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Ep. 440 - Trump’s Big Tax Day

2017-12-19 | 🔗
Republicans are set to pass the tax cut bill, Trump delivers a new national security strategy, and the backlash to #MeToo begins. Date: 12-19-2017
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Republicans are set to pass. The enormous task I built president from delivers a new national security strategy and a major backlash them she begins brought on by some very weird collars. I'll, tell you all about an adventure. Peerless adventure show yeah all right. So what you get you today, of course the Republicans are set to vote in the House and the Senate today on the revised the tax bill, the tax bill would reduce the corporate tax rate from thirty five percent away down to twenty. One percent of the rest of it is is important, but not nearly as important central premise, there will be reductions in the individual tax rates, but the heart of the tax bill is the reduction of the corporate tax rates. I'll tell you all about it and why media are beside themselves over it does, This mean a re evaluation of president trumps presidency in the first yourself. I will talk about all that, but first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at the. U ccs, so gun was odometers was enough. How would you to add to the raised more with a brand new done. I would well, I know my
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dredged overdue associated with a bunch, fantastic services, and they help you with not only background knowledge about how to use weapon. But what happens if you have to use weapon and you need legal help, defend my family, now three dot com that gets you your chances to win a brand new good every single day, which pretty also to check it out again defend my family now, three dotcom. Okay, so today is the big task a day. Oh yes, today in now seems that the republican tax code as those work through conference, it is not a popular tax, but that is not particularly surprisingly, media been all over this task from beginning to end the fifty percent of the american population, things that their tax are going to increase because of this bill. That's patently insane. Eighty percent of individual taxpayers will see a taxi It is because it is still a national in the other twenty percent. I would vote for the bill anyway. The reason I'm in the other twenty percent, as I am a high income or in a blue state, with high state income taxes, but
majority. The Americans are going to see significant tax decrease, the average American will see, attacks decrease of or the average tax increase will be something like two thousand dollars, which is not insignificant and in terms of corporate tax rate every country that has ever dramatically lowered its corporate tax rate that I am aware of his insignificant fiscal boost immediately afterwards. This was true in Spain. It was true in Denmark, it's been true throughout Europe, its between Germany and the United States, have the highest corporate tax rate of any industrialized countries with lower individual tax rates, but higher corporate tax rates, wait for which we should be lowering the corporate tax rate. That's what this bill dies and sort of astonished that so many republicans have failed to make the case for lower in the corporate tax rates on a regular basis in focus. We on the idea that individuals have to have their tax rates reduced. Maybe it's because Republicans don't have the bridge or the moral wherewithal to explain a corporate since I really just ways that we organise with each other legally so that we can do better listen more efficient fashion. If you lower the tax rate on those organizations,
Lowering the tat ran on individuals. If I wish that we had the brains explained? How do we dont so it's more unpopular than it is popular by people, seem more money, their pocket always ends up being popular. If you look back at the Reagan tax bill, nineteen eighty one that was not particularly popular at the time, very popular shortly thereafter, when people realise there are getting more of their money back. So even can of wavering, applicants are now on board senator time cotton had planted in this bill. Appeal of the individual mandate under about a car. That's a good thing. It is about- and it's very good thing, because it is the least popular provision of about the care sets a political win for President Trump and for the Republicans together, of the individual mandate. Remember the individual mandate under a cares. What forces you to buy health insurance, the bad That's going to increase prices in the individual market, because it is the mandate that was forcing people like me to pay, it individual market, young people to pay in the individual market that was giving the price for older, sick people in need individual market. Those are now set to rise. Pretty dramatically, Congress is gonna, have to come in and fill the gap.
Apparently there doing through the alligator its. I believed the automobile I in the in the United States Senate, so weirdly enough, the Republicans in an attempt to cut women are shockingly growing garment, but as an achievement for President Trump is pretty great. He's gotta get to claim that he, the old Obamacare release the individual mandate he's going to claim that he decreased taxes but are binding, that the effects of this bill will be positive, then it will impact on positively in twenty eighteen and, let's see the flip side. Another website is you don't have anything this year and this year is basically a total died. As far as legislation, despite republican control of the Senate, the House and the White House now be complete on so even wavering Republicans run board Susan Collins, no conservative halcyon. She says that she supports the conference agreement. This I rise to express my support for the conference
the agreement on the tax cuts and job than the first major overhaul of outward tax code. Since nineteen eighty six, this legislation will provide tax relief to working families, encourage the creation of jobs right here in Amerika and spur economic growth. That will benefit all Americans. Ok, so you do a month using cows on board. That means that you have a broad consensus. Republicans were on board. This is a good thing, obviously, and is very good for president from there's a reason. The Democrats refrain desperately Stop it the maiden smarter to actually embrace parts of this tax plan. Instead, they are not going to do so for his, the socialist. He says that they did everything they could to stop the Tactical This'Ll
Like it's going to get passed through the Senate and the house and signed by the President, this tax cuts bill. Is there anything more that opponents like you could have done to stop this? Well, I think we did everything that we could but, at the end of the day, what you had is people like Miss diminution, who himself is worth three or four hundred million dollars on the president of the United States, whose worth several, billion dollars, as you mentioned, some four or five thousand lobbyists doing everything that they could to write a bill which significantly benefits the wealthiest people in this country and the largest cooperation against my chief irritations about how Democrats places, I wish that Republicans with just say the truth. The reason that you are seeing this fortunate shares of the tax could go to people at the upper end of the income bracket, because those people are paying a disproportionate share of the taxes, for the reason that rich people are going to get more of a tax break is because they are paying more of the taxes Kane terms of net taxes, the amount of tax dollars that rich people
the country, ninety five percent of all federal spending on net is paid for by the top income bracket, the top twenty percent quintal of the american population. The top one percent are paying something like fifty percent of all federal income. Taxes in the nation, of course, they're going to see a disproportionate share of attacks, but you can't give attacks, got two people are paying taxes. It astonishing to mean that the Republicans refused to say this. It is done, if need be. The Republicans refused to pick the case for a corporate tax cuts, when there is a very strong case for corporate tax cut, but regardless the policy is going to pass and we're gonna see how a place out in the senate- and this is leading to some recasting of the trunk administrations entire first year, alot of people over the highly sceptical drum are now going back. And revising their opinion of how his first year went now. Don't think, there's been a golden first year. I don't think it's been a golden first year. Do I think that president from his governed a lot more conservative than we had any right, to expect ask his orders from his campaign there. The answer is, yes, I think, the logical hoped he would govern as conservative as he's govern, but he has governance
dreamily conservative- and this has been the most conservative first. Year of an administration, certainly since of Reagan, it's probably more conservative than George W Bush is first year when George W Bush, I recall correctly, was already pushing campaign financed reform. At this point, but the truth, try. That tells me a lot and done a lot of incompetence and there's been a lot of Botchery Trump's approval ratings at thirty five percent, that is by far the lowest approval rating for any president. At this point in american history, at this point, either Ronald Reagan, whose unpopular during his first year at a forty nine percent approval writing. But there is no question that, from his governed a lot more conservative than I thought he was going to. I was wrong about Trifon Borissovitch and I thought that, based on the evidence, there is now a lot of evidence that he's gonna governess conservative. What's he got it, office in. If you recall, the early indicators are that he was not going to do that. I see band was pushing the idea of an infrastructure bill first thing out of the gate, and then people talk men, isolationist policy. None of that has happened instead, president from has basically champion what is a fairly too,
The republican tax got his car regulations in a way that I love he is pursued foreign policy in a way that is much more hawkish than I think his is campaign led on that is very good and I will go through them. The second trump here he did it is. It is a day of good trumpet from branding that we in the first year and we're getting close to the end of the year here and it has very good trump attributes AIDS constructed I created last year during the election cycle, saying that the problem of trumpets that he's. Good is really good money, Daddy's, really bad. It's been a very good from bad from two years on honoured that I think that we are about to do a little bit of good Trump dad from coming up in just a few minutes here, because there's a lot going on right between the tax cuts in his national security announcement as LA happening here. But first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at skill share. So are you interested in making your resonate better. If your interested earning more, if you're interested in having longer lasting career. If you're interested in broadening and deepening your skills, is what skill share is for women,
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Did your Resnick skill Sharon's outcomes com if you start every month today and is not all just skills, that's also fun stuff yoke hand, muttering european water, color and all sorts of unstopping gets a sculpture, dotcom, slash impurities, that's lasher girl, so they know that we say you ok, so, president from tweets out today that he is very happy about the tax bill. Here is what he treated so swedish court. Stocks in the economy have a long way to go after the tax bill. He's totally understood. Appreciating scope in size, immediate spending will have a big impact. Is tax cuts in reform ever passed into a great many beautiful jobs, yeah, I'm the guy, with the with the beautiful jobs, are gaps in this visiting metro What's your puzzling to me that this presidency is that president from its policies as they have been lost, we can certainly see largely me almost entirely very conservative and yet hate he's really unpopular and he is the President who have all
It is your best understand. Marketing Raymond disguise the marketing guru is marking, grew while tiny transform. What is by any measure a dicey, real estate empire television payment fortune in and out into the presidency, and yet he doesn't seem to know how to wear positive rhetoric useful rhetoric to an agenda that has been very positive for Americans. Thus far now, looking at a list of his accomplishments and list is, is sizes Indeed, if you look at what they ve done in the White House is not nothing his eyes. I everything is only be done. Tons of stuff through Congress, they haven't is not been, is productive at first years, for example, Barack Obama's first year, but if you look at all the things that trumpets actually done he's on some pretty good things, I made a list of the of these things this morning and I ve been try and naming. I know bit folks, listen and shown up. I've tried to these very trumpets humanly possible. So here is just some of the stuff the Trump has done in your want. Just a score, such obviously bigwood. For president from the defeat of ISIS, we talked about on the programme. The media basically ignored it he's gone under. President Obama called the jetty squat. Ices has now
reverted to being basically another ISIS Basic living can always out his eyes. Aided ended in territorial terms. They ve been reduced to virtually Any he's done all that without having to oust Bashar Al Assad, maybe should ask Bashar Al Assad, but that's different issue, as many of us have been saying for a long time, but the stock market under president from has soared five thousand boys this year and I don't think, there's always great measure of a president, its order brothel Mamma to buy your. He does get credit he's one of the White House there's been excellent growth and the unemployment statistics over a stronger president trouble. I think that's largely due to the market understanding and knowing that Europe is not a threat to their business. A trump has not somebody who's, freinds, threatening he's got regulations at a twenty two to one ratio for every new regulation added twenty two have been cut by curbing Randy earlier President's Trump declared that IRAN had been decertify under the deal which paves the way for new sanctions should be pushing for further sanctions but he's also been pushing for any Anti IRAN alliance that has been extraordinarily powerful and his reshape the region.
While that is the unintended result, oppressed Obama's attempts to make around a regional power, but shall Euralia, Egypt, Jordan. Is rather now and in fact all lines here, Jerusalem is Israel's capital. Obviously he started to open public lands. The federal government has seized vast swathes of the west. Nearly all of the data is federal territory. A alarmed alien ought to be returned to the people for their use. President trumpets moving along those lines, he passed new sanctions against North Korea, now listen and saw the north green problem, but, frankly, who could see a real solution Unless you know something, I doubt the best he's gonna be able to do is ass. Those new sanctions which he did Their dinner reveal the individual mandate. Is I discuss tax reforms? the rather number the police court employment. So David he's nominated and approved twelve pellicle judges, which is more than any other president history. In its first year he pulled out from the Paris accords. The travel ban was finally approved by the courts, whose botched originally in pre fashion, but Robot Supreme Court he's unshackled a military he's changed the rules of engagement. He stopped ripping on the police, which is something the president,
Mama was very fond of, was written on the police everyday allotted to tease out a lot of very good things right and this the problem for President run in the good trunk bathroom construct, theirs so much good? There really is a lot of good. The question is: why cannot all be good? Why does there have to be banned from his when you look at the bad troublous? Most of the bad troublous is about things that he's failed to do. Pigsties maiden his administration and you could stop and he said. Well, maybe, if you didn't say stupid, stuff and prepare people for his administration, you re able to get more good stuff done. A discipline president from is the best president Trump. President Prodi has been more disciplined over last through which he has look at Us Twitter VIII. It's been a while rather than usual, we haven't, got a lot of the random fight with love our ball. We haven't done as much gee, I'm really on the NFL. Now, if you will get from spillage, largely been driven by his now. If you will get from success, they largely been driven by his administration.
If you just let us administration to their job, I've been seeing is literally since the beginning of his administration is pick some very good people to do their job. If you would just shut up, Let them do their job. Everything would be much better. So you know, let's play the Trump banned from song, because this is an ultimate deterrent, bathroom episodes. We have them We will begin to, as you know, named a bunch of good trump bright and trumpet pumped about it well. All of that is very good. All of the things that Trump is a problem about our things that you make a difference is present. I know the tendency for conservatives is too. Say: ok, you know the President says what the President says and who care. Just ignore it and be grateful for what you got, but the problem is that if you look back at the Obama administration, I was there he, the mole. Damaging things that President Obama were not on policy. They were tearing Americans apart from one, There are destroying american unity through the use of his rhetoric through the promulgation of his worldview.
That's the stuff that president are really remembered for right. You remember, president, for maybe two legislative accomplishment. Maybe I what do you remember? Ronald Reagan for your member old Reagan, for tax cuts basically and hang Soviet Union, That's right! It's, although we remember about rules rain, building what you remember him for You really remember him for the tax increases and the tax increases and engagement. I that's pretty much what you remember. Building for his crime, criminal, George, W Bush for his tax cuts and the war in Iraq. Brain does basically the things they remember, George W Bush for what you did, but by what you remember about. Each of these presence is how they change the american culture in deep in abiding ways, I gotta you remember the president's. What you really remember about plan is not legislate accomplishment. You remember about babbling is that he was somebody who totally just like an honor from the office of the presidency will remember about Ronald Reagan. Was the morning in american optimism of the of the Reagan administration. You remember about Nixon was warning
and the idea that the presidency was dropped will remember vacuuming. Her was a generalised feelings of incompetence in the presidency, which led to the rise of ragged. When you remember about George W Bush was the notion of an novel guy who didn't know how to defend himself, your republican and a liar and a cheat her Democrats, if you remember Barack Obama, what you see is as a Democrat is a guide and finally made America come to terms with racial conflagration, and if you are on the right, will you see about Europe polar rising issued America tearing American from american fighting Class and race war and making intersection, allocate a chief plague in the democratic life form. But that's what we remember so when we say about Trump look at all the we remember so when we say that Trump look at all the great things he's doing: ignore his rhetoric. You can't ignore what the President says what the presidency has a major impact, some talk about over the trump now for a little bit of bathrobe. Ok, so here's perfect example yesterday there is now. Bacterium it ray, and this terrible terrible story over its common Washington over the eye
There is a bridge the Amtrak derailed right over the bridge and fell over six people at least have been killed. Seventy seven people were wounded apparel, and it was a brand new, it was rather track right. The traps brand new this, like its first run Currently, there is an object on the track, Annetta derailed the tray. Now the resolution here by the way is to define the anthrax Amtrak is, is not a profitable thing. It's it's a waste of money The literally the only problem part of anthrax believes these selleth order. By put that aside, president fronts, reaction here should not have been to go to policy. I wouldn't like when Obama did it, but here is what from tweeted, nonetheless railroad here's what transcend unless he said that we have to fix infrastructure because of anthrax Let me begin by expressing our deepest sympathies and most heartfelt prayers for the victims of the train derailment in Washington state. We are closely, monitoring the situation and coordinating with local authorities,
It is all the more reason why we must start immediately fixing the infrastructure of the United States rather bad front, because the idea that he has to jump immediately to policy poisons the well. It is a time when Americans should should be risk. Turning to the tragedy, not be not calling for infrastructure fixes and it turns out. We don't need an infrastructure officially literally just build that rail five seconds ago has been apparent for trump right for every just scores such there's, a Charlottesville for every for every tax bill. There is a mite flippancy ban that this is a problem for trunk. The generalised impression of Trump over the first year is what's damaging republicans, not his policies. Now, what democratic and try to do is conflate his policies with this generalised impression of failure. There is aid that he's unpopular because of the tax cuts or because of justice for such or because he's cutting regulations. That is not true, he's unpopular,
fight those thing he's unpopular because president from says dumb things on a regular basis and if you'd stop saying don't things on a regular basis, if somebody just unplugged his phone and it can use twitter for two weeks, his approval rating would go up by ten points in two weeks. I promise you he'd be up in the mid forties immediately. If he just shut up wreckers, the list of the big booze that is made virtually all of them rhetorical right Charlottesville most obvious example. When you went out there and had both sides were responsible and then he said, just an immoral equivalence between the people were protests, the challenge bill and the people who were actually the the waiter promised instigators and suggested that there were good people. A child's will visit the problem for president drunk If you look at the list of failures in under my plan, the firing James call me the overall rhetoric, the figures stop the Laval stop the fight of the interval. All of that stuff is stuff. That is topical. That's why we are so close to having
dream administration really, but that's going to require president trunk to control himself, and I know that these wants him to control and solve. It seems to me the many debates are more interested in Trump doing the NFL stuff in passing. The tax cuts, the more excited about culture, war aspect from America policy side I M precisely the opposite or on the second I wanted discuss back too good from what from had to say about foreign policy, because truncated, big speech on national and international security strategy be rolled out yesterday and what's funny about Trump national security strategy which really fascinating about this particular national security strategy is something that is common to virtually all frumps speeches and olive trumps rhetoric on foreign policy process, one thing and then he employed Bush in foreign policy now be real about, as president transport policy is very very similar to George W Bush is foreign policy is simply neoconservative in a in Germany,
campaign. There's every indicator he looked more like ran Paul IRAN, Paula needed, like George W Bush, but in implementation is foreign policy, has looked a lot more, like George W Bush, unlike Rand. Run all the isolation. The sentiments that he now during the campaign have not materialised in real life. So whenever he listened order was foreign policy speeches, will you What see is a disconnect write him can preaching on four line or the ran polite and then, when he or she tough policy and embracing the idea, powerful muscular America in the world making sure that our principles are upheld strengthening alliances through greater military firepower. Basically, he's embraced Craig. It asked for foreign policy while pretending to be a pappy candidate, which is really interesting. Come up. I adopted we onest one, but it's interesting so trumpet gives his big national security I just beat yesterday he begins with I what I do as a dubious from as he talks about how the american people are the source of american greatness you'll, see why he does this in a second.
Throughout our history. The american people have always been the true source of american greatness. Our people have promoted culture and promoted our values. Americans have fought and said the revised on the battlefields all over the world we have liberated captive nations trends one former enemies into the best of friends and lived. Entire regions of the planet, from poverty to prosperity because of our people, America has been among the greatest forces for peace and justice in the history of the world. The american people are generous are determined your brave your strong and your wise.
Finish their missing. When american people speak, Oliver should listen and they spoke in November. Twenty sixty no love me Rachel, I am the american people- is basically the message you're the reason the trumpets doing this is because this is one of the desk and attract from doesn't want to say that the American Creed is what makes us great. It is ok to American created american people. There is a distinction. The reason that I say this is because the idea that the american people make us great words like saying the greek people make us great, what's different genetically about an American than about it, how much does Greek and become an american I what's genetically too between an Englishman and an American? The answer is not, What makes Amerika great is the central principles that we uphold so far. The American the whole this principle. That makes us great, but it's not the people themselves right. It's not that it's out were better people and other people around the world. That's your silly! I'm about to get on the reason you saying that is because, as soon as you start Talkin about greater principles that America Holt and you have to talk about how we probably get this present principles and now we're back-
In NEO conservative land right now, we're back and Bush Reagan, land were no longer and happy Catalan. So again, this is one of these weird gas in trumps. Kind of thinking and you'll see it here to hear he talks about and you'll get your the sort of Bee Canada's note about ice Asian ism he talked about in the past. We word by nation building, but now we're bringing people home. Our leaders engaged a nation building abroad while they fail to build up an replenish. Our nation at home they undergo. And sure changed our men and women in uniform, with inadequate resources, unstable funding and unclear missions. They fail to insist that our off me wealthy allies paid. Our fair share for defence. Putting a massive and unfair burden on the: U S! Taxpayer! And our great! U S military,
they need like today, nuclear matters and North Korea made a disaster weak and incomprehensibly bear deal with IRAN. Can allow terrorists such as ISIS to gain control of vast parts of territory all across the Middle EAST. What is the first couple said this year have no bearing on the last couple. Senses are. What he's talking about here in the end is exactly right. You know they ignore northward the other day they allow IRAN to run roughshod over the police. They lead ISIS to grow all that's true, but the owner way to fight that is with a more muscular american military six right on funding the american military when he says our leaders engaged in nation building abroad, but it failed to build up and replenish our nation at home right, that's the American
is pure, ran, Paul and Round Paul and any proceeds to immediately swivel and say we need to be more involved in foreign policy right. This is something that that he says repeatedly. In other words, the fruits of his of its foreign policy have been directly opposed to the isolation to sentiments that use thousand compatriots and they continues to quasi spouse times during his speeches as at the end of the world. But I just want to point out the inconsistency because when I don't is for people to a tribute. The winds of his foreign policy to the isolationist foreign policy, did. He seems to be a thousand publicly sometimes, but the fact is trophies foreign policy that great he just doing it in the name of an ideology that he's not actually upholding imbracus, so he had drunk is right when he says that he's what victory over ISIS least. This is obviously true. It is worth noting here he did continue Obama's foreign policy on ice. Is he just strengthened it, but he s credit for doing that. Following my trip to the Middle EAST, the Gulf States
and other muslim Majority nations join together to fight radical islamist ideology and terrorist financing. We have dealt ISIS 1debit dating to feed after another. The coalition to defeat ISIS has now recaptured almost one hundred percent of the land once held by these terrorists in a row, and in great yeah right, yeah really good. Thank you. Thank you. We have a great military were. Chasing them wherever they flee, and we will not let them into the United States only good for drop right. This
is the foreign policy that is pursuing and am glad that there is a disconnect between what he was saying on the campaign trail and what he's doing in practice. This I thought was the best part of his speech. He talked about what it is here. He really does about what his priorities aren't. His priorities are equally good right here. He talks about optimism in confidence. Optimism has surge. Confidence has returned with this new confidence. We are also bringing back clarity to our thinking. We are reasserting these fundamental truth a nation without borders is not a nation.
A nation that does not protect prosperity at home, cannot protect its interests abroad. A nation that is not prepared to win a war is a nation not capable of preventing a war. A nation that is not proud of its history cannot be confident in its future and a nation that is not certain of its values cannot summon the will to defend them right now. This is the actual statement from policy, and this is what you should focus on, and this is quite like regular database be proud of what America is part of our history. Proper principles that will make a marathon radiance of wasn't from is a vast difference in kind from the Obama administration on foreign policy. For that he deserves all credit. The world I just want to see more of the railroad like yellow speech unless, like the isolation is beginning of speech, ok so
Meanwhile, there is a backlash that is building against the meat to movement at where is as really begun, based on the meeting movement now making clear that there is no standard for even such basic things is concerned. I talked about this. Here we go on the show, and I look at a flat foreign. I said that one of the problems with left wing social ideology is that they proclaim that consent is the only value when it comes to sack but then they refused to abide by those rules when they, when the chips are on the table. Remember that is that the left us naturally believe the yes means yes or no means no at the left was to say that consensus. The only thing that matters was ably consent is deeply deeply deeply important. But the idea that consent is is a clear yes or no line. There's no malleability to it at all. That is just not practical in terms of human sexual relationships, note me, no, I guess, doesn't Ami always me yes, and what s interesting is that the left is beginning to recognise this, but they dont know how to deal with this.
And they re also don't know how to set a standard for watching and grim. What you not Madame is being raised over the coals today, because he had the temerity to suggest that sexual harassment is not the same as sexual All the things I mean, no woman is not the seams Harvey weighty, raping them, and the left is going out from here we're intangible. How dare he they're all bad? Yes and all the other pickpocket doesn't get punished the same way as mass murderer. It s just dead that silly doesn't know making life The package is, as somebody who is a car thieves doesn't get treated the same as serial killer by then about bad at it, but the left refuses to acknowledge these distinctions, what's funny, is even left it being to realise this. Now, of course, in order for real as is their access to be gone along with this. He's doing now, is largely because Alfred in his eyes on his way out of the Senate in their sad about that they feel like they wish they had got rid of him. Make emergency finally sounding off on me too, and she says Does it make a little too far here were any accusation by anyone at any time can road bans career? I yeah. We ve been saying this for, while Eureka
the process, the is, whereas what we need to be talking about before we talk about the man, because the process needs to be, it's gonna be complicated, But I think women feel that they are maligned in this trade through the process and therefore they're afraid to step forward, and we need to look at the process, but right now, Any woman can say anything in a man's career is ruined. Now. Allow Women can say things that are true and their careers should be rolling either by the way. A problem I admire the way, almost meant any woman can say anything and that's it it's over we're running businesses now we're ok, so that she is exactly right. Matt Damon is being raised over the calls for basically saying the same thing. Meek Brzezinski did he do nervously his insider and here's. What is I quote, in this watershed moment it's great, but I think one thing this not being talked about is there
public load of guys, the preponderance men. I've worked with. Who don't do this kind of thing whose lives are gonna be affected when he was asked? If you never worked with someone who has been accused of sexual conduct, he said: he'd have to be on a case by case basis, He said that always went into my thinking. I mean I wouldn't one word with somebody who likes to shore for that, but the question If somebody had allegations against them, you know it would be a case by case basis. You go what's the story here and then he asked. Said: there's a difference between or pay someone on, the bar and rape or child molestation right there. I mean I'm sorry break it felt, but there is a lot to be punished by will not be the same said both of these behaviors needed confronted and eradicate without question, they should be conflated right. You tell me what is going wrong here. I mean I'm not a Matt Damon defend writhing mandate. Matt Damon is not exactly the brightest Agatha basket, but why I rose. Mcgowan's had met him in his dense Zerlina matter.
Does Matt Damon equals every white man whose use two people taking his opinion seriously. Unity has no idea. What are you talking about? I mean this is just really. I love this shares his map, even if the epitome of a full allies performer of weakness is more about servicing. His own ego than the needs of the oppressed in disenfranchised, and we have gone, is insane. Dependency, anything wrong. There I mean again. I'm than defending a diameter madame it didn't do anything wrong here in the meanwhile there is no standard for behaviour. So here is the evidence. There's no standard for behaviour, so over the weekend is warning Jessica. Bennet Jessica man is the gender at her of your time. Yes, that's a real thing. There's a gender editor which all know how you know how gender, but in any case she wrote these when saying yes, is easier than saying no. She argued that many cases, women say yes to set, but they don't actually want to say yes to set when she said quote sometimes, yes means no, simply because It is easier to go through the dim explained our way out of situation sometimes,
we just because you actually do you want but you know you're supposed to you're not supposed to us to be labelled slap. Your mad often means just try hard, because you know persuasion is part of the game and it contains. And she argued that consent is actually suicidally define that idea of what we want in our own desire is linked. What we think we're supposed to wonder what Bennett right, but that it offers a clear solution on this right to now. She saying that sometimes yes doesn't actually means. Yes, I'm hands, yes, means no, one sometimes no means yes, meaning a woman doesn't want to have sex, or she doesn't want to have sex, but you want to be persuaded and what she's playing hard to get or I can just as happened I'm sure to thousands of people over the years. Millions of people more woman says no and and a guy says please in the grocers, ok tampering with the idea of it and no means permanently. Obviously, is not true the idea that no means no four minute a minute is not always true. Yet to take. No as no guys, but this is when you don't have any societal standards when sex have been completely deal linked from meaning its difficult redraw these lines- and this is one of the prime.
Then in the meat you moment were true draw lines in an area where all lines political had been obliterated. Rabbinic doesn't offer any clear solution Is it true that women say yes, but me know, are men supposed to read mind if a woman says no, but a man seduces her until she says yes, The initial no more important than the final yes now, but it doesn't when he got but you're, not the only one saying this is wanting Rebecca A for the metro who said she was participate? nay threesome, because you didn't want to be rude whose over dinner with a guide, his wife and they said, come upstairs and translate well, I had dinner. I guess I don't want to ruin the dinner they really. How are these You know that you're not into it. I mean like I've been a law we're dinner parties by, I would never to say yes to having sex with people out of a desire not to be rude. Y. All red says such experiences. Aren't I gotta go out there. Hundreds of reasons why they are boil down to the same thing. We're nice. Girls have been raised to be nice, it's so funny how this definition has changed. Fifty ago, if you set a girl, is a nice girl and then she didn't put out right been. Thirdly, this is what it meant we go back to. Nineteen
five, and you said the girl was a nice girl with his men was a euphemism. For she monster me. Virgin until she's married now, a nice girl means they are supposed to say yes to any sexual propositions, otherwise are being mean, she's got sometimes being careful, its having sex. You don't want to lose you feelin, dirty insanity. Eighty is not rape is not abused. Not nice, either banana conflate rape, abuse and not niceness, apparently in the pages of the New Yorker there's, this short story that went viral allocates called a cat person, the author of this of this peace. It has now that unfairly, a million dollar vans, fix the peace once a viral. What exactly? peace will demand womanly Margo who's. He the man she sent him off. Signals that you must have some of them, but you can turn led by over whether the throw that quoth she knew that her last chance of enjoying this encounter disappear, but should carry through with it until it was However, in the end, she asserted the guy. Reggie goes but even this sort of repulsed by it. It's not really re, because she says yes, the whole way ventures and like it and then she brings
but the guy, like you, never contact him again, fannys taxing with her and then he says that you as a whole and the whole idea of the short story should not really a whore, because you don't really want to go through with it, but you went through with it to be nice and now he's being mean Meme, calling her a whore, and there is this What a vagary in sexual relationships and this painful stuff, I'm sure for a lot of women, but it does raise pretty serious question. Why What are men supposed to do its men, who are on the line here right? If these women have about sexual experience? That is quite arable? It's quite awful. I feel terrible for them, but if it's just as the bent the best actual experience, and I just run it s career over it or run his life over there. Not so cool right. We are in the midst, of a crusade not to make women feel better about sex, but to punish male aggressors right. There is a distinction This is not about making women feel better reflects the meter movement was not supposed to be about just all sexual experience. If women are supposed to be glorious and wonderful, because not all sexual experiences are going to be lorries and wonderful. I married written
there's, not a sex sexual experiencing with marriage or the same right, sometimes their mothers. The idea there s a society. We are now time. Bad men. We have that we had to differentiate between the two girls. One is a sure that sex for women is better, the other is sure the men are not aggressors. The second one, seems to be easier than the first but work inflating the two. If we can, if water consent down to nothing, If yes, sometimes means no, I know sometimes means yes or men are supposed to read minds and if they don't read my properly run their careers, and how can we ever? expect there to be any sort of comfortable sex at all, because men are not going to engage the bright ray and women aren't going to claim that men are denying them. I suppose what we have yours: probably expectations. Ok, all three of these articles- the tablet- yes, not, meaning, yes, and no, not meaning no overtime, their articulating the complaint the women were to fulfil many expectations, basing their blaming men for their own confusion over actually expect him to have that they want to disappoint the man they have cited them. Men want them to have sex.
They may or may not want to have sex. They started manipulates you much robot or not. I did it to move away from that, but there is another expectation has been created here. That's not about men at all, either there's two expectations. One is that men won't have to Did you all the time, there's an expectation that reality can men want, have active women all the time? The least Raymond, but there's a second mutation that women are fulfilling and this the one that actually destroying alive the rules. Ok, daddy, is the expectation, and women themselves are supposed to treat sex casually or they are real where's, the patriarchy. Does the feminist argument there A woman is an old fashioned. Nice girl that influence has one assets until I married because I not to be a perversion of of nature. Any any movement away from what God intended for us this makes her approved. It makes her backward what any Hollywood movie made for the last thirty years. The good girl is really the stupid girl. The good girl is the dimly. Who is going to have to loosen up a little bit right in Footloose, the good girl is really
She must be a bad rolex repressed by John. Let's go right: this is a society. Hollywood is created for us than the society. The feminist movement is great. For us there to expectations. Men always had the expectation, the hope, not the expectation. I spent my men always had to help women randomly have sex with them. Now men have the expertise. That women will randomly her sight of them. What change it wasn't? Men, it wasn't men. What changed here watch and here was it. The feminist movement said to women that you have a responsibility to show, Sex casually, otherwise, following you lie with the patriarchate than the patriarchal system are concerned. Only society in which sexual activity has become a throwaway, and any notion of cherishing the scottish patriarchal that we laugh at that as patriarchal men have developed expectations, women moving to meet those expectations, if not from an it's not of women is not good for anyone. I consent, matters in a system where people are capable of saying no it seems that society is based telling women on all sides to say. Yes,
they're telling man that it's ok of women's it S. Almost women actually met now hit at a mass of its own, making I'll get well we're gonna have to break their before. We go, further go over Unsubscribe nine. Ninety nine month gets you subscription to daily where dot com. When you get that subscription, you get the rest of our society at the recipe they get. The recipe underplayed instrument there's Michael Nosey, shall I get to be part of our male that right to ask me questions and have them answer? All of this makes your life moroccan plus. If you get the aerial subscription, yet the very best in all beverage, Brussels is so valuable. I could even breathe me down here to Florida, where I met the tv USA Conference, I couldn't even afford to bring it in my carry on, because I wouldn't I treasure it so much. My leftist years, hot or cold tumblr account for ninety nine. Ninety nine dollar annual subscription VIII plus. The Shapiro store is, in the new year and it'll be exciting discounts there. If you wanna subscribed, you wanted just listen. Later on audio look at Itunes. Out loud googled way stage or any of the any of the normal. Any of the normal podcasting at all.
You can go to our Egypt channel unsubscribe over there we have a Christmas video that is coming out in the very near future. I think that's coming out later this week. Actually so look out for that we are the largest ass, important Rebecca S. Ok, so time for I, like some things. I hate animal deconstruct culture for a hot second, ok, so things that I like after last week, in them I played a clip of Roy more writing a horse to design from blazing saddles, and that got me thinking. What are some great movies that have titles Arms or songs involved that are that are just hilarious up the first one. The path mighty movie I grew up with one eye was get I loved this movie growing up. I haven't seen it for probably twenty five years, and I'm only thirty three. The last time I saw I was probably eight or nine it's Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster in gunfight. At the okay corral
lane sings the song same noticing the blazing salazar, and it's got this classic. Just western trope of the singer actually takes you true story like he narrates the story. It's it's! A guy did a ballot of sweeteners when you type so then the movies gunfight at the ok around I think it's really underrated fell. They actually does hold up really well directed by the great John Sturgis. I take a look at this. This old western spray. Great key around rather than their final stand on my master S famous Wyatt, Earp Douglas says. The notorious doc holiday man as different as day and night, get faint link them together,
through the violent here, get going down the back stairs, much obliged Marshall C in the city, and thank you proper. Thank me, probably by staying out of that city, Rhonda Fleming, Laura DUMBO, gullet cleanup test is the hundred tombstones on the frontier all crying for the great wider, clean them all up. Gauvain fleet does Kate Fisher. Let me tell you something that kind of alum fancy clothes and that small talk of yours. I'll make you know Joe. You are dead, just like me, John Ireland, Ringo, not drink, then Now you will see them as they really were. Hot blooded raw Ritalin as Israel in its last Lester per Douglas up here
lay your who is trying to play down holiday, who has consumption and apparently they shall the scenes at work, and so one of the things that that he did is he would time his coughs seem to see they look like he's going progressively. Sicker is the film went on which words and movie I as a good performance by growth Douglas? Who is? We met your weak for Douglas movies at some point, but worth watching. It holds up pretty well, it's not as good movies, tombstone, of course, but it is a good move, is classic western. Ok, one other thing that I like. So you see all these headlines that are kind of silly coming out from mainstream media IDF Idf is be israeli. Defense force is a resting children. The rest of these poor, hungry palestinian origin it's just terrible. Ok, here's was actually going on the Palestinians put up kids to trying to solve israeli soldiers to get them arrested for the cameras, Harrison tape
an idea, soldiers and whether actually going from what they have to do. What you see here is a bunch of kids. You walking up to israeli soldiers trying to grab them, trying harass them, trying to push them one one. What's up slaps israeli soldiers face another punches in israeli soldier unfastened the soldiers standing there taking it right there, just getting their king, and these are. These are kids will probably eleven or twelve years old, they ve been told by their parents that indeed go over her ass. These really soldiers get themselves arrested, they walk over. Look at these resources trying to ignore them by these really I'm just trying to stay away from them, because they don't want to get a confrontation with these kids and there early, smacking israeli soldiers of it actually, the israeli soldiers are forced to arrest them because you can only slap a law enforcement officer a thousand times before he's going to rescue you, probably people. Is it really soldier attitude. People get does not happen in the United States, Gm Foods,
grab. There's not a soldier in the american Army hoods ten for this kind of crap, maybe they wouldn't Iraq or Afghanistan by you know. The idea is doing this every day. Here. The idea for the bad guys here is just insane ok time for a quick thing that I hate, nimble, deconstruct culture for second, so things I hate ok so. Here is a Hillary Clinton made. The left just gonna go so the daily show did something called the song for women and Hell Clinton makes it can the daily shows its own for women. Yes, this is a natural thing here we go this year, like structures to be so, I got it in this way. The Ladys hid. The refrain now, when I do now clay takeover
He believes man or glutton speaking for all women accepted ones, her husband's rate effect. They keep trying Hilary. Relevant is an amazing thing. I Heller eventually become as much of a joke is. Al Gore has become time. You see him, you laugh there's a reason for that. Ok, another thing that I hate so people made the very big deal out of this? One story. There's nobody reiterate about an apparently an unidentified flying object that appeared in front of a Navy pilot and injected off. Incredibly quickly. Do you video of that actually Welcome MIKE
I can remember how important have since been waiting. Shit about it. And then of her apparently like flies away. You know twice the speed of Light United moves. Really quickly give us and what this means the aliens are here. Ok, if the aliens Here, either their prepping for an attack, in which case we should all be scared out of our minds, and it should be the top of the news or there is something that we just don't understand going on and is not aliens because of aliens were to come here. They're probably make their presence. Known ass if they had technology? That's appeared anything that we have then, presumably they would move on us because this apparently been going on for years, but maybe I'm wrong. They will find out later that this was the beginning of the invasion and, nor it and I'm your wanted allies. Ok time for deconstructing the culture so.
There's a song. It has now become unpopular okay and they change the lyrics to because it unpopular it was a Christmas favorite, because baby it's cold outside. You been informed by the left at this song is Raby. Oh yes, the song baby, it's called outsiders Reagan lay a little bit of it, and then I'm indeterminate plays and not enough. Forty- and you tell me- which is more- maybe baby? It's it's cold outside Susie just like me, died What's in August, creepy version the Michael Belated within the Manzella, little kids, the original version with anything it said, there's a Louis Armstrong and Things Billie holiday. In any case, they lyric their people, go crazy about is that there is a there's. The woman is basically testing that she has to leave it
really wanna leave She asked at one point: what's in this drink right, she said it is neighbours. My thanks, hey! What's in his drink and so soundly he's day, raising our assent what's happening. Ok, the whole point is that she's feeling buzz and she's feeling happy ceilings ready and she doesn't want to leave any friend convince her to stay which Raby Natali rather timid. Inaction in, assuming that it Dean Martin Denatured, Ruthie anybody, This is, I did the idea that this is date. Rape is is ridiculous that it's a rapist, there's nothing wrong with the songs that possible they. Nobody, In that I already I mean to get a red checks that's it maybe there's something. What's we're is it all the same people who say that the baby it's cold outside as a rape, you song, are fine with top forty music. Would you like mo3, music of all time, half the music? Is it someday saying I'm to jump on that.
Ram and aiming to jump on her, and I will do what I want with her and the girls. I had great, you know that's what I'm into like. First of all, have a Lisbon summit. If all the lyrics to top forty music were actually applied in real life by men to women, these would not be good pick up lines Can he really Raby pick up lines, so there's that there's a song out right now help Havana agenda there's power. There is a rap interlude which has become a staple of tat, forty music and is horrifying. In any case, this is what the rapporteur wrapping little bit, you tell me, which is more Maybe maybe it's cold outside of this. Press alt fresh Easter,
man no trace they understand what the hell is going on. Here is what you say: ok watch everything is quote just graduated fresh on campus, eastern lads with no manners down fragile, the latter bump on her bumper, like a traffic jam. Now I missed it. I wish you said yesterday, bumping on her bumper, like a traffic jam by that seems little Raby know this hey. I was quickly hey that girl like Uncle SAM, and I thank her for sex, bigger back it on me. Shorty, Craven on me it to dig on me. She waited on me shoddy cake Tommy got the bacon on me, I'm not housemaid. This is history, make an army point blank closely, happy! The castilian ass me. I was Mueller man they feel me
clearly as an arabian all, what's more rabies, guys angel girl stance, with me and begging her to stay inside with him in her. Finally saying yes, slowly, that's the Raby problem. Here, aye aye our society may be screwed up beyond all repair. I met her sexual, at least until there's returned to traditional motions of male and female women want and what women want and standards where we can accommodate both. Ok, so we'll be back here tomorrow. You then, and then spirit is eventually Russia. The bench Shapiro Show is produced by math, is Glover executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan hey, our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Zangara Audio missed by my core Mina Heron make up is by just one of era. The bench of Euro show
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