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Ep. 443 - Say Goodbye To 2017

2017-12-22 | 🔗
We review the year with some of our favorites and least favorites, Nikki Haley becomes our spirit animal, and we check the year’s final mailbag! Date: 12-22-2017
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It's the last show of twenty seventeen and what a show it shall be. President Trump signs into law. His tax reform Hayley becomes our Spirit, animal and the mailbag and adventure paralyses. The venture Ben Show yeah yes so much to get to hear on the bench Piero show we find reach. The end of the year were here: it's upon us we arrived well got here. You know that was in doubt all your long. It was in doubt over last through Susan I mean I know that I was expected to be dead at least twice, and when we talk about what I visited Berkeley, I'm sorry about the tax reform, a net neutrality, but we'll talk about all of the things that are happening on this. The last work day, essentially I'll, two thousand and seventeen. But first I want to say thank you to our sponsors. Et blink and so you're going to have some time over the holidays. But you don't have time to wait five hundred age book, you don't you have time to listen to a fifteen minute segment that basically, friends, you all the points in the book. That's all you can remember anyway, but that's what blinkers is for instead of
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be oh. I am K. I Sd blinkers. Dotcom slash bound to start you free trial or get three months off your yearly plan, blinkers dot com, Slash Ben uses less when they know that we say you ok, so today day over the White House, the President of the United States signs into law, his joy, enormous attacks cut, and everyone is very excited, the president signs that into lodged before Christmas, and then he as these have working vacation. I hope not of the president just takes time off. What's the media faster they. Don't he you don't need to provide them content. What them shoe on The good things that are happening because of this tax got so here, an additional lest we gave you just yesterday of corporations. There now bonuses and raises two people and hiring more people because of the tax cuts that just passed the Senate. house and was signed in the law by the President in Texas, New brought them fellows, based rush enterprises is planning to give each of us. Employees are one thousand dollar bonus after president from signs attacks, farm bill in law, the commercial truck?
worse than all of its approximately sixty six hundred. U S, employees will receive the one. I'm pay out, which will cost about six point: six million dollars in Wisconsin Associated Bank settled its minimum hourly wage to fifteen bucks and paper five hundred dollar bonus, their current minimum wages, ten dollars and hours. That's a fact that a fifty percent increase the company said that it's moving. About three thousand employees in Idaho. Now LUCA Ink, which is run by fair friend, Vander, salutes nurses republican. He sent a phone interview, it is two thousand workers. We get a one time bonus of a hundred bucks for every year they work to company. They have been a hundred fifty employees who have worked there for twenty years or more the average employee we'll get about an eight hundred dollar bonus in Hawaii, the royal hair hawaiian heritage jewellery that they decide to open. second shop and is going to happen all over the place. I didn't is gonna happen As is businesses decide, they have more money to spend and hiring should go up. Investment should go in their stock by back, maybe just or stocks go up. But it's good for the economy when people get to keep their own dollars. Why? Because they get and those dollars, they invest those dollars, and you know what we want.
better than the federal government knows what you want to buy. Now the left has lost their mine over the tax got. Obviously they just can't deal with it, and it's really interesting because it sort of betrays what they actually think of Amerika and what they think of your capacity to keep your own money. So Elizabeth in for example, as she has an interesting take. Her basic notion here is the reason corporations are now giving bonuses and raises is because they're trying to propagandizing their workers, not because they actually like their workers or help their workers they have nefarious motives of the corporations are essentially evil. In the end, though, just use that money to line their own pockets and give themselves big bonuses, that's what they'll do their cruel and brutal
It was with worn setting a few smoke signals of her own. I want to be absolutely clear. I am delighted when workers get more money, I'm glad when it happens at any corporation in Amerika yea, but let's be really clear. If these corporations have wanted to do that, they already had plenty of profits to do it. The idea that this is trickled down economics at work or other than just plain old politics is just wrong. The corporate see I have already told us what they're going to do with this money. To give you an example, home deeper right after the Senate pass the tax bill a couple of weeks ago, home deeper, CEO is executive is interviewed instead. So what are you gonna do with all this money that home depot
can certainly do really well on this wise. We're going to raise wages for our employs now was at work owing to hire war employees at the home depots stores. No, or was it working to build more home depots across Amerika now these are what we're gonna do as we're gonna do stop by backs, in other words, work any use. Whatever money comes out to pump up the price of our stock? Ok, so was hilarious. This is number one, the Democrats claiming for years that the stock market growth Your bomber administration was clearly reflection of his underlying solid economy, except the job growth didn't keep up, because the stocks were actually stop by backs right now. She's ripping stock by backstop biomass are terrible, but the idea here is the corporations are the fairest, their profit, seeking? Isn't that awful notes? Illyrian, the same folks think Corporations are profit seeking an evil number out of the government. Anyone who runs a corporation, ok, I help runny corporation right. I, along with my executive team people, I work with the presidents of the company and the sea.
the ceo of the company, your we run the company together, we actually do care about our employees event our Christmas Party yesterday. The only employee who got a bad give their Christmas party was Michael Knowles because about employee, or he got cold but I gave him for Christmas, but from that. It was an active these box. I guess it was nice a little bit and one day, if Michael really puts himself under pressure, that coal will become a diamond was actually in it. Moves me exhorting him to work, but. Everybody at the company is relatively happy because we are interest and keeping them employed and if they are good at their jobs we give them raises, and if there are good at that, we retain them and if their bad at their jobs and fire them people don't want you fire people. Ok, they actually don't people are not generally in the business of enjoying firing. People and corporations are actually do care about their workers, which is why, wages have risen in the United States in terms of what you can buy, everyone in the United States continuously, despite the death of private sector unions, private sector Indians represent something like three percent of the workforce. Now they barely exist.
All the union's exist in the public sector, where their union icing against the government and the private sector. We have decided that there have better luck, instead of union rising just going into their employer about arrays, which is correct. But the idea from the from left is precisely the reverse. Corporations are cruel, they hate you They want to harm. You don't use your slave labour, but the government is benevolent such benevolent when the gun Comes to me and takes a gun out and pointed at me and says, give me your money s benevolent by an end, if the money, the government gives me my own money back then that's bad, that's bad! Because that's redistributing the wealth, but if a corporation is war King and giving bonuses and keeping people employed, then somehow their cruel. Here's. The thing I think most people are motivated by self interest the differences that new capitalist economy, myself interest does. Not manifest as anything good for me almost I give something to you capital in turn self interest into what I've called forced, altruism, the point being that I can be
as selfish as I want, but if I don't produce it, But our service that you, like I'm starved that's the beauty of the capitalist free market system. Government has no such qualms. Government has no such issues. If government wants to survive, government can go bankrupt, it will just bankrupt. You he'll, take all your money, all you're children's money. If we talk about carrying levels for Corporations versus government corporations care a hell of a lot more about making sure that you are employed as long as you're doing work for them. MC airs dominating care at all governmental. Tax, the hell out of you, earn and will give you money not because the government is interested in your dependency or in okey money out of pocket. Those are the only two things the government is interested in on a fiscal level, either taking your money or turn you into a dependent. Those are the only two things. Government is not interested in boosting you or giving you a hand up. The democratic will say we would just give you a hand out because to hand up then, and then they promote policies to make sure that people
in poverty. They pay people to stay off the work lines where they want welfare increased so that people don't have to work out. This way have nets. Blowsy, saying things like we want to make sure that you're not burdened by job later you're, not locked into a job. You don't want to do it that fundamental difference between how have you pray Industry hide your government under goods, this entire thing and a second. I do discuss what happened at EU and acts as a major development over the EU and yesterday with Nicky Hayley really taking charge. But first I want to say thank you. Tore sponsors over at: U S easier so, if you're, a good mother somebody to listen up. How would you like to heads of the range tomorrow with a brand new gun? I know you would it's Christmas time, folks, I know I would you, will my friends over the? U s you wanna get more. Into the hands of more responsible law abiding armed Americans like use. They are ending two thousand seventeen by giving you up to seventeen answers to win your new gun everyday! That's right, a different kind, every single day of the week could be a cumbersome, could be a lock could be Springfield. All you have to do is go
we defend my family now, three dotcom defend family. Now, digit, three dotcom travel, which can you could be taken home tomorrow? It's defend my family now, three dotcom, remember not a lot of time to go the day, will always disappear at midnight. This will be the last I'm telling you the website to listen carefully is defend my family. Now three dot com defend my family. Now three d come get your chance to win a new got everything they, but you are right now defend my family. Now three dotcom go check it out. You ass, you see, it is a lot of fantastic work should register with them. In any case, ok soap. Yesterday's I said, Nicky Hayley, acting as my Spirit Animal and she was at the U N but two hundred twenty eight to nine against the United States. Moving our embassy to Jerusalem, to which we say go to Hell here's what you have to say why in the world right here that Yemen doesn't want us to move our embassy to Jerusalem, can kiss our ass? Who cares answer? No one knows one energy Hayley made that pretty clear. She basically look
entire you she said guys, you think I'm standing here like care. about what you guys have to say welcome to America, Nicky Hayley when the omens work over the you and it's always we're wherever people speak at the. U N, it looks like their speaking in the bathroom intimacies by name here's there isn't Hayley really bashing. People about that United States is by far the single largest contributor to the United Nations and its agencies, when a nation is singled out for attack in this organization. That nation is disrespected. What's more, that nation is asked to pay for the privilege of being disrespected behind. states will remember this day in what It was singled out for attack in the journal assembly for the very act of exercise. Our right as a sovereign nation. We will remember it when we are called upon to once again make the world's largest contribution to the United Nations and we will remember it.
when so many countries come calling on us as they. So often due to pay even more, and to use our influence for their benefit, cut them off, cut them off, cut them off. Ok, none of these countries that are voting against the United States are to take their foreign aid for granted. Now there to have supported the United States, It represents forty by about one percent of the american federal budget every year with breaking the banks, on foreign aid, but we can use this as a tool. Given a hundred million dollars in Zimbabwe, ever your leg, inhuman and development it in health and development, it would give a true as a hundred and thirty five million dollars every year to Zimbabwe, which was until five minutes ago run by Robert Mugabe, one of the worst people on planet earth. Therein studies that are there when it does virtually nothing. When you sign attractive dictator, the dictator takes the Czech immediately cash. Is it builds himself? A new palace buys himself. couple of new female bodyguards and then go that is daily business. I stopping the bodyguards in, and Marine zombie foreign aid unless it is specifically channel.
the right areas doesn't do a whole hell of a lot and the euro into a helluva lot, the idea of a tax strings to the system makes a lot of sense now. What money, is that their people on the left, who don't believe the soap Philip Mud, is one of these people he's? His name is mine, literally I he he actually says this run CNN. He said he said that Trump was acting in the form of diplomatic, prostitution, he said. Let me be blunt, her wolf, he said, Mister Wolf was her. This is diplomatic prostitution, we're telling people almost vote with us, we're not gonna, give you money your heart, doesn't agree with american policies will not support you in terms of USA. That's not. Prostitution is just called diplomacy, but we actually get to attach strings to. The chair that we sign a people. It's true everywhere by the domestic policy. Do no such thing as a free
lunch international internationally and by it. But what is really betrays is that there are a lot of people in the United States living in the United States, who do not actually see the United States as a force for good in the world. They don't they. They say it is a bad thing. They see. It is a bad thing. When we exert our power in the world. That's because there are really two different views of America on the world stage view number one is that America is big. Bully was Brok Obama's he and his apology to early on his presidency in America Bali on the world stage, were mean to people and cruel or overreaching we're sort of bull in a China shop We try to do the right thing, but we usually do the wrong thing and then there is the more traditional incorrect view of America's role in the world, which is that we are the greatest force for free the world has ever seen, and ever known, in fact, is what Eric and boots and set foot freedom follows. I'm not Americans talk about whether we should have been in every war that we ve been in, but we. Amerika was present. There was freedom where America was removed at the freedom went away.
It is true in Vietnam WAR, one who pulled out of Vietnam, South Vienna itself, Unama free country, turns into a communist hellhole sort of Cambodia and Cambodia. where they were the Khmer Rouge and a murderer, a million people by when we, when we pull out of Korea, North Korea, North Korea, still a prison camp the odd years later in South Korea, where we still have troops is one of the freest most prosperous countries in Asia. forget about Europe, I mean all of Europe would be speaking german right now form for the United States, including Britain. So the idea that DNA states been nefarious force on the world stage that we have strings attached. We should have strings attached because our strings are good. They are strings are usually things like. We would like you to free up your press. We would like you to not oppressed women. We would like for you to support United States foreign powers in strengthening our interests around the world. This is good stuff. The United States is never conquered nations to take them. United States has conquered
since in or replace regimes of better regimes asked how that's gone for Japan in Germany. Answers pretty well and by the way it was going a lot better in Iraq. Until President Obama decided to precipitously withdraw from Iraq, leave in his wig in iranian back regime and ISIS in the in the west of the country in the north west of the country, so this view that the United States is being terrible by catch a to our funds, it's my money. For God's sake, it's my money So my money that I get to determine what happens with it, this notion that the guy It has a role in taking my money and in spending it whenever stupid thing, Robert Mugabe wants to spend it on It verges on taxation. Without representation? Is the truth? Now? What do you think? It's always interesting. Is that the? U N voters I talk about yesterday, statistically insanely and routinely all the time they they? They vote against Israel and a huge manage, while the votes that are taken in the Un General Assembly are against Israel,
and we will vote against. Israel are typically they're allowed people abstain. Yesterday the people Voting against. Israel are largely located in areas with large muslim populations, Europe or in the muslim world itself. So there were the vote. I say is one hundred and twenty eight nine so fifty seven of those countries where islamic so half of them right off the bat or muslim countries that hate Israel and don't believe that right to exist, and then there are other fifty on countries and some of those are in Asia, and some of those are Europe, and what you are saying is this alliance between members of the european left and Radical Islam too. Condemn Israel are, these were anti Semitism exists have talked about Anti Semitism before the programme there, a few different types, theirs religious anti Semitism, which is or muslim anti Semitism dead. This boy there still some Christian as I Semitism, but has become far less of a problem over the last fifty years since the Holocaust indeed, there is no overlap. Seventy years and now with us, rather there
is muslim, Anti Semitism, some religious anti Semitism, it also secular anti Semitism in the form of people who do not like Christianity. Do not like tourism there? Ok with Islam, because Islam makes them feel our multicultural and special in warm inside, but there big on the on the union- and this is coming out in Europe so as peace in say today talking about Germany, Germany voted against the United, the United States, moving our embassy to drink don't get none of their damn business and they may be speaking Hitler if it weren't for us. but the idea that the Germany I is is going to tell Israel a country full of Jews or about the same popular, If you come to think of it as we're slaughter in the Holocaust by the Germans and their allies are going to tell Israel where to put their capital, is beyond absurd Nazism. In Germany is on. The rise in Europe is on the rise of fuel, If Israel is the anti Israel, motivation is caused by Anti Semitism. The answer is yes, european answer. It isn't has long roots. Now, there's a lot of you.
In Anti Semitism. That's based offer new muslim migrants and also secular, left us leave that Israel is in a s forest for western Imperialism, says peace in USA. Today, when TAT, communications manager, matayeled tonnage of emigrates Germany. Ninety ninety eight from his native Russia, as a teen, his jewish faith, in matter to classmates or neighbours, but Now he says when I arrive in Germany, I never saw such displays, but now there's thousands of people for burning israeli flags in the street. In two thousand and six Jeremy recorded one thousand five hundred anti semitic incident, that was a massive increase in previous years. Accordingly, survey in western Germany. Sixty two percent of jewish respondents said they experience The Anti Semitism in their everyday lives, twenty eight percent of the victims, verbal attacks or harassment and passed here when I visited France my wife and I were afraid to go in particular districts. Well, I was well a Yamaha were baseball cap instead when I was in London, I have told the story on the shop when I was in London. There
a situation where we went to Madame shows Wax museum we're walking around looking all the statues, no jewish. Matters right, except for Albert Einstein and behind us of young Muslims. You can tell his woman's wearing he job sharing by two guys. You are who also look like there are from muslim countries and they actually walk up to the statue of advertisers are strangling it and I figured well. Maybe they just like the theory relativity turns out not. There is also a wax natural Hitler and while every british person there was walking over and strangling Hitler, these young Muslims went over and put their arms around Hitler like use, Uncle Hitler and began taking pictures Anti Semitism is on the rise. There is on the rise in places like Sweden, not just because of it Islam, but also because of a secular when that sees religious education as backwards and non progressive. Nordic countries maintain opinion corridors for acceptable ideas and the public square and those opinion corridors do not include religious people very often so answer
Semitism Anti Israel sentiment. It made. For the not everyone Anti Israel is out his benefit. Everyone Anti Semitic is certainly anti Israel and there is pretty significant cross over between the two groups. Ok. Well as we continue, I want to get too the mail that I wanted to, I predicted won't mailbox it's a year and mail bag and give you a chance. But first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over and nature so the holidays mean that it is time to do things right. You need wrap your gift. You need to travel in the plan that travel a breakthrough. What'd, you need extra energy and that's why you need Nature box. Nature Box has over a hundred Delicious gnats office. Next are made with high quality, simple ingredients, no artificial, colors flavour sweeteners just go to Nature box outcome, it user, snacks and nature. Bottled. Look. them directly to your door. They add new snacks every single month, inspired by new food trends, professional shafts customer feedback folks at the office. They particularly Little being waivers, dried mango in coffee cannot pop when we took a quick survey of the office and those are the ones that are the most popular. There is no risk by the way. If you don't like a snack nature, bathroom
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my brainwashed fellow millennials to no avail. Could you please explain in an objective way, the actual pros and cons of trickled down economic? and what is actually shown growth. So the reason the first, let's start with a problem with Google, if you Google tool down economics, you are only gonna get the failures of trickled down economics. That's because it is called a term that was not coined by the right. It was a term that was coined by the left, the right cause, it supply side, economics, look up, supply site economics on Google and you will come up with a myriad of examples in which supplies economics has worked supplies had economics. Is the idea that if you give producers back their money, they're going to produce new and better products and that generates its own demand supply generated tones man? Basically, so if you generate cheaper products, not crap, nobody wants to buy, but if you make products cheaper and better people will want to buy it. If you invent new products that changes the way people everybody wants to buy fifteen years ago twenty twenty years ago. Nobody ever heard of an Iphone. Now everyone has one as because of supply side apple created a product. You wanted the product, you went out and bought the product. What left legs,
What we demand side economics demand side. Economics is the idea that if you give a bunch of money to a bunch of people Adele spend that money in our job, the economy, immoral, jog, the economy in the sense of making people's lives better generally, because the products aren't gonna, get any better, read the point being may hear here's the great distinction, if you a million dollars. You give it to what's in it Who else is equal right? Nobody has a million dollars we're not talking about. I'm gonna talk about equality now or just talking about jogging economies, format, efficiency, million dollars. You give a million dollars to bill gates to invest in the building, an invention of new products, morning of a million dollars one dollar to a bunch of people sitting those banana burger which is gonna, make make economy. The answer is a million dollars to bill gates. The reason is the bill gates. Then you can create a product that makes everybody's life better. That will create a bunch of jobs in a growing area where people are opting for the product does not a case for impoverishing people, of course. But the point that I am making is that producers, businesses change the economy, it disproportion
levels? I chose supply side. Economics has generated success after the JFK tax cuts. General economic success after the Reagan, tax cuts in eighty one generated economic success after the Bush facts about the two thousand and one there was sustained economic growth. People tend to forget this because of the crash in twenty seventeen slash two thousand and eighteen. they, even Brok, Obama, maintain low tax rates in two thousand and two thousand thirteen, so supply side. Economics does indeed work. It's worked in Europe is the reason why Denmark, for example, is now cutting its own taxes for european countries that are spent too much money are cutting their own taxes, so dont, Google trickled down that of its nonsense term, made doubt made up and left. The idea would be that people at the top of companies which are going to give the money to their employees. That's not correct that I have trickled down works right. Supply side means that are creating new products and services and in the course of doing so, it creates jobs, tennis as high my husband just bought me a Christmas present a subscription sincerely wire yea. Well, thank you, your husband's autumn. What a great husband you probably you'll, give memory I do have burning question are you? Kids is Martin analytical issue, in other words, is the hope of my children's generation and how
We battled liberal teacher school school districts that are brainwashing Eric had six hours a day was fires the brainwashing from the schools. I would suggest private school homes, schooling take over local school board. You really do have to be very, very envy. As far as our my kids, smart analytical. As I am my three half your old it's hard to tell one for the one. You have your boy because that's just whom he just running around the world. I haven't, seen a lot of analysis for many other than no and also cheese. He really likes cheese, but aside from that here I mean he he's he's. Always they various market is really highly developed in terms of language
my daughter is brilliant. Leah is super smart, my son, maybe brilliant. I still no exact speaking full sentences. She is really really intelligent and anxious for she's Niven for should already started her violin lessons. She can essentially reed she. She knows her numbers and she her thought processes are all quite rational, so she's she's, very smart, ok, our yes as high, then, what do you think from can do at this point to maintain the house and send a next year? Ok, what from can do you shut up I didn't really is what Trump has to do? Trumped needs to be quiet, because if he keeps talking it makes it more unpopular. Also, he's gonna talk about his accomplishments. He needs to be made to go and talk about how to unify Americans. He can have fun, but I think that it's a mistake for him to. I think it's a big missed for him to go on twitter and use twitter? The way that he has the past year, I'm hoping that were beginning to see some discipline from Trump wasn't? There will be less says in the house, but those losses
We mitigated if the economic climate continues to be good and if trunk can make himself less unpopular, he's never gonna, be super popular he's not going up to fifty five percent in the approval ratings, but right now accords Having was Rasmussen this morning's up to forty four, even get that up to forty seven forty eight held divine Republicans will define Ok Manuals has any word back about the rosy harassment. So what is referring to is that today, sadly, your daughter, has some sort of them of sad obsessions had sexual obsession with May, which is horrifying, and in every conceivable wet and action. Read it out. Yesterday I told you yesterday that she tweeted that you wanted me to suck a bleep, but her belief was a male genitalia, which is weird, and I responded that you should stop being homophobic and sexually harassing people. me too, and then she and then she treated again today that you wanted me to lick her, which to which I tweeted no means no rosy, all victims have a right to be believed.
hashtag me to answer, and then I reported her to twitter because actually want or banned from twitter suspended from twitter. As I said before, what Milo banners suspended from twitter. I think that, if our running a place, I pretty much wouldn't spend anybody except for explicitly violent behaviour, but I do want to see if twitter is just going to have a. Radical double standard right. If they're gonna ban people on the right for saying stuff like rosy select via that's rosy, is there any question they have suspended or ban? Be no question. None rosy says to me totally fine, so we'll find out rosy has locked me. So I guess that she has moved on from her sexual obsession so that that sound It's is sad that number one. It was unrequited number two, don't sexual harass people she did her parting shot to me was something to the ACT of and even know who I was by look like a little boy switch Irish. Then, why are you actually proposition in a little boy, because that's that's creepy and terrible. Ok, my twitter was pretty fire this week. Ok
Nathan, says Haven looking good today. Thank you, sir. Of course he says How would you define Zionism and you consider self zionist thanks vote? Yes, I consider myself a scientist. Zionism is the idea that the that the Jews deserve a state of their own in biblical Israel, I'm a scientist because I'm a Jew and Jews like a jubilee Judaism, not because an ethnically Josh and Judaism is a scientist religion that suggests that there should be jewish rule in the holy Land and that there was a biblical promise I note what s interesting is people. Take that mean that there has to be a kingship in the holy land. The Bible is, as I said before. I think I talk about this week in the Bible segment. The Bible is really ambivalent. About state power is. It is not big on the idea of theocracy per se, but it's the idea that there ought to be a jewish state based on foundational jewish
Suppose it's true for a few reasons among them: Anti Semitism and the and the tremendous outpouring of Anti Semitism that has existed throughout history and also the idea that a country ruled by jewish principles will be a good country. Just like a country ruled by christian Principle, in the United States, is a good country during the law that more of the mail bag in just a second. So but first you know, I think I'm gonna have to break her honor. You do and Facebook let's do that so for ninety nine a month you can get the rest of this mail bag and things like and things. I hate, and I have a Christmas message for you that you're going to want to see today ninety nine a month. You can get your subscription to daily. Why you get the rest of mail bag it to be part of the mail bag. You get to be part of our shall live. You get everything that you could possibly want life, except for the thing that you get with the annual subscription, which is this the very greatest in left his tears hot or cold tumblers. It is the greatest ok, it's so great that for a Christmas gift we got everyone etched
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Where will you show them in the order? You some children? The order of the saga? Good question? Morgan, so my wife was not super. WWW Star wars, I've put her on a remedial star. Wars course, and I started with episode I will never start any child, an episode one. Why would I towards her trial that way as cruelty to animals and children Don't do it also. The reason is because you have actually care about in our favour and all these people before you go back into anarchy and re. That's it it's it's foolish to to start with with episode one, I believe, also because sours absent one phantom menaces just garbage phantom menaces awful. It's a real battle for worse movie ever between an attack of the clouds. Both both thinkers often have question? Well, where his lot wrote one ok. So where do I slot robot? I answered this a few days ago, but often, although his these are on. The show, obviously was not listening, so he was not so Rob one isolated number three I like world when a lot was now. Where do you watch itself? One? Ok, so or I would probably watch it now.
I probably watch for five six, three rogue one, I brought watch rogue one after work because it's bleeding and then I probably go back and watch one hundred and twenty three and then force awakens and last Jedi, So it's completely out of order, but once you watch the movie can watermelon and there's something that's funny and discover. about it. That way. If you watch robot and then you just launched episode for you, miss how cool road one is right because of watch rogue. One then episode for then it just fits right in. But the whole point is that they reach wanted in a new movie which a super cool and then it transitions right in episode for which is really awesome. Ok, cannons husband what is your favorite thing that the has done this year? Well: justice corset, the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem, the cut and regulations the the tax bill. Where the individual man he's a lot of things this year, is that a lot of things? This is a big gap for tromp. Is that so This policy is good, and so much was rhetoric is horrible. Anything get his rhetoric and better direction. Then it will be very high
support and will it Elliot's as payment simple question for you: should people on welfare be allowed to vote no representation without taxation? so people on welfare should be allowed to vote and also there should be no Walter. That's it. That's basically, Muffy may take not because because I think that if you ever, law, abiding citizen in the United States, then you should have the right to vote, but I also think that the constitution was designed to prevent welfare, and I think that we are- have to make a move to convince people that they are not that they should not be dependent on government the barrier by them between the presence of welfare and the non presence of welfare. I do not think is people were on Walter. I don't think it really is a simple as everybody and welfare boats, Democrat and everybody, not welfare, boats republican. I think that we're going to make a move towards a convincing people that they ought not be on welfare in the first place. That takes a moral shift in the culture and that something I mean. What are you ever get? That's? Why I'm here? Because I think it's actually important Todd says give any insight.
Now people from the same religious background can be raised the two conflicting political viewpoints, not really, which is why I think that you should marry somebody who has the same ideological viewpoint. You do as, for example, you mentioned are being raised. Jewish is why your conservative, alternatively, the hosts of positive America's stated raising address families. The region is a Democrat. Ok, that's because he wasn't raising a jewish Emily his raising an ethnically jewish family where they like beagles and lots and think that everybody is Anti semitic and they visit sure once a year on your keyboard and break for lunch, guys out I'm in a challenge that contention that Jewishness makes you reform, jewishness makes you a liberal. Georgian IX makes you left as if by jewishness you mean ethnic. cultural identity and not religious identity, because I guarantee you, whichever that is on positive America. Their level of jewish observance is probably lower than many Christians. I know Stefan says: can you explain the difference between the Reagan, tax cuts and the tax cuts, the just passed, so the Reagan tax cuts
My understanding is that there were largely individually based there. All about lowering the individual tax rates are. The top tax bracket was dropped from something like seventy percent to twenty. Eight percent is radically eliminated. All the tax brackets were moved down in pretty substantial ways. In fact, you know what I wanna get this answer for you, you know in a little bit more details are actually to look up the details of the Reagan, tax cuts so the Reagan tax cuts were not basically corporate. I await spent a lot of economic growth. The top rate it was it was basically is lowering the tax package at the top rate, fell from seventy percent to fifty percent and the and all of the other tax rates dropped. Similarly, the eighty six
bill was also was also very different than this one. The reason people say this. A serious tax reform is because it changes the corporate tax rate in a major way. This purchase this particular tax rate again was was based in corporate taxation less than in an individual taxation in the amateur wiki. This ok, so here's here's what we're here? he says, Doktor Wikipedia, as in the act, was an across the board decrease in the marshal income tax rates in the United States by twenty five percent of our three years, but the top tax rate falling from seventy two. Fifty percent, the bottom right dropping from fourteen percent to eleven percent, its lashed to state taxes and trim taxes paid by business corporations by hundred fifty billion over a five year period, but most of the tax decreases were in the individual areas is less based on corporate taxation. This one there are sort of minor cuts to the individual tax rates, but there is major, the corporate tax rates, that's the major difference between the two sets of taxes. Ok, Christmases Haven. What would you say is the best evidence for God. What gives you a reasonably thanks for all you do
has been, I listened you're sure day and discuss it together were big dance, so I'm ready work on this. The best evidence for as I have said on the show before and as I say in debate with SAM Harris, which I think is going to help you putting that pretty soon. If he hasn't already, the basic idea is that if you believe in free well, if you believe in him, reason if you believe in our capacity to understand the universe, if you believe in a predictable universe of laws government if you believe we do not live in a chaotic universe without meaning, if you believe that you can derive ought from is, then you need to believe in a divine create again. This is not an argument for the Bible, but that's it. That is an argument for God right, that's that's the aristotelian argument, for God is there There is a rationale behind everything. If you believe, there's a rationale behind everything, then you believe in God and if you believe, as Aquinas did, that rationale is surely actual by the inheritors sort of the argument that Aristotle makes the arrogant Aristotle makes for the unmoved mover is not that everything has
pause and therefore there is God because then left us an atheist. You say: well, that's what does just gotta have a cause. Also read the idea. Is that their that everything that you see in front of you of one point was another thing that was actual lies right there. There's too, that that something has potential and there's the potential in the actual. Rightly, this piece of breaker. This has the potential to be Asher, but it requires fire in order to make it ass. Now, fire itself also had a potential want. Why right? It was a match and it was peace would or is rough surface said, have the potential to be fire, but was not fire. So in order for something to become actual in or for potential to be actual ice, it has to be acted upon. Something that is either fully actual or something that is a combination of the actual with its own potential. The idea would be that there is something that lies behind everything that is purely actual right. It is the actual reality itself is the most actual thing I think hand up
material. Because of your material than would have potential for change, re doesn't have potential for change, therefore, it is purely actual and that pure actuality also is all knowing is anything that exists has to come from a place of has to come from a place of of capacity for for being actual lized until it's the annex why is the actual wiser is the way the God would be put. If you want to read a good book about proofs of God, then Edward phases books. and on the show has five proves for the existence of God created a book, and I recommend check out good Christmas rate. Actually, I recommend that you check that out again. I think what it comes down to in the end. Is you either believe there's a purpose and meaning in human life or you don't? If you don't, you may end up in eighth. Yes, if you do you're gonna end up a god, no matter how you slice it at any time to avoid that, which is the debate I had with SAM Harris any attempts to avoid that conclusion are bound to fall short. Edwards has any tips on asking
rates. I love my workplace for my boss appreciate my advice is that you actually make a list of your accomplishments and there you go in with another job offer in hand, read the actually go out an investigator market. Let me say: look I love working here, but I can make more money elsewhere are going to meet that organic. Keep me don't make bluffs, not big into blocks, and I liked bluffing, even in programme, not good at bluffing. I think that that Bluffing is fools Erin. So ready to pull the trigger of normal. That further, let's see Jason says you mentioned it. Was mistakes have an income tax? What would you do instead of Iraq to other than huge spending cuts? Of course? So I think there is a strong case for our national sales tax. They did on transactions. The government taxes, basically because transactions can only take place in public square, was an extent that that seems to me a consumption tax seems to me more useful than an income
act because no business of the governments. What kind of money I make by? Presumably, if I'm acting in the public square than they may have more of an interest in the transactions in which I take place in which I take part, although they should have not obviously restrict consensual transactions. Jimmy's has been. What is your opinion on privatized versus publicly one presents the only reason for publicly run prisons out assumes that you don't want to set up a corrupt system whereby privatized. Prisons are attempting to create more criminals, but I don't really have promised privatized prisons, particularly if you hold them liable for Miss treatment of prisoners right if they actually sign contracts with the state it so that we can sue you if you miss, treat the prisoners behind the prisoners that actually creates more accountability, not less. Public systems have very little accountability. I Elvis is what you take on the high prices of legal services. It seems like most cases. Risk in settlements simply to avoid the high cost of legal process money shouldn't impact justice,
right, though. The reason that you have high price on legal services, because everybody goes to court for every reason. So what you should do instead is. We should set up a system like Britain's where, if you see when you lose, you pay the bills. If you do that, that's going to prevent people from going to court with people cases, Stevens has had it been celebrate New York, one glass of wine or one bottle I celebrate New year's by deciding who to destroy in the coming year, as I celebrate Breton ears, I end mean honestly it's a strain from even gentlemen at under years the jewish- no, was already in Russia, China and we made not just new year's resolutions by commitments to God. So new year's getting going to party and getting drunk with people are not begun drunk with anybody in Inessa million out of a the truth, like yesterday, everyone at Christmas Party got some form of alcoholic gift, which is why productivity, the company's Zella, but I am not a big drinker for some reason Lot of alcohol really gives me heartburn, which is where wine, particularly, but I didn't
I drink. Like a girl, I mean all of the drinks that I like a girlfriend selling. I like things, the taste good. I don't understand why guys have this matter thing about drinking turpentine sit around this around smoking on leaves and drinking turpentine, and why would you do that? the thing called sugar. Try, it is great emotion, I then I'm a medium from a medium to large, modern orthodox community. Europe. Recently there's been some controversy. local Senate, I wouldn't allow Mary Lesbian coupled to join the membership, even though there Several members when they were single, it's in start their own shoulders, promotes acceptance of all its cause. A bit of controversy neighbourhood or some are saying religious institution should adhere to religious standard. Others are pointing out their plenty of people whose- and why should this be held to a different stance regarding membership and the shore I was wondering what you're taking on modern orthodox shoals taken on same sex couples as members, so my answer is that they cannot join, is a couple right. That's the answer is that from a religious They cannot rise a couple. They do not get the same rights married couples. They should not be treated as married couple because that's the religious standard. Now, I don't think the government has anything to do here, but the religious.
Hundred and Judaism's that homosexuality as they set, not homosexual orientation but homosexual activity you it allows somebody to join your orthodox sure who came in every day came into the shore on Saturdays, with theirs. Phone blaring in saying I may non Sabbath observant you and I've heard it open and doing it openly, there's one thing they come in with a cell phone in the pocket. It goes off in a reasonable awkward, but the whole point here is that glorification of sin in an orthodox context is not a cool thing, so De I think that's right. They're allowed me members when their single now they're married. If they wanted, When a single members, that's fine, but I don't think that's what they want. What they really want is for the entire community change standard of marriage to meet them, and that seems to me an imposition on the community. Ok, so we have more questions but will have to save those four for next year will have savers for next year now equipped thing I, like, thing, I hate, and then I have a quick message of thanks. Actually I'm capable saying yes, indeed, okay, so things I like
we're gonna finish this year on a high note, was John Wayne. So if you never in this movie, its actual my average Conway movies. It was not a huge it, but it is wrong. We enjoyable. The movies called big Jake and starts old tat. John Wayne, and I and mooring, o Hara who remained gorgeous for entire life and the basic premise it's basically taken, but a western. That's really what it is. It is these these guys you're coming clean up a trial. And John Wayne is the grandfather and John those after them brings along a couple of his sons right where the uncles of the Gatt in them. In the movie, one of his sons actually play my Patrick Wayne. Dragoons rules on either in the movie takes place in supposedly nineteen o eight, so easy, either. There's a couple of cars, but he's writing horses, and so there is also the sort of western versus modern conflict, that's going on or John Wayne represents the old watching. You need the old West to come into the modern world and save people when the bad guy show up it's a really enjoyable fleck, there's a little bit of the preview. I just
us up in your eyes, like foolish thought. You understand me. Anything happens. Anything at all your fault, my fault, nobody's fault. I little They were blow that kid's head right off the simple answer, no matter who else gets, kill, that boy dies shot, Gun, Missus, Innitt, don't matter, we already know about the rifle on it. I won't be as messages shotgun at three hundred and fifty. If that boy will be just as dead. You understand me say it. I understand now open it up.
Our aid will occur up there because they seem gets Britain's heads. The other scientists play by Christopher Mitchum, who is Robert Mitchum son. So that's, it is kind of fun and it's it's worth watching the best performance and it is richer boon who plays the villain here. The movie is, is really good, pretty bloody any basic. I didn't hurt me until I was as looking at this yes yet entitling at this yesterday that this is taken. The movie is taken, but it's an old western with John Wayne and their lives up to dive. Ok time for a quick thing, I hate one thing I hate and then I have a message the thing I hate. Today's I think that you will like- and that is we made a Christmas message from the daily wire to you. I have I acknowledge that this was mighty, as I can't hated completely, but now that it has materialised in real life form its. I sort of hate it so here it is
here is a here. Is our Christmas. Video from the wire to you watch around my Michael, what a guy like you, so just how do you ever know? We're way come on right now, smoking and I just want to say a couple of quick messages really for it. Christmas. In the engineer, it's a great time and season to spend time with friends and family and
remember something that we spend a lot of time on the show, a lot of time on this you're talking about politics and the daily battles therein and wanted things I've been thinking about over the West, Bolivia and I'm writing a book about it now is we're so angry, each other all the time. Americans are so angry at each other over politics, over tax cuts and Obama CARE and for policy and the realities? We must have a common vision, a common purpose. We must feel like we're part of the same team and what The ways to do that is to recognise that we are all seeking human happiness in a in a communal purpose based on virtue. So this Christmas don't just spend time and join with family think about how to be more virtuous human being next year. They may have you a better person, not just in terms of interpersonal connections. But how can we better, Inter
The thing about your obligations to your family to the world in pilot. How do you make yourself better? How can make yourself more successful if we all think about those things we think about our individual purpose, how we can succeed in our own lives within that our communal purpose? What brings us together around common shared principles, then will finally have a country worthy of preserving again in a country where we can. We can act on that founding vision that brought us all together. In the first place and then I think, has been fragmenting the past couple of years. We are all brothers and sisters, whether we recognise it or not and in the end were part of the same I'm with their family has to have a common purpose, not just a common heritage. So, let's let us think about where to go from here. I also want to thank everybody who works on the show over here at the daily wire. Thank all of my producers, I'm not gonna name. All them am sure that all forget somebody and be yelled at later, so just check out the credits at the end of the show everybody who worked really hard data day on the show they do. They worked extremely hard to cut the clips play the cliffs at the right time. Make sure the cliff is not over
but for playing Marshall. They really work hard to do. Make sure that the show is as good as it is. Every day and they deserve my thanks. so really from by my heart, it's great to be part of a team with you. We can do without you and we thank you too, are audience. There's been an believable year for the daily wire, has been an incredible year for the daily wire. Then we literally went from a site that did not exist two years ago to a site with one hundred million pages month when one from a podcast. It did not exist. Two years ago, two to a podcast that is downloaded well. Sets of half a million times a day, and that is viewed another half million times on Facebook very often so we have three million people in with the show on a daily basis. That's thanks to you thanks for being part of what we're trying to do here and there for giving us a rational hearing and if you're, on the other side, particular thanks to you for a few spending, some time on your comfort zone and listening to some folks on the other side, because I think that makes the country better if we all do
I'll see you next year, I it's been. It's been a wonderful. Your thanks once again have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. I bench this adventure. Bianca Dementia Bureau show is produced by math, is Glover executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer? Jonathan, hey, our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Zangara Audio missed by my core Mina Heron. Make up is by just one of era: the bench of Euro show
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