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Hillary gets desperate, the mailbag, and the worst Things I Hate segment in history.
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Here we are it's Thursday. It has been a really long weak. It can be a longer weak for me, after watching other stupid republican debate Saturday night, but that's why they pay me the better than mediocre dollars. So much to talk about plus a very special episode there is but little love this one very special episode of things that I hate and letters from the voluntary Shapiro show mail bag. I am then shapiro- and this is the bench of Hiroshima, Tennysons humanised people care about your feelings. Yes, indeed you well. Yes, today, we discussed Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump at length and today we're going to discuss person whose most likely to win the democratic nomination. This, of course, would be Hillary Clinton Laura Clinton lost badly in New Hampshire, and now she's sort of flailing about she's looking for endorsement from the black community, no Now she has calls into President Obama at the White House begging him to endorse or for president of the United states, because the minute Obama does that the black community is
shrined in her in her in her silo a vote. Well, Hillary Clinton, Gay, For victory speech s wrath, I was actually pretty telling victory speech because not yet you have to understand american politics has always been broken down racially and in terms of class, but there too there was a linked in American Lifeward seem like, maybe for a moment we had gone beyond. It was the Reagan Europe. During the rig and even the current nearer to a certain extent, it seemed like we moved beyond some of the old chains that were holding us back: the change racial division that in class division. Instead, it turned into ok what what is good economic policy look like what is what is good? What is good social policy look and that's how he ended up with compromises like welfare reform and that's why you ended up with republican victory a nice ninety four and that's why you ended up with twenty years of uninterrupted growth. It's because of that we put aside the racial divisions in the class division and then George W Bush was not competent and then he was followed.
Highly competent, highly divisive politician who we brought into office, hoping that he would unit. I asked along lines of race and instead decided to polar ISIS along lines, long lines of class, all the back to two thousand eight, our back to two thousand this it how far the paradigm shift it I'll, be back in two thousand and remember in the very last days of the campaign. There's a guy named Joe. The plumber and Obama walked up to Joe the plumbers in Ohio and Joe Wurzel Bachar, and he walked up to him and he stopped talking Yemen in Joe Wurzel Bachar said to him you stand why you want to take. I run a business. Why do you wanna take my money enough to somebody else? How is that? Ok about us it well. If you just take, take somewhat and just splendid round, everyone go below, but Rob spread rumble of spreading around spreading and everybody and everybody thought? Well, that's not a great cloud and John Mccain. In these days, in my friends he's a socialist and Bravo other! How dare you call me a socialist I'm not
which was up. That's not nice, out area as good. Well now, you ve got Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, both of whom are basically open. Socialist Europe, in two thousand us eight Ape Obama bomb, a Jeremiah right. The news of Jeremiah right came forward that Brok Obama had attended a church for twenty years Mary by a man who said: God, Damn America and he said America KKK K a remedy, that's what he said, and the meat went into full defence mode, four about and Obama than beautiful speech Talking about how we needed to get past are bad history, and there were still hallmarks of it that we had to raise where are we going to move forward into the future arm in arm just like an case vision and now, eight years later, beyond say the Superbowl King ARM in arm with her black backup dancers wearing black Panther outfit It's the only reason: the race matters is there: the Renault White Backup dancers, routine of black backup dancers, all black Panther outfits, doing a Malcolm x formation, and that's
the New America, so we ve been divided more than we have been in my lifetime along lines of of race. Then when it came to class him sorted, President Obama has decided that he's going to promote the idea that Income inequality is the end of the world, as we discussed many times on the programme. Come in equality means nothing. It sort of depends on what the low income is known, worries about the difference between my income and Billy Aids is income because I'm doing pretty well for myself, people are worried about the difference between my income and the school. Teachers income, but they really should be worried about. Is that school teacher making enough money right out more sense than worry that we're not what I'm not taken my money from the school teacher? In fact, I'm paying schoolteacher several times over and make it isn't even in school, so oh, come on his divided us along lines, racing class, Hillary Clinton, real. I saw the Bernie Sanders has stolen the class warfare line. Bernie Sanders has taken it and he has his monopolized. All class warfare now resides in the Bernie Sanders campaign. And Hilary was hoping to do a gender war. She was held
Did your women versus men campaign? That's why she trotted out manawyddan all right to say that any woman who doesn't vote for the lady with the old lady with the vagina any person, doesn't vote for that old lady is going to hell any woman who, because vagina solidarity And- and I guess that's black power salute, but I'm not gonna make one up from China solidarity ends and said that they say the into Yo Cheesy trotting out Madeleine Albright, to say that you trots our glorious Steinem, the the old crone feminists to celebre, their own abortion and set a woman needs. A man like a fish needs a bicycle. What which by the way is one of the stupid or quote in human history. A fish in a fish reproduced with a bicycle. A fish would need a bicycle: it turns out that woman reproduces with the man and men have other uses besides that is well. Fish does need to buy whatever idiot, but she, but you went on National Television Filmore and said young women are too stupid to vote because their voting for what the boys want, which sort of undercuts right
that women don't need. Man, because the girls are trying to vote for Bernie Sanders to get those those Bernie brows, Masculine Super test. Ass, Dorani, Bernie brows. You hang around with their man bonds and there and their Birchen stocks so she tried to gender war and its failing. She lost by eleven point among women in New Hampshire. She lost among women in Iowa, as well, no one cares that Hillary Clinton has an old vagina. No one cares So now, what is she relegated to now? She is relegated solely in completely to the race issue, which is on. Cause she's no white Lady right Laurie Clinton, looks more like Barack Obama's normal. White person grandmother than Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton has no credibility to speak on racial issues. Hillary Clinton is the is the person who was attacking Barack Obama for most of his campaign Pillar Oakland, husband is the one who's Inga had Kennedy about Barack Obama a few years ago, a few years ago. Nobody would have served us gothic and theirs.
Hilary has no credibility on this and she starting to feel the heats up in the aftermath of what happened in New Hampshire. She gave her speech and you can Basically, her entire speeches heard just sitting there. Shouting it you just screaming in the shrillest fashion. I love black people vote for me, black people, please my entire life. My vision, conceived just for this moment, but I can't do it without your black people. Just do it. Come on. Well, you know those would Hilary did yesterday in Jerusalem. Look like my bike, like, as I dont know what we have done, and I would ask why
bad, and I am very grateful to all of you. I wanna be gradual manner, standards on his victory denied and I want to thank each and every one of you and I want to say I still love New Hampshire and I and there's bill in the back room. Looking like Dick Vandyke. These days, injustice standing, their attendant tottering around and replaying, as we always said, the Lisbon pornography in his mind, but that this is not the part that is really relevant. Percival here, she's Scotty, celebratory crowds, these people who just love Hillary Clinton. None of these people care about Heller Clinton. None of these people love Hillary Clinton. They just want to be part of the movement
the movement, the Bell Movement- and so here is Hillary Clinton. Continuing with her please vote for me, black people campaign. Here we go. It isn't right that the kids I met in Flint on Sunday were poisoned because their governor wanted to save money. It is it right or a grandmother here in New Hampshire or anywhere else gap to choose between paying rent and buying medicines, because a prescription, drug company increase the price for a thousand percent overnight, and it isn't right that a cashier that I met here in New Hampshire son is paying less and her son for doing the same work, even though she's been on the job for more years. Ok, so there's Hillary Clinton and in ties together, the worn women and the class war fair, but most of all, she starts with Flint Michigan, so we haven't covered Flint Michigan too much on programme. Basically,
went. Michigan is a city. It's been a garbage. He prolong time ever since the the mean that this is why Roger and me, which is Michael Moors First Film, there really put him on the map was about Flint Michigan and the fact that the Ford Motor Company had abandoned flint, missionaries, General Motors General Motors. Abandoned fled Michigan because they didn't want pay union wages. Now, Flint Michigan was basically a garbage dump, while in Flint Michigan the local Government decided they no longer, they no longer wanted to get their water from a from the from their their usual place instead They wanted to get from a different place in the different place, had all sorts of contaminants and lead, and also to garbage unit and now. Hillary Clinton saying that the republican governor of Michigan Rick's nighter, he's responsible for all of this now there's only one point with this, which is that he wasn't governor when the started and is also the problem, which is that he had no control of what the local authority sought to do. National view has a good editorial on this is a flint has relatively high levels of lead in its drinking water, a cause,
the legitimate concern. This is a result, not so much of the source of its drinking water, the Flint River. As of the city's failure to treat the water which, without the proper additives just lead and other contaminants from pipes prior to and separate from the current water crisis, flip, was in a state of financial ruination. In one of the Liberal cities in the United States flinched Democrat, dominated, When did what democrat monopoly governments do its bit money as quickly as it could, while at the same time carpet bombing the tax base with inept municipal services, onerous regulations, high taxes and the like? As a result, the banker flint entered into a state of receivership, meaning an emergency manager was appointed by state authorities and was given the power to supersede local officials. The contamination, happen well fill. It was under the authority of an emergency manager who was a Democrat appointed by the republican governor, Rick Snyder. He was in fact the long line most recent in a long line of emergency manager, so people horses,
Our saying that its nighters fault, because he appointed the manager as opposed to being the Democrat managers fault but before they appointed dynamics, manager, flints elected mayor and City Council. All Democrats, all zero Republicans had to say did to sever the city's relationship with its drinking water supplier, which at the time was the Detroit Water Authority, wanted to join a regional water authority that would pipe water in from Lake Huron now suppose take three years to come online Detroit then move to terminate the water supply immediately, so they had no one so they decided to rely temporarily on the flat river, the Democrats in the city. Governments and irresponsibility of for this so does Darnel easily who's. The democratic serves as the emergency manager. So this is all part of a long term plan, but it was not part of the long term plan. So democratic governance of a democratic city destroyed the finance A democratic emergency manager signed off on a consensus plan to use a temporary water source. Immunity What are in the democratic city responsible for treating mind, you're drinking water failed to do their job.
The, whose employees work under the SBA you fail to do its job, overseeing local authorities and bright. Obama's EPA, said nothing. It's Republicans fault, because their black people- that's Hillary Clinton scale. This has nothing to do with reality. Naturally, it has to do with Hillary Clinton's a black people. I'm an old white lady. Please give me what I've been owed for so many years, routine And she continues along these lines, everything that she says, everything that she says is about race all, except if it's about her personally, so Hillary Clinton now has two things one she is, and to let people vote for me please. So here is the part where talks about how she's a victim she says that people have a right to be angry, mostly she, mostly mostly, she has a right to be angry. Here we go now. People people have every right to be angry, but there also hungry.
Their hungry for solutions, what are we going to do, and that is that, as the fires were taking to the country, what is the best way to change people's lives, so we can all grow together. Who is that asked change maker and hair, but I promise you can break out. Nobody thinks she's kind dramas. I will work harder than anyone to actually make the changes that make your lives better. In this campaign, you ve heard a lot about Washington and about Wall Street now Centre Sanders, and I both wanna get secret unaccountable.
Money out of politics and lets them zones United, one of the worst Supreme Court decisions in our country's history was actually a case about a right wing attack on me. And my camp okay. So in other words the reason I want. The reason she wants campaign finance reform is just people were media. Hillary Clinton, by the way when here The Clinton says I want to get dark, unaccountable money, our politics. What. Plenty in foundation, money from every foreign government, Hillary Clinton in the glint industry, First Clinton administration donations it from China into your campaign coffers, your husband, declassified glass by nuclear material, material, Hillary Clinton, getting seven hundred thousand dollars from Goldman Sachs. Do speeches that its reports today. The speeches were basically the ode to Goldman Sachs,
which is why she doesn't want to release them. She wants unaccountable met, but she's the change maker again now Bernie Sanders she will bring the change in its so much about her. It's amazing how much ego drives politics? It's really. It truly is an incredible thing for Heller Clinton. She likes to the difficulties he has in Britain is bridging this gap. Bernie Sanders. His ego is invested in socialist change. Hillary Clinton She says she Mortal Donald Trump. Her ego is more invested in Hillary. Clinton must be president, that's really what she's about all she really cares about. Which brings us to the second point of her speech, which is Please let me publicity is so. Let's move onto a thing to put five Hilary click. Five is where she talked about the black people, the poor black people and how she really, please just do it. Ok, we also have to break through the barriers of bigotry african American Pair,
It shouldn't have to worry that their children will be harassed, humiliated even shot because of the power of theirs and imposing waiting for us. But she goes on about immigrants and algae BT, families and love above a lot. But that's the part that matters right. Black people shouldn't have to worry. Kids will be harassed, humiliated and shot because of the color of their skin. That's it. The police are doing you know, the police are going around in the black immunity and harassing shooting people just because their black that's what they do is what the police do. And you have thirty million black people in america- thirty million of them since black JANET it is going really really poorly on the ban on the part of the police, but- by the way there actually is it. You want to know about black, it's being shot for the color of their skin, truly it because black gangs actually profile other black gangs. Most people who are killed in the inner cities are being killed because there are gang members and young thugs or killing other people who they think innocence get caught in the crossfire,
some of your black person, whose wearing a certain color across a certain line on a certain day, then must be a member of an opposite gain, actually racially profile. Black gangs. Do this read the book ghetto side by Jane, leaving our times report a very leftist cirrhosis. It rots entire book about what it's like any Ella gang areas and why the murder rate is so high in parts of LOS Angeles, ethnic minority parts, LOS Angeles, should give a damn about black people. This is that this is the part so insulting the Democrats. Don't care about black people, the Democratic Party, be willing to destroy Flint Michigan perfectly willing to feed those kids led a perfectly willing to have them. Live in ramshackle huts and be shot by each other. Their problem he willingly gang members run roughshod over innocent people just along. It gets them elected because peace he's, lad people vote for me, and then she does it again. She does it again, but Sex Hillary Clinton once again for the fourth or fifth time. In this way,
please black people, I need your help, but when children anywhere in our country go to bed hungry or are denied at quality education or who face abuse or abandonment Baptist ministers, all of us that's where did start my career that shoulders defence fund. That's why, when under cover in Alabama to expose racism in schools, that's why I worked hard criminal justice how Carolina, and that is why I went to plant Michigan on Sunday when people I've been hoping you black people, been hoping you, your entire life, and you don't know it. You didn't feel it you didn't notice me is there a Hillary Clinton. During doing this rigid an end. She continued to say this over and over and over and over again, because again, Hilary is losing among young people she's losing among women. She is losing among men, she's losing among white people she's losing among people of every demographic, except for rich old White ladys and black people and
has been that's it. That's that's her entire base right now, so she knows that the Bernie Sanders his has basically seize the initiative on the class. Thanks issues decided seize the initiative on the right thing and that fit in with brow Obama's programme too, because Obama is more of a race warrior than his class warrior. Obama. Is, is somebody who, if you were forced to choose between Eric holders, vision of racially divided America and Bernie Sanders his vision of a class divided America, Barack Obama aiming talks about syndromes. My father was a man with deep racial and carries. He would feel the necessity to to get behind the Eric holds a rationally divided America narrative.
Rather than the Bernie Sanders class divide narrative. All of this by the way does nothing nothing at all. For for black people in the United States, Jason Riley, whose a terrific columnist for the Wall Street Journal. He has a a column today about what he calls an alternative black history mud any points out. So the irony is that black history in the first half of the twentieth century is a history of tremendous progress, despite overwhelming odds during a period of legal discrimination and violent hostility to their advancement, blacks managed to make unprecedented games that have never been repeated. Black poverty fell from forty seven to forty seven percent from eighty seven percent between one thousand nine hundred and forty and 1960s was sliced in half before the implementation of great society. Programs that receive so much credit for poverty reduction, the percentage of black white Alan Walker's quadrupled between one thousand nine hundred and forty and one thousand nine hundred and seventy before the implementation of affirmative action policies that supposedly produced today's black middle class
in York City, the earnings of black workers tripled between one thousand nine hundred and forty and one thousand nine hundred and fifty over the next decade. The city saw a fifty five percent increase in black lawyers, a fifty six percent increase in black doctors and one hundred and twenty five per cent increase in the number of black teachers. Jason Riley says you don't hear much about this black history during black history month, because it undercuts the dominant narrative push by the political left that's it uncritically by the media? Al sharpen the interplay cp? They have no use for empirical evidence of significant black socio gains during Jim Crow. Europe, because they spent decades insisting that blacks cannot advance until racism has been eliminated. If races,
It is no longer a significant barrier to black upward mobility and doesn't explain today's racial disparities. Blacks may have no use for sharpen or the ends of lay cp and rightly points out the black families more stable from between slavery and world war. Two then it was after the implementation of these great society programmes. Black nuclear families used to be the norm. Democratic destroyed, destroyed large swathes of the black population, their lifestyles and their ability to live. Happy wealthy lives in the United States and Hilary egging them. Please, please get behind me and give me more of this network is not really a choice between Hilary and Sanders. As far as this Andrews feels the same. What he too is on the racially divisive bandwagon he's a socialist So you think that the international firms, black Panther, the Answer- songs, that's that, but in the end they believe in the same sort of racially polarized america- and none of this is good for black people, and none of it is good for the United States. Ok, Sir
Meanwhile, meanwhile, the daily show is beginning to to catch on to the fact that Hilary is is terrible, even they have picked, on the fact that Hilary, when she's, not linger race car displaying the sex cards here, is the daily show going after Hillary Clinton for for talking so much about her. But who here we go but Jessica, you get Susan, surrounds notion that woman should vote with their vagina. Shut up. What else am I going to go with? I literally thought with my vagina: that's right. These things aren't just made for popping out babies. They like their hands, and I know that dude can pee standing up a big deal.
That can pull a lever with this bad there, ok or air. I get my head and I get your noise that your that people can dragging gender into the shap. Thank you for catching Trevor. Yeah sexism is annoying, but it's the women's shame each other, that's the most upsetting. It is so diminishing for women to accuse other women of supporting Hilary only because she's, a woman- I don't just worship Bianca, because we're both black. I worship you because we're both supervisor probably get both our guys, ensure Ok, so so you agree with the Hilary support now. I know both sides are being straight up booty right now, because its diminishing also for women to tell other women that their obligated to both for Hilary, because you know we all have a giant as we as women.
Remember that we all want one thing and its Michelle Obama, arms, but also seriously. We want the freedom to vote for who we want to, regardless of what our husbands or wives or friends say about it. Do you know what, while a matter for from here, no tax on airports about that? Looking, so in the end, she don't want both for her with her. Because you ve been there if you can evolve based on the tax on down bonds area, but they, but the point is that even even some calories erstwhile, supporting a black woman is. Did she doesn't like how Hilary is playing the gender card? I wish that some some members of the black community would stand up in the left black community and say stop playing the race card. Maybe we can get along without all of that we are building dropped. I think the most honest thing that he'd ever said the other day Bill Clinton was was talking about how he
you'll be the Hilary is constantly being attacked in hers were built, one had to say about: it is a large and get the more. I wish. I were just a former president just for a few months, not to spoil supernatural. You know, I think everyone can I my job as Andrews Hilary. Sometimes when I'm on it, like this. I wish we were Didn't I could say what really, It's true. Sometimes he wishes that the whole purpose, like ninety nine percent of new issues, at any rate like they're, not so that's always very convenient for him, so Bill Clinton spilling the beans a little bit. Ok, so time, a thing that I like thing that I hated and mail bag aren't so a thing that I like art if you ve, never seen, you might make my dad and my mom, my wife, my sisters and I wanted, together we like to do can of lists of favorite types of movies and one of the text
They're always comes up. Is adventure movies, action, adventure movies, one of the action and adventure movies that it's always the usual less right die hard is on their dark night is on their there's a movie from the night. The authorities that nobody now has seen, but it's a classic and it's really it holds up. It's a great movie, the original adventures, Robin Hood with Libya to have learned and Arrow Flynn, as in full color. It great movie, have any guys unit. Is it yet great movie to really really good movie basal Rathbone it to stay? Basal rap on placing the sheriff of Nottingham and Basal Rathbone, who also play Sherlock Holmes and a lot of other movies. He was actually an almost professional sportsmen. He actually took fencing lessons and Earl Flynn barely knew how to sword. Violet really didn't know how to sort fight, and so firstly, it really really pissed Basal Rathbone off and he had a loose to narrow Flynn in the sword, fights and so like during the brakes. He would basically to humiliate Aeroflot hidden Well sword fighting with him. So another its an adventure movie, but it's it's it's a parody of Ivanhoe, which is also good action. Adventure.
Ivanhoe and the adventures of Robin Hood. Jenny came in a movie called the court jester, which is a really really funny. Clever movie. It's clean. You can watch it with the kids, it's terrific! She gotten rent it. It's it's! It's really funny my my sisters and I still do bets from the court jester it's it's all Honey and witty its is really it's terrific. It's it's even better than Amy tumors penis jobs, so ok, there is a thing that I like now it's time for a couple of things that I hate. So if you want calling after the Super Bowl CAM Newton with the quarterback for the Carolina, Panthers CAM Newton. He he did not play well. He was not good if he was eighteen, four hundred and forty one. And he believed he got lazy to the end of the game. There was at there's a fumble and some people were accusing him of not going after the fumble. It was clear to me that he didn't care at that point. Just kind of stood around giving up on the game right after the game. He was supposed to interview supposed to interview
five minutes is the limit, and so can do is sitting there interviewing in here's what Canada here's what happened altering. We await your disappointed, not Jeffrey above her team. I thought your bad abroad is coming out of the hole. So you get. Seventy means made forty one seconds in the interview with the five minutes he walks Where's my eyes, you out there with the hoodie over his head, like a hide from the world quarterback of the team that just lost. Apparently he was upset because the guy behind hymns gonna Josh Norman he he apparently were having Shush Norman right. Somebody did that guy behind him was talking about, in which some quarrel cornerback was not a keep deleted from the
from the Broncos was talking about how the game plan was shut, down, the running game, enforce cabinet and throw because the idea is that he's not great with his arm, but he's terrific with his feet cabinet and gets up any walks out he's being defended today for the sort of rude behaviour by a whole contingent of fans, and it's really irritating ESPN. As I said before, it drives me up a wall, the ESPN has become obvious Vienna's. I love sports enjoy watching sports. European is one of the few cable channels that I actually use whenever I'm working out, TVS on European and yes, paean has become MSNBC, with football since become at Us Embassy with footballs, so young yesterday they were. There are people who are critical of CAM Newton Camden came out, he said: well you, if you show me a poor, loser up up up a loser, a good loser, I'll show you loser witches. You show me a jerk and I'll show you jerk unlucky, he's jerk, so that's did but play. Tom Brady one nineteen by oh, I always superbowl a couple years ago- lost in this
people on a game that they should have one. He stood there and he took the question because the class act, which is part of the job but CAM Newton, is being defended by people and you watch this conversational turn into CAM Newton is being racially persecuted because it had been white guy. We just what I said. Ok, even though going all the way back to TED Williams, when TED Williams was brusque with reporters, people thought that he was complete. Jerk speaking of abuse planned by the way there is a regionally on yesterday was on tv, and he said that the answer is act at the half time. Her half time act at the Superbowl was racially charged and terrible, which I have said and which is true and Michael Wilburn and Tony corn iser, who do show called pardon the interruption which is less than jabbering at each other, and it comes right after around the horn bunch sportswriter jabbered each other. I need to talk about same topic. Both of them agreed that the real problem here is ready, Giuliani, microbes on Saturday, said Briefly Giuliani had been racially polarizing. He knew what he was doing. He knew he was being racially polarizing. So let me get this straight.
The lady who goes out on national tv does a tribute to Malcolm Ass, one of the great so, bags in human history and the end and then proceed to do a tribute to the black Panthers, that, ladies, not polarizing, but if your comment on your polarizing and by the if you don't believe the mathematical truly a scumbag, read his autobiography up to the point where he converts to actual Islam. The part everybody always leaves out. There's the party, firstly, Islam and then is murdered apparently by the name. Of Islam in United States before that. He saw him about white devils. He's talking about why people can't even engaged in the civil rights struggle he's talking about white people are responsible for everything. That is bad. That has happened. The black people in the country of her for every individual ill that that black suffer. He socket about black nationalism, Malcolm X, during period where people actually worship him was a bad guy, and I pay tribute to him on the few minutes. That's amazing, yes, pm defended beyond safer for doing that
he would criticize. It is the real problem. Ok time, for the last thing that I hate this one is a special just for just for you Lindsey. We ve done this one as one as it is very special. Ok, so vice dot com, which is truly a bizarre lefty, crazy lot website. They have a piece called, but by a woman I guess named syrian Kale called bloody, brilliant, the artist turning period stains into statement jewellery. I s! So can we get a picture of a picture one here? So here is what they say: twenty two year old Lily Murphy, Johnson Crete, be jeweled, Mattie, Pat and menstrual cycle, to celebrate your monthly bleed so on the charm. Bracelet got a bottle of firm, fresh tampon in a wrapper attempt on sanitary tell and that's about it of Tampax right there. She showing her collection, Period, inspire jewellery. I just twenty two years all mean boy. What a triumph of the human mind she is.
She's already making a name for herself in the jewellery world is currently working under a now luxuries ruler, Sean Lane, despite only graduating from the university of the arts. None in the summer me what I want. Just a revelation choose to the arts community that she's making jewellery based on the fact that women bleed during their menstrual cycle. What did the light? She s awful and any seriously lay em. What no one feels the need to make poop jeweller This is just like things that come out of your body. If it ain't a baby. No one wants to hear about it like that as a general rule, if it ain't a baby known once you're right bodily fluids, nobody wants to celebrate or bodily fluids above men and women, we wanna bugger jewellery, none of Iraq's jewellery and we shouldn't period jewellery. I love that they're turning this into she's a genius it just twenty two years old. What a prodigy I graduated from Harvard LAW School with to publish bolted aged twenty three: ok, calm down, calm down
Is it Murphy? Johnson's collection uses the imagery of periods to explore the idea by the way, when every Renard miss explore the idea the ideas can be uttered. An absolute crap is the worst idea you ever heard similarly explored this idea together. Good ideas, don't exploration they need exposition bad ideas need exploration, so they're going to explore the idea of female bodily shame and a bunk. Taboo around menstruation. The taboo around menstruation I mean I didn't realize. Does the table affect women? I mean like like not in third world countries like here. Is there a tab like I've, been to the grocery store and picked up sanitary pads for my wife. It is not the end of the world. The taboo around menstruation, you mean the taboo that doesn't exist. Are women trying to back. The menstrual cycle is because they are so afraid of the taboo I mean I'm use. I miss this
what this means, in literal terms, is spotless white pansies handed with glistening, red crystals and sanitary towel silver rings overlaid with Ruby red studs. Yes, nothing attracts a man. Quite like a woman whose weren't underwear with be jeweled period stains. So these are the same people by the way who will celebrate abortion in periods Danes but think that killing a baby is something worthwhile is Jim. What what the white for folks and how their enriching the world, what what a grand world there making for all of us. I know that my daughter is, can be so much more confident and wonderful, because people by underwear with jewels near their crotch that look like blood excellent, All right, so I hope that you enjoy that now. It's now it's time for a couple of letters from the vaunted than Shapiro show Mailbag about this one I'm from Matt Letter Number one. Last night I went against my better judgment, decided to debate a leftist on. Why privilege don't do this? This is a waste of
I use your argument against it, because it's not only what I believe, but it's true, but leftist posted a link. An article written by Peggy Mackintosh, describing fifty ways white privilege exists, I'm asking you: what is a quick and easy way to prove she's wrong other than saying it's racist cuz? I don't have time to debunk all fifty. What was it actually attacked? The left, typically, which is instead of just arguing point by point with you. They just hit you with the book right easy? What is show me examples? Why privilege they can't instead, the just give you like the encyclopedia pretend they got somewhere in their it's, not your job to debunk olive is again assess. The purpose of the conversation If it's making you better at arguing, do it it's going to make a more informed. Do it the only way to debunk the white privilege thing is to just say yes to Matthew, have no prove that there is systematic systemic white privilege in the United States. In fact, The only laws that are currently on the books discriminate. On the basis of race do so in favour of ethnic minorities? Now, if you want name an individual racist outside with you, but you have to show me a system that is
Inherently racist in fact we system that I actually think is inherently rate is really the only system that I actually think is inherently racist is is the NFL and that's because the NFL will draft people directly out of high school. The NBA has the same rule. They force kids to go to college for a couple of years. The the M l B doesn't have this, because, presumably is that, based on color that the M l B will draft people out of high school, they figure you're smart enough to make a decision for yourself, but the NBA thinks that all of these kids were drafting or too stupid to make a call, and instead to have to go to Duke for two years to get a degree in physics and that that seems to be problematic, but, aside from at a difficult time, finding systemic racism all the time A red lining is not true. Statistics show it all the talk about the government discriminating its black folks, not true. All the idea about the justice system discriminating against black felt that is not true, in fact, is that there are more black people in prison, because disproportionately black people commit crimes that has nothing to do with biology. It has everything to do with cultures.
Certainly, I can have that whole conversation or you can just save your time and watch adventures Robin Hood. Ok, Levi Rights Ben. May enjoy debating liberals and often use the tactics I scenes WWW Youtube videos at the height of the Ferguson Riot, I came out in support of police and was fired my job from my job at Nike. Since for saying. The only reason it made the news is because a white officer till the black man- how am I supposed to flex my first men rights when it could cost me my current or next job Ok Levi, you need to email me, the exact post. You need to email the letter from your employer firing you because of it, and then we're going to blow up Nike. This is how we make sure the free speech still rule. You got me all that information, I will be happy to run a story that how Nike discriminating against people on the base of ideological believe because inappropriate and it's wrong. Kate says on today's podcast. You talked about the politics of opposition, saying that Democrats get it in the report. Hence don't can you explain and expands on their giving examples talking about republican mistakes in the context of that shore, the politics of opposition is the point
people there that you're running against somebody else Republican seem to us. Soon. The running for hearts and minds know you're running against someone else. In order to win the hearts and minds paid Democrats understand when they campaign Hillary Clinton, we shall tape of her she's running against the evil. Republicans poison black heads in Flint, she's running against the evil. Republicans who heard algae, BT, people she's running against the EVIL, Donald Trump cards, immigrants, she's running against all of those evil, employers she's running against them, Please it's all in opposition, she identifies enemies and then she attacks them and people who share those enemies. They are the enemy of my enemy must be my friend, although for her Republicans, however, don't do this, they don't say that democratic enemies, they say Democrats are just misguided. They say the Democrats are just poorly informed numerical Rubio Gonna walk across over his debate last Saturday night and that debate last Saturday night. He got a lotta crap over because he said several times the same thing, but the thing
actually said was true, which was Barack Obama intends to make the country a workplace it's actually a really important point he's right there, Republicans on that stage, Chris Christie Job Bush John case it. They don't believe that they actually think that Obama wants to make the country wonderful he's really bad at it. He just incompetent. No Morocco Mamma is your opposition. Azra opposition. He is badly motivated, now happens to be true in this case, but all successful politics is based on a tight. Packing the motivations of others this. What Democrats do so? Well, I try to do this. Only one is obvious. With motivation is try to attack the tactics. I try to attack the motivations only one necessary, but politics of opposition is all about. You have to attack the other guy. You can't just attack his policies by saying his policies: earth,
Andrew right, then I was listening to your latest podcast. When you said my wife had a sonogram a few days ago. Does this mean you in your wife are expecting? If it does congratulations to you in years? Yes, it does. It means that my wife is expecting. We are expecting a baby boy in late May, with the help of God. Everything should be healthy, the God and and were very excited about it, and then Andrew says that he found it comment on the daily wire site about the pod cats, and here is the comment he wants me to respond to it. Ok, so after listening to bench appear over several months, this is what I take away. First of all, I'm always happy when leftist listen to me for several months, because that means that a matter canning also it means that in all likelihood, they probably agree with something people don't tend to agree to this two things they disagree with all the time he wants to protect, unborn children, less lashing social services for born children and low income, families and individuals. The only children. He really seems to care about our his own. He wants to make
working illegal for an eighteen year, old girl who got pregnant while working a minimum wage job, the only one she can get like when they make a mythical stories like this. It's always one but doesn't want to increase minimum wage to make it actually livable to support a child. He doesn't care about homeless. People like at all his very rich and proud of he's not in charity, even said this once on air he's only abortions, demonize democratic does not. Since you really care about the issue, he would be far more unhappy if he had to give up a cut of his paycheck to provide for those millions of new babies being born into poverty every year, which is what would happen if abortion was made illegal? Ok, so we can almost go through this is by sons, the goal there, the abortion and what happens after the baby is born. These are two separate things: will talk about them separately? Don't kill babies, you jack asses, end of story when they care about the baby. Being born! I care about people being killed. This is the equivalent of argument. Is I want people not to be murdered on history, I also don't think I should have to pay for their healthcare ray I dont get it does
mean that I'm pro murdered, because I dont want to pay for your health care. Your health care is your job and guess what, when you have a kid, that's your job! That's your job! promise you know check, I can say to you, if you don't take carrier, could properly if you're unable to take care of your kid properly known. What check I sign to you that consistent stream of checks is not going to make that child's life better? What is gonna make a child's life better. Is you not being a crappy parent? I take this very seriously. I have a daughter about have a son the only in life really truly the only thing in life that I truly deeply care about. More than anything else is how I raise my children, I'm willing to share replace every bone in my body, every drop of my blood in every dollar. My bank account from I get there, my kids, you should feel that way about your kids and I am not willing to sacrifice my kid for your kid. I'm not going to take in dollars and money and labour and of my kids pocket to give to York. That's your job, that's your job! If you're gonna be ok
be a damn parent, it's not my job to parent! Your kid! You only apparent your kid. I'm no job your kid and give your kid a good life, but I'm not gonna pay for you to do a crappy job parenting, your kid and as far as the idea that I have to sign it check to you, so you can parent your kid, I know you know how much it actually cost to raise a kid in the country have free public education in a country where you have food stamp program, hit. The reality is, if you want to raise chow properly in this country, hold down a job and get married that Gay and then have some values when you raise your children, but is a little too frequent trick. Democrats like to play it. Oh well, you you must you oppose abortion? You should then pay for my kid. No, I don't think should kill your kids and also I dont think I should have to pay for your kids. Your kids are your kids, illogical Bizarre here now I oppose slavery insult people's here, while you, if your post slavery, we're going to do with all those breeds lades presently.
Have to put em on welfare. No, I don't think you should be able to hold slaves. I think that's evil. I think that people should also be able to find jobs, and I think people provide them jobs in these two things are unrelated the birth of a child. Once the kid is born neck. It is your responsibility and its assent he's with by what actually societies responsibility carries over you're not allowed to kill the kid before you now want to kill the kid after ok, so we're consistent. We should always prevent murder end of silver. Ok, what that has to do with me paying again if I pay for all of the things you want for your kid, then you are not doing your job is apparent and we generate a society where the government parents, kids in the government, is doing it. Unbelievably crappy job of it. As far as increasing minimum wage. Ok, increasing minimum wage legislate somebody page higher minimum wage does not actually help children because Let's say that there is not one eighteen year old mother who wants to work for minimum wage, but there are three or four which is more likely there, all working it
same store I raise the minimum wage have to fire two of them so which kids you just help, maybe to those gauge the two of them are now Oregon. Well done minimum wage idiot. You don't understand economics finally say well, I'm there. Don't like home, I don't care about homeless people at all. No, I do care about homeless people, you don't care about homeless people, because you wanna leave mentally ill people on the street to suffer, get sick and die You want to justify drug use so that people can be sucked into the great more of evil that is drug addiction. That's what you want to do. I care about the homeless, because I think that mentally ill people should be taken care of. In fact, I've even come is the one area where that should come out in for of bigger, more powerful government of more local funding for mental institutions, for example. I don't think homeless. People have the right to sleep on the street anymore than I think. A child has the right to sleep on the street. Saxo means the kitty wants to sleep on the street because kids, you sleep on the street end up dead and homeless. People who sleep on the street also end up.
As far as I'm very rich and proud of it. Yes, yes, I am Finally, you know I'm proud of an honest, decent work. My ass off, I mean that's, why I'm proud of it, because wealth is just a substitute, it's just a substitute for labour. Is I worked hard to get where I am and you can work hard to and you can get here. I truly believe that I grew up. I don't again, I said is many times on the programme. I dont like talking about the rags to riches stories, because I dont think that poverty is virtue. I dont think that, just because my parents, when grew up: we're middle middle class- it just because I grew up in a bedroom, but I shared with three under sisters in a house, those eleven hundred square feet, and there are six people. Excuse me sharing one bathroom. Only that makes me more virtuous, but is a country with incredible income mode already I quitted job when I got out a law school rules making a lot of money. I took one the pay and then I work my way all the way back up and password.
Was when I got out of law school by multiple income, mobility, is available here, I'm very proud of how much iron, not because money is his recognition of virtue, but because money is a recognition that I'm giving people something that they want and in exchange people are getting money. For that thing, I'm doing more for people, then somebody whose earning less and the reason for that none objectives. Gale, not I'm, not on some subjective scale on an objective scale. People are willing to pay me more money to do something more willing to pay other people for doing that thing here, there's more market for it Does that mean that Lebron James does more for the world than a doctor? not on any level of course, but it means I'm more people who are willing to pay to watch Lebron James and are willing to pay surgeon from Harvard. I don't see any of these saying Lebron James should have his salary taken away from him again. Voluntary exchanged a good thing, and I provide something in everybody. Does this why capitalism is good a says that I'm only using abortion to demonize Democrats? Believe me
Have the demonize abortion? You abortion yourself, demonize yourself when you say that you are able to plunge scissors, isn't a skull before the grown baby. One minute purports born in seconds brain into a sink. I actually don't have the demon eyes you it pretty much do that on your own, our it. How many do coming more letters we do like one was one more than ever. Is one let's get out here. Ok, so one more are but see Ben. You seem to be highly productive, always up on current events producing regular podcast, in addition to a variety of books, comics watching movies, as well as writing books as well as articles. How do you do it ought to have a large staff? Do you get eight hours asleep you work out how this person is asking a lot of specific questions. How many hours do you read on the average day? Are you a speed reader? How do you balance with your personal life? My schedule looks like I'm daily basis, so I wake up at five hundred and thirty a dot m. Get up. I quickly peruse the news on my phone. Get up drive and do the morning
I do in Charolais eight seventy out here with a couple other folks, during that showed during the brakes I assigned pieces. The daily wire, I do the schedule for the after a further the podcast and I write a couple of pieces during the brakes I am a very fast reader. I am also a very fast writer. I then coming here and I prepare for a little bit more for the show. I do my morning service, I do my darkening, the jewish mooring service. Blackberries, tell us the whole thing. After that we sit down and we do the show which takes twice the normal amount length. It should then. Finally, when we're done doing Michel, I go back to writing. I write a couple more pieces, usually for the daily wire and one for bright Bart. Sure that everybody is up on their assignments over at the daily wire. I try to work out every day. I work out with a personal train or every day. The reason I do that is because As someone who values money, as someone who takes money seriously,
given that I value the reason that actually work out a sign on paying I'm sending a check, no matter what the personal friend or once I set a time, so amazed will not wasting money, I'm is will go in so becomes a higher priority for me. If there's something at stake. Other than just do I work out today, then I tried out, I tried a kind of limit my day to about five p m is when the nanny gets off. My wife is in medical, school and she's finishing up in couple months, so I usually take over from the now like for thirty five p m, then I take care the baby and told me to go to sleep at about eight o clock. I Andy and then I do my reading and relaxing and all of that yeah. I do not a speed reader, but I do Ribeiro quickly. I tend to attend a red three four bucks. A week. I read everything on the internet and in the end I watch movies at night. To that's that's kind. I did. I do get a decent amount, asleep. My wife! Never lets me sleep before
seven o clock, another five. Thirty. But if I had my way I go to sleep, it attend thirty and wake up at five. Thirty one last last point, and that is going back to that comment. Somebody said that I dont like charity right. I said this on programme. The reason that I dont like her It is because I actually used my money to hire people. I have a bunch of people who work for me and people who I pay, ranging from my nanny to the personal trainer too, to the assistant there there bunch of people that I pay money that I give to charity. Doesn't action we help the economy as a general rule and it's in a rather provide money for services than money for no services alter. It is in my religious veal and I'm supposed to give more charred, and I said that I have a hard time with this commandment. I need to do better on it, so I'm at least honest enough to admit this gave. The fact is that the reason for charity is, the commitment is to give chair
do not receive charity, to remind you that the money isn't actually yours. I said I'm very proud that I earn a lot of money, but the money still isn't mine. All of the gifts that I have all the skills that I use all my health, my wealth. All that is a gift from God charities reminder that every ounce of my effort YAP wouldn't have in yeah take pride in that effort, but in the end none of that really belongs to me and none of it really matters. What really matter, This is my relationship with God and a reminder that the things We value the most are really not even hours. They really belong to God. This is why my daughter's name is Leah. Because Leah in Hebrew means I belong to God, because this is. This is actually a big thing for me. I believe that we all in the end, belong to God and it's our purpose to serve his mission self, but that said, I hope you have a wonderful. Can I unfortunately be spending my we can watch in yet another republican debate, which is just horrifying in every imaginable respect? But I hope that you have a wonderful weakened and Hopefully, the republic will still be here on Monday, we'll see you, then I bench here: this is the Venture bureau show.
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