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Ep. 595 - Why Don’t People Trust The Media?

2018-08-03 | 🔗
Sarah Jeong keeps her job despite racist tweets, Jim Acosta loves him some Jim Acosta, and President Trump argues with Ivanka over the media. Date: 08-03-2018
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New, no our Times editorial board. Member Sarah John keeps her job despite racist tweets, Gemma Costa loves that dude, some driven Costa and president from our he's with a vodka over the media adventure here. This is the venture Piranha man, A fund show for you today, so many things to talk about, but first I need to remind you that you need needed stack up on some precious metals again. The reality of the world suggests that inflation is a possibility, the national debt. Is a serious problem that money that we all other countries its money that we are going to have to raise them abounds with through taxes. That great inflation on the other, and if your entire life savings is tat the? U S dollars! You have to ask yourself: what is your plan from hyperinflation of two states out from the economy, with higher wages, there's an increase in minimum wage across the country to that could lead to price inflation, import price These are gonna skyrocketed trade wars, raw material prices are increasing with terrorists rising housing prices. All of this could lead to government, actually start printing, more money which could lead to
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Your questions then, once you have your answers head over there get that free information get when you go to birch gold, dot, com, Slash Ben, that's brcko, dot, com, Slash Ben, go check it out. Now, ok. So meanwhile, let's talk a little bit, but in your time, so the New York Times about a year ago try to hire a tech rapporteur. This technical returned out was friends. It's some rather unsavory people on the internet and people dug up her old tweets and then the New York Times fired this person the New York Times, however, has not fired a woman named Sierra Leone. Surgeon is their new tech, person on the New York Times Editorial Board, and she has some pretty bad tweets. As a person has been target for all tweet. It is my opinion that old tweets not in your career as a general rule, unless they are revelations, the personal hired you so, for example, if I had a bunch of tweets ten years old, and somebody had hired me and they didn't know about my old tweets like then been public fodder. They hadn't done their research or something, and then it came to light then firing me would not be the end of
well. If, however, they knew what they were getting when they hired me and they should not fire me over calls to boycott. They should not find me just unprincipled level over over them, making a decision like the fault of the New York Times. Here is the fault of the New York Times. Not Sarah songs fault. She treated this stuff in the past, for you airs and then your time just didn't do its research or if they did you their research, they obviously didn't care. That's it! So that's a little different from for example Roseanne bar situation where Amy fully knew that Roseanne BAR was kind of crazy person, but she then, We did something new and that new thing was something that its new information Disney didn't. Have it when they decided, Higher Roseanne ABC didn't have one designed to hire Roseanne instead sort of changes the equation Well, Sir John ourselves been known in here some stuff that she treated and I'll explain why this matter should tweeted. Oh man, it's kind of sick. How much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men and she also treated this dumb ass, a thing white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs, pissing on fire hydrants. They should just just a delightful delightful person and it's not just restricted to
at their small tweets that are now surfacing about cops where she treated stuff? oh boy, Sherwood fight the cops, my guns. I wonder why black people haven't thought of doing that and let me know what a cop gets killed by Iraq or Molotov cocktails frustration of glass for precious precious window and says when homeless people can be caught senseless and suffer an area repercussion. Then let's talk about accountability going both way so she's, an Ex scruple human ramming cheese. Seems like a bad person. These are not good tweet, but then your terms knew all this when they heard her, so the New York Times came out and they defended her, which tells you think about the New York Times. I think it is good, by the way that employers are not something to firing people based on social media bobbing. This lady is a lady, but I dont think It is a good thing, as a general rule for employers to start firing, people based on social media mob. Getting angry We see this from the left. You many times to think that its any better when it comes from the right. It's not a good idea to have blow back on twitter drive Well, there's somebody can hold a job or not, as a general rule, the New York Times really to statement, and their statement is
more telling about in your times that anything else because, as I say a year, regarding your attempts, fired somebody for doing exactly what Sarah John did accept that she's perceived to be on the right, Sir John is perceived. We on the left, so she gets to keep her job. Here is what then, your time said they said we hired Sarah John because of the exceptional work, just uncovering the internet and technology at a range of respective publications, her journalism and the FAT Did she? Young asian woman have made her a subject of frequent online harassment for a period of time to respond as that harassment by imitating the rhetoric of road users. Ok, this is look ultimately, the worst excuse, I've ever heard for why you would prove ways it raises stuff. That's really will people are treating racist up at me, so in imitation of them I decided to tweet races stuff back at them. Yet that's good good excuse, but while those guys- and then in your term says she now sees that this approach only serve to feed the vitriol that we too often science. She'll media, she regrets it and the times does not condone it. We had cut and conversations with Sarah as part of our thorough vetting process, which included a review
for social media history. Gender stands that this type of rhetoric is not acceptable that the times and we are confident she will be an important voice for the attitude of boredom oven forward. So several things can be true here once one I dont think than your attention fire this lady there broke it, they bought it, hey they bought it. They knew what she wasn't, they heard her they should bear. The consequences of future is not subscribe to the New York Times. You have every right to do that and they should bear the consequences of their own decision. Making too does the New York Times have a double standard. You bet your ass, they have a double standard. You bet your like they have a double standard. There is no question in your times. Has an insane double standard? Not only does in Europe on seven insane double standard surgeon has an insane double standard because it turns out Sir John loves social media. Mopping she's been part of it to hunt, Your call is a former honorary professor with the university, College, London, school of life. Medical science is he's a Nobel Prize winner in physiology g and medicine as well as recipients of the royal metal. May he made a joke one time in a speech.
About how young women, in your mention, work and laboratories together, because they tend to fall in love. How do you know this was a joke, because you specifically Rep since the fact that he married his lab assistance, he met. Who is a scientist in her own right? People took this as well, seeing women should be in the laboratory, which is weird since his wife is actually a very high food and scientists in her own right. He was basically mobbed out of a job. He had to resign his job. He was punished by all of the academy of which it was a part and here's what Sarah showing tweeted the time TIM Hunt, sad TIM Hunt to sad to do. Science, twitter, criticise him and he just start crying she's, really a delay, and then there the regimes reaction to the firing of any Johnson networks over dearly collar. A long time ago, Betty was caught up in a sort of plagiarism accusation and Sarah John speeded up lots of talented people, never make mistakes, and they still have trouble finding jobs, F, Benny Johnson's redemption. While I mean I think that we could probably apply that same logic to cherish
and then she said this about Justine Sakhalin member Justine Sacco. Does the woman PR executive, who was on a plane interest travelling to Africa? We did something about getting aid and by the time she lands in her life and basically been destroyed. She treated this bad joke about aid, and suddenly she was out of a job known. Air. Her she'd been made a pariah. All across media, Armenia's is really insane, people were were, retreating has Justine landed yet, and this became a top funding twitter hashtag, because You're signalling on Twitter is extraordinarily strong. Here's what short sergeant sweeter about that! What I'm getting at is that what happened to Sacco was not that bad and white. America's obsession with her is deeply telling so that wasn't Betty It turns out that, when very wise in New York Times columnist was mobbed for having suggested that the right was being mistreated. Online surgeon was very upset about that. Says, is there anything more tedious than media navel gazing over outrage mobs stopping attention was happy outside your ivy league. New York city, centric circles, look at how the pylons operate in other contexts and get some bleep perspective. She did a bad tweet. She got.
Engagement for it, and then she didn't want to engage back. What exactly was very wise about we her bad tweet was she said, immigrants get the job done, When you talk about the daughter of immigrant who went the Olympics and ice skating, that was that there was her bad tweet insurgents and she deserved everything she got. The discourse is not being harm because of people questioning about ice skating, tweet, the discourse started getting I would say the online death threats, etc. Once you ve seen enough of these, you can also see that people today, a very wise, is not a big deal. Ella. Well, Brennan ice- I mean it's over and over. She could hardly social media mobs urging them on cheering them. So there is a fair bit of cars justice she, Sarah Jong, now being social media mobbed. Now, though, I think again for the eleventh time, in this segment. Do I think that employers should start firing people based on social media mopping? I'm not. I think it's a mistake, I if they only fire employees if they are feeling actual business of the from the well of the employees may well in the employ of those employers it. But this is,
not that I don't think there's one should be fired. I think she should sit on your terms editorial board and we should continue to characterise the New York Times as a terrible piece of garbage newspaper. I think that seems to me the fairest outcome here that she should have to work there. After having criticized in your time for years, by the way as being too right wing, she should have to work there, and then we can all sit here and laugh at the New York Times for being stupid enough to hire somebody like their regime by the way I think it is worthwhile loading and surgeon, the real reason she wasn't. Fire is not because the New York Times is suddenly discovered the evils of social media market. That is not why she was not fire locations not fired, because the New York Times agrees with her. She was not fire. The New York Times agrees with her take on White America. They are a bunch of white opera, crushed New York elitists, who believe eve that anyone who is not white in the United States is inherently under the boot of Uncle SAM and for one Sierra Leone tweets races stuff about why peoples, because why people deserve it? How do I know because there are people on the left. You say this sort of stuff openly. There's an idiot names Ep Beauchamp and I say idiot:
advise it letting it may be too kind of work for him. He's a communist overt vocs outcome, which is the most icily of the of the commentariat. It's it's a hive of villainy scum, and I say that having actual friends who work there really little story. Ok, little story after Zap Beauchamp wrote an article two weeks ago suggesting the marketplace this independent direct. We talked about it on the show, we did something nice about me and then, after he was social media mobs he's alive than I sweet about me and then issued a public apology for ever. Having said anything nice about me, Zat Beauchamp wrote a piece for Vocs Stockholm suggesting that I completely deserved embarked upon. Is exactly right because I'm a horrible horrible human being so marked clash. Have been social media mob and should have deleted the tweet and all the rest of the stuff. I got letters from two different vocs writers, would not come out publicly and say so saying that Beauchamp is an idiot and your a bad person, because I know you and top frequently in any case, Zack Beauchamp tweets this out yesterday right. Here's what we're a lot of people on the internet today confusing the express give way, and
racist and minorities talk about white people unquote with actual race based hatred for some, Unfathomable reason she looked at those tweets from tweets that say things like, and I quote, dumb ass, a thin white people marking up the internet, what their opinions like dogs, pissing on fire hydrants, and he says that this is actually the expressive way. Antiracist and minorities talk about why people and this should never be confused with actual race based hatred. Unfathomable, for you to actually equate these two things. We say dumb ass. If in white people, how could I not right that as oh that's, just the expressive way that asian people talk, which is racist. You idiot case exposure is just the worst is just the worse and then David Joachim. Who is, I guess, a writer for, even for the Ex newer times rider he treats out dear white people. Racism is about the powerful.
Keeping down the powerless. No, it isn't. No, it isn't. Racism can be used by the powerful to keep down the powerless, but racism is not about the powerful keeping down the perilous. Racism is about re space, hatred that is the actual Initially, we generally are the powerful meaning. We white people, white people, isn't a slur. Oh really, it's not a seller Y, see black people and they make a giant generalization about black people like there dumb ass, effing black people, like you, say something awful awful terrible like that, and that goes for you David you off him this is the F word for for gay people and the inward our slurs, because they subordinate you know. I suppose done me a dumb ass. Having wiping about that, subordinating why people in anyway there's your moral equivalent is nonsense. Reverse racism isn't a thing reverse racism isn't a thing it's just called. Racism is just called. Racism is out verse. Racism has just called racism, but this is an actual perspective on the left. In actual perspective on the left suggests, asked that racism from the powerful is the only thing
that there is no such thing as racism in any other context, rather than the left tends to see things in this market, universe, where power relations are the entirety of what we should be talking about. Everyday relations between the more powerful groups and the less powerful groups and the less powerful groups are less powerful, because this pilot, less powerful groups, have been put and by the more powerful groups. As I always say, the marxist view of life is that if you have people in a room. One percent us by about one person has won back. It must be the person with five dollars, somehow subordinated the person with one dollar. That is not true in a free country, but these have left seasoning. So if why people are racist Then there there there racism is really just a tool of their power, but of black people are racist there or age. People are racist or Mexicans are racist or Jews are racist. Then this means that they are just fighting back against the man. There's fighting back against the man. And they are using the tools at their disposal to fight back against this power relationship. This. How you end up with this foolishness of intersection reality suggesting that certain opinions are worth
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at rings outcomes. Lash ban at rings outcome. Slash bent a hundred fifty bucks off when you go to ring dot com. Slash ban, go check it out. Right now. Is that slash ban? So they know that we say you ok. So final, note on on this tendency of the left to be ok with racism so long as it's not coming from why people are talking with a left, his friend who happens to work with an affirmation, publication, retirement, intersection, Alan interesting all intersection. Allergy really is context, is just trying to suggest that ever Interaction has a context in which group characteristics play a part, and I said I'm not sure number one that every interaction does have that contacts and, second of all, if there is a context in which, for example, black people suffer more from racism. Then why people? If that's true, I think that it is our turn about how much that impacts. Disparities between group outcome. I think that may account for a small percentage of the disparity between group outcome. Maybe fifteen twenty percent, but intersection theorist,
it's ninety percent and normal Democrats think that at sixty percent and that's why they are constantly railing about societal injustice and not taking into account the people she just not act like Charts- and this is true of Sir John People- on what look Terence wrongs. She's asian you mustn't whereupon she went to Harvard LAW School. They, the validity of our group, characteristics the highest earning group in the United States, our asian Americans, waiting our concern: seventy six cents on the dollar for every dollar earned by an asian household away American household earn less on average than asian American hustled, but she is one of the put upon groups. Why? Because intersection of fury really is a guy's for power relations, because the left sees all race based discussion as a way to reverse power relationships. They use intersection at as a club in order beat up people not of minority groups and that's what is examined why Sir John still has a job to ensure on the right should not have a job if your white should not have a job
the Asian and she's on the left. Therefore, she s job today at the New York Times, which tells you a fair bit about how awful the New York Times it actually is, which is why said it should continue to employ her, so we can make them for their awful mess on a routine basis. Ok, meanwhile, speaking of office in the media, yesterday, Jim cost up was doing his job at the White House, which is basically to shop on camera and and show who fought to the world and Jimmy cost up as I have said many times in the past, from a cost US unions, Whitehouse correspondent, get you somebody who loves you why Jim Acosta loves Jim Acosta that you love him some german fast. I'm in if, if we could, retail modern myth of Narcissus Jim accosted would would be, in the starring role, so Jimmy Costa is gets into a shower Huckabee centres. Why? Because president from has done his routine again, what he calls the press, the enemy of the people now, as I have said ultimately, one million two hundred and seventy three thousand three hundred twenty two times on the show. I dont think the media are the enemy of the people. I think this is a silly wine from the present. I think the meat a lie affair, but I think more
Only the media, unconsciously biased their stories in left word directions affair, but I think that is, I think you have to double check the media's work on a routine basis and train extricate train separate the opinion from the fact in their news stories. I think that's your job as consumer of news, so I'm fully where media bias. I've ripped him, media by as many times on the air with zeal right, I'm the guy, went on CNN and during the last Gaza WAR, suggested that if Moscow have a news outlets. Would look exactly like CNN. To I'm, not shy out saying to various hosts on various networks, their networks whereby, as I said this remember to Martin Bashir before he lost his job MSNBC that emphasis We see is a left wing network and that they buys the news that way. So president from is wrong about that one is the enemy of the people now my favorite term, because it does have some
in conversations that are just not correct. Ok, they're, not the enemy of the people. They are just biased sources for a truth. They think they're prevail when they purports to be objective. In any case, Jimmy Costa has now made a pretty solid living off of acting like he's victimized by the american people, who don't trust him. Another vision. We don't trust him. Acosta is not because Trump said enemy of the people. This is such a left wing myth that the right when we actually love the media until president trunk camera. And then from him around, he said means stuff about media, and then we were alike Oh man, those guys do suck in in like two thousand one, I think Bernard Goldberg Workable, call bias about by us in the media. It was a number one, your times, bestseller because everyone on the right has hated the media for decades, because the media, our wildly biased and always have been, certainly as low as I've been alive. Going back in four, other than that when you have Walter Chrome, I was left us in Iraq. Admiral was left us as the court and hold trusted voices of the american news media, so many has been buys for literally generations in the United States is not the trump made us hate them.
Media that we hated the media in from took advantage of the fact that we hated the media. That's exactly what happened in election twenty! Sixteen! How do I know this because an election, twenty twelve New Gingrich Jump to a presidential lead? basically by smacking around John Harwood in the middle of the presidential debate. He said you guys are by making your awful and everyone yeah. That's actually president. They really It's it's not uniquely trump. In any case, Gemma Costa now makes a living going around pretending that history started in the last fifteen minutes and it now the right hates the media and we don't like him at Austin, not because Jim Acosta dad at his job, which he is spoiler alert, but also that we really hit me yet because Donald Trump is a big old, meanie, he goes to the White House and he decides. This is gonna, be his SAM Donaldson moment, he's going to sit there and he's going to real Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The White House Press secretary over whether the meat
are the enemies of the people now before I show you the club frankly for adequate, remember, what's our Huckabee Centres is job is her job is not to express the opinions of Sierra Huckabee centres that are specifically not her opinion. This is why somebody from the White House want to ask me what I be interested in working for the White House Press office, which is hilarious, and my answer was, of course, no, because I preferred to express my own opinion, not the opinion of the president. Her job is to express the president's opinion- is not our job to express her own opinion or cost as opinion or anybody else's opinion, and if she did, that should not be doing her job gimmick Casta suggests Sarah hug me said I need you, Sarah Huckabee centres, to tell me that the media are not the enemy of the people, but that's not your job and ceremonies enters haven't clocks in pretty good he hasn't coming. You did not say a word of those remarks that you just made that the press is not the enemy of for, for the sake of this room, the people who were in this room, this democracy, this country
all the people around the world are watching what you're saying Sarah White House for the United States of America, the President I say should not referred to us as the only other people, his own daughter. Knowledge is that all I'm asking you to do so is to acknowledge that right now, a right here. I appreciate your passion. I share it. I've address this question of address my personal feelings, I'm here to speak on behalf of the president, he's made his comments, clear, ok and she's. Exactly right. That is in fact, for job by her job is not reflected Jamaica I want to say: what's your hug me centres wants to say Sarah Huckabee centres is not an elected official. She worked at the play. Or of the president of the United States. End of story now. Do I like? what from says. Now again, I would bet you money that have you got there, how commissioners on the phone the rapid right now she would tell you the same thing. I'll bet you that she doesn't like that wine either, but Does that matter now, because I thought her job and the whole point. Acosta knows that's not her job and his whole point here It somehow shames Sarah Huckabee Sanders as an individual human being
it wants. You got me all this question it from going yoletta trump. You want it Those are huckelby centres over trumps perfected. Do that makes our huh standards. The enemy here is pretty observe and Sarah Huckabee centres as another response. That is, that is just as good Sarah Huckabee Sanders She then goes off on CNN, underplay that for you in just a second, but first, let's talk about your energy level, the one Constance in life is change. Society changes, technology, changes, health, innovations, change as well to stand the cutting edge of today's fast pace, business environs. You can rely on energy drinking coffee to get you through the day to crack the code on human performance. There's a team of top positions and they gathered from Brick house nutrition. They came up with a great product, is called on to dust onto justice, today's most best formula to stimulate your heart brain cells by providing clean, free and focus for up to ten hours. With no jitters no afternoon crash one of the salespeople, came in for breakfast nutrition and meet with us when the agency president- and he represents the
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you're right now the press are not the enemy of the people. Sarah tell me again are the pressing on with people know. Is your Huckabee centres is job to express an opinion, no then Sarah hug me Sanders basically wheels around with a George form, unlike punch and knocks Jim Acosta through the wall, mentioning fact that in a while you talk about the press or the victims, the president of the United States, you guys, have been pretty awful to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, her Sarah, how commissioners, explaining repeatedly repeatedly the media resorts to personal attacks, without any content other than to incite anger. The media has attacked me personally on a number of occasions, including your own network, said. I should be harassed as a life sentence that I should be choked. Ice officials are not welcomed in their place of work. Worship and personal information is shared on the internet, when I was hosted by the Correspondence Association of which almost all of you are members, you brought a comedian up to attack my appearance and call me a tree later to my own gender. We, in fact, as I know on this
or, as I know, I'm the first press secretary in the history of the United States that required secret service protection and media continues to ratchet up there. Well a salt against the president and everyone in this administration, and certainly we have a role to play, but the media has a role to play for the discourse in this country. Is that is one hundred True, but what she said there is one hundred and ninety seven percent. True right it is. It is just as pure as I'll make a three o max fishermen. Is that pure it is. It is absolutely pure stuff is one hundred percent pure? Ok, what she says there at the media have been complicit in the failures of trust and the The battle between the media and present from is exactly right and then so it is your constitute this information, Jim accosted, loves infringing the cost of what does he do with this information or he's been told? You know you guys might want to stop situation where you treat people fairly and then maybe there won't be so many people who are willing to treat you unfairly. Maybe maybe we are we all article weapons downstairs.
There won't be so many people who are willing to treat you unfairly. Maybe maybe we are we all article weapons weapons. What does is Jim Acosta? Do he goes on tv, any brains where he goes on CNN, any brains is, we should make bumper stickers because he's a reporter dies and objective rapporteur. This is some serious journalism in your saying right here from trauma. Kostiei goes on CNN. We should make bumper sticker. Should rally. We should get out there in front of the White House, journalists to unite and then travel costs to reveals the fact that he is just as bad at inventing chances. He is journalism, and here he is explaining his bumper stickers. Why you know? Maybe we should make some bumpers this makes him buttons. You know, maybe we should go out and Pennsylvania Avenue like these folks fancy and socks and fake news. We should go out all all journalists should go out on Pennsylvania, Avenue, enchant we're not the enemy of the people. That's bad! Can't! Imagine us up if you really that that their that'll definitely work him. Now definitely work. We don't trust you at all. So I think what you should really do
don't rush you in large part because of your disparate treatment of Democrats and Republicans So I think what you really should do is you should probably go out in front of the White House where Republican resides and then you should chance: you're, not the enemy of the people in opposition to Donald Trump supporters. Absolutely all respect you more than you shouldn't do better in terms of your journal. Listening you shouldn't actually try to be more objective. You shouldn't try to worship yourself a little bit less from Acosta. Instead, what you should do is You go out there enchant about how awesome you are that'll, probably fix all the things here. This is just trim, accosted catering, whose based now again, president from caters through space through the difference, is what their jobs are. President Trump is a politician president from says a lot of things to cater to his base that I don't agree with and that I find abhorrent in many cases, but he is a politician catering to a base Jim across his job is not to cater to his base. Jim across his job is to ask questions of administrations. That actually have content. His job is not to be an activist if you want to be an activist their plenty of places from to do that. If you want to do opinion journalism, then you should just say I'm an opinion journalist. I been Shapiro
an opinion journalist right. I cover the news and I have an opinion. And you all know where I stand, I'm not hiding the ball. The reason people don't trust him. Acosta is not because you left wing the region, people don't trust him accosted because you proclaimed she has not left wing while acting exactly like a correspondent for the daily code. Ok and then he continues along these lines. He says: I'm just I'm so tired of this. I'm who cares what you're tired Mister MC ass to? Why are you the story? Why wage costs to the store I dont understand does make any sense to me. I'm tired of this honest Look I'm tired of this warmly in it is not right. It is not fair. It is not just. It is on American. Ok get off your get off your errand Sorkin wessling script. Now Jim and won't you actually try to do your job. It's on american Anti, I'm so tired of this. Yet I'm sure you have a raft him, I'm sure, Sure things are real rougher you coming as a guy who needed six hundred police officers to protect him when he wants. Speak at Berkeley, I'm sure it's real rougher, you that the president causing me names, who again should the present
are you those meaning? No, but are we gonna pretended? This is like the end of the world of the president says this stuff now can pretend that either because it just come on come on independent here's, the thing the double standard is just its glaring and that's why people? Don't trust members me so another example: there's a BBC host yesterday, whose interviewing Sean's by Renault Sean's vice or was not a good Whitehouse press secretary. I trans space are always like he was dying a little, but behind his eyes like if you could look through into Sean's, baser saw every time here to get up there and talk about crowd. Size and act are angry. You can see that there is a part of translation and want to crawl into a hole in just plots patrons, but that that said, Jones Baser did the same trap. The Jake Harney did when he was at the White House, which is to life or the president. Let's be honest about what the way
press secretary does the job of the White House Press secretaries, wife and president of the United States is had been true. As long as I have been alive, exculpate there very few press secretaries, you don't do it. I really do think that members of the Bush administration did it less, but Jake carnies to get up there every day and say if you like your doctor, you can keep her doktor knowing full. Well that wasn't true. Robert gives used to do the exact same thing I confronted Robert gives about this in two thousand Twelveth, The answer- I remember that in so anyway transpire goes on BBC and the BBC correspondence, as you have corrupted, our entire political discourse, has it has no news to members of the BBC, apparently that White has pressed secretaries, fit on behalf of the President's whom they serve right. Only plots Sean's poyser, because it's brand new world started turning yesterday, joke about it. When you presented the Emmy awards, but it wasn't a joke, it was the start of the most corrosive culture you played with the truth. He let us down a dangerous path. You have corrupted
this calls for the entire world by going along with these lies solid journalism in there that are really instead of just asking a question like Sean Spicer. Did you mean it when you said that the president had the largest inaugural dependent there, a thousand wasted and to walk, I do it for living, it's not difficult. There are thousands, they should put him to the wall and dishonesty but saying that he corrupted the entire discourse is so free of all context in the american political system that it's just absurd is absurd. You're right it wasn't. It wasn't It wasn't Bill Clinton, stopping interns in the unlawful lying about the public, the corrupted, the political discourse. It wasn't that it wasn't Joe Biden going. There has been a Mitt Romney, wonderful black people back in chains that in Europe the political discourse in any way it wasn't brok about lying repeatedly about both immigration and healthcare ads in corrupt the discourse in any way at all. For that matter, it wasn't J F K, stopping eighteen year old interns in there in the White House, that's incorrect, the marrow in any way it didn't grubs America in any way. When Watergate happen, american politics was clean up zero point one from took office. Did you notice
breaking news. American politics, awesome, clean and Paris the place. He's got more all over the cartons near you wondering why is a mud all over the curtains. When you re wondering why we dont trust them. This is why we don't trust the media. Ok, now what that said. When the second only talk about the president from its impact on the parties, I don't think it's been entirely good on these things, I think that we can be honest and still destroy the media. I don't think you have to be dishonest to destroy the media, and I also don't think that you have to say things that over the top in order to destroy the media, at least the media's dishonesty. I think that our goal should be to cortical, destroy the media as much as it should be to club them back into covering things objectively or at least announcing their own political allegiance is we'll get into that in just one second. The first are, gonna have to go over to daily word common subscribed. Now, let me tell him about the subscriptions. The subscriptions allows to bring you the show. This inscriptions allow us to bring you this beautiful, set. This inscriptions. Allow me to express my
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We are the largest fastest growing conservative podcast. The so let's talk a little bit about the impact of has it in has had on the parties have talked about why it is the media get all of this deeply deeply wrong. What's now talk about the fact that the president's rhetoric undercuts a lot of good things, other Republicans are trying to do. I want to be honest about what I think the present is doing. I think that the president's actions in many cases, this immense nations actions are extraordinarily good judges, regulation, foreign policy. I agree with a lot of what the president has not. I do, but the president's rhetoric with regard to these things undercuts a lot of what Republicans are trying to do. Is we have a really good record run on as conservatives the economy is great, there is new wage report. Today. That is terrific for the President, why that isn't the top of the new cycle? Well, because every day is news is a new cycle driven by the President's twitter account or personal animus. So the latest example of this is that the art
you, the Republican National Committee, is now warning that candidates should stay away from the coat brothers, she is she delivered her message via a memo just some groups who claim to support conservatives forego their commitment, when they decide their business interests are more important than those of the country or the party. This is unacceptable she says she's upset because the coax have developed their own data programme, rivalling that of the organisations from the beginning. The orange had concerns about any outside entity, building a data operation to compete with hours, because we knew that potentially weapon eyes that data against Republicans, if their business interests interests conflicted with watching Republicans. Sadly, our concern for recently proven troop hit. That is not the case. This is a slander against the coax and that has driven specifically because from doesn't like brothers he's mad at them, because they are pro legal Immigration, particularly they are a kind of open borders, libertarian on a lot of these issues, and so Trump is very angry.
Then for that, and so he slandering the culture, the culture with eighty billion dollars, eighty billion with a b. Ok, do you really think that the reason that they aren't opposing Heidi high camp in North Dakota is because they have to protect their business interests? Or maybe it's because they have been lifelong libertarians have held these positions for legitimately decades and they funded a variety of projects, libertarian projects ranging from the Cato Institute to other foundations on the right and backed a variety of candidates. And in a sort of our anti sudden animus against the coat brothers is really dishonest and the employee. Patients. They are doing this for corrupt sleazy business reasons is quite absurd and that's just a reflection of the fact that the president is angry to cope brothers. The republican party should not become a tool the president's id and when the president doesn't like something that doesn't mean that its bad? Sometimes it just means that the president is wrong. That happens. That happens from time to time. Another example of this is a vodka. Yesterday I vodka trump, who very often a sort of the moderate face of the administration
is asked about the president's enemy of the people, talk and here's what one of Trump had to say. Sorry, you know I didn't. Even shared in your family are you thing for me. They elaborated. No, I don't. I have some sensitivity rounds, why people have concerns and and gripe, especially when their sort of feel targeted, but now I do not feel that the media is the enemy of the pit. Ok, so that is and actually mature approach to the subject of the press and president from immediately responded by attempting to basically take that comment from a vodka trump and turn it into. Yes actually thinks that the press, the myth, people's years, what from tweeted out I read out. They asked major vanka whether or not the media is the enemy of the people. She correctly said. No, it is the fake news, which is a large piece
image of the media, that is the enemy of the people are right, so is this: is this good stuff is good for the future of conservatism? Now this is not good for the future of conservatism. We should all be angry when the media, by their case, we should be angry when they are not objective, but the president's and a blunderbuss language when it comes to the media is not useful and the fact that he's trying to cudgel vodka trump into now. She really does believe that the fake news of the enemy, the people say in order to understand why this tweet so funny, you have to understand that Trump thinks that virtually all media that are against him, our fake news, so avant garde from says. If you asked about the Trump, do you think the fake news is take new should say no. I think that there is news that is biased Did the like I've met with market from what I know of uncontrolled. I do not think that a vodka trump is somebody who is sitting around going fake news, although, like and she's, been targeted by the way, much more unfairly them present drop. You wanna talk about people have been absently battered by the media for no reason whatsoever to vodka trumpets at the top of outlets right of vodka trumped up blasted.
By the media, for having the gall to taken Instagram full with her own children in the middle of immigration debate, and then it became she's out of touch she's cool. How dare she'd be with her kids when other parents are separated from their kids evoked by the way opposed that separation policy? So it's no. She has more reason at least every reason that president from has to be angry with media when president from he does differ vodka on this topic, but the idea that were supposed to follow Trump down every rabbit hole. I just I find it unconvincing unconvincing abbess, specifically because its distracting from the mission, which is to get things done, right Trump says you get things. That's ok, fine to get things done. Regionally Giuliani was asked about twenty eighty, and here was his second, what twenty eight election is going to be about these framing this mid term election in, do or die terms for the Trump Whitehouse additional legend is going to be about it occasionally to knowledge. So if you really think I can get people at the polls if you think that twenty eighteen should be a referendum on whether to impeach President Trump or not, you are missing the fact
what it really should be as referendum on President from record. It should be a referendum on fact that the economy is awesome. It should be a referendum the fact that IRAN has now been contained more superior way than it was when Obama was letting them out of the box to destroy the Middle EAST. It really referendum on president from regulatory policy. It should be a referendum, on all the areas where the Trump Administration has done well and they are. Where they ve been poorly instead by focusing on Trump and making from the centre of the political universe. What you have done is turned republican politics into a black hole of suck, in which anything from does. It is bad allows media to ram things up to eleven, and it's not gonna be good for Republicans come the electorate of twenty eighteen. We should always, arguing principles, issues and the stuff that works, and yes, that includes fighting the cultural battles, the matter, but it doesn't include, did the president's personal animist for the cold brothers or his sudden enjoyment of the phrase enemy of the people. Ok, in just a second. But will the list is a male that lets you some mailbag, so it's Friday you sent in your letters and now we get to answer them. Jason's has haven how'd, you stay
rounded. After becoming famous in having lots of public attention, women Equally I go to my heart and then I and then I smoke as many expensive cigars. I can wait hundred dollar bills on fire and then I cut a music video with Jesse, that's usually high stay, grounded after work. In reality, I have two kids under five they run around and about their people. And their wonderful, and I have a wife and I have things I need to do at home, and I have religious obligation that I fulfil as much as I can everyday, and so I don't find it particularly hard to stay, grounded because life grounds you, if you're willing to let it, but you you have to have to be willing to what a ground you Jake says, Hyman Roth regard. Your stance on pre existing conditions are people like me having disability, since my mom was in a car accident at five months, pregnant with me afforded Necessary medical equipment thanks Jake well, my take is that this is where private charity really should
a significant role. I mean, if you were in my jewish community, when in my community, I really believe in churches and synagogues and and community support systems, if their people in my community who have a problem. Typically, they go to the rabbi of the community. The rabbi that makes an appeal to the people of the shore and then everybody sort of pitches into help out right did that the american
people are extraordinarily generous but suggesting that insurance companies should not be insurance. Companies is silly, it's not insurance company if they are covering something that has already happened, and insurance policy has taken a got out. There's just definitional. Insurance policy is taken out again, something that could happen in the future, but has not yet happened. You can't burned down your house in and by a fire insurance policy. That's not the way it works, because then you're paying in five bucks for five million dollar pale. Yet you can't do that. You bankrupt the insurance company, that's not insurance! That said, the best way health insurance should actually run seriously is that people should be purchasing health insurance on their own right. We should end the employer based health insurance system. Your mom she had been able to not have to have her health insurance linked to her company should have been paying for her health insurance ass. She went along. You should be part of a group health insurance programme that is formed with your religious community there. Our group collapse that are exactly like this and that's the way that we should fix this system, not with suggesting insurance companies ought to not be insurance companies. Why Haven, T like Ragtime music and you consider a part of that?
ethical, China. So I love ragtime music. Getting ragtime music is a lot of fun. I and it is in a sort of cross over between jazz, it's very early, jazz, basically exhausting cooeperated rhythm and in classical music. It's terrific! I love ragtime, which is one of the reasons I love the movie. The sting because the entire entire score is Scott Joplin, which She doesn't make a whole lot of sense because it takes place in the nineteen thirties and ragtime is really from the nineteen tens. Nineteen twenties, but it works in context. Rachel, says hello ban after they finish this current star Wars trilogy, you think Disney will keep making more star wars movies. You think some old republic movies. We need better or something sometime after these. If I wore Disney, ok, here's what they will do, what they will do as they will launch a whole series of movies, with Ray and Van in Poland all the characters you come to, no one be lukewarm about, but what should they do?
what they really should do, as they should pretend none of this ever happened. They should pretend the people's didn't happen. Issue pretend sequels didn't happen. It should recast on. They should recast, look this recast layer and it should pick up right what we term the jet left off. That's what they actually should dukes. Those are the characters that you like and have already shown that they can recast. Hon. Like Elden earn right then I thought a creditable job is on solar and wind solar movie, which I actually enjoyed. I think that what they should have done is just picked up afterward. They shouldn't do pre calls for four characters. That date, the problem of soul of the recent didn't do well, is because spoiler alert in enforcing wakens. They kill, hunt solo in the worst stupid as possible way, thereby destroying my childhood to make him a divorce loser dad whereby Son, it's terrible, terrible events. Then they decide. You know it will take a pretty cool about that guy, louder, watch a brick wall about a guy who's end. I order you know, that's terrific!
it was and selling it, doesn't make any sense in what they should do. This just get the only good, really the only good movies in STAR Wars Cannon, our role, one, which has very little to do with anything outside of the original trilogy an end makes very slight reference to some the peoples, and they should be so keeper one keep the original free movies dumb. If I keep sallow fine aghast Nick dump, everything else pretend force awakens ever happen for certainly pretend last shot. I never. Happen and take Kathleen Kennedys, resonate and burn it on a funeral, Pyre Chelsea says Dear Benjamin. What does a typical day look like for you, religiously, an orthodox. Do what rituals traditions you have to do. How strict is your diet? Also with your data for with work in adhering to the tenets of your religion? How do you find time to control the weather? Is there an apple your phone? Was there like an antenna thing under the funny hat? Thanks for all you do to teach actual conserve, revalued, swap as far as controlling the weather? Does it really doesn't take a whole hell of a lot of effort? I mean you are talking to a dude who literally sat here and destroyed half the m, see you
Ok, I knew anything I sat here and half the embassy. You was gone, so it is controlled The other is really not a problem for me. It's really not that big a deal, but was my schedule. You I got an the morning. I pray I in the afternoon, and evening my produced by three times a day. I wish I had more of an opportunity to to pray with what you call a million, which is a group of ten people which are supposed to do here. You're going the right way to do this. We have a rabbi visiting the studio. Somebody asked a lot more religious than I actually I'm in my daily life, but I keep Photoshop, which means a lonely: but you're. Restaurants are our only eat food that is made according to particular standards, and I can give you the hospital on what caution is in white exists in what the restrictions are and that in a keepsake with which means that for Friday, night to Saturday night, one hour passed sunset on Saturday night, I dont use any electric devices,
I found him not tweeting, I'm not using my computer. Somebody asked earlier: how do I keep grounded one of ways you keep ground? Did you turn off your phone? You turn off your computer and you have about rage. Sabbath really does keeping grounded in a pretty significant, wiped Joseph Haven my best friend was hit by drunk driver in twenty fifteen and has suffered serious injuries that almost ended his life. You will forever have physical limitations. The pursue hit him was on barking, restricting excessive amounts of alcohol and blue point one seven, an hour after the incident occurred. My question is Are your views on dram shop rules, laws that make bars lie for over serving should bars be held responsible for over servant. For obviously intoxicated love the show and thanks. So I do have a problem with DRAM Chaparral. I think that you have holding a bar responsible for a patron voluntarily intoxicating themselves beyond the legal limit. I think it's into. It sets a dangerous precedent. It seems to me that that verges on making gunshots liable for somebody coming in buying you gotta, then shooting somebody, I'm not a big fan of RAM shop rules,
the argument against just two percent. The counter argument is that one somebody's intoxicated they no longer have the power to make independent judgments, and so your basically preying on them by selling them alcohol, but in just same way that our law suggests that you're responsible for first to remember. If you get in the car drunken hit somebody you are responsible for getting drunk so, to get drunk. So I'm not a big fan of holding the bartender liable for any of that, I am the bigger fount of holding the responsible individual holding responsible, the individual, who is who is actually participating in the behaviour of places, job There's, a California myself. Why are you still live in the state? Have you considered moving to a state county, etc? The church, similar values of half the taxes and double attending, yet any Californian who has a business or who operates in the state has thought about moving there. There a couple reasons: why stay, obviously the weather, which I control? Second of all,
and of all the as it has an orthodox. Do I have to be a place that has a significant number, of course, restaurants and, more importantly, jewish schools. For my kids, I install limits. The number places I can live out. Love be able to go and like by a huge state in Montana, or something and create my own country, thou be great, but there are no kosher shops in Montana. I'd have to work slaughter cattle and that's really not on my agenda- I saw them. That there really only there. The truth is that the orthodox jewish community centralized and a few places around the United States to New York in Dallas it's in Chicago. As you know, I always the second biggest population in the United States, after New York, and so it limits the sort of place I can live and allay, is better New York and come on come on alleged is way better than New York and every possible effort also filled with New Yorkers says that lets you
drew says, dear Ben, although I am not a big fan of his Rousseau, said something to the effect that, in order for people to properly vote in a democracy, they must be properly educated. Therefore, be the responsibility of the government to educate the population. Even Thomas Jefferson said something to this effect. My question is now: the government has taken on the responsibility of education, wouldn't be proper for the people to take a test in order to vote, despite the negative historical implications that pull tests have in this country. I feel this would be a good solution to politicians preying on the ignorant and I'm torn on this question. Obviously, I wish that the american public were more educated, but I think you'd have to determine what exactly is the standard for that for those poles revenue would have to be knowledge of current events. I'm not sure why should should have to be knowledge of current events. What if you start spend your days studying Plato, Aristotle and Cicero? It seems to me you know enough about politics that point about. Then you just never newspapers
really see. Why should we have about? How do you test for? Let us up, isn't illiteracy test what you know your own interests without illiteracy test so well. I think the idea is is correct that we have more populous, popularly educated group of people voting. I'm not sure how you decide what elements go into a pull test that make you eligible to vote in the first place that that's all biased devoting population, and it would be difficult figure that up diagnosis. Heaven. Could you explain your reason for abolishing the IRS in further detail? Thanks should actual what really in the Irish Sea just a by product of abolishing the income tax? I think the income tax is an awful awful institution. The sixteenth amendment should be repealed as soon as humanly possible its garbage, and we should. We should go back to sales taxes and state taxes in the nice thing about Assail Satriani the Irish to enforce it mostly about a sales tax is people. Just and in the money as a percentage of the sales they ran up and then
need IRS auditing people, whose only some agency doing it. Maybe you keep the IRS and you call called the IRS, but you cut it down about five guys, whereas opposed to they now have to dig through every received receipt, took a deduction on another have to go through have to determine what your income laws and are you lying about it? Let s just its mass gave sorry final question here, Thomas as hello, Mr Shapiro, My daughter recently turn seven. It has expressed an interest in living to play violet, knowing that your mail, careful violinist, you have any advice for beginners and for parents of very little experience in music, while, if you ve heard about heritage violence is, you? Can method really is good for for learning? At the very beginning I studied says you can method for problem. We see from tunnels five till the time I was maybe Levin, so maybe six or seven years, and
and it is a great way to learn to play violin, and then you find more advanced teachers as your kid gets older you do have to make her kids practice is one of the questions that you see with parents that make it doesn't want a practice that want to make my practice. Ok, then you can want. We got really mean. That's that's! That's the answer I practised at the beginning. We have maybe ten fifteen minutes today. It got to the point where, when I was really good us practising, you know maybe three hours they are more. When I was really first rate, my daughter is learning to play now she's for half an hour I've got to get her to sit still long enough to practice, but you make her do it right in and in yea, and when I say to her when she has one practice. Ok, women will not have have your lessons if you want it is then we're not going to actually spend money to go. Take you told Us- and you have to if you have your lessons, if our learn and you have to sit here- and you have to learn and she's going to play wretches already, it is already doing this at four and a half. So there is an enforcement mechanism, you can't let your kid did that we have this whole idea of the kids not enjoying at the kitchen. Do it then you're cable, socket everything your kid
doesn't enjoy school. Just note, Monad your does enjoy school. You making go anyway, he's if you think it's you very alert. Music instrument be good at it. Do it that way? Also, I am not a fan of the marketplace. Eleven instruments indicates terrible at all of them in all likelihood right reality. Your kids really only be good at one instrument may be to Africa is extraordinarily talented, don't do this about, but he placed us a little bit of trumpet. No, he doesn't he blasts a horrible. Sound out of from it and then he goes and makes a horrible sound on the violent, he doesn't play trumpet or violent. Let's do some things I like and then some things that I hate and then we'll get out here for the weekend. Whoop, ok, so things I, like speaking of classical musicians and classical for any I took my four and one slash two year old daughter to the Hollywood bowl the other night. It is a blast if you never been to the Hollywood bowl
the reasons to live in what else has to go to the Hollywood bowl, because it is just it's beautiful outdoor venue. It was like seventy five degrees that night, with with a breeze and you're, watching great musicians play great music in the middle of basically a wooded area of LOS Angeles. It's just then ask so my daughter. I was really proud of her. She sat through an hour and a half concert of Greek, so she sat through the Paragon Sweet and she also sat through the Greek piano Concerto so good. For her I mean she's, my daughter's awesome, she's she's, really bright, Naso cheese I like, or in any case I don't like you re like her in any case, she's a city she Saturday the pianist again in Georgia. We and he is just tremendous because they play the great piano, Concerto, very good performance, and then you played an encore, an encore that he played was a a riff on MRS Carmen by there was written by Vladimir Horowitz one of great pianists of the twentieth century, and here is a recording of doing this, he's just terrific if you want to check in check out his recordings and they want a silver at the at the International Tchaikovsky competition.
He's in grab my dad's, a professional pianosa. My dad was sitting next to me. I was sitting here. My wife was sitting here, my daughters here. My dad was sitting on the other side, but my dad was just his joy at the floor. Musavi Skype, like he's only twenty three, I think so here is playing. I'm busy There is a very difficult.
So people are we Ask me why Middle EAST about music, because I like skill, Consumers Emily this about sports, where, when I watch basketball and watch the NBA, when what's baseball, wanna watch the M l B and Watch college baseball, I don't wanna watch college basketball launched with the best, and this is why, when people say you know you're very hard on rap right if you are able to pick up a microphone ones and be good at something, it didn't require a lot of scope really seriously. If you are, if you have to this guy trained, I promise you whose pressing eight hours a day from the time this gives problem eight years old. Ok, that's! Why he's really good? Ok and you have to admire people who actually spend time perfecting a scale this holds from politics. Also, I get a lot of questions from people How do I get into politics? The answers you read and you read any red and then you
and then you right and then you right and then you do this for lots of years, and then you have ventured to get good things right. This is actually how you get good things. You spent an awful lot of time, prepping things. If there's anything you do, but whether its popular, whether it's not popular, Where was oh yeah? I picked up a guitar one day and in three months I was good enough that I can cut cds and now I'm selling a million records. Ok, that means that your PA, pillar. It doesn't mean you ve done anything that I think is extraordinarily worthy of rice. This is a general rule. As a general rule, I think you ought to have to put an enormous amount of time to demonstrate this kind of skill, I'm not going pretend that I think that this guy inhalers withdrawn the same model being sorry Sonia they're, not ok. I Taylor, Swift plays a few cords, I'm guitar, and then she writes many lyrics that are somewhat charming. Sometimes that's it much sister going to get out of me and then, and if you're going to compare that or you can compare rap or somebody cannot even rhyme- ok have half the rap I've list
two is people doing near rhymes, which is the easiest garbage in the world, like my, my daughter can do just for half, that's not to say that those people are not good at what they do is to say that what they do does not require a ton of scope. There are lots of things in life it where you can go to them without it. I work, hey playing piano is not one of them playing. Violence is not one of them playing this game That was not one of them and we're gonna me who I admire more Georgie, who will sell? Maybe one one hundred the cities that any of these other artists. I mentioned well, do I made him more? Do I admire Taylor Swift more? There is no question. There's just no question perfect. A skill get good at it requires dedication and frankly, stuff that comes hard is better for you as a general rules as a human being and stuff that comes really easily ok time for a couple of things that eight August. I've never heard of this coup announced us I've. Just I've just been in. This is the last week. The reason I was informed of it is because somebody tweeted something at me on a topic I didn't really know and they had a blue checkmark, and so I can and I saw retweeted it and then
When you email me, like you, believed you an ongoing area, not helped your non is now look up as an ordinary Sweden that so I unregulated and Caroline, I guess, is this conspiracy theory about the deep state and the and the workings of a military government in its Elvis weird garbage. It's weird garbage conspiracy theory, and I can pretend understand it because I haven't spent more than five minutes looking at it, because it makes no sense at all. I basically suggests that there's a conspiracy led by President Trump, where he lives the executive branch and these conspiratorial designs, which makes no sense and is actually the head of the executive branch. Isn't neither a military conspiracy inside the exact he's the head of it, and in any case Chris Cuomo who, as a block of wood Chris Cuomo on CNN, he is looking for a way to tie president from two key went on to say the present from his conspiracy. There is no. Why you have to stretch to get here is beyond me present from has in the past week Vaccines are scams which is silly his reading. The past rehab Brok Obama me a big deal out of this was born in Kenya,
if you are sure the president from is fond of conspiracy theories, is actually not hard at all, but instead Chris Como in his attempt to peg president from with the queue ona nonsense goes even further. Creates its own we're too conspiracy, theory, so watch, because this is hysterically funny she went on to anonymous internet conspiracy, collective, you see them a trump rallies. They have their Seth rich signs. We are too that's them too. Is the seventeenth litter in the alphabet, not that that helps make it. Sense of its significance to them, and they see Trump tweeting. Something like this. Seventeen angry democrats. They take value in the number seventeen a potential sign. I hope you didn't use that number for them. He doesn't always use the number. Seventy. I dont see that as being in functional. But who knows these days? Who knows these days? Good journalists, Ming excellent journalists being block of Woodcraft Cuomo excellent Exe,
job, I see why we trust you it's ok. This is a quote from a outlet may have heard of called February twenty third two thousand special council robber. Mauler assemble the team of at least seventeen lawyers for his investing. Russian Interference in the twenty sixteen election wow. I can't believe it CNN is appealing to the cure non group like that. I can't believe that their actually just shouting out seventeen to get those two unarmed people all wrapped up cnn- are they part of the conspiracy to, and this is so, Sir Gawaine. Everything is stupid. Ass can be our next t shirt at this at the Shapiro store. Everything is stupid, dash bench of your own.
That's my quote that there are also a million copies gives everyone agrees with that proposition. Everything is stupid. Other things that I hate to Don Junior did a premiere for genetic diseases. New film danish has a new film out. I can fairly say that I think that the very least the marketing campaign for the new film is not my cup of tea. Comparing president trumped due to President Lincoln, the trailer for the new film basically suggests that President Lincoln was shot by horrible Democrats who are attempting to reestablish slavery and now, president from faces similar challenge No, no, I'm sorry! No no six hundred thousand Americans died while Lincoln was president because there were killing each other that that no, no sorry, no no, I mean I'm first to say: I think the media have targeted prison
tromp. I think that the Democratic Party has become incredibly radical. I disagree with a lot of things. They say: no, ok, any poster the mash up from physical Lincoln's face automatic, no ok, so, but Donald Trump Junior was at the premier and he proceeded to so one thing scenarios talked about is sort of a premise that he took from Gothenburg liberal Fascism, about how the Nazis were actually left wing in a lot of ways to understand the Nazis. What you have to understand is that european politics is not the same as american politics. There is no such thing as a european conservative party classical liberalism, which is the motivating factor behind american conservatives in the idea of small government, God guaranteed rights that are that are guaranteed and protected by a limited government that is established only to protect those rights. That is an american idea. It is not a european idea. Right. John Locke talked about what was really adopted by the american founders unadapted. Nowhere else, when we talk about european right wing parties, what you're talking about our parties that still embraced nationalized healthcare that still embrace foreign social safety nets that really still embrace also
of Lefty programmes in a variety of ways, but just happen anymore, nationalist on issues like immigration and culture the culturally assimilationist, as opposed to multicultural, that sort of the great distinguishing factor and, on occasion, maybe in favour of slightly more austerity measures, but there's no such thing as a right wing party in Europe. The same way the conservatives are right wing in the United States. It just doesn't exist in Europe and in anywhere near the same. Why? So, if you look at the Nazi Party, the Nazi Party was right wing. As compared with the Communist Party in Germany, so when the left says the night he's right wing. They are correct in the sense that they were the right wing of european politics, but the Nazis. There, no semblance to the american conservative movement as in not only there's no crossover whatsoever. So Jonah pointed this out and pointed out that the Nazis were hauled national socialist believed in big government nationalized healthcare, corporate control from the top of industry- that all these things are left wing propositions, which is true, dimension, that further and basically said or the Nazis, are the Democrats or the Nazis in the Democratic Party, sure a lot of common thought now the problem that I have it. This is the way that we treat nazi and purple
discourse, because the reality is the reason that everybody hates the Nazis, because World war, two in the Holocaust Robin to war, more to the holocaust. The reality is that the vast majority of the west was kind ok with the Nazis, which demonstrates how much of the west is sick, gather them with
You look at the Nazis actual agenda. There are alot of people today. If you just remove the we're nazi at the top, would look at the agenda that they talk about your nationalized healthcare, more spending on on veterans, more of the public education, more restrictions on industry tariffs on what they call the autopsy the idea we should produce all products in house into Germany there. A lot of people on both sides of the Isle would probably agree with some of those propositions because it was a political party that also happens to be motivated by a deep rooted evil and it's a fascist. He was a fascist tyranny that suggested a one party state was the best to try and link that to today's Democratic Party. I think we need to be careful about the nazi comparisons unless you are just like what people do, as they say, Democratic party platform like the Nazi platform Nazis wooden, killed six million Jews K. That's that's, intellectually, dishonest way contagious. This is a bad agenda where this agenda is bad. It's failed everywhere, tried to moral lots of parties, have embraced it from right to left, and it's not good in Europe. Instead Donald Trump Junior
I basically goes to the bumper sticker version of this, which is that the Democratic Party platform is the Nazi platform. When you look at the actual history of how these things evolved and when you actually look at that platform versus the platform of the modern left, you say: wait a minute, those two or really heavily allied and frankly, contrary to the right, you see the Nazi platform in the early nineteenth charities and what was actually put out there as there and you look at it compared to the two b and c platform of the dangerously men. Those things are awfully similar. Ok, he's here, not totally wrong? There are elements of the Democratic Party glad from there are very similar to that. The elements of the debt of the Nazi Party platform, but the reason we hit the Nazis is not really because- platform, there is we hit the Nazis because the Holocaust in World WAR two sets intellectually dishonest sort of make that switch, and and I want to point that out because there's no reason for the intellectual dishonesty you can just make arguments about how the policy is bad without hitting it with a swastika. The policy happens to be that nationalized health care isn't riding a bunch of different places in a variety of different ways:
it is bad because it is bad in the places in which it is bad is not bad because you link the swastika to alleged. I don't appreciate that particular linkage. Ok, so we'll be back here on Monday, have much more for you, then so have agreed We can rest up because wouldn't be back at this on Monday and expect it to be an tip top form I'll see you then I mentioned this venture Barroso. The bench of Hiroshima, is produced by sending a villa real executive producer. Germany boring senior producer. Jonathan, hey, our supervising producers, math is clever, and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Ngora. Audio is mixed by micro. Mina Heron, make up is by just one over the bench of Euro Show is a daily wire for publishing production. Copyright for publishing twenty eighteen.
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