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Ep. 656 - The Day After

2018-11-08 | 🔗
President Trump enters into wild battle with the media, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is out, and the Left’s intersectional rage cannot be stifled. Date: 11-08-2018
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President from enters into wild battle with the media attorney general just sessions is out and let's intersection rage cannot be stifle. I'm bench bear. This is the best the who knows what you lose, there's no way to cover all the news, but we will do it and we will do it with a plum alacrity and finesse wash us, but first we first have to talk about the fact that democratic retaken, the house, which means that a lot of the positive policies republicans have enacted over the past two years, could be stymie. We'll be Democrats, start to obstruct what effect would that haven't the dollar on stocks and other unknown that could impact or savings? What is your plan? Can you afford? Another hits your retirement like last year, internal in the US and he dropped. Fifty percent, you need a hedge against inflation and against uncertainty and instability by diversifying your portfolio. What some precious metals old is a safe haven against uncertainty, and my savings plan is diversified. Yours should be to the company. I trust of precious metal purchases birch
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Shooting anywhere in the United States is horrifying, but a mass shooting that is close to you feels a little bit more immediate in this, regular case. The gunman who massacred twelve people in a country, music bar in so called on Wednesday night, has been identified as an Ex marine life policy here on the show that we do not actually identify the name of the shooter, but will give you details that you no motive. He opened fire on the borderline bar grill in thousand oaks. At one thousand, one hundred and twenty p dot m. This person had been cleared by mental health experts after an incident in his home in April. Europe's reveal on Thursday morning. So once again, so we get a brush with the law and the brush with the law is not enough to end with this person being prohibited from firearms ownership or or a gun ownership, California, it does have a rating from Brady Centre for gun control. It is considered the most uncontrolled state in the United States. We ve had a multiplicity of mass shootings in California. In the past few years we had one in Santa Barbara. We have this one. We had the one in San Bernardino. We ve had a bunch of mass shootings in the past five years.
The the killer held eleven people inside the bar one of the first cops on the scene he shot also before taking his own life. Survivors from the shooting said he looked like he knew what he was doing this you repeatedly fired his legally purchased block. Forty five I'm gonna. It's also worth noting that he was using a hand on who is not using a so called assault rifle to all the talk about banning assault rifles would have done nothing to stop this shooting either. This piece of human built through smoke grenades to confuse the crowds while he started shooting folks. People were hiding many pool tables amusing bar stores to shatter windows to skip the first police officers arrived at the scene three minutes later and then the shooter shot one of the multiple times before shooting himself. By the Times Swat teams arrived, he was dead. His body was found in office inside the bar. He started the sheriff sergeant, who was shot later died in the hospital He was run. He was a twenty nine, your veteran in total thirteen that eleven killed in bar the sheriff sergeant and the gunman and again the skies
former Marine who lived in nearby Newburyport, who apparently had mental health issues. In April this year, deputies were called to his home amid reports. The disturbance whose acting irrational and was I rate so police called in their mental health specialists, they cleared him decided against having him committed and left him at the home. It is unclear when he bought, This he had no criminal history, except for a minor traffic. Infraction a neighbor told ABC. It was known to suffer from PTSD the woman, who did not want to be named said she had no idea what he was doing with a gun. Had apparently modified his weapon to hold more rounds. So again, gun was, instead of California, not being effective. Handgun was designed to hold ten rounds in one of the chambers of the weapon did have an extended magazine on at the tv the retained illegally or he'd modified. You legally said he was able to hold more rounds the in the magazine, obviously a terrible story, it will drive more conversation,
uncontrolled, even though, as I say, California is extraordinarily heavily gun control and be notion that Morgan Control prevents mass shootings like this It is simply not true in a country where there are already something like four hundred million guns in circulation in United States in other needs Supreme Court Justice Route, better Ginsburg. It was eighty five broke three ribs in a fall. I she apparently fell in her office at the Supreme Court test, showed she fractured three ribs on her left. Sideshows admitted for observation and treatment. Broken ribs are incredibly painful. Obviously we pray for her recovery and that she should be in good health, but her health obviously has significant ramifications for the future of the Supreme Court, where she to retire from the court, for example, then that would have
Massive impact on the future president Trump would still have the ability to appoint a replacement who presumably would be front runner. Amy Coty bear it so little bitterly to say that, but she's gonna be ok according to medical reports right now. Obviously, when older people fall, there is obviously a lot of speculation about what happens after that, because very often declining health begins with fall sort of like this is not the first time, though the Ginsburg fracture ribs in June twenty twelve, she fracture too rigid afar, didn't disclose the entry to the public. Until months later, she hasn't miss a day on the court's spite a couple of rude rounds of cancer, as well as a fall in the past, she says that she was to serve on the bench until she is ninety she's, no, eighty, five, so she's hoping to outlive or at least stand the court past president trumps tenure on the in the White House. So there is that that is your quick news uptake quit one were no. I should add just about me
was an and state homicide rate. There is no correlation between mass shootings. In Denmark, there is no correlation between state homicide rate and stake on. Most people have tried to draw this sort of correlation are doing to our doing so. In statistical error, that is important to note at the outset: ok Shop, the Big NEWS yesterday and still this morning continues to be president. Press conference, but he held yesterday it was a wild and crazy press conference. You took something like sixty questions from various members of the press. He had a fair number of things to say about midterms what he had to say about the midterms can a fascinating, so here's what he'd, tweeted out directly after midterms president from each meted out to any of the Pandit attacking heads that do not give us proper credit for this great mid term election. Just remember, too,
fake news, so Trump was ready and rearing to go immediately upon the outcome of insurance. Now you're giving president from credit for some key Senate victories in swing. States, I think, is appropriate. He also gets the blame for Republicans alienating an enormous, suave, suburban vote, which ended with the Democrats taking districts like the Georgia. Six district. Remember that there is a special election in Georgia, six district, Just a few months back when John US off ran against can handle us off lost despite a lot of money pouring it won't Karen handle lost the sea a couple of months ago, so obviously, suburban Republicans got just walked in large part, because the unpopularity of president
president from Ben sounded off about what Democrats going to do in the future. Here he said if the Democrats think they're going to waste of taxpayers money investigating us at the house. Never then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the league of classified information and much else at the Senate. Level too can play that game obviously did that everyone knows that the democratic going to investigate the president as far as possible- again, president from pen of levying threats, but the Senate is going to investigate or that he's going to use the executive branch to investigate not ideal but expected, and then president from said this, in all fairness, Nancy closely deserves to be chosen speaker of the house by the Democrats. If they give her a hard time have we will add some republican boats, she's earned this great honour, which is high levels of trawlers from the president. But then he did his press conference and his press conference yesterday was base.
The glade that there are few things seem number one was about him. I love me and the contrasting so yours president, from yesterday, talking about how awesome he was in the election and again This is somewhat justified by the Senate results. It is certainly not just by but house results, but there was the president praising himself, I was a day yesterday incredible day, then, Neither Republican Party defied history tools and our Senate majority. Whilst definitely breeding expectations in the house for the mid term and return year. Ok, so part of that is true part. That is not. It is true that there are public and party defied history and expanded their sentiments. That was expected a based on the polling data based on the fact that Democrats for running a lot of vulnerable seats in purple to read states
The Republicans did not significantly beat expectations about in a high know that, because I predicted to the number how many, it's, the Republicans we're going to lose in the house in those based largely on the data were available, so Republicans did not meet expectations in the house. It was a bad election for Republicans in the house. It was a good election for Publicans and the Senate, and that has to do with various consent. Once it has to do with the red states getting better and the blue states getting blue, but according to president, from its all that present trump. Now yesterday, I danced a theory, and my theory is maybe most controversial, fury at all of us, and that is that president from while he is not a generic republican electorate treats him like a generic republican. He gets precisely the vote percentages you you would expect from a generic republican. He is treated by the press as they would treat a generic republicanism more.
The President may act like he's out of the box because he is out of the box, but that does not mean that the response to him is out of the box. In fact, it is very much in line with republican Democrat breakdown of way up till Brok, Obama, Rock Obama's sort of statistical outlier, not president from a president from it has a vested interest, obviously sort of media in suggesting that all of politics revolves around president from a fact which I do not actually think is borne out statistically. But this leads, president from you suggest that every candidate can be a Jew dictated. The quality of their Canada can be Judah can based on how close they were to President Trump. So yesterday, in what can only We describe as break classless move the president gets up at the press conference and he ripped into a bunch of Republicans in swing districts, and he says that if they'd only embraced him more closely than they of one their seats here. He was met literally mocking other Republicans who lost their seats. We could have used. You know in places like the house, there was doing that it's. On the other hand, you had some that decided to.
Let's stay away, let's stay away, they did very poorly. I'm not sure that I should be happy or said you're just fine about it, Carlos Rubella MIKE Kaufman, to Bed MIKE, May I love, I show me, love she called We all the time to help her with a hostage. Situation. Being held hostage in, Venezuela, but me love gave me no love and she lost debate so about a meal and Barbara comes, was another one and I think she could have one that race Richie did gonna have any embrace for that at all blame her. But she she lost,
substantially. Last Peter Ass come. Didn't want. The embrace Eric Paulson didn't want the embrace then a new jersey. I think he could have done well, but then what got to good Bobby again. I feel better, because I think that something that I been one images goes like there's, Romeo generals in whole, things just goes on and on president from ripping in, you, his own party members, who didn't want to associate with him because they were in purple districts or in blue areas. Does Really believe they did these solution. There was more cowbell if Barbara Comstock had brought in from Should one that race of meal love had brought in from to a blue district in Utah, but that would have shifted the race. Of course that's untrue, but this is sort of the myth of from has been created in the aftermath of the myth of Obama. The myth of Obama was that about
radically shifted american politics permanently method from isn't he broke that radical shift. The reality is that Obama's this statistical outlier, because he is uniquely amazing candidate. In many ways, the president, the candidate president from all he did, was sort of allow the reversal back to status quo ante, which is good in its great. But but the idea that Trumpery, some sort of magician with electoral votes is, is just not supported by the evidence to talk some more about President from press conference, then we'll get to the big big above the day, which is of course, cost. I love that its interim Acosta first, let's talk about how you can save some money so these days it is to get people to agree and practically anything like legitimately anything but there's one We should all be able to agree on save money. A good thing which is why you need honey. It's free shopping tool that automatically searches the internet for the best promo code. Every time you buy something online, you know you used to have search around on the internet for promo code for particular products or particular websites, not anymore. Now, when you gotta honey I'll, you do
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slash ban, honey is indeed the easiest way to save money. I'll shopping online go check now join honey, dotcom slashed by ok. So president from continues its press conference so theme number one of his press conference was a mass him and everyone who did not sufficiently embarrassment loses because I'm a magic magic man. It was down in them. One day. Member to us Democrats. If you start going after me- and you start trying to leverage me and I'm just economic deals with you- and this, I think, is rabbits We barely. I dont think that from has any obligation to make deals with Democrats. I think, in fact, that Democrats antipathy for president trouble prevent any deal making from taking place, which, as a conservative, is a comfort to me. I don't want the president making deals with the Democrats. Bipartisan deals tend to be very bad for the country, as a general rule to President from says he
says that basically he doesn't want to work with democratic Democrats to want to work with him if they do want to work with them, then he's happy to work with them, but he is not going to make deals with them while they decide that they are going to crack down on his tax returns, for example. So if your ears, president from talking about that, they want to do things? You know I keep hearing about investigations fatigue like four. The time. Almost from the time I announced I was gonna run, they ve been giving us this. Investigation fatigue. Long time to get nothing zero You know why, because there is nothing, but they can their game, but we can play it better. Because we have a thing called the United States Senate and a lot of very questionable. Things were done between leak. Of classified information and many other elements that should not have taken place.
Now people are very upset about president from four for saying that he did. The partisan investigations will take place on responsive basis, I'm not sure whether upset about that is pretty obvious. The parson investigations are going to take place on a partisan bases. That's that's. What Democrats have been doing. Ok, then, from moves to his that, let's get to the actual meat of the matters that neither the matter all of this went by the wayside, because, president from is in this knockdown drag out fight with CNN and has been going on, since legitimately he was campaigning and CNN has acted awfully. The worst report on the CNN team by a fairly long shot is Jim Acosta was, I said yesterday find new somebody, but who loves you? Why? Jim across the love, gimmick Asta? We now do loves. Jim Agusta every every possible arena in which democratic and show how much he loves Jim Acosta. He does so I mean do business.
I'll flowers takes itself out for dates. I mean he the other day by himself, an engagement ring, and then he told himself tat. He couldn't engaged himself because it still illegal, but some day in the future, love will be known as love. Jimmy Costa loves, Jamaica, inadequate Jim accosted decided to use the president's first press conference, Since the mid terms to grandstand because it today ending and why Intromit Casta has microphone and things went sideways, so here is the exchange that is making the rounds between President Trump and Java Costa, I will explain why that controversial visually. If you can't see this, but you eyes. Immigrants nowadays like shown, derive want them. I want them to come into the country, but they have to come in legally. You know they have to come and Jim through a process. I wanted to be says, and I want people to come in and we need the people you don't pay, not you're going away. You know why we need the paper that, because we have hundreds of companies moving and we need the painful for your campaign had an ad showing more
grants climbing over walls wasn't it for it, but they weren't act, you're not going to be doing they weren't accuracy or no extra. Do you think they were actors? I they weren't actors that income from Hollywood, but these were these. Where people this was an actual, it happened. A few days ago and there hundreds of miles away, though their hundreds and hundreds of miles away that that is on innovation and honestly, I think you should let me run the country, you run CNN and if you did it well here ratings. Let me ask you if I may say that abortion is present, but may I should I get enough you're thing now. Look about c is in a white house, then turn pops up and she goes to grab the microphone from their bokassa. She tries to get the microphone from Acosta by reaching over his left arm twice and then she reaches under his left arm at his left arm, either falls or or pushes down. People are suggesting that cost is trying to force for why? I don't see that here. What I see is the day they come into contact with it, but it doesn't look to me.
As though he's like trying to actively put her arm away or anything like that- and he says, excuse me miss as he does it's only thus the controversy it goes like this, he kind of, she, she sits down again the exchange continues and then from continues to offer. The calling him a rude and terrible person, because it's a hoax. Are you so put down the MIKE this president, are you worried about indictments coming down in this affair, Mr President, I see an end should be ashamed of itself having you in for them. You are a rude terrible person. You shouldn't be working for CNN. That's your rude person! The way you treat Sarah Huckabee is horrible and the you treat other people, a horrible you shouldn't treat people that Y got in,
I'm going to meet or going engines defence I travelled within and watched him he's a diligent reporter who does not automatically by the end of yours. Either side are set to be honest and so long ass. You question: if I can you repeatedly Laurent you're the best? Mr President, you repeatedly over the court just sit down, please Well when you, when you report fake news now, when you report fake news, which CNN does a lot, you are the enemy of the people guy, Mr President, over the court out against a couple of things can be true what as you know, I do not like it when the president says the CNN, and even when their perfect news are the enemy of the people. That's that's not language that ought to be used by people in the United States. Enemy of the people must have actual terrorists, but with that said that when the president is ripping on from across the german CASA deserves every Ripley. Receives there. Everything the president's as vacuum, Acosta how he is rude to people and how his ran standing and about how he is attempting to to push himself at the expense of all the other,
whereas in the room all that's right, while this broke into the open, because the White House than denied Jim across to his hard pass while hard past is basically a security clearance, it says that you don't have to. Check for security. Every time you walk onto Whitehouse grounds. So last night about eight o clock from accosted tried to go to the White House to do his report from outside the White House. They said we devote your hard pass. You can't come in here. Is that completely inappropriate? No, I think from a cost. That is a bad report. Not only has he about report, I think what they should have done, as they should said. Listen there's certain procedures in this room. The procedure is at once you ask them and the President answers your question we are done in future, when answering our questions from you is under no obligation to do so, nor is under an obligation to hold up the entire show. While you sit there and granted him as not a thing that has to be done, Do I get the best possible solution by the way it would not be abandoned because it would be too just not allowed Jim accosted. Ask a question in the White House Press room anymore: Personally, I think a lot of these press conferences are wasted time. I think the amount new information received, these press conferences is nearly knew it
basically grandstanding and tv nonsense. But with that said, Jim Acosta can be both a disgrace that two things which were once one from his language on the press can be wrong to jump across. Tat can be a disgrace to his profession, who should be immediately replaced forthwith by CNN. Both of those things can absolutely be true or the second we're gonna get to see an end response to all of this was the overblown response of the of the White House a little bit a little bit I mean they're the right that across his terrible but they're wrong. Another aspect: I will explain why in just a second first, let's talk about making your business better when you're looking to hire the right people for your business, pricey precludes outcome. Slash daily wire, Zip recruited doesn't wait for candidates to find. You Dead, zipper quarter, finds them for you, zip, recruiters, powerful, matching technology against thousands of resonates to find people with the right skills, experience, education for your job and then actively invites them to apply to get qualified candidates fast, no more digging through piles and wrong resonates. There is less waiting and more hiring Sophia
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his ban from the press room and she says that that a Sunday she said we stand by lemon. Let me find all of her offered, which you said. We stand by our decision to revoke this individuals hard past. We will not tolerate the appropriate behaviour clearly documented Miss video, ok. Well, that's fine, I'm gonna be ok, but she also said that she said this conduct is she said, president from believes that a free press and expecting welcomes tough questions of him and his administration. We will, however, never tolerate or a porter placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her jobs, White House in turn. His conduct is absolutely unacceptable. It is also completely disrespectful to their poorest colleagues not to allow them an opportunity to ask a question. President Trump has given a press more access than any president in history The part that I think you don't need to do and the idea again watching the video be phrase what his hands on a young woman suggested he sort of grabbed her it's. That is not what happened be these,
one is that he is your legitimately like pushing her wave bending her offer any that an agency that, but what I do see is Jim Acosta being a duke, because guess what Gemma Costa is a huge, and that means that Jimmy Costa, Then there are the very reasons say: listen, you're, wasting everybody's time, you're, stealing everybody else's time. You don't get to act like this and still ask questions. So where does not allow Jim accosted ask any more questions because he's grandstand or are we going to do that, and I was just yesterday by somebody at the rap course. Him good White House corresponds. There's plenty of them. Jonathan Carl, I think is good white has corresponding major garret from CBS is a very good Whitehouse. Correspondent, gimmick Costa, is the bottom of the barrel. He just stinks anyway. Cnn responded to all of this with their usual outrage and air. This president's ongoing attacks on the press have gone too far off America is in danger because gimmick cost. I can no longer grandstand there, not only dangerous
disturbingly on American. While president from his made a clear he does not respect a free press has sworn obligation to protect it. A free press is vital to democracy and we stand behind Juba Costa in his fellow journalists, everywhere, Jim Accustoming, going to jail from accosted doesn't have a right to White House, preferential CNN has plenty of other potential reporters, including Caitlin Collins over at the White House. Cnn does not being rejected from access to the White House? Jim Acosta is being rejected for the moment because Jimmy Cost- I is terrible at his job and then Chris Wallace, ripped into Jim across any said. This is just not appropriate said he embarrassed himself, which is true. You did embarrass himself, so these or reporter from citizens had hey Chris Illicit Jim across it doesn't work for state tv must be hard to sleep at night. Also curious. I can't find your comments about how shameful was when your colleagues can.
In four Donald Trump, the other night, apparently that apparently reference to John Hannity campaigning with present from right, because shorthand these an opinion hosted clearly supports. President Trump from Acosta is supposedly in objective journalist, whose job it is to elicit the truth. Lindsey Graham responded in the best possible way, Linsey Graham to point out, so he twisted up its apparent to me. The White House press Corps live in a bubble and the way they are conducted themselves able nothing to improve their standing with the american people, which is obviously true Jim Linsey grounds. Take on this correct is called the media again. Does things can be true once it can be true that Jim across our borders job and be true, the president from thrives on the sort of conflict? And how do you know they ve thrives on the sort of conflict, because the biggest story of the day or now like half an hour and worship, ok in the biggest story of the day, has not even been touch. So what was the biggest story of the day? The president of the United States fired his attorney general yesterday. All anyone is talking about Islamic Costa
I because president from knows that all he has to do is dinghy egos of a couple of people in the press, and then they will just spin off into the outer darkness for the rest of time. Forgetting to ask actual questions about Let's look at the disparity in coverage today between president from Endemic Costa on CNN, when the Freeman have token Karlsson last night, so Tucker, who is a good guy, have disagreements Tucker on politics that doesn't matter. At all. Last night protesters went to Tucker Carlson's house. His wife was inside with their kids and be protesters literally try to break down his front or his wife had a high How to break down his friends or his wife had to hide in a closet with the kids and call nine one one. Here's some video of the incident. Police
no, do you know what are you getting their chanting? We know where you sleep at night. There chanting We know where you sleep at night: yeah, that's not as a dangerous at all, as a scary, at all, just fantastic Karlsson, told the Washington Post what I called my wife. You ve been in the kitchen alone, getting ready to go to dinner, sure pounding on the front door and screaming somewhat started, throwing himself against the front or nationally cracked, the front door, his wife, That was a home invasion. The couple had four children. None were home at the time she locked herself in the past we should call mine what one thousand said: it wasn't a protest. It was a threat and when processing anything specific aid said they were asking me to change anything. There are protesting a policy or advocating for legit nation. They were threatening me and my family and telling me to leave my own neighborhood in the city.
I grew up, and we need that is ugly, ugly stuff it. Of course, there are apologists, including the ridiculously stupid Matt Iglesias over at box, dot com, the repository of all stupidity and again there are some people vocs we're not stupid. I have friends who were for rocks, but if you're looking for a stupid, take box a good place to start Matt Iglesias wrote, I think the idea behind terrorizing his face we like it or not. A strategy is to make them feel some of the fear that the victims of mad inspired violence feel thanks to the non stop racial incitement coming from Tucker, and they said thing is probably not technically sound, but if your instinct is to empathize with these, of the Karlsson family rather than with the fear of his victims, and you should take a moment to reflect on why that is because they try to break into his house last night. Maybe that's why that is just ugly ugly stuff from the media, but we will see how they cover things. Today I have my doubts that they will cover it in an honest way or covered at all. We'll get a lot
more about our president. Trumpets, never threat ever present threat to the press, but we know the, but but protests are showing up it took across this house. During the breakdown. Is France or not actually a threat to the press? Solids up? I want to get to the firing of just sessions what it means, what it doesn't mean in just one Second, the first: let's talk about what you are wearing under, but right now and I'm talking about underwear guys, the holidays are coming fast and things are about to get uncomfortable between the crazy travel. Angels and awkward family gatherings. Now is not the time to be an uncomfortable underwear. Thankfully, there's Tommy John Revolutionary Clothing companies. Is redefining comfort for both men and women. Tommy John, his demo, comfortable underwear on the planet there gracing by Burgess right now there are the perfect gift, especially for guys constantly adjust Tommy John Unworth Sport and nobody guarantee comfortable stay. Put waistband arrange fabrics a luxuriously, soft, better light, moisture working? It means no bunching, no riding up. So if you're still on the fence, wondering if Tommy John, would be a memorable, get think of all the adjusting and tugging you're. Never gonna have to do again or see again when you go to Tommy John
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serious trouble human serious role for a long time. President from spent an awful lot of time ripping on him on twitter and people. Like me, ability do you pick them and Trump. Every couple weeks, black men in general. Is avow asked why in the world did he refuse himself he's supposed to be my best friend? My short I may She'Ll- and he is very angry at sessions, because sessions very early on refuse himself from the Trump Russia Investigation, because he was involved in the campaign. And then meant. The rod Rosen scene was overseeing among our investigation of modern, getting about ready to wrap or they'll find out in the next few weeks? What is in there? Are there apparently putting the final touches on the report, which will, I am sure, be a grenade thrown into the midst of our already pay out of politics? L just be spectacular. I'm happy to wait to see what's in there, because I don't know what you don't know what's in there from doesn't know. What's in there, nobody knows what's in there, but the fire is
sessions is leading a lot of people to be very worried. They think that now be new attorney. General is going to crack down on all the suggestions was fired. He had not resign his his Donald from pointed out. We are pleased to announce a Matthew. She Whittaker Chief of staff to attorney general just sessions at the deal. Will become our new acting attorney general of the United States. We think attorney General Jeff sessions for his service and wish him well a permanent. Placement will be nominated at a later date? Just sessions put out a letter in which, He began by saying at your request. I am submitting my resignation, which means that from fired and they talked about how he tried to abide by the law. I agree with this. I always thought just sessions was unfairly malign. You may disagree with him on a number of issues I do with regard to, for example, drug prosecutions, but that does not actually change the fact that, unlike his predecessors under the Obama administration, he actually did attempt to administer the law in a fair and impartial way. He was not using the deal J as a political weapon of the White House, nor was he acting as rearguard, for
president of the United States, which I think is good. I mean the cheap workforce, but also the United States sessions out or has created all sorts of consternation, because the because the acting very general Matthew Whittaker is a little bit more on record with regard to a wide variety of issues. So in twenty sixteen, he argued that Hillary Clinton should have been criminally charged for her useful private email server, which again yeah, that's disqualifying, I think virtually everyone in law enforcement, who is not a Clinton devotee, believes this. But more importantly, he also commented back in twenty seventeen that he thinks that The mother investigation was overreaching in August twenty seventeen, he said, Mama has of a red line in Russia. Twenty sixteen election meddling invest is dangerously close to crossing. It does not take a lawyer or even a former federal prosecutor. Like me to conclude investigator Donald Trump finances or his family's finances false completely outside the realm of his twenty sixteen campaign and allegations that the campaign coordinated with the russian government,
or any one else. So this is not a lot of folks. I'm a democratic side of the house. We deeply fearful. Trumpets installing Whittaker specifically to hamstring. Whoever ancillary investigations spring from the smaller investigation up. We have been talking about active and talk. Now midterms have been talking about fights with Jim accosted, the media are easily destructible, but this is more of a major issue. Now I will say there is pretty solid by partisan support for the idea that the Miller investigation should simply come to its terminus. It becomes its net RO conclusion. Even inside the White House, people just one what the single it get you, the Trump his friend to shut down the Miller investigation is just. I see no evidence that seriously none, because Mahler himself has not implied such a thing. Even James COM said the trumpet really try to shut down the investigation. You can really do anything. He said. Stop a trump says. A lot of stuff. Nonetheless, Democrats are treating this as red flag number one there on the look out for bad behavior. So here is Tom per as head of the deal
you say that this is worse than Watergate, already backtrack. It is not worse than Watergate. Watergate was the Saturday massacre, which was about the firing of Archibald Cox, was a special prosecutor. That was an active attempt to undermine and rail and investigation that is not happening here from doesn't accessions there's? No, hatred that there has been any sort of boundaries put on the mother investigation at all by sessions or whatever, when they starts to happen, then I think that we can fairly asked what the present in his friend but the car by China, but up till now I see no evidence of that, but not those of the democratic rule of law. Is, of course, at a certain level. This is worse than Watergate, because this aid, I've massacre you can't firing Senate, confirm people until he found Bork who was confirmed person to do this now, it is now worse than Watergate and its wild exaggeration chuck numerous says the timing is suspect, because obviously it is the day after midterms and now from gets rid of sessions. The idea here is that by getting rid of sex
and with a republican, larger majority in the Senate, now trumpet has the capacity to put in the person of his choosing The rumour today, the rumour today is that it will be Chris Christie as his attorney general, which just ok, here's my Christmas. You don't make a good attorney general. I actually like the fact that just sessions was the earliest supporter of present from not about support for president from just session street, his job with a level of Syria business befitting the office. I do not know the crisscross, you will do the same. I have a feeling that old be more about. Chris Christie. Fetching president forms hamburgers. I am not a fan of the attorney general being the wing man for the President, as agriculture was for. President Obama. I think that's dishonest. I thought it was dishonest. When Obama did it, I would think it we're dishonesty for Chris Christie doing it. I am suspicious and Chris Christie, it seems to me that the presidential put in place somebody with a serious legal background and the capacity to actually treat the g o J as the chief law in war
enforcement tool of the United States, which are basically as restructuring the tiniest aspect for another says much, I'm not going to say more until I read what they said and why I find the timing, very suspect number one up. Meanwhile, Eric holder, this shows the hypocrisy. The democratic holder treated this out, which has just insane he treated up. Anyone who attempts to answer you're with or obstruct Mahler inquiry must be held. Accountable is the red line. We are should have laws and norms not subject to the self interested actions of one man who are holding you act like, but the face over there. You yet
sir, I was holding contempt of Congress for covering up my involvement in fast and furious. Then the president asserted executive privilege to shield me from prosecution that guy in this, that you wonder where they honestly it is stuff, like deaf miracle, do that makes people go, find Chris Christie, fine, who cares? What from support Maloney like no one cares is because of that. The radical dishonesty of Democrats leads Republicans to embrace the suck as Nancy Blowsy was once fond of saying. Ok, meanwhile, The Democrats cannot get over the fact they did not sweep in these latest mid term elections. They did well in the house, but for them that wasn't enough. There is this weird. You're going around among Democrats that they were going to sweep everything. They're gonna take back the Senate. There we'll take back the house, they're gonna win every close race. That obviously, was not true the reason they thought,
That is because they thought that Obama had created a new normal new normal was Democrats win all the time they never lose, and there is this new, durable coalition that was extendable across time and space with growing demographic groups. It turns out that the only person who is able to put together a coalition was Brok Obama and the ones Obama was off the ballot. An american politics basically went back to american politics as it was before Republicans vote for Republicans democratical. For Democrats, people don't like voting for radicals. In fact, there is a shot back. We who is, I think, he's over at salon. Maybe he's he's a very left wing of the nation. He's a very left wing analysed. He had created a list of the eight most progressive Democrats running, I n n. All eight of them lost in the mid term. Soap
The Democrats are upset because they had this mythical version of what the United States was. That was pretty roundly refuted during the mid term elections. This has led to an outside amount of rage on the left, so the chief target of such ire has been white women, if this was the next intersection of books go, as I have always said, there's an intersection hierarchy. Victimhood, if you are at the top of that, Inter sexual hierarchy, in your opinion, means everything. If you are at the bottom, Inter Sectoral hierarchy, your opinion means nothing and you must shot up at the bottom or white men followed by white women, so the women's March, which is filled with anti semites the top level, and by what I have to stop here and give credit to elicit mulatto who did the right there was a mulatto it answered. She is no longer one to associate with the women's March so long as lindeness our soil. To make a Mallory remain apart of the leadership and refused to condemn, was therapy good for the
in really little intellectual honesty from somebody with whom I disagree so seriously: real clap, Rayless MILAN in women's marched with this out. There needs to be accountability and an honest reckoning. There's a lot of work to do white women, a lot of learning a lot of growing. We want to deal with statehood and what the woman's Marge actually means is white women. Why don't you think? Let me tell you to thing because through feminism is telling women how to think that's. A feminism is really about not women having their own opinions with which we may agree or disagree, but women voting as you tell them about Gmail Hill Historic over the she treated out. Fifty nine percent of white women voted for TED crews fifty three percent of white women voted for Donald Trump. So, given these numbers, who is the real face of feminism or clearly the real face a feminist, Mister Bell, who tells women that they need about how she wants them to that's what real feminism looks like and then
Mona I'll tell you. I think that the sub far left progressive come here. She did the same thing. She said. Look at these bigoted white women would fifty nine percent for TED crews. So let's get this straight. Let's get this straight. Ninety five percent of black women voters, debatable roared in Texas, fifty nine percent. Why women voted for TED crews? But white women- are indoctrinated vote along intersection. Only racist lines lack women are just voting their conscience. I don't just Just that everyone is kind of voting for whom they want a vote for and free country. So who cares? but that's not have left thing so the next target of their intellectual Ray we'll be white women, which means that the gender damn actually come down like good strategy, her democratic over that do that make sure that you are tat one of the
One of the major demographic groups in United States, tat white men attack why women, the total of which comprises sixty eight percent of the american population attack those people feel that goes for you see, that's gonna work out. Well for you, it's amazing. It's like both sides want to lose the suburbs seriously. Donald Trump will not spend five minutes reaching out to the suburbs, and so he gets wants in the suburbs. And meanwhile, the far left progressive Democrats telling white women there a bunch of gender traders, since everyone is slapping around the suburbs in the suburbs, have to decide whether they are going to move with the progressive left or with Donald from elsewhere. If somebody wanted just shake hands with any one in the suburbs, it would win the suburbs. Now, you know, gets this cocaine which gets this so coke image, who has proved himself to be? most apt political operators of our time. He sent a majority leader talking data Brito yesterday he says: listen, we gotta reach out to the suburbs, Russia. Yesterday if republicans want to win suburb, yes, where they're going to do it, and that means they need to remake those connections. What we get rid of him
To stop us lad, we used to do much better in the suburbs across Amerika them we're doing now. We're happy about the gains that we made in rural America, which didn't used to be totally Republican like it seems to be now right. But we ought to be able to do, but we ought to be able to appeal to our rural, small town, constituent do a better job than we did Tuesday and the suburb I s up Mitch, Mcconnell gets it. If republicans want to win, then they will listen to Ms Mcdonald, with regard to these proved anything. That's it as a survivor, and Then the majority group lacerated the other night up again now. I think that must not be distracted by all the the battles between the media and front was not be distracted even by all the more stuff. What's focus. On what really matters, and that is the lives of people across the United States. If the Republicans focus on that, I think that they win big in twenty twenty if they don't think they lose begin, twenty twenty. It is pretty much that simple ok time for things I like and then things that I hate so things that I like, I have to admit.
I always enjoy enjoy Michael Morse political analysis. He cannot yesterday, and he said the President Trump is an evil genius. It's always fun to watch Michael, more pump up president Trump and an electronic No different, but I mean it's, the man is a genius in this area- is an evil genius, but do not respect how smart he's ran in doing this. They say, he's an evil genius. President drop, I do that this is the Democrats can decide whether evil genius brother he's a dunce the real answer, I said before is that President Trump stand in for generic republican and people. Don't want democrats right now. That's that's pretty much. What's happening the only area in which President Trump he's good at you think she's gonna, driving out the base. You get full credit for. And he's got driving out. The opposition's basic gets full credit for the head to those of the two things, that is really good at their things that I like I'm never to be on the view I just I've. I've given up on that
cream in life. There are not many dreams in my life that I've had to give up on, but that one I've had to give up on. Well, I wish that I share the view, because I would like to ask questions. I have so many questions Can you so Joy Bay hard over on ABC? She said that Republicans one the Senate because of gerrymandering, she is a. Quarrel. Political analysts on a mainstream television show and she thought that Senate Senate seeds could be gerrymandered. That's not how the Senate works they're just states, you can't gerrymander estate, it's not like the state of I will just Mathers in into Chicago. They pick up a few extra votes. That's not decide how this works, so well done everyone unfailing basic civics. Everyone seems to be doing a fantastic job, ok time for a good thing that I hate.
I wasn't sure whether to put this in things I like of things I hate, but I it is a holiday, a story. So this, according to the Uk Telegraph a pensioner in in I did. This is like a pensioner in Denmark, He has begun a legal battle to be recognised as being twenty years younger than his actual age, so you can go back to work and achieve greater success with women on tender. Is there was a meal rattle Bonn in sixty nine? He argues that have transgender people are allowed to change sex. You should be allowed to change this date of birth because Doktor said he has the body of a forty five year old, this guy, not all heroes, were capes. I just big you are so the entrepreneur and self help groups suing as local authority after they refuse to amend his age, artificial documents. His case now go on to a court in the city of art, on men in the eastern dutch province of Guelder ones, the cause controversy in his homeland, where the dutch edition vice a news way. A news website asked is a meal
that's a disturbed or accidentally, extremely woke- and that would be the question I because they are the same thing being extremely, Logan being disturbed now the cross over if you have been diagram of extremely woke and disturbed, Then diagram is just a circle. And Mister Raddle, but was born on marshal of night? for God says he feels at least twenty years younger wants a changed birthday march. Eleven nineteen sixty nine, he says identity. What does it show my biological agents, forty five years, but I'm sixty nine unlimited. If I'm Ford, Not I can buy new House drive a different car. I can take up more work when I'm on Tendering SAM sixty nine on organ answer. When I'm forty, nine face? I have I in a luxurious, but it is issued a transgender, You now have their gender changed on their birth certificate. In the same spirit, there should be room for an age stage I get. There are some of us. There are some of us who actually made this use this as an example use this as an example of why transgender ISM is bad logic
In fact, there are videos that some of us have cut with, like seventy million views in which we asked this exact question so good for this guy, because I love it, the court said there be practical problems. This is so good. A case to the judge said: had some sympathy with Mister Raddle Ban, as people could now change an agenda which would have been unthinkable, but the court said very practical problems and allowing people to change their birth as it would mean legally deleting part of their lives. Oh you mean like legally deleting the part of your life where you're biologically mail. In your entire life, if your transgender female or legally deleting the part of your life, where you identified as member of the other gender, the judge mister Raddle than about the status of his early years from nineteen forty nine nineteen, sixty nine is official birthday was put back several Did your parents care in those years was the little boy back down the judge asked the court? Is going to deliver a ruling on it, and the answer is who cares They should not be. The woke answered, woke answer is: who cares your parents cared for words, rewriting history. Now, so
if you were a little boy growing up and now you think that you are woman, reappearance caring for little boy now, because we can change your birth certificate apparently caring for little girl, you're, always little girl. So if you say that you are actually twenty years younger than you are in your parents were caring for nothing, you didn't exist, it's all a figment of imagination. I love this story so much I should put in things I like it's just I've decided it is. It is two wonderful and every possible risk just spectacular stuff, so they gotta run that dutch man for for being so woke. Ok, well, we'll be back here tomorrow with all of the latest. Tomorrow Friday, man, this week has been eight weeks long we'll be back here tomorrow with the mailbag NASA tend to subscribe. If you want to ask questions because then you can have your questions answered. If not, then you will suffer the pangs of envy for all the others who got to ask questions who go to daily where'd outcome, unsubscribe adventure.
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