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Ep. 462 - Mulling Over Mueller

2018-01-26 | 🔗
Did President Trump try to fire Robert Mueller? If so, does it matter? Plus, Trump rolls out his new immigration framework, and CNN says you should let your spouse have sex with other people. Date: 01-26-2018
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So did president from trying to fire robber Mueller, and if so, does it matter, plus that from administration rules out it's big immigration plan and people on both sides are unhappy and we'll go to the male bad adventure of Adventure Derosa. All right he's so here we are in this. Finally, a Friday time has moved so slowly that, let me remind you, be government shutdown ended on Monday, Kate, Bleep Holgate started. Fourteen days ago, we have out gone down to the water planet interstellar where every hour is actually seven years of time? And we are stuck there because every day is at least seven. Seventy three new cycles, but the Good NEWS is that get his let's talk about we'll get all that first, I want to say thank you to our sponsors over a birch called self. If things feel relatively uncertain, even with the economy as good as it is, the fact is the union
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They know that we sent you ok, so the been breaking news of the day is, of course, this big in your times report that back in June of twenty seventeen president from try to fire Robert Mueller. So according mauler I looked it up its Noma smaller oak, having any wrong for months, smaller, ok, so whoever Miller is, of course the special investigator was appointed in June twenty seventeen after An interim fired James call me and then, after he used a deputy attorney general ROD, Rosen staying in the process of doing it, forcing Rosen Signor Accuse, insulted and from Russia Collusion Investigation and turn the whole thing over to special investigator Jeff sessions did not protect truncated, refused himself, Rosen steam didn't protect trunk ass. He Hendrick is itself, as are the coma firing, and now it looks as though molars
saying for at least several weeks is moving from collusion to obstruction. Now, a problem with the obstruction of justice cases that, in order to actually say that somebody's instructed justice, you actually need to fulfil one of three laws and I'm goin through the three laws on a couple of times explaining what exactly these three laws mean, because there are three different statues statutes, but let's go through them again, because I think that we need to have this cleared my when people say that some sort of criminal activity, one forward or the robber Mahler, is going to get trump. There's two ways to get trump. One is to hit him so hard politically. The Democrats have a reason to impeach and the other is to actually suggest criminal obstruction of justice. As I say, there are three types of obstruction of justice under the Eu S law. Eighteen, U S! Code! Fifteen, o three, I'm going through background again, we didn't a little earlier this week. Breath is important. The omnibus clause covers corruptly any threatening letter or communication influencing or impeding,
endeavouring to influence, obstructs or impede the Dew Administration of Justice, so that clause requires a pending judicial proceedings? Set means that Trump would presume like enough. The investigation isn't enough would be him trying to bribe prosecutor or something the Supreme Court is pretty exacting on the application of the law, the prosecutor, it actually need to prove. The trumps conduct materially impeded. The investigation, even James call me said when he was fired afterwards, that prompted materially impede the investigation. So if it is true that I'm trying to fire robber Mahler, the special investigator then that still resentment, early impeding investigations in this part of the code is probably not being fulfilled. Then there is eighteen? U s coat fifteen twelve see this provision of law covers anyone who obstructs, influences or impedes an official proceeding or attempts to do so. So there are few questions about this one. Is an FBI invest nation and official proceeding to you, I shall have to prove criminal intent to prove the Trump wanted to impede the investigation.
now this would be the area of the code or from would be in most trouble, but you also have to show these substantial step toward the accomplishment of that goal towards an accomplishment of an attempt to obstruct justice. I'm not sure the DAS for syllable, because again, even if Trump wanted to fire Mahler, even if you think that constitute instruction, he withdrew he didn't actually firewall or only fired call me. He had every right to do that. You can fire your european director for any reason whatsoever. So the idea that that is, technical obstruction, justice is pretty weak. It would be very difficult to convert Trump in a court of law from the court of public opinion. There is a different problem right. So here is the story from the New York Times of all that in mind, but the fact that there is a section of the: U S code that theoretically might be applied against Trump. Maybe I'll wait to explain why it is that he doesn't have the executive authority just to fire fire Mahler or fire. Call me for any reason at all. Obstruction of justice by the way by president would look not like him firing somebody and in the morning the investigation continue. Morally, I'm going to rather modern saying you were
find me innocent or I will fire you write. Those are the two choices. You'll find me innocent or I'll fire thou, the instruction of justice for him just to say I don't like this, destination. It bothers me. You're fired not quite sure that that is obstruction of justice, particularly of the investigation, continues afterward anyway, the New York Times broke this story souci back in June twenty seventeen, as it became clear that special council robber Mahler was looking for a pattern of possible destruction of justice in terms behaviour ordered Mahler fire he'll be attracted the order when way has council time again friend to quit. So, according to the terms of port. From said, the Miller had bunch of different conflicts of interest in, you can tell that this report is probably true because of what from said was the conflict of interests conflict number one according to from the mother, had resigned his membership at the Trumpet National Golf club sterling for junior years ago over a dispute over membership. These. That is not a conflict of interests again, it's that silly second from said, Molly,
I'll, be impartial, because this law from represented from sun and larger cushioned again? That is not really a thing. Re law firms, law firms represent lots of people if, if Mulligan work on their case, it probably would matter so plus the if you're talking conflict of interests trumpets interviewing mothers past. But the director before, I'm allergic to special council jump. Finally transcend Miller had been had been up for the FBI director position before whose appointed Special council its unclear, why that would actually be a conflict of interests? Ok, fine! So the times reports after receiving the president's sort of fire Mahler, the White House Council done again refused to ask the Justice Department dismissed the special council, saying quit. Instead, they spoke on the condition of anonymity because they did not want to be identified. Discussing the continued investigation began. Disagree with the president's case and told senior White House officials at Byron Miller would have a catastrophic effect on this route, from In answer to Mr Mcgowan also told Whitehouse officials that Mr Trump would not follow through on the dismissed one zones. The president then backed off. That, of course, is true. From has been threatening to fire sessions.
for over a year has not fired him. Trump has been threatening to fire me he's threatened by Mcgann before he threatened by everybody. The truth is that from really doesn't buyer anyone might Flynn resign. You wasn't actually fire. So why does this matter number? One is not what the left cracks it up to date. he didn't actually firewall or if he had fired Mahler, then we'd be talking about obstruction of justice. Would look like the centre and massacre the Saturday massacre going over the back to nineteen. Seventy three Watergate is when there is a special investigator Archibald Coxe, who was called into look at Watergate and from asked his attorney, general to Fire Archibald caught the attorney general refused and so from fire. The attorney general sorry Nixon. Yes, this meat Nixon back in eighteen, seventy three so here is so here is the so obvious. it's not happening ingredient biometric identifiers attorney, general Environs,
standing in fire sessions, he hasn't fired. It doesn't hurt anybody rights, but here's here's. What mother's going into these can put together the following facts. It is he's going to say I could say that this is an attempt to obstruct justice. The Trump is attempting to sue the investigation. So here are the things from has done and their equally explicable by stupidity. As always, I tend to believe the trumpets being an idiot not trumpet being nefarious story, because I think that mostly Trump is being an idiot, not nefarious. So here are all the things from his done. First, fire national security adviser make Flynn Trump imply that that was prompted by afghan lying. Flynn lying to the FBI. Then he reportedly asked FBI director call me till they offer Flynn W S Laugh Flynn, knowing that he had already led to the FBI. Is that obstruction of justice not clearly because having didn't take any measures call me from February all the way until may ran in We continue to have lent the president, then fire clock
may and acknowledge publicly had to do with the Russia Investigation, but he was saying at the time that it wasn't because you want to stop. The investigation is because he is innocent. when we wouldn't say openly that he was innocent. Can a president then continuous rim of invective against attorney general just sessions for accusing himself on Russia again, is that obstruction of justice, not really the president attacked attorney general? deputy attorney General Rosen steam attacked deputy at the directorate general became, and now the parents that the president's apparent attempt to fire Miller, None of this amounts to legal obstruction. Probably, as I say, in his Eleanor assurances that the presidents of the head of the executive branch investing has not been quite in anyway. So whatever attempts were happening, it's hard to prove attempt when there was no actual in impeding of the investigation. So that is, that is point number one when it comes to this, the smaller stuff, but it can be used, as the left is evidence that from actually want to shut down the investigation, and then he was unable to do it. And then he,
he failed in doing so, but if he had had his brothers, you would have that's going to be part of this. This broader suggestion by the left, the Trump is trying to obstruct justice, even if there is no hard prove that Europe is trying to obstruct justice, and more plausible case is the trumpet just peasants. People are saying, is innocent and so he's mouthing awful lot, which I have been saying for months is I read on the situation. Ok, son, just a second I'm going to explain another scandal, that is, that his foot and that, of course has to do with the FBI's treatment of Hillary Clinton. But first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over zeal dotcom. So if you are injured and getting massage right. You're stressed out: it's been a long weak. It's been a while since, since the holidays now. You just need a massage. This is the great thing about zeal so zeal Is the perfect solution for anyone wants a high quality massaging the convenience of their own home? You have to go to the spire of schedule. We can advance, you can just literally gone. There a pin order a licensed masseuse to come to your house and you can choose style, you can choose the gender of the masseuse and then the person comes to your house with the table Whitney
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letting Hillary Clinton off the hook so as to earn the FBI's goodwill with the presumed ex presidents. Oh here's what the actual text said. Page roads struck on February. Twenty fifty thousand. Sixteen this it before the interview with Hillary Clinton quote one more thing: she might be our next president. The last thing you need us going in there. Loaded for bear, you think she's, gonna, remember or care. There was more deal jaded FBI, the obvious implication, go easy on Hilary she might be the president and then she might get angry at the FBI for having interviewed her in nasty fashion and structural back agreed. I called FBI Counter Intelligence had been priest step in way. What we discussed he agrees. I will email you and rejected in someone else's, whose name is reacted. Another one of the tax from page to struck suggested that then FBI, chief of staff, James Right, Becky, Father, the FBI, deputy director, Andrew Mackay, was so on. Job sure accuse himself, the clear matter because of his wife's relationship with Virginia Governors, Harry Mccullough Right Mackay has refused him has european.
Self in the eye. He eventually to any reviews himself in Oakland stuff like a week before the election, but it should have done a month before apparently page Roquat, Rebecca, just call the chicken here clearly. One hundred percent believes that Andy Mackay should be refused because of the perception so grass they wrote a letter to the FBI's current direct request for re quote in October. Twenty fifteen, then director com, And if you know my folks, they give a rip about politics. They care very much about politics, to the detriment of the bureau's mission in activity to all this is really damning stuff for all the talk about how the FBI is Crystal is Crystal clear, transparent, absolutely clean for all the talk about that, then that is just not the case. It's just not the case now. Does that mean that there is an FBI deep state coup? you take down trump, not the evidence, isn't all their of that, especially because there isn't countervailing text message from struck two page saying he didn't want to be staffed on them or investigation. These thought there was no there there. I think that Chris Wallace Beery
we grant when he says that we're not there on the deep stakeholders one hears what while assent on Fox NEWS, apparently get here as the inspector general way only found out about this in the last week and the inspector general was able to come up with it. So again, I'd look, there's a lot of things that are travelling. There are a lot of questions to ask. I fully agree that we need to pursue all of this. I am not sure that talking about deep state coups against the president or corruption at the highest levels of the F B, I am not quite sure where there yet UK anything that, illegal act? That's why I've been saying just wait. Just wait in a holding the bans there. There will be evidence that comes out on some of this stuff, but what every time every jumps ahead of the story? It comes back to bite them right RON, Johnson being the case in point, the centre from Wisconsin had been talking about a secret society inside the FBI, and then yesterday he had to admit that maybe the secret society stuffily just a joke to this tax measures, seems to be a common about secret societies and just do agree that it appears to be
they spoke, then that seems to be a big step down a big step down from the all. that we were all going to out we're all going to find out that there is this big, deep state coup happening against the Trump administration, and now, with all that, There's waited jump in the other direction to so Shep Psmith Overrun foxes, whose main a bit of a cottage industry lately in quantum quality, his other Fox news, colleagues, he's very upset about the, Nunez mammals remember Devon, Nunez headed House Intelligence Committee and he rode up a four page memo talking improprieties inside the intelligence agencies that he thinks discredit a lot of what's happening it from Russia Collusion Investigation now them has been made available to all the members of the house. Democrats are saying it's a politically driven memo. Republicans are saying that is pretty damning The OJ saying that he has to the underlying classified documents, but they want or adapted before its released any Mccarthy overrun. sure of is really good on all of this scandal driven stuff hasn't because a very good piece of national, you talk about the noons metal and basically saying listen. There's nothing
inherently wrong with definitions! Writing a memo, it maybe its powers and maybe not that's why it's good for the american public to see and as for the notion that the deal J hasn't gotten review in the very upset about it. In order for this memo to be declassified, the president of the United States for says to sign off about on it, there's enough. They delay mechanism specifically to allow the president to allow the deal J to take a look at it and then from veto. Any attempt to declassify this material, so it really is quite is corrupted people are making anatomy. The memo now may turn out that it's just noons attempted detract from the Trump Russia Collusion Investigation, and maybe that is an attempt to distract from more investigation I hope my possible, but we don't know that yet, but people are jumping to conclusions here, shut Psmith, jumping to conclusions this memo from which there, if there is a basis for it to be released, the Trump the Trump administration in it
people could have done, that they they ask to see it. He won't even let them see it. It seems to me a classic weapon of mass destruction. Can, of course the left was was chairing this weapon of mass destruction is on business. friends zone friends are going around talking about how how this is weapon about how the memo is on the ships and its own friends of vaccines, the members of the world an airship Psmith debunking them want to hear, you know, I think everybody's jumping to conclusions a little bit too quickly. Ok and other news from the economy continues to boom story after story about companies offering bonuses. We it increases. So in breaking news and literally last couple minutes, Fedex has now announced for report a billion dollars in wage increase. and bonuses. This fellow Starbucks announcing raises issues. That all over. The place. Remember Nancy Pelosi said all this was crumbs. Red did indeed the Democrats continue
maintain that this was all the end of the world that everyone is going to die from the tax cuts and it turns out everything has gone fine right. It turns out that the economy is doing just fine. In all of this was overblown, which is not a shock anyway. None of it really shocked, but it does demonstrate the need bad faith in which so many members of Congress talk about politics now. This is also breaking news today, I'm shift. The ranking member of the house permits, let's committee on intelligence, democratic from California and a very motivated political actors, and the reports at the president not only considered firing special council meeting. but one so far as to order a demonstrate that excellently in length this present is prepared to go to protect himself. Congress must make clear any effort from the special council or impede his work with such a constitutional crisis, which would imperil this presidency and do great damage to our nation. Instead of protecting minors, investigation from under interference, many Republicans in Congress have stepped up their spurious attacks against the deal J, the FBI and the special council. It's time for them to put country and the rule of LAW before Party Congress should not pass a law
and seeing the special council from being fired. The special council works for the executive branch. There is a separation of powers in our constitution. There is a way for Congress to track the president. If the president gets rid of cattle special cancer, Mahler and people in the Congress, think that's corrupt and the thing is an attempt by trunk to get off the hook they can impeach, if that is, the prescribed constitute general remedy. For all of us, it is not a remedy. There is no prescribed constitutional remedy to the notion that the Congress is going to tell the President who he can and cannot fire of their only conferring combing they can reach him. If, then, all I can very well, they can impeach him, but this idea that Congress is going to step in and now Congress is going to dictate which executive branch officials fire by the President. That's foolishness because then that person is not a member of any branch. The person can be fired by the legislator branch. The person can be fired by the president, so the person basically is in there for life. Well, the commerce doesn't have the power to do that. Congress doesn't have the ability to do that under the constitution. There is the separation of powers in the constitution like it or not. The president does have parity,
and that's what happened with Archibald caught Trot Nixon did have the ability to fire Archibald caught at least through the attorney general. He D. Have you been via the attorney general, who then put in place. Robert bore could took over and fired Archibald cocked inability. Do that and then who's gonna be impede shake what right there constitutional remedies for all this, but changing the constitution in order to give Congress more power over the present Ability to fire a special council seems like a foolish, a foolish thing out. What's funny? Is people going nuts just to return tomorrow thing for second people when much more, not over the Mahler stuff that this? This While our story, Imala, was almost fired back in June, then they are over. These struck page tax, which clearly suggested the F B. I was thoroughly corrupt and Hillary Clinton investigation. That is that I think is relatively say again. People are on my case because they're saying, while you're saying that Trump didn't commit a crime right, I'm saying it's not a crime to consider fire. Someone that fight in the net firing a person does not actually crime civilians, he's somebody who crime you have to explain why to crime. A cancerous AIDS criminal
idea that this provides intends behind Trump for obstruction. You actually have to demonstrate how Trump attempted to obstruct again, I have a hard time believing the Trump is attempting to obstruct when literally this investigation is on the front page of the newspapers every single day and has not been obstructed in any serious way, as even James call me recognised some again. I think that a lot of this is overblown and I have a feeling a lot more information is gonna come out there. That demonstrates that a lot of the particular I accusations that are being made on both sides tend to be kind of false. Ok, it's just a second. We are going to discuss. You know it! Let us just let's go to right now. So, let's discuss the new immigration frameworks up. President Trump has now proposed. may new immigration framework this new immigration framework is taking people off on both sides of the I also on the ones you have Democrats are calling him a racist. I received an email last night from one of these one of these leftist interest groups,
talking about how it was just terrible that tromp was proposing this this immigration proposals. Let's go through the proposal. What exactly is from proposing restart their cell On Thursday, the white has released a run down on its new proposal regarding the handling of illegal immigrants originally protected under President is deferred action for childhood rivals program that programme man illegal immigrants brought the country ass children through no fault of their own register, with the government and in return You papers allowing work authorization, freedom from depredation now trump in an attempt to push forward deal with democratically. Another Dublin shut down or to avoid this kind of fake deadline on March Fifth Kitty has put together as framework, so here's this framework and to make people on the left, crazy and is making people on the right crazy. So it says number one there will be full amnesty for one point: eight million illegal immigrants now remember only seven hundred. thousand illegal immigrants were actually covered by data. The way Jack o work, as you have to register what the government yet to come forward. salmon illegal immigrant. I've been here since I was a kid and then the government gave you essentially a green card to work in the country and not be deported.
Where's extending them out to one point: eight million illegal immigrants is almost tripling their number, which is insane with intended. while the those illegal immigrants, will become full citizens, their number includes- as I say, both three hundred thousand illegal immigrants so called dreamer to registered and there are rumours who did not. The White House is designed this because they said that this is a big concession to Democrats. What are they want in return for this rather generous policy? Well, there, on twenty five billion dollars for a fund for the border wall, which presumably never happen. You can put a bunch of money to fund if it doesn't get spent right away than the government will. Just take it from there and use it somewhere else, like the Social Scary Trust one republic It would also theoretically receiving entertain migration now chain. Migration is the leading way the new legal immigrants come into the United States or the study. This is a significant limitation on legal immigration to the United States. I think probably smart move running trade migration, the idea that you are here and your great. Therefore we have to bring your family and is foolish chain. Migration would still apply to people and that they would apply. People and their parents and their immediate minor children, but there is a
The, and this is what a lot of immigration hot upset about. There are saying that these lay in the in the river revocation of CHE migration, means that something, like four million new legal immigrants will come into the country because of CHE migration. Read these what Mark Krikorian points out? He says there over the course of the next twenty years. Because there's gonna be grandfathered in because Trump is not just ancient migration, and today, He sang everybody who's on the White gettin that weightless right now something like seventeen years long any regional immigration hot proposal, said If you're on the waiting list in Europe than a year of getting into the country, then you can stay on the waiting list. Any gets come into the country, but if you're not, then we just right on your fee and they'll be the end of June migrations and cousins. No, goals, no grandmothers, none the stuff, I'm not gonna, let just random relatives of yours come into the country if there you're out from even having their application. Consider that's not in this proposal. This proposal says that, if you're on the White list right now, then you
are going to stay on the white list. So another four million people who enter the country. That's a pretty massive swaths of legal immigration. Coming in the country. The recent adversity lottery would also be ended. Now Krikorian is on twitter urge encouraging people to burn their maggot hats, and he explains why, over surely here's what he says does the White House has but necessary here? There's this tweezers time to start burning. Your bag had sent pictures and all retweet, so he like and calls for very upset about this, so he writes court, the White House, his botched, the jap issue, cutting Bob Good, let's house bill off at the knees by the last house bill minute legal immigration and make it more likely that there will either be noble at all that the final, though the president signs, which is guaranteed to be even weaker than this fatally demoralized republican voters in November. If the latter happens, President, will be well on the way to joining Andrew, Clear, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, impeachment removed club. Now, that's possible, it's possible that Trump is poor. Ultimately, surrendering is for a lot of people are saying on the right. There is a betrayal, and Trump is is allowing two million illegal immigrants into the country and to do more in
in the country now to get citizenship plus another four million legal immigrants. Country- and this is Trump caving and why would he give away does as his opening? targeting position the notion hears that Trump giving away the bargaining position when he should have set? Is I'm willing to deport everyone? Democrats come to the table, so we can make a deal right. Maybe a stronger bargaining position and that's possible. That's possible and Democrats are already trying to rail against rumpus, I say calling Trump racist, I got an email yesterday from some busy Our immigration group suggesting that trumps proposal was deeply I think I'm understand how legalizing two million illegal immigrants, most of whom are not white, is, is races to this that this group called Credo. I guess which is credo action they sent out a letter. Yesterday has not surprisingly, a racist immigration. Fancy masked as a proposal from a racist White House is a white supremacist wishlist said creedle political director mercians a he can talk about being disconnected from reality. This proposal,
like a gem Bush proposal as a market Rubio proposal and they're, calling it a white supremacist fantasy to say that wants what for millennia additional immigrants into the country, court results of CHE migration. Anyone legalise two million illegal immigrants who are currently here and given citizenship. Tens well there's and it does not sound particularly racist, but this is why I think that people who are suggesting that is negotiating badly. Here are actually getting it right. So I said yesterday holding trumpeted good negotiator, thing is the negotiation I dont, I dont think from is putting out this proposal because he's actually hope to reach a negotiated. End point with Democrats. I think from is putting out this proposal because he has passed from for public consumption, he knows the Democrats are never gonna make a deal with him. He knows the Democrats will always call him racist. He knows no matter what he says. The Democrats are going to suggest that he is a racist, so he came out any negotiated Krikorian wants him to said. Listen. I will support everyone now, negotiate with me, then, We Democrats not negotiate with him. They would then say well you're right.
And that's why you wanted for everyone and then come March. Fifth trumpet have to reinstate Deca himself and he looked like a weakling, antiracist writer from our early to team knows that and so I think, they're doing something else. I think they understand no deal is in the offing here. There will be no deal on people who are talking now to deal are crazy and they are not there saying hey. So here's what I think is what's happening. I think that from his posturing for public consumption he's trying to demonstrate how much love he has for illegal immigrants he's trying to demonstrate he's. Not re says he sang to Democrats. Listen, I'm giving you not only what you want, but more than what you want, and you still won't give me border security. So obviously not a racist, our let a bunch of illegal immigrants stay out many more illegal immigrants did and then Obama would have hundred ACCA. I'm letting all these people stay no, they didn't apply and letting them stay. That's how much I care about illegal immigrants, but I also care about border security and so here's what I want return and Democrats are saying: no, we don't. The dreamer, so we will let them suffer and we would rather
them suffer then give you any sort of border security. So this political posturing by the president- and I think that business particularly unwise political posturing by the president there's some Most of US base will remember this proposal, but it is a good counter. Talking point Raymond Democrat say he's racist about immigration is pretty easy from say: listen I propose something more liberal and Morocco. Burma on immigration and Democrats turn that down because they hate the idea of a border, while that much they turn their down because they the idea of restricting our immigration system in anyway. So I think that this all kabuki theatre- in other words, if you viewed as Kabogi Theatre than from postal here is not a bad one. If you viewed as an opening bargaining position, then trumps proposal is a bad one. If you viewed, as a final negotiating position. I dont think it's the worse negotiating position in the world the dreamers, gonna stay anyway, they do there's mass deportations was never true, so depends on the prison through which you are viewing. This particular your proposal are reviewing it s, just a public relations boy, if so, it smart. If you're
It is an open opening bargaining position, its dumb as Krikorian and culture point out, and if your viewing it as somewhere in between its it sort of what Trump actually wants it where's proposal, I've ever seen, but it is also not be trompe in Magda Mathematical Jeff session, Stephen Miller. Gratian plan and everybody was promised back during the election cycle. Ok, so in just a second, we are going to get to some things I lichens and things hate and they will also gets the mail bag, but first you're going to have to subscribe so for nine ninety nine a month can go over to daily wired icon and become a subscriber when you do that when you become a subscriber daily where it I can't you get the rest of my shall live. Cravens shall live noses show. to be part of our mailbag right now like in the next two minutes were needed. Next time it will be doing mailbag. Ask me questions and make your life we better, but not only that stay January thirtieth. Our president is gonna, speaks the nation I can state of the union address president from speaking in front of the entire nation, is the president will be while watch it with us here at the daily. Why are we are having a full on watch party starting a pm? Eastern five Pm Pacific will be hanging out with
the whole time leading up to during after the aggressor and into the red carpet I'll be great when asked what people are wearing when we, for every wild hand, gesture all of the oft teleprompter remarks and, of course, the hilarious, robotic from democratic no Democrats are using by the then using Joe Kennedy, Joe Kennedy, relic Robbie Kennedys grants on those things are rising star. What's really ass if I have to say about America, where the great things about America is that anyone can be president. If your last name is Kennedy, Clinton, Bush or Obama or from right they become famous last name me, president bats. they. I love it. You can all any child was born in a really rich family, with famous ancestors can be present. The United States mean a really gives you help anyway and catch the wives remember daily Wired, icon, Delaware, Facebook or daily, where you to suspend the even with me and claim in animals and Delaware backing Jeremy. Boring relentlessly mock our govern we're gonna marked political leaders when a mock all of the isle of the pomp and circumstance, which I dramatically hate and also very daily wire subscriber. You can ask questions during the broadcasting.
Take those live during the broadcasts, which is one of the reasons you should subscribe again. That's January thirty, at eight p m Eastern five Pm Pacific follow us at Facebook you didn't get notified when it alive live. So we can spend every terrible. Together and get drunk and my colleagues will smoke and I will sit there in inviting their fumes and dying of lung cancer of the great so check that up, next Tuesday. If you want the annual discussing at all of those things plus you get this. The very greatest tumblr is the leftist years hot or cold number which you will enjoy, everyone who has it has, has increased their income by double. That is not an actual study, and I don't think so but you can try, maybe no work for you and US correlation may not equal position. We can try anyone enough of that. You want to check I later governor hygiene, sound cloud Youtube Subscribe, leaves review. We always show where the largest fastest growing conservative, Pakistan, the nation is already time
I think I like and then a thing that I hate so and then a few things that I hate actually lots of things I hate. Let's get, let's get hateful, ok, so things I like will be, and we ve been doing. Fancy bookshop only have recommended this before, but this is one of those it's it's whirling lines of Alice in Wonderland. It's it's kind of fall out of paper to Jude S. Read this growing up this book, the phantom told us what has grown up. This was sort of recommended reading for people who are in third fourth grade, and it's pretty great by Norman Juster. It's about a kid who has to go on a quest, but his quest takes him to all these kind of bizarre lands in, there is less a math land. In their said, there's grammar landed it's about it, it's really fun, and it's really. It's really clever. I'm a big habitat and total around like this book, a lot it's worth getting for your caitive, your kids, a seventy nine years old or if you're smart, like my kid for so in any case, the fans in total Norman Jester totally totally we're picking up her kids gray for kids. Ok time for one thousand things I hate,
all right. So let us begin with CNN Cnn. Installing our marriage advice now The things that CNN near Times, lot of publications do now is they put out pieces in which they suggest that they no better about marriage, then, traditionally have known forever. So now CNN says that maybe one to save your marriage is to get cocked to be coupled to let your partner sleep with another person, The authors, David lay just in labour, and savage lover. Of course it stands out of a job. Of course. Its stance, average savage love right or an activist and savage who is always proponents I must go to the wine and other most people driving a cock. Finally, it have in warning experience in court acting uncoupled and fancies can be a largely positive experience for many couples and hardly a sign of weakness. No, it's definitely a sign of weakness. Ok, if you want to see a partner screwed by somebody else, amateur those your weak person and and
You have no idea what morality or love really are. I'm pretty stringent on the whole don't be happy with your partner having sex with others. Has this fancies been rounded as long as marriage and sexuality by the way lays written a book called in satiable wives, hearing more and more about these days. More people are rejecting the social stigma about this fancy. The others did actually talked any heterosexual couples that did this study is titled. The psychology of gay men's couple thing fancies and the only well, who interviewed for the study were five hundred and eighty men self identified is gay, but what did see an undue extrapolated to studies? Findings across the board? Of course, they extrapolated defines across the board. The one percent minimum are exactly the same. Anybody who believe Then women, men and women are precisely the same when it comes to sexual fancies. Like you know, I'm don't care about being coupled with other men because men don't care about promiscuity. If the deal is I get to have sex Whenever I want that, probably won't let our partners have sex with for their part. No, once again, what men are Ok, gay men are still men. Men when it comes to sex, are pigs and socio political.
Shock. The men who are involved in our relationships with other men tending more prominent promiscuous them in horror, Odin relationships and women by numbers has overall research found that, for the most part coupled intensity, a positive fancying behaviour, it doesn't appear to be evidence of disturbance, of an unhealthy relationship or of disregard for one's partner. One of the authors lay Miller appears to spoken to heterosexuals. About concluding, he said that Fifty eight percent of men and thirty three percent of women had at least thought about the practice, but Inga much in nation or whether they had tried it or whether they thought there would be a good idea or whether they are the ones being coupled aid, but because the practices in quotas apple in the gay community is, as it might be, a little more prevalent among gay men. Savage of course, enthusiastic about this. It does not come holding if there isn't an element of humiliation to grant degradation. Denial. Ironic, imaginations, the ability to turn shame lemons into delicious kink, lemonade and savage. So I'm gravity and decided to cover this fringe behaviour and then pretend that are applied, equally to everyone, men and women. Male female relationships, pretending that relations
Sixteen men, men are the same as relationships between men and women is patently insane If you ve never met a man's, makes perfect sense to you if you're born on a desert island and if there are never met a person of the opposite sex. Maybe this makes perfect sense to you. If you have ever met another man in your man? You know that this is the idea that any really if you have with another man, is equivalent to a relationship. The you'd have with woman is totally bizarre is totally crazy, but this is one of the things that the left is put upon. Us is this notion that all distinctions between men and women are obviously We'll constructs. That is obviously an eminently untrue. Ok other things that so now in Chicago man is accused of sexually insulting to six year olds in an eight year old on repeated occasions, what did you tell the police officers? He told them that he's got a nine year old, trapped in adults body there. It is the eight year old German rose Joseph Roman charged with repeated, predatory criminal, sexual assault, the numerous attacks began and twenty fifteen continued. Until earlier this month, Roman has reportedly confessed. She summoned the sum of the attacks to authorities the victim
when the daughters of his friends, so he is he's now identifying as it as a child in a man's body. Well, I don't you can't do that. I mean we ve been told that you can be a woman in a man's body or man, a woman's bodies. That seems to me a lot easier to get to the point that you say that mentality of the nine year old that developed brain of nine year old, as opposed to I have brain of a woman inside a man's body there's just evidence for one is for the other, meaning none so so I don't you I ve buddy is Anti Trans age. I sort of made this point and in one of the famous Youtube videos that I did it is based on the speech that I did were transgender advocate got up and Why, I would not say man was woman. I asked her what her age wasn't centrist, twenty one is: why aren't you sixty seven I'm not while this guy's not nine years old, either even those, even though he says he has other and one more thing that I hate that will get an email back. The final thing that I hate here is a unit master Nicky. Hayley is now being accused of having an affair with present trump. I'm gettin
really really annoyed with the with the foolishness of the of the left that suggests that any time any time a woman of power is in republican position its because she slept her way to the top and Nicky Hail is now being accused. The kind of quasi by Michael Wolf, hip you're on is real time with Bill Maher and said he was absolutely sure. The Trump is having an affair with will not be a giant surprise and then say but he didn't send the careful readers of his book and find a clue saying now that I told you when you hit that paragraph you're going to say bingo is his readers, it politico's his readers quickly home dentist. Hence in the railway by seller, which has been criticised for everything from sloppy copy, editing to gross factual inaccuracies, Wolf Rights president has been a notable amounts of private time with Alien AIR Force One and was seen We grooming her for a national political future, so now entire media has jumped on this rumour, suggesting that perhaps Nicky Hayley sleeping with trot Again, there is no evidence whatsoever. Hayley says that this, of course, is absent.
in atrocious I've literally been on air force, one one. Once there are several people in the room when I was there and here he said he says, I've been talking allowed to present the oval about my political future. I've never once talks at present about my future. I never alone with him. So they idea these things come out. That's a problem. It goes to a bigger issue. We need to be conscious of at every point. In my life, I've noticed that you speak your mind in your strong about it. You say what you believe: a small percentage of people that resent it and the way they try to deal with that is to try and throw arrows, lies or not, saw this as a legislator. I saw this when I was governor. I see it now. I see them due to other women and the thing when women work they prioritize, they focused they believe it they're going to do something to a right. Others see that is too ambitious are stepping out of line. The truth is we. We continue to do our job and if that means they consider it stepping out of line fine, and this is why Nicky Hayley is very popular because she doesn't take this kind of crap. It isn't and the media have been running with this rumour, but the other media. had nothing to say for years pillars in your time story, outdated, breaking story and that a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton, two thousand presidential can
pain, was accused of repeatedly sexually harassing young subordinate was kept on the campaign at Hilary direct request. According to four people familiar with what took place, some left that happily willing to to defend me Two is also happily going to accuse Nicky, Haliae sleeping her way to the top, and also to overlook Hillary Clinton wedding, a campaign aid off the hook, who is apparently sexually harassing young woman, young women near the campaign adviser, I was burned strider instead Schreyer restock several weeks of pain. Or its honourable counselling and the young woman was moved to new jobs, so just class all the way around four left well done before I go any further. I do want to mention one more quick thing that I had no jumping the mailbox. It gives people a chance to actually get back into the stream Barack Obama to the picture with List Erica. I and the media, so there's that okay, I'm going to put that out there that there is this picture that you just lost. Her account is one of the world's worst anti semite is an absolute human debris in Barack Obama was happy to take pictures of him because Barack Obama was never moderate. He was always a radical. We said so at the time it was denied
by everyone and there are liars and terrible people. Ok, so now time for the mailbags, if you have questions, send them in right this instance. Ok, so I started the annually says payment using the government should be allowed to for someone to by car insurance when a car is purchased. How can the government forced me to buy something? I do not want the reason of the government is allowed for seed by car insurance when the car is purchased because there's an extra reality. So the government is allowed to regulate products that have an automatic externalities when you drive a car. If you get in a car accident, insurance is not put a few insurances like the other drivers, if a bunch of drivers on the streets who don't have car insurance in they hit you and the damage your car they kill you. Then you have created a serious problem. There is it possible. A solution to that doesn't involve car insurance, and that is that you actually hold people accountable. in short law and yet written bankruptcy. Law right now would be the alternative, but if the idea is that there is a privilege that that is driving and that privilege exists because their externalities should privilege, you have a right to drive a privilege,
the drive and that privilege comes along with externalities. Then it's not wrong to have the government making by car insurance if the government made by health insurance is different because there is not about externalities there. It's about you are responsible for your own health, and that is that that is creating costs, but that's on you read the cost is on you. So if you don't have health insurance, both theoretically you could say, we don't want to cover you, which is what people do. The same is true of car insurance. We hit me in an accident and I have a choice whether I wanted you to him in the accident, such as Mr Schwaiger, I list you're Billingham Harris and heard you repeat the question: how do you go from an eastern or a couple of times which might elaborating on them, or is this begging the question of how morality came into existence and the art is the moral implications is comes from evolutionary scientific perspective, derive from observation. I suppose in fact, great debate by the way, love listening these conversations up, I'm glad they enjoy the conversation. The point that I was begging was a point that was originally by David, whom he basically suggested that you cannot look at the universe and then just say the big
as things are a certain way, then you ought to act a certain way. There is no connection, for example, between the way the universe is constructed and morality, reconstructed UK we construct a thousand different types of morality. There's nothing that dictates they have to go from. What is too, what ought to be or how you ought to act? now. This has signalling ramifications for scientific materialists, like SAM Sam has suggestion his suggestion as well we knew everything in the known universe, then what else we need to know to construct a morality. I had two objections that one is when he said constructive morality, he's assuming a freedom of choice that I'm not sure that his philosophy allows to exist, and this is a real debate between sound me I don't wanna misconstrued position or must state his position, so you can read a book on free. Well, if you think I'm doing so and get his his more detail perspective that number one that I had not trying to point that out to salmon. I think we're talking pass each other and problem number two. Is that SAM says? Well, there's really three problems
as that. If you know everything existence than you could be able to determine. What's right and what's wrong, I don't think that's true cause people have a unique capacity to look the same sort of facts and draw different conclusions and then problem number three: is, if you know everything in the universe, you would be. God write em in the premise that I use that God does know everything in the universe and therefore he was capable of constructing morality, so you're, just assuming that eventually Human beings will be able to become gods and I'm not for that I buy that promise, but that is the is of distinction. That is, distinction can be bridged into ways. One is with revelation, so you actually have a day's Ex mackinaw. God suggests either Christ suggests or or the new order, the Judea gotta sign. I suggest here are the rules raises. You know you can't get from the is the auto. Let me give you a hand. What that here's, what you gonna do here's what you ought not to new revelation in and
the Greek reasoned argument that suggests you can look at what is and get taught by saying what is the purpose right? What does that tell us? You heard me mention that the greek word telos before kilos is the suggestion that there is a purpose that is embedded in the universe, so it so, for example, is the example, is typically used, is I'm wearing a watch right, though the watch that I'm wearing is made to tell time It's either good or talent and telling time or disbanded telling time what dictate. What are the watch is virtuous is where the watch fulfils. Its purpose and you can look at the universe and say what is man? for man is made to use his reason, because his reason is different from what animals have, and so he should be using his reason and whatever is in in service to reason is good. Whatever is not in service to reason, is immoral at this sort of the greek view of why reason is important and what virtue is built to do so. Those are the two ways to to reach it to reach purpose. To reach out from is the West has rejected both of those in
modern times, and I think because of that we landed on these aimless shores of people telling them telling you that you can construct your own purposes with we failed that tell us has been was the best way to study at the outset, any good study books, you'd workmen, who actually used, has masters and openly say so, has masters integrate programme so consider that an endorsement has masters and also advertiser, thus cause lonesome, giving a blogs you may as well. Past money, for it run, run men, Cooper, mints as Haven. I was wondering what your opinion is on: making carried him servant, even Israel's military, and if you live in Israel, which political party which vote for I've set for years, that creating Should seventy Israel's military and if you have universal military service, you should not be able to opt out of israeli military service simply because you say you are studying. If I were a secular June Israel, my kid we're going to fight in the army and your kid were studying in Asia, and the suggestion was the your kid was doing as much state of Israel. As my kid is doing, I would say: that's ridiculous and self serving now, if you want to say even if you want to say that you think there's a spiritual component to study that does not exist for for fighting and that you need a few people studying,
one thing, but since everybody who wants to study gets out of military service is a cop out in the same way, there is about during the Vietnam WAR, to say that everybody in college got out a military service. I think that that's it that's a foolish thing. I have always been a great admirer of what they all the hysteria without these are. These are you she was where people study Torah, but at the same time they are serving in the army, serene both Joshua Heaven. You mentioned that when you went to Disneyland you'd met a bunch, your fans, this constant recognition request for as ever get irritating and are most people generally theirs. For this year, busier authentic everybody. I've met, like its universal everybody's, been very respectful of my time in my privacy, which is great and in fact I have made it a habit to ask people if they want pictures, because people are very shy very often about asking for pictures. I'm not trying to be self aggrandizing just die. No there's people on pictures that framework we were people have been really really good about it. I don't find a year attaining I'm fine flattery and glad that people listen to the show and let the people take my idea seriously and if they do, I think that's that's wonderful. It makes a difference marks. As I know, its probable. The trump suggests
Immigration plan from Thursday will go anywhere that set of somehow this did pass from Congress. How that affect the GEO, Peter, the Midterms and beyond that, seem to me that it may help France, approval of independence and liberals, as it is quite generous for immigrants also for our people, in building while enshrining launch immigration fixes. What overshadowed the downside is possible legislation, it's hard to predict how effect her, usually off your elections, the basis what has to turn out the base may not be happy with this, and so you might see a drop in turn out in a general election for trumps. Twenty twenty probably help him for twenty twenty you'd look more moderate emigrate people were independence, which would probably flocked to him. More often, conservatives could point to the victory, but for the mid terms, I think would probably hurt him in the short run in the short run matter has been what ethical fury do most often hold you in which ethical theory, you think is the weakest Also where'd you learn on Europe throws dilemma self by the ethical theory that are most often hold to is the is the judeo christian biblical ethical theory which today that there is an objective good and there is an objective bad
as I and II and the notion that you can construct your own good and bad is is foolish, so I I agree with that utilitarianism. I I get everyone and to be a little bit of utilitarian, but I think that utilitarianism is is open. Ended depends on what you define as your hierarchy of utility such open to various different rebukes, I think, counts. Categorical imperative is open to a bunch of different rebukes, because. There are plenty of things that I would be willing to do to other people and have them done to me than other people wouldn't be willing to have done to them. I think that the category comparative is a little bit isabel that week. So when the Europe throws dilemma, which I to be honest with you just looked up again because I've been going through the Republican. My head is filled with with things other fraudulent. I found it Plato's dialogue, I is where it Socrates asks your throat. Isn't the pie is the pies person loved by the gods because of the tires or is the pious is doing highest things his piety loved by the gods? Because it is pious or is it
is because it is loved by the gods, so in other words is got about morality or its morality about God. So my answer is that it is about morality, but we believe in the judeo christian tradition that God has done us. The great service of of embedding, morality in his own action so that doesn't have to be moral. He's gotta can do it, everyone still powerful, but Judaism they got also acts in moral fashion. Does that mean we always understand the way that he is acting, but this is the entire reason that, for example, Abraham argues with God cried the guy in its with that Abraham says to God, would you kill? Would you destroy the city of their fifty richest people? Forty righteous people? Thirty two He and the reasoning bargaining with got over. This is because you trying to remind dynamism, more mortar immorality right, that's the idea here. Moses does the same thing most says the guy. If you do this, you will be perceived by the world is morals. Why would you do this? One guy talks about wiping out the jewish people in the desert. Moses says this. I so the idea here is that
God is about morality, but his bonded himself to a morality which we can. We can identify a shadow of. We can identify all of it. We can see gods back. We can see his front right in the section of the Torah where, where Moses ass to see gods phase, meaning I want to see your logic for the Universe God says you can. No one can see My face and love you can see my back many consider shadowed by more allibone ever going to allow you to see my entire math of how this works. So the so the answer is piety is loved by God, because it is piety, it is not piety just because it is led by God. God is, God, is about morality, Buzz rounded himself to a certain sense of morality. Ryan says: hybrid originals into Tucker, Karlsson, apparently, it has recently successfully cloned a monkey their heralding. This is a crucial step to cloning. Humans have been limited, going to only cloning and replace damaged organs. I dont seen in her problem with it. However, I do see in her problem with attempting to regulate and force a policy limiting cloning to only that what you're take. Why agree that
should limit cloning to only organ cloning. For for those purposes trying to cloning human life is that there are serious moral issues with it beyond the question of selfishness, of warning, call yourself, right and or the or the idea that your preserve, like are you That is why you young grandma grammars, not to die you to say you're gonna clone her and when you call her she is presumably going to come out. The the she's she's going, we birth rate, take our dna view in certain an egg, and now you have clone grandma, presented he comes out as a baby because she's not any borders? Ninety nine year old person? So if that's the case then Are you not putting on that person all of your preconceived notions about grandmas that person actually a fully independent person. It raises some serious ethical dilemmas. We are kind of far scientifically from cloning, a human being at least unhealthy ways. He if cloned animals, of cloned animals they the animals. My understanding, as have not
the web as long as the originals. So I think there is still some things to be worked out in that process. A Bailey says: hey, then what is the major cause of the rapid evolution of left into such an oppressive ideology of the last couple of years. I think that the left has fallen deeper and deeper into a victim mentality that is forced them into into tribal wisdom of the house. just order that victim integrity is now manifesting, really strong. I think that brought the bombers election was part of this ethical bomber had such an opportunity to unify the country and want of Amr decided instead to exploit political divisions between us for his own political gain. I think that one down to that end? It may the country who have lower setting we're much more unified in two thousand seven without what's going on then, and we are today and I think a lot of that has to do with with democrats embracing. Polarities, not only among politics in political opinions but polarities among tribal group travel, identity groups that using identity as a substitute for logic, reason or even political position. Ok, so we will be back here tomorrow and well known
it's my salary is yellowing. Excellent, ok, we'll be back here on Monday We can we ll see, then the Venture Bureau show is produced by math. Is lover executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan, hey our technical producers, often Stevens edited by outside Goro Adios, mixed by, like Carmona Heron, make up his by just while vera
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