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Ep. 509 - Standing Up To The Outrage Police

2018-04-03 | 🔗
Fox News stands up for Laura Ingraham, Democrats struggle for a message, and the worst dating hot take of the year. Date: 04-03-2018
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Fox news, stands for Laura Ingram Democrats struggle for a message, and we have for you the worst dating hot take of the year bar none, I'm Ben Shapiro. Ben Shapiro, show and all right to the lot to get to today we're going to get to President Trump going after Amazon dot com, we're also going to get to one of the worst tweets I have ever seen, proving that some members of the left are clearly fascists, pretty amazing tweet. But first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at Skillshare. O Skillshare is the place to go. If you want to improve your resume, you have to constantly be improving your resume in today's job market. You need to be broadening and deepening your skill set if you want to get paid more and if you just get new job or you just want to start a side business. Well, that's what Skillshare is for us an on line learning platform with over eighteen thousand classes in design, business technology and more. You can take classes in graphic design, social
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just zero dollars and ninety nine cents again, there's a reason why I am constantly focusing on self betterment here on the Ben Shapiro show on Skillshare helps you do it: skillshare dot com, promocodeshapiroskillshare, dot, com, slash apparel, ok, so we begin today with the update with regard to Fox NEWS and Laura Ingram. So obviously, over the last week, David Hogg launched a boycott he's powerful and survivor, and he launched a boycott against Laura Ingram on Foxnews, because she said something that hurt his feelings about his college admissions and, finally, Fox NEWS came out and defended their host This is great. They should be doing this in a statement. Fox news, CO, President Jack Abernathy Road quote. We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda driven intimidation efforts. We look words having Laura Ingram back hosting her program next Monday, when she returns from spring vacation with her children good for Fox the reality is advertisers will come back towards show not that many advertisers dropped her show in the first place, and it wasn't her biggest advertisers that dropped her show to start, but it's pretty amazing that they had gone this far
in the first place on saturdays, we played yesterday, David Hogg, appeared on CNN, called Ingram a bully after attempting to destroy her business for suggesting that he was whiny about his college. Pretty amazing, amazing sequence of events, but again demonstrative demonstrative of the fact that, when it comes to the left's agenda, reality, an proportionality have nothing to do with anything. Now. Speaking of reality and proportionality, Laura Ingram is going to survive. All of this. The media will get over it until the next time, there's ginned up outrage and they decide to finish off some sort of conservative hosts. But, speaking of personality and lack thereof, the students over at parkland are very, very upset reason. They're upset now is because one of the security measures that's being taken and that's being taken into consideration now being implemented at parkland it, the parkland school at Marjory, Stoneman Douglas High school. Is it clear backpacks for the kids and the kids are very, very upset about this, and there are lots weeding out all this stuff about why the clear backpacks are so terrible and
there's a certain irony to a lot of the gun, control students suggesting their rights are being taken away because they have to carry around clear, backpacks, Lauren Hogg was David's brother and also goes to the high school. She said my new backpack is almost as transparent as the NRA's agenda. I feel so safe now as much as I appreciate the effort. We as a country need to focus on the real issue instead of turning our schools into prisons, hashtag, clear, backpacks, hashtag March for our lives. So one quick note here: why is it that my rights? have to be taken away. Your essentially turning my entire gun, safe into a clear backpack and then cleaning it out, because something bad happened that has nothing to do with me or my gun ownership? Sarah Chadwick is another student over there just tomorrow, we will have to go through security checkpoints and be given clear. Backpacks by school is starting to feel like a prison, well your school a few moments ago was a shooting gallery for an evil human being. So it seems to me that if you are sick
I think hundreds of millions of Americans be deprived of their firearms. This is a better solution. I don't think it's a great solution by any stretch of the imagination, but the outsized outrage about having to carry around a clear backpack. You don't have a right to a backpack it is non transparent in school. So I think it's a great idea by the way now, so I think it's going to do anything now, so I think this is moral, panic and overblown absolutely do. I think, however, that it is less intrusive american rights for you to carry a clear backpack to a high school where you have no all right to privacy, or do I think, it's more of an intrusion on rights for you to remove full scale. Second, amendment rights, I'm going to the ladder to Laney tires another student over there and she tweets starting off the last quarter of senior year right with the good old violation of privacy. Again going to complain about violations of privacy in the same sentence where you suggest that the government should come into my house. Move my rifle there's a bit of irony there. It's all I'm suggesting, let's Michael another student there, interestingly enough, when I request,
more government regulation. I said on guns, not on my backpacks thanks for trying to speak. For me, though, so again, quick question: you don't have a right to your backpack. You don't have a right to be non transparent back an as I say once again. I think this is a smart security idea. No, I think it's pretty stupid, the idea. I think that the idea that you're going to be able to do everything through transparent backpack is not even true. You can always hide a gun behind a book or inside a book if you wanted to presumably by the the basic logic, that's been bush here is that right are being violated when high school students don't have a right to privacy in their backpacks, but no rights are being violated when they call for a vast removal of protected weaponry under the second amendment from a bunch of strangers who have done nothing to actually create all
The problem is it's just an amazing thing: it didn't stop there there even more these hi Jacqueline Corn wrote thousands of clear backpacks were donated to, and that's the it's a shame, because they should be given to a school that actually needs the supplies, but since we're still give it buttons were stuck with them, I decide to make the most of the situation and decorate okay. Well good for is a bit much for a live under backpack I get it's it's just. The lack of proportionality here is is lately, it is completely incredible. John Barnett, another student said our school board seriously believes that clear backpacks will be a key factor in keeping students safe and every central middle and high school student student should have one school. Shooting happen anywhere, so getting these backpacks. We need real change in this, I think, is my favorite tweet is my favorite tweet, because the suggestion now is that if clear backpacks were to make a school save that everybody should have one well, that's pretty much. What were second law biting citizens and guns that we think the law abiding citizens ought to have guns to keep schools safe and therefore pretty much. Everybody should have one. So the logic completely escapes them. They make the argument with radically backpacks, but not with regard
pretty incredible, and the stupid arguments didn't stop there. So last night I got into another flame or with piers Morgan on Twitter. For those who don't know, I did a a pretty famous debate with piers Morgan on Gun control, after the sandy hook, shootings in January, two thousand and thirteen on this program. It ended poorly for him and his show was: was It dropped dramatically in the ratings. After I appear on the show, may he ended up losing a show about a year later I and yesterday he decided to go out with me again on the second amendment, and I I will just say Didn't go well for him during that debate. One of the things that I did is I brought a copy of the constitution, a pocket constitution. I handed it to Pierce Morgan and he is still rankling about this some five years later. It's now two thousand and eighteen, and he still angry about all of this, and so somebody sort of somebody sort of tweaked him about it. Yesterday on Twitter, suggesting that, hopefully, he kept that silly little book he called the constitution, is so little book a silly little book when I handed it to him on the air somebody tweeted at him. Hopefully you kept that silly little book Ben Shapiro gave
set? It would come in handy now and peers responded by saying what really about it. What is the size like its owner? I prefer my copies of the constitution and my political pundits to be substantial, so this is Pierce go to. Is that he's a tall fellow which all right, and so I treated back at him. I also like my constitutions, like I, like my pundits Americans and concerned with protecting rights rather than infringing and it seems to me honestly, like use over compensating for a rather small set of inalienable rights. Yeah he's he's over compensating beyond that. I think that it is quite possible that that the US constitution, the inferiority complex you, maybe maybe maybe over compensating for some things. My favorite part of the of the back and forth appears more than yesterday on Twitter is at one point. I said that he is a that he was interested in violating inalienable rights and piers Morgan Robakidze unalienable. I'm reading your declaration of independence well, as I said, cheers
can I have read it. It's central concession contention is that we don't actually have to do was take advice on the nature of my right from british douchebags like there's more in as he pretty much the basis of the of the declaration so well done here, going by the way, just sighed historical note. Do not start trying to cite american history? To me, Thomas Jefferson wrote in the original draft of the declaration of independence, inalienable it's written on the Jefferson Memorial Inalienable, not unalienable, Abraham Lincoln site. As inalienable Bill Clinton cited it as inalienable Barack Obama cited as inalienable. Pierce. Morgan is now the grammar police. When he's not attempting to take away everybody's guns, obviously we did a good job in breaking away from Britain, so he wouldn't have to listen to people like Pierce Morgan and one of the reasons. This whole debate keeps burning out is that it constantly evolves. Democrats, constantly accusing republicans of hating children and Republicans are responding by saying you guys just want to take our guns, which is actually true, but there was some common ground from
moment in time after the parkland shooting so Marco Rubio, the senator from Florida, whom parkland students castigated as akin to a murderer right on CNN. He was willing to come to the table with Bill Nelson, who is the democratic senator from Florida trying to push gun violence, restraining orders, gun violence, restraining orders. Are these measures that are designed to but the severely mentally ill from getting guns, relatives, friends, family. They can go to a judge and ask the judge to remove the right to purchase a gun or owner so long as you are a danger to yourself or others. This was a common measure that both sides were attempting to come together over, but the left can't even decide what it wants. The left decided to ignore all of these common efforts and decided instead to yell at each other out gun control. They decided to yell at each other about gun control, because again they have no real, decisive, cohesive message even about what to do about guns, so Doug Jones, for example,
Alabama, he's not even willing to embrace the full gun control agenda of the Democratic Party. I'm not sure I can go that far just yet yeah, I don't George out. We've got to get done. What I think can be done right now, let's richly reach across and within our own party, to do those things that we can do and that's That to me is where I want to focus. I really don't believe that a gun ban is feasible right now and I think that, but there are things that can be done, that we need look at it. I think outline most of those in my speech on the floor. I last week later so, as you can see, even the left is deeply split on these issues. Well, that means, if you're, deeply split on the issue. The easiest thing to do is instead to attack your political opposition as uncaring feeling rude, cruel. That's the only way that they can win. They can't stick to message. They can't try to save lives, because that would help them politically and in just a second I'm going to talk
the less real perspective on what alien, what ails America, because it's not going to sell. This is why the left is still having a tough time in a country where Donald Trump does not have a high public approval rating, despite his contentions, otherwise I'll discuss in just a second, why that is. But first, I want to say thank you to our sponsors over and filter by cell when is the last time you checked the filters in your central air system. It's one of these annoying things. You know, kick it down the road, you don't think about it, and then the next thing you know breathing in mold and dust, and it's just disgusting you're not running your help. By the way, you also might be destroying H back system which could lead to thousands of dollars in repairs to stop procrastinating and visit. My friends over at filter by America's leading provider of h, back filters for homes and small businesses. They carry over six hundred different filter sizes, even custom ones, all ship free within twenty four hours, plus they're manufactured right here in the United States Filter by offers a multitude of any are the options all the way up to hospital grade check your system specifications. She can pick the right option, maximize efficiency and elevate the
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national poll average was exactly correct and Hillary Clinton winning by anywhere from three to five points. She won the national popular vote by about three points. That is not a suggestion. She won the election, but it is the guy, sing, the national polling on average, is pretty good. Ok, the national polling average President Trump is not very good, and yet Democrats are still struggling. Democrats may not win back the house every time. It's like the Democrats, leave out to a big lead that lead immediately begins to recede, because Democrats are so extreme. So what exactly is driving the extremism of the Democrats? Why can't they just sit there and say? Listen, we don't like Trump. You don't like from nobody likes from vote for us. Why isn't that there form. Why isn't there platform? We just want to be more modern, provide a check on the president. This is what
normally say in years when they are not in the White House and it's an off year election. Why can't? They just do that. The answer is because there's a deep seated instinct on the part of some folks on the left that does not like what America is does not like what America is not just point out, problems with America, but things that these problems go straight to the heart of the country and in many cases, are unsolvable. So there's a really fascinating piece, over at the Atlantic. Bignums William Barber in the Martin Luther King issue, and he talks about the real crisis that his ailing America and here's what he says. He says. Four diseases all connected now threaten the nation, social and moral health, racism, poverty, environmental devastation and the war economy sanctified by the heresy of christian nationalism. That's extreme stuff. It's a pretty extreme stuff that William Barber is putting out there to since the twenty sixteen presidential election, when white rage from Hell the candidate and the worst by the Ku Klux Klan into the what else
racism has been. Racism has been more prominent public life if you really think that Trump One, because he was winking and nodding at the KKK. No, no If you recall, I shall whacked him on the air when he refused to condemn the KKK and then, of course, he came out within twenty four hours and condemn the KKK, not because of me, but because Trump New This was in on winnable battle and he had said the wrong thing, and so he moved on beyond that, but the left is is really in the sconce in this vision of the United States as a deep dark place in a second, I'm gonna explain how deep that vision goes and why it bodes ill for their electoral prospects. So here is what this article since again for diseases all connected, threaten the nation, social and moral health, racism and poverty, environmental devastation in the war economy, first of all, racism in the United State. Was it an all time low before the before the election of Barack Obama was actually running and Barack Obama was elected and he decided to polarize people for political gain.
Based on race and ethnicity. That was a problem: poverty in the United States. Ok, if you think that poverty in the United States is the chief problem crippling the United States, you do not have any global perspective. The poorest people in America are rich by global standards. According to Pew Research, nine out of ten Americans are rich people by global standards. Nine out of ten, the number of people in the United States living in extreme poverty by global standards is significantly less than two percent environmental devastation. Where is this environmental devastation that you're talking about in the United States? The environment has been getting better for decades I live in LOS Angelus. The entire city used to be covered in a thick blanket of smog. The environment has been getting steadily better in the United States for years and years and years and the war economy. What war economy, what war economy? Where exactly is the mass spending at world war, two levels of war economy, normally talk about forty percent of GDP being eaten up by the military right now. You're. Talking about
twenty percent of the american budget forget the GDP being eaten up by the military and that's a fairly normal percentage for american history. But here is what this here is. What William J, Barbara Content he says. All of these are the real sickness is in America. He says the question is not whether politicians condemn hate, but whether they promote the policy agenda of white supremacy. Since two thousand and ten we have seen in assault on voting rights in numerous state legislatures which the Supreme Court exacerbated in twenty thirteen by gutting a crucial provision of the Voting Rights ACT again. This is incorrect, The crucial provision of Voting Rights ACT had the federal government overseeing state based on maps that were drawn in nineteen. Sixty five in this room court said those might be obsolete because it's fifty five years later Guys- and this is apparently gutting of the Voting Rights ACT. The states that attack voting rights by using partisan german gerrymandering,
printer voter identification requirements or a rollback of early voting and same day, registration are also home to the lowest wage. The severest poverty, the greatest hostility towards immigrants in the LGBT community and the deepest cuts in education funding. Politicians who try to suppress voting are using their
and hurt the poor and the working Class White brown and black. There is no effort in the United States to suppress the vote. None in two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve, the black percentage of the voting base significantly outperformed. The black percentage of the population and number of people who are black voted as a percentage was very, very, very high in twenty twelve, they didn't show up for Hillary Clinton in twenty sixteen, because Hillary was a garbage candidate that no one wants to vote for, and this is what the left hand except the left, can't accept that Trump one, and so that means America is bad. Every time a republican wins. America is a terrible place. Every time a Democrat wins America is a wonderful place. America is a place of hope and change. It's amazing. The homeless just disappeared from the news. You notice every time. There's a Republican who's president, the homeless reappear on the street, just like magic. There were no homeless until Trump was president. There is no poverty until Trump. Is president no racism until Trump is president we were living in a tent in cage and then the original sin Hillary Clint,
lost her bid for presidency of the United States, and that was the end. America was now in meshed immediately, but like a light, switch from takes office in January and bone environmental degradation, it's it's like Logan's run right. The entire country is being overrun by blinds were killing our old, the The young are being left out to die in the middle of the wilderness, it's oil and I mean we're feeding people to other people, but packaging. It is potato chips. This is the way that the left actually views the way the world works. Trump was elected and they have gone off their rocker, and this is why they're having such trouble gaining credibility with the american people, because even if people don't like Trump, they can look at Democrats and say you keep saying things are so crazy and so terrible here, an there really, not so crazy, and so and more importantly, it's not that you're saying the situation in America is bad. You're saying people of America are bad, because when you read that again, there's no way.
Read this without seeing a significant amount of anger and people in red states, as people in red states are just rooms and more on those people in red states are corrupt and evil. Those people in red states are are immigrant haters. This is a deep perspective in the Democratic Party. It's what Hillary Clinton has been saying when she goes abroad, America's a sexist racist place, the intersectional politics being pushed by the left. This stuff is not going to work. Okay, this stuff is not going to attract people in the United States to voting Democrat it's It's not going to happen and the fact that the fact that folks on the left I understand this is a particularly good reason why they could possibly not do well in the mid term elections when all the indicators would be pushing in their favor. Ok, so I want to redo the worst column on dating. I have ever read, but first I'm going to talk to you about dollar shave club, so you need to go on
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and it's good that you got rid of term limits and it's got. The actual title of the piece over at Washington Post is why she's lifting of term limits is a good thing and then, like I know, the Washington Post is released a series of articles of late talking about why communism is wonderful, but still disquieting when they're running full articles about why it is that a chinese dictator taking full control of his country for the foreseeable future is a great thing, and it's weird that the Washington Post didn't run a similar thing about Vladimir Putin, rigging and election. In in Russia, and so they're very anti China Anne there very pro- and they are very very in Russia rather and very pro China, it's kind of weird, but that wasn't the worst editorial to Washington Post. This one was ok. It's by a woman carry percell, never heard of this lady, no idea who she has don't know her from Bob I mean: she's, just she's, a random person in New York based journalists who writes about theater film, tv and politics, which is to say she is a bore. Ok, so here is what she actually wrote. This is amazing piece. It is perfect for Passover, and this is the title:
I am tired of being a jewish man's rebellion. What in the world? What in the world I mean? Can you imagine if somebody wrote a piece for the Washington Post, a white woman wrote a piece for the Washington Post titled. I am tired of being a black man's rebellion, and it was all about how black men were dating white women to sleep with them and then ditch them for black It was time to get that's what this piece is about, the I'm reading. This piece is not just because you probably shouldn't be publishing full scale. Anti Semitism in the pages of the Washington Post also because this piece is a window into the mind of so many young people and how they date, he really is so we're going to go through it, because it's just it's intensely amusing. So here is what here is what carry percell. This genius has and my very first job in New York, a colleague, jokingly informed me. You came in a wasp but you're, leaving a Jew. That statement was reference to the demographics of the offices staff. Almost everyone who worked there was jewish and I a recent college graduate who spent my adolescence in a large
christian community in the south was not at the time. I had no idea. She would end up being so right. Ominous this is where you play the organ. In the background stuff like as a teenager, I tended exactly what about minutes for the moving to New York provided Ellis on you need to learn about the jewish faith. Friends invited me to join their families for Passover Seder's in Konica celebrations. However, it was through my various romantic relationships where I learned the most about Judaism, religious faith and culture. I've grown to love and respect, but that is also contributed to two of my biggest heart Okay, so how did Judaism ruin her life? It's amazing over almost seven years into serious relationships with jewish men. When first set religion didn't matter and then backtracked and decided it did. I've optimistically begun interfaith relationships with an open mind twice only
the last woman these men dated before settling down with a nice jewish girl. This is in the pages of the Washington Post. I can now say with certainty. I am tired of being a jewish man's rebellion. At first glance, I fulfilled the stereotypes of a white, Anglo Saxon. Protestant, this woman rights, I'm blonde, often wear pearls and can mix and excellent, and very strong martini manners and etiquette or import. Meanwhile, I'm stressed I often called by cleaning. I do describe myself as a Christian, but loosely and in the most literal sense possible, of course, because if you are really a Christian, then presumably would talk about values while dating somebody other than I don't know living with some for three years and then realizing that you share no values, and then he touches you and find someone who shares values his. But if I did find myself falling for someone who did not share my spiritual views, I bring up the subject. If it's going to be a problem, I want to know that's exactly what I did in my previous long term relationships, both of which were with jewish men and both men said it wasn't a problem that I was christian as they can
themselves: cultural, even at spiritually, jewish. At the very least, they were the most lackadaisical Jews. I never met they never fasted on young Kapoor or observe jewish holidays on their own and when they travel to celebrate holidays with their families, they made it clear. It was an obligation rather than a choice. On more than one occasion in conversation, we laughed about the fact that I knew more about the jewish faith than they did. I knew having interfaith relationship could be complicated and if we stayed together, there would be some difficulties, but I thought it could work. Neither of us were looking to convert the other, we respect each others, faith and culture, and as long as we were able to talk about it, I thought we'd be able to work through any issues that came up, and then she cites a bunch of statistics about interfaith marriages. She doesn't cite this statistic about the divorce rate, interfaith marriages, which is significantly higher than the divorce rate in an interfaith marriages. So she, this is always the inconvenient part of the interface bridge discussion. I feel this way about, inter political data. I was asked recently on college campuses, whether conservatives on a college campus, whether a conservative could date a leftist. I said you can date, him don't marry him and I feel the same way about a leftist if you're a leftist and you believe, deeply in social justice
They probably don't want to marry the guy who's a deep devotee of Frederick Hayek, it's just not going to go. You're not going to want to raise your kids in the same way, you're not going to have the same social values. But again, this is what happens when you have a society that is very much focused on sex and very much focused on the surface of relationships just having fun and going on dates and reading the New York Times together, but there's no real discussion, the kind of future you want to have together other than you want to have brunch on Sunday mornings and read the new Yorker. If that's your perception of how a relationship? you know nothing about relationships, but we're a society that is largely discarded. The deeper meaning of relationships which is rooted in values and purpose in life is rooted in values and purpose. Not all of us have filled meaningful life. You must have a t listed in the greek terminology. You must have a purpose. The same thing is true of a relationship. Everything you do. That is important in your life. You have a purpose. If you feel a list, your job, you don't like your job. You have to have a
purpose. If you feel aimless in your relationship, you're not going to like your relationship, your relationship must have a higher goal or purpose you're building something together on my first date with my wife. I'm like this lady, who apparently waits three years to discuss serious questions about religion, because it might be awkward, have sleep together for a couple of years first and then have the serious conversations just like they do in the movies on my first date with my wife, we talked about free will and determinism at first date for three hours, and then we talked about how many kids we wanted to have and whether or not we wanted to send our kids to particular school or different school. This is on our first date because we were dating for marriage. We were dating in order that we would be pushing toward the next generation. The purpose of marriage is child, bearing and child wearing one of the things you find so
interesting about all of these columns. There's never a mention ever have children. Never that's the purpose of marriage by the way, because if the purpose of marriage is just getting together with somebody that you love and you want to sex with, and you want to live together, then you can love and have sex and hang out that person without getting married. Right there. You don't have to build anything. You can just live with that person until it becomes convenient or interesting to move on to another person. When it comes time to commit people want to commit to people, they feel a common purpose with ok. But that's not what this lady is. Writing. She writes about her tense moments in these relationships, which is one of their mothers. She stayed in jewish guys. One of their mothers was extremely overbearing. Somehow getting my
telephone number and calling me asking where her son was? I didn't know where he was in her calling made me incredibly uncomfortable. I asked my boyfriend how she got my number he swore he didn't give it to her, and I told him I didn't want this kind of involvement to be part of our relationship when he talked to her about it. She explode yelling. If she were jewish should understand, I wasn't invited to the theaters that his family health, despite my saying I loved attending them with my friends. There were times at church. I saw couples worshiping together and felt pangs of jealousy, but I told myself every relationship has problems and these were relatively minor. Well, maybe it should have been a hint to you, then, when you're at church and he taught couples worshiping together. That could be you. If you pick someone who has a culture closer to your own, there is there important differences between religions. There are important differences, but
methods of thought and values? Hey. If you want to marry someone who successful marriage, you must have a common set of values. The best part of this article is the very end of it. Ok, here's what it says in the mean time I'll, continue dating and meeting my friends, jewish or not to swap tinder horror stories over drinks. Hopefully, while sipping the cocktail, I'm determined to create names, a jewish man's rebellion, I'd like it to feature a bourbon base and be garnished with a slice of bacon. Alright, let me write french telecom down there, just amazing amazing stuff in the age of the Washington post. But again it says something about dating in dating for my generation. Maybe maybe the boomers on the focus has been on personal pleasure at the expense I'll use, and not only that the focus has been on blaming everyone else, except for yourself when you said stupid standards for on dating this is her fault? It's her fault. She picked the guy, didn't work out. That's partially our fault! When you pick the wrong person is partially our fault. There are some cases where the person is a sociopath, and it's not your fault if they
still wrong, but she did it twice with apparently very similar guys and then it fell apart both times. Maybe her decision making process is the problem. Maybe she's, making bad decisions- and I guess in a blending of the jewels, your bad dating you- might think about picking the better dating strategy you silly silly idiot, okay, so in the in the second, I once got the worst and tweet of the day at worst. We today, but first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at Chappaquiddick self. Okay, this movie is just phenomenal. This movie is just great. I can't speak more highly of it than that the movie Chappaquiddick opens in theaters April six. It is the story of one of the great american crime cover. Ups of all time. Obviously, TED Kennedy killed Merry joke about Ok, I don't know any other way. To put it. I don't know if it's murder don't manslaughter, but certainly at the very least manslaughter. In fact, they didn't go to jail for manslaughter. Let's put it this way. If I drove off a bridge with woman in my car and then I left for twelve
hours and didn't call the cops and then, when they came back, she had not drowned. She had suffocated in the air bubble at the top of the car. Ok and the top of the car was visible above the water. Ok, the wheels of the car were visible above the water, meaning that all TED Kennedy had to do was get out of the car and call the cops, and they will be there in ten minutes, and then we got married joy, compacting out of the car, that's all I had to do. Instead, he went home and went to sleep. He didn't go to jail for a day for a day, because the entire law enforcement mechanism was working on behalf of the Kennedys. This movie makes that very, very clear. Oh here's why you should see the movie besides the fact that it is gripping and well acted and well written and factual, there's no speculation. It's all facts. You should watch this movie because we here at the Ben Shapiro Show talk routinely about the importance of supporting conservative, film and tv that you need to actually support conservative entertaining you want wine and bitter and moan about the entertainment industry. Well, that means you actually have to support conservative films.
Come out or even films that are not conservative but factually tell stories that are important to conservatives. This is one of them. Critics have described, Chappaquiddick is edge of your seat. Suspenseful, it's got a top line. Cast, I mean it's: Jason, Clarke, Kate, Mara, Ed, Helms, Jim Gaffigan, Bruce turn. These are all a list actors. An the film is really really good. Chappaquiddick is in theaters. Who are April. Sixth, it's got my full endorsement and it would have my full endorsement whether or not they were advertising with us. It is that good, a movie check out Chappaquiddick April sex, bring all your friends demonstrates Ihollywood, that if they make films that appeal to people who are outside of Hollywood, maybe they will a little bit better. Ok! So in a second I'm going to tell you about the worst tweet of the day, but first we're going to dailywire dot com and subscribe for nine hundred and ninety nine a month. You too can get a subscription to dailywire dot com. I mean you get the rest of the show live the rest of his show live the rest of Michael Knowles is show live. It also means they get to be part of the conversation. So what is the conversation? You ask? Well, the conference,
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scription. If one listen to the show for free later go over to Youtube. Soundcloud Itunes subscribe leave us a review. We always appreciate it. We are the largest fast growing concern to show in the nation uhhuh. Okay, so I'd be remiss if I did not review the worst read of the day. So, following on the worst dating article in recent memory from the Washington Post, the worst food of the day. This one comes courtesy of someone named Nikki Glaser now Nikki Glaser. I don't even know who this person is. I guess she's on comedy central she's, a comedian on comedy central, but when people on the left suggest that people on the right are true fascists, all I have to do is read you this tweet, to demonstrate just how fast some folks on the left are you ready, for this is about Donald Trump Junior, so Donald Trump Junior and his wife are getting a divorce. It's tragic when people who are married and have kids are getting divorced, it's tragic, it's not tragic it,
we don't have kids your business when you have kids, it's tragic now, their third parties involved. Here's what Nikki Glaser tweeted quote: Don Junior and his wife have five kids. No one should be having five kids. Why are people still allowed to have five kids? Okay there? Now? Why should people still be allowed to have five kids? So it is the perspective of the let the you should be able to put your. Will you anywhere you please write it in the in anyone. Free rock people. Doesn't that right now, that's a go anyway, but if you decide to sire children, an rear them and you can afford to do so and it has no externalities, you should not be allowed to have five children, because children are evil to understand and we have to stop you from having five children. Why should why? Are people still allowed to have five kids? How about this Nikki? You have zero. Ok, you start you can. I would prefer that you have no kids hey, you start sterilization, go for it all you
as for Maine I'll, be having as many kids as I damn well, please, because, as a human being, I've feel the necessity of passing along the species to the next generation and passing along important values to that next gen Ok, you don't know why. In the end, left is now you're going to lose, because so many of these leftists are not even having children for kids. That means there are fewer children in the next generation, we're going to embrace your set of values, but I mean talk about fashion, don't take your guns and then they want to ask you why you should be allowed to have children. That's not scary! In any way, I sent you. Making anyway just unbelievable, just unbelievable. Well speaking of some silliness and stupidity, I want to talk a little bit about John Mccain. John Mccain is the wife of Andrew Mccabe. Andrew Mccabe is, of course, a former FBI. Deputy director at Jill Mccabe is his wife and his an emergency pediatrician and she wrote an entire Ipad at the Washington Post about why Donald Trump was being mean to her, and she says
Donald Trump is mean to her and Andrew Mccabe. You remember any Mccain deputy FBI director was fired by the Trump administration in the aftermath of an inspector general report that suggested that Andrew Mccabe. It lied to the investigators about talking to me yeah, and that Doj investigator General Report was a nonpartisan report. It did not come from the Trump partisan wing of the Doj Inspector general over. There is someone Trump has openly criticized before they recommended Maccabi fired based on his malfeasance in office. Well, Joe Mccabe is in the Washington Post now defending her husband and suggesting that there was no politics surrounding her and one of the questions about Mccabe, as you'll recall, is that Mccabe was overseeing the Hillary investigation at the same time that his wife was receiving money from Terry Mcauliffe, the governor of Virginia
and a Hillary Clinton ally and the is pretty clearly conflict of interest. Even other FBI agents who didn't like from people like LISA, Strut, LISA, paging, harder stress Carter, page LISA, struck the Peter struck and LISA page. Thank you that that knows, FBI agents were having an affair with each other. They were tweeting to either they were texting to each other that they wish the Mccabe would step down to recuse himself from the Hillary investigation and from the Trump investigation because of his wife's ties and democratic party. Well now she has a full piece in the Washington Post suggesting that she is a victim of the evil evil trump. Now from such a nasty things about her because he's from I mean this is what he does like. Are we gonna pretend that Trump doesn't say nasty things about people? He does it all the time but she's suggesting that her husband is clean, is the drive in No, this is not true. It is true that her husband actually use his government email address in order for a political campaign at the same time that he was investigating. Hillary Clinton
and the media is only interested in certain types of scandal. The media is very interested, for example, right now in the scandal surrounding Scott Pruitt, who is the head of the EPA? He looks like be on his way out because Scott Pruett, apparently it was using government funds for need for vacationing and using government security for his wife at Disney World or some such yeah. Corruption is corruption and is wrong in skits Contra did that, then he should go, but it's amazing. The double standard that is held by the media that Scott Pruett is obviously super duper crop any Mccabe who is apparently Ray something like five hundred thousand dollars online from people who are just sympathetic to his plight. Then this is that that he's some sort of great hero it just demonstrates our entire politics has been a series of planets revolving around the great son of Trump, and therefore everything has to be viewed through the prism of Trump. It seems to me: corruption should be view just as corruption, if your grub
our crops. Right or left is in very simple. It is a very difficult proposition. Okay, meanwhile, a president Trump has been on an epic spree of good from bad from. So, as you know here on the bench, so we are the designers of good from bad trump and good from bad from his. Our is our mechanism for viewing the Trump Administration and President Trump in particular, because Trump has a lot of good things and he does a lot of bad things. We even have a theme song for you go time for some good from bad from sure sure, which one will be okay, so some things he does a good. Some things are bad. Who knows the game show. So here are the things that he did hear something that he did. That was good. So yesterday, as I mentioned, the president went off on this Cara, man of illegal immigrants who are making their way to the United States through mexican territory well, today, turns out. According to the Washington Post, the mexican government on Monday evening move to break up the caravan of immigrants traveling through Southern Mexico, with immigration officials registering the travelers and suggesting some could receive humanitarian visas, while others would have to
Mexico. The caravan estimated at more than a thousand migrants came from Central America and his gaining racing visibility because of tweets by President Trump that have criticized Mexico for not doing more to stop the flow of migrants. To the southern border of the United States. The bulk of the migrant group an annual caravan intended to raise awareness about the plight of people making the dangerous track track across Mexico. Tour of the United States is currently in the I'm not yes, Romero of, and I know in the southern state of walks into a portion of the group rode by train to the neighboring state of birth. Rose according to caravan organizers, but it's unclear whether it has dispersed at this point- and I love this Mexico's Interior Ministry said in a statement. Under no circumstances does the government of Mexico promote irregular migration. The statement said the caravan is taking place every year since two thousand and ten and then four hundred people in the group of already been deported, Ok, let's be clear about this. If Trump does not tweet over and over and over, there is not. This immediate hire
normal by the mexican government to break up the caravan. This is pretty obvious, so good for Trump for pointing all of that out. So there's some good trump for you, the bad from for you is that the stock market Sirius died yesterday and one of the The stock market is taking a dive and going up and down like a Yo Yo is because of all the volatility and uh. Ability coming out of the Trump Administration with regard to the economy is down five hundred points yesterday. It is up today a little bit, but it's amazing to watch trump is all over the place. On the economy. It is his worst movies. Bad from move today was ripping in the Amazon. Now I think I was on his way there can company it is, and you and this idea that Amazon and Washington Post a part of some sort of evil consortium in order to get Trump is just stupid. Okay, Amazon is an american company that employs tens of thousands of people allows 10S
thousands of more people to be employed by selling via Amazon as their common carrier. Essentially but Trump is attacking Amazon because he doesn't like Jeff Bizos. This is tinpot stuff and president of the United States should not be targeting particular companies, particularly on the silly basis that Trump is doing. He tweeted out today quote I'm right about Amazon, costing the you S Post office, massive amounts of money for being there three boy. Okay, first of all, I'm pretty sure that the Post office is definitional, your delivery boy, It is literally their job there. Job, is to be your delivery boy. They have no other job. It is to deliver your mail so when he says that Amazon is treating the post office as a delivery boy, that's like saying that Amazon is treating Baskin Robbins. It's ice cream manufacturing shop like yes, that's what they do now he says Amazon should pay. These costs plus- and I have been bored by the American Taxpayer- Board B. O? U, r, n E, like Jason Board
Many billions of dollars, peo leaders, don't have a clue or do they post office leaders. Don't have a clue today. A couple of things worth noting is it non factual? It is non factual in two thousand and six there was a bill passed into law. That says the Post office is not allowed to run a LOS on package deliveries. Every package delivery must come at a profit according to federal law from two thousand and six on Amazon uses bulk rates everyone uses bulk rate. We had daily wire use bulk rate bulk rate have been a thing for literally my entire lifetime. Amazon is not taking advantage of the post office. The post office is run stupidly because it's a bad government agency that you have been put out of his misery years and years and years ago. So President Trump sent Amazon Stock into a bit of a tailspin they've recovered now, but all of this is just silliness. The president should be doing any of this economy is going great. Mister. Mister president, please please just stop just stop focus on the things that you know how to change: focus on immigration, ok, focus on the wall,
focus on the promises you made. The people who voted for you don't focus on Jeff Bezos, don't focus on Amazon. You really think the targeting Amazon is going to do you any favors. All it's going to do is tank the stock market. All it's going to do is provide a feeling of chaos and uncertainty that is not going to help the economy. Your main pitch right now is that you may not like Maine, but you like the economy. Don't you that's pretty good pitch, but it's not going to be a good pitch if you start putting your thumb like Jack Horner into the. And digging around for a plum you're not going to come up with a plum. It's going to be something that smells far worse. Please Mister President, do not do this. It is a waste of time. It is just foolish alright. So time for a couple of things I like and then some things that I hate. So let's jump right into things I, like so on the way to this beautiful vacation. But you may be wondering why I'm filming from apparently several or no film The reason that I am filming here is because
my family and I go to a Passover retreat every year and while we're driving, my entire family was asleep. So I was in the car and board, and so I put on I, eighty eight old, Stephen Sondheim Musical Called company has never seen company by its is one of the signs earlier musicals, which is to say it's better. One of the things about about Sondheim is that Sunday has steadily declined in quality over the course of his career, so its high point was Sweeney Todd, and then he followed that up with the into the woods and sat in the park with George, both of which are good, and then he decided that anything that he did, that was popular had by nature, to be kind of boob bait than that it was it. Is it people like to them and was very good? She started doing more and more obscure things into the sass and which is about people who assassinated president and each one is like a pastiche number, but company. Is it a very interesting musical? I mean I remember, your that was written in which sometime discusses the issue of marriage and the and the entire issue. Marriage going to sometime is it's it's conflicting and you're trapped, but at the same time you want to be trapped and that the story is about this guy named Robert, who
is who's played by Dean Jones, remember, Dean Jones as the guy from the love bug, but actually you can sing audiences. Remember him from Beethoven. He's evil doctor from the movie Beethoven, so he's a he's, a good actor, he can sing and the story is Robert, who is a single guy and he has a bunch of married friends and they're constantly having him over as company and it's about his relationships with them and him them trying to discourage him from getting. But encourage him to get married and all this. So here is the kind of climactic number in which he suggests that all of his life as a single dude may not be worth it. Maybe he just need make a call who hold you to close, new to the
sit in your chair to ruin your sleep more than that that all you think there is to it reasons for not being with someone but Robert you ever one good reason for being alone on your under something Bobby you're under something want and need you to lunch. Well pull you up short to put you through how we see what you look for. You know you're, not a kid anymore Robbie. I don't think you'll ever be a kid again get all anybody don't be afraid that it won't be perfect. The only thing to be afraid of really is that it won't be. Don't stop. Now keep going
Is soft span. It's really it's really interesting, and what? What what what's fascinating about this We can stop there. One of the things that's fascinating about this musical when I was listening to it now, is that when you listen to this is a single person, you think yeah. This is what marriage is. What marriage is is about. Finding someone in this kind of existential loneliness and clinging to that person, because you have to because what other choice do you have in life unless you just want to bounce around as an atomistic individual? But the thing about the musical is that, as I was saying before, about relationship advice, no we're in here. Does anyone say what is the purpose of the marriage? What is it that this gives you a good reason for for falling in love with someone that doesn't give you a good reason for building a marriage with someone, because they have the musicals cut his comedy about how much,
large socks, right people getting divorced, and people having affairs and all this kind of stuff, but the real purpose of marriage is something that's not even discussed in the musical, because people in modern western society do not even discuss this in the context of marriage, and that is children. I now have two kids, I'm young I'm thirty. Four I have two kids I have one is four, and one is almost too and the purpose of the marriage even in the years when my wife and I were, did not have kids were married for six years before we had children, even when we were, we were dating. We understood that the purpose of building a strong foundation with each other is that this foundation would be there for our children, and this is not present when you listen to company. When you listen to company, somebody has to make an affirmative case, you why you should give up promiscuity or just living together and instead make a final commitment to somebody and say this is why I should make the final cut
and the best case that they can make at the end of the musical is because it's better than the alternatives right. That's that's really. What he's saying in that song, you sang. You know the that's actually said by one of the other characters to Dean Jones in that song, from Roberts character. In that song they actually say your. Do you have a lot reasons not to do it, but you have no reasons did, but you have no reasons. Basically, there are lots of reasons that you have why you shouldn't get married, but you're. The worst reason of all not to get married is because you're scared right. You should just get married because you really have no other choice in life, but to make that call, but you have other choices. Obviously, and you can't form a relationship based on this is the second worst thing here. Relationship is not the second worst thing. Relationship is the best thing, because it's a part of building it is forward. Looking and people tend to see. Marriage is the end of things. Marriage is the end of your dating life and you can't sell your wild oats anymore and as long as you see, marriage as the as an
as a wall at the end of your single journey, and then it's supposed to be happily ever after from there you're not seeing mergence proper life. Marriage is what launches you into the next step of your journey in a far more dramatic fashion than staying single as I've said it even on a personal emotional level. Forget about the spiritual forget about the religious. But a personal emotional level. There have been three stages in my in my life right, there was being single, there was getting married, not having kids, and then there was having kids and the way that it works is when you're single you're high point like your highest point of ecstasy, is about a seven and your lowest point is bounded. Two
right and it feels like zero, but it really isn't too ok. Once you get married, then you're high point goes to about a ten year. Low point goes to about a zero right. 'cause something happens to your spouse. It is just awful much much worse than when you were single and something bad happened to you. Then, when you have kids, you're high point goes to one thousand and your low point goes to negative infinity. Ok, because when something bad happens to your child, that is the worst thing ever, but this is what helps you grow as a human being, because you are now responsible for something beyond yourself, something that can take care of itself. Something you have to shape and mold. You are now part of a world building experience, you're, building a world you're building an entire world in your children and the purpose of marriage is to set the foundations is to set the granite at the base of that building. So you can build that world and when you don't do it that way, then marriage just becomes
that you do because you have no better alternative, so I think company does a good job of exposing that, even if that's not really what it meant to expose, I think the marriage that is proposed by companies not utterly filling because it ignores what marriage is actually there to do. Okay time for a very quick thing that I hate: okay, so there's a a study from Ohio State University that has just come out showing that big NEWS probably played a significant role in depressing Hillary Clinton support on election day. This is not a good study. A lot of these studies are just bad. So what is the study? Do is not first off not peer reviewed, so that means already. We We should have a little bit of skepticism about it, but it suggests that about four percent of Barack Obama's two thousand and twelve supporters were dissuaded from voting for Hillary by belief in fake news story. So how did they measure this? Well, the studies authors inserted three popular fake news stories from twenty
strain into a two hundred and eighty one question you Gov survey given to a sample that included five hundred and eighty five Obama supporters, according to the Washington Post, twenty three percent of whom didn't vote for Clinton, either by abstaining or picking another candidate. Ten percent voted for Trump, which is in line with other estimates. So here are the false stories. Clinton was in very poor health due to serious illness. Pope Francis Endorse Trump Clinton. Weapon sales to islamic jihadists, including ISIS, then says overall about one slash four of twenty twelve Obama. Voters believed at least one of these stories and of that group. Just forty five percent voted for Clint compared to eighty nine percent, who believe none of the three. So the suggestion is that it was the fake news stories that push them. This is Idiot ok the reason that they believe the fake news stories because they didn't like Hillary Clinton, people believe what they want to believe about particular candidates. Again people didn't like wasn't it they were like. Oh, I love Hillary, but also look at that open doors from now. I guess I'm changing my opinion. That's not what happened here or I love Hillary, but then I heard that story about how she sold weapon
the ISIS. If there is not a Hillary supporter in America who believe that Hillary Clinton sold weapons to ISIS but they're, a lot of people who thought Hillary Clinton is a corrupt charlatan, and so, when somebody said she sold weapons eyes, the color, maybe and those are the people who are at least likely to vote for her anyway. So the emphasis on fake news is designed to crack down on social media to push social media crackdown on alternative sources of news that are not approved by the mainstream media. That's why I hate studies like this. That's why I think that they are being thrown out there in such a fast clip by members of the mainstream media in the first place. Ok will be back here tomorrow with all the latest, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show the Ben Shapiro Show is produced by Mathis, Plover executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer. Jonathan hey are technical, producer is Austin, Stevens edited by Alex and Garro Audio is missed by MIKE Karmina, hair and makeup is by Jessica, Alvera
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