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Ep. 952 - Bern Baby Bern, New Hampshire Inferno

2020-02-12 | 🔗

Bernie walks away with a narrow win in New Hampshire, Buttigieg and Klobuchar vie for the moderate lane, and Joe Biden gives up the ghost. Check out The Cold War: What We Saw, a new podcast written and presented by Bill Whittle at https://www.dailywire.com/coldwar. In Part 1 we peel back the layers of mystery cloaking the Terror state run by the Kremlin, and watch as America takes its first small steps onto the stage of world leadership. If you like The Ben Shapiro Show, become a member TODAY with promo code: SHAPIRO and enjoy the exclusive benefits for 10% off at https://www.dailywire.com/Shapiro

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Bernie walks away with a narrow win in New Hampshire, PETE Buddha, judging Amy Club, which provide for the most moderate Lane and Joe Biden finally gives up the ghost I'm bench this is the bench parachute appears show is sponsored by express Vps. You have a right to privacy, so go protected and express vps dot com, Slash Ben already, so last night. New Hampshire, primaries in the big story coming out is burned. Baby burn, Bernie Sanders merges with a very narrow victory now The question is whether this is a big win, formerly or whether a tenable disappointing showing for burning, and all of that depends on whether I think that you should have consolidated that left, leaning lane a little bit better. Now, here's the reality most of the Democratic Party has basically decided the burning coal, beat from the reason I say that is because Bernie Sanders one approximately twenty six percent of the vote last night, which means that seventy four percent of the Democrats voted no you're really light burning up. Does that mean that he lost is not the sort of like the Republicans in two thousand and six
in deciding that most of them thought from couldn't wait now that turned out to be wrong. Re burn, it could very well when, but suffice it to say, the Bernie is the candidate in the rate of the highest level of name recognition other than Joe Biden, an any standards as the person who largest organization and Bernie Sanders is the candidate with the most money, and any tenders, the person with the heaviest and most and most loyal base, and all he could drag out of New Hampshire last night, was about twenty six percent of the vote. Now contrast that two New Hampshire Democratic Primaries twenty sixteen just four years ago in that New Hampshire Democratic, primary Bernie Sanders walked away with sixty percent of the vote, sixty against Hillary Clinton, who walked away with thirty. Eight percent of the vote, see sculptor, thereby won T you present. You want an outright majority of the voters in New Hampshire in twenty sixteen again sixty percent of the vote last night, he showed up a twenty six percent of the vote, which means that presumably thirty four percent of the people who voted for him of thirty four percent of that sixty percent
went to other candidates, which means a lot of people in the Democratic Party are very worried about Bernie Sanders as the actual nominee in terms of delicate Camp where people to judges, though I had a Bernie Sanders because he came away from, I walked with one more delicate. Than Bernie, both Bernie and booty, judge and when you about nine delegates, Buddha Judge show strong in New Hampshire and right now. The question is: who is going to fill the moderate lane? Because the fact is this: if you have some this campaign so far, so good to understand how to sum up this campaign, and I have to tell a rather rose story that a three year old son, so the other night about two a m my son, wake me up from a deep sleep. Shouting daddy daddy, run into his room, daddy. I need to go to the bathroom and I take him to the bathroom or he proceeds to dump half his body weight in a toilet and we're sitting there, and I keep saying to him some are you done yet know daddy? Are you done? No? Are you done now and finally, about twenty minutes into this. He I finally set em you're done arduous, and yet you don't want to go back to bed. Ok, the region,
I bring this up is because this think of the democratic primaries as it while it. But I know it's a stretch but not really think of the democratic primary toilet. But Joe Biden has been logging up the moderate line and the floater in this situation be Bernie Sanders. Animal wrote overcomes make sure that that moderate lane is cleared up then Bernie will continue to float at the top of this waste pool until he is the nominee That is the way that this thing is going to go, because the fact is again that it turns out that the Moderate Lane, a lot more crowded, which makes sense moderate line is usually where the Democratic Party draws its candidate from our Hilary from the moderate lane, and Brok Obama was kind of from the moderate lane and John Kerry, certainly was from the more moderate line of the Democratic Party in two thousand for Al Gore was from the moderate lane in two thousand Mama might be the only outlier here and he had obviously very special circumstances that attended to him bottom line. Is this there? A bunch of candidates who have decided to be
in that moderate late in there is only one candidate with significant base inside the progressive line, and that is Bernie Sanders. So here are the actual results by vote counting ass night Bernie Sanders one about seventy five thousand four hundred boats, which, by the way, isn't it amazing that in this country of three hundred thirty million people effectively speak but a hundred thousand voters really a hundred and twenty five thousand voters total in Iowa New Hampshire, basically decide who the nominees your parties are gonna, be because one candidate walks away from I want one New Hampshire with both victories very difficult to stop them, even if they walk with one victory. Usually somebody one one of those states ones are being the nominee Bernie general about seventy five thousand votes last night people to judge what about seventy two thousand votes last night Amy Club, which are one about fifty eight thousand votes last night and Joe Biden Wilma drop out of his rights- and if you are, if you really wanted to save the Democratic Party, jobs needs to get out and you need to get out right now, Joe Biden, when eight point four percent of the vote, a brutal showing finishing fifth in New Hampshire
a state that he had completed in rhetoric of lumber didn't compete in the states. He can't really talk about how Bloomberg yet in their state, even though President Trump tried to suggest that that that some have as a failure last night for Michael Bloomer, good in and in the state bottom line is it was a failure for job one twenty four thousand votes in the state. Less than Elizabeth warns us dismal shelling of twenty seven thousand votes in this data was with war. By the way is somebody who is supposed to be highly competitive in the state Borders New Hampshire, just like Vermont Borders, New Hampshire burning walks away with it Elizabeth worn, completely collapses, just an awful, showing she's not dropping out, either. You have too many candidates who are sticking around. I none of candidates or dropping out which is going leads most consolidated cannon, Emily Bernie being the person with the with the most momentum moving forward. There also have was to be a real stubborn effect for voters when they look at the corner court establishment, Democratic Party and is not quite the same, as was Republicans and
when he sixteen generally Democrats are happier with their party than Republicans are with their party, so in Trump ran against the Republican Party in twenty. Sixteen had a lot to run a demo send me little happier internally with their party but Sanders, does have ability to run against the media and using that have an impact to take. For example, one I'm woman. She said she told MSNBC. The reason I'm voting for burning is because you guys keep telling me not to vote for Bernie, I want to see. The reason I went for burning is on because of MSNBC. And go on. I think it is completely cynical to say that he's lost fifty percent of his vote on from the last time when there were two candidates that start Bernie System cynicism that I heard from a number of people I watch embassy.
Send BC constantly. So I heard that from a number of commentators and so that it made me angry enough. I said: ok burn he's got my vote again, I'm sure there's some members, the Democratic Party who feel the same way, which is that the stop Bernie campaign from the establishment democratic are actually is leading them to both more likely for Bernie, we'll get you more of the election analysis from last night. New Hampshire, as there are some good news for the Democrats in their some bad news for the Democrats in then there's some very bad news- the Democrats so get to that in just one second. First, let's talk about the fact that Valentine's day quickly, Approacheth and gentlemen, have you done your duty? If you have not? If you have not gone out and gotten your lady, some flowers and I mean look really nice Lars you're doing it wrong. There is no time left. This is the last minute right now. One eight hundred amazing offers on beautiful Valentine's day, bouquets and arrangements. There is still time to have your bouquet delivered on Valentine's day, but got to get moving with an amazing selection of sweets. Treatin bouquets one, eight hundred flowers have everything you need for valentines and you'll, never guess how grateful admin
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showing up in massive numbers in order to vote in Iowa, which can give the lie to the idea that was tremendous voter enthusiasm to get rid of press. In trumps last night about two hundred eighty eight thousand voters on the democratic side showed up to vote in New Hampshire as compared to about two hundred. Ninety two thousand expect about two hundred eighty four thousand showed up in two thousand eight in two thousand sixteen minimalism like two hundred fifty six thousand so is a slight increase. It cosmic with the population growth in the state of New Hampshire. That is good news for the Democratic New Hampshire is that people apparently were interested in voting. Now some very bad news for the Democrats in New Hampshire, and that is the people who showed up to vote, and this was reflected in burmese results. Again, he went from sixty percent in two thousand sixteen of way down to twenty six percent in two thousand twenty. This was large Why? Because the increase in voter turnout was among older people, it was not among younger people, so Bernie is counting on this vast upsurge in youth voting in order to drive him to victory.
And twenty twenty general election. We have not seen any evidence that an eye what we see no evidence of that in New Hampshire either. In fact, according to Steve Cornet key we're MSNBC early Hampshire examples showed only eleven percent of New Hampshire voters were seventeen to twenty nine, which was down from nineteen point in two thousand sixteen that that is a significant, significant drop in the youth vote in New Hampshire them. Down twenty percent from two thousand. Sixteen and as usual people over sixty five or turning out the most. More than that. Siemens, David Chilean, reported that only twelve percent of exit voters said they were ten voters which has actually lower than twenty sixteen. So everybody who voted in twenty sixteen showed up to vote again, but very few people showed up edition These are all the people. The burning is counting on, namely voters in the last time in young people, those people didn't actually sharp devote in New Hampshire, which is why Bernie, whose very
popular in New Hampshire, as evidenced by again the fact one six out of ten democratic voters in twenty sixteen. That is why he squeaks out a very narrow victory and their headlines today that Bernie underperformed, which true. Bernie did underperformed up this alleviated by the fact that the other big front runners dramatically underperformed but Bernie when yesterday and he had a fire up the basin. He says this is the beginning of the end for Trump, which is a lot of wishful thinking for Bernie Sanders by the way worth noting you're Donald Trump ran unopposed in New Hampshire. Normally, when you're in incumbent even run unopposed, oh well ram whatever, but when you are, when you are an incoming president, typically not that many people shop to vote for a primary, because while you bother it's like voting for the sky to be blue, than did the incoming president is going to be the person who comes out of the New Hampshire primary matter. One is: there is literally no serious opposition to president from inside the Republican Party how many people showed up to vote for Trump. Just because
his name was on the ballot last night. But a hundred and eighteen thousand Republicans showed up in New Hampshire and voted from eight to put that by way of content when Barack Obama was running for reelection in twenty twelve in New Hampshire somebody, fifty five thousand Democrats showed up to vote for him. That means that Donald Trump blew out whatever record New Hampshire had for an incoming president running in the New Hampshire primaries. What is that It means that the it means that the enthusiasm for Trump is extraordinarily high. It also means the burning. There's right, he won what did I say: seventy five thousand votes. Something then, is seventy five, seventy five thousand for sixty three or something in New Hampshire last night, Donald Trump. One, fifty thousand more votes than Bernie Sanders did Ratan Again, Bernie was running in a crowded veal, but the fact that many people showed up just a vote for Donald Trump uncontested election demonstrated
The enthusiasm is on trumps. I nonetheless Bernie was out there at israeli talking, but this is the beginning of the month. Stomach pump. Unbelievable, let me say, son. I fear this victory here, the beginning of the end for Donald Trump victories behind US popular vote, and I were in the victory here tonight we're going you know that go to South Carolina. We're gonna, win I'll, get now, there's a good job, he does window that I end there's a fairly good shot. Three South Carolina as we'll get in a moment none of these dumb that's, are getting out of the rays, which means that you got a twenty sixteen problem for the damage for the Democrats and twenty. Sixteen, basically Ruby, I wouldn't get out crews wouldn't get out their case get out, there is no consolidation of the anti Trump lane. Hazard Trump just got winning thirty five percent of the vote and then start off at like twenty five one thousand and thirty one thousand and thirty five. Is it
as the time went on and by the annual winning in fifty percent of the vote in some of these states, it could be exactly the same thing for burning up. As I said, there is good news for Democrats. That is the overall turnout in Hampshire. Slightly up. There is bad news for Democrats which, That turnout was coming from me, not Bernie Sanders Camp, which is, why was very narrow, victory for Bernie Sanders, and then there is the very bad news for Bernie Sanders further democratic party, that is the Bernie Sanders, is likely to be the nominee as will explore momentarily. This is very, very and for the Democratic Party I mean at least if you have to forecast the stuff- and we do read me- that's our job here is to try and think through the ramifications of decisions that are being made today for tomorrow, We could be wrong as an economy could collapse and we can have a communist presently. Bernie Sanders could happen could happen. But if you're a Democrat, you woke up morning, and you should be disquieted unless you are one of the twenty five percent of voters in the Democratic Party who believe that an open out socialist who's, calling for nationalization every major industry in his mid thirties and has never repudiated those use that that guy is there a site
twenty eight year old in octogenarian communist, who has never done a you full thing in his entire life, that data is destined to be president of the United States, spite blooming capitalist economy and united. Well, I must be one of those twenty five percent. You got to feel a uncomfortable tonight we'll talk about that in just one second. First, let's talk about the reality of life in one of those realities is the fact that there is crime in your neighborhood in my neighbour, there certainly is most angels we seen increasing in petty crime. We ve seen breaking and entering happening. Credulity, the neighborhood where I live, because the mayor of Delay is garbage job and sows the city, council and What that means that crime rates have been going up, while, aside from the fact that my family in particular, has safety risks because of what I do for a living. Also that that just The level of crime has been increasing in a lot of major cities that those basic levels of crime- the petty crime, the breaking and entering that that you really should have some protective devices on your property. What I mean by that is should have right now to spring loaded shock, and I mean you should be monitoring of property. You should be able to know
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using toward the nomination Democratic Representative, TIM Ryan, from Ohio, who early on heads, the presidential run. He said yesterday guys we're gonna lose forty. State and burning denominate we're just gonna get wallet which finally been unbelievers. Alright, president to go from running a minority of the vote of the popular vote. Twinning. Forty eight stated I think it's an exaggeration, Massachusetts, California, never vote and Drug Massachusetts. California Vermont they did their there, certainly There are certain states, the just are never gonna go for New York, where these it. These are states that it like for the days of forty. Eight states are over, but you can easily see president from running at least forty states, because there are a number of states. New Hampshire is one of them. He lost daring, early to Hillary Clinton. You could see Bernie Sanders the nominee, a bunch of states that right on the coast, Minnesota was another one of them either states move into trumps lane. Here's TIM Ryan absolutely panel, CAN yesterday over the prospect of Bernie Sanders is nominee. I personally, I am very, very concerned about some of them. Folks, who are running, I think
You know we run under a democratic socialist banner in fifty states. I think we lose the industrial Midwest. I think we lose forty eight states. I think we whose working class union voters who have negotiated their private health care in want to kill better and I don't want to be forced into a public health care system, You lose those voters. These worries are not idle. Is there a bunch of people in need? an accounting own, and you know this is an exaggeration of the situation. Ok, let's take a look at some of the exit polls last night, first of all, one of the groups I'm from it is going to really poorly with women rather than with women. Particular that suburban women are them to turn away from Trump. That's true, if he's running against a democratic ma who does not alienate women a single over the examples in New Hampshire last night
neither supposing Hampshire among males? So fifty seven percent of the vote in New Hampshire among Democrats, according to the ambition is example, was female. According to those poles, Bernie Sanders didn't come in. First, with women who didn't come in second with women, he came in third with women, Amy Club, which argument The twenty five percent people judge came in seconds with twenty three percent and Bernie Sanders, giving third with twenty two percent among them, Bernie Sanders came in first by a wide margin with thirty one percent. People to judge came in second with twenty percent and Amy quote, which our came in third with sixteen percent, which to say that there is a nine point. Gap between men and women with regard to Bernie, there's mirroring very much. The gender gap that exists for President Trump, so if you are putting women in the position of having to choose suburban women in a position of choose between their job or their husbands. Job and their income, and there of plan and Bernie Socialism there no hold on knows many of them involve drop. They really are
and then there is another new Hampshire. Democratically Marie Example, analysis they came out from the Washington Post. And it showed who is winning each groups. Let's look at the groups that Bernie Sanders. Did it really well with say, did well with people aged eighteen, two twin nine, as we mention those people did not show up, devote our daily. There turn out in two thousand. Twenty was down twenty percent from twenty sixteen, which is pretty unbelievable in a competitive primary, also, the the heat one with people who consider themselves very liberal. The percentage of the Eric population that considers itself very liberal is low. I was gonna, go regret anyway, he led among people whose top issue income inequality and among people who never attend a religious service which is not people in the Midwest West, generally, religious observance, much higher in the Midwest, then it is on the coasts. He won with men, but that is from stronghold. He is not going to break through with trumpet men. He is now from just as a massive gender gap from his much more popular with men generally than Bernie Sanders
you did well with union households, but as it comes out, the Bernie Sanders once you get rid of it satellite plans, negotiate about many union system Ryan points our there then The union's gonna turn against men will see their already doing this in Nevada and he did well with people whose income less than fifty thousand dollars, which sounds great, except for that that that also happens to be a border group that tends to turn out. Lesson is general percentage of the population, in other words, burning It really well among the groups that are a shrinking share of the american Electorate, ready you're, really Wellman groups that don't show up to vote, which is a disaster for Democrats. Now you will get Amy Curvature right, who's, the first, in its democratic smart. They would mobilise dynamic leverage. Our I've been saying this for at least a week Now you ve been saying this for very long, and I'm saying for several months that its beware, brings me why Amy Club, which are doesn't have a higher level of support, She did really well. Last night, I M a club which our sore about twenty percent in New Hampshire blowing out both Joe Biden and Elizabeth worn, look at her crowd. Among
but who attend religious services weekly. She won by twelve. Those are the people that the Democratic need win. They need to not alienate the religious voters who still represent a Georgia voters in this country. Now the Democrats have a bit of a conflict which is that the plural the maybe majority of voters in the democratic electorate are of now religious affiliation or not religious, but in the country, the country so, overall, a religious country Amy Club, which are one those voters right. That's a big share that you need win and She won't among voters who are aged sixty five in older, where the people, needs to cut into if she hopes hissing Trump, those of the people, the Bernie did worst with. So this is the be booty judged by the way, one with people whose top issues climate change, which, by a pupil yesterday is the second to last issue that Americans care about That means that of Democrats for smart they would mobilise behind Amy Clover try. But the problem is, of course, that the democratic middle line has been clogged up by buying and that was the other big story last night, so that there is the question
where the big story was Bernie, winning which again was sort of foreseen or there is burned, underperforming, which I tend to think was a bigger for it, because it does mean that this is still a competitive primaries. Involvement on two states at this point we haven't had super Tuesday, get as will see. Michael Bloomberg is ramping up the spending, continues to spend literally hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising and states that have not been pulled. Yet we have no idea how that is charting, but the really big story last night is the Joe Biden continues to just collapse, Mean Joe Biden last night did not only leave the state of New Hampshire early, foreseeing lost their. He didn't even travelled to Nevada damaging for while, if you losers in I, what new, Hampshire and about a he's toast, because there no way to recover from that and wins South Carolina and then start sweeping unsupervised day, and and seeing his pole numbers in South Carolina Collapse is not as those pull numbers in South Carolina bulletproof. They absolutely are not the latest pulling data.
From South Carolina is not beneficial to to Joe Biden, particularly that the post courier, for example, did a pull at the end of January, and it showed the Biden was only twenty five. Twenty overbooking, there's a Tom style has been spending a fortune in South Carolina scoring at eighteen percent of the vote in South Carolina fires, gonna stay until South Carolina. There's some talk, maybe I'll drop out he's not going to. He spent all his money in South Carolina. Why exactly what he dropped out in New Hampshire? There's one good pull that has come out in the last few days, and that we can have a go actually from EAST Caroline. University, but that came out again before the I will Caucasus and that showed Biden up thirty seven to nineteen over sire with centres all the way down at fourteen, but it is unlikely that that is going to be the case after burning a couple of primary and presumably african in Nevada as well again the second, when you get to the epic collapse of Joe Biden, because it is amazing, so
He needs to drop out cause he's just clogging up that middle line. Where he's clogging up that pipe wrote, a riddle needs to come and blow that thing out, because right now we're just gonna flow to victory. Twenty five, twenty six percent of the vote. As long as Joe Biden is in their sucking up times looking up energy, preventing the consolidation them at length gets more of this in just one. Second, first, let's talk about sleep politics. So, as you know this mind, right here is a finely tuned Ferrari. Is running running in running and cycle minds, Miss runs twenty four hours a day, except when I go on that he looks like matter because the thing is so comfortable. Their puts me to sleep right away now. I am not a great sleeper owners at Harvard LAW School. I remember that pretty much every Friday night I have some form of insomnia. Part of that is because Friday night to Harvard what the Hell's going on, especially on about, but beyond that our sleeping on like this all, won't be mattress at Harvard. What now I have a beautiful wonderful mattress created just for me by helix sleep helix, sleep has acquitted, takes just two minutes to complete and matches your body type in sleep references to the perfect mattress for you, whether precisely
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collapsible as before, but that's more hilarious than anything else watching watching that pathological wire just fall apart like a mudslide in Hollywood, Hills has been strong narrowly entertaining. So let me just take a moment and pay tribute to the worst campaign of them all so Elizabeth Warren is now in full on morning mode, and it is delicious. So last night she said she's not gonna drop out, because, of course you can drop out. If she drops out, then it demonstrates that hurt. And has been one of the biggest failures in recent since Camel Harris this would like a massive failure. As October shoes, the presumptive nominee She was leading a new Hampshire shooting in Iowa. She was issued picking up ground in play. Like South Carolina and then she prison in her Medicare for all planned to try to put flesh on the bill. Bernie Sanders is garbage plan and she completely fell apart. Just imploded when is the last night, she tweeted out that a big Bang I was a girl, a nineteen year old woman who went to I was going to college, and she came up to with worn complaining that she had a lot of student Dutch said I've seen
dollars in my bank account and I'm gonna three dollars of it to you and Elizabeth Warren tweeted. That out as though this was a mark of her vision, that seems, first of all, pretty regressive. Is it not recommend aid, like the woman, has six dollars to her name and you're, taking three of them for your garbage campaign. That is gonna blow it on ads that have no impact. This person is just terrible shit, terrible first and last night. She she announced that she was staying in in the race. For no apparent reason, because she's got no shouted. The nomination of burning is consolidating and she's in Bernd Lange has picked up all his support for her. There's Elizabeth, worn being offload this you know me, I did the same and then afterwards do selfie line, and we are therefore overrun. Our people are coming through and they're saying thank you or in their given hogs and talking about what's important to them, when came up by yourself, tens She said. Ah, I'm a broke college. Food
with a lot of student, one death and she said I tracked till I have six dollars in the bank So I just gave three dollars to keep you in this fight. That's what we're gonna do we have to take money from people who can afford it? That's what you gonna do In fact, Elizabeth worn and smash your across the face. The words of three dollars three dollars. Lady, don't you want to win? Don't you want? my campaign to be successful. If you're really willing to fight. You would give me the other three dollars in your bank account and don't worry, alleviate all student loans that at the end, in fact, when she's rack up another twenty grand, You learn that you can match yourself out right here on this campaign and don't worry little the later, how relieve all student loans at it I'll have to falsify the documents a little bitch. To give me some money in on what to me take it out of tune loaned other than just gonna handed to that's totally, what a terrible human being seriously. If somebody up to me at an event in their lives. Ex dollars. To my name- and I want you to have five of those dollars. Idyllic no cure is a twenty. Go. Get yourself
Nice me, like Syracuse, look look it's this part said always this that's insane, but that's it was Laurens campaign from top to bottom, completely ridiculous, completely insane completely out of touch with with regular. Americans, even while pretending to represent regular Americans Ladys in teaching at Harvard LAW for twenty years mean she's she's up in touch with regular Americans for several decades. At this point by regular Americans, I mean people who don't have tons of money in their bank, account is just it's crazy, pitch by the way is that people are being mean to each other and mean to her that's our new patch, so she got skunk and I M just destroyed. She was nine point, six percent the vote in a state neighbouring her own. She want to grant all of eleven thousand votes last night to the brutal brutal showing and Elizabeth worn then gets up in Manchester as yet we will bear, but people get fragmenting this party in that's terrible No one is fragmented. This party, more than Elizabeth Warrant Elizabeth WAR, has been an attack dog. Virtually everybody else, get on that stage. You she's she's awful
pretty soon those waters that vintages ladys. If you're looking for, Taylor, loft, multicolor sweaters. Those will be on half price within a matter of about three weeks before Elizabeth, warns demand for them will drop ridiculously ridiculous. It radically. So here is a list of warning. Everyone is mean and mean to me in everybody's mean, and they need to stopping mean a fight between factions that our party, has taken a short term in recent weeks with ads mocking other candidates and was, supporters of some candidates shouting purses at other democratic candidates. These harsh tactics my work If you are willing to burn down the rest of the party in order to be the last man standing, you're gonna need huge turnout within our party and get that turn out. We will need a nominee that the broadest coalition- Of our party feels like they can get behind. Yeah language is not you, which is now you by the way, her actual fine,
showing us reading with, like thirty nine percent of the vote in their actual, showing that twenty seven thousand votes last nation of one nine point, two percent about just how horrible horrible showing released going. I love that she's like we're splitting the party was putting the party and that's. Why I'm staying in to split the parties? More ok, but she wasn't even the biggest collapse last night. Obviously, the biggest collapse last night was Joe Biden who's the front runner in every Paul, almost wired wire in Iowa in New Hampshire enjoying a close second to Bernie Sanders and then no one. It showed up to vote for him. No one once again and correspondent was going run talking to New Hampshire viruses that I could not find anyone here who supports bide knife. I asked Jill and Joel like maybe unkindly, Bernie Editors, the CNN correspondent, explaining that no single human being could be found in the state of New Hampshire Legs, Joe Biden most rising here is that of all the voters. I've talked to and we're talking probably upwards of a hundred right now, not a single one saying they support Joe Biden, Ouch
ouch, CNN John Kings has the same things as the big headline tonight: rotten performance by buying this is too straight states where he has just so apparently his fourth fifth Lord first plan is going perfectly remember they had this with Rubio Ruby. I was gonna finish. Third neo up many Guiche second anew I'm sure, he's gonna get, and then he was given a first in South Carolina, Nevada, well, yeah that that didn't materialise. It turns out that you can not continue. Sing and then consider that you are a winner. Is why this quixotic west by Elisabeth Warner continue running is bizarre by the way she got out a lot of every move over to Bernie Sanders. So that is worth noting at this point. But Biden is sucking up a lot of time, a sucking up a lot of money in setting up a lot of votes readily. Imagine those eight percent good Amy Club, which are or P Buddha judge or imagine a cobra char, Buddha Judge and binding or one candidate which of course not true, but if that were the case now be well over,
Fifty percent of the vote in New Hampshire well over fifty percent of the vote in Iowa. In any case, the CNN Shaun King was saying, listen. Joe Biden is just a dead man walking at this point, which is obviously true for vice President knighted states. First, nowhere second way up there I'll take a look at the size, the men, but again this is I'm almost. I almost don't want to do it, because it's or is it feels mean to do it. We're talking about a very tiny place up here for them to avoid back to lie in the town, so it feels almost mean to do it, but that's just tells you that again you're not first, you not second you're, not third, in any places, significance on the map. That is the definition of a very bad night, a horrible night for Joe Biden, Chris Matthews Wager Gang Jenny's grandma Hampshire gesture got you into China, hopefully not one hundred to pick up money, but just gonna left I and here comes to show our rumpled thing about the pact that is going to now, meaning of our party. I am old and
remember when socialism was kind of bad it is. It is an amazing steam by the way, about your network when Chris Matthews most reasonable person under network, which is what he is becoming in the face of people like crises, its wild, theirs Matthews Lifecycle, where it where's your going and maybe even know which direction is up any more. What the hell is going on going to China. Scotch? U N! Why y you going? There are now so Johnny Apathy, just dropping bad campaigns in its wake ever go. Go via this now onto a basically the island off of China, where he thanks, we can hold on against the mainland. It's like Taiwan that that's. We cite another Taiwanese like he's like Chang. I check leaving China trying to get away from the communists, and now I can't even find a respite. She's
running away, running away. That I mean that is accurate, we'll get to Joe Biden reaction to all of this last night, because Joe Biden has basically in full panic mode and honestly, if Joe Biden or as much of a patriot for the Democratic Party as he says he has you'd, get out right now because dude, how he's done he's toast put him? It is shut the shut. The fridge this night is over for Joe Biden. Ok, it is, it is done, is done! We're gonna get to more of this in just one second first, but I got a great meaningful gift that you can get for Valentine's day or for mothers Day or for any, but they offer a how just you should get this guy, because it is beautiful. Here's what you should do you should head over to paint your life dotcom, why? What is great, overpaying electors, what they do you send them a picture and then they will create an original painting of you or your kids or your family or a special place orchards pet at a price you can afford it, and it's beautiful right now over my man. So I have hanging a picture of me and my wife and my two kids going to be three and its in
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So your bike last night reacting to his devastating destruction. In I'm too, I mean just defamation of his campaign finishing fifth in New Hampshire, this in the former vice president of the United States, who finnish fifth to an active. Marion Communist, a mayor of a town of like five people, a senator from minute No doubt Quincel five minutes ago, had no public attention and Elizabeth Warren, whose absolutely collapse- and he finished fifth, a devastating showing. No wonder Joe Biden is walking around getting increasingly angry. Yesterday, got angry reporter asking questions. Is that sounded like earlier now these guys you're sending sitting answer by going on, not not at all, not at all. They know we worked our hard here were continuing doses I am not concerned about a law is right in my face: ok buddy! Don't! But then maybe I mean he's getting increasingly increasingly angry and using
in many of his railways like he's getting more more irritated by this whole thing. Why wouldn't it be? I mean he thought that he's gonna crews, the nomination here. Instead he is Joe Exe the main point in the same way that it was job exclamation point in twenty sixteen last night. He he sounded like earnestly, he sounded like a desperate, desperate man, he was on stage in South Korea He sort of this sort of did his rights Allie in New Hampshire from South Carolina, because he is desperately attempting to hold what he perceives be a firewall in South Carolina. He did this rally and there he was saying it's a it ain't over man in over you can shut this bar. I got one more drink left again shut. This bar is not over man. No! No! I need one more, but one more about this relate table. I know I've maxed out, but anyone more bad guys, it's not over. It's not it's over Joe. It's over just call. It is things over. We just heard from the first true of fifty states do not all the nation not have donation nation,
not accorded invasion, not ten percent through our compromise. The opening bow, not the clothes and go soon hear all these points in experts cable tv. Jockers talked about the race, tell them it ain't over man. We're just game over man came over nuke it from orbit. This thing is: toast, shouted down because again, here's the reality. If you had said to anybody burning that that burn, you know when the first states and probably about this in the first three and by the time you get South Carolina, Joe Biden, would one zero victories end not finished. Presumably I don't think it's gonna finish in the top three and about it. I think can he had blown out Nevada? I think the diving Bernie Sanders Gonna win Nevada and I think that the Buddha Judge chemicals which I will finish second or third in about an hour, not be surprised if Joe Biden finishes fourth or fifth in Nevada and mean that Why you flying South Carolina? Presumably, if he's gonna win in about an hour he shouted about. Why would you people find an event?
I mean that's the next place there, but he is he's actually backing up all the way to the end Have you are because they re election in South Carolina doesn't happen until I believe have your eight twenty eighth of hunger, twenty ninth or something. So this is really really bad John Jimmy found last night. Calling this thing has lessened by March. It's about to get a lot cheaper. Have you been waiting that bind merge now be your time to stock up Perhaps your primary, was held today in good news if any one in the market prison Joe Biden, campaign, merchandise and things to get a whole lot cheaper, based on a lot of poles, Joe Biden was on track to finish the night in fourth or fifth place I'm not saying vines in trouble, but the corona viruses appalling ahead of him, but this is a true today by nasty left, New Hampshire early to start campaigning in South Carolina. Instead, Joe Biden didn't really leave early as much as wander off. You go and he's done he's done
Van Jones over on CNN was wildly depress last night, which is funny because then Jones is a person who basically was did from the Obama administration for being too far. Wetsuit. Imagine these in the Bernie Camp, but last night, but here's the thing Jones. At least Eugenists no Van Jones Little, but I really like vengeance, a human being banned Jones last night. He was like I'm depressed we're all the press I think we're all gonna hang ourselves. This is awful correct Van Jones, correct yard is, I think people are depressed. I think people are sad. People can't figure out which these people are supposed to vote for it. I think we were waiting to come out to vote against from. I do think that this is an aberration. We're in this weird thing where to your point earlier, people are coming out to vote on a Wednesday for an awful lead. In County Commission meeting because they felt there was a binary choice. This is a method, confusing choice. People are saddened, depressed and people just want some right above or against it.
And by the way once they get somebody to vote for or against from it and got it like. I know the Democrats recount homes surge of enthusiasm to vote against Trump. I dont know that that's gonna materialise. Those turn out numbers do not suggest batch of new voters and young borders were showing up in massive numbers, for somebody like Bernie Sanders by the weight. The cash race matters here here here is one of the problems for the Democrats, when the grounds for the Democrats is that Trump is blowing them out in fundraising. Blowing them out here is how much cash on Hand Donald Trump had as February twenty twenty cash on in a hundred and three million dollars. His nearest competitor is Bernie Sanders is just over eighteen million dollars, cash on hand after twenty nineteen queue for blue lot of that January. By the way be top spenders in a democrat Party, our terms dire, whose now spent something like TAT, a hundred million dollars and Michael Bloomberg, who spent with children eighty million dollars, Bernie Sanders has spent
over a hundred million dollars trumpets, but about a hundred forty three million dollars, I mean that led the Democrats are not going be rate raising the kind of money. I think that they are going to be that they think they are going to be raising, and here is the problem right now. As I say, the big. The big issue here is that the moderate lane is clogged and that became more confusing last night, not less Reboot adjudged did not actually consolidate the moderate lane instead, Amy Clover Chart showed very strong. Joe Biden was always proceed to be sure the placeholder, but there's nobody is rising up to take people to judge last night. He he keeps campaigning the small town mayor, whose also super there is one problem. And cooperatives gonna nail among us. He cannot win state in the midwest he keeps saying he's gonna win states in the Midwest. He could not even when a feet wide race in his home state of Indiana. The only election has ever one is to mayor south been Indiana, but here's people to judge pretending he's gonna revitalized. American politics, not listen, he's very talented guy people to judge is very good at modulating his tone. He is Obama ask in his ability to lie through his teeth about his actual positions.
The way the towns moderate, that that is absolutely true. But there is one thing that people judge doesn't have going for in the Brok Obama did I'm going from. That is an incredible amount of enthusiasm. Brok Obama had tons of enthusiasm by partisan enthusiasm really me because he had done his whole red stay. Blue date thing and because Barack Obama was perceived to be by many, a marrow since the end of racial conflict in America. Election campaign that way in the early going packagers people to judge was not brok. Obama to win answer govern really too new voices to our cap. We need to get Washington starting to work, more, like our best runs cities and towns, rather than the other way around, and I know that when you talk this way, you might get dismissed as a naive newcomer but A fresh outlook is what makes new beginnings possible. It is how we build a new majority he's just
link Obama promise he ain't, Obama and people are increasingly than a recognises and, frankly, I think a lot of people in South Carolina. They lack Americans are insulted by the idea that he brooded judges, somehow array capitulation brought about my. I don't think. That's gonna play me well Amy Club, which our gave her triumphal list third place finnish speech knights and we're still hearing on, keep saying, leave and then we're still here. I announced my candidacy in the middle of a Minnesota Blizzard and there were a lot of people, the predicted I wouldn't even get through that speech, but not the people of my state and not the people of New Hampshire. Then they predicted that we wouldn't make it through this summer. We did, then they predicted, we wouldn't make it to the debates and man we're. We at the debate in new, have what we Van is steady. We ve been strong and we ve never quit. I think that sounds pretty good for a present,
ok, there's only one problem for which is that again choose to consolidate this lane. The democratic knocking to consolidate this is their biggest biggest problem, which is why there are lots of people who are waiting for the day is ex machina of Michael Bloomberg, their hoping that Michael Bloomberg spending the super Tuesday states is actually going to turn out with Michael Bloomberg, winning some sweeping victories across the country and that by the way, includes a lot of people who are widely proceeds me not in Michael Bloomberg, scrapped, by which I mean the Pandit accuracy just because Michael Bloomberg was tough on crime and Europe's Eddie and he's widely perceived as racist by the black community in the United States. There's not a lot of evidence to support them again. The nest an appalling, shows the bird, the Bloomberg sexual pulling ahead of Bernie. Among blackmailers at least what can it be actual that came out a couple of days ago, joy reed? yesterday afternoon a case for Michael Bloomberg. She said Democrats need a nominee who can be Trump and Michael Bloomberg might be the only guy who can be true because here is the dirty little secret. People to judge is not gonna, be trump people he's not gonna win midwestern states, he is not Bernie Sanders has a real problem against Donald Trump,
and all the talk about who's gonna, we shift coalitions, maybe it'll happen, maybe it will. But that is not what the pulses right now not in these midwestern state, and if you think that Amy which can be denominated like again. I think that maybe the smart move by the Democrats, but if you think Amy well. The jars can be the nominee that is highly unlikely, and the reason I say is highly unlikely: sociate raising money. Her total raised in two thousand Thank you for was eleven million dollars. Eleven million dollars. Compare that two Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders in queue for raise thirty five million dollars he's blow her out in the fund. Raising that does make a difference when it comes time to advertise for Super Tuesday, but here is reading In the case of Michael Bloomberg, was lots of cash and who does have a fairly good record predicament crime in your city. Here is dry read, there is a fact: with Bloomberg, not that a break any rules, but then he'll go here oh go, allow you talked about you no porn and cheeseburger putter being in his brain that other friend him or by into- and you cannot be tromp policy-
and where it hurts, and the bottom line is number one. You can't be showbiz without showbiz and Democrats don't understand showbiz, even though all of showbiz is on their side, where the data understand showbiz and the army. The reality is, if you want a democratic when they like, they have not. A fight like a Republican. Fridays are republicanized anyway, also worth noting that if anybody is going to stop Bernie Sanders at this point is gonna be it's gonna have to be somebody who has some pretty heavy union support, The reason I say that is because you could see. Theoretically, Bloomberg may mistake my way, two long gettin the rays Avonlea Bloomberg should bunch money, Nevada, right to small state, a lot of money in a small state can make a big difference and innovative there is. It kicked back against Bernie Sanders that is happening right now. According to the Nevada Independent yesterday, the Culinary Union warned its members. That centres would end their healthcare of elected president, that is the biggest union in Nevada. A lot of you, in about are not happy with Bernie Sanders, because his Medica for all plan basically requires the death of
all of these special union contracts they ve been in order to achieve Cadillac Healthcare for their members. The culinary union which I'd health insurance, two hundred and thirty thousand workers and their families through special pressmen, strongly opposes Medicare for all they ve done enough worst anybody, but they are basically on indorsing Bernie which means that you could see somebody like Amy Clover Chart, show strong. This is why it so bewildering the Joe Biden just abandoned about it shows that he thinks that his campaign is dead, says I've been saying also long bottom line here: democratic consolidation, problem of collective action problem- everybody wants to be the last person standing. Somebody to no one's gonna get out, and I mean The burning is likely to be the nominee club which are, by the way, is dropping heavy money in about a while the chart under dance but she's rubbing heavy money in about a hoping to draw, maybe a surprise, victory or surprise. Second place finished, surpassing PETE Booty judge in Nevada,
Ok, let's get you some things that I like and then some things that I hate so things that I like to cite my when my wife last night, my father is babysitting. For my kids, I came home and he said I wanna play you this two minute clip of ART Tatum. So for folks, you don't know just come on. My father was professional, just fantasies, a terrific traffic, Ganis and ART Tatum was one recitals growing up Oscar Petersen being the other. Our table, such great penicillin, Oscar Petersen, heard him ass. A teenager, Oscar Petersen said I might have to quit piano because nobody can never play like our Tatum Tatum was nearly blind and one of the great jazz penis of the of the Twentieth century. So cure is a club of our Tatum playing something called tiger: rad, listen to the cleanliness of his of his keystrokes moonless. Listen to how clean he is on the piano. It really is unbelievable. Stuff
remember This investigation is using here it's pretty incredible, obviously styled laying it isn't. I wish our appendicitis better understood. Explain you. What exactly is it wasn't? Capacities must stand there and, if that's, what you're in the face
It's unbelievable stuff check it out its tiger rag by our Tatum in find on Youtube. It's pretty spectacular stuff. This is why it is always weird me when people said the great american art, form is in terms of like the black art form in America is rap, know the great american art form really is jazz. It really is the great american musical art form and it was largely black. It was created by black American and it is unbelievable. Our Tatum is just spectacular, so's, Asker Petersen Employees, Moscow Petersen on issues if you're looking for some jazz go check out our Tatum or Oscar Petersen, ok time for some things that I hate already. President Trump needs to stop and what I mean by this stop. The reason I say stop, president from is because galloping Renault, showing Americans pretty happy with everything is going on in the country in a corner the gallop halls from his now approaching fifty percent in terms of public approval rating. He apparently
that run against day, not engineering communist. So everything is going pretty well for trump. You know it necessitate him stop, he needs to stopping thin skinned and vindictive and reacting in vindictive ways that make him look petty and silly really needs to stop. Is I'm not talking about him firing Vindelin? So he fired Lieutenant colonel then the other day with Alexander women. Women was the person who I think was wrongly malign by some people on the right as somehow unpatriotic for whistle. Knowing about from behaviour on Ukraine and testifying that from behaviour on Ukraine now thought that VIN means Women's testimony was surprisingly political. I thought there was much more about his disagreement with Trump on Ukraine. If you would just policy by the way I disagreed with Trump on, but I thought that women's testimony was was less about what Trump had actually done in terms of pushing for corruption and twenty twenty election, then Rosalie. Then it was about vitamins particular view of Ukraine policy with that said, Trump fired vehement and he
and he fired his twin brother also. I don't know why I guess there's like maybe maybe he's afraid that the twin brother was with places with minnow, be like or something I don't know. What happened? Did those guys were fired from the White House? Now it is true they were not actually fired from their jobs right. There was transferred from White House duty and theirs. Fraga, like, if I had somebody at this bunny. I thought was reporting out on stuff those happening at the company to somebody else, and it wasn't. Criminal activity is just them reporting stuff. It didn't like it. The company, as seems likely, We could case they probably should not be working at headquarters, which is what from did hear people going nuts That's I'm not talking about the women thing. People on the left are saying, but how can you get rid of in men? That's retaliation against a whistle blower! Well, technically, if there's no crime he's now whistleblower He just somebody who disagrees with the policy in the president does have a right to run his executive branch with people who agree with him on policy or who at least
and to actively undermine policy by going and leaving it to Adam chef. Isn't that I don't have a problem really what he did with amendment. I do have a problem with his intervention with regard to Roger Stone. Now, in order to discuss what happened of registering, you need to understand that, when, big cases, energy, o, J and Roger son, was a big hasten. The GEO J obvious exit had significant ramifications for the from campaign. Rogers don't have been charged with lined the Congo and also line two investigators and trying to bully witnesses not to testify in from the FBI and obstruction and all this kind of stuff, he was sentenced. The other did seventy nine years in prison and a lot of people. I think reasoning. We said: seventy nine years for what Roger Stone Dead, is a very long sentence, but he's gonna get more jail. I met by orders of magnitude more jail time, then Rick Gates, who had it'd stealing money from a man of war, he's gonna. Orders of magnitude more jail. Time then certainly like endemic capable. No jail time also, apparently wide two investigators. So I understand the case that there is
just as in the Roger stunk it here is what I don't get. So if you have a major deal, J case is very rare to have a major GEO Jaeger case where the deal J lower down the ADHD Souci District attorney's are not actively talking with the higher ups in the OJ, so they went for their senses. Recommendation unless all the prosecutors in that case decided to just ignore William BAR the attorney general, then they probably went to the higher up. The GEO J and recommended this seventy nine year sentence and Barbara Roblee signed off on it or, at the very least, didn't sound, an objection to it then trump publicly from publicly says. The sentence is too much and now trumpets publicly declaring that here William bar basically downgrade the sentence recommendation from the prosecutors and offer. Prosecutors on their address? Don't care what it is a bad luck. It is a bad look. It looks as though the president is Persant. Look if the present wants to pardon Roger Stone. I think that's bad look too, but he does have the party in power.
Surely, as the power I supposed to order his attorney general to do this sort of stuff, but it is a it does not look good, it looks corrupt. It looks bad. Mostly it looks like William BAR, was twisting in the wind Mean William Bars. The guy who let was left out there out front twisting in the wind and the widespread mediator and perception of bar? Is that he's a political actor anyway? Almost bar comes out any says, was in these deal J Blair's were basically they went robe and when they read mended a harsh sentence because they don't like trump and then I had to come in fixed that thing, then it hard to imagine a situation in which lower down ADHD simply decided on a high profile, send recommendation without even running that up the flag, but which is why it is a bad lookin for prosecutors abruptly withdrew on Tuesday from it A present from long term friend, Roger Stone after senior geagea officials, intervenes, recommend a more lenient sentence for crimes committed in a bid to protect the president this morning. There are times in extraordinary decision of ruling career lawyers. The Justice Department recommended an unspecified term of incarceration for stone. Instead of the prosecutors requested,
punishment to seventy nine years them have coincided with drumstick Laurie. On twitter early Tuesday that the government was treating stone too harshly now what a surprise and would have been fully precedent it for trumped to, for example, Commute Roger stones. It sends was actually happened with with was good scooter living under the under the Bush administration, railways felt felt that he was unfairly targeted by the Department of Justice because he was at the source of the leaks about Joe Wilson. Remember, the CIA officer is like that will replace and it turned out that it was. It was Richard Armitage, Lick, leaked their identity and then apparently in the course of the investigation, Scooter Libby said something that was not true and then he ended up being sentenced and all that bottom line is that it would not have been a shock. The present could take the direction our and indirect blame for commuting the sentence or pardoning Roger stone if he saw fit to but directing William BAR to change the sentence which it appears. What happened here and then William BAR going back on Prince,
Hopefully, negotiations that took place between the deal J and the ideas which tends to be recommended. That looks really really bad. Right the development immediately prompted questions about whether the Justice Department was bending to White House pressure. The gulf between the prosecutors in the GEO J superiors person to public view the week before last almost be sent trying to sabotage the congressional investigation that it poses a threat to the president. The prosecutors were set, be furious over the reversal of their sentencing, request the stone cases. What most high profile criminal prosecutions arise from the nearly to your investigation of russian Interference in twenty sixteen election by Robert Mauler, so that this is Trump running for election many fields what's happening, Roger Stone is, is a bad thing. Ok, well that's his prerogative, but you know what looks even worse. You manipulating the Justice Department top down in order to help your friends right. That looks. Then wars and from should keep that in mind because of the man wishes to win reelection than has been directive sense of what ought to have known what ought not to happen.
It's not going to serve him olenin several moments when you create a buckle by the way and our people are saying this is like a big, the gray for Trump big victories. The Democrats overreached if they not over each dingaan for censure trumpeted, had a bigger problem on its hands. Ok, we'll be back a little bit later today, traditional hours of contents, otherwise, would be back here too our with much much more. Was you Harry the later today or tomorrow, because inscribe over it daily wire, how come you probability w twenty twenty time is running out to get twenty percent also go do that right now, because things are just can get hotter and heavier as the election cycle goes on I mentioned.
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Emily. All the things that are really important EU so come join. The conversation.
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