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Ep. 685 - Who Let The Mad Dog Out?

2018-12-21 | 🔗
General Mattis quits as Secretary of Defense, Trump initiates DEFCON 1 on a government shutdown, and the stock market tumbles…again. Date: 12–21-2018
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General dramatic quits as Secretary of Defence President from Initiates, DEFCON one on a government shutdown and the stock market tumbles again, it's the urine episode of the benchmarks. Russia is the final lie. That's so this year I know brush away those chairs, Tokay it'll be all right, we'll get through this together, then we'll be back energized and refreshed in the new year, I know I won't take a vacation next week. I hope you're also having a vacation next week, but first we want to make sure that your all up to date with the latest news which is correct, raised. I have said the season finale of Trump. It's really both anger, Cliffhanger gotta is it going to New York. I mean there are a lot of cliffhanger is that have yet to be resolved, really strong team for the next season of Trump, the show that interest one. Second, first, let's talk about how you send packages this holiday season this Christmas season, because it is indeed Christmas in conakry- ended a while ago sure not sending this package that you are you're late. But if you're sending Christmas packages you wanna be using stamps dotcom. Why would you u stem cell com because it means that you dont have to drag all your presence
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because it is so good for all the aforementioned reason and right now, you too can enjoy the stamps dot com service, with the special offer that includes a four week, proud plus postage as a digital scale. Without long term, commitments go to stamps dot, com click on that microphone at the top of the homepage type in Promo Code Shapiro, that is stamps dot com and use that promo code Shapiro for the special deal for Wii trap, us posted and digital scale, without long term commitment, stamps, dot, com, promo code, Shapiro all right, so last episode of the year as all law go away on a lot going on. So yesterday, these Secretary Defensive in matters General dramatic who was one of the most beloved members of the Trump administration by the general public and by the republican base at large. He decided that he was out. He issued his resignation letter he will believing as early as that for his resignation letter is quite brutal, but to understand what he's talking about? You first have to understand what it was that triggered the resignation so aluminum background info. Jim madness is very close to General John Kelly
the chief of staff inside the White House when John Kelly left that probably shut the clock. When matters was going to leave, but as recently as a few days ago has been reported matters telling friends and family than he was stay on and see this thing through, because you wanted to make sure that the Pentagon was so being well lead, no matter who is press into the United States. While all of that change after the President of the United States, Donald Trump, added to precipitous ling, announcing pull up from Syria and not just that he's apparently preparing now a substantial withdrawal of? U S: troops from Afghanistan, according to the Wall Street Journal, apparently he wants to pull down about seven thousand of the remaining fourteen thousand. U S troops! He wants to bring half of them home in the coming weeks. The start of a total pull up. It could- at least as many months. According the Wall Street Journal a day after a contested decision to pull american military forces from Syria officials had on Thursday, the present from has ordered the start of a reduction of Amerika. and forces in Afghanistan. More than seven thousand american troops will begin return home from Afghanistan in the coming weeks. Are yours official said the move, welcome as the first stage of a phase to draw down and the start of a conclusion to
seventeen, your war, that officials say could take at least many months. There are now more than fourteen thousand. U S. Troops in Afghanistan Trump announced Twitter on Wednesday that you'd pull all the more than two thousand american troops in Syria, as the Wall Street Journal taken together the Syria withdrawal and the likely afghan drawdown represent a drama, a shift in the. U S, approach to military engagement, spots around the world, reflecting MR trumps aversion to long running military engagement with their high costs and american casualties in your. U S official said I think it shows how serious the press it is about wanting to come out of conflict. I think he wants a viable options about how to bring conflict to a close. Now. All of this was not driven by the best foreign policy advisers around him. I do not think this is the position of Nicky Hayley. I do not think this is the position of John Bolton. I do not think this is the position might mom pale. I don't think this is the position of dramatic. I think this is present, tromp talking to outside folks, including the dictator of Turkey era. One wanted him
Syria, I think he's being he's talking to folks like ran Paul and took her Karlsson, are telling him to double down on his views with regard to Afghanistan, a lot about a speculation, but knowing the president tossed outside sources. None of that would be particularly surprising. The problem is that decisions like this actually have consequences, so, let's take seriously The president tweeted out regarding Syria yesterday so hard to believe These are angry. Senator Linsey ground was come out against a modest, is so hard to believe that Lindsey, Graham, would be again saving soldier lives in billions of dollars. Why are we bidding for our enemy, Syria by state in killing ISIS for them, Russia, another locals time to focus on our country and bring our youth back home where they belong to a couple of things about this number one hears contended that ISIS is but in this way he sang that ISIS is alive and fighting Syria, Russia, IRAN, so which is it? Although I have spoken out against the perception of our troops as a bunch of young innocence abroad, desperate to come home as opposed to guys who signed up knowing exact,
we what they were doing, meaning they were there to serve America's interests abroad, have gotten more letters over West twenty four hours from folks who are the military, many of whom served in Syria and who are saying why would we possibly abandoned our eyes on the ground there the that are coming out of Syria are horrific enough. The safe areas of Syria are basically being protected by? U S troops we pull out. The Russians. Are pulling out. The Russians are staying because they don't care they're gonna, stick around they're going to continue to build up their foreign a forward operating protocols and and base, in the area? The Iranians are going to continue to strengthen their position in the area, the Turks and accommodate slaughter, the Kurds. None of this is good and if you're kurdish, you have got to be with it, but the Trump administration. At this point, the Kurds been screwed by everyone there screw by George W their screwed by Clinton. You're, not really good by George W, but there are good by a another means. Good bye trump cards right now, and there is a rumour yesterday by Richard Angle, overt NBC news. He was saying that the Kurds are
looking at releasing ISIS fighters specifically because they want the world's know that ISIS isn't dead at this point. Currently, a lot of syrian Kurds were walking up to U S, troops and begging for their lives yesterday, which is just delightful, a good indicator that you're doing the wrong thing is then Vladimir Putin said They are doing the right thing yesterday, the President of Russia, the dictator of Russia says that he agrees with president trumps policies on Syria. Now, I'm old enough, remember one! This is a bad thing for Republicans, I'm old enough to remember when Barack Obama handed over control of Syria to the right friends with his fake red line in Syria than handing over the leadership in Syria to Russia and a lot of us rigged bloody. Moreover, at same, why would you possibly strengthen the hand of one of America's worst geo political enemies the report is very happy, lay and there's a reason. These very happy today say with the treaty. That he will be withdrawing US troops from Syria. As far as ices is concerned, I agree more or less with the president of the: U S we
and I have spoken about this before- have really achieved substantial changes with regard to The militants in Syria and have beaten they forces instead, yeah, ok, and I will say that potent thence tweeted out there, the Russians, and out this morning quote Syria. I agree free with President's from that ISIS was defeat in Syria, but terrorists can spill over into neighbouring countries and regions the translation, their means yeah. I grew frumpy should pull out of Syria, but also we're not gonna stick or you know, for the security of the world. Organist hooker yeah right. This is opera, the members of the trunk administration to go on television and then proclaimed that ices has been defeated, which, of course it has not even Miller was on CNN Stephen Miller is, I think, quite good when it comes to speaking about illegal immigration, is not nearly as good when it comes to speaking about here, Here he was yesterday explaining that ices has been defeated. This is simply
on trial. Here he is saying it anyway. The president says on one day that ices has defeated the next day. He says ISIS is there and what Russia take her. Ices has been defeated. But if ices wants to retrench and were grow and reorganise is going to be up to those countries to defeat their enemy, ok up there me I into our enemy anymore. Ices is so now Russia's enemy. Weird take Stephen Miller, and we're take every. Whilst all this prompted yesterday dramatic to step down, apparently he did so. Specifically in the wake of the serious decision. According to the New York Times Defence Secretary, Jim Madison, parents. Instability were widely seen as a balanced, soon unpredictable. President again, I think wrongly people were seeing Madison sort of the linchpin of american foreign policy inside the administration. I don't think that's true having spoken with many many members of the White House on a regular basis. Madness was a crucial part of the way but he was certainly not the leader on foreign policy when it came to deciding what what came next. For example, matters was a big opponent of pulling out of the iranian Nuclear deal. Obviously the trumpet ministration did
matters was not a fan of Jerusalem Embassy moves. Obviously the Trump administration did. So I think both of those decisions were right to sell it. as was infallible or was right on everything, but having somebody with actual experience in the military directing the Pentagon with a perspective whether we should pull troops out of volatile areas. I think that was valuable. Will he resigned on Thursday. According to the times in protest of president trumps decision to withdraw American for this from Syria and his rejection of international alliances. Mr matters had repeatedly friends and aids over recent months that he viewed his wrist. Its ability to protect the United States is one point: three million active duty troops as work that concern actions necessary as or secretary to mercurial President he on Thursday. in an extraordinary rebuke of the president. He decided that MR from decision to withdraw We two thousand american troops from Syria was a step too far away Well said: Mister matters went to the White House with his resignation letter already written, but none was made a last attempt of persuading the president to reverse its decision about Syria, which, from finance
on Wednesday over the objection of his senior advisers. Apparently, he asked his aids to print out fifty copies of his resignation letter and distribute them around the building. and so this brings us to his actual resignation letter and the disconnect between what from said about matters resigning. What matter said about him resigning? So what from sad is that's you tweet it up General Jim Matters will be retiring with distinction at the end of February, after having served by administration as secretary of the funds for the past two years during since tenure. Tremendous progress has been made, especially with respect to the purchase of new fighting equipment General matters was a great help to me in getting allies in other countries to pay their share of military obligations The Secretary of defence will be named shortly. I greatly thank him for it his service, or very warm goodbye from president from also important to note here. Look at president from language. These talks about that progress has been made with the purchase of new fighting equipment oppressed.
from is, is very intense on seeing America sort of a business, and so when we sell defence equipment to, for example, Turkey he sees this is a win. What are the reasons that he is pursuing? A syrian policy, in conjunction with the Turks, is because the Turks just pledge to buy now three point: five billion dollars worth of: U S moments. Presently they would agree that from Russia, if they haven't gotten it from the United States, but again the idea that we should be held hostage over three billion dollars of. U S. Armaments is just ridiculous. In any case, president from gives this warm goodbye demand Madison Goodbye not nearly as warm so here's what he says in his in his good by letter. In his resignation letter it says I have been privileged to serve as our countries, twenty sixth secretary, defence, which has allowed me to sort alongside our men and women of the department in defence of our citizens and our ideals. I am proud of our progress that has been made over the past few years and some of the key goals articulated international.
and strategy, putting the department more sound budgetary footing, improving readiness, and we value in our forces reforming the departments, business practices for greater performance. Our groups continue to provide the capabilities needed to prevail in conflict and sustained strong. U S local influence, and then he gets to the actual heart of the letter, and this is the parts pretty devastating to president from on a personal level and for the administration as a whole. I mean it's pretty bad I'll. Get to that. in just one second, first, let's talk about your investment strategy, so you may not know a lot about investments, and so you watch the market with trepidation. You may look at the markets. Eight wow, I mean I don't know those going up or down in her out, I'm noakes various with market will. The fact is, if you want to get experience with market, if you want to learn how to invest, the best way to invest is just by doing it and that's a Robin hood comes in its and investing at that lets you buy and sell stocks. It's you have two options and criminal
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check it out right now and get that special deal, Shapiro, that Robin Hood dot com and get a free stock like Apple Ford or sprints, help build up portfolio. The app is just great I've seen it it's terrific Shapiro that Robin Hood tax on medicines letter continues and he gets into some really tough stuff for the administrator as one core believe I've always held, was that our strength as a nation is inextricably linked to the strength of our unique and copper hence a system of alliances and partnerships. While the US means the indispensable nation in the free world. We cannot protect our interests or serve that will effectively thou, maintaining strong alliances and trailers to those allies, like you, I have said from the beginning, he speaking to trump You have said from the beginning that the armed forces of the United States should not be the policeman of the world. Instead, we must use all tools american power to provide for the common defence, including providing effective leadership to our alliances.
needles twenty nine democracy is demonstrated that strengthen their commitment to fighting alongside us. Following the nine Slash eleven attack on America and feet, ISIS coalition of seventy four nations is further proof so right there, that is a pretty subtle slap at Trump's anti NATO talk and it's red and it's a slap at his pulling out of here. I we have a collision fighting ISIS what're, you doing a coalition in NATO. What are you doing in there continue. Similarly, I believe we must be ready. the loot and unambiguous in our approach to those countries whose ready jack interests are increasingly intention with ours. It is clear that China and Russia, for example, want to shape a world can Still there authoritarian model in a veto, authority over other nations, economic, diplomatic and security decision to promote their own interests at the expense of their neighbours America and our allies. That is why we must use all tools, american power, to provide for the common defence again. This is him pushing against Trump handing over us.
area to the Russians? My views on treating allies with respect and also being clear, eyed about both malign actors and strategic competitors are strongly held an informed over four decades of immersion. In these issues we must do everything possible What about an international order that is most conducive to our security, prosperity and values? And we are strengthened this effort by the solidarity of our allies, and then he drops the bomb on Trump. He says, because you have a right to have secretary of defence, whose use our better aligned with yours on these and other subjects. I believe it is right for me, step down from my position as brutal brutal, subtle but its brutal and mean that as a cut that goes to you because, basically saying I respect our allies, I believe in a strong national defence. I believe we need to confront China in Russia rather than backing away from them. I believe that we need abandoned NATO and not abandoned Syria, and I have this moral view of foreign policy you don't! So I think you deserve a secretariat. Essential agrees with you. I mean that is that is rough stuff. That is rough stuff. He says I very much
pressure this opportunity to serve the nation. our men and women in uniform, signed General James Madison, take it there brutal soft, not a single word of praise for president trumpeters unusual and resignation letter it Secondly, unusual and this administration, where every resignation letter contains Folsom praise for the President of the United States this is having some pretty brutal impacts inside the republican Party. Explain that in just a second to a lot of Republicans in Emma getting tax from people who are we'll trump fans, people who are deep crumple leavers very disquieting about Madison resignation about his policy in Syria. President forms policy in Syria about the Kremlin, Justice reform that went through earlier this week about the machinations on the wall, which will get to injustice. Second, Fox news reporter remember her name, Jennifer, Jennifer Griffin. She spoke yesterday and Fox NEWS about what is happening over depends, and she said the morale has never been lower over the Pentagon, because Madison's while white, I was told by a very well placed source here in the
Pentagon. That morale has never been lower at meetings here at the Pentagon of the top brass in the last few days to discuss the pull out of troops from Syria. You can see that the warm is starting to turn a little bit for some members of from space, Foxen friends call whose Brian kill me a really nice guy friend, my Brian kill, has been a very, very strong from supporter throughout his administration and before he said that present from today had resounded ISIS and was giving Russia a big when you stockingless Sarah Huckabee Sanders. He said he's also exactly what he criticised. President Obama for doing here's. What kill me had to say secretary defence. This has decided to retire in a lengthy letter. I will- everywhere. Sarah, now any praise for the President prison praised him he's leaving. Basically, it seems because of the way the present treats our allies in his view and of the pull in Syria and Afghanistan seems to have been too much how bed as the relationship right now.
They continue to have a good relationship, but then they disagree on a number of fronts that Heelot outline and but at the end of the day, the american people, like didn't one person to be the commander in chief and make decisions. While tell me then just slammed Harry said President Troncist Re President from accused present from accused Obama, a founding isis, and then he said President Trump just resounded ices, because they thirty thousand men there there already striking back with our, would be evacuation. The president is really on the griddle. What this and then said that she despair respectfully disagree with complete and then she said the idea, the president has anything with helping ices reemerged is. Absolutely outrageous and kill me said correctly. Leaving is helping. This was the case was made against Barack Obama, and then said set devices wants to pick a fight with somebody they sure, as heck, don't want to pick on a Donald Trump because he will destroy them and feed them, except that we're leaving, except that we're leaving again what drove this decision in the first place is President Trump's warm toward a dictator are the one in Turkey that president didn't know that was in there. A lot of folks today who sang this is the right move, need to pull out there,
How long from strategy visit the crew that always has endless war endless war, we can't have endless war. I didn't like this argument when it was made by Morocco Bomb with regard to the around you. What people in foreign policy like to do is create false, binary arguments. These false binary arguments goes something like this. If you don't sign on IRAN deal, you are for endless war with RON. You want nuclear war with a rod, so why a lot of things I want war is not one of them, but I would prefer. Is sanctions on IRAN? Prefer is maybe think about closing the Straits of Hormuz, but I prefer- IRAN is trying to find the sensors inside IRAN who can lead a revolution against the presiding. Our over there. What I want with IRAN is containment of their power to the country and that they already control but Morocco Balanced. Well we're saying things like. No, if you don't, have you back your on nuclear jail, you want war, we get the same thing with North Korea from President from if you're back president from talks with the lying north korean government be lying, murderous, genocidal, north korean government, and this is because what war with North Korea or made
I don't think they can be legitimize on the world stage. Now we're getting the same routine on Sierra. If you dont want to pull two thousand out of Syria and leave the Kurds defenceless as they get slaughtered by the Turks. If you don't leave a bunch of people defenceless to ISIS If you don't relieve a bunch people at the mercies of Bashar, Al Assad and we all these things have externalities only the olive externalities, ices hasn't exactly been quiet over the past few years in the West, ISIS hasn't exactly been inoffensive in its expulsion of millions. of refugees from this area, many of whom are swapping Europe and the? But the idea is that if you, if you don't want to pull these troops, and then you want endless- worry endless warriors want to fight in Syria endlessly and leave our troops there endlessly something in Afghanistan we can have an endless war. Well, what about the alternative? What about the alternative, which is foreign policy, is really again catches catch go, and we gotta be honest about what foreign policy, as we ve never been honest about. What foreign policy is, because we have. This kind of weird is blinkered vision that foreign policy
should always end the way World war. One world war, two ended with some sort of surrendering signal and assigning the document. No, war since then, has ended that way. Maybe the korean war to certain somebody that was maintained by american military presence in South Korea. Continues to this day the Rio he's the war is no longer about simply going in the feeding, an enemy and then occupying the country until it is. It is a western style democracy at least Germany had a history of western style democracy before the Nazis came to power. The same thing simply was not true in Afghanistan. The question is what in our interest and is in our interest to pull out and allowed Al Qaeda reconstitute and allow Pakistan to possible fall to Al Qaeda and Taliban, because that's a serious possibility by the way remember that as Afghanistan strengthens is one we spill over into Pakistan in Pakistan, is a nuclear armed state mean they're all sorts of ramifications, foreign policy that are uncomfortable to think about what are those that are quite real and the simplistic? Let's just bring our troops home stuff, it doesnt work, which is why I promise you that within two years,
he's in trouble, be reinserting troops in Syria when something goes wrong here, we'll get to all of that, I wanted to the government shut down and, and the Mexico stuff in just one second cassettes Big news item- that's coming up tonight, but first, let's talk about how you could these holidays with the holidays fast approaching? With Christmas fast approaching meal prep is low, thing you want on your play: it always putting all of your time avert the grocery trying to figure out the recipes. Instead, why not use blue apron blue? I ve been real It gives everyone a better way to cook lotta folks around the office been using blew over them, raving about its May. They talk about the meals that they made in these things are may meals their chef design recipes. These fresh he's inspired ingredients. Meals, we'll share and on social media. In as little as twenty minutes, blue apron takes a chore out of meal prep the website in mobile out make it easy to plan meals each and every week. You never have to worry about last minute trips, forgotten greens. They send the ingredients directly to you with the recipient makes everything super easy, check out this week's menu get your first three meals for free. I aprons outcome: Slash, Shapiro, that's blue aprons outcomes, Lasher a blue apron,
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but Ministration other to a serene what that is doing by raising interest rates, one there saying the mark it is wrong. The market is incorrect, fundamentals underlying the economy- are still strong until raising interest rates, knowing that the fundamentals of the economy are still strong. Possibility number to the fetters basis Look we need to raise interest rates anyway, because they're just who well, we can't have another bubble that burst, so we are tightening up the interest rate right now and if that cost the economy across the economy doubt explain why so tat at the Federal Reserve. It also explains why Ellison I'm not a fan of the Federal Reserve on this one and withdrawn Paul. I think the Federal Reserve does more harm than good. I think predictable rate of inflation according to Milton Friedman Economics, would be preferable, Frankly, I am in favour of going back to a generalised price of die of the dollar pegged to the price of gold, so that we at least have an objective measure of what the dollar is worth any case. The DOW Nasdaq posted their lowest closes since October of twenty seventeen. This is the worst year for the stock market as currently constituted since two thousand eight, which is the beginning of the recession. Is this actually going to
leads to a neurosurgeon unclear at this point, but obviously into matters are not great. Today, the DOW is up slightly- it's probably in it even out today, but there is a big drop yesterday and if you look at what the DOW has done over the last, as of December third, the Dallas at nearly twenty six thousand. Today it is below twenty three thousand. That is a massive drop in just one month. If you look at it over the last six months, what you're saying right now. Is that as the high point in the last six months was Wednesday October? Third, when the Now Jones Industrial Average was nearly twenty seven thousand and now it is jumble of twenty three thousand said, is a massive massive sell off and you are seeing that basically, Are you using a basically continue? I think that it is pattern and emerging and it's a serious issue with all this cows happening or we could really use right now, governments not to end up. As I said yesterday, I am not against the government. From holding
I ve been shutdowns matter very much. I don't think people care about them as much as the political class chatters about them when the government shuts down not all that much actually shuts down. You still get your mail during Christmas. You still get your Medicare during Christmas. You still get your social security during Christmas. It's all the non mandatory spending, many non essential government services that they shut down. So what exactly happened? Nine departments closed? four hundred twenty thousand people work without pay. That would be the people in the Department of Agriculture, the Treasury, homeland Security, interior state housing in urban development, transportation, commerce and justice are at so via honey, thousands of federal employees deemed essential are still forced to work over the holidays without pay, according to the data compiled by the senator where's, but they're gonna get pay to get ahead. The ideal we're not going to give them pay when the government stops the shutdown and just nonsense. So ninety one is honestly: you could find places that are going to like float you a little bit of money for them
our days while the government shuts down knowing that in three weeks, if not, then we shot down you pay them back. The ninety percent of their personnel considered essential that apartment of homeland Security is hit the hardest again this that there still serving so for you, the taxpayer. The answer is that these people are stole out there doing their jobs and hurts government employees. he's, but it doesn't actually hurt the american people in so far as everybody who still essential is dealt with are supposed to do. The national parks are likely to close, so they say that all fifty eight of the country's national parks would shudder, wouldn't shudder over the holidays, but you have to ask yourself why you would shut like open your monument chimera, Barack Obama. During the did this during the two thousand thirteen government shut down, he actually shutdown, opener monuments, like the World war. Two monument he put like ropes to prevent people from going into the World WAR, two monument which has just silly towns the Smithsonian Museum may have the funds from an open staff said in a tweet but some of the agencies,
like many of the agency sets the impact it go up. They debt as the deadline approaches. Another four hundred thousand workers will be followed. Many of them will be followed in places like the Department of Commerce, good news. Fifty two thousand staffers at the IRA four allowed. So if we can make that happen like on a permanent basis than I am all for that, apparently, if you are because the funding for the state Department such expire on Friday, that could throw rendering the plans of international travellers, so ok are, you sure, got near passport stamp like before. I like I've been in that situation, but tough, I mean what's more important. Actually getting a permanent war while on our southern border, or you didn't stamp your passport three weeks ago, like you should have so right now. Here's where things stand, president from he's not gonna sign. Any Bilbil doesn't include five billion dollars in funding for the border Oh Paul Ryan, announced yesterday after visiting the White House alongside Kevin Mccarthy. Here was the outgoing speaker of the house announcing that trunk was not going to cave on the issue. President foreigners,
He will not sign the bill that came from the Senate last evening because of his legitimate concern for border security, so we're going to do is go back to the house and work with our members. We want to keep the government open, but we also want to see an agreement that protects the border. We have very serious concerns about securing our border the President said he will not sign this bill, so we're going to go back and work on adding for security to this also keeping the government open, because we do want to see an agreement. Okay, so you know that is that from the wrong about. As I said yesterday, I am glad the President Trump is standing for this blue ITALY. Now here's the the parentheses critic gathered from the critique here is the present from should have done his years ago. You know when it was before mid term
House Democrats want sets to take over the next thirty seconds and when he had more leverage, because right now has Democrats figure a couple of things, one. They look at the last elections cycle and they see that up until the last couple of weeks of the election cycle in twenty teen, the election was actually quite close. Thence trump started jabbering about immigration, nonstop any started, basically a lot of talk about border wars and all the rest, and we moved away from talking about justice, Cavenaugh and then the Republicans just plummeted in the polls and they lost by an average of eight point six points across the country about The final, those the final vote counts in all of the house, races, so democratic, our thinking, ok from plans to talk incessantly about the wall. Let him do it. What do we have to lose? We have another, two years until the elections there also thinking we're gonna take for the house in five seconds. So, what's he gonna do then so Trump picked the I'm glad he's doing it. I am, I think, that its. I think he should do this. I think forcing the Democrats feeds the fire is a good thing. I think you should with a house full of Democrats. I think all of that is fine, should have these two years ago, of course he should have done this two years ago, which is why Stephen Miller
is quite good on immigration, as I said he had. no good answers or ITALY's good on illegal immigration, we disagree on legal immigration, had no good answer when ass by Wolf Pulitzer widened the president, do this like two years ago when he could have, I didn't get the border work done during the first two years in office? the republican majority in the house and a republican majority in the said? Well, we actually have needed or have under way a hundred miles. But the presidency made clear that he is not interested in continuing to build the while mile one mile one stretches he wants to build a wall by getting the money now, just like the president was very clear about for the last Monday's meeting after this funding fight buddy For that reason, I believe that the right now ok and then they got more more animated over all this and now here's that from administration does have an advantage. The Democrats, really don't about border security, don't like border security and Miller pointed that out to military said. While they they voted against, supporting us thirteen folks, they voted again,
stay border, while they voted in favour of sanctuary, says he's right about all that. Stuff is also true that from should have done this earlier. Obviously, but when trumped says the walls work, he is correct, and this is a winning political point. If he is willing to press it. So Then the focus on the on the caravan. Those coming to the boar was extreme in, but his talk about what will be necessary. I think that the vast majority of Americans actually do agree with that, even if they top holsters otherwise essential too. Border security is a powerful physical barrier walls work, whether we like it or not, they work better than anything. Of course, he is his jacket right about all of this and he should hold the democratically to their I'll, explain how that can be
on. One strategy suggest about president is not how it can be done. Vow explain how it can be done in just a second first. I wanna talk to you about how you defend your right, so our founders were deeply interested in protecting your individual rights. Are God given rights, and then they gave you the seconds memory which was designed to protect those rights to a value, defend those rights against enemies, foreign domestic and the photo Bravo Company manufacturing are interested in helping you do that Beijing will start. It in a garage by marine better and more than two decades ago to build a professional grade. Products that meet combat standards, museum believes same level of protection should be provided to every American, regardless of whether they are a private citizen or professional. As you know, when I talk about the second man, don't talk about, hunting is about a hundred. I don't talk, go into the range because, while I enjoy going to the range, I don't have a lot of time to do it. When I talk about is protecting yourself in your family Museum is not exporting arms company. Their design engineer manufactured lifesaving equipment. They assume at each right the leaving their shop will be used in a life or death situation by responding that is in law enforcement officers or a soldier overseas. Every component.
of a museum rifles, hand, assembled and tested by Americans to alight saving standard. These feels a moral responsibility as Americans to provide tools that woman. Fail the user. One is not just a paper target when God forbid, you actually have to use a gun to protect yourself too. and more about Bravo Company manufacturing had on over to Bravo Company M, F g dot com, where you can discover more about their products. Special offers, an upcoming news. That's Bravo, company M, F g dot com, and it's gonna find out more about these Yemen. The awesome people who founded and run it, go check out their products at Youtube. Dot com, Slash, Bravo, company, USA, an awesome company. I am proud to be associated with them. Bravo company. I left you calm go check them out right now. I have a lot more plus we have the mail bag coming up a lot more goodies things. I like things. I hate its last episode of the ear. What better time for you to subscribe, get yourself in early Christmas present, though right now subscriber nine. Ninety nine a month get the rest of the show live club ensure live noses, shall I M coming in January to national hours of meat of more. I am slaving away to bring you the best in content. The least you can do with subscribed, go check it out.
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Itunes. It's made our show incredibly popular and allow us to get our message, which is really the important part. That's apart, I really care about. When I get up everyday, I can't think are listeners enough. You can make the show worth doing you spreading the showed the word of mouth means every to me and spreading ideas more important, even than the shower spreading ideas. Word of mouth is deeply important. That's how we are going to fix the country and save the country and preserve our institutional deals when it joined the team. I really think that's what you're doing. That's why I do this? I was this long before we are that we're all this pop I'm doing this for literally half my life, because I care so much about these. These ideas in its at play during an honored heavy on the team as well so governed subscribe. If you haven't already because you should be part of a team to where the largest fastest growing concern progress, the nation. So what exactly should press hidden from view of president from, should not call for an end to the filibuster when it comes to funding
the government. The reason being last time somebody tried to end a filibuster was Harry Reid, head of the judicial filibuster, and that allowed president Trump to ram through every judge you could ever possibly want in a million years has been great for Republicans. Why would you want to end the filibuster five minutes before Nancy Pelosi takes over the house That does not make any sense. Why would you want to end the filibuster a couple of years before an election that is likely to not go well for Republicans in the Senate? Does that make any that none of that makes any sense, and this Mcconnell isn't, going to do it network. I wasn't gonna. Do any of that stuff. I so there's that what exactly should Republicans do at this point,
Well, Republicans, probably should do, is something that my friend Daniel Horwitz over at sea are tv has recommended. He says that basically, he should force the Democrats to actually filibusters jury little secret about filibustering is that it take sixty votes to break a fellow buster, but a filibusters, an actual procedure. It's not just we decide, we filibuster we vote, and now we filibuster note you actually have to go out there and talk and talk and talk and talk to physically go. There and hold up the business of the Senate, and so Trump for Optics reason should do this. Here's what Daniel Horwitz as and this is basically Gretchen. Senators don't need unanimous consent to bring up a bell. The lack of unanimous consent or sixty votes doesn't table Well, it's just that opposing senators in the minority can request to be recognised then continuously hold the floor in recent years. Majority parties have never made minority. Do that. Sometimes it makes sense to pre emptive achieving agreement, because the majority just can't afford it. Endless days on debate of a single issue, but sometimes there it is worth fighting for either way end of lines of a hundred fifteen Congress. How'd. You get Democrats to stop talking
who are Senate rule nineteen. The two speech rule comes into play. The rule explicitly prohibits the visual senators from speaking more than twice upon any one question debate on the same legislative day? Given the Republicans preside over the chair and control of the floor, it can refuse to officially turn opting only to reassess temporarily and keep the Senate the same legislative day indefinitely as one that even the Democrats are willing and able to speak for a long time will eventually be forced to relent. This never happens. It's never enforce because Republicans never forced Democrats to hold the floor in the first place. Which were kind won't bring up legislation without a unanimous consent, agreement or sixty votes. But if the minority to hold the floor and enforced rule, nineteen Democrats would exhaust themselves very quickly in the strategy laid out by James Wallner, who is an expert on Senate procedure while the points out the Democrats do have the ability to challenge rulings of the chair and bring a point of order or call for a quorum calls as means of prolonged their floor time by Republicans can dispense with those motions with
fifty one votes eventually democratic, run out of steam. An exhaustive two speeches per member. This could take days or weeks but depends on the determination of each side. He says the optics are also really good here, because again democratic gonna- have to get up there and explain why they're holding up the business of government just do not give trump the money to fund a border wall and Democrats by the way, don't have a strong case here. The dumbest tweet that I saw today can courtesy of Chris Murphy, who is just adult Chris Murphy tweeted out today. I kid you not their prey it introduces a racist because he doesn't want to actually build a boar wall on our border with Canada, That, then, is literally. We said it's weeded out that that here, So here is where the analogy breaks down between the USA and the boys, as we have to use in every airport. Tromp is advocate. in putting up a wall in only one border, no wall for the countryside, mostly with white people, Yes, I'm sure that is trumps main concern. These seven people from Canada
I think we leave Laila bright as opposed to be hundreds of thousands of people from our southern border attempting to illegally immigrate. It's Democrats have to make those sorts of argument publicly. It could be quite familiar. For them. So if you're gonna do this, if you're going through this, why not forced Democrats tat, even if you lose, when I forced Democrats to go out there and explain for hours on end where they won't from the government just to prevent a wall from being built in the first place? Ok, meanwhile, I do have to note the worst attitude of the day comes courtesy of Julia Jaffe, who is just a terrible columnist, she's woman who attacked Maloney a Trump during the campaign, and then she was attacked by anti Semites in then president from said, nothing about it. So she became very feathers on the basis of this. Just a correspondent for Jijiu magazine, she has a peace today, titled just in time for Christmas. Please don't wish me merry Christmas. Why? Because she's yours now as a Jew, if you wish me merry Christmas, you know what I'll say I'll say thanks and you have a merry Christmas to. You know why? Because what do I care, if you're not trying to convert me- and it seems to me that you are just
make a nice time of the year, because you know I don't celebrate Christmas cause. I worry Yamaha and I won't work economic up. I don't think would be unfair to assume that I might celebrate Christmas in a country where, legitimately ninety percent of people celebrate Christmas, here's what she writes, though she says I like good cheer, but please do not wish me merry Christmas. Why does she say this? Because she says twas five nights before Christmas and my lift driver was the umpteenth persons. Wish me a merry Christmas that day, he probably just meant the way most people do was a kind of December shorthand for having a day we had across hanging from his revenue, or, I said thank you, wished him the same got out of my street decorate with lights and wreaths inactivity. Scenes went into my house inside I'll. Explain why this doltish side in just one second, should I like good cheer, but please do not wish me merry Christmas
It's wonderful, if you celebrate it, but I don't. I don't feel like explaining that you, and yet you are in the pages of the Washington Post today, its lonely to be reminded a thousand times every winter, that the dominant american cultural event occurs without me. I might get over yourself weighty get over, yourself. Christmas is a lovely holiday, but it definitely is not a secular one. True, it is a celebration of Christ. S. It's very name implies as a jewish person, nine zero problems with your celebrate the birth of a person. You believe his gods, only son, who grew up to die for yourselves. I don't share your faith and I don't regret you're, the joy for celebration. In fact, I often partition as I will this year when I bring Christmas, presents rats and Christmas paper to a Christmas dinner with my friends in their sweet children. There's no problem here. We know respects and celebrate each other's differences my family even celebrated version of this holiday for decades in the soil the union run as it was by the self declared militant Godless Christian Christmas was a SEC we're holiday. It was called new year's. Then she says: when we came to the United States, we bought ornaments some of which had been in the family for generations for the first few years,
aids? We get to know your story on December. Twenty six decorated lay presence under it. For the New Europe, as as we had four long as anyone could remember. But after a few years we stopped it was no longer a new year's tree and a soviet house. It had become a Christmas symbol in a jewish house Christmas, is all around us for nearly one tenth of the air every year it began to feel deeply alien, precisely because we were secular, but it was not despite the movies in the shop and despite the dramatic two core Christmas is still at its core by design about the birth of Christ. A point that seems bizarre to argue just look at all those nativity scenes. then despite its celebration of a christian God, it is everywhere for over a month, and we know Other holiday is not even Easter. Ok, first of all which, despite its celebration of a christian God, just gonna put this out they're kind of weird to distinguish the Christian from the jewish God. When we actually believe in the same God, we don't believe Jews in the Jesus part of the Christian God, but still believe in the same Judeo, Christian God right, presumably be the being standing by
and all creation read. This is something the Jews and Christians holding common, even if we dont believe the Jesus story as Jews, but you very funny says it is every add in every window underway on everyone's lips. If you're not a part of the festivities, even sparkling aesthetic, can where you down, if you honestly, if you look at Christmas lights and you get Sadie prominent life, lady as as a very orthodox, true again for the one thousand time, I don't celebrate Christmas, you know it's fun, Christmas lights, they are twinkly and pretty, and they make me happy because they're twinkly and pretty- and they don't make me think of programs, because we don't do that sort of thing here in the United States in the back makes me grateful that so many people in the United States celebrate Christmas because those people are general then the people celebrate Christmas in United States are largely the people or standing between turn civilization and the abbess and by where's jus. These are also the girl its defenders of Israel, she says, when you are from a minority religion. You're used to the fact that cab drivers on which an easy fast on Yankee, poor retired, to get used to the oppressive ubiquity of a holiday by Christmas, oppressive, ubiquity
What do I gotta say is really funny she As this is always the time of year, I feel most excluded from society. One jewish friend told me. I promise you that the Jews Our most orthodox and United States dont. Give one whit about would be English. Merry Christmas, I can speak for my community when I the vast majority of Jews in the United States when they are going around during Christmas season of somebody wishes the merry Christmas. We thank you, and you have a merry Christmas to you know why, because we are quite simply and our own religions, only secular Jews who are not in favour of it John of any sort banal in favour of their own jewishness, unless it makes them other from Christianity and in favour of Christianity, because Christianity is religion. These people are the ones who get deeply offended effect, as famous Dorothy have told it on the programme before, where a couple of rabbis very famous rabbis were they went public school in the United States and they were in the back of a cab together around Christmas. and once I did the other so where'd you go to middle school notion. Why what's public school, the other ones, who I was public school to surmount? Believe you and the other one said? Ok! Well, I didn't know the ones while you're not prove it
silent night, so this year, rabbis in the back of a pressing, silent night, because guess what we live in a country that is founded on judeo christian values, it was founded. mostly by Christians and is still inhabited mostly by Christians. That's not a bad thing. That's a very good thing! That's why the country is so good, why the country is so tolerant. It's why Julia job right, stupid columns and the Washington Post moaning about how people say merry Christmas to her. It's just ridiculous says just my wish. This holiday season as for people not to make assumptions about others to put themselves in other shoes to respect others as they wish to be respected to respond with kindness, evil nature the great live and let live while if they chimera, Christmas. You you're not living in letting live. I would suggest that you're, the one who's intolerant and being kind of jerk mean the Grinch apparently is right
el the branches. It is a real thing and the Grinch has taken on the body of Julia Jaffee, so good stuff. There Julia Weldon, ok time for some mailbag. So, let's mail bag it up a little bit because its last mail bag of the year, I know we're all set about the pillory time- continues to move and we will be back in the new year with so many goodies will make your heads when Daniel says hey, but can you gotta go into more detail by Turkey filling in the power vacuum in Iraq and getting more power in the region is bad for the user? Israel? Aside from being a dictatorship, Turkey is unlikely to attack Israel or startup he wore a dozen pose a threat to our citizens, while Turkey, in fact has backed the has backed Hamas. Remember the Hamas flotilla that was backed by Turkey. It came from Turkey. Iran is a radical Islamists who has helped cut off material military ties between Israel and Turkey I area what it would not be foreign for airlines to start backing terrorist groups. That does not seem implausible, not only that, but expanding of Turkey's reach into places
like Syria and the slaughter of the Kurds who have been our historic. You US allies there, There is indeed a problem area. One is a bad actor in the World Jacobs Haven. I've recently another my wife and I are expecting our first child in August. We're plenty and surprising. Apparently, this good NEWS on Christmas day any advice on what to expect. How did you tell your parents about your first child? Thanking God bless well. First of all, grandparents are gonna, be happy, we are they being grandparent is like the happiest thing in the world. If I can take any cues from my parents, my wife's parents, I would get ready for excitement in fun unless a mushroom there's a terrible people, in which case you know not much. I can do for you, but not, but it should be a should be bless me. Congratulations! That is awesome news where we told my parents is, we had them come over there and then I said I just have some good news for you guys and were my wife is pregnant and and freaked out, and then my wife's parents freaked out it's really it's a blast. It's kind of it's one of the cruellest. Things in life is telling your parents that you are now carrying on the preservation of the species- is pretty frequently
John says, I'm sure, as someone has already asked us, but if Elsie runs like Fox suggestible, you throw your hat in the ring for a chance to finally get that debate. It could save you there, ten years. Well, thanks love the show Cravens is well well. I can't credit you for your taste, but when I from I hadn't or injustice debate, Elsie again, I think that primary thing, but that would involve primarily from presumably having primary trump inside. The republican party right now is bad for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason, not primarily trump right now is because it would force people into a choice between conservatism and Trump ISM. I don't want to force people into that choice. Personal loyalty tends to win that choice. I prefer that the party not split and have another civil war over Trump right now, especially because events are gonna, do what events are going to do at this point. Agatha has Durban the show, keep up the good work. My question regards the theological understanding of marriage and Judaism. Wise polygamy is practised in the old testament or Torah, but not practice. Today, in treaties, and also in Christianity has been wifi, understood as the king and queen of creation, is theirs
or symbolism and Judaism. Thanks for taking my question will obviously husband and wife are the the foundations of all civilization, This goes back to Genesis and Adam and Eve as far as my polygamy is no longer practice and Judaism, those outlawed around the year. One thousand by rubbing Tom was very famous rabbi. It's not been common practice and Judaism for hundreds and hundreds of years. reason being that it was seen as anti woman, the reason being that it was suspected the men could not actually cope with with supporting many wives, and also it undermines the institutional marriage itself, which is why you see
the Bible that there are. There are polygamy. There is polygamy in the Bible, but the first couple is one man and one woman. It is not one man and many women and, of course has what is your favorite kind of cookie, so I'm going to give in unexpected answer right here I, like mad airlines, which are a kind of a cake. I guess, but they are delicious. They are just the best thing in the world of Veronica says: let's talk dating strategy who says I love you. First, I think should be the guy who said a first year. Your wife also did you hold hands before me, so I did hold hands my wife for marriage are. That is not an orthodox thing to do so. I will acknowledge that straight up front. As far as who should say, I love you. First, I think the guy is almost all we. I think that I should say I love you first, I think I should be aggressive. I think that I should ask the girl to marry him. I think guys you don't do these things are not going to marry they have a guy's stringing along for years on end without asking you marry him, then that's a real bad sign and if we have to we're bizarre view about love in today's society on tv
people have been Sakhalin like that, and then one will say I love you and then it gets awkward. Think that's when it gets awkward. When you decided to unveil you're genitals when you said I ll view that's when it got awkward, maybe your priorities are screwed up. I saw here's how work with me and my wife. So this oh there there are sort of a couple stories about this that the first and was only we had been dating for maybe a couple of weeks, and I and I took my wife to Disneyland, which is the acid test in my family. If you can, if you take somebody Disneyland and their cynical about Disneyland, you cannot take them, are marry them because this new and is happy place, and if you refuse to engage in happiness you suck human, so this is itself. I took my wife to Disneyland on the way back. We're in the car and, I said, You know, I really like you, meaning I want to date exclusively and she she already assumed that we are dealing exclusively because she just wasn't a person who did multiple people at a time but I said you know I really like you and she looked at me and said I like things about you so who I still am.
Kurdistan, and I say- and you know what now we have to kid so I guess you one that argument ass right, so I basically she can't. We went to visit her parents now she's dead. Little bit longer was funny when I went to visit my wife's parents, she said this isn't don't take this the wrong way, but I think you should come up and visit. My parents- and I are gonna- take this exactly the way it is, which is that we're getting married. That's the way this is downright because come on, I'm not meet your parents just for the fun of it and she's like no, don't you know, don't take it the wrong way. I knew so we get back. I get back, she gets back a couple days later. I got picked up at the airport, we're in the car, and I said you know I love you and she said thanks as I owe so that went poorly I and so for about a month. So I remember the exact dates on this, so the exact dates were, on November, fifteenth, two thousand and eight to thousands two thousand seven November, fit in November
Fifteen thousand seven. I said I love you, my wife for one full month every conversation we had on the phone. I said I love you and she would say by and then on December fifteenth. She said. I love you too, and then I said Let's get married because shit. This is a thing. She knew that, isn't it she said. I love you the reason she wasn't saying it is cause. She knew that as soon as you said, I love you. That was the next step, not dating for non marriage. We are not yet for fine we're getting for marriage. So once you said, I love you, there is only one step laughed and that was let's get married. Then I said she says she said I love you. She said I love you too. I said, let's get married said why, We just enjoy our time together, as happens, I'm not enjoying our time together without the prospect of marriage before me, because This is rather agonizing like if I may I'm with you and you're in love with me, but we're leaving a door open. I hate this garbage, so why are we just got married and wrote mostly was about transactions, twenty she's, afraid of telling her parents. I issues should free
about getting married that young and I, and so we had some conversations about it and then finally, she said most romantic words that my wife has ever said to me. She's worry about what people would think of shoes twigs we're talking this through, and she looked at me and said: people are full bleep, most romantic words. My my wife ever said to me. I love my wife she's. The best and then she said so, let's get married and then we were engaged. That was our. That was my engagement story right. There is no and see how a copper dropping down under a field there was not me swimming across an ocean with a ring on my back being carried by a laser Try going to those whose major saying what married her finally acquiescing, and then it took her weight to tolerance so that's it I will were engaged in December twenty second, I believe she told her, maybe maybe three days to tell her parents, so that was that that's all our story by yes, the man should say I love you first, because men should be aggressive. Men should be the men in relationship and that's all women want by the way. Ok, let's see what else Erica
Ben. If present from our Democrat and with a progressive left agenda and ideals, you think the media and celebrities would cover and reaction differently than they do. Did I, of course they would you be look at this. Man is amazing, it came out of. Nowhere is a celebrity anyone. The presidency is on freaking real, look at this guy, what political skills he has and look at the bravery and wood wine from Syria, and look at how he's bucking in the establishment and look at how how unpredictable he is look how you meet here in connection with the people. Yes, of course you do you get nothing but blotted from the media. They would love him love him, love him to death and if he Phibbs ever is often that, just because he talks the way regular people talk basically the way that the way that Bill Mitchell covers Donald Trump is the way the mainstream media would cover Donald Trump down from our Democrat. Charles has habit. I read a story. Week about a group called freedom from Religion Foundation that were angry, that a large lit up cross has put on display by city of Ozark, misery on public land, the group of triggered people. Sue the city on the basis of the establishment clause. What's the legality
local government setting up crosses nativity, since my understanding is that the illegality underscored Supreme Court law is that you also have to provide space for other religions if they wish to make a holiday display, which is why you ll see sort of these holidays. It is plays where there's manure There is also a Christmas tree in tv scene and, and is other kind of religious accoutrements. I think all that stupid. It's not establishment of religions put up a Christmas tree, nobody's being forced to abide by that an end if you're worried about taxpayer dollars being spent. For that, then maybe we should just have. Private groups cover the fee, which is very often what happens in these cases. waves, as if someone is non negotiable against a certain issue like abortion. How should they approached their spending habits, presents with buying items from businesses support what they're against like Starbucks, confirming money to planned parenthood? What are your thoughts on personally boycotting the business, so my general thought I'm boycotting business is if the business itself is engaged in the thing that you don't like than it is fair to boycott the business if a person whose associate with
companies engaged in that not not fair, so boycotting AAA because Dan Cathy's ass, I same sex marriages, stupid boycotting Starbucks if Starbucks ever know. If this is true of Starbucks, is in a corporate way supporting plan paranoid. I think that's perfectly appropriate, Craig says, Hiven, you think incivility in the house and send a started with New Gingrich aided by Russia Limbaugh will it ever sees? No incivility house and Senate has been around ever somebody was nearly beat to death in eighteen. Fifty six on four of the Senate trial Sumner was nearly came to death, on the floor of the senator no incivility not start in nineteen at ninety eight. So I do not think that that is correct. I know you. I know you want this last question or wanted that want to be, but tough. Amid you a more I so it says what c doo doo doo doo has elapsed question of the year so ok, this last question there are confined so renascence had the haven ever consider writing a book on parenting. Well, I really write books about what should be taught to everyone and its equally applicable to children. I feel a little awkward.
writing a book about parents. In considering that I have kids, who are four and a half in two and a half so to two hundred and turn out yet and if they turn out to be serial killers, that book is not gonna be worthwhile. I don't think they will be by the way they are Let's get irons as bad. You ve been very up front about your objections, public sector unions. What are your thoughts on private sector unions? They compete in the free market says. I said yesterday or a couple of days ago on the on the contrary, Fourthly, we should grouse, I'm fine with private sector union salon. Is there not Nick happen? People Benson given the increasing amount of social media platforms that has gone on as well as the recent issues of patriarch. It appears those left and right are increasingly finding themselves relegated to completely different forms for communicating ideas which I fear, will further whereas the american people was this social media censorship sustainable or will it at some point, under its own weight. I think a well I mean I think the patriarch is an obvious example of people pulling out and there were be new, more open fora that are created that have less of a heavy hand placed on them from above vital hushing. Dear John,
says, hey Ban Big found, I was hoping to get your opinion on a Stephen. I heard recently to understand races me to understand power dynamics, Stan sexism, you need to understand power dynamics to understand. Poverty need to understand powers, dynamic centre, empowers dynamics me to listen and believe the stories of the powerless wow. I have rarely seen such a bunch of whores crap cobbled together in a nearly an understandable parents. before so visit. This is one of the wise. The folks say they say that if you want to understand racism, you have to understand that racism can only be perpetuated by the strong and the weak. This is a lie. Racism is a frame of mind. You can be racist against a powerful person, just as you can be racist against non powerful person. The same thing is true of sexism. And hate women and powerful, you can also hit women and be not powerful. There are plenty of poor people who don't have a lot of power an american society who are plenty sexist to understand. What are you need to understand how the dynamics this in the assumption is that poverty is created by people on the on the top of the hierarchy who are forcibly attempting to
cram down rules on people on the bottom of the hierarchy in a free society. This is a bunch of nonsense on free society. This is true in an for a society like say a communist decided. The people who are rich are the people with the power, but in a free society you can have people with power who are not rich. It can help people with riches, we're not powerful, and the question is whether you can become one of these people can you just a free citizen become a rich and powerful person. If the answer is yes, then this is not about hours, I'd Alex's about personal choice, the USA to understand power Dynamics need to listen and believe the stories of the powerless well know, because I don't believe that human beings are innately trot, for these, so I don't understand, why would believe the stories of the powerless any more than I believe the shores of the powerful Mulligan really stories that haven't evidentiary basis to them. To provide me evidence. I believe it don't providing evidence. I won't believe it. That's the it doesn't matter who we are and if we are adjudicating whether your believable were not based on your level of victimhood, then this is: u placing evidence outside the realm of reality, and you,
stead, be it's basically religion at that point. Basically, that point you're just taking on faith. Somebody story because horribly their story time for some things. I like and one thing that I hate so things that I like it's been Beethoven. All we reached a great way to close out here. This is a little bit of Beethoven's piano control number one. Second, movement, Marie Pariah on piano, wonderful, pianist, short Shorty conducting and if you ve been in a bad mood and want to get in a good mood. Listen to some of Beethoven's piano concerto we want a magnificent piece of music
The plan is for you all day, because it is that incredible Beethoven, God's gift to humanity, spectacular spectacular stuff and be grateful for fur. You know the great art that makes life that much richer, just incredible, incredible stuff. Ok, that I have to leave you in from the things I like this year, with a thing that I definitely like a bridge army sniper ones, killed six terrorists with a single bullet. Nothing can make me happier than this is just one aspect of british army sniper. According to the UK son, once called six terrorist, with a single it from one of the armies, most powerful guns, the unidentified marksman, a lance corporal and the calls from guards hit the target from bout nine hundred thirty yards away, while in Catherine in southern Afghanistan. So that is a long distance for those who don't do math. That's like almost three thousand feet. All six terrorists were killed with a single bullet. Why? Because it hit the trigger The suicide bombers best which exploded killing everyone around him, which awesome sauce, the marksmen was torn.
the time, is using an l, one, fifteen, a three gun which is one of those powerful sniper weapons turning her Richard Slack was commanding officer of the nine twelve well lancers explain how the shot happen in December, twenty thirteen, when hundreds of british and afghan soldier when a gun battle with fifteen to twenty insurgents. But I was wearing a vast whose identified sniper moving down a tree line and coming up over a ditch at a shawl on it rose up the Cyprus? I get a machine gun therein contact. You is moving to a firing position, the snapper engaged him and the guy exploded. There was a pause on the radio and the Cyprus at. I think I've just shot a suicide bomber. The rest of them were killed in the blast. The vast had apparently twenty kilos of explosives. Forty four pounds of explosives in it. I was first reported that, with that snipers first shot on network of dirt of duty, he killed a Taliban machine Gunnar from one thousand five hundred yards yeah
at some solid stuff, so well done. Unnamed army sniper, who killed six terrorist with a single bullet awesome awesome stuff, hopefully that sort of math will continue to take place over the course of our near future. Ok time for a quick thing that I hate, things that I have visited a damn thing, but its indicative of our dumb are dumb time. So this is a story from having imposed repository of dumb things it from their entertainment, section, Disney's trademark for her colonel Natasha, is cultural appropriation petition claims. here. I audiences in many parts of the world associate the Swahili phrase. Economic Tata, with Disney nineteen, eighty four animated and ninety four animated. But one activists rallying to change that Shelton Power was in of Zimbabwe and heritage and basins. to watch an online petition earlier this month, calling on Disney to give up its trademark for who koona calling it an assault on the Swahili people,
in Africa as a whole. If you think that is an assault on Africa to trademark a phrase, meaning no worries sung by a cartoon, mere cat and bore. Gaza. You might want to shift your private some bad stuffs happening in Africa right now, not involving cartoon mere cats and wild boars that fart screen you might want to. Actually, you know, like re, prioritize, your life just a little bit, so this guy economic out, has been used by most here's. What Healy speaking countries such as Tanzania,
Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambican Democratic Republic of Congo Disney can't be allowed to trademarks, something that it didn't invent. You know what people didn't invent. You know most people who get trademarks. What they didn't invent is English I'd. So we are trade marking my slogan kid, but when we trademark muscle I didn't than any of the words in my slogan and in fact my people, the jews- didn't speak English originally, so I am culturally appropriating the Lange of English with words I did not invent and in order that I may have created, but I'm sure has been used at some, I'm by somebody else, some time in the past. Maybe woe cultural appropriations go war. Public records show the Disney first. Clever and still active trademark and ninety ninety four the same year that linking debuted in theatres? That means the company can potentially sue. Towards economic Tata, appear on unauthorized clothing and products which they should be
as the reason that most people are using. That is not because they come from any of these countries, but because they have seen the movie the lion, king and a canyon celestial property and entertainment waterside with Disney, and the social media speech said. East Africans, however Big Swahili are not restricted from using the phrase, information on the Euro, has been blowing up because of a misconception and misunderstanding around intellectual property law, rapid waters, and intellectual property law doesn't matter and wisdom doesn't matter and reason doesn't matter all the matters that someone somewhere is funded while about this this Christmas season, instead of being offended by anything or everything and sudden being offended consonances merry Christmas or who Natasha about stopping? Stick in the mighty doped haven't. We all have a really nice Christmas vacation haven't we all come back refreshed in the new year, ready to do battle over the things the metal and have conversations in discussions about those things haven't. We all come back in a better. I promise you by the end of the first week of January, that move will be gone and you'll be drink. Heavily they'll, be looking at ways to escape burdens of their everyday life, which is why I will see you here that I mentioned here. This is the venture Bureau
The bench of heroes show is produced by sending a villa real executive producer, Jeremy, boring senior producer, Jonathan, hey our supervising producers, math is clever and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Alex Ngora Audio is mixed by micro. Meaner heron make up is by just one other. The bench of Hiroshima is a daily wire Ford, publishing production copyright for publishing twenty eighteen. They guys over on the mat while show today were to be talking about the continued persecution of the Christian Baker, Jack Philips, they're coming after him. Again, we ought to discuss that. Also. The trouble ministration is instituting new rules requiring food stamp recipients to work. I think that's great will discuss that. And finally, what is the worst Christmas song of all time? Whether conversation today on the mat, Walsh Outcome check it out?
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