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Ep. 69 - Saying 'P*ssy' Doesn't Make You Conservative. Neither Do Creased Pants.

2016-02-09 | 🔗
David Brooks' pathetic conservatism created Donald Trump, New Hampshire heats up, and Hillary Clinton implodes. Plus Triumph the Insult Comic Dog!
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Here we are, it is the day of the critical New Hampshire primary. We will get into that Donald Trump. as something vulgar, because today ending in why and why a really isn't trumps fall. Really shapiro- and this is the bench appear on the potential demonize people care about. You feeling. okey doke, so today is the new Hampshire. Primary Donald Trump is going to win the only question. who comes in second, so there are some late breaking pulls the church, a Bush surging John K. Second, a Bush probably going to compete for second place. One of them will finish. Third, Margo Rubio, finishes outside the top. For let's hear the TED crews finishes. Fourth imago Rubio finishes: theft, America Rubio has a real problem on his hands. I don't want to are too much about what Hampshire means until to Morrow wait for the actual results, because why speculate? Instead, I want to talk about something that happened inside conservatism that is deeply troubling to make real star with Donald Trump yesterday. So Donald Trump is in New Hampshire
when he's doing a rally in New Hampshire and is doing the trump thing, which is he just free when it is The guy stand up comedian, it just gets up. There is rifts and at a certain point away in the crowd, starts yelling something to him and here, is what Donald Trump does yours, what he says here we go. You heard the other night debate. They s, TED crews, serious question what what do you think of waterborne? Is it ok and honestly, I thought he'd say absolutely any didn't. He said well, as you know, is concerned about the answer, because some people, she just said a terrible thing. You it all she said, shouted because I don't want to. Ok, you're not allowed to say- and I never exe to hear that from you again. She said. I'd never expect here, hear that from again she said,
that's her job. That now. how many routine right. Some lady shouts out from the crowd that he is a a word for female genitalia, step on it, and then he repeats it in front of the entire crowd. We bleep differ people who couldn't hear it's been printed pretty much everywhere. So if you wonder what word he said, let's put it this way it's in the song. What's new pussycat, it appears many times, so you that's that's what he calls TED crews right. There is as an end supporters. They owe you didn't call tat proves that
so you just say what the lady said right Ok, you gotta it at an arena. Five thousand people have people have things he picks out. The one lady repeats what she said and then watch the stage laughing about what she said. No, you wasn't repeating it at all and in fact, trumpet. it comes down, he says yeah. I was something that I was saying that was kind of fun and funny it's what I do and in actually ended up telling him MSNBC, he said quote: just repeating what you said to everyone could hear has everyone was desperately here with this crazy lady in the front row screaming is he's doing everybody a favor, I got a standing ovation. The place went wild you talking about Five thousand people was a great moment. The world is politically correct. Rights in the world is politically correct and this has been from the constant refrain- is that when he says things that are that are terrible or vulgar that he's These saying something: it's not like. I can be held down by the convention and the boundaries of political correctness, and you ve been doing this- for the last couple of weeks- is relevant rationing, this up so the other day, for example, Donald Trump brought the F
word at one of his rallies and here's. A ballot like we're. Gonna have processes that used to be a new Hampshire that are now in Mexico, come back to New Hampshire and you can tell them to go themselves. You can see these dropped, the upward and abortion From his also dropped the land you there s word a bunch of times as well. Here, for example, is Donald Trump talking about the US wouldn't robbing the password. Ices To make it a tremendous amount of money because they have certain oil caps right, there are certain areas of oil that they took away. There's someone serious I'm in Iraq. I would bomb the atom so, let's put not approved about better language, as anyone around the office knows as soon as I get off the air, it's basically a sailor. I mean I I
think a good for letter word has its place in the english language and that places actual is rightly variety of places. I think that it applies pretty much It is a great work and in there Watson, great words in english language there that people, used too often, but are still great words, so I'm approved when it comes to cursing. However, however, theirs people who are defending all of this as non vulgar. Now it is vulgar Sometimes you there sometimes there's vulgarity with the purpose of, for example, when I spoke a university Missouri, I specifically used. The word be asked, but not be ass, like ass reward. Word, Le Times, and I specifically did that, I purposely did that because I was talking to college students and and buddy who's ever dealt college students knows that cursing a sort of the coin of the realm that, if you want to enter into the breast hall of students What we really need to do is drop a couple of curse words. He can do strategically trumpet this kind of stuff, because trumpets actually vulgar man. I trump is that kind of guy who said before like need. These are direct quotes from from quote.
often times when I was sleeping with one of the top women in the world. I would say to us: I'm thinking about me ass, a boy from queens. Can you believe what I am getting What, if I told the real stories of my experiences with women, often seemingly very happily married an important women. This what would be a guarantee bestseller, which it will be anyway, I'd love to tell all using aims in places, but I just don't think it's right about this one. When a man leaves a woman, especially when it was perceived that he is left for a piece of ass, a good one, exclamation point there are fifty per of the population. Will love the woman who was left or have this I've said, if you weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her, about this about woman clues when the eighties quote, you have to treat them like bleep about this You know really doesn't matter what they write as long as you got a young and beautiful piece of ass stone from his evil, Google, Is a vulgar guy now That doesn't necessarily mean is not a conservative gap and here's what is generating all of these support for true and in the vulgarity more vulgarity. He uses the moors. Poles go up The question is why why is it?
being non genteel is seen as some sort of winning persona move for Donald Trump, the answer comes courtesy of New York columnist, David broke so David Brooks is he considers them of a conservative. He has not today, David Brook. Wrote a column that is truly horrifying. He's we the conservative gaze, the concern with the New York Times the columns although I miss Barack Obama from David, Brooks and here's what he rightly says, as its primary season has gone along. A strange sensation has come over me. I miss Barry, Obama. Now firstly, I disagree with lot of a balanced policy decisions. I've been discipline. when did by aspects of his presidency, I opened this presidency is a philosophic departure, but over the course, this campaign it feels as if there's declining behavioral standards across the board, many of the traits, character and leadership Obama possesses and they we have taken too much for granted, suddenly gone missing or are in short supply, and then he goes talk about how,
the Obama administration is. He calls it remarkably scandal. Freight Prices are honest, the remarkably scandal freight which, unbelievable statement to make about the administration sick, the IRS on its political opponents, covered up in Gaza fast furious Hillary Clinton Brok upon the Secretary of State, which had a private server scandals inside the environmental protection Agency inside the Department of Justice inside the health, Inhuman Services department inside the veterans, administration literally every place. There could be a scandal. There's been a scandal, but that's makes, what makes David Brooks like Barack Obama makes David Brooks like Barack Obama is that Barack Obama appears to be genteel. He appeared so says that he says brok. Obama has a basic sense of humanity. A sense of basic humanity quote. He's exude in basic care and respect for the dignity of others. Time and time again. Let's put it this way Moroccan Michelle Obama joined the board of a charity, are involved in you happy to have such people in your community. Could you say that comfortably about headquarters.
So he thinks that that there would be that the Obama's would be nicer. People to have, as part of your charity, never mind the fact that Michelle Obama, the three hundred thousand dollar salary to do nothing when she was actually on the board of a charity, the University of Chicago Medical Center, never in the brok. Obama use the Irish to actually target charities, no, no, but Rob armies genteel. He says Obama has a soundness in his decision making level Putin. Isis, the uranium out, they all agree, he says that Obama has exhibited grace under pressure. He says A president has to maintain equipoise under enormous pressure. Obama has done that, especially The financial crisis are first of all the financial crime, is basically happened under Bush and Obama had no place to go but up, but he then continue. Obama has a resilient sense of optimism as opposed to Trump and crews and Carson wallow in the graffiti of pessimism, but Obama's a real optimist he's People are motivated to make wise choices more by hope. An opportunity fear, cynicism, hatred and despair, online,
any candidates. Obama has not appeal to those passions which begs the question. Working for the last eight years, while Barack Obama told black people all over the United States at the police, murder them to muzzle. Was that White Americans are to them told gaze, the white christian roots, murder them and then basically, muslims or radical run roughshod over the entire Middle EAST. Vladimir Putin. Russia to Eastern Europe and China run roughshod through the South, China Sea. So I dont know where David Brooks has been know this. This is the point all the David Brooks cares about, The Brooks his brand of conservatism is based around a cent stability is based. policies itself based round philosophy, based around the sensibility about how people should act with each other. We have to be genteel. We have to be civilised. He says: there's a tone of ugliness creeping across the world, as democracies retreat as tribal is amounts as suspicious This and authoritarianism take centre stage Obama radiation: ethos of integrity, humanity, good manners and elegance that I'm beginning to miss it. First of all,
Obama is an authoritarian. He is suspicious. he has been tribal. He has strong democracies around the world, but he says that he's elegant. Naturally, what it comes down to his level of elegance of Barack Obama is just an elegant. Man So I know another one cent on one hand you have conservatives who say that Obama is elegant than then Elegances is. What conservatism is all about. Here is what how David Brooks this suppose it leading conservative thinker described concern, It is back in October club, by traditional definitions, conservatism stands for intellectual humility, a belief steady, incremental change, a preference reform rather than revolution, a respect for hierarchy, students balance in order and at home voice that is prudent, measured and responsible. May I ask you this: is there anything in the definition of conservatism that couldn't be applied to a reasonable, rational, elegantly dislike Barack Obama? According to David, Brooks? intellectual humility, he says, Obama has had a great decision making process really listen to other people is a belief
and steady, incremental change, its Brok Obama. He wants change preference for form rather than revolution, will Obama's reformist according to David, Brooks respect for hierarchy. Students balance in order Obama loves the Supreme Court, he loves precedents, in a tone of voice that is prudent and measured and responsible, in other words, David, Brooks this definition of conservatism has nothing to do with conservatism and everything to do with attitude. so it's nine conservatism masquerading with attitude and their law. people in the United States who are very dissatisfied with Obama, and they look at me- the brook saying Conservatism is really just about wearing a creased pair of khakis and, shipping, shard, nay, I miss you. If you did a few As the horse, you wrote it on a few Europe, Europe. You already are full of ass. You know your appeal and this is word from comes from right- this is work from from you have a non conservative version of conservatism and the real. Action is another non conservative version of conservatism
David Brook says attitude it that is concerned. If conservatism is just elitist, so long to get along attitude. Then the tree, people say: what's not conservatism, the conservatism is being rough and ready and shouting and cursing and being rude and vulgar now, As I said, I have nothing against Elite ism as against charred, nay. I have nothing against wearing a nice per capita. I also nothing against the occasional use of the F word. It doesn't really bother me too much and I think that we've moved beyond that. If, if we use of the F word in american society is on your the top one hundred problems facing us, then you're you're, miss prioritizing I'm not teaching my child to curse by any stretch of the imagination, but I promise you that that cursing if my president curses, I really dont care it bother me one iota when Dick Cheney told in point Harry read to go at himself that didn't bother me one iota. and it really bother me too much when Ralph Peter said that Obama was exactly the word that Maternal Donald Trump Use for TAT.
Bruce. What does bother me is when the word itself, the use of the word itself, is seen as non politically correct and there's a difference when vulgarity and anti political correctness there's a difference between vulgarity, a vulgar attitude in conservatism, theirs, between Elite has conservatism David Britain, not talking about conservatism by neither is Trump, and- more when trumped says things like you know, I'm I'm, I'm the whatever I want, and I can be politically correct. The reason not to call to crews pansy, but the word is pansy the reason call him that is not because you're not being politically correct. The reason not to call That is because it's not true because what you say he's, not conservative, mean the original riff Huron until grows was tat. Crews wasn't gung ho enough in favour of water boarding. That's even true. If you want that's a big. What tat grew set that water boarding is not torture and that, if necessary, he would use it, I'm not sure how to bad position, but try in his supporters
responding to political correctness in gentility incivility, so much there there basically saying all of the things they do. No anti politically correct, there's a difference between vulgarity and political correctness or Bulgaria and anti political correctness there is different you just being reactionary about political correctness, doesn't mean you have to be vulgar, I'm about as politically incorrect to fellow ASEAN, american politics, I'm the guy We doubt unshaven Martens birthday when the left is deifying him, travel Martin would be dead, have yet been a man's head into the ground and dynamism shot I'm the same sort of fellow who goes on. National television refuses to bow to politically correct notions that men can magically become woman and the fellow who actually craft videos in which I go. Were the percentage Muslims all around the world to believe in extremism. So I have dedicated huge majority of my life to fighting political correctness seeing the F word is not anti political correctness. Saying that the word isn't anti political correctness. it's good. Maybe it's Babbitt has nothing to do with political correctness. If thou,
the KGB humor who curses regularly curses cars, blue streak, treaties, the seaward, Amy Humor would be somebody who is anti politically correct, she's, not most of the politically correct brought on earth. Everything if shimmered as politically correct, but you curse it so don't mix up. her. So don't mix up the attitude with the philosophy. These are not the same thing. you could have preferences in terms of it. I know rude conservatives and I know genteel conservatives are no rude. Liberals and I know genteel liberals the attitude is not the philosophy. So this is true for David, Brooks Conservatives, and this includes people though, like my friend Michael my bed, who objects you trump on the grounds that he's vulgar subject, injunction chiefly be that he's vulgar. The objection to trunks should be that he's, not conservative, and also that he's vulgar. I don't his brand of vulgarity. I think his brain vulgarity. Actually, isn't I conservative see, for example- When Trump says the key word, like that being used, is generally went says that you should treat women like ass. That action
He is anti conservative, because conservatism is a philosophy that says the women are to be treated with honour and respect. By again mistaking attitude for policy. is something that has happened. It start on the establishment right and then in reaction is now moved over to the grass roots right and that's actually, a problem for conservatism has conservatism actually mean something more specific either saying the f or not seeing the upward. Ok so back to New Hampshire, Jed Bush? representing the sort of genteel David Brooks Perspective, Conservatives, MRS Donald Trump needs therapy. Here's George Bush, he just mentioned Donald Trump. He made some disparaging comments about your mother, diverse, sponsor that he's got. He needs in its therapy, seriously. Tackling a nine year old woman really come on dial raise the level of your game in raise the level of your game it first of all The attacking I don't even know what from said about Barber Bush, but once
you drag somebody out on the campaign trail, my views that their fair game ones. That person is painting for you openly there Our game and sort of the slings and arrows that you should expect would I be set of somebody tat, my mom yeah would I be upset. If somebody tat my wife sure do people do both all the time we spoke in a welcome to politics and trumpet back by saying the judge stiff and again you'll notice that today Between trumpet jammed is not over policy. There's nothing here about policy, this all about attitude, and if the battle of servitors is one about attitude, conservatism losers. Good job saying that Trump needs therapy. He should be more gentle and hears I'm going back. Jabbing jobs stiff break, ask People like the Word Association Games and said your name Chris Christie, said friend, Bush job was one the opposite direction. He's a loser. What you're resigns is eminently I'd like it is. they all say that I said things, and I bet I never said I never call John regain a loser. You know that I don't like you
the guy's, a nice guy. I never called him a loser, the other man, I suppose illegal those- I don't even know who is I never? I don't know who to manage Japanese, let anything done a sterling job pages, still you wouldn't higher stamped visually guided. Having came looking for a job, you say no, thank you and that's. The way it is used is usually understanding talks about eminent domain. He does anyone know the words mean by eminent domain. Family used eminent domain privately on the stadium catches. You just came out this morning. He forgot to tell you he probably didn't know because you'd, probably not that involved with this family packages and even user name. Bush. We understand by George Bush, is his friend hundred million dollars on edge and twenty five million dollars on negative as every time he doesn't negative. Add my phone numbers go up and it is just jumping from first of all. From basically did
how John Mccain a loser I mean. Did he that that's not actually lie. You remember several months ago he let off his camp. by talking about peel double use, any said he prefers people who were captured rises. by John Mccain. Mccain doesn't like Trump release, didn't at the time, In any case, this is the whole point. This attitude right that the judges is I'm genteel, I'm the adult in the roman Trump is non childish and I'm going to punch you and that's what I wanna do and you can hear the media love it right. Let him be see loves. It me a guy in Joe over there there- the cracking up at this, because all that happening is that you got the blue Collar Deal of Donald Trump. warden appeared and then he got the upper crust feel of Job Bush in theirs battling it out over nothing over nothing. Are there not battling it out of a policy differences not battling it out of anything but pride and arrogance, and in the way that that they feel that that people should present themselves to the world? I really don't care about the presentation. I really doubt
significantly more about the policies that are reflected our unopposed from Trump because uses vulgar language I opposed from because Trump is not a conservative His vulgarity extends beyond just as language to thoughts that are and feelings and believes that are not conservative, John. Basic is doing same thing he's he goes out and he's ripping George again notice. Folks notice pattern here in the republican primary. It's all about attitude. Almost none of this has to do with conservative policy, secures in case it getting attitudinal here we go. you'll regret your vote for the US all weapons, Vana. Ninety four law, you no going back in regretting I go! You first saw weapons vat when you're governor. For years you got a record and here's mine. I earned a plus rating from me and our aid borders programme laws have been the model for other states. You work to expand medical. You work with. President Obama did give President Obama by partisan cover on Obama carry around here one governor, expanded Medicaid. Neither did too well. I think that was wrong.
Joining our republican presidential, candidate and Ohio Governor John case it, and there is a reason- they're gone after you governor, that's because, at least in the latest, an energy poles you're in second place here in New Hampshire, which would be a remarkable finnish for you in this state, and so obviously there for you, but today are they. Megan had the Republican behind some circumstances. I'm really disappointed in injure bits I mean he's taken a very low rode to the highest office in the land and spin. It of all along that. It's ok, you know is Arnold Schwarzenegger told me when I was running for governor the first time. Love the beatings We ve been positive. Really this we ve been positive this whole time and Megan. You couldn't believe what happened just about forty five minutes ago we had hundreds of people standing in a snow storm with the clique lights in front of this. This old iconic country store and people are followed up
And our ground game is like nothing that the people have seen and nothing else not only on the bottom line is obscene round rate. I am hopeful, Jed Isn t it. Can you name policy differences. Everything that it does not add about cases there and believe it, in watching the show for chauffeur. While folks, I'm not a bush, then everything jobs in that case it there is exactly correct case. Its responses he's mean right. taking the low road it all that but it isn't about attitude, conservatism, isn't about attitude John case. It is not enough double candidate because he is not right wing job Bush is not an acceptable candidate because he is not right. Wing Donald Trump is not acceptable candidate because he's not right. Wing Marco Rubio is on the borderline of acceptable because he's not right wing on immigration, We forget all about it. Just becomes about the various attitudes of the people who are involved. Maybe that's my politics is now, maybe that just now it is that we elected the nicest guy the one who projects the best persona, but the definition of conservatism, cannot change in order to adjust for the people that we like
I got mad when they do this when the iranian twenty twelve. As Madame with John Mccain, two thousand eight campaign finance reform didn't become conservative, just because jobs he was running met run. Did not make Rami care. Conservative John cases, Conservative, because he is less mean than George Bush and Bush isn't more conservative because you less mean than Donald Trump None of this has anything to do with the philosophy. So like Trump is gonna win By every available metric he's, gonna win and he's gonna win broad and easy I think in the betting markets and eighty seven percent to nine percent lead over the next closest competitor so was taken, Look at your new republican front runner, because Trump going in I've Carolina is leading in the polls there he hears from doing name I These two is doing a Word association game on MSNBC this morning and I- and he goes after Hillary Clinton level, but here again TAT Bush loser Why? What accords farming say that
gotta, Rubio, confused TED crews, our universe, energies that really there's been heaped he's been very dashing, goes on and off nasty nasty, every Clinton. She went to your wedding. She did she did. In a certain way, evil in a certain way, evil. Well, Bill Clinton intelligent. I witnessed child there, I'm I'm! I'm interested in all the words that he added it out. I got a bad girl. I never like this. I can guess at one more Donald Trump, brilliant
Putin said Trump is brilliant and the Republicans wanted me to disavow his statement is a horrible purse. I don't know I sit to disavow that several. Why would I have discovered that say, but now I'm only be. I would say nice person, I'm a nurse Bruce Donald, try, sir them people. I don't know if requested, would agree with that this morning by Donald Tsang, S, eighty million european, whether thank you is making Joe just celebrating Donald Trump. It is amazing, noticed the differences. The action to him commentaries nasty in him coming Oracle enable ready, Costello nasty and the entire policeman. about that's so funny Donald, you such a he's right here. Hillary Clinton evil dead. So And you ve touched the queen, you mustn't, touch the queen, so Here's thing about from he's media savvy. He knows the camera works. It can be an asset for him in the media, loves it gonna meet
he's gonna to up all the way. Through the end of this process, the media loves it. They love it now. If Donald were actually president. Would he know, he's doing I have no evidence of that. Yet yours Donald Trump, talking about how we don't win wars anymore, and then he talked about vomiting for some reason now really understand, but ok To get back to rebuilding our country because you look at our airports are roadways. Our tunnels are just sixty seven percent of marine trouble than we ways you have too much money over the past decade. Fighting wars is at one of the biggest Roger you lot. It's I don't mind fighting, but you get a win and number one, and when the wind was we just five, we ve just fight is like a big girl plummeting just applied. We don't win anything I mean, fight you win and you get back to rebuilding the country we don't win, it said Julia terrible thing? You know our country used to win all the time we don't win at all. Any more ok got down from saying that and then Let's move on the other side, the out so against Donald Trump is
If he were to win the nomination for I don't they, well by the way, I think that this will end up in a broker convention. There too many candidates to many states, not enough delegates. Move on the other side. He also Hillary Clinton is on the other side of the ILO, and Hilary is out all the stops she's going to lose new Hampshire? Today and Hillary Clinton, she says there is a double standard against her she's gonna play victim all the way through the end of this process, she's talking with Rachel Matter: who's just interviewed globally magazine, but having sex with college girls, but here is Rachel now talking with them. Clinton about the double standard faced by females on a national television broadcast with delight in presidential candidate and another one broadcast MSNBC. Both women talk now victimized they are here. We go
status of that, do you expect to release those wishes? You know what I said the other day, I'm getting a little bit where weary of the double standard must release what everybody is ever said. There are people on both sides of working to start saying what you did when you were out of public office when you were in the private sector. What you did fair game really set off, I'm offered all presidential candidate. Everybody release everything. But again I am being asked to do something for which there is no basis just the attempt to cast suspicion. So I said I would look into it. We will look into it, but you know: what's good, for the gander should be good for the groups that so you wouldn't you wouldn't do it unilaterally, but if everybody is gonna do what you would do well that this is my friend I'm really not thinking about it's like it through New Hampshire. To be honest, I wanna get through tomorrow and then you know it's gotta be very boring for people once it is done under whatever circumstances. So there's Hillary Clinton, similarly charm was. You got trump who actually is good on camera, but Hilary is already pulling out all the stops to try
bully women into voting for her so glorious Steinem. Is this feminist icon from the last century? he's the one who said that a woman you demand like a fish needs bicycle a glorious Steinem She was so angry at young women who are support, Bernie Sanders that she drops this unbelievable line over the last forty eight hours ago. This kind of not fair to measure most women by the standard of most men, because they're gonna get more activists as they grow. Older and when you are young, you thinking, you know where the boys, the boys, offers Bernie or or as I said, that this was Ernie Gazettes, where the boy you want me to love and he's right, he's right, but it's amazing, glorious and was made her entire career off of young women empowered make decisions about their bodies in voting, but the minute they vote for somebody she doesn't like then she's Is there a bunch of idiots who only follow their their estrogen to the nurse boy?
ten of an amazing statement from Gloria Steinem. But this is how Hilary actually feels about other women. Hilary doesn't like other women. Glory. Sound, doesn't like other women. They just don't like men. There's a difference. you can hate men and also not be that enamoured of women. Madeleine Albright was also trotted out. We ve got the entire old, irrelevant ladys brigade. We get glorious nine m. got Hillary Clinton. I got Madeleine Albright, who hasn't been relevance and she gave a basketball Kim Jong IL here is here's Madeleine Albright, saying that there a special place in Hell for women, who, both for Hillary Clinton. I mean it. His leg in episode of the crypt keeper visited opens up and out wonders Madeleine Albright. She makes She makes Hillary Clinton look about forty years old here Madeleine Albright, review younger women. Don't think you have to spend and it's not done, and you have to help Hillary Clinton will always be there for you and just remember, there's a
special place in Hell for women who don't help each other ways. These women curing behind a special places health willing to help each other. Oh you mean like rape victims that you help target those kind of woman, when a woman, when your husband, rapes, someone and then you threaten Her- is there a special place in EL for you Elsinore, seemed remember Madeleine Albright, saying that when Sarah Palin was under attack or Michel Bachman or for that matter, all the christian women in the Middle EAST or being murdered in. Or, for example, the family of of the of the people, were build in Benghazi and Hilary was lying them. I remember that is truly made, so what this election is going to turn into, and you wonder why the media are so desperate to have trump and that they want trump. Yet from his great caution- One of the reasons the media want tromp is because they want to turn this into a referendum on they didn't buildings narrative for five years. There have been her. I've been watching you hadn't, pointing it out. They ve been building the worn women narrative ever since twenty twelve pushing this idea that there's a
republican warrant, women, Republicans, hate women and they ve been building its typically, so that this horrible piece of human d three on the left side of I screen here is up The one in the purple looks like an eggplant there's. The chicken Run for president in building this narrative that she This is just show how much women are under back in the United States and she's playing that card over an oversight, Madeleine Albright, so glorious Steinem, even if it means so being young women into oblivion. They want trump because Tromp has said such terrible things about women. From pulls the worst among women of any candidate in the republican field, and it is not close so now That's the real reason they want crops up. That said, ok, let's do some things that I like and some things that I hate. So if you, if things I think that I like ok, so did the Truman shows a very good movie with Jim carry if you haven't seen its an older movie, but it's a lot of fun and you should take a look at it, also kind of,
interesting, philosophical movie about the limited in a society in breaking free of societal constraints. It it's a really visually interesting movie, Andrew Nicole, the who wrote it never had anything good again, but this is a really good movie. Ok, now knows that I like triumph. The insult comic dog went to college campuses, and this is actually very funny so watch this. Somebody like to talk a little bit about gender identify cash share, I would say: generate employment as well. Gender, your soul or identity- ties to no good point about what you did the fires, besides pretentious heavy. What is well at a trigger warning is something that you put before, like a video or an article or something that might be difficult for them to to witness at her. Ok, let me doing trigger warning in this video. There would be the clear
fiction of a dog pretending to be interested in what the college student they say if, at the same time, making plans to pleasure himself to her, I believe it a good idea: It sounded like explain to me what mansplain vacant? Could you please explain mining is when says something that a woman says like explaining it the same way by getting right for I stood up. Somebody Mansplain there's a lot for you mentioned. We have to learn how to address a female students in the proper way of getting up your leg. Just for a second, please understand I know I looked like
but identify has issued and Guard say your name. I am very badly. I apologize if I'm so bad with names. It really help me out if you guys, where some labels. That their future psycho nanny. No. Wednesday Have you any age on the map? A few talking about words that are outdated, for example, poor person outdated? Now, instead of saying the world's poor, you say person who lacks advantages that others have no economic status related
A person's education, occupation and income, it's as simple as that offences. At this point freshman, I think it's actually young. You want to be called first year, students, yes, first year suits and sophomore should be called tried. Being a lesbian, didn't love, pregnancy, scare,. And senior year should be called lesbian for good freshmen orientation. You call it first year orientation and persevering in Kosovo where we're way weight, and you just say first year orientation shouldn't you be saying first.
Here asian then read boys. I think that's a very offensive term threat boys instead frat boys. How about Rapist American having here among all the candidates which socially seventy four year old. You. you like to see a like. He is going to break up the banks. I think we should break up the big bang. Well then, how are you going to access Your parents, money like when you see Donald Trump or Charlie she'll, get made fun it's funny, but I mean it's not it's not politically. Here's what the politically correct the roasting I'm going to do the best I ok
mom so plus size that her blood type is right. You know that the insurance industry did not sufficiently protect her brow. privacy rights see police had their way. It could mess up one of our most beloved pastimes talking who's, your daddy, not acceptable right, but. you're, not gender, specific male, afar dirty little hole, makes you uncomfortable. Ok, let me try this your and unwashed diminutive them of job alternative deprivation, wised job internal, Deborah,
It shows how ridiculous this whole thing is in an amazing is when you watch the faces of the students. Even students know how ridiculous this is, except for one Who is wildly offended by everything that is being said to remember earlier? I said that being vulgar, isn't necessarily being liberal railway. I that you know they ve Brooks is wrong, can be both vulgar and conservative. Several clarity in this video, but it's funny because the whole point is that all of the stuff, the left is saying, is stupid. Garbage and it is on campus. All the stuff left is saying is stupid, garbage which bring two things I hate stuff. The left his saying on cap is that stupid garbage so going to a university of North Carolina in their unmarked. Thirtieth. Liberal groups are already planning to counter my ignorance, which really interesting since there are no anything so ones brought some ignorant white people who go to my school have book. This ignorant white man is be me, said like minded audience comprised of ignorant white people, can reaffirm their ignorant believes.
The person should investigate this. Orison see repeats Lord ignorant too many times, so their ignorant, the kitten they actually that there's a take back the night club, which is this this supposedly anti rape group I'm the most anti irate person that you will ever find it. I think that rape is should be shot or castrated, but to take back to night clubs, very upset. Why? Because quote, intersection AL. You leads to a uniquely marginalized experience for women of color within our patriarchal society. That is what we like to call fought, vomit right there, that is apple. What is that even mean I'll call immigrants? I don't know what that means. It sounds like garbage to make he the has a history of speaking against women's rights. Really like, which ones elected. I tell my. Wife was about to go into medical residency which right My deprive her of just want a sandwich. Every so often is not so much to ask but Lou I have a history of speaking: gets women's rights, Algae BT, Q right? Ok, if you think that you have a right to force me to cater your wedding yeah, because Europe deprive me of right
and racial justice. Racial justice means that, if you're a person who commits a crime in your black, then you shouldn't jail, because that would be racially unjust. It might be. But really racially unjust is still up against people who make the world an uncomfortable unwelcoming place for women, non binary and non sis. Folks, Sis gender means me I'm a man who identifies as man and wife. Ninety nine percent of the rest of humanity, because I'm not a moron or so it was mentally ill. Those are the two options. If you don't, I just identifies the gender into which you were born. That's because you're, either stupid or mentally there are. There is no other option. Ok, there's nothin. Option where you are where you where you are perfectly healthy, but you don't identifies the gender into which you were born. It doesn't work that way and people of color and by the way I feel terrible for the people are mentally ill. I don't feel bad for the people who confused themselves purposefully because they want to get on the victim ology list a universe. the North Carolina see their guide our itself battle.
That'll be fine, so that that's something that I hate a couple of quick other things that I hate Or is exploiting the kiddies again every other day like there's, there's an age range where Hilary really doesn't know what to do with children before them. You kill him, and once they're eighteen, then you pressure them into voting for women by calling them non feminist But between the ages of birth in eighteen, you have no idea what to do with them. To trot out adds like this one. I can't vote yet. I can't vote yet. I can't vote yet, but your phone into my t shirt for my future and my future looks like ITALY, Christmas Well, I will not listen to you small trial, because you are not important to my life. Thank you.
Yes, you can't thank you for that. Content laden explanation of. Why should hand the country over to an old bat socialist who's going to bankrupt, before you're, even old enough to get a job. Thank you for that small child whose parents force you into this, so that eventually could get a bit. Parliament gum. Really appreciate it. the things that I hate, here's another Hilary at she's, bringing out the worst that there's another Henriette see if you can spot the problem with this particular Hillary Clinton out here. We go I still remember the day you were born, you came Ten days we looked like you'd been the bathtub for too long you were all wrinkled, and I too member holding you in my arms
You give anything. We were going to love you family and take care of you PETE, you all the wonderful things and show you. What is amazing brought it up is the first time I thought I think, about the kind of America believe it. I believe in America, where we can disagree, the cow descending into vulgarity. I believe in an american which immigrants are welcome because they contribute to our country. Just like my parents did. Thank you
Thank you. I will even in America that makes environmentally responsible decision so that one day you in your kids can still enjoy playing its now as much as you do. My mother taught me that everybody needs a chance and ashamed. I wish my mother would have been with us longer. I wish she could apply Charlotte. I wish she could have seen the American we're going to build together. I believe in America, where you have the opportunity to wonderful education, because this conflict can afford. I believe in an American that puts that's as a priority America, where we don't leave anyone out anyone uranium leave backlash and we're lives are diminished in any way, but we have an obligation to make those America where your power, you read, I believe that people have to make a living wage ass. I believe it is a miracle whereby ok stop right there. You may have noticed that deserve this entire stupid commercial is based round babies.
and as they show a baby, they say I dream of an America where you can kill your baby. right. This is stupid thing, and this is it. This is the real home democratic agenda. It is needed, They should all really really cute kids and they tell you that three months before this, you gotta tell them it is kind of gross? Today they literally shall baby ons great. At the same time, they say that your body belongs to you, in other words, this kid to get rid of the sucker. it, is not a convenient trial for you out this kid got so by the way it did such slogan hearing and an I mentioned before. You know the attitudinal differences between ten of the Elite David Brooks. In the end, the vulgar Donald Trump types in her Hilary do the same thing. Donald Trump is vulgar, therefore, he's not. He's not worthy of us yeah. What that makes difference to me. It turns out that most of the dictators in history had highfalutin tastes. Most of them actually enjoyed it. A glass of wine in the evenings. I didn't mean that they were better people. Locate final, think final thing: I promise ok, so
Bernie Sanders their trotting out a new song, a new Bernie Sanders song in there haven't people sing. It ends I think we have exclusive clip of them actually singing the Bernie Sanders Songless. If we can dig that up here, I think that is the crowd. Sweating Africa, traffic. These really stop and last roms Lol, the two guys, Stop Robbie, we
Oh, oh wait now! Sorry, just sorry about that! No it's! Actually! I think we have the actual video traders the wrong video guys. I mixed one national socialist with another national socialist, I'm sorry about that. Here is the actual Bernie. there's rally and here's what they feel the burn song sounds like different them. Several a song, but no one knows really wise. Here we go.
Once you don't want to talk, only want much almost just like any other fishermen whose rocky mountain is gonna go pointed wars. Do you know what I'm getting a little scared? That's the deal
the burn song from the from the Bernie Sanders from the Bernie Sanders Rally. In american politics, where our attitude. Is the only thing that matters were attitude, whether its leaders store, whether its ground through to whether its vulgar, whether a type Luton, where that's the only thing that matters were ideology has nothing to do with anything is in is politics that is bereft of any possibility of really helping people a really allowing people, the freedoms that we are guaranteed under the constitution. It's easy to get caught up in all the media coverage of the Trump bombastic stuff for the job weakness, and that is funny headline from from the onion today Jetblue's his new Hampshire falls victim to a terabyte. but it is easy to fall into the whole meat a game of following persona of all the various candidates. But the fact is that if you, if you can't get past the persona, if you can't get past the hippy Dippy Bernie Sand, his verses, the the gravity tight white Nicolet Hillary Clinton campaign, I began to get to work,
these people believe in what are they going to do, and we really don't have a lot of hope for the future of the country if we can get beyond the objects and we can get to the substance and that's your job in it's my job then may. we just maybe we can get to a point where we happens to the country is more important than how we treat the candidates. Well, it happens. I am Shapiro. This is the bench of erosion.
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