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Ep. 63 - Trump Drinks Everybody's Milkshake

2016-01-28 | 🔗
Trump visits O'Reilly, a woman thinks she's a cat, and the Vaunted Mailbag!
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Here we are is a Thursday and it is our last chance to save Iowa. We have to say Iowa words. No one has ever spoken before. I will must be apparently also last night bill. O'reilly really tried to use, is milkshake to bring Donald Trump back to the yard, but Trump was like and you'd rather than yours. Indeed, it was usual than yours. Talk about all of that. I'm Ben Shapiro, this is the Ben Shapiro, show local tend to demonize people who don't care about feelings. Ok, pardon me for a moment. I need to just make a primal scream of frustration, because the political scene is so wild and insane right now, we've moved beyond. Yesterday we are through the looking glass we've shattered, the looking glass. There is no coming back. We're now The point where Donald Trump is doing interviews with Bill O'Reilly about milkshakes and tonight during the public in debate with Donald Trump will not be attending Donald
will instead be doing an event for the wound did warriors: yes, the same people he insulted when he said that John Mccain was a huge loser, forgetting hot and becoming a pow. He likes people who weren't caught is sing a fundraiser for them and who will be attending, who will the attending Rick Centaurium and MIKE Huckabee both of the last two Iowa caucus winners? Supposedly, the two most religious men in the field will be there tacitly endorsing the least religious man, not only in the field, but perhaps in all of the world, so Donald Trump, the guy who, just a few years ago, was endorsing partial birth abortion and who was caught by who First wife, cheating with his second wife, and then I think, caught by his second wife, cheating with his third wife, that guy is going to be endorsed by Pastor Huckabee who's, ripping TED Cruz in ads. For not proper lily, tithing, yes SIRI, ladies been the as MIKE Huckabee, is running these running an ad he's running one ad where, where its it, what it's name and added to the do to video
where they do a version of Adele's hello and it's MIKE Huckabee on the phone and it's legit really the worst thing that has ever been produced on film. It makes you did you go back in time and kill Thomas Edison before the development of all the tech. Legitimate as possible, but he's doing that, but that also running ads in Iowa, in which in accuses TED, Cruz TED, not properly tithing. Now you know orthodox you. I also am theoretically supposed to be typing. I will freely admit. To the best of my knowledge, I do not type, because that's a lot of money gang and also, and also because I should be driving, but most of the money ends up disappearing to various costs, including child care and synagogue costs, and depends on how you count the typing in all of this. But I'm going to bash anybody else over their tithing, because that's just not something that I think is really a big is. That is a huge thing to me all. I that's not something that they didn't prop. Really tired, so I'm not going to vote for him that doesn't rank high on my list of priorities, but the point is MIKE Huckabee
Tithing is the thing: tithing is huge infected fact. It's huge It's so huge is going to go and he's going to hang out with Donald Trump, a man who give Apparently very little charity, and I mean if you were typing in the beginning. Tens of millions of dollars per year. A man who I mean, I'm to speculate. This is speculation is going out on a limb some time in Donald Trump's life. Would you be very surprised if you paid for an abortion at sometime in Donald Trump's life? Maybe you didn't, maybe I'm just out on a limb, maybe I'm being ridiculous. It would be that surprising, but don't know if the point is the Donald Trump is kind of. I can see doing something like that and here's my cock, be basically endorsing him and Rick Santorum, the two most religious guys in the field, because the world has ended because the Apocalypse has come and maybe on Monday Trump loses. Maybe order is restored to the universe and TED Cruz wins or maybe Marco Rubio comes out of nowhere and wins, but if Donald Trump ends up winning the nomination again, what I've also Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. I would
because I would vote for actual actually like soul for smelling Satan, probably over Hillary Clinton, except it's not possible, because I think that the same person- but I would vote- for anyone over Hillary Clinton, but that doesn't mean that the world isn't ending and the the not crumbling around Us Eads E Av. So we'll start with Donald Trump talking about Delicious ice cream treats with Bill O'Reilly last night on Fox NEWS and, as I said yesterday, Fox is, is participating in this whole thing. Fox news may Donald Trump big DOT. Fox news may Donald Trump a big political figure that made him famous- that's maintain his notoriety even when is doing the apprentice and now that Trump has turned on them. How do they respond. They don't respond by saying. Well, you don't get access to our airwaves and most powerful air waves in America. They say why come on are highly rated bill, O'Reilly Factor the factor show and and then we will and then we will. I mean this whole all. I could a watching this interview, Mayo Preliminary, come here all I could think
when watching this interview between Bill O'Reilly and Donald Trump, the only thing that I could think of was that scene in which the empire strikes back console is about to be put into. Carbonite and Leia runs up to him and says I love you and, and they pull her away and Han Solo says. I know Okay, that was bill, Reilly and Donald Trump has eight, is a Riley have basically I love you in terms like frankly, I know, and so here we go Donald Trump with bill. O'reilly, God help us Putin's going to come at you, the mullahs are going to come at certainly the terrorists are going to match it, and it's going to be personal they're going to do everything they can to diminish you and- and you hope, as a president. You the rise above that all and do what's best for the country, and this position that we're talking about today.
People are going to say you know Trump is just too self absorbed to be president. He needs to look at the bigger picture in the bigger pictures. Get your message to the folks. There's got to be something because you set the all time record in cable history and so did CNN, and so you want to know they were want to know. Is you by walking away from no need a you're, not you're, not giving them the opportunity to know them as well. She would like I'm not walking away you walking away. Would you do me a favor? You owe me and 'cause I bought you so happened, so many vanilla, milkshakes. I bought you so many vanilla, milkshakes. You owe me. We used consider? I want consider all right. Think about it. They look. I might come back, forgive go forward, answer the questions. Look out for the folks. Just I want you to consider it. You won't be milkshakes I'll, take them off ledger if you consider it,
Well, even though you and I had an agreement that you wouldn't ask me that which we did. I will therefore forget that you asked me that, but it's so it's not up to me build what they do actually telling the truth that agreement, you actually did break your picture in Otona truth that I said because I told you up front. I said: don't ask me that question because it's an important, I'm not going to leave you and I'm not gonna, listen to anybody. But I'm not going to listen to any political person. Told me don't ask me anything, but you're, absolutely an honest man, then I said I I'll try not to do it with the milkshake thing, the overwhelming, but I'm asking you to reconsider it lot of milk. If you don't want to it's up to you and I'll go a compliment. I don't know Any politician, under these circumstances that come on in here and done what you did tonight,
I just don't know any and by the way this is much tougher than the debate bill. This is much tougher being with you because, frankly, you're smarter. This is much tougher than doing the debate with Megyn Kelly, believe me, but that's why you should do it and have fun tomorrow night. You can tell the folks here aren't Drake University knighted, Drake University going to raise a lot of money for the veterans watch. Alright, you only seventeen milkshakes then, and I want him. That's ok, Ok, I'll! Do that! Thank you. Trump prank all of bill, O'Reilly's milkshakes, all of them he drank his milk shakes, so O'Reilly makes the offer for delicious ice cream treats to Donald Trump and Donald Trump rejects him. First of all, all a begging, Donald Trump, to put his ego aside, maybe the most amusing thing I have ever seen on television. If it's not it's one of the top five, because I mean about two egos- can occupy the same television in that amount of space is a wonder of physics and in between the two and but there there,
because there's there's O'Reilly, saying to saying trump that he he wants comfort for the folks for the people of America and people. America don't need Donald Trump at this debate. Ok, everybody knows what Donald Trump is. Everybody knows what Donald Trump thinks I'm not that upset the Donald Trump isn't going to debate. I actually think it's pretty clever move for a variety of reasons and I'll do my debate preview in a second, but what's amazing here is that look how the media are pandering to Trump look at this, can you imagine another cat, let's say Rand, Paul Rand Paul did do this Rand Paul said I'm not going to appear on the lower debate where there are people who are coming we beg you please for people of America, for the folks Rand Paul? We need on that stage and it wouldn't matter if ramp, all we're doing better in the polls is TED Cruz said I'm not going to that because I think you are in favor of trump. Would anybody be saying to TED Cruz, TED need to come to the debate. This is it's such wwe narcissistic nonsense, and he's a master narcissist every question here. Every question will play a few more every question.
Trump is asked comes back to how he personally feels about things. Donald Trump is the only person in the universe to Donald Trump and again maybe you say that that's a good thing in a politician because he needs to be able to wheel around and hit people randomly because he self absorbed. That means that any attack on him is taken as a is taken. As a is Warren he's going to go to war with everyone, and that means sometimes he goes to war with the right people. I've been saying for literally months at this point that Donald Trump is blunt instrument. He is a hammer in search of a nail. Sometimes he hammers a pain of glass. Sometimes he hammers a puppy sometime, it's a nail on the head that doesn't need to conservative, but right now that ego hammer that is Donald Trump, is suck up all the oxygen in the room, and there is a strategic reason for all of this. But first I want to go through a couple more clips of Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly talking together again wrecking as the irony Donald Trump just Fox NEWS to go screw themselves Fox news is immediate response was going to take our most iconic host and we're going to have you on his show
and give you the air time to promote your agenda, suggesting the Fox NEWS is about nasty, terrible people in if this is not just if this doesn't demonstrate the media political complex, I'm not sure what does here we go, but I'll. Tell you why this violence or doing the attitude of Fox. Also had in the flagship, stupid idea retreat and what they did and we're going to be having a great event tomorrow night and I'm going to raise a lot of veterans and that's a good thing. It's a good thing looked on it. You can do that any night. An I can help you and will raise five times as much money. I got a really good idea that I want you to be involved with about raising money, but we'll get to that label. I'll do one debates, but here's where you made a mistake that you're making a big mess. I just say about one thing: could I just say one thing: we've had this debate so far, every free online poll said I want every one of the debates, especially the last one, by the way with the New York values, which was horrible. What TED Cruz said, but you know what the
Democrats are all finished with their debates, they've had six, they were hidden behind football games and every other thing there I'll finish with database. We're going to go on forever. With these debates at some point you gotta doing other things other than debating. We are people and I got there, but you like Gilmore, believe they've. Never even heard of this man wait a minute We have people in our debates that there during the summer Bay, not your damn it ok, so here's the thing about Trump will half of what Trump is saying here is actually true what I mean by that that Trump actually was not treated well by Fox NEWS at the first debate and Fox NEWS was begging for this to a certain extent, because Trump said: I'm not him, and maybe I won't come to the bay in front and Fox NEWS responded with what really what that's pretty unprofessional statement? We talked about this yesterday. Their statement that, if you can't, if you can't face up to put, are the if you can face up to Megyn Kelly can't face up to Putin very this stupid argument. Does it mean that
Trump is doing the right thing by pulling out of the debate, it means that he's doing something that makes him look gutsy to his supporters and again just you have to recognize the Kabo key theater. This whole thing is, and it feels like Kabo key theater doesn't doesn't it feel like a movie? Theater is not appearing on CNN Drip Fox is appearing Fox NEWS to rip box to raise both of their ratings before this whole thing, those four and if you think that Fox NEWS, this is going to suffer any sort of severe consequences. If Donald Trump wins Iowa on Monday, Mistaken Donald Trump will more coverage if he wins Iowa on Monday, at Fox NEWS actually wanted to go to war with the politician who they thought was threatening their house. All they would have to do is for him from the airwaves, that's all they would have to do and they're not doing it. Finally, you have Donald Trump ripping on Megyn Kelly again on Fox NEWS, the same network that carries Megyn Kelly Final Club, this clip to Trump saying the fox taunted him. By the the grumpy grumpy hangdog expression, Donald Trump, the man and knows when the cameras on him. That is for sure I don't think
not showing up the debate tomorrow. Night is good for America. Voters are still assessing you. They need to see you in a high profile situations, or am I wrong. Well, I think you're wrong because, frankly, when you're mistreated, as we were with the IRAN deal, that our country should have walked to Secretary Kerry, President Obama here walk from that date, you would've made a much better deal. I was not treated well by Fox. They came out with this ridiculous. Pr statement was like drawn up by a child and there was a taunt, and I said you know how much of this do you take? I have zero respect for Megan Kelly. I don't think she's very good at what she does. I think he's highly over rated and actually he's a moderator. I thought her question last time was ridiculous and everybody said I will await affect everybody said well everybody said I won all six debates and specially the last one, so I don't mind, get a life debating okay, so I can do watching this whole thing. You have to say, You have to say you really do have to say
everybody is wrong on all sides, like my contempt for everyone in the political process, I didn't think it was possible for my contempt for everyone in the political process to have risen during this primary process, but it has. I thought establishment was awful when they were backing JEB Bush. Now, though, can Donald Trump over TED Cruz. I thought the grassroots had a tendency to fall for populist con like Donald Trump I under estimated, by a factor of two and it's just it's it's it's. I thought the media are playing a game, our politics. It turns out that not only are the media playing a game with our politics, the media are are involved in in building the rules of the game. I thought the politicians nor playing at I'm with the media, where they are get where they are granting them this patina of credibility and objectivity, continuing to do that, even in the face of all of this, it's like everybody is wrong on all sides, because everybody is a little bit right on all sides right in the fact is the Donald Trump is, a con man. The fact is that Fox NEWS was biased against Donald Trump. In that first debate, and that made
Kelly Attack, Donald Trump during the first debate, and it's true that Fox news attacks, Donald Trump after he started kind jabbing at them this week. It's true that TED cruise may not be the most electable candidate in the field. It's true that Marco Rubio wasn't good on immigration. All of the negatives are true everything it is possible to say negative about. The republican side of the aisle is true which is why it's so frustrating in a primary process when no one focuses on the other side, when no one focuses on the other side. Politics is a game of contrast, and the problem is when we get into the primary process. Everybody gets to focus on the contrast inside the Republican Box, the shades of grey inside the Republican Box they forget. There's a all other box out there of Democrats are corrupt and evil we trying to tax it. Bernie Sanders proposing a fifty percent tax rate on capital gains. Hillary Clinton is corrupt, like a terrible person, and you lose
contrast because you're so focused in on from versus crews in from verses all in the arena, verses, everybody and Rand Paul the spider monkey on crack attacking everyone that All you end up with is just as Austrasian in distaste for everything in the political process and there's a whole nother side here. Right, Josh, earnest and and and Democrats are loving this by, like Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary. He was asked about Trump jumping out of the debate and here's Joe Ernest lying and saying that Trump, that that Barack Obama would always take it away. He always loved, debating yeah. This is about to put it. The president himself noted that he was not a big fan of stating in presidential debates, but you backed out of the debate two days before is scheduled to be held, and that demonstrates his own commitment to the process in you making good on one's commitments and yeah. We've seen that in over the last several months that Mr Trump has repeatedly chose in to kick Porter out of the room for asking tough questions, it appears he's taking that approach
to a new level by avoiding those since entirely no matter what amount of distaste I have for Trump Rubio or JEB or a cruise, or any, no matter what amount and I don't think they're all the same. By the way I've made clear, though preference in Iowa is crude. No matter what amount of justice I have for all these people. It pales in comparison to the amount of distaste I have for the wires of Josh. Earnest, saying that Barack Obama is open to debate is like saying. Mussolini is open to debate, Obama never appeared on Fox NEWS, the entire the entire day of the two election cycle and the only time she's appeared on Fox NEWS since then are in pre scripted sit down question debate before the Superbowl basically would like bill O'Reilly. That's the only time he's already present at that point. So this idea, the left are just there liars, and they're terrible all the way around, and the problem is when you get so caught up in this primary process. What you tend to forget: there's another side out there. That should be attacked and that's why it's so sad to the primary process is not just supposed to be about people
bashing, each other. It always devolves into that, and there's inevitably going to some of that, but more than that, it should be about who's going to stand up best the other side the case for Trump. Is that he's going to stand up best against the other side, because it's trump the world and the left is part of the world right, that's sort of the case for Trump the case. Cruises he's going to stand up against the other side. 'cause he's the most conservative guy, the problem with the Trump cases that involve hitting everybody, including people on his own side, for both divide and unjustified reasons is and just like me, everybody, John Mccain AIDS. Again every on the republican side of the aisle. Just everybody in politics is distasteful. I just The world is, is at a spinal tap eleven today, Mccain, the the two thousand and eight failed nominee here is John Mccain ripping on Donald Trump. Is he saying that Donald Trump is playing the media by First of all, that anyone who is running
office and gets to pick who the moderate are, is at the destruction of free press as we as we know it and second well, I think that part of it is to blame the media they basically given him a free pass. He calls in on the Sunday talk shows he decides Programs he's on in which he is, and he is now makes all these is able to fill the room. And take all the oxygen out of it. At the same time, and. So the media, I think, in their desperation, to have him on all the time to increase ratings is probably given him the confidence that he can I decided to have a cold veterans of then by the way I wish you were not using and actions and then as a way to further his own political agenda a little asking that he says there is correct, but but when, when Mccain, complains that
manipulating the media and nobody should be able to manage the media. The left has been manipulating the media for years. Meanwhile, in the republican race, point information. Let me just do a side point here: point of information there, there is a problem with some of the some of the stuff. That's going to happen during tonight's republican debate and I'll get again to my preview in just a second tonight Publican debate, there are going to be a couple of questioners who are out and out hardcore tests, including a woman named of Eleanor, who is a muslim woman who is going to presumably rip all the candidates on the stage, because America is islamophobic, for here's an example of Noob Eleanor she's on Youtube. Here's an example for talking about Islam, I'm Muslim American and I'm just like you, I born and raised in this country. I work in this country. I believe in this country, and I pray for the safety of this country, I'm in American through and through,
and also a Muslim and as a slum. I believe that there's only one God and that prophet Mohammed was his messenger. I believe in five pillar the declaration of my faith, prayer pilgrimage fasting during the month of Ramadan and charity. These five pill- those are the framework of Islam and Nelly's house. Don't include that violence or terror. I am motivated muslim lady and she's going to come and she's going to impugn all the Republicans for being Islamophobic, so Fox is doing that set up and they're doing second set up where they're having an illegal immigrant who became in I can citizen after joining the military show up- and here is Here- is that lady
so we should have now. Our whole journey was really really tough. We jumped fences like he and see here there was guy helping us out and we were like just staring at the fans. We were really really scared and we would also do a lot of Joaquin and it we actually slept a lot of nights in people's garage like if the door was open. We would actually go in and see that some random garage- and I don't know I just just really really weird experience, but since I was around six years old, I still remember it clear as day she's, so name is don't make handy, I guess Angie or at least that's her. That's her name on Youtube and so she's going to show up to the debate two. So again, the the whole media ratings game is is rather off putting okay. Meanwhile, it's hot and heavy in Iowa, so so TED Cruz. His super PAC basically said to Trump, will give
you're. Woon did veterans one point: five million dollars. If you'll come debate me one on one, I think deplore, move the reason. I think it's a movies because it looks like you're using veterans as a bargaining chip, which is silly, but he also dropped an ad in Iowa on Trump on immigration. Here is what that ad looks like of this from TED Cruz's campaign about Trump's immigration, stand.
Donald Trump is skipping the last debate before the Iowa caucuses. Why trump can't handle tough questions like why he'd left millions of illegal immigrants stay in America and even supports a pathway to citizenship? You have to give them a path and you have to make it possible for them to succeed. You have to do that. How do you throw somebody out? That's lived in this country for twenty years. I just can't throw everybody out and why does Trump support amnesty? Maybe because Trump makes big money off illegal immigrants. A federal court ruled that trumps company hired illegal immigrants to help the construction process for Trump tower. He even paid a million dollar fine and his new hotel in Washington. The Washington Post, interviewed about fifteen laborers at the DC hotel site reporting many revealed they had entered the US illegally amnesty for illegal immigrants, big money for himself. Can conservatives cross Donald Trump our principles package responsible for the content of this advertising? So that's a cruise associated pack. I am
that's a good ad. I mean the fact is that Trump is not trustworthy on this, so cruises going to slam on the issues. So, let's talk about what the debate is going to look like tonight without Trump on one network or two, CNN Msnbc or both counterprogramming the debate by pushing the Trump event, and it will be Trump currently MIKE Huckabee enrichment, Oram will show up as well. There are rumors that even Palin may show up so it'll be a star studded cavalcade with Donald Trump is impresario of this three ring circus and the reason, by the way, that Trump is doing. All of this just to point this out the reason trump is doing. All of this is because the only way that Trump can win Iowa, he has no ground game. The only way we can win is with complete utter media. Ubiquity he's hoping that the fact the media is obsessed with him will draw. I voter turnout in Iowa the indicator so far, not great for this. By the way he needs better than average voter turn out, and he needs voter turn out in a certain segment. Our times Forbes magazine both of them reporting today, that may not happen, but let's talk what's going to happen during the republican debate, so Trump is uh
centralizing media attention on himself he's he's trying to to win this thing with what what amount, basically an air campaign. It's it's. It's kind of a thirty thousand foot campaign, every all the media, all the headlines, all the rest of it and me, while crews is doing heavy body, work on the ground is getting boots on the ground. Well, Trump wins one other way by avoiding this debate other than the media coverage. The other way that he wins is that tonight the candidates are just going to pummel each other. I mentioned this yesterday Fox NEWS basic. He has three interests in the debate tonight. One news ratings if they want they're going to have to talk trump end of story going to have to have all the other candidates rip Trump, that in yours to Trump's benefit The second priority is not allowing Trump to win, but don't really care that much about that, as we said, and the third priority is a strong republican debate and again that means tough question. So all these people, which means they tear each other apart TED Cruz, going to target the target for Marco Rubio. Now, if
Rubio were smart and, I think think, Rubio's a smart guy, but I don't think he's strategically smart if you were what we would recognize that the best option for Marco Rubio in Iowa is that TED Cruz wins Iowa, who is not going to win? Iowa twins, Iowa and Trump comes in second, Rubio comes in a close third, then we get the does. Donald Trump have a glass jaw issue which might if he goes down in Iowa. Does he was a bunch of points in New Hampshire and if, which is stronger than expected. Does he the boost in New Hampshire and all that Marco Rubio is the favorite, so the best sing for Rubio would be for Cruz to win in Iowa, right and right. Is the only one in in spitting distance of Trump. I don't know be smart enough, so I think he's going to attack TED Cruz tonight instead of leaving TED Cruz alone, which is really what he Meanwhile, JEB Bush is going to try to tear down Marco Rubio JEB. Bush is twenty million dollars worth of ads in Iowa against Marco Rubio. Chris Christie is going Jack, Marco Rubio Rubio be able Christie and John Cage just going to sit there. Fruit chopping things
is fruit, ninja, routine, but hell actual it a little bit and read Paul. As I said before, is going to go on drugs, spider monkey revenge time. I mean just what he does in these debates he's going to back everyone, particularly cruise, all of which you is the big winner coming out of this is probably Donald Trump, which is exactly what people don't want, so everything that they're seeking is the the opposite of what they're going to get and if you wonder why I'm depressed today. This is why I'm a little bit depressed today again, I just want to remind folks for all of the depression for all the infighting inside the republican side. Remember on the other side, is Hillary Clinton on the other side? Is Hillary Clinton for all of the talk for all of the fighting and hello Clinton is a lady who says things like she's? Not corrupt, she's, not stop putting person in american politics. Hillary Clinton talking about how she can't be bought.
Senator Sanders is reading an attack out against that. We don't know whether he's going to use it, but the language is basically that you're in Hock to Wall Street because of the speaking fees you've taken from Goldman Sachs. How do you respond or respond about eleven hour attacked like that? Well, first, it's really disappointing. Chris. You know. Senator Sanders has started to get increasingly personal with his attacks. Even compare me to dicks training last week with gel it's kind of a low blow, so it would be another escalation and a breaking of his pledge to or not to go negative one of things that I think has been great about the democratic We really have sold this on issues while the Republicans and then hurling insults- and I think the people and I will want to go to the caucuses thinking about which one of us has residents can actually make a difference in their lives and that such a thing I couldn't focus on making.
Our yeah, I got to park your by than your and you know the other. Yes, if anybody who knows me knows you can't buy me, I mean honest. You can't standing up and fighting and getting around trying to get things done. That I think, would improve people's lives and I'm not gonna. Stop the next pitch. On the other side of the aisle Hillary Clinton campaign bought, except for her billion dollar foundation right, except for the global initiative she can't be bought, except for the thousand dollars speeches at Goldman Sachs. We you can't be bought, except for her I been getting invitations from foreign nations to speak their well. She Secretary of state. She can't be bought. It's amazing. It's amazing! So never, no matter how depressed we get, no matter how upsetting this republican race becomes, the paddle is really with the left. It really is and no matter how snarky I get with Donald Trump. He deserves every bit of snark. I can level at him because I don't think that Donald Trump is conservative. I think Donald Trump is a legal egomaniac.
He still better than Hillary Clinton, because anything is better than Hillary Clinton. Okay time for some things that I like and some things I don't like. So I just a reason since the things that I like there's a check, the trending right now make a movie amish and I have to mention that some of these are very funny from farm here to eternity the horse awakens and the star wars the force of the girl, with the wagons tattoo, so check it out. That's kind of funny, other things that I like that are that are slightly more important. So there's a book that I that I am a big fan of by a Jonathan height sociologist, is social scientist social psychologist over it at Nyu. You look the right his mind and in the whole book is about the differences between left and right in terms of basic principles and we're not talking about biblical viewpoint. We're talking about things like where
where to the left and right stand: unfairness, fairness! Where do the left and right stands on things like sanctity? He, basically there. Seven different measures of how human beings believe and the right is active in all. Seven of these measures in the left really only focuses on two: it's a really fascinating book. The book is called the righteous mind when John F might wrote it who's actually other left and by the time he finished, writing the book he had converted to being a political independent. This is a very very in sting but also on. My reading list is for people who care- and I I am in the middle of Nate Silver's book and it's a very interesting book makes over is a man of the left, but it the data in his book are are very interesting in his and his sort of analytical perspective is very interesting, ok time for a few things that I hate. So we could talk about the Iat Ola, releasing notice on Holocaust remembrance Day that the Holocaust didn't and those are new allies. We could talk about that. That's the thing I hate and President Obama saying hey that Anti Semitism around the world is on the rise. I wonder why
it could be your Jew, hating administration, giving room to people like the Ayatollah to push his stuff with one hundred and fifty billion dollars. You just handed him. We could talk about Hillary and Obama still doing Oscars so white they're both talking about how Hollywood is racist, which, by the way, the reason we care about this folks is not 'cause. We care about Hollywood is Hollywood is full of terrible leftist. The reason that we care about this is because the implication is if Hollywood is left and Hollywood is racist if campuses are left in campuses, are racist. How much more so must they be racist over in Texas and Oklahoma. That's the whole principle of this. We could talk about that. Instead, I want to focus on a norwegian lady who thinks she's a cat, because I mean I don't need to pick me up from time to time. Her name is nano, and I want to introduce you to the first Transcat tight person that I know of nano from denmark- and I will read the subtitles, because it is in fact well what what language do they speak in Denmark, they speak German in ten these days is. Is dutch online? Is danish language? I'm
can pretend that I care deeply, but in any case here is nano speaking about how she is a cat, yeah and I'll know sure I'm not twenty years old deliver. I have been a cat. All my life no I realized I was a cat when I was sixteen dollars. A dozen psychologist. Comfort was somewhat mam. I and if it's still under my birth, there was genetic defect, yeah, ok and then it's just pictures of this crazy, lady. Ok, so who pause it there, this nut job Well, we go a few frames forward, so we can see her face there. We go this nuts for people who can't see. Colored her hair, so she looks like a calico cat and she has piercing suing her upper lip to in her lower lip, and I always wonder when people pierce their lips when they, when they pierce their nostrils, always wonder how they blow their nose when they pierce their lips. I just don't understand how they chew and they don't ship their teeth, and it's really weird, but and she's wearing around cat ears and a tail
she meows at people. She purrs it people she pounces a people. According to the left, this is all glorious, I'm sure she is. Does the new wave of humans, who can be anything just because you were born human- doesn't mean that you were born human? She obviously has a genetic condition that leads her to believe that she's, a cat, how We possibly doubt this she's, the Caitlyn Jenner of the cat community. How could We possibly doubt that she's actually in her head a cat she's just born in the cat born in the wrong body right. This is why, we have come to as a deeply stupid society. We've now reached the point where people can be cats, that can be people, men can be women, women can be men and Hillary Clinton can be President Donald Trump can be the republican nominee. Okay, so since it is a Thursday and we're way over time, but whatever we're to do a few of these letters from Mailbag. So thank you all for your mail lots of mail. This week as every week, so we start with Maria yeah. Will get
when we actually that has video one from Daniel ok, so Daniel writes to me this week and he sends me a video that he wants me to respond to and it this video of these three girls talking. He says: these girls mentioned a gun ban, american standing on the bones of native Americans, fat, shaming and so on. Maybe you could use this as a video that you hate. Alright will do that. He apparently his girlfriend was told to share this video on Facebook for a great at their universities. So we will watch just a little of this video and then respond. Here in America, in every single state, they have a set of standards for every subject, a collection of lessons that the teacher is required to teach by the end of the term. But the greatest lessons you will ever teach us will not come from your syllabus, the greatest lessons you will ever teach us. You will not even remember you never told,
That we weren't allowed to say we just learn how to hold our tongues now somewhere in America, there's a child holding a copy of catcher in the rye, and there is a child holding a gun, but only one of these things have been banned by the state government and it's not the one that can rip through flesh. It's the one that says: f you on more pages than one, because we must control what the people say, how they think and if they want to become the overseer of their own selves, then we'll show them a real one and somewhere in America, there's a child sitting at his mothers computer reading the home page of the KKK's website, that's open to the public, but that child would have never read to kill a mockingbird because the school has banned it for its use of the Edward Maya. Angelou is prohibited because we're not allowed to talk about rape in school. We were taught that just because something happens doesn't mean you are to talk about it. They build brand new shopping mall, so that will forget we're really standing on the bones of the Hispanics on the bones of the slaves on the bones of the native Americans, on the bones of those who fought justice speak when you pause it there
two things, he mildly confusing to me. So apparently they don't want to ban catcher. In the rye, but they do want to ban the KKK website so So speech bands do exist in their magical world. I'm against all these speech bands. I think you should be allowed to read the catcher in the rye. I think you should be allowed to read to kill a mockingbird. I don't like the catcher in the rye. I think it's a wildly overrated book, but I think to kill a Mockingbird great book, I think people should be encouraged to read it. I read it when I was eight, so you know, I think that yeah the idea that the position of they want to ban books, but they don't want to ban guns, I don't want to inbox organs so there's that and then when they said that the models are built on the bones of the native Americans and their built on the bones I mean: where are they building there malls? That's my real question mean but they need to find better territory. I mean, if they're really like bearing have never run a book. I mean if you, if you build a mall over an old native american graveyard, things are just going to go really poorly. For you mean that's how you end up with haunted food court gang
that seems like a bad idea, but the the idea here is, of course, that that we are all deeply guilty. We have all sorts of guilt. Guilt is, is what what life is about. It's all about Gil, which brings us to letter four from a guy named Lasner, and by the way we don't need girls doing spoken. Word, poetry in unison, never showed this happen again. If we are going to ban speech, we can see right there and nothing will be lost. It will be ok, you can speak one at a time it turns out, and we can hear you just fine, ok, Lasner right, some leftist, I know say the USA, isn't their country and it stolen from the native Americans by evil, whites and therefore holiday. Celebrating figures like Columbus should be done away with, on top that they say all Americans inherit guilt from this, and, if I believe in american pride, it is hypocritical to not have guilt. I have my own room for this, but I was wondering what your thoughts are thanks. Ok, those are two separate cut. Questions first is we sold the land from the native Americans. Ok for those who are new to history. The native Americans also stole land from other native Americans,
and those native Americans stole land from native Americans, and it turns out that throughout human history, people have been quote unquote: stealing land from other people. It's also huh steel land. When people claim there's searching, is ownership of land so there's as well, which doesn't justify terribly treatment of the native Americans, which absolutely happen in the United States as far as Columbus duration of figures like Columbus. This is a very simple question. Is the united it's better off today, because western civilization came to North America? Well, yes, that's because it wouldn't exist. Otherwise is western civilization was superior to a culture that had not developed at the wheel by the time that people got here? They didn't have horses until the until the folks in Europe got here like the fact is that yeah life expectancy in primitive communities like the native american community, before the last got here like I can in the thirties, so
yeah for all of the romanticization that goes on of native american lifestyles. The world is a much better place because western civilization grew and that doesn't justify nasty treatment of native Americans, and there were plenty of westerners who thought the treatment of native Americans was now stay and try to protest against it. It doesn't to find, but it does suggest the western civilization is a good thing. As far as you a personal level of pride and guilt, I will say this: you can be proud of what America central principles are without feeling guilty about slavery, because, but you shouldn't feel proud of, for example, if you say I'm proud, because we won world war, two you should be proud of the. You should be proud that your country fought and did that. But you weren't there, you know you're, not you know how to steal somebody else's glory and just so you're also not allowed to steal somebody's guilt. Okay, I was involved in a pressing, a black person. I didn't holds late, so I don't feel guilty about a pressing black people. Holding slaves couldn't do it. I wasn't involved in that. I have plenty things in my own life to feel guilty and terrible about. I don't need. Everybody else is guilt and as far as pride,
be proud of your own accomplishments in the ideals that you hold, you should be proud of the accomplishments of others, so that is the the short answer: okay. There was a second video that somebody sent me about wealth inequalities from a guy named Kurt and he sent me this video about income, the quality he says that he's concerned, because there are so many young there. Can you are buying into the idea that wealth inequality in America? It's a terrible, terrible things will play some of this video and I will critique her business, professor and economist, asked more than five thousand Americans how they thought wealth was distributed in the United States. This is what they said. They thought it was dividing the country into five rough groups of the top bottom and middle three. Twenty percent groups they at people how they thought the wealth in this country was divided. Then he asked them what they thought was the ideal distribution. And ninety two percent. That's At least nine out of ten of them said it should be more like this,
in other words more equitable than they think it is okay as part of that act, as I can so, the problem with income inequality and we've already hit it. Okay, we've already the bedrock album with the income. Inequality idea. Is you don't get to just. Side, how wealth is distributed. The idea that this is how people think wealth should be distributed, who care I don't make my money based on polling data yeah, I don't make my money based on going to ten people and ask them how much money do you think I ought to make? I provide goods and services for which people pay well thoroughly, and that's nobody else is damn business. This is why income inequality is stupid because the quality suggests that you as you're your own little mini got along with the other many got like friends get to take money. A from me, because you have a picture of utopia in your head and now you can press everybody else that makes you a jackass okay anyway, who cares deeply about income. Inequality is a jackass if you care about poor people and more people to be able to make more money. That's a good thing,
if you care about stealing money from some people to give to other people, because it doesn't match the utopian vision you have in your head. That's because you are a easy body knows he a Let me be clear. Thank Bernie Sanders is, and so we can continue with a few more seconds of this video, but we've already hit the point I mean once I say that the rest of this off the part once you point out that there is nothing to the idea that you morally have a moral utopian view of how wealth should be distributed. You to decide that, because let me ask you this who's in that top twenty. Does anyone know who's in the top twenty percent. How do you know? Maybe it's mother Teresa, Maybe it's Kanya could be anybody in that top twenty percent. And how would you get to decide what services are worthwhile and which ones aren't? Maybe I think the teachers are more worthwhile than doctors right? I don't care what you think you think that's true, go pay! Your teacher more than your doctor see how it works out for you. The fact is the the aggregated knowledge. This is important, to act like the aggregated opinions of people
are more important than the aggregated behavior of people. Behavior is more important than opinion. You know I love distributed the way that it is in the United States, because you, the same person who say that it should be distributed. More, ideally, don't behave that way right. You behave as though there's a price to be paid for services and you pay it end of story. And then they say well, how much should you pay me? So I wish I I wish I could pay one dollar for it, but that's not. You know that the real world, so we don't in this fantasy world in your head, where you get to redistribute everybody else, is money. We don't live in that. Thank God, thank God, because it's herbal evil nasty world that you live in, Instead we live in a real world where you get to determine what the person on the other side of the table. What is a price that incentivizes that person to do the job and you'll see? This is basically Excuse me, the rest of the video is that so will continue for just a few more seconds tell admittedly the notion that most Americans know that the system is already skewed unfairly.
What's most interesting to me is the reality compared to our perception. The ideal is as far removed from our perception of reality as the actual distribution is from what we think exists in this country, so ignore the ideal. For a moment. Here's what we think it is again. And here is the actual distribution shockingly skewed, my not only do the bottom twenty, it's all just continues in any sense and then there's the whole point. Oh my god, all these rich people have all this money. Another point to be made here, a number and all those rich people made their money through violent free transactions with other people. Nobody stole it. If they did, they go to jail. That's illegal still, the only type stealing that is still legal in America. Is you and your jackass friends voting to take away my money at the point of gun? That's the only I'm stealing that still legal in the United States. Ok, it's been legal to steal in the United States since the passage of the 13Th amendment abolishing involuntary servitude. This,
I think it really angers me because they act like this is great moral mission, but it isn't is actually evil. What you're watching right now is actually an evil moral mission that your ideal of what you think well should be distributed that should trump the actual voluntary activities of human beings. They should shut down peoples. Voluntary activities makes you a fascist. This is why so she fascism. This is why okay, the same. Writer Kurt asked what my favorite musical is pretty wide variance in your in your email. My favor musical is one thousand seven hundred and seventy six. I just grew up on it. It's a great musical. If you haven't seen it, it's a lot of fun. It's about the founding of the United States Ok, I got a letter from SAM. He says I'm fascinated by jewish culture and traditions and wondered as you follower. That's are there any? This is the commandments about That's fine, but you don't follow. I hope it isn't offensive to ask and apologies if it is not a fence. To ask at all I'm sure there are many many boat that I don't follow properly, which is why I ever pray three times a day and in every single, Shimon?
every single, silent, Armida, every single, silent prayer in the middle of that there's, a paragraph Consulado Little literally beat your chest in her pants. So what we send all the time if the question is, are the ones that I purposefully don't do. I know that there are ones that I could do better. Let's say that there is certainly just every other human being the ones that I can say better, including typing. I can do better on tithing. Is we already acknowledge earlier in program, although, to be honest with you, I don't really know how much money I give the chair until the end of the year and I'm not for what percentage of my after tax income I give, but I bet it's probably less than ten percent, so I should do better on that one and I pledge to try and do better on that one. A couple of more of these: let's see Maria has one. She says: hey Ben first and foremost, I admire you, I'm jewish and conservative as well. So it's great to see you not the only one. Well, I do agree with you on most issues, I disagree with your stance on waiting until marriage to have sex while you're fully correct fact doing so will guarantee that you are STD free
active waiting is not that simple women, typically quickly, begin menstruation around age, thirteen boys produce sperm at age. Fourteen the fact we developed so early means we were designed to be getting married and having babies. This young, when puberty ends about sixteen to eighteen is when we are best fit to reproduce, is why women over forty have a higher risk of birth defect on it? if we weren't supposed to have sex until we were adults by western society standards. Why in the world would be developed years before we actually should reproduce? I agree it's best to wait, but it's difficult Not do something you're biologically inclined to do so, there's difference between is and ought you're right. The bye, logical inclination to have sex starts as soon as puberty hits and happens. When you are very young, just be so that doesn't mean you ought to do it. There are lots of things the bye lg implies that you should do an you are not in fact there's relatively good evidence that even among human beings there's an instinct among stepfathers, for example, to kill their stepchildren
like really does exist in the animal kingdom in it among among the religion eight bit. Well, I'm not sure the religious sentiment. Baboons. It's been shown that that step parents will come in after the Father dies and then kill the offspring, because that allows the the female of the species to procreate again, because when they're nursing they can't procreate so that doesn't mean that in the human community that would be ok. There are lots of biological imperatives that are certainly not moral imperatives and that's in fact, what did french human beings from animals is that we don't always have to follow our biology. As far as the age of marriage, we have moved way too far in the opposite direction, meaning that people and be getting married at age. Thirteen and fourteen, because you're not capable of making good decisions which is sort of the point at thirteen and fourteen, which is why people get Stds at age. Sixteen when they sleep around the fact is that at age, thirteen age, fourteen your prefrontal cortex is not even remotely developed and your they may Zillow, which is the fear in motion. Center of your brain is highly developed, meaning that your emotions control you when you're a teenager, biologically it's bad to make long life.
Long term life decisions on that basis. This is why it used to be in a world without birth control, for example, when it was important very strong social standards about not having sex before marriage, because people would have sex to get pregnant and have babies out of wedlock and that had actual ram of the for the society at large. So the solution is to be abstinent until marriage, but not to wait until your third, you do it yeah they society in which people get married right now, the average age is, I believe, twenty eight for men and twenty seven for women, a society in which people are waiting that long, they're, obviously not abstinent as a general rule, until they're twenty, eight or twenty nine years old, and they're not having babies until they're in their early 30s, which means that probably only going to knockout one or two kids. I of the opinion that men should be looking at perspective wives by the time they hit vote, age, name by the time you hit eighteen years old. You should already be thinking about being an adult. I know this is counter intuitive can serve in the military, but you can't get married at age. Eighteen I mean this is but to me it does mean you should get married at age. Eighteen depends on each end of person there? Certainly,
people who are ready at age. Eighteen there are people who are ready at age. Twenty I was before my wife was twenty. Both my parents met at eighteen and married at twenty one, marriage, young is not the worst thing in the world. The problem is We've turned all of the people of the United States, basically into perennial adolescence, we're all living like they do. In friends, thirty five years old, single, live roommates in apartments in New York and we're losers, and we have no kids and then we turn around our biological clock is ticked and we've had sex with people, but we have no happiness. We have no stability and we have no children. That's problem as a society, so push to abstinence until marriage is actually a push to get married, younger yeah. I I speak it. Jewish high schools pretty frequently, and then one of the Gcc Orthodox high schools, particularly and one of, but I tell you, schools which I spoke. I shocked some of the rabbis in the audience because I was talking to the boys and I talking about merry my wife and and one of the things that I said is that I was taught
in particular that same sex marriage. I said I don't care, I don't in the state should be involved in in marriage at all. I think the state should be out of that business because my wife and I two separate marital documents. We have our our. We have our marital document. That is the that is the state, provide Meryl Document or marriage certificate, and then we have the the kid to that which is the which is the the two about which is the Jewish Meryl die I don't care about state one. I care about the jewish one to the jewish one meant I got to have sex with my wife. Right and everybody in the in the audience laughed except for the rabbis, who were very frightful, because religious adults get very kind of upset when, when you talk with teenagers about sex, is the teenagers have never heard about this? The and know nothing about? It? Are not inclined toward it or anything. The reason I said that one of the rabbi said well, you should really say that you know you didn't Google was important to you because that's when you could get because that's when you could have kids. And I said no because there's no sixteen year old boy in the world was eager to have kids, right there lots of sixteen year old boys who are eager to have sex. So if you
encourage them to get married and encourage them to maintain abstinence and the rule to be abstinent until marriage and get married when you're thirty five years old. I don't do try our living arrangements, someone before before you live with them Virginia until marriage works out by the way this whole the always here, which is really really one of the dumbest arguments. However, what if you're not sexually compatible but you're not sexually compatible? okay, if your dude and you have a penis and she has a vagina you're sexually compatible. Ok, bye, You are now sexually compatible. Congratulations! You're! You has been biologically blessed idea of whether some he's good in better, not have to try it out. First of all, I'm just telling you gay and that many tricks in the book cosmopolitan is wrong. There, not another x, rated version of the Ben, but there they're not every every week. Cosmopolitan comes up with different ways to have sex and this idiotic, because there's only so many ways those tinker toys fit together. So the fact is
that if you're worried about sexual compatibility worry more about personal compatibility, I've yet to meet a couple that is person the very compatible and very in love with each other, but sexual totally incompatible because the fat you're going to know a fair bit about your spouse, or you should, before you get married, you should date should get to know that person I knew my wife and I were going to be sexually compatible because we had lots of fun together in other aspects of our lives and we knew how we felt about sex before we got married. You don't actually have to take somebody for a test. Drive okay in a Tesla is a human being in this idea, though a woman is a, it is a woman, and one is a horse to be real. We have to give her a ride before we can determine what about an old MAC. It's it's actual incredibly sexist. The DR version of sexual life is supremely sexist and by a completely objectifying and that's true for both men and it's true for women. Okay will do one more because I know that we're so far over time is beyond reason. At this point. Okay, so at it will do this one, because it's a comic book one. So we'll do this one all right.
Right you spoken about. The dark knight is conservative. Film. I've always been go to deep thought by the Joker's line. I'm not a monster, I'm just ahead of the curve I haven't. Print this line to suggest man will do whatever he has to do to justify our means to an end that sees himself as the fully realized morality of man, and he has no morality. He believes he is the embodiment of an excuse to nowhere the end. To which we seek is futile and absence of meeting the excuses we make for our means are not necessarily evil as much as they r us, and he says this is the Joker is a liberal. Basically, he says when I see liberal philosophy it lacks actual day today, for whatever need people say that they have well, that's that's liberalism and that's what the joke I agree the jokers a nihilist. In the end, this is a nihilistic philosophy. The only difference between the Joker and left is that the left reports to want utopia, the Joker just wants anarchy, so there's a strain of the left that just wants anarchy, because they don't really care about anything except themselves. They just take care about turn down the order. The Joker,
last make common cause all the way until it comes time to build utopia, you want to the difference between the Joker and the and American left Joker and Bane is a good contrast. Not the bay who actually wants to his secret plan, is to nuke Gotham, but the bane who says that he's going to build a communist new parish in Gotham City right, he can make common with the Joker wants to tear everything down up until the point he wants to build everything back up again in his own image. Leftists are nihilist up to the point where their secular atheist utopians and they they worship themselves, and so they have to build humanity in their own image. The same you see in that wealth inequality, video right? What do I think wealth inequality should be like? Well, Why am I just force everybody a point of going to give me their money and then I can just determine that reality will now match what we hope it to be. Okay, folks, the Iowa caucuses are coming up. On Monday, all the broadcast before we know the results. So we'll give you all the updates, then that's going to be crazy
I go to dailywire dot com. Tonight I will be live blogging. God be live blogging, this republican debate. I also have commentary about the Donald Trump Fiasco and our kick of death and doom happening in. I have I'll have my commentary on all of that. Over wear, dailywire dot com forward to seeing you there have a wonderful weekend, and we will see you Monday if the world is not blown up by that point and Donald Trump. Isn't can watermelons like Gallagher on the audience in the splash I Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show
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