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Ep. 852 - Red Flags Everywhere

2019-09-03 | 🔗

Another mass shooting rocks Texas, Hurricane Dorian gains steam, and Hollywood celebs targets anyone who backs Trump. Date: 09-03-2019

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Hurricane during in gained steam, another mass shooting rocks Texas and Hollywood celebs target anybody who backs trump, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is Ben Shapiro, show Labor Day weekend. That was something the Labor movement was good for right I mean the Labor Day weekend was nice, just a random daily. You get off. Also the rest of this week is short, so we'll get through it together. We have a lot to get to today. Let's start with the latest on this hurricane, so, according to the Washington Post Category, three hurricanes Orient has parked itself over the northwestern Bahamas. Sunday night I mean this. Sucker is moving like traffic on the four hundred and five meaning, not at all. It is unleashed a nightmare. Twenty four hour, siege of devastating storm surge, destructive winds and blinding rain with Dorian Perch perilously close to the Florida peninsula Monday night into the first part of Tuesday, has become the critical time that is likely to determine whether the state is Dell, a powerful blow or less intense, scrape. Just tens of miles and subtle storm wobbles could make the difference between the two scenario.
The storm has come to a standstill over grain Bahama Island. If it soon starts to turn N Florida would be spared Orient full fury. It looks right now, according to the storm acts like that is a significant possibility that sort of hugs the coast, but doesn't actually slam into floor full force. If Dorian Lumber is just a little more to the west, storm effects would pummel parts of the coastline. Such small differences in the track forecast will have similar implications further north from Coastal Georgia to the Carolinas. Millions of people have been evacuated in expectation that the pasta that this hurricane could slam into the Florida coast, the National her Mccain Center, has issued Hurricane storm surge and tropical storm watches and warnings from the Atlantic coast of Florida northward into South Carolina storm surge first of the storm driven rise in ocean water, above it normally dryland. According to the Washington Post, the National Weather Service Office in Melbourne
sort of says, the threat of damaging winds and life threatening storm surge remains high. There will be considerable impact and damage to coastal areas, with at least some effects felt inland as well. Ok, so guys, if you are in the path of the hurricane and the authorities, are telling you to move, do not be a silly person move we've seen too many cases where people stick around and then it puts people's lives in danger, not just the people who stick around, but also people who are supposed to rescue them. There they're always these stories of people who stick around and brave it out. That's not braving out, that's you being a moron. If they tell you to move, you should move, because if you don't move you're putting yourself at needless risk, so that is sort of the story and the latest. This is not prevented the media from focusing in on the chief problem here. The chief problem, of course, is president Trump is always always it doesn't matter what's happening in the universe. President Trump is the black hole of attention that sucks in
all light and um. It's none. So President Trump over the weekend, as per his usual routine, was riffing, because this is what he does and honestly I find it really ridiculous. I found it ridiculous when Barack Obama did it. I find it ridiculous when, when Bush did I find ridiculous when Trump? Does it this routine, where the president is supposed to go to the storm center at the Department of Homeland Security or at FEMA, and he's supposed to oversee things, he ain't, the king, okay, we've got entire staffs of people dedicated to doing this. You think that President Obama knew a lot about storm relief, like that was his area of expertise when he would jet set into the aftermath of hurricane income for people again. The the president, hello was was a reality star long before Donald Trump was a reality star and the notion that the president either controls the weather or has significant impact in how the weather is taking care of from above afterwards is just ridiculous.
The handles at their regulations that govern how FEMA is supposed to handle all this. In any case, President Trump is not his fault, but he shows up at the Department of Homeland Security to talk about the hurricane again. I just find it so off putting this God, like emperor figure, not trump. Just the presidency was supposed to descend from on high and then talk about hurricanes like they know anything about her president Trump, not knowing things about hurricanes. This is strong, determined and resilient, and we will support each other and we will work very hard to minimize whatever the effective of what's coming out, as we don't even know what's coming at us all we know is it's possibly the biggest. I have not sure I'm not sure that I've ever even heard of a category five. I knew it existed and I've seen some category for she don't even see them that much. But I can't thirty five or something that I don't know.
I've never even heard the term other than I know it. It's there. Ok. So everybody gets very uptight about saying this sort of thing, because this is what trump does everything that he ever does is superlative. So if a woman is beautiful should not just be she's most beautiful and if a storm is big, it's not just big, it's the biggest you've ever seen, and if there is a recession, it's not just the recession it through his recession in human history and if it's a great economic boom, it's not just a great economic boom. It's the greatest economic boom since guide, created the earth the seventh day huge economic boom. Let me tell you: ok, so naturally the media go nuts over this. How dare Trump say he's never seen a category five Hurricane Anderson Cooper is very upset about this, because Anderson Cooper has do it outside in the middle of rainwater and such so here is Anderson, Cooper being very upset. That Trump doesn't know there have been other category fives on his watch or something category. Five is something that I don't know that I've ever even heard the term okay. So what makes what you just
even more confusing or even weirder, is that multiple category five hurricanes have either hit or threatened to hit the United States during his presidency wow. I, what what heroic journalism there from Anderson Cooper you mean President from got a thing wrong. Wow, obviously that means doesn't care about hurricanes and then Anderson Cooper doubles down is well Trump softball thing again, there are certain situations in which I think that the president is basically necessary, and it seems to me that, let's say when in embassy in Benghazi is on fire, the president might be needed in order to determine whether or not american troops ought to be sent there to protect in american embassy that jet setting off to LAS Vegas for a party with Beyonc and Jay Z. That might be like not a great thing to do, or if you're going golfing in the middle of some sort of national security crisis, but you have an entire FEMA, hey. You have an entire federal agency. That is that's directive. It sold directive is to watch this stuff. Do you think that President Trump's presence in the White House is going to make a large deal of difference when it comes to the fallout from a hurricane?
Is not yet hit land grant? It is bad optics, but is it really a difference maker and the role of the presidency in the public mind is so large and so ridiculous that we tend to think of the president is sitting over some sort of desk with control buttons. If I just had this one right here well, that means that I stop the hurricane, deploy the resources. Bob pick up. The red phone, like the mayor on the old Batman, show, in any case, here's Anderson Cooper, saying not from soft golfing and there's a hurricane about to hit okay, whatever man. This was this two hundred and twenty seventh day at one of his golf clubs, since he took office right, it would be one thing if he had not gone after the former president about golfing and said that he would never go golfing because he'd be too busy and doing two important work and winning so much I mean it's not us nitpicking. It's using his own criteria of for judging other presidents and by his own criteria, be sure is golf
sing a lot okay! Well again, there's there's there's something fair about that. I mean Trump did go after Barack Obama, a lot on the golfing, but will not somebody who did not go after Barack Obama lot on the golf in his name is Anderson Cooper. I don't remember it interesting Cooper, doing a lot of store about Barack Obama golfing. Now that it's Trump's like oh, it's terrible. I can't believe that Donald Trump would go golfing I mean especially when he said golf and was back, and you said golf and wasn't bad, and now you think all thing is bad. So this whole thing not everything is about trump guys. I mean short story. Not everything is about Trump, it's a hurricane or on the same side, we would like to see the hurricane not hurt people and we will deploy all the resource as we can, and that is going to be true, whether it is Barack Obama or George, W Bush or Donald Trump is the most non controversial part of being president is look a disaster. Let's deploy the resources that we have federal taxation to pay for, let's
that thing who's sitting around like now neck in a day, not it. This is such so it is now in a second I'm gonna talk about silliness with regard to another topic where there should be unity, because that is the name of the political game. These days is that there's a topic where there should be some sort of unity, and instead we decided, you know what no unity, let's scream at each other, for no apparent reason we'll get to that in just one. Second, first, let's talk about the fact that I have a lot of leftovers in my fridge. I know fascinating topic, but the fact is, you probably have a lot of leftovers too, and I know what happens with that stuff. You throw it in the fridge or, like other kids, will eat it, and then they don't eat it like. I know I will eat it for sure you don't need it instead, you, like four days it starts to grow, money and toss it in the garbage. Well, what if you had a better way of preserving that food, you can actually eat it later. What if you could save it? What if you could make sure that food was still edible? Not just in like a day or two days, but in weeks or months
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Z. Three hundred and seventy eight seven thousand five hundred and seventy one freeze, drying stuff, pretty cool and again said you a lot of money to get a lot of time and make sure that you're not just talking away for no reason. Eight hundred three hundred and seventy eight seven thousand five hundred and seventy one harvestright dot com, this harvestright dot com. So meanwhile, speaking of topics where there should be unanimity, and yet there is not, there was a mass shooting over the weekend again, and this is happening far too often easily. But this one was out of the news within forty eight hours, and this is always fascinating to watch, because when a mass shooting happens, if it for Phil certain criteria, the media are looking for. It remains in the news for ever. If it is not for Phil the criteria, the media are looking for, it disappeared, it's gone right, so if it's,
the El Paso shooting and it's a white supremacist shooting Hispanics going I'll, the Island WAL Mart in the news forever. If it is a shooting at a black church in Charleston South Carolina in the news forever, if it is a shooting of children in sandy Hook, Connecticut in the news forever, if shooting in Parkland Florida in the news forever, if it's a shooting at a gate in Orlando Nope, we don't talk about that one anymore. If it is a shooting at a church in Texas. We don't talk about that one anymore, if shooting in Dayton. Oh, we don't talk about that one anymore and the one here in Odessa, Texas. We don't talk about this. One there's no need to talk about this one. Why? Because there's certain criteria? The media are looking for one they're, looking for a long gun, they're looking for somebody who's using an a r fifteen, too they're looking for somebody who is motivated by some sort of white, supremacists or quasi right beliefs that they can pin on conservatives and three they're looking for some sort of mass shooting scenario in which the motive is not only
clear and convincing, but the person who is at issue is not really on anyone's radar so much if there are too many red flags that it tends to fall off if there are too many red flags, so you need a clear motive in order for the media, and the motive has to be a some sort of motive that cannot be attributed to the left. So if it's a it's an attempted shooting of congressional the congressional baseball players, people playing baseball for in Congress, then that doesn't make the news has a clear motive. The motive has to be a right wing motive or something that can be pinned on the right wing. If you're, the media and three it has to be with a certain type of guns, have a handgun. Then it doesn't make a difference which is a long gun. That's what you're looking for those are the three a motive, a motive they contribute to the right and it has to be with a particular type of gun. Well, this shooting in Odessa did not fulfill all of those three categories. According to CNN the Odessa Police Department on Sunday I do identified the man who killed seven people and wounding twenty two others in a shooting spree in West Texas. Now immediately as soon as the spree started happening. This was top of news, obviously, because it's big news when someone goes on a shooting spree. This person it turns out, however,
was not motivated by any sort of right wing beliefs, and not only was this person not motivated by right wing beliefs, there are one thousand red flat is one of the criteria to is the media would like for somebody who didn't trip off any red flags really, because then it can't be blamed on government failure right then it can be on the right Lynne generally, it can be blamed on America's tenor of violence. If, however, it can be blamed on the authorities missing it over and over and over again, then things get really awkward because the media don't like that story. That is what happened in parkland in parkland. It was to me it was the authorities led by the Broward County Sheriff's got Israel failing repeatedly to target the shooter in that particular case or protect the school, the media just pretended that never happened, and then there's this big tell hall on CNN, with Dana Lash and and with Marco Rubio, in which the right wing was abused, while Scott Israel stood there and grinned with Jake Tapper presiding, that's what the media are looking for. This shooting does not fulfilling it
these criteria. So, according to CNN, this particular shooter had been fired from his trucking job just hours before the rampage killing according to the New York Times. Also, this person was arrested in two thousand and one for criminal trespass and evading arrest. Both misdemeanors according to public records adjudication, was deferred the details of the case not immediately available. Also, his record included a two thousand and eighteen traffic citation a federal motor carrier safety violation according to Ector County court records. Apparently, the shooter was pulled over by Texas Troopers Midland on Saturday afternoon for failing to use his signal. He then shot at the troopers with what police described as an AR type weapon and sped away. Ok, so they get one factor, but not the uh to driving on streets and highways. He sprayed bullets randomly and residents and motorists according to police. The man then hijacked a postal truck and ditched his gold Honda shooting at people.
He made his way into a dessa about twenty miles away their police. Confronted him in a movie theater parking lot and killed him in a shoot out. It's unclear what the motive was. According to investigators, the FBI special agent in charge, Christopher Combs and his agency response Texas frequently. He said the FBI is quote here now. Almost every other week supporting our local and state partners on active shooters were almost every two weeks. An active shooter in this country. Apparently there about fifteen different crime scenes. Now, it's pretty clear early on. According to media reports that there were one thousand red flags that got missed, which again counters why this thing should be in the news, according to the media, if there were red flags, it's a government failure, that's bad! What the what the media are looking for is no government failure, an air type weapon, clear motive from the right, or at least something good- can be pinned on the right. You know something white supremacist they can pretend is a normal conservative position, even when it totally isn't his ABC News reports that this Odessa shooter
actually called an f b. I headline like fifteen minutes before I went on a shooting spree, call the national tip line about fifteen minutes before his account of what the troopers it was frankly, rambling statements, some of the atrocities that he felt that he had gone through. He did not make a threat during that phone, all the end of that phone call. After the phone all we initiate offer law enforcement procedures trying to figure out who he was where he was, unfortunately, was only fifteen minutes before the trooper was okay, so that was one red flag, and then there was another red flag. Apparently CNN reported that this particular shooter threatened to shoot his neighbour next month, and nothing happened at all. That's a pretty big red flag. There guys he is a thirty six
year old white man, a neighbor, tell CNN that last month he threatened her with a rifle after she put trash in a nearby dumpster. She says that he would often shoot into his backyard from a structure on top of his house and then go and retrieve dead animals. She also tells us that she called the police after that incident last month, but claims they never showed up, because the properties location doesn't show, find G p s. It is hard to find as far as a motive that is still unknown and the FBI special agent in charge warns. We may never now well lets you doodle, so it turns out that there are all of these terrible red flags. Everybody miss them and that's where not hearing that the shooting anymore, as I can be top of news today, this role Paso be in the news for weeks. It's not all pass okay. So therefore, it's not in the news for even days now, as we'll see the Odessa shooter also failed a gun background check. It will get to that in just one second. First, let's talk about why
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by the gun used in Saturday's incident. What's another thing that cuts against this being in the news, if it it's out, there are regulations that were already violated, then what another regulation have stopped any of this. The answer, of course, is now Abbas. We didn't say, according to the Texas Tribune, why the thirty six year old, Odessa man didn't pass the background check or how he obtained the rifle. He used to kill seven people and injured twenty two others abit also cited this year is coming call. History said we must keep guns out of criminals hands now this should be in area of relative unanimity. As I say, the left doesn't have the ability to blame it on the right. This is obviously a bunch of red flags that were ignored a bunch of government failures. This guy violated a bunch of regulation, so additional regulations probably would not have helped here and somehow. This is still become a partisan issue, because if we can make a hurricane parties and we can make anything partisan and if it's not partisan enough and it just sort of drops off the table in the news cycle, it
no longer there well leading the charge this time in the gun, control battle is Joe Biden has been looking for sort of a rationale for being in the race. The big problem for Joe Biden is that he still can't answer a very simple question: why are you running? This is one of the big problems for Hillary Clinton in two thousand and sixteen Bernie Sanders could tell you why he's running. You want to put think of course, but actually he was running because he wants more socialism. Hillary Clinton kept being asked why she was running and it was basically because I deserve it, and Joe Biden is the same thing. If you ask your Biden, why he's running? We will talk about the soul of the country and all this stuff, but it really feels like, if he's running, because he's real old and he's run one million times before and who is Barack Obama's VP and shouldn't just sort of hand it to him like a lifetime achievement award, it's like the Oscars and you know somebody's about the plot, so you give them the lifetime Achievement award. Well, there's a problem for Joe Biden, so he's been looking for some sort of spice in his campaign and the media are picking up
so the media, love, love, love, love, love, Elizabeth Warren and we'll get to Senator Warren in just a second, because her career is sort of fascinating is fascinating, how she moved from a sort of heterodox I kind of plastic thinker into somebody who is doctrinaire on the left, Bernie Sanders type because she didn't used to be but Joe Biden. The reason the media are out of love with him right now is because he can't answer that simple questions of the New York Times has a piece today by Mark Leibovich titled does Joe Biden want to be doing this, which is always a good sign for your campaign? Do you even want to be here Joe? How badly do you want to be? President Joseph R Biden was asked after a recent speech in Pro Iowa the answer to such an inquiry. What, if your self evident in the case of Mr Biden again his running for president routine more than three decades ago, in other words, very badly one would assume, but the question posed by our reporter seemed to come in Mister Biden is a bit of a curveball variants of the. Why do you want to be President Riddle that CBS is Roger Mudd, famously stump TED Kennedy with forty years ago, the former VP paused?
I think it's really really really important that Donald Trump not be reelected Biden said, which is more of a rationale than an answer. That's true. I mean that when the New York Times says that's more of a rational than an answer correct, but that doesn't explain why you want to be president. That explains why you don't want Donald Trump to be president. You then launched into a classic Biden, roller derby, of Vour bridge, in which he listed all the reasons he found Trump so distasteful. He landed on a question to himself. Could I die happily not having heard hail to the chief play for me, he said yeah. I could not why I'm running so why is he running, says the New York Times and is the singular nature of the opponents? All it will take to convince voters that Joe Biden really wants to be doing this right now at this vicious moments in our politics at this stage of his life. Remarkably, after all this time, Mr Biden stumbles to come up with a clear answer. His use of Mr Trump isn't
campaign mission statement might be a good enough reason at least win Biden. The democratic nomination in a large field where to other leading candidates, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders appear to be splitting the progressive vote, which would be less inclined to support him. To begin with, Biden's campaign has been Jack, hammering home the premise that he is best suited to winning a general election against an incumbent who must not be reelected. I need a donor who used to work for the Obama White House. She says he doesn't think you need a revolution here. Instead, it's a strategic bed according to the New York Times that guy the possibility of another four years of Trump Democrats will gravitate to the familiar and reach for the stitched up old Teddy Bear of a candidate e brutal it. But that is the reality. So Joe Biden has been looking for a rationale for why he's running, because while his numbers are fairly durable so far, if he can't answer that question sometime in here, it's going to be a serious problem for him right
now he's running in the low 30s. But let's say that we go another year another year. Remember it's still September! The nominee is not going to be determined in the Democratic Party until July of next year, so it's gonna be another ten thousand nine hundred and ten months of this routine. If Joe Biden can't come up with a better answer for why are you running for president, then I really really dislike trump it's over for you buddy well, so Biden is looking for a rational when he thinks maybe he's found it in gun control. Now he's not good at this. This is part of the problem for Joe Biden, and so even when he's making the case in favor of gun control, he literally has no idea what he's talking about this is a guy who won suggested that he bought a pump action shotgun so that if somebody came on his property and was a criminal, you could either blast through a door which would be probably a bad idea. Is you don't know who's on the other end of it or that he would go out onto the balcony of his home and fired the gun into the air, which is like something that he saw from an old western with Charlton Heston or something here is Joe Biden
over the weekend, suggesting that his solution on this is a ban on magazines. He said any magazine that holds a bullet is literally what a magazine is meant to do. So. What is he talking about? We're all going to start? Turning in every my automatic weapon and using revolvers and old bolt action rifles? What the hell is he talking here is passed to stop the idea that we don't have elimination of assault, type weapons, magazines that compare hold multiple bullets in them. It's absolutely mindless in his no violation of the second amendment. It is about to the special interest or the gun manufacturers in an array. Ok, so any gun that can hold multiple bullets. He wants to ban
and that's going to be in our eight one. One of the things that is so irritating about gun control talk for the last is that people do not become program because the NRA exist. The NRA exist because people are pro gun is like saying that a that planned parenthood in the absence of planned parenthood, there'd be no place for abortion. No planned parenthood exist because there was a push for abortion. Emily's list exist because there's a push for abortion, the honor is no different. It will get two more of the Democrats trying to find a raisin that the reason to exist by pushing gun control in just one second. First, let's talk about the
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to deal with. He knows better, he is instinct, was to say yeah we're going to do some on background check. What you doing come on. This is disgraceful. There is no solution. The solution is to win. Well, I seem to recall that your vice president, for eight years and for several of those years at the very beginning of the presidency, you had basically sixty votes in the Senate that got Obama care, and yet you didn't do anything on this topic, weird weird by and also stumbled and bumbled over the constitution. Here he says: well, the constitution does say anyone can own a weapon. The constitution does pretty much say that so long as you're, not a criminal, that's kind of what the second amendment basically says: it's a right to keep and bear arms. So yeah, I does actually every single, solid, Terry Amendment has a limitation on it. Now the limitation that exist on on the second amendment is nowhere.
Does it say you can own any kind of weapon you want? No, does it say no? No, where does it say anyone can own a weapon and those who say maybe some do and that the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots, meaning you got to be able to have enough power to take on your government. Well, you need an F15. You need an M1 tank. You need flamethrower, you need Brazuka, shooting. No, I'm serious. If that's the rationale. Okay, I know that that that's actually not a serious argument, considering the fact that small arms have have typically been a fairly good method of resisting a major power is Joe Biden on those, but in any case, job stumbling. It doesn't say anyone you know it kind of does right mean as long as you're an adult with very minor restrictions. It basically says: if you're a law abiding citizen, then you can own a weapon. Okay, it is not just Biden doing this. It's also beta old rock vato, desperately looking for a rationale for his campaign and he has also stumbled on gun control because of the shooting in El Paso. He says he
is just gonna start confiscating semi automatic weapons. Yes, I'm sure that nothing, nothing promotes people coming together, quite like saying that you're going to take one hundred and fifty two one hundred million Americans and just forcibly remove their guns from him. I'm sure this is gonna go great for Beto O'Rourke. You address the fears of government waste right with him. If you're talking about that's yeah, so I want to be really clear that that's exactly what we're going to do. Americans will own Ar Fifteens AK. Forty sevens will have to sell them to the government, we're not going to allow them to stay on our street to show up in our communities. Okay, so he we're not going to allow how's. He gonna do this with his magic president thing powers. This is one of the problems with the idea of the president is dictator. This is not how any of this works now one of the things that makes unanimity nearly impossible in the country right now and it makes it impossible to even have rational discussions even about
things like gun control is that we don't trust our neighbors and if we didn't trust our neighbors, maybe we wouldn't want the government coming in invading the rights of our neighbors, so much going to get to why exactly? We don't trust our neighbors, and the answer is: maybe your neighbor is a jackass we're going to get to that in just one second, first you're going to have to go over to daily wire dot com and subscribe for nine. Ninety nine a month for ninety nine a year you can subscribe to dailywire dot com. I'll, tell you why you should do this, not only when you get the annual subscription. You get this, the very greatest in all beverage vessels cast your eyes upon it and weep that you have it not. The leftist here is hot or cold tumblr. Not only do you get that, but you also get to be part of the team, and this really does help us because, as we'll see in a moment, the left is firmly intent and destroying anyone who disagrees with them. They play this game where you have a conversation with someone you disagree with and suddenly you're the bad guy. This is the game left wants to play
to make it a really unpalatable for views. They disagree with to be aired in public, and so, when you subscribe, you actually help us make sure that we have the resources to go around their gate keepers and make sure that you can get the sort of content that you want here. Daily wire really is helping us out, help yourself and help. In the first amendment out, we go to daily. Why care dot com, put your money where your belief system is enjoying the team over here at daily, but we really do appreciate it. Our employees appreciate it. I know that all of our listeners appreciate it come join daily wire right now. We're have largest fastest growing, growing conservative, podcast and radio show in the nation, so a vicious cycle of distrust right. We have decided that, because some people in our community want to use the government to come after us that we distrust those people, and then those people decide that because they distrust you, they want the government to go after you. So it's this vicious cycle of mistrust, and this is why, for example,
red flag gun laws which seem like they make a lot of sense. They rely on the idea of your neighbor. Isn't gonna call the cops on you just because you have a political disagreement right in the red Light gun laws are the idea that a neighbor a friend I see something bad happening. They call the cops, and now there can be a pro airy removal of your guns for the moment. Well, we ask retain what exactly is going on. Hey and frankly, I don't have a general problem with this idea. I'm is that you may have your next door neighbor, who just wants to remove your guns. I did to the fact they disagree with you, and evidence of this comes from our good friends in Hollywood. So remember that time when Hollywood was super pissed off because supposedly it was a wide breach of american values to target actual communist agents inside Hollywood, either the Mccarthy Hearings- and this was apparently the worst thing that ever happened in the United States. Now Mccarthy hearings were quite bad, but worst thing to ever happen in the United States and not so much
people are gonna, say I'm strong manning that how many films is Hollywood made about the Mccarthy era, approximately one million six hundred and twenty three thousand two hundred and eleven men they make movie about the Mccarthy era, every five minutes. Meanwhile, they are Mccarthy Ites in the highest levels of Hollywood. Are Mccarthy Ite. It's the reason why I have a number of fairly prominent Hollywood people that I talked to when I say fairly prominent mean a listers who I talked to you on a fairly regular basis and I will never ever reveal who they are specifically because then the left would come and ruin their career. Then the left would come in and suggest that these people should not be able to talk to me and mainstream conservative, because this inherently make some very, very bad and you've seen this over and over anybody who even has a conversation with people on the right. I have literally met in restaurants, in LOS Angeles, wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses with people in Hollywood, I'm like early Sunday mornings when no one else is around, because people are afraid that they're going to be spotted by other forces in Hollywood, who call them out for even having met
the prominent conservative. It truly is unbelievable. Listen I'm willing to meet with pretty much anybody. I have met with all sorts of very, very prominent famous people in a wide variety of industries. I will never reveal who those people are, because, frankly, it's nobody's damn business and the fact is that Hollywood and journalists who are out there they wish to harm people who will even text with have conversations of people. So here is a perfect example. So Andy Laster is a really nice guy. Andy last year also happens to be a producer on Ellen, and this means that he can be shamed. You could be she James now, Andy Laster, good, dude, right I've dealt with him. A little bit on Twitter seems like a really nice guy, his friends of you, Charlie, another, really nice guy, who have dealt with on Twitter, Andy Lassiter. He tweeted out after this latest shooting here's the truth. I don't have the answer to the gun problem, the mass shootings. I don't want to take guns away from law abiding citizens, many people in my life own guns, but we must have a serious, but we have a serious problem and we must start talking about gun violence, solutions in a bipartisan way.
This will cause a reasonable free, like a lot like. I think a reasonable person would say to another reasonable person, so they don't. Last. We used to be a spokesperson for the NRA and now she's radio host riches, radio host and now that's what she does, because she's no longer with the NRA she tweeted out. We have to penalize agencies that do not submit all prohibited cases and see. I see Abbey the Federal Registry Charleston's I've on springs. Those are examples of where the local agents- these did not submit the proper reports to the national database. She says they're not following the law. Also. We need to stop coddling dangerous offenders in their youth by preventing establishment of criminal record and she points out Dayton. Oh and parkline florida- and these are cases where young people who are under the age of eighteen have done bad things in their past criminal things, and then we have no registry of that, so that the cops cannot remove them of their guns and Andy last tweets back well. This is
definitely a start. Okay. This is what we call a reasonable conversation where Andy Lassiter says you know, be great some solutions and then Dana comes back and says here are a couple things and he says: there's a good idea: Aaron Rupert, an alleged that reporter for box dot com immediately tweets, how quote it's silly toe earnestly engaged with the former paid and are a gun you show on the topic of preventing gun violence. First of all, you want to get paid shells. Dude works for box. Second of all, it's silly to honestly engage like you can't have a conversation with any. If you have a conversation, you're a very bad person. The way that the left would like to treat people on the right is why we can't have any sort of regulations that rely on public trust, because the public trust is gone. You treat your neighbor like they are a leopard from the leper colony and Pappy on the original that, if you get in that, if you talk of Andy last talked with Dana Lash, then Dana Lash is like a leprosy, character and she's going to infect him with her leprosy who
who who who who who an aerial part, is there to police the boundary? Is there a stop you from having that conversation? Why the hell? Would I let people like Ripper Control regulations or legislation? Why would I trust a neighbor like every group are why? Why would I do that? The answer is, I would not, and most Americans would not, and it's true in journalism right that you have this whole the whole kadre of alleged to journalists whose sole job it is apparently to prevent conversation from happening between moderate left and moderate right to prevent any sort of discussion from happening. If you have that person on your podcast, then you're a bad man you're a bad person, you have a conversation with that person you're a bad person, if you say maybe that person's well intentioned you're a bad perm. That's the same thing in Hollywood, so as I aids in journalism- and it's also in Hollywood last year, is in Hollywood. So that means that ripper things he subject was blackmail and is not subject to anybody's blackmail is don't think or it's ridiculous, okay, but not just that. You
will willing grace the stars of will and grace over the weekend, come out and suggest that they wanted the names of anybody in Hollywood who supported trump. So now we're going the full walking Castro in Texas Route, remember walking cast or the representative in Texas he tweeted out the names of all the from donors in his district, half of whom supported him too, because the judge it is a jerk. It's a Hollywood reporter tweeted out President Donald Trump to appear at Beverly Hills fundraiser during any is weak. Now I happen to know some of the people who are going to this fundraiser because I know most of the prominent Republicans in the city, Eric Mccormack, who was one of the actors on will and grace, and he also the guy from travelers if you've seen that on Netflix kindly report on everyone attending this event, so the rest of us can be clear about who we don't want to work with thanks. In other words, I want to blackmail everybody who disagrees with me politically. If anybody gives money to Donald Trump, I will never work with them ever ever ever again. Yeah. I trust you guys to be part of the common community where we trust each other and we don't call the authorities unless we
need to and we never use the power of the government guns pointed at our friends. I definitely trust you guys and Debra Messing, also of will and grace then tweets out. Please print a list of all attendees. Please the public has a right to know the public has a right to know how delightful she is. I mean what delightful people these folks are. President Trump then tweeted his own response. He says I have not for gotten that when it was announced that I was going to do the apprentice and when it became a big hit, helping NBC's failed lineup greatly. Debra messing came up to me at an upfront and profusely tank may even calling me, sir, how times have changed one of the things that drives Hollywood, so nuts about Trump is that they created him. He's there Frankenstein monster. Donald Trump was basically a d list celebrity until the apprentice and then the apprentice happens, and he becomes an a list celebrity again and he's appearing on the m.
The singing green acres with one of the stars of will and Grace Megan Wally right, so that that that's pretty ironic and pretty hilarious. But the larger point is that you cannot have a community or a public in which people are forbidden from having conversations with each other end, where people are deliberately attempting to destroy each other's lives. So here is another example of this outside of Hollywood. So there are these there's a couple names Carl and Angel Larson Hey, and this couple is now in the middle of a lawsuit, a federal, a federal appeals, court lawsuit just reinstated a lawsuit filed by the Minister of filmmakers. They want the right to refuse to film same sex weddings. They said. Videos are a form of speech with constitutional protections under the first amendment, so Carla and Angel Larson run a christian business called telescope. Media group in Saint Cloud is according to the AP they sued, the States Human Rights Commissioner in two thousand and sixteen saying Minnesota's public accommodation law would result in steep fines and jail time. If they offer
service is promoting on Lee their vision of marriage, so they videographers. They only do traditional marriages and the state of Minnesota basically threatened them with jail if they would not create videos on behalf of same sex couples, because this is America guys and we can't have people creating the videos they want to create. Ah federal judge dismissed the case two years ago, but a three judge panel of the eighth: U S circuit of appeals reversed that decision on Friday. The panel sent the case back to the lower court with instructions to consider a preliminary injunction that would allow the larsons to operate their business without fear of being found in violation of Minnesota's Human Rights ACT. According to the STAR Tribune Judge, David Strasse is a former Minnesota Supreme Court Justice. He wrote in Friday's opinion that wedding videos involve editorial judgment and control and constituted a media for the communication of ideas, which is obviously true, Judge Jane Kelly issued a dissenting opinion. She said that the service the larsons want to make available to the public is expressive, does not transform Minnesota's law into a content based regulation, nor
we should empower the larcenous to discriminate against perspective. Customers based on sexual orientation is another perfect example of neighbors not leaving each other alone. Flies are neighbors leaving each other alone. If we don't leave each other alone, it's going to be extraordinarily difficult for us to have any common politics, and this is what we are watching in action. This is why politics continue to become so partisan, because if I don't trust you and you don't trust me, and the only question is who gets to control the gun that shoots, the other guy well in politics is basically blood sport. Now, speaking of blood sport, you no somebody for whom politics has become blood. Sport is Elizabeth Warren, so Senator Warren is obviously running strong in the
kind of primaries right now, not quite as strong as I think. A lot of the media would have it, by which I mean that if you look at the poll averages right now nationally, she is still running third, as a lot of talk about her being the the new front runner, the bulls are pretty conflicted about that there, a couple of polls that came out in the last week, the last two polls had Joe Biden up seven points and Joe Biden up four points respectively. Only one of those polled had Elizabeth Warren in second place, those the economist Yougov Poll that Biden up over twenty five to twenty one. The Emerson Paul had her down and third trailing to abide by. Sixteen points. In fact, on average in the last, maybe seven or eight polls she's down somewhere between thirteen and seventeen points to Joe Biden in most of these polls, so for all the talk about her being a new front runner. That is a little premature. However, it is sort of fascinating to watch Elizabeth Lawrance transformation as a candidate, so I've only met Elizabeth Warren. One time I I I audited her class when I was in her line is like this and
mace used to teach property, but I did take a sample class with her. When I was at Harvard LAW School, she was a good teacher. I mean I will say that she was very live in the classroom, she's very charismatic in the classroom. The very first time I met her I've told this story before I met her when she was recruiting for Harvard law. School is the top of the W hotel very swanky, in LOS Angeles, in the near the Westwood campus, and I went up there and she was sort of wandering around me all the students and she realized that I was the guy who had written a book about college bias on campus and she had said well. I don't really think that they is liberal bias on college campus. Are you sure that's the case, and I was like yeah that's the case and she well you're one of those rush, Limbaugh listeners. Aren't you and I said, have you ever listen to rush Lim Ball and she's like no, so that's sort of how our conversation started. That's the only really lengthy conversation I ever had with now Senator Warren, but here's the thing way back in two thousand three, two thousand and four, which is when I met her. She was a much more interesting thinker. So this is a thing to understand about Elizabeth warn that, because our politics now revolves around demonising other people
and government control, heterodox thinkers like Elizabeth Warren, Circa, two thousand and three are no longer tolerated by bye, homogeneous thinkers Circle, Elizabeth Warren, twenty, nine, Elizabeth Warren, two thousand and nineteen is not Elizabeth Warren, two thousand and three. How do I know? Well? Over the weekend I read her book. She wrote this very famous book called the two income trap in two thousand and three, and the book is actually really really interesting. She used to be sort of an interesting thinker. The two income trap is premised on this basic idea, which is that the number of females who had who had gone into bankruptcy and reason spectacularly over the past two or three decades, which she found kind of shocking, because she figured ok. Well, it really should be a lot of males going into bankruptcy. After all, more females are entering the workforce, particularly mothers mud, and it wasn't just single moms. It was married, moms were going into bankruptcy, and what she found is that there was something called the two income trap happening. The two income trap was basically a lot of women enter the workforce with the
see that they would now have two incomes in the family, which meant more money for everybody. And then what would happen is one person. They would then take out expenses that were commensurate with the combined salary of the couple. So let's say one slash: two: the couples making fifty grand the others making fifty grand their combined income is now one hundred grand, so they take out a mortgage on a house that is commensurate with one hundred grand income and in one of them loses their job well now they're in bankruptcy. Her actual point is that the same did not hold true. If you had one income, so you have one income that fifty grand and you take out expenses commensurate with that fifty grand, including getting a smaller house. Then the husband loses his job. We have a backup earner. Sort of in store in the woman should then enter the workforce and she'd make up like six. Eighty percent of the salary well dad was looking for a job, whereas if you are living on the edge of two salaries and there's no backup plan, you're, basically screwed, that was the two income trap and her Sub Austin was that so many women had entered the workforce that it had artificially increased prices on things like housing, particularly in the suburbs. It's a really interesting
sort of take right. I mean she's, not arguing women shouldn't be in the workforce, but she is arguing that women in the workforce does have an enormous number of unintended consequences and that maybe the couples that are best situated or actually the ones were only one member of the family is working because you're only gonna take out expenses start with one salary really really interesting take, and not only is that take pretty interesting. She also talks about specific policy proposals and her policy proposals are fair, fairly interesting, including some fairly right wing policy proposals. She argued explicitly against more government regulation of the housing market. She slams complex regulations, since they quote, might actually worse the situation by diminishing the incentive to build new houses or improve older ones. Weird,
our entire party is calling for rent control and government subsidized housing right. She favored against. She fish it in instead of trying to place restrictions on housing, building an end caps on prices, she suggested a well designed voucher program. That's right! Elizabeth Warren used to be a big fan of school vouchers because she pointed out the reason that people were moving into suburbs was to get you better schools and had school vouchers and people from inner city. You could actually go to those better schools and that would allow more free transport of people do better schools and that would bring down overall real estate prices as a very right wing proposal. Okay, the heterodox policy proposals didn't actually stop. There should quote she refused to quote: join the chorus calling for tax taxpayer funded daycare on its own right now. She says that we need taxpayer funded daycare for everybody. It's a great idea will work out great. She actually called that a sacred cow in two thousand and three at the very least. She suggested that quote.
Government subsidized daycare would add one more indirect pressure on mothers to join the workforce. In other words, it removed the incentive for mom to stay home if the government was actually subsidizing daycare, so she suggested that it would have to be part of a broader, comprehensive program, including tax credits for stay at home parents. In fact, she ardently opposed additional taxpayer subsidization of college loans. She said that we should not be subsidizing college loans no more like now. She proposes that we remove also didn't debt right. We pay off everybody's college loans and now she's coming out, then she was saying no taxpayer subsidies, subsidization of college loans and no taxpayer spending on higher education directly. Instead, she called for a tuition freeze from state schools. She also recommended incentives for families to save rather than spend. Now she calls for wealth tax right now. She said she said, then that it would be income. Graduated will be wealth graduated, but it cuts against the basic idea right. She wants to actually incentivize saving. Now she wants to penalize savings, and this is my favorite quote
from her book. She opposed radical solutions. Wholesale there's, a direct quote from Elizabeth Warren Circa, two thousand and three quote: we haven't suggested a complete overhaul of the tax structure, haven't demanded that businesses cease and desist from ever closing another plant or firing another worker. Nor have we suggested that the United States should build a quasi socialist safety net to rival the european model. Direct quote from Elizabeth Warren, two thousand and three: does it sound like Elizabeth Warren, two thousand and ninety? No, it doesn't short a new intro for this book in two thousand and sixteen with her daughter, because the book is written with her daughter and now it is just boilerplate democratic pap. Why? Because Elizabeth Warren understands that creative solutions are not possible in a country where we don't trust one another. That, when you mistrust your neighbor, that the only solution is absolute power and to Elizabeth Warren has opted for absolute power. Just like the rest of the Democratic Party. She's opted for top down government control in every area, because half the solutions she's calling for rely on you, trusting your neighbor and suggesting
your neighbor isn't a bad person. So she is jettisoned that now she is in full scale, your neighbors bad person, territory and if they stray, then we clock them. That is not inherently sympathetic, an Americans raising that that so many on the left can portray themselves as sympathetic to their fellow Americans when the actual proposal is that other Americans for making free choices ought to be punished in a general way, and the government ought to cram down everything. If you even have conversations across the aisle in the most extreme cases of the left, then you should be punished just for those conversations. Elizabeth Warren used to be an interesting character, she's no longer interesting, which is why she's now seen as a front runner for the Democratic Party nomination, Elizabeth Warren, Circa, two thousand and three was actually kind of interesting. Two thousand and nineteen issues it boring is mud she's. Absolutely she is her her new ideas, I Bernie Sanders is ideas and they're just as bad okay time for a quick thing, I like and then a quick thing that I hate. Okay, so things that I like today, I so I have to credit to this Florida. Man is always a Florida man
and he was talking about how to fight hurricanes and he was suggesting. Well, you know people keep say that warming waters are making the velocity of hurricanes faster, because it's easier for the hurricane to turn off of the top layer of water because of the because of the water temperature. He has an idea. Let him spell it out for you, you see how they haven't come up with some kind of way to come, come back the storm shit, they keep saying no two days ago, three days, it says it all. This warm weather, all this warm weather in warm water. We have a navy, one of the Navy, come and drop ice in the warm water. So with that they can't get going. This fast is going going to warm weather, for which the wind, what we have an if force planes around to get the around going the opposite way. The yeah way a solution. I mean it listen. We can make fun of this guy all day, but we know he'll be president by twenty twenty four. So we should really watch ourselves here and at the very least, it's a better solution.
The hurricane, so I mean. I'm not I'm not against it. Maybe that was maybe those President Trump's original plan he's actually by Greenland and then he was going to ship it glacier by glacier into the hurricane pathway just to stop those hurricane. I don't know you don't know, he's a creative thinker, the other things that I like today. So there is a very good editorial in the Washington Post today by a Chinese distant in Chen Guangcheng he's a member of the faculty of the Institute for policy, research and catholic studies at the Catholic University of America, and he talks about President Trump and his stance against China. He says, as someone you spent years with a knife edge of the Chinese Communist Party bearing down on my throat for my human rights work. I know the president is on to something tariffs and economic threats may be blunt tools but they're the kind of aggressive tactics necessary to get the attention of the CCP regime, which respect only power and money is not just about winning, as the president sometimes puts it, and it's not simply about trade. It's about justice, it's about doing, what's right for ordinary
knees and american people, presidents, before Trump naively believed that China would abide by international standards of behavior if it were granted access to institutions like the W T, o and generally treated as a normal country, but that path proved mistaken. Facing ignored western pressure on matters from human rights to the widespread theft of intellectual property trump, whatever his flaws grasps this reality. Okay, that is the truth in the media, basically refused to acknowledge it. So at least good for the Washington Post for printing this particular op ed by Chen Guangcheng. You know, I think we are actually out of time, so we're going to skip the things that I hate today, because a love filled day guys and will be back here a little bit later today, with many more things that I hate to additional hours of things that I hate later today,
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