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Ep. 933 - Impeachment Hits The Senate

2020-01-16 | 🔗

Nancy Pelosi can’t contain her glee as she conveys impeachment to the Senate, Rudy Giulani associate Lev Parnas dumps all over Trump, and we finally know what Warren and Sanders said to each other. If you like The Ben Shapiro Show, become a member TODAY with promo code: SHAPIRO and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 10% off at dailywire.com/Shapiro

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Nancy Plus. He can't contain her glee, as she conveys impeachment to the Senate. The government stability office dumps all over from and we find we know what Warren and said to each other, I'm Bench bureau. This is the entropy Rochelle then Shapiro Show is sponsored by Express Vps stand up for your digital rights visit expressive, gps, dot com, slash meant well, it's almost as, though There is some sort of coordination. Going on. As the impeachment charges are made the Senate. Why, in the last twenty four hours its though a bevy of bombshells have dropped on President Trump in the midst of this impeachment included in drop for weeks for months, actually, While he Democrats were pursuing their impeachment investigation, democratic, even bother, calling and the relevant witnesses, but now of two big bombshell stories, dropping within literally hours of each other, and all of that within hours of Nancy Blowsy conveying the impeachment charges to the Senate. Maybe oh that's a coincidence, or maybe it's not so coincidental. In any case, we're gonna go through
All of it momentarily with big news yesterday was the Nancy Blows, had finally decided to stop holding up impeachment who's, going to convey the impeachment charges to the Senate and she was gleeful in doing so. We were told this was sober. Member, a sober, serious was really imperative that everybody took this whole thing with the with the amount of dignity that it required. Well, I, Holding the Nancy Blowsy was to sober and serious. Yesterday, aside from handing out golden pens after she signed the impeachment, which again there's some precedent for, but not a great look, Nancy Policy basically could not contain herself. Is all of this happen. She signed the articles in she handed him over, and you can watch how it looked again then the very sober and serious to me, but that is the way that it is containers, might be so happy. He literally cannot stop smiling, as this is happening.
It's an incredibly sober. Italy is incredibly serious and she's writing each her name with the different pens he can hand out depends to all of those who worked so hard to impeach president and here is conveying the impeachment charges to somebody, and everybody is clearly pretty. The about this dismantling water standing right behind blowsy and also unable to contain, Self Nancy Blowsy then came out and talked about how sad is about all this again, not able to contain her joy. So sad, so tragic, for a country Actions taken by the president. To undermine our national security to violate his office and too Africa is the security of our elections, the integrity of the taken us to this place, only grubbing, big old grins, guys it's so sober it's so serious. We have to we. If we
take this seriously, it's because it's our fault, it's not because this whole thing by Nancy Bill he was basically a blown political opportunity for her. No, it isn't that is political. In anyway, it's the we didn't take seriously so policy will mean she was getting shoes handing depends and she was giddy handing out there. And you can see that she is just Strong, narrowly happy somebody smiling holding up their pens. Oh my gosh selected, just one and ask her really really exciting stuff, and then she of course announced that impeachment was forever impeachment in it because impeachment forever. Her work here is done. This is demeanor Nino, niner impeachment. Here's Nancy plus yesterday suggesting that trumps impeachment will last forever, no matter what It happens going forward in the Senate is not above the law. We'll be held accountable, he has been held Canada has been impeached, he's been impeached forever. They can never a that a well it's over it's over, so I mean
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The months delay in sending over the articles on patron could I think you can see it two ways if, if the purpose was to force, Mitch, Mcconnell due to bow to her well and we agree to call witnesses and to get more documents. Then it was a total failure. Shit about it itself. That is true, then there's you picked team and she's, been extraordinarily political teams, didn't attempt to I've any sort of bipartisan consensus by thinking well respected members of her house contingent. Instead, she does. I did that she was going to bring forth the most radical members of her tinge, and she said that she is going to deploy Adam shift? She also going to play, Jerry Adler of the Judiciary Committee, to oppose these quarterboat top lieutenants according to the Associated Press, Needler says as an interim gravely abuse the power of his office. He did all of this for his personal political gain I had a Wednesday session ship release new records from love, harness and associated promptly. Ready, Giuliani about Ukraine strategy, including in exchange
another man about prevailing later fired Ambassador Marie of out of it. She said that the new didn't you bring more pressure on Mcconnell to call left powerless as witness there is there a couple question About that, one lip harnesses under indictment to live partners could have called by the house. In bother to call him, but according to Adam Shift, you know, there's new evidence likely to emerge and behold within twenty four hours, new evidence emerging almost as though some thing was mildly coordinate near his Adam chef, there's a menace volume of documents and materials that Mr Parnassus turned over to us. We are are still going through the more because there is such a great volume. Many of them are in a russian and they had to be translated Fortunately, we have members of our staff that can help do that but there is still a great many other documents to go through and it's not just what we got from low partners. And then Adam Shift, then talk
there will be more or less partners documents that are forthcoming in the very near future, issues we're still going through the parlous document, so shift obviously is is treating the House impeachment effort as though it is not over, which is weird, since they just conveyed the impeachment charges to the Senate. Ok, this brings us to today's bombshells. We have a couple of bombshells that we have to go through tat. I must be frank about this. None of this attempt asked for present interim president from wasn't his behaviour with regard to Ukraine. What Bad, ok, the reason that it was bad was not because he was interested in bereavement, one hundred Biden or Joe Biden or any of the rest of it. The reason that it was bad is because he has law enforcement agencies at his disposal and the pulling grew Giuliani. Who has a tenuous grasp on reality, to say the least to Ukraine, nor dig up dirt. That would prove that twenty sixteen it was ukrainian election hacking, those responsible, rather than russian election hacking. President from ten he too, by into his own conspiracy theories with regard to crowd, strike hiding Heller couldn't server in Ukraine. All of that was your nonsense.
Will there ukrainian military aid in order to go after all that information was bad policy and was bad policy from the start. Now you can make the argument that President from was doing that not with an eye towards twenty twenty now can I turn corrupting the twenty twenty. Presidential race, whose, with an eye toward twenty sixteen and uncovering what he thought to be corruption, and so was his version. His ill founded version of the Mulder report that basically, the mother of what was all that russian intervene. And twenty sixteen and from response was twenty. Sixteen was not about. Russia is about Ukraine and I'm deployment friendly Giuliani and his friends to investigate this hope inside Ukraine, and that is going to ask questions about ukrainian corruption and you, coordination with the Obama administration and all the rest of this, and I've been suggesting for a while that I think that situation is much more plausible than he did it in order to put on go get Joe Biden, two thousand and twenty and notice how the charges here have more right to charge us here have morphed from President Trump was going,
for Joe Biden to have ukrainian government basically manipulate information to take Biden out of the twenty twenty race or her Joe Biden, and then they move to President Trump doesn't have the authority to do any of these things that he actually has the authority do like fire ambassador, Marie Jovanovic. Will this brings us to the big bombshell story of the day will get to the left party stuffing just a second, which is a little more complicated. This brings us to the big bombshell story of the day that big, I shall story of the day is that the government Accountability office has now release in eight page letter, suggesting that the Trump Administration violated. What is called the impoundments Control ACT, which has passed a nineteen. Seventy four, when the administer She did not convey to Congress the reason for holding up ukrainian melody Mary aid, and there have been some signals that this was going to become any for the Trump administration as soon as it was announced that Trump had held up the without really giving an excuse to Congress. No impediment control at kind of an obscure per the german federal law is passed in nineteen. Seventy four in response to a Supreme Court decision declaring that present
Nixon could not simply withhold budget requirements that have been passed by Congress Congress. A passer budgetary items sent them over to the President, the United States, the present of United States Nixon, had refused and spend the money and Congress sued went to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court's had no Nixon. Does have to spend the money that has been allocated to the executive branch, the executive it is not in fact have a quarter. What line item veto right, which is which allow the executive branch to basically cut down on site by refusing to spend money already allocated by the legislator branch. The legislator branch has the power of the purse. The executive branch doesn't get to pick and choose which parts of the allocations it wants to spend an the control act, which may or may not be constitutional. That was passed in the direct aftermath of that Supreme Court now- this has always been a sort of controversial provision of federal law. Daniel Hannan are writing back in two thousand eleven over the Wall Street Journal. He points out here is a list of yours President's in public
figures who have used or supported the empowerment power impounded power would be Congress, allocate money for something the President's as nope not spending it. Here is a list of people who have supported the empowerment power Abe, Lincoln Franklin, Roosevelt Harry Truman, J, F, K, L B, J Bill Clinton, the bushes John Mccain John Kerry, Al Gore, Pappy Canada, heads hurling, runs fine old Jolly remains our Gregg Paul Ryan and Barack Obama. Daniel Hannan you're, the early nineteenth seventies. Richard Nixon tried aggressively to impound spending something off a war With Congress. His prerogatives then Watergate broke in a fury. What the most liberal Congress has passed, the Budget Control ACT of nineteen, seventy four it transferred most spending control to Congress. Which one commentator at the time called the congressional government and chaos, and it's unclear exactly how to defy a divided this authority and Supreme Court in Queens. What positions has tended to side with Congress? Many SAR political watchers. Over the past few years,
just it, including Barack Obama, that having the present have a sort of line item veto power to be able do not spend that sort of money would be a good thing, but suffice to say the Empowerment Control ACT is an operative act of law, right. That is something that exists so with that said, their specific purpose, to the empowerment control at the helm in control activities. The president has to spend money that is allocated to the executive branch of those within a certain period of time. If it is not allocated within a certain period of time. Then it will. Then the executive branch has to make a report of legislative ranch, and if the legislator branch does not make report, the executive branch is not make reports in a legislator branch than is the case. Then the legislative branches supposed to launch- its own inquiry into why the executive branch is not doing that so or is no impenetrable offence. There is no empowerment control in violating the the that Control ACT in the sense that there is an actual statutory remedy for this right in the statute. It says what is supposed to happen if the President control violates the budget
troll, actively violates the empowerment at, and the answer is not impeachment. The answer right there is that the DE controller General is supposed to file a lawsuit, a civil lawsuit against the President of the United States against the executive branch, which did not happen here. At no point does the controller general of the United States, by the way the Brok Obama point you with a fifteen year term and no point was that lawsuit actually filed. Ok, so This is more a matter of sort of imagery and images. Ex then it is a matter of ok. Now he's committed unimpeachable events through the empowerment act. In fact, there are allegations from was violating the Empowerment Control ACT with regard to Puerto Rico, because he wasn't freeing up the money. What a poor regal fast enough since a pretty ready or feature of american government that the executive branch is accused. Not doing Congress as well in spending money that has already been allocated by Carlos. So now the all the automatic but you said no, we didn't violate the Empowerment ACT and you have the General Accounting Office, the government accountability office rather suggesting that the ECB has indeed been violated. So here is what the G O found
today is a in the summer of twenty nineteen o and be withheld from obligation approximate. Did you uttered fourteen million dollars appropriated to the Department of Defense for security assistance to Ukraine, as explained below? We conclude that olympie withheld the funds obligation for an unauthorized reason in violation of the Empowerment Control ACT. We also question actions regarding funds appropriated to the Department of State for security assistance to Ukraine in accordance with, regular practice we contacted Olympia, the executive officer, the president and yields seek factual information in their illegal views on the matter only provided written response letter and certain portion schedules for security assistance funding for Ukraine. The executive office of the president responded to our request Referring to the letter we received from Allenby and providing that the White House did not plants in a separate response, thus far, The deal d has not provided a response or a timeline for one will receive one when I took her thirtieth two thousand and Centre Christine HOLLAND, Democratic Delaware asked the comptroller general about this matter during a hearing before the Senate Committee on the budget, and then they get into the background will get into that
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bright assistance, including training equipment, legal assistance, logistic support supplies and services Payment and intelligent support to them Terry, a national security forces of Ukraine Deal was require to notify Congress fifteen days in advance of any obligation of the. U s a I funds in order to obligate more than fifty percent of the amount of property The EU is also required to certify to Congress. The Ukraine had taken substantial actions on defence, institutional reforms in it, certifications Yogi, did include descriptions of its planned expenditures totalling a hundred twenty five million dollars on July. Twenty fifty thousand fifteen o issued the first of nine apportionment schedules with footnotes regarding USA, I funds with holding with the USA I funds from obligation the foot notes at amounts be, but not yet obligated. As of that date of his reinforcement for the Ukraine Security Assistance initiative are not, avail FR obligation until August fifty thousand nineteen to allow for an inter agency process to determine the best use of such funds, based on Colombia, communication with deity alembic understand from the department that this briefly,
and obligations will not preclude deities timely execution of the final policy direction, Jpg. Include, may continuous planning and casework for the initiative it during this period. August six than fifteen. She does nineteen o and be approved additional apportionment actions to extend this pause and obligations with footnotes that, except for the date or identical to the July, twenty fifth, two thousand nineteen apportionment actions. They basically saying that we are investigating we're trying to figure out the best way to spend the money would be approved. Additional apportionment actions on August twentieth, twenty seventh and thirty first and on September fifth, six and ten, the footnote from these additional apportionment. Actions were except for that AIDS, otherwise identical to one another. They nevertheless differed from those of July twenty fifth and August six and fifteen twenty nineteen and that they are made The second sentence that appeared in the earlier portion actions regarding on these understanding that the pause and obligation would not preclude timely obligation to now there. Well, maybe it will preclude timely obligation or get well as well, The under the act is the timely.
Obligations, aspect of your that makes the situation ripe for violation of the Helmet Control ACT, because there is in fact a statutory period where they can consider whether to release the funds If you don't release the funds in time, then you're supposed to send a notice to Congress. The apportionment schedules issued on August, twenty seven and thirty. First, twenty nineteen and on September Fit six ten, twenty nineteen works identical except for the date. According to levy a problem, we too, under fourteen million dollars of the USA, I appropriation, was withheld as a result of these put notes or when we did not transmit especial message proposing to defer or rescind the funds. So the quest Jenny is whether only had the authority to withhold or defer the funds according to the jail. The constitution specifically Vest Congress with the power of the purse, provide there. No money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in consequence of the appropriations made by law, the constantly and also that our legislative powers in Congress and sets forth the procedures of my camera Simon Presentiments, another going through law, suggesting that the president has faithfully execute the law by spending the money allocated to him by Congress in appropriations actors.
While, like any other, therefore, almost Congress has national law providing. Otherwise, the president must take care to ensure that a proper nations are prudently obligated during their period of availability. The constant constitutes and grants. The president no unilateral authority to withhold funds from. Legation. Instead, congresses vested the president was strictly circumscribed authority to impound or withhold budget author. Only a limited circumstances expressly provided in the Empowerment Control ACT, and here's. What against the actual law that that they say from violated the I see separate impoundments into two exclusive categories to pearls and relations. The president may temporarily withhold funds from obligation, but not on the end of the fiscal year in which the President transmit the special message. By proposing a deferral case of his important, the president did not actually propose, recession, rescission Reagan, rescind the funds he deferred the funds he actually signed over the funds in September after the whistle blower story was filed, adapt you're. Still the same fiscal years, this does not count as recession accounts, as a of
president may also seek the permanent cancellation of funds for fiscal policy or other reasons, including the termination of programmes for which Congress has provided budget authority by proposing a decision which you didn't. Read the in either case. The icy requires that the President transmit a special message to Congress. That includes the amount of Budget authority proposed for deferral, origin and the reason for the proposal be special message. It must provide detailed and specific reasoning to justify the withholding as set out in the ice. Yet so Democrats are gonna claim that it's a cover up because president from did not actually convey especial message to Congress, suggesting why the funds being withheld. There's no assertion or other indication here that alone intended to propose such rescission. Not only did we not in a special message. With such a proposal, the footnotes in the apportionment schedules, by their very terms, establish dates for the release of The amounts withheld the only other, Forty than would have been a deferral The icy authorizes the referral of Budget Authority in a limited range of circumstances, to provide for contingencies to achieve savings made possible or through changes in requirements or greater efficiency of operations are specifically provided by law. No
officer or employee of the? U S, maid, for budget authority for any other purpose. Here, Olympie did not identify any content currencies as recognised by the Asia Savings or agencies that would result from a withholding or any law specifically authorizing the withholding. Instead, the footnote in the apportionment schedules the Scr withholding as necessary court to determine the best use of such funds in response to us when we described withholding as necessary, sure that the funds were quote not spent in a manner that could conflict with the president's foreign policy. The icy it does not permit referrals for policy reasons on bees, justification for withholding fell squarely within the scope of an impermissible policy deferral. Thus, the deferral of USA, I funds was improper under the ice yea. All of that perfectly fair by the way, but when the GEO says that the President of the United States,
does not have the power to simply for policy reasons with what the funding under the ice. Yet that's correct, that's correct! So the question becomes. What is then, the solution for when the president does not comply with his obligation here, really is justified between the branches to normal five between the legislator branch and the executive branch and the GEO says. Faithful execution of the law does not permit the president to substitute his own policy priorities for those the Congress has enacted in law in that Congress was concerned about exactly these types of withholding when it enacted and later amended the idea, but from released the funding. So the big complaint is that trunk did not inform Congress as to why he was withholding the funding. He didn't make a public and then, when he was called on it, he released the funding Well. That's good luck, I'm in saying that, since the very beginning maybe violation of the inhuman control. I frankly, there's only one problem: violation of the Atomic Control ACT has very specific
and in the home and control at, and it is not impeachment we'll get to that just one second. So the GEO conclude on these assertions have no basis in law because only asserts that its actions are not subject to the icy because they constitute a programmatic delay It argues that a policy development process is a fundamental part of programme implementation. Such impairment of funds for the sake of a policy process is problematic. Only further argues that, because reviews for compliance, Statutory conditions and congressional mandates are considered, pragmatic, so should be reviews undertaken to ensure compliance with presidential policy prerogatives. Are these assertions say the GEO, the jail, other have no basis in law. We recognise that, even where the president does not transmit especial message. Pursuant to the procedures established by the icy eight, it is possible that a delay an obligation, may not constitute a reportable impalement. However, romantic delays occur when an agency is take necessary steps to implement a programme, but because of factors external to the programme funds, temporary temporarily go and obligated is presumes, of course,
the agency is making reasonable efforts to obligate so now they're making the argument that its true from didn't with all the funds Funds went forward, but the reason that he didn't withhold the funds is not sufficiently given to Congress, and not only that you can call it a programme attic delay, because a programmatic delay is, we meant to give the funding and then exit exigent circumstances barred us from giving the funding GEO says at the time and be issued the firs apportionment footnote withholding the USA. I funds deity had already produced a plan for expanding the funds yoga he had decided on the items are planned, a purchasing provided this information to Congress on May twenty three twenty nineteen, therefore problematic spending was already under way. So we can accept on bees assertion that its actions are problematic. We conclude that only violated the icy when it's when it withheld USA. I funds for policy reasons. I know there are a couple of of problems with this. With this whole thing. Ok, so Josh Josh black men is a law professor over
the Cato Institute, and he has a thread on this as the J Fella jail found that only violated the inhuman acts and suggested that the present president violated his duty to take care that the laws are faithfully executed, to brute, to be precise press when did not and could not personally violate the inhuman acts because laws not controls. Personal actions, his life what? If it exists at all derived from his failure to supervise that his subordinates faithfully executed the law settlement and I plain. This dichotomy in the impeachment context from liability could result knowing from only failing to take care that his subordinates faithfully executed the law most of them the systems we received, assumed the president personally violated the idea, and be violated the statue, not the president, whether the present violet and his duty of faith. What's is a different question that the army does not decide, but only hints at beyond that. Even a violation of law? even a violation of law. In this particular case, not necessarily mean that the proper solution is impeachment threes. And I say that
The reason I say that is because the war itself, Lady WAR itself, has an answer to this. U S code! To section six, eighty seven chapter, two section: six, eighty seven suits by controller general, if, under this chapter budget Authority, is required to be made available for obligation and such butter to budget authorities not made available for obligation. The controller general is here by expressly empowered. The returnees of his own selection to bring a civil action in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia to require such budget authority to be made available for obligation, and such court he's here by expressly empowered to enter into in such civil action against any department agency, officer or employee of the United States, any decree judgment or order which maybe necessary or appropriate, to make such budget authority available for obligation. No civil action shall be brought by the controller general under the second, until the expiration of twenty five calendar days of continuous session of Congress?
following the date on which an explanatory statement by the controller general of the circumstances giving rise to the action contemplated, has been filed with the speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate. In other words, the comptroller general exposed to file Once again, the president in the disease or court of appeals, it's not supposed to be impeachment negative that this has been considered for for quite a while as a possibility that the that there are the amateur Hughley an innocent professor policy at Tarleton State University in Texas, and he went through all of this. He points out a few he says, Democrats him long sought, whatever excuse was available to impeach, but the law prescribes much less drastic remedy. He says Democrats have long sought, whatever excuse was available to impeach, but the law prescribes much less drastic remedy for president with her appropriate funds. First, the committee's report falsely character. What the law says about the temporary withholding or deferral of the the original report by the impeachment committee. The intelligence committee says court any amount, Budgetary Authority proposed to be deferred or rescinded must be made available for it legation on Congress completes action on it
rescinding all or part of the amount proposed revision. But this is false, although permanently rescinded funds might mean, be made available in this manner the language in section six. Eighty four contains no such requirement for funds that are temporarily withheld or deferred. In the case of the aid to Ukraine need difference between rescission. An impediment resolution is actually pretty significant here. The former must be taken up by Congress before the end of the first period of forty five calendar days, but the latter and empowerment resolution has no timeline. Also. The report implies that Trump failed to send a special message, and that is an obstructive act. But if you read the law, it's not because of the controller general finds that the president has failed to transmit a special message with respect to such reserve or deferral, the controller General makes her report and such report shall be considered a special message transmitted under section six. Eighty three or six, eighty four. In other words, if the president does not transmitted special message explaining why the thing has been deferred. The controller general is supposed to make report, and that is considered. The presidential message
the actual remedy for all of this is not impeachment natural remedies at now. Does that mean that prompted the right thing here? No does mean that the president did suspicious stuff absolutely, but does that mean that its impenetrable under the Firms of the Impalement Control ACT is not immutable like at all residing in there's an actual, solution under the Impoundment Control ACT and again, as I will remind everyone empower, the power of empowerment has been a controversial or that pretty much every president has wanted, including Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. So this is more of a fight between the executive and legislative and the legislative branches fires, what sort of powers the executive branch and have then President Trump did something that is impossible. You might be the action a solution of the idea is not a peach. Volcano The second, when you get to the other big bombshell of the day- and this of course is the testimony of love partners- is not actually testify produce on Rachel Matt out last night and everybody's going crazy about its we're gonna talk about what exactly love part.
Had to say. Is he trustworthy, easier source you should take seriously or is sort of like it, Michael Cohen Character and the economy eurozone, saying maybe it's true, but there are a bunch of missing connected dots here, we're getting that just one second. First and you're not already Delaware. Remember your truly missing out right now, using promo code should Europe you'll get ten percent of any plan. The issues here. But a daily where it comes slash, subscribe, pick the plan that is right for you for as little as ten bucks month, members get our articles ad free access to all of our live broadcasts and show library. The full three hours of the bench appear. Osha select bonus, content to access to the mail bag and more plus our new all access to your gets you into exclusive, live online. You and discussions with me and reclaim and met whilst Michael, most plus Delaware, writers and special guest, and don't forget, you also get the greatest of all beverage vessels leftist years tumblr. Yes, you get all of that plus ten percent off when you use Promo code Shapiro, so stop depriving yourself come, join them
where the largest fastest growing conservative podcasting radio show in the nation is now quick, vital, on a GEO report. There's some people, we're going to point out today Manning fairly that Joe Biden did in fact threaten ukrainian aid and so did send right, but but generous here and there in legislator, brand for Joe Biden is not using the executive branch when whose vice president he brag about threatening Ukraine's aid, now, presumably could do that if he went to Congress and then demanded some sort of rescission you went to Congress and he any notified them of his authority, but let's have a job. I need not on that lets say that he just threatened Ukrainian said: listen, they're, corrupt, I'm. Withholding this. I forgot to some states I didn't feel like sending the statement with Adam unimpeachable. Apparently, according to the Democrats, the answer is yes. I think that that is a stretch considering the terms of the Empowerment Control act itself. Ok, now onto the love partners of it. Also left partners is an associate of regionally owning it was Idiotic, full stop idiotic for president from to employ Rudy Giuliani as his men
any new brain? It was fully moronic There been saying this since the very beginning. He president, hasn't it working a tendency to to believe things that confirm his priors. He'd never has wanted to believe that the Russians were involved in the twenty sixteen election. Now I agree with the president that the Russians were not there. And Hillary Clinton lost. Hillary Clinton is the reason that help Clinton loss, but trumps obsession with this idea that wasn't the rest. Since it was actually the Ukrainians, because this apparently gets him off the hook in some way? I'm not sure what hooky thinks he has to get off of his belief that it was the ukrainian Who are the real problem led him to employ Rudy Giuliani as man in Ukraine and Russia, Giuliani than relied on a bunch of nefarious characters, including love harness who or p. We're doing business in Ukraine, who had a series of cross cutting interest left harness. Was this guy doing business in Ukraine with Bunch cringing oligarchs, who didn't like the ambassador, Maria Vonnegut parties, have been seeking Evanna, which, since two thousand eighteen years,
It had apparently been blocking things that partners wanted so partners had his. Sort of agenda in Ukraine and then, when we started talking to him suddenly partners being a somewhat canny political operator, even starts feeding Giuliani what he thinks you want, which, as you know what happened here, you're gonna, which is blocking investigations into Biden in ukrainian involvement and the twenty sixteen election. You know it, you should do. She talked Victor Shokhin and all these old prosecutors we're looking into These mountain by two partners becomes the flow information to Giuliani whose following information to Trump, so the mutation today by members of the left, they love partners was getting orders from from that he was giving orders from front to do illegal things like prism we shadow Marie Ivanovitch ukrainian government has now open an investigation and people shadowing Maria Ivanovitch unharnessed strength. And on tromp harnesses going on a national tv anything. It wasn't me island, initiating any of us. It was just president from President Trump wanted things, and I did it out, to while american lackey of the President, that is not honestly, it doesn't hold true to the record of the fact that
It is under indictment sitting under indictment right now, lead partners suggesting that the president is responsible for everything he did shifting responsibility from himself to President tromp, even though, by the way again partners. Never had a conversation with president from about any of this. So far as we are, like it all. He was talking to Rudy, so the best we have as partners talking about what he talked about with rule Rudy has never been called before. Our committee is not called in front of the house, so we don't know but really was being told by Trump. So again we sort the Gordons Sunland problem from early on in the impeachment process. He had the Eu Ambassador, saying here's what I was telling people. I will talk to front like once. And you know it was kind of unclear what he wanted not and all the while we're partners is again two steps removed from from himself here and yet his hand buying as to president trumps intentions and, of course, shifting responsibility from himself and had been engaged in the various actions in Ukraine for quite a while, including going after give out of its before from, was even concerted effort from nuclear weapons, which was rankling
he's he's, not friendship, responsibility and Rachel Motto is therefore a banshee is therefore it. What do you think is the main, inaccuracy or the main lie? That's being told that you feel like you can correct, that the president and know what was going on president trunk, know exactly what was going on. He was aware of my movements. I wouldn't do anything without their consent, the rule equally, on the president. Again, you strange shift all responsibility and Giuliani the President as opposed to what appears to be more accurate, which that partners was doing his own son. In Ukraine, and then he was using Giuliani in order to try and give him. Forty and color of authority to do things. Ripeness wanted me with people in Ukraine. How do you do Nobody wants to meet with you, well, you find them and its mandate. The presence man's request that you meet with those people in UK and suddenly you have an awful lot more power. I know people who are like this in text. There are many of them, so poorness then start Such a thing is to his impression of the ukrainian aid issue and again you gotta take everything. The part
as with the wood with a grain of salt, even the notes that he submitted, where he says, get Biden to commit, get get Ukraine to an commit zalewski to commit to announcing the investigation of Biden is that what from told him is that Giuliani told him was that Parnassus impression of that's all that would take in order to satisfy trump. Where we don't know the answer is because again, we still have not her testimony from anyone, except for Gordon someone who had a direct conversational trump. So once again, We are getting third hand reporting by a guy with absolutely obvious conflicting interests and life partners, really for the old me after meeting at the present at the White House. He called me this message: was it wasn't just military aid? It was all eight. Basically, their relationships would be sour. You, that we would stop giving him any kind of aid that left us that there was an announcement made was several things. There were several demands at that point: most important. One is the announcement of the vital investigation. So again, he's he's gotten a jet
they hear and then we're gonna have to take all this will bring us all in the biggest grand salt balls. The house never called this guy main, whose fully available to be called he obviously wants to spill. Has nothing to hide. A despairing he's been conveying documents that house Democrats. Why didn't they call him as a real question this it is gonna have to take up, meanwhile, of being investigated and no gone to the home in business of a man and Robert Hide, the ages were seen by CNN and confirmed by a law enforcement officials who exactly is Robert Hide or Robert Hide, is a a human who apparently was coordinating with other members sort of team Julie. Any hide had a relationship with love partners involved, sending a large volume of what's up messages and their accusations. That high was stalking Marie Yvonne. Eventually, you stalking her around Ukraine High called for release of all of love, Parnassus tax, and he said that the left would be offended by what not been made public and it was pretty wild, so Robert Hide appeared a again there's pictures of him with:
Maria Bonaventure did you. Why did you have eyes I of innovation? Eric bowling show to talk about whether he was in fact stalking. Marie Ivanovitch did your wig you have eyes Marie of innovation Are you getting me? I'm a little land papers, genetic s, use my language. I come on, you know We ask why do I do not know what was I believe I was in Ecuador. Why we're what's stopping each other than by reusing? What's that I mean I'd like cedar for tax. Denmark, as there is a real colorful starts up by partners. Okay, so here is the latest. According to envy, our Ukraine's national police are now investigating U S, Ambassador Marie about was under surveillance in Kiev last spring. Something imply monsieur is what our messages between Robert Hide and Souci had already Giuliani President trumps personal lawyer between left, Harness and Robert hide. The text made public between harness and hide it from supporter, retired Moraine running for Congress in Connecticut, suggested there
Mine was being monitored by electronic electronically and in person in an apparent breach of diplomatic. Security written one message: they're moving her to morrow. He added the guys over. There asked me what I would like to do and what's in it for them, Ukraine or forty the implication that an ambassador was under illegal surveillance and her electronic gadgets interfered with by the private persons. At the request of you, a citizen's suggest possible violation of its own laws as well and a convention on diplomatic relations which protects diplomats on foreign soil, in other words, left harness the guy who's, testifying that result from Fort was coordinating with Robert Hide, possibly accordingly sex messages. They seemed to suggest in order surveillance, Marie Ivanovitch and according to harness all coming top down from from which, as we are stronger than just fire, devoid of any time you want it use him that his ambassador is the president of the United States. Why in the world you need surveillance. Why would you need eyes, unreal bondage and urge you all of us like there there's? No actual it now, it's possible that idiocy explains all of this in a trumpet, involve deeply in the idiocy, but we're gonna need to talk to somebody who actually talk to Trump, and that is why, in the end, all that's gonna happen here
is the Senate is gonna have to call some of these people as witnesses. I'd that's where this is going to send. It will, in fact call these people as witnesses. There are there. There is not enough support in the Senate. Just dismiss the charges outright, especially not with all of this. Broiling. So this impeachment thing in the Senate could actually get fairly interesting between talk about the Empowerment Control ACT and love partners, and all the rest, but suffice it to say but the media's new found obsession with lead partners, hero of the resistance. In this way, a little bit and Michael Cohen, was eight, was a convicted liar. We're partners under indictment right now for corruption, Those are not your best horses when it comes to an unbiased view. What exactly is going on here, actually when their appearing on Rachel Motto and enthusiastically, feeding or whatever it is that she wants dear, so that is your latest on the bottom shells in impeachment gate, twenty twenty, which has in fact eating up. I mean both of those are relevant piece of information upon a story and the GEO story. Again jail story. I tend to actually kind of agree with you those assessment, but that does not mean that its people and just mean
a problem between the executive and legislative ranch that has a statutory remedy. You have partners stuff the idea that the president was telling him. You go get people to shadow you manage or that the present was telling was telling led harness that he ought to go to nefarious information on Joe Biden Neural again, that is third hand stuff, and the Democrats could have called poorness at any time and they could I'll Giuliani at any time, but we are not calling any of these people, which is, at the very least, somewhat suspicious better for them frankly that from gets acquitted in the mail, sit around talking about how its giant cover up by all the Republicans. I think that is what they are looking for at this point. We can meanwhile, in the twenty twenty demo presidential race. We saw rock and robots in the debate, the other night it really between centres and worn. Elizabeth Worn, suddenly conveniently remembered by two weeks out from the I will Caucasus, which, by them you're gonna, be while because the aisle Caucasus this year can be held to it they happen in past years, so typically the I will caucus result. Come down who has most elegance now be democratic parties.
Now, who has the most votes at the beginning of the night, who has most votes at the end of the night and number of delegate's one which could create the ability for several candidates claim victory because just cause you win. The most votes does not mean that when the most delegates in Caracas States, because again, the Caucasus are not held on raw voting power, not on aggregate voting power. That is the way that you have certain Caucasus in the Caucasus, the if a majority of the Cox vote for Canada than all of that caucuses, electoral boats, all of its delegates go to candidate sort of electoral college, there could be differences in the popular vote. The electoral college in I effectively speaking well that could create room for conflict. Things get real while Well, as addressing Elizabeth warn, the other night suddenly can be. Neatly remember two weeks out, the burning centres is a brutal sexist and then you'll recall the magical moment after that where alluded, worn, went up to Sanders tenders stuck out his hand to shake her hand, and she immediately parading him about something in times dire awkwardly in the background started to back away like Homer Simpson into the bushes
Well, now CNN has released the audio of this exchange. Now I have a question: how is that even remotely journalistic Lee Decent, truly elected, that that's a serious question? What we all of these, like if you're on CNN and you're you're, one of the candidates you're assumption fairly, is that after the debate is over, your MIKE is off right. That is the assumption and the fact that sea it is not like ten, is not releasing the conversations that are going on in the background right here between Joe Biden, Tom's tire anything their only releasing the conversation between Warren and sinners? I mean, I think, generous people have absolute reason to complain here. Why is it that CNN is conveniently releasing audio that is done off MIKE effectively. What why? and how do they have the authority to do that on any journalistic is pretty impressive. Anyone here is what actually get said here on four warrant. It makes us look even worse than she actually is
Why are all national tv wire on national looks more like one of the discussion will have any of you called meal? You told me, listen, I don't get moving just once they reach home stars. I want to get the middle disseminate. I'm just runs away we'll get Bernie comes up better and that a change has not been jerk. Elizabeth Horn is off, Those we warn is awful and she comes off awfully in that exchange. Dissenters, Worthing is not good for the Democratic Party. It really is not, which is why party leaders are apparently freaked out over the war and its Anders split. The Washington Post has an entire peace today. This freak out taking place on the top level between angry split among liberal Democrats broke into the open Wednesday as two prominent presidential candidates IX exchanged accusing tons of dishonesty raising fears among party leaders of a repeat of the internet seem bitterness that many Democrat say contributed to president from victory in twenty sixteen, the disputes
all day between Senators Bernie Sanders and was with worn over whether he had that woman cannot win the presidency, Social media users identifying themselves as Sandra supporters. You, snake icons, symbolise warrens, ostensible duplicity, played up her republican routes and circulated a hashtag. Never worn hashtag warns backers, while taking the less aggressor don't never nonetheless revive questions. Whether many of standards is supporters are sexist and whether he contributed to the parties disastrous. Twenty sixteen lost with a display of self centered petulance. So things are getting ugly over in the Democratic Party, which is probably, why did prefer to focus in on impeachment? Ok temper, equipping I like and then we'll get you a thing. I hate so things that I like today. Well, I guess it's time to cancel the creators of James Bond. In time to cancel the creators and owners of the rights in James Bond of their rights in the in the bond franchise are held by Barbara Broccoli. She oversees the franchise other half brother, Michael G,
Wilson thousand arrangement first hammered out by Broccoli, Father the producer Albert Cubby. Broccoli when John F Kennedy was president well now, the Broccoli, family, saying? No, we are not doing this whole. There's gonna be a female bond. You know why, because its idiotic, ok, so good for them. Here's what broccoli says there are certain things. The dual appears open, considering his green variety and other conversations that are non starters. When it comes to selecting the next month, it can be of any kind but his mail says broccoli. I believe we should be creating new characters for women. Strong female characters are not particularly interested. Taking a male character and having woman plant. I think women are far more interesting than that. Ok, sound, a council them. Obviously, they just said that women and men are different It can have a woman play male character or a male platter play female character and then expected. The dynamics are exactly the same. This is unacceptable, not in twenty twenty, no, not as progressive as we have become. Every female character should be played
male and every mail character should be played by female, because males and females are exactly the same. We should remain Casablanca, except that Rick and Elsa are Rick and Bob and will make quadroons girl just just now. Let's just shake a lot, but all the same is all the same, because gender dynamics mean nothing. And now I got a lot of lack from left for suggesting that I dont think that the next James Bond, it should be a female, and my suggestion was you have lots of female action stars overnight. Last night we are watching the new terminator movie. It was out available for intellectually pretty good kind of enjoyment. When they held in was a big action Starbucks, can the nineteen years you have lots of female action start, but the key is that their female and they actually have female characteristics. A well written part is specific part. James bond is a man if you change the gender dynamics, it does not work. The entire appeal of James Bond is that he is a competent and who can bed any woman. That is that the appeal of James Bond is a character,
That is why he's a longstanding character. You know what we call Jim Bonham Robe, but he's a robe with a heart of gold, because he and his utterly capable of women, so he's wish fulfilment for a lot of dude. You know what we call a and who can bet any man, we call her a woman Completely different when it comes to sexual relationships, this is perfectly obvious to anyone with a functioning prefrontal cortex, so good for the for the broccoli family. For saying this is a bunch of nonsense. We're not doing that. The fact that the media were pushing it just demonstrates how out of touch ok time. For a quick thing that I hate, but with all the focus here in the I'd states on domestic politics. Have you noticed that America's to greatest enemies are now live longer, perhaps so, vision paying over in China has declared itself to cater for life. The communist party is, is ensconced, well ensconced, their presumably for his long The west allows it to be without any sort of economic sanctions. That is dangerous moves
actually because China is getting more and more aggressive on the international stage, as the people of Hong Kong can attest. Oh yes, we found out the Vladimir Putin has essentially made himself dictator for life. There's been prisons. You took office in one night ninety? Nine has been in power for twenty years. At this point, you will die in office. According to Russia. Today, prime russian Prime Minister to meet Ray Medvedev has announced that the entire government is resigning in surprise statement really shortly after President, Vladimir Putin delivered his annual state of the nation dress, excepting the resignation Putin, thank them answers for their hard work and ask them to function as a caretaker, government until a new one can be formed. Medvedev important had met for work meeting to discuss this the nation address earlier. On Wednesday, MEDEVAC Medvedev explained, the cabinet drew resigning in accordance with article one, seventeen of the russian constitution, which states that the government can offer its resignation, the President's who can either accept or reject it. During his speech Putin said he intended to create the position of deputy secretary of Russia's Security Council, which would then be offered to Medvedev instead of Medvedev.
Things were very independent position in the russian government. Now he will just be purely and simply without any sort of without any sort of obfuscation, a lackey of Putin. Direct, Late meadows moves in the new role will mean Russia will have a new prime minister when a new government is formed. Basically, Putin runs the place. He runs the place like a thug. He is a dictator has won the world where's people. This is why, when you have me, go on the right these days defending Wagner, Why can we be friends of? Let because he is in all the KGB? Thug wishes to maximize Russia's Security presence in the world expand its borders and oppress dissenters, he's a bad man, and he enshrined his own dictatorship, basically forever, who also proposed multiple amendments to Russia's constitution. Its proposals, would entail substantial changes to the constitution, as well as to the higher balance of power, the power of the executive power of legislature, the power of the judiciary, so Putin will now
now under the woodland, the state Duma, which is the lower house of parliament, will be granted the power to appoint the prime minister in the rest of the cabinet, as opposed to just improving their candidacies. As is currently the case, and the state Duma is basically run by Putin. Another idea voiced by Putin is to make the consultation by the State Council a fixture with its status and well written into the constitution, the President, raise the council's effectiveness. Stressing its working groups ensure the most global problem. Most important problems for the people are thoroughly looked into. Even according to Archie, which is a russian government outward. Basically, they say that this They say that this is a step towards diversification of power. Yes sure sure it's a state. That is that, if such obvious nonsense gate Putin made himself dictator for like yesterday. It's it's It weakens anybody who would take over, but it's a shake up that they keep. Some empower longer effectively is bigger than that. That is flexible would happen in Russia. Dory guys he's our our already,
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