know that's been invented. Those who were in the opposition that wish to people who oppose, but President Trump you weren't working illegally to dare legitimize round the garden. He sat at a given time in office, but to be spending money. That was really seem strange to me only because they don't you understand. It seems that
understand sustaining astronomy day. I'd be found a mind. Their own nations do is global disinterest. Limits the powers of the president has been elected. It means that So put this whole game. Here is not that he loves Trump or that he's trying to help the United States get through a difficult period in politics. His game is that he's trying to basically bribe front with praise and from is susceptible to that. He then said to the press today: that one reboot, and yet a very nice call and pollutant, told him that he was very happy that trumps economy, doing so, while I put it knows how to play this game, is foolish prompted to fall into that and from should resist the urge both on Flynn and on Putin likes back off at Mr President, especially when you're doing some good things, because the president is doing some good things. Ok, so yes at the White House, the president. Did a ceremonial cutting red tape and it got made fun of on Twitter a lot, but who cares about what
Its everything has made one about. What are your president from I had all of these papers, stacked of apparently regulations. There are some questions about whether all of those pages actually had printed material on them. Your member that president from very early on in his presidency. Adding was maybe before its President Z during during this transition. He brought out a bunch of folders that several of his from contracts and that he was going to basically hand those over to his son and then he was going to dissociate, and then it turned out that have those folders with them with empty paper. While our love, this paper is empty or not, but it is true that the president has cut a massive amounts regulation. So yesterday at the White House, he cut a literal red tape with a giant scissors because the kind of stick we do now in politics. The truth is trump knows. This is what trump is good at this sort of branding stuff around can make fun of this, but of the images the president of the United States putting the red tape and cutting these regulations, that is good for him right. This is good trumps. We have banned from this good rum from yesterday. Talkin
how he'd eliminated twenty two regulations for every new regulation added This is what we have now. This is where we were nineteen sixty and one we're finished, which will be a longer period of time. We will be less than where we work in nineteen sixty and we will have a ring regulatory climate this later There is a lot to do with it. Has these build roads and bridges right? Ok, one two, three But without wild enthusiasm of youth president from cuts that, because there have been allowed to break it he's molecular summit is mob worthy, but it is also true of the president of the United States has caused a lot of regulations. One of the reasons the stock market is doing well. One of the reasons
economy is very hot. Last quarter was a three percent three point: three percent GDP growth, and not only that the FED is raising the rates again, so the FED has been tightening up the monetary flow inflation is is going to be brought under control and the economy. Continues to be strong. Some of that is on President Obama. The Republican Congress before Trump, but obviously a lot of confidence in how the economy is working right now and that is at least in large part, at present trumps? That is good stuff, and this is the area where from really could succeed. This is why it actually deeply important that the president work, popularity rating, I dont lotta people don't care about this. I know a lot of people are worried about his popular they all well. He can our bad pull numbers, and as long as he's doing. Well, we're happy, he needs to get us pull numbers up, because a lot of it he's doing things I like that, things that I agree with a lot of his agenda. Mirrors my own. I think that's wonderful, but if you take my agenda and then mere poop. All over it ready take my age.
And you take your unpopularity smear my agenda with unpopularity. It makes my agenda toxic, that's not worthwhile. Ok, you should not make your own agenda toxic this way and that's. Why is very important that the president should be focusing on his own women's like a laser, he should be focusing and other things he's doing like a laser. You should not be making himself more unpopular with foolish statements like the one that you made today about my Flynn. You should not be engaging on Twitter as much honest to God. It somebody unplugged demands phone and it just the battery ran down or of Comcast decided to cut off footer, but just for the White House, then the me the his popularity ratings would jump rather dramatically, because the fact is, the Democrats have nothing here right. Nancy Blowsy was saying that the GEO Pete like she's, trying to make the case the GNP taxpayers a pyrrhic victory that is going to end the Republicans. There has never been a tax reduction.
In history that has redounded to the negative effect of Republicans ever it does not work that way what we wouldn't we stating united and least we still continue that fight. I think this is a pyrrhic victory. If, in fact it does happen, we don't have the votes to take it down. Some of the Republicans see the light and people are speaking out, especially since they added the repeal of the mandate that affordable care at individual mandate. That has energized are the base further by this who they are- and this is what they came Here- to do. Tax cuts for the rich at the expense of the middle class at the expense of the hail result empty. It doesn't work, Democrats been trying for years. All the anti tax cut rhetoric is about your nonsense, and- and so that's why, if France agenda, where the main focus here, as opposed to whatever terms today he be doing a lot better, and so would the conservative agenda. There has been a lot more conservative than I thought it would be, as president does not.
We campaign. I'm very pleased with that, but I want to see all of that at the top of the page, not all of the other nonsense. That seems to cloud our judgment. Ok, so I have a lot to get. Today. We have the mailbag today things I like things. I hate still lot on that it here, but for all that you're gonna have to govern, subscribe, daily wired outcomes for nine ninety nine a month. You can get a subscription to daily wired outcome. When you do you not only get my show live. You get the recipe Andrew Cravens July, because the rest of Michael Moses shall live end can be part of the male bad. We be doing that in just a minute. You got to ask questions only if you are a subscriber and then you over daily wire- and you can type in your questions and will answer them live from you today tonight. The gets you that subscription. If you want this, the leftist years, hot or cold tumblr, Then all you have to do. Is they ninety nine dollars a year so cheaper than monthly subscription, and yet all The aforementioned wonderful things plus yet discounts at the Shapiro store as well when you become member, just one lesson later: Itunes, sound cloud, Google Place Ditch or any of the contacts we are available on plus. Please him scribe over at Youtube to our channel
because we have new videos coming out. One we filmed yesterday is patently absurd. But you will definitely want to see it, I'm not getting any please because it would give away the joke by? Suffice it to say there will be images. Made that I would rather not be on the internet that will be available probably next week when you not those kind of images, people click game. I know the gutter, but you go over to digging Youtube means unsubscribe. We are the large fastest growing conservator, the nation already time for a quick thing, I like then a thing I hate and they will get a mailbags out thing that I like today opens in beta. And always that is what my dad's favour pieces, this Beethoven Sonata Opus one eleven. The reason that I pay Not only because it's fun, but this particular segment of the Beethoven If you don't hear slightly whiplash inherently Beethoven is so modern that when you listen to his music, especially his late music, what you will hear is all of these film references that you never had thought about before and you will hear where they came from. So this is
Basically it sounds like snidely whiplash, there's no way around it sounds like Nellas is tied to the tracks in Dudley. Do right going to show up so here it is from Sonata Opus. One hundred and eleven from Beethoven, this thing that Beethoven is Jeff. You listen to a lot of Beethoven. His range is just astonishing and some of the concerts that he s a Beethoven started off the concert pianist. Everybody thinks that we stand for being a composer. He start off. Like Mozart is performer, he was world famous and when he was famous across Europe, he was mostly famous from provocation to everybody. Thinks
of classical music as being very staid and it's all written on the page is opposed to Georgia's improvisational but Beethoven and was very very famous for being the greatest improvise or reside, you can tell that in his development sections in his pieces, which I talk about yesterday, but their famous stories of him, they were basically have improvisation offs like doing we have a couple, a pianist room, one person, one vote as in the other person, we have to do something cooler with improvisation, there's a famous story about Beethoven, where he in a bad mood. One day, and so I invite them to one of these parties and wanted to play, and it was not in who had any loss to some guys. The only time you ever lost you sort of undefeated and there and then I call for rematch in the re, the guy who he was improbable. Whose improvising against that I made a mistake. He took on a Beethoven's and started improvising afforded? Beethoven's themes? Wait: a mock Beethoven. The guy had also premier new piece of his Beethoven went over to the the cellist in the new peace took the chalice music turned upside down improvised off the guy's music upside down.
Our towns into musician Beethoven was it then you can t enough about about the greatness of Beethoven's Junior Ok time for a couple of things, I hate them, although mailbag ok so First thing that I hate there's this video going around yesterday. That's just insane a lot of them. A lot of the northern european countries, have gotten variants. Euthanasia when I say that I dont mean that they legalise you I mean that they have actually started advocating for euthanasia, for people who are mentally handicapped. They they advocated for euthanasia, for people more depressed. They ve relieve restrictions on euthanasia. This is doctor, assisted suicide, of course, in this video. If this doesn't ill scream nazi to you, it's because you don't own about the Nazis. Here's a dutch government official telling it
down syndrome, man that he's too expensive how much it costs the state too short to be living to be alive. Here is ears. This videos pretty astonishing. Since forty eight thousand euro per year, approximately brutal Teddy Bear donor per downer. Pronounce interim person, the short ghost, also storage costs us into society. Forty eight thousand euros per year Yeah well, listen to him as considerable amount, but is it a high when compared to normal persons without feeling lagging met? Numa of the show now the scale came out. You can calculate that by taking the big number that ninety billion higher data there I'll you divide. This amount by the number of citizens in the Netherlands, Social safety net volume and their. Ultimately seventeen million that will give you approximately about five thousand euros per year per person. This does little to chew. So you could say that short is almost ten times more expensive than we are. The actual expenses are indeed ten times
do they almost you with your invaluable man? Short. Ok, that's the reason. This is creepy thought if you look back at the Nazi eugenics programmes. This is how they all started to look back at the campaign of nineteen. Thirty, two one of the things the Nazis were saying: is there a bunch of people in our society or the undesirables and they cost the government too much they cost the dormant, too much money for upkeep and if there were only something we could do with them, Only something we could do with all these very expensive people across a lot of money to keep them alive. It is always a creepy prelude either. These are people who does our help, other people would all deserve our help, their human beings. They can take care of themselves. It deserve our help falling into this trap, as is the essence of evil, but also what socialism ends to write when the government is currently paying peoples live, then it's pretty in private charity withers. Then it's it's only a matter of time for the government starts thinking of ways out of this particular conundrum. Ok, so final thing that I hate today, so A marked sign if I made a point that is worth noting with regard to sexual
It means in all sorts of lack for it, but this is a point that I made to when we talk about sexual harassment and sexual assault. We need be very specific about what it is that we are talking about because Big standards actually hurt women. They not only her women back inflating sexual harassment with non sexual harassment or conflicting mild sexual harassment, meaning a guy says something crude in the workplace to rape, but they all, end up making it they they give it a reverse incentive for employers actually higher women in much the same way that the Americans with Disabilities ACT, which forced business business owners to build in ramps in their places of business if they heard a disabled person cause a lot of business and not a higher disabled people and their actual statistics that bear that out? in the same way this idea that sexual, animals can be vaguely defined it we're going to destroy the career of anybody. Who's ever accused of anything is going to encourage men to hire only other men. Is there not accuse disorders? Top marks? Time makes this point yesterday. Do I really want to be alone with a female employees, now think that those who knows how she's gonna feel about
in thirty years time I mean, I don't think that necessarily in the interests of women in the workplace. I don't think it's in the interests of social relations. It's an insane moral. Like that started with genuine ripe, genuine violence, genuine power issues and now just seem so degenerate it'd into one anonymous accusation can end well. This is why we have to be very careful and that's why we have to be very specific about what accusations we're gonna hold to you know. I've said this over and over dollar sexual harassment is, is evil. Sexual abuse is evil, but may be very clear about what we're talking about and what kind of accusations we're going to take with with the proper amount of severity. Otherwise, the with the actual effect will be while making the kind of decision you don't want them to make say I'm not gonna higher that woman, because if I hire her, then I'm afraid she's going to accuse me of sexual harassment at some point down the line, tat, maybe unjustified. That is the way people act. Ok time for the male back, so Caitlin says I then I read your
whose power play of the weak article. Did you initially wanted to double major in genetic science and music? What brought you to deciding on political science in Moscow, thanks Caitlin? So what actually brought me to political scientist, things one. I tried and engineering class a math engineering class, and I did ok in it. I was In a thing, I was getting a up till the final and then I ended up with a b in the classical it, but in any case as like, that's enough that there was one thing or the other thing. That happened is that I was walking through these you like campus, and I picked up the usually Daily Bruin, which they far left rag and theirs peace in comparing, then the israeli Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon to enough action. The Nazi and I walked in the offices and said: do you mind if I write a counter to this and they said sure, and then they became a counterpoint column. I realise that this is something much more interested in then. The than doing out things necessary to become an expert in genetics is not that I wasn't interested the topic I just wasn't willing to.
This log through that mud, and I have nothing but admiration for people do it for the one thousand time I wife is a doctor, which means that she's still still basically doing she's residency. Now ram and she's been doing business. We might have married for ten years and she's ten years in July, and she and yet she is still doing there. So that's it! That's a long haul. A when you were a child? How did your parents encourage you to practise the violent how'd? You proved a child there's a long term benefits playing instrument well is very difficult to prove to a small trial. There's long term benefits plainly instrument: you have to make it fun. One of the things that was of advantage to me is it. My father was professional musician, so he would sit there with the piano and play with me. You actually need to sit. In practice with your kid. You need to be involved. It's boring. It may not be fun for you, but if your kid knows that Euro When the time then your kid assumes that
you are willing also did you do that only four things that are important. Kids want to spend time with your parents and, if you're willing to spend time with your kid practicing. Even if you are are not you know, even if you're not musically worse, then your kid will take a lot more seriously. You can't just tell the kid go practice. Half an hour. We actually need to sit there with the kid, and I think you're willing to do that in Ukraine will be more likely to practice. Also, when you get to a certain level does become enjoyable at the very beginning, it's kind of hunters something new, and then there is a plateau, they get it where it becomes very difficult and then what a good enough. Then it's a lot of fun again, because your skilled, ok else's. I ve been coming from the UK, which has health care for but, to my mind, is struggling to pay for your arguments on healthcare supply interest me greatly. I like the american idea that the market is used to drive down costs, but at the same time, according Commonwealth fund, the US government spends way more in healthcare than most major countries. It has lost quality of care in terms of
comes equity and access, or, as the UK has the highest, even though we're closed rationing. This system is so expensive. One your mind is the best system for countries of huge populations like the UK. In: U S solved the healthcare crisis, given they both spend too much, but socialized healthcare seems to produce better results. All depends on the results that you are seeking so number one socialized Edison has pretty good emergency care, but they are not great surgical care in the sense that you have to wait around in line for the ration to actually take place. The fight you're survival rate for cancer in the United States is significantly higher than it is in places like the UK, specifically because I can go and get the care that I need now. Instead of having to sit around and white, care on demand is market driven healthcare system is great, but it requires the patient to actually do the research and because of the end, in companies that provide a barrier between you and the doktor, and you don't actually know what you are paying for the dockworkers. Your insurance company covers it. You end up ordering services that are necessary and in many cases so does your doctor or if you are actually forced to sit there and say ok is worth an x ray today. Ray is worth a thousand dollars for next
or I can go home and wait for a week. You probably go home, wait for we, there actually isn't perfect market pair. Transparency in the United States and that causes a serious problem in terms of the meat between supply and demand in terms of medical care in the United eight, when these measures, where they say that the U S has the lowest quality of care in terms of outcomes, equity had access, I warming when you type my access. Basically socialized medicine will always have the highest access, because people can walk into a hostile, and man service or to doctors often demand service They don't have the highest outcomes in terms of the rate at which those services are provided in terms of outcomes. Again, it sort of depends on which outcomes you're. Looking at you can't say, outcomes overall. Also, the UK population is not really comparable to the United States either in terms of I sort of versatile Daniel says either any elections in american history. You would have found yourself voting Democrat over a Republican. Well, you know, that's that's
have to think about. I want to know the more I'm trying to think back to a time when the Democratic Party in the Republican Party were sort of reverses of what they are now. I think that in nineteen forty eight, I would have to seriously consider Truman versus Dewey. I think that doubt probably the only one that I'd be that I'd be interested in looking at seriously, perhaps fifty six at least even send verses Eisenhower. I might have looked at one more serious and mainly because I think eyes in our foreign policy with gardens who can now crisis, which really happened in at the tail end of his first term, that that would have been a problem me! I so I think that that's a though those two races, but I don't know, I really have to study those more determined how I would come out whether it really would have voted for the Democrat over the Republican in those raises asses says: Hybrid, a bunch of liberals, the hay God one person in Britain. There were a zero respect, forgotten, I believe in God, or just music, human being general she'll asked zero question, by God, and then make my answer as individuals
supervisor. I fear going to HIV Upper management case. Retaliation lose my job. How should I handle is well, you should stop interacting, I mean, frankly, it's it's not worth every interaction that may make things. Chile keep things professional, keep things like. Don't talk about that if they mark God, you say: listen I find that offensive in and that you don't deserve to have my polices to Martha your belief system at the improbable that up, but I dont think that professionalism in the workplace seems to be a bare minimum. No matter what your political viewpoint I Jeremy says, haven't you been critical about Democrats and Republicans accused of sexual even going so far as to call for more and more to drop out now frank and resign where you stand on from celebrations and how do they differ from the above mentioned centres should trouble I too so it I've said, is an ideal world. Everyone who has credible allegations of sexual assault and abuse should resign. Everyone in an ideal world I would include the president, but there is a difference in kind between the Roma situation, the Africans situation and trump indifference in kind. Is this, and not with regard to the allegations regard with regard to the practice
How do set of saying they should resign. There's one giant obstacle that is Roy, more was running in election. The people did not elect him, hey, so that's that Al Frank, People to know this information when they elected hymns, announced new information breaking and that changes the calculation as to whether you should resign. All the allegations against trouble people know about it when they elected him, nothing new has been added to the pie. Therefore, it's difficult to say that, on the basis Nothing changing. He should now resign as like saying should have quite during the election cycle: which, by the way, I believe I said during the election cycle in the middle of the pure did so there's that's that's my general tabling an ideal world shore in the real world, not really Daniels they used to laugh at the idea of boarding convergence. However, after listening to you and the importance you play, entering into marriages versions, I became so. I can no longer offer this as an ongoing What can I do to bring a sense of innocence to a future marriage? You believe the remaining abstinence until marriage affects the success of the relationship I do that remaining abstinence until marriage affects the success of relationships generally, meaning that
we lived together before marriage have a significantly higher divorce rate than people. Don't live together before marriage and usually once you're living with a certain level of intimacy sexually, you end up living together before your married, and that does not actually end up reflecting married life life is not you living together with your boyfriend. Married life. Is you have kids, you have a joint bank account. You have responsibilities. Those are not always reflected in just you living with your boyfriend. Even with the advent of single motherhood. I think that the idea of warning and marriage, the virgins, the idea that that you were you ve, had sex, but now with your new partner here to say no sex until marriage. I think that's a worthwhile, because he's asking just practically speaking its asking for a commitment before you decide to commit your body to somebody, and I think that that is a smart play. I think that that is a smart play. I think it's. And for commitment that could easily be met by a good person or the fact that we, there's. Somebody tv shows now where they ve reversed everything. That is its really it's funny how this work. It used to be that when I grew up my pain said to me, when you get married, then you'll have sex and then it turned into one people.
Turkey is one. We love somebody you have sex and now his turn into you'll have sex then you figure out whether you love somebody in when you watch tv. This is what you see. Two people happened to bed and then that we really What about whether to say? I love you are not so decide that somehow love has been more closely tied to sex with the disconnection. But in section, marriage is absolutely false. In fact, love has become less connected to sex, such as much more connected with love. When love was connected to commitment. So I think we completely reverse the polarity on sex leather marriage Roberts, as had been met. Often is a very small family have a very large family, just yes, previously about taking on her families last name, because if I do, Her dad will likely be the last to hold it. I want to hold on to my last name. I also don't know. Why should see me when you selfish and have her, give it and give it up. What is your advice on? What are your thoughts on last name? one whit. When I got married, my wife's seriously considered keeping her last name instrument men, so her maiden name is to let out a she seriously thought about. Cuba that is for middle men went like- and I was right. With that, because my mom did the same thing. She kept her maiden name as her middlemen. Never
The man ever thought those big deal as little. She took my last. Which had the reason, I think that's important, because I think that it is important that a family that a family stir on the funding of we are a new family. Now we are family, our own family unit, and the reason that I think that, important, for I think it is sort of an oscillating, for my name is cultural totem, but I think it's an oscillating for men to give up their family name. The idea that a man is supposed to give up. You know what what his grown up with in favor of women's family can be emasculating if you'll find it emasculating out your problem with it. If you do fighting at emasculating than I do. Problem with it. So this is really between you and the person the earth you're married to you. For me, My wife said to me: listen. I want issues thing keeping them until then she's cheese. I do not think she decided just go with her first nation and have mental mention. Cited, got her first name and my last name because should listen war. Now, our own family, we are, family unit. I want to be part of the family unit with you. I was very moving to me frankly and I think-
something that I really appreciate it is gift from her to me. It's not something I had to expect, but it's something that I certainly appreciated. Ok, Joe says what is most infuriating, They tactic used against you in how to combat it will always most infuriating. Debate tactic is when someone will dig something up: ten years old, taken out of context and in use against you and then refuse to hear the answer, as always, infuriated because context, matters things that you said in two thousand seven may not may not be things that you agree with today, and things that you tweeted in two thousand twelve may not be things that are even taken in context, so from for example, there's been a tweet. The people have been using against me on Twitter for a law in time. With regard to air and Israelis, and which I said something to the effect of Israelis like to build and Arabs like to live and open sewage. The idea that we was not that every arab likes to live in open sewage morons. The idea of that we is that in these really arab conflict, there is one side that lets you build things, and ones I would prefer to spend money on building terror tunnels in the Gaza Strip instead
actually caring for its people and in fact not only am I saying that now I said that in twenty twelve there are for follow up tweets, I believe, and all of them said exactly that. Doesn't matter, people take that sweet out of context, and then they use that to say that I'm racist against Arabs, which is absurd in that same tweet thread. I specifically say that their muslim and christian herbs, more wonderful people, just not the ones who side with terror groups like Hamas, but again, that's just an example of how people too things out of context and in use them against you, and that I find it highly irritating. How do you feel every one species? Slowly? Yes, yes, is based is slowly there wasting my time. That's why I listen to the progress that I listened to actually had to do Odin APP. That allows me to listen to pod gas at two point: five Silas into all the progress that I listened to a two point: five. I guess the maxim of this three. It depends on whose podcasting it somebody's a very slow speaker than three as the proper speed. I hear that is difficult to listen to my pod, cast onto or even one point five, but for those who are willing to take the these speed challenge go for it
Michael's has been I've been deeply inspired by her devotion to religion and dedication to the nation and the person raised Christian, but I rejected the church and I've been living as an atheist. The last fifteen years as a veteran, in PTSD, I found the Bible top was leading me to read the tore up and I've been more optimistic than I have been in years. I want to know more about converting the Judaism and what your advice would be for a person living in a deeply christian community Bible, they'll call country with absolute we know, jewish community turns you. Is there a place I can find mentorship and what is the view of the EU community on conversion, so jewish logic, We actually discourages conversion, because it's not the world easiest life right now. The to convert yes convert Orthodox from the orthodox point of view, and that means that you have to take upon herself all the obligations now working on Sabbath, making sure the kosher right you're supposed to commit to everything because variant commit comment right, that's the basic idea here. So we actually tell people if somebody wants to convert, we actually turn them down. Three times were actually politically corny jewish law obligated to turn them down three times before were allowed to say yes, but as far as men her ship. I think there are a lot of rabbis who can be taught to horribly
on this, if you want to email me directly, I can probably refer you to some. If this is something we want to take seriously or find out more about, I it's gonna be very difficult for you to live as a as an observer Jus in an area with the northern Jews, could so many jewish commitments. Our communal writes about the nation of Israel introduced and not just the individual who has a relationship of God. The Torah, but I'd be happy to pass on. Names for your ideals as had been quite you're, talkin San Francisco, thus weakening thought you did a good job. Here's my question if you are concedes hands point about freewill that, oh producing people, even criminals are entirely products of their biological predisposition environment? Would you still think that the best Mindset or policies for maximizing human beings are ones that promote anymore or self reliance on support from the government, so the answer is that the answer is yes, but I think, Entire thing becomes a giant self contradiction. So what the big problems here is that if you are living in its humanist universe, even the question as to what policies the government should pursue assumes a certain level of free will on the part of government actors to actually change the policies it is.
The problem with withstands taken for wealth is once you say that once you're living in a fully deterministic universe, then to say then I'm going to do what I was going to do the idea of me even getting up in the morning and going to do things I was gonna, do that's what selling I make the choice to do that, I make the choice to support certain policies. Going to support those policies all along, and I had no choice in that process its than the computer fries itself, in other words, All of human progress relies on the idea that we have a capacity to discover what true about universe and that we have a capacity to make by better policy that freeze people. All of that is based on free will and the capacity choice? You get rid of all that this is the basic question that I kept asking salmon. I'm not sure that I got an answer that satisfied me. At the very least I kept saying to him. You know SAM. You talk a lot about changing the world, a talk, a lot about using active verbs, making choices beetle. Leaving those choices. You talk a lot about moral values and what does that value system should be making a valued decision is a choice. A hierarchy of values. How do you make that decision you can't get from is too? Are you
get from. We are balls and me wandering aimlessly through the universe, with some capacity for self perception with. The idea that there is a moral system and make certain things more worthwhile than others you can't get from here is a cop to what should I do with this cup less, there was a creator of the cop who had in mind what the cup is for right. That's the point that I was making they fly the bridges, the is odd gap is what Aristotle does. Aristotle says what hey man good is the man was created for a certain purpose. Once you get rid of purpose, once you get rid of design If you get rid of the idea of meaning, I don't know how you reconstruct anything that looks like a functional society Ben says: highbrows reading article retreating from national view about how America's youth are lonelier lesson dependent unless attached to community. I understand it. Much of this could be applied to me how to someone who desperately want to break this rather nihilist youth mentality. Go about doing it. Engage measures, engage, get active Higgins turning contemplated organ go into involved or some other people's hard. I know it's especially hard when you're single Diana being a single guy. Before I was married. Marriage is a wonderful thing. I love being,
What are the single guy? I did not enjoy being single because it takes actual effort to go out and engage with other human being. You actually have to go out and make an effort to join a group go out and do it it'll make your life Those social engagements will make it more apt to open up to others and that will enrich our experience and life. Poland's has happened. Trying to go to a liberal school have to debate income inequality next week and then in trouble for speak my opinions before him. A little scared. Can you mean pointers on how to debate income, inequality, I mean the number one thing that I always hear about: income inequality. Is that what level Two things number one: what level of income inequality would be sufficient for you and why so Bernie Sanders. Why shouldn't everyone make forty thousand dollars a year? Seems the fairest thing may well not be full communist sees all the property redistributed. Everybody gets the same thing. Why not? is it really fair that someone should make more than somebody else, and why have you make that decision? Put the owners
the person to explain what level of income inequality is bad verses. What level of income inequality is good? Second, it does not hurt you. The bill gates, rich, I bill gates being rich, is actually good for you, because its bill gates wealth that brought about all of these can internal transactions in which you take place every time you buy a loaf of bread from the grocer you're, making the grocer richer. Would you prefer not to be able to buy the loaf of bread? you, Ukraine, more income inequality because you just spent money with the grocer, your poor, he's richer, both wears off or about better off answer. Is your about better off the final Ronnie says I said I know you said hip hop, isn't music? Are there any help? songs or artists. The Euro somewhat enjoyed no It is a short answer is no feel like there's, probably some hip, hop that I might enjoy a visceral level, but I have not yet found it. Maybe that's because I let my
Apple Maya, apollonian side dominate my dying Asians. I too much in the in the sort of nutrient juxtaposition, so May vessel sophisticated for a hip hop breakdown, but there you are ok, so we will be accurate next week, will backfire on Monday, I hope you have a wonderful end and meaningful weekend if you're celebrating conduct, I hope they are having a wonderful Hanukkah for celebrating Christmas you're having a wonderful time, and prepared for Christmas, in any case, have great we can. I mention Piero. This adventure. Asia Debenture Bureau show is produced by math, is Glover executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer. Jonathan hey, our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Zangara Audio. My core Mina Heron, make up is by
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