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Ep. 447 - The Feds Target Weed

2018-01-05 | 🔗
Jeff Sessions changes federal pot policy – but is he right or wrong? Plus, more Bannon fallout and the mailbag! Date: 01-05-2018
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So Steve Ban and has a new, nickname, sloppy Steve deemed to be that by President Trump, we'll talk that will also talk about the trumpet ministry. Since new marijuana policy, it's got a lot of people up in arms or it would be up in arms if they could get up off their couch and leave the Doritos behind a bench. A pair of is the bench parachute so today, Mailbag day. So, if you are going to subscribe, you should do it right now. You can get your questions into the mail bag. Now not later right now so go over and subscribe to the website. Right now in involved that way. Also we are going to to all of the late break news. The FBI has launched. Another investigation against Hillary Clinton condition, which is just incredible and we'll talk about the ramifications of that just a lot to get you today. But first I want to say thank you, tore sponsors over at link. So let's be real about this. You know you need a drink at dinner these days you just do hey, because let's look at the new cycle- and you know you do and that's what wink is. Therefore, what wings
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The West wing, apparently by Steve Ban in who allowed him in and just let him sit on the couch outside the West Wing and We'll says the West Wing is very. Small. It is I've been there. It's it's a pretty small area and the there of a constantly people of note walking by and so what would you sit there and then he would sort of buttonhole people and ask them questions. And then he writes this book in this book is filled with, can juicy anecdotes stuff about how Trump would make his own sheets entrust other people to do a sheet and how he would eat calf, because here Fraid of being poisoned and how we can watch tv endlessly and fulminate about his AIDS and how he would just go crazy on which to base everybody around from thought that he was more on and a crazy person and how they would tell the public that he was a gene. And then secretly. They went home like a wolf that he was adult and all of this kind of stuff. So what to believe I'm not really. First of all, don't believe everything you read it Michael of spoke, as I said earlier. I think that it should have been subtitled as told by Stephen and because the pretty clear that and is the guy who's spilling. There's got to Michael Wolf. It was banned in who just got blown up, forced filling his guts to Michael
suggesting that all his enemies in the White House were guilty of criminal conduct during the campaign what has led president Trump to go all out against Steve Ban and now so He released a statement about the new king him two days ago yesterday he came out and head the White House Attack Ben and said that braver probably firearms are. How can we centres is specifically whether bright bar should consider consider firing banning here's what she had to say eager to call on you. Can t fire whether sports, castors reciting president Tromp was just criticise. You should break your heart. Ways was deep in after you come to me. I certainly think that it's something they should look out and consider bright face. Is there a couple things? Your number one where's. The trunk administration feels this way. Second is inappropriate for the true administration to be dictating to private news organization, what exactly they should be. Doing what their own staffing the answer is no ray. I opposed it when they, when they told yes, fires well hell or suspend. You know how I feel the same
a ban, and even I been as it is a term of a human being. I dont think that the White House should be in private organisations how to run their business. On the other hand, since bright part, is basically the pressing adjunct to the White House. I guess that they can fire people or in house. So I suppose the day they have it, a case to be made that they can fires do been from the White House, considering that it was basically just the press outlet for the Trump campaign during the campaign. Itself, then, in his not only lost the support of the White House. He's also lost the support of the murders. First, of course he lost this war to president transit very late last night, president from slapped out sloppy Steve over allegations in the book he said quote. I authorized access to White House actually turned him down many times for author a phoney book. I never spoke him for book. Philip lies misrepresentations, endorses that don't exist, look at this guy's past and watch what happens to him and Sloppy Steve here. First of all, great nickname again. Second slow clap in two days for president from this is an x nickname this one goes up in the in the treasured how
see I did the treasured wing of the Hall of Fame of Trump Nicknames Raymond. There's little Our goal and there's low energy, jab and sloppy Steve is really high up their me. That's that's. Thou stick thou step because Stevens sloppy guy in a variety of ways. So that is good stuff from from came today. You said that the merger is made a move by getting rid of sloppy steeds aegis can keep banging on this drum Bannon, for his part, is trying to kowtow before Trump, which makes sense is the most came out and slammed ended. The merciless, if you don't know, are a very being the number one funding family for the for the republican essentially, and they were the number one funders and president from during his general election cycle, Rebecca mercy, is this is the woman who is largely responsible for deciding where the Mercer family money goes, and she said I support press dropping the platform upon which he was elected by family, and I have not unity with Steve Ban in many months and have provided no financial support political agenda. Nor do we support his recent action,
in statements. That's pretty rare statement from Rebecca who apparently tends to be rather reclusive in public. Her father had disassociated from bright Bart banning back in early November, they ve been basically cutting off ties for weeks now, with bandit there's report that they even cut off the funding for bandaged private security team So he's he's based live in isolated at this point has has been, and that, of course has led him to one conclusion. He must hang on right by right. It's the only thing that matters to abandon right now he has to hang outbreak If you lose his part, upright Bart he's done is a human. You no longer has the ability to getting good with Trump Retinue led. The idea, I think, for is if I hang on long enough, if I just hang out here long enough, then at some point tremble we back in the full by Corey Lewandowski, SAM Number, a bunch of other people, I'm not sure, that's the case. I think that once your bridges with that with the president's children like all of them, then you're going you eventually reach the point where there is no way for you to avoid.
Aid being blown out basic living, maybe or abandoned as abandoned, feels like I just stick around a bright our long enough and then something bad happens to Jordan. Uncle legally and I'll brush back in and from still has my phone number. If you no longer right back. That's no longer an option to he's hang on with the skin of his teeth varies love, who is Andrew, bright parts or business partner and best friend, Larry refuses to get of banning. It is my impression from the outside. I don't have any inside information on that, but if I had to guess that would make up since it was living abroad and abandoned in the first place. Out of I think personal weakness, but in any case, the idea in banned by the side of the road is unlikely. I think the murders would have to force the issue. So Bandinage trying to hang on the way he's hanging on is basically by kowtowing to Trump and then hoping the Trump that's off of him to his van and yesterday. After all, these clothes come up bad hub and things that Trump is Eighty percent and it is going to either be impeached resign and how his children, all criminals comes out its trump wonderful trumps. Great. This ban on on serious exam radio
because I know at least one person who listen to it, which was apparently their entire audience here. Eureka present, I stated great man, you know I support him day in and day out, whether going through the country, given the trot miracle speech or on the shore on the websites. I think you have to worry about that, but I appreciate the kind words. Ok, so the idea that he, has been supporting from day in and day out, is sort of belied by the fact that he let this report into the White House would then proceeded to savage the White House from every. Can people angles up. This brings us to the actual nature of the book, the actual nature of the book. It has a lot of problems, Book a fire and fury again it is a it is a deeply gossip. Britain account- and there are a lot of problems with the book itself it has all these sort of weird anecdotes in you. Don't know where their source, Ducas wolf doesn't have any end. Nodes is my impression he doesn't say this from my conversation with, you been in in in the West Wing, or this is from my conversation with John Kirshner or this from a conversation with my pants. It doesn't happen those footnotes there's no way to tell what is true and what is not count, but we know already theirs
things in this book that are just not true where we know their accounts that are simply false. There are certain descriptions of people that are just not true and just a second I'm gonna tell you about some of the instances in the book. There are clearly untrue. I mean I can personally intestine and them being untrue in just once but first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at risk. So rings mission is to make neighborhoods safer. We have ring com at our house. We have the device on our front gate today over million people use the amazing ring video doorbell that ring video doorbell. Basically, the way it works. Somebody rings that are about, and instead you having to be home in order to answer you can pick it up from your phone anywhere in the country that you can just pick up your phone and make it look like the right at home, in that way. Nobody's gonna be robbing your house. They think that you're home, that's it the ring, your door Bell is, for you can screen people who you don't want to come over. So you really don't like you're in laws, they bring the doorbell and you can pick up and
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who, who banner was when he was recommended as possible, is a possible chief of staff. That's ridiculous! I mean Trump has golf with John Vainer Tribunal was the speaker of the house for the first four months of drums presidential run. Basically, the idea that the term is that the trumpet has no idea in vain is really hard to to hold to scrutiny beyond that beyond also ridiculous. To suggest, as the book does book, Stephen Miller, Stephen Miller, one of one top trumps, one of what speech can't put together a sentence in the guy did go too. I believe Duke LAW School, if I'm not mistaken nest, even that as well. Is it not only that Stephen was also a Stephen? Is a policy wanted there? There's an accusation has even Miller is not in fact a policy walk. One immigration. I've spent hours talking with them about immigration. The idea that he is not a policy work is just ass night. Militant gotta do glove radically. What's Duke itself sees us Martin. I've gotta go to do, which is a top college. The idea that you can't ready
and selling their other claims in this book that are being called into question. There's a claim that Sean Hannity expressed his willingness. Let trump review questions in advance Kennedy said that he never did that? I don't know whether you believe that or not the interviews I don't think Sean would have to do that rhyme in trying to basically just a different. Listen, I'm not going to sandbag you and Trump would agree, because strong whenever Santa drop as I'm not really have to actually offer to supply the questions another one of prompts top advisers and friends, Thomas Barrack Set of the present he's not only crazy stupid, but Barrack denies have ever. Having made the comment, the british publication claimed that the Wolf book says that Tony Blair, former british prime, worn jarred questioner during the campaign that british spies to have the campaign under surveillance, but Blair calls that report a complete fabrications and here's what it sounds like Michael Wolf did when you put together this book. It sounds like Michael of basically sat in the Hall and listen to Steve, Ban and tell tall tales around the camp fire while roasting, marshmallows and eating, and then
when they were done, he wrote down everything, Steve bad and said, and then he said you filtered out new the reader. It's your job to try and determine what strode. What's false, you get a sort of beyond what is like the White House with all the chaos and all the craziness, but it's not now thoroughly true that every individual story is true. If that's the case, then there's not much to the boy and the truth is I let you there's much of the book anyway, just because I believe the lot of the kind of general tenor in tone issues that the book raises. I believe that Donald Trump is not viable cap. When it comes to policy, I don't think the Donald Trump is is necessarily. Most stable personality mean, but I thought all that the last two years we have been saying that for years at this point I am not sure I look at is twitter account and figures at this is. Is is a Washington is a washingtonian character. Is George Washington in his Stalin install Wordpress like I don't see how you you'd possibly come away with that by watching Donald Trump for any lengthy period of time. So what is this and the answer is the book really doesn't it much at all, except for a bunch of accusation,
I see a ban in the media wanna take seriously for purposes of trying to destroy Trump, which of course, is why trump he's going to Wait you been in an and White Donald Trump should go directly. It's you been right You is the guy who wanted to turn this into a self aggrandizing homage to him and it was a direct fail and I think that makes- we are, I they make perfect sense. The trump decides that, yes, the strike back now. The way the transfer back, a ban in which I think is correct, is very and from the way the transfer back in the book. The traumas now partners hitting what we in the internet world called stray effects of a few years back Barbara straightaway the legendary singer increase liberal. She would she has a house on the beach down and when there and environmentalist photographer, who in some areas. Photos of the beach included her house. Now you never would have known that. It was her house, it didn't. Label harassed, have an era to Barbara strikes house. It was just a picture that include frustrations, house and the point of the photos was not to show where the rich and famous lived the whole point of the foe.
Was to show coastal erosion the entire jurists? Bite environments was guy or by some right winger, who is trying to stake out Barbara Striations House, while she so feelings and background. That was not the idea here. Well, what bar right hand did so mad that she soon the photographer for something like five million dollars, is something crazy. She threw the photographer for an enormous amount of money claiming that he had violated her privacy rights in launching the lawsuit, she then a clear where why she live so suddenly the photo been viewed having a grand total on white seven times ever by anyone was viewed by one one point: five million people people. What nonsense, to see the pictures of barbarous writer thousand what you would be so touchy about the gene sue some random familiar, dollars for exposing the photo Urbana Trump. Basically did the same thing. With this box up, the book was gonna. Get coverage, try going to set all the same things I just set right truncated, said, listen seabed and supports a garbage falsified, a lot of stuff. This book is driven by Steve Bandits agenda, but the book is full of falsehoods and monotonous
not anymore, railways gonna leave it at that. The votes for falsehoods. We're done is full bunch, crazy story, Stephen and has an agenda hisself driven he's garbage and everybody. What here and now and in the end of it, does it by the way the seabed and is garbage. If I haven't made that clear already for last, you did so or for the last two years that matter with that said, that's not what the trumpet, strain decided to do a trumpet unleashed his lawyers on the publisher, always bad move. He sends a lot The publisher saying you are going to pull spoke or I'm going to see for defamation, new I myself, as putting up my lawyer, had defamation against them. Into the United States is not a thing defamation suit, as the President of the United States is not and to happen. You're a public figure you're the ultimate public figure and when and why not try to prove anything. There was maliciously and wilfully false, which is the actual statement if to prove malicious maliciousness right. Let me full in maliciousness literacy is defamation for public figure that standard they,
hopefully knew something was bosnian maliciously published anyway. That is not going to happen for the President of the United States, particularly since most people going to believe a lot of the allegations that are in the book anyway, including I, which I am sure, members of the jury that was stupid by doing that here, simply handed a win to the author of the book. Again. This is the problem with, with trumps you're a tendency to go after anybody who slapped him is that it put him in weird positions. Where he's actually elevating the people horse laughing and now I think you could down ban in pretty safely, because banning used to work for him ban and was the barnacle honest, but so anytime Trump wanted slap and equal rights. Just destroy him with the single swipe and that's essentially, what trumpets done it's a different thing when you are talking about a media member and it isn't great policy to have the president. United States suing individual members of the media for the stuff that day right? It's just not evade Obama had to to do this about inclined, for example, the entire right we're going nuts- and I think rightly so, so this bad policy by Trump. I think that it's over the top
though I foresee burdened by all means he's the one who is actually the leak that he's the games actually telling all of these tall tales out of school but after the author who you allowed to sit around in the White House per day after day after day, apparently for months. That seems like a big mistake to me and again it creates a stray sand effect where suddenly, Like last night in DC there were people were waiting outside book stores at one thousand two hundred and fifteen at night for the early release in the box. A book was actually push up for days, and the publisher released the book forties early specifically that they can gain all of the of the sales from all of the attentions up. That's something the Trump ought not to have done your issuing, cease and desist to ban and with it with a the NBA than non disclosure grim and, as I said yesterday, that there's actual legal case for that there is no defamation legal case for President Trump against Henry Hope and publishers against Michael Wolf, this particular even though the author, I think, is making things up, even though, or at least repeating tales that has not bothered to verify Wolf by the way says this openly not his style, that he doesn't. Actually, he doesn't action,
verify the anecdote that he's told it is spills it out on the page and assumes that everything is truth. That is not called journalism. Fascist, you being a tape recorder and Essentially, what Michael did so is this going to ass in Trumpet Ministration that a lot of people's out a bomb shell inside the Trump administration, just a bar Michel, is, though, is it really? I do really think where's the Trump administration are going to use their power members, the trunk cabinet use their power under the twenty fifth amendment, to suspend from from service for sixty days and then tickets Congress. What from will actually be impeached, which is the actual process under the twenty fifth amendment, to really think that's, what's going here it ain't going to happen, nobody in the West Wing is going to watch and impeachment move against Trump on the basis of he's crazy people knew who Trump was when they voted for him and people refused to believe anything that they don't want to believe. I started with enclave in in with Michael moles yesterday or other I was not my, This is our Germany was, and both Clayton
Those were insisting that this is all forty Magda, Madame Anti Trust, and I'm just telling you it's not. But if you want to believe that it is regrettable that it is, people are still bleeding about from what it is. They want to believe that Trump and that being the case, and we end up that's going to change one single might not one single person in the United States who didn't think tromp was already crazy, is going ancient mine and not a single person who thought the trumpets brilliant is going to change their mind. They so Michael Wolves Box, the idea that is I'm sure that really ruins the administration. Kevin once it had it line about this right. You can't take down trump, this kind of stuff, for the same reason that you can no longer assassinate Abraham, Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was already dead right, Donald Trump. Cannot be taken down by the staff, because people who perceived to be crazy are perceived to be crazy. People who perceive them to be saying already perceive them to be saying here, but he is, in my view, right. I dont think that he's the most able guy. I don't think that he has the character of a president that I would prefer, but I will enjoy all of the policy lines that he's brought and I can but that cognitive, dissonance, everybody
learn to do, and that is just the way that it works. Ok I'm going to move on to trump and pot in just a second. I know: that's not my recommendation that we all smoke we'd to get through the next three years or the next seven years the case maybe but before I get to that, I first want to thank you for it there's overhead lines that can't say you're looking around your house, and you know it looks but you don't know why. Why want to tell you? Why isn't it that you're in the house for its also that their blinds on the windows that look like that would like crap right. Those lines have been there since, before you bought the house, those lines been there since nineteen thirty two and they are made of wire frame hangers right. They are just terrible, well you're, going there now you listen to me. I remember, though, over the blinds dot com. They make it really easy for you if you're, not sure what you want or even more to start gotta blinds outcome. You get free online design, consultation and the pictures of your house. They sent back custom recommendations for professional for what will with your color scheme, furniture, specific rooms, though even so free samples make sure everything looks as good in person as it does online and every or gets free shipping, and this is the best part. If you miss measure you screw up. It's your fault well
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Mary exercised about all of this. Then, presumably they eat a pizza, smokes more. We can go back to sleep, but in any case, ok, when I make fun of people whose MO pot folks, it's not because I think part should actually be illegal, it's because I think you're stupid. If you spend all your time, smoking Ok, just that I think you're stupid by the way you drink yourself into oblivion too, but in any case here is what actually happened General Jeff sessions on Thursday, rescinded You see it on a tree of members from the Obama administration that had adopted a policy of non interference of Marijuana friendly state laws, something called Nicole rule under the coal rule. It basically said Jim calls, the forum The attorney general when the whole idea here was that the Justice Department was going to let the states do what wanted to do. It was a sort of the equivalent of Jack. I saw your member deferred action for childhood rivals programme. Was Obama, saying I'm going to use my prosecutor boreal discretion to instruct the deal J not to actually prosecute cases for the so called rumours? That's what data was these echoed of amnesty? The call rule was basically the same thing for pot distribution, so the moon,
now from just sessions, essentially shifts federal policy from the hands off approach adopted under the previous diminish, in TAT unleashing federal prosecutors across the country to decide in visually, how to prioritize resources to crack down on possession distribution and cultivation of the drug in states where it is legal oh, how many stated to criminalize or legalise marijuana he's here in California, they ve criminalized marijuana use and the that has obviously, California, just a more wonderful place to level, is already wonderful and now made more wonderful place to live so that everybody on the streets is smoking. Patent, homeless, people who live right outside your house, can now get high in their spare. Time the druggist, still illegal, under federal law, which creates this conflict between federal and say. Why not? Let me make my own position very clear on this. I am in favour. Decriminalization marijuana. I have been forty criminalization marijuana for years. I believe the federal and the state governments been far too much time and effort trying to after marijuana and issue a terrible job of it. It should still be heavily regulated for use under the age of eighteen,
there is serious damage that is done to teenage brains by repeat use of marijuana. The argument, whether marijuana is a gateway. Drug is not exactly settled. The people have said it's not a gateway drug. This is just a myth. The data that are really mixed, that's, what I mean is that the vast majority of people who use have your drugs start off by using marijuana, but it's not clear whether those people just had a tennis. Toward drugs in the first place and that drove them to use both marijuana and then have your drugs or whether they started with marijuana and they sent on breaking law anyway. I'm not getting high enough to nominate, try, heroin, re design is not clear really how that works. In any case, that is it that's an argument that has not been fully debunked is the is the gateway drug but as somebody who is in favour of individual sovereignty in your capacity to make your own decisions as an adult, including but decisions without government intervention, I'm in favour of Marijuana decriminalization and more split when it comes to hard drugs that are more effective things like heroin or things like cocaine,
there I tend towards legalization even for those drugs, the truth, but when it comes to things like we'll dost or lsd that have actual externalities we're going to cause you to act and violent ways and actually changes how you act or people as opposed to you, just get high and you stay in a room all day and you then you drowned RO vomit, like that seems to me that the problem. But if you are actually gonna I and then go out and kill a child than that drug more violent, makes you crazy and hyper then than that a different story. That's my basic take on drug legalization. Incorrect decriminalization, with all that said sessions now reversing this Obama Euro rules, and he said this is a return to the rule of law, but he didn't as far as some advocates worried that he would he didn't direct more prosecutions so doesnt session sudden memos end quote inside which marijuana activities to prosecute under these laws with the departments finite resources prosecutor should follow the well established principles that govern all federal prosecutions. These principles require federal prosecutors deciding
cases to prosecute so all relevant considerations of the crime, the deterrent effect of criminal prosecution and the cumulative effect in particular crimes on the community. So national media goes absolutely insane over this. How dare Jeff sessions he's done? Something terrible? Look at him. Now he's just going disease revamping the drug war. And that's all that this is kid, that's not really what happened here. As I say, the call memo was this directive to federal prosecutor. That basically said that the dry still illegal under the federal controlled substances that but federal prosecutors could focus their resources elsewhere. So long, The states didn't threaten other federal priorities such as distribution of drugs to me, nerves and targeting cartels. That's what the coal memo did. That's now been overruled the attorney general resented the call them on marijuana prosecutions directed at federal, marijuana prosecution decisions, be governed by basic principles of law, a bunch of people in Congress are alarmed. Oh no, the dealer is gonna come after us. If that's the case, I have an idea, change the law.
I hear is why sessions is actually correct. So sessions is correct. Even if you green with decriminalization marijuana, as I do session is not wrong. The reason sessions is not wrong is that we have something called the executive branch. The executive branch, whose job is to, as you may have guessed, execute it is their job to execute. The law is not their job. To rewrite the law at will is not there of the federal executive branch to simply decide, as Obama did, that we're not going to prosecute entire classes of crime, because I don't like the law or if that were the case, then I would hope to what the President pages I would spend zero of the dollar is allocated to me by Congress. I wouldn't do any of it No, if everything the legislature did as now the executive branch is there to do if rope Logan's in Congress and Democratic Congress have enough a problem with policy from the deal. Maybe they should change the law. Maybe we should just get rid of the provisions governing marijuana and the controlled substances act, and let the states deal with that during its mainly estate problem in the first place. I wonder why the federal government is really involved in any of this. This came to a head
and having a Supreme Court case called California of rage and was back in two thousand three in which there is the federal controlled substances. Act came up for review before the Supreme Court because the state of California wanted to allow meant medicinal marijuana and the federal It was coming into resting people and people. California. Foreign. Your same, we haven't committed a federal crime rate. We want, involved in interesting commerce, wars growing marijuana to use ourselves. Rivalry were growing marijuana to use in state, and the Supreme Court in my opinion, ruled that the state of California could not do that that it was. Supremacy clause question that there were overruling the federal government. I disagree with that decision. I disagree. With the federal government getting involved in these issues in the first place. But it is not the job of the exact No nullify federal law, it's the job of the legislature to change federal law. That's based Louis!
can be Sandra said yesterday, and I think that she's basically correct president proxy Marijuana states issue great federal issue. The president believes in enforcing federal law. That would be a top priority. Now is regardless of what the topic is, whether its marijuana, whether its immigration, the president, strongly believes that we should enforce federal law. The move that the Department of Justice has made, which my guess is what your referencing simply gives prosecutors the tools to take on large scale disasters yours and enforce federal law. The president's position hasn't changed, but he does strongly believe that we have to enforce federal law. Masons basic idea here is that the only thing that matters in the end is that these that the executive branch of the executive branch is designed to do, which is to execute the loss and did so. There is no question that this is correct. Read this. Is this basically Craig matter? What you feel about marijuana
So it's time for Congress to change the law. I will say I think it's hilarious have left, has responded to this and left doesn't care about federalism in setting they don't care about states rights in any other, setting their anti their actively anti states rights in every other. Setting like against it. Corey Booker, however, says that this is an attack on our most sacred ideals like really. This is what he says, and so this is an attack on our most sacred ideals and the very purpose of the Department of Justice, which is to protect Americans, to elevate ideals of justice and to do right by people. It is a failure of this administration who said, as our president, did during his campaign that he would honour what states are doing. It's a betrayal of our attorney general gave a commitment to a republic least what looking member of this body, but, most significantly it is hurting. It will hurt America now her Americans are sacred principle than people
smoke dope, pretty sure that that was not actually sacred principle like for anyone, but apparently for Democrats, Babies in the will not take red pot sacred whether we now know the priorities. This is. This is exciting. Ok, so we are going to get Mailbag Giles one discuss this new FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton will discuss all of that, but first you're gonna have to go over to daily wire dot com and take a look over there. So for nine. Ninety nine a month you get the rest of the show lobbyists, but partly mailbag subscribe right. Now, emu, partly mailbag like right now right now, I'm waiting doing ok, Ok, so you can do all that you can get the rest of Andrew Craven. Shall I get the rest of Michael Moses show? Why be getting? get all the goodies that we are going to be giving away at the Shapiro store, which will be happening also for the annual subscription. You get this the very finest and all beverage mess with leftist tears, hot or cold tumbler. It is so magnificent, so grand so fine. Then, if you are forced to choose between one of your children and maintain
the sanctity of this tumblr. It will be a very difficult decision in the annual come down on the side of the tumblr. I know I used to have three children now. I only have two in any case check it out. That's not true guys. Come on. Ok, so it in any case check out like this or go over to daily wage, nine, nine or, by the way, a lot cheaper than monthly Org over you sound cloud. Itunes Youtube subscribe, leave us review. We always appreciate we are the largest most most popular fastest, growing, most incredible conservative party. In the nation. Yes, every week feels like three there's just that much news and going out The FBI has now launched a new investigation into Hillary Clinton, the right of is celebrating wildly that this is happening. Listen. I think that if you did something she should go to jail, I think you should have gone to jail for what you did in her exposing classified information in order to protect yourself through her private server. With that said,
I'm a little uncomfortable at the president is being said that we are now going to spend years prosecuting prior administrations, because if Trump things this is fun. Now, if you lose in twenty twenty, are going to get extraordinarily dicey, extraordinarily fast, like Eric holder, the here's, the reality trump, the adjacent doing anything wrong by investigating Heller, because the holder There was never going to investigate Hilary We now live in a clip, topper see where the ruling cadre gets to prosecute the tablet, prosecute its opposition and protect itself from prosecution right on our cultures as possible for Hilary getting off that that's the reality. Air cauldron Loretta Lynch are responsible for Hillary Clinton getting off the hook, so try going back now Looking at this again. Recession is doing it that would in accordance with rule of law, but just be aware that when power shift in a well again, Republicans will not rule forever. There will be some time in the future near or far in which democratic power a lot of people we put under the dawn of the deal J again, because once you start using the deal J is your personal tool to take revenge against your enemies.
Could go wildly wrong. In any case, the Justice Department has launched a new inquiry into whether the Clinton Foundation engaged in pay to play politics or illegal activities. While Hilary served as Secretary of state FBI agents from little rock where the foundation will start. Have taken the lead in the investigation of intervene at least one witness. In the last month, law enforcement officials had additional activities are expected in the coming weeks, the official we spoke only on condition of anonymity said the promise examining whether the queen's promised are performed. Any policy favours in return for large s to their charitable efforts or whether donors made commitments of donations in hopes of securing government outcomes dissolve from the hill, so one witness has said that the FBI is is acting in extremely professional and unquestionably throw matter. It will be interesting and fascinating to watch the same left. Been praising the F B. I otherwise you because of the Trump Russia Investigation now flippin insist that it is politically driven. So I am looking forward to that very much again. We will have to wait to see what comes out from all of this. My inclination is to believe that the FBI should have prosecuted Hilary the first time round and James call me botched
the investigation and did so in purposeful manner. With all that said, it is not that all of our politics now caught up in the hands of the Deirdre and the FBI, and that's due largely to criminality. But it's also due to the fact. That the deal J and the F B, I have become politicized tools, which is one of the reasons why Republicans our kicking back against Robert Mueller Steeds Police, the House majority whip. He came out yesterday and he said that the special other than that Mueller is now in question and that his, whose legitimacy is now question, is we're not gonna play politics with every aspect of the federal government, because we dont trust, I think rightly EL. The J or the FBI's Steve Schools will challenge rather smaller and presumably within the next five minutes. The Democrats will challenge the FBI. Here. Is your school? Is a plus you ve, seen Our oversight, by the way in the house, you ve, seen in exposure of what I think is a lot of corruption
in real concerns that have been raised about the special council. In fact, just the credibility. The special council is very much in question because, as you mentioned, so many of the people that that Mueller brought in other people working on that were very anti trust in the campaign and still to this day I mean you can have people in the Justice Department working on an investigation who have predispose all this is a mess by the way, because now that now the accusation is that just sessions over the deal J, the accusation is that he was actually trying to lead a pr campaign under cover Hence James call me even as he's refused himself from the russian investigation in the middle of February in April in March and April, so just yuck all the way around the edge. Many of you have been politicized. We don't trust them, and so the lack of trust in our public institutions continues to founder, until we get into the business of of electing politician, is really our fault. We have to stop letting politicians or corrupt.
And using the FBI and the GEO Jays check on our own stupidity, that's not going to work because the deal Jane the F B. I guess what politicians ok temper, some things I like and then some things I hated than the mailbag. So things like today. Will only do one thing I like because we have to get to the male back. The thing that I like today is a I agree that I'm reading on your Highness Brahms Brahms, of course, when the great composers of all time Then it's a really illuminating, a very lengthy biogas from a chance to Africa and the book really delved into who Brahms was a person. Brahms really had an eye toward his toward how you'd be perceived by future historians burn a lot of his papers. He didn't want people delving into his life. A chance wafts does a really good job of checking that arrives prowess.
It might be on sweat for navigate he. He does a very good job of of delving into all the details of Brahms biographies off your into biographies musicians. I waited Beethoven a couple of weeks ago. This Biographia Brahms is considered the classic, so gin or Yahoo effort. It's called your Highness Brahms, a biography check it out. Ok time for some things that I hate So we'll begin with this idiotic tweet that has two hundred and fifty thousand likes on twitter is a picture of the dungeon Jones. The democratic, the New Democratic Centre from Alabama and his son happens. We gay and indulgences why who is swearing in drones into the Senate and my pencil standing up presiding over it because, as the vice president, he is the guy who presides over the Senate, so Jones stand there and then the gay son looks like he is: giving side I too might pens supposedly in
on twitter photo of the decade Doug Jones being torn and while has openly gay on quietly, disintegrates the soul of my pants. This is so stupid for so many reasons number one. If you My parents never met a gay guy. You are a moron, ok might pensions. The vice president. The stage is the governor of Indiana, I'm sure he's work with gay people, I'm sure he's friends of gay people. The idea that my pants has never met again. Person is just Nine beyond that does mean, doesn't even makes sense. Look at the guys. I've he's not even looking at me. You're looking at his mom, and this photo where the aim the photo makes it look like timber. It is not ambiguous, look at his eyes. He is looking at his mother his mother is the one who swearing in his father at this point is just that, but but again the people are so Riven by confirmation by us, but they want to believe that that might pensive somehow threatened by the openly gay son. Yeah right, I'm sure that's the case yeah, but the job that other things that I hate up there's a website called MIKE is a stupid website and might cuts. Videos is, I am, I see they cut a bunch of videos. Usually
sexuality in the most sort of abhorrent and the sensational fashion. They gotta video yesterday about six men, Trans women, it's a bunch of trans women, meaning men who believe that they are women and some of whom have had surgery and make up done to confirm this They are complaining that men, when they find out that they actually have penises or biological men are unhappy about this, now means that men must be afraid of their own masculinity. So try to follow the logic here. If your mail, he doesn't want, have sex with a man who has made himself up to look like a woman for the objective world. Getting there had many believe your woman does matter. Bottom line is does and have a right to say I'm not into a penis and like is that is that that'll Castel, apparently not apparently this you gay. So if your man doesn't like a penis you're gay, now, I'm very confused by all this year's ears them like video. It's it's not good. The idea is that a guy dating hands one and make some gay than what we are basically saying, as others have the woman s daughter, ok, stop there for a second, the
not saying that this person is cortical playing dress up. I don't know what this person's mental condition is. I would suggest this person is suffering from a delusion and I would suggest that that is I would suggest that that is a fact that person is suffering from a delusion is personally, not a biological woman's person, they believe their biological woman. They may believe there are very feminine man. They may believe. They're Trans woman has not the same as biological woman, hey it's not that a man is the guy looking at this person in saying that a man and I'm not sexually attracted to that or the guy who initially takes before realising that that's a man, ok, there's nothing! That is wrong with that, either morally or in terms of sensitivity dictating other people. Sexual proclivities, I thought was off the tape I was until five minutes ago. I would say I thought it was stay out of my bedroom. Now, apparently, it's get in my bedroom or your sexist. I get in here right and take a look at this. That's not the way that this works. You don't get to dictate to anybody.
How they act as my problem with water what's happening, and the radical Trans movement is not that these are people Just saying: leave me alone to live my life, I'm finally, that do it over the hell. You wanted to get a surgery, that's your problem! You and that's all! You want to go out and have formal treatments. I don't think it'll be great for you. That's your decision anyway, I'm not your doktor. That's your problem. Go for it completely libertarian on this, but it my problem when you're suggesting that somehow I am not secure in my own masculinity, when I say I'm not into your penis, ok, so that this is not logical, it doesn't make any sense. It's ridiculous. It's it's! Actually, their tyrannical ended, cuts counter to the entire privacy movement, the? U S are trying to establish or you guys to or girls were whatever ok, the law, things I'm so a little bit more of this trade, but be ready deposit get for twenty four, as happened. Certain sis men
I find it like the shower the random guides and other even in this shot. Their approach to trans women specifically is a very different reproach. I think that their view on that of a weak boy- they don't really see us as women candidates, and I you know your weak boy understand- are challenging the masculinity give guys you don't want to have sex with guys animal Oh I had. I had a wine in in with having is for but when he says that we have actually gonna reached the point where we challenge masculinity of boys were not secure enough in their masculinity to be gay eventually innocent young boys, that is you, you wanna, show your real man and that you're securing your masculine go over there and has another guy that show how secure you are in your masculinity. Like that's that's the way this is going. We're pretty much. There wouldn't have already got time for email that, let's just go mailbags I can do any more than our itself mailbag time. Evans. As Dearborn. You say your son is young tar sands. You think you'll. Let him do self defense, like you, did your problem about when he gets older. Yes, I hope he does it
I wish. I'd had growing up because I was smaller ends than the other kids in class. I was also smarter, and so this made force bullying. I wish I had known how to defend myself better. I could have beaten some people are now doing that. I can you says, you're, better in foreign policy. If you had to pick, would you rather see America adhere to the principles of the Monroe Doctrine or the Truman doctrine? If neither completely satisfy you. What would the Shapiro doctrine entail so for those who are now the Monroe doctrine? Basically suggests that the United States is going to keep the western hemisphere free of european influence of that Women doctrine says that we are going to defend democracy around the world any time a democratic regime is threatened by a non democratic regime. We're going back to democracy there none of these completely satisfied with these. I dont think that America's foreign policy interests, and in South America, Latin America and Canada and determined doctrine which suggest we have to defend democracy as achieve priority, as opposed to America's Liberty interests. I don't think that's it. Enough. I think that's a little too will Sonya information. What I would say is that America's foreign interests- I in preserving our strength and our morality and that's about.
Because they're gonna be times when we have to preserve our strength, not being able to overthrow a regime that will cost us enormous amount of time and treasure and men in blood, but we will be strengthening will be strengthening the world. If we stay strong right, is it sort of the principle that if someone drowning you, you have ensure you are not, can drown also at the same time so that you can save other people. Dead, there's the there a balance here that I dont think has really taken into consideration with regard to the hard line from adapting their their demott like commodities, what did by democracy is that a regime that we now have to defend- I don't think so arduous as dear, but do you think, would be a fair trade Publicans too greedy amnesty for dreamers in exchange for an chain, migration verify, plus the abolition of Ankara babies. Well, I mean, I think, that not in favour of amnesty for dreamers as a blanket. I think that amnesty for specific people who
are in the country illegally and are of benefit to the United States is the solution. I dont know why. I can't advocate for all these things. If you asked me what I make that exchange that, where the toy on the table, written into train migration iii verify what's the wall, abolition of Ankara babies. I would probably say yes, because that would now change this and so dramatically that you'd actually have a cut off point, but I don't think that's what's on the table, a Rachel's has happened. Have three degrees but left academia start businesses. My husband bless him at once. Old friends. We all need someone living or dead with whom we'd like to have dinner. I said when Churchill, without exception, everyone else at the table said Michel Iraq, Obama. These are smart people, while for cyclical how can so many academic? these are stupid. We're politics are concerned. While they answer We spend your entire life in a bubble. You tend to believe that the only people who are worth talking to other people who are sort of the upper echelons of the well that's Michel and Brok, presumably the world's greatest and most beautiful and wonderful people. Again, I quibble with the aid,
now all use demonstrators model here? I dont think that, just because you're, smart, your wise and obviously brain so necessarily translate to your knowledge of values to wisdom or any sort of historical knowledge. Hundreds has haven. My question is how and when the wealth or save your form, and why hasn't the republican and why haven't Republicans initiated any new legislation regarding this summer standards that that's what they're trying now is that the next thing you're gonna try is a welfare reform that creates work requirements for welfare. I think that would be great. I think that needs to be attempted as soon as possible. I think welfare should also be devolved to the state level in federal welfare should basically be too. Bird NATO's, with arising notoriety, you seem to have increasingly become the target of hit pieces and attacked, obviously responded more. How do you choose which wants to take on how difficult is it's just ignore the rest? I will name that's a good question I would love to respond to all of the attacks on me and when the stuff that I do and right, I have to determine sort of what the time judgment, as I have other things in my life. So it's a balance between how quickly can respond and how many people,
I have read the hippies, my elevating the head peace that sport falsehoods by even responding to it all things are so damn long that I don't have time to pick a partisan and get into. Minor. We monitor fight with some idiot who doesn't understand the points that are making that's also the court. And once you respond to somebody than they respond to you and it turned into a firefighters that something worthwhile Tracy says It's your discussion, Dave Reuben thought was great in one thing on which I have a question, you stay didn't see whether you would get involved in serious. You didn't see what the US is interest was there. They also described to us most moral force on the planet doing the moral interest in preventing an oppressive regime like aside from committing genocide in murmurings on people when you that's a moral obligation. Thank you for concern, question, I'm anew subscriber in a bit of a federal by appreciated. So here is my answer. My answer is the same as it was earlier, which is if we can do it without a costing us very much than we do it. If we have to go in there boots on the ground and tremendous expenditures of time and resources? We have to determine how that fosters our interests and how much success try right. So if
I can press a button and the genocide in Syria. You would, I would everybody would. But the question is: are we to send twenty thousand troops in there to take out Assad or a hundred thousand troops in there to take out of town? Then the country, is that something more America really has an interest is that is not something that we can do, and this is a serious question to consider, because there are awful. Will he met a tearing crises happening around the world? We have to determine its country. What the balance of cause and effect is in each of these situations, the worse than the atrocity, the more America has an interest in stopping it for sure, but we are Take a note count. What exactly the cost will be? Do we get sucked into another prolonged war in the Middle EAST, where we really have no solid interest outside of presumably stopping a side who fosters terrorism but not in the same way For example, like you, had a change of regime and spend american resources doing it, you have to start with IRAN, on a serious, serious client state of run.
Morgan, you still prefer you prefer still or sparkling water sparkling. That is the answer for anyone of Saint mind, I'm here Are you more conservative than your father? You know how to tell I would say that, might my dad is more conservative socially than I am probably I am more terms, then he is probably fiscally but I would say that. Might my dad has but he's me out and, as I have taken a more prominent position and studied more, my dad sorted gets his readiness for me. A lot on politics so already book and pass them on to my dad's. His views tend to mere mine in a lot of ways benign everywhere Bruce's. The dual threads dangerous, even more federal dollars and blue states receive my liberal friends we state support the Red Welfare states. How can I respond? Well, the answer is get rid of love. There will be a problem, the reason Reggie, receive more money than blue states on average is because their more people in red and more poor people in red states, then Blueskin. There are also more military bases in red states than blue states on a per capita basis, more people, seating aid in red states, blue states, but is now threatened,
We are voting for the federal welfare programmes. Dolt. If you don't spend all that much money and red states, I have an idea? Don't do it right, guess what the Red say too great they're, not the ones who are voting for the additional welfare programmes, more intense Durban. As a native from Massachusetts and a family, security guard. I'd love to know your opinion of David Ortiz in the Boston Red Sox in general, so I was for most of my childhood, a Boston. Oxfam, and secondarily I was a white tax, can primarily and then a Boston Red Sox hand secondary, because I picked a bowl of my father's allegiance is, and he went to College in Boston with my mom my opinion on David, These is that he seems like a nice guy. I am almost certain here steroids vit. It's amazing it has been able to get away with with being one guy who sort of allowed to do it in everybody's knew he was doing it again. This is opinion not allegations effect so The guy went from hitting home runs a year for, for the Minnesota twins. Standing fifty home runs a year for the for the Red Sox. I don't think that sort of stuff just happens overnight, but she sure the doctor, I believe with the with was it Alex Rodriguez or or Pujols
in any case, I may big red Sox man I was I was. Down to Fenway Park and stood outside Fenway part when they won the world Series in two thousand. For I like nobody else in Boston at the time stay up all night. During the games with the, so I'm a red, Sox, Van and and load the Yankees, a Jeffrey says. Ben the Hebrew hammer Shapiro accredit Andrew bright parts. Righteous indignation is my wakening texting, have tremendous respect for Andrews career. It's a great book. You seem like a gift and unique I also admire you in your approach to the issues. However, my admiration of both of you, let me be confused. Why Andrew elevates dependent bright partners when you know seem to be such a terrible die wide energy? marching to like them back when he was alive. All your poor him now was this an errand judgement by Andrew. The answer is yes, and it also true that the relationship banning and bright boy was while the exaggerated, in the aftermath of Andrew Duff. I spoke to Andrew me before I worked there. I spoke of Andrew about Baroness had who is this? Who is this? Guy is uses occupying some office space. This abandoned office space, and then I was now the knew each other was abandoned, was working on documentary and Andrew, because this
abandoned ingratiated himself with powerful people. Is you try I'll I'll make you famous with my document? Read it with pale any more as you do, Michel Bachman he's done it with a wide variety of figures in Is there was a Andrews occupying the office space and I said to whose this ban and I M abandoned Steve's, ok, scandal as very close them to know I mean the end. There was now he was not very close and Steve. The exaggerated closeness with Steve was created as a mythical after Andrews death when Larry solve was looking for somebody to take over the company and Steve made a strong push for it, I decided to make him the the chairman of the company I dont think that Andrew elevated Steve break our news. I think Larry, Elevated Steve, ripe our news. He wasn't even working abroad partners until hundred died. He literally no dr bright burners until after Andrews death. So do I think, Romania or enlargement by bringing Stevens Fold I do so I think, did Andrew, would have elevated to anything remotely resembling this position? No, I think, that's, I think, that's absurd, Thomas. As prior to the election, you said you would say that our nations
Brain headed for Uclaf Heller would greatly increase. The speed of the train crumbled. Slightly increased in would decrease this. You still feel this way and if so, what does president from need to do to turn the train around? While I think that in one way he has increased his decrease, this be dramatically in one way. He is increase the speed, so his decrease to speed toward which we are heading towards the fiscal cliff with his regulatory policies. What's really gonna kill us in truth, is the inhuman programmes those are just going to Margaret and Intel in programmes are not only not gonna go away under from they may grow under Trump there's an article today in which tromp was asking why there can't be Medicaid for all. So I think that were set. Heading toward the cliff is just a lot slower than it would have been a lot slower than I thought it would be in one way we have elevated the speed of the train, and that is the the partisan politicking and the hatred in politics as elevated to such an extent that if Democrats are elected again in the near future, the blow back is going to be ridiculous. Read the only permanent changes that Trump has made are the courts and the tax cuts
Everything else can be reversed by the Democrats, and it will be, and not only will it be they'll go so far, left that it will be wild. It will be just insane and us, because the partisanship that is that has been elevated and promulgated. In pushed really really Chances Haven. I'm a long. A longtime fan have ever lost a political debate on European, would. You say your opinion was changed during a debate. Awesome calling bs that you can bend press two hundred pounds crowded will back me on this. I know I can prevent festooned accounts can do it like a hundred times, but I can bend press two hundred pounds. I have my opinion ever been changing bit, not during a debate outside, but I've been there may debates where people will give me facts. I haven't thought about before now: go up and look them up and see how that changes. My opinion, I would say that there are a couple areas in my career. I've changed my opinion pretty significantly. I think legal marijuana is one of those, and we talk about that today. Our Christmas as I'm in the military? What the new policy that will allow transgender to serve alongside me I'll, be forced to use pronouns in which I disagree, including at functions outside of work. They include our family such
Christmas holiday parties, like you, I don't want my children be confused, prefer to sacrifice myself and they have my children, feel like the sacrifice and make every day is enough and ask me to do it comes along with this beyond what I've conveyed is too much? Yes, I could avoid these situations, but milestones like me. Since the pay great I wanna have sex my what watch? Radio or how would you handle this? I mean I'm sorry that these are the rules that the military is pushing. I really, The Madison does it, I hope the Trump and does it and the courts that are attempting to stop. This are acting way outside their brief, I think, absurd that the government should have any policy cracking down on your basic right to whether someone is a male or female. Let's just crazy, it's just insane, but if that's a policy of military, then I can choose for you what to do. I would say that we still need men and women serving the armed forces and that you should can use all your power outside government in order to try. And drive a train driver change in policy that are making freer
every says. Germans, you think Abraham Lincoln was right to throw away civil liberties like habeas corpus temporarily during the civil war to save the constitution in the union, really difficult historical question. I do wonder if Lincoln actually had suspend habeas corpus in order, in a civil war or whether that was in overkill move by the president during a time of war that it's a lot, I mean that sought to blame, Lincoln Reseda Lincoln, wasn't making considered decision in light of the evidence, but in retrospect there are lots of times during war when we no in virtually every hundred more meagre overboard. The patriot act was overextended during the Iraq war, the the in terms of the Japanese during World WAR, two was creatures, the attempt to press People are the espionage ACT by Woodrow. Wilson was gracious every time there is a war. There is a tendency to go overboard and how that war is per is prosecuted, and I think that suspension of habeas corpus difficult for me to believe that was completely unnecessary for Abraham Lincoln to do ok, one more question final hush.
Final question says: I'm a twenty six year old conservative who happens to be gay. I get a lot of crap for being against gay marriage despite being gay asked why I explain why religion is help me move to a good place morally over the last five years, and I stand I find Morley good and I can say from personal ads Since the gay lifestyle has been a very negative, an immoral one for me, then I'm then I get told I'm. It is because I hold religious using a political light. You no better way to argue this, and am I wrong for thinking this way when When do you as a person separate religious police from politics, I think I can, when it is a question of morality, do you have? separate religious beliefs from politics, and I think the attempt to do so is foolhardy the reality. Is we live in a judeo christian system, those built on certain values? Those values are reflected in our politics. Now. Do you have to make an argument that is aside from Allegest scripture in order to convince people? yes, is that the area where we should debate? Yes, because I can't just argue from the Bible. Somebody who doesn't believe in the Bible, it doesn't make any sense and will not offering from opera from a common framework of a fact. I think that you can make a very solid
As for the opinion that you have based not on Bible but based on public policy and the value of marriage and the are you of men woman relationships for the upbringing and raising a chair of children and and serious problems. A certain aspects of certain types of the gay lifestyle. More promiscuous aspects of of gay lifestyle, for example, You make a fine secular argument against all of those things. Recommend those are the arguments they make as far as the implication that your big it because you hold certain religions, I would suggest that anyone who calls you a big it because you hold religious views, the dome. Impact anyone else that those people are that the actual bigots and the situation. Ok, we have read the end of a nearly endless weak, but don't worry back here on Monday and surely the world will still be on fire. So we'll see you then, with the fire hose adventure here. This is eventually
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