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Ep. 947 - Trump’s Victory Lap

2020-02-05 | 🔗

Trump gives a triumphant State of the Union Address, Nancy Pelosi breaches protocol (and Trump breaches right back), and Democrats continue to panic over their 2020 candidates. If you like The Ben Shapiro Show, become a member TODAY with promo code: SHAPIRO and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 10% off at https://www.dailywire.com/Shapiro

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From gives a triumphant state of the union address Nancy blowsy breaches. Protocol and Democrats continue to panic over there, twenty twenty candidates bench paralyses the bench Barroso, this Joey sponsored by Express Bbn, stop putting your online data at risk, get protected express Vps that comes lifespan, its express Vps outcome, so I spent you may have noticed that we're like one month into the year and ensure chaos out their cats and dogs living together. The end of the world we ve watched near conflict in the Middle EAST. We have watched impeachment effort. Go down the tubes we have watched, everybody word back. Corona virus wouldn't be the time to diversify our investments, just a little bit in the precious metals. They wouldn't be a small thing to do when global instability, particular in places like China, can actually impact currency trading on a pretty significant level and were also blowing out the debt and deficit, which means that a certain point, two billion
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one open and I write you should be looking in. Diversification is a smart thing to do. Ok, so last night, last night was night, a president from has had himself quite a week very big week for the President of the United States, and last night. The Democrats blew it in a massive massive way. They really did. Let me just explain what the Democrats week has gone like because trumpeters the flip side of their democratic about what that means. The trump had a pretty good week. So here is what the Democrats have done over the last week. Over last week alone, it's been a rap weak for them I mean seriously. So, first there is the Democrats bumping Iowa member that was going to happen in a big publicity Democrats bump in Iowa. Remember that yeah, then, the democratic impeachment effort. Remember I was gonna, go great for them. There, no impeach, the president of the United States, remember that and we're gonna get my big bump.
As everyone is going to be a corrupt from, was well today there taking that final impeachment vote in the Senate, the votes big yeah yeah a man, the demo, We are making the case that listen, even if you like economy, even if you like, things are going on in foreign policy, the president of the United States and petty trial. You petty, tyrannical child. It's all cats inside the white house- we are the adults in the room right now so we are worthy adults in the room, and you can trust thus with power because number one We know the handle things, not a guy. Will Caucasus or anything, and also we're not gonna, be petty and mean spirited and ridiculous. We're not going to act like small, children in any way to the Democrats, looking like dogs right that was going to be there at their campaign, was that they were going to restore honor. And dignity and decency to the wind. And then last night you're. All that adds up to you, not all that adds up to the Democrats. Twenty Twond
Fancy I've been fairly bearish on the from chances for reelection until twenty twenty, I I said I'd put meant no better than fifty fifty. If Donald from us night shows up not only gonna win win back now. Obviously we say this effort. Every Donald from state of the union address, which is days the moment from finally arrived, but the reality is the trumpet. His wrongs point was presidency, he's at forty nine percent in the Gallup Poll approval writing, which is the highest point of his presidency, Sixty three percent of Americans say the date like the economy and they like how pressing, from handles the economy. More importantly and Democrats are looking wilder more radical, more ridiculous petty, more thin, skinned, more childish every single day so know last night. You know it look like it look like this is what they are doing, what they are: twenty twenty chance, the Democrats, twenty twenty hands? this is a real bad weak for Democrats, a real bad weak for Democrats. So, president from
is rolls on into the Congress last night. He is still under impeachment. Theoretically, because today's is the data they're gonna finish this: I think there can be no more than forty eight votes, presumably for the actual conviction of the president so they can get a single republican vote anywhere along the line and this whole thing start, when Nancy Policy being awful, so that people were ripping on trumped because supposedly snubbed handshake will analyze that one second, because listen first of all, I would put a past from this number- has Second of all, I'm not sure that our blamed from snubbing her handshake after what she does Europe people. One pretend that Donald Trump is the only had he vengeful thin skinned man in Washington DC. I want to welcome you to Congress, to welcome you to american politics, for people are vengeful and petty and idiotic and thin skinned, but do you spent any time on the hill you'll recognise one of the great disappointments in life. Adam Corolla used to say this. The godfather of part. Casting Adam Corolla used to say that used to say where the great disappointments in life is that when you're, a kid
and you sit around you look at all. The adults now have cars, they'll of houses, they'll have spouses and you think yourself man, the adults, are really smart man, then they must know things and then you grow When you come in adult and all the people that we're in class with we're, picking their bloggers and sticking them under the desk. All those kids order, old and their morons. Ok, this is the great the of american politics, if you're somebody who is deeply invested, american politics. It turns out the politicians are just like all other human beings, namely they are venal and they are stupid and they are idiotic in their thin skinned in their childish and anti plus. You no exception queens, laying it turns out. She is just as ridiculous and petty and vengeful as the man that overlap, Loveday read them. The orange man bad he's a child in all of this stuff and is present in from thin skinned. Of course. Of course I mean, if you want, the news, the president, from his most dignified president ever tenderer the office, if we also morals bloody troop but I'll, tell you something: Nancy Policy is nowhere near dignified. She
nowhere near decent Nancy policy is terrible. So this thing opens right. That's what starts the controversy truly starts. The controversy is the. Nancy blowsy in announcing the president of the United States, doesn't use the traditional honorific are traditionally the speaker of the house says it is my great honour and die, and grandeur needs. There's like an actual formula to you use when you are the speaker of the house instead, just as here's the President Bush's can wraps here's the President Is it here? She is saying that yesterday. Members of Congress. The president of the United States Reggie she doesn't bother with the traditional honorific. Ok know what the left was all upset about is from supposedly snubbing her handshake. Now the the actual quota quote snub its unclear, whether this actually happen, all your watch. The whole thing I want to do this like the Zapruder fell, but I think that it's important to actually know what happened here so you'll see that from hands copies of his speeches to the copy of a speech will come in handy later. He handsome depends hands them diplomacy and then
in shape, hence his hand and then he's already turning away by the time she offers her hand to shake any sort of turns away. First motion teaching himself. Frankly, I don't care. I know people get very upset about the sort of thing. Oh it so terrible, so that I don't think that terrible the genius, the honorific, except that is more traditional. I dont think that it's that terrible they didn't shake your hand actually prefer honesty in politics to all the pomp and ceremony. I think that the state of union addresses a bag of crap, usually, but I won't point out that Nancy Blowsy is a vengeful vengeful human being and all of it at that time, that Anti blowsy was ass, specifically about whether she hated Donald Trump. Remember this She was asked about whether she hated Donald Trump and she very angry to put an end. We hate Donald Trump, I'm a Catholic. How dare you sure sure you know? Ok, so then
speech that that was the open or some at the opener yard. You know that the gap is very wide and then trot proceeds to give. What is one of the two best features of his presidency? The other great speech of his presidency was the speech that he gave over in Europe, where it talks about defence of western civilization, less hated that one to his speech last night. By the by the immediate pull numbers was approved by some. Seventy six percent of Americans include Eighty two percent of independence has the very very good speech it was well written was well organised president from does the thing that all presidents using Reagan thing where you shouted somebody in the top role of the of the back of the of the Congress and you honor them? It's like the prey, He's right? You can find out that the President been doing us since Reagan started this finish him back in the eighties, and usually it's really pouring in any kind of force. Does this amazingly well because president from is a guy president from understands how tv worked until he showed, instead of telling and president from pigs, great gusts and then yeah. She does
cool and fun things. That's ok, you're, Lebanon, corn, fun things during the state of the union address, but we're gonna get into all the details of the state of the union address, because this is his re election campaign. He's gonna walk over the Democrats, but it ain't gonna matter it could be. Standards can be by normal right if this trump showed up. If this truck showed up full time there's gotta be at fifty five percent in the priorities in this than would be over with this economy. With this foreign policy, this thing would be over can be done, we'll get to more on this in just one second, first, it be a foolish move, reader park out on the streets of LOS Angeles and not locker card, or when we have a lot of petty crime here in the city of LOS Angeles, maybe a foolish we're not lock your front door at night, no matter where you live, because even The chances are very low that somebody's gonna break in your house. Those chances exists, woman, Why are you leaving your internet activity unlock, there's a significantly better shot, somebody's gonna grab. Your internet data, then that somebody's the break in your house. We don't need your front door, unlocked, don't leave your internet activity unprotected either. There's a lot of people looking for that internet activity got big data for trying to grab it and use it.
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I guess I wanna get into the content of from speech a note. Donald Trump was so good. Last night we had this was like about it. I've had good from bad from where we had jingle we waited for years. This was excellent from this, like top notch peak trump in his element, speaking in front of a crowd. Yes speaking off teleprompter, it is no sin to speak off. The teleprompter speech was well written. It was well organised psyche. And he also is great at pointing out. Particular Americans were unifying in who they are right. That was just wonderful. All of this means that if this trump showed up, if you shut up I'm just imagine per second just in your minds. I imagine this trump instead of the trump who sits in toilet raged. Wheat, imagine relic sitting the bathroom just giving many make a blame, but instead of that, imagine you got this everyday. If you got this everyday Donald Trump would be Ronald Reagan. This everyday down front will be Ronald Reagan, any be winning Reagan like victories, which means, there's goodness, knows better.
The Good NEWS is that this is that transport is pretty hot in here. A lot of room to grow if he became this ray. I know this is if it's like falling on deaf ears so irritating, but if he were This all the time he be almost unstoppable. If Donald Trump, is not this and he loses that's a no one except Donald Trump, because if you have the potential to hit three hundred and fifty in the major leagues and instead you said, go out partying every night and job broke the next morning and then back with a hangover, and you end up adding to sixty, but is now undermining coach. That is not on the opposing pictures. That is on you. So this means that from bears the heavy load of responsibility of being best Trump. Ok, the trumpet we saw last night Republicans conserve resenting Americans, all Americans, regardless of your political orientation, would like to see every day and if you were like this, not only his positions, but he himself would be personally more popular. Why? Because what we saw last night was really peak stuff. It was actually ok, so from begins his speech, and he begins with the theme. The theme is the great
American come back, and this is indeed the theme of his presidency. Is it like Ronald Reagan, his broad America, back from the brink that brought under Barack Obama the economy, has been growing, but an extraordinarily slow rate than under Barack Obama. Amerika was less respect, did around the world and who cares about respect Americans less powerful around the World America was was less. Muscular around the world and that the american people, confident in themselves that they had lost faith in there in the ability of the country to to stand for good things and so transfers? Listen! I'm here for the great American come back and my economic record proves it needs both the first like twenty five minutes in his speech. Just listing off economic status, which is great it is, it is smart politics. It is true, and of all he did was tweet one sentence from this speech every day from now until the election, if that's all he too even human reelection, because this is his main Petra, his pigeon twenty. Sixteen was Hillary Clinton, the worst she's terrible
an end that was enough to get him through another president. You gotta run on record the Good NEWS for Trump. Is the guy's got a great record refusal to justice, compliments and not all the crap that he says all the time basis, and this is what conservatives and Republicans would have met can still you, whenever you talk to conservatives Republicans there always like yet we know what he is we don't like between, but look what he's doing you're. That's nearly every republican, ok! Well, if Trump stopped doing all Vassili stuff, and instead did this and that's all you get right, you just get the gun, look here was present from talking about the great American come back for you. Years ago. We launched the Great America, can come back. Tonight I stand before you to share the incredible results: Jobs are looming, incomes are soaring poverty is plummeting crime is falling Confidence is surging. Our country is thriving and highly respected again,
His enemies are on the run. American, Fortunes are on the rise in America's future. Is blazing bright and that's true. Ok, the economy is on the rise, our fortunes are on the rise internationally that this in terms. A policy that has been a very very good presidency on everything except spending. This has been a very, very good presidency, and then from continues to pump the economy, which again is the point where he putting pressure president's or incumbent with strong economies do not lose reelection here as president from pushing on that button the years of economic decay are over the days of our country being used. Taking advantage of, and even scorn by other nations are long behind us to leave broken promises, jobless recoveries platitudes and constant excuses for the depletion of Eric and wealth power and purse-
that's a readiness goin on a road to speak, but this is excellent. The reason that that's excellent is because that characterises of the Obama administration, which is what it is red, the jobless recovery, the tired platitudes, which is what Obama was full of open drink and the constant excuses for why America couldn't be greater than this that's good stuff, that is, that is Ronald Reagan. Basically saying to Jimmy Carter, the data Malays are done excellent, stuff from press. An interim excellent stuff from from a speech writers and then President Trump and pushes arms button- and this was the constant put right that this was the smartest part of his speech. The first twenty five minutes- and I say of the speech or complete the unifying because most Americans are seeing their wages rise, most of it chickens are seeing the best economy that we have had in half a century. Most Americans are feeling very positive about the trajectory of the economy. So why the hell? Wouldn't you brag about that? Here is from continuing along these lines. Ngos, three short years. We have shattered the mentality of Amerika. In decline and we rejected the downsizing of
dickens destiny, we have totally reject did the downsizing We are moving forward at a pace. That was unimaginable just a short time ago? and we are never ever going back so again this this is the strongest point for present from any. He continues pushes no one things that this does by pushing on the economy and push hard for twenty five minutes? Is there a bunch of cut always during this part of the state of the union and Democrats would not stand for any of it even send for any of it. Now all be honest with you. I don't remember during Obama, state of the union address when he would talk about the echo recovery and jobless rates being down when the Republicans good or not. All I know is that this sudden, what great, when Trump spent twenty minutes talking about african american jobless rate, those who have been teenage at this rate, those who have been the Tino Travis rate lowest ever been female.
Jobless rate lowest ever been, and all of them are sitting there like bad. Look. Bad luck, When a certain point, you might want to your good news for the country towards good news for Trump it doesn't good news for the country, I admit and sitting there and acting as those bad news for the countryman, good things are happening, does look pretty divisive now, a democratic is that the divisions in our country aren't really about the performance of the country on the economy or anything like the divisions are purely about from, which is why what from did last night in giving what was a well spoken dignified addressed the american people completely undercuts the Democrats argument when they act like children. It really undercuts their argument because of their argument is the only just unifying part of the american experiment. Right now is Donald Trump, and then from gets up during gives a unifying speech and acts like an adult and they act like damned children, but our horrible pitch it, our horrible budgets, bad politics, to the max, really bad politics. For the Democrats, who gets more of
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the upset about it and they grow increasingly upset, as the speech goes on now, from bleeds with almost unifying stop at almost unifying stuff is here is the Good NEWS for the country, and the Democrats cannot stand it horrible look for them because then, by the time the trunk gets to his actual policy proposals. Many of us are very controversial by the time he gets to that and Democrats are walking out. First of all, not all Americans are watching by that point. Second of all, the Democrats wooden stand for even the good things. Why do we care that their walking out for this stuff? They don't like that they actively dislike? If you won't stand up to you, you have no credibility. If you want to have credibility, if you're democrat in one hand credibility to say that what from just said is so awful, then I'm really upset about it yet sit down. While he says the good part, if instead of the good part, and then, when it has the bad part, any walk outraged as a matter of objects, but Democrats will understand optics, apparently so
said they sit down for all the Good NEWS, so example here is present in from this clip six. Here's president, from talking about that net worth of bottom half wage earners, which is the best news for President Trump Right, is that the democratic complaining that all of the growth is going to the people at the top- and that is not true in enormous amount of work, he's going to the people at the lower end of the economic spectrum because, as it turns out, capitalism is a fantastic engine whose president Trump Since my election, the net worth of the bottom half of wage earners, has increased I forty seven percent three times faster than the increase for the top one percent, After decades of flat and falling incomes, wages are rising fast and one Briefly, they are rising fast, this for low income workers, who I've seen a sixteen percent pay increase since my election this is a blue collar boom real median household income is now at the highest level ever Rico
It is our great news in the Democrats. In their second lemons, I mean every lemon in the grove. It's amazing somehow turned lemonade into lemons, and there are sucking on those lemons and theirs our faced and they are angry and they are upset written and then President Trump moved into the more controversial part of my speech, not what we read about the speech. Many things grow about the speech. One of the things that was great about the speech was that President Trump did, as I say he front loaded, although you unifying stuff and Democrats refuse to even cheer for their own unification, and then he moved into several critique of the Democrats, the popular policies which is excellent, excellent politics. So he read before it gets and all the controversial party talks about criminal justice reform policy aren't like by the way, I think from justice reform is based on the basic lie that there is mass incarceration in the country based on race, that the police, bowing rounding up black and brown people for no reason, then that this is just the repeal of the of the thirteenth amendment. In effect, and all the believe. Any of that. I think it's mythical. I think people who commit crimes should go to jail
that releasing people early from prison who go to jail typically has a pretty steep downside in terms the recidivism rate and we see seen that here in the state of California, but that is one of France bipartisan his bipartisan bills. The criminal justice reform passed by, oh Christ was amazing about this is even Trump announced criminal justice reform and talked about it in the state of the union. Address Democrats still had a rough time clapping for its financing. Closer was like slow to get to her feet and criminal justice reform for but here is President Trump finishing up the sort of unifying portion of his features of the first thirty five minutes as seven. A roaring economy has, for the first time ever given a former prisoners, the ability to get a great job and a fresh start the second chance of life is made possible because we pass landmark criminal justice reform into law Everybody said that criminal justice reform couldn't be done, but I done, and the people in this room got it done my ok and dynamic
that's it look at those you bearings depends in the bathroom. Clapping and policy refuses to clap rebuild. She helped sponsor re learning see pen starts up now. Eventually, she really What's going on of distracted what eventually, realize what's going on- and it should not just be sour for this part of- starts clapping- that is a bad optic. Look he's complementing the people in the room, and the Democrats like we'll take the compliment, prompts a nice thing. I can't do that then Trump got into the subtle critique of the Democrats in this part, truly whoever structured the speed it's quite brilliant, because the way that he criticised the Democrats is by not, citing the Democrats directly, at least during this portion of the speech as this beach goes on, he gets harsher. Passion his criticism of the Democrats up. He begins by pointing out that he has brought to the room one Fido, whose legitimate leader of Venezuela, who has been barred from the from the Bishop of Venezuela by the Socialists, dictator Nicholas Madeira, in critic in critiquing Maduro from his suddenly critiquing all the Democrats, who have refused to side with wider without include people like Enron, Omar and Bernie Sanders.
People have suggested that Maduro should remain in power or the majority isn't dictator or any that kind of stuff, because at root there are socialists. So here's President drum pointing out on wider in the audience again from is fantastic at the game, show aspect of the state of the union where the power he says. Ok, this person up in the rafters. Nobody cheers rosiness before where he brought in the refugee from North Korea who brought us crutches. Romania he's great picking guess for the state of the union. Many other presidents have not been anymore. George, W Bush brought the lady who, like them, baby Einstein or something I trump is grated this because he's a tv guy. He understands how tv worked so here he is paying tribute to one vital the United States is leading. Fifty nine nation diplomatic coalition against these socialist dictator of Venezuelan Nicholas Madeira. The tyrant who brutalized its people, but Madeira, report journey. Be smashed and broke it here,
evening, so very brave man. Who carries with him the hope, streams and aspirations of all Venezuelans. Joining us in the gallery is true and legitimate president of Venezuela. Why Guido Mista President. Please take this message back to you. Please take this message back. Then all Americans are united with the venezuelan people in their righteous struggle for free socialism destroys nations but always remember freedom unifies this all the fact that the trunk is now contrast. Socialism in Venezuela with freedom right. That is a message to the Democrats because guess who their front runner is right. Now, a self declared socialist, a self declared. She was skip. The state of the union address to go rally in New Hampshire his base
he's, gonna talk about the glories of socialism, which, by the way, is about a nineteen percent approval rating among Americans such that smart politicking by the present, then again he's great at this. He brought forth Charles Magee, so He talked about how this young thirteen year old, whose name is even wants to join space force which, by the way, offer space forest manned space forces. Fantastic. First thing: we need to build the death star, but she calls out Charles me Charles Maggie is Tuskegee airman. Now I've had just a German on the radio, sharp amazed, unbelievable people and not only a tribute to America, but a tribute to black Americans in particular. Who went and fought for a country that was permanent, actively discriminating against them, but recognising that, even as they were fine, for the country that was actively discriminating against them? The promises of the declaration in the constitution would eventually be upheld and justified in that America was and is a great force for good in the world. Right now, the fact that need Tuskegee. Ermine, we're going to fight for American College happening today, isn't willing to
Neil for the national anthem is in fact a repudiation of a lot of the race base, politics that are happening right now, because let me tell you if black Americans in nineteen forty three willing to go and shoot down nazi fighters overboard when at a time when they came back to the United States, were immediately shovelled into aggregation. What does that say about the lack of gratitude? Respect encourage people are calling company. Can that's that's what a large part of this is about as you'll see here as president from calling out Charles, maybe now now. This report may Ben Jacobs believes reporter at anything. Is Ben Jacobs reported that ill had Omar and retreated to leap did not even stand for Charles Magee, which is unbelievable. If that's true again, as I mean reporting, spend Jacobs reporting that here as President Trump calling out Charles Maggie Charles Magee was born in Cleveland Ohio one century ago, Charles, is one of the last surviving Tuskegee airman, first act fighter, pilots
and he also happens to be in great grandfather. After more than one hundred and thirty combat missions in world war. Two he came back home to a country's still struggling for civil rights and one to serve America in Korea and Vietnam, On December, seven, Charles celebrated his one hundredth birthday. A few weeks ago, I signed a bill promoting Charles Woogie, brigadier general, and earlier today I pin stars on his shoulders in the oval office general Maggie. Our nation salutes you. Thank you, sir, and stop right there. Just that's supercool it is. It is fantastic. It also leads from into a little a little bit of the speech where he talked about the house free of the United States, and he can suddenly bashers Congress from here
where he never mentioned impeachment the home like this, this is only subtle reference to impeachment and it again a smart reference here, because if you not watching- and I can catch it here is trump mentioning to Congress guys, you know what we ve had priorities we're not priorities? Don't generally include impeaching people for non unimpeachable conduct from the pillow. Comes to the founders from the soldiers at Valley forge to the marchers at Selma and for President Lincoln to the Reverend Martin Luther king. Dickens, have always rejected limits on our children's future member of Congress. We must never forget that the only victories that matter in Washington. Our victory that deliver for the american people The people are, the heart of Our country? dreams are the sole of our country and their love is what powers and stains our country we, must always remember that our job is to put american
first against my politics, because the converse would be don't put America first and so when he says the only victories that worth. Winning are the ones that win for the people of the country. You ve been simply saying is not a political victory to impeach people on the basis of nonsense that that's that is the underlying tone there. That is the reference. The going gets, you more from president trumps, quite brill And state of the union address he goes hard after the Democrats in just can end we'll get to Nancy policies insane display. I mean really like politically insane. I mean like she's natural, crazy person should run through the streets. Flint poor, something that's just our constituents in San Francisco. I mean that he is. I just mean that she is politically mad to think that this is a good move. We'll get to that in just one. Second, If you haven't noticed already, twenty slash, twenty wild man and the election race is just getting started. We know that you need to know everything from the baton. Primary updates to the latest nonsense from the democratic and it's the best way to stay informed is to become a daily wire member
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The president goes on the attack. She spent the first two thirds of the speech knocking taxing very unifying things. Talking about his vision for America and the Democrats refused then he goes on the attack, and this is the part where Democrats, our getting up and walking up. So president trumped start attacking Democrats for the fact that they will take over the health care system and Democrats are very mad about this they literally start getting up and walking out, which is a bad luck and by the way, the Democrats throughout this speech were acting childish industries. Well, it wasn't just Nancy blows. The entering up the speeches will see. It was Democrats throughout acting ridiculous. So we should add Omar. My during the speeches put thirty six democratic we're rashly sitting there and playing on their phones, which, by the way, is against health rules right you're not supposed to be sitting in playing on your phone during these, of the union address now the Democrats. Say well, yeah well Republicans or fidget spinners during the impeachment stuff. Yet the true, but your case is that you're, the adults in the room trumps, making the state of the union address, which is not quite the same, as you know, thirty seven hours of useless testimony on impeachment, but even if it were, if your case
Is that you're better than the other side? You not real dumb sitting there and looking like you, have nothing scorn for the process itself receded we know. How are you can actually see it here comes the visually will have to play the global clip just ass boards, the power we can see them playing with fidget spinners. If you there. It is so you can see where she had to leave in Ohio Mark their there actually laughing in yakking it up and and they are and they are looking at their phone, Jews, tweeting throughout speech and just reading grab speech, which again is guest house rules, or look trying to look like you don't know me. I looked like you don't know me, look childish and petty, ok, so, back to present interim, he goes on attack against the Democrats. Click twelve. Any talks about his own healthcare plans and then he makes a promise that I think is very dumb, which is that he's. Never gonna change Medicare in social security, basically but then he goes unreal attack against the democratic, listen. I dont want to steal your healthcare plan. The Democrats do this is true.
I have also made an I played pledge to american families. We will always protect patients with pre existing conditions and we will always protect you, a medical care and we will always protect your social security. But as we work to improve Americans, healthcare there are those who want to take away your health care, take away your doctor and abolish private insurance entirely. One hundred and thirty, two law makers in this room have endorsed legislation to impose a socialist takeover of our health care system. Wiping out the private health insurance plans of one hundred and eighty million very happy America hence to those watch you get home tonight. I want you to know we will.
Never lead socialism destroy american healthcare. That is one hundred percent rule. Where there are only three got behind, brings benefits for all plan which does abolished healthcare insurance, it does and most Americans. That's majority, Americans do have private plants with their employers, so What are you saying? There is true as an effective line of attack and burning, we'll get clobbered with it, and most Americans do not want their health plan disappearing. They do not and they are not interested in having their gold plated healthcare from their employer, replaced with a crap Medicare programme Amerika for all programme. By the way, even seniors have supplemental Medicare, ready they Medicare Party, they they generally are buying supplemental health insurance in order to sell mathematical it, and then from off on illegal immigration. What's hilarious about this particular portion of this, which is that I'm old enough remember when Barack Obama claims that he didn't want illegal immigrants covered by Obamacare and Joe Wilson
whose congressmen, from my belief, South Carolina yelled out in the middle of the state of the union. You lie and has become a massive controversy, huge controversy, because of Is it not that I'm not looking to cover illegal immigrants? I don't I don't answer that. I won't do it The Democrats are real open about this new there's. An act a question asked one of the debate. Whether their healthcare plans would cover illegal immigrants and every single hand went up and then hilariously the factors like no didn't want it to be free, Medicare, isn't free, you pay. Taxes is becoming. That's not the point. The point is, if you want a governments, answered programme to cover illegal immigrants who are not paying their, our share of taxes, meaning because they're, not legal, sobbing taxes, nothing, income tax, presumably, and if they are very few of them. If that's the case, then your seeking to have taxpayers pay for illegal immigrants, healthcare from really often it is put thirteen over one hundred and thirty legislators in this chamber. Endorse legislation that would bankrupt our nation by provide free taxpayer funded health geared to millions of illegal aliens,
forcing taxpayers to subsidize rigour, for anyone in the world who are lawfully crosses borders these proposed, those would read the Medicare benefit of our seniors and that our seniors depend on while act, as a powerful lure for illegal immigration is what is happening in California or another states. Their systems are totally out of control costing tax, is vast and unaffordable amounts of money, if forcing american taxpayers to provide unlimited free healthcare to illegal aliens sounds fair to you, then stand with the radical left, but if you believe that we should defend american patients and american seniors then stand with me and pass legislation to prohibit free government Healthcare for ITALY. Aliens needs again. That is going to be pretty telling point in every democratic has endorsed the opposite, so from did go on it.
Many of Democrat started to walk out. At this point. He sought. TIM, Ryan, congregants mounting I'm walking out now gazelle wise and it's all terrible and it's all awful and all the rest of this, but again that as an effective political attack by President Trump and there, a bunch of political, points. The trump made and Democrats can you get behind it like they didn't stand up for the killing of bag, daddy of other gaddi. They were, they were upset, when he mentioned the killing of consensual money he brought to the to the actual state of the union. The I believe is the brother. Of the or the wife of a sergeant who was killed by a chasm ceremony, any mention. So it is that in the Democrats were very upset about all this. Again. This is bad optics for the Democrats, which is the point of the state of the union, has triggered optics result that optics for your political opponents. The best opted for President Trump is The Democrats, many of them had already walked out and then from did what is the best tv, that has ever been had in the state of the union dresses be quit the twenty two and president from brought the wife.
A member of the armed services, wife and child member, the arm services, and he reunited the family live on camera during the state of unit, which is just great tv. Ok, yes, of course, is gimmicky, but it's not gimmicky when it's when its honest and true and fantastic heroes, what that look like have you no measures to enhance its ok, so even issues of the speech in this is the most important part of the speech people go Norbert was most important. Part of the speech could twenty one, so he has his. He is I'm sorry. This put twenty three billion in number so he is talking about the history of the United States, and this is the great difference between how many people view Amerika
including most Democrats, and how a fraction of the Democratic Party, the disease control the democratic parties. America have taught us extensively on the show. The democratic Party, the new democratic power, She's America, the sixteen nineteen project, America's inherently bad, it's really genocide interested in racism, intruding, evil its origins slavery. Amerika was born on the back of human evil, and thus ever thing that has been good from America has been fruit of the boys industry president from provides revision and, at his American, a pre dams great place, and, yes, we haven't always lived up to our original commitments, but the story of America is as broadening those commitments to income. But the people they should have an expanding those commitments. Outward people don't even live in this country, freeing com and from tyranny and slavery, freeing people all over the world creating, greatest economic engine in the history of humankind like that. Is there of America to transpose out here and Democrats suppose they. So again, this is more politics years. President Trump he's implicitly repudiating the Democrats Howard's in view of the United States, President Trump Clip twenty three. This is the place.
Where the pilgrims landed at Plymouth and we're Texas Pay just made their last stand at the Almah, beautiful, beautiful, Alamo, organization nation was carved out of the vast frontier by the toughest strongest fiercest and most determined men and women ever to walk on the face of the earth our ancestors brave the unknown, came the wilderness settled the wild West lifted me and from poverty, disease and hunger vanquished. Tyranny and fascism. Should the world to new heights of science and medicine, down the railroads dug out, the can House raised up this Guy scrapers and, ladies and gentlemen, our ancestors build them exceptional republic every
exist in all of human history, and we are making it greater than ever before. In other words, in Romania's magneto credit, for that read the democratic opposition for that he he gives this really great description. What America has been. How is built and Democrats can't stand now, maybe their own standards to the very end users were making a greater than ever. They think they're cheering for Trump, but why exactly can't each year for the fact that America fricking phenomenal place. It really is, and if your campaigners America sucks campaigners. America is great, you're gonna lose. You are gonna, lose ok, so Nancy Pelosi concludes this ring. Bad night for Democrats by making it worse night for Democrats she's trying to signal to her in Your base that she disapproves of this Member last time round she gave the little clap and then people like oh look at That's the queen's, laying her she's marking president trouble? How did you say I was in backing present encampment now she's like now, she's like coming to make the
Was it so? She can waiting the whole speech to get to this moment, because in very produce fashion She obviously gets up and she ripped up the speech, because this is such a fresh, its trash, here's Nancy close you. As the speech conclude standing up and hearings. Each and half on camera to make clear her just Staying for the President of the United States. God bless you staring at the speech page, my page over and over may not just once not just wait. Three times Do you think a speech for her tiny hands to actually grasping rip because because she hates Trump so much because it afterward she's ass, specifically about why she tore up the speech I would get, which again is a is a petty move. Imagine imagine for just one second part: wine. During Barack Obama, state of union dress he'd gotten up again rip it.
Can you imagine the end, even what a racist paulinus to sit here? the President of the United States. You dont rip up the state of the union address. Then he just gave him How much you disagree, you have time to have a democratic responds to this thing later or republican response. In the case of all right, why would you rip up the speech? Nancy pushes sleigh Queen she's wearing white, like the suffragists wow sway equipped to afterward. You asked about this and Anti Pelosi says what you really want to deal with something worse. What amount wiped her ass like? What exactly did you want to do with it? That was different. It just to hear it. Nancy Blowsy explaining her reaction to ripping up the speeches clip thirty one The speaker was courteous thing to do. Is you courteously do because each of which had been treated much worse, which parts of its power who is paying tribute, city, Tuskegee, airmen or the power he was talking about going so I'm on it. He was reuniting a family or the power used having a cancer ridden conservative icon, Russia limber the metal of freedom in the gallery,
which part of it was most was the most offensive to use bigger Pelosi. It's a bad look seriously too bad luck for democratic support. Petty makes you look foolish and it's exactly what she doesn't want to look like if her entire pictures, the Donald Trump is petty and foolish eventual. Then why would you want to do the exact same thing. If your entire picture than sober solemnity we're sober and we're San resounded, he's been our entire stick. While she tenure Gould Pens, the capital building ever signing the impeachment documents and talking that saving their public, while joking with Bill MAR like Democrats, have no leg to stand on their totally undercutting themselves truly undercutting themselves. Their case against tromp was several fold. One president Trump is corrupt and then get, but then there say like hunter botanist then you get the Democrats tangled up he's. Incompetent men get the, I will carcasses, and then you get president from it by seven petty, so your choice is to hand a goal: pens during impeachment, grin broadly and then tear up his speech after the state of the union address like its dumb politics and our high level
Jeanne do whatever you want, I'm not one who believes that we should always respect the institution. In this way. It's fine, I don't care, I really don't what I do think that this is moronic, I'm not upset Nancy Blowsy for doing it. And you're gonna happy. She did it because it demonstrates full scale that she is not what she says. She's Nancy blows use pretended for years that she is the detective I have described. For I've said president from is not demography is the coroner? No one present from standing over a dead body and the dead bodies, american politics and all of the niceties of american politics. People like will he murdered american politics, and I said before none at all, he just declared dead american politics is already in serious trouble and from haven't fixed it, but he declared a dead Nancy blow. He has been pretending, she's, the detective right, she's pretending. She's, the detective banana suppose you been in Washington DC nearly as long as I've been alive and answer Lousy is the is the butler, ok, she's, not the detective. You not person, whose tracking down the murmur she's, not the person whose true looking down all of this, whose fixing the problem she's, not the person, who's, gonna, correct american politics
by catching the murderer and putting them behind bars, she's the butler she's. The person who at this is it. This is a he'll turn for Nancy Blowsy in a double Will you lexicon right? She is the he'll turn, she went from being these suffragette hero to revealing beneath the pasteboard mask she's, been revealing exactly what she is which is, she is one of the reasons that american politics has fallen apart, and what you did last night was just her diamond trading full scale. What exactly she is so good announcing policy thanks were taken off the mass I'm glad we all got to see that ok time for a very quick thing. I like him in a very quick thing that I hate quick thing that I like. I didn't comments on President Trump instead of the union and giving the metal international about his great because it really isn't just him giving the metal and freedom to russian limber? It's really him get him. Given the metal of freedom to all the Americans. The russian Duma has been talking to four years. Russia has always been the guy who is speaking to the Americans, who are less. Stout and mean by mainstream media right that there really is. Russia's talk. Radio did not exist,
the amount was a nothing until now limbo reinvigorated. The the aim and but not only did he reinvigorate the ambient heave, Republicans and conservatives a place to get their news that wasn't dramatically biased against them. It didn't hate them that didn't scorn them right. Limber birds, the conservative commentary industry. Without Russia limbo That would be the shall ensure wooden exist without Russia. Right shows like this would not exist without Russia. Member would be able to talk to millions of people without Russia, limbo and so rush being awarded this guy from Cape, Gerardo Missouri Ravages, where he is from it's kind of a little town near Saint Louis. Is that the fact that that rush, is given a medal of freedom after being based aiming he'll. Tell himself basically air dwell for a moment. His young legit scout for the Kansas City rules like a gopher from Kansas City, royals many started doing nighttime talk radio, then It was doing local radio in Sacramento, and southern comes this giant in american conservatism. This guy
wasn't tens of millions of not hundreds of millions of Americans in terms their viewpoint, this guy, who was just diagnosed with stage for lung cancer, which Unfortunately, prognosis is really not good for four stage for lung cancer. He's brought it. State of the union has honoured he's given the metal freedom. It was a great moment It was president from acknowledging the people who brought him to the presidency is president from acknowledging the people who had been forgotten and scorned stained by the media, the same people, the rushes been talking to four years. It was wonderful moment. The Democrats, of course, are our variants. About this. The same Democrats were very happy with Teddy Kennedy, a man with a woman to drown under fricking bridge, read their happiness, You got the metal of freedom from Brok, Obama very, very upset that Russia, limbo get the metal of freedom russian. Who should pay We women die, maybe maybe that would get them the metal of freedom in any democratic lexicon. It's pretty amazing banana case. He was given the the freedom last night. It was pretty great moment rush in recognition of all that you have done for our nation
the millions of people a day that you speak to him you, inspire and all of the credible work that you have done for charity. I am do to announce tonight that you will be receiving our countries highest. Survey and honour the present. Jill metal, freedom. I will now ask these the lady of the United States, to present you with the honor, please to prevent passing moment rush. Obviously you know he's having trouble hearing, which is pretty obvious, an equally rooms. He said here problems. Yes, popular implant he's had that for years, the obvious Lee Emotional and terrorism is b I mean it's right. Good ended the back that the media have have
been. What they are is the reason why rough limbo was important to the country and is important. The country will continue to be important to the country has ended acting generations, that was a wonderful wonderful moment in good for the President of the United States for paying tribute to an iconic conservative who has shaped so many minds and hearts over the course of years. Ok time for a quick thing that I hate do. As I say, the democratic responds to the state of the union is over the top. An insane likin saying is wildly popular state of the union. Its best trump is the best from has been if he, if you can keep this up, which I doubt because within twelve hours will between some dumb. But if you could keep this up, he would win in em. He walked up the Democrats. If there's one of this work full time tromp as opposed to very parttime trump them
how to be a lot more serious trouble. Even then they are while the Democrats were very upset members. The media were super upset about all of this Jonathan alter from Newsweek comparative President from the state of the union to Nazi propagandist, Joseph Nobles. Ok, just a quick point Joseph Goebbels Was- was blocked. Naughty and his propagandizing on behalf of the genocide of Jews. You might wanna stay from the Goebbels comparisons. When you're talking about the President of the United States, giving what was by all accounts, a fairly measured and generally wealth, as an entity state of the union address, even if you don't believe that he was spitting out the facts, the weight having imposed wanted him to spit out the fat. Even if you believe that that he was gonna what lying the way, the democratically claiming that something that residents during the state Union, all the time into political speech, of course, to comparison chosen, Goebbels. Patently insane but this is what the media done drunk from his driven them out of their boards. The gorgeous whole when their brains are falling out, like they're they're they're, just there there crazy they lost it. There's Jonathan alter losing it. He is a master marketer,
any understands, as Mark TWAIN said that a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots and eat. It's one thing to lie in in tweets and in other people are absorbing them at different times and go through the new cycle. It can be that when you're doing it repeatedly in real time, and part of it is Goebbels. The big lie. The big lie, really the big its girls, the big lie seriously com yeah come on, and then I did love Rashid it'll. The reaction, so she walked out of the state of the union. Why did you walk out of the state of the union should doubt because the President mentioned Brett Cabinet, which was there you can't mentioned breaking not according to receded too late nation You come ass, though it pleased her more because really till he blames come ass more than she like bright cabinet, which says M about the Democratic Party. Here she was with Rachel Matthau, touching the state of the union, You were among these several democratic law makers who actually walked out of the president's speech before
was done tonight. Tell me about that decision, and, and what was the tipping point for you? I think out that even the mention Abrek Cavanaugh for me as a trigger just as the woman in America. The fact that here It rightly was accused in and having an incredibly strong woman come before the public in the world in and tell her story of sexual assault by this person that was appointed to the Supreme Court is just alone that I couldn't stand still and not do anything about it, and I gave you wanna radios eyes. She hadn't planned anything honestly. I never thought I would do this. I want for the quorum of Elsie seriously like at least Elsie did did what do shuttles Emma can show up. The whole amount of feminine put something in the instant parliament's a few drinks inducements to granting like Aris. That's respectful enough to the process of Singleton. I know that I'm not gonna like when I hear, but I'm not gonna stage. This walk out into this very child This thing right go there were things up and play on my phone while the whole things going on, I'm not gonna, be there
the agency's areas, like that's an actual cause, you mature thing to do, is perfectly measurements: quasi, mature, ok, let's not sure is playing on your phone while yakking it up with Ill had Omar and then you'll leave because Brett Cavanaugh was mentioned gotta. How serious he's just ridiculous, it's ridiculous the holdings ridiculous, but you know it when they show them when they show you who they are believe them. They then found, according to my Angelou, what are at one one machine so he shows you. She has believer is this: is it Democrats are their immature and there and if their cases They are the adults in the room. They did not prove it last night, where they looked incredibly childish. Trump, look very, very presidential. Now again and from stay there once you. What time is it like? I probably not And why is it probably me? No because of her,
It was then on twitter to immediately Athens beaches retweeting. All these anti Nancy Pelosi means just let it set, Mr President, seriously just wanted said, but what did last night prove? It proved that, if anything, even if you say that trumps can go back to being from which he will, even if you say that what what what you really saw last night is it. The Democrats are not a difference in kind there, just socialists who are also children. So if thereupon trumpets that he's a thin sky, an orange man, bad child? You didn't that you guys were anything but thin? Skinned and childish and ridiculous last night, when you walk out of speeches early before we can pay tribute to members the Miller, Harry Tariff Speeches refused the traditional honorific play with phone during the state of the union, address you make yourself like asses, and you know what good The american people should see that the choice in turn you: twenty there is no quorum coat dignified candidate on the ballot. You just can have a choice. Between Socialists, Warren, dignified and somebody who's, not a socialist,
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