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Ep. 938 - The Schiff Show, Day 2

2020-01-23 | 🔗

Adam Schiff gets his moment in the sunshine, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders savage each other, and world celebrities fawn over Greta Thunberg in Davos. If you like The Ben Shapiro Show, become a member TODAY with promo code: SHAPIRO and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 10% off at dailywire.com/Shapiro

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Adam shift. Finally, get a moment in the sun, Joe Biden in Bernie Sanders Savage, each other and world celebrities form of regret a thunder in Davos. I'm bench pair of this is the bench here I'll show you and then Shapiro Show is sponsored by express Vps. Your data is your business protected and expressive gps dot com, slash ban all his wife Adam. She has just wanted to be the centre of attention. That's all you want and he was always geeky guy in school, I mean, I know I feel it and he I always wanted to be the guy in the spotlight. You sit there. The talent chosen thanked himself, but I'm sorry, smarter than those dots up, they're playing guitar and now? Finally, Adam Shift has got his moment to shine and that's really what a lot of this is about. Isn't it Adam Chief who never could stay away from it wishing camera not for three years when he was claiming he had secret information that president troubles in cahoots with the Russians will now Adam shift. Is the house impeachment manager after shepherding through impeachment process based on it
sufficient evidence, evident so insufficient that now the Democrats are forced to try and pressure Republicans in the Senate to subpoena new documents and call me witness as well now Adam ship is out there and for hours on end. He is talk hours and hours and hours now, unsurprisingly, unsurprisingly the rating suck when the rating firms impeachment they're, not that I can tell the american public are extremely bored with it, because the ratings are not very good day, one over the corset the entire day. Apparently there are eleven million viewers over the course of an entire day for an actual live impeachment. Put that by way of contrast, like One nightly, prime time show on the networks, get like ten million Illinois endures. Guess I'm an unbelievable ratings fairly good rating for one prime time show in like half an hour Kate, to say that over course of the entire day. In terms of impeachment gallic eleven million viewers means that not very many people- are watching and is Joe contract. From the hill is reporting. The prime time numbers from the night one impeachment average, are really not very good, total
bridge viewers from eight to eleven total average viewers foxen. Three point: five million msnbc, two point: five million CNN one point: five million. In other words, basically everybody who is already watching, continue to watch and nobody else, showed up because What those are very similar to the numbers that you get, I'm kind of a normal might from these various networks. There not up a significant percentage, because the american people just don't care very much, and I don't blame them because nothing new is happening there Old news- and the other part of it, is that the democrats- obviously do not have the goods they did. Have the goods, then they wouldn't have to be pounding the table. The way they are Senator TED Cruz, really summed it up yesterday: it wasn't. They don't have the facts that have the law and so they're, just gonna pound that table theirs old saying that, if you have the facts, you bang the facts. If you have the law, you bang the law, if you know have either you bang the table. Well This afternoon, we ve seen a whole lot of table banging
and at the end of the day, were the same spot. We worryin when we began the day, which is the house articles of impeachment that were passed when a partisan basis. They don't meet the constitutional standard. Of course, senator crews is right, although I do think that he should not say rephrase table banging in conjunction with United States centres, because you never know what he stuck up, we seem to much me too, in the Senate to use, sort of phrase. In any case, the House demo how to compete. Managers according to New York Times began formal arguments in the Senate on Wednesday, presenting meticulously scathing, ace or convict, president from don't you love that sort of honest objective journalism from the New York Times, meticulous Scathing, not insufficient. Not fact, driven meticulous an scathing both at the same time. Oh my gosh. This must be the greatest legal presentation since we saw these scope trial. I mean it That really must be unbelievable. They made meticulous in scathing case for convicting president from removing him from office on charges of abuse
empowered obstruction of Congress Representative Adam Shift of California. The lead house prosecutor took the lectern in the chamber as Senator sat silently preparing two way. Mr trumps fate so in an even measured manner. My goodness, this new Times coverage in the maze well just get up massage oils and end just go to town. He accused the presidents of the public. Rob scheme to pressure Ukraine to help to cheat in its way you twenty presidential Watch. Invoking the nations founders in the fears that a self interested leader might subvert democracy for his own personal gain. Where will it in a self interested leader like Adam Shipmates, avert democracy for its own political, again missed I have argued that the president's conduct was precisely what the frame where's the constitution had in mind when they do the remedy of impeachment one he said was court as powerful as the evil. It was meant to combat we're gonna get to what exactly Adam ship had, because I M sure accidentally let the cat out of the bag. Last night, he basically said when I can
democracy the way and on this, because we cannot allow democracy to weigh animates speeches just spoke. Regular. Also, he suddenly broadened the case for impeachment include things that are blatantly unimpeachable he actually suggested, for example, that it is an appeal bull offence for the president to take any action that benefit him in an upcoming election that's called everything a president. Does the question? is whether it is illegitimate not whether it and if it's him in the upcoming elections, when the president has attacks got that is likely to benefit him in the upcoming elections when pressed Morocco. Mamma says to the Russians that he can provide inflexibility after the election. That is likely to benefit him during the election the President's spend their entire tenures doing things that benefit them for reelection processes, but the ocean that that is in itself. A mutual is of course, far too broad. Instead, you have to actually large something illegitimate like say bribery, which they didn't we'll get you more votes in just one second you'll see how insufficient shifts case is the media still playing it?
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if you do something that benefit you politically, but that is in and of itself from petrol is of course far too broad. Josh black men is constitutional law, Professor South Texas, college of LAW and using as peace in the narrow times shock they printed. It is actually quite good. Today it's called Trump acts like a politician: that's not an imperial offence. The way things look president trouble and will certainly not be removed from office. The precedent set by the articles than impeachment, however, will ensure far longer and rigour Happily, the House of Representatives has transformed presidential impeachment from a constitute he'll parachute in emergency measure to save the republic in free fall into a parliamentary vote of no confidence? If the house, the House extra well, MR from because he acted for his personal political benefit rather than eleven policy purpose, MR from Flourish, responded Elect officials almost always consider the fact that their kind, I might have on the next election. The president's words are right: there however, does not amount to an abuse of power. Politicians pursue public policy as they see it. Coupled the concern about their own political future. Otherwise legal conduct, even when plainly politically motivated, but without
Moving beyond a threshold of personal political gain does not amount to unimpeachable abuse of power. The houses, short sighted standard will fail to knock out from, but if can seriously threatens to put virtually every other elected official, imperil the voters in our Congress should decide whether to reward or punish is self serving feature of our political order. Josh black men rights. The first of impeachment turns on president trumps request that President Vladimir ones give Ukraine announced an investigation of hundred buttons role with the Energy company bereavement mischief wanted to learn about potential financial corruption concerning hunter realized. In such an investigation would perhaps yield greater scrutiny of Joe Biden. The house argues this request to potentially harm from political rivals aquatic. What abuse of power MR firms. Lawyers responded. The call was perfectly normal. Yes that phrase we appears in the brief, regrettably, part of the if our written in a far too political tone, but at present Wars have raised important threshold issue interpreter democracy there right elected officials almost always consider the effect their conduct might have on the next election from Didn stand receive any money or property from the ukrainian president.
It even bother charge bribery. Policy matter. I disagree with comes decision to ask for an investigation of the burdens. Even if war it should have been avoided at all reasonable costs, the republic could have been fine. If you never learn more about worries me, but receiving a personal political benefits is not transform and otherwise that legal action into an impeach will conduct This, of course, is exactly right. Does wives had all along? If this was all about twenty twenty, then that impede but this is about twenty sixteen that does not impossible, because the fact is that the knee twenty sixteen interest is just the mirror of the Democrats. Twenty sixteen interest in Russia now trumps interest, maybe poorly based, I In part, it is right all his crowd strike. Nonsense is a good example of that. President, believing conspiracy theories that back his pre existing point of view and the president is particularly likely to color the two following confirmation by, but that does not make it in if he, in his own mind, was light. While we need to find out what happened in twenty sixteen, because the american public has an interim,
in finding out what happened in twenty sixteen and that involves looking into ukrainian corruption and biased towards the Obama, administration and press until the Obama administration using leverage against the Ukrainians? Well, then, what wouldn't charisma, be relevant in that context. Ok, so what that is backdrop we get to arguments by Adam Shift, who again he was. It was just amazing newsletter, their swift, suddenly realizing his political, Adam ship. Having his moment on the floor of the Senate, those judge doom eyes popping out of the hat. Here's Adam chef, explaining we can do this work. What's the Canada back, we litter you literally says. We cannot let trumps it for an election or you going to steal at which democratic saying all long, but which is extremely dangerous? If you suggest that The failure of impeachment means that the next election is illegitimate, no matter what else happens? You have now raise the prospect of actual local violence. When we heard this and twenty sixteen from Democrats, we kept hearing the Donald Trump would not exe
The results of the election and that because you would not accept the results of the election, that would lead to political chaos. The Democrats are telegraphing a year in advance that, if done from is not impeach they're not going to accept them. Lots the election under any circumstances, ships as we can't let the people vote on this thing. We cannot let People vote on this thing here is adamant: explaining why democracy is bad? The present Misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box. For. We cannot be assured that the will be fairly one. Ok, so let's be real about is what he is saying right now is that the people of the United States should not be able to vote on whether the press it is to corrupt Romania office instead, if the election those forward trumpets cheat and the cheating mean that, no matter what happens, the election is illegitimate, but not only should the american people not sound off also Adam ships, as this matter cannot be decided in courts, so we so can't have courts adjudicating subpoenas. We can't have degenerating, exact
privilege. Instead, we just have to rush forward with this thing, given the seriousness of the conduct at issue and its persistence. Europe cannot and must, be decided by the courts which, apart the presence of the chief justice here today. Are given no role in impeachment in either the House or the Senate being drawn into litigation taking many months or years to complete, would provide the president with an opportune. Need to continuous misconduct. He would remove in secure in the knowledge that he made tie up the com, who's in the court's indefinitely ok? So he says we get away for the courts so just to get this straight. Adam now, then we can't wait for the people the way and cause trouble cheap, mechanically for the courts to sound off because then from cheap. So this means that there is only one branch of government left right: the executive cancer and often itself. So that means there's only one branch of government and that brain of government is the legislature and that legislature cannot be ruled by
the people who elected the legislature. Instead, it has to be Adam ship and his cronies deciding who gets to sit and who gets to go based on this premonition that I was going to eat in the next election. I mean it's hard to think A greater example of me to burn the village in order to save it So in order to save democracy, we have to say the democracy literally will not be able to function. If Donald, from remains as president of the United States up to the election, which is hell of a way to talk about the most durable progress in the history of mankind minutes. That really is I held way to talk about it. It's pretty astonishing but of course, The entire political agenda here is to suggest that it's the united, state Senate, is abdicating its duty if they do not impeach president from now, Adam Shift was not about miss characterizing things. This is amazing. To watch the media yesterday fact checking everything the Detroit lawyer said, which is fine and backtracking. Nothing that Adam she said to Adam chef. Saying things that were blatantly Andrew. To take an example Adam in the middle of this. Of this impeachment hearing Adam she gets
and it was Miss characterize the MIC Mulvaney press conference, omit Belvane is the head of the often management of budget he's also the president's chief of staff, and you remember that this press conference, at which he said the quid pro quo happen all the time The Americans are constantly attempting to pressure other countries to do things and that's perfectly fine that's nothing. We should worry about they. What he did not say is that it would be perfectly. Fine for the United States to attempt I on behalf of the President of the United States. Right never said that, but Adam ship cannot help but embellish, because here's the thing he has to amend wash beyond the evidence, because the evidence is not sufficient to sustain a conviction in the Senate, so you simply has to embellish beyond what exactly people are saying so here here is completely miss characterising the big mulvaney pressure. The lady didn't just admit that the present withheld the crucial eight April, created by Congress to apply pressure on Ukraine to do the president's political dirty work. He also said that we should just get over it the Congress to get over it should they met. Can people just come to x,
back, that our presidency will grow Lee abuse their office to seek the help of a foreign power to cheat and our election should we just get over it well, we ve come to. I hope and pray that the answer is no ok that is now having mulvaney set minimum and he did not say the president corrupting get over it, omit Mulvaney said: Adam should just gets up there. Makes up conversations in his own head. Conversation that sustain his picture of what exactly went on this by the way. What's going on when he gave that sort of fake transcript of these Olenska phone call, and it was not that he was getting up there and he was doing a periodic reading of the phone call you filling in the gaps in the phone call with what he hopes from actually doing, he has this picture. He's gonna miss characterize the picture, any miss, characterises all the we. The story from political within the last forty eight hours that he was completely miss characterizing in official documentation in letters to other members of the House to during Adler over the House, Judiciary Committee is blatantly miss
Characterizing correspond, including love, partisan, Marie Giuliani, to suggest that fairness with setting up a meeting with Zalewski, the president of ukraine- and that was not what documents actually said so. Editorship is dishonest human being- is veer. These deeply dishonest we'll see the extent of dishonesty from the Democrats continue in just a moment. First, let's talk about. Talk about getting the best employees. What say that you have this fantastic producer, great with audio mean really mean really professional Tom might, for example, and lets say that might Every does it require at is the first time in the rooms recommended somebody else be mentioned in this report. We were allocated this guy has a list and arm along just of people. They he's looking o clock in the zebra comrade and then let's say that, MIKE being the for employee. Let's say that one day he just comes in war zones. As you know, you should talk about on. The show, is you should talk about this topic, and I say to my way: no MIKE, I literally talk about it ten minutes ago, where you sleep in the can. Problem with what is happening is unknown rums focusing on audio, but he was actually asleep.
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daily wire I'll get back to back to Schumann ok, so battleship, so she gives it This is long meandering explanation, everything that trumped any fills in all the gaps with everything that he wishes, that he could prove the trump did without actually proving that from did any of those things? And then Chuck humor emerges to sum up it has Montoni says how could anyone listen to Adam ship and not demand more witnesses and documents, and it's like what's up a second, do you really really need to explain why it is that if you thought this was so sufficient in the house, you are now for more witticism documents in the Senate. This is the big question that the Democrats will never answer. It will not answer it because the fact is they could have done. A complete investigation, and their answer is in the end they dont want from to stand for election because they believe that trunk was legitimately elected in twenty sixteen and that if he wins and twenty twenty, who also be a legitimate, that's a lie more dangerous to democracy than anything from did on that phone call with Lattimer Zalewski. Having one party sit
they do this over and over is not just with Trump right. It is with Stacy Abrams you supposedly the legitimate governor of George. You got Hillary Clinton wandering around the woods of tropical explaining she's the actual president of the United States. When, party refuses to accept the results of elections. I really do not remember Republicans, in widespread fashion, refusing to accept the result of two thousand eight or to that while the Brok Obama, we like the results without the result. Sucked We wish the american people bought it through a little butter a lot better, but there If the Americans were like you know what, then, what was a legitimate. It was corrupt, They stole the election, but we are doing this with nearly every election. At this point here is humor the saying we need more witnesses. We need more documents, but also this impeachment is on solid footing.
I don't see how any Senator Democratic Republic could sit on the floor, and here I am shift and not demand witnesses and documents. There were so many powerful parts of his speech that demanded witnesses and documents. So many things what did Movin say before and after his speech, what made him rejected? What did Bolton really think the documents right before the days of the twenty? Fourth, twenty fifth and twenty six, which we requested July, very, very important. Ok, there's some porn than white in your buddies in the house, just wait for it, and I am amused by the Democrats claiming that we need all of these arguments, but no under no circumstances should we can from Hunter Biden whose content at the centre of this entire debacle. Here's Adam chef, while maintaining the Republicans should be open to all witnesses and all documents whose analysing now, why would we call hundred binding, whose at the centre of this whole thing
isn't like some fantasy football trade. As I said yesterday, this isn't will offer you this. If you give us that will offer you a witness that is irrelevant and immaterial who has no relevant testimony, but a witness that will allow us to smear a president candidate if you want to get a legitimate witness. That's not of trade trials, aren't trades four witnesses. Well, why is it that you get to pick the witnesses you and the house and then even called ones. You want it so now you don't get to determine who the witnesses are. Who are called was pretty amazing. The Democrats are so out to protect Hunter Biden and Joe Biden their basically will to watch this impeachment go down in flames simply because they are not willing to witness trade. Now my feeling is called everyone. Every little care. We really, I think, american people generally, right. You know, I don't care gets called out, hundred buttoned gets call I'm for all that coming up, because I'm ok
in favour of all coming up, and I dont have a lot of concerns at this point. The John Bolton is even if I did. I wouldn't care that John I'm going to get up there and say Trump did X, Y or Z. I think I'm hoping it's going to take Zactly. What is a to Fiona Hill said the bottom line. Is that the Democrats want to protect their witnesses and yet they're out there saying that it is utterly corrupt for Republicans not to call the witnesses Democrats want it's pretty astonishing. Meanwhile, the Republicans are like Ok, this is just this is ridiculous, mark meadows from South Carolina. He comes out and ears like guys it's so ridiculous use on which I had he said we are giving out aspirin. I mean like we're we're off honestly about here Listen, we were giving out aspirin and giant bottles today because you know he kept going on and on and on and it Jim Jordan said it was about why, after lie? Listen we quit counting after we had twelve different false statements made by Adam shift in the face
is, he knows better and he continues to try to sell this to the american people. I I can tell you there not buying it we're not buying it. But, more importantly, the sin the are not buying it marked matters from North Carolina, not South Carolina about, and he is correct about this again. The american people have already decided on this, and most of all, they decided that all this is boring. Meanwhile, President Trump always is on his own SK enemy on this sort of stuff. So Trump is beginning elbows and from suggests that the Democrats there have the material that they need, which, of course, suggests that maybe they should have the material meant he should turn the material over. What he, actually means that we have the material. The Democrats we have the material in, so they are speculating about what is immaterial they don't have, but this comes off Trump is trying to hide material. Obviously,. We're doing very well. I got to watch enough. I thought a team did a very good job, but I we have all the material. They don't have the material so back here. I think, trying to hide the material in reality, he's just saying we have all the material we know what's in the material beta their speculating, but
You can certainly raided the way the Democrats are trying to read that Valdez things. The house impeachment manager, one of how impeach managers, but the democratic that that's real time obstruction on again. You could take him to court waitin for it but apparently can't go to the courts, and you can't go to the american people. Only Adam shift can save us we're going, the media, just foreigners, orgasm over Adam Shifts performance yesterday, in a truly amazing there. They are now MEG Ryan and when Harry met there at the rest, front and I've ordered the eggs and they are just go in and how we'll get to that in just one second, first, let us talk about the habitability of death, a pretty dark right. The fact is that we, will all have to pay taxes, unfortunately, and we will all have to die, and you maybe related The reality is that, as you approach your death every minute of every day, you might be thinking How can we ensure against this on behalf of my family? Maybe another dark maybe just like you know what I need insurance, what the place GO, would be policy genius. Tat common policy genius makes finding the right life insurance breeze in minute. You can compare quote from the top insurers and find the best price. You could save fifteen
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just enjoying the spectacle of manly man. Adam shift, this. This is really. I am Spartacus moment where you know people willing to stand up, and I do think I've read the same thing, which is that this was a speech really aimed at them better angels. I think gotten shifted a really great job, but I really felt was this amazing about just presentation? Is he was speaking not just to the one hundred people in the room? He was speaking to a hundred years in the future. This is a speech that kid you're gonna be given in twenty sixty eight, the euro at university projects. There are people in this and at the columns of lawyers they are admired him. Even if they will never admit it publicly, a very, very powerful and forceful speech to an almost two and a half hours if he was listening, he heard a very, very strong case from Adam Schiff. Why he, the President, the United States, should be convicted and removed from office
lemon, I haven't you, the media. This says: increase man, he's gotta tingle up his leg up, rack Ababa, Argentina, this excited, my goodness- I mean take a cold shower, guys, CNN, Jeffrey Cuban was dazzled dazzled, he said, the atom ships argument was literally the second best courtroom address. He had ever heard in his entire life in his entire life, which, like now Oh here is Jeffrey tubing just over the moon about all of this can't come some tension between let's go. Let's do this thing. Go I thought it was dazzling. I thought the way he would through both the fact. So the case and the historical context was really remarkable. It was the second best or room address, since it's like a court room that I for her the argument that the president stored, end or bra
your whatever criminal term. You want to use the president of Ukraine to get his political dirt on Anja on Joe Biden in return for our they'd three hundred. Ninety million dollars, the taxpayers money- I mean it's there. If you want to see it, and the question is, if you want to see a dazzling dazzling this excited. Since I saw cats for the third time that data is Jeffrey, tube in and been this excited Djinns Dame Judy, don't put on fur and walked away James Cordon. How so just a couple of things about that so Jeffrey Cuban here right there's has he made an apple? we'll be brilliant case that there was extortion and bribery going up. What here's the thing. Extortion. Bribery is Jeffrey Tube in one those our statutory crimes. You know what not in any of the impeachment charges, extortionate bribery, weird weird, if you can make that strong case most brilliant, legal hayseeds ever heard as Georgia. For you can say that with this second most ever ever the first,
Most was the time the Jeffrey Cuban wasn't. There are great any argued in mock trial. That time is the best, but the second best was Adam ship were. If you really mean that dazzling case so dazzling Jesse startling if it was so dazzling then in the Democrats include the charges that you talk about, get the other members, the media also going crazy over this enemy litter you're crazy Joe lacquered, who is he and analysed, foresee and entreated this out over her. Condo between two republican centres only watch Fox news is this stuff. I haven't heard about any of this before I thought it was all about a server if half this chief is saying, is true: we're up bleeds Creek hope the White House has arbitrary, eminence That was an eleven thirteen. I am yesterday and ease it's that out and then about ten minutes later he's reach up Ok, maybe I made up the conversation, but you know that's exactly what their thinking really making up conversations now, in your own mind about what republicans our thinking watching this thing, truly,
really thousand. Meanwhile, overt MSNBC, they were enraged and that people are not paying closer attention to the impeachment. Why? What do people want? Why Rachel? I'm getting very angry Chris Hayes. Rachel Meadows glasses, so she can't wear her glasses at the same time, there's only one pair of glasses, overt MSNBC aunt, Rachel Motto is wearing them and crusades canopy they're, both on green at the same time, and thus only he can wear glasses. Everyone very, very upset because senators we're late, making centre like Diane finds. I was like this boring I'm out, I have to say Diane Feinstein, is what am I favour Democrat by? I'm dying find him. The terrible centre. She been a senator nearly as long as I have been alive on this earth. Instead of California, and die in. Funds has been awful sender forever, XI of the lifeless eyes dark eyes, but yesterday Diane finds out like this boring, I'm out it's like I'm old. If she went home, took a couple of uphill two been app and people in emissaries, we're Superman, why can't you
even stay. I listen to those employed, a vision of our lifetime, grazed wagon, my glasses Rachel Matter. There are some sketch artists in the room who are actually drawing some pictures of what senators are doing, including senators who our sleeping, but it is a little bit weird that we all thought it was within the rules that they had to be there. These people's jobs is to do this. I mean this is literally the job. If you find it too annoying or frustrating more uncomfortable to sit for eight hours and listen, you can resign to Morrow and go get another job. Well, I mean We get a job in a semi seal economic ass go after you lose your senator. We could do that and sit right next to criticise, he's wearing the glasses of outrage. She wasn't the glass of outrage, so she was more slightly perturbed used during the last moments in vcr regimes, whose very perturb yesterday ok note to the media known cares. I'm sorry to break it. To people do not care seriously. They don't care they're, tired of this. Their board
with it? Even if people want from him here they know this is going nowhere, and so this has become a foregone conclusion, and you guys can, can you guys can just. Rebel in your own in your own. Empty word. You're always deeply matters, but the reality is that, well, you are mature rating about all that's what while you're just sitting there and you are- and you are absurd. With every little detail, most american? have jobs and lives, and most Americans are not all that interested in any of this bad news for the Democrats has removed or twenty twenty. That means that the focus is going to shift from this whole impeachment silliness to the rule twenty twenty rays and right now there is an open battle break happening, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden we're going gets then just one second. First, if you know anything about me, you most likely heard me talk about my art and support for the pro life cause. You may also remember the last year I stream epoch live and March for life in DC, gave a speech to the hundreds of thousands of people. Marching for cosmetic at present in trouble me the first sitting president you speak them for life this year, which has just fantastic. What what you
may not be aware of how much grief caused the daily wire from our political approach. Into adversaries. Leftist centres are advertising were targeted by left Wing Court what media watchdog we left wing hacks. We lost a bunch of revenue for no reason they anything wrong. Now. Take every single word that I said at that March. Over again, a thousand times that was the first time it. Nor will it be the last time that we are attacked in an attempt to shut down from my voices. That is why we are teaming up with live actions alive action wonderful prologue. Charity run by my friend Lyle arose. I get money personally to live action. They do incredible work in the space from raising awareness and education on the abortion issue, two hundred cover, videos that exposed plan parenthood and other abortion clinics end. They met with the left wing censorship, easy on social media. They were banned from advertising on twitter if they went after plan, parenthood didn't banned from Pinterest, altogether recording cold spreading coldness. Information like babies, are babies and so We are going to help them out and you should have the pro cause right now, when you become a daily wired outcome, member, a portion of your membership, not only here, you're, more members,
helps. Keep us on the are the prologue message out there, but also from now until January. Thirty, first, a portion of any daily wired icon membership will be donated to live action with promo code live action to support awareness and education around the world. On this, you so join daily wired outcome. Make Europe Pro Life voice, heard your listening to the largest fastest growing conservative, the podcast in the nation. Yeah. So, as we draw nearer to the twenty twenty election, it becomes obvious that this whole Heathman thing is going absolutely no, or to the great disappointment of many people, both right and left. Is actually a group out there today that it pushed out an ad suggesting that president pens is gonna, be a thing that might pence is actually going to be president of the United States, that, of course, is not true. President Trump we'll be in office when the election takes place. Meanwhile, I am amazed. It is amazing that the sort of hypocrisy of the media when it comes to who should testifying, who should not Joe Biden was asked yesterday whether he
would testify whether he would sit as a witness if he was called before the Senate and he has had before that he will not which repair according to the according to the Democrats, amounts to direction of Congress. I because Donald I said that he's sitting executive privilege over people and that they cannot testify then he was charged with obstruction of Congress and impeach Ford in the house. Joe Biden openly saying he will not cooperate if subpoenaed that's. Much the same thing Joe Biden, repeating that this is, constitutional issue turn it into a farce in this some kind of political theatre, they're trying to maternal political theater, but I want no part of being any part of it. And I have no problem as you'll find out. The rest campaign debating Trump debating the majority leader the baby Lindsey debating any these guys any problem. When we look at my career thirty, six years and ascended, they had problem was debating me
Well now they actually do not have any problem debating you, which is why you ve been a fail presidential candidate eighty two times but Joe Biden saying that he will not said again. It's not gonna look rate for him and twenty twenty one president from dumps on the Hunter Biden story Right, a hundred binding ain't going away it isn't his son and heir dwell a drug annulled near, do well, apparently for most of his adult life, and how could he was gone round paper bags? Catherine last name Biden has not gonna. Look good for jump. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders open up the guns. Joe Biden, because you got two weeks to when I will be simplified, wins I what the suckers over before begins. So that means that that, really does have to win Iowa. His, people are now releasing adds targeting Joe Biden for suggesting that you'd restructure social security. One of the things that is worrying about the Democratic Party is that their ads, basically Ripon people for staying power article things. The reality is that social security is unsustainable. It is sustainable. It is a giant pyramid scheme by which, A bunch of young people are paying into a fund, they will never see and yet buddy, whose older in the country is being told that we are
to adjust the benefits of the euro. See by cost of living depends what you contributed. It's a defined. Benefits plan is not a defined contribution plan, which means that my grandmother paid in like fifty bucks a month for two years ago and she's receiving a couple thousand dollars a month from Social security good for her problem. Is it We also paying for it. That's gonna have to restructured. Everybody knows it's. Gonna have to be restructured. Everybody knows that we don't have to be the raised, the retirement age or we're going. Have the lower the benefits: that's not for people who are cholera, Terry's, that's for future retirees. Everybody knows that Joe Biden, one set it now Bernie Sanders going after him, because in Bernie Sanders world anytime, you say: you're gonna, lower benefits. This means that you are evil, because money grows on trees and burning centres can simply put directly out of his rather elderly posterior here is Bernie Sanders going after Joe Biden when I we should freeze federal spending. I smelled so securities. Well, I meant I met a k I met. But I'm a single solitary thing in the government and I not always tried it once I try
twice. I tried it a third time. I try to deport them. Well, we've got some bad news for them. We are not going to cut social security. If we're going to expend so that is, that is pretty brutal, now. What Biden is hanging to saying that particular quotas taken out of context, but the reality is. The Biden has said in the past that you would be interested in revising social security, because this is what any practical politician in history has said. Ok, that is a reality that job an inspiring back and using the Bernie Sanders is basically a liar. So this thing starting to get ugly yours, Joe Biden going after Bernie
even accused Joe Biden of supporting Paul Ryan's cuts to social security. Bernice campaign is not telling the truth. Joe Biden has repeatedly voted to save social security. He and President Obama beat back republican attempts to privatized and in twenty twelve Joe Biden even said he didn't support those cuts to Paul Ryan. We will be no part of a larger programme or the privatisation of social security guidance plan, protect social security and will increase benefits. Bernice negative attacks won't change the truth, ok, so the fact is that he is correct that, The Bernie Sanders is lying about his record Bernie Sanders is also correct. In the past, Joe Biden has made statements talking about how we do need restructure social security because he is not here. Lately insane human being Bernie happens to be completely insane, and so he can just keep saying that we are going to sign endless checks to people without any source of funding, for endless tracks, but all of us
beginning to get old, Joe, so old, Joe yesterday was the campaign trail and he was approached by reporter much or for which outlet and reporter start asking me Joe Biden about about Bernie Sanders and your turns around and basically nuts on the report. Now, if it had been Donald Trump had been look at his attack on the press. Look at his attack on the presbytery Joe Biden in so we just say it's: ok, Why, then, is how do you know why, and why attacked, while our nervous man, it's ok? I was thinking about whether or not I was showing also secured again. Any power pumps, the guy in the chest and watch my well above all Joe an illusion it out their own kind of these and other. Meanwhile, Joe Biden, half attacking Bernie Bernie is half attacking Biden, but it's obvious that they are not fond of
one another at this point, Joe Biden was on Amis Embassies morning job, and he explain. That he will not call Bernie a liar over the social security smearing said. Sometimes the staff gets out of the Canada train Bernie away our bodies not taking that way out by the way, did Bernie Sanders lie about you. I don't know where the brook sometimes sometimes campaign staff gets little ahead. The candidate sustainably birdie, someone with staff road, said Joe Biden is corrupt and Bernie personally apologized and accept the apology, but the facts are that I've have a hundred percent ranging from the groups rate, so security, those who support so security, I think it a minimal was taken out of context. What they did with that in mind. That of course, This is his way of attempting to lower the tension because he feels like he's winning an eye. What meanwhile Bernice Route is ramping up in your time? reporting that centres is opened up. The guns, Mr Sanders newly combative posture, has been met with some relief inside his campaign with the two men can
heating for an overlapping slice of working class voters. Some topic. It had been quietly urging Mr Sanders to draw more explicit contrast with the former. President. Not only such an offensive help Mr Sanders whittle away at Mr Batten. Support some advisers believe would also I defy supporters and donors to Mr Sanders who crave a fight some old I think people punches against Hillary Clinton, twenty sixteen to his detriment. Since the fall bathing, urged him to go after Biden aggressively on the debate stage, a strategy centres follow timidly. During the debate last weekend's Moyne, some advisers had prodded centres to confront by none social security and were frustrated. The topic did not come up. Centres teams you telegraph his willingness to engage in rougher campaigning during it. Question and answer session with reporters this month in I was cities it. We will contrast records nothing wrong with that. That is what the furious component is out and is, AIDS. Are saying that he is beginning to open up the guns, as I say, right The pulling in Iowa does Joe Biden sing. Evidently I had their two poles of Joe Biden six point ahead: the minute:
They, Joe Biden, wins. I why this thing is over for Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders knows it Again, his entire campaign is based on pie in the sky kind of nonsense. So why the hell? Would he not attack Joe Biden over restructuring social security, which is a thing that everybody knows has to get done at some point Meanwhile, president from is over in Davos, and He is not be celebrated. Voiceover endeavours to celebrate the voice over in Davos, Seventeenyearold Gretta thumbprint. I know she, seventeen, I dunno shoe seventeen. I mean the way the meat, portray herds like she's fourteen, but she is actually a seventeen year old. That does not mean she's and adopt a mean she's. A public figure and she is due- for any sort of criticism, any other public figure would receive. I know I was writing indicated column. When I was seventeen eighteen years old were allotted dumb stuff being seventeen eighteen means that sometimes they done stuff. That's not, Let us remember it's on everybody who takes her seriously and the fact that going to fund these pop up. There is some sort of great intellectual force is truly Astonishing, because, again, her entire feel is a choice. Old and I'm very angry so that her entire thing the trial and she's angry and she says that are hiding the ball
the child whose angry and she goes round yelling at adults and the adults who wish to use that anger as a sort of club with which to beat people who disagree makes it look at this child. Look discharge is an angry trial. Why don't you listen to this language out? My answer is, I generally don't listen to angry children. I have two of them. There's no real from you to listen to angry children, and I dont, actually love very likely- ok, I'm no grounds Hamburg, maybe she's, wonderful, no clue, but for, while the sinner yell about global warming, when she proposed solutions that are patently insane May I say that advisedly, her solution to global warming are patently insane, and yet they are propped up by everybody. The media she's a great heroin we put on the cover of magazines, because she aren't. I Our agenda is go around and scream at adults about how terrible the adults are, because they are not doing what you wants them to do so this sort of raises the question: what exactly does she want them to do right, because after all,
if she is screaming at the adult. I'm doing it would be good to know what exactly she wants them to do. So here is what Gretta Thunderbird once the adults to do- and this has been again you dont AL gore- shows up. I'm here to the earth. Has a fever and we're November is the only thing that can journalists However, the Al Gore Valuable, so he was their praising her. She so important. Its deeply important. So great, a number seventeen year old global warming wonderland. Apparently, here was her solution, a solution to the problem of global warming, and it is Correia, easy guys we don't need a low carbon economy. We don't need to lower emissions, our emissions have to stop if we are have a chance to stay below the one point. Five degree target: until we have the technologies that scale can put our emissions to minus the women forget about zero. We need real, zero, not
net zero net zero means that we sort of dont produce any additional emissions beyond the rate at which we are currently producing real hero, so real zero means that you actually shut down the entire economy of the world of the war and unless you think that I am exaggerating what exactly she is calling for here- is greater number which actually set at Davos, just praised by the media. For this, the real reason she's getting praised. Of course, she also the adults and what the left love to do is prop up children who yell adult in that way. If you attack what the children are saying, if you say listen, seems like a nice enough. Young woman, like not argue with her passion that fine she has an agenda that find too I am arguing. Four agenda that weigh less can say your attacking a child. Don't you see your attacking the digital, same thing with regard you gun control, they love trotting out. Children They can say you are attacking this. Or victimized child, and, as you well know, I think that the arguments bad not taken a good, but the reason that the left props up is that
She says crazy things, but then she also says that she's mad at the adult. Why won't you listen to the children? The children are the wisest among us, there's Gretta thumper, ripping on the adults in this is what of course has made her a meat a phenomenon I've been warned that telling people to panic about the climate crisis is a very dangerous thing to do, but Don't worry, it's fine trust me I've done this before and I can assure you it doesn't led to anything and for the record where would children tell you to panic, not telling you to go on like before not telling you to rely on technologies that even exist today at scale. But science says perhaps never will we're telling you to panic. We're telling you to panic telling you to panic. I said I wanted you to panic. She said this one year ago I came to Davos, who told you our house is on fire. I said I wanted you to panic now: Norma
We want anybody, tells you to panic. That's a bad idea when a child tells you to panic or like no your trial, I'm not gonna panic over. The possible increase in global temperature of at maximum four degrees celsius, according to the IPCC, over the course of the next century. In fact, what we should be attempting is mitigation revolution, be attempting is adaptation was not there that we can take measures that would lie, or carbon emissions, in fact United States cracking for natural gas has Laura carbon emissions dramatically. Nuclear power lowers Paolo, lowers emissions dramatically, but her. Actual proposal, the one that's being praised, quote we demand at this year's world economic forum, participants from all companies by Eggs, institutions and governments immediately all investments in fossil fuel? exploration and extraction in me at the end, fossil fuel subsidies and a meter. ITALY and completely divest from fossil fuels every company. Suppose you stop using fossil fuels. Every government is supposed to stop using fossil fuels every and detention is supposed to stop using fossil fuels. She says we don't want these things done by twenty fifty twenty thirty.
And twenty twenty one we want this done it now. It may seem We were asking for a lot and you will of course say that we are naive, but this is just the very minimum amount of effort that is needed to start the rapid sustainable transition. Well, since you are talking about the end of civilization as it currently exists, yeah, that's it like a lot. I'm just gonna put it out there. That seems like a lot and it does not seem justified by the available evidence. It is who is easier, people to rally round the problem entities to get them to rally round a solution when it comes to big problems, you should actually be be providing real solutions, not nonsense and then trotting out children to claim that if you dont embrace solutions that literally no one is willing to embrace re, Al Gore would not implement that he would not If your president of the United States would not the Paris accords we're not this There's not an adult on the planet who sees proposal as anything other than patently insane, and yet there are rapidly Glinda thumper a hero of their opponents, it so it so setting in so silly, ok time for a quick thing that I like and then we'll get you some things that I hate so things that I
like today. So I put this in things I had originally, but it's actually a thing that I love so Taylor. Swift has a new Netflix documentary and they release the trailer for this thing, and it is spectacular, it is bit killer early awful. It is wonderful in every way. It's a parody of itself. Totally cats trailer, like you watch here like this, can't be real. This can't be really does. Is it real, rightly she's, making thunderous all right, no wrong? It. Completely sincere, it has come Wheatley and other reasons are now. Listen. I'm no Taylor, Swift fan are used had this argument with my producer Sonia many a day. We would argue about the merits of table swift and, I would say, she's of written totally no she's the greatest songwriter of last hundred ninety years. Well, I think we can both agree. Kenya, wherever you are today? I think we can both agree that this particular documentary, trailer, is one of the greatest things in history and also one of the worst things in history. So Taylor, Swift, you have to recognise that what's hospital, is that she was the the young,
girl, wrote her own songs and was charming in somewhat innocent, and then she had a feminist it up gang cause. You got pressure from the media and the media said: where is Taylor Swift? Why won't Taylor Swift sound off about same sex marriage, Taylor? swift silences, deafening on transgender bathrooms. Why won't Taylor Swift comment on whether Helen Fox should be able to fight women we. Is Taylor Swift, when you need her discussing climate change and Taylor Swift, after a few years of this and say nothing, side of you know what they're right I gotta get. I could go broke baby so now they ve cut this. This Netflix documentary trailer and it is so good that I'm a play it for you, I'm going to stop and started because I must comment on it- every element of its glorious from the background music to the queues the language that she uses, it is Also manipulative is all mechanistic, you can the all the years moving in real time, she's trying to show that this is the authentic Taylor Swift, all it shows
She was always media creation and it is wonderful in every way. There's movie, if you haven't seen it and you don't mind like rated humility very already. Humor there's a movie called pop star, never stop Never stopping any basic plot of the movie is that there is a person who is a pop star played by Andy's Hamburg and he Hudson Album because a big hit and then he started whose popularity he realizes that he has to go political, and one of the songs that he caught is a song called equal rights. I'm not gay and means hopping about same sex marriages. How wonderful it is! But he keeps having to interact and explain that he's, not gay, because young for both with the fact that anybody might think he's gaze? We keep saying that It should be able to marry each other sports, but it's fantastic, The entire movie is basically that ok, this trailer is the trailer for pop star. Never stop, never stop being to Taylor. Swift addition, let's play this thing, it's fantastic!
just kind of fun. No one out there that I know of any audience actively apes may not get day phase spray ready. You re such drew out my career label executives. Would you say a nice girl doesn't forced their opinions on people. Nice, girl, smiles and waves insists. Thank you. I became the person everyone wanted me deposit, it spectacular it so's protected the sad back on piano. Music turn turned to her. I got it so tat. It was the label executives, guys it wasn't her. It was did she was working in order to have a big career by not offending people legally second said crazy things like don't be mean to people and say thank you and please and eat with a fork and knife and keep your elbows off the table don't jump into politics, cause you're, just a musician, but they We're holding me back here. They were
Shrouding me if you're we can see this is. Why should subscribe? You can see this nonsense They actually have in the footage her putting on like a black because it's just showing how they were. Shrouding, her enshrouding her in the local patriarchy, but don't worry, the music will rise and as the music rises you will see. The tailors. What is in fact a woke political feminist, what the mute to rise. Taylor, freer
twelve daily gods. Ailer go, I think the tailors were, she is annoying dies. I know be physically saw me for a year, and that was what I thought they wanted to deconstruct an entire belief system, ass it out and rejected Kindle it woke me up from constantly feeling like I was fighting for. Peoples were smacked school when it was happiness without anyone else's input. Do I need to be on the right side of history, Geneva memories guys I once on examines neutral way way. Thank you, sir and another. Like me, he feels the music guys. Did you hear a rise? My favorite part of his there. So many good things about the trailer, so many good things topic per second, please so many great things about the trailer. So I love the power there, like I disappeared, freer, there's footage of her
No one saw her for a year except the camera, except the camera. It was following her for a year apparently and then out its. Like every element of this is so wonderful, every element It is so glorious. Then she she realised that She was rich, wasn't living for herself, guys, hundreds of millions of dollars that she was worth and floor. Lungs of admiring young women. It was not for she was only wasn't living for herself. She was looking over the label executives guys and then she realized it was time to use her voice in a new way to save most hackneyed trite, politically, leftist garbage. You could pass we think of to cut a song about gay marriage. Ten years after it was legalised. I mean that what was necessary, and that is when the music started to rise and she became a feminist here- oh Anne, oh, my god, and then the little cutaway where is to show that use authentic, that these funds are not produced by other people, little cutaway of her with her friend on the couch. Let me like. Oh my god guys we just came up with that. We just
came up with sergeant, pepper, guys, it's unbelievable. This is the genius, the workings of the ok three, we have to finish the trailer because we have to because it is obligated by law for us to finish the trailer, because if we do not, then we will have Miss served our own constituents but pleading. This trail. It's so good. It's so good I feel really good about, not feeling muzzled anymore. You guys you everything. I know in this moment. Returning to my party, whose proposals you never really gonna go take without them. Having wow she's It's beyond everything. I thought I knew what she does. What we're about that is what I thought I knew is that you, as a complete media creation and creation by her managers and now I think I know is that you complete media creation, integration creation by her managers, except now they told her that you'd, better get woke and socially
woke and other Bruton Entire sought peace documentary about her to explain that she was always woke issues muzzled because things, as muzzled, quite like being a hundred million dollar singer. Who can say anything you want at any time and take what literally anything that that's muslin guys. It was just I mean, Ex Soviet Union in her life and then she broke free. She broke three of the shackles and she became a fierce penalty, fierce fierce within The and fierce independent woman I get this is what this why? Donald from his present, I'm sorry to tell you that this is why Donald Trump as president, because everyone who watches the thing who has a say My functional prefrontal cortex understands how produced and stupid this is, and the fact that these are our cultural betters, lecturing us all, and then, and that we're supposed to take this seriously and now, when Taylor Swift, has, I think, Donald from possess, a sexist we're supposed to be like. Oh, my god, you know what you mean, Before? But now she speaks only truth. Taylor, swift, she's
we wrote a feminist Europe. I want it so much I want to take their own a frame, the entire trailer I want that higher trailer on my website used hit that button and revel in this off the street and the direction value and the over. Top self congratulation of the celebrity class, whereas Ricky Gervais, when you need a matter spectacular stuff and anyway, who buys into the myth of Taylor Swift at this point, my goodness guys. That is why produced human beings on planet earth and it just shows any attempts at authenticity are so rich and rewarding and wonderful. Already. I've run out of time for things I hate, because I just love that trailer too much, I'm sorry, I loved it too much, but I, wish to remind you that when there is actually a pretty cool thing, there, then I should recommend we, and our own Michael MILES away from the office that, in and of itself the excellent we sent him did you see and he is doing a brand new park has caused by Senator TED crews. Titled verdict is actual
like a review of the trial, they're they're doing the impeachment trial they're doing it like in real time as the thing ends there putting together this podcasting get like this real time. Uptown, what's going on from centre the crew of course, is watching this thing for sin and is involved in everything. Michael animals being useful for go check out. Verdict on app podcast Spotify anywhere else. You get your podcast castle sprinkle and it is worth It is indeed worth the lesson already we'll be there your later today with two additional hours of content, otherwise wheels you here tomorrow for much much more avenge beer since the bench Bureau shall, if you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you wanna help spread. The word please give us five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to were available,
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