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Ep. 473 - The Media Love Them Some North Korea

2018-02-12 | 🔗
The media fawn over an evil dictatorship, President Trump gets into hotter water over Rob Porter, and Israel prepares for war with Iran. Date: 02-12-2018
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The media foreign over an evil dictatorship. President from presents a budget that has no fiscal limits whatsoever, plus the worst portraits in human history are unveiled the Smithsonian of Moroccan Michelle Obama. There truly incredible. I'm bench pair of business should be. Russia can't wait to show this war for these portraits because they truly arm his supporters of Michel, Morocco, by Michel Sport looks nothing like Michel, Barack Obama's is apparently taken in the ivy at Wrigley Field is legitimately sit in the middle of my poison, ivy, with flour in a chair it so weird- and I can't wait to shut you, but you're gonna have to wait for me to show you because first out, as they think it's way, sponsors over at helix sleep. So when I travel, I don't have to sleep as well that one of the reasons for that is because I dont have may he looks like mantras. Helix sleep offer something that does not exist anywhere else. A mattress personalize, your unique preferences
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eighty four ninety ninety seven somewhere between three hundred fifty thousand and three point- four million million North Koreans died of starvation. There's about two decades ago, in mass starvation, they still have mass gulags. They still in the nineteen eighties, had concentration camps where they would legitimately torture or murder people. They still do in some places of the country. If you do not do what the regime wants you to do, they will kill you, they they killed. The regime comes from recently killed. His eye was brother in law. I think that he murdered or is brought his uncle. I use both actually his uncle. He can by tossing him two dogs and his brother in law, I believe he murdered in a v ex attack actually used in weapons of mass destruction. The public place he sent an assassin, basically put a handkerchief filled with a deadly spore over the guy's face and killed them outright. Well, that would be.
An example of a bad country. What is not an example of a bad countries, the United States, and if we do not talk about people who are forwarding the aspirations about countries, you don't actually start with. President Frumps and Jeff Lakers Senator from Arizona has been very critical of the president of the United States because he says that President Tromp has said ridiculous things about the press. I agree. He said the president from his has made overtures, regimes like lattimer pollutants, which has been through more in theory, but in practice here is just like going after Trump forgiven soup, The dictator's then eventually who actually gives support to dictators either. The present stops needs to stop calling Democrats or Republicans or others who who don't stand or applaud at every line that he has, but their unamerican. They also use that term or our treasonous words matter and when he talks about fake news, for example, gave another speech where I talked about. How that gives aid and comfort to of authoritarianism around the world who are now label in their opposition or dismissal,
real dissent as fake news. So those things matter. The reason I'm showing this is because the media Lisbon media line requests Cuomo yesterday, Tweedy out by the media, have been under assault from President Trump and reason people don't trust the media's, because the media have been ripped apart by the President of the United States. This, of course, is the typical line. Is the dictator all over the world are taking their cues from President Trump, because President trumpet Zone from the press? Ok now, let's talk about why people actually hit the press, the real reason people hit the press is because the press are a bunch of sick offence when it comes to some the worst dictators on planet earth, not everyone, the press, hijacked Aparicio, notably, has been ripping other members, the press for kissing up to the north korean regime, but these sister, can John arrived in South Korea for the Olympics and she was giving some pretty spectacular side. I too, my pants, he's my pencil evil. As we all know from Alley hates gay people, apparently MIKE Pens, has to be given side. I, if you don't give my pen side. I this means that you
bad person. But if you do get my pen side, I in go back home to a regime that routinely murderous thousands of people that shoots deserters that attempts to take everyone who tries to make trade with the outside world and kills them and the media will just kiss her ears. Here's CNN headline Kim Jungle and sister is stealing the show at the winter Olympics. Why can she's there and she smiling? Ok, here's another headlines. Is all from mainstream media outlets. See some more. These headlines is from the Wall Street Journal, the north korean cheer squads presence was impossible even for the skaters to ignore ok, we do actually, I believe, have some some actual film of the of the tweet squads. We know as a here's what the tweets of the cheers. Why? Rather here's what the cheers squad look like from North Korea and the media were just over there? They were just over the moon about this. This was so glory. No, I won't to up. We just had to full years of them. He explained that might pants and Donald Trump want to turn women in the United States is refugees from the handmaid sail in their hands?
sale. Women are forced to rare, where red uniforms procreate at the whim of the dictatorship and do everything the dictator's tell them to do. Then. There's the north korean Cheer Squad, which where's red uniforms, gets pregnant and has fortunes whenever the regime tells them to wish, if they don't do exactly what they are supposed to do and the media cheer them. Here's what I look like in South Korea Ok, so there you have it and the media. I love the north korean Cheerleading squad sure if they don't you're properly to get shot in the head back homes. That's excellent, but this
the media, have always love. They love the idea of human beings as cogs in a vast machine. I remember back during the was it the two thousand ten Beijing Olympics was two thousand ten. When they did the elements in Beijing. I remember now, I believe was and when they did, that Olympics the opening ceremony or thousand of people marching in unison and waving their in unison and truly wasn't amazing spectacle, and the media was just excited about it, because whenever people just become little widgets to be manipulated, the state. The media has a really the time of the critical when the marxist dictatorships are not so big on non marxist hunters in South America, for example, where they force people to goose step, but they are very big on these sorts of displaced. Oh, my goodness, coordination of the magical coordination of all the people yet well, you know what I clap in time to threatening to shoot my family back home, fighting, clap, properly and smile properly for the cameras because of the use, which is what they call the the regime in North Korea, they have this this philosophy of use, which suggest that there is a cult of personality worship for the great leaders,
North Korea, here's more headlines from the media celebrating all of this, of course, so I will go back to where the Wall Street Journal this one is. Some writers, I believe, amid Olympic Detente PEN, snubs North Koreans envisage Paeon Chang. Oh how dear my pen snub the North Koreans. These must be nice to the lady He didn't stand for the north korean national anthem. So, according to less media, it is good Americans don't stand for the national anthem, but it is bad when my pants doesn't stand for the North Korea, national anthem thing you get that American national anthem, standing for the free, his country in the history of the world good when a man can citizens Neil for bad. When might pens doesn't stand for the anthem for a country that is pressing millions of his own people, twenty million of its own people at current count, more headlines from from the media mean they're. Just tons of these is from political Fred. Warm Vieira criticizes north Korean Olympic Spirit here dare Fred worn by criticized the North Korean Olympic Spirit. Oh, you mean just because one was murdered by the North arrangement with ATO warmly argues the college student who travelled over North
idiotically and then try to supposedly steal a poster from a hotel room and they literally beat him to death mean they beat him so badly that by the time he was returned to his parents at home. He died in the hospital just days later, but how dear friend warmly are criticised the north grail of Spirit, just terrible just awful for him to do that, and that wasn't the full extent of the media treatment here. Ok, this one was this: one was from Buzzfeed the only decent one was from Buzzfeed, which shows you how crazy things are saying, don't be fooled by North Korea's Winter Olympics Charm Offensive when Buzzfeed is the wooden buzz heat is the voice of reason. You know something has gone intensely wrong with the moral Eric inside the inside the american media, and it gets even worse in just a second, I'm read to you, some of the accounts of
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Romantic dance were invented. The winter Olympics Kim Jong wounds, younger sister would be favoured twin gold with a smile, a handshake and a war message in South Korea's presidential guess book, Cameo Jong Estralla chord with the public, just one Danes the beyond hang games. I hope Healing Yang and sail get closer to our people's hearts and move for the future of prosperous unification. She said her guest book message referring to the capitals of North and South Korea by the way that sound nice message, If you ring it's a nice messages cause you don't know. Anything by North Korea has been part of North Korea's regime is in part of theirs It goes into literally the first day it was insipid, it was initiated. The these stated goal of North Korea is reunified. Of South Korea and North Korea under the auspices of the same family. This been their goal since the,
nation of the north korean regime in nineteen fifty and the idea that this was some sort of overture. Ok, let's get together and have republic a federal republic. Nonsense! Absolute, your nonsense became family knows the minute. They they break down that wall between North and South Korea. Every person in North Korea, Russia's into South Korea, but listen to me, listen to this coverage is just insane seen by some as well answer to American. First daughter, vodka from him at thirty, is not only a powerful member of Kim Children's kitchen cabinet, but also a file to the perception North Korea's antiquated, militaristic. That's not perception. They are antiquated, militaristic, Harrison, those photos and nighttime from space of North Korea in South Korea. South Korea completely lit up North Korea completely except for appealing Yang the capital, there's literally one like there, which is probably the presidential palace. I love that they say that she's, the answer, no vodka from last time I checked Vanka Trump, isn't forwarding the deaths of tens of thousands of people one day at a time when I tracked for all the things people say about a vodka trump she's in standing up for evil. Brow
whose sitting around trying to wash nuclear weapons at people around the world are planning to do so, just ridiculous. They bury this. This paragraph five is finally when, when CNN notes that, by the way, North Korea, A bad place as North Korea's brutal dictator comes brother has ruled with an iron fence. It's coming to power operating nazi style, prison camps for pressing political opposition. Even securing senior officers in his own family members and effort to consolidate power don't worry CNN is there to make sure that everybody is happy about it? Here's Reuters quote a pretty young woman with a high forehead, inherit half swept back quietly gazes as the thrones people pushing for a glimpse of her a faint smile on her lips and eyelids low. As for bodyguards jostle around her in her first appearance on
Mobile stage, can you imagine the sister of north korean leader Kim Jong OWN had her every move closely scrutinised crowds applauded and she stood for the South green anthem during the opening ceremony for the start of the Winter Olympic Games, offer big smiles and relaxed manner left largely positive impression on the south korean public. My goodness I mean this is Walter. IRAN's equality stuff for folks. You know no Walter Taranto as Rapporteur for the New York Times and he famously travelled anathemas night. In thirty thirty one over to Russia, where he promptly said that everyone in Russia was doing great. There was no starvation, rumours of mass starvation of the whole how in Denmark in the in the Ukraine or were vastly overstated, there was thing like that happening. That was a lie. Tens Emily people are dying in mass starvation thanks to the sullen regime. The New York Times covered it that way and he won a Pulitzer prize for which does demonstrative how corrupt the media
are the media were racing too to see who could provide the most falling coverage of the north korean sister. Here's the Washington Post cold. They marveled at her. Barely there make up in her lap a blink. They commented on her plain black outfits and simple purse. They noted the flower ship clip they kept her hair back in and no nonsense style here she was a political princess, but the north korean first sister had none of the hallmarks power and wealth, the Korean South of the divine have come to expect in looks and South South Korea. Many twentysomething limitless plastic surgery and brandname bags. Life calls most welcome. Yoshino Enigma just like them, but nothing like them. A woman with us things like Milo gave nothing away. During her three day. Olympic related visit to South Korea as brother Kim Jong IL in special envoy wow wow mean the level of funding from the Washington Post. There is so extreme, it's crazy
in that as yet imagined. They worry about ever brought in your basically coming closer to what this actually is. Even Braun at nineteen thirty six limpet games her shockingly blonde hair. Her beautiful good looks her glamour style, my goodness injustice again, the media have a certain love from our cystic tater ships. They certainly do not have even for even for out of the american system of government. In some ways they would never recover in emissary from America that way. If they were the foreign press mean this, is it's pretty incredible? Actually, there is something else going on her obviously, and that is that the trumpery, the trumpet ministration, is a direct odds, the north korean regime and the trump derangement. Since that has arisen in the media is so crazy that might pens being in South Korea the Trump Administration being the president. From being the president. That means the enemy of my enemy is my friend, even if that means my enemy, the enemy of my
it is actually an evil, repressive, north korean dictatorship. That slaughter is tens of thousands of its own people on a regular basis by the way, if you actually want to help, if you actually want to help and do something about this, my friend Bethany Mantell Eyes big fundraiser for the free north korean charity, and you can you can help its liberty in North Korea. This is one of the ways that you can actually helps. Muddle people out of North Korea. She go over to your twitter account. She offers ways for people to to escape from North Korea can offer money at something that four hundred dollars helps. One person escaped from North Korea and out to the west. That is a worthwhile cause, because this is truly evil if you're in the media and your life has led you to the point where you are propping up some of the worst people on planet earth, because you hate Donald Trump, that much we suggest that go back and repent your since it's one of the things I hate most about politics, this friend my enemy anatomy, is my friend nonsense. It's just not true. I hated it when it was the trunk campaign,
It would be all right during the campaign. I hate it when it's the american media, doing it with North Korea, it's worse, Wordsworth Griggs as an actual foreign full like you all right is relatively small force in american politics. They been marginalized. I think at this point, despite the original attempts by the Trump campaign to integrate them into the troll campaign. I think they ve been marginalized by this point. Thank God I think North Korea obviously is a major foreign threat and what they ve been doing lately, firing Nuclear Tipp missiles, or at least five dropping nuclear bombs in nuclear test. Firing long range missiles this stuff is extraordinarily destabilizing and when the media are cheering them on, it makes the north korean regime feel that if they keep up the pressure on the United States, eventually, the United States will grant the more concessions understand. The north korean economy is almost entirely dependent on infusions of foreign capital, those infusions of foreign cap.
Happened because of blackmail. The reason the north Koreans keep firing off long range. Ballistic missiles is because they want the west to come to the table and then give them money as a pay off. They did this and Ninetys Bill Clinton. They did it in the two thousand and short shall be Bush. They ve done it with the Chinese and now they're, trying again with the west from so far has not been willing. Do that which is, of course, the right move. We need to starve them out the sanctions in place that are not nearly harsh enough, super State has an excellent column over a commentary magazine very long peace, comprehensive piece about the situation in North Korea. What he suggests that we make the sanctions significantly harsher on North Korea? That's exactly right, but the fact that to me, We are granting all sorts of credibility to a regime simply because that regime is anti Trump is both morally dubious and ethically astonishing. Its truly amazing, I mean it. The Washington Post slogan is democracy, dies darkness, perhaps the slogan for the entire media right now ought to be North Koreans die in darkness because, while they are glowing about, can John earns, little sister, they are, they are willing to you do. All of that in order
their ignoring the fate of the of people who are being slaughtered on Mass in North Korea. It's just disgusting and horrifying, while in other news there's a situation over at the White House, the situation over the White House continues to be a relatively serious about God. Rob Porter! So, as you recall, Rob Porter was one of the top staffers at the White House and Rob Porter was recently forced to resign last week is worth resign after agents came out that he beat two of his ex wives are particularly one who released a picture of herself with a black eye now the way The normal administration, with the Odessa saying we didn't know about it. The problem is that apparently They didn't know about apparently paradigm again, the White House Council knew about it for a year. Apparently John Kelly knew about the allegations but sort of believed rob poor its unclear. What sort of details John Kelly knew the chief of staff, whether he knew full on that were wife beating allegations or whether it was just allegations- espousal emotional abuse. For example rapporteur. I told him that these women were lying in so Kelly's
We believed him. Rather than doing the research. The F b I been holding up his security clearance. I dont know Kelly New. That's why this guarantee clearance had been held up. In any case, we reach the end of last week and president from comes out incitement rapporteur, leaving- and here is his comments on the situation. We wish him well. He worked very hard found out about it recently and I was surprised by it, but we certainly wish him well see, obviously tough time for him. He did a very good job when he was in the White House and we hope he has a wonderful career and hopefully will have a great career head of him, but it was very sad when we heard about certainly he's also very safe. Now he also, as you probably know, he says, he's innocent, and I think you have to remember that he said very strongly yesterday that he is innocent.
So you'll have to talk to him about that, but we absolutely wish him well. Hey Trump reiterated this in its wheat and he treated out this over the weekend. I save people's lives are being shattered industry by mere allegation. Some are true and some are involved. Some are old and some are new. There is no recovery for someone falsely accused life and crew. Are gone. Is there no such thing any longer as due process? It is a serious problem. The sweet. This serious problem with with firms angle, which I think has serious moral I was in an almond, discuss all that interest. Second first, I want to say thank you to our sponsored over at policy genius who, as you know February, is the shortest month of beer, which makes it difficult to fit in everything that you want to do, which is my right now before you forget, you should go and buy or sell some life into it. That is one of those things where you put it off. You put it off and put off then boom your dad and it's too late. So this is why it's important food actually go and get the life insurance that you need. Policy genius is the easiest way to compare and by life insurance on line they let you compare, quotes in just minutes. Saving you precious
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I M not a jury. Neither are you if you think that it is your job to grant innocent until proven guilty. If that is your job to citizen, not as adjure if your job is set, then, is innocent until proven guilty. I'd want to know why you're chanting law her up along with Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton was not indicted or tried for any crime, nourish convicted of any crime, yet most republican steal that Hillary Clinton committed a crime. You know why, because you committed a crime, she didn't commit a crime, and I can say to you: it a crime. Your wealth committed a crime Oj Simpson who is not convicted of any crime. They lost a civil suit, not same thing as being convicted of a crime and a lot of people who have committed crimes and got away with it. There are lots of people who should have been indicted, who should have been tried and should have gone to jail, and we're not made. There is restraining order taken out against Rapporteur police, didn't press charges because the Ex wives apparently didn't want to press charges, but the idea that simple by declaring your innocence suddenly you're innocent. That, obviously, is true in any real sense. Even more than that, there is a real Consistency to president from here, president from says, we need innocence,
no proven guilty is the same. Who said that Barack Obama was born in Kenya without any evidence and maintain that, for years, is the same guy who said the ten cruisers ineligible for the presidency Andrews. His father was complicit in the murder of J F K, with no evidence. Is it the same guy who still says that the Central Park five are guilty? This by dna evidence exonerating the central Park five by President Trump is not exactly famous for not jumping to conclusions. My present every time there's a terror attack. President Trump, I think rightly to the conclusion in many cases that if it looks like an islamic terrorist act is probably in islamic terror TAT he doesn't innocent until proven guilty. In those cases where president from is not famous for and until proven guilty. You know why, because in real life, non judicial world innocent until proven guilty is not to stand on. The question is: how do you value at the evidence in front of you? In this case? We have to exercise in an ex girlfriend who testify. The rapporteur is abusive. We have a picture of the Ex wife for the black eye with straining order that was taken out and we have the papers in which the stuff was alleged.
Just women, saying stuff, but there's something weird about how president from sweetness and anyhow, he approaches this. President Trump seems to sigh with everybody who is alleged to have sexually abused someone or sexually assaulted everyone. He sides against everyone It's any sort of crime is a pattern here. Bill Clinton before Donald Trump was bringing women to build Clinton's two to two debates with Hillary Clinton worries bring money abroad Eric to do full on precedents, suggesting the building was rapist during the night. Nineties, you know, is defending broken from all of these women, in always insulting women, Donald Trump. You know who sides with Roy more and does the while he says, he's innocent routine. It was Donald Trump who was it. That was it with Roger Ales and saying hidden, believe any of the allegations about Roger Ales was Donald Trump Bill, O Reilly. It was still Donald Trump president from has a law MIKE Tyson Donald Trump Red MIKE Tyson when he was alleged to have committed rape down from his head that he's a. He doesn't think that that actually
happen, President Trump has a long history of standing by the sides of men who are accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment. Sexual allegations and then saying they say there innocent, therefore their innocent, but he's never held the same stance regarding any other crime which, having betrays a whole, demands moral character. I think that already used use the same standards of evidence for any of this stuff. Whether you talking murder or when they are talking financial irregularities or they are talking sexual assault and sexual harassment, and so on, provides a credible account with some supporting evidence than that enough to a say that maybe the guy's guilty proclaiming innocent, there's not a criminal, prison who doesn't agents and right is a joke in the Shawshank redemption right that every says they're innocent. The reason is because, if you are convicted of a crime of We're going to maintain the earnest interview brought up in front of a judge, of course, going to say the innocent everybody's. Accused of anything says: they're innocent, Anthony Wiener says that he was hacked originally before he admits that he was sending pictures of his of his junk.
And women on the internet. Everyone says there is internal and here's. The Rocky Donald Trump says is innocent right. Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault on sexual harassment by a multiplicity of women. He says I'm innocent there for all the women are lying, so he being a hard spot. If he said Rob, Porter is probably guilty of something cuz, then people would say. Well, you know you have a actions just like Rapporteur does why shouldn't we believe the women from his ever really had to answer for that? The left you trying to get him on that- and this is just the latest generation of that. That said, the president, could you say, listen. Rapporteur left there are serious allegations against him end of story, and if they say what about the allegations made against him, he says I dont know what happens. Rapporteur. I do know what happened me because I was there. I didn't do any of this stuff now. Did he do some of us have I'm sure trumpeted some of this stuff? Like I said this during the campaign, the idea that Donald Trump was was is is a man of moral rectitude when it comes to the treatment of women, I think is belied by his history. I just don't think that's the case. Does that mean is about president? No. Does that mean that he's doing a lot of stuff that I'd that I, like my Mozilla, of that. I like right again
You should know promoted form, I'm not making a case. I am making the case that President Trump in defending rapporteur here by saying He's innocent or he says he's innocent- is making really a case for himself and that's not something pleasant, and it is it's not really about trumpet about you write what standard do you use for evaluation evidence our care about? What trump does right terms? The presidency, the United States, he's there to a job and either doing it or is not doing it? I do think that it degrades the moral standard when the president of the United States makes light of serious allegations, but you how You do it because you can do both things. You can say trumps a great president. You can love the guy bacon say you have everything that he's doing. I like some of the things that he's doing, but it is still in common Johnny, make a moral decision about what behavior you're going to tolerate and what standard you hold people to not even talk about Trump's behavior, I'm talking about Rob, Porter's behavior. If you like Trump, does that mean you have to defend Trump's defense of Rob? Porter? I don't think so. I don't think so. I think that you are allowed to say what is bad and what is good,
instead of doing that, because people can stand cognitive, dissonance, a bunch of members of the Trump administration of former members, the trumpet ministration blaming everybody, except for except verge on Kelly, who apparently knew about this and let it go with rapporteur and began the White House Council Sebastian Gore, got it for a member of the Trump administration. He give any blame the CIA bureaucracy believe it or not. It can tell I'm not gonna name names, but we had some amazing candidates. One of them was supposed to come into a senior directorship position in the National Security Council and the people handling the background clearances, specifically the CIA slower old. So there is an issue of if they want to. If they want to come up with the works, if they want to make the Trump administrations job harder and harder, they play bureaucratic, slow roles and, and they may be a aid,
Britain Minefield put in place where they know somebody like this has skeletons in their closet, and this is what I hate is now. The deep state has become an excuse for everything and John Kelly, apparently nuisance, that started down again and now untenable in the deep state for everything you, when you are blaming something as the bogeyman for everything. That's always a dangerous business. The reality is people responsible for their actions, should John Kelly be ousted over the rapporteur thing. That's up to President Trump hating commit a crime here, but it's up to present from to figure out whether Kelly has compromises administration to such an extent that he should go up. My guess is, I doubt it is serious black mark on Kelly's record. I think that it is, but a black mark doesn't mean the necessarily have to leave the minister. Vision that sad Kelly should be defending his behaviour here there. There is another problem here too, and that other problem is that is that Republicans feel compelled to say nice things info, president from because they're afraid of alienating the president, because you so thin skinned so, for example, ran paw came out and he was struggling to avoid condemning president from that's no shock.
I again. I think that a lot of republicans are struggling to do this. That is not your job. Ok, president from a big he's a seventy one year old man he's fully capable of accepting a little bit of heat for this stuff, and if he feels that you are attacking him to strenuously that's really on him, that's really his problem. I don't think Republicans are too ought to discard their moral standard in favour of appeasing the president's feelings. Ok in just a second, I want to talk about some of the worst portraits in human history, plus Republicans spending like drunken sailors, but first I want to Thank you, too, are sponsors over at wink so January's time for you to bring yourself out from the holiday parties, but guess what now it's time for you to relax again because Reality is generous attachment agenda. Restocked, always tough. The beginning the year treat yourself covered a wink, ok W! I see it's a great resource. It makes enjoying downtime that much easier, because now, though, It is delivered regulator hasn't it is the best wine. Ok wink makes it easy to discover great line. If you wanna go we're somebody's house for dinner, I dont know what bottle of wine to bring easier only thing about why you know the difference between a bottle of
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See our wide w I and see that comes lifespan for twenty bucks off. Try, wink dot com, Slash Ben, go check it out. Remember these that's life than for the twenty dollars, often also so they know that we say you ok, so I I would break on Facebook normally, but I'm not going to be, as I definitely want to show you these. These actual graphics would be a pity not to do this visually so over at the at the Smithsonian. They have the national portrait gallery. The national court for gallery has pictures, while the presidents and pictures of all the first ladies and they have now unveiled the pictures for Brok and Michelle Obama. So here is the picture of Morocco. Mamma you see there on the left. There is brok of armour and he is actually sitting there in a chair. This apparently covered by leaves is getting poison. Ivy he's being eaten by there's, like little. Shop of horrors is actually being eaten by the foliage and looking very serious, and, of course, this immediately made me think of Homer Simpson backing in the bushes. That is not, of course, the best version of this shadow Weissmann over on Twitter
the best version of this of this portrait. Here's what I look like yeah there, it as others, work of our just sitting there, and we should make perfect sense, because the truth is that, aside from Obama's talk, the present in the United States was not particularly useful guy critical and foreign policy. He did not forward the ball on foreign policy. Or sat there while people- that's modern Syria sat there, while around developed nuclear programme sat there, while Israel is undersea. Sat there during the Arab Spring sat there is riots happened in major american city setting sexually a pretty good likeness of President Obama, and I think that's it. That's not a bad portrait of the present the new itself on a year they there always. Then we have to be something creative. What the portress very important recently created the artists said something about how we wanted to show that a bomb as presidency was, was he the form figure or was he just being swallowed by history? Was he the driver of history, or was he just a representative of it and then apparently the various flowers here signify flowers from Kenya and flowers, from Hawaii and
hours from Chicago I'm not the flour from Chicago, as I assume that it's the opium poppy by the idea that Barack Obama is sitting there in Wrigley Ivy in Wrigley fields are either really weird he's a Sox fan. Supposedly he's not really is action and by the way they one of my pet peeves. As I have mentioned many times over, I may true whites Oxfam Obama could not name one single player on the whites ass when he was interviewed during two thousand, eight presidential run the real fan. He is he's now was the picture of Obama that one was getting mock, pretty relentlessly that one is not the worst, the worst one of Michel, so here is the picture of Michelle Obama. Ok. Does that look anything like Michelle Obama? Of course it doesn't look like anything like Michelle Obama. It looks like Regina King by the actress. It isn't like Michelle Obama at all, and so people were making fun of those people are getting a big kick out of the fact that the porters so look like anything. So naturally, I've left these came out defending the portress they're not supposed to look like the people. They said really. This is one of lines that these portraits responsibly artistic they're, not supposed to look like the people on low wages, but a Kandinsky up
they know eyes, but in Jackson, Pollock up there. You know the splash Europeans that this represents Michelle Obama Basil, like anything like Michelle Obama. These. What am I did is one of my favorite things in the world by the ways when people do terrible porters and terrible statures. As you will recall, I may huge fan of the Christiana real Rinaldo stature, one of my favorite statues more time where he looks like a demented demon sent from hell to torment people. There's a statue of Harry Harry, that's just spectacular outside really field well, it looks like their bunch of faces that are clawing their way out of Haiti's in order to be lectured about the the fortunes of the Cubs by Harry, carry there's a great one of Walter Johnson when they try to make it What is arm was emotion and instead it just looks like Hellespont, because his is actually like coming out of his body and five different ways. It's pretty speaks out of this one ranks pretty high up there. It's like Lucio ball Stature, the list- and I think that was your ball, so well done national,
portrait gallery and congratulations again, Regina King for her portrait being entered into the national gallery. It's very exciting! Congratulations to homer Simpson as well for for being hidden in that picture of Barack Obama's all or that is very exciting. So in less wonderful news, they now turns out that the over that the trumpet Ministration wants he's, been rules and orders and orders of money. So today they offer their budget plan is a four point: four, to really and our budget plan. Yes, indeed, do four point: four trillion dollars. That means a carries, neural a trillion dollar deficit each of the next few years. Just awesome, I remember when we party fiscal responsibility here that lasted for five seconds or the fun things about being republican. Apparently he gets a scream by fiscal responsibility, and so the point get elected at which point just blow out the spending. So, according to the Washington Post president from on Monday, was going off for this budget plan. It falls far short of eliminating the government's deficit over ten years conceding the huge task
got a new spending, increases, make this goal unattainable. Three people, familiar with the proposal, said: eliminating the budget deficit over ten years has been a north start for the Republican Party for several decades and GNP lawmakers took the governments the brink of default. Two thousand eleven demanding a vote on an amendment to the constitution that prohibit the federal government from spending more than takes it now. Something the Democrats used to back to now. It turns out everybody's a liar, how Speaker Paul Ryan, whose fiscal conservative, supposedly, when he used to take care that House Budget Committee routinely proposed tax in spending, outlines the would eliminate the deficit over ten years, even though critics said that this would lead place of curtailment government programmes, because, in order for you to actually fixed the programmes, that means you have to restructure. Medicaid medication, security. Instead, we are actually spending Medicaid, where expanding medics. And we are expanding social security. Apparently in the new budget in two thousand, thirteen Paul Ryan proposed four point: six trillion dollars and cuts over ten years and that he said was sufficient to eliminate the deficit. Those changes were not adopted by Congress or support
I the Obama administration, but now it turns out Republicans don't care. After all, how exciting they ve now jettison goes like this, since Trump took office from its budget plan, calls for a range of spending cuts, reducing the the deficit by three trillion dollars over ten years. It would not eliminate the deficit entirely said people familiar with the proposal. So what exactly does it include? Apparently it includes a bunch of new spending on infrastructure, particularly there are now putting forth putting forth a one point: five trillion billion dollars of american taxpayer, money being spent on infrastructure,
get your kicks hundred sixty six. That used to be a thing because it was a state highway connected with another state highway. Then we built the the interstate highway system, where the interstate highway system supposedly may travel that much more convenient, but it made all of these goes towns because they were no longer serving state interests. They were now serving supposedly federal interests. It was who not only spin off a lot of money on the national highway system. Listen, I enjoyed driving on the highway much of the next sky, but the idea that it wouldn't desisted without state is just not true. There are state highway systems and they just what of connected to one another. So where are these cuts supposed to take place when the budget is expected to target spending cuts in social welfare programmes like Medicaid and the supplemental Nutritional Systems Programme and its nap? That's the that's food stamps. The White House is looking away to curb these programmes by expanding work requirements for beneficiaries its unclear. How much it changes like this would actually spend
then their spending increases as well to under billion in federal funds. I mentioned for the infrastructure plan, twenty three billion dollars for border security and immigration enforcement. None of that's gonna happen. Eighty five point: five billion for veterans programmes, thirteen billion over the next two years to combat the opium epidemic. If you want to combat the opium epidemic than you have fish and curb Medicaid one of the big problems they ve had it everywhere that medicate has expanded. Opium addiction has expanded because medicate actually covers the ability to get cheap. You cheap, opium painkillers. This is their been several studies that been done on this point.
There were point bottom line. Is that Trump is blowing at the budget now the media coverage of this is always really interesting, because they suggest that this is the end of the world that is blowing up the budget it. First of all, this budget is not going to pass. Second of all, the Democrats used to routinely proposed budgets like this, just as big and the media have recovered. If this, where the media always covered these budget, busting budget busting budgets as something fine indecent is never big deal and they're gonna spend as much as they possibly can no biggie at all. It's still not good for Republicans. We are proposing this kind of spending and demonstrative of fact that republic into been lying about this stuff. For years, the budget calls for seven hundred sixteen billion dollars in defence spending in two thousand. Eighteen and order rebuild military man again it includes that trillion our infrastructure programme, the White House,
you're too soon economic growth will accelerate from two point three percent last year to three percent this year and three point two percent next year, spurred on by the attacks cut, we will see if that is true or not. Even with that assumption of robust economic growth. The federal deficit is expected to increase four to forty four point: two percent of GDP this year and four point seven percent next year, its usual as as they note for the deficit to increase during recessions, it is not usual for the deficit to increase during peacetime, non recession and that's exactly what is happening here so once again, this demonstrates this. This bizarre notion in the american public mind that we like to cut spending when we don't actually like to cut spending right. We don't actually like cutting spending. We liked pretend like cutting spending, then as soon as someone says. Well, I guess we're gonna have to cut something. Then everybody protests and goes totally crazy over it. Ok in other news, apparently the sorry, quick, quick note: there are public into our budding back against. This will see a pariah. Does Jim Jordan one in our favour Congress, people from a higher he can
He said that the spending increases that were included in the major spending bill, those passed last week by the house. This is unsustainable. You asked me if he as if he had at first concerns with the speaker, I think our big concerns, because he just presided over one of the biggest spending increases in the history of this country. At a time when we were elected to do just the opposite, you cannot, of course, is exactly sure. Ok and other news. It looks like it really is drawing closer to possible war with IRAN over the weekend. In news that has gone largely ignored. Accept hundreds report is really starck warnings on Sunday overruns present to neighbouring Syria after a confrontation, threatened to open a new and unpredictable period in the countries that seven year civil war
Israel cared a major raids on Syria on Saturday, including against what is described as ring and targets. Iran has been using. Syria is a thoroughfare to smuggle weapons over to the terrorists, has blocked in Lebanon, threads came after after an israeli F. Sixteen fire was shot down by sharing our defences as the first israeli Plain shot down since nineteen. Eighty two: the pilots, we're ok, they ejected safely, but they were still obviously do these enforces we're still should they still shot down in Israeli. In israeli plain and sixteen fighter, which is scary stuff, our Prime Minister Netanyahu have inflicted Saturday a heavy blow to and syrian forces, we made it clear Everyone, our rules of engagement, will not change in any way will continue to harm anyone who tries to harm us. This is our policy. This will remain our policy. Other israeli Minister spoke of refusing, except IRAN, entrenching itself militarily in Syria, as Netanyahu, has had repeatedly Teheran's denies that it is doing so is one of the holes in the end, the Trump administration policies in Syria,
If IRAN fills the gap in Syria and endangers american allies not just in Israel but Jordan in Saudi Arabia, in Egypt, all those countries know it and so the more than IRAN exercises inflections, its muscle, the more those countries are going to be forced to take military action in response has not transport where he picked up a bad situation in Syria that, Obama's fault that that picture Obama receding into the bushes. Even that is little too generous for a balanced policy on IRAN, which was not receding into the bushes It was absolutely handing IRAN pathway to nuclear bomb as well as regional power, and that has serious consequence his, including for our allies over Israel, not just in Israel, but also in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, in Egypt, salaries, and began with Israel shooting down when it describes in iranian drone that had entered israeli airspace from Syria, Teheran's united on israeli military spokesmen Jonathan Con Rica's allege that the dramas copy the US model captured by iranian two thousand eleven. He said the conclusion was made for analysis of the drones.
Of the drones debris, so they were using a did. The Arabians we're using a drone enshrined scout out is really Airspaces Rosemont with sixteen now shot down. So things are s wedding quickly over there we will keep an eye on it as it develops. Ok, so are now going be some things I like and things I hate, but first you gonna have to govern subscribe over a daily wired outcome. Nine! Ninety nine a month gets you subscription to daily where to come. When you get that you get the rest of my show, lively threats, Van reclaiming show live. You threaten Michael moles. Waffle shall live. Also, if you really love Michael Balls, that much if you will love that Guy Valentine's day is coming up, so you and Michael laws sitting in a tree K. I asked ass. I energy, or are you I energy emails to one another, because this Wednesday February fourteen five pm eastern, the lonely, desperate pathetic? when those will be literally waiting for your questions and are an example of the conversation yes even thrown out of his home in Hell. Can do for Valentine's day and that's why he will be here. Swimming live on Facebook
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view over there about what it means to to be a man, and when I suggested that we should stop criticising manliness, we should start talking instead about what manliness actually is a check out the network of enlightened women over at their Facebook page because they were nice enough to give me an award and therefore I will put them, because I'm just that kind. Person, ok time for a couple of things? That were sorry? No one more thing that I like there's a good book out by a guy named David Dance and call crisis of responsibility. They should check that out David Dantonism Board over National Review, eyes on board several other organisations before it has been my good friend in French and the book is essentially a treatise on why it is the Americans are avoiding their problems by pointing at one another and in trying to catch responsibility for mistakes on one another. If we could get rid of that of that capacity, blame one another and take some responsibility for ourselves. We do a lot better in life. That's the theme of the book check it out crisis of responsibility by David Dance and ok time for a couple of things that I hate.
Sir Robert Niro, is, is over in United Arab Emirates and there he was ripping the United States, because this is what we do. We praise North Korea. We ripped the United States Hollywood STAR, Robert DE. According to page six took aim at the Trump administration stance on clay change, telling a pact audience in the Middle EAST that who is visiting from a backward country suffering from temporary insanity, which is something that definitely want to hear from the star of Meet the fockers as that since, clearly it's something that I think is deeply important. He said in the country he's describing the head of the Environmental Protection Agency suggested last week, global warming may be a good thing for humanity. He said I'm talking about my own country, the United States of America. We don't like to say where a backward country celestial say we're suffering from a case of temporary insanity, and he receives applause and last Wednesday. This will eventually carried off by voting our dangerous leader out of office. He smokes on age, buys world government summit, for certain irony Speaking in one of the leaders of the war of the world's leading producers of oil united,
United Arab Emirates, their entire wealth base is oil. It's why the the gdp per capita anyway is extraordinarily. And there he is jabbering about global warming and dangers of it and one of the leading oil producers on planet and then ripping the United States for our supposed craziness over Global warming in a country that regularly represses women does not allow Israelis to visit As far as I am aware, I Andy and as a backward country in a ton of cultural respects, does he say that of course, ninety goes there any cases their button. You talk about terrible trumpets again for the left, the enemy of their enemies, their friend, and that means that their suppose it enemy in the USA is not there to meet all these people are friends because they don't like Donald Trump ones. They dont like Donald Trump. That means that wonderful, wonderful human beings, which is just the worst moral code I can, I can imagine the ok other, that I hate some a forty two year old man who now married his daughter and who was arrested for it so according to Frank Camp over Daily Wire,
of genuine his twenty year, old biological daughter face incest, charges after having a child together in ninety. Ninety eight Stephen Walter Plato and his then wife gave their daughter, Katy platinum up for adoption. Approximately eighteen years later, Katy found her birth, and using social media by August twenty six dangers livin with when their other biological children in their Virginia home and that according to warrant, see them put out and his wife legally separated. Between sixteen and the wife moved out plans. Wife claimed her husband begun sleeping. Or in Katie's room prior to her vacating, the home. It may twenty seventeen what discovered the Stephen had impregnated Haiti, according to w end Cn Tv, should then confronted Stephen, admittedly Katy had been involved in a sexual relationship resulting in the conception of a child and on July twenty. First there is an instagram posts showing a pregnant daughter with her biologic
no father saying that they were married now, which is just horrifying. Now I have a question for folks on the left, and cultural about here is wiser, horrifying, really wise. It horrifying for advocates of same sex, marriage, for example. Why is this particularly horrified, and don't give me all this up, that you had to babies? It's quite possible. The baby won't be two headed, it's possible. The baby will be healthy and, let's just for just a second, that your infernal would that make the situation any better see according to laugh. The only thing that matters when it comes relationships is the value of consent. Of both parties are consenting, there's something truly terrible happen, you're one of the things that very interesting about the way human morality works. Jonathan high points this out in his book, the righteous mine. There are several different variables that we used to determine our morality. One of those variables that is completely ignored by the left is the value of purity. The idea that there is something to the human soul, that is should stop by their something's the human soul that is dirtied by activities like incest. It there
just something inherently wrong within since we know that it's wrong began necessarily explain why and that's ok, there are certain things that are just bad right. The left refuses to abide by this and forget it whether to be illegal or not, on the libertarian level thing about whether is morally wrong. So Jonathan I'd starts by talking about your various different, various different kind of gross things that people could do that cultural libertarians would say, was ok like having sex of the dead body, for example. Raise that something terrible. So you say it's terrible. I say it's terrible cultural, libertarians cultural left, us they'll, say what's a terrible about it, but he doesn't new consensus and inanimate objects materialist. So what's the big deal so Jonathan I'd suggest that there are six foundations to moral theory, care which is the protecting people from harm fairness or proportionality, which is what it sounds like rain justice to people, both the left and right agree on these. Then there, a bunch of other things that the left or right do not necessarily agree on liberty is the is the loathing of tyranny which may or may not be something left, believes and loyalty in group loyalty. That's something left
and seem to care very much about something at the right cares about, but should care about an ideological level more. They care about on a biological level authority or respect their did, there's an inherent valley to respecting your elsewhere, for example, because they may know something that you don't that something left does not agree with and sanctity or purity, Abhorrence for discussing things. The idea that you are more than just a collection of your body parts there's something left, doesn't growth either so before you start can being the daughter and the father who got married and had a baby you on the left. You need to examine what are your moral principles, and maybe you think that is totally find. If you think it's fine, it maybe should consider whether you are fine, whether that is actually a proper moral standard, told ok now quickly
later we got through a federalist paper we're on federalist fifteen. We are steadily making our way through the federalist papers. Federalist fifteen is written by Alexander Hamilton. This federalist paper last for the problems of the articles and confederacies have already established why they think America ought to be one country. They ve already established why they believe that America ought not be split among various different countries. Now they have to explain why the articles of the confederacy isn't enough. That was the system of law that provide that was pervade prior to the constitution of the United States, led to some serious problems like the chaise rebellion, led to some serious problems with regard to particular armed insurrections. With regard to the inability of the government's pay
it's on debt and that's what Hamilton says he says we may indeed with propriety, be said to have reached almost the last stage of natural national humiliation. There is scarcely anything that can moon the pride or degrade the character of an independent nation, which we do not experience or what's he upset about he's upset? We haven't kept our agreements abroad. We debts, we haven't driven people off land of already surrender to us. We have control the Mississippi River. Our public credit is dead. He says the problem here is lack of federal capacity right. If you dont have any centralized power at all, they don't have the power of enforcement. It's going to be extremely difficult for you to actually be able to enforce America's interests at the national level. He says that what the federal government needs is the power of coercion says: government implies the power of making laws. It is essential to the idea of a law let it be attended with a sanction, or in other words a penalty or punishment for disobedience. If there be no penalty annexed to disobedience the resolutions or commands which pretend to be laws, one fact amount to nothing more than advice or recommendation. Now, there's a flip side to this idea. If governments coercion, that means that government should be used very sparing.
And this is something the founders understood as well, whilst whether calling for more centralisation of power, there is a happy medium. The government needs the power to coerce in cases where the government is protecting life, liberty and property. In other cases, the government is a big gun. It is a giant killing people machine, a giant, imprisoning people, machine, a giant enforcement machine. The government is a coercion gene and therefore it has to be used sparingly. We have to be very careful about where we give the government the power of the sword and where we do not. Ok, we'll be back here tomorrow with all the latest news updates on Ben Shapiro. This is the bench, a parachute the bureau, shows produced by math is whether executive producer, Jeremy boring senior producer. Jonathan, hey our technical producers, often Stevens edited by out single adios, missed by like a car meta Heron make up his by just while there are
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