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Ep. 774 - Anti-Semitism Across The World

2019-05-06 | 🔗

Hamas launches hundreds of rockets on Israeli civilians, leading Democrats rush to defend Hamas, and Bernie Sanders can’t describe socialism. Date: 05-06-2019

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I must launch, is hundreds of rockets on israeli civilians leading Democrats to rush to defend Hamas and also Bernie Sanders CAT scrub socialism, I'm bench a pair of this- is venture piranha are allowed to get you today. Obviously, big events happen, in the Middle EAST. A lot of talk about IRAN's intervention in the Middle EAST process, which has been facilitated by us, find palliative care, over to the iranian regime door will get to all that first No one really has time to go to the post office. You're busy he's got time for that traffic park. Lugging all your mail and packages. It is a real hassle, which is why you need stamps dot com. It's one most popular timesaving tools for small businesses, stamps outcome eliminates trips to the post office in saves. You money with discounts you can't even get at them stuff, stem cell cumbrance, all the amazing services of the. U S, Post office, direct to your computer, where they are small office, ending invoices and online. Seller shipping products or even a warehouse sending thousands of packages today day stamps outcome can hand would all with ease simply
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Must free postage and digital scale, no long term commitment just go to stem stuff. Come click on the microphone at the top of the homepage. Type inch appear that stem start com and then answer Shapiro. For that special deal. Stem cell commenter Shapiro, we live stamps are calm. You will to. I promise I used in my house as well by the way stamps outcome enter Shapiro alrighty. So over the weekend we got a full some display of what Anti Semitism looks like. So it's been really interesting to watch as various political players manipulate the issue of Anti Semitism so as to defend certain parties and not to defend certain parties. Here's the deal as I've been saying for years. At this point there three types of Anti Semitism, there's rightwing white, supremacist Anti Semitism. What you put those are the people most likely to try and murder you. I know, because someone was arrested last week for big threatening to murder me. This was a white supremacist number two. There there are people on the left. The far left, Anti Semites, who suggest that is oil and the Jews are behind all world events, and that's why they're so successful. They stand at the top of the hierarchy of power.
This tends to merge very well with certain interests. Sexual motions of politics, and that is, Are you see the far left, making common cause with the third type of anti Semites This'Ll? Be radical? Islamist, hi Semitism, unfortunately, a very popular view among Muslims in major countries across the world. A polls show this This is not a rip on Islam. Is a religion is a rip on how many many Muslims are practicing Islam as a religion, but the fact is that there is a radical Islamist, Anti Semitism that is dominant in the Gaza Strip is dominant in Judea and Samaria the West Bank it is dominant in Santee. In Egypt in Pakistan and Afghanistan and Iraq and IRAN all these, but in Turkey all of these places. All these places, Anti Semitism is not just something that is is looked upon. With some sort of It says that some sort of apathy, its looked upon as something that sort of requisite for point of entry That is just a reality by Paul numbers. Ok, so here is the issue. What are we here?
the west do about Anti Semitism. So if you're on the left, you ve had a tendency to overlook leftist anti semitism to pretend that it doesn't exist. I've seen it from some people on the right who try to minimize the threat of white supremacist Anti semitism. They will get the white supremacist. They say this is a small number of people's. Why am I worried about it? And the answer is you're worried about it, because Anti Semitism of any sort is truly evil and these say so much are likely to shoot a box there like when he should have shoals, because very often there not just anti Semites there. Also people who hate Muslims as Muslims and want to shoot at last, which is why I have seen white supremacist doing just that. Over the past month, left wing, anti Semites will overlook the entirety of left wing Anti Semitism they'll pretend. Instead, then, it is anti Zionism, and this is what you you with Israel. So over the weekend over the last four days, what you ve seen is home ass, an actual terrorist group and evil evil terrorist group firing hundreds of rock
its into civilian areas. In Israel, Hamas is an evil evil organization. A common charter explicitly calls for the destruction of the state of Israel They call for the death of Jews outside of Israel as well. If Hamas covenant is not a document of peace, Obviously, a document of war and Anti Semitism in evil Hamas, as a state department label terrorist group, because Hamas is an evil evil. The daily collar has a piece from a couple of years, but my Jimmy wine sitting over there talking about things you need to No about Hamas, they quote, she'd Muslim Brotherhood, founder Hassan Albano, in their charters and court. Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterated just Is it obliterated others before it come ass? A charter does just stop at Israel. Hamas charters, ass quote the profit, bless him and random salvation has said the dance that will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews killing the Jews when the jewel I'd behind stones and freeze the stones.
Trees will say almost ones or Abdulla. There's a Jew behind me come and tell him that is a quote from deeds. International community might like the peace process, but their charges as initiatives and so called peaceful solutions in international conferences are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement. This organization also participating conspiracy theory. These values. They say there is no war going on anywhere without Jews having their finger in it. They the Jews around the french Revolution, the Communist revolution and most of the revolutions we hear of the herd and hear about here and there with their money. They form secret societies all in commerce, trotter and its common. That is firing, hundreds of Rockets and Israel with their money. They formed secret societies such as the Freemasons, rotary clubs, the lions and others, indifferent parts of the world for the purpose of sabotaging societies and achieving scientist interests, a radical islamist Anti Semitism suggests the Jews. Are the nefarious powers behind everything in also that what they say
doing as they start inflating Jews and scientists, and this is how the left grants cover too radical Islamic. As we will see, the left simply suggest that are not anti jewish. Just answer Zeiner, so sure they want a white six. We enjoy off the planet again show they want to destroy the only collective they ve, the biggest and most powerful collective body of Jews on planet earth. But that's just an anti scientists thing guys that has. Nothing to do with wanting to slaughter Jews. They also say in a Hamas charter, the Jews control the media basis listen is jihad, meaning violence. She had not internal struggle that Hamas is it. Hamas is an offer, the Muslim Brotherhood. They say that they are in favour of death for the sake of Allah. Come on of course, accuses Israel of being Nazi. They say that the Jews no exception for women or children. Hidden. Is nazi activities against our people will not last for long
And so this is what a commodity as commerce is an evil terrorist group. So here is a map of what it looked like as the rocket fell across Israel over the weekend. Every one of these is, you can see this every one of these red dots, every one of these red pinpoint is a rocket falling basically to our southern Israel. Is everything from steroids to ash stowed? To ask alone, I everything to bear however, everything across southern Israel and central Israel is within the ambit of these come ass rockets. And is deliberately firing them into civilian areas, and the various did about firing them. The civilian areas and for those who don't know what rocket fire looks like here is some footage of the rockets being fired from Gaza. Come Ass is being funded by IRAN's. They have new, more sophisticated weaponry. Many of these rockets are, died, but a few of them are in fact guided, and here is what it looks like when your country imagined, Your city here in the United States, is being fired on by hundreds of rockets from just across the border. Here is what that looks like
who can see you're looking at streams of rocket. Does it dozens of rockets flying up into the air directed at civilian areas, and this is what this is. What It is doing- and I don't care where those Lynn, how do we know we don't Kara, there's land, because one of these rights, it certainly is rockets historically, have fallen short in full interposed. Indian areas over the weekend palestinian pregnant mother and enable a baby were killed by a following, palestinian rocket, meaning immediately jumped to blame the Jews because they buy every aspect of palestinian propaganda, because, if you're covering the Palestinians in Gaza Strip The only way they allow you in is, if you use their propaganda, to give false deaths, false deaths, statistics they suggested but killed civilians rather than members of Hamas remembers. Lama Jihad, another evil terrorist group that works with come ass in the Gaza Strip and that, together with some ass forms, a unity government with the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank a soap. These is,
that they don't care about any of that only about their own citizens of the care about their own citizens. They wouldn't be spending tens of millions of dollars, building terror tunnels in order to fight the Israelis, as opposed to you. No building up the area that Israel left in Sudan, in five. This is part of the background. The people also need to know hate this part of Israel. Ok, Gaza Strip is not controlled by the Israelis. The Gaza Strip was completely pull it out from by the Israelis in two thousand five. So any talk you hear of people talking about the so called the occupation of the Gaza Strip. There are no Jews in the Gaza Strip in two thousand, I've Ariel Sharon than the Prime Minister of Israel decided he didn't want to use, is really horses to maintain a small jewish community in what was called Goose Cadiz, and so they forcibly evacuated those Jews, meaning Jews took other Jews out of it. Does strip. They handed over all their resources to the Palestinian Authority. The palestinian Authority then proceeded to. One down all of those areas burnham down and they handed for bunch of greenhouses grew vegetables with pretty pretty innocent right,
They handed all that over to the Palestinian Authority and the authorities than burn those to the ground. There has but a Jew living. In the Gaza Strip for fourteen years, and yet this is still can there are important what occupation, by the light in the aftermath of his pulling out of the Gaza Strip supposedly in order jump start a peace process to create a set racial that would make Israel safer. The palace means immediately elected, not the palace you know, authority that Israel had handed over the Gaza Strip too. They immediately. Hamas and open terrorist group, the Paulsen not all these terrorist group do they just hidden it better for a while and there originally headed by Yasser Arafat's Fatah charter, still calls for the extermination of the state of Israel. They have never. They have never actually publicly agreed Israel has a right to exist, have called for a two state solution, but every time Israel has offered one they rejected it. Israel pulled out of this territory and then the search It has been used as a staging points to fire rock it's at civilians in Israel, not targeting military targeting civilians. So all rocks
being fired at Israel and Israel has something called the iron dome. The iron dome system is a system this been station in many of Israel's major cities, and it allows them to shoot down. These short range rocket here is what that looks like one is happiness and footage from the ground. You can see these puffs of black smoke in the air. There, the paths of black smoke in the air that would be the iron zone knocking down the rockets, now be important to mention here that one particular press an candidate. The Democratic Party voted against even funding Israel's iron dome we made a war in Iraq is one of eight Congress. People who voted against giving Israel the ability to shoot down rockets fired and its civilian areas, which shows We're beta work and many members of the Democratic Party are not a second I must the impact of all this, because there are for people who are dead in Israel three June who's, the bedouin- and this I mean no country no country- would allow the sort of thing none and normal be expected to allow the sort of thing
imagine if Mexico were firing, seven hundred rockets into San Diego there would be no more mexico. There would not be ok United States would immediately invaded topple the regime in Mexico. That's how this would go. How do we know because after all Qaeda knock down two of our buildings in New York, we took down to countries when we, knocked out Afghanistan? We took down the Taliban, we invaded them and we stay, therefore on twenty years and then in or prevent another nine eleven. This was the actual mission. We went into Iraq as well, so the United States. Can tolerate this kind of crap, which is why we live a safe and secure life. Here, Israel is expected to tolerate this sort of evil, specifically because the world doesn't care. If Jews killed so long as those Jews are being killed by certain people and this is where the anti Semitism question comes in, if you're, only taking seriously one type of Anti Semitism. I want to hear a crop, and I'll tiers about other types of Anti Semitism. Is you only care when a Jew gets killed at the Pittsburgh tree of life by a white supremacist? But you don't get cable, you don't care. Where did you get?
punched in Williamsburg by a minority, or you don't get k, aerial care if a Jew killed by falling rocket civilian area in Israel, dont spare me your spare me or crocodile tears about Anti Semitism, we'll get the dangers to second. First Let's talk about how you make your neighborhood safer rings mission is to make neighborhoods, favour. You might already know about their smart video doorbells cameras to protect millions of people everywhere ring helps you stay connected. Home anywhere in the world. So if there's a package delivery or a surprise, visitor you're getting along you'll, be able to see here and speak to them off from your own. That's thanks to each video into a audio features, Unring devices? I love ringed outcome, with I've had ring devices at my house for years. At this point, and since I obviously and very much invested in personal clarity and the security of my home. I can't ring. I can recommend ring highly enough. In fact, over the weekend there's another person whose word about security I recommended ring to them as a listener. It sucks-
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adverse country. Their noses living in the Palestinian Authority, nor will there be there. A million and a half non Jews living in the state of Israel, maybe two million at this point. Another person killed, pin cos Iceland, a twenty one year old Father of two, was killed. Motion. Daddy is a fifty eight year old was killed when his van was hit by a Hamas rocket and by the way, if Israel did not have quick response systems, then it would mean a lot worse here, for example, is a picture of a character. Now set Rockets, all right in the middle of a kindergarten is a special needs kindergarten. So Israel specifically targets terrorists and Hamas specifically target special needs kindergartens, but Laurie Morley. Morally equivalence, according to many in the west, and bear shovel that was destroyed and see a picture that its video of of the of the full destruction of the house in the house was blown up where the Rockefeller right. On top of that thing,
God the people inside that house were living underground when that happened, and then, of course, is a burning ambulance, because one of these struck an ambulance because terrorist don't care terrorist on care in a second show you what it's like to move Y, all anti Semitism is basically a peace and why should be treated as a peace? So, as I say, the same anti Semites wanna kill Jews in Europe. Don't care about? You is getting killed in Israel. The same anti Semites who pretend to care about white supremacist, killing at the tree of life, senator will defend Jews being murdered in their beds in Israel. So long as the clause is just according to some anti Semites, jewish blood is cheap, and so this leads to horrific and sad situations like this. Is this a video of a dutch woman I heard that this dutch family moved from Rotterdam to knock a lot as they moved away from the Netherlands because of the rise of anti Semitism in the Netherlands rise in hate crimes. Many of those hate crimes committed by radical Muslims,
They moved instead to national laws, which is in the south of Israel. Yesterday their houses Troy by palestinian terror, rocket watch. This video watch all the way to the demands that this is your life because of youth and now we're staying with friends, because we can't go in our own house and after what happened today, you have second thoughts. No I'm not leaving. This is my house. There were now we're not leaving us now That sounds the error rate alarm? I put your hearing right there at the alarm goes off, and then she charges into her house and she has to go, take care of her family and bring them underground. No country no country should stand for certainly not from an evil terrorist group. Hamas no country should stand for this so Israel has responded basically with targeted heads, so Israel response.
By killing terrorist terrorist, try to kill as many Israelis as possible. They don't care whether its Arab don't care, whether its do they recover, there's Muslim, that we care about any of that. The only then they care about is killing. As many Israelis is possible because their return, strobe in Israel tries to strike as many specific targets as it can. In fact, what you will see is that the left is lying about this. Of course, when I say the left, I mean people like proceeded to leaving open Omar, which will get you in a second. There lie about all of this there saying that what touch this off was indiscriminate is right the treatment of Palestinians. That is a lie. What touch all of this off is that common terrorists we're working with Quarterboat protests groups on the israeli border to shoot israeli soldiers, Israel retaliate, by killing some Hamas terrorists and within days there were firing hundreds of Rockets into the centre of Israel. But here is an example of this what Israel did, so Israel knocked out Hammas financier. You need a godsend terrorists, the idea for least a photo of his turned out car is that we just how come on adults who diary a godsend terrorist responsible. Transferring iranian funds to come out and the Palestinians
I'm a very hot and Gaza, helping Thunder rocket fire Israelis transferring iranian money to Hamas and the Pr J doesn't make you a businessman. It makes you a terrorist, and so you specifically targeted this particular die in his car and they hit him now, that's an amazing thing in the region? that Israel has not been harsher, dealing with Hamas, specifically because Hamas knows they know for a fact that if they put all of their weapons in civilian areas that Israel is less likely to hit them, because Israel has a rule Qatar, genetic meaning. The meeting purity of arms that says that you, are specifically. Israel is more humane than any country's military on planet earth moved the possible action. The american military, and maybe even not that just as the american military doesn't have to do, what this on America's borders. Israel goes out. It's way only to kill terrorists and, conversely, terrorists. Civically you, civilian areas, shields are, for example. Here is a picture of work Hammas has placed. Of the rocket launchers. If you can see that
picture what you will see that the rocket launchers placed at the top of a mosque in a minute and Israel's been hesitant head at. Why? Because, at the top of a mosque, Islamic Jihad uses mask as command and control centres. The idea said Palestine palestinian Islamic Jihad. Terrorist group in Gaza was using a mosque in all shot the densely populated area as command and control centre terrorists in Gaza use places of worship for military purposes. We targeted the command and control centre. Last night, the Hamas had quarters during the last Gaza WAR was beneath. The hospital They know that Israel will not hit the hospital because they don't want to kill innocent people in there is no mortal equivalence here. None anyone you draw moral equivalence between the Israelis are desperately attempting to kill palestinian civilians and the Palestinians, authority and Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and the people who side with them and voted for them who are eager to fire rock. Its into the centre of civilian areas and warning and protects pal guinean civilians, who deliberately put palestinian civilians in harm's way, who hide
behind their own civilians, because they don't want to be killed because their cowards and whom draws that moral equivalence between the Israelis, who have not only handed over without any preconditions the Gaza Strip to the control of the Palestinians, but also have made repeated concessions in terms of terrorists or to the Palestinians over and over and over. Who is no in two thousand eight offered fully ninety six percent of all And ingredients Mary in the West Bank, most of which is historic, Israel offered ninety six percent the other four percent will be land swaps, so the Palestinian will receive one hundred percent of land as well as connections between Judea Maria and the Gaza Strip, as well Is Jerusalem as the capital that was the indian State and Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the palace, Did authority walked away from the table about a counter offer? And now only the second to offer in the last several years, rail has repeatedly made concessions from Oslo. So why river accords to two thousand, when a hood Barrack offered to
walk away of Ehud Barak, offered everything, and even the Clinton In and understand why Yasser Arafat walked away hey. That is demonstrative. Anybody who tries to drop moral equivalence before in a group that open there not hiding the ball here from us, they openly stated. Nicholas as many jobs as possible that the Koran calls for them to do so and that they want Israel destroyed, root and branch. Anybody, We suggest that genocidal anti jewish Nazi S. Treatment of Jews is equivalence with Israel's specific targeted attempts to kill specific terror, in defence of their own citizenry, is morally insane morally insane. And yet what you have seen is this moral insanity that has conquered the left. I'm all insanity, not one democratic presidential candidate, has spoken about what's happening in Gaza, not one zero, zero Not one minute is an unbelievable statement. You have an american democratic ally under attack with hundreds of rockets,
hundreds of rockets into civilian areas than days and not one democratic presidential candidate, has spoken out about it, not a single one. So here is my question pro Israel people people who just don't like Anti Semitism. I'm not saying you got about Republican? What I'm saying is, I don't know how you can vote for this part I do not know how you can vote for this party. I'm not saying I vote for Donald Trump. Maybe I hate from fine, but this isn't about that is. Do you have the moral courage to recognise the Democratic Party is becoming what they become? Not one comment for single democratic candidate as a democratic ally as Israel is put under attack by hundreds of right, from an openly stated Anti Medicare group, and then I'm supposed to believe you guys when you are shedding crocodile tears over about of power over the tree of life senator I'm supposed to believe the New York Times and then New York Times sheds those crocodile tears. At the same time, there are refuses to take sides against Hamas. Yeah you can all go. Do something unprincipled, yourselves,
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Anti Semitism demonstrates how leftist anti Semitism makes common cause with radical islamic Anti Semitism and again I don't wanna, hear your crime now, two years about you, He's getting shot in synagogues by white supremacist when you don't give a damn If you get shot in synagogues by muslim terrorist, dont care, don't hear from you have no more legitimacy, none! If you can not condemn what is going on right now. If you can condemn Hamas Islamic Jihad, then you got nothing. It's it's amazing. It's amazing to me. The people on the left or even in the muslim community would have any trouble condemning this stuff at all. It's incredible to me. I remember a few years back. I was on Fox NEWS, and They had on somebody, I believe, from care from the council on American Islamic Relations, which is an uninvited conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, the Holy Land Foundation was basically a front group for Hamas raising money from Hamas and Hezbollah among other terrorist groups allegedly- and this spokesperson for care was sitting there. I said why can't you condemn Hammas longest condemn come up,
because it will you condemn the kick. Your ass out, of course condemn the cake. Ok, they're, garbage their evil, why wouldn't I can Ok, ok, there's not difficult way. Unhappy, it condemns anybody who is evil but there is a whole group of people who want, and those people include people when the sorcerer, who you will recall introduced senator occurs Angela Brand Rally is a well respecting member of the hard core left ahead of the way since March, a friend to El Hunt, Omar and retreated to lead and Alexandria cause your Cortez, those more only despicable ass, many leaders in the house Linda's our sore wrote. I am too In Kenya, opinion nonviolence, which is lerius since she has campaigned with ass, mere Oda convicted terrorists. Should I choose non violence is a powerful means to change, but I don't have to choose or justify violence to understand where it comes from. Oppressed people see no way out. We have to be critical thinkers advocate and present solutions. That would be her making excuses Hamas terrorists because Linda's our sore, doesn't care about her
and so long as it is directed at Jews. She does not care about it. She is an anti semite receded to weep another anti semite solution until tweets out. When will the worlds dehumanizing humanising our palestinian people, who just want to be free. I was unaware that wanting to be free I wish you to fire rockets at civilians on other side of a boar didn't real eyes that also is wanna, be free, maybe get rid of the common regime that is oppressing its own people and spending tens of the of dollars on weaponry to fight Israelis. Ass, the border when they have complete domestic control inside the Gaza Strip. When you- and I will make one other note Here- Rashid ITALY is somebody who has trusted. The Jews have dual loyalty when it comes to Israel. What is this? Our palestinian people business, not another problem with her using that phrase, she's palestinian people, with that, but the little choose other people do dual loyalty. Lady, take a look in the mirror. If that's the kind of phraseology that you're happy using she's headlines like this in framing
in this way, just seasons. The continued lack of responsibility on Israel will unjustly oppressing target Palestine children and families Israel unjustly targets palestinian children and families. This is happening in the middle of may come most firestorm directed at kindergartens directed at ambulances. Direct did at families and homes. And she is saying oh yeah. This is Israel's fault. She's, a terror Apologist, Rashid, ITALY, a damned anti semite as well. It is incredible which is able to get away with this, and not only get away with this that the Democratic Party will continue to ignore. It is this, idiots and moral reprobates even pass an anti Semitism resolution naming ill. How are they to broaden it out to include all forms of eight? Why? Because they understand that if they condemn Anti condemn Anti Semitism, their condemning the members of the ruling party does not just Rashid to leave until Hunt Omar herself, when I say, she's a terrorist apologist. I mean she actively wrote a letter to a drug in two thousand sixteen asking that ISIS recur
be given a lighter sentence because they were marginalized communities in the United States and totally who into thousand thirteen in an interview laughed? idea that Al Qaeda and Hezbollah were scheme hurry and bad. So here she tweeted out in the middle of all this. How many more protesters must be shot? Rockets must be fired and little It must be killed until this endless cycle of violence and take the people who were shot by the Israelis, we're not protesters, they are their embedded among protesters and firing at israeli soldiers to israeli soldiers were severely wounded and Israel. You're back on people who are shooting at them. How many more rocket must be fired? were firing? Rockets right now? Aren't Hammas Jihad, as or trying to murder Jews in their beds. How many little kids because I don't know I the Fogel family a family living in Israel were slaughtered in their beds by terrorists, and those terrorists were then
within their families, are rewarded by the Palestinian Authority, and streets were named after the terrorist murdered. I can you not toddlers in their beds, the Fogel family. Look it up. They'll have the status quo of occupation and humanitarian crisis in Gaza is unsustainable. Only ray justice can bring about security and lasting, These I seen by real justice. She means firing rockets, civilians, the status quo, the patient. There is no occupation in the Gaza Strip. The only that Israel does is prevent transportation from Israel to the causes, given the only reason they do. That is because Hamas controls the Gaza Strip and has been using those transportation borders as a way to attack, Israelis. In this is insanity, and then I'm party, not a word, nothing, nothing! What they will do as they will point to the the beam left Jews who have no association with Judaism other than to use it as a cover for their own ends. Israel An anti Israel activity unwillingness to cover for Anti Semitism. This would include suppose it Rabbi Jill Jake
comes as a rabbi. Like I'm a basket. Like like I'm an mba player, she's a rabbit, Bernie Sanders, the capitalist rabbi Jacobs, who knows was about Judaism than the average door. Owned by a Jew rabbi. Jacob says came That's not comparing hardwood dogs comparing her level of knowledge to that of of a non sentient beings. Rabbi Jacobs Rights came out of about two mourners of needless loss of life: praying for the families of the Israelis and Palestinians killed today and for political leadership at the courage to seek political military solutions: oh yes had really about Israel's leadership icy. I These are making excuses there. Thank you Jill Jacob she's, the head of a terrible grew culture. And then there is another one called, if not now, which is again a radical anti Israel group and they make justification for Hamas firing its civilian areas, and we cannot look at this in isolation. This latest flare up is the result of years of deliberate israeli political decisions to keep Gaza on the brink of humanitarian crisis, really isn't that
is that Israel has been paying all the bills in Gaza. Breathing pays for the electricity who do you think, make sure the water keeps on flowing in income us. The only reason that Hamas continues to function in the Gaza Strip is because Israel is afraid that if they not how come ass there'll be no one to pick up the garbage, if not now says. The indifference of Israelis, Americans, Jews and non trees alike to this is appalling. You know its appalling, the fact you're making just for terrorist group, but of course, if not now is doing that, there's a shocker as a shocker, you want know by the way, about the left willingness to overlook Anti Semitism based on the identity of the anti Semites. All you have to know is this video, so there's a video of children does not make us
Europe is not Judaism area. This is not in Turkey or Saudi Arabia or Egypt. This isn't Philadelphia. The tape of kids in Philadelphia and this type of kids in Philadelphia chanting in Arabic, about taking back I'll aka, should be the Temple Mount Store, the holiest spot and Judaism by Belgium. By the way Israel has given up control of the the Temple Mount effectively to the Islamic Walks, which is why, if you're a Jew, you can't go up there and say oh and say people of ticket to heal them. You can actually go up there. A song. If you say assault on the Temple Mount you could get arrested if you're a Jew. If you're muslim, you just got a mosque there in any case Here are a bunch of muslim kids in the United States, funded by the Muslim Muslim american society, and these kids are chanting rebels rebels, rebels chop off their heads in Philadelphia
the in Philadelphia in the United States. Warriors. Steeds call us lead us onto house leading to the all out. We defend the land of divine guidance with our bodies chop off their heads. Will liberate the sorrowful and exalted I locked them will lead the army of Allah filling his promise and we'll subject them to eternal torture. These, our kids info, Elsie are funded by the Muzzle american society muslim women. Inside he said I will look into it, but were embarrassed. This got out yeah sure your bears this gotta. So question: didn't we have months literally months of coverage of the coming ten catholic kids for standing there wearing mega hats months of coverage, and now, as a catholic school right has, Catholics are bad. We have heard from the industry. Media
this is a muslim school. Have you heard about this anywhere wasn't on CNN was MSNBC? Did anyone covered? Were there any Questions asked about how the muslim american society funded this particular school. What they're doing to prevent this sort of indoctrination? Was there in question about you know? Maybe king into some of the other schools funded by the muslim american society to see what else they are teaching which textbooks they're using if they are funded by what habits or pushing a certain agenda? Now, of course, we're not allowed ass those questions. If we do that Islam a phobia. We'll just ignore. This will pretend it doesn't exist if you ignore Anti Semitism being preached to eight year olds. Those kids are maybe six Seven, maybe eight years old and the video in the United States care about that, because the only sort of anti Semitism you care about is the white supremacist they need care about Anti Semitism. What you really care about is used. As I Semitism as a political tool to attack their political opponents, in which case I have no interest in
Opinions about anti Semitism or frankly about anything else, because this is not just a question of jus hatred. It's a question of basic morality, you think he is. He can't condemn one type of anti Semitism, because you're too politically invested in the outcome, then you're bad person, you have a moral shortcoming gets more of this injustice can all show you have left is, is shutting off Anti Semitism, depending on the source. First mother's day is coming up. There's absolutely nothing. Most of us wouldn't do make sure the special moms and our life are happy. Sure is very, has special mother's day, berries design just from on their top with chocolate chip pink shrimp. Sugar and whistles user every date to ensure mom gets your gift, sherry's berries, exactly when you want her to your satisfaction, always guaranteed cherries bear that. Let me cite the chocolates for shares. Berries caramels, everything save a lot of kosher products. I have a lot of these things. Oh, my goodness, in their products, are just delicious. If you are looking forward to the best sweets, you can possibly by Unita visit, berries, DOT,
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it's happening in Israel is not actually happening in Israel. That Anti Zionism is not Anti Semitism that warning to destroy the state of Israel and kill every civilian inside it that really it's not you hatred, it's just that it's just a political difference. Really it's just a political difference. The people are having and its anti Semitism come from the left side of the AL, it's not Anti Semitism at all. It's just political differences within Netanyahu. Government we because I saw the same sort of coverage when it was a huge omair who's on the left was able to Iraq who's on the left. Amazing weirdly consistent but, as I say, their votes on the left arm, more than willing to overlook anti Semitism, so long, that Anti Semitism is coming from radical Islam is because, in the interim, Sectional worldview have left. Muslims are more victimized than Jews and Jews. More successful than Muslims, and therefore Jews must have victimized Muslims and therefore anti Semitism directed from ad Jews by Muslims. Radical Islamists. That sort of anti Semitism is justified on Inter sectional grounds,
and then you ve got people on the left. You say: well, you know, if we're anti Israel and we decide to print something openly at symmetric, you can have to forgive us. I mean it's easy to get mixed up. Here's Irina Carmen is CNN contributor explaining on CNN, reliable sources that we're all paying too much attention to the New York Times this cartoon. You know that openly anti semitic cartoon that they printed a couple of weeks ago they had the phase of Benjamin Netanyahu on a dog and a jewish star collar round his neck, leading a blind Donald Trump wearing a Yamaha, a fat blind eye from wearing Yamaha. Just. Why are we paying attention to that sort of stuff? Now I, no I'm sure ring Carmen would say exactly the same thing. Had it been a cartoon, about, say, muslim leader leading president Trump around the neck, I'm sure would win the exact same thing using every muslim stereotyping about I'm sure that that would be fine with the ring Carmen here. She is explaining that we're all pay too much attention to the New York Times is anti semitic cartoon. I am an israeli citizens. I was born in Israel, I'm from
Fourth generation of scientists and my family? I thought that the cartoon was offensive, but I also thought that the attention paid to it was disproportionate beyond folks, like us reporting on what happened, which is important, and I also saw a kind of being cynically exploited to change the subject from the fact that. For example, just over a week ago, somebody took up arms and entered a synagogue in California and killed somebody. I know that a lot of people seized on those who already have an agenda because they want to discredit the New York Times, and I think the New York Times responded adequately and we need to see this in proportion ok so notice how what she's doing there is directing away from the New York Times and back toward the white Supremacist shooting Nikobob highway. Why can't both be true? I can't anti Semitism from the New York Times be bad and also white. Supremacist Anti Semitism is bad. Why are people having a tough time with this? This is not particularly tough. There are saying to show you a couple on play for you. A couple of pieces of audio demonstrate the moral difference between one side and the other in what is happening in Israel and the endeavour
Anti Semitism that is happening inside the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and yet again the media. Pretending many in the media, pretending that there is a moral equivalence. Ok, so I just the two to ignore the moral component of what is happening in Israel right now is to blind yourself to reality. Dennis Prager, my friend uses a quick thought experiment to illustrate the difference between the Israelis and the palestinian leadership in and by the way many of the palestinian folks voted for Hamas right out there. They having had a vote in the Gaza Strip since two thousand sex, but when they were allowed to vote, they voted for Hamas and before that they voted for the Palestinian Authority. I would hope that the Palestinians would would now elect see to elect a government that was willing to make some sort of deal. So all of this can come to the end. You think that these really desperately want all of their kids to be drafted in the army, sir, for years under danger of death in military uniform, you think it's really what they wanted to go, the mayors This a long time ago there will only be peace when the Palestinians love
their children more than they hate hours. This is effectively correct it. Well, it's it's pretty amazing. If you want to see the difference between the two sides, so yesterday million people hiding a bomb shelter is the vast majority of them Jews in a jewish state which, by the way is amazing, is then an amazing statement. It used to be the Jews were group in the ghettos now Jews in their own state are being told that they have to go underground, who simply preserve their lives, but this is Jews and in its frankly, this is reminiscent of of many scenes from jewish history in which we are trying to drive hope from some pretty hopeless and terrible circumstances Jews driven underground in a bomb shelter. A rabbi found a couple. Those supposed me married that day and so just perform the wedding in some under a helper inside the bomb shelter but you did That's what is happening in Israel here is what
happening in in the Gaza Strip. As these rockets were falling as the Rockets were falling. Here is what power citizens, many Palestinians we're doing inside the Gaza Strip, chanting shouting cheering very excited Very excited is the Rockets are fired, their cheering. Is the rockets are fired into Israel, how many Israelis rather cheering as Israel was firing rockets terrorist, none when any video of it anywhere. Why? Because it doesn't exist, Israelis are upset that they have to be involved in this war, Many Palestinians are overjoyed the Jews are in danger of death in civilian areas. That is just a reality of the situation, as I mentioned, that is progress Dennis breakers. Thought experiment is this: if the juice put it other guns tomorrow. What would happen well know the answer: if the juice put down there
they disarm tomorrow. There would be no more Israel, the Jews would simply be destroyed. The Palestinians, their allies, would walk right in and kill everyone. How do we know this? Because the because the arab countries surrounding Israel tried to do it, and I think forty eight that trying to do at nineteen fifty six they tried to do at nineteen sixty seventy tragedy, one thousand nine hundred and seventy three. They tried to do in nineteen eighty one, eighty two during Lebanon war and try to do it during the Gaza war they tried to visit. This is not a thought if it was just a reality and the Palestinians, or put down their guns to Morrow and make peace. The next day there be a palestinian state the next day that this is not The fact that people try to draw moral equivalence is is simply a sign. Of moral ignorance at best and moral evil at work there is a video that I didn't and showing a reference date on YO. My show us last week. Yo Marcela they holocaust remembrance Day and in order to understand what Israel is. I think you have to understand too
video, so number one. You have to understand the video that we showed in play. A little bit earlier on the programme of the woman from Netherlands. Move with her family from the Netherlands to Israel, specifically because Europe is becoming unlivable for Jews, and so Israel has become a safe haven for many Jews who are seeking a safe place to live. The second video have to see: is this one? So this video is from Myanmar shows this is Holocaust remembrance Day and there's an l. Plain allows. The israeli national airline- and they allow plain, was flying over Germany over Berlin, the pilot gotta. And announced to the plane in Hebrew that a year before he done this said that on your machine he tells the plane historic. His story is that all of his grandparents off our grandparents were slaughtered in the concentration camps by the Germans, and he said, and if my grandparents could be alive today, to see a plane with a jewish star flying over Berlin, then the then I can't imagine what they would think and then it begins.
To sing a song that he is singing is a very famous hebrew song. The translate is the world is very narrow bridge and the important thing is to not be afraid, and here is what then the entire plain begin singing. This is what that sounds like is the entire planes and because on the israeli side, the Jews are going to live through this a well and doesn't matter if you're an anti semite, it doesn't matter. If you're gonna make excuses for anti Semites. Does it do It will continue to live because the use of always continue to live. The question is not about the Jews. The question is about you this, whether you are Jew or not you it doesn't matter. The question is what
sort of jus hatred. Are you willing to stand for what sort of moral evil are you willing to stand for in order to protect your own political hide and protect our own political side? And I don't care what the usual? Whether or not you in this question in the fact is that U S. Jews are significantly more likely than you are Christians to say the President Trump friction favours the Israelis too much. This has nothing to do with any sort of ethnic attachment here if you're a moral human beings, Z is a moral conflict and if you are willing to overlook Anti Semitism among one group because you're afraid that if you don't that you will alienate your intersection of base, as the Democrats apparently are, if you're, what to do that. Then you deserve whatever moral shall lacking you take its its deeply disturbing forget about as a Jew as an American as an American is deeply disturbing to watch. Many members of the public on all sides of the political I'll say that certain
types of hatred are ok based on the person doing the heating, and I will say that it is far more mainstream on the left and then on the right these days, and it's you think that as a conservative, this is not a politically motivated thing. I'm not saying this because I want servants to what I am saying this, because I want decency when what decency to win and if you can't condemn, if you can have one democratic presidential candidate, come forward and say a thing about The only democratic seem said. Nothing is Kristen Cinema, immoderate, careful Arizona, she's, the only one, not a single other Democrat, who said anything about this well then, when, when Jews get shot in a synagogue, spare me your thoughts. We all know what you think. Because the fact is that anti Semites all over the world have no problem, lumping all Jews together and, if you're willing to grant them cover to do so, based on your own political convenience, your providing cover France, I so much as simple as that. Ok temper, some things I like and then some things that
hate. So things that I like TAT said this was pretty hilarious. Actually, so there was a so that their a democratic senatorial campaign Committee tweet they put out. There is a pole, and the poll was a was a appall on whether you would like to see more justices like Justice, Cavenaugh or more like justice, Ginsburg, and here the problem. Twitter guys To this end, you gonna get role. They are told so hard. Seventy one percent said Justice, Cavanaugh and the Senate Democrats had to pull down the to heat, which is in and of itself pretty hilarious. Other things that I like today, I have to admit that burn. Sanders trying to suggest that he can't explain his? U, socialism is pretty hilarious, so Bernie Sanders was asked about his view of socialism and said, he can't describe it, is it he was asked by Johnson Karla ABC. He said I can describe it it's too complex for me to describe very quickly really. I can do free markets and, like us,
and every human being is in control of their labour book done well ass, hard. Here's Bernie Sanders not being able to some of socialism drove seems to want to run again you certainly wants to run and Republicans want to run against socialism, ok the time for you to disavow that that label problem is television interview, it's hard for me to describe in depth what we mean by that when social security was created. What did the Republicans called socialism anytime? You do things for the people and you stand up through the wealthy and powerful you'll be label this that in the elderly or other decisions label. You and all of the issues that we are talking about. These are ideas than one One know another are in fact supported by the american people visit this him again, trying to run away from the consequences of his own philosophy? The truth is that Bernie Sanders still has condemned. What is going on really in Venezuela has been effectively silent about all of that, so it is,
if you're a socialist and you like Norway, why are you having trouble condemning Venezuela? Why seems kind of weird right cabinet think a lot of this is, I think, a lot of the truth is coming out. Here's a video of protesters, the venezuelan embassy. They are protesting against people who were upset with Nicholas Maduro, the evil socialist dictator Venezuela. They protested. By blasting, a Paul Robeson version of the Soviet national anthem. Through the speakers, I is pretty obvious, where a lot of these folks stand inside the embassy and glass in our audio Soviet national anthem please! The masts are coming off at least the master coming off time, for a couple of things that I hate something that I hate number one so Corey Booker, who is a desperate political candidate, trying to gain attention? He is,
is channeling Joe Biden when he says this. There's this tendency on the left to equate paying high taxes would be more patriotic, which really does raise the question. If you want more patriotic, you guys, you can just give up money to the government like anytime? You want no one, stop inquiry Booker from doing it. Here's Corey, Booker, say: Dory people won't mind paying higher taxes because their patriotic, and I mean that means that if you are the most patriarch, presumably you'd give all your money to the government that we, like the super highest form of patriotism. Right now be amazing. Here's Corey Booker doing that retain. What do you say to somebody who says yeah, I'm not crazy about tromp bud, the economy has done so much better and Republicans. Keep telling me down the democratic nominees going to raise my taxes and he is talking about raising taxes, so that might hurt the economy that might hurt my bottom. Why? What's the counter arguments that I think that we live in former patriotism, the people or are expressing what I mean by that is false, want the best for their country.
And they know that if your family does have great public school for UK, if your family does not have greater access to health care than we are suffering as a result of that nothin creating greater cost over that's it so far, more patriotic it pay higher taxes. The ultimate from patriotism is to give all your resources government our sense of communism is the highest form of patriotism. Great thanks, Corey Booker really appreciate it in its great. When you can avoid consequences of your own policy, because tapir asks him. Inefficiency. Question rightly says: why do people worried it might think the economy and Booker's like what the patriotic they shouldn't worry about? That ok. If you're patriotic evaluates the government seems like a scary way to go that's being of scary ways to go Kamel. Harris is now doing routine. Everybody on the left is doing this routine, where they kowtow to these silly. Idea that the Georgia Gub Gub editorial races, actually won by Stacy Abrams machine. Hillary Clinton do this. Now we seem calmly,
Harris do this here. She is saying at voter: fraud is behind every election, its authority. The Democrats were correct in twenty sixteen, where they said that, if Donald Trump and accept the results of the election, it would be dangerous for the country. I said that's true, that's true. If we all believe that there are elections are rig, can we very difficult for us to live in a democratic republic, and yet Democrats are doing with every single day on the campaign trail in doing it along racial lines, suggesting the black people are being dispossessed at the polls which by percentage is not true at all, People were wildly over represented at the polls in both two thousand and two thousand twelve, and I ve been evenly represented by percentage of the population and least since two thousand eight, but here is come over. Here is promoting that lie. Let's say this loud and clear: without voters, suppression, Stacy Abrams would be the governor, so I've lie. That is a lie. Andrew kill, em is the governor.
Lower than that is a lie as well. So basically, we ve never lost an election according come over. Here is democratic one, every election and yet we hear about how dangerous it is Donald, Trump, a dangerous man, this A very, very bad development for the Republic and Democrats are engaging in it Spare me your sanctimonious about president from breaking. Our systems of government when you're suggesting that every election you loss was unjustly lost. Hillary Clinton, one Andrew Gilan, one Stacy Abrams one actually care deeply about the institutions of democracy all right. We'll be back or later today, with two additional hours of the Ben Shapiro show so we'll see you, then I'm bench of here. This is the benchmark erosion, this is the bench. A bureau shall executive producer, Jeremy boring senior producer- Jonathan, hey- are supervising produce There is math is Glover and our technical producer is often Stevens edited by Adam. Sigh of its audio is mixed by Michael Romena. Heron make up is by just one overall production assistant Nick She had the bench. Shapiro shows a daily wire production, copyright daily wire, twenty nineteen, I'm
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