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Ep. 975 - What The Hell Happens Now?


As the entire economy freezes, the feds open up the spigot; we examine what comes next; and the media won’t stop labeling Trump a racist over his use of the term “Chinese virus.”

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As the entire american economy freezes, the feds open up the spigot, we examine what comes next, media won't stop labeling from a racist over his use of the term chinese virus. Adventure paralyses the bench Shapiro show This who is sponsored by Express VP? I don't like the government spying on new, while visit Express, bbn dot com, Slash Menthrasti safely anonymous already, while today I really want to examine in depth what exactly we are going to do from here on our because that is eminently unclear, and let me just make clear at the outset that I am very much in favour of measures that are designed to flattened curve. I'm very much in favour of the attempts to lower the threshold of death ended that the goal here is to prevent, as I said before, the giant curve that exceeds the.
Ass any of the medical system from taking place into flat, nothing out, but let's just be realistic about what is going to work for the american public and what is not going to work for the american public check my wife this morning about the entire situation. Then I was suggesting that if you look to the world of of dieting what you know about diet and what everybody about dieting, dieting, doesn't work. The reason the dieting generally does not work is because there is Indeed it is interminable, and it is unrealistic if you actually want to succeed in cutting weight, either have to have round cutting weight where you stay awake for three weeks, we're just going to cut weight for three weeks and can be no sugar and no fatter than me. No carb be brutal. But you know what for three weeks and then you'll go back to eating some of the stuff. We all just realized a little bit, but essentially you'll go back to him quasi normal.
That two people, then people can handle it for like three weeks and if you say to people, listen we're gonna have to adjust our entire diet and it's gonna be permanent, but its economic, enormous changes is just gonna, be enough changes that it changes the trajectory of your nutritional health. If you said people get we're, gonna cut, Monica, come carbohydrates, completely apple, we're gonna, cut them down fairly significantly. We're not gonna cut out your morning cup of coffee, but we're gonna take down the size of that cup of coffee. That is something people can, What would you do if you tell them on a permanent basis? Let's be realistic about what we can do it and will implement that on a permanent basis. Here is logical, cannot do we're gonna cut out fat, Orinoco Sugar, we're getting one of them could carbohydrates, we're gonna cut. It cannot sovereign everything that is good. You I'm going to it until I say no one's gonna. Do that that's the last five minutes with truly environment. And the reason is gonna. Last five minutes is because, if you believe that there is no in there
An indefinite wait time here at a certain point, you're just gonna say: ok screw it really like done, and that is the problem, but the government's response with regard to corona virus. Thus far, there are two major problems: one is the resources have not been brought to bear moment, because the goal here, as I was saying yesterday on the programme theoretically, should be to shift from sort of chinese model or the italian Mamma the french model, to the south korean model, and to do that as fast as possible in the gulf. Would be to move away from the model where everybody is incomplete. Lockdown, where your isolated in your home, where there is tremendous, an antisocial distancing and to move towards the South grandma, where there is heavy testing and basically we're segregating off the population that is exposed to the virus from population that is not exposed to the virus so that over time, you develop a herd, immunity and also so they don't shut down. The economy that can only happen have the resources at our disposal. So that should be the goal. The problem is with the gun, doesn't actually allowed a timeline for one. That's going to happen it's gonna be unrealistic and when you're talk
that millions of Americans losing their job in. That's. What's gonna happen over the next few weeks, where the government can backstop this stuff as much as they want. Everyone knows that if this last for six months, the government is not going to have the ability to simply keep paying, people may look at them and yields, the bond yields, are already rise. Memories. The desire to buy american bonds are down, it means buying. American debt is down so who's gonna finance of the spending. You can do this for a short period of time. You can backstop bank loans, for example, tell them don't call in all of your loans right now tell the credit card companies don't go in and police. All of your credit for a month or two, you can't do that for seven eight months, not one. Nobody is working and right now small businesses that were operating with slim margins as great lie. That was being told by so many folks on them. That small business owners. Even major business owners are operating on massive profit margins that just got pools of cash stacked up somewhere and they can pay people what written their laying off tens of thousands of workers and over the
Future commission left hundreds of thousands of workers and all the Democrat attempts to create legislation that will for small companies to pay for paid sickly, How many companies do you think? I'm just going to say: okay, not only we're not going to pay for paid sick leave, we're not going to employ. You were going to furlough you about, as people have to choose between the risks of coronavirus and the rewards of having a job. As a calculation becomes more and more immediate, which is going to be overtime. The government is going to have to lay out a timeline for how long this thing lasts. We're going to have to lay out a plan for what comes next, because it is just not going to be sufficient to tell people hunker down into your and in your home. Until further notice, not unless these statistics really start to show such a major optic that we're not just talking about the the curve exceeding the medical community capacity to do grown a virus, but we are talking about mass death and the kinds of numbers that sort of them case, scenarios are positive and right now people are looking at the covered. Ninety maps and there's angle themselves: ok, look
really, and- and this is not, I think, unrealistic again. None of this is an argument not to stay home right now. If you can now to wash not it not to not wash your hands, I we should be doing the social to all you do. All of these things happen I'm making. There has to be a mid term or long term plan or even the short term plan is going to fail again to go back to the died analogy. If you want this, tie it to work, you're gonna have to tell people when they can relax the diet. You don't have to tell people when we come out of this and what life is going to look like when you come out the other side of this. If, instead, like ok, we're emergency situation until further notice. At a certain people do not know, there's not going to work so like episode of, Eddie Rob Liz Lemon is on a dating Matt Damon's character. A pilot at design, Jonah Plain in the plane, isn't take not for our time at Ayman keeps getting on the horn. Every forty five minutes is a forty five minutes often eventually lose lemon goes to the cockpit, and she says website has been three hours is yet we just keep telling people forty five and gender bleeding an uprising on the plane against Matt Damon, that's what you're going to say. You're gonna, see people basically say screwed
like really. I'm just gonna go out with my life, I'm rapped at home. I have no job now. What do you expect me to do and that's not completely unrealistic so right now, people are looking at the at the dammit and they're saying there have been according to Johns Hopkins two hundred and twenty three thousand cases confirmed about ninety one hundred deaths confirmed on a planet firm on a planet of seven billion people and in the United States. We are currently looking at some around ten thousand cases and south of two hundred deaths, and if those numbers do not spike dramatically, forget about whether this is right or wrong, or the incapacity of people to understand exponential thinking and the fact that this thing would multiply pretty quickly, which of course, it obviously good. If people look at this and we are at the end of march- and there have been less then Five hundred deaths in the United States was then a thousand deaths in the United States, and we have started to level off in terms of the number of cases that we are seeing diagnosed each and every day, then there's gonna be a real push from people get back to work, because this is not
and if the government does not set out exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it and when we can expect this thing to relax, people are gonna, take matters into their own hands, because these these measures are extraordinarily restrictive and you can be extraordinarily restrictive for a short period of time. You cannot do it in a free country for a long period of time. Not again. When you are talking about destroying the economy, to the tune of, according to J P Morgan, a negative fourteen percent growth rate in cue to which is unprecedented in american history, including during the wartime Morgan, more of this. In a second, only to bring some of the new surrounding corona virus and where the spikes are happening and all the rest. First, let us talk about the fact that even during down something particular during particularly during down time. You need to make sure the company is staffed correctly, and this is why you need a zipper quarter. So let's say have a bunch of near dwell employees who are mostly just excited to go home
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de I l. Why don't you? I are easy precludes complicated where make sure they are company is deaf properly, because when we come out of this new economy is two boom and you're gonna want to make sure that your company is well staff. Zip preclude that calm slashing daily wire zipper is indeed the smartest way to hire. Ok, so it's particularly through the government needs to come up with a timeline considering the fact that China is now reporting zero community infections. My toes over that suggest is that we are now The possibility of seriously tapping listening now is worthwhile voting here that there are a bunch of other countries that are seeing secondary, banks with Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, all of which looked too have had this thing under control. When people are coming back into their country with corona virus, the thing is spiking again, but so far at least of China's now lying, which who the hell knows honestly, China's reporting zero local infections, which is a major turning point. According to the New York Times for the first time since the corona virus crisis began China on Thursday reported no new local infections for the previous day, a milestone in its costly would the outbreak it has since become a pandemic,
bending daily life economic activity around the world apple has reopened all of its stores in China, a fish said thirty. Four new corona virus cases had been confirmed all involving people who had come to China from elsewhere in signalling that the chinese epidemic might be in sight. The announcement could pave the way for officials to focus more on reviving the country's economy, which nearly ground to a halt after the government imposed travel restrictions in quarantine measures in recent days, economic leverage in resuming in fits and starts according to the New York Times, experts say will need to see at least fourteen consecutive days without new infect for the operator be considered truly over. It still remains to be seen whether the virus will re emerge once daily. Life, restart and travel restrictions are lifted around the country, and that can be the big question right at me ass. If this thing, ray crops up and keeps cropping up continuously at a certain point. People are gonna, have to go back to work and we're going to have to live with the results of people going back to work. So fully. What we're doing right now is buying time the United States to build more. I see you better make sure that everybody has a medical masks. We are. We are ensuring that the the
resources, that are necessary to raise the bar unethical are available. That's order were buying time. We are not actually preventing the spread of the disease beyond a certain points, when everybody goes back to work, presumably people s hearts spreading, wrote a virus again then Callin, professor the head of the division of epidemiology and by statistics at Hong Kong University School of public health. He says it's very clear. The actions taken in China have almost brought to an end, their first wave of infections. The question is: what will happen if there is a second wave, because the kind of measures China has implemented are not necessarily sustainable in the long term, which of course, is a sort of the point that I making here the measures, Taking here are not sustainable in the long term, which which does raise the question as to what everything looks like on the other side of this. And meanwhile, in the United States, obviously we are seeing spikes in the number of dying cases that make sense, because we are seeing spikes in the number of tests that are available in New York City did some like seven thousand has yesterday. So it's not a big surprise. They saw a spike in the number of cases identified in new Yorkers, apparently a huge spike in the Brooklyn
hasidic community more than a hundred people, testing positive in two neighborhoods, all too urgent care centres crammed with worried families. According to the New York Times, health It was expressed growing alarm on Wednesday that the corona virus spreading quickly entailing Cosette a jewish communities in Brooklyn, saying there investigate spoken confirmed cases in recent days, which is one of the reasons dazzled and I'm an orthodox due to like don't go to mass weddings. Its stop. It can anybody who is doing that sort of stuff of any religion like stop. Stop. Ok, now is the time when you actually want to allow the government to increase the number of beds available, allow the private sector to increase the number of masks available at all. We are doing is buying time, so let the time
be bought dont, ignore the warnings and go out and party it up at a wedding in somebody's backyard. S table that yesterday, floating around, like just don't do that gate is one thing to go overboard like some people are dancing, don't go to a part, even if you're going social, like, though apart socially distance, all that's good. Do not interact in exactly all the normal ways of bar porn was last week. There is a party down the block and does it before sort of everybody had decided that we're all gonna go into quarantine effectively- and I turned to my wife and my parents- and I said I think that's about idea and we ended up not going and said we just did something in our house like just do that had just do that more than a hundred people have recently testifies. Four run a virus and borrow Parkin Williamsburg to Brooklyn neighborhoods, sizeable hasidic jewish populations, all them tested to urgent care centres that had been crowded with anxious patients according to an urgent care center
employee on Tuesday build applause. You said that the city would begin to increase its testing capacity from the current level of several hundred Tessellae. The increase would start on Thursday, with the expectation of reaching the goal of five thousand tests a day after several is the plaza said that there are no known clusters and corona virus in the city, but they are certainly stars in certain areas of Brooklyn. Apparently meanwhile, there's also breaking is that of a number of people have come up with corn virus in and are now being. Hospitalized are under the age of fifty four they're saying that forty percent of patients, sick enough to be hospitalized were aged twenty to fifty four but for all of the talk about the serious consequences to young people in there are some serious consequences using decrease lung capacity in some young people, for example. The fact is this main still a disease that is basically killing off older people. The proof coming, not courtesy of the United States becoming courtesy instead of
Billy, or there are studies demonstrating that literally ninety nine percent of people dying from the virus had other illnesses. According to the italian government, Bloomberg reported this yesterday, more than ninety nine percent of ITALY's grown a virus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions according to a study by the country's national Health authority after death from the virus reached more than twenty five hundred with one hundred and fifty percent increase. In the past week, health authorities have been coming through data to provide clues to help combat the spread of the disease start. Giuseppe country's government is evaluating whether to extend a nationwide lockdown beginning the beginning of April apparently they're going to do this. Italy has more than thirty one thousand five hundred confirmed cases of the illness. More than seventy five percent of the people who have died in ITALY had high blood pressure. Thirty five percent diabetes, a third suffered from heart disease. The median age of those infected with sixty three median of death was eighty point: five as the median age that the average age is. Seventy nine point. Five to this is still a disease that is almost entirely killing old people. An end
the pre existing conditions. That does not mean we should take it seriously. If were young, women can be a carrier of this thing, of course, but the fact remains that if we have done all we can do in terms of increasing our our medical capacity then, and that has not happened yet- is we're about to discuss it get. The point where you have with maximum medical capacity. At that point, people let are going to work and entered the chips, are gonna fall where they may. That's just the realistic nature of this thing. I would that we are still running away behind with regard to testing we're still way behind before going to bed or starling way behind with regard to face, mask we're going to get to all of that, and once I told her to talk about how the federal government did indeed screw this thing up and how the fact is, the private industry is not having to fill the gap will get to all that in just one side, first, let's talk about the reality. You must know your business down to the nitty gritty right now is like the best time to know your business down to the nitty gritty. It's one thing to know your business really well enough times in down an emergency times. You
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net sweet dot com, slash ban already, but, as I say, the medical shortages are continuing. The centres for Disease Control and prevention are now attempting to give people information about what they can do to replace face mask. If they are short on face mass, they have continued he and crisis strategies there. Contingency capacity strategies are that they include extended, use a vase masked so wearing the same. Face mask for repeated close contact encounter with several different parties without removing the face mass between patient encounter the face. Mask should be removed and discarded soil damaged or hard to breathe through, according to CDC, also restrict face, masks to use by healthcare professionals rather than patients for source control. And finally, there are suggesting that not only should you possibly implement limited reuse of face mass, which apparently is being done at hospitals, there suggesting other different options
Including using a facial, the covers the entire front that extends to the general below and the size of the face with no face mask considering the use of ventilated headboard or using made masks is in settings. Work master, not available. Healthcare professionals might use homemade masks like bandanas we're scarves for care of patients with Covin nineteen as a last resort. Homemade nests are not considered patient safe since their capability to protect is unknown. Caution should be exercised when considering this option. Homemade mass, will be used in combination with a visual that covers the entire front and sides of the face. In fact in citys use issuing such guidance, tells you something about exactly how far behind we are on all this. Meanwhile they're serious questions to be asked about why the tests were not available. As I say, South Korea on annex on a per capita basis. The United States is testing far less than the nearly any industrialized country, and that is due to failures by the CDC in the federal government. The cdc turned down testing cats
from the doubly they they said they develop their own and then it turns out that they are giving all sorts of false positives and maybe even some false negatives. According to the Wall Street Journal, cases of new corona virus begin emerging several weeks ago in California, Washington and other of the country use public health officials worry. This might be the big one according to emails in interviews. The testing and they rolled out to combat. It, though, was a small one. Limited testing has blinded Americans to the scale of the outbreak. Far impeding the nations ability to fight the virus through isolating the sick and their contacts. According to public health officials,. As an early on Wednesday that sixty five hundred people in the United States tested positive by the way is now Thursday. Obviously we're talking about worth of ten thousand. The CDC and prevention had reported only about you, two thousand tests conducted at its facilities and other public health labs, limited testing was keeping patients in the dark. Despite recent improvements, people are coming in. These symptoms of core virus and they are being told that they actually should not be tested,
lest they know they are in contact to someone with growing a virus. But the problem is that nobody been tested for grown of Orissa. How the hell do you know if you are in contact with somebody who has grown a virus while the virus was quietly spreading in the United States, the CDC had told state and local officials. Its testing capacity is than adequate to meet current testing demands? According to a February twenty six, the agency email viewed by the Wall Street Journal, the agency's data show a test Fewer than a hundred patients that day is some. Some people are gonna, be fired for this and should be fired for this the CDC first dispersed test gets in early February. It took them to a network of state and local government labs and restricted testing to people. The virus symptoms would recently travelled to China, but it was already weeks too late for that federal officials hoped iris could be contained even as they disputed alarms from those on the front lines that CDC guidelines weren't keeping up the outbreaks spread according to emails, in the? U S, agency and local officials, and there are people who are going to blame me the Trump administration for this. But it just demonstrates that when you have a very thick bureaucracy that people tend to cover their own assets, which is something that obviously
we already knew. The narrow effort is a failing said, Anthony found she government doctors become the de facto face of the Trump Administration Corona virus response, while problems clearly still persist. More lives are beginning to do test. Manufacturers are ramping up production, CDC officials an initial test kit developed in the agency lab retracting many tests, there is this: it calls from state officials in medical providers abroad and testing health officials failed to coordinate without I'd companies to ensure needed test. Get supplies like nasal swabs in chemical reagents would be available according to suppliers and health officials, when the FDA finally open testing to more outside labs, a run on limited stocks of some supplies needed for City see developed, test quickly, depleted stores according to lab operators and suppliers hospital in commercial, our borders. So the government in reach out to unless their help until it was too late, so obviously this continues to be a giant failing now we are ramping up the testing. That is a good thing. If we do wish to move that said at the outset, from the sort of trade,
he's model of lock everything down to south korean model out. We got a test as many people as humanly possible and then lock down the people who have this thing. Then the testing regimen is going to have to be a lot larger and relay on this. But we are getting the test out. Now with that said, they're serious questions to be asked about whether even the south korean response is going to be sufficient. Considering the fact that south, we may be experiencing a secondary spike as soon as as soon as people are entering South Korea. Again, it's possible that South Korea sees a second spike. As I mentioned earlier, we are seeing second waves of the virus that are breaking out all across Asia. Experts are warning of second waves O across Asia. So if it happens. The question is gonna, be whether testing is going to be sufficient, which means that, in the end, what we're gonna have to deal with is the sad reality that maybe the best we can do it to mitigate the effects of this thing, meaning we develop our trip.
And there's some people been saying that anti malarial treatments might work. There is some hope that Anti HIV treatments are worth. Those apparently failed and similar he'll treatments are now being tested, there's gonna be talk about. I see you about the ventilator. All of that is perfectly appropriate. It is possible to testing is not going to be the cure. All that a lot of people seem to think that it is again the reason they're the reason for that will explain in just one minute. First, let's talk for a second staying at home all day. Looking at your windows, you trying to improve. Yes, I know a lot of people right now. Have you ever had a spring cleaning season? Quite like this, what I'm home right now, and I will say that my wife and I are finally cleaning out of storage, all that old stuff in throwing it away all it took was a giant global pandemic to make all that happened, Well, if you're sitting around looking here hasn't thing, how can you improve this thing without leaving your home? I am a great solution for you. Blinds dot com make your home more beautiful. It's easier, for both blinds dont come the number one online retailer of custom window treatments, whether you want them to handle it everything with their new measure,
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assessing. He says: tests availability aside their crucial issues to consider, for example, so long as the background level of infection is low There are real downsides mass testing and good reasons to limit testing to individuals who show symptoms, orbiting contacts of people who have shown symptoms. The problem is that when the overall level of infections Well, the overwhelming majority of your positive test results from ass testing will be false positives. So maybe the regiment that was put in place in the United States actually would be preferable once we have the beds in place rather than the mass testing and then the mass quarantine of people who show positive here is the reason, because, let's say, for example, that you have a test in which there is a a false positive rate of one in ten. I let's hit that there's a threatened, not destroying hearing Vanderbilt University. Talking about this. So what happens if everybody is tested of tests were perfect. That would be great, but nearly all test come with errors. The quick test use in south korean drive through generates an error roughly one. In ten times
So what's assume that we tested everyone with the ninety percent accurate test, so you end up with a set of result in which lets say that you tested a hundred thousand people who have actually have grown a virus. You know they have grown a virus. What you end up with his ninety thousand positive tests and ten thousand negative tests. Now. Let's say that you test a million people, radio or ten million people pay. If you test ten million people, a huge number of people like you test everybody, the number of false positives actually is one to vastly outweigh the number of true positive. Because again, most of the people who have the virus are getting a positive reading, but the people dont have illness, ten percent over. We are going to deposit reading too, since there are far more people they don't have. The virus then do have at a ten percent error group for that rate over the ninety percent accuracy rate for the group. The does habit to end up with a scenario where literally ninety three percent of the people who has positive for disease do not in fact have the disease.
So this can certainly skew your data because you could see the relatively low. Tell any written in the debts real, because the problem with widespread testing a lot of people who has positive one actually have had the disease in the first place. Second, it gives people a false sense of confidence, because that low death rate means ok, fine, maybe I'll just go out and play, and finally, you're gonna end up with a situation in which a lot of people are kept home for actually healthy. So maybe mass testing is not in fact a penny yeah a panacea depending on whether or not these tests are supremely accurate and if their second wave than even the south korean sort of solution may not work, which means in the end the lockdown policies are bound to do, not that they cannot be long term. There is no long term policy that has long term. It is possible that even a mass testing regiment, statistically speaking,
cannot be a long term solution, and this is certainly the case. We would find my walking down the economy to the extent that we have. So, let's talk about the federal government's response to all of this summer, the federal government which has now intervening on an unprecedented scale in the financial community and in the, the economy. Now that a lot of people have been say, I've been getting a lot of males, you're libertarian. Why aren't you protesting at the government getting this often the economy, because what we have here is essentially a regulatory taking so unearthly takings, closet. Fifth amendment: you cannot sees private property for public use without just compensation when you effectively shut down every business in the country by executive yacht through lived through mayors or through states or through the federal government. You are preventing people from using the property or effectively taking property from them and the ability to use their property from them without any sort of just compensation. This is not the situation when their sort of just a normal economic downturn or when the market just collapses for no external externalities driven reason
This particular case is not even the disease that shutting down the economy per se the disease have an impact on the economy, but if we're all going to work right now, the stock market wouldn't dropped. Thirty three percent, where the stock market, when the dropped from thirty thousand down below twenty thousand. One of the reasons all this is happening is specifically because governments around the world have forcibly stepped in and shut down businesses from operating, so the government shoring things up or at least freezing things in place until such time as people can get back to work, make some sense again, they can't be your property without just compensation. Compensation presumably would include ensuring the economy continues to work. In your business, dozen fell all the government forces you'd close to president trumpet message yesterday, he said we will prevail together now again that that's a good message to be putting out their here's. What we need a timeline as eminent continue discussing just a moment. You ve heard it thousand times wash your hands good hygiene, all of that, but social sentencing keep away, it's gonna have no way to go, and I just what
Thank you. As president. I want to thank you for the incredible job. You're all doing this spirit, country like never before we are really we ve pulled together is a unit we pulled together is a country. We will pay male together. We the USA came up now that I am sure we all do The president also says we're unleashing the full power of the federal government, which of course, is true. The question is for how long, because the bottom line is this: if you are at all concern about government power, which I'm a conservative I am, this stuff better, be temporary. There's a long history in the United States of crises being used massively grow government and the government never goes back to its original boundaries, which is why we have to be pretty careful about the sort of measures we implemented. We have to be very clear that these measures are designed to sunset as soon as the lockdown is over. Here's president, from talking about the extent of the fairy
government's response. We using the full power of government in response to the chinese virus declared a state of national emergency that will make up to fifty million dollars in disaster relief funds available, which we can use to assist hospitals which, as you know, we need. All of that is true, What exactly is in the relief pills have been signed so far, so yesterday, President Trump signed a bill providing paid sick leave, free testing other benefits. According to the New York Times, relief package provide sick leave, unemployment benefits, free coronavirus, testing and food and medical aid to people affected by the chemical sign into law by President Trump on Wednesday evening after the Senate passed it by a wide margin. It was approved in the house last week. The sentiment was ninety two eight after them nor delete or centre, which Mcconnell urged conservatives who, just like the bill to gag and vote for anyway. He says we have to do something. This is one of the dangers of politics. Is that the urgent often defeats the good? meaning that those who are calling for immediate action they're, not
We do need immediate action right now to shore up the economy, make sure the people are going to go hungry, make sure the people continue to be able to live in their homes. All that has to happen. The problem is that when you have emergency situation. That is also a fantastic time as rum manual wants, but it never let a good crisis. Gotta waste is also great time to load Bills, with enormous levels of pork and then hope that everybody just goes along with it, because the political cost of not going along with it a lot higher than just signing the check for the moment bombing. Are already drafting another economic stabilization package that would send direct payments to taxpayers and provide loans to businesses, but colonel said were moving rapidly because the situation demands it is now one of the package, it calls for a total of one trillion dollars and spending that included. Fifty billion dollars for secure loans for the airline industry, not grants loans, the airline industry which presently they have to pay back another hundred fifty billion dollars for sick loans or loan guarantees for other parts of the economy, it would allow the exchange stabilization fine in emergency reserve account usually used for currency market interventions to be tap to cover the costs. Are
temporarily guaranteed money market mutual funds. The Treasury department proposal calls for two rounds of checks, sent directly to american taxpayers April six and may a payments, then on the recipients, income in family size. According to the summary, each round would disperse two hundred and fifty billion dollars. Now again, in these big bail outs are basically designed to keep everybody afloat forth. But the temptation is gonna, be from the government. Keep these new permanent by then This is why you're seeing so many people suggested a two thousand dollar one time pay out is equivalent. Rings, one thousand a month payment to everybody forever these things are different and everybody should make very clear in our minds that these two things are different. These are not the same. You cannot claim that a programme programme is the same as a temporary programme. Nor should conservatives be sucked into thinking that a permanent programme is the same as a temporary programme Lincoln suspended heaviest,
but that was not a permanent feature of american life at sea are violated nearly every rule of american civil liberties during world war. Two there was not a permanent feature of american life. None of this should become a permanent feature of american life in times of good economic health, because it does provide disincentive to work now. The problem right now There is no work to be had because the federal government has shut everything down and sustained local local governments. It is one thing for the Saint local governments to rectify their breach. By preventing the entire economy from collapsing when they are the ones who are causing this in the first place, it is another thing for the federal government and the state governments to simply create a whole.
Who set of incentives during a non time of crisis, which is, I think, what people want it's. Why suggest it is white Republican, I think rightly, r r bucking, against the the democratic attempts to for small businesses forever to pay for paid sickly, the reason being who's not gonna. Take the particular view can take paid sickly every year, of course, but you just raise the costs on business has now in a time like this. I still think it's not great policy. I think that if the government wants to pay for that, the government can pay for that and they can borrow on that basis and will pay for a later forcing small businesses to pay paid sick leave when they barely them in
They can recover their employees. People are getting furlough right now, you're actually causing people get fire, but even if you were to be in favour of it right now, that doesn't mean these should be in favour of a permanently again. He served libertarian conservative case here is when the federal government shuts down businesses, they need to compensate businesses for shutting them down, we'll get to more of this in just one second, what these policies look like and then we will. We will ask you again: how long is this gonna lacks? What what's the policies look like in the future will get to the media's laser white focus on the real issue here, which is why recalling the chinese virus, because we have to focus on the dumbest possible stuff. Ok! Well, in the meantime, you having trouble sleeping these as well. Maybe one of the reasons are having trouble. Sleeping me haven't even thought about. Is the blue light from your computer right, your check, your scrolling, your checking your checking. News everyday me: how could you not check the news every five seconds in this environment? Well, I'm not saying they have to shut down the screen. I M saying what you really should have is a set of Felix Gray glasses.
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turn off Monday evening, Jeremy and Michael most followed up on Tuesday night Matt Walsh was last night were doing episodes the rest of the week at eight p, DOT M Eastern five, p, DOT, M Pacific I'll, be doing another episode on Friday as well. If you're wondering what relaxes lives about, what's really relax, I'm just basically just us hanging out I will take credit for the to sort of my id and the sense that I remember being back in law school and being stuck in a dorm during the winter and being like God. This is annoying and lonely. And I wish that I had somebody to hang out with tried on merit in any case right now, and somebody is locked them. It's a great time to hang out with us These jobs are less folks, numbering using information more about just hanging out with you at the end of a long day, we're ok duck in isolation. Right now is more important than ever. We come together, Essex. Unity and hang out get. I think these wives dreams their audience, help us bring. Us together, even though its through computer It is intended for all access members, but during
national emergency and this time of of isolation and social annoyance, we have opened up to all of our members. In doing so, we ve accelerated the marshal. Please let us know you think of it. If you're around at eight p m Eastern five km pacific tonight, join us on the all, access slideshow over at daily wire thou come in listening to the largest fastest growing. Pakistan radio shown the nation is occurring the New York Times, entire sectors of the american economy are shutting down threatening to crush businesses, put millions of people out of work forcing lawmakers to consider a vast financial bail out the dwarf the federal government's response to the two thousand crisis. Again, one of the reasons is appropriate, is the government that is causing this now announcing its unjust that that its unjustified what the government is doing, as I suggested its justified too long
there is a plan after the next two weeks? Next, three weeks, if there is no plan than is unjustified of the government, has no plan. If we have not apply. Resources of all we ve done is destroy the world economy Tobias no time and did not fix anything as not increase our capacity. Then this is a complete waste, but if we ve actually bottom time, if we increase, if we, if we have left curve in some way. If we have, if we have increased our medical capacity will, then maybe this all would have been worth it at least to a large extent, but that doesn't mean that the government debts shut down your business and then not compensate for shutting down your business when you haven't violated the law in any way, economist fear that by the time the corona virus pandemic subsides and
Mc activity resumes entire industries could be wiped out. Proprietors across the country could lose their businesses. Millions of workers could find themselves at jobless. That, of course, is true, and is one of the reasons why we should carefully consider exactly the measures that were taking within I toward what's going to happen in a month if you're, just if we're doing this by the seed of our pants day by day, that is not going to cut it, there had better be a plan. If you talk about wrecking the world economy, there better be applied as it's funny there. There people out their personal input, a world whose if you even mention the economy at this time, you're not taking human life seriously enough. Would you care more about dollars in GDP or human life must be clear about this people losing their jobs that actually affects human life people losing the businesses they ve invested their life savings in that kind of affects human life millions and millions of people losing their jobs all at once. In a massive shock to the economy. That's gonna have some real life ramifications, but people who lose their jobs and their children and their spouses and the people they care about? So let's not pretend there no cost on the other side. It must not pretend that there no cost calculations
comes to calibrating strategy properly. Then what things. That is always bad policies when you say, if only it would save one life, you have only save one, let them we cut our all cars again. None of this is to argue that we should be taking the measures were taken right now. Maybe we should, but there had better keep saying it over, never keep saying it. There better be a plan on the other side, that plan had better involve vastly increased copy, We need to deal with this at better involves a mitigating technologies. It better involve better testing facilities and a better involve people getting back to work as soon as possible, because this cannot. This cannot maintain and there's been some talk from from doctors about what's gonna happen over the next twelve to eighteen months are going go through periodic rounds of sort of area shutdowns. If there is an outbreak it may be. That has to happen. But the question is the broad, overarching consequences of all of this, and so Washington can take on debt, but it can take on Deaf reverend does demonstrate by the weather we're idiots to take on twenty two trillion,
how to get for no reason or the past forty years. Genius is all now we actually need to max out the credit card weekend, busy maxing it out. I'm garbage that we bought on Ebay to blunt the fallout washing his Wayne propose could easily top three trillion dollars. A staggering jump from the initial eight point: three billion dollar virus responsible lawmakers approve this month. That does include that one trillion dollar request that president from was made. The Republicans Ross away a separate proposal, though it extended trillion dollars in assistance to small businesses, to keep them afloat during the outbreak and keep workers on their perils. I dont truly like age of the federal government giving direct loans to small businesses honestly because the federal government, an interest then in making sure that nobody pays all that back whose Yahoo we the person when forces that instead, the federal government could be giving loans to the banks that underwrite all these small businesses and floating them loans,
basically zero percent interest and telling them they only get those loans, if they don't call in loans right now and I'll be the best way to calibrate all of this. So that is all to the situation where we stand. All of this needs to be temporary. We do need to get back to normal and back to normal is a thing that has to happen. There's gotta be a plan for this. I'm not the only person asking this question being everybody's asking this question at this point. These Here, the press has apiece today called how long will Americans be fighting the corona virus. Scientists say there isn't a simple answer: Stephen this disease researcher Colombia has in many ways the city action is unprecedented or trying to take some action to curb the spread and timing of the pandemic.
He says there are being passed disease outbreak. Scientists can draw lessons from, but in those cases the disease was largely allowed to run its course, so the models don't precisely apply. This is correct. Obviously I mean the fact is that if we didn't care about him- and of course we do, then we would allow the diseased you run its course. It would wipe out whether a wiped out and people just continue to operate as normal. The whole point of this is presumably that we are going to prevent the loss of life, but the question is How you best? We tell you best minimize loss of life without also destroying an economy that sustains life. By what do you think happens and impoverished countries? reliance on the world economy in order to feed people, a people in the United States will still get fed for twelve eighteen month period of time. That is not true, in countries that are there in the developing world or in the developed world Monday present in the years. Maybe managing the outbreak four July or August you're dumber and almost at the station, we have grown a virus cases may peak not end in forty five days. Each model of how that is
could spread relies on data assumptions about population dynamics, demographics, healthcare capacity in other factors. According to Rebecca cats, public health experts at Georgetown the challenge for designing miles what will happen next. Is it limited testing, for the ninety means. Researchers, don't even though the starting point is how many people are already infected, so how is this thing actually going to last march. It disease Researchers, the London School of Hygiene and tropical medicine says the point of the restrictions we actually, we have is actually to stretch this out even longer. We dont want a big peak to come very quickly, so how does this end? scientists believe that the fight against covenant team will be over until there's an effective vaccine, but that could take more than a year. The best case scenario current budget is we have vaccines vibrating month are: let's go back to normal the worst case scenario. It takes a long time for the vaccine to be developed. The world is really change our lives, the same again ever, but nobody thinks that wouldn't be shutting forever. Nobody things that's going to happen. Michael leave the universe, Pennsylvania disease, researchers as island We can maintain social distancing as it is right now for the duration.
Epidemic. That, obviously, is true. I mean you have idiots. Flora or our partying on the beaches like right now, you think they're gonna last last another another year I mean like really that there are no less than five minutes will make more feasible, is intermit restrictions and enhanced monitoring control the disease was, the number of new cases falls below a certain threshold schools offices. Restaurants could reopen if the number of infection spikes again restrictions would be reinstated, can be very difficult to reinstate restrictions after the restrictions come off is based part. The problem here bouncing around between restricted and non restrictive is gonna be very difficult, and this is particularly true when you look at the data at home and Jenkins over the Wall Street Journal has it as it peace today, talking specifically about the statistics on corona virus and what exactly are the costs that we are willing to undergo an economy in order minimize an unspecified number of that's where she don't know the answers to how many deaths are actually being prevented right now, Jenkins has some number of respiratory deaths will be avoided really delayed, but will be spending
more than we never been willing to spend before to avoid flew debts, eighty three percent of our economy will be soon. To pressure on the seventeen percent. Presented by healthcare. This will have the last month, not weeks to modulate the rate at which a critic Massive three hundred thirty million get infected and acquire natural immunity. Will people will put at? Will people put up with it once they realise there still expected to get the virus but again this is. Why really is about increasing ice. Eu capacity is revolting, precise EU capacity. Like? I can either get it now or I can wait and I have a a later if it can be like I'll get to know. Scarcely I don't know, I can't tell you how many people you know in their twenties and thirties. I've talked to you over the past few days have been like If I could just get this thing right now and then be done with it, I would do it if I knew it was going to carry it to grandma and that's going to be increasing attitude. Do people lose their jobs, so maybe questions become if we can't actually increase capacity. If things are what they are at that point you just have to let this thing go right at that is sort of logic. That is happening right now
Understandably says: homing Jenkins, politicians, Billy, faith and government requires avoiding ITALY like scenes, but turned on its head. Here is the fifty year, Cuba. Why revolution? The idea of measuring the burden of disease and benefit of healthcare based on quality, adjusted life, you're, typically valued at fifty two hundred fifty thousand dollars in the presence. In the present instance, the cost isn't just medical intervention like ventilator use, but the cost of an economy wide shutdowns limit the number of candidates for ventilation at any one time zone, or the figure is but the key way away. Value were placing on avoiding ITALY like debts is surely a high multiple of any figure previously considered realistic. America's shutdown strategy is interesting because it was not a choice that aim. Person or authority made everybody to have jumped on board overnight, but this can't last indefinitely the point the home and Jenkins is making an that's right. We are operating in the absence of data, so here is the bottom line. Several weeks, we will have data once those data are there. We are going to have to make a choice about what we can do from here.
Because this, just as in sustainable everybody knows it's not sustainable and the government needs to lay out. Get what we need to know when we need to be openly what are the conditions under which we go back to normal. What are the virus vectors under which we go back to normal? What can we expect over the next twelve to eighteen months until a vaccine is about, because a permanent shutdown is not in the car? That is just not a thing. It is just not a thing. Meanwhile, the media continue to carry Waterman in the media, continue to carry water for China, which is unbelievable, because China is indeed responsible for the growth of this virus for the release of this virus, not by the military or anything. But, as I mentioned yesterday, to apparently some family, who are mine, China's refusal to shut down what markets which, by the way, our animal rights abuses. It's amazing how many people on the left or very much and animal rights of his bottle. I saw my some people like why don't you talk about factory, far in condition I have before me not listen to the show of Sakharov vegetarianism.
It actually be more moral. In the end I mean I have talked about this: the web markets and train our disaster area. They ve been responsible for several outbreaks of different types, ranging from the so called avian flu of the night and fifty's to what we are watching right now and then the fact that China desires mean them with the fact that China has allowed this stuff to do militate and then, as it has allowed a to G spread among populations of the world, is entirely China's fault ass. He has compiled an actual timeline of what the chinese government did. They say that if China authorities had acted three weeks earlier than they did. The number of corona various cases could have been reduced by ninety five percent. They put together this entire timeline and demonstrates that the the chinese government knew they silence it. They refused to allow the information to spread they lied to the w. I shall answer that did not have human to human transmission. There are tens of thousands of people together for events. There are some five million people, apparently to travel out of when hated
China is responsible for all of this is hasn't: stop the media from in their desperate hatred of Trump trying to pretend the trumpets races for pointing out that China is responsible for all this year's. Yesterday, president, from going out with reporter, who can use question like for supper time seriously, and all of your biggest concern is that we are when China, the bad actor Wyndham. You know China is the bad actor. This, the chinese virus there are reports of dozens of incidents advise against chinese Americans in this country. Your own, a secretary ease artists, as he does not use this term. Ethnicity does not cause the virus using injurious jurors Nevertheless, it comes from China as one country What do I care here? Whose jobs are you? Are you were great great love or all of the people from our country, but,
As you know, China tried to say one voice, maybe this stuff, now that it was caused by American soldiers again happened. It's not gonna happen That is what is unprecedented. From China. He is right about all of this. Then. He says is true. It is not. Racist is not culturally insensitive to point out that eating pang and bad has externalities and is a bad idea for anyone and only a miracle that, by the way like there are lots of things that I think are our yucky. Ok, they did the questions whether they cause externalities terms where they should be shut down, and I think that its the record, I'm an orthodox joining most things that people need our support, but the reality is that China's fuel to shut down these. What markets, which are a in animal rights, violation beyond which there are now a human rights violation, considering how many people are going to die from this thing?. Ten million hours can be lost in the world economy over the whole thing and any gotten
defending them embassies. Richard angle, yesterday pretending that China has nothing to do with this. Never really is just a rogue bat in its those robots going round infecting people. I guess people are just sitting around the bat flew in their mouth. Weird there was lots and lots of scapegoat voting against an ethnic group or religious group when For they were pandemics, ETA? the society and frightened a lot of people, and China certainly feels that is what happened. What is happening now with people calling it the the war on flu or the one virus or the the China virus. This is a virus that came from the territory of China, but came from bats. This is bat virus, not a China virus. It doesn't speak Chinese, it doesnt target chinese people, it targets human beings who happen to touch their eyes knows or or mouth really they did this it does your you're doing propaganda or come the chinese government that is actively attempting to blame the west for the spread of the virus that started under its communist garbage government. Jimmy
doing the same routine and dumping untroubled, important in actually pointing out the chinese government is a horrific dictatorship. Here's here's Jimmy Kimmel, trying to blame trump for for being means to China, or something probably has a catchy little nickname for the growth of ours. He now calls it the chinese virus every chance he gets the either they say a great way to prevent a virus from spreading is the name it something races. That way, people keep it on the download. I dont know why he does this age. I do know. Why does it state deflect blame away from him like when he started calling Eric and Dog Junior the avant kids and is ridiculous. I'm sorry ridiculous. It is not about deflecting blame
toward the chinese government. The chinese government deserves the blame. How are you guys all defending China here? How? How is that possible? What the hell is wrong with you, people will be Goldberg. Does the same thing. Mother nature did this task, not China? We are because it seems, like the chinese government knew about this for, like a month, actively censored and threatened people who ended up dying from grown a virus released five million people from the one province all over the world and knew about this the whole time seems like that might have something to do with the chinese government according to what we Goldberg is just mother nature, Weird Heather willing to play mother nature when it comes to male action by the chinese government malfeasance by the Chinese corruption and evil by the chinese government, but when it comes to climate change, that transport road safety, it's a vault of human beings when it comes to climate change and lack of action, which may or may not be true, ok, but when it comes to something that is all Usually the result of chinese governmental failures and evil then? I was, and while I guess it's just nature, nature took its own course here, unbelievable stuff. I keep talking about how we don't wanna politicized this, which
shut up it's right now, it's time to listen to doctors. Look at information, look at facts, look at data, I think by calling it the chinese virus, that's politicizing by title, so I think we need to stay on calling it what it is, the grown, a virus or covered nineteen and stay with fact, and you know people that he, as we have seen, people start punch in people asian folks out yeah, I think you know, will attack. So we need to stop calling it or lay link it like its vague. It is to us more nature. Real ended. There was one: ok virginal anybody whose like you know, an ignorant, stupid ass? You have to be to go around punching asian people, because you think that this is the because they originate in China. There is no you're you're full scan more on. If you do that sort of thing, obviously any should go to jail for a significant period of time it's called a salt is illegal and that did not change the fact that the chinese government What called the commune virus I'm fine, but they do as I meditated
Red Marcie, whose no Republican and Democrat from Massachusetts he says yeah, we should hold China accountable, correct, correct China has imposed a temporary ban on these markets, but I think that the China has to be held accountable. I think that the World Health Organization, the entire world, has to just say to China they would take you with China did in keeping this a secret, even though they knew it was happening, is a disgrace its causing panic around the world, and that is just absolutely something that the Chinese must be called to account: jig, academic,
That's right. How it? How is it that so many people in left are blaming us on the right when at Marcie with when you're a things? It's obviously true, ok time for some things I like and then a quick thing that I hate to things that I like today, as I've been mentioning all show long when a crisis hit sometimes gets debt crisis measures, but those crisis measures should not become permanent. There's a great book about this by a guy named Robert Pigs, it's called Christ. And leviathan critical episodes in the growth of american government. He makes the point that there have been a series of crises over the course of american history. They have constantly been used to my size and scope of american government. That doesn't mean the temporary measures are necessary. It does mean that the temporary measures very often are not temporary, that we should keep that in mind when it comes to the crafting of bills when it comes to the drafting of legislation. Do not allow that their there's. No reason that we should have to sign into why, at the behest of people who want to make
minutes, a complete relational break between the government and its citizens. What, but, there's always we have to keep to that instead about that's how about we work on what we have to do for the next like to three months, and then we figure out what to do the two three months after that, because I'll say with a democratic and push for right now, they're gonna put for making permanent all of these changes to the american economy that are fantastic in scope and fans have a call in impact- and it's it's- it's going to be a disaster area. Must we keep in mind that it is only government crackdowns? They have caused, What is going on right now in the economy again, not unjustified, but that is region, we are doing all this not because we require a permanent change them of powerful economy in the history of the world. A contemporary quick thing that I hate. So, as you all know, the song imagine is the worst song of written is a horrible horrible. Evil song isn't just evil because pretentious and ridiculous in the
and oh cords, and all that its in evil song, because the actual ethos that is promulgated by imagine is completely idiotic. Imagine there's no countries, it's easier. If you try right. Ok, so let's just be a little frank about this right now, it's pretty obvious. There are countries, because every single country on planet earth is closing its borders to all of the other countries. Imagine the lit the lurking would imagine, there's no heaven There's no hell read all we care about is what happen. You're on earth which of course, would be pretty quickly too. Moral breakdown of society. The song is just tremendously horrible. It's a horrible squat without horrible, immoral communist message. I've talked about on the show extensively before so naturally, because celebrities ideas they decide, What would be a great idea is too, in the middle of this pandemic, cut a self glorifying that in which they, each single line from imagine Has it nothing says. Solidarity quite like sing
a no borders, idiotic communist song, in the middle of the pandemic, in order to show You care. Also. Can anyone in Hollywood, like please, come up with a different idea, further oh, then, everybody singing a line from his own. Which is more irritating this or the version of fight song? They didn't point sixteen for her work. I think it's that something is this: here's a little bit of a variety of celebrities demonstrating how emotionally deep they are by singing dumbest song ever pen there is now a gal get out. Easy is huge Who was it There are some minutes
Imagine no countries Jimmy Fallon NET for now equipment gin. Xo Ingratitudes notches garbage. No, Stop it just now, but this is the dumbest dumb. Song ever imagine no religion. In a time, more people are dying on mass. Imagine battle again. Imagine no countries is a really weird take when every border is shot. It's a very we're take this. The song that you choose
We are the world had like. I had like us how it already message that didn't include the destruction of things actually prevent people from dying there, celebrities that these are the people, the our moral butters. We should listen to welfare or on the stuff single illegal. If this is the of your ethos, marked ruffolo singing. Imagine if, ahead of, this is the song? Imagine it's because you're doing morality, wrong! Also policy. Only dumb celebrities could come up with the dumbest song. Ever and then seeing the dumbest song ever in order to promote the dumbest agenda ever in the face of a global pandemic that requires concerted individual gum, mid action and again significant restrictions on our way of life. Unbelievable are what but before but preferably believe will because celebrities are slower, is alright, we'll be back here a low but later to traditional hours of content. Otherwise, we will see you here tomorrow for all of your latest updates stay safe. There and again, as I say, everyday will get through this together. There isn't expiration date to lock down and theirs
expiration date to the effect of the of the virus. It may be sooner it maybe later, but we can all hope and pray that the governor is taking the measures necessary to at least get in place, treatments and and resources necessary to deal with the pandemics it would restrictions come off, we can get back to work and bench brothers is the benchmark if you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread. The word. Please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to were available and Apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you listen apart. Gas also be sure to check out the other daily where podcast, including reclaiming, show them.
All show and the mat Walsh thanks, Felicity Dementia Bureau show is produced by coltan, has directed by MEG Joiner executive producer, Jeremy, boring supervising producer. Math is clever and Robert Sterling Assistant director Pavel light asking technical producer, Austin Stevens play back and media operated by Nick. She hid associate producer Katy Winterton, edited by Adam Sigh of its audio is mixed by Michael Romena here and make up is by Nikko Geneva. The bench bureau show is a daily where production right daily wire. Twenty twenty. The market continues to plummet, as the chinese corona virus locks people idle in their homes for weeks at a time and a global issue me grinds to a halt. We will compare the pandemic to the left, in policy agenda and see. If we can tell the difference, then a new study suggests the spread of the virus could have been reduced by as much as ninety five percent. If the chinese government had acted to stop it rather than to cover it up, but of course, instead of reporting on that study, the? U S? Mainstream media is simply parroting.
Communist regimes propaganda. Finally, the mail bag check it all out on the Michael, no ship.
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