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Ep. 681 - Down The Rat Hole

2018-12-17 | 🔗
Trump attacks Michael Cohen, battle breaks out over border funding, and Obamacare takes a hit in the courts. Date: 12–17-2018
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President attacks, his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen Battle breaks out over border funding. End Obamacare takes a hit in the court's adventure bureau. This is the bench appear, shall I have so many eggs and things happening to number one. We started on time, unbelievable number two. This is the last week, in fact, before we actually gone vacation, so get in all of your knowledge now, because otherwise, you're just gonna be out of it before we get to any of the news of the day and there's a lot of news today. First, I want to mention to you the number one point, two trillion: that's how much we owe other countries and to our own unfunded debt this year. As of twenty eighteen, economists say that by the end of twenty nineteen will be spending more on the first our national debt and we spend on Medicare by twenty twenty three ordinary
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metals diversification. Alright. So we begin today with all of the continuing hubbub surrounding Michael coincide. So, as we mentioned last week depend and is in a bit of a legal problem, he's got bigger than that, but illegal trouble here. His little trouble basically consists of my colleagues, I dont think that Russia Investigation, as I've said for while is going to come up with anything major on the president. Maybe I'm wrong, we'll find out when it comes to Michael Cohen Code, is basically made an accusation that as an interim violated campaign financed law that he instructed him to violate disclosure law and also personal, giving limits by giving a bunch of money to american media, ink to walk up, Stormy Daniels's story or that he or she will do that for turn Macdougall than he actually did it without american mediating. He just paid off stormy The annual- and that was an income contribution that was illegal and president from had instructed him to go ahead and do all of that. What president from responded over the weekend by calling Michael Cone a duty read so he treated out. Remember Michael Cone. Only
came a rat in quotation marks. After the F B, I did something which was absent: the unthinkable and unheard of until the witch hunt was illegally started. They broke into an attorney's office, all caps. Why they break ins and GM seeds. You get the server or crooked office you up a couple of thing. First of all, I do love it. Crooked Hilary has now become crooked, so we What from hinges heed the management and export of bread? I mean you gotta, give that to him right, you just as Crook, more likely. Ice had broken, but the. But when it comes to this tweet, a couple of problems number one is not illegal to get a warrant to search unawares office. They went through the d o J. They went through procedures, they didn't break into Michael Collins, office. It wasn't like they went in there with the private car like does Watergate, and then she broke into Michael Collins Office. Also, if he thinks that bad,
and why is he recommending that they should have broken into the teeth and see if it's bad breakin Michael Cons, Isaac, it so bad? They did that its criminal. Why didn't they do it? The DMZ? They were gay. Some Galaxy brain stuff right It says that they should have broken into Hillary Clinton office. First of all, they did get a copy of the server we ve talked about this on the show before I dont like when non factual information is put out there, one of these piece of non factual information of her over and over and over again from people on the right side of the ILO, is that the F b I did not get copies of Hillary Clinton servers that they should have to seize the servers. That's not how any of this works. They made a copy of the server, that's normal procedure and as far as critical breaking into Hillary Clinton office, they did actually dig up a lot of her old emails, they did subpoena all of these materials by the time they got there should already drilled holes in her stops, I'm not sure what breaking into our office we're generating, in any case, the being the big headlines of the sweet
it's him calling Michael Corner at you. Did he read reports note to the President of the United States a couple months, number one? Listen to your attorneys! Stop it! Please stop this is a lawyer. It is painful to watch his clients like I'm, going to defend myself. Don't do it don't do it you're, not the lawyer, if you're a good lawyer and you wouldn't have needed Michael colored things, Michael coinciding with the lawyer- is it no just a sob I feel like Willie longer in entirely in the chocolate factory I stop Wade, come back, don't but what is he doing? Second, when he says that my come on. Then you can. I read after the F B, I did something normally if you watch mob movies, which I am fond of like mob movies, then, when someone is called a rat, it is not because they are lying. You, Lay there call they rat because they are telling the truth only have Jimmy. Can going? Are you dirty rat? Usually he's talking about is somebody in his orbit? Who is now talking to the police in order to secure a better deal for himself?
not lying, and in fact it is, and it is in fact a crime for federal prosecutors to some when partially themselves. So a federal prosecutors where to put out evidence that turns out to be false, their repression, people into making false statements for use in court, then they would be criminally liable for that. So it from here in this tweet is about ten different things. None of them good bye, including calling Michael CALL a rat which makes him look like he's. A mobster is just it's just dumb at his basic case is very ample, he should have just said, Michael Cohen, is my lawyer. Michael Collins job is to make sure that everything we did was. According to the law end of story. Now we're done instead hidden, do that and one of the reasons he didn't do. That is because, He doesn't know. I think what evidence the FBI and the GEO J now have with regard to what Michael Collins said to president from so President Trump continues to fulminate over these investigations. He ripped into Jeff sessions over the hopes, Russia Probe, so there's that
he says it looks here as the general funds defences are incidental to something larger, which is for the prosecution to figure out if it can find a path, Donald Trump, without quite knowing what that crime might be, it stops looking like prosecution and more looking like a persecution of the president and stand your head insure over the Wall Street Journal, which is true. He said thank you. People are starting to see and understand what this witch hunt is all about. Just session should be ashamed of himself for allowing this total hoax to get started in the first place note, the Quantum court hoax did not get started under duress sessions. This investigation began in two thousand. Sixteen in the middle of the investigation sessions just accused himself, because sessions had been implicated in talking with people in Russia right during the day the transition and who is part of the campaign it's up. Rutulian is the present personal, and there are three really terrible jobs right now in America and worse than any septic worker there three really awful jobs: President's personal attorney, president's press secretary chief of staff, all jobs, no sane human, clearer. What already Giuliani jump right. Nonetheless, so before me
of New York, former twenty eight presidential candidate, but he was out there defending president Trump and he's basically skipping to the end. Ok, what he's been the boy. Skipping too, is that president trumped didn't do anything criminal, even if he did bad stuff. Even if you talk to Michael Corn is not really a big deal So we are skipping all the way to where I am already, which is I'm assuming that President Trump probably told Michael calling to spend money on storm Daniel I'm, assuming that probably happened, because I think it did. I miss you, the president from talked with Michael Colony? an american media and about picking up the stories of these various women. All that can be true any still didn't necessary We commit a crime and that's a Giuliani sinks, Giuliani escaping all of the middle steps. And, frankly I don't think that's terrible. I think there are a lot of folks in the administration who don't understand the. When you're constantly moving the goalposts as to guilt and innocence, it actually looks worse if you're just a year, president, there's a lot of stuff, not illegal, that's probably
better answer than the president didn't do it well, the president might have done it, but not what you're saying you did well, President weighted down what you said he did, but it's not that bad. What may not be that bad? It might be kind about, but it's not criminal wanted just go to you know what president does Olaf's up not criminal right does actually it better line, but instead we ve gotten. This council we receiving line of goal posts into the infinite distance, and I think that that's actually pretty bad piano beyond these cutting through all that credit, he sang with regard to the Russia stuff that Version is not a crime that which is true Are you saying that nothing the president did? Maybe it looks bad you, but it's not actually criminal, true and then as it was over by election time, which is weird kind of qualified. I know that collusion, is not a crime it was over with by the time of the election. Ok, while the it in its hands what the it is right, if you call if you was colluding with Russia to affair the outcome of the election, and that would be a crime collusion itself does not occur,
Conspiracy. Is a crime to depends on what activity we are talking about her, but he's not wrong he's not wrong, and that's why there's a pull today from Vienna chose half of Americans are not interested in impeach we're at this point, which is actually up a little bit over what it was a couple of weeks it up and then Giuliani makes. What is a pretty good legal point. He says when President Trump wanted to keep stormy, Daniel, silent the entire case against Michael when an president Trump on this score rests on the idea that President Trump wanted to silence these women before the election. This is the case. That's been made by former FCC commissioners who have said, that president from paying off women is not a crime, because people do this every day in public life they pay off women all the time that doesn't it The criminal signing hush agreements is a well accepted part of the legal status of the legal profession. The only question is whether this particular hush money was paid off an I toward the election and this raising the legal question. What is it both? What if the president paid off these women partially because of the election, but partially, because you wanted to keep it secret
from his wife, because you didn't want bologna of finding out all about it than throwing lamps atam or something? What, if it's, both and that's the case, Giuliani exercise. Listen. I can produce witnesses who say that President Trump was a silencing these women, not because the election only, but because these women ready to come forward, and that was going to harvest personal life. Giuliani, saying that I can produce an enormous number of witnesses and say the president was very concerned about how this was going to affect his children. His marriage, not just this one but similar all those women came forward at that point in time. That their shape with Billy Bush and all of that, it's all part of the same thing. And I know what he was concerned about, and I can produce twenty witnesses to tell you what you just two weeks before the campaign damn right and he was too this concern about all of it. Ok, Anne and that's not actual- implausible united stuff monopolising is kind of looking at that askance like all. This is happening right before the end of a campaign, when you lose, women were coming forward. In other words may be part of that or here is not the trump wanted to pay these women off before the election may be part of the factor here. Is these women knew that their payday was cut?
before the election now has a limited amount of time to silence these women before his family finds out about that? If that something the President Trump is deeply concerned about, and by the way, the evidence is pretty good that trumped like silencing these were, regardless of whether there is an election going on. Remember here, with a mighty silent, stormy dangles back in two thousand eleven having nothing to do with the election. So again, as I've been saying for two weeks here, the president's defence rents on a couple of points point number: one is the idea that this had nothing, but the election Point number two is that, even if it has something to do with the election, that Michael Collins Fault, that is worth while I dont think that case is particularly bad, but the evidence is gonna have to emerge. There's one piece of evidence: we cannot talk about the second that sort of cuts against the president on that first score. First, let's talk about your impending. Do I know you don't want to talk about the fact that you're going to die some day? You don't have to think about the fact that there are going to put your body in the ground. Where are you now gruesome about her anything? I mean it's the Christmas season folks, but if you are preparing for that eventuality, well, at the very least eurobonds
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To the whole thing on your phone right, this minute policy genius the easy way to compare and by life insurance go check them out right now. It's there's one piece of evidence that is cutting against the contention of president from that is this old tape of president from talking with microclimates revealed back in July by CNN, in which president, from his talking with Michael, called about paying hush money for David Packer stories. The reason that this cuts against the president's case that he just wants to silence these women for the sake of his family is because why talking about this now. In other words, when he is afraid of on this tape, is that David Pecker, who is the ceo of american media at the national Enquirer, that he has basically a safe full of sandals material on the president and Trump is afraid packers going to die like now, because the election is coming up now, maybe there's an insular reason for that, but this cuts against the president's case that he's not worried at all about the timing that still an answer, the legal question, as you could the presidency word about, could he be worried about the timing and also could be worried about?
the impact on his family, and if it is both, does it have to be exclusively one or the other that that's really not clear from Well, let's say that he's concern that Maloney is gonna, find out get mad at him, but he's also concerned that the election is coming up. People do lots of things for a variety of reasons. Radio you? May you may do something for two reasons. Is it that you have? exclusively because of the election or could you also done it in order to protect your family? And it's yours? If you recall from the tape from president from talking to Michael Cohen, about this reveal back in July, I need to open up a company for the transfer of water of that info regarding offering David so that that right why I've actually come up, and I've spoken to Alan Weissenburg about how to set the whole thing up. With funding yes and it's all the stuff
all the stuff, because here you have no way that company ever know what he's getting by correct. So I'm all over that Alan about it. When it comes to the fore. The financing, which be listen. What have I got? Ok so again, this is a prison. Talking in detail with combat all this. But there is something about this tape. Who are missing, and that is the Kohen keep saying to Trump I'll, take care of it I'll take care of it I'll take care of it. That's trumps, best events, transverse offences, Michael Content, you take care of it is my lawyer. The reason I keep discussing all the stuff in this important. The reason that this stuff is important is because, in the end, the calculus going to be about whether the present is impeached or not. It's really not about whether it anything criminal President Clinton's criminal things. The question is whether it be the citizen peaceable, I think, by the standards of ninety ninety nine. The answer has to be no and that's why we're gonna run through the twenty twenty election with this in the back of the public's mine but
I dont think that he ends up being removed from office for any reason. Nor do I think that, based on the standards set by the american public, he should be based on what happened in decline in payment, which has lowered the bar for all impeachment for all the future. Ok, so meanwhile, we ve got about breaking up breaking out over borders the Democrat say that they are not interested in funding the boar wall in any way, shape or form. This should be a win for the President of the United States. Somehow the administration seems to be seizing defeat from the jaws. Hickory on what should be a pretty obvious pr campaigns that the democratic going to allow us to be insecure or simply so that they can pander to a particular base. Here's humor the Senate minority later saying that there will be no wall in any form or not paying for anyone at all for no reason no not happening. President Trump should understand there are not the votes for the wall in the House or the Senate. He is not owing to get the wall in any form, okay, so when he says that trunks response show be well
If you won't give me the wall, then I'm not gonna sign a bill without the funding for the wall. Instead, Stephen Miller, who is one of the president's top advisers particular and immigration? He went on tv and he decided to parent what the president wants him to say. This is why it personality matters in the presidency. The president of the United States would be significantly better served if he allowed we are professionals to do their job as opposed to him, watching the shows and then deciding whether he likes what people are saying and how it makes him feel on the inside of his heart, Stephen Miller says a lot of stuff. President Trump wants to hear, but it's not good, the president's pr campaigns, explain why, in a second here's Miller, explaining that from Will in fact shut down the government? What is the president's plan, and will he shut it down to get this five billion and border while funding we're going do ever is necessary to build the border wall to stop this ongoing ISIS of illegal immigration, and that means as a very if it comes to absolutely decisive,
Very fundamental issue at stake is the question of whether or not the United States remains a sovereign country, whether or not we can establish and enforce rules for entrance into our country. The democrat parties simple choice? They can either choose to fight for America's working class or to promote no immigration. You can't do both so he's totally right about all this ponies has Trump will absolutely shut the government down over the border for border while fight when he says that he shouldn't be owning it right that the Trump wants to say that construct like feeling aggressive, but the point: The Democrats are shutting down the government by not giving the funding. That is and this is a winning the battle for Republicans. It is a running battle for Republicans. Again, it's being blown on the back of the add pr, but it is winning battle I'll give another example. So last week there was a case we talked about on Friday, you're, a girl who died while she was in border patrol custody of dehydration shoes flown by helicopter. To a medical center to take care of her
Should they, then, you know shoes in dehydration until shortly before she started seizing up basically amounts the fault of her father, who brought her over a thousand miles out, give her any food or any water, and then she dies in american custody and this law left to suggest that it is president from fault. Stephen Miller is asked about this, and here is Stephen those. Spawns to the seven year old girls that now the answer is why the seven we'll die of several girl died because her father didn't take care of her and he didn't take care of her because he thought he could get an illegally within a Miller's answer, because it's kind of a problem or heart. Break for the tragic death of these seven year old girl, the lost that precious life is horrifying that year, a hundred. Thousand unaccompanied alien children or children. Travelling with adults showed up at our southern border. President Trop took Dramatic action issued an executive order directing illegal traffic to the ports of entry, but a left wing activist judge issued
reckless nationwide injunction the president's order, putting thousands of lives at risk. Further enriching these grotesque now more than either crop okay. So again that the sort of charge language with regard to West Wing courts are responsible for all this. The reality is that the person responsible for this is the girls dad read the british person responsible for all of this is the Father who didn't feed the trial and he's not again. A lot of this is about tone. A lot of this is about presentation, but the problem with this, then the president tweets out about the sort of stuff. So the president we set about child up, nations. Now his answer on childs operations should be. The child's operations are bad. The child's operations are being mandated by the courts of the United States, which is true. Instead, the president's reach out the Democrats policy of child separation on the border during the Obama
administration was far worse than the way we handle. It now remember the two thousand fourteen picture of children in cages, the Obama years so far so good, but then he says that's. However, if you dont separate far more people will come. Smugglers use the kids it's that sentence. However, if you dont separate far more people will come now. The employee action is that he wants to separate children from their parents when it gets to the border which he doesn't want to do. So. This is This is where a little bit aforethought when it comes to messaging would be very, very useful, because I think that is quite possible for a republican to win this battle and when the war, when it comes to immigration but they're gonna need you will but better job on the pier, not just a second, let me get to the other big story that happened over the weekend, and that was a big ruling against Obamacare, basically striking down Obamacare in its entirety from Texas. Now this didn't and with an injunction against Obama. We'll explain all the details coming up in just one seconds are selling your home. It's one of the biggest
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tell your home. The spring now is the best time to find a great real estate agent. Getting better Homelight, has a special offer to listeners. Get started today in Europe to five hundred Box when you buy or sell your home using a homelight referred real estate agent, but a homelight dotcom, Slash Shapiro today at home, like that consular Shapiro H, M e ally g H, T like Homelike Dekom, Slasher Piero and go check it out for up to five hundred bucks. When you find the best real estate agent, and buy or sell your home with Homelight terms, in condition supply? Really, that's. The debris solidly also go check that up over the weekend, Big NEWS, a court ruled that Obama CARE was not constitutional. So what made Obamacare not constitutional? This time, considering that it already been held constitutional by the ridiculous decision of June, Robert. You will recall that back when Obamacare was passed, there was a lawsuit when all the way to the Supreme Court saying that it was
actually a fine on the american people for not buying something. What you can't do read. There is nothing in the constitution that gives the federal government power to do that, and Judge Robber Chief Justice Roberts completely rewrote Obama care to suggest that it was merely attacks. Well, there is a problem with that. Now, according to a Texas judge, the problem is that, when republicans got rid of the penalty for failing to pay the tax, what they actually do Was they reverted, the entire quota quote tax back into being merely a penalty itself and that's unconstitutional and Emily entire law and constitutional. So here's the way this works Chief Justice Roberts is rewriting of the law essentially suggested that the way that this works, that you are forced to Bio bomber care, if you didn't pay the penalty, we set right. That's a penalty! That's not attacks. Roberts had no, its attacks is just like any other tax and if you don't pay tax, then you are penalised because you violated the law, it will what happens when you get rid of the penalty in the area of the penalty
then it's no longer attacked because there's no penalty attached to it. So that means that it's just a rule that you by something, and that is in and of itself unconstitutional. That is what this Texas Judge found: Judge Rencontres. According to the Wall Street Journal, Editorial Board ruled for some twenty state plaintiffs that Fordable CARE Act. Individual mandate is no longer legal because Republicans repealed its financial penalty as part of the twenty seventeen tax reform recall the chief Justice Roberts. Joint for justices you say: Obamacare mandate was illegal as a command to individuals to buy insurance under the commerce clause. The framers gave Congress the power to regulate commerce, not to compel it he wrote, that you famously salvage robotic, thereby unilaterally rewriting the mandate to be attacked. Answer Texas, attorney general can Paxton who argues in Texas, verses United States that, since Congress has repealed the individual mandate. The tax is no longer attacks and Obamacare is thus illegal. Joe Conor agreed with that logic, you went further and willing at since com said the mandate is crucial to the structure of Obamacare, although I care must fall along with the mandate. Will. First of all, Europe
The session was bad, but that doesn't mean that this particular decision is legally good. There a couple of problems: with this particular legal decision. One legal complication as the Wall Street Journal correctly points out, is that Congress and twenty Seventeen repeal the finance part of the individual mandate, but not the structure of the mandate itself, so the structure of the mandate didn't change. If it was it's, it still attacks just because reduce the amount of penalty. Two zero doesn't mean that, legally speaking, a penalty doesn't apply. Republicans used budget rules to pass tax reform. They could actually repeal the mandates Express language. Also the affordable care has been up and running twenty fourteen, which mean so called reliance interests come into play when considering a president. Millions of people now rely on bonica subsidies and rules, which argues against judges, repealing the lobby, the auditors, where I disagree with the Wall Street Journal if it is unconstitutional its unconstitutional, but the Wall Street Journal correctly says that be that they judge Oconnor is right, the Democrats claimed the individual man. It was essential to be affordable care act, but Congress killed the financial penalty and twenty seventeen it didn't, kill Obamacare. It left Obamacare intact,
so, if you're deciding congressional attend weathers to kill, Obamacare or not well, this ever probe vision of Obamacare still applies in other. In other words, it is vision may be psychologically satisfying, but it's not legally great, what's more important is that the decision itself actually cuts against publicans politically, because in the end, this decision is not going to stand in all likelihood. The fifth circuit court of appeal strikes it down. If not, the Supreme Court probably strikes a dam and here's the problem. President Trump tweeted out very excited that Obamacare had been struck. By this court, entreated up as I predicted all while Obamacare has been struck down as an unconstitutional disaster. Now Congress must pass a strong law that provides great healthcare and protects preexisting conditions Mitch and Nancy get it done. This is not great I'll, explain the second and then he continues along these lines. He says well, but not surprisingly, album I was just rolled unconstitutional by a highly respected judge in Texas, Great NEWS for America. Here's whites not great news for America, because there is no actual plan to replace Obamacare
no bipartisan plan on the table. Democrats are immediately going to say if people lose their Coral Court Obamacare coverage. If they was there Medicaid coverage via Obamacare if they are not for if all the rates go up, because a bunch of people withdraw from individual mandate on the basis of Obamacare disappearing. Then there to say, oh look: the healthcare system has failed, what's nationalize healthcare. This is when this was always the plan from day one. This was the plan, go back and listen to things that I said back in twenty twelve, twenty thirteen, twenty ten when they are passing this. This was always a step by step design for failure programme. So Democrats could claim that when prices went up it's because the market was not regulated enough, because We're Democrats come from. The answer is always more cowbell. If regulation fails, the answer is always more regulation always and self Obama
their fails, even though they say it was gonna hear the system grow bomber, twenty tend to make things more affordable. You, like your doktor, get keeper doktor elector medicine to be promoted, some like insurance scheme, where none of it is true. None of it is true, but when it failed, the plan was for him to say well done so that work on those who go to national Healthcare now, and that was always the plan for Democrats. It's why they are now pushing single pair healthcare. It's why they ve embraced the full Bernie Sanders strategy when it comes to health care. This is why trucks humor is gleeful about this decision. Trucks rumor is happy about the decision. Why? Because now used to try and force republicans to expands governments to cover all the gaps left by decree Happy Obamacare system, those put in place back in two thousand ten Harris humour in here the glee and his voice. We're gonna fight this tooth and nail, and the first thing we're going to do when we get back there in the Senate is urge, put a vote on the floor urging and intervention in the case, the judge a lot of this-
depends on congressional intent and if a majority of the house in a majority of the Senate say that this case should be overturned, it'll have a tremendous effect on the he'll awaited what he saying is that basically he's to get all of these Democrats and Republicans to stand up for Obamacare. He wants people on the record standing against this decision. Why? Because I think that people on the record standing in favour of the judges decision and then it turns out that bunch people court will lose their healthcare or their healthcare costs, Then you can blame Republicans for this. This is it fascinating when you look at Americans opinions on healthcare? Basically, Americans are always and status quo before Obamacare they Edit Obamacare now they're about makers in place whenever there, maybe changes made to Obamacare people say they don't want it. People just want to be left alone, the basic rule of american life? People mostly want to be left alone, and that means that once the status quo has changed, they don't actually want the status quo changed more. The problem is that President Obama and the Democrats put American a path towards single pair healthcare and Republicans by accepting the premises of
All of the democratic arguments, though, that we have to create a government structured system where people of pre existing conditions are covered, for example, by doing all of that, what they have actually done is placed us. The same pathway because now Republicans are arguing about how we get there, but not arguing about the Angola's. What comes to the role of government and healthcare, the rule of government and healthcare should be minimal. It should not be high levels of regulation. It should not be that we are going to coin, could provide Health care to the ends of the earth for everyone, because no one can do that. There's somebody lies told about the healthcare system in America and abroad. It's pretty astonishing one of the great lies told about America's healthcare system is then it is unbelievably crappy their problems. America's healthcare system for sure you actually remove car accident deaths and suicide and gun homicide from America's national death statistics, and you will get a life expectancy american health system. It is number one among all industrialized countries, people dont white, to point that out, because it cuts again
a convenient argument that America's healthcare system is dramatically awful and people are dying in the straits. That's not true when it comes to the idea that we are spending inordinate sums of cash on our health care system. That is also not true in the sense that, if you look at as a percentage of GDP per capita in the United States. What we spend we are directly along the trend line of the rest of the industrialized world it is not to say we have the ideal system we dont our system. Can we may better with more deregulation, more capacity to sell overstate lines less crammed down from the federal state governments on insurance companies, more movement towards early buying of catastrophic healthcare insurance, but instead focusing on actual solutions. It turns into a fight over pre existing conditions and that's a fight. Democrats are destined to win because the reality is that no one is going to ensure some more with the pre existing commission unless somebody else to subsidize Necker in just a second. I want to get too then some media malfeasance over the weekend plus I gotta get to the story that has just insane and and speaks to what a while
folks on the radical Green left think about humanity as a whole, then get to that in just one second. First, until about how you can defend your life when the founders create the constitution, they protected your rights, but when they protecting your rights, one of the things that they did was make sure that you could protect your rights with another right. The right to keep and bear arms. I strongly believe in principle, as you know, and then Why? I really am excited to be endorsing: Bravo Company manufacturing, theirs, start a garage by marine, that more than two decades ago, to build a professional red products that meet combat standards, be believes the same level of protection should be provided to every American, regardless of whether they are a private citizen or professional museum is not exporting arms but design an engineer, manufacture lifesaving equipment. They assume they each. If leaving their shop, will be used in a life or death situation by irresponsible citizen law enforcement officer or a soldier overseas, each component of a yam rifle is hand assembled and tested by Americans to life saving standard. These young feels a moral responsibility to know it when they provide you with. Tool that it is going to work when God forbid something real is,
state to learn more about. Bravo company manufacturing had on over the Bravo Company M, F g dot com. You can discover more about their product special offers. An upcoming news, as Bravo Company and F G, now come anymore, and find out even more about these Yemen. The awesome people who make their products- they really are great. I've met them. Youtube. Dotcom, slash! Bravo company! You say: that's Youtube Jack com. Slash! Bravo! Company, USA check them out again. Bravo company M. F G. Dotcom! Ok! Well, I want to get to the craziest editorial of today, in just one second plus in insane story about Anti Semitism openly. Being endorsed by the New York time, we'll get to that and it just once I can but first you're going to have to go over to daily Wire and subscribe, because we have so much good stuff coming up coming up in twenty nineteen Ben Shapiro, radio show will be extending to three hours. That is right. That's right! The Ben Shapiro radio show will be now adding a full two hours. With all the great content that you have come to enjoy and expect, while, unless you listen to it,
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to bridge and also the eye her radio awards. Podcast wars are coming up, took over I heart radio, dot com and then vote for us in the best news categories that we don't have to wash positive. A miracle when some stuff that just that debate, Oh Brad go check that out right now over our rhetoric, but like five times, so it's as I say just like an election in Cuba, though check that out right now that I hurt radio that come and against inscribe Itunes, loose review will appreciate. We are the largest is growing. Concern replied cast in the nation is so well. We taught whenever we talk about politics. One of the issues that comes up is the.
The fact that the media are wildly biased against the right. The latest example comes courtesy of the Washington Post, its opinion peace by MAX Bhutto. Max boot is one of the actual, never trumpeters, meaning people who not only did not vote for President Trump and twenty sixteen, but also think that everything that president front as evil it doesn't matter. The MAX boot agreed with half this stuff before president from President now gives reverses positions on everything. Everything that president from does is bad and terrible, and no good and garbage It is naturally perspective and its care. Sad watch that, honestly, because I've read a bunch of mats boots books, particularly on foreign policy, and I find them really interesting at these good historian. But he knows a piece about the weekly stand or knows you're recall late. Last week, the weekly standard, which is a long time kind of legacy conservative publication, has been around for about a quarter century. I end it was very anti trumped during twenty. Sixteen, it has remained pretty antitrust. Since then they went out of business, the Washington examiner, which owns them or the
a company of the Washington salmon, are shut them down. Well, president from celebrated that, which, frankly, was untoward, I mean it's what we ve come to expect from a president who just does not know when to keep his mouth shut. He treated up the pathetic and dishonest weekly standard. By Fail, Prognosticated Bill Crystal who, like many others, never had a clue, is flat, broken out a business too bad may at rest in peace. You may agree with him about building Don't you may agree with them, but the weekly standard, but celebrating a bunch of people getting thrown out of their jobs two weeks before Christmas is probably not great shrouded. In any case, that's not What I'm commenting on right now, what I'm commenting on right now is this peace by mass, which match would says that in the Washington post conservatism needs a new weekly standard untainted by Trump, and the entire peace is about how conservatism requires a new magazine that is not going to jail. Trumpet just gonna deal with ideas, and conservatives can talk about ideas
without having to deal with tromp and yadda yadda yadda. Now I agree with a lot of that sentiment. I agree that the battle over conservative ideas is much more important and much more long lasting than the battle over whatever President Trump is doing today. I think important why we talk about ideas on the show on a regular base. Why do the Sunday special it's? Why write books on Plato and Aristotle and judeo christian values? Why talk about the social fabric? Where I agree with all of this? The problem is: writing this in the pages of the Washington Post is a is Why and the reason I say that it is a lie, is because at the Washington Post cannot print pieces or should not bring. Peace is talking about the lack of good conservative com and when it will not hire a conservative will not hire a conservative now People say, while you are daily, why you're not hiring people who live number one? I am sure that we have employees. Here we want to my politics, but second of all, we are open about our political biases This is a right wing site daily way,
Is it right wing site? I may conservative I'm very open about this. I have never hidden it and I think it's unethical to hide your own people the core problem. It is when you are writing news, because people can then take what you're saying with the particular grain of salt necessary the Washington Post, where Prince pieces, in which it says things like conservatives, ought to do. Acts or conservatives ought to do why the Washington Post as a supposedly nonpartisan paper. There is not one major conservative working for the Washington Post, not a major conservative working for the Washington Post, always than your times can say that it's got. People like Brett, Stevens or people like Ross. Do tat like these are folks who actually our conservative thinkers, even if they are anti Trump, the Washington Post, can't name or conservative thinker? How do I know this because I personally know a person who was interviewed by the Washington Post. Not me, I am only not mentioning his name, because I think that he would be upset if I
then he asked me not if he was interviewed by the heads of the Washington Post to join their editorial page to be one of the colonists on the editorial page. You went through the entire process, he went to a bunch of meetings and he was in. It was indicated to him that he was going to be higher on the editorial page as irregular com. It's sort of filled the Charles crowd Haemorrhoidal after Charles crowd cameras passing and they went through all the review process. It he got to the final interview. They were basically read it for them and the job. Then he was called in they cancelled. They, they cancelled the meeting, apparently where he was going to be offer and he was brought into the offices of the higher up the wash in post, where he was told in no uncertain terms that staffers at the Washington Post we're very upset him. Why were they have set at him? Their upset him because of his opinions on transgender ISM, because he believes that male and female our biological categories, and so because they, some berries, and now I'm not gonna change my opinion. Nor am I going to apologize for these statements have made on this particular score, and I don't think it makes
an unsympathetic person to say that male and female our biological categories. This was too much for the Washington Post, which quickly ended any flirtation had had with him job wise, when the mainstream media laments the death of true conservatism, but they will not higher anyone who really they won't. I wasn't Ross. You'd have couldn't get hired today by the New York Times. Very wise would not be here today by the European Union. Serve to bury ramming. I know very, very is if, if she's conservative chooses the far west of conservatism, red and very, would say much more of a centrist, they would not higher these people and then they complain that there is not a real concern. It has a right because you get a wise, the conservative movement and then your surprise when it acts like a ghetto. All of that is is just playing garbage, but you know who does get space and the editorial pages of these. Various publications are the most radical leftists, and this is something that a shocking to me. I've said before I think the conservative movement is significantly better at policing itself than the people on the left, and I ll Long drawn out arguments with folks with my friends on the left is internet up. The right is constantly.
Having to throw people out, my answer is right, but the count the right does constantly fro people out. When is the last time you saw someone on the left say something so radical that the left- and you know I can't we associate with that person. When is the last time that happen? Has it ever happened I cannot name example like one: can you name one example of a person who said something so radically so radical? Politically, not just you know, sentiment gross or something Somebody who said something so radical politically at the left one, you know what I don't want to touch that pursue the tenth born it we're we're done here where we can have this personally, is with us. I've never heard that happened to anyone and that's why the right looks at the left there. You guys have no standards. You got your no police, us, you didn't tell us how to police and then you're gonna tell us what we should tolerate we shouldn't Alaric, you guys want. He's yourselves. How do we know this? Because if you on the left, you can get away with just about any free
king thing, is an amazing story from tablet today about the the author of the color of purple, Alice Walker. So she was asked in its neurotoxic Booker view which published a full length interview with her she's asked a question: what books are united stand? She replied with, for the second book was, and the truth shall set you free. By David in these books. She says there is the whole of existence on this planet and several others to think about a curious persons. Dream come true now, as the tablet writes about yeah Rosenberg caught it is. Does this pass without comment from your terms interviewer and the publication pass it on to readers without qualified This is rather remarkable because the book is an unhinged anti semitic, conspiracy track written by one of Britain's most Torres Anti Semite in the book. The word jewish appears two hundred and forty one times then am Rothschilds. And three hundred and seventy four times these references are not compliments. Indeed, the book was so obviously anti semitic that Ickes publisher.
Views to publish it and yet the printed himself in the book and elsewhere. It kid draws liberally upon the infamous anti semitic pamphlet, the articles on the elders of Zion, a russian foreign about an alleged jewish global cabal. That is widely considered. One of the most influential anti semitic works in history. Magnanimously Ikey calls the hay tracked by a different name as you right in the book promoted by Alice Walker and the very late eighteen hundreds. If controversial document came to light call the protocols of the there's a giant. I call them the Illuminati protocols and I quote many extracts from them in robots rebellion? Some say they were forgery made public only to discredit Jews. And I use the term Illuminati protocols to get away from the jewish emphasis if they were a forgery, something that is quite possible. What were they forgery of and by whom? The authors of the best selling book wholly blood holy GRAIL would that the original protocols were indeed authentic? So it's Emmy, Alice Walker, allowed to get away with as an she is loud it as a great thinker of our times, are just the same way that James Baldwin, who is loud. It is a great thinker, back in the nineties,
she's in the seventies routinely engaged and anti semitic. Writing he actually did go back and read his writing there, a bunch of anti semitic references throughout it here an entire essay about why the Jew. Whose work were part of the the White Supremacist Movement in the United States. Senator bottom line is again just like one. March. If you are on the left and your anti semitic and get away with it, and if your radical just politically radical there, nothing to politically radical for the left this. People who say: ah, how dare the the right police the weekly standard? Listen. I disagree with how the weekly standard was treated, but I'm not gonna sit here, listen to how the right should police itself from the left, which refuses to police itself interview. Entire mainstream conservatives and get a wise those conservatives, while simultaneously accepting the worst of the worse there's an article today, Paganel Todd may a professor of philosophy, Clemson University and apparently a professional, useless person. The I led the title of his piece in the New York Times. Would human extinction
be a tragedy, this is fit to print. This is there a stirring to discussions these days in philosophical circles about the prospect of human extinction. This should not be surprising, given the increasingly threatening predations of climate change and reflecting on this question, I want to suggest an answer to a single question, one that hardly covers the whole thing was awful territory, but it's an important aspect of it. Would human extinction be a tragedy? I may as well be a tragedy, but only a bad thing, because we mean to animals right. If this work if he says the elimination of the human species. If, if all that we're we're just we mean to animals, then it would be a good thing full stop, but we bring thanks to the planet. Other animals can't we brain advanced level of reason. We engage in art and scientists or species to go extinct. All of that might be lost. He says in many dramatic tragedies the suffering the protagonist is brought about through his or her own actions and Oedipus is killing of the father. That starts the train of events that leads to tragic realisation, its Meares high handedness, Torque Cordelia, the least wisdom demise. It may also turn out.
It is through our own actions that we human beings bring about our extinction orally, something you're contributing farming practices for own tragic, and so he says that maybe extinction humanity would make the world better off and yet would be a tragedy writing than your times better. If humans didn't exist strong case, we may that, if you think that you know you have a solution, but it's nothing to write often left nothing too radical left, but but but then they lament the death of true conservatism, pretty pink, astonishing, stuff, ok time for some things I like and then some things that I hate soap, things that I like this week is Ludwig Van Beethoven's birthday. Now let me some Beethoven debatable contrary to what is a truly great work of art, one of the re violinist of our time, Hilary Hahn, who is fantastic. I once saw her perform live I in in. Where was it, it was uppermost. Council is door, county was content and she is just reflect here. She is playing,
The Beethoven violent Concerto, which was not truly appreciated at the time, was only later that it part of the great cannon there there, a bunch of great cadenza to this concerto, loveliness Concerto, one concerto. The great lenses to this concerto to by Concerto is by a one that that's usually black, but here is Hilary Han playing with I'm from which simply the says. I should clearly Beethoven piling Concerto we're. Don't you Beethoven all week, thanks to his birthday,
Yeah It isn't just great musical bulletin of Bay, tumbling concerto, beautiful, music, the second moving It is incredible. The third movement is fun. It's just Beethoven's fantastic. So thank you too little when beta for giving us some of the reason why human being should continue to exist on the planet. Gayety, it's just there are other things like good for SAM Harris, SAM Harris, who is I'm imprinted stamp and SAM is a principled guy? We disagree on religion. We disagree on some aspects of our politics for sure, but sound has now closed. His patron account. Why? Because patron has not been clear in its standards for what allows you to keep patron open he treated out today and the zip personal Financial sacrificed for SAM was a lot of people given money on Patria since dear patron supporters,
As many of you know, the crowd funding site patron has been several prominent content craters from its platform, while the company incest each was in violation of its terms of service, these recent expulsions see more readily explained by political bias. But I dont share the politics of the bad members. I consider it no longer tenable suppose any part of my podcast funding to the whims of patrons trust in safety committee. Our budget be deleted. My patron account tomorrow. If you want to continue sponsoring my work, I encourage you to open a subscription at SAM Harris DOT. Org slash subscribe as always remain deeply grateful for your support, Wishing all very happy new year, SAM Good for SAM Harris- and I think this increasingly tomorrow- you can be seeing used here a daily wire have subscription specifically for this purpose is why we don't have a patriotic out, because we are, as Adam Crow likes to say, a pirate ship and if you want to join the pirate ship than
join us over here, good for SAM. I think you're gonna see other content creators. I would assume other members, the intellectual dark web is why I am proud to be a member of the intellectual dark one do this sort of stuff, because there has to be some stand against the arbitrary and capricious nature of social media. Good bid for SAM Harris really well done. Ok time for a couple of things that I hate So this is a pretty amazing peace by personal, Luciano Guerra, who is a nature photographer our coordinator and educated for the National Butterfly Centre Emission Texas. Here is his piece in the Washington Post. I voted for now his while may destroy my butterfly paradise. I can you not that's the title of an actual peace talks about how it works National butterflies Centre, which is along the Us Mexico border documenting. Why life in leading educational tours, so many of our, It is our yellow students from the Rio Grande Valley when they first arrived, some of the children s care of everything from snakes to pill bugs here we control them
most that Rome free and teach them not to be afraid and talk about how great the butterfly paradise is. Ok and then he says, president from Sue Bore wall which is threatened to shut down the government's fun will teach them. What it takes to destroy a home for all kinds of animals. He says all cut through the one hundred acre refuge sealing off. Seventy acres bordering the banks of the Rio Grande, his Alonzo Side of the barrier, flooding will worsen on the north. Animals, including threatened species like the Texas toward us in the Texas Horn, loser cut off from ranging beyond the wall for feeding and breeding is. Has all of this will be super terribly says he voted for present from twenty. Sixteen I want or immigration laws to be enforced, and I dont want open The mission is not a dangerous place. After all, my life here at the national butterflies and her six thousand schoolchildren visit every year when the president says there's a crisis at the border that requires an action is drastic, is building a mass of concrete wall either knows it's not true or he's living in alternative reality he says that he didn't take from seriously about the wall, but now that he now then he sees that is going to affect the butterfly
I know, he's not going to back president from now one thing that is obviously not seen in this peace from the Washington Post right by the way, again, the washing most happy to print anybody who has called on call conservative as long as they're saying things the police, the Washington Post, one thing: it does not say how many people crossness bore area of the border illegally and theirs it there's no actual. There there's no actual statistics on how many people across the board in this area, or how many people would cross the war in this area if it were left unprotected, building a wall among other areas of the border, so it some just more me by but again I think that the title of the article itself sort of discredits the article of other things that I hate tonight. So I been saying for years that I really really just like political pandering, political pandering to me is mostly some in our modern teenage by politicians going to it, purportedly victimized group and saying that purportedly victimized group you are. Indeed victimized, and now I am here to protect you. You see it from President Trump when it comes to people
our living and dying towns. He goes their needs and whilst China and its Mexico and I'm gonna save your job in Tanzania, Bloom, again Tucker Karlsson, when we had a Sunday conversation, says some of this sort of stuff as well, because he's more of a protectionist on on economic policy and on the left, You see this in racial terms, so Centre Elizabeth WAR and who is just dying in the polls and issues falling apart. There's a poem in Iowa over the weekend. It shows her at three percent and I wish it. Eighty four percent aim recognition and three percent in Iowa put a fork in her she's done. She in the New York Times Airport Centre Elizabeth Morning, the commencement speech Friday at historically, Morgan State University mixture, afraid my language denouncing economic equality, inequality with more explicit indictment of racial discrimination, giving what could be a preview of a possible appeal to black voters. Should she run for president. She says the system.
Rigged just under the rules or commencement speakers, I am required to work hard and you should, but I'm here with a bolder message. It's time to change the rules. Let me say that again for those in the back change the rules, I'm not a person of color and I haven't lived your life there is anything like the subtle prejudice or more experienced just because of the color of your skin, matter and our government has systematically discriminate against black people in this country, so this is. This is her way of working towards an intersection of audience by basically saying to them that you are all victims all these kids, graduating it's amazing. She so much people more graduating from college with degrees with excellent university that they are victims in a free society in world history, she's a morgue instead on Friday, I must warn revives for pitched around in housing, telling a story that her mother struggles to keep her home and contracting that with barriers miracles face today, since the rules are rigged because the rich and powerful have bought and paid for too many. Patients- and she says there are two sets of rules, one for the wealthy and well connected and one for everybody else. Two sets of rules
one for white families and one for everybody else. That's a ring system works. The surely thing than theirs set of rules for white families and one for everybody else but you really believe that, because a so I'd like for her to point into me to those rules that maintain that system. So we can talk about them. Otherwise this is just her going to particular communities and saying you guys are victims vote for me. I don't like it. What is some by anyone on any side of the political. While it is identity, politics, an identity, politics that is unsupportable by the evidence is just gross pandering so provide the evidence, lady or or sit down, because this is it because this is an issue that holds true for everyone else for the present trump doing me. The reason you're being victimized is because you are living in the boondocks and because you're being victims, by foreigners and holds true for Elizabeth, worn going into black communities People are graduating from college and telling them that your hard work we'll make a dimes but a difference, because America's racist country, just yuck, just check your make the country worth as a pre, solid way of doing it, also chicken
in power which presumably she will then used to destroy the free system. That is creating prosperity with which we live. Ok, we'll backer tomorrow with all latest adventure bear. This is the bench parachute. The bench of Euro, show, is produced by sending a villa real executive producer. Germany boring senior producer. Jonathan hey are supervising producers. Math is clever, and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Angora. Audio is mixed by my car Mina Heron. Make up is by just one over the bench Bureau show is a daily wire for publishing production copyright for publishing twenty eighteen hey. This is Andrew, claiming the host of the Andrew Claimant show. You know it's been a great first, two years of the Trump administration, but here come the Democrats. What can we expect I'll be talking about, and we shall also be talking about some surprise and voices in the culture saying things that we can actually sign onto on the Andrew Clayburn show within four cliff.
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