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Ep. 76 - Why Donald Trump Will Win The Nomination

2016-02-22 | 🔗
It's the end of the world as conservatives know it, and Ben doesn't feel fine, plus why Kid President is the most annoying crap on the planet.
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It's a Monday, and here we are its after the South Carolina primary. They knew the What is it Nevada Cox's are coming up soon. I have one reaction to how South Carolina went and I can basically coming up in one word: There are some happens in I'm venture here this is the bench, a barrage of potential demonized people. I don't care about you feeling, as is my custom, at the beginning of a new weak, I like to preface everything with it. With the same, everyone in everything, because Firstly, a hurry Trump Windsor. Carolina. It is becoming a constant refrain that things keep happening on saturdays well, I'm enjoying my sabotage of nice relaxed Sabbath sabotage, I'll come back on mine in the world is completely on fire back on line at it. It feels like Lex Luther has sixty. Did in destroying the
San Andreas Fault and lowest. It is being sucked down into their into the chasm interest it so bad. I come back and from has won the South Carolina primaries. Thirty thirty two and then it was twenty two for crews and Ruby. I sat on Friday a daily wire anyway, when I made the incinerators the shop that the worst case outcome was exactly that written and at this point I want to stop using the phrase worst case outcome, because there is apparently always an outcome worse than when I think of method. But what I said is if Rubio were to surge. You end up crews and Rubio, basically even in unit trump on top and then accrues, nor Rubio will drop out we're just in it for the long haul and that's pretty Basically, what happened, because that's the way that this is just gonna go. It's just gonna, be crap all the way from here to the end, then there is a real, deep desire. The power of long term supporters, four trombone, end- think a desire on the part of people who are from supporters to can see what happens.
Talking with thy and reclaim in Germany boring before the shop, and what things are saying to them is that there is a famous Roy in drama is its role is written by Anton check off the famous dramatists famous playwright, I am what he said is if you're writing a to act, play never put it down. Over the mantle in the first act and was going to use it and second act because it creates a feeling of suspense the gun is there, and if it doesn't get fired by the end of the second act, then you really and on your job. As a playwright is beginning to occur to me, it is not just normative, it's not something you should do. It is also descriptive, meaning that human beings have intense desire to see the trigger pulled. So if we know that the gun is up on the mantel, it's gotta be put before the end of it. Ass. We want it to be put before the end of the second I remember when I was watching Lord of the rings, the trilogy I hadn't the books and- and I did what a lot of folks it with the New STAR Wars movie. I blocked myself out on all knowledge what was going to happen in return. We get to the very end returned the king imagination.
Swell alerts in the book has been out for seventy years. Andy and the movies been out for ten. The added the very and returned the king you get to the very end and Frodo is about to throw the ring into into Mount doom and instead he turns around and he says the ring is mine and he takes it. Really dramatically satisfying because of you I'm done, that, if you just took intruding them into flame you'd, gone well, then net stronger ring was it I mean, like you have to see it work on him. You realise that for three movies. You haven't been waiting for Frodo to throw the ring into the fire. What you actually been waiting for is for fraud would be seduced by the right. You ve been waiting for him. To go full scale from in. Inhabited the schreyer to full down, and No, he then that is really ends up and mounted anyway, along with garland. But that's the point. It's the same thing with true. There is a desire- and, I think, had this even before the ILO Caucasus, that, if trumpet of flame
it would be so anticlimactic after all this build up, and so I think that a lot of people out there who sort of feel the same compulsion- it's like you want to be part of the story- want to be of history there's only one problem. This story is not a good story. The story, not end well the story, Donald Trump, is the nominee, and then we ve got the most corrupt person. In the history of american politics, Hillary Clinton, on one side and on the other side and got Donald Trump, who doesn't know ass from his elbow on policy and that's the kind interpretation, less kind interpretation is that Does any just does whatever is convenient for him. Because this is all about Trump and kissed. A couple of examples. This again It becomes sort of a daily phenomenon where we factual, Donald Trump witches essentially a fool's Erin, but here is Donald Trump talking about What was in his head in two thousand to with regard to rocks. Oh yes, she said to her its turn back, and she doesn't do that. Be that'd be a good idea to invade Iraq injected says you have it,
the debates you keep saying that you thought was a bad idea. What did you mean by that? And here's trump explaining in a way we have an identity, automation, alot of crimes for politicians, don't wanna together for you for inviting Iraq, the gas. So you know I wish I wish. The first was the correct way now clearly yet inside, like an enthusiastic, enthusiastic supporter of the war, and but I am curious that the second round of that kind, the first time it was it. I wish the first time it was done correctly. What do you mean by that? Well, what I mean by that is it almost shouldn't have been done, and you know I really don't even know what I mean, because there was a long time ago and who knows what was in my head said: it wasn't done correctly in restaurants package and have been done at all. It was. You know it was just done who just we drop bombs. Now, if you look back actually that was probably the correct way of doing it not going in and
upsetting giving him a lesson, and not I mean I think senior actually did a pretty good job of what he was doing. He went in he taught unmolested. What happened is he was taunted, because Saddam Hussein was saying we drove back the Americans. The ugly Americans were dry. Been back the power of Iraq, the power while we they were driven back. He just decided that General Schwarzkopf and others said. Maybe less not go in, I'm not sure what the lighting Schwarzkopf actually maybe wanted to go. I think he may maybe did the right thing. I can say this. If you look at my conversation with Howard is a friend of mine is actually very good person, a good guy different from this year the radio I won t I thought if I look at my conversations, I was a very that was probably the first significant. I was in business enterprises when I was a rules they ve been in the business, but that was the first time. I think that question was ever even estimate that was long before the war took place. I was many many months before the word was, and you could see by my answer. I wasn't exactly through it.
Is it in that clip that one clip? Would you like forty five seconds long time takes? I think, force her positions on this one. I don't know what I was talking about to the war was prosecuted badly Three, the war prosecuted great and for It didn't matter what I said anyway, because I was a businessman at that point. It for supper positions in one forty five seconds I've been its people are going on. We can trust him when totally thrust him idiom completely consistent. We know for what he stands. I know what he stands for essential trump, that's what from stands for that's it, I'm his amazingly around I was talking about, but I guess you know the departed amazing. He says that we should have gone in the first place, but then we should have gone, but we did wrong, but we did a right Wyatt, but that was in his only big Bubu the weekend. He was also asked about whether he wants to defer unplanned parenthood and here's Donald Trump talking
a plan. Parenthood with Chuck Todd whose be bit there there's some comic actor is beginning to look more like and slipping my mind. Vote will have to come back to it. When I figured out. Ok, here's Trump instructed if you knew the government money we're all going to that which you support, funding, plan, parenthood, yeah I've ever didn't have to do with abortions luck. I understand, and I have many many friends or women who understand plan Parrot had better than your. I will never understand it and they do some very good work. Cervical cancer, lots of women's issue, women's health issues are taken care of. I know one of the candidates. I won't mention them, so we're not going to spend that kind of money on women's health issues. I am plans. Parenthood does a lot of good Joe, a really good job in a lot of different areas, but not on abortion. So I'm not gonna funded. If it's doing the abortion, I am not going to fund it. Now they say is three percent and its four percent. Some people say at six
percent. I don't believe it sixty percent by the way, but I think it's probably a much lower number but plan parenthood do some very good work, but I would defined as long as they're doing abortions. In case you now, I'm in here you reduce EU guttural moans, because his butchery of the english language and of ideas and of conservatism I mean he's basically the so the Han of politics is carbon suave through anything t since in good, they will win win. Donald Trump as things like plan parenthood, I've, many women who understand plan parenthood better than any of us ever, will really really well they. What do they understand about plan. Parenthood because they have Vaginas Donald, but the rest of us can't understand just beyond our again to understand what exactly plan who does many says that only four percent of their services are abortion? That's because what plan parent does, if you walk and to plan parent, when you pick up a brochure and a condom, an abortion, they count. That is one third of the services they have rendered, even if it takes ninety per
the time well over ninety percent plan. Her parenthood budget goes to actual abortion and that's where other money comes from duty one three hundred thousand of them a year, but there is planned parenthood. There's your guy, you conservative- thought Leah defending plant arrogant- and this is the part that so, madam, Jerry Folwell Junior leads Liberty, university at Liberty, unit. City was greeted by his dad. Jerry follow Jerry, call, Junior league liberty, Liberty has a policy, you cannot go to Liberty University. If you have an abortion, if you're on campus, can you go for an abortion? You are expelled. Jerry Falwell Jr spent yesterday defending Donald, of what he said over plant baronet and by the way, I still don't understand what he's talking basis so long as their performing abortions. We can't find them so long as the performer, the boy said, and you can't run then why not you say we can't find them. The answer is, Because he got himself into a little bit of rhetorical pickle, he wanted to fund them, but not the abortions
and then he says why I don't want to come at all so long as they're doing abortions, which means don't find them at all, and it's in it's it's as though every word you say about Trump falls on deaf ears and I'll explain why. I think that is in in just a moment, and Marco Rubio is tentatively and tapping trump. Now Trump today said the Merkel Rubio isn't eligible for the presidency's. This is his new strategy. Every single person, other than Donald Trump, is actually constant usually in ineligible to be president of the United States has Donald Trump not the little bit by Marco Rubio, Ruby on crews are spending all their time and effort bashing each other, but here's Rubio going after Trump a little bit. You say that this is now. Three men rise. So I want you lightning round rules to do a little comparison shopping. Why voter, whose undecided Jews you over Donald Trump
I think one of the reasons why we have a real sense of optimism about America feature on realistic about our challenges, but a very optimistic about our future, and we need some one that will restore a campaign that will restore confidence and who we are ass, people. What works? but well informed about the only real answers to real problems. Rhetoric is not enough. Well, I think Donald Campaign largely been about how bad things are and there's no, that we need to recognise how difficult things aren't. But when you can't you say, you're gonna make Amerika great again. You have two eggs. I explained how you're going to do it. I mean at this stage in the campaign vote, deserve to know in great detail just exactly how it is that you are going to achieve some of these things that you're saying you're going to achieve a specific problem policy, so I look forward to having policy debate of we can make it a policy debate and animal feed direction he wants to go back, but I think that's a big difference in this campaign and then just a fundamental, the standing of foreign policy, which I think is critical for the commander in chief to have on day one to this point now three states in
STAR has not really demonstrated that, but again will see of the weeks gone, maybe he'll to spend some time alone more about it. We can have a debate about those issues. Raise your hand. If think that party has any impact on trumps campaign whatsoever. Any impact on trumps. Can anybody anybody, Buehler Buehler yeah, that's right! This will have no tat and trumps campaign because will mark a Rubio saying is basically Trump is a candid it with no substance. That's true, but by the way, I'm not your Marco Rubio has tremendous substance to him: either. The Chris Christie sort of critique of rubies mechanical its unfold display in little clips, like that's, ok, trembling South Carolina and then it's up to the other candidates to explain how really, even though they lost they one. So here's TED crews, the senator from Texas, talking about how secretly. He won't nobody knows it, but secretly he actually won South Carolina, but but lesson shock. The important thing is we had an incredible evening. Last night last night
what we saw habit of South Carolina particular when you put I wouldn't have to South Carolina together. Two things have happened: number one There is now only one strong conservative in this race who can win and we see conservatives can can you in to unite behind our campaign? What number two for? Anyone doesn't believe that Donald Trump is the best candidate to go head to head with Hillary Clinton and of Emma and that's about seventy percent of Republicans nation. Why? Who don't think Donald Trump is the right guy? Her our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten Donald Trump and that can be done Donald Trump. So what we are saying is we are saying public and coming to us, an incredible numbers goin to do here and brutal diamond assigning on an island tearing contributed third in a state with the highest evangelist turn out that we ve seen yet any a finnish third that sort of doesn't support what you just said that conservatives are coming together and rolling dear cause sit so check our path to Victor
from the beginning, was always do well in the first four states and then have a strong strong night on Super Tuesday coming up on March. First in Iowa, every one in the press then we couldn't win. We want an overwhelming victory and I were in new. I am sure everyone in the press at a conservative couldn't do well in a moderate New England state. We want a strong third there and then South Carolina. We were effectively tied for second a week ago. Donald was twenty points ahead. We close that gap and what we saw there. There were a number of very encouraging things. For one thing: we want young people in South Carolina. Our campaign was in first place with young by the way we want young people, and I was well- and we were in second place with young people in their hands. Are one of the things were saying? It is young people who were optimistic want a future won't. I have additional sizes. This cruises spent as that he's actually doing better than in South Carolina. That's not true. He expended real resources real on the ground resources from his clean up in out in a secondary to talk about what the rest of us raise looks. Like
He also. You heard amused that statistics. Seventy percent of Republicans dont want Trump. No Marco Rubeus has the same thing Here's Rubio explaining how secretly he one yet he lost, Somebody to secret secretly under this Is he also won in South Carolina Erika? Taking a shot at your camp he's saying it's crazy that nobody else is trying to win except tromp. Rubio is not going to the person who is winning I've never seen a campaign. That seems a satisfied not to go after the leader is a time to take on MR trunk directly. While this is not an election like others up to this point, as I said, you know the seven eight people dividing up seventy percent of the vote, and so we had a very unusual circumstances was being attacked from all by them, and I once superpower that spent forty million dollars going after me, so you gonna take. So many people at one time- and this is about going after Donald Trump, isn't unknown people one obsess about that this election is about who is best capable he used alone. I don't write looking party. I know that I am well
he's a front runner when you have seven people running and their dividing up? Seventy percent of the vote we need to remember here over. Seventy percent of Republicans nationally have basically said we're not voting for Donald Trump and as long as that, seventy that is being divided up by five people course is a front runner once that number narrows we'll, have a different election. It we're getting closer to that point, but we happen. There said it, but the number is narrowing. This is the problem, numbers, not narrowing. Okay, so we'll get to trumps response to all of this in a second but take for example, Job Bush, so general exclamation point gradually turn into a semi colon and then gradually turn into an ellipse ease and then finally ended in a period, and so yesterday the x, the main point campaign came to an inglorious close job Bush got up there. Foreign and he dropped down he's. Given all sorts applauded for this, which I think are completely silly here, whose job washed we have the presidential race after underperforming in getting eight percent of the vote in South Carolina here we go Deborah are proud of the campaign that we ve run to unify our country,
advocate conservative solutions. That would give more miracle. The opportunity to rise up and reach their god. Given potential but the people of Iowa in New Hampshire in South Carolina have spoken, and I really respect their decision so tonight. I am so spending my campaign yeah, these units, initiating nobody, no job, don't do it. I congratulate I congratulate my competitors that are remaining on the island. Success or race that has been hard fought, just as the contest for the presidency should be because it is a tough job. In this campaign I've stood my ground refusing to bend to the political wines we put forward detailed, innovative
conservative plans to address the mounting challenges that we face, because, despite what you might have heard, ideas matter policy matters can I can. I truly hope that the Dutch, these ideas we blade out will serve as a blueprint for a generation of conservative leaders at every level of government so that we can take back our country. We lay now plans on everything from a reforming our tax and regulatory system to reviving our economy, to rebuild fixing the ba once and for all He goes on in his native peoples and urge your honourable the jump finally dropped out. What what what in a good guide finally drop out and done. All I have to say is so what he drops out and nothing happens whose money shifts behind Rubia
it. Nothing else happens right, he's got no votes, laughs, nobody support and he jumped out all these resources by the way. Prison, shouting, no one jobs, as is dropping out. The principles now in the background is for sure Mcmurphy the head of a super pact. We spoke. A hundred million dollars how much money to Mcmurphy Murphy make in this election cycle for running. We successful campaign in american history, how much money you think he actually Any ideas in it is the answers you got fourteen million dollars, what four million dollars to run the word, campaign in presidential history. He was one Actually, no job keep running, give radically he's. Your bank account spinning like like a lotta we'll so there's there, a job is out all right, so what that brings us to now is Donald Rumsfeld doubled from actually won in South Carolina and here's the thing. But he's using these that seventy percent of the Republicans don't like trump. Seventy percent of Republicans don't like if you use the same sort of math means that eighty five percent of republican
don't like Rubio right, and it means that you know ninety percent, Republicans don't like rulers, whatever percentages you're using. If the idea is whether didn't vote for you doesn't like you will then more people, trump and the other guys. If the idea is that these public opinion polls that show the Trump has high unfavourable our trusted and people, don't like him, that's true, except for the fact that he's consistently outperforming those when it comes I am for election day. So, yes is unfavourable. Numbers are really high, but will people get behind him against Hillary Clinton? Probably s trumpets actually right when he says it's yours trump. After winning, here's what he had to say about about how this is going to break down. You know I was watching upstairs and it was really amazing to be watching what I was watching and some of the planets and overall fair, but not do much but of a number of the Pandit said well. If a couple of the other candidates dropped out, if you add their scores together
going to equal trump, these geniuses geniuses. They don't understand that as people drop out, I'm gonna get her out of this. Votes. Also you, don't you I think we're gonna do very very well. I think we're gonna do very well so his ease not run by the way is not wrong. If Bush drops out their significance, sending to those people believe it or not. Some of those people will go to the Trump if cruiser to drop out to most people go to Trump. If Rubio were to drop out. Probably very few of those people go to Donald. And Donald Trump continued along these lines is look, I'm one can who has the best shot at winning and I'll win states that are not currently play trump continues he's looking. I have to say he looks more like the Kool aid man with each clip. I mean he's going to bust it at back. Wallago, hey here is Donald Trump, the Kool aid man. Here we go
they say that it'll be the largest voter turnout in the history of United States elections, and I wanted that's a great compliment to the country because we have you'll over voter turnout compared to a lot of other countries, so I think it we, the greatest voter turnout in history, means stores. If it's you know Hilary against me, that's gonna be a tremendous turn out. I'm gonna win I'm gonna win places like Michigan that the Republicans can't even think of you know they always talk about the six states right with Ohio and Pennsylvania and you know, etc and said I will go through the numbers. But I will. In places like Michigan that people don't even talk about. I will have a chance of winning New York. If I win, the elections over ok from and electoral college standpoint. I haven't you, of winning New York I'll Winston learn and play well one states that the Republicans don't even think of and one of them that comes to mind is Michigan and another. One is New York, Upstate New York, I'm like the most popular purse that's ever lived virtually upstate New York, they have their great friends of mine and
We will do very well in New York. I don't know, maybe when it maybe not, but we're gonna do very well. They come off close to winning it. I think I have a great yes, so he he's not just the most popular person in the republican parties. Most popular person who ever lived in upstate New York ever is more popular than Jesus. You take up all it's like Jesus here and then Trump here trumpeted trumpets even better than Jesus by he's not wrong again the case for Trump the case for Trump. Is that he's electable the case from. Is that he's none of the other things that you could possibly want in a presidential candidate? He's a boar he's a hotel. Marion today, Trump actually tweet, it out a threat directed at the wreckage families, the people alone, the cubs he said. I see the wreckage family than giving money to my political opponents well threaten them, I know some information about them. They don't want to get out and say: oh my god, if disguise the president of the United States and use the power of the state behind a metal scary trump when it comes to this kind of stuff, when it comes to boosting himself, it's what is best tat in a camp,
and contrary to what Barack Obama once had, campaigns are almost entirely boosting yourselves. Oh here is Donald Trump talking about how what he's engaging in is actually not a hostile takeover of the g, o p he's just taking it over Erika two years, a business term. Are you involved at a house, take over the Republican Party. No, I'm not at all. I get along with the Republicans, is nothing hostile about it. I was a republic establishment figure and then The day I decided to run, I became an outsider and, more so than I even thought of people that were totally establishment. That loved me. I was a very big contributor I gave three hundred thirty thousand dollars just before to the Republic and Governors Association, but what's here, but I wasn't ager. What's your view of the GNP establishment? Now, sir. I think it's a mess it's a mess and I think I'd better get their act together, because they're gonna keep losing elections with the kind of thing in that we have with the call robes and this Stephen Haze and these characters that can give them
elves arrested. If you want to keep people like If you want to keep listening to people like that, you're, never gonna, win, you're, never gonna win therefrom, a different age there from a different world. They can't get themselves arrested, except by President Trupp, presumably in again part of what striving to trumpet Nominal is resistance to Carl Rob I understand, I'm part of that, I think are a roving is terrible. I think that Stephen Haze, not so much so that in some of his stuff is goody supposed of weekly standard, basically robes awful, but that doesn't mean that I'm willing to fall into the arms of demagogy runs. Previous was asked by George Stephan Opposites over the weekend. Right previous is the head of the hour and sees definite
Where is the chief anchored CBS Abc News, which again is insane the almost made love to Hillary Clinton? But here is: he here is George Stuff Monopolise asking prior previous okay, so Trump is running against you guys. What do you do if he's denominate banning Republicans set a liberal left position was called unchristian by the Pope. He embraced torture to fight terrorism. He supported Democrats much of his adult life, taken positions in this campaign at odds with a republican party. So, are you really prepared to have him as spokesperson for the Republican Party and a leader conventional I'm an AIDS him. If the delegates you know get accumulated in such a way that any one of these Canas becomes a nominee is our job to support that not many and we will so yeah were prepared to support whoever the nominee becomes by adding it's early in the process, but only when it when the time comes and when we're sitting either before Cleveland Cleveland or whenever that point may come and we have a presumptive anomaly. What will happen is that
currency will join in with now many and we will put together the biggest which have already started doing. The biggest grew game and data operation that we ve ever seen? And you know we ve made incredible strides that the currency and becoming far more prepared today, Then we were four years ago. So, yes, we will support that. It has a symbiotic dobryna, alot atop, Republicans things. That's gonna break the party apart. Winning is the antidote to a lot of things and so evident. The game is winning in November. If we went in November those I'm sure quarterback swell, fallen line and nails. The obviously be pretty believes they think if we went in November, but who the nominee is going to be. Is that my choice in and obviously
we're gonna support. However, that is that you could play a big role if no nominee goes in with not delegates before the convention to win on the first ballot- and you said it's early in the process, are you prepared now for brokered convention? Are you planning for it and what does that mean I mean I'm planning can mean a lot of things we are prepared for anything. I was General Council for two years before I was chairing None of this party have been chairman for six years. I don't think there are too many People are more familiar with the procedures of Norman eating someone at a convention than I am so I am prepared and we will be
prepared. If that happens, but again I don't think that's going to be the case if it is a hugely here's the deal it when he says the key liners races, the victories, the antidote to everything that depends on whether you think the Republican Party is just a vehicle for victory, in which case there fulfilling a mandate or whether you think the Republican Party should be a vehicle for conservatism, and these are two different things. If you think the vehicle for victory than you could just nominate. Somebody who's is really far laughed and intricate persons likely to win. Let's do that? What have you gained through that? If you think it is a vehicle for ideology, and you have to look at Trump and wonder, ok, is he going to actually be conservative and do I think the party will be torn apart? Yeah I can do I do. I think that there will be a lot of people who stay home. Eric Ericsson, over red state or formerly, of red state meeting is a new cycle. The resurgent Eric Garrison rights today that you will vote for Trump,
I don't think he's the only one. I will talk in the future about whether this is a good idea or bad idea. This becomes and of closer to eventualities becomes closer to reality, but these are questions the party's going to have to face because they didn't stop the rise of trump. So, let's talk about what happens next in the republican race, because in a couple of days or tomorrow, ride what's the what's the date today. Today's 22nd, for tomorrow is the Nevada caucus Trump going to blow. Everybody out is going to win the Nevada caucus by leaps and bounds and then and then Trump has a shot to run the table. So right now, they're saying that Trump currently leads the polling in ten of the next fourteen state problem is with poles are really old to the states in which she currently trail. Stating what you currently trials that are coming up over the next week and a half he trails, ten crews and taxes. But in the last available Paul he was trailing by five points to crews and that's all that's three weeks old before South Carolina, a new Hampshire and Nevada, say after trembling we consecutive victories. Does crews maintain, is five point, one
Slim five point lead in Texas, even it with with Rubio nipping at his heels. I doubt it from trails, Rubio, two points in the latest Colorado so but then the latest Colorado was taken way back in November, so been Carson was actually winning apple, so Carson, twenty five in the crew and Rubio nineteen and from seventeen You think, maybe now from his winning Colorado, I would be hard pressed to say no he's, probably one in Colorado. And he supposedly losing in Arkansas, but that poles really old and again he was running with one point behind a thing: tat: crews in arkansas- I was four point behind in Arkansas, and that was again as of early February before South Carolina or New Hampshire and in Kentucky supposedly he's behind glass pull. It was taken was last June, so that completely irrelevant, so there's a good shot that Trump winds of working that state. If that happens, I mean come on how monkey play out this strange. How long can play the string of your Rubio income
and this is the maddening part. The truly maddening part is that from past narrative point in his favour, one is the sort of inevitability feeling the idea that we have to take that gun off the mantle and it must be used or we haven't fulfilled the dramatic quotient here, but Trump also fulfils the outer Wall Street narrative. He fulfils the anti establishment narrative better than anybody, Rubio being endorsed today by TIM, Paul Anti led the former senator from four Minnesota governor from Minnesota Link, who cares Mitt Romney was supposed to endorse Rubio, that's not happening because Rubio specifically went around me and said: I don't want your doors there right now you going to hurt me, no more establishment. Endorsers, I have the worse. It looks for me, crews is actually anti establishment. Is I've been saying, but the problem is there that trumpet books more anti establishment and crews, even though these stouter would certainly prefer trunk to crews
and from his an angry guy and he's channeling that anger and that's and finally, the real reason. The trump is is the front run right now is because the ego, because again it comes down to if crews dropped out Rubio when, if Rubio dropped out crews would when neither of them will drop out until trumpet one that's what is coming down to right now, Rubio spent the last few weeks attacking crews the chances that crews, which would go along with any plant drop out and take a second slot really low cruise has been attacking Rubio route. More importantly, Rubio doesn't think he needs cruise. In order to win, Rubio apparently has been making overtures to John Kasich trying to gain his seven percent of the vote. Is that that's going to make any difference in any of these states? So if you're a betting person, you would have to put your money on Trump right now. I've been saying that for the last couple of weeks, really ever since new hampshire- that that Trump is the front runner and he's very real front row It's very frustrating that Republicans continue to pretend that is not true of crews and Rubio going out each other to waste of time. Meanwhile, the other side of the Isle of about a Cox's happen. For the Democrats,
and Hilary one by six point by them. Greater problem too, and this is what so frustrating the Democrats are actually vulnerable here. There actually vulnerable here, listen to the sort of iron from the Sanders camp over Hilary winning. So Chris Matthews I was safe here. He comes here with issue as MSNBC that and then he proceeded to say on MSNBC that the only in that you want in Nevada is not because she is a better politician, but because of back room politics in their easy Brian Williams, fresh off his latest tour in Vietnam shooting down random vietcong playing and fighting aliens in space and and blowing up asteroids leprous well as his bride ones at Amazon BC, along with Rachel and Chris Haze knots. Rachel matters are Rachel Matter and and here is Chris Matthews having washed hours a view that I heard Ralston say that the casino carcasses, the day shift workers who are allowed to come out and carcass those
we're coming in and Clark County, the environs of LAS Vegas so heavily for Hillary Clinton and that it turns out turned it for her I think it's an example that we have to take up. One ourselves, which is not all politics happens on television, is not all Peaches is not see the ads that are paid for it's, not free media, and we will give interviews two people, it's not debates, things happen on the telephone, they happen in back rooms, they haven't and labour halls, where labour, still have strengthened can be engaged in pulling operations and get people out of their homes on a beautiful Saturday like out here and is gorgeous whether this fence, couple hours inside involved, that is kind of wrestling match the sea, where you actually vote off the screen What happened here Harry Red is not MR charisma, but he is one for small figure. Why do you pinkies leader the Senate Democrats, because he can work the phones, he can work relationships and he has a great set of it.
What's going to happen, he saw Hillary Clinton trouble out here and he put together the best organization which is done. Somebody dies before that. Make things happen not included the working people here. If you come out here, you actually see people doing their jobs is an amazing place because you see they Croupier is doing it I do want to pay was standing over them with those grim faces you wants to. Wages is running around. You want because the airs- and when you ask him, how can you get me take it? Can I see you see what their jobs are? They don't make a lot of money, but they all showed up today, three hour break securing and GM grant Mg Undertones New York, the archives our host here. So you really saw democracy in action, but it wasn't a tv event until our guy Jake, I'm sovereign off and, of course, Crusades got in there and showed us a bit of it and what was going on these moves around when we got ever union bodies to push all of the croupier raised. Another a pit vices people a blank guy paralyse? The dregs chaired people buffeted
people clean other windows in every other employee, these hotels in New York, BR comparison and the engine grand in the flamingo in all the different hotels in LAS Vegas, in others, did like LAS Vegas, think Atlantic City in LAS Vegas in advance, exactly like all those different cities so near they got. They got by minors. Is Hilary twisted people's arms? You get out there sure to the union's. They twisted arms. They got people out for help and if you ll, do those numbers in that little video there, Hilary one less than five thousand votes in Nevada, massive victory, massive victory she's very vulnerable and Bernie Sanders is very angry about the fact that he lost in he sang Hilary as no message is copy. My messengers Bernie Sanders going after Hillary Clinton, so I think people are responding to our message. Obey
big. The kind of me where ordinary Americans work longer hours for lower wages and almost all new income and wealth goes to the top one percent, a corrupt campaign finance system in which billion as applying elections. I think our messages, mines and eighty and obviously the proof of that is that every Clinton is more or less echoing much of what we are saying. I think that the gates, the success that we are having ok. So he uses the Hilary recycling his message and then Hilary is stumbling around. She doesn't know what she even has to say two Hilary she's Who was asked why she's in the race- and she said she understands voter, saying that she's in it for herself is quick fifteen, Hillary Clinton talking about why she's in the race and the answer is she has no idea but she's, just going to wear odd outfits until she's has been met with each put. She would bring in this. Listen he's like something out of STAR Trek area: Hillary Clinton, the threat level threat level, Red Harry Hillary Clinton. I understand that voters have quest
genes. I'm gonna do my very best to answer those questions. I think there is an underlying question that maybe is really in the back of people's minds and as you know, is she in it for us or is she in it for herself? I think that's. You know a question that people are trying to sort is through, and I'm gonna demonstrate that I've always been the same person fighting for the same values. Fighting to make a real difference in people's lives long before I was ever in elected office, even before my husband was in the presidency, so I know that I have two it'll make my case. I have to demonstrate what I've achieved. I have to really make clear that look. We what a we want to make big moderation in our country. We want to make a real difference in people's lives.
And started out. I've always had a facet has no idea what you're talking about she's she's struggling for an answer here and she starting to look like in home in a lion by heated like her head, is going to come off and she's gonna continue talking and other. Maybe that's what she has not been our collar is because woods actually high the robotics within up there. The Democrats are really vulnerable and meanwhile, the Republicans are messing around with a guy who clearly the demagogues like Trump and it's very frustrating all the way through. The only good news in any of this is that the the outrages real the reaction is, is wrong the hour. He's ok but there, but the backlash the idea that women go with somebody like Trump, whose do he is reaching out for all the wrong answers. It's it's disturbing and is problematic, and it's a waste of an opportunity more than anything else weather
winds or whether he loses ok time for some things that I like him in some things that I hate. Ok, things that I like, I started reading a book of the rise and fall of private America by very latter. As I mentioned last week, I finished the book nudge by Cason, Stephen Richard. There over the weekend, I edited is somewhat creepy book. The idea is that the government should basically set your default. So if you have a an option, between eating a healthy meal in an unhealthy meal at a restaurant, then the restaurant should basically put out just the healthy meal options and hide the non healthy meal options that if you are going to be enrolled in a certain type of- social security. The government should encourage you to enrolling one type of social security over another. They call libertarian paternalism the edges the government should force you to do. Things
The problem is, they assume a huge powerful government than they say the government, the tardy, huge and powerful should push you toward one option or another, their real libertarians. They too, the government should get out of this completely and we should just encourage people to be aware of their own cognitive biases. They call cognitive biases. We all make sort of cognitive mistakes and those mistakes actually have ramifications for the choices that we make in our lives and so for aware of that and makes it more obvious for us not did not to do it and ensure that part of the book is valuable, but their solutions, however, are problematic other is that that I like the rise and fall private America's mentioned it. I've read heard first half of it and it is very good by very latter. I recommended highly it's it's very informative book from from encounter about why it is that the crime rate dropped so dramatically from the from the nineteen seventys on but rose so dramatically. Nineteen sixty seventy in which we were going now under President Obama, a bit of
musical musical things that I like to normal. I do classical music and I and I talk about other all the classical music tat. I loved it. Beethoven DD, Brahms String, Quinn, TAT I ve ever heard it is just a spectacular, piecemeal panic went out rather is spectacular piece of music but for lower pop music. I get a lot of questions in the mail bag and the mailbox been chock full lately be Shapiro Daily Wired. Come, and if I did, I haven't had a chance to reply to you personally. I apologise, but were literally at this point getting over a hundred emails. The mail bag every single day. So I dont really have time respond to everyone. I do my best if our response it maybe get, will force Lindsey to do it. But Somebody will respond to you and let you know least they give the weather was received by is five part music mentioning Jim Crochet couple of weeks ago, along the same lines really under
raided. Songwriter is is Karel King, who started off as a songwriter eye, and then you shouldn't think that she was a good singer and- and she doesn't have an amazing voyage- the terrific songwriter you know Karel king from sounds like you, ve got a friend which is a terrific saw, those who, having heard it, here's ears, Karel King, doing you ve got front, when those making eighty zero. The great
and do you you Getting there. That's that's good stuff and in her she's done a bunch of albums. Her early items are really really really good. Early albums are great and in her versions of songs about James Taylor, does a version of s. That's not nearly as good she's, she's, really talented. It makes me sad Democrat, but I'm sorry most of these people and unlike Democrats, we dont bias how we view art in terms of the political views of the artist. So that's that's. That's really good stuff! Ok, a couple of things that I hate speaking of things, that is people in Hollywood. Why who? I really can't stand because
politics, Luke Skywalker has no actually join the dark side to Mark Hamel apparently raised two hundred and thirty million dollars offers a hundred thirty billion dollars for Hillary Clinton in January, he's Luke, Skywalker Lou. This is how you end up on an island by yourself alone. This is how it happens. You end up there staring at some chick who brought you a lifesaver just staring at her for hours and a half weeks as the camera. Does it three six He viewpoint. He finally turn to the dark side is hey you elevate. He should have learned his lesson if you elevated, dark scythe Lord, to warmly. The figures in the galaxy. This is what and you end up in an island talking to MOSS and rocks. So that's out. Ok, other thing that I hate people have gotten it did. This can all, but I got a couple of miles on its. I figured I'd mention it and I think, if I forget who wrote to me about this, I apologize by preventing them. There's thing called kid, president: the skin,
as books out and use videos out the hundreds of millions of views on this kid. President thing here is kid president telling you I should live your life. I think we are part of the world. Is stopping boy boy why your life is not people seriously, it is again decided to really right team.
People come right now with the heartbeat running system, something a poem tools diverged inwards and I took the road: was travel really wants a glass Robert Frost That means the boss, leaning anymore this. This is the stupidest crap anybody ever put is legitimately stupid, grab basically saying don't I don't know what that means, but it don't take the road less traveled. Take the road more traveled. Is that the idea here and we're all in the same thing? Thank you for the list of Platitudes President Obama, and then it really is a minute president Obama and its in its trumpet. Do our politics all platitudes now the Obama?
thing has no reference to the rest of the kid that doesn't matter that it's in the back of our politics is all just a list of platitude. Everything is kid is saying, is couldn't be coming out of them? the pillory or sanders or Trump, they all say, the same stupid crap and it's all crap like this this oh, inspirational, Doktor, Phil Garbage doesn't mean anything. Then they put it coming out of the mouth, the caters for all it so cute. It so cute that the little kid is saying things that we all should here, just listen to the children. You may notice there's a themes. My programmes now listen to the kids. Don't listen to children, their tiny people, ok, but they're, not many adults, their tidy people mean the brains? Are less developed, don't listen to them when they tell you to do things, it's because their children? Ok, it's yours job to be the adult. I love my baby, but I don't take political advice. My baby she's the best but she's not the best, because she gives me life advice on my finances or tells me about Robert Frost, poems he don't listen to kids. Personal,
in a kid you scripts are being written by adults either. That's that's particularly so myself. Kid president, just something else that is by stop using the children for all of this is really dumb and really irritating. Ok, that's it for tonight, we'll be back tomorrow with more news in the death of the republic. Presumably, perhaps Donald Trump will of actually declared that the Cubs will never win the world Series, because is that not only should be good ill? I hate the Cubs, but it's it's. It's a disaster area for Dory, we'll get throat we'll get their act together and the Good NEWS is that if the wrong people get elected, then you and I know everybody watching. This will probably all end up in the same prison together then we'll get to hang up personally so find an answer. Your emails I'll see you there venture bureau. This is the bench a bureau shall
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