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Ep. 582 - The Russian Connection

2018-07-17 | 🔗
Trump does a presser with Putin and the world goes insane, Democrats cry treason, plus we deconstruct some culture. Date: 07-17-2018
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President from does oppressor with Lattimer prudent in the world goes insane. Democrats cried treason and we deconstruction culture, I'm bench here. This is the venture Barroso. So, first off, let me remind that, if you haven't heard already this August, I am taking the bench. Shapiro shall live to audiences in Dallas in Phoenix You'll be able to see me in person and join in an audience. Koane tickets are going fast, visit daily, wire, dotcom, slash events to get your seats and additional in four basically sold out in Dallas. Go check it out really quickly. If you wanna get those seeds daily, where'd outcome, slash events. Also, I wonder you're. The China has now announced fifty billion dollars in tariffs to counter America's fifty billion dollars and tariffs across thirteen hundred product categories. All of this can cause serious price inflation. A hedge against inflation in the hedge against uncertainty and instability can be precious metals goal these a safe haven against uncertainty, which is why my savings plan is diverse. About airline, take all your money and second goal- I mean take some of your money and stick it in precious metals, because that's what I do the company, I trust with precious metals purchases Brcko
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intelligence agencies who, lest we forget, work for him. It is the people work for him if he doesn't like Heavy Intel, agencies are doing their job. He can replace their leadership, which is already done with the FBI. Yo you he has on CIA hidden there. The dude has all the people he wants in place. If you like on Intel agencies in what they're telling him he has every capacity to find new, more honest intelligence agencies he's not actually doing now, which suggest that he knows full well that the idea that the Russians were attempting to interfere in the election is true. Now Does that mean that the Russians actually swung the election it trumped know doesn't mean that present from colluded with the Russians. No, but the problem for President Trump is that he's personally so ego testicle that he believes that any in any sort of Asperger, any aspersion that is cast at the presidential election of twenty. Sixteen must be false because he believes that he one fair and square, and that means that anybody, any anything anybody says about what went wrong in twenty sixteen with the Russians. All of that is an attempt merely to
mine his grand victory and therefore anyone who claims that the Russians were attempting to hack into the election system. Basically, all those people are simply unwilling to accept that Hilary loss was an I'm willing to accept that Hilary lost, and it is also true that the Russians were attempting to monkey with our electorate our electoral system. And they are attempting to monkey without with our so election cycle, with the new cycle by hacking into the Dnc, the decency and the Hillary Clinton campaign, or all of this manifested itself in a pretty awful way yesterday, when president from got up to the podium with. Let me know how do people soft peddling this today a lot of people on the right, particularly suggesting that wasn't a big deal, and none of it really matters. Yesterday, I said I'm not sure that it matters a lot in terms of Vladimir Putin invading other countries. I am not sure that it matters a lot in terms of actual hard headed foreign policy, but it does matter in terms of the american perception of our own intelligence agencies and it matters with regard to Vladimir Putin's perception that can play with trump when it comes to monkeying, with our new cycle and hacking into enemies of President Trump President,
There are real deserve, as yesterday, what he did was was really rather unprecedented in modern american history. I dont mean completely unprecedented because, but you do have Barack Obama sent pallets of cash in the iranian mullahs. You have rock Obama, who plays flexibility on a hot mic to the russian government, but to go before the entire world, and suggest that your own intelligence agencies are wrong and a thug piece of human debris, like Vladimir Putin, is right when he lies about how he didn't happen, Jesus you see or Dnc or Hillary Clinton campaign. When you do that, you're doing a real disservice to the american intelligence agencies as well as to America in general. You can't do that a president from did do it took from had this pressure with. Let me put an end to start off by saying our relationship has never been worse, but he solved it. Relationship has never been worse than it is now our ever changed
four hours ago. I really believe that. Ok, what do you really believe that four hours ago the change happen, then, the same category as George W Bush had he looked in Vladimir Putin's eyes and saw his soul or Barack Obama who sent we're Clinton to bring a reset button. There was miss, marked aids and something else on the button. Then that's the same category so that in and of itself its foolish but is not particularly damaging. Then we get to the damaging stuff, so president trumpet asked about the sort of decline in the relationship between Russia and the United States, and he did something that if it came from the left Barack Obama would have been perfectly predictable. He's had ever One is to blame, particularly the United States or both countries responsible. I think that the United States has been foolish. I think we ve all been foolish. We should add this dialogue a long time ago, along am frankly before I got to office. I think we're all to blame in nobody signed up for that. One
and in France as America first, when it does make Amerika great again it doesn't blame America. First, America is not responsible and the decline of the relationship with Russia. Lattimer prudent invade two sovereign states in the last ten years, two of them and the United States did very little about it. Vladimir Putin turned around into a sphere of influence and Syria into a sphere of influence in the United States. It very little about that. Now was the United States wrong? That's do more about these things. Of course the United States is one must do more about these things, but that sort of like saying that the boss and the person run over by the buzzer equally response for the accident, if an Austrian has the right of way United States not responsible for the Putin actually invading surrounding countries and murmuring. Dissenting journalists and murmuring dissenting politicians will unite, is now responsible for any of that stuff in four trumped to suggest anything. Different is Howard's in no I'm Chomsky territory and then it gets worse or the president is obviously very upset with the Mullah collusion Investigation and has a right to be upset about that because he says I didn't collude theirs.
A lot of evidence to suggest that he did collude at this point, and so he launches into rant about how the probe is a disaster for the country where the problem is, the probe is doing a couple of things. The Proba is looking into the possibility that the term campaign worked with Russia and Trump, I think, has a right to be upset about that. I think he is right to be upset with the idea that the intelligence agencies, as led by people like Peter struck or by used against him in their attempt to pin russian collusion on him and his campaign? I think, has every right to be upset about that, but he does not have rights. We have set about intelligence agencies coming up with an estimate that says that the Russians have the decency and the decency and the Hilary campaign, all that is very well verified. Oliver intelligence agencies agree on that someone from says that the problem is disaster for the
tree when you really should be saying is any suggestion that I colluded with Lattimer. Putin is a disaster for the country, because it's not true, but when he underlines the intelligence agencies by throwing out the baby with the bathwater, yet problem areas talking about the probe thing to be the probe is a disaster for a country. There was no collusion at all. It was a clean campaign. I beat Hillary Clinton easily. There was no collusion, I didn't know the president. There is nobody to collude with. It was no collusion with the campaign. All of that is not great, but its not working. Well, then we get to the actual worst court can worst quote. Is he says glamour prudent protests, importance listen. I have nothing to do with this. Hacking is more me knit bread is not. I had nothing to do with any of this and from instead of saying, listen Wagner, unite. Disagree about this. My intelligence agencies came to a different conclusion. There. My intelligence agencies and I have to take what they say at face value
because they are the ones who are doing, is hard work instead from takes his intelligence agencies and he dumps them directly under the bus. It's really bad. It's really bad people came to me. Dan coats came to me and some others. They said they think it's Russia. I have President Putin he just it's not Russia. I will say this. I don't see any reason why it would be, but I really do. Want to see the server, but I have I have confidence in both parties, so I have great confidence in my intelligence. People but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his dinner,
I'll today and what he did is credible offer. Ok, this is weak. Kneed stuff. This is weak. It looks like from got unmanned by Putin here, that's what it looks like just for any objective: your if you're, not a trump Van, if yard from their elite, have to try and be objective as to what happened. Yesterday, Trump look like he was bullied by Vladimir Putin on their podium. He looked like Vladimir Putin owned him on the podium. He makes a couple statements that are worthy of explication in that particular quote. So, first, the president's, as I really do, want to see the server now. This goes to his suggestion that the not has not turnover service to the FBI, because the DMZ is hiding something. So the theory goes something like this. The FBI goes Dnc, they say. Listen. We think you ve been hacked by the Russians and the DMZ says no one. I can assure you anything which would be suspicious if that had been the case. If they'd said we're not going to show you anything, because we are trying to hide something, because we actually leaked out these documents ourselves in south richer, something then you'd be suspicious, but has actually what happened. Ok, limit
in fact on the DMZ server, because there's a lot of fiction that's going around today and I think that fostering their fiction is now useful, so the theory on the right seems to be by some on the right and John Henry talked about Iceland has show, I think shown, is wrong. Basically, the theory on the right is that show that the DMZ is hiding something they didn't turn over their servers to the FBI, but the F B. I somehow came to the conclusion that was the Russians anyway and which is what from said yesterday that you have groups There are wondering why the F b I never took the server, haven't they taken the server. Why was the F b? I told you leave the office of the Dnc. I've been wondering that have been asking for months. I've been tweeting it out, calling it an social media, whereas the server I wanted a whereas the server, and what is this we're saying ok. So here is the real story about the server. Ok, a server is a physical entity. You do not have to grab a physical entity that has on computer materials and bring it outside the offices of the deal
in order to examine those materials in the same way that you can remotely access your computer from home. The FBI has the capacity to remote. We access the material on the servers. The daily basis are printed look at this today, as they were, cyber investigators respond to an incident. They capture the evidence in a process called imaging. They make exact bite for bite copy of the hard drives. They do the same for machines memory. They capture, evidence that would otherwise be lost at the next reboot and they monitor and store the traffic passing through. The victims network has been standard procedure in computer intrusion investigations for decades. The images not the computers hardware provide the evidence, but the Dnc and security from crowd strike hired risk to respond to the bridge have said repeatedly over the years. They gave the FBI a copy of dna images back into it. Sixteen some ideas he didn't have to turn over its physical servers because there are still using those. During the campaign, the F B, I had access to the imaging the crowds, and the other Dnc J call me said as much in his testimony. You said you wanted direct access to the DNS servers for purposes of accessing their live network, and this is where the DMZ turn the f B. I doubt now is that suspicion
apparently, is not all that uncommon. According to the daily beast, when the computers belong to a cooperating victim, seizing the machines are pretty much out of the question said: Jane Terrorist, a former FBI, Cybercrime, agent, who worked on a two thousand nine breach of Google, that's been linked to the chinese government in most cases you don't even ask just assume they're gonna make forensic copies said Harris now. Vice president engineering at PHP Cyber, like we have a computer company here, we have an internet company if we, but I wanted to investigate what we would allow them to do his image. All the material would allow them to take all the servers out of our office. We can do our work them, so this isn't anything nefarious per se. The Dnc was not covering for legal materials. The Russians, thereby exposing well crowd strike crowd, strikes a democratically well not really. Crowds rank is also used by the urgency, something important to get rid of misinformation, because it prevents clarity. Look I want We think that we believe to be based, at least on a certain number of facts now, just secondary gets Vladimir Putin's response to all this first say, thanks to our sponsors over a pitiable ourselves, these folks make Vive S clothing. I mean this is just
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Why, president from shouldn't believe me I mean he's such a weasel here- is that you can hear the translator here. Here's what put now to say as the who is to be believed who's not to be believed. You can trust. No one you take this. Could you name what single fact that what definitively prove the collusion with you, this is nonsense, becomes what she's gimbal, just like we present its recent dimensions that you have seen the body language, charming Putin is so comfortable. He so happy up there. I love that line as to who is to be believed and not to be believed. You can trust no one again spoken like a former KGB agent, and then he was specifically if you wanted from two when the election and here's. What you had to say is including measures to be sympathetic towards a person who is willing to restore the relationship with our country. Who wants to work with us now. Do I really think that Vladimir Putin, what
attempting to rig the election for Donald Trump in any serious way. No, I believe the intelligence communities assessment that he was attempting to mess with the election in order to create chaos and guess what you just created a lot more chaos yesterday, because now half the country believes that Donald Trump is in the pocket of lead report. Now I don't think in the pocket of Vladimir Putin? I think the Donald Trump is an eagle maniac, let's be complimented likes having his shoulders, massage Putin massages his shoulders and Mahler dozens who doesn't Mallory does like Putin. I think it really is almost that simple and Putin knows this, which is why he says. Of course I was trying to tremble at it. He knows what kind of caste that's gonna clause at home, He knows that that causes gridlock in anger and the american political system that is put in school. So what that requires is for people on the right to recognise that Trump needs to put his ego behind him and recognise who Putin is we'll talk about who Putin is just a second and at the same time, folks, on the left to understand that every time they scream collusion to the sky without any evidence every time they suggest that we are crisis motor that, from his committed some act of treason, all they are doing is giving Putin
We want in a certain sense, which is a certain level of chaos in the american political system. Ok, so how bad guys, Putin so put was on with Chris Walls and Chris, whilst foxes, really grilled Putin he started off by asking Putin about NATO and put an essentially said that NATO should never expand, because NATO is a threat to Russia. There is an opportunity for bilateral contacts with the member states, which was done with Poland with Romania, which no station and deploy elements of these. Anti missile defence defense of the United States. Moving this NATO infrastructure towards our borders would be a threat. Cutting the reaction would be extremely negative and then pulling values that up his ass specifically about whether they have compromised on Trump red, is the theory from the left? Is the region from pursuing all this is because Putin has the p tape or some such nonsense and Putin says, no, I don't have any compromise now. Can you trust Putin's ain't? Nobody compliment, of course, not the guy's a KGB by why the world would you trust, Vladimir Putin,
said he does here that he doesn't have any compromise material and trump though, if you did, you expect him to announce it on Fox news. Thou be great right in the middle of the interview they say give compliment from is, of course, I've tape of dumping Pilon by russian prostitute. By that that's this can happen anyway. Here it's him. That, of course, was whether we have something on them. We don't have anything on their manufacture. There can be anything on them. Don't wanna insult present from when I say this and I may come. They woke up comes rude, but before it He announced that he will run for presidency
she was of no interest foreigners? My favorite part of this interview is the part where Cresswell as tries to hand glamour Putney indictment right. This indictment put out by the Mullah investigation of these, while Russians and Putin refuses to look at. It is utterly ridiculous. Just utterly ridiculous, and this is the guy that transcends. He believes as much as the intelligence agencies. Do you really believe that most of the bullet, but we never, but if someone can from the russian territory, could have influenced the United States and influence the choice. Of millions of American. Not ass is an utterly ridiculous against I'm asking whether they try, ok and important. Refuses to answer that question. Look, how clever Putin is their right to Cresswells asks him? Did you try to influence the election process? We never could have influenced election. If we influence selection, then trampled would lose so whenever influenced action. What he's playing to an audience one there in the audience he playing too is present from the worst part of this interview, and also the best part, is a powerpoint specifically asked about him, murdering his political opponents, his answer
there is such a bond villain answer, Asia seated the camera slowly pulls back and Vladimir Putin is putting a hairless cat is really unbelievable. Here is Vladimir Putin being asked whether humorous political opponents will haven't present has been killed in the United States. Have you forgotten about it? You will be well ashamed. Has I ve been killed in Russia in the United States, which is still up shit. Now praiseworthy mister king. What we need and what happens in clashes between police and civil society in some several ethnic groups, spectacular stuff from when report right there said you kill your political opponents. Well heavenly, kill them. You'll added states not move working, killed United States right. There were assassinated by criminals. You're. The government of Russia. I'd make fun
let me put more except that I know that he kills people, so I'm a little bit I'll be honest with you. I'm gonna amateurs steer clear of that one because I am fond of breathing, but this is the guy who Trump decided that he wanted to favour. In the in these negotiations, this is the guy the Trump wanted to compliment and pat on the head during these negotiations. If you watch that this conference of the sound off? What you'd have assumes that Putin was the powerhouse in the room and Trump was the weakling, here we have the same sort of phenomena. Little bomb was present here is how do we the sky in the room or trunk. That's supposed to be the opposite of what he is right he's the brash, bold rude American who those in their knots heads together, he's gay, goes into NATO and tells the Germans they pay up. He's the guy goes up to Canada and tells Justin Fredo that he look stupid without hair right. That's that's the guy. HU, the american people elected didn't like the guy who goes in there and then talks about Vladimir Putin is really a nice guy. When you get to know him and have Lattimer Putin's assessment of these two thousand. Sixteen election is more accurate than that of zone intelligence agencies. Now, what's the practical impact venue, this does prudent actually believe that Trump is such weakling, that he can now walk into.
Lithuania or Latvia and Estonia. You walk into the Baltic states, and you can just take em over In that troubled. Do nothing about. I don't think, that's what he thinks, but I think that Putin is just really happy, but the United States seems embroiled in this chaos that he has helped create, and that has exacerbated every day, but the jewel problem of trumps ego and west brutal and ridiculous attempt to paint trump as a russian polluter. Those are two sides of the same coin, and both of them are pleasing tribe, our pleasing Vladimir Putin, Israel, that really really pleasing Vladimir Putin. Now, speaking of all of that, in just a second, I'm gonna get you a new incitement brought by Robert brought by the mother investigation by Robert Color, but first I would say thanks to us, answers over at o Maxell. You already heard about mega. Three, as you know there are made to raise, are one of the healthiest things that you can do for your body over. Seventy five percent of Americans don't get enough omega three in their diet. You're, probably one of them. So here is whether important your health care they can improve, focused in memory. They can boost cardiovascular help. They can alleviate joint pain. Many the top sellers on the market, though don't
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MAX three see our why oh eight x, dotcom, Slash, Shapiro terms and conditions to apply, get that box of annex three or four pirate for ruining their trial. Next icon, slash sugar, ok, so meanwhile, Robber Miller has brought new indictment. The person charged in this indictment is awaiting a Maria Bettina she's, twenty nine, and she is basically this red headed suppose it gun rights activist who spent an awful lot of times since two thousand thirteen going to republican functions and ingratiate. Herself with pro gun rights, people and then she was using those programme rights people to get politicians ticket. So she want you to fix me up with Congress, data war back on, for example, and somebody begun Rights Organisation would say well, it seems like a nice probe gun rights, lady from Russia of extra dinner or background, then, should go and try and create a back channel between those Congress. People and members of the russian government is what the indictment basically says. So, according to law and crime, the woman who the department, Justice has charged for allegedly failing to properly register is a russian operative. Well in the United States, apparently brag several times, she helped the campaign of president from communicate with the russian government, Maria Outina, twenty nine
His charge Saturday, the complete was not unsealed until Monday July, sixteenth routine, is alleged bragging about the Trump campaign connections was reported in February. Two thousand seventeen by daily beast. The original report is now getting renewed attention due to the criminal complaint. The daily beast reports, issues in business with republican activists, Paul Eriksson. And previously worked the Alexander torsion, a member of Vladimir Putin's political party, who once served as a russian senator before becoming a leader of the Central Bank of Russia, so Paul Ericsson, it should be said, is a very active member of sort of upper ranking. Public, encircles, polarity, hobnobbed. The lot of prominent republicans. I've met polemics and add, like David Horwitz Freedom Centre event. In always like a nice guy. Apparently he had forms and sort of company with this Merida Maria Bettina, but there are no allegations that he actually violated. The loss of the big question is whether people were fixing up outina with actual members of emu. No diminution russian agent and one of the people in the american government uses russian agent and even if they did no issues russian agent, there's nothing here.
With a bad channels. Along is no actual illegal activity took place there, a bunch of holes that still have to be filled in the leftovers, jumping to the conclusion that patina is the goal between between Trump and the russian government and that she is the nexus of all collusion. Those charges are not in this endeavour, so this people jumping to conclusions and pretty significant. Why routine reportedly brag about the trunk campaign twice once during November, twelve twenty sixteen birthday party said to have been attended by Eriksson and from campaign aids in a cafe your American University in Washington DC. She brazenly claims in part of the trunk campaigns communication with Russia to individuals who are present said according to the daily beast. However, address that a sovereign sky was a professor at American University said that routine amid the same claiming class a second time she brag about the alleged connection supposedly, should try to broker a meeting between Trump and prudent. What these sixteen we'll get. It doesn't necessarily mean election collusion. They could have met for any reason presidential candidate, with lot of form.
Hours. That doesn't necessarily mean that their colluding with those foreign powers to change the effects of an election people. However, are jumping to the most ridiculous conclusions about all of this. My favorite is this political report today who tweet get out. This morning, a picture from the overall picture of president from moving to shake hands with Sergei lab Rob was the foreign Minister of Russia. As well as ambassador ambassador, surrogate Kisyak and then The very very background. There's a red there's, a red hadn't. The this woman is kind of a pretty redhead. And Emily singer? Who reports from MIKE treated out? I thought this was a Photoshop, but it's not Maria Bettina arrested for being a russian spy in the oval office with Trump thousands and thousands and thousands of retweet only one problem: it's not that lady those carry, but it was carried luck gains from the National Security Council and she deleted the tweet so in people jumping to conclusions trying to paint trumpets russian collaborator when, in reality from is just in echoed in egotist, driven by that ego to say silly things
from time to time. It's a dangerous things from time to time. I get. One of the big problems I see here. Is that because president trumpet so invest and in countering the narrative that the election was monkey with its lead him down a path of defending some pretty bad people. So here's president from defending Paul metaphor, pomade effort has been under investigation by american intelligence agencies for years, and they have a lot of goods on him. But here's from defending metaphor, Really, what we should be doing is saying I didn't do anything now, man, a foreigner hired him. I was told by the hour and see that he be a good guy to higher, so I hired him and then he turned out not to be good. Dinah fired him, he always accurate metaphor was walking around the republican halls of power for years years and years and years is closely associated Ellie abroad. The former finance chair of the Republican Party. He had connections the highest level of the republican party. From has to say here is I don't know much about metaphor? I heard him and then I fired and when something went wrong in steady now finds himself defending Paul metaphor, because he wants to rebut any accusation that the Russians had any part in the election. So now he's become a press agent for the Russians, which is. Why is from doing this like why? How is this productive and anyway,
With poor man afforded who really is a nice man, if you look at what's going on with him, it's like Al Capone. Well, I mean it sort of like Al Capone in the sense that metaphor broke the law, so there's that and then present from I wish on Hannity last night- and I can say this there. A lot of folks in the White House who were not supremely happy with the President of the United States is comments yesterday, or dreading the fact that tromp was gonna go. I wish on Hannity not because they dislike Tramell option, but simply because they knew that China has a tendency to double down on every worse access. The trump has and that's what happened on national tv last night. Trump bragged Hannity about potent denying the russian meddling. Why exactly? Why wisest good for true? Why? If you wanna help president from some ministration wise this good one week ago, one week, Eight days ago the President of the United States nominate break haven't, offer the Supreme Court, and I was pretty happy about that. So where the vast majority Republicans? It was a winning moment for president from a couple of weeks ago, the president of
and I say this on the upswing, and now the president of the United States had a very bad two weeks, and I think he had the second or staves presidency yesterday after Charlottesville, and yet she was on national tv double. Down on all of this doubling down on it. Why? Because he- and when you have an echo chamber, We tend to double down on the things you believe or as if you were to open your ears, but you might recognised that do things can be troll once one from did not collude with Russia to Russia did attempt to influence the election. Both of these things are true. The left can't accept that Trumbull include from can't accept that Russia, interfered is here, is from defending Vladimir Putin. Sean handy show last night, I hate this so much I came in. I think it's a huge mistake by President Trump and I think that It's driving a lot of Americans to believe things that are just not true, and I am more committed to the truth. Then I m to a political agenda. The truth is that the Russians as an American, the Russians attempting to interfere in our election is a bad thing. It was bad when the Russians attempted to interfere by providing President Obama more flexibility in twenty twelve and it is bad. The Russians were attempting to hack.
First of all, he said there was no collusion whatsoever. I guess he said is strongly. Is you can say it? They have no information on Trump. We get questions on the witch hunt and I don't think the people out in the in the country by it, but the reporters like to give it a shot. I took that President Putin was very very strong. What is this very, very strong arms and since anything that can journal, of course, he's drawings and dictator, but he's a dictator of a third rate country, hey Russia, as a nation has the same the dictator of a third rate country. He, Russia, as a nation, has the same GDP as ITALY. Reverting Russia is, though, it some sort of grand world power. The trump has to cope with on the on the world stage in the weakest possible way, I saw it judged. Janine came out today and she said: what do you think? What would you expect from you to go out there and shoot Putin? I realise that these were the two options: shooting Putin in the face
or surrendering damn public gladden realise these withdrew action that that there is a whole range of options between those who, by the way, if from headshot button in the face, I think even punitive, Should the manliness of that I have trumpet actually just gone up there and shot Putin on Fifth avenue. I think the Putin probably would have said more power to you. Mr President, at least you have the balls to do it, but instead what we got was president from acting very foolish it now with all that set. There are two sides to the coin when it comes to the the promulgation of a nasty politics in the country where trumped did yesterday is inexcusable In in a different way, just as bad as democratic over reaction and the reason I say that is because when you have people claiming treason instead of this is stupid. This problem- it's really terrible when you have people having treason or making claims of the Russians, would be happy that you're making that's not helpful either outside, but then just second first, you gonna have to go to jail,
wired our common subscribes over ninety nine a month. You can get a subscription to daily. Why? When you do you get rested, shall I get the resident or Craven shall address Michael Moses? Shall I plus Andrew Cravens conversation is happening today at five thirty pm eastern to thirty pm, specifics now drew any of the questions you want when you are a subscriber you watch anywhere, but you can only asking questions if you knew subscribes to ask him. Why he does his hair that way go check it out over a daily wire dotcom, also, the annual subscriptions ninety nine dollars supposed nine ninety nine a month, a little quick mental math, will tell you that is twenty dollars cheaper than the monthly subscription an annual eyes basis to check out that you get the leftist years hot or cold tumblr. When you get the annual subscription most popular tumblr in all of America. Go check that out as well, and also make sure you subscribe at Youtube. Nature subscribe. Since those every Sunday specials they come out and I'm going to see those unless you're a subscriber, but we have some really good stuff coming up. I was Eric Weinstein's Is this Sunday it we have a bunch of huge gas coming up in future weeks as well, so go check that up where the largest fastest growing concern replied cast in the nation
So the reaction to present trumps Press conference Putin should be twofold. Would it should be people saying that was really inappropriate? The presence of the night stage, never be dumping his own intelligence services under the bus for a KGB agent and number two. Let's look at the practical ramifications what he did so let me put in going to invade surrounding countries, probably not doesn't mean that report is gonna, get more aggressive on the world stage, maybe maybe not other less, sending an aggressive on the world stage. We bonds, Syria. Does it mean that the intended since agencies are gonna feel a lot more unjustified. He yes doesn't mean that there's gonna be more poet, we'll dissension United States? Yes, was good, no way that I think is of a relatively objective take on what is going to come out from all of this, because President Trump operates pretty independently of zone admin Frazier his own administration, when it comes to make policy, actually goes and makes the policy and trumped says a lot of stuff using it for literally years literally years that his slow,
you shouldn't be make american great again. It should be, I say, a lot of stuff because Trump says a lot of stuff again. That means that allowed people don't take the studies particularly seriously. I don't think when Reboot Putin takes from seriously enough on policy he's gonna go in its round and countries believing that it is going to allow him to do that, and it is important to mention that in this terrible press conference from, say at least one good thing he said: listen we shall have artistic women's about Crimea, sitting I would say, was in putting us to keep Crimea. He said that the United States important disagree on chromium when it comes to territorial aggression by the Russians from did not signal weakness. You signalled weakness when it came to russian Interference in american elections and signalled weakness, because his own egotism gotten the waves better sense. I think so. That's the practical take the non profit take it from a trader from his russian agent. All this because trumpery some sort of manchurian candidate and yet that's exactly what Democrats are suggesting, which is what Putin wants what Putin wants is to drive. Chaos in the United States is its role is to make us all hate, each other and suspicious of each other, and think that we are
foreign agents of of an evil power that that is exactly what limited want, and Democrats are eager to jump to that because they think they're gonna make electoral gain off the back there and they may be right here. There's a generic ballot, a generic congressional ballot out yesterday. It shows Democrats are back up to an eight point, lead which is wave territory for Republicans. So Democrats think that the more overboard they go on this stuff, the better, for them electrically. It may very well be, but it is good for the country there is Chuck Schumacher yesterday saying millions of people are gonna, wonder if Putin has dirt on Trump after trumps behaviour. Millions of Americans will continue to wonder if the only possible explanation for this dangerous behaviour is the possibility that President Putin holds damaging information over President Trump. Ok, why would you give credence to that? There is not allowed credence to that. Why, wouldn't just say the obvious get the obvious thing? Is that present its unifying feature of all of the silly things he's done, whether
it is firing, call me precipitously or whether it is tempting to defend my Flynn or there's something can defend Pollyanna for or whether it was what he did with Putin yesterday or whether attend, MT firing, ROD, Rosen's, nine, read all There is one unifying thread: trumps ego: that's a unifying threat left to seeing unifying threat in from colluded with Russia. That a lot more far. Fetched than Trump is an eagle maniac, which has been for legitimately his entire life, get this guy, who used to call the new post to report on them. His amorous adventures with various starlets any would make things up and claim that his name was John Miller and whose zone pr agent, that's the guy. We're talking about is a more lively that guy's, an ego test will say stuff to protect his ego, or is it more likely that back I seek russian agent moving around the back channels of the Kremlin? In order to do let me Putin's dirty betting, which one is more likely, which what is more likely egg is the left decides that its worthy going nuts John Brennan, who legitimately voted for
Communist Party handed nineteen. Seventy two majorities whining about he treated out Donald Trump, so that Britain, of course, the CIA director under Rock about Donald Trump Press conference performance in Helsinki, rises to and exceeds the threshold of high crimes in misdemeanours. It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were trumps comments. Imbecility is wholly in the pocket of Putin republican Patriots. Where are you three question marks? Okay, so every time you say treasonous and there are there- is such a thing as treasonous behavior. I get that and I think that there is it is such a thing. Using the word treason colloquially. You don't actually mean that Trump should receive the death penalty, but the over well make use of the word treason yesterday on the part of the left suggest that there are some people who really believe that not only should Trumpery remove losses, but he has committed acts of treason coming from the same thing would share when Barack Obama's and blinked palates of cash to terrorists in IRAN. I find all of this more than slightly irritating, but this was the wine less seven Colbert did the same thing. He said that this was Missus treason. This is great comedy here from Steve,
called there one of our one of our great american comedians. We gotta worry, says that egotism, egotism, naive, attain our times: false equivalence, yeah treason, against reasons, that's treason again. They double standards when it comes to treason, is, is pretty stunning right here and if people just using this colloquially. I think that we one thing I think it's also rich coming from people who believe that it was totally I'm a block of our pledging flexibility to the russian government and twenty twelfth I don't buy. Ok, that was not the worst of it. They got even worse. Okay, so that the worst of it actually came, courtesy of some woman, named Jill wine. Banks had ever heard of her eye, but joy apparently former Watergate prosecutor,
and she's out with Alley Bell over at MSNBC. So she is talking about how terrible this wasn't. She runs out of ways to call this terrible. Here's what she has to say, and I would say that his performance today will live in infamy as much as the Pearl harbor. We're attack or crystal marked- and it's really a serious issue that we need to deal with the pearl, harbor Jack. Twenty four hundred Americans dead, kristallnacht the murder of ninety plus Jews and the beginning of the run up to the holocaust. Yeah I was exactly like that when the president of the United States, in some dumb crap about the intelligence agencies exactly exactly the same thing, it didn't stop there. Okay, it's just it got worse and worse over the course of the day, and it's gotten worse even today, The west's desire to go above and beyond on this stuff is really astonishing. So, let's take, for example, Chin instrument cost us a gimmick, Costa. The left has this bizarre. This bizarre tendency to attribute gay feeling
to people that it doesn't like so the same one that will say not there's anything wrong with that that we'll sexuality is something worthwhile and wonderful, and if you ever make age open this means you are a dramatic Kosovo will. May gay jokes Morocco will make gauge, looks about Donald Trump on a regular basis. So here's Jim accosted, the most obnoxious reporter, over at CNN, Jamaica loves that deeds in Juba cost a fine you. Somebody who loves you, like gimmick CASA was Jim Acosta, Hiroshima Costa on CNN yesterday, explaining that it looked like a marriage, but it was unclear who is the wife between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin? I dont know we're side. Is the bride and we're sign of? Is the groom enters a bit of some sort of yours like we're on a wedding here and on the other side of the room, our friends from the russian federation? It feels like we are at a wedding between Donald Trump and collateral in this actually, before the press briefing
where does actually before the press briefing so he's already for seeing that there is going to be some sort of a confirmation of the wedding night, onstage very weird too, to see reporters do this sort of stuff men that, of course there is. There is the New York Alien whose which forty eight president from made they put out a cover and the covered. Look something like this been treason right and then it shows a picture of down from shooting Uncle SAM in the head while holding hands. Vladimir Putin is this sort of stuff going to raise the temperature such there'll be a serious fascination tempt on on trumped batten? I gotta say I dont think out. Surprise me at this point: it will when you, when your cousin, when you spent all your days, thinking the Donald from his essentially Santos and that he is gathering infinity stones, snap, his fingers. Everyone's going to die or at least half the people are going to die. Would it surprise me if somebody takes a potshot at Trump and that the temperature has been raised because of this? That would not surprise me in in any real right now. Would that be
Walter than your daily news know. But what they are doing here is a moral brigades immoral, to suggest that troubleshooting Uncle SAM in the head by doing this now is what he did wrong. Yes, it's wrong. I spent the first half hour the show today talking about just how wrong this is to suggest that the Trump is murdering America. By attacking the intelligence agencies. I find a little bit much and then, of course, there's forever Noah Overrun, comedy central officially named the second on funniest person in the world. Samantha be, of course is. This is the least funny person on Planet earth carries Trevor Noah going after president from using the vulgar language which has become accustomed. So now the formerly purposeless meeting between Trump important had a mean. It was time for Trump to put his foot down and he did right on America's dick. I will just just classing us all the way through and super funny, because Edward Deck right when you say that word- and that means that you are- you are really really funny- is what I've come to learn from our from our committee masters over a comedy central with all of the said. What's the final outcome,
Here's the final outcome into its nobody remembers any of us really that's the final outcome. This looks like a black spot on on trumps resume and nothing materializes, barring some sort of precipitous action by Putin that tramples encounter. That is the actual outcome of this. How do I know this? Because after Charlottesville everybody forgot about it in three weeks and it's only been one week since we selected a Supreme Court just as nobody where's the deeds name, because the new cycle is just this fast, so people suggesting this at the end of the world, we're never gonna recover, no work, I will go on and if anything is a good case, you made the trumps behaviour actually increase the perception of the intelligence agencies around the country, except with regard to people who think that every word that comes out from now
is invariably true and wonderful, and that he's playing seventeen degree underwater upside down hungry hungry hippos. But I think the likelihood is that most people do what you are doing today. What most people are doing today they look at from saying seventy say: look at added did says a lot of stuff. Deeds has lost up because it says a lot of stuff and I can take any particular thing that he says an individual level incredibly seriously and I don't think that's it appropriate. Think discounting what president from says is something that's been done. Domestically things being done on foreign policy, it was done with regard to NATO just last week, president from grouped into NATO, and there is a suggestion that tramples going to pull out of NATO. A note, the NATO folk said, is India when a great meeting NATO's doing great, because they just ignore them, and I think, when it comes to what, when we're Putin said about the intelligence agencies and from siding with him, is it about moment for Trump, yes, does demonstrate a lack of character in president from BS. Does it have any long lasting ramifications? Does it undermine the entire presidency doesn't mean that from can't get things done anymore. Does it mean any those things, but I think would be worthwhile for a publican to note when president from does bad
things because it is intellectually dishonest not to do so and also don't push president from to double down on about even New Gingrich and Lord Ingram run Trump over the same page, not about people being anti antitrust being all over Trump for what he said. It's about anybody with any sense of objectivity, realizing that Barack Obama has had same thing had been all over. His asked from says that kind of stuff. Then he deserves the flashy, gets ok time for something I like and then some things I hate then we'll deconstruct the culture in a pretty soon is myself a sorrow things I like so I just read a great compendium of sports pieces by the colonists gate a lease. The book is called the silence. Is another hero once all the old essays there's, some particularly good ones that he has really great writing about the box or Flight Patterson from the nineteen sixties, who eventually defeated by Mohammed Ali in an attempt to come back? He has a great piece about your demolished I'll interval, the waning of Joe in in his fifties, and he writes really well, not only is rarely while he was described by Tom Wolf- is one of the founders of sorts
the new journalism, the new journalists, must idea of narrative journalism. This long form journalism where wasn't just about the who, what? Where one, why? Instead, it was also about drawing characters and writing nonfiction in a way where you could actually feel the characters. The book is, is really find it worth reading again the silence using the Euro sports writing of gay tlees, whose actually quite a bit colonist interesting guy gateways how she came out in he suggested that he understood why Trump one is really Yorker Gateway, since I think he sees trumpets urban eighteen, sixty rat pack figure which come to think of it is not a terrible description of the president for all the good and all the ill. Ok time for a couple of things that I hate already so today we begin again with Alexandria. Abkhazia Cortez got her name right this time. So Alexandria, causing Cortez. She said we play your yesterday on firing line with Margaret Hoover talking specifically about how she knew nothing about middle eastern conflict. It turns out, she knows no about economics, either here she's explaining the capitalism
something that didn't exist in the past. In some they won't exist again, and I will explain why she's both wrong and possibly right unemployment and low, because people are working sixty seven to eighty hours a week and can barely feed their kids, and so I do think that, right now we have this no holds barred, wild West, hyper capitalism. What that means is profit at any cost capitalism
not always existed in the world, and it will not always exist in the world gate. She says that the beginning of that is so unbelievably stupid. It is almost impossible to describe how stupid it is when she says she actually set in this interview that unemployment is low, because people are holding two jobs that would make unemployment high you idiot because of one person holds to jobs. One person is out of work, presumably so, yes, that makes no sense at all. Thank you for that. Also like her. She strings together. All of these buzzwords from occupy its hyper capitalist. Oh tell me tell me, tell me Alexandria, Alexandra tell me what is the difference in capitalist and hyper capitalist, I mean. Is it like, with like the millennium Falcon there's like driving than theirs hyperdrive? Did you sit? There were chewy any pull the lever and boom zoom, you're gone and iron hyper capitalism. What the hell did you ve, been talking about the highest tax rate in the country is like over forty percent. People were making a lot of money in this country are paying forty five percent of their income to the government, but we have
we're capitalist system here in the United States that is heavily regulated in virtually every aspect of the system. The type of capital- so that's idiotic departure, says about capital, is not always existing and warns us in the future. That part is true, but it is true that capitalism is not always existed. That's why most of the world's impoverished for most of human history, then we got capitalism and guess what capitalism freaking amazing capitalism, race, half the world from abject poverty. Since nineteen eighty, the number of people on planet earth living in abject poverty since nineteen eighty has been sliced and half the reason that, on that Alexandria, Abkhazia Cortez was able to make a living as a bar keep with age. Read economist from Boston University, which obviously is worth nothing right is because she's living the capitalist society and she has to wear nice dresses and have her special lipstick that everybody loves capitalism is the greatest source for human prosperity ever and is not closed. Jonah Goldberg basically says that capitalism is artificial because it says you have to respect other people's prop
right and that centralized planning is not the way to do things, even though there are a bunch of people who believe are so wise. They can run the entire economy from top down its unnatural for capitalism to thrive, he's correct. It is natural for capitalism to thrive, willing capitalism dies. What you're going to see is not going to be a return. It's a wonder in the economy, because there was no wonder in the economy before capitalism, capitalism and free market. There are the greatest most moral economic system ever devised by men, specifically because they were not devised by man The revised by the idea that Europe also leave each other alone, which I thought was a good thing. Ok time fought to reconstruct the culture. So, each week when we, when we can, we try to go through a piece culture that you or your kids are listening to and we tried to deconstruct what is happening in the culture, because, as my good friend Andrew bribery to say, cultures upstream of politics, many more people, watches garbage Ariana Grown video, Grundy Brandy, video God is woman and first before even play video. I want to show you how immature Marianna grounds is the person not just because she actually went to a donut chopping like Elsinore
California a couple years ago, which one of the donors behind the display case and put it back, which is just gross but because she's a puerile child issues. It is not a child. She woman, she's the one, but she s like a child. So here's what you treated out, somebody tweeted at her God is woman tonight to her new songs called God is woman? Will analyzed just how stupid this nonsense, as in a second just God, is a woman tonight? What's your favorite word and she tweets back he? U S s, why she tweets back the aid. The curse word for the devolved, Geraghty that president from famously used with regard to female genitalia. If that's your favorite word, I would suggest that you are in eleven year old. Really if your favor word is a is a curse word for it p for general, then You are a small child whose obsessed in a written arrested stage of development. It's like how my my two year old favourite word, rhinos poop, because he's too they Oriana ground, his favorite wave. Your favorite word described your generals as unjust generals and your genitals, then
It's just that. You need some meaning in your life and that's not all she treated. She then Sweden, P, word is, is a privilege I asked ass. A key word is a privilege. Not is P word is a privilege, so somebody notified Darrell Ayesha, whose name is spelled out in the same way the house cheerful government oversight Let him know the congressmen. We have cornea because apparently Keyword ice privilege, which is which is very excited, so she put out. She did all this in advance of a new song that she has put out called God is a woman now got us into woman? God is in man, God isn't a person, God is in eternal being who exist beyond space and time. This has been not a man. God is not a woman, God is an eternal being whose it's beyond space and time and design the universe in which we live and is the force holding up that universe right? That is the that is the basic idea of God, but because we are now pagan and we have entered a pagan period in which everything can be devolved down to your generals at how much pleasure they give you, God is apparently woman.
God, but because there now pagan and we have entered a pagan period in which everything can be devolved down to your generals at how much pleasure they give you, God is apparently woman so here is our having grown so grand day, grand a goop singing- God is a woman benches, of course, hijacking all the while the great elements, western civilization, near the so the oilseed very ended there is a picture from the Sistine Chapel in which is substituted herself for God, reaching out to Adam in the Sistine Chapel, because this is what we do know. What we do is we take great works of art. We take the history, western civilization and then we destroy it on the shore all our own hedonism. So we have beyond say: and jersey. Talking about a crap in the move in front of some of the great sculptures ever created I and then we have our own Grundy hijacking the Sistine chapel to talk about her, her vagina, which is just too, which is just lovely me, really spell I think it's a good description of where we ve gone with our civilization. Perhaps when she realized this, doesn't it they generate any sort of meaning in her life that you're generals,
give you meaning enable lives, neither genitals will also likely die by their calls from CD. Then perhaps I will get a site that cares about meaning again, but here is our underground. They making the case for why. God is woman, which does if, by the way, if God is woman, why Austria process just just wondering so here here is here, is our Anna Grundy warbling, Goddess woman, learn you this one
ok. So for those who can say issues issues they get in paints and then the here she's out of bed with like seventy three other people, because this is what got is right. God is a woman having sex with lots of people. Now my favorite part of this is There- are any grounds sex sexes, sexes, amazing, because sex gives life right, but she's proportions. I'm wondering how thou art that's it and then that than theirs in this video, a bunch of fat white guys who are yelling at her so yes, that she will eventually use this video of me talking about her to suggest that I don't appreciate the goddess woman you're right. I appreciate Goddess woman because it's a stupid is garbage never? In my life? Doesn't woman doesn't demanded? God certainly is not Oriana granting idiotic twenty two year old, who can't warble? more than octave- that's that's! Just ridiculous and boiling down by the weight, spirituality and decency and life. Giving and the universe to sex is just it's such a teenage stupid point of view. If your life revolves around sexually
empty of life you have an empty like sex, is wonderful in the right context. Acts is a glorious thing in the right context, but boiling down all human enjoyment in meaning in the world's sex makes you an animal. It's not the goddess woman is that people are animals, ok, her world. This is a better view of what God is in her world. Read these little chipmunks these these ferrets. What is this year? A ground hogs popping out and weird faces. The camera lead their very exciting stuff here from Marianna Grundy. So what I love is that this thing's argument you tens of millions of times, of course, because The reality is the reality is nobody that can invite the message. Okay, the messages is in her clothing. Read the messages in the fact that she's there and body paint I'm old enough to remember when, when people used to worship at the altar, but like elephants, Gerald by this is the very closing images is her with it in the Sistine Chapel reaching out surrounded by a bunch of women. Of course, they ass, we women of color, so that all of the rolling stone folks can say that this is a recreation of great art, but more diverse way, very important to do that. It's it's
Really it's upsetting that so many young people watch the sort of stuff and think there is some sort of empowerment or meaningless if you find empowerment in this year, for this is the least empowering thing if you are empowered, because you have genitals guess what dogs have genitals to virtually every living creature has generals is not empowered to have generals empowering to use that stuff between your ears, its empowering the user reason, it's empowering, to live a life that has actual meaning beyond sticking your genitals in particular places, and if, if God is your genitals than than God, not only does God not exist, you don't exist. The human being you're, just a you're, just an animal running around in the dirt. Ok, so I'm sure Churchill used for next music, video or, if not, then than a well ok room,
here tomorrow without latest adventure. Brothers is the bench Barroso. The bench of Euro show is produced by sending a villa real executive producer. Germany boring senior producer, Jonathan, hey our supervising producers, math is clever, and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Angora Audio is mixed by micro. Mina Heron make up is by just one over the bench. A bureau show is a daily wire for publishing production. Copyright for publishing twenty eighteen.
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