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Ep. 532 - The Media’s Big Boo Boo

2018-05-04 | 🔗
NBC screws up on a major claim about Michael Cohen, Hollywood finally expels Roman Polanski, and we discuss the problem of “involuntary celibates.” Date: 05-04-2018
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Nbc screws up on a major claim about Michael Kohn, the Huffington Post is pushing fish sex. I am not choke and we get into the mailbag. This is the Ben Shapiro show that things are really weird will get to all of the news in just one. Second first, I want to say thank sponsors over at the Uscca, so you exercising your second amendment rights. I know that you do so. This ad is for you, because how would you like the perfect handgun for self defense, one that includes a laser built right into the grip? Ok. Well, I have some big news for you. You know I'm a proud, for the second. Obviously, I believe the law abiding citizens who are trained in firearms should own firearms and and shoe
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which would be an amazing amazing clam. Well then, that sort of thing so NBC News has retract. All of that they had to issue a correction. They said earlier today, NBC News reported. There was a wire tap on the phone of Michael Kohn President comes along time. Personal attorney setting two separate sources with knowledge of the legal proceedings involving cone, but three senior US officials now dispute that saying the monitoring of cons, phones, it was limited to a log of phone calls known as a pen register not away. Tap where investigators can actually listen to calls ok. Well, that's not the same thing at all. Ok, I worked in prosecutors office for a summer out here in LOS Angelus and we able to obtain call records for virtually anybody by subpoenaing the phone company. So all that is just a list of phone numbers and then you cross check the phone numbers against the person who has the phone number? That is not the same thing is listening to the contents of the phone. Calls are pretty massive attraction and again is just the latest crazy retraction from the media in a long line of them. Over the past few weeks The media have been going so into it past few weeks, past few months immediately,
I mean so insane over Trump they've been trying their best to takedown. Every story is going to be the tick tick tick boom that takes down trump at Benjamin but it was a legal reporter he's constantly using that sort of framework on twitter he's constantly saying tick: Tock, tick, tock as though it's just a matter of time until the bomb goes off in Trump's presidency is destroyed, and you can see that this is how the media covered these issues Yesterday. There was another story that was just like this. There was a story that was passed around media, huge story that Bob Muller had requested. Seventy blank subpoenas in the case against Paul Manafort. The supposedly here is that he was going to subpoena President Trump that these blank subpoenas show, He was going hard after Paul Manafort. Well, not really a blank subpoena, is just something that you get drawn up. It's the same thing as ordering blue pens, it's literally a form so ordering blank subpoenas in a may. Your face is not a shock at all, but media treated as though this were a major development wow. He ordered a blank subpoena undertow before rule seventeen of the federal rules of criminal procedure. The clerk must issue a blank subpoena signed and sealed to the party
pressing it, and that party must fill in the blanks before subpoena is served so that, of course, is not actually say anything about who is going to be served or the relevance of what is going to be served. But the me we went over it anyway, you remember few weeks ago. Mcclatchy reported that Michael in the president's personal lawyer had in fact visited Prague. The reason that that would make a difference is because there, accusations, as you recall, in the Buzzfeed dossier in the in the crazy dossier, filled with allegations about Trump stepping rust in russian prostitutes and such there AL nations in there that Michael Cohen had visited Prague to coordinate with russian agents during the election cycle. Mcclatchey had rich an entire story about how, after they're going to deny this and showing his passport, that it was not true that Michael Cohen, in fact, was in Prague. Well, they reported Michael Cohen, was in Prague in it that he was lying and he provided no substantiating evidence. There's not been a second report that confirms that. So there's no more evidence of that. Then there was one mcclatchey claimed it, and yet
story is just sort of sitting out there. This sort of error has become supremely comedy media ABC News, ABC News. If you recall a few months back, had to correct bombshell story in which they suggested that Michael Flynn had been instructed by Donald Trump to coordinate with the Russians during the campaign world news tonight ABC News Investigative reporter Brian Ross. It said the source had provided the initial information for his story and that in it little story prompted the DOW in fallout three hundred and fifty points there is a suggestion that suddenly the Trump administration was in serious trouble because of the report the food was prepared to testify that Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians, which would have been the Trump Russia Collusion case, proven to a tee. It turns Trump instruct did, if anything, to talk to the Russians after it already been elected in December of twenty. Sixteen write, ABC News had to retract that report annual your but CNN and retract. A similar report right CNN, had to correct a report of Donald Junior about Tonya Junior, connecting with Wikileaks and then your two
times this back in December of two thousand seventeen, in on Friday, correct in a report to Donald Trump Junior, had received advance notice from the anti. It was a group Wikileaks about a troubled hack documents that a plan to release during last year's presidential campaign. In fact, the email to Mister Trump was sent today after the documents stolen from the Dnc were made available to the general public. The point that I'm making here is that you tell the agenda of the media by the errors that the media makes me and never make errors in the other direction. The air, never the media, never make errors about Obama to this, and they never did while he was president, they never make errors. Nancy about Nancy Pelosi. To this extent, they certainly never make errors about Debbie, Wasserman Schultz. To this extent, And it's it's a really incredible thing that the media continue to trot out. Stories is fully bedding and now look. Everybody makes me I've made mistakes in my reporting, we've pouch for mistakes at daily wire way. When, when I wrote for Breitbart NEWS, I read
specifically said that we were reporting. A rumor in the rumor could be not true, had been sourced highly by a member of the Senate and which is a good excuse, Chuck Hagel of having it they did was then the nominee for Secretary of Defense under President Obama, I'm having coordinated with a group called friends come also group turned out not to exist. It was just it that's story. We should have run it. It was a mistake. Right people make mistakes. I get the people make mistakes. That particular story we had said at the beginning was rumor anyway, so it wasn't like we were hiding the ball there, but it was still a mistake. We shouldn't run it in the first place. That said, the question of which direction make mistakes reveals her bias. Now I was biased against truck angle, so I was probably more likely to believe a bad story about Chuck Hagel. The media proclaim that they are objective. The media proclaim that they are fully just trying to report the news right: it's not biased, there's no favor for any candidate or any president. That, obviously, is untrue. Every single error is in one specific direction. You have to and acknowledge that something is happening there and every air
with regard to drum has been against Trump. Every error with regard to President Obama seem to be in favor of President Obama. The erroneous reporting by the meat about President Trump is astonishing and stunning. It make a certain man sense, considering that the quickness of the news cycle, but all of these big screw are currently playing to President Trump's campaign to suggest that everything is fake news. Now I'll tell you something I don't like what I've seen from the right is. Msnbc is fake. News. Cnn is fake news, New York Times fake news. Now, a new whose story is fake news right is the news. It is wrong, then it is fake news to suggest in her outlet is fake. News throws out the baby bath water. Now you can say that some that some publication are more trustworthy than others. Rubbing on Infowars, I don't think Infowars a trustworthy source of information. By and large you can. You can take that down the line. You know. I think that CNN is less trustworthy in the Wall Street Journal. I think that yeah, I would not put Infowars in CNN in the same category when it comes to reporting standards, but obviously
Can gradations of how much you trust a particular outlet, but to suggest an entire outlet is fake news app everything they do is fake news, I think, is a large scale mistake, but all you're doing media are playing you playing into President Trump's hands you're playing direct in President Trump's from when you jumped the gun in Europe. Things have not been verified. It's a huge mistake and I'm shocked. We continue to make these sorts of mistakes. Meanwhile, president continues this go for a legal strategy on Ical Cons, originally Giuliani is still out there trying to play sort of often for President Trump in the Michael Kohn station he came out. He said the Jeff sessions should end the mall investigation you should end the he should, presumably also in the Michael Kohn investigation. He says that all of this is I'm too far Giuliani is of course, Trump's new lawyer and here's what he had to say about the Mueller investigation, which he feels is a witch hunt, Kim young on impressed enough to be released in three prisoners today, and I've got to go there. And and Jay Sekulow, and we have to go there and preparing for for
silly deposition about a case in which he supposed colluded with the Russians, but there's no evidence of that. I mean everybody forgets. The basis of the case is dead session should step in and close okay now this here is. The real problem is sessions. Of course, steps in and closes the investigation he's already a since all from all the Trump Russia stuff, so he'd have to end that refusal step back in and finish the instigation or fire on rosenstein, or he should go, presumably and Rosenstein and Miller. All of this is not going to But President Trump, the only thing that can president trump at the mall are in any serious way, is if Trump order step and Fire Robert Muller. Now there people, who are proclaiming that Rudy Giuliani, is just promoting rip off the band aid strategy that this thing can drag on for another year and a half all the way through the twenty twenty election. So let's just rip off the and they'd fire Muller be a blowback for two months and then everybody will be over it. Maybe true, maybe it's not I happen to think it's probably not
true, because the James Comi thing is still haunting president Trump and it's a year and a half after he fired James Comey was about a year after he fired James Comma so I just don't think that's going to go to with Giuliani thinks that it's going to go and Julie, it seems, has been speaking a little bit out of turn. So one of the big about Giuliani on Hannity, the other night, you recall, Rudy Giuliani, suggested on Sean Hannity show that Trump knew about the one. Thirty thousand dollars payoff to Stormy Daniels and suggested Trump had done so in the run up to the election done so in the run up to the election, which could create apparel for President Trump Trump has not responded to Rudy Giuliani's comments, and second, I'm going show you what from Trump had to say about those comments, because it's it's pretty funny, but first, I want to say: thanks to our sponsors over at skill. That's a skill shares in online learning platform with over twenty thousand classes in this design technology and more look. You know that in five years. You probably won't be working the same job that you are now. You have to constantly be making your resume better in this market, people don't stick around and jobs. The way you run Father did get in
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dot com, slash a hero at skills here, dot com, slash, appear started two months now: skill share dot com, slash that slash appear. They know we sent you and again there's a reason. The people around Delaware offices are using still sure, there's reason I've. You still sure to make my skills better. It's it really. This tremendous and teachers are first rate skills shared that I'm slash apparel for that special deal, two months of unlimited access to those twenty thousand classes for just ninety nine cents. Once you started you're, not gonna want to stop learning. Okay, so President Trump has not responded to Rudy Giuliani's odd statements. I a he says that Rudy is just sort of saying things. Rudy is a great guy, but he just started a day ago: So, really knows it's a witch hunt we started yesterday. I he'll get his facts. Straight is a great guy, but what he does is he feels it's a very bad thing for our country. Yeah, okay, so it's a term is, is throwing a little bit more chum in the water there by saying, Rudy may not know what he's talking about. He may know what he's talking about. The question is why Trump likes already is doing
and the answer might be, that what Trump really likes from Rudy is he likes a guy on tv who sang witch hunt over and over and over again now it is my belief that this may in fact, end up being a witch hunt that this may in fact end up being nothing. There's new information out today that the prosecution of Paul man, a fort may actually be falling apart, which is amazing, like if you can't prosecute metaphor for collusion and I'm not sure how exactly but you're going to prosecute anybody else. It's really amazing, so uh bring to the Washington Post a federal judge in Virginia on Friday, grilled lawyers from the Office of Special counsel, Robert Muller, about the motivations for bringing the bank and tax fraud case against former Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort. We don't really care about Mister Man bank fraud, judge, Ts Ellis said during a morning hearing you really care about getting information. Mister Manafort can give you their reflect on Mister Trump and lead to his prosecute. Or impeachment mean boom ouch. Manafort was seeking to have the bank and tax fraud charges against him, dismissed in federal court in Alexandria, with his lawyers, alleging that the crimes have nothing to do with the election or with President Trump Ellis agreed.
He made no immediate decision on the defense motion. He said Without such a connection, the special counsel may well have the authority to bring the charges saying. I'm not saying it's illegitimate, but Manafort has also filed similar motions in the DC federal court, or it faces charges of money laundering, making false statements failing to follow lobbying disclosure laws and working as an unregistered foreign agent. So it is, he not guilty to all of these counts stemming from his work for a pro russian political boss in Ukraine. Longtime lobbyist is argued. The rod, Rosenstein overstepped, given the special counsel's office, a blank check to go after Manafort in the first place, and appears that the federal judge feels the same way again. We have seen very little evidence coming out from Robert Muller about what exactly he has here and the indictments that have come down do not Lead me to believe that he's got a lot on President Trump, which is one of the reasons he wants to get President Trump in front of him to testify. Now that is a separate question from other trump. Should fire Muller listen. I know that the popular talker position is that Trump should fire Muller, and we should just throw four
it's the wind everything be fine fire Miller, it'll all be fine. I don't think that's right. I think the president should let this play I think the president would be making a very large mistake if you were not to let this play out, because again, what the left wants is for President Trump to step on his own toes. They want president Trump to make a big boo boo here by firing. Muller, it can turn around and say the reason you fired Muller is not because the investigation was going nowhere, it's because it was going somewhere. Instead, why doesn't trump just let the investigation go nowhere, it's not damaging him. The polls right now have trumpet about fifty percent according to Rasmussen as high as he has ever been, and the economy continues to do well. I do not think all the stuff is really a threat to the tree administration or to his viability as a twenty twenty candidate. So, meanwhile, president, Trump continues to be in hot water, over them Michael Kohn, Stormy Daniels Payment right. That's a separate case from the from the case starting Robert Muller, that case Again, I don't think is going do trump a lot of damage, but it continues to kind of
label. It is credibility that Trump didn't have a lot of credibility to begin with when it came to matters sexual, but the we have been all over it. One of the things I find so amusing is the media are so confused. Why people on the right continue to support. Trump's agenda went obviously was lying about Stormy Daniels and paying or off- and the answer is because we knew all of that. Are we supposed to pretend that we are surprised in any serious way here? Are we really so to pretend that we are shocked and appalled, Trump's behavior, we've known about Trump, the whole time? Ok, you know about Trump to the media newbie trump when they were making the apprentice guy on NBC, but they've decided. This is their time to really undermined the credibility of President Trump, as though we had tons of credibility to begin with. So, for example, bunch of reporters went after Sarah Huckabee Sanders yesterday, asking. How can you expect anyone to believe President Trump but cannot play? Ask you. When the president so often says things that turn out not to be true when the Pres in the White House show what appear could be a blatant disregard for the truth. How are the american
people to trust or believe what is said here or what is set by the president? We give the very best information that we have at the time. I do that every single day and will continue to do that everyday. I'm in this position. I know that questions even supposed to mean- I mean honest, like. What is she supposed to say to that? Of course, he was not informed. The proper truth about Stormy Daniels Construct was fibbing to her too, and that's not a show. No one believes her when she was saying that Trump didn't know about Stormy Daniels, but the media think they really got. Sarah Huckabee Sanders now. We've caught Sarah Huckabee Sanders in a lie again now: no one! Here's here's, Jim Acosta posturing on this issue as well, you said on March Seventh there there's no knowledge of any payments from the president and he's dead. Now all these allegations were you lying to us at the time. Were you in the dark, the president has denied and continues to the underlying claim, an
again I've, given the best information. I had at the time whether you were in the dark. I think it's a fairly simple question whether you did that fairly simple answer that I've, given you actually several times now, they gave you the best information that I had going to continue to do my best to do that, every single day, again they're just going to keep asking the same question over and over and over and then when she kicks back, then there going to suggest that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a thought that her job is to go out and assemble. On behalf of the President, that was also Jake Harneys job again, that was job of Robert Gibbs? Guess what being a secretary is very often it is you going out there and lying on behalf of president? Ok, let's not be naive, K about how politics works let's not be naive about how all, this operates? Okay, there are just everyone knows when the President tells AFP, his press secretary is going, go out there and defend the fitbit. That is literally what they're paid to do a sound again the media have decide They are hands clean and all of us they can print as much nonsense. Fake news is they want and nobody is allowed to call their general credibility into question, but
it could be Sanders. We're supposed to believe that she is totally undermining the credibility of a president who had very little to begin with here. Sarah, the Sanders going out April, Ryan April Ryan suggests that Sarah Huckabee Sanders blindsided Sanders cake, back and then Ryan goes crazy. Why talk to the White House Press office about his impacting stellar statements about what was happening. The White House Press office wouldn't coordinate with the president's outside legal team on legal or anything. He said just a lowly blind side actually didn't use that term. Well, I said it would you work on site and what you said well with all due respect. You actually don't know much about me in terms of what I I feel and what I don't know how this operation? Okay, so hey you know, they're out there had to be Sanders not being rude, but April Ryan, DOT, she's being rude because again, the only thing anyone immediate care about is how they look on camera. They should stop televising the press briefings they really should, because all
it turns into is a bunch of grandstanding political theater. On behalf of these reporters and April Ryan, happy to do that right, you went on, went on tv later and she talked about Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Sarah Huckabee This is very straight with me. I don't even know that means, so she was blindsided. This was not a personal attack on her and for her to say something like you don't know me. That was very street. I know there's ST pool chicks here, but that was very street. To say you don't know me is very street. Well, you don't know. Sarah Huckabee Sanders all that. Well like what but again It just demonstrates that what the media love First of all about President Trump is the constant controversy. While they proclaim that they don't like any of this, and they just want to cover the new straight. They really don't. They want to report what they want to report about the Trump administration, and when Trump makes a view they want to jump all over it and then they want to make themselves the story, because now the story is April, Ryan and Emma Costa. The story is not really the president lying to the american people and the american people, not really caring 'cause. We knew all of that to begin with ok
so before I go any further and I have a lot to say about some weird sex stuff in just a second: that's not a pitch. I don't know what is but before I get to any of that first, I want to say thanks, sponsors over at VPN so face as you may have noticed, it's been in the news, a lot getting thrashed for letting. Third, please get your user data. There are lots of net providers who are grabbing your user data Verizon time Warner. All of these places can record a list of every website you visit and they can equally give it to anyone. So if you are afraid of violations of privacy, if you Arkansa about people taking your information and using it against you, if you are concerned about people aggregating data on you well, this is why you need express VPN, okay, Express V, P, N, a allows you to privately and securely surf the internet without being tracked by anyone. You don't have to like yesterday, to literal yesterday, Twitter announced that some three one hundred and fifty million users had had their passwd exposed. Generally, you can't
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are involuntary celibates. The reason that they would become a thing is because last week, a couple of weeks ago, there is a twenty five year old canadian killer, who rammed his van into a crowd of people, killing ten and injuring fifteen and the killer had written a Facebook post stated the Incel rebellion has already begun, and all the Chads and stacies, which I guess is some sort of slang for attractive people would pay the price. There been a bunch of think pieces, how to solve the problem of involuntary celibacy point number one. I don't understand why involuntary celibacy is a problem. If you haven't earned, the earn somebody's love and affection enough for them to have sex with you. I don't understand why this is society's problem, but just demonstrates the Vict hood mentality has taken over everyone in our society, you're a loser, and you can't find somebody to marry you, because you need to get your act together and maybe the reason you're involuntarily celeb. It is because you have not made enough of yourself to earn. Somebody else is love and affection, but when you
I live in a society or sex is believed to be owed. When you live in a society, that's constantly promising that you were that sex is right around the corner. Casual sex is easy to get it's not a problem. No one's ever going to require anything of you. When you watch tv everybody's jumping in and out of the sack with everybody else, it does lead to a mentality that suggest I am owed this thing right, I'm load everyone's getting it up for me. Involuntary celibacy is obviously a societal problem, but this is very perverse view of sexuality rust out at New York Times, as pointed out that for purpose is discussion. There are two types of incels: hey a man who can't get next, as a general rule, usually men who are worried about involuntary celibacy and p we'll by left wing to be victimized by a society that has unfair to standards of sexiness, so this would be people who are trends, who say that they can't have sex with the kind of people that they want to have sex with, because as Tran people. Society has set up rigid standards of sexuality and people are falling prey to all of that. Well doubt suggest that the solution posed by those who see involuntary celibacy is a problem to be solved
will be the redistribution of sex in the end. What we will end up doing is sponsoring people, so they can hire prostitutes or we can new technology like sex robot, so we can have a quality of sax in the sanders model the top one because on the one percent. I have a ninety nine percent of the sex and we must re distribute those such as well as the building, and this is sort of moved out she's coming with regard to involuntary celibacy. Now we all rightly rebel at this idea, because this idea is gross and stupid is not responsibility to make sure that anybody else has sex. Obviously, nor is it responsibility. Billet have sex with somebody just because they would like to have sex with. You is a the reason this is even become an issue. The reason they're. Now all these think pieces a lot of think pieces in the last week about her cell and how we solve their problems is because of this stupid, victimization mentality with regard to sex. So I was what you would a voluntary celibate. Until I was married, I was somebody who did not have sex until I was married. My wife had the same standard. The reason for that is because I felt that sex was an adjunct to commitment sex was something
You earned as an element of commitment. I the love of my wife. I earned the commitment of my wife. She earned my commitment and then We are willing and happy to have lots of fantastic sex right. That is the way as I used to Work- is that celibacy was not considered some sort of a terrible thing he experiencing it was in. It was something that was supposed to encourage you to better yourself and make yourself worthy of marriage right. Can we had the solution for a long time? actual morality that takes into account commitment, if we measure happiness by commitment rather than by amount and variety of sex and the orders placed on us, is You get someone else to commit to us and we have a society right now the value sex, about commitment that says that the happy possible life is worry, having sex with the most people in the most positions and that's what's gonna make it happiest. That's a lie. Number one. Social science demonstrate that this is a lie. Print promiscuity does not lead to happiness. It turns out. Natural variety does not lead to happiness. Commitment tends to lead to happiness. I work
open phobic society in a sex centric society, and that leads to an unhealthy focus on sex and it leads to a seeing people or not receiving this free and plentiful sex's. Victims of the society as opposed to people who need to better themselves and therefore it to earn commitment again virgin we should not be seen as something to be condemned. It's seen as a norm, not as a shortcoming until you have earned. Somebody else is commitment, but there's Not the way our society has viewed it if sex is the goal of life and we're going to fall directly into this trap, about redistribution of Saxon, involuntary celibates being victims again, The reality is, nobody owes you sex. Nobody tells you anything, hey you need to earn okay. When I say you need now mean yeah, I'd be a yet to be at a guy who plays the game. Yeah I'd be a star yeah. That's not I mean what I mean is that if you actually want to have a happy life. What you need to who is make yourself worthy of the person with whom you would like to have sex and that person need to make themselves worthy of you as well means bettering yourself. Every way, physically, emotionally spiritually become a better person,
it's really interesting. You rarely see that the guys complaining right now that involuntary celibacy there, never, play about involuntary a lack of commitment, right that you never see the same guys were talking about how they're not getting enough sex. Just random sack you never see them talking about. You know. I've really been trying to get married for a really long time and I've been on a well defined women who are willing to marry me, and that number is much much smaller the number of guys who are out there complaining not getting these supposedly free and plentiful offered by by society. But we're making a generation of pathetic man. That's all that's happening here, we're creating a generation of pathetic humans, men in particular, who think that they are owed things instead of having to actually be gentlemen. Bistro defenders of family be prepared to sustain a household in order to participate in love, making activity mean, while speaking of people who are being made pathetic. It's not just demand, also happening to women, the lead.
At the Huffington Post right now literally delete. Ok, the top of their enormous website is wet dreams. The age of fish sex I am not kidding you and then there's a picture of a woman's feet and a fish, and here is the story time for the easiest, there's by Claire Fallon, who I have no clue who she is only know she has deleted. Huffington, post and she's crazy. So here is but she hears what she writes. She writes time for the easier came up. If you love this movie read this book ever. If you love the shape of water movie about fish sex, you should definitely the Pisces by Melissa, Broder, a book about fish text become cover literally shows woman in an amorous plank of the fish. The novel actually is the story of a woman who has a torrid love affair with a merman, and then she says both the Pisces and Gamel Deltoro's, Oscar winning shape of water, seems over I've, arrived inflection point for heterosexual relations and some great women have thrown up their hands in despair. At the prospect of dealing with straight men. These men who grope us and talk down
to us and consistently failed to clean the bathroom were supposed to make lives with them. Let them touch us no you're, not you're suppose to find a good man and settle down with him that was the idea. You shouldn't be having sex with fish. Ladies, but it turns out that going after the bass, I nailing the salmon. That's not actually a good solution to you, lacking the ability to find a man who is willing to commit the again. How about with and focus on bettering themselves. Men focus on bettering themselves in both of both of these things lead commitment. Women will up one day says the Huffington Post to find their husbands voted for Donald Trump and their sons had been bleep posting an Incel boards. Just 'cause is a vote for Donald Trump doesn't mean that he's a bad human being, and this is so insane, even so, basically you're going to opt to go after the white fish in instead of sleeping with your husband, because he voted for trump even before we the claims about Harvey Weinstein's, history of sexual harassment, assault and the ensuing
avalanche of horrifying me to allegations. We heard about our president grabbing women by the Bleep Bill cause feeding women roofies in R Kelly, allegedly sexually, exploiting young girls, so Meh straight men, we have been forced to accept our bad bad to us and for us, while we the enormous risk of loving one of them and great women do have desires, cutting men out of our lives and it isn't a simple proposition that status thing is the concept of going listed, Stratton Tillman get their house in order might be. Strategy also requires straight women to deny their sexual urges the handsome reimagination has been exposed as a dangerous fraud, but we still need some form of romantic hope and sexual release once it up to it impossible. Fancy might be the romantic attention of a man who lacks the exhausting baggage of male entitlement to find such fan, testicle being women. At least infection have turned to the sea. Hey may Maybe the emasculation of men is leading men to become pathetic and made mens expectation of sex without relation to commitment is making men pathetic and it's making women again, making everybody pathetic, and maybe, instead of instead of turning men into something they are not which
men and women are doing. We should knowledge that Masculine behavior is a useful and necessary component of life instead of calculating men, you should expect men to be better, and men should expect themselves to be better women. Set the standard for men and men set the standard for women just the reality in human relations. Maybe that's not the way. It should be. That's the way it is when it comes sexual relations. If you want to have sex with somebody of the opposite sex you are set, standards, that's just the way that it works. What that means, is that women should expect men to be better. They should expect to be better, but they should not expect men not to be men. Hey men are creek, here's who are going to want sex, but you can also dictate to a man. Ladies, what kind of man you would like to have sex with hey it's up to you to determine what type of person you think is going make a good husband and suggest all men are r Kelly or Donald Trump, or that if they voted for Donald Trump, they are Donald Trump order. If they disagree with you about feminization of of of boys and somehow they're going to be bad, husbands were
Bing generations of men and women to be unhappy. That's all that's happening here. You have unhappy men who believe that the expectation of life is that they're going to have as much sex as they want an unhappy woman who are living in the expectation that men are going to be under their boot heel and not act like men at any point in real life, and it's just stupid it just stupid and that's how you end up with fish sex on the front page of the Huffington Post and in so is killing people in Canada. Just ridiculous. Ok, we're going to get to the mail back in just one second, but for that you have to go over the dailywire dot com, so for nine hundred and ninety nine a month you can get a subscription to dailywire dot com. That means that you rest of this show live you get the rest of Andrew Klavan Show live. The rest of Michael Moses show live. That means you get to be part of the mailbag and ask me the questions that you want answered. Also, if you get the annual subscription, you still get this leftist here is hot or cold tumblr. You will enjoy it, you'll love it. It is fantastic. Every amount of it is just marvelous beyond. All of that, I want you to go and subscribe right now. If you have not to our feed over it
Itunes or Soundcloud or Youtube the reason being, because this Sunday may six, we have a brand new addition of my podcast. A Sunday edition is the Ben Shapiro show Sunday Special in which I host weekly in depth. Conversations with the nation's best thinkers on politics, news, culture, sports and everything in between and the best part is for curry, subscribers to my show, because you won't even need to hit an extra button is just going to show up in your feed and this week Sepas it's just fantastic. I can guarantee it's great, Hey Jordan, Peterson stops by and it's awesome it's it's a really high level intellectuals! Stop! I think that you'll love it and I really hope that you enjoy the show. I think that it's gonna be just terrific. We have a bunch of fantastic as booked for the next few months. I it's it's a blast, so check it out Please subscribe right now and leave us a review. We always appreciate where the largest fastest growing conservative podcast in the nation it's mailbag time. So let's do this thing. So, let's just jump right in hue
specific Senate and House seats for the Republicans try to flip in the midterms. Well, there is a list today of Senate seats, particularly that are for that are up for re election Democrats could lose seriously up to nine seats. They could lose up to nine seats in the in the next Senate election. So I will give you the answers here. So, okay, tension right now is trailing by fourteen points. Any generic Republican in West Virginia North Dakota, hi DE camp trailing by eight she's. A democrat incumbent, Joe Donnelly in Indiana, is trailing by five Claire Mccaskill by five in Missouri Montana, Jon Tester trails by five floor bill Nelson is locked into a deadlock with Rick Scott. He probably will lose that seat. Pennsylvania and Ohio Democrats Bill Casey and Sherry Brown are leading by less than two points. Each Virginia TIM Kaine is within three, so there are a bunch of democratic seats that are up in the Senate in the house. It's very difficult to name Republicans who are capable of flipping Abe luceat. It looks a lot more. Like Democrats are going to flip some red seat. I put
listen. If our investing money right now I'd invest most of my money in it aces. I would not invest by the way in one particular a candidate I'd be remiss if I did not play this just because it's so amazing, there's a guy who is running or the nomination in Virginia. I believe his name is: there is a West Virginia Don Blankenship, okay, don the it's West Virginia Blankenship in West Virginia trying to run against Joe Manchin and he's an insane her okay. Here is the ad that currently running in the primaries in this West Virginia. I got if you blow this seat, I get it Joe Manchin has a fourteen point deficit against you know Republican. Unfortunately, Don Blankenship is certainly not generic Republican here is the he released legitimately this week, oh no swamp captain Mitch Mcconnell has created millions of jobs for China. People, while doing so Mitch, has gotten. In fact, this China family has given him tens of millions of dollars Mitch just play for now running false negative ads against me. They're also childishly calling him
despicable and mentally ill the war to drain the swamp and create jobs for West Virginia people has begun. I will beat Joe Mansion and ditch cocaine Mitch the sake of the kids, Cocaine Mitch, and then I love the kids who are just like. Why may even here, man what is even going on yeah that maybe the greatest of all time? I will do this one people of China, people, cocaine, Mitch, yeah. By the way, the the only field poll of the race has into three way race between M Jenkins, again in Morrison Blankenship, apparently Blankenship is getting sixteen percent of the the primary now. No, stop if we lose any more Senate seats because we run crappy. Can then it's going to like seriously in guys enough. We just we just can't okay Matthew right by then mother's day coming up, I found myself in a moral by my mother's alcoholic. Most of my tree they should leave us as a family and disappear for a few months until she and my father. Finally, got in wars because family lot of emotional and physical pain, particular myself, when in a drunken rage she told me she wish she would have had an abortion. This pain was a lot.
Young teenager handle so I spent most of my time locked away in my room by myself, trying to mentally disassociate myself from her. I rarely see her because when I do, I involuntarily become enraged because of the memories of what she did to us now, turns out. Her liver is failing from the years of drinking, and the doctor said she will die soon if she doesn't stop drinking as someone it's christian, I believe in forgiveness. I tried so hard to disassociate for my own mother, and almost here is a stranger and I find it to be really difficult to support her as she tries to go through. Rehab is a real life. I know it's my my but acted as one. So it's very difficult to such there is a very unique situation. What would your advice for someone like me? Be? I really could use it. Okay, so Matthew. Obviously all my sent these to you in the broader question. What do you do with a parent who's, just a bad parent, what you do with a bad parent? I obviously there biblical injunctions to to respect your parents to honor your parents, and it says really that you're supposed to your so your own life. As long as your life is long in the land, that's the, and it says that is because honoring your parents is not just about what you're doing for your parents. What you're doing for you, whatever you have to do to come to peace with situation with your mother, is something to you ought to do. If your mother
goes at eight, your mother dies. If your mother passed away you're going to want to be able to look back and say to yourself. I was a good person here the person who did everything that I could and that's how. I would see this yes, when making the sacrifice. Yes, you are the person put yourself in a rough position and when it comes to forgiveness, you know I'm not to say that I'm not going to stand in your shoes and say that you ought to forgive your there for making your childhood miserable. I'm not sure that that's something that anyone should be you push to forgive, but I do think that Is that the best thing for you would be just to all, I can say is the best thing for you would be to come to some sort of satisfaction our own behavior, some sort of for your own behavior that you can live with where you're not gonna yourself up later about the about the action that you took right now. So maybe that means driving your mom to the doctor. Maybe it mean trying to be nice to your mom, but you know still yourself still being emotionally wary, because volatile people remain volatile. I don't think that in a lot of circumstances they tend to stop being ball. So again, you're not doing anything wrong. If you're, having a tough time in your
for giving your mom but try to investigate what is going, allow you to sleep at night and then I would act in accordance with that. Back. It always annoying that I find myself consistently tired and procrastinating. How do you wake up so early and stay on task? I'ma huge? Have you in the shows, so I to go to bed early last night, I went to bed at like one thousand and fifteen like an old person, so I would you. If I were you, I would try to try to keep by the bench. Franklin admonition early Bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. So far it worked out. Well, so that's my role there Austin says: hey Ben where we draw the line between the government protecting public lands in national treasures like Yosemite and and uh in land grabbing the government action. However, second time I my love for the national parks. In my dislike for big government in general, thanks Well Austin, I have to say, I think There is a good case to be made for private parks. In many cases I do not so that Yosemite would have turned into a bunch of gas stations if it had not been for national government well, siphoning it off
now I believe that environmental regulations. I believe that there are certain externalities that we have to protect against, but the national, start system. I find kind of controversial in the sense that most of the is that we find beautiful in life. We are willing to pay for, and there are plenty of private parks across the United States. That are quite beautiful and quite magnificent. I think that they would be people would be willing to give money. I'm sure they're are private, several billionaires, who would probably be willing to purchase Yosemite and just to protect it. So if it's just a people would have come in and exploited the land. I'm not fully sure that that's true, actually, I'm rather libertarian to the extent it is possible to be here This is Heaven. Can you explain why over regulation is causing the doctor shortage? In the United States, sure overregulation means you have to fill out a lot of paperwork, is that insurance rates have gone up. It means that doctors are being prevented from entering practice. It means that they are forced to do a lot of things that nurses should be doing. It means they have more work and less pay. In short, when you have more work in less pay that limits the number of people who want to go into a particular profession, that is very short answer. Brandon says: hey Ben. How do
men, such as myself, convinced more adolescent peers to start growing up as opposed to the well party hookup culture that is completely encapsulated our youth. Well, I mean whatever always said to for who are my own age? So, let's be frank about this. Trying to reason with adolescence is always a problem. The reason for this is the adolescents have overdeveloped amygdala, underdeveloped, prefrontal cortex is mean Their emotional centers are extraordinarily responsive in their logic. Centers are an extraordinarily underdeveloped so trying to check them out of all of this is very difficult, but what you can say is going decisions now that you regret later and if you're not go ahead. Now then you're falling behind right. The people who are most successful are going to be the people around. You are buckling down and doing their work and not the people who are partying and wasting their lives in putting themselves at risk understand that our culture has basically said that all fun is good at seventeen is the time to find yourself that whatever fund engagement, seventeen you get past the rest of your life, maybe is true for some people, it's certainly not true for all people, I think probably the general rule. It is less
true for girls than it is for boys, because girls take particularly sexual activity. A lot more seriously than boys do just by virtually. Psychological study that I've ever seen and so yeah. I think that the acting like Jerk is something that gets ingrained in your character if you're doing it when you're seventeen. My guess is that it's going to be harder to remove that from your character later than it otherwise would be Daniel, earlier in the week, you spoke about Marxism and its impact on our culture. Do you think the works of NEO marxist thinkers, like Graham Street, play a similar role so gramsci? For those who don't know, was italian proto, fascist thinker, he was a marxist. Who is actually much involved with with Mussolini for a little while His basic theory is that Marx is it had failed and what you needed instead with Cultural Marxism, Marxism had suggested that there was an inevitable slide from capitalism and towards Marxism, and that eventually, capitalism is great into Marxism. Overtime is historical prediction. Gram she said.
But that's not what happened in World WAR one and World WAR one. There wasn't this great class uprising to stop the war, and so what we really need is we need to look at the culture we need to take over cultural institutions, and then we need to use those cultural institutions to re inculcate, a new sort of human being in the human heart. I think that guy she's been a lot. His philosophy is been a lot more successful than the philosophy the of Marx himself, Cultural Marxism, has been a lot more successful in DES in the west, then the economic theories of marks. Susan says: hey Ben, how do we have whataboutism trump is in the office and therefore the leader of the GOP, mostly leftist paint the entire GOP one brush. How ideas, not people. What we say is when Trump does something wrong. It's bad end of story and went wrong, something does something good? It's good end of story, and the only way whataboutism applies is not with regard to whataboutism, but you and say to the left, you are pretending to about x, but you do care about. Why? That's not what about is my care about. Both, I think when Trump is,
is being garbage he's being garbage and when Clinton was being garbage, she was being garbage an that's consistent but you're not consistent. That's not what about him. That's just saying to somebody that everybody should have an even standard across the playing field for everyone. I said that that's how you avoid whataboutism in these conversations Alfredo says: hi Ben I'm occur, Phd student in philosophy, and I enjoy watching your show every day as a person in academia is one of the few things that keeps me from going insane something especially enjoys when you relate the topic, we're discussing to broader intellectual themes from the great philosophers of the past. I'm excited the prominent conservative thinking seriously about philosophical questions. I have two questions. First, when did you start investigating philosophy more seriously seconds. You think more conservative should study philosophy also, what are some philosophy books, you'd recommend to your viewers. So when did I first reading Philos he probably in college, may be late school. Do I think mission safe lassie? Absolutely I mean I think, the entire Strauss in school, what LEO Strauss who's been sort of a an idea, logical godfathers, lot of conservatives. He obvious
he was very much engaged in the process of teaching Plato and Aristotle and the ancient. I think that a lot of concern- tinkers Markle then I know is very big on John Locke. There is, or something worthwhile to studying philosophy. In fact, my entire next book is probably going to be. I mean I'm almost done with it. The entire next book is basically a philosophy book, an just check, the bibliography for a list of books. I recommend a bunch on the show that some of the summaries of last year really good, there's one. That's called the history of political philosophy with essays on very philosophers by edited by Strauss there is his natural history. Obviously is a very good book. The story of philosophy by Will Durant is a good user friendly. I do a lot of philosophers. I I'm really fond of the writing of Walter Kaufmann- was an existentialist philosopher well he's actually quasi anti existentialist kind of exit, but his his the books are really good and William has really good book an existential ism. I love philosophy. I think it's really interesting to read: try to read the primary sources. First, tried read Nick
try to read Plato's, but I try to read all of those things, but I think a lot of the summaries of philosophy are just as useful times reading, trying to pull your way through. Eight hundred pages of critique of pure reason is probably not as user friendly, simply reading uh, you friendly summary from a cable source like, for example, the rent. Let's see couple more questions and will do things like things I hate necklace as hey man, I will be attending my first year of law school beginning in August and if I somehow to mentally or physically prepared for the grueling journey ahead. Well, no, the number one year. One is the hard one years: two and three are not so bad, second I would say that whatever reading your side, you should see if there's a reading on the other side of that has been that has not been assigned. I had a great time in law school because I did a lot of outside reading. Also yeah I get in to a system early, get into system early where you're summarizing cases, and you have an outline- and you take good notes, because that's the only way we're going to be able to stay on top of the material friend. Then I have an atheist daughter, age. Twenty eight who recently left the christian faith and now because of an atheist. She recently
did you find the account of Noah and the flood hard to believe. Her reasoning goes like this. Flood ever happened along with many other arguments, Bible, unbelievable the snow God. I've always enjoyed your talks on the old testament looking for help on Noah and the flood from the wise one. Ok, so it is real. Unclear whether know what was a metaphorical character in the same way, that Adam is a metaphorical character and This is sort of unclear in the Bible. Yeah there's a lot of argument over when the sort of historicity of the Bible begins, and I think that the common belief, a lot of religious people is probably it begins with Abraham that once you get to Abraham now, you're talking about real people as opposed to Noah, who could have a a is more more metaphorical creation. The tower of Babel is more metaphorical story. Then it is a story about something where people actually built a physical tower to happen and then suddenly were struck with a bunch of different languages. It's really a tale about fascism and about community communitarianism. Trying to challenge got and breaking down the story of Noah, I would say from a from metaphor, perspective, and this is, I think, it's important- is a story about the truck
the family over the over the sort of communistic just society that surrounds them. The story of Noah is a guy protecting his family from an inundation of cultural inundation, now now. It is true that there is some sort of fly by the way in Mesopotamia. It wasn't a global flood. It was probably local flood in the the story is wrapped into this right. If you actually more engine documents in the Bible. There are flood stories in those documents for ancient Mesopotamian. Math has talk about giant floods happening in the Middle EAST, so probably was a flood of some sort that was happening in the middle at that time, but the actual psychological impact of Noah would say that it's really more about that. That entire portion of the Bible is contrasting various types of civilization, so you have a tower of Babel, which is a civilization built on the idea that if we get everybody together and we build toward a common purpose, but we ignore the individual and will be build something great and holy, so basically
the communist empires of the USSR and that breaks down into a bunch of squabbling. These it turns out that people are individuals and their tribal and they're not going to bow to a giant human created tower. That's that's the story of the Tower Babel that is juxtaposed to the story of the people who are surrounding Noah, who are sort of these libertines, who suggest that they have access to everybody else's property and can engage in any sexual immorality. They want it's the libertine society right, the ultimate individualistic society that says we can do whatever we want. Even if damage is other people and we don't care the community externalities be down, doesn't matter and then there's no up and knows model is the family. Is what survives right that in a in a survival situation, the only thing that survived is the core family who get on an arc and for two themselves from the inundation and then are able to spread out based on that family, and I think that Oracle value of now again. People who say that they don't take the literal truth on beginning of Genesis as as a guide to the religious world, where a lot of people have been talking about how the
inning of Genesis a metaphor for a very long time, and I recommend books on this program about the about how to rectify ages between science and the Bible. I talk about this stuff all the time. This is I'm sorry. It sounds like your daughter is a very simplistic atheistic thinker and that's a I think? A lot of the people who are the biggest proponents of atheism are people who have never spent five minutes with the Bible there, people who just look at the Bible they find a couple of verses, they think are awful, and then they don't bother to understand how that fit into context, why that was at the time that it was written whether it was a rest of when it was written. The relationship is of revelation and reason. Why does is I gave a God given documents, human beings, as opposed to just changing human beings and angels, why it got. Why would God give a document a written document to human beings and then live by this document, especially knowing human beings are bound by their time infallible you, I think what I believe is that God gave the Bible. The enzyme that catalyzes the progress of humanity. The basically outside is here, is a moral guide for you here right now.
Certain immutable principles it there? Certain basic print like the ten commandments, there's certain basic moral principles about sexuality right, because you nature doesn't change, but there other elements of the Bible that are cool he dictated to time and place because if I were to say to me, if I were to give an order of the of living, a math is right. Now right is in the room and to living to him. It would include things were time dependent, don't spend how much time on the internet would be one of those things. Ok, well, but the nature of the internet changes or one of the internet doesn't exist in twenty years. So then the question is: how do we adapt the general principles to living a daily life, God is doing when he gives the Bible in my belief system is it? God is saying to a specific set of people how you ought to live? And now your job to use reason to interpret what I am saying in conjunction with new evidence and new evidence. Does it arises now, the res some of the Bible, so people would say, ok well in the Bible, means nothing, because if everything can involve, then why doesn't the Bible evolve and the answer there is that there are certain things that do not change
things that do not change all the things that go to human nature itself go to human itself? That's why I say sexual sense, God knew full well. What can nature was in human nature, has not changed in the past three one slash two thousand years, and it's not going to change anytime soon, because human people are human beings are human beings. I would take your daughter is. She if you're going to reject Christianity on the basis of she doesn't believe the just so stories of the Bible, maybe try to do a little deeper reading into it before she rejects it. Otherwise, she is doing herself a certain disrespect also, if she believes that she's, I don't know why. She would believe by the way that, doesn't believe everything in the Bible and therefore she's. An atheist that doesn't follow. There are plenty Other religions are, there are plenty of other takes on God, just as you know, believe, though, the words of Bible doesn't mean that that there isn't a supreme being that the guide to all of us and and has set the universe on a certain course. Okay, that was a pretty low answer so we'll have to cut the mail back there and then we'll do some things that I like and some things that I hate. So speaking of,
yeah. We were talking a little bit about all these people on the left. Who cannot believe that people on the right would support Donald Trump, despite his moral failings it's amazing how short people's memory is. There's not whataboutism. People on the right should in DEM President Trump's moral failings, but it is worthwhile noting that people on the left, who whining about why people on the right would still support Trump's tax cuts and support. His administration has continued presidency, despite the fact that his garbage with women right they seem to forget. There was a guy named Bill Clinton. So if you've never seen the movie primary colors with John Travolta, it is a pretty good movie with Thompson and John Travolta. It's a little too warm and fuzzy on the Clintons, but is obviously an adaptation of Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton, the Thompson is Hillary Clinton here and die it is, it is pretty good, is a
Wrigley understand. This is Henry Burton. Unless your grand father was from was a boy, he was a great man. Thank you so much these people don't know you. They probably don't. Even remember your state there there waiting to be swept off their people. Just wanted to say, welcome aboard with him. Did you tell him? I was coming on more normal, but you call this like I'm sure the kids will not just delighted that your own board misses then, and I'm not sure I've never held on a presidential campaign before neither have week. But that's all history is made him. If you had to swallow another garbage can say it would x rated me too, if you believe what you read in the paper, you show me the war thing, the drug thing and a woman think friends from the plane leaves suggesting we do might be a good idea to get on some tv shows. I'm not gonna go negative. Any jack asking burn down the barn negative itself, I'm not gonna. Do it so much better?
Yes, that Bill Clinton has been involved in a lot of terrible terrible things, which obviously is true and the reality is. The bill Clinton was involved in a lot of very, very bad things, and the left was fine with all of it. So now, when they complaining about immorality in politics, it's a little bit going it's a little bit going to people. Ok, other things that I like. So as we have heard, I'm left incessantly MIKE Pence, obviously is deep homophobia hates gay people. How do I know is a deep homophobic hate, gay people. Well, because yesterday he swore in Richard Grenell. The first ambassador in US history, as the as the ambassador to Germany and his gr husband is the guy who the giant Bible there on which group is and which were now is wearing into. Obviously MIKE Mike Pence could barely stand. This had run screaming from the room hi. He he actually tried to do use a lot shock therapy underdetermined straight again, but when that failed, We had to swear him in as ambassador to Germany. I Richard Grenell do solemnly swear. I Richard pronouncing sound with but I would support and defend the constitution of the United States that I will support and defend the constitution of the night.
Against all enemies, foreign and domestic against all enemies, foreign and domestic okay, so obviously so much hate for the gay guy there wow just everybody, everybody losing their mind. You can see my is so unhappy about all of this, ridiculous crap, I mean Again- is one of the things You should understand that religious believers, religion, first can believe that you are participating in senton. Still think that you are a good person religiously. We can believe that what you are doing is something that they do not agree with, but it's a free country but it's so it's so demeaning to religious people to suggest that, because we think something that you're doing is a sin. Therefore, we think that you the imprisoned or locked up only lefties think this way, really honestly only people on the hard left, you don't believe in a limited government believe that they are imposing the morality from Bob okay time for a quick thing that I hate, bill. Ayers is a terrorist. This is a guy who started the weather underground and he tweet
yesterday, there's a guy who tweeted at him. I served honorably as an infantry officer overseas. How 'bout you Bill Ayres tweet Jack. I served honorably in the struggle against war for peace and justice in this it is an amazing thing. We talk about media bias, the fact that Bill Ayers was not a major campaign issue in two thousand and eight is an incredible thing. Can you imagine if Trump had hob Nob with the guy who legitimately bombed the Pentagon in the 1970s, hey Bill, Ayers built bombs that were set off at the Pentagon at the New York City Police Department or set off at the US. Capital K, a bomb that he designed, went off in an apartment and killed three people, including his then girlfriend and bill. Ayers was a guy who worked closest Barack Obama, welcome back from the neighborhood he lied about it. Did you see any of the sort of hysterical media coverage over that that you've seen over Stormy Daniels, of course not? It was considered gauche, to mention built errors. It was considered ghost dimension, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers is a bad, okay and Bill Ayers
I can see in this guy who still has not apologized for having set bombs in the 1970s, because obviously it's okay to try and bomb places and kill people, so you are is that you're making a change in favor of peace and justice again demonstrating once again, the bias in the media is pretty pretty amazing. Alright, so will be on Monday. Make sure that you subscribe because on Sunday, actually, we have our first special, our first Sunday special. Please check it out, I really think you're going to write. It's me and Jordan Peterson for the full hour is Larry. King would say so good. Check it out right now and will be on Monday live. I mention this adventure show and the Ben Shapiro Show is produced by Sanya Villa real executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer. Jonathan hey are supervising producers, Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin Stevens edited by Alex and Garo Assistant to the editor Julia Whittle. Audio is mixed by my car mean a hair and makeup is by Jessica, although
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